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Crystal-Gold Lake

Date: 02-09-11
Poster: Conor Quinn
Post # 41

She let out a squeak as she went running to where he wiped out to help him up. More looking like an owlkin on the move, so she wasn't there too fast. "Are you all right Ciaran?"

"I'm fine." He was laughing now as he stood with her help, and tried to dust himself out. "Bluidy hell! Watch out for those bumps, Conor. They'll ruin your spine!" And then, "Liam you have to try it!" He grinned at Kuwan. "So do you."

Conor watched Kuwan swoop down on Ciaran, just sliding his toboggan back and forth again with the aide of his foot waiting his time to start down.

He was over too in making sure he didn't need to get this brother to the hospital but all of them were well padded for the cold and snow. He waved Conor on as he made sure the toboggan was out of the way.

He jerked off a nod to Liam and eased carefully down, reaching out to stop the movement but ended up plopping down into his seat and the toboggan shot out and started down while he still struggled to gain his seating.  Wobbling and grabbing to gather up the rope to help steer, he hit the bump before he was even ready, veering off to the side but managing to stay in the path. His feet braced to the edges, he let out a hoot of excitement. He saw the embankment approaching and held tight, leaning to try to guide his ride through successfully.

Ciar trudged to the side so he could watch Conor. Slow start but he was sure picking up speed!

Left. Right. The speed of the turns making it all the more of a thrill ride. The cold air bit at his cheeks, his nose, stung his eyes, the large flakes of falling snow almost seemed a blur with the speed.  here...were the bumps. He grit his teeth, set his feet and prepared for the bone jostling that Ciaran had warned about.

"Yes, I will try with the one that does not win the bet?" That would make it even in her mind. She turned to watch Conor come down as he made it through the third section like Ciaran, would he wipe out too?

He nodded, then laughed. "Oh, me aching back." Yes, the bumps shook one up a bit but they weren't too bad. Of course, if you had a tooth that was loose, they might knock it out.

"Are you sure you would be able to go down it again?" She would try it on her own but would probably wipe out in the first section!

"Moooooother oooof...." His voice rattling as much as his skeleton but he didn't finish, having made it through he only set his jaw as the speed had increased enough to yank his cap right off!  He went right past the others, not daring to look their way as the tight curves approached. One. Two. Three. His grip was so tight, his knuckles almost popped out of his gloves. Four. Five. Six. Dizzy with speed and the exhilaration of the ride he let out a yell of such a thrill.  Down, down, down and he started back up towards the Dragon's head. Conor's eyes widened, ohhellyeah!

"Look, he is making it up the hill into the dragon's head!"

Into the head he went...

"Wiry, that one." Giving a low whistle under his breath.. "look he made it all the way through!" Which was not something that happened often although many made it to the head.

"Hoooly hell. I guess he'll be getting back some of his money." He tried to sound mournful but he was laughing too hard. "See his cap anywhere?"

In and out through the icicle teeth! The speed of it all was exhilarating! And as he shot out and into the snowy patch to slow him down, he yelled out one word. "YES!" He stopped just shy of the lake, rolling from his sled to end up not much unlike Ciaran, just laying there a minute or two, allowing his pulse to slow back down just a little. He didn't lay there long though, he scrambled up in the slippery snow and grabbed up the rope of his toboggan, dragging the thing back up towards his cousins and Kuwan.

"Excuse me," which she left the brothers to trudge down to where Conor finally landed. Except she intercepted him as he was headed their way. She had made a decision if Conor won. This would probably be the only kiss she will know of his so she was going to make it a good one. One then to tuck away into her memories as gloved covered hands clasped the front of his coat to draw him down as she lifted up on booted toes. The kiss was hot in comparison to the cold outside as her lips cushioned his, inexperienced as they were, and of peppermint. Natural peppermint as she had collected such twigs and leaves. Searing before the cold would take over again as they parted.

He nodded at Kuwan, then made his way over to pick up Conor's cap and to repair where he had gone off the side of the run. "The lads do a good job, don't they?" He had Conor's winnings in an inner pocket luckily so it wasn't scattered all over the run.

"So how was the run," in spite of his brother not winning, it looked to be challenging. "Darn cold out here."

Conor watched Kuwan come down the hill, pausing in his steps. When she offered over the kiss, he released the toboggan, the thing sliding back down the hill where it had been before. His hand cupped the back of her head, returning the victory kiss, a warmth shared in the cold of the night. She started to pull away, but his hand remained and he kissed her just a moment more. This was his prize, and deep down he knew it was the only way to kiss the lovely Indian lass. His hold eased and their lips parted, the cold air touching his lips where the heat of her touch had left him. He smiled to her. "I'm glad I won, even if Ciaran would have had it otherwise." And perhaps even Kuwan, but win he had, and not only a kiss from Kuwan, but Ciaran's coin! "Let me get my toboggan and I'll go with you back up the hill." He actually slipped, but managed to gain his balance before going completely down on his arse, and skid-scooted down the hill to collect his ride.

Eyes had closed, her breath had caught. She felt dizzy and wonder if she might black out. She didn't, luckily as the kiss was melted in and she was using that grip to keep herself afoot. That second longer seemed an infinity and at least now, when she grew old alone, she would be able to say that she had been kissed. She took a faltering step when he finally eased from her. She could feel the heat in her cheeks and no voice to be found. Luckily one was not needed. When he slipped that was the final straw and she was down on her bottom heading for the lake.

"You're supposed to use a sled for that, Kuwan." He laughed as he glanced their way and saw the lass fall.

"Looks like it is very slippery. I'm surprised either of you stayed on the sleds as long as you had." He had a toboggan and headed for the top. He'd at least give it a run while he was here. Eyeing it from that distance before he was down and pushing off over the little bump.

"She's practicing!" Conor laughed, diving toward her in an awkward, almost loosing his footing sort of way to keep her from sliding all the way down into the half frozen water. He grabbed hold of her, well, practically landed on top of her, and caught her up. He had her tucked to his side, with his toboggan in his hand and started back up, just in time to see Liam heading down!

"I'm surprised we could make it up to the top as slick as everything is." He followed Liam up, staying to the path, and stopped to watch his brother head down.

He was on his way, gaining speed as he came upon the first set of turns. One left, one right before he was heading for the bumps. Ones that made his teeth chatter and he wondered if he'd manage to stay on the sled at all. No wonder his brother wiped out after this part. The sled swung out from under him as he tried to scramble to stay on.

"Wooo, hang on Cousin!" Conor shouted to Liam as he continued to guide Kuwan up the slippery slope.

He did, by the skin of his teeth. Blinded by the scrape of snow as he wasn't even sure where he was headed other than the visual from above. A number of fast turns.

He was near holding his breath as Liam went into the turns. Those bumps had his teeth aching when anyone went through them!

They went by in a blur as he was no longer certain if he was upside or downside and shooting up a hill after dipping down one. He was going through the dragon's head when his vision finally cleared with a blink, icicles hanging that he ducked his head and hoped for the best. One of them snagged his coat, tearing it from the mouth which had him spinning around as he focused his best in just hanging on. He was dumped out like something that went in slow motion to the mound of snow below that cushioned the fall, sled and all.

They came to stand next to Ciaran, watching as Liam finished his run.

She spun out on the water that was solid ice and motion stopped when Conor's body near ended up on her. She had to draw in a quick breath as she was up and tucked to his side just in time to see Liam get spit out of the Dragon's mouth. "He made it far," her voice sounding far away for some reason. A small laugh escaping when she noticed the icicle stuck to his hood.

"You all right there, Liam?" He glanced at his cousin and the lovely lass beside him. "Did better than me." And he was heading for his brother to see if he was unharmed. "Good imitation of a unicorn, Liam."

Except it kind of hung off to the side as he got himself up and dusted off. More to make sure he had all limbs intact. "Aye, it was a rush." Which it was as he finally grinned. "Now I see why it is so talked about."

Conor laughed when he heard Ciaran, nodding to Kuwan's comment. Conor knew he'd be feeling the effects of this ride tomorrow. Just the tightness of muscles from trying to control the toboggan would have him aching to some degree come the morning. but a rush it was...and he'd do it again. He'd do it again anytime.

"Now then," He pulled the icicle from Liam's hood, handing it to him. "Here's a trophy for you." And then he turned toward Conor and Kuwan. "You said you'd ride down with the loser, but are you sure, Kuwan. I didn't make it far at all!" And like Conor, he'd do it again!

"You are not loser, no one is." This was for fun and the ride looked like it was. "I am ready, if you are not too hurt?" His toboggan looked like it was in one piece too.

A thud went to his brother's shoulder, "take her down." Like that was an order and no more fussing about it. Another clasp went to Conor's shoulder, "now I can appreciate the run you did. Congratulations."

"Only me pride is hurt." He laughed as he was thumped on the shoulder, "but first .... " the coins had been put into a pouch and that was handed over to Conor. "And now, down we go again." He might be needing to stay in bed tomorrow morn.

"Darn good one for you too, Liam. Those Shawnesey boys know how to do it right." Conor collected his coins with a nod to Ciaran. Probably all his to begin with anyway!  And he'd just as much probably end up handing it all back to Ciaran the next time they sat at the same card table again.

Then he would have to challenge him to another run down the trail and win it back. So, all in all it would be for the fun of it all.

More than likely they were his! He was over to grab the rope and grinned at Kuwan. "Shall we?"

"Yes," she was at his side and looking at the hill with a wary eye but she would hide any fear she might have. Another thing that was causing her heart to skip beats or so felt.

Once they reached the top, he kept the sled steady so she could sit first. Then he'd be hopping behind her and pushing off with his hands once she was ready. "It's fun." Trying to assure her some.

"Hang on tight, Kuwan!" He called after her, giving a look to Liam.

She scooted in to sit where indicated and held onto whatever was available.

It would be his legs in a moment. "Here we go." And he started pushing to make the toboggan go forward.



Date: 02-09-11
Poster: Conor Quinn
Post # 42

They started right forward, shooting over the bump, through the straight and headed for the first set of curves!

Ciaran was going to have a Kuwan attached to him as she let out a shriek that would wake the dead for twenty miles around. The speed was unexpected but it was the kind of shriek that held a thrilling sound to it.

Ciar might be deaf by the time the run was over, wherever it ended! He was laughing as they made the two turns, coming close to the top of the second but nowhere near going over. Next were those lovely bone-jarring bumps! "Hold on!" Like he had to warn her?

Conor crossed his arms over his chest, watching and listening with a grin.

Words were coming in her native language that Ciaran could only guess at. Ones she would not admit to knowing let alone having said them. He might lose feeling in his legs for the grip she had on them.

He could feel his fingers slipping on the bump but he was laughing at how hard she was holding on and at the sound his teeth was making. He might ask her about those words later. They were familiar even if not exactly like those his mother's tribe spoke. Now they were headed for the series of curves and picking up speed. He didn't bother with a prayer -- it hadn't worked the last time!

Liam imitated Conor as he had come up by his side, crossing his arms over his chest, feet planted solid slightly apart. They both knew the fun they were experiencing.

"Looooooook.....ouuuutttt..." rattled from her lips before she squeezed her eyes shut but then had to open them again.

Uh oh! The curse of the curves got them! They nearly made it but then they were spinning wildly and whoomp! Into the side of the embankment they went, sled and all disappearing in an explosion of snow!

Maybe it was premonition that she had attired herself as she had for the snow could only touch really upon her face for everything else was covered and padded good. She felt the impact and rolled as snow was everywhere, including on her face. Frosted cheeks, lashes and chin, even the tip of her nose had snow coated to it, as she eased up to sit. It was then she started laughing for Ciaran looked about the same.

Conor groaned as the pair disappeared in the explosion of snow. "Ciaran just can't seem to navigate that turn."

Certainly looks that way or maybe by design. Who'd not want to take a tumble with the pretty Native lass even into the snow." Giving a waggle of his brows and more to his brother if he had!

Conor chuckled, he hadn't thought of that. Heck, he probably wouldn't have thought of that at all! He glanced to Liam, nodded, then kept from looking back down the hill to his cousin and the lass that he tumbled.

He wanted to make it the whole way down the bluidy beast! He laughed with Kuwan then struggled to his feet and offered his hand. Luckily, he had left the potcheen in the shed when he got the toboggan or he'd be picking glass out of his arse, stomach or side.

"It is time to go back for a warm drink." Smiling up to Ciaran as he helped her up then swiped way the snow from her face that was already melting.

The cold was starting to seep in as he yanked on the rope to set his sled in motion as he headed over to the shed to store it away.

Conor stood for just a little longer, then with a smile, turned and followed Liam's lead to return his own toboggan to the shed.

"Now that sounds like a good idea." He pulled the toboggan free after helping her up and looked toward Liam and Conor. "Liam agrees it looks like." He headed for the path, not quite up to trying to finish the run. It was slippery in spots, but with a bit of arm waving and sliding, they could make it!

