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Date: 06-10-10
Poster: Ailbhe MacNeils
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White World Sovereign

Maggie was alone in the tavern... relatively speaking. Alex and Hazel were almost always around, but neither were in sight at this moment, busy with something or other in the back. It was a quiet evening with a warm damp breeze pressing against the windows, which had been shut to allow Maggie to wash them. With her sleeves pushed up and dark mass of hair pinned back in a messy bun, she dipped a sponge into a bucket full of lemony suds, squeezed it out and continued scrubbing a window pane. Humming to herself all the while, enjoying the task and the peace.

A sudden thunderstorm rolled in. Severe one that lit up the pitch sky like daylight only in a blink before the thunder hit shaking the tavern, rattling the windows and the feel as if one got knocked against on another level. In that black out, light up, then gone again, a man stood in the doorway that one could swear the lighting was right behind him illuminating him there, except he didn't disappear when the lightning did until the next bout. The rains came heavily behind him next as eyes of a unearthly blue took in the familiar place and what was changed about it, including a woman washing the windows. One could wonder if he was even real or one of those images a night like this played tricks upon the mind. His hair like sunlight, his eyes the sky, a tone build under a loose fitted poet's shirt left partially open and the red plaid kilt of the MacNeils clan. Sandals on his feet for the time of year.

Her humming was cut off by that blast of thunder, which had her jumping with a startled sound. In the next moment she was laughing at herself, but it was a bit nervous as that storm seemed almost supernatural for its harshness and suddenness. She ceased washing, peering outside instead through the blackened and water-tossed windows, then a movement out of the corner of her eye had her glancing to the door. She didn't jump this time, but the ghostly image of the man silhouetted by lightning did take her aback. Just for a moment until he stepped inside, proving himself to be flesh and blood. "My goodness, did you bring this storm with you?" She joked on a laugh, for the two had seemed to arrive simultaneously.

There was something majestic about the male yet with an unworldly touch to it. Features remained immobile, pleasant yet stoic at the same time. "It is fashioned on another level as there are things afoot not of the norm. The power of creation is moving its hand on a few things simultaneously." It was these changes that stirred one like Ailbhe to come out and stop here as his first place in seeking out the source or sources of this storm. "Breathe deep, taste the metallic upon the tip of your tongue that doesn't come with any ordinary storm." Which was growing worse as the tavern seemed to become the center beneath it. The rattling and pounding of thunder taking turns with the kind of lightning one wanted to duck and felt like running for cover half bent over. It didn't faze Ailbhe at all, like he could walk with the streaks of lighting nonpulsed.

"...." There was a silence as Maggie regarded the male with well-mannered skepticism. She was a simple girl, or at least, had chosen to lead a simple life... and she was more comfortable dismissing his words with another jest or laugh. Something stopped her from doing either, though. Despite herself she glanced around out the window and there was that strange scent of metal in her nostrils. A chill running down her spine as the entire tavern seemed to tremble and the ground beneath it, a crash of thunder striking her ears. An uneasy laugh parted her lips as she dropped the sponge into the bucket, then lifted it to carry over towards the side door. "Well. I don't know about the power of creation but you're right, it is no ordinary storm..."

"Ease your mind fire hair lass. It comes not for you and you shall remain safe. Those in here shall as well all of the lands the Wards protect. Son of the Great one has seen to that on this parallel universe." Of course she would have no idea what he spoke on but possibly in a way, she might too. Even if not the details in reference. "I am Ailbhe," white world sovereign king as those words naturally followed his name but were not spoken for a change. He felt he had confused her enough and probably would continue doing so no matter for trying not. He was over to the bar to greet Alex who was pleased to see the Alterian ruler again. Much was spoken on and mostly what might reach her ears was 'it has been too long' a time he had not been around.

