Covering Heathfield, Ballicastle, Tyremoor, Innis Daingneach, Kildare, Ashfort, surrounding areas and Allies.     Issue 12-08

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```*+*``` Grand Opening```*+*```
Falkirk Downs Racetrack

On Tuesday the 18th of November, Falkirk Downs opened their doors for the first time in couple of years. The tracks and buildings had been renovated as well the structure of the races. Barter and coin betting booth allowed every citizen the chance to place bets, have fun and possibly become winners of either coins or prizes. It was a whole new system and worked out very well. Five stables registered with their racers. Barrett Royal Stables has six running, McDonough Stables has eight, Golden Dawn Stables has five, Wolfe Stables has four and McDale stables has three. Sables are allowed up to ten racers. Individual citizens can have up to two racers. Gabriel Vaughn has two registered, Fearghus Frasier, Joshua McDonough, Brigid MacKinlay and Graham Frasier each have one.

In the first race Renegade Star from McDonough's Stables came in first, followed by Hunting Demons of Wolfe Stables and Blacke Magic of Golden Dawn Stables. The second race had Drop the Act of Wolfe Stables coming in first followed by Wrong Turn of McDale Stables and Blackmoor's Sage of Golden Dawn Stables. The last Registered race had Jack of Wolfe Stables coming in first followed by Rag Doll of McDonough Stables and Cinnamon of Golden Dawn Stables. The last Race which is called the Hometown Race consists of citizens that come to the races that evening and wish to race each other. The horses are their own, non registered race horses as well the stable provide a few extra in case a citizen doesn't own a horse.

Seven citizens participated in the Hometown Race, Melantha Quinn riding Little Lady, Gabriel Vaughn riding Rapscallion, Gaelle Thorpe riding Buttercup, Broch Cunningham riding Hercules, Davin McDale riding Run Away Joe, Michael Cunningham riding Card Shark and Aiden Collins riding Batal. Gaelle Thorpe ruled the track on her fast little mare Buttercup. It became evident that both horse and rider wanted to win this race. She was followed by Gabriel Vaughn on Rapscallion and close behind him, Davin McDale on Run Away Joe. Gaelle received the top Prize - a choice of a Foal to be born of three pregnant race horses  in the spring from the Barrett Royal Stables. Gabriel won a certificate to choose one item from Benzaiten Imports run by Xander McDonough. Davin won the third place prize of a four point knot Celtic Pendant from Velvet MacShire jewelry. Gaelle Thorpe also made out the highest in coin winnings. It was her night to be in the spotlight.

The top three prizes for those who bartered in the first race were: Surrey bartered by Raphael O'Keeffe. Those with winning bets were Raphael, Niklas Traugott, Darren McCullen, Feargus Frasier, Allan Cleary, Eddie McAndrews, Kathleen Frasier, Xander McDonough, Keriann Saxton and Joe McAndrews. The Crowns supplemented O'Keeffe to make the extra surreys.  Niklas Traugott also won the second place prize of an oak rider's desk bartered in by Sean MacGrath. Third Prize of a wine decanter, glasses and wine donated by the Crown was won by Jon McAndrews and Lisette Frasier. The second race results for bartering was an Adult Racing Dog bartered in by Eddie McAndrews and won by Jon McAndrews. Second place as a Singing Crystal Tree donated by the Crown that four won, Darren McCullen, Eddie McAndrews, Hazel MacKay and Joe McAndrews. Third prize was five pounds of petit fours bartered by the Corina Turlough and won by Allan Cleary and Hazel MacKay. In the Third race, Corina also won the top prize of a Certificate donated by Draven MacShire for an Attendant Service which she says she is giving her sister. Second prize of a finely crafted Lute donated by the Crowns was won by Niklas Traugott, Darren McCullen, Fearghus Frasier, Corina Turlough, Eddie McAndrews and Xander McDonough. The last, but not least prize of the last, but not least, race was a silver flask filled with Potcheen won by Raphael O'Keeffe, Jon McAndrews, Allan Cleary, Kathleen Frasier and Joe McAndrews.

Many bartered items have been added to the Falkirk Downs inventory to be used in upcoming races. Those making bets of barter or coin need not be present at the races but only those present can enter the Hometown race. The Grand Opening was a huge success and we hope to continue the trend in the months to come. What made up most of that success was for those that attended having an excellent time out and spent. --submitted by Patrick Frasier, proprietor of Falkirk Downs, owned by the Frasier Family of Falkirk.

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Healer's Touch
by Samantha Golden

Chaparral - Chaparral stinks. Literally. And it tastes downright unpleasant. So the herb's major healing benefit comes as something of a surprise -- it's a mouthwash. We're not talking minty fresh here. You wouldn't want to reach for it before puckering up for your morning kiss. But don't let that stop you -- the unassuming chaparral shrub, native to the American Southwest, contains a chemical called NDGA (nordihydroguaiaretic acid), which kills the bacteria and other microorganisms that turn fats and oils rancid. Stinkweed: If, as some people believe, effective medicine smells foul and tastes terrible, chaparral should be a terrific healer.

