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The Egyptians

Date: 04-27-09
Poster: Rahmirre al-Azhar
Post # 1

Getting to Know You

Mirre was followed by Abasi this evening as she wasn't able to lose him or have Anhur say something. She managed to at least have him wait outside which he took up a post aside the steps like some stone sentinel. Tracing glance as she continued inside with a tiny smirk before he was out of sight, out of mind quickly enough as she pressed onward to the bar. Silks of greens and pale yellows mixed with white flowed in the light warm breeze like some kind of new flower on the move. The hint of blue lotus left in her wake. The head piece not worn for it was not needed in these lands and hair left free in dark waves down to near her waist. A few yellow and white flowers entwined down the right side she had picked alongside the trail that brought them here a little earlier for shopping. The footman would bring the carriage around that had been trailing them, Mirre having preferred to walk once she set foot in the commons.

Gus was seated in front of the fireplace, though there was no fire for the warmth of the day. He had spent the day in his shop until the nice weather drove him outside. After wandering for a bit, and then going through the commons, he came to the Thistle for a late meal. Now he sat enjoying a glass of potcheen while he waited to see who else wandered in. When he heard movement, he looked up and quickly stood. Luckily the glass was held firmly in his hand and there was no table close. He even managed to not knock over the chair. "Evening, Mirre." Now that his big order was complete, he would be able to take her to dinner as promised. That thought caused his smile to be even brighter than usual when he saw the lovely Egyptian lass.

She had not noticed Gus there at first, having been lost in her temporary freedom from her guard. His voice brought her around with a glass of strawberry punch in hand. Her smile growing with quick glance to the door, hoping her guard didn't change his mind. Abasi was a typical Egyptian guard, not really a bad person, in fact a good one, only who wanted a hulk looming over them and scowling at any male that looked in the direction of their charge? Dark eyes swept back as she headed in his direction, the soft expel of air parting her lips in relief Abasi didn't come charging in. "Fair of evening, Fearghus, it is a much more pleasant one than ones last month." Meaning the cold and not particularly liking such.

"Yes it is. And many more to come though I think we may have rain soon again." Which was a good thing since they didn't want the ground to become to dry. "I'm very pleased to see you this night. How have you been?" He caught a hint of that heady perfume she wore and sniffed the air. "You smell wonderful and look like a spring day." Once he realized how he was talking, he smiled sheepishly. "Please, join me?" He motioned to one of the chairs near his.

"I find as I don't like the cold, I do like the rain." She was use to hot but enjoyed such days it even poured. Provided there was no lightning to accompany the rain, she would be out in it, letting it drench her complete. "I am very pleased to see you," half through her words as she took up a seat near his, keeping her glass in hand, untouched so far. "It has been some weeks," a curious look overtaking her features, "I was wondering if I might buy one of your bows, see your shop and perhaps be shown how to use it?" She wanted to find out if she had any skills and to learn how to defend herself like other women of these realms. Something, as a scribe especially, had her thinking on all that she wrote down as an ongoing history for her family.

"I like the rain too, unless it's cold." He waited for her to sit before he did, carefully. "Yes it has. I've finished the large order I was working on and would very much like to take you to dinner soon." As to her request, he grinned. "I would be proud to show you my bows as well as how to use it. Women do very well if the bow is the right weight and size. When can you come? I'm usually there every day. It's a little beyond the city but easy to find." He was hoping he didn't sound like an overeager school boy!

"I would still like to go to dinner with you," both their lives had become busy since that was mentioned. A couple of months, she had nearly forgotten though had not forgotten him. Her smile blossoming, "I can come some time this week," then leaning in towards him as her words became a whisper, "I would like not to have Abasi looming over me for certain I will hit him in the foot with an arrow or myself."

That had him nearly laughing out loud but he nodded, eyes filled with laughter. "I don't think you'll hit yourself." At least he hoped not. "How will you manage? I'm not sure I'd be considered a suitable escort but I can offer." He was more worried about hitting himself in the foot when he showed her how to use the bow.

She probably wouldn't hit herself but tempted to hit her guard purposely if he breathed down her neck, especially when she was trying to learn something. "I think if you speak with Anhur or Yusuf, to know I would be safe with you, they will relieve me of Abasi, at least for this outing. It would mean you'd have to come to the manor and return me there when the time is done." Dark eyes searched his for this was asking a lot of him just so she could buy a bow and learn how to use it.

