Covering Heathfield, Ballicastle, Tyremoor, Innis Daingneach, Kildare, Hedgebrier, surrounding areas and Allies.     Issue 05-06
((--Disclaimer: any pictures used of actors/actresses is only for how that fictional character may look, no claims made.--))

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Royal Birth Announcement

The King and Queen of Heathfield proudly announce the long awaited arrival of the newest addition to the von Rundstedt royal family. The birth came after the Queens Tea held in Ballicastle this past week. It had been reported that the Queen nearly missed the event for the beginnings of labor or more a prelude to the birth of her baby girl. Mother and child are doing well and still in Ballicastle under the care of the good Queen Danielle Douglas McAndrews there. She was named after and in honor of both her deceased grandmothers.

Lydia Atessa von Rundstedt
Born April 25th at 11:45 pm EST
7lbs 14ounces, 20" long

Telarus Tournament

Congratulations to Alexander McDonough, Grand Champion!

Alexander McDonough, brother of Maurice and Joseph, co-owner of Benzaiten Imports, was entered in the Ladies Champion Tournament of the Kingdom of Telarus by Marcella McGuire, owner of The Linen and Lingerie Shop. He emerged as Grand Champion.  His niece, Sarah McDonough, spoke with him about the tournament.

I understand that you and Miss McGuire were newly acquainted. How did you come to be entered in the match?  She and I met during the clean up following the blizzard, and became friends.  She asked me if she could enter me and I agreed.  To tell the truth, I'm glad she did and not because I did as well as I did.  It gave me a chance to do something I haven't in a long time as well as represent Heathfield. I wore a silver scarf as her champion.

There were three parts. Sparring, Archery and Jousting.  Tell our readers about the sparring?  My opponent was a woman in a wildcard event.  She's quite a warrior as well as being a lovely woman.  She bested me by one point and gave me quite a workout.  I also was able to watch the other opponents and was quite impressed with their abilities as well as their sportsmanship.

Archery?  Again, those who competed were extremely good.  We went in groups, and each man had three shots.  The wind was against us most of the time.  And of course, as she did for the spar, Marcy was in the stands cheering me on. I have to say it does wonders for the ego to have a beautiful woman doing so.

And you placed.  What did you receive as a winner?  I placed second in archery, and was given a crossbow with a silver finish and a very ornately carved handle. I have it hanging in my office in the shop.

And the Jousting?  I understand that's something you haven't done since you were young?  That's true, and I think of the three events, it was the one I was most nervous about.  I went up against a younger man.  He gave me a good hit to the shoulder, one I still feel.  I was surprised to find that I had made a three-way tie.  For that I received a trophy statue of a jousting knight on a horse, a suit of armor, and a 3 yr. old Thoroughbred Stallion named Zuess.  He and I are already fast friends.

You didn't know you were Overall Champion until the next night, when it was announced at the Banquet?  How did you feel?  Absolutely stunned. It was one of the few times that I was at a loss for words.  Queen Julia and King Alec were wonderful hosts for both the tournaments and the banquet.

I understand that the prizes were stunning as well?  Indeed they were.  I was given the sword I wear.  Called Valor's Edge, it's quite old, and is said to have magical properties.  My lady Marcy was given a beautiful necklace and earring ensemble.  We both received jeweled pins as well as rings.  Of course, it's the same ring I'm wearing now.

Your overall score was quite high. 79 points.  I imagine you must have felt quite proud of that.  Proud and stunned!  Amazed that I had done so well, though Marcy felt otherwise.  But more important than the honor of winning is the fact that we both made new friends, as well as represented Heathfield.  The fact that I was matched with men, and in the wild card events, woman, who excelled at what they did, the camaraderie, and the friendship that I think was cemented with Marcy made this Tournament more than remarkable.  I'm proud to have been a part and will remember it for the rest of my days. -- submitted by Sarah McDonough

```*+*```*+*```*+*````*+*```*+*```      Queens Tea    ```*+*```*+*```*+*````*+*```*+*```

Once more the Queens, and some kings, were present during this monthly event. This month's was held in Ballicastle under the lovely hostess Danielle McAndrews. A sing-a-long and bring a song to share theme.  Seamus McAndrews started out the event by playing the lute while singing the Scotsman Song. One he is infamous for. Next was Queen Victoria up with twist on words heavy in innuendos in My Little Queen, that had everyone snickering and the McAndrews men proud of her. Joseph singing the Rose of Allendale with Queen Julia to follow with a love song dedicated to her husband. Eddie then started them off again with the Barbeque Wench Song. So the night continued with nearly everyone singing. The Queen of Heathfield remained quiet most of the evening only later to be discovered the reason, she was in labor.

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Clay Pots
by Portia DeLanyea

Would the world be a different place if it was dark all the time?  Would it be dull and without anything to work for?  If you were Devon Winters, the answer would be simple.  No.  She has her own light and the brightness only helps the days seem that much cheerful.

