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Celtic Gardens

Date: 06-29-10
Poster: Vincent Hamilton
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Strange Happenings

The Celtic Gardens were a place of wonder, a haven of enchantment amidst the busy everyday doings of a prosperous kingdom. It was always a pleasant temperature here, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For those attuned to magic, it all but thrummed in the air, mingling with the sounds of buzzing bees and chirping birds. Every color seemed unnaturally bright, with flowers of fuchsia and canary yellow and violet, and neon green grass as far as the eye could see. Fountains gurgled here and there, and it was on the edge of one of these where the Knight sat. All of the accoutrements of his profession were replaced by the garb of a simple country man, the sort his comrades so loved to jibe. But here, there was nobody to say him wrong. The silence was complete but for the faint whispers that one could catch only if they sat perfectly still for long enough. His fingers idly traced through the cool waters as he let the peace of the place wash over him.

Her travels were never ending and the Lady ranger seemed to prefer this kind of life style. To always be on the move and never settle down for too long a time in a single place. She was of a free spirit, kindred with nature itself.  Her features were unmarred by the journeys traveled, by the battles fought, and by the life lived thus far. In her time, she'd visited many places, some that remained and others that were nothing more of legends and myths to be told at camp fires and bed times. For awhile now she and Finbar had slowly made their way into the new lands known as Heathfield by passersby in their idle talk. While most spoke of the busy and bustling hot spots, it was the whispers of the Celtic Gardens that beckoned her attention and requested her presence, almost all on its own. Of course, Kennocha seem to be drawn to such places naturally. One had to wonder if she had wandered upon these locations, or if she was there for a reason. As she neared closer to the desired destination, she dismounted the white stallion with the kind of grace and well calculated movements that only her type were capable of. Alluring... whether intentionally or not, she allowed those dark cerulean hues to drift idly and take in the serene surroundings. The figure of a lone man however would have her settle her gaze upon him for only a moment. She'd remain quiet and once Finbar was settled, she'd remain so as not to disturb the man's peace... for now at least. She was ever the observant one before allowing herself to initiate things.

It was that kind of night where the humidity was so high, one could stand in place and sweat. The light breeze offered little help in changing that factor. Vincent had gone through the water gauntlet of which he was presently, pleasantly soaked. Hair was still dripping as was the poet's shirt stuck to his skin, forming a second layer. It didn't bother him for it would dry as would the cut off pants he wore. About the only thing dry were his sandals. He had gone looking for his comrades and remembered that Thane had a favoring of the Celtic Gardens and after that episode where Simon had gone there and came back with sparkles on his skin, got it on his too, it was time to take a trip there. The walk was pleasant and not all the far as he could feel the change in the air as if it was electrically charged. Wide belt held the empowered sword he was knighted with and set to his hand alone. Steps slowed as he caught sight of not only his comrade but a lass. Had he interrupted something? A slow grin was on the rise. The only warning of his presence given was the low grunt under his breath.

The man's features were largely obscured by a shock of dark hair, the locks long enough to fall across his brow and eyes. Nonetheless there was a distant cast to his eye, his body in a pose of deep thought. Far away as he was, he ever had an ear tuned to his surroundings, and the presence of another was noted... even if he did not look her way for several seconds. When he finally did look her way, she might get that feeling that he had noticed her the moment she stepped into the place. A blink of surprise was given, however, to see a stranger standing there... and for a moment he could believe the stories of exotic beings walking these gardens. She had that fey look to her, almost as if born of the flowers and trees themselves. Coming to his feet, Thane was just about to find his tongue and address her, which was when Vincent made himself known with that Neanderthal grunt. Now he could only look between the two of them, a bit at a loss. "Vincent... hello." His voice was deep and quiet.

Kennocha continued to walk along the outer edges of the garden for the most part. While her attention was undoubtedly drawn toward the flowers, the trees, and all the other beautiful living things found close by, she could feel the weight of his stare upon her. The kind that seem to be of awe struck perhaps? She did often get odd looks, but it was something she had grown accustomed to over the many years of her life span. Slowly those mysterious hues of dark blue cut to the corners as she glanced to him from over the one shoulder void of fabric or weapon. Long red tresses seem to sway ever so lightly with the soft turn of her head. When the male stood to his feet, she knew he was about to say something and slowly she was turning to face him fully. However, the arrival of another came and those cerulean hues drifted toward him a moment. A slow studying type gaze drifted along his form from head to toe and then back as her chin slightly lifted. It seemed the two knew one another and since she felt she was possibly interrupting something, she'd be the first to speak. "I'll not be long. I only wished to come and admire the beauty that's rumored." This was said to both of course before she grew silent once more and awaited their response or reply.