Her footing was more sure than his it seemed as she grabbed onto his coat once or twice to keep him from sliding and probably taking her down with him. Once out of the run the snow made it easier to traverse as she headed with the others to the shed then up to the tavern once all was settled with the toboggans. Nothing much was said on the trek back for concentration was on footing and seeing for the heavier snow. There was a time or two when she couldn't see much further than a foot or two in front of her. It was easier once they reached city streets and lights. "That was scary fun."

Liam was quick to move ahead of them to get the door and hold it once all could go through and not keep it open too long.

"Aye, it was." He was glad to be where it was warm though and as soon as he was off to the side and the door closed, he began peeling off the frozen outwear. Of course, his pants he wouldn't remove but at least they were wool.

Conor filed in after the other two, nodding off his thanks for Liam's door-holding courtesy. "We'll need potcheen and plenty of it, Alex." He called to the bartender, heading straight to the hearth even as he started tugging off his coat. Snow filtered off onto to the floor, but not enough to make a mess.

She was going to need gradual warming up as peeling off her outerwear could come almost painfully slow as she headed straight for the hearth where she could melt.

Once they were in, he was in their wake making sure the door was secure. The bar his destination, "a round of potcheen for the boys. They did well." Grin coming easily to light up dark eyes.

"And Kuwan even attempted the beast of a ride." Conor chuckled, adding that bit for Alex's information. He soaked in the warmth of the fire, just then realizing he had never reclaimed his hat!

Boys. Boys?! He'd have to beat Liam later. Oh wait. Ciaran had that and it was frozen when he joined Conor and Kuwan at the hearth and held it out to his cousin. "Found your hat."

That's why he phrased it that way! Ciar should know by now. He tossed back the first shot, "to the boys and to the pretty lass."

"It was a very eventful night. One to remember." Sliding a glance from Alex as the comment was made to him then back to Conor a moment before slipping away to the dance of flames over the log. "It was very exciting."

His hat! He looked at it, looked at it, reached out and snatched it. "Thanks, Cousin." Conor had thought he had lost it for good! He collected a glass and lifted it in toast. "To facing the beast!" He didn't drink yet. "What are you drinking, Kuwan?"

She finally lowered her hood, showing off the braids that had kept her hair neat beneath. She wasn't ready to take off the coat as she took out the flask that held stronger punch than the usual. "I have some of this still."

"Facing the beast and to a lovely and brave lass." He would drink in a minute. His hands were numb and he was holding them out to the flames to thaw them out.

"I will drink to that," but then there was not much Liam wouldn't drink to! "Now to find meself one to take down the trail."

"Be prepared to lose all feeling in your legs, Liam." He winked at Kuwan to show he was teasing, then he was heading to the bar for a drink. He had collected Conor's hat but forgot the potcheen. Ah, well, someone would claim it.

"I think that is a small price to pay all considering," certainly he would as he sent a wink Kuwan's way. A moment to linger upon her features before he was refilling his and Ciaran's glasses. IF Ciaran was still at the bar with him.

He was!

"No price to pay at all, I would be thinking, but more a reward." Conor had returned to the hearth, standing there, his body needing the warmth of the fire as much as the warmth of the potcheen.

She was still feeling all warm inside as she drank some more of the punch from the flask. Slipping a glance upon Conor as the hint of a smile followed. Just because. Then upon the brothers. "You will warm up faster here in front of the fire."

He just chuckled, then picked up the filled glass and headed for the hearth again. "I'm thinking Liam had warmed up before he came out to the lake."

"Aye, I warmed up while I soaked after the rounds we did today." He didn't drink before a match nor badly the night before. One of the reasons he did so well. He was over to join them at the hearth as well.

"Smart man." Conor joined in with Ciaran's chuckle, drinking down the remainder of the contents of his glass.

"I'm thinking," after he had downed half his glass, "with the weather the way it is, on staying here tonight." It wasn't far to the manor but the wind was blowing harder now and travel wouldn't be easy.

"That sounds good to me too. We can crawl up the steps if needed." More than likely they would get something to eat too, to keep them warmed up and not too influenced by the potcheen.

She had a lot to think on plus she was tired of a sudden. Perhaps it was the worry, the wonder and so on that had filled her head and fed her emotions earlier. "Good night. Thank you for the fun and.." well there was no more for there were no words to add to fill that spot. Her smile warmed before she was headed for the steps once all good nights were said.

"Good night, Kuwan. Rest well." He smiled at her then looked over at the bar. "I wonder what's left in the kitchen." And his stomach rumbled.

"Sleep well, Kuwan...." He watched as she made her way to the steps. "I think I'll be staying here tonight too." He added, just because the trip back to the shop would be far too long...he nodded to the suggestion of a kitchen raid. Was Hazel back there to have at them if they did?

"Good night, good to see you again too." Quick smile as the mention of food had his stomach react near in harmony with his brother's. "I think we should find out."

This late, Hazel likely would feed them right in the kitchen. And join them. Maybe Alex too. Besides, there was only one way to find out.


Conor wasn't leading the way though!

Liam would, he was the brave one, or the crazed one, but he was wearing his best charming smile.

They could wait a few moments to see if there was any crashes or Liam came running out. He glanced at Alex to see what his reaction was.

Actually they would hear silence or what seemed to be before laughter followed.

Well, then, he glanced at Conor and grinned and followed Liam into the kitchen. Sounded like Hazel was in a good mood!

Conor clapped his hands together and followed in after Ciaran. It was time to eeeeeeaaaaat! To the victor goes the spoils...or in this case...the goods!

Hazel was a sweetheart, one only needed to bring it out in her. Sincere compliments went a long way and certainly they were sincere about her cooking and three hungry frozen men to fill up.



Date: 03-29-11
Poster: Tykir Riktafir
Post # 43

It was a fine day, compared to most, and an excellent excuse to skip his studies to slip away to the lake.  He'd hear about it later, but some things were just worth the hassle of reprimand, even punishment.  Although, he did feel his mother would understand the need to be out of doors rather than socked away in some room with his nose stuffed in a book when the air was fresh and, though with a hint of cool, too pleasant to not enjoy. 

A prefect day not to resist that urge and Molly hadn't after finishing the stocking she had been set to do.  Once the chores were done, the day was hers.  She had stopped at the Thistle briefly and was making her way down the path with a basket that held a few sandwiches, a bottle of cider and cookies.  There would be more days in the weeks to come that would be prefect for stealing away, but the first ones were always the best. She grinned when she saw someone else had the same idea and gave a call out.  "Tykir! Hello!"

He recognized that voice immediately, and his heart actually reacted in his chest.  An odd feeling, which almost caused him to gasp with surprise.  What the heck?  He turned, throwing up a hand to start his hello.  "Molly!"  He called back, starting in her direction to help her with her basket.  "How alike do we think? Except I wasn't smart enough to grab a basket of ..."  And as he spoke the last, he eased the weight of her burden from her arm, peering down into it even though it was covered and revealed nothing to him.  "...something."  He laughed, looking back up to her.  Tykir was so suave, was he not?

Tykir was prefect just the way he was and she wouldn't have him change one bit.  "It's not so much smart as survival."  She smiled as he took the basket.  "I didn't want to have to go all the way back because I was hungry.  There's sandwiches, and cookies and cider, though if you want something stronger, I think there's always potcheen in the shed."  She gave him a little bump with her hip. "And we think a lot alike sometimes.  How'd you manage to get away?"
  From everyone!

His smile grew by fractions with each addition to the list she made.  Including that hip-motion that spread his grin full.  "How? Well, I just told them I had a lovely lass to meet, who couldn't be kept waiting, since she was bringing sandwiches, and cookies and cider."  It was rather difficult for him to take his gaze from her, so, what was that about too?  In fact, his head started to turn even as his eyes remained, and finally chose to catch up.  He might need to see a doctor, something weird was going on.  Maybe he had some kind of nerve malady since going to Kildare.  Funny thing was, he didn't mind much at all.  "Where do you want this?  That table? I think the ground is a bit too cold still to enjoy just sprawling out there."

Lovely? Her?  She actually felt her cheeks turning pink which had her wondering what was going on too!  Molly never blushed!  Well, hardly ever.  She smiled almost shyly but it wasn't a bad feeling and so she ignored it.  "I think  the table will be a good place.     I didn't think about sitting."  And that had her giggling. "See, if takes both of us to get things right."  And as they neared the table, she sat on one of the benches. "I can't wait until it's warm enough to go swimming."  Even if the water was always cold.  And she took that time to watch Tykir now, head tipping just a touch.

He strolled on over to the table with her, standing still, as he placed the basket on the surface and tossed back the cover to begin taking out the goodies from within.   One little. Two little. Yum. Yum. Yum.  "And then we'll be complaining about the heat.  But I always enjoy winter the I'm looking forward to the chance to dive in there again too."  Glasses...filled.  One for each of them.

"I like all the seasons, but I do hide from the cold."  She picked up one of the glasses and smiled at him again. "What else do you like?  Or don't?"  She turned so she could face him fully. "Besides exploring, adventures, and flying."  Flying.  Now there was something she'd never be able to do.  And she couldn't help herself.  She reached out a touched one of his wings, then pulled back. "Sorry. I should have asked."

"You were already asking something else." He laughed, cutting a look over his shoulder to one the wing tucked tight on his right side.  "I like meeting up with friends, but then, that usually leads to exploring and adventure."  He slanted a look Molly's way, twitching that wing so that the feathers ruffled in a ripple of movement, grinning as he did while he watched her expression.  "And I don't like getting caught at meeting up with friends, especially when in the midst of that exploring or adventure."

Oh, that was amazing! she laughed then grinned and nodded.  "That's the best kind of adventures, the ones that don't get interrupted.  I like how your wings look in the sunlight. "  She motioned toward the sandwiches, "go ahead and help yourself.   Roof adventures and heading off to Kildare."  She made a face, wrinkling her nose. "I would think having the Four Horsemen around," especially one certain one, "makes it hard to get away sometimes."  And not be able to hide!   The look changed to an impish one. "I wonder if they can find people in shadows." Yes, she might be plotting but that would come later.  Right now, she was enjoying just sitting and talking while the sun warmed them and the air smelled of spring.  What could be better?

"I don't know, though I think that de Beauvais uses energy fields to he probably could.  And Peter's knight, Aiden, he does these really amazing things with shadows, so he probably could.  And Cairns..."  He reached for a sandwich, his enthusiasm growing with each warrior mentioned.  "He's an Earth Elemental, so I don't know, but probably he'd be feeling something, haven't really thought about it, but probably, right?"   He didn't even begin to explain the lengths he had to go through to 'escape' the confines of the castle.  And still, he knew deep down that if any, especially the Four, wanted to know where he was, he would be found out no matter what Tykir attempted to do.  He was given free rein, so even his most daring flights from the castle, were probably just to make him feel like he had some control of his life.  He took a bite of his sandwich, chewed rather quickly, then motioned to her with it as he swallowed.  "What about you, Molly.  What do you like?  I mean, what do you like to do?  Not like your favorite color, although, I wouldn't mind knowing your favorite color, but ..."  Another bite.  Chewing.  Shutting up.

Poor Tykir. It would be a pain to escape and a challenge at the same time.  "I didn't know Sir Aiden used shadows like that.  My brother is teaching me to use them to uh...  travel through but that's all I can do so far." Probably all she would ever do.  She tucked her hair behind a delicately pointed ear and looked thoughtful. "My favorite color is that soft kind of green that the ocean looks like sometimes.  I like blue too."  She gave him another impish look. "And I like to go exploring too, especially here.  I can't believe all the places there are.   And meeting people know that I'm not as shy as I was.  And, I like to do archery and sketch."  She realized she was going on and on and took a bite of the sandwich with another grin after she muttered something else.

The need to break free from family had been to overpowering to ignore.  To find others to speak was all consuming, and to find out information about the zoo, the royal museums, and what peepers were exactly, had filled this young woman's mind.  So why not return to the lake and see if she could find out what they were?  Or if they were a they, and not an it?  Myrina had to snicker at her foolish thoughts turning to see Hermes, the Irish wolfhound, run with her.  She was amazed at times how the pup ran with such large feet.  Blonde hair flew out behind her, as kid boots tore up the ground in her haste to beat Hermes to the lake.  Dressed as a boy in brown pants, and black, cotton shirt of her brothers, aided in her race against the animal.   "Beat you.." Needless to say, the pup stumbled more then it ran, and Myrina to laugh more then she tried to outrace him.

