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A (K)night to Remember

Date: 07-14-02
Poster: Lahoneee
Post # 1

Honeee had remained single for a very long time but in due course of the tournament run, one tall, dark and mysterious man did walk into her life. Like a thief in the night and the lure of that dark blue gaze, he had drawn her. It wasn't so much it happened overnight, not at all, for it developed over the course of months upon end. It was more she had fallen in love before she had realized it. No one else really even knew for the longest time....not until they were actually courting did some suspect. Finally she even started to give off little hints for it was hard when males about wished her attention and her heart had been long gone...held by one.

Her history with men, love and marriages, was not a good one by any means. Reasons for their endings varied from being abandoned to even suicide by one with an attempt on her own life, that ran the gauntlet for her in that area. It really wasn't all that out of the ordinary, for the overall record of anyone in these lands....this area was highly unstable. It did tend to make one cynical, bitter, and even wary of any relationship. So, needless to say this came quite unexpectedly when she had just geared herself to taking care of her family, friends and lands. It was this tournament, she so dreaded in having champions at her heels by the request she begrudgingly gave Tomas, that actually gave her a new filled with love. Love was a risk, one she found willing to take again with this man.

Truth be told, when she became single she all but feared being out in public. There was always men around and there always seemed those of her past would show up again miraculously. Such situations always did put a strain on her emotions when one might hope for more than she was able to give anymore. To accept this tournament she made the effort to meet these men that might become a champion (it was always better to know thine enemy!). She had talked to the ones that had been around, a few she never even met other than to watch them spar. Oh yes, she had her ulterior motives, which would be to get her way eventually by testing these men in other ways by her antics. She was an imp by nature and some even called 'brat' in an affectionate way. She didn't have a mean bone in her (unless attacked), it was just the situations she got herself into and others with her.

It was these conversations with the one, that eventually had love growing within their hearts over time. A slow and steady process. She had even given him a token in this developing friendship that he might acquire becoming one of her champions. They had a lot in common and together they healed, friendship coming first, then later more. Perhaps it was that moonlit garden she chanced upon him one restless night, as he held her in his arms and they
talked....that sparked something even more. It was in that same moonlit garden, many months later, he asked to court her. They had kept things private, quiet between them, for various reasons and most had to do with both of their pasts. It wasn't so much hiding their relationship it was more they didn't advertise it. A few close to them knew and saw the changes in the two.

Honeee always had reasons for things she did, even if those reasons were not known by others around her at first (or ever). Three nights prior, she use this impetuous nature of hers to be bold enough to offer this man a new position, a more challenging one. It was also the first time, one managed to turn the tables on her...surprising her instead. She had three days to prepare for one night to remember forever.

   Honeee Barrett
  Queen of Heathfield
(c) copyright 1998, player of Lahoneee - all writings under this character including
Heathfield Castle SL, McAndrews of Ballicastle SL and the Alterian SL.

Date: 07-14-02
Poster: Lahoneee
Post # 2

Lahoneee, KarlvonRundstedt, Andrew J MacNeil, PeterJamesONeill and Sarina Maree

He was there first, awaiting their arrival, as he made sure the guards now only let in his mother and Sir Karl, Peter and Sarina. There were a couple of the clergy in the back....kneeling in prayer he would not disturb. They would be the extra witnesses this night as they were in prayer for their queen and this man they had never met....blessings upon their marriage. The place was quiet and the soft glow of candles gave it just enough light to give it that feel chapels held. There was the light scent of incense to burn...jasmine, and some flowers had been gotten to dress the room up for the occasion.

Ivory silk was her choice for this night as it accented her lithe figure well. Semi low cut front only hinted the top swells as a tear drop diamond nestled between. Sleeves slightly billowed, tied off in ribbons of the same color about every six inches...sporting slits in-between that gave glimpses of her arms beneath when she moved. The skirt was full and flowed down to just an inch from the floor. Hair was woven up in small twists leaving the largest portion to fall down her back...the dress dipping down past her shoulder blades. Just a twine of pearls would show within the weave, no veil was used. She waited
with Karl in that small anti room while Andrew, Peter and Sarina would gathered to the main room.

He was off to the side of Andrew, dressed in the Heathfield colors. Hands rested to his back, folding there as he stood straight, proudly. His sword, given him, was still strapped to his side as it should be. He was pleased, very pleased for his comrade and friend and also that this occasion did befall before he took his own journey home. Such would be in a couple days as passage and all had been made ready. That burnt sienna gaze trained on the door where they would emerge from soon. Silence was something he was use to, and waiting with a honed patience.

