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Heathfield - Ballicastle - Tyremoor History

Date: 06-16-01
Poster: Kimber Deveridge
Post # 21

The approaching sun glided its rays into Kimber's chambers, like a spot light on the danger that would soon approach.  She was looking to Dem when she heard the sounds of many horses departing from the castle. Quickly, and without a word to Dem, she turned to face the outdoors again.  She knew Michael from a distance, and she could not help but place a palm upon her throat at the many soldiers that followed him.  Her only thoughts were on Brandy then, she seen it in her eyes, and in Michael's as well, something was blooming between them both.

" Brandy"

She whispered her friends name softly, now there would be more to pray for, more to wish a safe return.  She could not stand it, she knew if Dem did not stop her now she would run to Lightening and follow them.    The Douglas family, as well as McAndrews were on their way.  She did not know if all brothers had left with Michael, but the tears coursed down her face.  He had become one she called a dear friend, as well as: Michael, Chadrick, Malcolm,
Nick, so many.  Though she had not yet met Keifer nor Danielle, she could not help but lay her palms together as she dropped there on the floor upon her knees.  The Duke, he had been so kind to her their first meeting, they all had to return safely.

"Please my God, bring them all home with smiles and happiness.  Let not one die or shed any blood, and I beg of you let my grandmother's spirit be with each of them.  I know there is danger, but how serious only you can say.  Give me a sign Lord, something that all shall be like it was."

She knew there would be no sign, but her faith was strong, and ever constant.  With gently fingers she picked up her cross medallion placing one kiss upon it.  Then making the sign of the cross she rose from her knees.  She prayed that Thomas would keep his medallion on, perhaps he could feel her prayers, feel her strength and return safely, as with them all.  And Malcolm, she hoped he had the dagger she had given to him when returning from the Gypsy encampment, for it was a legend, much magic resides in it.  How she wished she could have given something to each of them, something to help with the fate that had yet to be dealt to each of them.  And then she thought of Brandy and Dem, they too would join in her worry, as would all of Heathfield and Balli, for the days to come would bring a difference to all the men, and even Danielle.

"Come home to us, each of you.  Bring all home, and please, let none die."

That last comment was whispered upon the morning air, the sun had finally made its complete rise into the sky.  But she could not care if the rays were burning into her delicate features, all she cared was the safe return of those she called friends, and of course for the man she loved.

Date: 06-16-01
Poster: LdyDemonia
Post # 22

She heard the horses and joined Kimber at the window, the whisper of a prayer on her lips as she watched with her friend, she turned to Kimber, tears filling her emerald gaze, as she heard Brandy's name, aye she had seen Michael and her just yesterday and aye the love was growing there. "Oh Kimber, we have to find Brandy"

She found her place beside Kimber, entwining their fingers together to say prayers for all those they loved and cherished as friends and so much more, as Kimber watched the sun rise, Dem, prayed silently for the one she was beginning to care much more than just a friend, before lifting her gaze and wrapping Kimber in a tight hug, she just knew all would come home safe.

Date: 06-16-01
Poster: Thomas Douglas
Post # 23

He had been pacing back and forth, waiting patiently for the orders Malcolm would give as his calloused fingers danced over the cross about his neck. It had been awhile since he last saw her yet he could feel her pain, her frustration most of all her worry. It was a feeling unlike any other he had ever felt before. But his thoughts were clouded by this and he needed to think.

He moved a few feet away from his brothers, though still close enough to be seen yet not heard. If he was to remain in good health he would first have to clear his mind of everything else and as much as he didn't want to, that included Kimber. She would remain in his heart.

Closing his eyes he pictured her sweet face, his heart filled with pain at the sight of her tears. The words he then spoke he prayed would be carried across the wind finding her and setting her mind at ease.....
"I am fine, lass. Now go on about your day or I will be forced to take you my shoulder and carry
you away."

He laughed at his own words, it was foolish to think she could hear him, the joke they shared was all he could think of to say at the moment. The longer this waiting dragged on the more he realized just what kind of danger they all were in.
With a gentle kiss placed upon the cross he returned to his brothers.