Devon's family relocated in Heathfield from just outside Dublin when she and her twin brother, Derek Winters, were just infants.  Her father (Erik Winters) took on a farm in the lands.  This allowed them to raise cattle, pigs, 

ducks, chickens, and horses.  They also bred, raised and trained Huskies, Malamutes, and German Shepherds.  The family was compromised of five brothers and one sister, all of whom are no longer in this world.  The last brother, along with his wife and two sons, were lost this last Christmas season.  Both parents are also with the others.

Devon herself has a story.  She became blind at the age of ten.  It was an explosion that happened in the barn while her siblings and herself were playing hide-and-seek.  "The transition was hard at first, and I was quite frustrated.  At everything.  Learning how to get around in public was probably the hardest.  And I missed simple things, like seeing the sun set."  But, Devon Winters recovered well.  And she helped her family a lot.  In turn they helped her. Teaching her how to amble about the house, up the stairs, and around people.  So much more as well.  Her father and brother trained on of their dogs, Musket, to be a guide dog.  The loveable and much renowned Husky,  Jasper, was the latest descendant from that line.

Devon's father also felt she need something to do.  To let her feel useful since she was unable to help around the farm as much.  He knew well she liked to work with her hands.  "He asked a woman from a nearby farm if she could teach me about pottery.  I picked it up rather quickly.  I even learned to use a throwing wheel."  A talent that she pursues today.  Her work is available by request and some of the finest I have seen.

When Devon was eighteen, she moved into her own cottage, where had a workshop in one half of the building.  This makes the task of requests easier for her to handle.  Even more with her newest aide, Toby.  "I am happy with my life, my work, and with my friends.  I am quite content."

Clay pots can be broken, or even seen as marred.  But, when one like Devon comes along, the idea is set aside.  Even a clay pot can be charming and loved and mean the world to everyone around them.  Devon Winters, an inspiration.

Life Around Here

Spring is finally here and with it the usual increase in activity.  Fields are being plowed and planted, sheep are being sheered of their winter wool, and cattle are being herded to their summer fields. Branding them soon to start.  The young lambs, horses and other animals can be seen frolicking in newly green fields with their young and many gardens are being tended by individuals.

It's delightful to walk through the city and see the shops and homes also shedding the dreariness of winter.  Fresh coats of paint are being applied, flowers are blooming and that bane of many a youngster's existence, spring cleaning, is being done.  The market, always busy, seems moreso with the appearance of those vendors who count on good weather to display their wares in colorful portable stalls and wagons.  It's easy to see why Spring is such a  favorite time of year.

The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.
The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings.

- Joyce Kilmer, Spring

Births: Princess Lydia Atessa von Rundstedt, born of Queen Honeee and King Karl on April 25th. Marriages: None this Month. Engagements: None this month. Deaths: None this month. Citizenship: None this month.


Salamanders -- The Salamander is a tiny, deceptively agreeable creature resembling is amphibious namesake. It can withstand extreme heat, and when threatened, the salamander will ignite, creating a white hot flame around its body. Regardless, its skin is cool no matter how hot the temperature around it.

The flaming salamander can be found in damp places or in woodpiles, although it has also been spotted near volcanoes. It gives off the odor of sulphur and is believed to secrete poison so terrible that it burns whatever it touches.

Salamanders are sought by alchemists because they are an integral component for turning lead into gold. They are also sought for their pelts, since the skins can be used to make flame retardant gloves. Although swift, a salamander can be caught with tongs and kept in an iron box.

Sometimes an unknowing salamander gets brought in with a bundle of firewood from outside. Agitated from having its home disturbed, it can ignite the entire fireplace in one instant! You will see it swimming among the white hot flames until it vanishes up the chimney.

As they raise their dorsal plates, small glands underneath release a gas which ignites when it comes into contact with the surrounding air. Also, their excrement will burst into flames if struck, stepped on or hurled!

Recipe for turning lead into gold: Melt together pure mercury with gold in the intense heat of a salamander. The substance will blacken, then it will turn white, then it will yield a fine powder which commingled with lead will change into gold.  -- submitted by Kathleen Frasier - from Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide

May Day

Beltane is one of the major sabbats in the Witches' calendar and is celebrated on the eve of May Day.  May Day celebrations are still practiced in part throughout much of Europe and the rest of the world and are the continuing celebrations of this pagan religious festival.  The name of the sabbat is spelled variously Beltane, Beltene, Beal-Tene, and Bealltain.  It is also known as Walpurgisnacht, Rood Day, and Rudemas.

In early times, the year was roughly divided into two halves: the summer months, when it was possible to grow crops, and the winter months, when it was necessary to hunt for food.  The fertility goddess was predominant in the former and the horned god in the latter.  The transition between these seasons occurred at Beltane (May Eve) and Samhain (November Eve), which remain the two most important Pagan festivals.

Jumping over balefire was one of the May Day traditions.  Individuals would leap across the flames to ensure fertility and good health, as a spiritual cleansing, and for protection in the coming year.  Couples would take hands and leap together, believing that in so doing, their marriages would be sealed in health and happiness.  Cattle and sheep would be driven between two fires, or through the ashes of one fire.

The central theme of Beltane was sexuality and fertility.  It was, in the early days of Witchcraft, very much a time for ritual coupling.  On the festival eve, men and women would go out to search for flowers and green boughs, often staying out overnight.

