Quad-Castle Tribune
Covering Heathfield-Ballicastle-Tyremoor-Innis Daingneach-Thornwyke-Ctesia de Revonia and surrounding areas

Third Issue - January (04)

Lah Barrett Suex   Editors: Rosemary MacNeils

If you have an upcoming event, news of any sort, all are welcome to send in their own tidbits to be added ~ an engagement, wedding, rumor, etc. Send requests/additions to Lahoneee


Association of Nations Treaty

~Written by Honeee

Friendly relations has been set in writing between the castles here and Devonshires. Official document on file. Any citizen of the lands wishing to view the document should get hold of the Queen. Possible others in the future.

~Written by Honeee

Atessa DeBurgh has been given the title of Ambassador for her fine work in relations with other castles. She and Jon McAndrews have been out in the realms establishing contact with other lands in the hopes of establishing friendly rapport.

The War in Thornwyke
~Written by Chaela MacNeil

Eastern movement on the part of Bryke forces indicate the slow but continual onslaught of battle. Allied forces of both Bryke and MacFarlyne draw nearer to the capital city of Reigulad where the armies are sure to meet an incredible foe in the allegiance between drow and duergar.

Ctesia de Revonia
~Written by Caspian Flanagan

Giving the choice of losing one's head and losing one's freedom, most would not have much of a choice, and thus the Island soon became inhabited (and ruled) by the Flanagan Family. With Caspian Drake Flanagan at the helm as the young king, it was soon followed bycousins: Prince Alexander Bryce Flanagan, Prince William Nathaniel Flanagan, and Princess Beverly Marie Flanagan. Soon to follow is Gabriel Andrew Flanagan, who seems to have been delayed due to the death of Skylar Jade Flanagan. Ruling adjacently to Heathfield and the other kingdoms, please, don't hesitate to visit one of the Island's many sights, including the castle itself.

Frasier Plague of Ghosts Dispelled
~Written by Daniel Frasier

Rumors of a ghost around the Frasiers turned out to be true. Not one but two. It was reported there was unusual activity within Falkirk Manor one evening as two ethereal beings caused a ruckus in little Ellyn Frasier's room. By the time the confrontation ended both were gone, all calmed and not seen again. Will this be the end of the Frasier Curse?

Life Around Here

- Darren McCullen and Willow, Braeden Quinn and Shanon Kincaide, Aidan Buchanan and Allison Kincaide.

- Daniel Frasier and Shiloh HahI, Collin McAndrews and Lah Barrett Suex, Joe McAndrews and Kathleen Cleary, Brian McAndrews and Moncha McKenna, Kevin Finnerty and Sobekneferu J'Atar, Draven MacShire and Renae Leroux, Pierre Lafayette and Jo Westerfield.

Courting - Eddie McAndrews and Bethany Kincaide, Jon McAndrews and Atessa DeBurgh, Patrick Frasier and Lucia Carlotti, Serafina Lorenzo and Thomas Douglas, Dacey Monahan and Connor Kavanaugh, Peter O'Neill and Henna Barrett Suex.

Winners of the Winter Solstice Contests

Snow/Ice Sculpting:

Devonshires - Slade - Castles of HF and KD - Winner- 1st Place,  - Heathfield - Willow - Sparrows -Winner- 2nd Place

Gingerbread House:
Heathfield - Julia Traugott -Winner- 1st place prize


Falkirk Downs Racetracks
Making plans for another race as soon as the weather clears.

Anyone wishing to run an event please contact Lahoneee to display a notice.


Help Wanted: Reporters, see Lahoneee


~ Of all the things I've lost in life .... I miss my mind the most ~

Lost - One Santa hat, if found please return to Caspian Flanagan.