Its leaves exude a waxy resin that smells like creosote and is the source of its popular names: stinkweed, greasewood and creosote bush (though the plant contains no creosote). The Southwest Indians rubbed chaparral resin on burns. They used chaparral tea to treat colds, bronchitis, chicken pox, snakebite and arthritis. And they heated the tips of its twigs and applied the hot resin to painful teeth. White settlers adopted the plant and used it externally for bruises, rashes, dandruff and wounds, and internally for diarrhea, stomach upset, menstrual problems, venereal diseases and cancers of the liver, kidney and stomach. Chaparral was listed as an expectorant (to clear mucus from the respiratory system) and bronchial antiseptic but today few herbalists mention it.

Healing with Chaparral
Tooth Decay, Gum Disease. NGDA's antiseptic action, combined with its traditional use for toothache, prompted scientists to test it against bacteria that cause tooth decay. It reduced such by 75%. Oral microorganisms also cause gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Chaparral mouthwash is no substitute for regular brushing and flossing, but it may provide added protection. And you don't have to worry about the smell lingering either.

Cancer: NGDA is a powerful antioxidant, meaning it helps prevent the cell damage scientists believe eventually causes cancer. For more than 100 years, chaparral has been a popular folk treatment for cancer. The National Cancer Institute has received many testimonials from people claiming the herb cured their cancers. Some laboratory studies agree chaparral has anti-tumor effects.

Arthritis: Some animal studies agree chaparral has anti-inflammatory action, leading credence to its traditional use in treating arthritis. Try it and see if it helps your stiffness.

Life Extension: Life-extension advocates say antioxidants like NGDA help slow the aging process and might even extend the human life span. One French study sows NGDA significantly extends the average life span of laboratory animals. Other scientists claim the chemical almost doubles the average life span of laboratory insects. Scientists have not been able to extend the human life span, but these antioxidant results are certainly intriguing.

Safety Factor: Although NGDA is a food preservative it was removed from the list of substances generally regarded as safe because experimental animals fed large amounts for long periods developed kidney and lymph-system problems. No human kidney or lymphatic disease has ever been documented in chaparral users, but to be prudent, those with kidney and lymph conditions should not use this herb. For otherwise healthy, nonpregnant, nonnursing, adults who do not have kidney or lymph-system conditions, chaparral is considered safe in amounts typically recommended. It should be used in medicinal amounts only in consultation with your doctor. -- Excerpts Taken from The Healing Herbs by Michael Castleman

Community News

Barrett Memorial Zoological Gardens: With the onset of full winter weather looming closer with each passing day, certain accommodations need to be considered and seen to at the Barrett Memorial Zoological Gardens.  Chief among these accommodations and considerations is the winter quartering of some of the animals on exhibit at the zoo.  The zoological gardens are open year round to visitors, with shorter hours during the winter months, and some of the species on display will remain in the outdoor exhibition areas, while others will be put up in special, indoor enclosures.

The animals of the African Savannah exhibit will all be moved indoors to pens and other confinements specially considered and crafted to meet the needs and requirements of each different species.  These are creatures that are largely accustomed to hotter climes and geographies.  Other creatures which are accustomed to the change in seasons will remain in their permanent, year-round enclosures and exhibition areas.  With the assistance and considerable efforts generously afforded by Maurice McDonough, the zoological gardens have been designed and constructed to represent and provide a comfortable, natural setting for any visitors that may wish to walk the gardens regardless of the availability of various exhibits.

While I am extending thanks, I would like to also offer my most sincere gratitude for, and to, the considerable, diligent efforts of my colleagues and fellow workers at the zoological gardens.  First, I would like to express my appreciation and regards for the efforts of fellow zookeeper Kaylea MacKay.  Under her stewardship, both the aviary and the petting zoo have been remarkably successful and popular exhibits.  Another vote of thanks is due Keriann Frasier-Saxton for the exquisitely detailed sculpture that has been recently delivered to the zoo.  Visitors to the zoo will see this fine example of the artist's considerable skills upon entry to the facility, as it is situated directly in front of the administration building.  I would certainly be remiss did I not thank the zoo's all around handyman and jack of all trades, Patch.  Many tasks that might have proven exceedingly difficult, if not nearly impossible, were accomplished, what of the big fellow's unique properties and capabilities.  Lastly, and certainly not least, I would like to thank all of the visitors and patrons that have graced the Barrett Memorial Zoological Gardens with their support and presence at the facility.  I look forward to seeing many of the same faces continuing to visit the gardens in the winter months. --submitted by Calum Creighton

Hollow Oaks Mercantile and Inn - A new business is about to be opened in Heathfield's Barrett's Bay..  The building for Hollow Woods Inn and Mercantile is finished, the inside is set up and being stocked, and everything nearly ready for opening day.  We will carry picks, axes, brooms, buckets, barrels, cookware  and all sorts of general goods.  The Inn will have comfortable rooms and light meals, bar food, for a reasonable price in the tavern area, located on the right side of the building coming in. The mercantile on the left, rooms upstairs. Ale will be our specialty as well the popular drink of potcheen, wines and mixed drinks. Cocoa, cider, water and milk for those too young to drink or those who wish not to.