It was near immediately noticed that the air became dryer here, not the humidity that blanket the rest of the lands. Vincent's hair was a shock, for he had run and rubbed his fingers through it getting the excess moisture out best he could. It left it sticking out every which way it wanted. Usually a man would run his hand over knowing the shock his hair would appear but not Vince, no, he left it that way looking like a dark haired Einstein. "Thane," with a slight dip of his head in respect of his comrade. "I am not intruding?" Glancing from him to the lady, "miss.." pulling at the shirt to get it unstuck from his skin, he did that much for his appearance. Realizing then the lass was on her own and so much for assumptions, he smiled cordially, "you are welcome to stay as long as you wish," eyeing Thane the moment but felt he had no objection unless he wanted to be totally alone. In that case he would have picked a spot none of them would have happen upon. "I am Sir Vincent and this is one of my comrades, Sir Thane. Are you traveling through the lands m'lady?"

"No... no," he swiftly replied, and a bit uncomfortably. He should have known Vincent would imply that something was afoot, as much as his comrades enjoyed baiting him. And that negation would be his only words for now, as he fell into the role of silent observer. With the more outgoing Vincent around, it was a much easier role for Thane to assume. He did incline his head towards the lady when he was introduced, polite to the letter. Dark cobalt eyes flicked along her and then her horse as he reached down to lift the empowered sword by its hilt, where he'd set it on the ground. Now it was buckled about his waist.

That mysterious gaze would continue to travel between the two men as each seem to take their turn in responding in their own little ways be it by voice or gesture. However, a thin red brow arched as it seemed there was plenty to assume at least by one male. That thought alone would have her smirking if for no one else but herself as the idea that came to mind was amusing. When she was told she was welcome to stay for as long as she liked, the redhead would nod and smile. "Thank you, and yes... I tend to find myself on the road quite a bit. It's the life I know and love." she replied before there was a slow gaze upward as she let herself be distracted by a few fireflies. Her smile would grow, and it was the kind of smile that sometimes made people envious of the emotions that normally accompanied such a bright, warm, smile. Those eyes would come to fall upon both men yet again. "My apologies, allow me to introduce myself." she paused a moment and debated on whether to close the distance between herself and them. While she was not armed with man made weapons, she could still pose a threat to certain people. Like those that might be a bit paranoid? Yet, she didn't seem to get that feeling from either man. "My name is Kennocha McGowan, and its a pleasure to meet you both." There was a nod of her head to each of them before her gaze would come to shift between each.

With the heat and humidity it seemed to be a perfect night for a swim. And so it proved to be. Simon had spent a few hours at the lake, enjoying the water. The dampness of his hair would be a sign of where he had been. He was on a search for his comrades-in-arms, first at the castle, training fields, and sparring hall, then at the Thistle. Finally, knowing Thane often sought out the Gardens, he made his way there. He heard voices and followed them, pausing at the sight of his two friends and a strange female.

His hand didn't rest on the hilt of his sword, not in this place anyway. "Welcome to the lands, Kennocha," taking the moment to pronounce it correctly. It was not a usual name. He noticed the Fae look about her for he had met a few others here of kind. Although he hadn't gotten to know them, hadn't gotten too close to any female to know them more than passing. Perhaps he was too particular or trusted more in fate for there to be something outstanding. It didn't, however, stop him from teasing his comrades over an unusually pretty lass and this one qualified there. He caught sight of Simon probably at the same time as he did of them. It was the buzz he felt that drew his attention from Simon to the sheathed empowered sword, "what the.." lifting it up a fraction as light flowed from it a split second only to be dashed away as he shoved it back in completely again. "Simon," moving towards him, "where did find those, ah," lowering his voice, "butterflies." Right. Both knew it.. all three knew he was not talking about butterflies.

