Edward Dermot McAndrews
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Fifth in the line of ten sons born to Mary and Chadrick McAndrews senior of Ballicastle. Six foot five with dusty blue eyes, dark reddish blond hair with a tendency to curl. 28 summers seen. Handsome in kind like all his brothers. Hard to tell them apart until one got to know them. Each had their own personality but there was an underlying quality they all shared, trustworthy and honest. Even if Eddie slipped for a while, mostly due to being plagued by women calling themselves ladies when they were not. He found this urge to prove exactly what they were for they were so willing. In the long run it would only disgust him as he would easily move on. He was young and learning through experience just like everyone else. Sometimes you learn what you are by finding out what you are not.

It was its own struggle to grow up amongst nine other brothers and find one's own niche. It was no different for Edward, aka Eddie. Although his father was a war hero, it didn't ease the pain in losing him to death, his wisdom and his love in the years to come nor to watch the heartache of their mother Mary for losing the man she loved, even if she tried to hide it from them. She had become their pillar of strength as they grew into men.

His older brother Chadrick was crowned king. Mary stepping down to allow her son to rule while she enjoyed a less rigorous life. Some of his brothers had married and a new generation was being born. Chadrick was one of the taking Danielle Douglas as his Queen and wife. An heir born to them a year later and more on the way. A few of his brothers had found such happiness, Michael, Patrick and a couple others with serious interests. They were all gradually settling down except for himself, Liam and Jon. In time even they might find one that could capture their heart, mind and soul.

The Past

He severed all ties and left for months on end until he found that inner peace to make him whole again. He didn't know what would await him upon his return, especially for all he had done but that would be part of the healing process to face his mistakes. In this all consuming need of his he had also forsaken his own brothers, his mother - his family. He had kept himself apart with the excuse he was the black sheep - but it was just that, an excuse. An excuse to do allow this other need to consume him instead. He had not involved himself in their lives and he had now allowed them to be involved in his. This would all be changed now.

He had taken a journey that was more soul searching than anything else, leaving Ballicastle lands behind in this effort so that by the time he returned it would be the Eddie they knew years ago. Life did present it challenges, most made from one's own decisions and actions, he was ready now to face these challenges of his own making and a whole new one - a life with a goal. A goal, in essence, to become a better man, one that could love in the right way some day and maybe even a family. It had become obvious it was something he didn't know how to do, but he felt he could learn.

This new goal included his family and so his first step would be to renew that bonding. He had heard that his brother Jon, along with Joe and Patrick, had started a lumbering and mining enterprise. He would see about getting involved there and it would do him a world of good to keep his distance for now, from the fairer gender for that was where his failing had been the greatest of all. Not to avoid, for he had to face this area, but more, not to get involved for some time to come other than learning how to be a friend.

Coming Home

A new day had dawned that saw him within the Ballicastle courtyard, seated upon a fine white stallion. He had galloped in and soon dismounted leaving the steed to the tending of a stable boy. His first stop would be to see his mother and a very long talk. He would settle into his room, then seek out his brothers as he could. There was so much to catch up on it would fill his days to come and this was good. The talk with his mother gave him confidence as he confided all. Her words of wisdom were taken to heart and helped him in the days, weeks and months to come.

His welcome home by family and friends eased that dread he had harbored. He got involved. He ended up having a smelter build so that the raw iron could be forged. Later he got with his brother Patrick and they built kennels upon his meadow where he and his wife, Megan, resided.

In his enthusiasm he sought out fifteen different breeds, they became overwhelmed with puppies come that spring. Keeping to projects he also got involved with opening up a game room with his brother Brian. He was making up for the years he had ostracized himself from his family. He found no repercussions from any women he might have known before his departure.

The Present Steeped in the Past Catches Up

During that course of time away, while briefly in Japan, he had contracted Scarlet Fever (so he was told), leaving his memory vague in certain areas. Parts of his past would catch up and it wasn't unknown women approaching him to revive a past he couldn't remember. Instead, it was the tattoo of the dark green dragon on his back that would be the culprit and from his adventure away. It was the arrival of two Japanese women (dolls he looked upon them as) that brought back that time of his fever. The sometimes nightmares became clear as not something of a troubled mind in sleep but of a reality. In his travels through that country he ran into some bandits trying to kill off a few nobles. He came to the rescue for his adept ability with the sword and made the difference as they were either killed or driven off. They offered him a place to stay in honor for his help.

