Covering Heathfield, Ballicastle, Tyremoor, Innis Daingneach, Kildare, Hedgebrier, surrounding areas and Allies.     Issue 09-06
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```*+*``` Solurius Event ```*+*```

Solurius ran seven days worth of events that were competitive and fun for one and all who joined in. King Bryon Meldrum and his lovely wife Caillean hosted the events along with Aly MacDraven who coordinated the week long melee.

Archery: The arrows flew in three rounds of competition as the contestants took their turns. Two from our lands tied for third place, Sir Aiden Collins and Sir Lancely Caster.

Hand to Hand:  This was ladies night out as Velvet MacShire and Jaelysa attended from our lands. A night for fun as the competition proved between Velvet and the Minotaur. Congratulations to Jaelysa for coming in second tied with another. 

Fishing: Fishing has always been a favorite sport, pastime and means of food. In this competition there were nymphs with golden shells and Mermaids with pearls to give. Our Michael McAndrews seemed to be favored by not only pearls but kisses having him come in Third place, tied with another. His brother Joe partook in the competition.

Drinking: Now this was a perfect night out for the McAndrews brothers, Joseph and Michael. Unfortunately there were no survivors to claim the drinking title. It was close at the end with Michael up against a wee lass but he passed out and she ended up making use of the bucket.

Horse Race: Sir Lancely and Sir Aiden attended this event although neither of their horses seemed cut out for racing. All was for fun and participating the key. 

Joust: Two nights of jousting were set aside with Sir Lancely and Sir Aiden representing our lands. Sir Aiden wore Queen Honeee's favor while Sir Lancely wore the Queen of Devonshires' favor. The competition was tight and when all was said and done, Sir Aiden took second place while Sir Lancely took third.

Congratulations to all in these competitions whether one placed or not.

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Year in Review
by Portia DeLanyea

Everyone within the realms know me for my in-depth stories on the lands, the people, the paper in general.  This month I've decided to speak about the months past.  As this is the last issue of the full year of printing within the Heathfield.  From light hearted stories of a certain Devil McAndrews to the passing of a figure in the merchant world, each has their place in written history.

It could very well be considered something to look back upon.  The yellowed sheets of parchment with indigo 

printing that display the current events; for then.  Will it prove that young Sarah McDonough managed to travel the world as a whole, as is one of her hopes?  Would the hard work and dreams of Sean MacGrath leave him with a bushel of years in happiness and experience?

Now is the time to ready for another year of hard hitting stories and those that are meant to soften the heart.  Perhaps, even shed a tear.  Another group of men aligned with a King to ask upon and more smiling faces.  Give three hooray's for an annual showing of the Heathfield Gazette!

Life Around Here

Summer is drawing to its close, though the Autumn Equinox is a month away. Things have been quiet in the Realms.  Lazy days of swimming, fishing and picnicking can still be had, but harvest is beginning as well as the schools.  It was also noted that some birds were flying west.   Solurius held a week long Tournament that included archery, hand to hand and jousting.  Heathfield was represented by several of our citizens.  As the summer draws to a close, the citizens of Heathfield prepare once again for Fall and for the colder months of Winter. --Mary Coleen McAndrews

MacShire farmlands have been busy with their harvest get-togethers. The Gypsies have been singing and dancing every night behind Joe McDonough's place. Joe has been missing ever since it was discovered he was the one who sent for the mail order brides. His alibi he was helping another out. It is said that two sons that have been lost are found, celebrations in order as they await the return of Maurice and Xander from Port Royal. The Cleary family have new additions as their cousins have come to stay. The Frasier family keeps growing by leaps and bundles, such as another addition. A search has been sent out for Riley McAndrews as it was discovered he borrowed one of his uncle's ships. --Velvet MacShire

Births: A daughter, Trinity Noel to Neale and Kathleen Cleary Frasier. Born August 20th. Marriages: None this Month. Engagements: None this Month. Deaths: None this Month. Citizenship: None this Month.


