Heathfield Castle

The O'Gawd-let

Summer Fun


To be Held
Wednesday, July 9th, 9:00pm EST

HF Spar Fields
AIM Friendly

All are Invited from Heathfield, Allies and Friends.
Water Theme Gauntlet for Summer Fun.

Hosted by Sir Lancely Caster and the Innis Knights
No Pre-registration needed. Register the evening of the event.



Fields behind the Spar Hall

........are located up from Heathfield Castle behind the spar hall. The fields are used for practicing many skills and open to the citizens of the lands who wish to make use of them. A regular gauntlet was built by Lancely for the men to practice on as well there is an archery range, a jousting arena and a combat field that includes buildings and dummies to test out maneuvers.




A variety of Seafood
Baked Ham
Roasted Turkey
Fried Chicken Strips
Twice baked cheese Potatoes
Pit Roasted Pig
Assorted chocolates, chocolate coated strawberries
Thick slices of Buttered Brown Bread
Various Pies and Cakes


Potcheen - both plain and flavored
raspberry, peach, strawberry and cherry
Crushed Iced Potcheen Mild Punch
Iced Cider and Tea
Ale and Meade
Various Wines



Grand Prize *

2,000 QCoins or gold along with a case of Potcheen.

1,000 QCoins or gold plus a case of Potcheen.

500 QCoins or gold plus a case of Potcheen.



~OOC Rules~

Please state in the room (()) your  QCCoins affiliation.

1d20 dice used for the first roll, if the qualifying roll for a section is not met a 1d10 dice is used for a save; only one save per section allowed. Those wishing to enter the O'Gawd-let and get in the queue, will IM Aiden ColIins that night. Roll of die is done before text entry of action/words (or inbetween) so you know what is cast and can role play it accordingly. Be creative. Example text for dice -  //roll-dice1-sides20 (or 10, or 100) or use keyword: dice roller.

One player at a time will do the O'Gawd-let. They will wait until the host, Lancely Caster, tells them to begin, tallies and says for them to continue to the next section if applicable.

There will be (npc) guards at each section ready to help anyone needing assistance.

First Section:  5+ to manage the Hanging Ceiling of water balloons with poles of nails at the top rotating on the moving circular floor as you make your way across. Watch out for the elusive trap door that breaking a balloon will trigger and have you plunging into a water tank beneath and out of the run unless you can gab onto a pole and keep from falling through. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 4+ to be successful in avoiding the trap door.

Second Section:  7+ to manage the Cream Bridge once up the steps with dozens of little flags along the walk, some of which will trigger the huge spray gun of whip cream. If you get creamed the bridge becomes slippery to manage and you may end up sliding down the shoot into the large water trough below if not careful. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 5+ to be successful in hanging in there.

Third Section:  9+ to manage the Water Spindle with large balloon bumpers. You will need to dart, duck and turn quickly to avoid the arms with the large water sacs. If you get hit, you'll get wet and launched onto piles of downy feathers unless you can hold onto the spindle's arm taking you to the other side. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 6+ to be successful in holding on.

Fourth Section:  12+ to manage the small Geysers. Water shoots up through holes in the flooring at random, taking turns in a fast pace, sometimes two or three at time and no discerning pattern. Too many holes under the mesh to know which one will be next. If you manage to block the stream of water it will activate the cylinders above having them turn to dump what they hold. Slippery seaweed starts pouring out in large clumps over all below. Can you still manage getting to the other side? If not you slide off with a huge clump into the large pile of the same off the side of the run. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 7+ to be successful.

Fifth Section: - 15+ to manage the Gel Slide. Here you need to climb over ale barrels to get to the last section. They are not too big and may well look easy but if you get them rolling they will pop spewing ale as the tarp above angles down coating you with Piņa Colada flavored gel (non-alcoholic) while the floor tips. Can you managed on your hands and knees to the other side or roll out with the barrel onto the now foam drenched cushions? A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 8+ to be successful in keeping from getting thrown onto the cushions. Note: Any who make it this far and do not place: Grand Prize, Second or Third will get the bonus 200 QCoins.

Sixth Section: - 18+ to manage the Tidal Wave. You are lastly greeted with the sound of rushing ocean water where you'll notice there is a funnel beneath that if you are fast enough you can make it to the other side. Seems easy but did you notice all those green and blue dots along the ten foot plank? Some can alter the flow of the Wave, losing the funnel beneath and taking you away down a smooth ramp and into the pond. Can you reach that hanging rope and hold on instead of going with the flow? A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 9+ to be successful. If successful, you manage to hold onto the rope until the wave is done and the plank safe to finish crossing.


In the case of more than one making it to the end, winner will be determined by the highest rolled die in a dash through the pond whose deepest point is 4 feet. (1d100 used). If there are any equal then a roll-off will commence between the ones tying in position.

Note: If the dice required is not met and the save not met, then that person has ended their part in the race.

* IF no one completes the course then the one who made it the farthest will receive the Second Prize. The one second closet the third prize. Grand Prize will only be given to one making it all the way through. If more than one, a roll off (1d100) to determine the position of final winners. If more than three, make it all the way through, they will tie the third place. No ties for first nor second.

This idea is copyrighted to Lahoneee owner of Heathfield Castle RP Game.

Good Luck!