This noble family was close to the warlord that ran these particular lands, Iwakura Kan, who had quite a few sons and daughters via his wife and concubines. It turned out this group of bandits were really part of a bigger group trying to size the lands, kill the warlord and his family. The place was steeped in legends, especially on the green dragon. One that would come during war and make the difference in its outcome. The house of Iwakura wore this emblem. The attack came while Edward was there, making the difference in the outcome of that battle by killing the general of the other army. A man renown for his warring abilities. Edward had been wearing a deep green kimono that these people wore, his reddish blond hair like the red eyes of the dragon. They associated Edward then as being this dragon.

Living Dolls

During this fight with the other general - whom had killed a lot of Kan's men alone. There was a fire set that as the general fell beneath Ed's sword, he rushed in. Although wounded himself he rescue two of Kan's daughters trapped there. Smoke inhalation finally taking Edward down into unconsciousness after the daughters were safe. Coupled with loss of blood from his many wounds, although no major one, it turned out it was not really scarlet fever but one just as nasty for all that happened combined.

Kan had the tattoo etched placed on Edward's back while in the thralls of this fever, marking him as a favored son There seems to be a little more attached to all this...that is mystical, it was one of their seers that etched the dragon onto Edward. He awoke one night disoriented at the end of his fever breaking and wandered off to his next adventure. Their custom was if one saves a life, that life now belongs to the one that saved it, which meant the two daughters now belong to Edward. Another reason the father marked him as a favored son, to keep some possession himself. The girls once recovered from their ordeal were trained to please a Edward once he could be found again. It became a matter of honor that he would be. Kan originally had different plans for them marrying them off to certain other nobles, his plans were now changed. Near a year later Sachi and Kao found the McAndrews men and found ways to rid them of their shirts in turn, seeking the one with that dragon tattoo. Now he would have to find a way to set them free and keep face with their own traditions and family.


Once Edward got his bearings at home he started up a smelter first to purify the raw ore into iron and other by-products. He was full of energy to be back and such a change in his life. The smelter wasn't enough as he got his brother Patrick into starting up kennels too. After the long hard winter with such a blizzard the idea came to mind. There were plenty of ranches that could use good working dogs too. He also opened up the Game room to spend time in. What he was really doing was tying up all his time into work to keep himself busy and be productive at the same time. There was a method to his madness but he could end up on the other side of the scale like his brother Jon, all work and no play. He would eventually find a balance.

Meadowland Kennels

Duke Donovan McAndrews

In his usual over zealousness, Edward took on too many various breeds to have in their kennels. It was so hard to choose but he would eliminate any kind of fluff dog. He wanted strong working dogs that would also make good pets. So by that spring they were overflowing with pups. Many of the ranches took quite a few along with those of the lands. He managed too to trade pups off in other ports that were frequented by Bovee Shipping. Of course the ones that these pups were sold to were made certain they would not be mistreated. Even Brian had Max, a Irish wolfhound that everyone came to love.

As with anything in life, accidents happened and a male Alaskan Malamute got loose with an English Shepard whom had gone into heat. So far all were purebred breeds. This litter of pups would be the first exception. He figured he should have a pup himself considering he helped run the kennels so this is where he made his choice - the odd breed out and so once the pups were weaned, Duke became his.

Duke grew into the alpha male and was difficult to train compared to other breeds in the first three years being mostly husky. A more intelligent dog and with perseverance learned various tricks as well. Stay, sit up and beg, roll over, putting food on the top of his nose and letting it stay there until the command of ok, then flipped and caught. Inside the home he was far more cooperative than outside which took longer for him to become obedient. Loving to run, he no longer saw or heard his Master at first. This is where patience and continual training was needed. To come when he was called.

As a pup he managed to destroy a few chairs with his chewing, slippers and even ate a whole through the rug. He loved people and in his exuberance would jump on them which for his size would nearly knock them over. That had to be trained out of him finding that he would get the attention he so craved even with getting a lot of attention. This breed is good around children and although friendly in nature there is also a strong instinct to protect those he loved. In short this breed makes an excellent pet and family guard. Rarely barks unless someone comes around, unlike some breeds that bark all the time like the Beagle is noted for. Strong, good size dog that one could attach a small sled to and have a child pulled effortlessly. A larger sled would require a team of them.

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