Well, he was chewing and he missed that mutter, blast it all.  But he enjoyed knowing the rest in fact, one part of it had brows shooting up.  "You shadow walk, Molly....daaaaaang. "  Now THAT was impressive.  Tykir had found out a rather interesting fact about himself when fighting in Kildare, but it was NOTHING compared to shifting through shadows.  "That would come in handy during adventures."  The commotion coming from the trees drew his gaze.  Looked like the lake was the place to be on such a fine day.  "You should come to the castle sometime, Mol.  We could go to the archery field together.  Maybe even grab de Vimeure to show us a thing or two."  Like that would happen, but if there was a way, Tykir would make it so.

"Learning."  She would like to hear that fact though!  For a moment she looked at him, then smiled to herself while she listened.  "I'd like that a lot, Tykir."  A glance toward the noise had her laughing. "Sounds like more company. I know you do well in archery too because of what you did in Kildare.  And I'd like to meet the Horsemen." Well, she was a little afraid of Vincent but she wouldn't show it!

Myrina smiled as familiar faces came into view.  Playfully swatting down Hermes as he tried to chew at the hem of her cotton shirt.  "Good afternoon!" Called out warmly, and perhaps even out of breath.  Bloody pup!

Heck! HE was a little afraid of Vincent! And he oft times showed it just by staying clear of the Dragon.  "Then we'll just have to do it."  So said Tykir, so it would be!  Right.  Mmmhmm.  "Hello to you, Myrina Valentina!"  Yep.
  Always the two together, because it just had a ring to it that Tykir couldn't resist.  "You're keeping interesting company."  He made a kissy sound like one would do a dog, although, no doubt, the wolf-pup might find it offense to be associated with a 'lesser' breed.   He set his sandwich aside, leaning foward and patting his knees to invite the animal over, even as he called out to Myrina.  "Glad to see you escaped your prison."  He looked up from the dog over to her.  "Or have you been given a pardon."  Because, after all, Tykir would know what it was like to have to make good an escape to get to venture out.  Or at least he thought it was an escape.  He was still inwardly excited about that whole shadow-shifting-walking-traveling thing.  Far cooler than flying!

She would show him though she couldn't promise they'd turn up in the right place.  She laughed as she watched the pup then smiled warmly at Myrina.  Her name did have a ring to it!  "You have a pretty name. Come and join us. We've sandwiches and cookies, and cider." And glasses that were from the Thistle. The old ones of course because Hazel know how teens were.

Hermes galloped, yes galloped to Tykir.  Wanting a new set of hands to pet him, he let his tongue hand out, and panted to sit pretty next to Tykir.  "Hello to you Tykir " She waved to the familiar face.."To you too Molly.." Warm smile and shake of her head as she watched Hermes leave her side.  "He is such a traitor.. and thank you Molly..  I love your name too"  She soon was close enough to slow her steps and enjoy the outdoors.  "I escaped.. " Which would explain to all.  Her sister had no clue she was out of the house.

Join the escape the house club!  "I'm glad you did."  Nod. Wink.  He reached over and tore off a portion of his sandwich, offering it to the pup.  "You are a handsome one.  Yes you are." Crap! He almost lost his fingers!  But that was okay, he had five more.  He rubbed on the animals head as he looked between the girls.

"Hermes be nice.  Or Tykir and Molly will drown you" Spoken in humor of course.  She eased where they were, combing fingers thru hair to bring it to some semblance of order. "Molly, what are peepers?"  Why not try to get one question out of the way!

She had to finish chewing but it didn't take long since she was half way done.  "He's so adorable." She scratched the pup's ears while her gaze switched to Myrina. "Peepers are little frogs that start to sing when the nights get a touch warmer. They're one of the sure signs of spring, like crocus."  And one she liked to fall asleep to.

"Like bull frogs?" She eased Indian style upon the ground, looking to the gray pup with a grin.  "My brother said they make low sounds, and when they are quiet it means a snake is coming on them." Must be something in colonies for she had never heard a bull frog. "Peepers are frogs.. " She smiled and looked to Molly, she was the lucky one to aide Myrina this day? "And a buffalo?"
  She could not wait for spring!

"I've only heard peepers here, but Lorcan, one of my extended family, says they're in the colonies too.  They're really small compared to bullfrogs though and hard to catch."  

"No matter how old I get, I will love to catch wild life, only to visit and then let go." Like fire flies she had found in Spain.  She was enjoying this, and enjoying the information she was getting.  "Are they many?"

"Tons of them.  they get loud because there are so many."   Buffalo. That would be harder to explain. "They're a big animal, kind of like a cow, from the colonies too.   They have horns, and a heavy hide and roam the plains." She curled a strand of hair around a finger as she thought. "They might have a couple in the zoo.  Usually they get young animals and raise them. I should remember if they do...  "   But she couldn't!

"I was told about the zoo, and cannot wait to see what all is there."  So the buffalo was  huge, and scary sounding. She would be happy not to see one of those!  "And also, hmmm..  I was told about the royal library, the gardens and also the museum.. so much to see, and not knowing where to go"  Chuckle as she viewed a rabbit jumping by.. "They look like water buffalo then?" She had seen those when she was in Tibet with Erastos.

"Lots more hair.  And I think they have shorter horns.  I'm not sure why they call them buffalo."  She glanced at Tykir who was happily spoiling Hermes, then grinned. "You should start with the Celtic Gardens.  It's always summer there and there's flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds year around.  Even nightingales at night.  It's one of my favorite places to hide."  Because there were so many places to hide!

"What are Celtic Gardens? " She was curious for she had never met a Celt, well maybe one, but didn't know for sure.  "Is that a special garden with different flowers or such?"  She had answered her question and Myrina smiled.."All year long there are flowers and such?" Magical. She knew it.. this land was not only filled with love and kindness, but a special magic that made her feel safe. "I love to find more places to hide. Family can be annoying at times." Not spoken in hate, but love.

"It's what they call them.  They're away from the city, on the road that heads toward the mountains.  A good hike but not bad if you have a wagon or horse.  Or don't mind the walk, though it's not much further in distance than the lake is.  Everyone says if you're very quiet, you might hear the fairies or see them by one of the fountains there." She grinned happily at the thought. "Maybe even have a wish granted if they like you." 

"I love to walk. " Wouldn't mention she couldn't have a horse, mule, or carriage.  "And it might be fun to find it, if I am allowed."  Warm was the smile that curled about her lips, almost picturing the thought of traveling to such a beautiful place.  "Fairies?  Real Fairies?" Lids widen in shock, nay not shock.  Surprise!


"Aye, that's what everyone says," everyone being her extended family in this case. "You can always borrow a horse from the Thistle here too.  Rory McDonough keeps some here for folks."  She had to think for a moment then turned and pointed in the general direction.  "When you come out of Heathfield, instead of taking the road to the lake, you start on the one that leads to the hospital. It branches off and there might be signs."  Sitting back down, she laughed.  "Or the guard who patrol the roads could point you in the right direction."  She had asked for directions a few times.

Borrow a horse without her family knowing?  She was enjoying this conversation more and more.  "That would be wonderful" Full attention lay on Molly, who was her gold of information this day. "There are many guards that could help aide me?" Myrina turned her gaze toward the direction in which Molly was pointing. Not that she would need them, she could keep going in the direction she thought Molly spoke of, until she found it.  If fate allowed it.


Since Tykir knew of every place they talked of, he just glanced at them on occasion, but for the most part was rubbing and rolling around with the wolf pup.

"They patrol the roads regularly.  Even in winter.  Once you reach the borders of Ballicastle, they have their own. Tyremoor lands are a bit wilder but Kildare would be the worse."  Of course, they were beyond Tyremoor and Ballicastle. 

"Ballicastle, Tyremoor?" She had heard of Kildare from Anthea's writings, but how much did she really know? Nothing?  "And Kildare?  They are all lands near here?  Goodness, takes a life time to learn all the rich history here." Spoken in awe.



Date: 03-29-11
Poster: Tykir Riktafir 
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"Kildare would be off limits for now."  Although all was peaceful there now, it was still wild, and his brothers would have their hands full setting the lands to rights.  "Besides, there's plenty to see here."

Tykir had her jump when he spoke.

If he saw that, it probably would have made him chuckle. But he didn't, he was rather distracted with the pup after all.

She giggled when Myrina jumped then nodded.  "Ballicastle is where the McAndrews and Ellyn come from.   Tyremoor is ruled by the Douglas family."  She was actually reciting what she had read!  And Tykir was the expert on Kildare as far as she was concerned.

Tykir was actually the expert on all of the lands.  It had been drilled into his very being from the day he was old enough to be  ... well ... drilled!

"Of course.  I should learn of Heathfield before leaning of lands in which I do not live." Or was she wrong. With a smile she watched Hermes slowly fall asleep.  Silly puppy.  "Oh.." She turned to Molly with a smile.."I met one from there.. A Rick I believe.. and his friend who wore the prettiest skirts.  Ath..Ath.." She had forgotten, and smiled warmly with eyes to close so she could remember.

And of course that included the other lands!  "Have you ever been to Innis uh...   King Peter's island?"  She usually slaughtered the name.  And she couldn't help Myrina because she didn't know who she meant.

"Rick McAndrews..."  Tykir was sitting on the ground (no matter what he had said to Molly) stroking the thick pelt of the pup as he listened to the girls.

"They were very nice.  As well as Kuwan and her clan brother, Delsey.. and Charlie I met. " She shut up sounding silly as she counted off those she had met, wanting to meet and see so much more.

"Yea, I usually just say Innis." Tykir chuckled, the island's full name was a tongue twister to be sure.  "And no, I actually haven't.  Maybe that should be something we all do soon."  With the weather getting nicer, a trip to the island might be a great adventure. Myrina actually didn't sound silly naming off who she knew.  Tykir was of royal blood.   Names were of great importance to him.

Another King?  Her attention was on Molly now.

"I'm glad I'm not the only one!"  She laughed and leaned to poke his side.  "You're going to have a cold backside."  She nearly tipped over and laughed, then nodded.  "King Peter is one of King Karl's closest friends if I have that right?"  A questioning look given to Tykir.  "I think he was even there when the King and Queen met."  How would they know who she met if she didn't give names. "You've met more people than I have and I've lived here a few years."

Tykir tried not to flinch with the poke, he didn't succeed.   Molly wouldn't know he didn't catch cold but that was okay, he appreciated her comment anyway.   Since she looked to him with a question in her eyes, Tykir spoke up.

"King Peter is King of..." She forgot the land, but tried.  "Innes?"  She smiled at the information flowing within her mind so quickly, and wanting it.  "King Karl is Queen Lahoneee's husband."  Bright smile.. "Sir Bannon, a knight I met.. is from the same lands as King Karl?"  Had she remembered right what Bannon had told her?

"They were both my mother's champions, having won the titles through several tournaments.  Peter had won, Karl a close second."  With the mention of Bannon, Tykir smiled, dipping his head.

Bannon had been so nice to Myrina.  One that got her the desire to climb trees!

"He is, Bannon is, that is from the same lands as Karl and Vincent."  Yes, Tykir was on a first name basis with them both, but he hadn't realized he had spoken so freely.

It was more a tickle poke than a hard or sharp poke. She didn't want to leave bruises!   She gave Tykir a grin, wondering how it would be to live in the castle, for about the millionth time!  But she liked the freedom she did have.   "Does King Karl have an accent?"   She laughed suddenly as she and Myrina began talking at the same time.

She smiled at Tykir's words, forgetting for a moment who his mother was.  "Lud.. Lu.." She groaned due to her forgetfulness.  Vincent she had not met, nor the King.  But Bannon she had.  "Also, your sister, who I enjoyed meeting."

He chuckled.  "Are you getting all this, Myrina Valentina?  There will be a test later."   How many times had Tykir been tested on his history, although Karl and Peter and the Four Horseman and Bannon were not part of it.

"Aye Aye.. Teacher.." She saluted them both with a grin.  Test her? She would fail! Myrina was enjoying herself.  And loved spending time with Molly and Tykir.  She was learning a lot!

"An accent?"  Tykir had to think on that.  He hadn't noticed one, but he did notice that the Four each held a faint accent as to their homelands.  And Tykir also remembered hearing the Black Griffon spew out all sorts of languages when they went to the tournament overseas.  Way back when Karl was just his mother's champion.  Every man who approached, the king had addressed in that man's tongue.  "No, Molly, I don't believe he does."  No accent.  And probably trained to be so.

Myrina drew her knees up against her chest, hugging them with slender arms and attention given to both as they spoke.

He nodded to Myrina. "I believe you're trying to remember Luneberg?  Where Sir Bannon is from."

"My apologies, I had forgotten." Warm smile.  And this time she would remember.  Luneberg.  "Thank you."

And the longer Myrina could go without meeting Vincent, probably was the best.

Bannon had a bit of one when he forgot.  She hopped up onto the table and stood there a moment, putting her arms out to the side as she tipped her head up to the sun.  "I think where we are is the best place to be."  Much better than where she had spend much of her younger days

"No need to apologize, you've been soaking in a good bit of information already."  He continued to stroke the pup.

