The Duchy of Crestwood Gauntlet
Designed by Caiome O'Brian of the Stormwind Guard

(Such will save time rather than me posting each stage for each participant.)7iu8y


/Roll 20 dice used for the first roll,  if the qualifying roll for a section is not met a /Roll 10 dice is used for a SAVE; only one save per section allowed. Roll of die is done after the approach to a section and before text entry of action/words so you know what is the outcome and can roleplay it accordingly. Be creative. A section must be completed successfully to gain points. This will not be easy but the prizes will be worth it if you do. 

Those watching can make comments, taunt, sneer, cheer, toss confetti, have fun with those going the Gauntlet.

One person at a time to go the Gauntlet.
Padding is Required and Provided:  Chest, Hands, Legs Shoulders, and Head.

Only ONE TRY an event.
(Each toon has one try if you have more than one toon)
If one makes it completely through the Fourth Section, it qualifies them for Third Prize.
If one makes it completely through the Fifth Section, it qualifies them for Second Prize.
If one makes it completely through the Fifth Section, it qualifies them for First Prize.
Qualifying rolls will be counted (successful completion of a section) in the die rolled in case of any ties. If it bumps one from down from 3rd place there will be a consolation prize for getting that far.

Note: It is possible that no one will complete all the sections so prizes will carry over to the next run of the Gauntlet. It is not actually easy to make it all the way through, then again, more than one could too.

If during the time allotted for the event cannot cover all those who signed up, time will be scheduled for each until all have had their chance. A roll of the die:  /roll (100) will determine who goes first and so forth of those signed up. Signing up will start when the event starts without taking on any others after this date. So you can be later than the start of the event to still sign up - giving such time for those who cannot make the event at its start but can later if it is still going on.

First Section:  5+ DIE ROLL to manage the Shifting Platform. Planks move up and down, dipping forward, backwards and side to side. While you are concentrated on the moving floor watch out for the swinging padded arm willing to knock you off into the piles of hay if the uneven floor doesn't send you there first. SAVE needs a 4+ DIE ROLL to be successful in avoiding being sent off the side.

Second Section:  7+ DIE ROLL to manage the Ejection Traps. Sections of floorboards can give way at any time, shooting up into the air a good six feet on giant springs. To add to the difficulty, pebbles and acorns shower down, making the foot hold more precarious still. Will you slip and fall, be ejected in the next step or manage to hold on keeping your footing to the next section. If ejected you'll most likely land in a thick, deep piles of stinky kelp. SAVE needs a 5+ DIE ROLL to be successful in hanging in there. 

Third Section:  9+ DIE ROLL to manage the Bumper Spindles with large padded bumpers. You will need to dart, duck and turn quickly to avoid the arms with the large bumpers of two spindles at one point overlapping. If you get hit, you'll get launched onto deep piles of wet feathers along the sides unless you can hold onto the spindle's arm taking you to the other side. SAVE needs a 6+ DIE ROLL to be successful in holding on.

Fourth Section:  12+ DIE ROLL to manage the Large Balls.  Oversized balls made of steel as they swing around at random, no pattern. On top of that, some of the floor slats are not fastened down in a way,  you step on it just right it can flip up behind or in front of you. Can you managed not being whacked and thrown off the side? Sides are full of wet black sticky wool, baa baa black sheep. SAVE needs a 7+ DIE ROLL to be successful in managing to stay grounded if hit and make it to the next section

Fifth Section:  15+ DIE ROLL to manage the Floor Spikes. Poles with blunt ends will shoot up randomly through the floor. Notice those holes? Don't get your foot caught let along your chin hit in a punch knocking you off the platform and into troughs of swamp water to soften your fall. What was that thing that just slithered by? SAVE needs a 8+ DIE ROLL to be successful in keeping from getting knocked off.

Final Section:  18+ DIE ROLL to manage the Pendulum Blades. You are lastly greeted with the sound of rhythmic swishing of very large blades hung on pendulums. There are eight in total and all timed differently, some swinging from left to right and some swinging from right to left. The timing between is crucial to coordinate. Your timing and protective gear worn, the only padding between being sliced in half or impaled otherwise. Trenches of mud await you otherwise if you fall. SAVE needs a 9+ DIE ROLL to be successful. If successful, you only get nicked, perhaps a slice taken from the padding worn as you step out onto the finish platform with steps leading down.


1st Prize
? Gold + One item from 1st, 2nd or 3rd choices

2nd Prize
? Gold + One item from 2nd or 3rd choices

3rd Prize
? Gold + One item from 3rd choices

Consolation Prize
200 gold

Gauntlet Standings

First Prize Winner

Second Prize winner

Third Prize winner

Sergeant Mercy 9k & Shrediron Gun   Sergeant Veers 1500g and Pass on pet.

Prize Choices

First Prize Choices

Second Prize Choices

Third Prize Choices

Handcrafted Axe (lvl 630) Darkmoon Cub pet Left Shark pet
Handcrafted Staff (lvl 630 intel) Netherspace Abyssal pet Moonfang Shroud
Lost Netherpup pet Mechanical Frostboar pet Moonfang Paw
Chrominius pet White Kitten pet Cinderpup pet
  Deathalon Welpguard pet Zandalari Footslasher pet
  Corefire Imp pet  

Donations - Total Gold: 4500 after winnings

Caio - 2000g + Crafted 630 axe, Darkmoon Cub, Crafted 630 Staff, Moonfang Shroud and Paw

ZE - 5000g + Left shark, Netherspace Abyssal
Legarin - 1000g Confessor - 5000g + Mechanical Frostboar, Lost Netherpup, Cinderpup, White Kitten
Commander D'woulfe 2000g + Shrediron Gun (630 agil), Zandalari Footslasher, Chrominius, Deathalon Welpguard, Corefire Imp