The major custom for May Day was "Bringing in the May"--carrying home, at sunrise, the boughs and flowering branches that had been gathered in the woods overnight.  Any tree that was in bloom at that time was referred to as "May."  The hawthorn was the most popular, although the sycamore was favored in Cornwall and the rowan in much of Scotland and Wales.  The flowering branches were used to decorate the houses and left on the doorsteps of people who were admired. Flowers, such as the march marigold, were also brought home by the "Mayers," and these were woven into garlands and elaborate decorations.  Herdsmen in Sweden still follow an old practice of cutting the first bough of a mountain ash struck by the sun on May Day morning.  With this bough they then strike the horns and flanks of their cattle, chanting "As the sap comes to the trees, may the milk come to these udders."  May Day was celebrated throughout the British Isles, across much of Europe, and even Russia.

The high point of May Day, and a pagan practice still very much alive even in the Christian communities, was the dance around the Maypole.  The phallic symbolism of the Maypole is generally accepted.  The distribution of gifts from it, and ribbons streaming from its tip emphasizes its fruit-bearing qualities. Washing in the early morning dew was a popular May Day practice, it being believed that to do so made the recipient more beautiful  (Still a Gypsy beauty secret.) -- submitted by Aislin NiFaelen ('The Witches Book' by Raymond Buckland)

Dear Tae...

How does one know that what aches in their heart is love or just a crush? How does one get over the feeling of wanting to die knowing well the other they are unwillingly drawn to doesn't feel the same? Unwilling because it is futile and avoidance had not worked when faced with a moment of truth. The words there and out twisting one's heart feeling the fool for having them. -- Crushed

Dear Crushed, A crush is something felt by one who knows not what emotions are. It's a mere attraction to another, with no foundation. Love is all consuming, felt on every level of ones complete make-up. The two do 

have a similarity though, for they can be felt by only one side and not returned. It doesn't make them any less of what they are, nor does it the individual feeling them. Sometimes we feel things for those we can never have, just as others do. It doesn't make it wrong, or even lessen the hurt that accompanies being alone in what's being felt. It may be the other isn't ready yet, or perhaps may never be, and you'll only be accepted upon a certain level. There is no easy answer to this, emotions are individual. All I can say, is do some deep soul searching and ask yourself .... "Is this person really worth the effort it may take?" .... If your answer yes, then patience and perseverance is required of you. ... If you answer no, then the effort and worry placed is the best you'll ever be able to do with this one. Move on. What you want will appear in its proper time. Again, patience and perseverance will be necessary by you. This is the one thing that will never change.

Dear Tae...

How is it that a lass you were attracted to upon meeting becomes less and less attractive the more you get to know them? The more you are pulled into things by association because of being a nice guy. Yet, it is unappreciated and you're hassled from the very one you're helping and the one you are trying to help them from saying degrading things. -- Confused

Dear Confused, Perhaps what you first seen was what you wanted to see. There is also a possibility, that the attraction was noticed and has the person withdrawing, putting up walls on purpose to shield themselves. There is only one way to gain understanding, and the hardest, be direct. Ask what's on your mind of the individual. Dig deep into the core root of the situation. You could find one of two things: Someone who's being manipulative, and seeking a world of drama to surround them, causing chaos to those who associate. Or two, one who's been hurt and is leashing out, be it known or unknown to the individual of it's being done. Or a possible third, it's you. You've placed your standards too high, and the person is slowly loosing out on your expectations. The only way you'll ever learn of the reasoning behind this, is from the source in which it comes. Understanding and patience will be needed, in accompaniment of an open mind.

Dear Tae...

Is it true that in spring a young man's fancy turns to love?  Or is it lust? Will a confession  of love eternal turned out to be dust in the wind? -- Cautious

Dear Cautious,  Time of season or year has absolutely nothing to do with whether someone falls in love or not. This is nothing more than a myth. What does have to do with it, is how one feels inside. As for the confession, there is never anything wrong with telling another exactly how you feel, especially about them. As long as you're being realistic in whom you're attracted to. You knew from the beginning if this was right or wrong for you, and the other. You know now also, but your self preservation is kicking in. You know in your heart if this is meant to be, and this is what you must follow. One thing that you must live with, is the consequence of your actions, but also understand, that time is of the essence. This too you know inside! If it's meant to be, and happen now, it will be clear in your mind as well as your heart, enact on that.

April-May-June Contest Extended

There are pranks still afoot that are yet to be determined for the contest so what was started in April will continue through May and June. An ongoing effort over these three months. Large and small. So those wishing to try out such skills, there is still time.

This is open to Allied Castles to join in!

In honor of April Fool's Day, a contest is being conducted during the whole month of April and extended to May and June giving ample time on who can play the best prank on another. The best Prankster will receive the prize of an Arabian stallion, a pouch of fool's gold, plus a gold plaque engraved with their name depicting them as King or Queen of Pranks. Second prize will be a finely crafted Dagger and sheath,  given to the one taking a prank in the light it was given. There will be one trick to all of this too, if the one on the receiving end can pull off a coupe then it will be a winner take all! Those of other allied castles and friends may join in if they feel so inclined or mischievous.

