Old One Eye

Fishing Contest


To be Held
Thursday, May 25th, 9:30pm EST

CrystalGoldLake HF

Hosted by the McAndrews
Register with Joseph McAndrews
on the night of the 25th

All are Invited from Heathfield, Allies and Friends
Bring your own pole and bait or use what is available there.

Poles, Minnows, Worms are provided if needed.
They are found in buckets and worm boxes under a tent just up from the the shoreline



Crystal Gold Lake

Crystal Gold Lake is located upon Heathfield lands. Mists skimmed her surface of water in the early morning to be cleared away with the heat of sunrays as the day wore on. It got its name for the golden hues set upon its surface at sunset of rich golden and orange colors. Its waters warmed early in the spring and kept evenly temperature throughout the summer months right into fall. Sandy beaches and areas of boulders, some of which jutted out over the lake's deeper waters. Clear, clean waters with a shoreline curving, dipping in and out of covers in a general circumference of around hundred miles. The largest lake of the three adjoining kingdoms. Picnic tables are up from the sandy shore in grassy covers beneath pine and oak trees. A large pit of seven feet round between them and the sandy area off to one side. It is large enough to roast a pig in and has flat rocks positioned within the circumference to heat pans and pots on. Canoes and row boats readily accessible from the smaller docks down from the sandy swimming area. Paddles inside under the seats. Cushions also stored within.




Fresh fish baked in the pit
Potato salad
fresh vegetables
Fruit salad
Potatoes baked in the pit
cold cooked ham, sliced for sandwiches
cold cooked turkey, sliced for sandwiches
sliced brown bread
various pies and cakes


Potcheen - both plain and flavored
raspberry, peach, strawberry and cherry
Potcheen Punch (milder)
Ale and Meade
Various Wines

Legend of Old One Eye


The legend of Old One Eye goes as far back as King Chadrick I. In his younger days when he was around sixteen there was rumored to be this wide mouth bass of an enormous size. Chadrick had found the rumor to be true but the hook had snagged this growing legend in the eye. In the battling struggle that followed, the monster fish lost this eye in exchange for his freedom. He became known as Old One Eye. There is a sealed small chest of inlaid gold that contains a mystery dowry for the one that can land this fish. It is of value in its worth. The one whom lands the fish, even if this fish is returned to the lake, wins this chest set up by the former King Chadrick I himself.

Grand Prize with catching Ole One Eye

Chest contains a certificate to have a mounted replica of the fish made with winner's name. An intricately rune-etched ivory bone handle filleting knife. Fishing Rod. Hand made lures of various types, a canoe and the amount of 50 gold coins.

There is also a prize for:

Largest Fish Caught
Complete set of fishing gear and a canoe

Second largest Fish Caught
Complete set of fishing gear.



~OOC Rules~

1d100 dice used. Each contestant in the contest rolls for placement with the 1d100. Roll of die is done before text entry of action/words so you know what is cast and can role play it accordingly. Be creative.

1-14 = miss, snagged on the bottom, etc
= small fish
= medium size fish
= large fish
= Old One Eye.

The first one to roll 100 is the winner, contest ends there. Otherwise it ends at 12 midnight est. If someone rolls a high number and has to leave before that time and it isn't beat, then they will still get the prize, contacted by email.