Honeee never ceased to steal his breath away and though he had known tonight would be no different, still his heart filled with pride and devotion when he saw the vision that would soon be his wife.  Not once or twice, and surely even more than three times his gaze had swept over her, so loving a stroke it could possible be felt.  His own attire was less formal but in its simplicity, made a statement of its own.  Crisp white shirt, the darkness of well-tailored pants, the black boots but most importantly, the mantle of Heathfield as his colors...and his sword at his side.  His arm lifted to Honeee as he smiled
down to her.  He had sworn his loyalty and life to Heathfield... tonight, with as much conviction, pride and dedication, he would swear before those gathered what he had in his heart for some time...his undying love and devotion to Heathfield's Queen...the Queen of his heart...this woman at his side.

Sarina stood beside Peter in a simple but elegant gown of lavender silk, golden curls left to fall freely down her back. Honored by the Queen's request that she witness her marriage to Karl, she waited patiently, wearing a faint smile, blue eyes resting on the door through which the pair would emerge.

She caught that look and it made her heart pound...causing a touch of that light blush becoming a bride. Ocean blues lifted as her hand came to entwine with his. Stroke of fingers with the motion before they settled into that light clasp, and with the step taken closer so did the softness of her voice come in a whisper. Chapels always had that whisper. "It is time my heart..." That said it all as did that imps smile curl to blossom, lighting up that glimmer to her eyes. She knew now, this was what he wanted reservations on either's part. So...they now moved out into the room to the podium where Andrew stood and where
Peter and Sarina awaited them to share in this memorable moment of their lives....the beginning.

There was a cordial tip of his head coupled with a smile given Sarina when she joined them....before back waiting for the couple of this evening to emerge. He found them doing just that.

"Ah, My Queen...time for me is standing still."  He lifted her hand and pressed a kiss to the top of it before the two of them joined the others in the main chapel. The distance was soon covered, the intensity of that dark gaze settled on Peter...a faint dip of head in gratitude for his comrade, then a smile for Sarina as well before he shifted his gaze to rest on Andrew.  All to follow would be words...for the truth of his devotion to the woman at his side resided in his heart.  Still...with Honeee's hand in his, he bowed briefly in respect to Andrew for his participation in this event.  Karl was honored that the prince would reside over this ceremony.

Her smile warmed at the sight of the couple. The Queen a beautiful sight walking alongside her groom. Hands folded daintily before her, blues followed their progress to the podium and came to rest then on Andrew.

He returned that tip of his head to both, respectfully before taking up his position aside of Karl and a step back.

He was dressed in the MacNeil kilt and tartan of greens and blues. His station as prince denoted in the broach's emblem that held the tartan in place. Piercing blues first alighted on his mother....the love and devotion of a son there in his gaze. Then upon Karl his scrutiny rested, he knew well of him to hold a respect already but he planned to get to the person. Then to Peter and Sarina was the shift of his attention with that slight nod in greeting before he began....

"I've been asked to do something special this evening....the honor to give the wedding vows for my mother with you Sir Karl in the bonds of love expressed between you both in the institute of marriage.....and all that it is meant to be. These legal vows are not to place chains but to express to all your love and devotion to each other."

Looking then upon Karl "Are you Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundestedt and do you desire to be made one with this woman before you in the eyes of your countrymen and the Gods?"

"I am...and with all my heart and soul, I do." Another dip of his head and he looked down to Honeee.

She had smiled up to her son...then to both Peter and Sarina, very pleased. Then to Karl her attention turned as the words were spoken and her gaze lovingly locked with was her heart. Her heart on an upbeat...

A dip of his head in acknowledgment before turning to his mother. "And are you Honeee Barrett? And do you desire to be made one with this man before you in the eyes of your countrymen and the Gods?

Her eyes glistened as she found her voice, still her gaze locked on Karl with a tighter squeeze of his hand. "That I do also...with my whole heart and soul..."

A hint of his smile as he took up the ivory encrusted blessed wedding dagger from the podium. Placing it to Karl's chest as he spoke. "Do you Karl, come here of your own free will to seek the partnership of Honeee, will you love her, honor her, wishing to become one only with her? Will you always strive for her happiness and welfare, her life will you defend before your own? Do you swear this before your countrymen and in the names of the Gods?"

