Tri-Castle Tribune
Covering Heathfield-Ballicastle-Tyremoor and surrounding areas
Lah Barrett Suex (temporarily for now)
Hiram Jones (HiramTJones) and Rosemary MacNeils
If you have an event coming up, news of any sort, an engagement, wedding, rumor, etc...everyone is welcome to send in their own tidbits to be added. Regular visitors to our lands also.

Second Issue - Tuesday, February 4th

An Heir is Born

The King and Queen of Heathfield proudly announce the birth of their son, Carlton von Rundstedt. Both baby and mother are in excellent health. Long live the King and Queen!

The Blizzard Comes to an End in Ballicastle, Tyremoor and Thornwyke

Just as it started, it ended. The snow and winds died down until only a seasonal snowfall covered most of the lands. While reports of damage are widespread, the number of injuries were dramatically less than expected. All those missing, including Maurice McDonough, Myles MacKeogh, Autumn MacShire and Sarah McDonough, were found safe and unharmed.

Coming Soon, Falkirk Downs Racetracks

A fond farewell to Grace Donnelly as she set out on new adventures.
Thank you for your time and efforts with the Newsletter.

Don't forget Valentine's Day is fast approaching.


Please Welcome
Aisling MacKinnon and Amelia Whitmore
as the newest royal subjects of Heathfield
Aisling will be joining the ranger division under Keera
An herbal shop will be opened up by Amelia in the near future in the Heathfield Commons.

Anyone Interested in a Tournament for Women?
If there is enough interest - up to six contestants, we will run one.
Please send notice of eligibility and interest to Renae Leroux and/or Draven MacShire.

Anyone wishing to run an event please contact Lah Barrett Suex or Lahoneee to display a notice.


Help Wanted: Handyman for the Thornwyke Orphanage. Contact: Rowena Edanswood
Ranger Division of Heathfield is currently seeking applicants. Contact: Keera Albrite


Want to better your business? Place an ad with the newspaper!

Flowers -
Lisette McTiel Frasier, Ballicastle Commons
Lumber - Jon McAndrews Lumber Mill, Ballicastle
Wines -
Mike McAndrews Vineyards, Heathfield
Wines -
Darren McCullen Vineyards, Ballicastle
Leather, Beef, Horses -
Maurice and Rory, McDonough Ranch Heathfield
Wool, yarn & cloth -
McCormick Sheep Ranch, Heathfield
Wool Mill - Chaela MacNeil, Thornwyke
Cider, Flours -
Draven MacShire, Ravanna of Heathfield
Poteen -
Sean DeBurgh, Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire of Heathfield
All kinds of Baked Goods -
Teri's Sweets Shoppe, Ballicastle
Shipping, Trips by Sea -
Rhett Shawnesey of Dunshire or Bovee Shipping, Heathfield
Horse Shoeing, Swords, Daggers - Lochlan Kearney Smithy, Ballicastle
Hand Made Clothing, Herbs -
Grace St Ives, Celtic Gardens Heathfield
Kennels  - Meadow Kennels, Patrick and Edward McAndrews, Ballicastle
Soaps, Sachets, Teas - Cerri Arlin, Heathfield

"If you believe these - I have property in Rhydin to sell you."

"Did the Blizzard deposit more than had been here? Be on the lookout for Aliens."

"Kissing seems to be the rage, beware of the cloaked man with fruit loops lips."

"There is also a rumor of a Kissing King Toad causing damsels to go into denial moaning for Pepe"

"Inquiring minds want to know.....who is Pepe?"

"Friendly lips seem to be the flare, not just in pairs but threesomes, will kissing cousins be next?"

"With snow still blanketing the lands, is spring really here with so many with kissing on their minds?"

"Ration your drinking and breathing, pregnancies are on the rise. Might be due to all the kissing going on."

"Did one MacNeil and a Duke spend a romantic interlude together?"

"Is there a matchmaker on the loose?"

"Maybe there are a few!"

"Were there bugles being played early one morning or was Hiram blowing his nose again?"

"Rumors still spread on Alex and Bertha, or is it really Allan?"

"Will the lands been invaded by puppies? Where have all the huskies gone?"

"Will puppies disguised as warriors man Liam's ships?"

"Are lap meters the new rage in testing out laps?"

"First its lips, now its laps, what will be next?"

"It has been rumored there is a butterfly staying at the Thistle"

Life Around Here

There are new faces about please welcome any whom visit.
Any wandering beyond the boarders, please make sure your escorted. This is for ladies mostly. There have been reported uprisings. Details still forthcoming. Extra guards have been issued for escorting.

Spring is around the corner.


One known as Black Doom, wanted for murder, theft, kidnapping and attempted rape
One known as Black Beard, wanted for murder, theft, kidnapping and attempted rape
One Unknown, wanted for property damage to two printing press windows



  Heathfield Castle
Innis Daingneach