He nodded, looking thoughtful. "Do you think that would also be a good day to go to dinner? Or would you think it would be better to ask about a different day?" He didn't want to step on tradition and customs here, so best to ask questions.

"If you wish to do both in one day. If you feel there is time?" She had no idea how long it would take to find a bow suited for her as well show her how to use it. "Our traditions have become mixed with traditions here that do not overly affect our beliefs. The men in our family have always treated he women well even if by customs they did not have to. Many looked upon women as lesser than their animals."

Brogan was loosening the tie of the fancy dress shirt he wore as he stepped into the tavern. The Casino closed for the night, finally, but he was not quite ready to sleep. A smile spreading as he spotted at least one of his cousins. "Evening Gus, Mirre," glance lingering there a moment as he could envy his company. Continuing to the bar to collect a glass of the pure as it would be appreciated at this point. He rarely had a drink when running the Casino though at times had a social drink as he called it, one that usually lasted him all night, if he could remember where he left it when making his rounds, seeing to his customers, making sure everything was running smoothly.

"Unfortunately that's true many places but not here." He looked up and gave Brogan his usual grin. "Evening, Brogan. Finished for the night?" He looked at Mirre again. "I think we should divide it up into two times so your brothers will know I am trustworthy enough." Deciding after a moment. "Brogan. please join us."

Mirre rose out of custom and curtsey, giving a forward bow with hands pressed together a moment, "fair of eve MemSaheb Brogan," smile was shyly warm as she took her seat again. "I like the way women can be here," obviously why she was going to try her hand at it, record it as well in a personal view. She might convince some of her sisters and their friends to do the same. If she would be allowed, so would they. At least the al-Azhar women but little was different for the al-Dawla women.

"If you don't mind," well, they invited him and it was a public place so he headed on over to join them. Pausing as Mirre stood to greet him formally, free hand coming to splay over his chest with a dip of his head. "It is a fair evening, fair Rahmirre, you're looking beautiful as ever." Continuing then to take up a seat on the other side of his cousin but he was watching him for any response in how he complimented the beautiful Egyptian lass. Only a slight twitch to the corner of his lips would hint at any thoughts along that line.

He stood when she did, waiting for Brogan to join them and then sitting after Mirre. Brogan got a grin when he gave Mirre the compliment. He had no claims on her but even if they were courting, he wouldn't mind. "Mirre is hoping to see if she can learn to use a bow."

His words brought a light blush over bronze skin tones, hinting them a touch darker. "Thank you MemS.. Brogan," knowing she was suppose to be less formal here as the formal response reminded her. She hadn't looked Gus' way after the compliment, in fact sight lowered from the old ways in habit. Lifting then with Gus' words and her smile brightening as she looked from Gus to Brogan to see his reaction to such an idea.

"I think that is a grand idea. Perhaps some other weapons too in time. Never hurts for a lady to know how to defend herself no matter how safe the lands are they live in." Lands were safe, had been safe for decades but that could change. More in that one never knew what Fate had in store. It was not a good idea to become fat off the land that you are taken unaware with change.

He nodded in agreement before adding. "I know at one time there were classes being held for ladies who wished to learn to defend themselves. I'm not sure if they still have them though." He lifted his glass for a drink after that.

"Perhaps there is a way I can find out? A person to talk to?" She would not feel right to impose on Gus too much no matter how tempting a means to learn more of the ways here.

"You can speak with Princess Noirin, she would know for certain. Send a note to the castle through Alex and I'm sure she will get back to you as soon as possible." He was staring to feel the wear of the evening as he kicked back the amount of the pure he had poured. Enjoying the burn before he eased up with a motion of hand to halt Mirre from the need of standing again. "It is time for me to get back and some sleep. I will be talking to you soon, Gus." Speaking on bows, if he recalled correctly, he had asked about having one made for himself. He too was always too busy, but eventually. "A pleasure to see you again Mirre, a pleasant evening for you both." Giving a dip of his head, mostly to Mirre before he was over to drop off his glass at the bar, a few words with Alex while there.