"Until my last breath is drawn and then, even into the afterworld...I swear."  The words spoken he didn't need a cue, but lifted her hand and once more, placed a kiss to seal the vow to her knuckles before lowering his hand slowly. They may be others there with them, but Honeee was his center...she had been his 'center' for some time now.

   Honeee Barrett
  Queen of Heathfield
(c) copyright 1998, player of Lahoneee - all writings under this character including
Heathfield Castle SL, McAndrews of Ballicastle SL and the Alterian SL.

Date: 07-14-02
Poster: Lahoneee
Post # 3

Lahoneee, KarlvonRundstedt, Andrew J MacNeil, PeterJamesONeill and Sarina Maree

"May the dagger plunge into your heart should you not be sincere in all that you say and may the Gods give you the strength to keep your vows." A respectful nod given him before turning and placing the dagger to Honeee's chest. "Do you Honeee, come here of your own free will, to seek the partnership of Karl, will you love him, honor him, wishing to become one only with him? Will you strive for his happiness and welfare, his life will you defend before your own? Do you swear this before your countrymen and in the names of the Gods?"

"As with my own last breath shall this be here and then there, I swear this also." Her words were to him and still just loud enough to be heard before that imps smile touched as her hand squeezed his again.

"May the dagger plunge into your heart should you not be sincere in all that you say and do, and may the Gods give you the strength to keep your vows." Placing the dagger off to the side before addressing them both. "Do you have the rings?" A hand then held palm up to take them.

With that question, Karl's gaze lifted from Honeee to rest on Peter.

He had the ring Karl entrusted him with as he took it now from his breast pocket and placed it in Andrew's hand. A step forward then back taking up his position once more with little interruption. He did send a wink to Karl, he had not forgotten it...or did he take it from his boot or such.

Tears sparkled in her eyes as she watched the exchange of vows, saw and felt the love and devotion they held for one another. With the request for rings her hands unfolded and she stepped forward to present the ring she held to Andrew. Then, with a smile to the Queen and Karl, took her place beside Peter again.

Blessing the rings quietly, he then lifted them to the moon and stars above (symbolically) before handing them to Karl and Honeee. Taking both of their hands within his before he continued....

"As the grass of the fields and the trees of the woods bend together under pressure of the storm, so too must you both bend when the wind blows strong. But know that as quickly as the storm comes, so equally quickly may it leave. Yet will you both stand, strong in each other's love. As you give strength, so will you receive strength. Together you are one, apart you are as nothing. Know that no two people can be exactly alike. No more can any two people fit together perfect in every way. There will be times when it will seem hard to give and to love.

But see then your reflection as in a woodland pool, when the image you see looks sad and angered, then is the time for you to smile and love again. For it is not fire that puts out fire. In
return the image in the pool will smile and love back. So change your anger for love, and tears for joy. It is no weakness to admit a wrong, more it is a sign of strength and learning." Giving their hands a gentle squeeze, he released them before a nod to Karl to place the ring on Honeee's finger. "If you wish to say something, now is the time."

Her hand in his, he slipped the ring partially to her finger, his gaze with hers.  A slender band of gold, dainty in design to compliment Honeee's slender finger and not overpower the grace and elegance of her delicate hand.  The gold band was intricately fashioned with the form of a mighty griffon curled with the formidable dragon, so intimately intertwined that the two became one.  The griffon possessed a stone of onyx for the eye visible, the dragon...a sapphire.  The remainder of the band was inscribed with these words cut with a diamond inlay: Le destin trouve une voie.  The same words were spoken low to the woman he loved.  "Le destin trouve une voie."  Then with the pressure of his own fingertips, the ring slipped over and down fully upon her finger.

Her emotions were running a bit high this night as tears glistened to the corners of her eyes...ocean blues awash in salty tears of happiness. She couldn't drag her gaze from his even if she wanted to...and she didn't. It was his eyes, the windows of his Soul that had always lured her from the very beginning to this mysterious man. She could only hope she had a voice when it came her turn.

A nod then given for Honeee to place the ring on Karl's finger. "If you wish to say something also, now is the time."