Leprechauns -- (also sometimes called clurichauns) are the diligent craftspeople of Faerie, tirelessly toiling at leatherworking and cobbling. They spend most of their time in their forest workplaces, although they do sometimes winter in the cellars of human homes, particularly ones where food is stored. many people have entered their basements in the spring to find shelves filled only with empty cans and bottles because of a leprechaun.

Although known for their incredible shoemaking skills, leprechauns have a variety of other talents, including tailoring clothing, building homes, and fashioning tools. They can forge horseshoes and will sometimes shod unusual beasts, such as goats and the occasional cat. They may also ride these animals as though they were steeds.

Leprechauns are known for possessing gold they earn through their craft and must often employ a host of tricks to keep from being cheated, matching wits with their would-be robbers. One way leprechauns dupe thieves is by revealing the location of their treasure and then making sure it cannot be found again. If a thief marks the location by cutting a notch on a tree, he or she will return to find a similar notch on every tree in the forest. If a person digs a hole, they will find holes dug for miles around. And even if a leprechaun's treasure is obtained, if it is out of sight for a moment, it is likely to lose its luster. Gold may turn into leaves, and gems might become dull pebbles in a theif's pocket. And leprechauns, like other faeries, never forget when they have been wronged.

  -- submitted by Kathleen Frasier - from Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide. Everyone should have one!


September is the ninth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four Gregorian months with 30 days.

September begins in western tropical astrology with the sun in the sign of Virgo and ends in the sign of Libra. Astronomically speaking, the sun actually begins in the constellation of Leo and ends in the constellation of Virgo.

In Latin, septem means "seven". The origin of the name may also be attributed to Vedic culture. In sanskrit, Sapta refers to "seven" and Ambar means "sky". "Sapt-Ambar" referred to the seventh sky or month in the Vedic culture. September was also the seventh month of the Roman calendar until 153 BC.

It is the time of year the reaping of crops and harvesting is well in progress. Many spend the next few weeks canning and storing up for the winter months. The days still warm but the nights and early morns cooler. Autumn comes in a colorful show of golds, reds and oranges as the leaves turn. The summer birds will be leaving soon while all season birds remain. -submitted by Kathleen Frasier


If you can keep your head when all about you
   Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
   But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
   Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
   And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream — and not make dreams your master;
   If you can think — and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
   And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
   Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
   And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
   And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
   And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
   To serve your turn long after they are gone.
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
   Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on’;

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
   Or walk with Kings — nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
   If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
   With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
   And — which is more — you’ll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling

Prankster Contest Winner

Joseph McDonough has been chosen King of Pranks for ordering three Mail Order Brides on his brother, cousin and friend. Luckily none of the ladies were worse for the trip and all expenses were paid. At least one has decided to stay on and work for the brother.

Did you Know?

Incantations - The recitation of a spell.  In the working of magic, words are power.  Written words can be powerful, but spoken words are even moreso.  An incantation is actually far more than a simple recitation--it is a command.  Prayer is a request, while an incantation is a command for something to happen, made with the absolute assurance that it will happen.

In Ceremonial Magic, the magician is trying to summon spirits or entities to do his bidding.  They are reluctant to appear.  The only way he can make them do so is to use various Names and Words of Power, which are delivered in the most authoritative manner.  The words, as the words of any incantation, must be spoke with familiarity, firmly, and in a certain rhythmic manner.  Rhyme and rhythm are most important in the working of magic, especially with incantations.  If the actual incantation is not written as a rhyme, then it should be spoken with a regular, definite beat.

Incantations are often long and repetitive.  This is so the magician performing the incantation can gradually build up his or her energy through the rising inflections and sonorous, rhythmical, often rhetorical use of the words.  Doing an incantation should charge the magician with energy--he or she should feel it building and building until the words are almost being shouted.  There should be a rising state of intense excitement that explodes with the final declaration.