"It was good to see you as well, Brogan. Take some time and come out to the shop some afternoon." He smiled at his cousin, watching him a moment before he looked back to Mirre. "That's a good way to find out." Meaning contacting  the Princess.

She had almost risen out of habit but had caught the sleight of hand. "Fair of night Brogan, it was a pleasure seeing you again." Though brief, she had liked most of the men she met here. It was then she caught sight of Abasi standing near the door like some ominous stone sentinel within. She had not notice him come in, but perhaps the fact another male had arrived, spurred him to enter, or, they needed to be on their way. Probably a combination of both ideas depending on how long he had been standing there. How much had he heard? So much for the idea of privacy. She had almost missed the comment and name, mind reeling back, "I will leave her a note before I leave tonight." Which she was up to do exactly that as she headed for the bar and requested some paper and pen to write out a note.

"Perhaps tomorrow then, Gus." A smile was given to Mirre as she approached the bar, his conversation with Alex having been concluded as he headed out the side door. Shortcut back to the Casino where he had a flat above the business.

"Good." He stood as she did, then nodded at Abasi. While Mirre headed over to write the note, he carried his now empty glass to the bar. Saluting Brogan, he looked at Mirre, deciding to ride to the manor in the next day or two and speak directly to her brothers. It seemed to him that would be the better way to do it.

Gus was a far wiser man than he realized. Anhur and Yusuf were not ones to step on their toes especially where their siblings were concern and close friends. She finished off the note to hand over to Alex, turning then with a smile upon Gus. Though she could see Abasi scowling, a distance behind him near the door. It had her smile melt away and almost a frown. Tearing her glance from the guard back to Gus. "It is best I be on my way. I enjoyed tonight and look forward to seeing you again." Whispering in a way she tried not to move her lips too much that Abasi could read them. She was certain he had perfected that skill.

He had ignored the scowl, something he was used to doing. Smiling he gave a slight nod. "As do I." Back to the guard, he didn't need to keep from moving his lips though he was certain he knew why she did. "Good night, Mirre. It was good to see you." He winked at her, then kept from smiling as he leaned against the bar a moment.

A quick sidestep that put Gus to block Abasi's view, she winked back before moving around and towards her guard. Abasi straightened, shoulders squaring as if he had just won some battle, ushering her out with a glance back towards Gus, expression unreadable before he was out the door. He would see her into the carriage and take a post at the back while the footman drove it.

The guards certainly were good at their jobs. He grinned after they left then said good night to Alex. Outside, he watched the carriage drive away before he was heading back to his shop and cottage, the tune he whistled drifting  over the commons in his wake.



Date: 11-23-09
Poster: Isaac al-Dawla
Post # 2

The Proposal

Vanessa's presence at the Inn was likely well known from the outside. Tennison stood outside beneath a blanket, reins draped over the arm of a wagon he'd brought this far but had temporarily been relieved of while Vanessa took to her usual nightly routine (almost nightly) of warmed cider and whatever company she could find at the Thistle on any given evening. Her usual stool taken at the bar with her legs tucked up beneath her on the seat. Coral gown made for the much colder weather, her hair worn in a snood as was typical fashion for the colder months, babbling Alex's ear off as she so enjoyed to do and he was so kind tempered to stand from her.

One never knew who might show up at the tavern, but there were good bets on those that usually showed up. Segan was one of those over the past few months. Coming up from the port, it was a logical stop to see who was about, friends and family, ones he'd not met, company in general and lately of a hope in particular. He was dressed down in comparison to last evening, vest over a poets shirt of light blue, black pants and boots. A cloak worn as there were snowflakes in the air floating about that were gradually getting thicker by the time he reached the porch of the tavern. Tricorn hat held a dusting of them within the curved folds. The door pressed open and moving quickly inside to shut off the wind picking up as well.

Could anyone see Alex perk up when another arrived to relieve his ears?! Hehe. Vanessa turned to glance to the door when it opened and allowed that moment of chilled air to circulate and smiled bright to see who passed through the thresh. Of course, she always hoped she'd see him and was happy when she did. Meeting with those she knew or would be introduced to was the other half of the reason she came here. "Ave, Segan. Enjoying a walk through the slowly building winter wonderland?"

