His Story Unfolding

For all anyone knew David could be Michael the Archangel amongst them to test them out. So many failed. Who'd ever expect it in a modern day hippy motorcyclist thrown back into the past? Maybe each period of time was being evaluated and those who lived them. It is said angels walk amongst us. Would you turn an angel away from your door if one came asking for a slice of bread? A few words to share with another who has no one? To acknowledge there are many in this world and all following the same road even if they walk differently. He wasn't Michael but his true identity would be rare enough. He wasn't the only one either.

Fingers slipped into the inner pocket of his jacket to draw out a toothpick. The sliver of wood placed between lips and teeth before he continued. It would bob and weave. "There was a woman (this is a true story) who was losing her children to the plague. She had eight and already three had died. Two more were sick including her husband. A poor man came to the door asking for only a slice of bread to be spared. The woman took him in and fed him a whole meal. During the meal they talked and he found out about her plight and the heartache of her loss. He told her things to get in preparing a medicine to cure the others. One that worked. He was never seen or heard from again. Disappeared as if he had never been there. Coincidence? A fluke? Or Angel?"

Taken from live play:

It was late as wheels screeched to a halt a half block down from the tavern. Kickstand booted in place as smoky green eyes lifted to scan the area in front. Porch, steps, windows and even lawn. Comfortably seated on his Harley, he was in no hurry to move. Engine was turned off as the key in ignition was turned then pulled away and pocketed. He was debating a few things, like why he was even thrown into this time period. Then again he always tended to debate that until the reason made itself clear. It became a mental ... oh yeah, I knew that! He was going to literally freeze his arse off if he stayed outside any longer. Worse, he had dozed off but luckily no one had noticed nor taken advantage. There was a plus to being ignored. With a swing of leg around he was up and off the Harley almost to go down. Damn leg was asleep still. Catching onto the bike it was able to stop the descend and give his leg time to get the blood circulating. Grumbling under his breath, he finally straightened and tentatively tested out walking. Life was pumped back although he had a hitch to his steps for the first few before smoothing out. He was quick up the steps, over the porch and within without pausing at all. The heat hitting in reminding him just how cold he was. The hearth area his destination first to warm up in front of the fire.

It had taken him time to catch up with his friend, a few days, a week.  Jonas was never one to mark the passage of time, except by the change of day into night into day again. Even if he wore a watch.  Pulling the Desperado into place beside the Harley, he cut the engine and looked toward the tavern.  Just watching for a moment.

A passing, dipping glance was given over one as he happened by her and the server. One which he then employed to get him some spice rum. Hands were chaffed together as his backside faced the flames to heat up that side first and he could watch the waitress along with the room. Ava got a smile, friendly enough before taking a step or two to the side so he wasn't blocking another out.

Leg swung over the bike as he stood and headed for the steps.  He caught the door before it closed and stepped inside and to the right away,  from the entryway.  Dark greens swept over the room briefly before he caught sight of someone familiar by the fire.  He made his way through the crowd, in a not so direct way.  Too many people to move around.

David was on defrosting cycle as he would turn to even out the heat, baking his front. Twice around by the time waitress came and the bottle of rum taken along with the glass. Money taken from form fitting jeans' pocket to cover it. He took note of a particular one at the bar he'd not noticed before. Nice looking too. He was slacking! Except, he also caught sight of Quinn. Jaw dropped for a fraction of a moment in surprise. "They sent you too?" Under his breath and coming in a hiss.

A hand was clapped to David's shoulder briefly in greeting and he caught the attention of the server before she went too far.  Whiskey ordered before he answered. "Yep."  Simple answer, but it did nothing to hide the brogue.

His table was not occupied as he indicated it with the bottle held in his hand. "Let's take a seat, chill out and you can tell me what's happening." Heading there as his fare was set then to the next table to finally drag over the other chair missing since he arrived.

He nodded, though the quirk of a grin curled the corner of his mouth. "I was hopin' you could tell me."  Two in one place -- very unusual.

The scrape of wood herald their settling down and making themselves comfortable. Stretch of legs was good beneath the table. "I'm not sure on this one at all. Not a whole lot to tell and progress is slow. Connection back has been bad and quite out completely a few times." Cryptic enough that no one overhearing would find the conversation appealing or even know what he was talking about. Except Quinn.

"Same here.  Not much beyond hook up with you, more to follow." He rubbed at the back of his neck as he looked around. "Odd place, this. How long you been here?"