No, she had no idea what he was talking about, and her blank stare probably said that plainly. The only reply she could come up with was the obvious one, giving her name in return. "I'm Maggie." Watching him go over to greet Alex, she tried to puzzle out his words but gave up with a slight shake of her head. She opened the side door only long enough to dump the contents of the bucket out into the garden, emptying the suds into the dirt. She straightened with the empty bucket in hand, about to turn and go back in but those rolling storm clouds held her transfixed. There was a frisson of fear, or was it excitement that ran down the back of her neck again. A whispering sense of something not of this world, something more... calling to her or demanding to be understood.

He had been talking to Alex, last thought she'd have on him, until she heard the deep timbre of his voice coming low by her ear. "I could show you," as if he could read her thoughts. She would know that Alex knew the man and trusted him but it would mean her trusting him too. If she went by instincts they would say to trust, logic would say be wary he is not one you know and different than any you have met. Certainly there were many that were different but then there were those that were even more different from the different. How different is that?

She jumped again, startled by his sudden voice in her ear, when in the back of her head she'd been hearing him talking with Alex. Blazing blues that seemed to glow luminously for just a moment, flew to Ailbhe. One blink of dark lashes as she looked at him, yes warily. He couldn't possibly know what she was thinking... SHE didn't know what she was thinking, so what was he talking about? "Show me what?"

Perhaps it was something in her eyes that had made him ask, or in this case .. offer. Eyes as blazing blue searched the depths of hers. "Show you something of worlds moved by tremendous forces that humble us in their presence. Forces that some are akin to even when they do not realize it. Do you wish to see, to understand, to learn?"

Once again he had her looking blank, though this time... there was a spark of recognition in her eyes. Covered by that same wariness and confusion of before. A confusion with actually left her helpless for words as she just returned this stranger's gaze. "I... I am of this world," she finally managed to murmur. If Alex could hear he'd probably be shocked to hear brash Maggie stammering for once! "I've no idea what you can mean...."

"Aye, that you are, of this world but there is a part that shines that is not of my world either but of a universal one not found on the physical plane." There was a pause with a slight dip of his head in decision. "Perhaps another time, when you are ready." As much as his perceptions were strong, there was more to learn here and perhaps he'd been wrong. Not something usual for Ailbhe but then, this was not his world but a surrogate one. One he came to cherish as he had his own. It was not good to have her stammering for he felt it was quite alien to her and what he proposed to show her would take her on a very unique trip of the mind and soul.

Now he definitely had her on her guard, for clearly he was able to sense the thing that she usually kept so well hidden. Even from herself. Her features were kept strictly smooth as eyes bounced between his own. She would have laughed it off, turned around and walked off to find some new chore... that is what she should have done and would have, had it not been for a strange magnetic force that kept her rooted to the spot. In the end it was like a sibling poking you in the arm during a long trip... at some point one had to acknowledge it, and it was a sudden pounding behind her temples that decided her. A change which stole over her features as she broke eye contact, only long enough to glance behind him to where Alex stood behind the bar. Then a hand was upon his arm and she pulled Ailbhe right out the side door and outside into the rain. They'd both be soaked in seconds but it was the only safe place to talk. "I do not know who you are or what you know about me. But whatever it is you want to show me..." It was a deep breath she had to draw to banish her brother's voice from her head and continue decisively. "I want to see."

He seemed to go all too easily with her as she dragged him outside, not really dragging one willing and seemed to know something. Certainly he could have stopped her but there was a reason not to. "I cannot say I know you but there are things I recognize. Things I see in your eyes that await a birth, a discovery, by you, by others like me." His words flowed even keel as he drew her over to where a great pine would give them some cover and a bench had been placed in the area behind the tavern. Blond hair was plastered to his face in semi-long ringlets that ran down along the edges and neck. Shirt plastered to his chest became near transparent but Ailbhe didn't seem to mind the heavy rain at all, although better not to be running in their eyes, hence the cover taken. Seating her across form him he took her hands in his. Focus there a moment as she may well feel the surge of power in this man if one was sensitive enough. He took in the vibes coming from her before he proceeded. "I will hold your hands loosely like this. If at any time you wish to return, just squeeze mine. You will not be in any danger of what you see even if it appears you are standing right there as you are right here." That part was the hardest for some to adjust to, those whose third eye was closed, even for some whose were open for most were not open like his. He communicated with his kin on a mental level. They had shared all thoughts as one and built things in the physical world with their minds, his as the center although some others of his kin could do the same.