Our partnership is made up of  Captain Lorcan o'Domhnaill, Mack, Captain Solitaire De Costa and myself, Dorian Tremaine.  Our extended family has moved into South Winds Manor and everyone has been busy working hard to have both the Inn and Mercantile ready before Christmas.  We wish to thank everyone who helped us, and especially the Crown, for their great generosity.  We all look forward to becoming an addition to the community. --submitted by Dorian Tremaine

Births:  none this month. Marriages: none this month. Engagements: none this month   Deaths: None this Month. Citizenship: Please welcome Patch, working with Calum Creighton and Kaylea MacKay at the Barrett Memorial Zoological Gardens as they very handy, handyman.

by Athalia Doe Edan

December and Christmas superstitions: Marry on December 3rd for all the grief you ever heard. A mild December precedes a cold snap later in the winter. A Christmas pudding should be made with 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and His Disciples and every member of the family should take turns to stir the pudding with a wooden spoon from east to west, in honor of the Wise Men. A clear star-filled sky on Christmas Eve will bring good crops in summer. If you take a candle to church this Christmas, don't bring it home.  Blow it out and leave it there for good luck. 

If sun shines through the apple trees upon a Christmas Day, when Autumn comes a lot of fruit they will display. On Christmas Even all animals can speak. However, it's bad luck to test this superstition. The nearer the New Moon to  Christmas Day, the harder the winter. Wearing new shoes on Christmas Day will bring bad luck. Good luck will come to the home where a fire is kept burning throughout the Christmas season. If a girl raps at the henhouse door on Christmas Even and a rooster crows, she will marry within the year.

If New Year's Eve night-wind blows south, It betokeneth warmth and growth; If west, much milk, and fish in the sea; If north, cold and storms there will be; If east, the trees will bear much fruit; If north-east, flee it, mand and brute.

by Diane Cleary

Anansi - The Tricksy Spider

Easily the most popular and well-known god of the African pantheon,  particularly in West Africa, Anansi is often represented by the spider, or known as the Spider in tales that were passed down through the oral tradition. Son of the sky god, Nyame, Anasi is considered responsible for bringing the rains upon command from his father to douse forest and savannah fires, as well as set the boundaries of oceans and rivers during 

flood season. When the rains come to Africa, it is to Anansi that the people pray to protect their homes and families from overflowing banks and flash floods.

Amongst many African tribes, Anansi is credited not only with creating the sun and the moon, but establishing night and day. Furthermore, it is believed that he crafted the first man from clay and soil, presenting his creation to his father Nyame, who breathed life into the form and brought humanity into being.

Yet to most, Anansi is viewed as a trickster, sly and cunning. In the story of the little tar girl, Anansi finds himself stuck fast to the tar when the figure refuses to speak and angers him. Anansi first lashes out with his hands, striking the tar girl's cheeks, enmiring them with the tar. Then his feet kicked out, further catching the god in the trap, where the people whom he'd been tormenting with his trickery obtained their revenge.

Despite how he is perceived, Ananzi is not deemed truly evil. He was clever enough to set himself up as the King of the Humans after persuading Nyame's daughter to become his wife. Amongst his gifts to humanity, the god taught humans to sow and reap grain, and introduced the shovel to the African peoples for use in farming.  (taken from


December is the twelfth and final month of the Gregorian calendar and the first month of winter.  It derives it's name from the Latin word decem, meaning ten, as December was the tenth month of the oldest Roman calendar.  The Latin name is derived from Decima, the middle Goddess of the Three Fates who personifies the present. Yule, is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half.   Starting the next morning at sunrise, the sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day.  Known as Solstice Night, or the longest night of the year, much celebration was to be had as the ancestors awaited the rebirth of the Oak King, the Sun King, the Giver of Life that warmed the frozen Earth and made her to bear forth from seeds protected through the fall and winter in her womb.  Bonfires were lit in the fields, and crops and trees were "wassailed" with toasts of spiced cider. The Holly King, represents the Death aspect of the God at this time of year; and the Oak King, represents the opposite aspect of Rebirth (these roles are reversed at Midsummer).  This can be likened to the Divine Child's birth.  The myth of the Holly King/Oak King probably originated from the Druids to whom these two trees were highly sacred.  The Oak King (God of the Waxing Year) kills the Holly King (God of the Waning Year) at Yule (the Winter Solstice).  The Oak King then reigns supreme until Litha (the Summer Solstice) when the two battle again, this time with the Holly King victorious.  Examples of the Holly King's image can be seen in our modern Santa Claus.

"The Winter Solstice, also known as Midwinter, occurs around December 21 or 22 each year in the Northern hemisphere, and June 20 or 21 in the Southern Hemisphere. It occurs on the shortest day or longest night of the year, sometimes said to astronomically mark the beginning or middle of a hemisphere's winter. The word solstice derives from Latin, Winter Solstice meaning Sun set still in winter. Worldwide, interpretation of the event varies from culture to culture, but most hold a recognition of rebirth, involving festivals, gatherings, rituals or other celebrations. Many cultures celebrate or celebrated a holiday near the winter solstice; examples of these include Christmas, Hanukkah,  New Years, Pongal, Yalda and many other festivals of light. The solstice itself may have remained a special moment of the annual cycle of the year since neolithic times. This is attested by physical remains in the layouts of late Neolithic and Bronze Age archeological sites like Stonehenge and New Grange in the British Isles. The primary axis of both of these monuments seem to have been carefully aligned on a sight-line framing the winter solstice sunrise (New Grange) and the winter solstice sunset (Stonehenge). The winter solstice may have been immensely important because communities were not assured to live through the winter, and had to be prepared during the previous nine months. Starvation was common in winter between January to April, also known as the famine months. In temperate climes, the midwinter festival was the last feast celebration, before deep winter began. Most cattle were slaughtered so they would not have to be fed during the winter, so it was nearly the only time of year when a supply of fresh meat was available. The majority of wine and beer made during the year was finally fermented and ready for drinking at this time. The concentration of the observances were not always on the day commencing at midnight or at dawn, but the beginning of the pre-Romanized day, which falls on the previous eve."