Anything scary.  Myrina tends to stay away from!
  She was content to listen to them speak.  It was interesting to listen to their words, and some of the history and land marks. 

Tykir looked around too, letting his gaze return to Myrina and then linger on Molly.  "I do believe you're right."

Molly was very wise.  Myrina was enjoying it here and now, with the open air around them, and no restrictions.  Or so she felt.

"So, Myrina you know the names of all the princes and princesses of Heathfield?"  And the test began.  He grinned at Molly.  "How about you?"

"You'll remember it and best of all, there are books in the library with the history of the realms."  She grinned as she sat again.  "I'm glad you think so."  She blinked and then laughed.  "Um...   there's Andrew and uh  do we have to try in order?"

Myrina pointed to herself as she stared to Tykir, briefly, in shock.  "Me?" Then to Molly in aide?" Rina, your sister, then there is you.  Then Prince Leoric and his brother, who are also the Kings of Kildare?" And it begins.

Stroke, stroke, stroke, grin.   Would he have been able to if he hadn't grown up around them all?

Curious gaze was given to Molly.  Would she answer it all?  Myrina didn't remember anyone else!

This was a trick question for Myrina, the whole of them had really not been discussed.

"And Lah and Henna, and Carlton, and Lydia and I know they have families too."  She wasn't sure if she had gotten them all.
  "Well, not ALL of them." Some were too young!

Her mouth almost hung open, until she remembered to close it.  She had a lot to learn!

"Are we right or did we miss some?" They had answered together and she only know those names because ... she heard them from other people.

She gave Molly a thumbs up before looking to teacher Tykir in question.

The royal family of Heathfield was impressive.  But it had to be, there was a legacy to sustain.  Tykir actually counted them off on his fingers, although he was already nodding to Molly.   "I believe you both get a cookie for that!"

Myrina smiled brightly with an applause given to both Molly and herself.

He wasn't going to get the cookie for them though, he had fur on his hands from where the pup was shedding his winter coat.

There were cookies here?  Well Myrina didn't know!

She had nearly forgotten about the cookies and they were handed out between the three of them, and of course, Hermes if he woke up for one. "The castle must be a lively place all the time."   Well, if Tykir wanted one, he would have to get the fur off his hands.  "Do you ever want to just take off and see how far you can fly, Tykir?"

Goose! Molly had offered!  Tykir passed on the cookie for now except for the bite he leaned over and stole with the offer.  Lively?  What would Tykir have to compare it to.  It was what it was ... home.

"Thank you, Molly." She accepted the cookie with a smile.  Taking a small bite as she viewed the area around them.  Peepers were tiny frogs.  She couldn't wait to hear them.  And so many names to remember, but she would.  "Thank you both." She chewed quietly as Molly spoke.  Waiting for Tykir's response but also to imagine what a castle did look like on the inside. "Thank you, Molly." She accepted the cookie with a smile.  Taking a small bite as she viewed the area around them.  Peepers were tiny frogs.  She couldn't wait to hear them.  And so many names to remember, but she would.  "Thank you both." She chewed quietly as Molly spoke.  Waiting for Tykir's response but also to imagine what a castle did look like on the inside.

He swallowed that bite, watching the pup for a moment.  "Every single night, Molly."  He said, almost to himself, then blinked and looked up to them both.  "Care to go with me?"  He shrugged with a laugh, brushing off the comment even as he brushed off the fur against his pant leg, standing back up again. A flick of hand was also needed to remove the remains of a well-pet-pup.

"I would."  She decided after a moment of watching him. But he wasn't serious of course so she grinned then laughed. "I think the birds around here will be able to line their nests."   She chewed the last of her cookie and what remained of Tyrkir's and looked up at the sky.  "At least the days are longer."   Spring would come fully. It was hard to be patient.

"And the longer they get, the more time we have for enjoying them!"  He clapped a hand to his thigh.  "We have a cove to explore after all."  He looked to Myrina.  "And you'll have to join us.  You have the attire."  Pants were a must.  Couldn't be crawling, snaking, weaseling about in a gown.

"Yes we do." She hopped to her feet and began gathering the remains of the lunch.  "We should get some rope too." They didn't want to be trapped. "If we can't borrow any around, I can get some from the Mercantile."

"Rope should be easy enough to get.  Lanterns.  We'll need lanterns too.  Charcoal to mark our way.  Potcheen." What a smile followed that last addition to the necessities of a well-planned excursion.

He had her laughing as she turned again. "Spoken like a true citizen of Heathfield."  She didn't actually drink it herself, but they could grab punch too and everyone knew the Pure could be used for medicinal purposes if needed.
  Not that they'd need them, right?

Yes, that would be the reason for bringing excess.  "And that I am."  He bowed to her, a true-as-life-princely-been-trained-to-the-point-of-howling bow.  "Ever at your service citizen of the lands." He looked up to her as he was bent over, smiling, then cutting a look to Myrina.

It was easy to forget sometimes all that training Tykir had to go through., but seeing him bow was a reminder.  She pretended she had a skirt on though and curtseyed as best she could.  "Thank you, dear Prince."   And even gave a little wink in return.

Her curtsey was rather impressive, considering she didn't have a skirt to latch on to.  He straightened, trying not to laugh as they played all this off as serious.  Although, the dark prince couldn't help but appreciate the sight offered to him by way of the lass named Molly.  "And, since I am at your service, let me carry that basket back for you when we go."  Hopefully, she wouldn't just tell him where to go (well, hopefully she wouldn't EVER tell him where to go) and would accompany him on their way once the time came to leave.

Being serious could be fun too, as long as it wasn't for too long.  And being serious for too long was nearly impossible  for Molly. "I will do so gladly." Not that it was heavy, and she would never tell him where to go.  They had much to much fun together.  "To gather supplies and equipment?" And return the basket to Hazel.

"Sssssssh"  He looked right, left, cut a glance over his shoulder as if someone who might leak information about their upcoming quest might hear and then blab on them.  "But yes and reinforcements."  By way of any McAndrews or Shawneseys they might come in contact with.  And then, there was his sister, if he could get her to give up her frilly-fru-fru-frocks for some good-ole-adventure-garb.

Reinforcements was a good idea!  She put her hand over her mouth, eyes sparkling with laughter. An adventure and of course, on the sly. What could be better?!

Nothing Tykir had ever experienced.  But he was realizing that the company made the exploit all the much better.

Date: 05-03-11
Poster: Adrian Frasier
Post # 45

Time at the Lake

A single figure sat on the edge of the lake, using a tree stump as her comfort, her seat. She had been away for some time, and she missed all. But her sister had come first, and now she could breathe for all were home, and all were safe. She had chosen to enjoy nature this eve. From the geese floating about upon the waters, to beauty of the sunlight on the soft churning surface. Hair of black shifted about as the breeze picked up, causing her arms to shiver at the slight chill. Perhaps the woolen gown she wore this day was not enough, the blue material should have been covered with a cloak!

Claire was only all too happy to have returned to the enchanting lands of Heathfield. As it so often did, this personal business pulled her away for months at time while she sailed the world, searching a for a lost treasure. Even though she was unsuccessful this time and the last and the time before that, it would not stop her from venturing forth in a further search. But for now, she was home--she was here and visiting a place that worked magical wonders on her spirits. Her mahogany mane spilled down her back, tendrils curling in the fingers of the wind. Vivid green eyes lit as she reached the lake and imagined what she could have done with her paints and canvas at hand. Holding up pale yellow skirts in one hand and using the other extended for balance, Claire maneuvered over the fallen branches and stumps to make her way towards Anthea. It had been quite some time since she had seen anyone in Heathfield. What a perfect start. "Hello, there," A bright smile toyed with her mouth as she approached.

At first the voice did not drift within the fog of her mind. Silver hues to gaze upon the nature of this land. Two geese skating across the waters as they landed, and the squirrel at her side begging for more bread which Anthea promptly offered. Not once did she remove her gaze from the beauty of the landing, not until the voice finally entered her mind and she to turn on her seated, tree trunk. "Greetings.." One hand lifted from its perch upon her lap. One hand to wave hello to the familiar face she had not seen in ages. "It is nice to see you again.." Words came with softness, her kindness to show within the sparkle of her gaze.

"Yes, and you as well," Claire remained standing, her eyes drifting from the lady to the sparkling waters of the lake. The natural efflorescence of the area always beckoned to Claire, lured her like a siren's song. "I've been here countless times and still I cannot grasp exactly what magic draws me to this rapturous place." Claire laughed softly, letting her gaze wander and absorb like a sponge as her mind memorized the kaleidoscope of colors that comprised this paradise.

"Please, sit.." The trunk was thick enough to house both slender figures, and with such thoughts of kindness the petite woman scooted over -- very cautious of the blue wool. "Yes.. it is like another world." Palms brushed together, ridding her flesh of any bread crumbs, then she turned briefly as the squirrel darted off leaving the two mortals to their conversation. "I must agree. Even the waters, the ocean, the air, holds the hint of summer to come." Full lips lifted into a warm smile as she watched Clarie's features seem to glow at her words of Heathfield. "I imagine it is beautiful in the summer too, yes?" Honest was the question, spoken from one that would have her first summer here. She had not learn much herself, but Myrina had been a book of information to what Anthea would see on these lands, and perhaps some destinations to wait. "How have you been?"

"Beautiful is an understatement," Claire said, as if it was a secret. She sank slowly to take a seat next to Anthea. Her eyes pivoted back to the landscape, her hand sweeping out before them. "In the summer, the sun gilds everything, creating a golden blanket that spurs the flora to full bloom. The water warms, it's soft wave lapping against the shore and calling you for a swim. The gentle breeze caresses your skin, offering some relief from the heightened temperatures. And everyone makes their way here for picnics, for swimming, for games, and simply to bask in the glorious sunshine." Claire turned her eyes back to Anthea. "I've been well. Busy traveling but all of my travels yield to me new information, new stories, new traditions that set the scenes for my artwork." Claire folded her hands in her lap. "And yourself? How do you fare?"

Like a poet, Claire had brought the Greek to feel anxious for the coming of summer. Perhaps swimming in the warmth of the ocean would be tremendously healthier then swimming it in the winter. With a smile she blinked before setting her gaze on the waters again.. "You are very poetic Claire. Your words beautifully spoken." And brought this woman to see summer come to her mind's eye. "I have been doing well. My family live here now.. " A family she adored, even though they had driven her nuts of late. "Welcome home, Claire.."

All work and no play would make the most adventurous of men, dull. That would not do for a Frasier man, especially Adrian. With a towel over a shoulder and the shirt left open exposing the bronze of his skin, Adrian headed for the lake with a lift in his step and a whistled tune on his lips. Dark eyes, dark as midnight, danced with the set freedom taken from the harbor duties. He even considered taking his ship out to find him some pirates to put down.

Claire grinned. "It has been my pleasure, Anthea. I cannot wait for my words to spring to life in a few weeks, for surely this place will transform again and enchant you as it has me, I'm sure of it!" Claire laughed and in her excitement, she reached over to squeeze Anthea's hand. "Your family? That's splendid news. Sometimes family toy with one's patience however it is far more preferable to have them close by." A glint of sadness disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. "Thank you, Anthea. It feels wonderful to be home." Claire tilted her head to the breeze, letting it slide smoothly across her golden skin.

Could she? Would the Queen mind? Surely not, for Lahoneee held poetry in her words as well. So Anthea would ask.."Claire, how would you like to help with the paper? Perhaps just write what you feel, as you did just now." Silver hues seem to sparkle with excitement. "As you spoke now about summer. I believe I could point to that .." She turned her head slowly to the right, and then, as silver hues scanned the area, she pointed.."that squirrel.. I imagine you could describe him with the same words you did before.." She adored poetry, and felt Claire was a poet. She spoke from her heart, and that meant a lot to the Greek. "And if not, well pooh I tried.." Twitch of a grin as she turned to wink to Claire then lifting her gaze to watch the Geese fly overheard.

He had the swashbuckler look, even the looser clothing that sailors wore, he had the walk and the talk but the talk he would leave at the port. It was time to socialize again and better with refine ladies over the not so refine that tried to lure him each night at the port. They should know by now, he'd give them a coin to help out without the benefit so many others took. He came to a halt just at the edge where the grass gave way to sand. It was a sight, the lake in the setting of the sun.

Claire blinked in surprise. "Well, I certainly never thought of that before! But I suppose it shouldn't surprise me---after all, I try to paint it." Claire chewed her lip a moment and then smiled at Anthea, putting a hand on her forearm. "I should be more than happy to help if you are certain you want to employ my efforts." She nodded once, pondering the idea and slowly becoming more comfortable with the idea. Claire opened her mouth to ask a question and then snapped her mouth shut as a figure appeared. The sun was certainly setting but there was light aplenty to ascertain the arrival of another. "Good eve," Claire called out, slightly tentative. She couldn't see the man's face and her grip tightened on Anthea's arm absently in protection. Not that Claire was much larger. She did have a few inches on her, it appeared, yet they both shared a slender frame.