Blue eyes brightened at the sight of her. All cozy. Smile spread easily and quickly as he first took off his cloak to hang up to a peg. "Eve, Vanessa," she might notice the wicket glint as the hat was next, sleight of hand before it was set on the shelf. He was over only to sprinkle snow over her, coming down with a touch of a cold hand against her neck. Not too drastic but certainly enough to tease, "thought I would share."

Meanie! She watched him come closer with a smile before he sprinkled the chilly flakes over her and laid his hand against her neck. Squeaky sort of sound with a giggle. "How very kind of you." One hand holding her mug, the other reached up to cover his hand and hold it against the warmth of her neck for a moment. "You seem very chipper tonight. You must have had a good day?"

As her hand came to lay over his, which was instantly warming, he leaned in to steal a kiss being he had noticed they were alone. So far. One that was warm to linger a few stolen moments. Lifting with an even more pleased look in his eyes. "They were cold too." Liar. Good lie however. "I had a good day and even better now," his hand to linger for as long as she held it there while he maneuvered around onto the stool next to hers."How was your day?"

Isaac was in Heathfield lands for a few days and this night he headed for the Thistle Tavern. A place he had not seen the insides of in some time. He had left a note for Desh where she could find him if she had the will to escape their domain in Ballicastle lands and come join him.  Dressed much like an Irish lad, with even a cap that dipped to one side, Isaac made use of the side door to step within. Vest over a shirt, heavy jacket over all, dark brown trousers and well worn boots.

The kiss was pleasant and lingered for the few stolen moments before he drew away from her. "Yes, so I could feel for myself." She smiled lightly and gave a nod. "The day was...productive. I fetched a wagon and some decorations." Which explained why Tennison was standing out there with the wagon filled with crates.

"When do you wish to have us out to decorate?" Figuring it would be some time after Thanksgiving but some things could be done sooner. His hand drawn away as the man stepped within. "Good evening, nice night to get in out of the cold and snow." Although it wasn't snowing badly. Yet.

There was snow on his shoulder in a light layer that was quickly dissolving. "Fair night. I am Isaac," the accent didn't not go with his attire or looks with the heavier Egyptian tone. Though there was a mixture in there that would have one suspect he had spent years on the Emerald Isle.

His hand released, she set her hand on her lap with a smile. "I will probably start tomorrow. There's a lot to be done in way of decorating the gardens." And the gardens were pretty large. Looking to the man who'd just entered, she offered a smile. "Good ave. I'm Vanessa Baltimore, and this is Segan Quinn." Motioning to the gent who kept her company.

"Well met Isaac in from the cold." Tease held warmth as Alex set out a glass of the potcheen for him along with leaving the bottle. There was something about his accent he was trying to place.

"It is pleasure to meet you both and the cold," giving a glance over his shoulder towards the closed door but certainly the sight from the windows with a splattering of white, "it is not so bad. A sight to behold some nights," like this one. Back around he shrugged out of his jacket to hang to the cloak rack. Hand dipping into the pocket to draw something out and slide into the pocket of his trousers before he was headed for the bar. Irish cap left on. Alex would be setting out a glass of the pure for him.

"A pleasure to meet you, Isaac." She smiled thoughtfully as he dusted the snow from his shoulders. "It is quite lovely." She enjoyed the snow from next to a fire. Though she was growing more fond of it when being outside.

Deshira was High Priestess. There was little she wouldn't do if she had a mind too. And she intended to join Isaac tonight. Accompanied by the black panther and the wild cat from their homeland, she made her way to the Thistle.

They might turn Vanessa into a Snow Queen by winter's end. Although the end of winter was the worse, making one anxious for spring to come.

Not wishing to disturb the two he took for being a couple but then also knew that wasn't always the case in these lands by their traditions. "Excuse me," taking his glass up as he was over to one of the windows. Something drew him as if he could feel Desh's very presence on its way as well her companions. He didn't bring his cats, of the large variety too, with him here.

Phew! It was a chilly evening out, especially when the wind blew through her patches, but she was in a good enough mood to hardly feel it. In breezed Karina and for a moment it was like a glimpse to the past, for she was decked out in all her old raggedy clothes: Torn-up tunic, baggy patched pants, a boyish cap hiding her riot of hair. She tromped in looking pleased as punch, with the growing husky pup Amergin frisking around her feet.