In truth Thane was a bit relieved that his comrades had shown up, even if it meant an end to his quiet solitude. It also meant that he would not be on his own to converse with an unfamiliar lady. Put him on the field of battle and he knew just what to do. When it came to conversation, however... he was usually at a loss. Glancing over when Simon appeared, he nodded his greetings to the other Kingsman then quirked a brow towards Vince. His gaze dropped down to his own sword, fingers closing around the hilt that vibrated just slightly... sliding it up out of its sheath only half an inch before shoving it back in. What did this mean? A gaze lingered on Vince and Simon as they talked, before he realized that they were rather leaving the lady out of the loop. His lips quirked in a faint, apologetic smile to Kennocha.

"Again, thank you. Though, I feel as if perhaps I might be.. well, imposing on a meeting of sorts." she offered politely and with a small smile. Her name? No, it wasn't of the usual sort and it was often remembered easily for such.  As for her fair features, was she of the Fae or of the Elven kin? No one would know really unless of course they came to be close friends with the lady ranger. As for the male gender? Well, Kennocha got along with them just fine as long as they didn't give her a reason not to be. For the redhead could be quite the handful, or two, full of trouble as friend, foe or love interest. While there seem to be an awkward silence that fell over them, another male seemed to soon join and to be honest, this made Kennocha wonder if perhaps she had stumbled across an all male populated region, almost of course as she had seen other females along her journey here. That thought brought a self pleasing smile of bemusement to her natural berry colored lips. A nod and warm friendly smile was granted to the third male just as she had given the others. Though, her gaze would fall to each of their weapons as they seemed to have....  sensed something. Her brow arched curiously, but she of course wouldn't question them of it. She after all was the stranger, and well, Kennocha could learn quite a bit by being the observer rather than the interrogator. Things seem to go much more smoothly that way. It was best really, for all...

Butterflies? It took him a moment before he caught on, distracted as he was by the reaction of the sword. "Ah, over toward the fountain, that way." He motioned and gave Vincent a slight smile. "And in reality they found me." He had reason enough to keep things to himself. Interrupting? If they wanted to have a private meeting, they surely wouldn't have been in the Gardens. "I was at the lake, and saw one of the Egyptian lasses. Very exotic. Almost otherworldly."


The Fae blooded (or partially Elven) lass looked about to take flight, maybe it was his hairdo? This was Vincent's first visit here since they came in from Kildare. He tended to spend his time at the spar field, the king's field and the lake. He noted Thane noticing the same when it dawned on him, "I think the crystal cave is near here where they were empowered by the Druid." That made sense to him. He started in the direction where he heard the gurgling water as light played about them in fireflies and something iridescent as if the fauna itself took on light when night befell the lands, lending it as if a moon shown down all the time even when there was no moon at all. "Exotic Egyptians?" turning back around in a heel to face Simon, brows rising, certainly that got his attention.

That did, indeed make sense, that the swords would react to being so close to the place of their birth. He had felt that sensation before, on his visits here... but having three of the swords together in one place, it seemed to be stronger. He was mulling that over when he realized that yet again, Simon and Vince had immersed themselves in conversation and he was standing there, awkwardly quiet alongside the just as quiet Lady. Eyes shifting to her as he cleared his throat and took it upon himself to answer her. "It is no meeting, the presence of all of us here is merely coincidence."

That apologetic smile from Thane hadn't gone unnoticed. She waited at precisely the right moment and time to have her eyes meet his before she gave the softest of nods in an acknowledgment of his apologetic smile. Finbar snorted and normally Kennocha would not have bothered to glance in his direction. However, since they were within new lands, and seemed to be very near something of an enchanting nature, Kennocha cooed soft reassuring words to her four legged friend. "I'm sorry my friend, I did not mean to forget you." The words of course were of her kind, and her tone was soft and melodic. While her normal talking voice was pleasant enough, there seem to be a quality in this language and tone that was drew attention well enough. When Thane spoke up, the ranger looked back to him and nodded. "I was beginning to wonder." she replied in the common tongue. "Have each of you resided here long?" she asked, glancing to each of them in hopes to gain some sort of a reply.

Vincent's turning nearly had Simon running into him and he laughed. "Aye, two of them and two great hulking bodyguards. It seemed that in their homeland, there is a Blessing of the Nile. They decided to do a ritual to bless the Lake. It was quite interesting. I also get the feeling that they sneak away from their guards as often as possible. But the ritual made them seem quite mysterious. And their singing voices were incredible." He was a short distance from Thane and the woman but looked their way. "We're from a sister realm, Kildare, ruled by King Leoric." And back to Vincent. "Do you want to search or talk of the Egyptians?" Suppressing a grin with his question.