 The birth of the Persian hero and sun-god Mithra was celebrated on December 25th. The myth tells that he sprang up full-grown from a rock, armed with a knife and carrying a torch.  Shepherds watched his miraculous appearance and hurried to greet him with their first fruits and their flocks and their harvests. His cult spread throughout Roman lands during the 2nd century.  In 274, the Emperor Aurelian declared December 25th the Birthday of Sol Invictus (the Unconquerable Sun) in Rome. The 25th December was a date picked by the Catholic church to appease the pagans who they were trying to convert, but who were not willing to give up their traditional holidays and festivals. Saturnalia was one of the popular Roman pagan festivals of celebration, drunkenness and making merry which ran from the 17th to the 24th of December. Gifts were exchanged on the 23rd and 24th. On the 25th December they would celebrate "The Birth of The Unconquerable Sun." It was decided that this would be a day for celebrating the birth of Jesus instead. Many of the pagan traditions such as decorating the house with trees and greenery were banned at this time, but they have crept back into our Christmas traditions. --submitted by Mary Colleen McAndrews

Merry Christmas!

I Heard a Bird Sing
by Oliver Herford
"I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember.

'We are nearer to Spring
Than we were in September,'
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December."
--submitted by Kaylea MacKay


The Eve of Christmas
by Anonymous
Two thousand years have almost gone by
Since Jesus was nailed on a cross to die
His teachings were done by words and deed
And thousand would listen, and thousands would heed.
The words of His wisdom, and that of God
As many miles on foot would he trod
Let Peace be on earth, would be His command,
And nothing less than this should we demand!
On the Eve of His birth let us all be blessed
And thank our God as we see the end of our quest.
Let us all stand together, as brother and friend
And pledge our love, and respect to a world without end.
Together we stand, in joy and in sorrow
and praise the birth of Jesus with the light of tomorrow!
--submitted by Brigid MacKinlay

It's Christmas Time Again
by Bob Lazzar-Atwood
Put your problems on probation
Run your troubles off the track,
Throw your worries out the window
Get the monkeys off your back.
Silence all your inner critics
With your conscience make amends,
And allow yourself some happiness
It's Christmas time again!

Call a truce with those who bother you
Let all the fighting cease,
Give your differences a breather
And declare a time of peace,
Don't let angry feelings taint
The precious time you have to spend,
And allow yourself some happiness
It's Christmas time again!

Like some cool refreshing water
Or a gentle summer breeze,
Like a fresh bouquet of flowers
Or the smell of autumn leaves,
It's a banquet for the spirit
Filled with family, food and friends,
So allow yourself some happiness
It's Christmas time again!
--submitted by Gabriel Vaughn


Did You Know?

Healing Lines: In many cultures throughout the world, threads, ropes, or cords were thought to serve as roads for the travels of spirits. The Australian Aborigines, for example, speak of a group of heavenly beings called the Rai, who travel through the sky on invisible ropes. The Aborigines believe that the Rai are spirits of the dead, and that only those people with magical powers can see the ropes they use. They also believe that during miruru, their name for the out of body state, a magical thread links the physical body and the spirit body, providing a route by which the spirit can return to the body. This concept also exists in the beliefs of the RIgo people of Papua New Guinea. The Rigos claim that when a person has an out of body experience, a fishing line is attached to the spirit and remains taut as it makes its aerial journey. According to the Rigo, the line allows the spirit to return, ensuring that it does not become separated from the body indefinitely.

Thread Roads: Since prehistoric times, shamanic rituals were an important part of the traditions of the Tungus people of eastern Siberia. After the Russian Revolution most of these practices disappeared as the Tungus communities were dispersed. Until that time, however, the original ideas and practices remained virtually unchanged. In Siberia, the Tungus shaman would poke poles, to which cords were attached, through the smoke hole of his tent. The cords were then linked to sacred objects outside the tent. The spirits were believed to travel along the cord 'road' into the tent, where they would share the special knowledge with the shaman. When the Tungus people of Manchuria, in northern China, initiated a shaman, they would attach one end of a rope or thong made of red Chinese silk or red-colored sinews to a tree. The other end was then attached to the place where the initiate sat during the three-day ceremony. The Tungus people believed that the spirits entered the world via the tree, traveled along the silk rope and whispered their secrets to the would-be shaman.

Releasing Illness: Such spirit thread lore became particularly associated with healing. An Aboriginal healer, for example, will attach the long, thin thread made by a certain insect to the head of a sick person, and run the thread to a nearby bush where the soul of the sufferer is thought to be lodged. The long thread supposedly allows the person's soul to travel back into his or her body, making that person whole again and ending the illness. The Buryat shamans of Siberia would position an arrow, itself a symbol of magical flight, on the ground alongside the head of a sick person and lay a red thread in a straight line from the point of the arrow to a pole erected outside the tent. The pole symbolized the world tree, by which the persons' spirit entered the spirit world. This arrangement was believed to provide a route along which the soul could return to the body.

