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Dear Hannah,

Has it been two years already since I have been with the only family I've known? After moving to Ballicastle lands and the blunders I made along the way I felt ashamed for disgracing the Frasier name. I was not at rest with myself. My blatant womanizing , scandalous flirting and love affairs are things I feel were as if I was another person. I was too young to know what love was and only led myself and others on. That person was not the one that was truly inside. As things got out of hand, a lot to do with my actions, I knew it was time to find the missing parts that had been kept away.

It was to France that I went to find my mother's family. I had only known the Frasier side and now know it was the best side. It was something I had to find out. There had been a lot of deceit, blackmail and stealing of properties since she left to marry my father. My two uncles, who names I will not mention at this point for disgust, had squandered the family's estates and fortunes away in gambling. Now I know where I have it in my blood from. The only difference is that I am tempered by the intelligence of the Frasier. I gradually worked my way up into the Elite. 

    Brogan Antoine Frasier

I took the time to buy all the right clothes to fit amongst them. The right brand of cigarillos and cigars as has been the fad. I met the right people who were friends of friends and worked up a reputation of being a gambler to beat. Charm and wit went far with certain ladies, the wit to keep me out of their bed without losing their help. Duels to retain honor were fought religiously, I didn't care to be in one of them.

France is a beautiful country but my experiences here over the past two years in finding that elusive other half of my linage, proved to be discouraging. The estates that would have been my mother's and in turn mine, were left to ruins as far as the manor, staff quarters and even the grounds. They were fought over, and changed hands so many times with the turn of a card, the property and buildings on it were left neglected. The ownership papers the only bargaining factor.

I had walked the halls hearing the centuries that had been better when the family held together. My grandfather had remarried to an unscrupulous woman and what had been family, what had been heritage, was lost. The scene from the balcony of the expansive master bedroom was breathtaking. If one were to believe in a God, they would find him here or so inspired. The dust of many centuries, however, had collected in those very halls and the voices that had filled it long gone.

I was determined to win it all back and so followed the rumors to the one that held the deeds last. An insufferable Frenchman that would have choked on the smoke of the rancid cigars he chose if he knew I was not fully French and allowed into his home. I had used my mother's maiden name while here. The room was so smoke filled one need not light up to inhale. Muirn de LaPlur was sure he would have even greater fortunes when I was welcomed in on the game. Rumors were easily enough spread to hint that I was a rich man in disguise, that the clothes I wore bespoke as much even with the more nonchalant bearing perpetrated.

I had him where I wanted, in the palm of my hand. I won a round, and would lose a few even though the cards would have won. I played him as surely as the cards being dealt. The excitement to build up as The Hand was finally dealt and the stakes brought in my mothers estates of Laurel Hills against a prize stallion I managed to get my hands on. The pitch of fever was high when I laid the three aces over queens. The fury contained in Muirn, I knew he would find another way to get back what he lost.

Your letters found me, Hannah, eventually and discreetly they caught up, but I did not answer them for I did not know how to respond. I could not and chance being found out. They were life savers for me for when I was drawn to despair. That which I had no control over and my hands feeling as if they were tied. I know now I was to come here and set what had been wrong to right. I had owed this to my mother long after her death. I feel she will be able to rest in peace now that I have accomplished this. I used the other monies won to set the estate back into repairs.

Your words inspired me each and every time I read them over. I was given heart again. You had always believed in me, cousin, when all others would give up. I do not begrudge how Patrick reacted to my actions while there for he had every right. I had been a donkey's arse too many times that should have been kicked long ago. Perhaps it was subconscious that I was hoping that someone would. Perhaps not now thinking over all in introspect that would have made a greater chasm between myself and Patrick especially. I feel this is so now that I've had time to find myself.

I had thought about staying on here but there is something lacking and I find my time being remiss in answering your letters has come to an end. Murin's fury turned into trumped up charges on me for he had more influence with certain high officials that I was not aware of. I am now a fugitive. I write you this last night I stay in my mother's home, that now belongs to me, before I start the journey back. If I am not home within the month then you will know that I have met my untimely demise. I cannot feel that I would change anything regardless, there are things more important than the risk of one's life for doing them.

I have friends here, that can get past these higher officials of whose names I will not mention in this letter in case by some small chance it falls into the wrong hands. The other situation is well known to those here but hopefully all this concern will be a mote point and soon, I will get to hug you and all the little ones. I thank you for your letters and regret that I was not able to return any until now. In this I hope you can forgive me my bonnie cousin. I am pleased to hear on both Patrick and Neale's weddings. All finally went as it should. Two new nephews and maybe more by the time I am home. Home is with family and this manor, as grand as it is, has but me. I am not an island.

Sincerely, Brogan Antoine Frasier.

After securely getting the letter off, I heard a ruckus outside. Men of the persona brigade under Muirn were galloping in then breaking into my manor. Luckily I had the foresight to leave the manor in the hands of a trusted friend. One that had known my mother and her father before her. Jacques, whom I was given my middle name after, proved to be loyal and trustworthy in a land I felt the stranger that I was. This became apparent as I watched them break in from a few floors up in my study.

By the time they stormed their way through and up, I was long gone having found all the secret passageways built into this place. Such was a godsend but also proved my family had been oppressed by their own lands for centuries to have such a need. I had the essentials and quite a bit of money along with important documents stashed away in a hiding place. A cave not too far from here I found while exploring. The area showed no signs of anyone having been around for centuries other than the woodland creatures. One such document is a map I take out now and again to try and make sense of it. It doesn't seem to be lands in France. It was something of my grandfather's I found taped under one of his drawers.

There are few nights one can sleep when they are on the run, around each corner there is someone waiting to be the one to track you down for the reward put upon your head. It is not a way to live. I have learned to distinguish all the sounds the night holds.

Blue Lightning is a thoroughbred racehorse coveted here, I bring him with me. He should be a sensation at Falkirk Downs.

Prince still lives, a striped tabby who adopted me so he too will make the journey.

Actor used to give an idea of how Brogan looks is Olivier Martinez. No claims are made as this is only a representation.