 Events recorded of such pranks and reactions will be submitted to Lahoneee.



  8 medium tomatoes * 8 medium peppers * 4 medium potatoes      * 2 cups rice * 3 onions * mint * spoon of sugar * parsley * 1 1/2 cup olive oil * salt * pepper * Optionally: Raisins, minced meat

Slice-off the top of the tomatoes and the peppers. Use a spoon to remove the inside part of the tomatoes and the peppers. Try to leave the empty tomatoes as thin as possible but be careful not to score their skin. Save the inner part of the tomatoes you have removed. It will be used for the stuffing. Mash the inner tomato parts with a blender and mix half of the tomato mash with the rice the onions (chopped), the mint, the sugar and the parsley. Pour olive oil and boil the rice mixture. Add salt and pepper as desired. Do not overcook the stuffing. The rice should not be soft. It will soften later during baking time. Stuff the tomatoes and the peppers and lid them with their tops. Place them in a pan, surround them with the potatoes (sliced) and pour the rest of the tomatoes mash. Add olive oil and bake for about 1 1/2 hour in a medium oven . Add water if required during baking. Optionally: You can add raisins in the stuffing if you desire. Also, alternatively you can stuff tomatoes and peppers with some minced meat. Try to experiment and create two stuffings, one with rice and one with minced meat and fill half of the tomatoes and peppers with each stuffing. For the alternative stuffing just replace rice with minced meat or use both in equal portions. - submitted by Claire O'Reilly



  6 tart apples * 3/4 cup sifted flour * 1 cup sugar * 1/8 tsp. salt * 1/4 tsp. ground cloves * 6 T butter * 1/2 tsp. cinnamon * 1/4 chopped nuts (optional) * 2 tsp. lemon juice

Preheat oven to 350°. Peel, core and slice the apples into a bowl. Add 1/2 cup of the sugar, spices, and lemon juice. Mix lightly and pour into a buttered 1 1/2 quart casserole. Blend the remaining sugar, flour, salt and butter to a crumbly consistency. Add the nuts and sprinkle over the apple mixture. Bake 45 minutes until apples are tender and the crust is nicely browned. Serve with ice cream. 6 servings. --Submitted by Sarah McDonough


  2 sticks butter or margarine *  3 cups flour - minus 3 Tbs * 1 1/2 cups sugar * 2 Tsp baking powder * 3 eggs * 3/4 cup milk * 1 Tsp vanilla * pinch of salt * 2 cups - 2 cans cherry pie filling

18x12x1 greased pan. 350 oven, bake 30-35 minutes. Combine first five ingredients and work as for a pie crust. Take out 1 cup for topping. Combine eggs, milk, and vanilla - beat lightly, add to first mixture - stir (wet, not too lumpy), spread into greased pan. Add cherries. Mix 1/2 tsp cinnamon with saved 1 cup topping - sprinkle over cherries. --Submitted by Julia Traugott



700 gr. (1 ½ lb.) shoulder of lamb (boneless weight) * 700 gr. (1 ½ lb.) aubergines * 175 gr. (6 oz.) onions * 225 gr. (½ lb.) tomatoes * 150 ml. (Ό pt.) olive oil * 5 ml. (1 teaspoon) ground allspice * 15 ml. (1 tablespoon) chopped parsley * 425 ml. (Ύ pt.) béchamel sauce * Salt * Freshly ground black pepper * Coating: 1 large egg * large pinch grated nutmeg * 75 gr. (3 oz.) Cheddar cheese 

A traditional Greek Recipe by Alexandra Tsakiridou. “MOUSSAKA” is the shepherd’s pie of Greece. The succulent combination of fried aubergines, delicately spiced minced lamb and rich cheese sauce is irresistible and well worth the rather lengthy preparation. It is always popular at informal parties and can be prepared earlier in the day for final cooking and browning in the oven. The popularity of “Moussaka” has deservedly spread. It is a delicious combination of meat, vegetables and a thick, rich sauce. It’s the most traditional Greek dish and also absolutely delicious!

