Marquis                          Gates Henry Barrington Doctor Barrington

A man of two titles, one inherited and one earned. It takes more than a title to make a man. He lived by a code of ethics and a deep rooted desire to help others.

His father died a year prior handing down all titles and lands. He was named after his uncle and father respectively. His uncle Gates he never knew but only by what his father told him of a brother he lost in a war on foreign soil. It was said Gates looked like him and had many of his mannerisms to the point of being uncanny. Henry once told him that if he believed in reincarnation and such nonsense his brother was reborn as his son. There had never been any word from these foreign lands on the fate of the brother and his family. Henry knew his brother had died for there would have been word and his own informant came back with the fact his brother and family were gone. Gates' wife Noreen dead and buried. He knew enough of the war there that if one disappeared without a trace and no word in almost three decades only confirmed what he feared was his brother's fate.


Henry's dying wish was that if his son could find the answer to his uncle's fate it would put things to a final rest. There was also the matter of a female cousin born to try and find her if she still lived. Henry had been unsuccessful in his attempts although the war that once raged in these foreign lands was at an end. Finding the cousin was the main reason for his request. It took nearly a year to settle his father's affairs along with his studies and completion of his doctorate degree. One of the reasons he never had time to even consider seeking a wife. For the wealth of his family, Gates was one of the privilege to be able to afford such an education. In spite of modern day medical procedures he incorporated what he learned of herbal medicines and practices of ancient ways. His studies took on a duality, opting for the best of both worlds and the welfare of mankind. His practice also had been set aside temporarily while he took care of his father's affairs and request.

It was a packet received that held Gate's full attention after all these years and especially the copy of a letter contained written in his long lost uncle's hand. It was requested he reply but instead of by courier, he decided to come himself to these lands and see to things personally as he felt his father would wish. Tiffany was never returned to them and they had no clue to her whereabouts. He could hope that maybe she could be found or at least what happened to her and her nanny. His starting point would be to go to these very lands and so he made haste. A ship's passage gained that very night.  His only company was his white stallion Mystic. He had the name Douglas and the Barrington Estates that included a large manor home being turned into a hospital along with a smaller estate near the coastline called Summerdale.

Much to his surprise, he found that the manor had been haunted by his uncle's ghost. Of whom he was the spitting image. Upon opening the door when he knocked, a fair haired lass fainted in his arms. Probably the most unusual greeting anyone encountered. After resolving the mystery around his uncle's death and clearing his name, the spirit of Gates (also named after him) was able to finally rest. Gates donated the manor to set up a hospital for his passion was in healing. He hired the herbal lady Sara (the very one who fainted in him arms) to help oversee and set up her herbal shop within the hospital itself. His practiced constituted both the old ancient ways and the new modern ones. Together they offered better healthcare for all. He kept the small manor home, Summerdale, as his personal residence.

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