Vincent was really trying hard not to be the social one as it usually landed on him to be so. Yet, he didn't want them to come off as rude either. "Where do you hail from, Kennocha," yes, there was an Irish accent there. "I see you remain in one piece, Simon," the laugh coming rugged and deep as certainly Simon got to see the exotic Egyptian ladies, two even, and survived. His eyes were not burned out in his skull by the two guards. Of course he didn't ever expect anything like that to happen but it was an amusing thought in a way. Then back to the lady, as he almost spoke up but bit his tongue instead, leaving it to Thane. Instead, he commented to Simon, "seems you have been quite taken with them. Perhaps I shall have to go to the lake more often and see if I get so lucky." Grinning with that.

Thane's attention was drawn to Kennocha's horse, a fine creature, and he watched her soothe it gently... approving of the way she did so. He drew a breath to answer her query, but Simon beat him to it. As the others bantered back and forth about Egyptian damsels, he glanced back to the lass. "Aye, Kildare is a realm north of here. We serve its King, but business sometimes brings us here." Falling quiet when Vincent asked where she hailed from, and he awaited the answer, though he did remember she had mentioned that she was something of a wanderer.

With the two nearly bumping into one another, it was hard not to chuckle really. She cut her eyes amusingly from them to Thane and then back to Vincent as he posed his own question once Simon had answered hers. "I see.." this said to Simon first before her gaze would shift between Vincent and Thane. "Me? My home is where I make it." she replied with a friendly smile. "The road is my family and Finbar there is my companion." she answered with. Since it seemed the other two were already into conversation of much more appealing subjects, (which she found funny) Kennocha took it upon herself to try and indulge in conversation with the quiet one. "Business brings you here often then, yes?" she then asked as she had picked up the idea that he frequented these gardens often. How has she come to assume this? His body language said it all as he was very relaxed and very at ease here. That wouldn't be the case if this was unfamiliar territory to him.

"Aye, I did, for I kept a respectful distance though I spoke to them. It seems they live in Ballicastle and must travel quite a distance." He shrugged, "I doubt if I'll see them again before we return to Kildare. Then again, there are some fetching lasses there." He gave Vincent a side glance. "Like Jael." And with that, he stepped around Vincent and headed in the direction of the fountain. "We won't be far, Thane!"

He hadn't answered his question, maybe because both notions were enticing to him. He wasn't sure why that of the paranormal drew him but it was tonight and had more and more since they joined up with King Leoric and his twin brother. "The closest is always the best choice," which he was here and there was Fae about. The Egyptians were probably home by now. "I want to meet one of the Sylvan Elves." He should be careful in what he wished, "I hear their beauty is beyond compare, full blooded, their skin shines." Or maybe it was the light in their eyes as well their smile if so graced upon a mortal man. He wondered if Kennocha was related to the traveling bard he heard of that came through the lands recently. Word got around on those visiting even swifter than those about. "Surely you have lands you were born in or originated from?" That reply that never really answered the question always got him. Flashing a smile her way as he was walking backwards, talking to them while following Simon. The fountain was not that far a distance and he seemed to know where to step without faltering. A blink then as he stopped with a glance over his shoulder, "who is Jael?" It would seem Simon was the one getting around with the ladies. "Wait, Jaelysa?" Certainly there was her.

Her lifestyle was quite different from his own... nonetheless he could understand the allure of it. The possibility of starting anew, creating your own life each and every day. Certainly her life afforded plenty of freedoms as well as its own set of hardships, he reflected. A brow lifted briefly at her question as he realized just what she meant. "To this place?" A blue gaze scanned the gardens. "No... this is somewhere I come when I am not occupied with business." Quietly spoken before Simon called out, and he gave his two companions a wry look as they retreated on their little mission. Which left him there with the one called Kennocha. He cleared his throat again, striking about in his mind for a topic of talk. "If you are a wanderer, then, how do you earn your keep?" He had the same thought as Vince, perhaps she was a bard... a common enough occupation for wanderers.