It is important to be thoroughly familiar with the incantation.  For this reason, it is not good magical practice to simply repeat, parrot-fashion, words that are written in a dead or unknown language.  It is necessary to know the language in order to give the correct pronunciation and the necessary inflections.  Incantations are done as a part of working magic, although not all magic calls for them.  Sometimes Witches use incantations in the magic they do. -- submitted by Aislin NiFaelen (taken from 'The Witch Book' by Raymond Buckland)



As far back as ancient Egyptian and Greek times, people used lavender, rosemary, tansy, and other herbs for cleaning. They freshened their linens by placing fragrant sachets, herbs, and flowers in drawers and closets. Homes were "sweetened" with garlands of lavender and mint.  With this simple formula you can "sweeten" your linens, too, and if you aren't sensitive to essential oils, even use it to freshen and uplift rooms.

1 teaspoon (100 drops) lavender essential oil * 5-10 drops peppermint, spearmint or rosemary essential oil (optional)
2 oz. 80+ proof vodka * 24 oz. distilled water

Sprinkle on sheets or other other linens to freshen. Spray onto linens before ironing. Pour essential oils and vodka into a bottle, cap and shake to emulsion. Mix with distilled water. The mix will cloud, and eventually separate. -- submitted by Sarah McDonough


4 cups maple syrup * 1 cup whipping cream * 1/4 cup butter * 1 cup chopped nut meats * 1 tsp lemon extract

Starting cold, cook maple syrup, cream and butter together at a gentle boil for 9 minutes after boiling point is reached. Remove from heat, add nut meats and lemon, stir vigorously with wooden spoon for 5 minutes. Pour into buttered pans. When cool cut in squares. -- submitted by Cairenn Turlough


6 T. butter ˝ c. finely grated carrots * 1 T. minced onion 3 T. chopped slivered almonds * ˝ c. flour ˝ t. salt (optional) * 3 c. chicken broth 1 c. half-n-half * 2 c. cooked wild rice 2 t. dry sherry (optional) * 1/3 c. minced ham minced parsley or chives

Melt butter in saucepan; sauté onion until tender.  Blend in flour; gradually add broth. Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to a boil; boil 1 minute.  Stir in rice, ham, carrots, almonds and salt; simmer about 5 minutes.  Blend in half and half and sherry; heat to serving temperature.  Garnish with minced parsley or chives. Amount: 6 cups -- submitted by Sarah McDonough



4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 inch cubes * 1 large red onion, cut into 1 inch cubes * 1 (8 ounce) package sliced mushrooms * 1 (1 ounce) envelope dry onion soup mix * 1/4 cup butter, melted

Preheat an outdoor grill for medium heat. Toss together the potatoes, onion, mushroom, and soup mix in a large bowl. Drizzle in the butter, and toss to coat. Divide into 4 portions, and seal each portion well in several layers of aluminum foil. Cook potatoes on preheated grill until tender, 30 to 40 minutes. Turn at least once during cooking to ensure that they cook evenly. -- submitted by Scott McCormick


1 Granny Smith apple, cored * 1 tablespoon brown sugar * 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Fill the core of the apple with the brown sugar and cinnamon. Wrap the apple in a large piece of heavy foil, twisting the extra foil into a tail for a handle. Place the apple in the coals of a campfire or barbeque and let cook 5 to 10 minutes, until softened. Remove and unwrap, being careful of the hot sugar. -- submitted by Aiden Collins


1 Tbs. olive or cannola oil * 1 large onion, sliced * 1 clove garlic, crushed * 1 jalapeno chili, finely chopped * 4 cups yellow summer squash, sliced (about 1 pound) * 4 cups zucchini, cut into l inch pieces (about 2 medium) * 4 cups butternut squash, peeled and cubed (about 1 large) * 3 cups green beans, cut into l inch pieces (about 1 pound) * 1 cup frozen whole kernel corn * 1 tsp. dried thyme leaves * 2 16-ounce cans kidney beans, undrained