The wider, solid band she had made for him was of gold...symbolic purity of their hearts as one. The ring itself is symbolic of the circle, forever, with no
beginning and no end. The symbols that were etched on the outer band were of the Celtic knots...strength and power as the man who stood before her.  Honor, fidelity and loyalty as the champion and much more he had proven to be. The inner band was inscribed with the words *Heart and Soul* She took a deep breath as her fingers now guided it down his. "Like a thief in the night you stole my heart, there to your eyes I drowned in a love I never thought
possible until this mysterious stranger walked into my life and became it. Like the sun that rises at dawn to greet the new day, so shall I rise with you each morning to greet these new ones together. As the sun warms the earth during the day, so shall my heart never wander from yours as we see to our tasks. And as the sun sets at night in its display that yet one more day was seen to in all its shall I lay with you until the end of our days here and the life yet to come."

Once the ring was fully on his finger, his hand turned and captured hers in a fierce hold.  He was never letting her possess, to be possessed...all

Taking up the white satin strip from the podium aside them, he took their hands and bound them at the wrist before looking over them both. "Ever love, help and respect each other in the eyes of your friends, countrymen and the gods. Remember your vows till your last breath. Your souls are now intermingled forever." Lifting their bound wrists up for all to see whom were present. "I give you Karl and Honeee von Rundestedt, man and wife, partners for eternity." Lowering their hands after his words, he leaned in to give his mother a kiss on the cheek before Karl got that clasp of a shoulder. Releasing his hold completely as he stepped back.

He had not taken his gaze from Honeee, even as Andrew bound their wrists.  "I think this, my wife, is where I get to kiss you in front of all these kind folk."  A tug of their wrapped wrists brought her closer and he did just that...for the first time, he could show those as any...that he loved this woman.

He cleared his throat with a slight chuckle as Karl took over, not needing any prompting to kiss his bride.

"Might keep you tied to me for some time to come." Those were whispered as she easily drew did her lips fit to his in a kiss that was proper enough for now, but held the promises of later.

He took in a deep breath, his friend had found his place...he still to find his, but he knew it would always be close. One day too, Karl would stand at his side as his best man. "Congratulations to you both." A clasp of his hand to the back of Karl then a lean in with a kiss to Honeee's cheek before he stood back again...allowing Sarina her turn.

The tears that had shone in her eyes now trickled down her cheeks. Fingers wiped them quickly away. "Congratulations. May the gods watch over you both." Spoken softly from where she stood.

The kiss ended much too quickly with Peter's congratulations taking over.  Karl looked down to his wife for a moment more, then, just as Peter gave that clasp of hand, Karl turned to smile to his friend.  "Peter...a great honor you've offered me here tonight.  I will be ever grateful."  He started to lift his own hand to return that clasp of shoulder, but to do so, he'd drag Honeee along.  So he just dipped his head and shoulders in a bow to the man he considered in more ways than one..the best man.  That dark gaze drifted to Sarina when he straightened.  "We are honored, My Lady, that you shared this evening with us."  Again, that cant of head, that bend of shoulders.  "Thank you."  Then he stood once more.  His gaze returned to Honeee, but his words were meant for her son.  "M'Lord Andrew, if I may have a word or two with you soon?"  Karl meant to steal Honeee away for a few days soon...very soon.

His kiss did linger upon her now warmed lips, her smile blossoming as she looked over her loved ones and friends. "Thank you all for sharing this moment with us and to you my son, for performing the ceremony." She reached over to take a squeeze of Sarina's hand before leaning onto Karl some for the heighten emotions were taking their course.

She returned that gentle squeeze of hand and dipped into a graceful curtsy to Honeee and her new King, her gentle smile offered to them both.

"Of course, I would expect and look forward to such."

"Now, if you all will excuse us...I would like to spend some time...with my wife."  The way she leaned against him had him concerned and he would see her safely tucked his arms, of course.

She was tired at this point, it had been a long few days for her, in all that was happening. "Sarina, I would like to talk with you soon also. If not before we leave for a few days, then when I get back." She actually had something for her she hoped would please her after a conversation with her son and Myles.

"Of course, whenever you wish," bowing her head to her Queen and friend.

"Sarina, I will escort you back with your permission." That sienna gaze on her as he knew that Honeee and Karl would now want time to themselves.

Still bound...and not minding it at all, his fingers curled around Honeee's hand and he moved from the other see her back to her chambers...Their
chambers....and this time...he would escort her through the front entrance and down the corridor.

"Thank you, Peter." A nod of her head and a last smile to the newlyweds.

A nod of his head to all as he was needed back and so in that silent way of his...he was gone.

   Honeee Barrett von Rundstedt
  Queen of Heathfield
(c) copyright 1998, player of Lahoneee - all writings under this character including
Heathfield Castle SL, McAndrews of Ballicastle SL and the Alterian SL.

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