Death has a way of Changing a Man

Stands at six foot four
Sun-streaked Brown Hair with Warrior Braids
Burnished Green Eyes.
30 Years Old After Redemption

Died in his 40th year. He had the charm of the Cunninghams coupled with those dark, sometimes brooding, looks -- making him stand out amongst the rest while alive. He had taste in clothes, tailored suits of the finest materials for he would choose nothing less than the best. The same held for women in his life as he had a tendency to shower them with gifts if he favored them.

All in the dead past, one he needed to redeem.
Redemption came in a most unusual way.

With the near death of his kin a decade younger than himself, he was given life again to live out in his body. His cousin granting him this gift by the powers above all mankind while he joined his love, Maureen, in the next life.

-SL on the Heathfield Message Board as well most in his profile - link below-
-IMs restricted, here to write. Stupidity ignored both OOC and IC. RP#1-
-Roleplaying character. Photos used are in representation only in how he would look. No claims made-

Broch Cunningham

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