Tuesday April 25th at 9:00 pm est.

Ballicastle Atrium

(aim friendly)

   Each Queen is asked to bring their favorite song to participate in the sing-a-long.  But a special treat was also prepared ... for a McAndrews would never bring together a gathering of friends without ... something special planned for them as well

   Once arriving at Ballicastle, the uniformed guards stationed outside were ready to escort the queens along with their guests to the atrium within.  For now music played in quiet tones by the quartet of musicians as a backdrop inside the dome of glass walls and ceiling.  Protected from the elements, the bluish-purple of wisteria and clematis (yes, even morning glory, so well tended, blossomed at this hour) and the yellow and pink of miniature rose vines laden with fragrance, as well as the large, white, sweet-smelling blooms of the moon flower climbed the interior walls, the sturdy inner lattice, against the inside of the glass.

   Lavender added to the soothing of senses.  Lilies and tulips, daffodils and spiderwort, black-eyed susans and bleeding hearts - these and more - a medley of color, texture and fragrance to pleasure the senses. Ferns and hostas added to the flora filled area which bordered the intricately designed walkway of multi-colored tiles of marble.   A small, man made brook gurgled pleasantly over smooth brown stones, flowing along beside the path. Cushioned high backed chairs and intimate tables of deep cherry had been situated for seating of two or four nearer a platform created out of oak and covered with a carpet of freshly sown moss and draped with clumps of creeping flax.  Each table was provided with a china tea service of floral design to match the decor, according to the number of seats there.  A platter of small finger sandwiches, an assortment of cheese squares, black and green olives and an array of fruits, sliced and ready to sample awaited the guests on their tables.  A sideboard was set to the right of the 'stage', made of the same deep, dark wood as the tables, a contrast of rich color which added to the warmth of welcome and comfort.  Sweets of every possible craving could be found there, beneath domes of crystal.  Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and a sweeter dessert wine held a place of honor on the top level of the sideboard for those who wished to imbibe.  A box set to the side protected imported cigars.  This was, after all, a night to celebrate.  Every possible desire the Queens and their guests might have, would be seen to.