Once her horse was tended to, her Protectors were dismissed with loving words, scratches and gentle hugs. Wrapped in white fur, she watched as they disappeared into the night again then turned to make her way up the steps. She had left her dog behind because he disliked the cold.

One dipping glance had dark blond brows lifting as blue eyes shifted back up to Karina's face. "You look happy. You found your old clothes?" Although he had thought they disintegrated into nothing by this time.

"Aye. Just a means to an end, me boyo." She flashed Segan a grin from beneath the brim of that grimy old cap, then waved to Vanessa and Alex as well. The others she didn't recognize but would meet in a few moments. For now she took the stairs two at a time and dashed for her room, closing the door behind her just after the romping snow-covered pup wiggled in too.

Watching as the girl rushed by her, she continued up the steps and inside. She was nearly hidden by the furs until she lowered her hood, dark eyes on Isaac. A smile curled full lips as she made her way to him, graceful as a desert gazelle.


Waggle of fingers to Karina as she sipped from her mug again, and a wave to the other lovely who wandered in since she was otherwise occupied with her mug.

Brows dipped as he hoped she had not been prowling the docks again. Men changed for the worse as the weather got colder, especially those scrounging for coins or such valuables. "Karina, this is Isaac," if the man noticed the introduction as he seemed fixated looking out the window. Barely out as she had charged out and up to her room it seemed.

He watched her come in, as well another as he turned. The unknown woman charging past as he was introduced so he would wait to respond if she ever came back. "Deshira, meet Segan and Vanessa." He would see to her cloak if she wished it off. "The other running by is Kar-inna," not quite getting it right.

It wasn't long before Karina reappeared, free of baggy clothing and certain amounts of booty too, all stored safely hidden away beneath her bed. The petite young woman came skipping down the stairs in woolen socks, dressed now in snug dove-gray pants and a sage green blouse, amber curls bouncing freely. "Someone say my name?" A smiling smirk and curious glance to the strangers.

"A pleasure to meet you, Deshira." Spoken once her mug was set down with a smile to her, then turn of attention to Karina. "How are you tonight, Karina?"

"MamSieheb Vanessa, Sieheb Segan, and MamSieheb Kar-inna. It is my pleasure to meet you each." She would allow him to help her with her cloak of course, or become too warm. Beneath she wore silks of magenta and black, as well a gold pendant, bracelets and earrings, all decorated with small rubies and onyx.

"Indeed, a pleasure to meet you Deshira," stealing a glance towards Karina as she had gone to get changed. That other outfit a type worn for old practices. He didn't say anything as focus shifted back to Desh, "would you be related to the one that is called Mirre?"

Karina would have answered Vanessa and greeted the others, had she not been too engrossed in staring at Deshira. Gape-jawed even. She'd not seen a person so richly dressed her entire life. She nearly salivated over the gold and jewels, but of course, in this pace and amongst this company she would keep her fingers to herself. She finally gathered herself enough to swallow and give a crooked half-smile. Tipping her head in greeting and introduction.

Desh might noticed the bulge in his pocket as he took up her cloak then saw to hanging it on the rack next to his. "It is pleasure to meet you Kar'inna." Seemed that is how her name got heard.

"Mirre is my sister." She studied him a moment, her expression curious. "Have you not also met Isaac's sister, Shere? Or perhaps our brother, Anhur?" She knew all three came often to this place. Being what Desh was, Karina was wise to keep such to herself.

Vanessa took a slight lean against the counter turned to watch the others and listen to the conversation. "How is Mirre?" She'd not met the others spoken of, and hadn't seen Mirre in quite some time.

"I recall meeting them both. You have a very fine family." Mirre had been more recent and hence the association. "You seem ready for the cold." He had noticed the fur cloak, eyeing it with a thought. "Is it as warm as it looks?" Then quieted as Vanessa asked some questions. He took up his drink to kick back.

"Would you like punch drink from the bar, Desh?" As he was going there to refill his glass and would get her something. Quick question as she had a few to answer.

Karina gave the strangers another long look before finally turning away, back towards the stairs, realizing she was missing a certain small companion. Fingers placed in the sides of her mouth, she gave a sharp whistle, sending the husky slipping and sliding down the wooden stairs. She let him go about his business (first order being to attack Segan with licks) and went to order an ale from Alex.