Heat oil in Dutch oven over medium heat. Cook onion, garlic and chili in oil about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally, until onion is tender. Stir in remaining ingredients. Cook over low heat 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently until squash is tender. -- submitted by Sarah McDonough


```*+*```+```*+*```   Classified ```*+*```+```*+*```

Lost And Found
~ Of all the things I've lost in life .... I miss my mind the most ~

Lost: Ornate key, brass engraved with the initials SB. If found please return to Sorcha Beirne.

Found:  A light blue scarf trimmed in gold. Contact Corina Turlough.

Thoughts for the Month

*Truth, like light, blinds. Falsehood, on the contrary, is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object. - Albert Camus  --submitted by Sara Devonshire

*We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality. - Iris Murdoch --submitted by Sara Devonshire

*Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again. - William Cullen Bryant --submitted by Sara Devonshire


Fall Colored and Scented Candles are specially priced for the season. Fill your home with invigorating scents to compliment. Ask for Kathleen Frasier or Samantha Golden.

Mum Special: at Lisette's Floral Shop. Wedding bouquets, anniversaries or any occasion.

Benzaiten Imports has received a second shipment of wonderful items  from the mysterious land of India.  Gold filigree necklaces some with  precious or semi-precious stones, bracelets of gold mesh, beads or delicate gold wires, sandals, saris of colorful silks, statues and more.  We have also obtained some exquisite music boxes and porcelain dolls from France and Vienna. We carry a line of cigars and tobacco products from a new distributor in the colonies. Hours are from 9:00 am to dusk. We are located in the warehouse district. Owners:  Alexander McDonough and Garath MacShire

Dockside Tavern and Inn:  Rooms: Mon-Thur Single private rooms: 6 gold a night, Double private rooms: 8 gold a night to include 2 meals and 4 drinks free from 2 pm - 4 pm,  Fri-Sun  Single private rooms: 8 gold a night, Double private rooms: 10 gold a night to include 2 meals and 6 drinks free from 1pm - 4 pm, Rooms by the hour, with companion - 2 gold, to include hot bath, meal, and 4 drinks. In the Underground Room, poker, craps, darts, and pool tables are now provided. Door charge of 5 silver a head, this will include one drink. Happy Hour extended from 11am - 4 pm; Shots of white liquor - 2 silver; Shots of gold liquor - 1 silver; Ales - 5 copper 

The Needle and Spool Clothier:  Summer is knocking at the doors and it is time to shine like the sun.  Imported fabrics have been acquired for the balls and dances.  From a flowing gown to a crisply tailored suit.  Any pre-made clothing for Spring will be on sale with half off the asked price.

The BookStop: Things are ready to bloom.  Stop on buy to get the Almanac pamphlets as well as any books that can give pointers or just explain a certain type of plant.  Any gardening title that is purchased will receive a small sack of seeds (your choice.)

Heathfield Orphanage: Gifts, food, and monetary offerings are greatly appreciated.  School supplies needed for the coming months.  Inquire with Henna Barrett Suex about any questions.

McKnight Veterinary Clinic is now open at the McKnight estate in Heathfield. Donovan McKnight, DVM, and Katherine McKnight. We are trained in the treatment and care of all domestic and most exotic animals.  The estates are located just outside of Heathfield near Barrington Hospital. Free check up of your pet for the first visit to get acquainted. Emergency service.

Grand opening:  Certain Somethings Shop.  Special this month are shawls and scarves to keep the chill of cooler late summer and fall evenings away.  We carry accessories needed to complete every outfit.  Shoes, gloves and purses can be made or dyed to match.  Hats of all types are coming in every day.  Our items are made by artisans from the Realms and we also carry imported items.


Monthly Horoscope

Virgo (Aug. 22-Sep. 22)

