The Sea Wolf

Twenty-two Guns
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The Sea Wolf

There is much to be said about the life of a privateer that would fill a book with events if one were to sit down and tell the tales. Lorcan was no greenhorn in the ways of the sea and survival. Thirty-two years, he already lived longer than most of his profession in a high risk life style. The kind that made one feel alive daring death with each turn. He is tall but not exceedingly; somewhere between six foot three and four. Eyes are intense in the mixture of hazel, changing with the lighting or emotions to a molten gold or bronze.

Attire is atypical of a sea captain. His clothing not having him stand out in a crowd. He became known as the Sea Wolf for the way he hounded down his enemy relentlessly. The sea is his life, his profession, his means of slowly becoming wealthy. A secluded island, Coral Reef, became his and claimed as his domain, his centerpoint.

He is a man gifted with extraordinary abilities.

Alexander O'Donnell ( Domhnaill - world-mighty) Duke of Glenndale, county Meade in Eire married Marsali (a pearl) Foley (plunderer) of an upstanding family in his dukedom. They had a son, an heir, they named Lorcan (fierce) Alexander (defender of mankind). Five years later they had a daughter they named Marsali Muirin (meer-een, born of the sea). Marsali never quite recovered from her daughter's birth and died within a year. Alexander never got over the loss of his wife to remarry but he took good care of his children as best he could. A high mage, Marcus, of his wife's people came to him when Lorcan was seven. He beseeched Alex to allow him to train the lad as it was noted he had abilities of his mother's family. Alex knew this firsthand and was perplexed on how to help his son and so this opportunity was welcome. It had taken him years to adjust to Marsali's abilities and learned not to fear them.

Marcus took Lorcan with him to the Mountains of Glenndale in an isolated domain set up in ancient ways. Large huts made of tree branches woven together and thatched roofs of hay along with other field weeds to keep the rain from coming in. Lessons were taught such as the basis of the forces of nature, becoming one and in tuned with them. Patience, stealth and above all respecting individual gifts to keep them private unless needed. Not on whims. The stars and constellations were next, how the moon controlled not only the tides but affected mankind, then higher levels of the mind, dream planes and astral. They were taught martial arts in how to fight, weapons becoming an extension of their physical bodies. He had another student at the time, a gifted young girl, (name), a year younger than Lorcan. Marcus only took on two at a time for a period of five years. After that they were on their own or could seek masters higher than his skills to continue their training. The two were trained at times together but a lot of it was separate, self discovery according to their gifts. Lorcan became one with the Spirit Wolf, his totem, except in the ritual the qualities of the Spirit Wolf were taken on by him for emerging so deep within those levels.

At the age of twelve, Lorcan moved back in with his father and sister to learn the ways of the court while hiding that which he really was, duplicity in nature. His father was a very influential man and respected throughout his dukedom, one that was planned for his son to step into his shoes one day. So the years went by peacefully and informative until in his eighteenth year.

The English were implanting their own into Eire over established families. Some were directly killed in raids, some not so direct as with the O'Donnell family. They tried to get him to heavily tax his people which he refused. He hoped his son would use his others gifts to free himself. He could not step down from his principles no matter how it tore him apart. Marsali was away at the time and kept there as a message was sent undercover, the inquisition from England not really aware there was a daughter. Alexander was charged with treason along with his son who was now eighteen. Lorcan would be executed first in a last attempt to have the father sign the papers.

That day as he was stripped down to his waist and the executioner made ready his blade above Lorcan's head, Maryanne, his sweetheart at the time, broke through the crowd to with a knife raised to take down the man about to kill her love. She all of seventeen and was killed before she could reach the executioner by an arrow into her back. The Wolf took over Lorcan, not just spirit wise but manifested as one with him for the first time (not knowing he could at the time). The chains that bound him broke with ease from his ankles while the ropes splintered away like string from his wrists. He tore into the executioner killing him by ripping his throat apart, his blade arm ripped off with the swoop of a claw. The crowd went to chaos, screams and attempts at taken him down by arrows. One lodged in his thigh but seemed not to stop him, ripped out as he was over to gather up Maryann's limp into his arms and take off. He took her to the mountainous retreat where he was trained to bury her there and mourn her death.

His father had been killed on the spot within the Keep that overlooked the execution area. There was peace in his eyes to see his son escape even though he knew it would mean his death. He knew they planned to have him removed even if he signed the papers. The head man, Raymond Thornbrier, was young that had this blood thirst sent by England to see their cause through, he would eventually become known as Ramses. It was Brutus Lynch that followed Lorcan under disguise, one of the few that knew of the son's abilities. He also had to escape or lose his life. He helped him bury the lass then forced him to leave with him for where he was, they would eventually find him and now he would be killed as a warlock, devil incarnate. Alexander had his suspicions and had set up an emergency escape, one he thought he'd be using but now it would be used for his son. One of his three ships thought to be out at sea was in another port under another flag. Brutus took Lorcan there and sent for the sister, she could not be found and it was said they found and killed her too.

So Lorcan set sail under Torque, name given the ship, becoming a privateer under the help of Brutus and the very good sea Captain Williams, hired under his father. He took on his mother's name of Foley to make it more difficult to be tracked. So a new chapter was written that had Lorcan learning the ways of the sea, ships, navigation and above all, surviving. They did well until they ran into Captain Martin Banner and a fight on the high seas that had cannons flying, fires raging on both ships and holes in the hulls where hits connected. The clash had crews fighting the notorious pirate. It was Lorcan's blades that disfigured the man's face before his ship went down for good, he with it or so thought. The man survived as Lorcan would later find out, becoming known as Captain Slash. The man having his own story in the years to come and who he hooked up with. Neither knew the other's name and Martin only got to see the Wolf more than Lorcan's features as he tried fighting the devil himself. Lorcan's crew, the ones that survived, got to see it too and hence he became known as the Sea Wolf.

The Torque was crippled beyond repair but they had won the battle that day, the other sunk as they limped into a port. He used funds gained to have a new ship made, hence the Sea Wolf became his very own and second. The former sea Captain Williams had been killed in the battle (along with a number of other good men/sailors) and it was time for Lorcan to come into his own. In the years to follow he acquired Coral Reef Island, at a hefty price but worth every pence. There were no other claims having a clear title, this was one of the reasons for paying what was priced as the man didn't want to bargain a copper down. Stubborn old man from Greece. Another reason was Brutus' ability to keenly assess land and such matters and the whispered words that there was unexplored areas that had rich veins of precious metals and stones to consider the other had never to explore or develop, probably unaware. It made the island far more valuable then he realized. Lorcan was a betting man especially with a reliable tip.

*Hugh Jackman is the actor used to represent Lorcan's appearance. No claims made of the photos used. Do not randomly IM me. No play in IMs. Mun is older. Personal information remains private. Respect me and I'll respect you. Circa approximately 1700 Fantasy based.*