Those dark cerulean blues shifted from Simon, to Vincent as he seem to share a few things aloud with those around him. She knew of whom and what he spoke of, but she'd not volunteer any information so soon after meeting. When he posed his question yet again, just worded it differently, she grinned. "I do... and perhaps one day you shall learn of it." she offered in reply with a bright beaming smile as it seemed to reach those mysterious eyes. Attention would then return to Thane. "No no.. I'm sorry, perhaps I should have worded it better. I meant, does business bring you to Heathfield often?" she asked before answering his question on how she earned her keep. With a smirk, her eyes gestured toward the bow, the quiver of arrows among other tools of her trade. "Surely you have seen or at least heard of rangers." she replied. "Though, I tend to see to quite a few skills rather than just focusing on one." she took a moment to pause before continuing. "I track, hunt, scout. I have been deemed a pathfinder among many other ranger abilities." she added. "Yourself?" The question was then turned on him as a hand lifted to tuck a few of those red strands back behind a dainty looking ear.



Date: 06-29-10
Poster: Vincent Hamilton
Post # 2

"Yes, Jaelysa." He laughed as he answered, stopping to swat Vincent lightly in the head. "You've forgotten our Lady Knight and friend? Tsk. You've been in solitude for too long. It's a good thing we came here." He stopped at the fountain and became quiet. "This place renews one, doesn't it?" Almost reverently spoken. He liked it here, the feeling of peace, and the way it seemed to revitalize energy.

He was quick to reply to Kennocha's saucy retort. "Perhaps I shall, perhaps I'll not but I'll not be losing any sleep over it until," pausing a split second, "perhaps or not.." dashing another quick smile her way in volley. Leaving Thane to her at this point as the fountain was reach. "Have you drank of these waters and what would happen if they are enchanted was well?" He was dipping his hands in to cup the water, bringing it up to splash over his face and neck, hair too which he finally smoothed down some to a wild curl.

Thane had to smile, just a tad as she spoke back to Vincent so smartly. It served his brother-in-arms right. Watching the others venture off, he then turned dark-shadowed blues back to the woman. Not surprisingly, he had misunderstood her question, and reached up to scratch the fine growth of stubble along his chin. "Not very often, no, but on occasion." Not much more of a verbose response, but he fell silent there. Hey... he was trying. Absorbing her words of being a ranger, he did flick a glance to her bow and quiver, "Fine weapons.." murmured as comment. Then onward to answer her question. "I am a Knight. We all are," gesturing to his two companions. "We serve the King and people of Kildare." There was a sense of quiet pride about him, when he made that statement.

She had managed to flash a grin in Vincent's direction, hopefully before he had turned away from her fully. Saucy... how many times had that word alone been used to describe the redhead? She could be just that, but it was all in good fun. Had she meant it in any other way... well, he along with his friends would surely have known the difference as Kennocha would have made sure of it. While she did seem to have quite a few of those enchanting characteristics that Fae and Elves had, she also had those few qualities that were more human and set her apart at times. Was her human bloodline Irish? Scottish? or perhaps a mixture? In time, if she were to frequent these lands and that of Kildare, they along with others could and very likely would learn of these things and more. With his comment, she nodded and smiled. "Thank you, I take pride in my handy work." She replied with a grin as she looked from her things to Thane. When he shared with her that he and his friends were all Knights, well, that would explain the sense of authority and pride she felt. "I'm sure the people of both this land and of your own are very blessed to have such skilled men like yourselves."

"I did drink from it and nothing happened." He gave a slight shrug as he sat on the wall. "Other than the water was cool and refreshing." He glanced around but the Gardens seemed very quiet at the moment. "It could still be enchanted I suppose. Maybe only at certain times." He had heard of other places that were like that. "Perhaps, in time, a place like this will come to exist in Kildare."

"Considering our King is not fully human and part Elf and other Fae bloodline, I'm sure something will manifest soon enough." Second dipping of his hand cupped the water to drink. It was the best water he ever had. Cool and refreshing if that alone was its enchantment he was satisfied. The fountain trickled down from the side of the mountain, layers of rock and tropical type mosses. There was a light in the bottom of the waters that shifted with the constant trickle of water sending out the minute ripples that crisscross over one another. The patterns mesmerizing for a moment before he shook it off. "I'll be right back." Disappearing into the edge of the wooded area for it was held in the palm of the forest's hand in this area. Nature had its calling but soon there was a crashing of branches and a curse to follow in Gaelic, "cac, bualadh cracinn," and cut off again as a splash was heard.