 After all you've been through lately, I suggest you create some kind of environment for yourself where you get to do a lot of spiritual retreating and psychic regeneration. The most important feeling is that such a space be quiet, secure from intrusion or interruption, and -- very important -- warm. There is an experimental quality to the experience, which is to see how you respond to being in a safe, low-stimulus environment. Do you intuitively relax, or do you get a little tense? When you get into that space of feeling, what are some of the first things you notice, and what are the more intense ones? I know you're trying to solve what feel like some of the most complicated problems of your life, that is to say, inner situations that are just dearly needing to be worked out. I know you need more information about certain things in your life, and about why you are the way you are. It's clear that you're the source of that information, but it's life-altering, life-giving, potent medicine. You need to breathe into it, stretch into it, and listen to it speaking to you in the silence.  -- submitted by Sassy Golden  See Planet Waves for other months.

Where To Find It - Services Offered

Want to better your business?    Place a listing here!

Flowers - Lisette McTiel, Heathfield Commons.
Lumber - Jon McAndrews Lumber Mill, Ballicastle.
Wines - Mike McAndrews Vineyards, Heathfield;  Darren McCullen Vineyards, Ballicastle.

Leather, Beef, Horses - Maurice, Joseph and Rory McDonough, McDonough Ranch Heathfield.
Wool, Yarn & Cloth - McCormick Sheep Ranch, Heathfield.

Cider, Flour, Grains, Apples, Milk, Eggs, Vegetables - Draven MacShire, Ravanna of Heathfield.
Potcheen - Sean DeBurgh, Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire of Heathfield.
Baked Goods - Teri's Sweets Shoppe, Ballicastle.
Shipping, Trips by Sea - Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire, or Bovee Shipping, Heathfield.
  - Meadowland Kennels, Patrick and Edward McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Pottery  - Devon DeWinter, Heathfield.
Shipwrights  - Collin McAndrews and Thomas Douglas, Heathfield Port.
Exotic Imports - Ptahneferu J'Atar, Ballicastle; Xandar McDonough and Garath MacShire, Heathfield Port.
Linen and Lingerie - Marcy McGuire, Heathfield Commons.
Candles and Crystals - Kathleen Cleary and Samantha Golden, Heathfield Commons.
Tea House - Iwakura Sachiko, Heathfield Commons.
Clothing - Seamstress - Acacia Sterling, Heathfield Commons.
Fortune Teller - Nataliya Andree, Heathfield Commons.
Barrington Hospital - Gates Barrington, Sara Devonshire, Heathfield.
Dockside Tavern - JD Black, Heathfield Port.
Clocks - Aleric. Niklas and Julia Traugott, Heathfield Commons.
Blacksmiths; Horse Shoeing, Swords, Daggers - Lochlan Kearney, Ballicastle; Brian McAndrews, Heathfield Commons.
Leatherwork and Sheaths - Moncha McAndrews, Heathfield Commons.
Surveyor - Robert Frasier, Ballicastle.
Herbs Shop - Sara Devonshire, Heathfield Commons.
Book Shop - Mariah McCormick, Heathfield Commons.
Orphanage - Henna Barrett Suex, Heathfield.
Archeologist - Kitavari Griffin, Heathfield.
Apothecary - Sinead NiAhearne Frasier and Aislin NiFaelen, Heathfield.
Raw Ores - Joseph McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Smelter - Eddie McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Barrister-Legal Advisor - Carlotta Basinstoke, Heathfield.
Private Investigators - Joseph McDonough, Jacob Anderson, Mercy LaCorte and Clark Davis, Heathfield.
Furniture - Sean MacGrath.
Veterinarians - Donovan and Katherine McKnight.
Frasier Signs - Kyle Frasier, Heathfield Commons and Ballicastle.
Sugar and Spice Candy Shop- Cariann and Corina Turlough, Heathfield Commons.
Certain Somethings Shop - Sorcah Beirne, Heathfield Commons.

Many thanks to those who contribute to this newspaper. Any additions, corrections or wishing to run an ad please contact Lahoneee.

Gossip from the Wharf
"If you believe these - I have lands in Rhydin to sell you"
by The Wharf Crones - Matty and Pearl

All gossip that comes in through the port, and places least expected,  you can be sure that Matty and Pearl know every little tidbit and then some added. Embellishing is a way of life to make the tale far more colorful. If something is not certain nor clear, it is easy to fill in those gaps; there is nothing like assuming. They will make sure all gossip gets around come rain or shine and the sharing of a tea biscuit. There is a place for Drama Queens.