She followed him out of instinct to seek shelter when she was drawn over to the bench, seating herself. Hardly meeting his eyes as she glanced this way then that, her calm demeanor belied by those nervous gestures. The rain had stuck the thick locks of hair which had escaped the bun against her cheeks, and an absent hand pushed them away, that is until he took her hands and drew her attention back. That rush of power which swept them both then was almost intoxicating... she could nearly feel the blood of her veins running faster as if pulled towards him. It elicited an abbreviated gasp as her fingers tugged reflexively against his. "I might hurt you," blurted out. She knew exactly what she was and what she could do.... that was why she feared.

"You wont hurt me," he knew exactly what he was, a man that transcended the physical, transcended time. "Look into my eyes, it is there for you to see and for me to guide you in showing."

She was still afraid of doing something without meaning to do it... the type of fear that could strangle a person, unless they fought it down. Which she did, beating it back until she could think clearly. And met his eyes as asked. Hers were vibrant, a blue that rivaled the brightest sky and now taking on that subtle glow.

She would find her eyes were not the only ones that glowed in these lands. Not just his but a few others and some that had the same spirits even if their eyes didn't glow. It was that lock that would start their journey and the holding of her hands the guiding. The storm still raged around them but melted into the background. The darkness becoming more pitch before the surreal light of a city stretched before them. Perfect lines, pure radiance of white light. Water a pure blue that sparkled. It was at night, three moons in the sky forming a triangle left their glow on the city and waters below. Silver white danced over the blades of grass that formed the fields, the trees like coins lifting in the breeze to welcome the sweep of mist that was forming.

There was a moment when she hesitated, a moment when she was on the brink of pulling away and saying Never Mind.. but that moment came too late. No time even to ask where they were going before they were whisked away to another world. The present surroundings faded away to make space for a breathtaking vista, illuminated by not one but three moons. It seemed incredibly unreal but also, so beautiful. "Where are we?" Her voice echoed strangely, she wasn't even sure he would be able to hear it in this realm but she tried.

There was song all around them but not of voice but pure octaves. Light and lovely the kind that inspired the soul and mind to do great things. They stood on the curved bridge where the waters ran beneath. Fish of sliver and blue darted through the clear waters. Strange birds, both large and small moved about in the moonlight shadows with the trees. Their call mingled with the others and she might come to realize it was the thoughts of thousands in harmony. She had no real voice here but thoughts conveyed as such with the soothing touch of his voice in thought was upon her mind. "Alteria, which is no more but remains still." As she was seeing for it was alive in him and in his kin that lived. He could show her more of its beauty that was suspended here but there was something he needed to discover as the next he drew her back from being in the middle of the scene. There were fires that leaped from cracks that opened up out of nowhere and a third of the world was devoured, broken away taking lives with it. There were the screams before silenced as if taking a part of your mind and ripping it from your head. That was how it had felt for Ailbhe and the others that survived. A calm followed as death was accepted, something they should never have in a world were there was no aging, no disease. Utopia at its finest. They were sucked into the library of that great white crystal castle that had a rift open up to another, Universal Library.

It was like music but not, something purer and more perfect than music as most knew it. A harmony far more complex than just two notes sung together. She was soaking it in with all its wonder, curious when he spoke...what had happened if this place was 'no more'? The question was answered for her a moment later by the fires and destruction. Murders even, and her horror might transmit to him as they watched it. One which was assuaged when the scene shifted again to something much more soothing, a library. Though one far grander than she'd ever seen before.

In this library there was a window, as closely as one could describe it, that they stood before and it showed creation. The layers of worlds that existed and the various developments. It wasn't so much in technical physical achievements that set one world apart and higher than others but the spiritual achievements that developed at the same rate as the other so all was used to better mankind than to destroy it for power, greed and hatred of fellow beings. He pointed out the world that had been right below theirs that was of such corruption it ate through the dimension to their world, setting it ablaze with its destruction. One world was not alone but a part of an ever greater whole that had its bearings on itself and others in its destruction. There had been hope as she would see in another part, a door that opened up to this world. A man came that befriended the ruler of another world without question and their people were guided through this link. Unfortunate the link collapsed after so many of his people got through. It was here that Ailbhe searched the darkness as there were echoes that called to him that she would hear as well. Not so much voices and words but thoughts that they were trying to find their way through still.