"I would, Isaac, thank you." She gave him a brief warm smile before turning back to the others. "Mirre is well. Busy, as is her way, but she will be out again soon I am sure. The cloak is very warm. My brother, Yusuf, bought it for me." Though with her abilities, it was more for show.

He saw the husky coming and if he didn't move he'd bowl him over on the stool. So he was down to meet the onslaught of licks and even hefted him up that he could lick Vanessa's cheek. "Share..." word coming low with a grin before Amergin was squirming to get down and over to investigate the two new people to make friends and hopefully affection lavished on him.

That would be Desh first as he was at the bar and would manage not to trip up over the dog as he came back with her glass of punch in one hand and his drink in the other. "I think Anhur and Yusuf will be wishing to speak to this man name Gus." More even lower tone mostly for Desh though it could not be considered whispering.

And who wouldn't love Amergin? The husky pup was still growing but a handsome little thing, big-pawed and keen-eyed. His fur was thick gray-mottled white and currently speckled with melting snow. His eyes, one blue, one green, flicked intelligently across the strangers before sniffing their feet. Karina watched just to make sure the exuberant canine didn't get out of hand, but glanced also to Segan and Vanessa sitting nearby. "How are ya's?"

"I'm glad to hear that Mirre is doing well." And barely any chance to escape the puppy licks, she was all giggles and shrinking away with a couple adoring pats to the pup's head. "Yes...thank you Segan." She giggled again, and looked to Karina. "I am well. Though the birds may not like me when I go to turn the spires up tonight." She laughed though. Puppy kisses were funny.

She crouched down to greet the pup, speaking to him softly in her native tongue before standing again as Isaac approached. "They have." She answered softly. "He asked for permission to take her to dinner and to see her. Yusuf likes him and says he is of a good heart, even if a bit clumsy."



Date: 11-23-09
Poster: Isaac al-Dawla
Post # 3

She had to grin at that. "The kestrels did look at me funny earlier. Like I was betrayin' them with lesser beasts." A fond smirk over her shoulder towards the pup, who was busy sniffing around Deshira's feet - hehe, maybe she'd trained him too well. She gave a click of her tongue, and obediently Amergin trotted towards her.

"I heard it said he spills his drinks upon himself when she is around." Which had an amused lopsided smile to appear. With her drink taken it was his turn to crouch down and one handed ruffed up the pup good. He was good with animals, most on the norm for having an affinity with the wild and the domestic. Although the pup was off with a click of Karina's tongue. He to stand as he was still going over something in his head.

"That is what Mirre has said though she did say he's been very careful of late." She knew also that Mirre was learning archery from him but said nothing of that. She would tell their brothers if she felt she should.

He was sitting there at this point, relaxed back with a lazy grin that managed up for wandering thoughts. Content too at this very moment which was being thoroughly enjoyed.

She reached down to scritch Amergin's head when he came to her side, then gave a small motion with two of her fingers towards the floor. The pup immediately laid down (albeit with a lolling tongue and wagging tail) and Karina turned towards Segan. "You look like the cat what got the canary."

Vanessa was content as well to sit and listen to the others speak. The accents of the two siblings was an interesting one. One she'd not heard before.

If he could put his hands behind his head and lean back, he would. On a stool that would not be a good move. "Maybe I have?" Shifting focus a moment to Karina as he teased her back.

"Really." Karina was interested now, ever the curious one, and the smirk she gave Segan was an evaluating one. "What sort o' canary if I might ask?"

Now that he had her attention, dark eyes held upon hers. "What is in my pocket is for you." Having gone over this as the best way and she would notice the bulge there with his words.

"For me?" She tipped her head, dark eyes sparkling as she slowly lowered her eyes then looked up again. "Shall I retrieve it, or are you going to give it to me?" There was a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Must be a golden one, being they are usually gold are they not?" Although he would change the subject, "I didn't know you still had those old worn clothes and more to wear them again..."

A brow quirked upwards as she snagged that hint, about to press further until he went on. Her words paused she just looked at Segan a second almost challengingly then just shrugged. "They're mine aren't they? Rags and tatters though they might be. By the by, there are thirty kids at the orphanage right now," that aimed over her shoulder at Vanessa.

