Royal Princess, Druid Priestess

          An outwardly stubborn woman with ocean blue eyes holding a keen intelligence. Long auburn hair flares to red as light touches silken strands. A heart-shaped face of creamy skin is tinted with a dusty rose to the cheeks. Her love unending for her children having had to raise them by herself. She doesn't speak on her marriages as they have well melted into the past. Dusty memories of old left behind as the future is embraced. When Heathfield was young after Rath was overthrown, it was Amberlette that set it on its feet. Her sister heartbroken at the time, gave her the opportunity to fill a role she was very capable of. It wasn't long before her sister was ready to take her place as Queen. A position Amberlette really wished not. There was a great amount of relief in both her sister's recovery and now the burden lifted so she could pursue her own life's path.

          The last few years were spent learning of the gifts she was given. Honing them. Such gifts were only used when necessary as was the Druid ways. She dressed in a simple fashion but the grace of her step held that royal breeding. Elf, Grugrach and human heritage blended well in the two sisters. More the recluse for her studies she would emerge from time to time to mingle amongst the people of their lands. Time held little meaning for one that lived longer than mere human years, yet not quite as long as the Elf for the mixture. For some it would be five years in passing and only five hours time for her. Most times when she bothered to become social, there were many new faces to meet. Yet, there were always the comfort of well known ones to ease the process again.


Story of the Grugrach

          The Grugrach is a very magical Fae, more so than others. Unlike the Elves whom were beautiful to look upon, they were the opposite in appearance. Ugly. Yet, even with hairy bodies, bowed legged, and much like a monkey with a wolf's face, their eyes shown with the true beauty inside. The eyes of the Grugrach are captivating in a warm wisdom-filled gaze. One young mature male had wandered the boundaries of the deep forest where they hide from humankind. In his wanderings he came upon a beautiful maiden out picking the wild flowers of the fields. He was captivated by her beauty and the graceful way she moved. Her voice like the songbirds while singing as she collected the flowers for the castle in the distance from the field. He was warned by his kin to stay within the boundaries but he didn't listen. Each day the maiden would come to fields to collect her flowers and each day the Grugrach would watch her. His heart slowly swelled with the love he held for her. A love the young maiden would never know about. That was how he felt at first but the young male became daring, having the magical ability to transform. The next day the young maiden came to the field but this day her laughter and song were missing. This very day, however, she also came upon a sight that took her breath away for there emerging from the forest was the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes upon. Still, it was not just his looks but the way he moved and his eyes that captured hers as he approached. The chemistry was there, the love that would not be denied by time or breed. Each day they met there in the morning.

          He found out that her song had ceased that day for her father was starting to look for a husband for her of noble standing. He was the king of the castle. She was the youngest and the last to be married off. Many were the handsome men that came to win her hand and each she had turned away. Finally her father stated that all the suitors would come to court and she to pick one. He had enough of her games and it was time for her to choose. That night all the men, twenty-five in number came to stand before the King and his daughter in the hopes of being chosen. Amongst them was the Grugrach male. The Grugrach didn't run, nor did he move from that spot but stood proud in spite of the ruckus going on around him. His eyes were upon the young maiden solely. As the guards came to descend upon the beast, as they saw him, the maiden called out for them to stop for she had seen his eyes and knew he was the man she saw each day in the meadow. She rushed to his side and declared he was the one and only one she would married. Her father was not pleased but a promise was a promise and she had made her choice. The Grugrach knew then that she truly loved him as he did her. He would keep the illusionary form of human as needed. They bore children over the years. As with most castles and time this original castle crumbled to dust. The Royal family lived on in their descendants and build another castle upon the same site. They named this one .... Heathfield.

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