"You made those?" He gave another glance to the tools of her trade, this time with an air being impressed, knowing she had made them with her own hands. It was difficult to craft such things, taking a certain skill and also instinct for how the weapons worked... and while he'd not seen the bow used, of course, it appeared finely crafted indeed. To her latter words, he bowed his head briefly. "I am honored to serve to the best of my abilities." A lapse in their  conversation occurred when that curse came from the woods. He glanced to Simon and then to the bush where Vince had disappeared, but as of yet was not too concerned. His comrades were just as good at getting out of trouble, as they were at getting INTO it.

While Vincent and Simon had moved off a bit away, her hearing was well, impeccable at times really when she was focusing in more closely. The fountain... while she was not of these lands, nor of their own, something about this entire garden spoke to her... not whispering within her ears, but deep down inside. Of course this place and its waters were enchanted. They had to be. Perhaps the waters were slow working, so slow that the changes that could occur, were  likely less noticeable to those of human race alone. Dark Cerulean hues drifted back towards his friends direction before smirking and as she looked back to Thane, she nodded and smiled. "All of them.. yes, but I had help on the quiver." she said with a smile. That smile would soften in understanding with his reply to her comment on knighthood. "I can certainly see that. And it suits you." She thought a moment. "As well as your friends there." A nod of her head in their general direction.

As Vincent headed off into the brush, Simon helped himself to some of the water. It was every bit as refreshing as he remembered. By then, he heard Vincent thrashing about and then the splash of water. Half laughing, he stood and followed to the edge of the woodland. "Vincent? Are you all right?" He felt it best not to go in unless Vincent needed help.

Simon could hear his voice off in the distance, growing further away but presently still clear. "You didn't warn me about that first step.." which in reality the land went uphill that formed the mountain. There was something else at work here as he had slid down a gully with a brook at its base. A very odd brook as it was all lit up under its water. Then the laughing sounds like chimes on the wind to surround him. "I think I found your butter..." and his voice became so distant, it was no longer heard. All went quiet for their ears but certainly Vincent was having an encounter of a different kind.

Like the soft breeze of summer, Leoric seemed to appear from nowhere other than he was standing near Simon as he stood at the edge of the woods. "Unusual night," words quiet but even so they might startle the knight. He should be getting use to it and of his brother Gaidan. There was a shimmer of gold dusting over the king that faded as quickly as he had appeared. Most would figure he stepped out of the woods or from around the fountain of the side unseen.  Thane was noted as piercing blue eyes shifted his way and stalled upon the woman a moment before giving both a cordial nod, then back to Simon as he picked up on Vincent being near too.

Thane regarded the half-elf woman for a long moment. It suits you, she had said. Well, perhaps it did... he had lived in armor for so long, it was only natural that it seemed to fit him well. Even if it was, perhaps a life he wouldn't have chosen for himself. But he said not a word to disillusion the stranger. Instead, whatever else he might have said was stalled by the sudden presence of Leoric. Thane turned towards his liege, shoulders drawing back to have him standing straight and tall before he gave a bow. "My Lord." He spoke with all the respectful tones due his king. Though there was the sense that these men were on familiar terms with their king, as well.

Another glance over the bare shoulder in the direction to which Vincent and Simon had moved off to before she turned her attention back to Thane. "Should we go and find your friend or do you think he is alright? I wouldn't want to leave behind a man that's down..." she jested lightly. However, as she let her hands come to clasp back behind her, she heard the arrival of another and slowly she cut those mysterious dark cerulean hues toward the King to whom these men served. His presence was a commanding one no doubt, but not demanding in such a way that was, well, unwelcomed. No, this one, he was a man with a good heart, she could sense it. Even though she did not serve him or his people, out of respect, hands unclasped, she gave him a bow of her head. Yes, bow... while Kennocha was indeed every bit of the word female, she was a lady ranger and unless she were within some fancy gown, a curtsey was not within her.  The redhead of fair skin, tall, lithe frame was lifting those eyes toward him once more.

He would never grow completely use to the way the King could disappear but at least he didn't jump out of his skin when he heard the King speak. He saluted him with fist to chest, head bowed then lifted again. "Aye, Sire, a very unusual night." He motioned to where Vincent had disappeared. "He spoke of a step, but there is none. Is Vincent all right? His voice has faded." Leoric would know Simon's hearing was sharper than most.