Trapping Spirits: According to northern Eupopean folklore, threads could be used to block the movement of evil spirits. Spirit Traps were made by stretching long red threads across a large hoop, mounting it on a staff and placing it on the path that the evil spirit was suppose to haunt. The spirit, unable to pass through the taut threads, was forced to return to the spirit world. -- submitted by Samantha Golden (taken from the book Earth's Mysterious Places, Reader's Digest)


Christmas Plum Pudding

Soak one pound of stale bread in a pint of hot milk and let it stand and cool. When cold, add to it one-half pound of sugar and the yolks of eight eggs beaten to a cream, one pound of raisins, stoned and floured, one pound of Zante currants, washed and floured, a quarter of a pound of citron cut in slips and dredged with flour, one pound of beef suet, chopped fine and salted, one glass of wine, one glass of brandy, one nutmeg and a tablespoonful of mace, cinnamon, and cloves mixed; beat the whole well together and, as the last thing, add the whites of the eight eggs, beaten to a stiff froth; pour into a cloth, previously scalded and dredged with flour, tie it firmly, leaving room for the pudding to swell and boil six hours. Serve with wine or brandy sauce. It is best to prepare the ingredients the day before and cover closely.
Superior Sauce For Plum Pudding
Cream together a cupful of sugar and half a cupful of butter; when light and creamy, add the well-beaten yolks of four eggs. Stir into this one wineglass of wine or one of brandy, a pinch of salt, and one large cupful of hot cream or rich milk. Beat this mixture well; place it in a saucepan over the fire, stir it until it cooks sufficiently to thicken like cream. Be sure and not let it boil. Delicious!
Cold Brandy Sauce For Plum Pudding
Two cupfuls of powdered sugar, half a cupful of butter, one wineglass of brandy, cinnamon and nutmeg, a teaspoonful of each. Warm the butter slightly and work it to a light cream with the sugar, then add the brandy and spices; beat it hard and set aside till wanted. Should be put into a mold to look nicely and serve on a flat dish.
--submitted by Fiona Afton (found at

Applesauce Spice Cake

2 c flour, 1 c sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1/4 tsp cloves, 2 tsps baking soda, 1 c raisins, 1 c chopped walnuts, 1/2 c melted butter, 1 lob can applesauce

Sift together dry ingredients. Add raisins, nuts, melted butter and applesauce. Beat until well blended. Pour into greased and floured 9x9x2 or 11 3/4x7 1/2x2 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes. Cool, ice with butter icing. --submitted by Esmeralda Frasier


Broccoli Bake

2 bunches of Broccoli, 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1/2 c mayo, 1 small onion chopped, 2 tsp of garlic powder, 1 c Mozzerella cheese, 1 c American cheese, 1/2 stick butter or margarine, 1/2 c of bread crumbs

Boil broccoli until soft - not mushy. Mix in bowl mushroom soup, mayo, onion, garlic and cheese. Place broccoli on bottom of pan and pour mixture over it. Melt butter over stove top and mix in bread crumbs. Then sprinkle over mixture. Bake for approximately 30 minutes at 350 degrees. --submitted by Brigid MacKinlay


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```*+*```+```*+*```   Yearly Horoscope ```*+*```+```*+*```

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

In January, September and November this year the greater benefic Jupiter forms a helpful angle to Saturn. This promises great rewards linked to your career aspirations. Now is the time to embark on a well thought out strategy to increase your popularity and gain the recognition you have worked for over recent years. This can prove to be the peak years in your career so make the most of it.

In March, May and November Jupiter makes a helpful link to Uranus. This can bring opportunities on a silver platter to secure financial stability for the rest of your life. You may choose to go into a different field altogether. You could even invent something that can be sold internationally. Put your good ideas into action and trust in the future with all your heart.

In November Saturn opposes Uranus which will prove to be a very challenging time when you may feel like going and living in a cave for awhile, just to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Being rebellious unfortunately will not help your situation, but rather it may be just a good time to lay low for awhile, just to give yourself some much needed breathing space. Your goals may be thwarted so just give this area a rest for now.

During the next twelve months, the ‘greater benefic’ Jupiter, and your ruling planet) will occupy your sector of income, earnings and the things you value, and will go into retrograde (backwards) phase for five months between May and early September. You have a wonderful opportunity to increase your income and earnings to an amazing degree. Sometimes this can even indicate wealth. It all depends on what you value and how much effort you want to apply to achieve what you want. The ownership of items will bring pleasure and happiness.

Saturn the taskmaster of the zodiac will continue to occupy your sector of status, career and how you are seen in the eyes of the world, up until November of next year. Saturn however, will be in retrograde motion (backwards) between January and April. Some people achieve their life-long ambitions at this time if they have put in the hard yards and not cut any corners to get there. Some however, lose their position because they refused to follow the rules and do things by the book. Reaping the rewards of your efforts will only happen if you have consistently proven that you are someone who can be relied upon to get the job done. During the retrograde phase it may become apparent that you have wasted your time and attention to reach the top rung of the ladder because you did not follow your true calling in life. During the direct phase (between May and the end of the year) it will be obvious that you are the one who should be in a position of trust and authority.

Uranus, the planet of change, will continue to occupy your sector of home and family matters and your early upbringing during which time he will be in retrograde phase between late June and late November 2008. Home and family matters are rarely of any real stability during this long range transit. Changes can occur suddenly and disrupt your current plans and family arrangements. During the retrograde phase you may have to deal with some urgent situations on the home front without even blinking. During the direct phase (January to June and again late November to June next year) you can take charge of your home and family by creating some exciting changes to this area such as buying electronic equipment, computers and other modern technological items for the home.

