Recent Rumors, Situations and Truths

Maybe it's that time of the year when cabin fever strikes and I've gotten to watch certain players go -out of control- emotionally over a game and situations they caused. Two in point and the one targeted for their character didn't go as planned and because it didn't go as planned the whispering started that it had to be because of another who also roleplayed with this one. So they packed up and left in a huff and severed all ties with the ones they called friends and some left with them because of all the ooc drama they were causing. I do find that ironic but it is one thing to pack up and leave with a - I'll never speak to you again - and another to spread as widely as they can a double edge malicious rumor for their reason.

This rumor was born to save face is what it comes down to. Because a certain player's character happened to be interested in three other characters and moved slowly -- didn't dance to their tune or storyline they got him involved in to make certain they got together by the end of it (fast and furious or orchestrated with that intent) -- all was blamed instead on the other player that writes with them. Yup, had to be their fault, not the one not wishing to get with their character in a relationship so fast. It also (for their benefit only) gave them the excuse to leave in a huff because things didn't go their way. One situation between a set of characters and they abandoned everyone else they had characters with or storylines. High and dry but they were righteous in doing so because they were angry. The crux of it is, in spite of this new rumor -- this particular player does make up their own mind in what they want for their character no matter who doesn't like it.

This particular player and I have an honest open relationship as writing partners. If anything I will state I don't like how something was conducted. It does not mean I hate the other player mentioned doing such to that one but I might well be disappointed in their actions. Actions do speak louder than words. Some documented on the message board in how a storyline was conducted. I've had too many tell me they were not a certain way, played a certain way, only to watch their actions contradict their words. I was asked to give my opinion by this particular player to keep an open communication with them on things going on. No one likes to be the last to know especially when it's on them. I back up what I have to say, there are reasons. This player in turn has told me the same if they didn't like how I went about something and we would talk it out. How it should be and not by foul language, slandering, yelling and screaming at each other. It is only my opinion for I also know this player will do what they want even if I don't like the way something is being done. I also accept that and will not harass the one for it.

I also don't rip into another player if they don't make a committed time to play -- even if they honestly tell me (for they can!) they fell asleep or even forgot. That says a lot in knowing the other that is was RL things and not just assuming they didn't wish to roleplay with me. With all I take care of and committed to, I even forget at times! I have even asked ones to remind me if needed -- for it's not a lack of not wishing to do anything I say yes to. I wont say yes otherwise. Unfortunately not all do this. Too many things are based on assumptions and then slandered around as being fact when in fact they are far from the truth. It is not the end of the world if a player doesn't show for one reason or another, you just reschedule. It is one reason I usually say.. let's try for this date and time. Although, it might be the other case of a player not wanting to write with you if they constantly find excuses not to. That's another matter.

It was suggested to me that I needed a break -- I went over why "I might need a break" and realized that if I took one it would be to get away from the craziness of these other players. To get away from the maliciousness of rumors set into action as a scapegoat for the end results of their own conduct to cover up their mistakes. No. I am having a good time writing the stories I have developed with the mature ones involved in them who are also having a good time. The only not good times have been due to hissy fits by certain other players because they are not getting what they wanted and so try to ruin it on others with this need to be constantly paid attention to by either ooc fits or the way their character is played. Pity remarks or even snide thrown in IMs to various ones. Most of the time saying one thing to one to upset them then the opposite to another. One statement of theirs has to be a lie and the fact this person does lie. The two upsets here recently, both had done this. Some even came back and said you said this -- had twisted that player's words. When the player explained they had not, had said this which meant something different then that other player stopped talking to them. Yes. I am tired of this kind of conduct by anyone.

If a player conducts a storyline they keep changing/twisting to get a certain character with their character and it doesn't happen -- it is because that player made the decision. No one else. Accept it. One on one play in private rooms does not mean a character is getting with your character or that the player is saying they have such interest by agreeing to do this roleplay you requested or even they requested. I know for myself I only use PR if the setting is not one anyone could just walk into. That includes other play not just sexual involvement. This assumption is jealousy's catapult when that character is then played with another under the same conditions (one on one PR). Because I have a character who is a friend of this player's character -- I have become the excuse -- some form of I made them not play with this other player, or that I didn't allow this player to get with the other's character when indeed it was because of what that other player tried -- pushing to even shoving both IC and OOC on that player. Yes, it has made this player feel bad I'm the one that gets blamed and even harassed over it but as I told this player, we know the truth, it is not their fault nor mine other players act the way they do. It is a pity however. I have proof of two other characters we played in two lengthy storylines one on one that were posted on the MB and they never got together. I didn't throw a hissy fit. I didn't pack up my bags and close down Heathfield over it. I didn't even shove that character with someone else or seek another romantic interest to get even.

The truth of the matter is this player will not be pushed into something by another, not them and not me. My character didn't go into a wham bang throw a net over this one's character but has been developing a slow rapport based on friendship that developed over a time longer than the others were even a consideration to explore. They are still friends, it may only be what becomes of it or it may develop into something more but I refused to push him via my character or ooc while others did. I have never thrown a character at another's feet with almost a 'take me I'm yours' attitude and I wont start now. I'm not under the notion if they spend one evening with my character that mine is now in love with yours. Sorry, love doesn't happen that fast although lust does. I had felt like the turtle as two other hares shot forward in what was becoming a race to see who got this other first. I didn't join in the race but I still got blamed as the reason it didn't work in each case. It is either there or not, nothing forced can ever make it so and if it is not they will in the least have a good friendship. I will not make accusations they led me on being they played their character with mine one on one or an SL, throw tantrums ooc on that player, make snide remarks -- in short harass them.

If individuals or groups (so another rumor hinted) are assuming I pull the strings of any player here -- they are either easily swayed by rumors or have some personal gripe themselves either on me or this other player (or players) so will jump on the band wagon to prorogate such trash. It is not going to have this other player and myself end writing with each other when the two of us not only write very well together under all kinds of characters from siblings, to buddies, to couples. We also don't have those problems ooc others seem prone to. Instead of spreading rumors on others it might do well for some to take a good look at themselves and their conduct, if their words and actions match up. Instead of suggesting to another they need a break, maybe it is that player that needs one if you're so caught up in what others are doing that has nothing to do with you. There are also those little sneaky ones that say to one I don't wish to get involved in ooc drama then try to find information using the back door with another player (or players) clueless to their intentions that trusts them only to have them run back to the perpetrator (one asking to find out) to keep it all going. Karma does come back on ones.

Once more this is my opinion whether one agrees with it or not. If you find something reflecting you in what I wrote, there is the old saying about the shoe fitting. I don't like malicious rumors developed as an excuse for the truth and a means to save face at the expense of others. The silver lining in all of these recent events is that the ooc drama ones have moved on from here. They are out there now instead. I've had my say from my side of things that went on. Spring cleaning took care of itself.