Wipe, top and tail, but do not peel the aubergines. Cut them into slices about 6 mm. (Ό in.) thick. Put into a colander with a light sprinkling of salt between the layers and leave to drain for half an hour. Peel and slice the onions; peel, de-seed and chop the tomatoes. When ready to cook, pat the aubergine slices dry with paper. Heat 45 ml. (3 tbsp.) oil in a frying pan over a low heat and, when hot, fry the aubergine slices gently until tender, in batches, turning once. Lift out and drain on absorbent paper. Add extra oil between batches as necessary. When all are fried, make the oil in the pan up to 30 ml. again. When this is hot, fry the onions gently for about 5 minutes, until soft and pale gold. Add the meat and fry. Add the tomatoes, allspice, parsley and salt and pepper to taste. Stir well, cover and cook very gently for 25 to 20 minutes. Heat oven to 180-C. (350 F.), gas mark 4. In a deep, ovenproof dish, arrange alternate layers of aubergines and meat, finishing with aubergines. Warm the sauce over a low heat. Separate the egg and, off the heat, stir the yolk, nutmeg and salt and pepper to taste, into the sauce. Reserve the egg white for use in another dish. Pour the sauce evenly over the surface of the dish. Grate the cheese over the sauce. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes until the topping is golden and bubbling. Submitted by Meaghan O'Leary


  3 large or 4 medium potatoes * 1 pound ground beef * 1 onion, chopped * 2 tablespoons flour * 1-2 beef bouillon cubes * 1 cup boiling water * 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce * 2 tablespoons or more of ketchup * Salt and pepper to taste

Peel the potatoes and put them on to boil. Brown the beef and add the onion, cooking and stirring until done. Add the flour and mix well, turning the burner down to low heat. Dissolve the bouillon cube(s) in the boiling water; add the Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and ketchup. Mix well and pour into the beef mixture, stirring to mix. Spoon into a greased 9 x 12-inch baking dish. Rice or mash the boiled potatoes and spread on top. Bake in a 350° oven for 30 to 35 minutes. Put under broiler briefly to brown potatoes on top. Serves 6. Note: Cooked peas and/or carrots can be put into the dish as bottom layer if desired. In England this is often made with left over cooked lamb. If so, grind meat and use only 1 tablespoon flour. This is an old English country recipe. Submitted by Sarah McDonough

Did you Know?

Auras - For centuries it has been believed that certain persons, perhaps through their deep spirituality, emanate colored light from the heat ("nimbus") or even the entire body ("aureole").  In early Christian and other religious art, these lights are depicted as "halos," or "glorias," but they are more generally known as the aura.  Crowns and headdresses of priests symbolize this aura emanating from the head.

Auras are not restricted to especially holy people but can be seen by sensitives, under the right circumstances, around all living things, animate and inanimate. Although immediately obvious to sensitives, almost anyone can be trained to see and even to feel the aura.  Many Witches are able to see and feel it and use the knowledge obtained in different ways.  It is believed that the aura may reflect the general health of the person from whom it emanates.  It can therefore be used to diagnose illness, by viewing the colors present and their relative brilliance.  It is also said that colors change dependent upon mood: red for anger, lilac or purple for spirituality, pink for love, or green for jealousy or deceit.  Much about a person can be determined just from looking at their emanations.  By projecting -- either by light or simply by thought -- appropriate therapeutic colors, healings can occur. --submitted by Aislin NiFaelen ('The Witches Book' by Raymond Buckland)

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Thought for the Day

"Humanity can be quite cold to those whose eyes see the world differently."  Eric A Burns  --submitted by Sara Devonshire

Job Finder

Contact Draven MacShire for: Butcher needed to take over established business. Music Store Proprietor wanted. Firemen needed on a volunteer basis. Glass Maker, expertise in blown glass wanted to open shop. Bounty Hunters.

Contact Malcolm Douglas for: Dentist needed to set up office. Sign Maker needed Teacher Aids still needed, school will be opening soon. Leather Worker Craftsman/ Proprietor needed to take over established shop.

Spring is here as the various ranches are looking for hired hands still needed for the season. Only two more weeks left to apply. Fair wages, good working conditions, guaranteed work if qualified. Need to be healthy, strong, sixteen or older and without excessive vices. Food and shelter provided. Apply at Ravanna Farmlands - Draven MacShire, McCormick Sheep Ranch - Ian McCormick, McDonough Cattle Ranch - Maurice or Joe McDonough and for those looking for ship work, contact Bovee Shipping - Andre Bovee or Pierre Lafayette, Dunshire Mercantile Enterprises - Rhett Shawnesey, Shipwrights - Collin McAndrews or Thomas Douglas.

Thanks to the Job Finder: A number of hired hands have already signed up for the coming season along with a Veterinary Clinic set up. Anyone looking for a job not listed or offering their services/hiring please contact Draven MacShire.

Monthly Horoscope

Taurus (April 21 - May 21) If you are married or in a serious committed relationship, then you have plenty of opportunities to connect on a very spiritual and trusting level.  You also have an opportunity to serve humanity and to do what you can to make people aware of the importance of love and compassion.  There are plenty of opportunities to improve your personal finances as well as your investments.  You are a passionate negotiator and are even inspirational at times this month.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21) You and a business partner have some wonderful networking opportunities on and off this month.  You could negotiate some long-term business contracts with large groups that will benefit you for years to come.  You will want to keep an eye out for gossip and try not to lose your head when it starts looking like nobody talks straight anymore.  And you have your cosmic birthday wish towards the end of the month.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) You are encouraged to experience as much of life’s adventures as possible.  Learn new things and then teach them to others.  You will also have an opportunity to work through some trust issues with your sweetheart and to share a great deal of intimate information with them afterwards.  You could also cut through red tape and bureaucracy to create some profitable business deals with larger organizations.  And you have some great opportunities to interview for a better job, too.