Vincent emerged from the path leading from the fountain to the natural hot spas. Except he had not been that far, it was in the opposite direction he had gone. He was soaked, from head to toe but had this huge smile on his face like one who saw something so spectacular that they were sill absorbing it all. He glowed like the moon itself as he moved, lighting the way from the darkness the path took the further from them, until now. He was covered in some kind of seaweed but it glowed, blues and greens. He didn't even notice the tiny bright little blue flowers that had been strewn in his hair, like each tucked individually by tiny hands. He stood there blinking as he then bowed, some of the seaweed falling from his shoulders along with flowers to rain down.

His was an old soul and he had finally stepped up to his oldest brother as one equal even if different in their abilities. Andrew would always be the most talented, at least in Leo's eyes. But, as the years mounted the more he became like his oldest brother. "I have managed to find you all in one place." Obviously he had come to find them for a reason. "M'lady, have you been this way before?" Something familiar about her and yet not. Old souls were like that were they not? "I am Leoric," though no title was used, bearing would give that away to anyone insightful. He didn't need to answer Simon for Vincent's appearance checked that. "I see you have been initiated, Vincent. It would seem the wee ones like you well." They should like all three of his knights for they were that fine and upstanding. "Your days of ease shall soon be departed and adventure to begin." Cryptic but he was sure they knew what he meant. Coming here with the disappearance of the King of Heathfield to comfort and help his mother was now passed as the King had been returned by one of Andrew's Wards. There was a fight yet to be won but it would be in Kildare it would take place. The lands still unsettled but far more settled than they had been. Anything worthwhile took time and endurance.

After greeting his sire, Thane's attention drifted back to the wood line, where Vincent soon emerged with that huge grin on his face and bedecked in glowing plants. Thane had to chuckle to himself, turning his face aside briefly to do so. He, too had been 'initiated' as Leoric put it, the first time he visited here. He could understand the euphoria that Vince was clearly still feeling. The Knight was quick to sober however when the King addressed them. Glances exchanged between his brothers at arms, his features settling into a look of quiet determination. "We are at your command, Sire," whatever was to come. But then Leoric already knew that. Thane wasn't certain what lay ahead, but the winds had been whispering of change...

Head canted but her eyes remained locked within his own before a warm alluring smile crept across her lips and she gave a soft shake of her head. Those silky red tresses dancing lightly in its wake. "No your highness, for this is the first of my arrival within these lands." she quietly replied in that gentle melodic tone. Old souls were something of a rarity to Kennocha as she had not come across many within these recent times. It was humbling in a sense to do so now. As the men seem to speak among themselves, the lady ranger would grant them their conversation without any hindrance from her. She idly moved over toward the fountain and with her hands upon the ledge of its base, she leaned over to gaze down upon her reflection. A reflection that would seem to have this glow about it. Odd... it could be seen within her reflection but not upon her directly? Finbar snorted again and stamped his front right hoof. A glance up toward him before she spoke to him again in that soothing tone and language. "Rato amin revanthas nesh lye shan ent llie cael llie esta lye n' na." The white stallion seem to lower his head in satisfactory then.

He had been covered with sparkling dust, but at least been saved the flowers but perhaps it had been out of kindness since, of the three, he was more cautious when it came to magic. Still he was relieved to see Vincent unharmed as his attention turned to Leoric after a quick glance at Thane. "When do we leave, Sire?" Truth be told, he would be glad to be back in Kildare though the days manning the outpost were over.

He took to cleaning himself up and if Thane found it humorous, well, it might get even more interesting for what had stolen away to hide on Vincent. "Want any of this?" Deciding it was his to keep and it was as good as or even better than using an oil lamp. Luckily he had an empty pouch he could put the seaweed in but he was not keeping the flowers, those were dusted away to float on the water in the fountain.

Days were numbered but they still had a few. The king was still recovering as well his horsemen. They at least showed their faces upon the king's field. "We will talk on the morrow, a meeting after the practice on the field, in the knight's hall." There was still a lot unknown that needed to be found out so steps would be taken and carefully if it  indeed was the creatures of old that belonged to the Witch of Kildare. "Mmm," sounded under his breath to her reply as druid eyes held but he kept from delving. It was not their way, not their training to invade. It didn't change the fact there was something familiar. "I hope you are enjoying your stay. This is one of the best places in all the lands." But only one of the best, not the best. The best wasn't far from here however. Perhaps he'd take his knights to see it sometime with the permission of his brother. She spoke Elven to her horse, well noted but he said nothing on it. Not many spoke the language, then again they all had their own deviations. Although the Silver Elves held to the same tongue as the Sylvan in these lands. The study in awareness continued but done so  discreetly as was his way. "I would say, hold onto that Vincent, you never know when it may come in handy for what we shall face in the future. Share it with your comrades." He got a split second vision, precognition, that herald his words.