"Goodness, if you like to paint perhaps you could visit and let me show you the portrait I received from a friend." Fawn was very talented, and perhaps she could gain a portrait from Claire as well. "You know.." The Greek had always be talkative. The habit annoyed many she knew, but now it ceased as she noticed the lack of speech coming from Claire. What had her spooked, or perhaps just cautious? "What is amiss, my friend.?" The darkness of her mane shifted as she brought silver hues to the figure. She felt the hold on her arm, and not once had asked ask her to release. "G'evening.." Words came soft from her lips, the same words spoken by her friend. But the sound of more geese landing brought the Greek to watch almost with glee. She had never seen such a beautiful sight. The poor geese never arrived at the pond in Scotland or Greece, perhaps afraid of hunters? "Beautiful.." Like dancers was nature displayed before her eyes.

He drew in a breath of fresh water scent for a change, not even noticing the ladies sitting under the spread branches of a tree. It was covered in leaves and so hid their forms. Towel was grabbed in one hand to slide from his shoulder and tossed on the ground. Shirt was up and over his head, leaving the definition of tone muscle exposed. One who had been in the sun more often than not. Ties of his britches loosen and started to slide down when he heard the voice. Dark brows lifted as he glanced in that direction. "Good evening ladies. I hope you don't mind.." not that it was really a question as the britches were down and he stepping out of them. Luckily he had on braies beneath that covered enough but certainly not the definition of strong leg muscles. "Yea are a sight for this man's sore eyes. Lovely as the lake inspires. I thought maybe you were of the Fae upon first sight." Smile was quick as well him moving towards the lake and in, water splashed as he ran through the shallow before he could dive into the deeper depths. Adrian had the druid look to him as he ended up floating on his back about twenty yards out. Hands were folded behind hair long enough to float around his head as he soaked in the last rays of the day.

Claire could barely utter a response. Her mouth rounded in an 'o' as he rid himself of most of his clothes. Well, she certainly wasn't a green miss but she was a woman however, and the sight of an attractive man with a well-toned body nigh nude in front of her caused her to peek under her lashes for a mere moment! As he dove in, Claire barely hearing the words from his mouth, she cleared her throat and looked to Anthea. "What do you say about dipping our toes in?" It was a little too chilly to jump in as the man had but no one caught cold from placing their feet in the water! Boldly, Claire found herself without shoes and stockings and stood to approach the lake's edge. With an impish smile to curve her mouth, she lifted her skirts (only slightly past the ankle, of course) and sighed in bliss as the water spread over her skin. "Anthea, dear, you must see for yourself. It's exquisite." Her emerald gaze swung back to the lake, searching out the figure sluicing through the water. "My name is Claire and this is my friend, Anthea. How do you do?"

Anthea could only stare at the boldness of Claire, but what she did admire about the woman. "I am fine here.." She brought kid boots to peek from under the light blue material, happy to see another furry creature approach for their share of the bread she had been feeding the squirrel. "Is the water nice?" The man might be gobbled by Poseidon the way he was swimming, but then she gazed away at the sound of one paw pounding on the ground. "Yes yes.. it is your turn, ne?" With a smile to grace full lips, she easily ripped a piece of bread from the roll, and tossed it gently toward the rabbit.

Hearing the voice, head rolled to the side to take in the lass at the water's edge. "Guid to meet you Claire and Anthea, I am Adrian." Being no last names were given yet, he'd hold to the same. He noted only the one to emerge in making contact while the other hid herself away where she stayed beneath the tree. He turned into a sleek swim as sure as a dolphin to make his way back to the shore. Once he could touch bottom he walked the rest, slowly rising from the water's depths as such rolled off sleek muscle tone enhancing the bronze. Smile was also lifting with an elusive dimple to show. Hair slick along his neck and touching just past his shoulders in the back. "I do not believe we have met before for surely even a feeble mind would remember the encounter." Which he addressed to both as dark eyes were upon Claire then the elusive Anthea under the tree not so far away from where he emerged. He could see her better now.

"If you're sure," Claire called to Anthea from the shore. She returned her gaze to the emerging Adrian, having to crane her neck as he left the depths of the lake. A soft smile came to spread across her mouth as he spoke. "Your words roll off your tongue with ease. Either you are a practiced charmer...or a poet in disguise, Monsieur." The sparkle in green eyes were blatant indication that her words were merely a joke and not intended for offense. She brushed a tendril of burnished hair behind her ear. "I have a knack for remembering faces, especially handsome ones, thus I am certain this is our first encounter." Claire flashed a half-grin and then looked over at Anthea. "Do you remember meeting the handsome Sir Adrian, Anthea?" Claire had not a problem with handing out compliments where they were due. The man was a fine specimen, it appeared.

The man rose from the waters like a phoenix. His stature was no less then so many here. Their air of kindness and humor, their bravery when needed. Anthea most definitely felt safe upon these lands, and that brought her to smile brightly. Silver hues to shimmer as she gazed from the rabbit to the man with hair as long as her own. Brushing the crumbs from her palms, by swiping them on the blue of her gown, she held the smile even as she moved toward the two.. and then to stop as another gaggle of geese flew over head. It amazed her.."A pleasure.. " Looking to Claire and then the gentleman.."Sir Adrian.." She looked a mess but did not care. Hair had been wind swept, and clothes wrinkled, but the woman loved her walk. "Is the water cold?" Addressed to him, or Claire.. either was fine.

"If you say, then I must be one of the two." Giving a wink as he came closer to Claire. All six feet and three inches. Smile grew, something that reached the depths of dark eyes before they were turned on Anthea. "Are ye not feeling well lass that you cannot dip you feet into the waters of the lake?" He knew that some had this thing about water when in the middle of their cycle. He was no lad green behind the ears but quite seasoned and seasoned even more by the sea and such adventures. The question barely asked and she was on her way. "Ah, a finer sight upon closer inspection." The wild look became her so he felt as he took in the dishevel way about her. Like a wild gypsy. Including them both as dark eyes shifted back upon Claire. "I cannot claim the title of Sir for I've not been knighted. A warrior still of me own kind and I can claim the title of Captain. Captain Adrian Frasier, at your service." Giving a bow of his head and a short version of said action with the flow of his hand from front to side before straightened. They might not know him but they might recognize the Frasier surname.

Claire smiled at Adrian as he advanced, stealing a discreet moment to study him as he turned his gaze to Anthea. "The water has already warmed, Anthea," Claire responded to her question with unabashed excitement. Swimming was one of Claire's favorite past times however the breeze still carried a bit of a chill so that Claire had not ventured to swim yet. Very soon though, she would be diving into the sparkling depths, much as Adrian had. "Captain Frasier," laire's teeth snatched her bottom lip as prisoner for a moment. "I have not met you before but I do remember meeting one of you. The owner of the casino, I believe--" Claire's brows drew together in concentration. "Brent, Brad...Brogan! That's it, I believe." She smiled triumphantly and then dropped her skirts as she excited the shallows of the lake.

"Aye that would be Brogan. A guid man." But he was becoming distracted as he saw a certain lad pause up the trail leading back to the commons. He made a certain motion. Looked nervous too before gaining a nod from Adrian. Something was up, possibly a fight down at the port again although the man he left in charge along with Adam Calliahan, should be able to address it. Still there was that call to a good ruckus that was so inviting. Dipping glance was back upon the ladies.

"I can swim, Captain.. I would love nothing more then to be able to live in the ocean." Silver hues turned to the water with a smile before turning to the man.."I am too lazy to remove my boots.." The toe of each inched from the woolen gown. With her attention diverted to the flower within the water, Anthea carefully crouched down so she could reach for the bloom and pluck it.. She did not know flora or fauna, but the flower was one of beauty. Anthea smiled at Claire's attempt of the name, and happy when it was remembered. Was he also related to Patrick? Another smile, that Frasier had helped Anthea when she first arrived. The money from horses he had bought, brought her the money she had needed badly.

She loved the water but yet seemed hesitant to enter it. "Aye, the sea be me mistress for many a year until my feet settled upon ground a little bit more than ever before. I am the westside Harbor Master of Barrett's Bay Port." Which was not that far away. "I have an affinity for the sea and all she holds, respect of her grand nature and those that rule over her."

Claire laughed fondly at Anthea's reasons. She resumed position, seated on the stump and drawing on her stockings and slippers. When that mission was completed, Claire rose to stand with Anthea and Adrian. "The sea is an enchanting mistress at that," Claire added with a nod of agreement. "She has beckoned many a time with the sparkle of her multi-colored depths, urged to churn a plethora of colors under the sun's watchful eye." Claire too possessed a skin of a golden brown, having recently arrived in Heathfield after having partaken in a four-month long sea voyage to search for her personal treasure. "Her beguiling voice travels as a whisper on the wind," Claire recalled, her eyes
drifting to the sky in memory. "Indeed, she is nigh impossible to resist at times..."

"Then you know of Poseidon?" It was not because she was Greek that Poseidon held her soul, it was what he represented. She was Christian, but she also believed each legend held some truth. The petals of the flower were plucked from their moist stem and offered to each. "It is said.. if you hold these petals and drop within the ocean.. Poseidon will guard you all year through." The petals were offered to both, a smile to light the olive complexion known to her heritage. "Some say its true.. you never know.."

"Aye a statue of him was given to me from my sister Kierann for me ship, The Wasp. She is the finest sculptress. I feel that by the honor it keeps us safe even in the worse of his storms." Kept his men from losing it even in the worst of storms. Kept them blessed or so each would swear when they outran the brigade after a ruckus on foreign lands. He took of the petals for in the least it would not hurt to do so. "I be thankful for them, Anthea." Just a light touch of callous, well worked hands upon hers in gaining the gift. The lad was back as he knew it must be something really needing his help. The petals were tucked away as he took up his clothes and towel before on the run. "Wish me well in the fight about which I'm to embark!" Waving with a grin as he was in a trot then a run. "I hope to meet you again," could be heard in the distance as he move away.

"You are very welcome, Captain Frasier.." The Mediterranean danced along her tongue, while the accented words spoke on the winds. "If you know Patrick Frasier, please give him my best."

Claire accepted the petal with a deep smile. "Interesting...and I shall endeavor to gift the ocean with its softness. I am a lover of legends and wish you would tell me more about this particular one." Claire blinked at Adrian in some alarm. Fight? But then he ran off and Claire just looked at Anthea. She hoped to see him soon as well, albeit with no wounds or bruises. Shaking her head softly, emerald eyes looked to her friend. "What say you we walk back and you can tell me this tale? Perhaps I can even manage to transcribe it to canvas one day.."

"Perhaps another time we can swim, yes?" Anthea felt the man would be safe, and smiled as she crouched on the ground looking to the geese take flight. "I do hope the Captain will be safe.." And then she was plucking again. She had more friends that traveled the seas, as well as those that had family that did. If Anthea was anything, she was protective of those she called friend. "I would love that.." Anthea whistled, and out from nowhere came Hermes the Irish wolf hound. He had grown, but was still so clumsy on his feet.


Date: 05-05-11
Poster: Liam Quinn
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A Small Fish Feast

It was the perfect day to go fishing and that is exactly what found Liam here in a canoe out on the lake. He had made a pit of rocks and filled it with logs to burn down, making the perfect fire for when he was done. He had quite a few already and with the sun lowering, it was time to paddle himself back to shore.

Ciaran knew his brother on out on the lake though Liam hadn't really told anyone. It just so happened, Ciar found him accidentally. He climbed up on one of the larger rocks there and just laid back, ignoring the roughness as he enjoyed the feel of the sun against his skin. Even dozed a little though he sat back up when the sun began to go down and the peepers began to 'sing'. Just in time to see Liam coming in. "How was the fishing?!"

Myrina was so happy to be able to take a break from the work at home. Deliriously happy to be able to leave the manor and not have family angry or questioning her motives. This eve, Myrina was able to enjoy a walk toward the lake with Hermes prancing near her side. Prancing? The Irish wolfhound pup was almost falling over his big paws. Blonde hair fell loose down past her back, with kid boots to run along side the pup as she moved further toward the lake. She didn't care that bits of bark and leaves still stuck to her woolen gown and hair. Didn't care due to her enjoyment when climbing trees. She was like a wood nymph, or so she had been told.

