Enneas Y'Alla

House of Bast Priest

         Enneas was the youngest born of eight to Phaneb and Amene Y'Alla. A happy home and family until the wars started when he was seventeen. He was trained as a priest under the guidance of his mother starting at the age of five. Most of his younger years were spent in the temple, learning, studying, practicing. These were years taken for granted and now ones to look back upon in remembrance of a time that was golden.

          The attack came unexpectedly for their kinship with the J'Atar family. Seminars clashed, fires were started, the screams of women and men alike finding death that faithful night still rang in his ears, still raged in his heart. He too fought although not the older hone warrior as most, he was taken down. He was not to die that night, however as the gods had mercy on the young priest. It came in the form of a passing merchant, one of means and even title. He was a foreigner to their lands when he came upon the attack of this family while returning from a business meeting late one evening.

          The man had concealed himself in one of the outer buildings to watch. He had not known the family so wasn't sure who was being attacked and who was the enemy. He was about to leave as the fighting extended to where he was outside watching when fire sprang up as the building he was in was lit. A young lad's body clashed to his feet through the wall of flames, his attacker moving on thinking he was dead. The one was barely alive. Joseph Walsh dragged the one out with him. He was bleeding pretty badly as he did what he could before hoisting him up with a strong arm anchored beneath his and took him down to his ship. The cries of fighting died out behind them to be replaced by the sounds of the port.


          His business contracts having been completed, Joseph decided to leave a day earlier than planned. He learned the lad's name to be Enneas Y'Alla and the disheartening news his family was lost in turn had to be given. It was the virility of youth in healing that probably saved the lad's life. There was something about this young man that appealed to Joseph in taking him under his wing as more a father. It was to Ireland he brought Enneas until he was well mended and back on his feet. It was about that time the lad got the urge of wanderlust, something Joseph could well understand and set out to meet life head on. Enneas knew he would always have a home to come back to no matter where his feet took him. He had taken on the apparel of his new father and learned some of their ways.


His wanderlust eventually landed him in the port of Heathfield.

---more to come---

This is a fictional roleplaying character, no claims are made of the pictures use. The are only a visual as to how this character would appear.