Neptune the planet of mystery, will continue to occupy your sector of communications, siblings, neighbors and short distance travel, though will go into retrograde (backwards) phase between late May and up to the end of October this year. This can be an ideal time to write that novel as your imagination will be in full swing and open to all manner of imagery. Alternatively you may find that your mind is easily distracted and concentration to detail is less than it used to be. During the retrograde phase you can dig into your subconscious and unravel some of the confusion that has been there for way too long. During the direct phase (January to May and November to December) your intuition will guide you towards understanding that real and imaginary ideas are both necessary concepts to make full use of your potential.

Pluto, which is your co-ruling planet and the transformer of the zodiac will now occupy your sector of income, earnings and the things that are of value to you, (with the exception of a retrograde phase back into your own sign and sector of self and how you relate to others between mid June and late November). There can be a transformation of this area in very significant ways. You may decide that you want to own and control everything your heart desires. This may be easy and prove very rewarding, however it may lead to a possessive attitude to your belongings where you are unable to share what you have with others. During the retrograde phase what you value may change overnight and things may be taken from you beyond your control. During the direct phase (January to March 2008 and again from September to the end of the year) brings a new focus on what is profoundly important and helps you to understand that ownership does not necessarily bring control or ultimate happiness.
-- submitted by Samantha Golden: (taken from

```*+*```   Coin Distribution ```*+*```

Coins earned from the Races are distributed from Falkirk Downs
Hosting - 4 silver each
- Patrick Frasier
Qualifying business activity or jobs - 2 silver each: - 
Patch, Keriann Saxton, Calum Creighton, Brigid MacKinlay, Mikhail MacKay, Joseph McDonough, Lorcan O'Domhnaill, Dorian Tremaine, Nycole Nolan, Cara Thompson and Alyse MacKenna.

This Extra award of 3 silver each is being given by the Crown to those who participated in the Hometown race as an extra incentive: Melantha Quinn, Gabirel Vaughn, Gaelle Thorpe, Davin McDale, Michael Cunningham and Aiden Collins.

Note: Those of Royalty and heads of family that have unlimited monies do not qualify to gain monies in events or donations. They can defer any winnings to another or other winners at the time if they want. If so, I would need to know so they can be awarded properly. ~Lahoneee

Lost And Found
~ Of all the things I've lost in life .... I miss my mind the most ~

Lost: One lavender scarf believed outside the Thistle. Contact Nycole Nolan.

Found: One silver flask with the initials MC, contact Brigid MacKinlay

Thoughts for the Month

"May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope; 
The spirit of Christmas which is peace; 
The heart of Christmas which is love."
-   Ada V. Hendricks

God gave his children memory that in life's garden there might be June roses in December.
-- submitted by Sara Devonshire


What Christmas Carol is a favorite of parents?  Silent Night.

What kind of candle burns longer, a red candle or a green candle?   Neither!  Candles burn shorter.

What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?  The Christmas alphabet has No L. (Noel.)
-- submitted by Lei McAndrews


Winter Scented and Hued Candles -  Green in wintergreen mint, dark red in bayberry are specially priced for the winter. Fill your home with these invigorating scents for a good uplift. Ask for Kathleen Frasier or Samantha Golden at the Candle Shop.

Summer Specials - Red roses and multicolored carnations, at Lisette's Floral Shop. Wedding bouquets, anniversaries or any occasion.

Benzaiten Imports - receives new shipments weekly. Special this month  All items 10% to 50% off from now until Christmas. Hours are from 9:00 am to dusk.  Located in the warehouse district. Owners:  Alexander McDonough and Garath MacShire.

The Needle and Spool Clothier -  All green pre-made attire, is half off.  Any orders for ball gowns and tailored suits must be received, no later, than two weeks in advanced.

The BookStop -  Each week during the month of December a different genre of books will be on sale, 20%. Marisa and Carisa McCormick.

Heathfield Orphanage - Gifts, food,  spring and summer clothing and monetary offerings are greatly appreciated. Books in good shape are needed.  Inquire with Alyse MacKenna with any questions.

McKnight Veterinary Clinic - at the McKnight estate in Heathfield. Donovan McKnight, DVM. We are trained in the treatment and care of all domestic and most exotic animals.  The estates are located just outside of Heathfield near Barrington Hospital.  Check-ups for all animals are 20% off during December. Emergency care 24 hours a day. 

Certain Somethings Shop - Special this month:  All purses, fans and gloves.   Our items are made by artisans from the Realms and we also carry imported items.  Also opening is Gentleman's Corner, connected to Certain Somethings, with men's accessories.  Hats and scarves are on sell during the month of December.  As with the ladies, items are made by artisans of the realm as well as imported items. Hours are from nine until four. Sorcha Beirne, proprietor.

Herbal Delights Apothecary - located in Barrington Hospital, has teas and tinctures available to fight off all manner of ailments. Special this month:  Tinctures and balms for flu and colds.   Hours are from 9:00 am to dusk, with special openings as needed.   Sara Devonshire, proprietor.

Sweet and Sassy Candy Shop - located just off the marketplace is having specials on peppermint leaves and chocolate covered cherries and other fruit. Haypenny candy available. Corina and Cairenn Turlough.