Leo (July 23 - August 22) In addition to a soul cleansing of sorts, you will also be challenged this month to open your mind to new ideas, new cultures, new philosophies, new religions, and new people.  The creative side of you will be inspired to channel this new energy into great works of art, joyful playtime, and romantic fun.  Later in the month, you have an opportunity to network with new groups on both a social and professional level.  This could end up being quite profitable for you.  Despite the personal challenges that face you, you should find yourself having a lot of fun this month.

Virgo (August 23 - September 23) You have some wonderfully romantic and sexy moments this month.  If you are single, you may not stay that way for long.  You are being called to make serious commitments and to enjoy the long-term benefits of being happily married.  There is also a great deal of energy pushing you towards job promotions and climbing the ladder of success.  Your leadership skills have you in the spotlight by month’s end.

Libra (September 24 - October 23) This is a really good month for you.  You have a lot of great stuff happening at work.  You have plenty of opportunities to increase your net worth.  Your marriage is romantic and seductive.  You have a wonderful opportunity to travel or learn some new exotic hobbies.  And best of all, there are rarely any arguments or stressful days that you need to worry about.  This is one of those sunshine and lollypops months.  It’s been a long time since you've had things so good.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) This is one of those months where you will feel like someone has taken the chains off of you and you are now free to do what it is that you do best.  You have wonderful opportunities to raise money, impress your boss and coworkers, and to seduce your sweetheart.  There is rarely anything holding you back and lots of positive energy cheering you on.  You finally get to taste some success this month.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) You have a great deal of activity going on in your personal pleasure and creative self-expression sector this month.  It seems that everything is pointing towards you being happy but also that you need to open yourself up to new ideas, new belief systems, new teachings, and new cultures.  Luckily, these things do not frighten you, so you could really have a good time learning about all the wonderful things life has to offer.  You are also blessed with an upbeat new attitude just in time for becoming a student of life.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) Your primary focus this month.  You have plenty of business opportunities and some great energy in your personal income and assets sector.  But the truth is that most of your attention is on fixing up your home.  It could be as simple as spring-cleaning or as major as buying a new home.  Where you live and how you live are very important to you and you really want to feel good about your lifestyle right now.  You will make whatever changes are necessary to create a place of comfort and beauty.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) You have a lot of positive energy helping you to climb the ladder of success this month, especially if your job involves networking, socializing, and mingling with large groups of people.  You have a short episode where an authority figure will doubt your ability to do the job because you are coming across as self-destructive, but otherwise you have all of that Aquarius charm and charisma helping you to negotiate, persuade, and inspire your teammates into action.  You also have some wonderful opportunities to really connect with your sweetheart.  There are times when you can really open up and talk and others when the two of you can really play and laugh together.  Romance is in the air.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20) While it may seem that the whole world is laughing and playing, you seem to be toiling away all month.  Coworkers and bosses are making sure that you earn every dime of that paycheck and your loved ones would spend it just as fast as you get it into the bank if you didn't tuck some away into a rainy day fund.  Nevertheless, you do have some strong playful energy this month that keeps you from going insane while working hard.  You also get a chance to make a fresh start at home and to really reflect on what “home” means to you.  Are you living up to your own ideals?

 Aries (March 21 - April 20) You are armed with a new attitude and you know how to put it to good use!  Your mind is open to new ideas and new ways of doing things and you could be doing a great deal of traveling or corresponding with people who live quite a distance from you.  Your favorite hobby or a lover is about to take on a far more important role in your life and could actually end up financially beneficial as well as just plain fun.  Socializing and business networking are all great fun too. --submitted by Jodis Njall


Wedding Candles are specially priced as spring and summer are the most popular times for weddings and other such special events. Ask for Kathleen Frasier or Samantha Golden.

Seed Specials: at Lisette's Floral Shop. Azalea bushes and flower seeds specially priced. Wedding bouquet specials this month and next.

Benzaiten Imports carries items from exotic lands and locals.  Jewelry, works of art, clothing and other beautiful artifacts.  We also carry a line of cigars and tobacco products from the colonies. Hours are from 9:00 am to dusk. We are located in the warehouse district. Owners:  Alexander McDonough and Garath MacShire.

Dockside Tavern and Inn:  Rooms: Mon-Thur Single private rooms: 6 gold a night, Double private rooms: 8 gold a night to include 2 meals and 4 drinks free from 2 pm - 4 pm,  Fri-Sun  Single private rooms: 8 gold a night, Double private rooms: 10 gold a night to include 2 meals and 6 drinks free from 1pm - 4 pm, Rooms by the hour, with companion - 2 gold, to include hot bath, meal, and 4 drinks. In the Underground Room, poker, craps, darts, and pool tables are now provided. Door charge of 5 silver a head, this will include one drink. Happy Hour extended from 11am - 4 pm; Shots of white liquor - 2 silver; Shots of gold liquor - 1 silver; Ales - 5 copper 

The Needle and Spool Clothier:  Summer is knocking at the doors and it is time to shine like the sun.  Imported fabrics have been acquired for the balls and dances.  From a flowing gown to a crisply tailored suit.  Any pre-made clothing for Spring will be on sale with half off the asked price.

The BookStop: Things are ready to bloom.  Stop on buy to get the Almanac pamphlets as well as any books that can give pointers or just explain a certain type of plant.  Any gardening title that is purchased will recieve a small sack of seeds (your choice.)