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Flowers -
Lisette McTiel Frasier, Ballicastle Commons
Lumber - Jon McAndrews Lumber Mill, Ballicastle
Wines -
Mike McAndrews Vineyards, Heathfield
Wines -
Darren McCullen Vineyards, Ballicastle
Leather, Beef, Horses -
Maurice and Rory, McDonough Ranch Heathfield
Wool, yarn & cloth -
McCormick Sheep Ranch, Heathfield
Wool Mill - Chaela MacNeil, Thornwyke
Cider, Flour, Grains, Apples -
Draven MacShire, Ravanna of Heathfield
Poteen -
Sean DeBurgh, Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire of Heathfield
All kinds of Baked Goods -
Teri's Sweets Shoppe, Ballicastle
Shipping, Trips by Sea -
Rhett Shawnesey Dunshire or Bovee Shipping, Heathfield
Horse Shoeing, Swords, Daggers - Lochlan Kearney Smithy, Ballicastle
- Meadow Kennels, Patrick and Edward McAndrews, Ballicastle
Pottery  - Devon DeWinter, Heathfield
Ship Builders  - Collin McAndrews and Thomas Douglas, Ballicastle
Exotic Imports  - Sobekneferu J'Atar, Ballicastle

"If you believe these - I have lands in Rhydin to sell you"

~One Misfit Santa Kissing Bandit, dubbed Hot Lips, was rumored to be running around during the holidays kissing ladies at random here and in Devonshires ending up with six notches on his belt. Will he return as Cupid?~

~There was a suspicious rumor of the Thistle handyman being missing during the same times Hot Lips struck.~

~How much does the tender Alex of the Thistle know about these rumors? Truths or Lies? ~Inquiring minds~

~Rumors are that the McAndrews men are dropping like hot cakes, only two left - go get 'em ladies!~

~Is the Frasier Ghost is still floating around somewhere? Could he be watching you! Anywhere? Anytime? How about that bath now? ~Inquiring minds~

~ Rumor has it the pirating business is so bad lately that some are moonlighting ... as elves.~

~Another rumor is that one pirate ship was spotted in the ports of Ctesia de Revonia ... with Santa at the helm.~

~It is rumored that a Great Sperm Whale has been spotted, caution should be taken swimming or be impregnated. This includes distant lands from the sighting, even remote islands. It could strike... anywhere!~

~Another rumor is that Sperm Whales migrate any time of the year, but seem more bountiful at Christmas. The great sperm whale has been affectionately named Heath.~

~It is now rumored kidnapped victims don't always want rescuing.~

~Rumor has it the proposal of marriage of one from our lands, shook up the notorious tavern in Rhydin sending many into shock and others to rioting.~

~Can love conquer time? Can past lives make a difference in the present? ~Inquiring minds~

~ Rumor has it if you want a bronco ride see one of the McDonough men.~

~Has one of the Prince Twins fallen for a swarthy female pirate that has shown up? Mysterious intrigue surrounds them. ~Inquiring minds~

~It is rumored that the one of the MacNeils men has become the fantasy lover for many a young lady.~

~Another rumor has it that a certain lady's crocodile has been running around with an inflatable doll.~

~Will the motley crew of teens find themselves in need of a PI? Will trouble continue to follow? ~Inquiring minds~

~Rumor has it that a set of King's men along with a set of Douglas men are on the prowl. The best comes in sets.~

~Another rumor is that a newly arrived spitfire of a woman has been seen in the company of the King's men for devious reasons. Will the walls of Jerico fall?~

~Rumor has it with the up coming Valentine holiday, Cupid has been spotted tuning his bow and sharpening his arrows. Are there any arses left to hit? Will his loin cloth fit? Hot Lips says "No Way!"~

~Rumor has it there is still a single male hit list left, ragged edged but legible. Grab a piece ladies!~

~The rumors of Kings and Queens missing, believed held up in their chambers, will find the new patter of feet sounding this spring.~

~Will the Sparrow be more tufted? ~Inquiring minds~

~First it was the French, then the Germans, followed by the Italians...now rumor has it to close your windows, lock your doors, find shelter for... the Egyptians are coming!~


One known as Black Doom and the one known as Black Beard. Both men are wanted for murder, theft, kidnapping and so much more.



Heathfield Castle
Innis Daingneach