He was shirtless leaving the sun to bronze his skin. Well proportioned and muscular. Clad in cut-off pants he jumped out into the shallow water, keeping hold on the canoe as he guided it up and over the sand. Bare foot presently for he'd been swimming earlier too. Hair was a curling mass still slicked against his skin. "Fishing was great, I hope you brought your appetite." Flash of a smile was white against tan that turned over his shoulder to his brother then back. He was quick about taking the large bucket of water loaded with fish out and over to the pit he had made. Water sloshed but it was warm. "Water is perfect if you want a swim." More a statement for it was certainly up to his brother. He was setting up and soon gutting, deboneing and skinning the fish into filets to cook in the iron pan that was heated there on the coals. A slab of butter and some lemon juice handy along with a few spices and herbs.

He climbed down from the rocks, grabbing his shirt as he did and chuckled. "I'd have to swim naked and I'm not likely to do that when it's possible someone will wander along." He settled on a log near his brother, watching as Liam worked. "What? You didn't bring any taters along?" Teasing as there was plenty of fish there.

Myrina's strides brought her to small limbs, those perfect for fetch, and Hermes knew which brought him to prance about her as he was yipping. "This one?" With a smile she picked up the limb and reared back to toss it far into the lake knowing the pup would splash his way inside, and the blonde as well. Quickly she dropped to her bum, pulled off the muddy boots. With both to sit at the shore, she jumped up and reached down to pull the hem of the woolen gown up past her knees. "I'm coming.." she called out to the pup as the dress was tied between her legs and she was soon jumping like a fish out of water toward the pup not knowing anyone else was here. But it wouldn't matter. She was dressed, and having fun.

"Swim naked, I wont tell anyone on what Nature forgot to endow." Teasing his brother as he pointed with the knife to where a sack of potatoes leaned against a rock. "If you want to do some peeling and slicing," they would cook as tender as the filets. The scent already filling the air and filtering off with the breeze wherever it took it. Except he paused hearing a voice only a short distance away. "On second thought, please do and scare them away so we don't have to share our fish." He couldn't help teasing him more as he was sure there would be a retaliation later. Perhaps a good rolling ruckus between the two brothers. He took up the jug of rum and added some of that to the pan too. Sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzle...

"Bah, you always were jealous." He laughed then glanced toward the lake, chuckling. "Only a wee lass but that wolf hound with her looks like he'd down the entire pan in no time at all." He grabbed the bag, pulled out his knife and set to work, whistling as he peeled the potatoes.

Myrina smelled the food cooking, but wasn't a cook so the scent she could not recall. But, her nose would not argue that what ever it was smelled good. And so did Hermes. Myrina did not notice as the pup paddled his way to the scent, leaving the blonde to cut through the waves as if she was one with the water, but she wasn't. Fresh water the girl enjoyed, ocean water, too many scary creatures.

Ole One Eye that swam in the lake, large mouth bass, was said to be as big as a rowboat.

Oh Great! Glad she don't know about that one!

"Don't have me comparing swords again," keeping the teasing banter going in a low tone before he was assaulted by the wolf hound. Soaking wet and shaking a spray which had him laugh. He set the pan aside to pet the pup up. If he was a pup still. Not that it mattered for he acted like one. Liam had a natural way with most animals too. Tame ones. Beasts he had to kill. Those went swift and sure with a hunter's knife in hand. "Well now, who are you that have invited himself to this fish feast?" There were filets cooling and the put would get some too.

Diving under the water, the blonde spun around to burst from the waves in search of the pup. "Hermes?" Treading water she gazed slowly to the right, to the left, even behind her. Judas! If she lost this pup Anthea would never forgive her.. "Hermes!" She did what anyone might do, she panicked. "Hermes!" And that dang pup was panting with his tongue almost hanging down to his paws! He wanted fish! The blonde kept spinning around until she swam in the direction of the food. "So help me God, you lousy pup.." She muttered as she cut thru the waves in her haste to find the dog, or have him leave peaceful people alone!

"Well now, we've company." He laughed as he watched the pup and Liam, and when Liam was finished, called him over. "You're a fine lad, if a wee bit wet." The potatoes had been sliced and set aside, then he took up another skillet to fry them. Wouldn't take long since he had them sliced nice and thin. "Over here, lass." He yelled out so the girl could hear.

Liam threw in a slab of butter along with some of the spices and herbs to the sizzling slices of potatoes. They would soak it all up and fry better. "He's over here," called out to the obvious young girl in the lake now frantic feeling she had lost her pup.

Approaching the shore she could hear the stranger's words, feeling her body relax with the knowledge that mongrel was alive. "Gah.." She eased from the water, moving barefooted to where the sound came from and there was the culprit. Looking innocent! The pup was not innocent! "I am so sorry.. please forgive anything he has done." Smile to both men, and then pointed stare to the panting pup.

"He's behaving. Just came to visit and maybe mooch." He laughed as he stood and headed for the lake. Yes, he was going to wash his hands. "I'm Ciaran Quinn and that's m'brother, Liam."

"Nice to meet you Ciaran and Liam.." She crouched down clicking her tongue for the pup to move. "I am Myrina Vassallo.." Was this part of the Quinn family she had heard so much about? "I believe my sister Anthea might know you both."

He was slipping the pup a slice of the meat. "Tell me how it tastes.." like the pup even tasted it as it was more inhaled. "So you're Myrina. I've not seen Anthea around in some time. How is she doing? Has she tired of our company?" He had a way of teasing in a smooth way or brash like he had been on his brother. "Are you hungry?" He was dishing portions out onto tin plates as the food cooked.

With a shake of her head at Hermes eating, she left the pup alone as Liam spoke giving him her attention. "My sister has been well.." She felt the humor flow from this man's pores and snapped her fingers. "Oh my God, your the boxer." And Ciaran, Anthea calls you the quiet one.." She did not care about her damp gown, the girl was soon standing to untie the gown so she could sit Indian style on the ground. "My sister has been well, and no.. I don't believe she has grown tired of you" She couldn't help but chuckle.."She has been busy.." It smelled good, it looked good... "Yes, famished..."

"Aye, and I've not seen your sister around in many weeks. Perhaps she has eloped," teasing still as one would say that if one had not been around. "Do you like fish?" Holding out a plate that had a moderate portion of both fish and potatoes. There was one made up for himself and one for Ciaran too. "Ciaran is the quiet one but those are the ones you have to watch out for." Giving her a wink, and getting two with the same tease.

Quiet? He chuckled softly. "Not the grumpy one?" He snorted and gave Liam a look. "Right. Have to watch out for me all right." And he wasn't quiet if he'd been drinking. "Good to hear she's doing well."

Eloped? Now that would make the brothers see red, or would it? With a shrug she smiled to the Quinn speaking and nodded her blonde head slowly. "Perhaps a little bit.. " The wink brought her to smile at his kindness. "No, not grump.. quiet.." With a chuckle she brought slender fingers to comb through her hair, wishing to bring it to some semblance of order. "She was out and about yesterday." Or so she had been told. "One grows hungry when climbing trees all day... " Well... "Alright.. falling from trees all day." With a smile to both she then studied Hermes with a snort. "Your to spoiled, pup."

Wouldn't make this brother see red. There was food offered and that would keep him happy until his meal was consumed. He was nicknamed Bear for several reasons after all. "Just don't break a leg." Sounded like something he'd say to Fawn.

Not the Quinn brothers. Her own! "I will try not too, believe me, I don't wish to break anything." Ever since the knight had spoken about climbing trees, she had been doing it often. "It does smell very good."

"She has a little bit eloped?" Was that like almost pregnant, or almost dead? He was chuckling under his breath. Although she probably meant the food but it was funnier with the other. "Ciaran can be grumpy if he starts losing at cards." A wry look given his brother, "but that doesn't happen often and only when you cheat to let it happen for it spooks you?" Wondering if it was still going on. "Well, that's good to hear. Although working this late is not good to hear. She will become all work and no play.." quick smile followed that brought with it a dimple before both were gone as he consumed his food. One might think he was in competition with the pup for in how he could eat so fast but he was starved. All play this afternoon including a good bout of swimming worked one up to ravenous.

It still did though not as much. Almost as if it was an attempt to keep him from being accused of cheating. He chuckled and shrugged. "What can I say? I have good luck at cards. Now if I was trying to box, I'd be knocked out before the second round." Not true for he like to fight.

"My sister eloped? Oh no.. she is at the print shop working on the paper" Liam was funny, and Myrina found herself laughing with fingers now to scratch between the dogs ears. "You play cards?" Addressed to Ciaran and then trying to get Hermes' paw off her shoulder. "I once helped my sister's ward build a house of cards.." Not the same she knew, but tried her hand at humor. "My sister would live at the print shop if she could." She appreciated his concern but knew Anthea would be alright, when the paper was done. "Thank you for the food.." Hermes said thank you as well, with a ruff.

Soft steps approached the pit. Careful, slow, cautious. Attempting to be stealthy but stealth was not her strong suit. Little twigs and dried leafs left over from fall crunching under her feet as weight shifted from one to the other. Arms folded before her frame, holding her own arms for comfort and warmth. A mess of obsidian waves hung wildly before her face. Deep river hues looked onwards to where the sight of fire light could be seen. The smell of food, too teasing to pass up. Dirtied rag of a dress, torn and discolored, barely keeping her modest. No weapons, no items, and it would seem she was alone. Not approaching just right up, but slow, skittish.

"Liam's a grand cook." He smiled as he finished his food and leaned back. "Between him and our cook at the manor, I'd be as big as a bear." Of course, he was kept busy around the manor when he wasn't sparring with Liam or finding new opponents for him.

He didn't miss the snap of a twig and the stirring of debris still held over from winter. Suspecting a bear, or more wary of one as dark eyes shifted with a turn of his head to spy the area the sound came from. There was another wee lass out alone tonight. "We've a feast of fish if you're not too shy to share it with a few strangers." Perhaps the sight of Myrina, another young lass might encourage her to socialize. He took a moment to give Hermes a few more scraps before he started stealing form the extra plate.

"I cannot boil water.." She did not blush, there was no need, fact was fact. Myrina would burn a kitchen down if left alone. It was nice to see two brothers close, and these too seem just that. "It is very delicious.." Myrina brought her voice to linger warmly upon the breeze. And she would welcome any other faces, she loved making friends. But now, she was trying to swat Hermes nose away from her food. "You just had some.." The pup was silent looking to where Liam had brought his own gaze to linger. "It is alright.." And she surrendered her fish to the pup with a pat to his side.

Eyes turning her way she even so much as sunk down to try and hide, but words confirmed she was in fact spotted. Heart pounding in her throat she was sure if she opened it they would hear it beating. Bare feet stepped forward, timidly, uncertain, certainly scared by the wide eyed untrusting looks she gave them. It was the drive of food that lured her in, and closer. Flesh was dirty and hard to tell a proper color from, much like the garment she wore.

They had grown up in the wild where one needed to be alert at all times. He looked toward the area just as Liam did, eyes narrowing slightly. Once he saw it was a lass, he relaxed some and stayed seated.

The lass looked like a dip in the lake would do her good as he stood. So he was bare chest, cut off pants and bare feet. "None of us is going to hurt ye lass." Holding out a plate of the fried up fish filets in lemon, butter, spices and herbs. Realizing she might not want to get too close, he took a few steps and set it on a tree stump for her. "Best get it before the pup does," giving a wink before he retreated. He also picked up his shirt to put on over sun drenched tanning skin. That might make things a bit better.

Myrina brought her sight to linger on the woman for a minute. But the smile was gifted to the stranger before she was drawn to Hermes rubbing his back on the dirt. Her own salutations were halted for now, letting Liam speak so the woman did not have too many speaking to her at once. But, well.. she was not her sister, she gawked, what woman wouldn't! Did you see that chest! "Now Hermes, you piggy.. stay put and let her eat her food." The pup whimpered but listened as his mistress was putting her hair up with a twig to hold the blonde mass in place.

Vivid sapphires darted from one to the other, but came to focus on the one that stood. Standing, was just kind of like claiming your territory. Her steps paused, but eyes went to the food he grasped. Breath held like an animal caught in the light. And yes she saw that chest, he was a very striking man. Speechless for some reason. Food was the only thing keeping her from running. Hands quickly unfolded, snatching the plate. The motions allowed for dried crimson to be seen on her hands and clothing. Holding the plate of food she now stepped back victorious and dove right in shoveling in the food famished.

Sometimes he longed for their old home where they could dress like the men of their mother's tribe and not worry about manners. but he grabbed his own shirt and pulled it on. He was trying hard to not laugh at their reaction to Liam. Probably would have fainted if his brother had flexed.

She seemed like she hadn't eaten in days. "There is more if you are still hungry." They had enough to feed all as much as they wanted. A small fish feast. Something he would not say ten times in a row. At least not after having sampled the rum too. Cooking rum. Right. He could flex if his brother really wanted him to and asked nicely! Boy would it be fodder for teasing! He was back to sit on the stones surrounding the pit he'd made an soon tempted the pup over with a bit of more fish. Fish was good for growing pups but then it gave him the chance to pet him up again. Belly rub, back, teasing him in a good way.

