Six foot Three
Prussian Blue Eyes
Brown Hair
Family Clock Maker
Traugott Clocks now situated in Heathfield as well Luneberg

Average looking man did well in hiding the more than average mind and skill of the Informant. His loyalty given to only one deserving of that loyalty - Karl von Rundstedt. A friend of Garath Lyons, together they would see justice served. He was one to remain silent unless otherwise needed. An observer more than the socializer. The steed he rode was a huge muscular beast, well trained under his own hand, giving him the name of Hulk. They were as one in the shadows of the night. He had a name and a family but for the safety of all he was known as The Luneberg Hawk. One day he will claim his name again. This he was willing to risk his life for.

That day eventually came with the rescue of his mother and sister from the Luneberg Dungeons. His family title reinstated.

(Ignores childish gaming. Only roleplays in rooms. IMs for OOC game related questions. RPL#1)

Aleric Traugott
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