Leoric's words were noted with a nod, his eyes lingering on the King when he got that distant look in his eye. It wouldn't be the first time that Thane felt as if he were witnessing a small prophecy from Leoric.

There was a glance in Vincent's direction... a slow, wide smile would come to grace those lips of hers once more. He looked... fetching. Even in his flowers and seaweed. She smirked before lowering her gaze to the water once more until his Majesty spoke to her once more. Dark cerulean hues lifted as she turned a curious eye in his direction with hearing that small sound of intrigue? She gave a nod of her head to accompany her reply. "Of course your Highness, both people and lands have been very welcoming here. There is a certain... draw to them. It seems to beckon you." She replied with a smile. Kennocha would grow silent once more, allowing the men folk to speak as freely and as long as they wished. For she wasn't one to go delving into the business of others uninvitingly. A hand lifted to tuck a few of those rogue strands of red back behind that dainty ear once more before it lowered and skimmed the water within the fountain, creating the small ripples as it were to which would hold Kennocha's attention for the moment.

"Aye, I'll share some." He watched his companions a moment, then nodded at Leoric. "Then we wait your word anxiously, Sire. And with that in mind, I think it's time for me to retire. Dawn is not so far away." Once again, he saluted his king with fist over heart, though he didn't leave quite yet, but waited to see what his brothers would do.

He offered over a clump to Simon then one to Thane. If it was the king's wishes, well, Leo was more than human which they all came to discover while serving him. They were tested well in dealing with the Jaguar first, then onto Montrose where a battle was fought, more battles with Cottonwood and Swan lake. With each victory it brought the lands closer to peace and a just law for all to live under. He had a feeling, for the rumors he heard, their next encounter would not be on the human level. Something that would need use of their swords. A slight smirk, tipping curl of  his lips turned as he passed Kennocha while she remained at the fountain. The last of the weed was tucked away.

"I need to get back so if you wish to join me Simon?" They could talk on the walk back. He would not make Vincent and Thane feel the need to leave but it was there if they wanted to join him. "Leoric," offering his name without title to the woman. "I am pleased you have been treated well in my mother's lands." That was how it should be unless the visitor showed reasons not to be respectful of them. "Perhaps our paths will cross again but if not, then may the sun be at your back to lighten your path. Aa' menealle nauva calen ar' malta." Giving a slight cordial dip of his head. His attire plain but of well made material. Dark maroon tunic and a light cape, tailor pants and boots lacing up. He too wore one of the 100 Swords of Heathfield. "Vincent, Thane, I will see you tomorrow." He would show Simon another way out that went by the deserted Celtic cottage.

Thane took the plants handed over by Vince, slight smile quirking his lips as he tucked the gift away into his vest pocket. He spoke up in his deep voice after the others, "I think I'll be retiring as well, if I may join you." Pausing to incline his head one final time towards the redheaded lass, "It was a pleasure to meet you. Travel safe."

As Vincent passed by her, she cut her eyes to him playfully before they would return to Leoric. She straightened and her voice would dance across the night air with the reply given. "A pleasure and honor to meet you." This said as she moved a bit closer toward her horse. He was growing impatient. "I am certain they will cross again, as I do look forward to it." The smile would remain for the duration of their conversation as they bid farewell to one another.

"If you wish a bed not under the stars, the Thistle is not far from here but in the least stop in for breaking fast if you are still here when the new day is born." Being his King and his comrades were going, so would he. So he joined them as the lady had her horse to see where she would wont. They were on foot anyway.

A nod of her head was given in return, before the same was then granted to each man. Within a few moments time, she was hoisting herself up with that same grace and well calculated move as her dismount from before. A lift of hand was given before a nod followed in response to Vincent's statements. "Thank you, thank you all. I do hope your night is peaceful and your days rewarding. Until next we meet, safe journey." A click of her tongue and soon rider and horse were slowly moving off.

"Good night," perhaps to the woman mounting her horse but perhaps to the others he knew were about watching them. It had the king smile, eyes glowing for a moment before settled down and he was off with his men by way of another path that would bring them through fields washed in moonlight and the other species of Fae about.

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