Leather Shop -  Closed until further notice.  New shop will be opening in Kildare.

Deli Delights - Bring your sweetheart in for a slice of pie. Two for the price of one when you mention this ad. Kizzie Cohen

Butcher Shop - Order your hams now, and get a free Cornish hen. Open from Monday to Saturday from 9am til dusk. Ask for Ham Frasier.

Ceol m'anama (Music is my soul) Music shop - Carrying musical instruments, sheet music and more.  Special this month -- all harps from the largest to the small finger harps..  Special prices on used instruments for students. See Lorelei Barre.

Blue Marlin Inn and Tavern - is running a special on land and sea platters throughout this whole month. Reduce rate includes a tankard of ale or a glass of wine. Marlana Cherill proprietor.

The Potter - Need any ceramics replaced or specially made, put in an order with Devon Winters Cleary.

The Glass Shop: Holiday decorations 20% off. Any special requests can be made, but please put in to allow enough time to be made in time for the holidays. Ornaments, glassware, vases, statuettes, and any other pieces available. Contact Isolde Fitzpatrick.

Job Finder

Contact Maurice McDonough for: Chimney Sweeps. Cobbler store position available. Beauty Salon available. Chiropractor needed to set up shop. Martial Arts Instructor needed. Dentist needed to set up office. Barber Shop available. Men's Tailor and Seamstress needed. Qualified Teachers needed to fill vacant positions. Leather Shop Available to be taken over. Various positions for the Zoo. Barrister to take up minor legal matters. Needle and Thread Seamstress Shop looking for new proprietor.

Thanks to Job finder: Many positions are found every day from sailors and dock workers to shops and streamlined services.


??? Question Corner ???

1. How do you view your funeral? Is it important for you to have people mourn your death?

2. Which of the following restrictions could you best tolerate: leaving the country permanently, or never leaving the state in which you now live?


**If you would like to reply to any of these questions and have it published in next month's issue, please submit the question with your answer to Lahoneee.**

Where To Find It - Services Offered

Want to better your business?    Place a listing here!

Flowers - Lisette McTiel Frasier, Heathfield Commons.
Lumber - Jon McAndrews Lumber Mill, Ballicastle.
Wines - Mike McAndrews Vineyards, Heathfield;  Darren McCullen Vineyards, Ballicastle.

Leather, Beef, Horses - Maurice, Joseph and Rory McDonough, McDonough Ranch Heathfield.
Wool, Yarn & Cloth - McCormick Sheep Ranch, Heathfield.
Cider, Flour, Grains, Apples, Milk, Eggs, Vegetables - Draven MacShire, Ravanna of Heathfield.
Potcheen - Sean DeBurgh, Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire of Heathfield.
Baked Goods - Teri's Sweets Shoppe, Ballicastle.
Shipping, Trips by Sea - Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire, or Bovee Shipping, Heathfield.
Kennels  - Meadowland Kennels, Patrick and Edward McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Pottery  - Devon DeWinter, Heathfield.
Shipwrights  - Collin McAndrews and Thomas Douglas, Heathfield Port.
Exotic Imports - Xandar McDonough and Garath MacShire, Heathfield Port.
Linen and Lingerie - Marcy McGuire, Heathfield Commons.
Candles and Crystals - Kathleen Cleary Frasier and Samantha Golden, Heathfield Commons.
Tea House - Iwakura Sachiko, Heathfield Commons.
Fortune Teller - Mikhail O'Connell, Heathfield Commons.
Barrington Hospital - Gates Barrington, Sara Devonshire, Heathfield.
Clocks - Aleric and Niklas Traugott, Heathfield Commons.
Blacksmiths; Horse Shoeing, Swords, Daggers - Lochlan Kearney, Ballicastle; Brian McAndrews, Heathfield Commons.
Leatherwork and Sheaths - Moncha McAndrews, Heathfield Commons.
Surveyor - Robert Frasier, Ballicastle.
Herbs Shop - Sara Devonshire, Barrington Hospital Lobby.
Book Shop - Mariah and Carissa McCormick, Heathfield Commons.
Orphanage - Alyse MacKenna, Heathfield.
Apothecary - Sara Devonshire, Heathfield Hospital.
Raw Ores - Joseph McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Smelter - Eddie McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Private Investigators - Joseph McDonough, Jacob Anderson, Mercy LaCorte and Clark Davis, Heathfield.
Furniture - Sean MacGrath.
Veterinarians - Donovan McKnight.
Frasier Signs - Kyle Frasier, Heathfield Commons and Ballicastle.
Sweet and Sassy Candy Shop- Carienn and Corina Turlough, Heathfield Commons.
Certain Somethings Shop - Sorcha Beirne, Heathfield Commons.
Leather Goods:  Jaelysa
Dairy Products: NorthStar Dairy run by Allan Cleary
Glass Maker: Isolde Fitzpatrick, Heathfield Commons
Blue Marlin Inn and Tavern: Marlana Cherill Proprietor, Barrett's Bay
Ceol m'anama (Music is my soul) Music Shop: Lorelei Barre, Heathfield Commons
Bowyer: Fearghus Frasier
Clergy/priest: Brother Thomas, Heathfield Castle Chapel
Dance Instructor: Anneliese Harper, Heathfield Commons
Mystic Tattoos: Seanan O'Caiside, Deirdre Callihan - tattoo artists, Heathfield Commons


Many thanks to those who contribute to this newspaper. Any additions, corrections or wishing to run an ad please contact Lahoneee.


Gossip from the Wharf
"If you believe these - I have lands in Rhydin to sell you"
by The Wharf Crones - Matty and Pearl

All gossip that comes in through the port, and places least expected,  you can be sure that Matty and Pearl know every little tidbit and then some added. Embellishing is a way of life to make the tale far more colorful. If something is not certain nor clear, it is easy to fill in those gaps; there is nothing like assuming. They will make sure all gossip gets around come rain or shine and the sharing of a tea biscuit. There is a place for Drama Queens.