She could have stood at that window a long time, gazing upon the scenes depicted there. It was beautiful, and terrible all at once.... even a world that seemed no less than utopia was vulnerable to the evils of another world. No world was an island... the same links which had destroyed Alteria seemed to also save it in the end. By saving a few Alterians who could keep it alive in their memories. She understood after a time that not everybody had gotten past the threshold, that the door had slammed shut before the migration was complete. There were voices here that pressed against her awareness, snatches of consciousness that seemed to be reaching out. She sought to answer them, to grasp hold of a thought here or there but they were as difficult to hold as water. Are they ghosts? She wondered in that strange not-speaking communication towards Ailbhe.

"No, they are in the abyss, the tears in time corridors between worlds trying to find a door that is open that they can pass through." He spoke the words out loud but obviously he had heard her question. Then it was the other speech inside her head that was emotion based than really words. The feel of anguish of being trapped but things were in motion again that could change that again after over a decades here. For the ones trapped time had ceased to exist, just as it ceased to exist on this mental travel they did. What seemed like near an hour going from the various places was only a few minutes in this physical world they were caught in. It was not good to linger too long for a few reasons he didn't get into but might perhaps in time. There were a lot of things, too many to delve into presently, to clarify. He pulled her back up with him for certainly it might feel like one asleep in the dream world and rising to the conscious world. "The storm is connected to those lost and yet separate."

Maggie absorbed this without verbal reply, but her heart was wrenching as the anguish of the trapped ones became her own. She even looked around as if sight alone might help to find them, and guide them to freedom. She wanted to reach out to them but didn't quite know how, and then everything was becoming distant... the music, the cries, the eerie triple-moon lighting. Becoming further and further away until they were finally back in the 'real' world. Took her a few seconds to settle back into herself as she noticed the bench beneath herself and the rain dripping off the leaves overhead. A few blinks before luminous blues could settle on Ailbhe. "Can't we help those who've been lost? Help them find their way out, somehow?"

"Some things are beyond even my abilities because they are to be for those involved. It is not to question so much but for me to be there now that it seems there will be a door to open again. Their anguish is not of pain but separation and once reunited then all that had been felt on that level will be gone and a deep peace found. I will keep watch," which was not meant by sight but on this other level, "and wait for when it is the right moment." Releasing her hands at this point for the connection was no longer needed. "Shall we have a respite of something to eat and drink?" It was late and sitting outside soaked to the bone, would not fare well for too long.

Yes, she was soaked through and chilled to the bones. Flexing her hands a bit once they were released from his, she nodded slightly to his words, accepting them for what they were. Not much more they could do than that, it seemed. This experience would bear some more thinking but for now... she was cold and with a mind that was spinning. Realizing his suggestion of a meal, she shook her head and stood stiffly. "No, you go ahead, I think I'll just go change." She gave him a smile that was a faint version of her earlier bright smiles, and turned to go inside to change.

Luckily he was not so affected physically in this world as he walked with her back into the tavern. Nothing more was said for there was no need but certainly they were both drawn to inner thoughts for all that transpired this evening. The trip was not just for her but for him to see what was coming too. He collected his drink to stand in front of the hearth. The feel of the low heat given off by the peat had a soothing affect on him physically and mentally.

It was already beginning to feel more like a dream than something actually experienced, but it was one of those dreams that haunted a person with strange feelings throughout the day after. A few quiet words with Alex as she let him know she was going to rest in her rooms a bit. Pausing at the hallway that led back to the staff quarters she watched Ailbhe at the hearth a moment, or rather his turned back. "Thank you.." The only thing she could think of saying. Her chin dipped in a brief nod before she slipped away to the back.



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