High Priest of Amun-Ra

Twenty Nine
Six Foot Three
Dark Hair - Translucent Blue Eyes
Element of Water

His eyes were once dark but as he progressed in his abilities they turned to a water blue. There is quality to them that spoke of something deeper for their intensity and uniqueness.


It was from the city of Alexandria, Anhur fled after the Pharaoh, Khalil Pasha, was killed and the General Eibedi intent on killing the Vizier Lisimba al-Azhar and his family under the orders of Bekeirgi, the Pharaoh's nephew. Fled before they were all dead with such a price on their heads. Power of a Vizier was threat. It pained him to leave the temple of Amun-Ra most of all. It was as good as cutting off his right arm.

A new home. That is what Ballicastle had become after four years passing. He laid in the waters of the pool within the Azhar  manor reflecting back on that fateful last day there to the present. He knew they were being guided even if he wasn't quite  sure exactly where and why.


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Note: Actor is Beiron Anderson - no claims made, used only as representation of how this fictional character would look.
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