Allan Scott Cleary

Stands six feet three inches tall, dark curling hair and deep blue eyes. He had never married for his twenty-seven years but had certainly had a few women in his life as was convenient for him and for sowing some wild oats along the way. Eventually he and his siblings moved to Golden Dawn Manor, Ballicastle Where his cousin Victor and Aunt Samantha lived. Samantha Golden being a good friend of their mother while she was alive. She came to stay with them and watch over in their mother's stead. Something she felt she should do.

Allan was allowed to start up a small farm as more lands were granted to be planted. He felt mostly at peace when working the lands having a green thumb in the way things seemed to grow for him. All it took was some tender loving care and a passion he kept well hidden. He is quiet on the norm which could well be taken as brooding. Some of the times he was brooding. Easy enough to get along with but there were certain things that could stir his temper, slow burn but if it flared, anyone around him knew it immediately.

It was after the first year or so that things changed dramatically for Allan. Working the small farm until he was asked to run a Dairy the lands needed. He liked the idea and so took on this new challenge. It was newly constructed under his guidance as he hired men that could be trusted of the lands to help him run it. A manor built as well that went with the Dairy, various milk cows sent for and over time the idea became a reality.

At the time he built the manor, he had in mind to make it big enough to raise a family. The love interest, however, waned and not something he will talk about ever. One day he would find the right woman to spend the rest of their days together. In that way, he was an optimistic.

Profile under Reconstruction

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