King of Ballicastle

     On a blood soaked battlefield he knelt, his father's head cradled to his knee as he laid dying. The battle between Heathfield and Ballicastle had taken a lot of lives but the death of his father reached deep. "Chad, take care of your mother and brothers. You will be king now so do me this honor in being the best you can, ruling with a fair hand and the code of chivalry. I know you will be, my son." His father's last words would forever echo in his mind and so he would honor him as he asked.

     Revenge was warranted on Rath, he never honor his self-proclaimed title of King. Word came after that battle that it was the last for a man by the name of Argyle MacNeil had slain this man. Both castles rejoiced in his death. He owed a debt to the clan of MacNeil and would honor and call them friend. Ballicastle was left in near ruins from the original surprise attack of one they called ally. His own people cried out for revenge and they wanted the head of Rhett Shawnesey for his father's killing of his father. This didn't sit well with him but it was how he came to the lands of Rhydin looking for Rhett and did so find him. At this time he also learned that it was one of Rath's men who put a sword through Rhett Sr pushing him into the fatal blow of his own father. Rhett Sr. also died on that battlefield of Ballicastle that became known as Red Valley.

     Ballicastle had been restored and opened as others now came in service making it their home. He usually wore the kilt and tartan of the clan McAndrews standing tall in honor of his father at 6' 9. Well structured as thick corded bands of sinew wrapped themselves around that massive chest, arms and legs. He worked and loved hard with the same intense passion. 

     He is a rugged, good-looking man with intense blue eyes, well noted of the McAndrews brood. Blond hair that the sun did streak during the summer months, fell just past his shoulders.  One studded Celtic knot earring was worn in his left ear signifying power. He was a practical man, intelligent and very capable of being the King his family and people needed. He learned that things were not always as they appeared and life needed its wonder of discovery.

     He was the eldest of ten brothers, being given his father's name he became crowned king upon his death. Now in his 40th year, Seamus at 39, Liam 37, Joseph 36 Edward 35, Jon 34, Brian 33, Michael 32, Patrick 31 and Collin 30.

     He went through many trials and errors with the women he came to know, passions flared and were doused just as easily too. He was a rogue for the most part and sowed his wild oats, carefully, there had been no bastards sired by him. He knew the trouble such would bring and he would not forsake the child. He almost married one, but she was fickle and ran. He had lucked out it happened before they were wed. He eventually found out  why, as Fate continued to play her hand. A once child of his past, born of a family close to them near as kin came back once all had been settled and the kingdoms reestablished themselves. She had been one they had tormented as boys would do and she in turn gave them back their due.

     She had grown into a beauty and it wasn't long before he fell in love, wholly and completely as that challenged had been picked up. This time around it had been different now that she was all grown. He had no regrets for all the others he left behind, for she was the one perfect for him and now his life that would not have otherwise. His love, His wife, His Queen ~ his Danielle. He had never known such happiness before and this love between them, which would always be an ongoing challenge, brought them in time sons, Chadrick III, (Rick) 19; Trevellyn Scott (Treve) 18; and Douglas 16; Bryan Michael 13, Charles Robert 13, Rory Edward 12, Cory Joseph 11, Collin Patrick, 9, Damien Allan 7 and Darthanian Jon 6.

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