**The shockwave hit the lands from the shores of Tyremoor to Ballicastle and down to Heathfield on the quick marriage of the man of steel buns. And we didn't get a chance to feel just how hot they were before claimed. In spite of all the commotion it caused it leaves us with one thought .. will he take his imprinted wingback with him? Will it be shared? Will there be baby buns added in the near future giving the seat that many little moons crater feel?

**As the cooler winds blow it seems the farmlands are having a heat wave that has nothing to do with crop growing. Will the long standing bachelor fall to the tune of a lovely lady. Has she gotten her hands on him for good? Will the harpsichord be discarded for a new instrument? Busy minds want to know and there are none better than ours!

**As one king's man sets sail, whisking his new wife away, another has taken his place in the tavern, one with far more charm and finesse. It is reported he has several nymphs about him and mischief to abound. Will castle building in the sand scatter with the wind or be taken away in an undertow? Will he become the next to fall leaving one to stand alone singularly. I'm keeping my eye on the dagger thrower!

**The culprit of the mail order brides is out but it seems as soon as the news spread, the man was gone. Is he on the run? Brother is away and cousin off to himself someplace, which we plan to find out and surprise him, will the culprit come back? Will the MOBs get him instead? Will there be retribution or will he get a pat on the back? He can come live with me in my little hide-away anytime!

**Speaking of the MOB, one has moved into the brother's place. Is there more here and will he succumb to marriage especially now that he is bringing home his children? Maybe the culprit knew what he was up to after all. We still await the show on the one private eye with a bride waiting at home. Surprise!

**There seems to be much ado on clay lately and one fiery haired lass attracting brothers. Will there be more than pottery lessons given or is it only clay buddies? Will the canine act as big brother and chase off any possible suitors? Will the potter's wheel hold up?

**Hanky panky has been reported right under the Thistle Tender's nose, or is that eyes and does he turn a blind one at times? Frisky pirate and playful gypsy make a combination hard to beat or were peanuts really being tallied? Pearl and I are making bets.

**All has been too quiet on the Egyptian front. Has the blue eye Adonis gotten himself a wife yet? Or was it one to beget his child? Will there be the patter of little Egyptian feet? Has the priestess returned or is she still taking a fit? Will the blue eyed one get her to succumb in bearing his child? So many wonders where its been so quiet.

**The Druid prince seems to be missing and last he was seen was with the lovely elemental. Here too we can pause to wonder, will he come back having been secretly married? His one sister with a pirate prince for some time, what has become of them and her twin off with another ancient making it hard for us to follow. No fair! We're going to get up a petition.

**The one Balli prince may have been left high and dry, seems his lot when he tries to give his heart, but he certainly has not lost his appeal as the ladies coming around the handsome one only prove. We wish him luck in finding one true of heart instead of a tart. We're going to get him a broom to chase them off with.

**There's a new dance in town called the carpenter shuffle. A certain brother while at a lake side get together, had the ants crawling up his pants. The steps include, prancing, jumping and rushing into the water to take everything off. We figure it will become very popular as long as we can keep up a supply of infested logs.

**There is always much to say on the Forest King when he can be tracked down, or just catching a glimpse. On a few occasions it caused me heart palpitations when he wore only paint. Pearl outright fainted not that she'd admit to it. Last he was seen carrying another wounded, that  strange lass we've noted before. Perhaps if I pretend to be a stray, he'll take me home too. I'll have to work on it.


500 Gold Pieces Offered on Captain "Blood Bath" Black ... Dead or alive.

Crimes: High treason against England and Spain, Murder, Plundering and pillaging innocents, Thievery, Arson, Kidnapping, and Rape.  Reward is high for any who brings this scoundrel to justice.