"Aye, it is for your taking," hands drawing up to cup behind his neck so she knew he wasn't going to play any trick on her. There was an intensity to his eyes as he watched her. She really looked beautiful.

Brow perked with a glance to Segan and Karina before smirking some and going back to her drink. A nod given to Karina. "Aye, there are. I spoke with Henna last night after the Solstice ball. She hopes to help. The night before the event, I am going to be baking cookies with the help of whomever wishes join for that and dinner."

She laughed then leaned forward slightly. Of course he'd be able to smell the perfume she favored, as did her sisters. She tickled his side lightly first before reaching into the pocket and retrieve what was there for her.

It was a black box with a small white satin ribbon around it. Though a little crimped at this point for being in his pocket. As she took it out arms were down as he went to bend of knee before her. Taking off his cap, "I am not best with words but you know my heart." Eyes searching as he continued. "The cold of winter comes soon and I wish my bed warmed with you to spend its nights. To hold you forever more in my love." Hoping that sounded good to her. He was trying the traditions of these lands they now lived in but he picked the ring he liked the best than what was suggested when he looked.

"Well, I don't know nothin' about cooking but I'll help ya out any other way. Almost got all their gifts sorted out too," she added with a small smug grin.

A smile given to Karina. "Segan said he doesn't know about baking either, but has offered to help decorate them as long as he can taste test them."

"I'd be happy to taste test too..." Waitwaitwait. Was that stranger proposing to the rich lady? Karina swiveled in her stool to watch as Isaac's soft words caught her ear.

She wasn't certain why he went down on one knee, having nearly forgotten such was the custom in these lands. She covered her mouth with the fingers of one hand, her eyes wide. "You have held my heart, Isaac, since we were small. I would be proud and honored to be your wife." For a time, she forgot there was anyone else in the room but they'd understand, surely.

That caught his attention too as he had a remark on the tasting of cookies but instead was grinning as the man went by tradition, down on his knees or knee in front of the Egyptian lady. Would she accept the Egyptian, Irish looking lad?
"Sounds like a yes to me." Under his breath with only those near would hear.

"Or close enough." Karina was grinning too despite herself.

Smile split his features as he was up and taking her up into his arms. He was moving around in a circle, one step over the other near in place before he sealed the vow between them with a searing kiss. One that would burn a place in time held sacred to them and those that loved and were loved by them.

Oooh! A proposal! Vanessa smile thoughtfully and listened, but her attention turned while in wait for the answer. A bright smile to hear the woman's acceptance.

Arms wrapping around his neck as he wrapped her in the protection of his arms, she returned the kiss with an equal passion. Kohl-lined eyes were closed as she listened to the singing of their two hearts.

He knew it was approved. They had been originally requested to wed by their respective grandfathers to seal the two houses when they were fifteen. They had refused the tradition being they were here when it was proclaimed. Anhur and Yusuf didn't have the heart to force them together. "Maybe it was foreseen," lips having parted as he still held her close, "but it is better I ask with my own freedom to." Not arranged.

Karina couldn't help but wonder if theirs would be a commitment that lasted. Not as any judgement against them, for they were strangers. But simply because so many vows had the tendency to unravel over time. Even so she'd join in the congratulations once the pair disentangled from their embrace.

Once it seemed the passionate kiss ended, he spoke up. "Congratulations to you both and may you grow old together. Very old." Which was a blessing that they would see many generations if they had children.

Vanessa gave a small applause. "Congratulations." Oh..such happy events. She was all smiles even as she sipped from her drink, finishing the contents.

"I like it much better this way." She laughed softly, then turned her head toward the others, her smile brilliant. "Thank you. We plan to grow very old, and have many children and grandchildren." The last was said as she looked back into his eyes.

"You are quiet this night, Vanessa," though it might possibly be her mind was distracted in going over all she would need to do over the next couple weeks. Though concern also edged blue eyes as he kept his words low.

Which he gave a dip of his head to in agreement. "Would you like me to put this ring on your finger?" In their custom, they were married if the woman moved in with the man. So this was doing a bit more around it.

Vanessa watched the happy couple a moment long before looking over to Segan. "Hm?...oh I'm a bit tired. I rode to Eldyn today to get what I brought back with me."