**What a sight to see snooping around, a Sasquatch roaming carrying a large stone, no, boulder on his shoulder. At first we thought he was deformed, a hunchback as well, but with my spectacles, even through the cracks it was determined it was rock. A sculptured rock. Pearl near fainted away so we didn't stay long as to not be discovered. We've seen the likes of another down around the lake as well. I wonder if we've been invaded.

**We noticed a new method being used of getting a man, called a Chinese Curl. Just go get your fingers entwined literally in a man's head of hair like a cat in the cradle of old. Pearl's been flexing her fingers and trying it in her own. Let me tell you, it works, Pearl's hair is a bit thinner in spots and shorter but the experiment was a success! So when that mistletoe hangs, just don't go for the kiss but get both hands entrapped and you got yourself a man!

**There seems not a season for even a knight to fall as we've kept an eye on Red Hot burning a bit brighter of late. Le-sigh, another to cross off our list, we thought he'd last much longer. Though his comrade fell just before him, wait, Pearl is nudging me saying that there still might be hope to only make a star after their name and wait and see. Another of their comrades has come out from hibernation and hard to tell if he is still with anyone or not.

**We are wondering where his friend has gone. The cute quiet one, mysterious for that matter. Has he holed himself up in the tree house? He'll have to come down for provisions at some point.

**We've noticed a few have a crush on the blue eyed god-like one now that he is about again. Pearl just gave one of her best sighs but I'm not sure she'd know what to do with that one. Foreign delight, hmm, brings all kinds of thoughts to mind. He's been around for a very long time and never has one been able to catch his attention in that way. Maybe the Chinese Curl will work on him?

**We have been watching the brothers of a certain family as well that have been seen about a lot more of recent. The hunters might well be the hunted when they plot on their sister.

**We have been waxing our toboggans to get out on a night when the older men partake of the runs. I'm sure both Pearl and I will be needing lots of help when we go down the slope, if we can get brave enough to give it a try. With the specially made double width sled, I might well outrun, wipe out a few others going down ahead. We could end up with men on our laps. Pearl is bobbing her head approvingly of the idea as well.

**Although we may have lost a few to the thralls of romance, there is a whole crew of them waiting down at the docks, our turf, within the new tavern finally built. Many fear to come down to the docks, especially at night so we might have an advantage here we will certainly take advantage of!

**We're starting to see some older ladies around the very tall Irish Laird. Rumor had it he was avoiding ones as young as his daughter from here on out. Since most of the eligible ladies have been young, he has managed to stay single but now we can wonder if the Giant will fall. One comes around horses while the other comes from around the cook at the Thistle. We wonder if there will be more such surprises and what they will bring. There are a few other eligible bachelors of a renown background. Like that very Laird's youngest brother. That one I think Pearl has had a crush on for almost forever. I'd still take the tall drink of water.

**Slippery Elves, what more can I say? Heart throb or not if you can catch one, let me know how it was done!

**Seems a few have come out from hibernation at the beginning of winter. The idea has Pearl giggling again but certainly we are not complaining. Those of another dimension are well worth looking into as well that card reader of bronze skin. Although that idea spooks Pearl and has me wondering what she fears might show in the card. Hmmm, I'll convince her it might well show a man in her future as well. Never know about the unknown.

**The Forest King has been seen as well out and about. We love watching the reactions around that very earthy appealing male. Pearl gets chills every time we recall his low growls as he stalks a female.

**Pssssssssssst, we don't talk much on the competition that comes with all the new husband prospects because, well, we'd rather pretend they are not there. Although we do watch a few like the one that made out like a bandit at the races and the little sister abandoned her by her brothers on purpose, then again, look at those brothers!

**Last but not least, let us not forget the charming actor that has been getting out. I'd play his Juliet in a heartbeat. Pearl said it would get my heartbeats up by a mile that I might faint. She might be right. Although I'm afraid the balcony will not hold me.


500 Silver Coins Offered on Black Doom, Black Beard, Stirling Scourge each ... Dead or alive. If all are brought in, a bonus of 500 will be added making it 2000
Crimes:  Murder, Plundering and pillaging innocents, Thievery, Arson, Kidnapping, and Rape. Slavery.  Reward is high for any who brings these scoundrels to justice. Contact Danny Frasier or James Callihan.


Wanted Alive: Ultan and Gillean Callihan of Kildare. 50 Silver Coins Reward for information that leads to their whereabouts. 500 Silver Coins for their capture alive.
Crimes:  Wanted for Treason.. Contact Ronan or James Callihan.


Wanted Alive: Four Henchmen: Francis Talbot, Dane Gregore, Henry Wills and Oliver Stapleton. 25 Silver Coins Reward for information that leads to their whereabouts. 200 Silver Coins each for their capture.
Crimes:  Wanted in association of Treason, kidnapping, torture and the intent to kill.


Wanted Alive: Two Highwaymen known as Murph and Billy. 25 Silver Coins Reward for information that leads to their whereabouts. 200 Silver Coins for their capture.
Crimes:  Thievery and harassment. Contact Michael Reeves Silvertone.

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