Heathfield Orphanage: Gifts, food, and monetary offerings are greatly appreciated.  School supplies needed for the coming months.  Inquire with Henna Barrett Suex about any questions.

Bright and Bold: Grand opening art supplies and paintings shoppe. Get a special deal on portraits this month. Art painting on furniture also offered. Inquire on pricing with Claire O'Reilly.

McKnight Veterinary Clinic is now open at the McKnight estate in Heathfield. Donovan McKnight, DVM, and Katherine McKnight. We are trained in the treatment and care of all domestic and most exotic animals.  The estates are located just outside of Heathfield near Barrington Hospital. Free check up of your pet for the first visit to get acquainted.

Lost And Found
~ Of all the things I've lost in life .... I miss my mind the most ~

Lost: Two Spider Monkeys are still missing. Male by the name of Pharaoh and female by the name of Daisy.  If found, please contact Aleric Traugott or one of the Traugotts. A reward of  5 gold each is offered.

Found: Pink petticoats and will be put up for auction to highest bidder if not claimed soon. Contact Seamus McAndrews.

??? Question Corner ???

1. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the body or mind of a 30 year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

2. Would you rather be extremely successful professionally and have a tolerable yet unexciting private life, or have an extremely happy private life and only a tolerable and uninspiring professional life?

If you would like to reply and have it published in next month's issue, please submit the question with your answer to Lahoneee.

Where To Find It - Services Offered

Want to better your business?    Place a listing here!

Flowers - Lisette McTiel, Heathfield Commons.
Lumber - Jon McAndrews Lumber Mill, Ballicastle.
Wines - Mike McAndrews Vineyards, Heathfield;  Darren McCullen Vineyards, Ballicastle.
Leather, Beef, Horses - Maurice, Joseph and Rory McDonough, McDonough Ranch Heathfield.
Wool, Yarn & Cloth - McCormick Sheep Ranch, Heathfield.
Cider, Flour, Grains, Apples, Milk, Eggs, Vegetables - Draven MacShire, Ravanna of Heathfield.
Potcheen - Sean DeBurgh, Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire of Heathfield.
Baked Goods - Teri's Sweets Shoppe, Ballicastle.
Shipping, Trips by Sea - Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire, or Bovee Shipping, Heathfield.
Kennels  - Meadowland Kennels, Patrick and Edward McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Pottery  - Devon DeWinter, Heathfield.
Shipwrights  - Collin McAndrews and Thomas Douglas, Heathfield Port.
Exotic Imports - Ptahneferu J'Atar, Ballicastle; Xandar McDonough and Garath MacShire, Heathfield Port.
Linen and Lingerie - Marcy McGuire, Heathfield Commons.
Candles and Crystals - Kathleen Cleary and Samantha Golden, Heathfield Commons.
Tea House - Iwakura Sachiko, Heathfield Commons.
Clothing - Seamstress - Acacia Sterling, Heathfield Commons.
Fortune Teller - Nataliya Andree, Heathfield Commons.
Barrington Hospital - Sadie Badeau, Sara Devonshire, Gates Barrington, Heathfield.
Dockside Tavern - JD Black, Heathfield Port.
Clocks - Aleric. Niklas and Julia Traugott, Heathfield Commons.
Blacksmiths; Horse Shoeing, Swords, Daggers - Lochlan Kearney, Ballicastle; Brian McAndrews, Heathfield Commons.
Leatherwork and Sheaths - Moncha McAndrews, Heathfield Commons.
Surveyor - Robert Frasier, Ballicastle.
Herbs Shop - Sara Devonshire, Heathfield Commons.
Book Shop - Mariah McCormick, Heathfield Commons.
Orphanage - Henna Barrett Suex, Heathfield.
Archeologist - Kitavari Griffin, Heathfield.
Apothecary - Sinead NiAhearne Frasier and Aislin NiFaelen, Heathfield.
Raw Ores - Joseph McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Smelter - Eddie McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Barrister-Legal Advisor - Carlotta Basinstoke, Heathfield.
Private Investigators - Joseph McDonough, Jacob Anderson, Mercy LaCorte and Clark Davis, Heathfield.
Furniture - Sean MacGrath.
Art Supplies and Paintings - Claire O'Reilly.
Veterinarians - Donovan and Katherine McKnight.


Many thanks to those who contribute to this newspaper. Anyone wishing to run an ad please contact Lahoneee.

Gossip from the Wharf
"If you believe these - I have lands in Rhydin to sell you"
by The Wharf Crones - Matty and Pearl

All gossip that comes in through the port, and places least expected,  you can be sure that Matty and Pearl know every little tidbit and then some added. Embellishing is a way of life to make the tale far more colorful. If something is not certain nor clear, it is easy to fill in those gaps; there is nothing like assuming. They will make sure all gossip gets around come rain or shine and the sharing of a tea biscuit. There is a place for Drama Queens.