A glance slipped back across the way to the watcher. The one being watched in turn before he was filling up his glass. He too ran on a different time schedule in that time was not a flowing continuum like one in a certain frame of it. Yesterday was as good as tomorrow. "I met one so far that qualified." Setting the bottle off to the side as a thoughtful expression claimed his features. With how many were in this room and his next bit of information the ratio was horrid. "Changes crowd every day. I've been here about two weeks calculated."

His order was brought to the table and paid for, glass filled and the first drink taken. "Constant flux and flow. Seems we've a bit of a challenge." Which meant possibly a large chunk of time would be spent here.

Which was a frightening thought if they had to live out their life here. At least presently it was. Change was not something he saw happen often on the productive side. "I hope you packed your camper and other such items. Places here I would not necessarily recommend unless really needed." Such as a harsh winter.

"Never leave home wit'out 'em."  He flashed a quick grin then nodded. "Doesn't seem like the nicest of places."   He shrugged though.  There were actually worse places to be.

"I was heading back to Allentown after the last mission. One that landed me back on Colorado. I wish they could pin point a little closer but then, as usual, there was a reason. I picked up camping equipment on the way, hit Ohio and was zapped."

"Was caught once without it." He shook his head, eyes narrowing at the memory. "Never again. Zapped me in Las Vegas."  He near growled at the memory. Seemed to be one of the roughest areas to leave.

"I was going to do some skiing at Camelback once I picked up my Firebird. Skis were in the trunk along with other equipment. So much for the vacation. This place is called Rhydin. There are quite a few other areas. A vortex formed here so it can be used as a center point and homing device. Period time frames rounded off around sixteenth century, give or take a century either way."

"Thought you were overdue." He gave a shake of his head. "Bad deal." Interrupted vacations were all too common.  He listened with interest to the information. "That explains a lot. Feels different here."

"One of the things that will make it more difficult. Mingled, and I might add mangled time periods. I think they really wanted to test us out on this mission for there is no real reference to go by."

"Guessing game again."  He  held his glass up, studying the liquid inside. "At least it's me you're stuck working with, and not another."  He looked at David, dark greens showing a glint of something. "Heard the last didn't go so well.   Partnered one. Not your most recent." Hadn't heard anything on that, which meant it went well. Never heard anything on the good ones, only the bad.

"Well here is Melissa that is far better to look at but then too, has a way of moving to distract. Linda another good looker but tended to be far too flighty. So, sending you they meant serious business and no messing around. At least easily. Means we'd have to resort to ones here." Which brought on another thought he didn't even voice.

He gave a slight shake of his head and downed what remained in the glass. The questions that were popping into his thoughts wouldn't have answers. "You look around much in the time you've been here?"

"You might call the mishap one, a flight of angel." Drawing a brow up which said a lot. He might say more later on but the draw of smoky green eyes traveled past his comrade to the woman he'd watch before. It  would seem she was taking her leave. A fractional dip caught the sensual motion before the view was blocked by another and he released from the sight. "How did your last mission go? I wasn't back long enough to find out."

Another slow nod followed David's words before he finally allowed his darker gaze to move barward. Drawn back by words, he gave a slight smirk. "As expected.  They sent me alone, thinking it would be quick.  I knew better when I learned who I was going to be dealing with."

"Were you ever paired up with Linda?" The man eater, every chance she got if she was allowed. "I swear she is partial succubus." And dam distracting. "Which reminds me, last  was there they were on a campaign to see if more of the Third Faction would join up for the missions to redeem themselves."

"Once."  He just smirked then frowned.  "I had to deal with Michael.  He turned renegade."

"The Michael?" A frown tugged on a thought. "If angered I've not seen hell with as much fury as an angel scorned." Words so low, Quinn might be hard pressed to hear them when sitting right there.

 He nodded slowly, just the slightest twitch of an expression.  "It ... was not pleasant." Understatement?   "But I brought him back. Got to spend a few days in Cali after that.  Before I started for Las Vegas, and then here."

"Seems I missed the fireworks." Which in a way had a draw and his mind and yet not really safe. That too had its draw.

"I wish I had." His chuckle held little humor.  "It was painful."  Not physically but that didn't need to be said.  "But in the end, it worked out well enough."

That caught them up enough as the lift of his glass indicated it was time to relax and blend in. Sure they could pick out interesting ladies to watch too. Sometimes even got to meet them.


Quinn and  de Roiste

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