Heathfield Castle
Dragon Run Toboggan Race

To be Held
Friday, January 12th, 9:00pm EST

CrystalGoldLake HF
AIM Friendly

All are Invited from Heathfield, Allies and Friends.
Bring your own toboggan or use one courtesy of Heathfield.

Hosted by Douglas and Rhett Shawnesey
No Pre-registration needed. Register the evening of the event.

Toboggan Run

........is off the Crystal Gold Lake up the side of a long hill, clear of trees and brush. The tail of the dragon starts at the top with the Head nearer the Lake which is frozen solid still. There are tents set up, one for food and one for drink for those watching. Stone fire pits offer warmth as well as torches spaced throughout the area to offer plenty of light for this night event.


Example Excerpt Play of the Run

At first the toboggan didn't seem to want to move but he shifted his weight again, pressing forward, and it started up. "I think we need paddles," teasing her as it certainly was sluggish getting started. Words barely out as the hill dipped more they were suddenly taking off at a fast pace. "Whoa!" Came in surprise as he held onto the steering rope to guide it on the path. Snow was falling causing a vertigo with the increased speed.

It was worse looking dead on as one of the curving snow wall was coming up fast, he leaned to the left with a good tug on the rope and they were sideways for a few seconds, daring to go over the top of it before needing to lean to the right with the second one.

 Next they were hitting bumps. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Until rattling his teeth, "weee... miiiiighhht haaaaaveee toooo smooooooth thisssss outtttt." Then pressing his lips together before his teeth jammed into it. Still, it was fun as they were heading for another wall to take them around a curve.

These curves they were airborne a few moments as he leaned even with the toboggan in the air so that they hit the run again in a jolt going left, right, left, right, left, right but that didn't seem to stop them from picking up speed! "yeeeeehawwww," yelled into the air being he had managed to keep them on the run even if more on the edges.

The snow was getting in his eyes as the run went up then down and the head coming up. At first he wondered if it would be enough to get them up as they slowed some. If they didn't they would be going down backwards! "Cm'on!" As if by will alone they made it up the one then hit a dry spot unnoticed that sent the toboggan to spin as it went down the next towards the head. He was doing his best to right it and managed sideways so far. "Lean with me!"

They were down so fast and up again that all was a blur and even going through the snow tunnel that was the head was barely noticed. Icicle teeth along the sides glistened in a streak as they passed. They were literally spit out, airborne again as if they could fly until stopped dead when they hit the mound of snow just before the lake.


A variety of Seafood
Baked Ham
Roasted Turkey
Fried Chicken Strips
Twice baked cheese Potatoes
Thermos of Chicken Soup
Assorted chocolates, chocolate coated strawberries
Thick slices of Buttered Brown Bread
Various Pies and Cakes


Potcheen - both plain and flavored
raspberry, peach, strawberry and cherry
Potcheen Punch (milder)
Ale and Meade
Various Wines


Grand Prize

1,000 Coins along with a New Toboggan and a case of Potcheen

500 Coins or gold plus a New Toboggan

300 Coins or gold plus a case of Potcheen.


~OOC Rules~

1d20 dice used for the first roll, if the qualifying roll for a section is not met a 1d10 dice is used for a save; only one save per section allowed. Those wishing to enter the race and get in the cue, will IM  Douglas Shawnesey that night. Roll of die is done before text entry of action/words so you know what is cast and can role play it accordingly. Be creative. Example text for dice -  //roll-dice1-sides20 (or 10, or 100) or use keyword: dice roller.

One player at a time will do the Toboggan Run. They can have one other person with them for the ride, not rolling dice. They will wait until the host, Rhett Shawnesey tells them to begin, tallies and says for them to continue the next section.

There will be NPC guards along the distance of the run ready to help anyone needing assistance.

First Section:  4+ to manage the bump and down the first slick straight away. If not, your toboggan is not waxed enough and wedges into a side mound of snow. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 4+ to be successful to get detached and through the section.

Second Section:  6+ to manage the first set of embankment turns. One to your left and one to your right. If not made, your sled goes over an embankment or gets stuck into it. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 5+ to be successful in keeping your toboggan from going over or wedged.

Third Section:  8+ to manage the stretch of bumps. Can you take the chattering of teeth or be bounced right off the toboggan? A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 6+ to be successful in staying on the toboggan.

Fourth Section:  12+ to manage fast pace turns leading up to the dragon's head. Six in all and close together. If not made your toboggan spins around and right up and over the embankment. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 7+ to be successful in keeping from getting dizzy and off the run.

Fifth Section: - 14+ to manage the downhill then up stretch bringing you to the dragon's head. If not made then your toboggan slows and goes backwards back down the stretch spilling you out. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 8+ to be successful you barely manage it into the dragon's head but will you have enough speed to get through?

Sixth Section: - 18+ to manage through the head of the dragon. If not made you get caught in the icicle teeth losing speed and dumped down the tongue which is a down and up slope, flipping you over. A 1d10 use for a save, needing a 9+ to be successful. If successful, you manage to knock through the icicles with enough speed to fly through the head and out onto a snowy patch to slow you down at the lake's edge.


In the case of more than one making it to the end, winner will be determined by the highest rolled die in a straight race down another slope to see who gets to the bottom first. (1d100 used). If there are any equal then a roll- off will commence between the ones tying in position.

Note: If the dice required is not met and the save not met, then that person has ended their part in the race.

IF no one completes the course then the one who made it the farthest will receive the Second Prize. The one second closet the third prize.

Good Luck!