Crown Prince of Heathfield

Ancient Druid Mystic

Andrew James Barrett MacNeil, first born son of Queen Honeee * Twenty-nine summers * Six foot five inches tall
Below shoulder length blond hair with two symbolic braids reaching to his waist
Piercing blue eyes that see far more than the physical
Ancient * Druid * Trained by Thalan and beyond his Master becoming the Master.

First born son of Queen Lahoneee and deceased Argyle MacNeil. Andrew had been away for most of his youth, training extensively under the Wizard Thalan, whom had also raised and trained his mother and aunt. His training finished, he returned to take his rightful place by his mother's side. Much like his father in looks, yet he had his mother's color hair and eyes, piercing ocean blue held a tranquility in their depths. A strong jawline and aquiline nose spoke of his royal heritage. He held an assurance about him, one who knew whom he was and didn't need the approval of others. A determined and stubborn nature, akin his mother, saw tasks completed. Well trained in the arts of the mystics and weapons, a Druid wizard king in the making. He wears the Heathfield *master* empowered sword at his side.

*One should only be in competition with themselves, using others as a gauge*

Married to Noirin Morgane. His Wife. His Love.
Son: Valandil Fionn MacNeil


(Older player. No rp in IM's. RPL#1. Immaturity ooc or ic ignored.)

Andrew    Noirin

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