Karina too had gone somewhat quiet, but then she had also received her ale. Now that she was warming up from the outdoors, the brew was refreshing and she drank deeply.

"Yes, I would." Voice lowered a bit as she answered. She was nearly giddy with joy as she handed the box back to him. The ring it held was beautiful, more so to her than any she had in her possession.

She had a lot of jewelry in her possession too as did her sisters. Even her brother Anhur wore a gold breastplate of the god Ra over a bare chest. Isaac use to as well but after the accident and he being stolen away to Ireland to bring him back to life, much had changed in the younger man and continued to do so. The ring taken from the box was slipped upon her finger. Was it more precious or was it that it had precious meaning? "Our families will be happy." Then to the others dark eyes turned, "thank you for wishing us well on the course we have chosen together."

"Good luck to ya's." That would be her well-wishes, accompanied by a crooked smile.

"All went well then.." more assuming it had. "Did you get to see your friend Sari?" Though he was still aware of the couple's happiness as this night was theirs to remember.

She shook her head gently. "No. I didn't have a chance to venture out to the meadow. I'm sure by this time of year, the pass is snowed in." She had hoped to get Sari and her children to come visit before then, but it wasn't managed.

"Yes, they will." She looked at the ring on her finger, her smile becoming soft. She was wishing their parents could be here to see this but neither of them knew what had become of them.

It was why he was hoping she could come here this night for much happened between them here in this tavern. Those years after their families escaped here. "I will see us home, we shall see your brothers first," before he would take her to his room and his bed as his wife. Unless she wanted the traditional wedding they called it in these lands or use a mingling of the two customs. Taking her to his bed was as solid a commitment as their weddings.

All she needed was her brothers' blessings, and especially Anhur's as High Priest. There would be a celebration the following day that would be more traditional she was certain.

Celebrating them as a consummated marriage, instead of before consummated. "Fair of night, it has been pleasure in meeting you Segan, Vanessa, and Kar'inna. We must be away." Which he was already seeing to her fur cloak and a carriage to be brought around so that they could sit together for the ride and make plans. His horse and hers would be tied to the back.

"Fair of eve, Segan, Vanessa and Kar'inna. Thank you again for your congratulations. May the light of Ra always shine for you." Once she was wrapped in the cloak, she leaned against him, secure in his love.

"Good night to you both. Best of happiness your way." It was a big step for a man or woman to take if they took their vows and their words seriously.

"Hope to see you again soon. Congratulations again." A warm smile offered with a wave to the couple.

Snap out of it Karina! She glanced back up to the couple and lifted a hand in farewell. "Have a good evenin' and congrats again, aye."

Dipping his head with a boyish smile before he was whisking Desh away with him and a night to remember would follow.

Vanessa yawned quietly and slipped down from her stool. "I think it is time that I retire. I have to hitch Tenni back to the wagon before the walk." A smile to Karina. "Nice to see you tonight, Karina. And of course, you as well Segan. Be careful not to choke on those canary feathers." Teasing him from earlier conversation he'd had with Karina.

It was getting late and soon the remaining three would be asleep where they sat, or stood as might be Karina's position. Finishing off his drink first, Segan was up into a stretch. "It is time to get back, can I see you home, Vanessa?" Being it seemed he had been correct and time for her to return. He could get even for her remark on the canary feathers too. Just the glint in his eyes was the only warning.

She noted the glint and smiled to him. "You may. The company would be enjoyed." Her coat pulled from the back of her stool and pulled on, buttoned up, taking little heed to that warning.

Karina pushed to a stand from her own stool as well, glancing between the two of them before giving a slight nod and turning towards the stairs. "G'night." A flick of her fingers towards Amergin, and the pup was up to follow her to the stairs and eventually her room.

"Good night Karina, it was good to see you again and will soon," being she was helping with the project they might get to see more of her. He would have helped Vanessa with her cloak but she was too quick so he was over to collect his to don then see her out. He was going to sleep like a log tonight.


She followed Segan towards the door and waited for his ready before stepping out into the cold with a smile to him. Hitch the horse, and walk back. Been a long day!


He would keep her close for it was far colder outside now that it had snowed and obviously the temperatures had dropped. He would tease her as usual too.



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