Like her own illusions, so was Pakhet disillusion. "I was promised by HIM in the names of the gods and he amongst them that I shall have life and light! I have done his bidding. I have done his homage. Now I shall have the reward I was offered!" The tone of her voice heightened. Her own mind conceived of the darkness could not find any other unless by direct intervention. She could not believe this woman's words over the one that brought her to this in between world. Hands were up in a sweep over her head as the silks that hung now turned into living masses to descend on the woman if she didn't gave way. "How can you offer me more, offer me life and light over the other?" Was there a trickle of doubt?

       Desh shook her head when Atum showed up to help her though she was grinning. She was having to face up to the fact she was too impulsive. Opening her mouth to speak, the girl tilted her head when she felt her sister's presence. She still had butterflies in her hair, but they seemed content to stay where they were.

       Anhur stayed just behind where Rahmirre faced off Pakhet. He knew instinctively not to interfere for this was the one's only chance. He had regained himself and no longer held by illusions and lures as he had been. He was ready to do whatever was needed depending on the decision of this entity.

       It seemed the battle was over in the temple. Yusuf would allow no one to approach,  instead ordering them to clear out the corpses. He watched the doorway in silence, waiting for either another attack, or his family to return.  And if Desh was in there, he was going to confine her to the manor for a month!

       Love. That one word she knew of but had never experienced. The tendrils of that emotion were strong she found in a way that soothed both mind and soul. She was drawn as her image wavered between the physical illusion and that which the darkness had created. Sea creatures with the spidery urchin at the core pulsated. She had found something she wanted and it caused a great inner battle. She was imploding as the soul captured rebelled. The struggle started sending out blinding shards of light. The mists rose heated more as the ground beneath started melting. A fissure above the silks that dissolved up to that very darkness was opening. A glowing orb grew from her center as the spidery urchin broke apart in a shattering explosion. The beam of light that was sucked up into that fissure seared the whole boxed illusion in a chain reaction. Sand and sea creatures alike splattered out and Pakhet was gone

       Desh stumbled with all the sounds and lights behind them and though she didn't pause, she looked back over her shoulder briefly.  "Do you think Anhur is all right?" Asked of Atum who assured her he would be.

       Anhur braced himself against the outburst of light with a turn of his head away then back. A hand came to rest on Rahmirre's shoulder. Words were low. "I think Amon-Ra took her." It was his gut feeling for what he picked up on. Whatever Pakhet was, she was free. He had his energy back as he lifted her up in his arms and carried her though that opening before it closed. "We need to get out...NOW" Coming upon Atum and Desh. If they stayed with him as he emerged from his own dreamscape they too would be thrown out into the room before he materialized.

       Something was happening within the portal.  Yusuf stepped back, both blades held at the ready. Squinting, he tried to see beyond, searching for any sign that they were returning.  Behind him the guards waited as well. Atum would grab Desh by the wrist and hurry her out with him back into the room.

       She let out a startled yelp as she was plucked up. Atum's yell mixed with Anhur's. There was that weird sensation as they were through. She tumbled and slid, bumping into someone though she didn't dare look up. Grin formed on her face and she looked over at Atum, just letting him see it briefly. Then a contrite expression took it's place.

       The torches in the room flared bright as a shard of light bent horizontally then vertically as Anhur materialized upon the pallet where he had been while asleep. The light drew down and under as the pallet solidified beneath his prone body. His arms crossed over his chest no longer contained Rahmirre who'd been in a trance to help him out on that dream level. He was in what appeared to be the state of sleep. Eyelids twitched before lashes lifted translucent blue eyes stared straight up. That lasted a moment as consciousness was reached and he bolted up in a turn to swing his legs over the edge. "I had this most fantastic dream that..." Words halted as focus was drawn to the remains of sea horses and crabs changing into sand on the floor of the room. Slow draw of his eyes brought into focus the others there as he stood. "It was not a dream." Or was it?

       Yusuf would check them all in a moment.  He was to Rahmirre's side in two steps, kneeling down to shake her awake. If necessary, he'd administer a sharp slap to bring her back. He was not going to lose her to the dream world after all they had been through. "Rahmirre, wake up!"

       Desh sat up and watched her family. First Anhur, then Yusuf and Rahmirre. She brought her legs to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. She wasn't moving until they both were awake and talking.  Anhur got a half grin from the girl. She certainly didn't feel like it had been a dream.

       He wondered if he should apologize or something for dragging them into his ..dream.. but then it was something more this time. He looked between them. "Anyone hurt that needs to be seen to?"

       He only relaxed when she returned to that state of sleep and lowered his head briefly.  Blood streaked his arm where the claw of the crab had bitten deep. He looked at Anhur and smiled, then touched Rahmirre's cheek with his fingers. "You have done well, dove."  He whispered to her then raised his voice. "Tend to Desh and Atum first, Anhur."

       The healers would be called as one of the guards was sent and Anhur over to crouch down next to Yusuf where Rahmirre slept. A light touch of his hand came to her forehead. "Sleep peacefully this night." He was up from his crouched position as he needed a drink now too. The healers were coming in to see to Yusuf, Atum, and Desh. In all of this, for Pakhet'a healing, his own previous wounds were gone.

(Note: SL was my creation and altered to fit the new circumstances under this persona I developed in updating.)

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