**One horseman as been noted galloping around with a few. Will he corral any of these fillies or just carouse? One he pursued for a talk on men and one pursued him with the talk of boogiemen. One he tracked down to a barn to test with or get testy with. One for a carriage ride and another talk. One met sees him as a hero amongst heroes. For a man that loves silence he seems forever doomed and his collection of females only growing! At least he is out of his seat and into the saddle. We worried he'd get rooted in the Thistle. Does the saddle have the craters too? If only I could get my hands on those steel buns to see if they are the rave firsthand, or red handed! Watch out kingsman of what you might find under those buns.

**A lass shows up late one night asking for a certain man. No one knows of her but it seems she has been sent for. Curiosity runs high on this one. We will be hanging out around the Thistle a lot more to find out all those juicy bits. Does the exotic imports importer include women? She has a strong accent so does it qualify?

**We have kept track of the dazed and confused lass who couldn't seem to choose between two. One of highlands born and one of high status born, a gypsy and a prince. We're cashing in our bets for it seems the tried and true, along with staying around, is the one chosen. You go girl! Reel him in.. huzzah! I'm so jealous can be the lament of others.

**McAndrews abounded at this month's Queens' Tea, and we hear that a certain sea captain of that brood has returned to the lands and was seen consorting with the Harem Hussy at the end of the night.  Is she out to add him to her collection or will our worries finally be put to rest and her tamed?

**Slippery when wet?  The pig-catching contest saw the pigs getting away scot free, but lots of grabbing going on between the contestants.  The bookworm on the royal guard but eyeing a certain O'Leary brother?  What books has she been reading?  We want to borrow some!

**A certain artist seems to have developed a thing for a chair in the Thistle, or is it the man who keeps those indentations indented?  Is love in the air or just a case of indigestion that has her so quiet nowadays? The changes in the one has been noticed! We want to know! Will the apple of her eye contain a wormhole?

**Speaking of worms, there is the little bookworm found curled up in that very same favorite chair. Is it the man that is the draw for her too or the well left making it more like a nest to curl into? Will the early bird catch the worm or will it be scorched by fire. The visual just gives me the shivers like a worm left out on a rock in the sun.

**Such juicy words were overheard as we have become like shadows under the tavern's window. Doesn't do much for my knees or bunions but worth the eavesdropping. So a Queen of beauty of allied lands comes calling and talking about ads for escorts or was that looking for a husband? We have saved the posters posted for the wee men brigade! Weeeee, we can be of service! Just a little alternating will be all that is needed. We recycle! Maybe Pearl and I should go into the matchmaking business and corner the leftovers for ourselves. I love leftovers.

**And didn't that very Queen start nudging the lovely tournament lass on about the handsome knight. I got so excited I nearly stood up straight to get a better look at the mon but then squealed as Pearl pinched hard. Hit me head on the sill instead. We had to quickly leave before discovered so lost out on anything more. Will there be a few wedding bells? There are speculations on a mysterious catalogue that got lost and then found. Lawn furniture isn't going to fly!

**The Crystal Gold Lake should be renamed to Nymph Waters for beware the man of mystic grounding to be lured into flight of fancy. The Forest King as playful as a cub with the tree nymph in the sands. Here too our little Impish Princess of passing fancies now found one more geared to her other nature. Is it the waters? We've been bathing there regularly now! Can we too find someone to frolic with?

**The Tyremoor Lord emerged only to have his runes read. Whatever his troubles that still seem to linger, he left with a confident strut that all would be dealt with. Perhaps the lass doing the reading would be of help beyond the reading?  One could cut the air with a knife that day, had me and Pearl catching our breaths by the time he left. We need better snooping places than crouched down below windows, behind couches, under tables, bushes, eves, rafters! Me knees are giving out on me, or was it catching a glimpse of that strut? Pearl was staring!

**What songs come from yonder shores of Balli Hi and their Queen? Has spring infected the matchmaker to test her skills again? So has the rumors that all those single brothers will find the bliss that she has in wedlock. Will not the King help them out and lock her up in their suites again? Emerging with more blond crowns to bear? Six in all already and rumored to make it ten or an even dozen. The McAndrews mold wasn't broken by the looks of the offspring! Should one Singer of the Scotsman song hide? I'm placing my bets on the Queen and willing to help her out, I'm single! Pearl is putting her bets on the men to avoid the net but willing to lose as she is single too!

**Has the Sobek temple in Ballicastle risen a few feet? The storm that collected within its walls traveled far! Two hurricanes met and collided bounced off each other and dispersed to parts unknown. Or has one been deflected and the sands of Egypt not end up where they both land?

**There are rumors on a few love interests and some of them forming triangles, squares, pentagons such as the kingsman and possibly hexagons! Match a couple has become our latest puzzle. We're debating in setting up a betting booth on who will come in first or even who is on first!


500 Gold Pieces Offered on Captain "Blood Bath" Black ... Dead or alive.

Crimes: High treason against England and Spain, Murder, Plundering and pillaging innocents, Thievery, Arson, Kidnapping, and Rape.  Reward is high for any who brings this scoundrel to justice.

500 Gold Pieces Offered in Reward for turning in Elizabeth Monroe

To the authorities in Heathfield. Crimes ranging from trespassing, harassment, desecration of a burial site to assault and battery