Girls looked to all men with no shirts on, at least she did. Myrina thought both were very handsome, but more so, their kindness tonight would never be forgotten. "If you will excuse me, please.." Fingers pressed on the ground, as she lifted her slender form to stand on bare feet once more. "I am going to wash my hands.. and Hermes be good." With a wiggle of her finger at him, Myrina turned with a wink to the woman before lithe strides had the lass at the shores not only to wash her hands, but to clean off the plate she had used to eat with.

He had a flask filled with the pure and this seemed a good time to bring it out. If Liam wanted to flex he could go right ahead and do it all on his own. "Man could live out here and never want for anything." Though his brothers would surely hunt him down if he did take off. He looked up at the sky and smiled slightly, seeing the stars begin to show.

Quickly darting away from the winking woman. Seeing the man sit back down, she dared approach further. Only because she had not chewed her fish and it was gone already. Looking to chest man with a look, and plate put back on the tree stump. Still not a word spoken but it would seem she lingered.

Dark brows lifted as well dark eyes to peer from beneath towards the skittish lass. "I am Liam." A slight hand motion to Ciaran, "me brother Ciaran and the wee lass Myrina, newly met. Have you a name to be addressed by?" It would be strange if she had not. Smile was swift bringing with it the elusive dimple again before gone. He added more food to her plate from the skillets that still held quite a bit. He addressed his brother with a question on his mind, "have you found any card games of late down at the port?"

Myrina moved from the shore, holding the rinsed off plate and smiling with her name being heard. "A pleasure to meet you." Offering the plate back with a wink" Thank you again.."

Gaze lowered again as his brother spoke and he nodded at the quiet lass then he grinned at Liam. "When can't I find one, though I'd steer clear of the one in The Dancing Dolphin. Feels... strange there. Off somehow."

She looked to each of them as they were introduced. Jaw hung a moment as though for a while she was unsure what to say. Clearly torn and nervous. Hands once more accepted the plate. Holding it near to her frame as she ate from it a few more bites. Allowing long moments to linger in the air before she finally allowed a single word to slip out. Voice like sweet honey. Just melodic in a way, alluring even in just the single word it was. "Maylin" She spoke it softly hoping they not hear.

Words spoken by Ciaran was heard, causing the lass to stay silent letting the men speak if they wished. But the softly uttered name, almost like a mouse was still heard. "Maylin.. this is Hermes.." And the Irish wolfhound sat very still wagging his tail.

"Well met, Maylin." He nodded at her then stood and gathered up the dishes and skillets. The remainder of the food was left on one plate. And then he was heading to the lake to clean them up.

"Then maybe we should investigate this pub, make sure it is safe for others." Which meant there was a probably a ruckus for them to find later on. He finished up his meal and if everyone else had enough then the pup would be having his feast. "Nice to meet you Maylin," rolling off his tongue in an Irish brogue he never really could get rid of. Probably should not get rid of. He was up to bring the rest of the plates and skillet to the lake to clean up too.

It was growing late, and lightly chilly especially with her wet attire and boots still laying in the distance. "Hermes, can your full belly run back home?" The dog answered by rushing off toward their home, leaving Myrina behind. "Liam, thank you so much for the food and the view.." She couldn't help but grin and then blew kisses to all.. "And Ciaran, quiet is right." With a chuckle she snapped a wave to all three before rushing after her dog.

River hues glanced back to her plate now. Enjoying the second helping of food, but spending much more time on this one. Each little bite taken till she finally was full. A feast that she had not had in a good long while. But quiet once more she was. River hues glanced to the waters. Having seen the other two clean off their plates there.

He grinned and waved at the lass, splashing his brother with a bit of the water. Standing he looked at Maylin. "If you're inclined to head into the city, there's a place called the Thistle Tavern. Rooms are free, so is the food and drink, thanks to the Queen who rules these lands. Might even be able to find clothing that'll keep you warm." The offer was made out of kindness. He agreed with Liam that it might be a good idea to check the Dolphin out.

She took notes of what he had said. Free room, food, and drink, and maybe even clothing. Not something she could pass up too easily. But those rivers shifted from one to the other uncertain once more. She dared approach the water now, and for it towards the man who offered her such. Taking the plate with her to clean it. Once more she spoke, but now more clearly. Each word spoke like a song to the ears, pleasing them. "My thanks are to your kindness, but cities are dangerous for me."

Which Ciaran got a splash back using the plate before all was washed up and he up from his crouched position. Turning to view the lass in that kind of consideration. At least she would not go to bed hungry tonight. He moved away giving her room as she approached the water. Something about not getting in her personal space and scaring the wee bit of a lass. He didn't say anything more being Ciaran saw to that.

"Heathfield is a bit different but the choice is yours of course. There are folks on farms, villages that would give you a hand if you need it. " He carried the things back to the shed though he paused to look at Liam. Was that were they had come from?

Indeed it was as he was near on his brother's heels. Possibly even stepped on his foot when he paused, turning to look his way. Got a good view, grin included. "Ready when you are," as he stepped around to put the plates inside.

She cleaned that plate off for them, careful of the water to not get much on her. Lifting it she moved to follow after the two now. Holding the plate and offering it back over. Hands returned to their fold before her form. Deep rivers studied either of them.

"I don't need to be this close to you, Liam. " Ciaran spoke in a dry voice, tipping his head up just slightly. "Can see your nose hairs." He stepped back then accepted the plate from the lass. Once everything was tucked away, he motioned to the shed. "Blankets in there. Good heavy ones." Towels too. "Ready now." It was way too early for bed. Just right for finding a game.

He took the plate from the lass being it was offered over and clean too. "Thanks," grinning at his brother however for the remark. "Aye, best get yourself a lass to get that close to. Make sure she has nose hair, hair all over body even." Pretty much describing a gorilla lass as he chuckled. With everything put away he was back out to put out the fire too. Didn't take much for it had pretty much burned out.

Hehe men fighting over the plate. As they had both reached out to accept it. Made her feel shy a moment. They were both being so kind, and thoughtful. At first almost excited even at the mention of finding a lass. But the description got worse, and she found herself looking to that shed that was mentioned. A blanket. Stepping over to it to accept just a blanket. Allowing it to unfold before hands turned it over her shoulders. Folding it forward around her to hold it closed.

"Ye great git." He laughed and made an attempt to poke Liam in the stomach but he had moved away. "Anyway, think on it, lass. Warm bed, good food, kind folks running it." He winked then followed Liam. "You can find a lass. I've enough trouble dealing with Fifi and Fawn."

There was that short tug of war which only had his grin grow before leaving it in Ciaran's hands. He was ready for that game. "Best get up to the commons and the tavern there, Hazel is the best cook around and will see to you fed proper." Mentioning Fifi alone had him groan!

It made her horribly nervous at the thought of it all. Rivers searched one of them, then the other. Weighing her choices heavily. Sleep out in the cold and go hungry tomorrow, or risk it all and go into a town to seek shelter and meals. Fright filled her a moment. "Come with?"

Town was not all that big like some cities she would discover. "We're heading up that way if you'd like an escort," although they would be continuing onward to the port and certain establishments a lass should not be caught in unless of that kind.

Had he forgotten anything? Nope, had his flask, coin for playing. Shirt on. Didn't need a cloak. Stomach was full. He was good to go.

"Please." Soft word found her once more, but by now, every word was just drawing them in. Surely they would notice its effects a little. Though she was doing her best to keep it at bay. River hues just looked from one to the other. Blanket now held for warmth. Wild obsidian waves danced before those blues.

So was he. He too had a flask and his clothes back on. Coin in his pocket and his weapon, his fist of course. He had an earned a name. It was up to the lass to follow them or not. Certainly she would not be forced. Liam only had one thing on his mind presently and that was the place they were headed to.

"Come on then, lass." He motioned to her and started for the path. It was a bit of a walk but not a bad one. There were flowers lining the road, and lilacs were blooming. It smelled like spring and most enjoyed it.

Bare feet stepped softly after then to follow then. Putting complete faith and trust in these two men she had just met. For all she knew they were lying their tail feathers off and she was in a world of trouble. But she doubted it, they had been so kind to her so far. She really owed them. Food, and warmth, it was a lot to be thankful for.


Date: 05-19-11
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 47

Spring at the Lake

There was cooked fish that filled the air and kept warm in a covered pot while Rory took a dip in the lake. Wasn't so cold anymore. Refreshing. First the swim then the floating offshore about fifty yards out. He was waiting on his brothers.

Quiet steps took her along a path that threaded through wood side. She knew where she was going, and she was guided by star and moonlight. Already taking off her boots, she carried them until she was close enough to the lake that she could take off running. One boot dropped, then the other before she fled, full speed to the water. She didn't bring anything to swim in, so it would have to be what she was wearing; a dark tunic over leggings. There was a woot of a sound before she plowed into the water, vanishing below the surface briefly.

"Holy rat on a pogo stick!" He shot up as something splashed like crazy from the shore into the water not far from him. All he saw was a form that could probably be a lad as he tread water waiting for the one to surface. It could possibly be one of his brothers and so got prepared if attacked.

It was a crocigator! The form was skimming just below the surface. It was easy to see that the person was skilled in the art of swimming. She soon surfaced, bobbing up with hair all in her face, a breath pulled deep into her lungs. When she lifted a hand to swipe wet hair away from her face, her gaze set on the treading Rory. She blinked owlishly, then offered a dimpled smile. "Hi!"

It wasn't this brother. Bryan leaned against a tree, slicing off bites of apple with his dagger, as he watched Rory. He smiled to himself when he saw the woman dive in and then witnessed Rory's reaction. It wasn't until she surfaced that he cut off one last bite, tossed the core aside and started toward the pair in the water. He was staying dry though, it was still a bit too chilled for his tastes to go waterside.

Charles had been out riding, almost to the border of Tyremoor before he headed back. It had been a pleasant day for it. Now something drew him to the lake, or rather, two somethings, with that connection the triplets had. He dismounted and walked the horse down the path rather then take the chance of riding, even with the light of the full moon.

Water dripped from soaked hair that was now slicked back more how Bryan wore it. Certainly not his brothers but the impish lass and a face he recognized. "Hi," came first with the smile then the dimples to follow. "You swim really good." They were very good swimmers but he was duly impressed. "Are you hungry?" Glancing beyond her as he spied is brothers, noting the fact they were here already.

Already ... Rory might be surprised how often Bryan was already here and didn't venture out to join in the chaos his older brothers thrived on. He offered his brother and the lass in the water an uplift of chin in greeting, then looked to Charles with a smile. Hail. Hail.

"How are you?" She sputtered a bit when she sunk down deeper into the water, but her arms pushed her back upright. "And I'm a little hungry." She peeked around him to the other two that were approaching. Confusion. She wasn't really sure which was in the water, which had been eating the apple, and which had just approached. "I'm horribly confused!"

On top of that she would find herself being lifted up by two strong hands. "Get ready.." was her only warning before she was airborne going backwards, up and then back down into the water. He followed. He wasn't sure what she was confused about but then it dawned on him. "Oh yea,.." but he didn't further elucidate.

Her eyes widened like saucers when she was lifted up. "Get ready for whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" The sound trilled when she was tossed, and it all cut off, right into silence when she hit water. She came up sputtering and laughing.

"C'mon.." flashing her a dimple smile as he went into strong strokes that would take him to where he could stand probably sooner than she. He knew she could swim fast however. First clue came, "hey Bryan, Charles.." He was obviously the third one, or faking her out! She at least had to figure out which was Bryan and which was Charles next. "Fish in the pan," which he figured they probably already smelled. They were tender baked in lightly spiced panko breading.

"And it smells good." Bryan nodded with a glance to the pan, then back to his brother. His gaze drifted past Rory to Gaelle who seemed to be having quite a good time of it.

"C'mon on what?" She grinned. She paddled away, at least up to the point where she could be the one standing. So, he was Rory, or so she assumed. She peeked towards the other two, trying to guess which was Bryan and which was Charles.

Perfect timing. "I'm starved." He let the horse graze in a grassy area away from everyone then joined his brothers and Gaelle. "You two must be part polar bear."

"Penguin," she corrected Charles with a laugh. She was just kidding though!

"Ah, well..." Bryan smiled, turning to get closer to the cooked fish and squatted beside the fire. "That explains Rory's walk."

"Dolphin," saying it at the same time Gaelle said Penguin and started laughing. He was over to fish out the small roasting potatoes wrapped up in leaves and herbs.

She swept from the water completely. And almost immediately regretted it! Cold cold! She shuffled over to the fire, wringing her hair free of excess water. "So uh... Charles?" She was speaking to Bryan.

Bryan looked up as she said Charles, just because she was speaking, and found her looking at him. He didn't even hesitate or flicker a glance in Charles' direction. "Hmmm?"

"Oh, I was just trying to guess which one you are." Easily, with a smile. So that was Charles. She bobbed her head, and started squeezing water from her tunic.

By this time Rory had thrown on some clothes very similar to both his brothers and was over next to Charles as Gaelle addressed Bryan.

Lips twitched but that was the only sign he gave that he heard Gaelle and Bryan. "Or else you have ice in your veins." The lake was cold when it was very hot.

"I am not an icy woman." She tipped her head up at Charles, who now, she thought was Bryan. "I'm very warm and fun and loving." Or something!

"I suppose we should have made that clear for you." And still, no clarification that her guess had missed its mark. But then, they had answered for each other all of their lives. He looked to Charles when she puffed up with indignation, then smiled, dipping his head to watch Rory work with the potatoes. "I'm sure that's why you can handle the cold so well, being so warm and loving."

"It is clear now. Thank you." She nearly beamed because she thought that she figured it out all on her own. Her hands stuck out to warm themselves near the fire and she grinned at the three of them. "Perhaps that is the reason, Charles! You might be onto something." To Bryan.

He just grinned at Gaelle and didn't worry about clearing things up. It would only be if there was trouble that he might clarify. The only one that could tell them apart for certain was their mother.

Why would Charles even consider clearing it up. Gaelle was perturbed at Bryan! Charles...was safe.

Not so! She had only been teasing Bryan that was really Charles!

"You know, Gaelle of the Hills." He slanted a look over to her, still smiling slightly. "Our mother is the only one that can tell us apart every single time. Our father most of the time. Everyone else, rarely ever." He drew in a deep breath, taking in the aroma of Rory's gourmet creation. "Well done." Was he talking to Gaelle or Rory. Since he knew she didn't guess right, it was probably Rory, but she wouldn't know that as the way of it.

Rory was juggling three then four of the wrapped up potatoes. Why? Because he could and because they were hot! He got them onto the plates and fixed a plate for her too. This he brought over to offer up. "I'm the one that can cook." Shooting a grin his brothers' way for they could cook too. Their mother said they could end up single like some of their uncles and might have to cook for themselves so best they knew how. She also taught them all to dance too.

Yes and to mend their own socks, and clean their own clothes, although Bryan was determined never to have to do any of those things. That was what his trust was for, funds to support his bachelor ways.

Gaelle of the Hills. She grinned a touch as she was addressed as that. She listened quietly, her smile only widened for the well done, because, yes, she thought that had been for her. "Give it a few. I am sure I will start confusing all of you all over again. Oh, thank you Rory--the Cook." She snickered a touch as she accepted the plate.

Bryan had it right, though if Charles followed his plan of getting into archeology, he'd be on his own and wouldn't have a choice.

Bryan stood up from his squat when Rory neared, accepting his plate with a "Thanks, Rory." He passed the plate under his nose, inhaling again, then lowered to the ground and began peeling back the layers to get to the potato.

She was still pretty damp. This was why she remained standing though she did cast a glance around for a log or something. That would be better than getting dirt all over her.

"Aye, soon I'll be thinking I'm Bryan and Bryan there will be thinking he is Charles," as he indicated the real Bryan that she thought was Charles. He was adding to the confusion wasn't he!

Bryan had a lap she could use, the other Bryan, not this Charles.

He took his plate with a thank you, then sat near Bryan. Now she could see how much alike they looked.

Yes, indeed Rory was adding to the confusion. She stared at him, then over to the other two and.. nearly went cross eyed. "I've been in this situation before, when I had a touch too much to drink and I thought I was seeing copies of everything and.... I suddenly wish I hadn't said that." Her throat cleared. She .. kinda bowed her head and started eating! Hum!

Bryan laughed low. "When we were younger, these two took out the glass from the mirror and Rory set himself up behind it. When I sat to get ready for the day, he mimicked my actions ... I didn't realize it wasn't me. How sad is that? Not until he picked his nose while I was getting up to move away did I know I'd been duped."

Rory dragged over a log that she could sit on. "Sit here to eat or on the flat stones nearer the fire." He was being helpful that way at least.

Bryan cracked her up. Never mind she still thought it was Charles. "I can only imagine what sort of pranks you all have played on each other. Or played on others for that matter." A grin was offered to Rory when the log had been pulled over. Somewhere to sit! She did just that, balancing the plate on her thigh. She canted her head at Charles. "Some say it isn't really good for a Lady to drink too much, don't they? But... yes I do drink. It was never all that much, not until I moved to the Hills, at least." Her throat cleared.

He nearly choked when he started to laugh at Bryan's tale, then looked up at Gaelle. "You mean you don't want us to know you drink?" Ask any of the three and they probably each had a flask of the pure.


Date: 05-19-11
Poster: Rory McAndrews 
Post # 48

"The most fun was on others," he'd been busy eating for the day fishing here then swimming, rowing the canoe too for some of the fishing. It worked up a good appetite. "Actually the picking of the nose was Charles' idea for he swore you picked yours too much." Grin. "All the killing and dying in the Hills caused it?" He sat on one of the flat stones nearer the first for it would help dry his pants as he ate.

"I doubt it's good for any one, male or female, to drink too much. But really, who give much credence to what's good or not good, when there's a good time to be had?" He glanced to Rory. "And here I thought it was just to let me know you had gotten one over on me."

She nodded as she listened to Bryan, a grin twitching up again. She finished off her meal and set her plate aside. "Rory, that was really good food!" His question had her stilling briefly. She cleared her throat again. "Partially. Everything was a mess when I first arrived. It's just now.. sort of getting better, I believe. I suppose I know what it is like to be Knight, I mean when they are at war. I know what it's like to take a life." She winced at that. "Anyway. I'd rather not think on those things. I'm here to relax--get away from stress, I hope you understand."

"Never said that." He muttered, trying not to laugh. He was nearly finished with his food but likely would stop at the Thistle or the castle kitchen before bed.

She was with three McAndrews! These three McAndrews were identical in looks. She thought she was going to relax? Get away from stress? Poor Gaelle. "This is really good, Rory." Bryan added, just to help steer the conversation away from where it had headed since it appeared, with all the throat clearing, that Gaelle wasn't comfortable.

"I understand," she said a lot in the short bit in explanation. He was studying her in a new light, one borne of understanding and putting her up a few notches in his book. She'd been through more than she should have or so it seemed. He took out his flask of the pure and offered it over in lieu of words."Thanks," grinning back at his brothers and Gaelle again. "So you liked the eel after all.." was he kidding? Sure enough but let them wonder.

Rory was so kind to support her alcoholic tendencies! Funny enough though, when she saw the flask, she bounded
to her feet to walk over and take the thing gently. "Thank you." She was thirsty! She opened it up to take a drink, but nearly spewed the stuff everywhere when Rory mentioned eel. She somehow managed to keep the drink in her mouth though. There was a soft sputter when she swallowed, the flask handed back to him. Her eyes were a touch teary! Strong stuff. "Eel?" She wheezed.

"Best damn eel I've ever tasted." Bryan added.

His plate was set aside having finished his food and he stood after she took the flask. More like standing as she took it if one wanted to be precise. He chuckled as dimples rose to the occasion and he leaned to whisper close by her ear that he was only teasing. She was eating a variety of bass and pan fish.

Bryan chuckled, his head dipping to look as if his meal was so very interesting, but he edged a look to Rory, then to Charles, then back to his plate.

Oh. Her mouth formed into a perfect circle as she listened. Then she nodded and grinned. She wouldn't share the secret, of course. Since Rory didn't take the flask back quite yet, she took another sip, then offered it to him again. "Either way, it was delicious."

"Really good." He stood and stretched then carried his plate to the lake to clean it up. Once that was done, he'd enjoy a bit of the pure himself.

Bryan pinched up one last bite of his fish and then stood as well, taking Charles' lead to clean up his plate.

He made it seem nonchalant as in exchanging the flask, which he took back once she had her fill. For Now. He took a drink enjoying the first burn. He had thrown all the scraps in the woods and there was a bit of crashing around as the biggest bear one ever saw decided to take advantage of it. Then advantage of coming down and enjoying the company and any fish left over in the pan!

"Thank you all for an enjoyable night. I believe I am going to go catch some rest." She said after a moment of quiet. She moved to collect her boots that were still on the ground, tugging them on as she peeked up to the brothers.

It was at that time the bear stood on his hind legs very near Gaelle. Big Black House Size.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Was all she.. screamed.

"Good luck catching ... " He watched as the bear lumbered down their way. "...that." And up it went, showing its tummy-tum-tum to the lady.

"Baar, don't be scaring the lass!" Rory recognized him but wasn't sure if his brothers had. "That's Malcolm's bear." Baar was a party animal!

"...Malcolm's bear?" She blinked. Stared. Then with a sheepish grin hurried away to sleep.

"Give its belly a rub, Gaelle, and then be off with you." Bryan hadn't recognized the beast until Rory identified it.

"See you again," called after her., with a grin.

Charles hadn't either and just stopped to watch for a moment. "Night Gaelle." "Good to see he's still around." He laughed and headed over to give the bear a tummy rubbing since Gaelle had to run.

As Charles saw to the front, Bryan moved to the back, and scratched booths sides along the bear's spine. "Good to see you, big guy."

The bear loved the attention and licked Charles up good then Bryan in turn. Big bear licks, sloppy and wet. Rory was cleaning up and would soon have the bear's attention to the plate with all the left overs. He took the iron pot down to the water to wash out.

Bryan should have just went ahead and dove in now that he was drippy wet with slurps.

Well, he didn't mind the licks but he'd have to go wash his face at least. He laughed then looked at Bryan. "You know, we're going to have to try the water gauntlet sometime. Just the three of us." Not sure what reminded him of that!

Who knew what reminded Charles of that? The excess of slobbery wetness maybe? "I'm game." He was using the sleeve of his shirt to wipe away the affection.

"Aye, we should. I have, didn't do too bad." Sending them a look over his shoulder before a glance over the canoes along the shore, turned over and up from the water at the moment. "I think we should take the canoe challenge on the rapids."

Bryan shot a look to the canoes, then back to Rory. "Tonight?"

Blink. He had been about to ask the same question but didn't need to.

He shook his head, "unless you want to go down uncharted rapids without sight.." they dared the devil but not usually that daring "So, we can plan on it. Make a day of challenges? Do the water gauntlet then a canoe race down the rapids."

"That will likely kick my ass." Bryan chuckled but nodded. "Sounds like a day of it."

"Sure, sounds like fun to me." They'd sleep good that night. He nudged Bryan, laughing. "It'll do the same to me." Much like a morning of training.

Bryan rubbed a palm against the flat of his stomach. "Thanks again, Rory, for the eats...guess I'll head back."

"I'll join you, Bryan. I'm about ready to turn in." Not quite yet, but soon, very soon.

"You coming or staying Rory?"

"Aye," seeing all was clean, put away and the fire doused, he was right after his brothers. "Want to head down to the docks and see what there is to see?" Which meant getting into a ruckus if they could... or confusing the hell out of drunks especially.

Confusing the drunks was always a good time! But tonight Bryan shook his head. "I better call it tonight. I have to be out early on the field in the morning." He reached out, one arm around Rory, the other around Charles. "The weekend still holds promise for that though, if you don't get your fill before."

"Early on the field." He groaned but the truth was Charles liked the training. He grinned and nodded. "I'm up for it then."

"True, if I want to get out on the field too. Rick is going to be there." He wasn't sure if Bryan and Charles knew that.

"Great." Bryan chuckled, heading toward Charles' horse. "Not only an ass kicking on the field, but a crown prince ass kicking."

Oh great. They'd really be put through their paces! He whistle for the horse who luckily hadn't panicked on seeing the bear. "Aye, double the workout." They might not be getting into any trouble come night!

"He said something about new maneuvers and taking up groups to capture the flag. We will be wearing different colors and the knights judge if one dies or not by the way the swordplay goes..." The bear was gone by then, back home for another meal more than likely or one of its many stops where it would get a handout. No wonder it was so big but the getting out and running kept him not fatter than he should be.

"It's been nice knowing you...I'll be downed first time out." He laughed, although he had been training hard lately, and not just on the fields.

He didn't comment but oh, he could just feel the bruises already. Might be fun though. And off they went, plotting, planning and heading for a good night's rest.

It was going to be fun and learning at the same time, so it came off as. "Rick need to socialize if he ever wants a bride." Of all of them he was the one too involved in war play to even notice women.

"Bah, you already set him up with one, he doesn't need to do a dang thing."

Which had him slide a glance Bryan's way with a smirk... "you tell him then.."

"Sure thing, and I'll say I'm Charles." He laughed, nodded, and off they went.

Charles was doomed!


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