Thomas Keegan Douglas
"Neutrals never dominate events. They always sink. Blood alone moves the wheels of history."

Date: 06-16-01
Poster: Kimber Deveridge
Post # 24

She had left the wedding party, not knowing any but Dem, and had felt a bit out of place.  She found herself upon the meadows of wild flowers, the same place where Thomas had kissed, where their love had been expressed with such beauty.

"Thomas come home to me, please"

She looked into the sky of the coming night, one star could be seen, out of the darkness only one was seen, could it be a sign from God, that all would return.  Then a voice called to her upon the wind, like a bolt of lightening,  she shook.

"I am fine, lass. Now go on about your day or I will be forced to take you over my shoulder and carry you away."

Thomas, she knew that was his voice, she spun to the left and right, almost stumble as she spun to look to the steps that had taken her here, but he was no where in site. Upon the sky she looked again, and now there were two stars, with his eye color, was that him, was it Thomas telling her all would be well.

The cross medallion upon her chest burned with love, not heat, she felt a touch to it, but the wind was not blowing, and she had not touched it.  For some odd reason she knew he had caressed his cross she had given him, so she held onto the medallion with all her strength, hoping he could hear her words as well. 

"Thomas please come back home safe, how will I go on if I don't have your shoulder to be carried away upon"

She too kissed the cross medallion, as she sat gracefully upon the wild flowers, feeling the winds now stir about, knowing that her words would touch his very soul.

Date: 06-17-01
Poster: Keifer Douglas
Post # 25

He stood very silent, the only action the brief pull of his earring.  A habit this time of anticipation, not fear. 

He watched briefly as  Thomas walk away, all were getting ready for some kind of battle.  Even Malcolm with his quiet ways, Thomas with his stern looks.  But he could only think of his dead  brother, of the day he told him he would fight like the brothers one day.  If it came to battle, he would make Sean proud of him and strike down as many of the enemy he could.

Keifer Donavan Douglas
Fifth Son to Trevellyn and Tara Douglas
Every decision everything we chose, has a consequence whether we win or lose

Date: 06-17-01
Poster: Teri MacKenzie
Post # 26

Nick had made sure she could not follow him a few nights prior by tying her to his bed. This had infuriated her and she wanted to cause him pain by the time he came back to release her. Release her he did but something unexpected happened as she ended up in his arms instead, she knew then he had captured her heart and she found the feeling was mutual. He had tied her up for her own good because she would have followed then too.

Two days later, she was aware that the Queen Mother had left, it was one of the things she did silently for her sovereign, keeping an eye on her whereabouts. She knew which steed she had taken but had taken the time to prepared herself for battle this time. She knew she would be able to track instead, plus she didn't wish the queen to know.

She had stopped at the chapel only to learn of Callie's death, she had only known her a little but still she set up with a heavy heart. Kimber and Brandy deciding to follow her so she waited a short while longer for them as she got fresh horses in the meantime. Not long afterwards they too had mounted up. This time she had a sword at her side and a dagger tucked away besides her bow and quiver of arrows. This would be close up fighting if it came down to that so the latter was strapped to her saddle. She made sure a sword was provided for both Brandy and Kimber and only hoped they knew how to use them.

The going was slow but still they made good time as the hoofprints were tracked leading to a field. It was there in the cover of trees she halted as she surveyed the two across the way. Her heart leaped in her chest seeing Nick, she knew he would not be happy to see her but she also knew now the Queen was within his protection. Brandy and Kimber had pulled up with her as she sat there debating if she should push forward or wait and follow undetected.

~ Theresa
Known to her friends as Teri, archer by skill. Bellydancer at night.
Owner of Coffee and Sweets Shoppe, Ballicastle Commons

Date: 06-17-01
Poster: Brandy Winston
Post # 27

In the ensuing day after, she'd spoken of the Douglas' with Michael, she was worried about the brothers, all of them, especially perhaps Malcolm. She regretted her angry words to him, she cared for him a great deal. Many things had become confused for her, spending so much time with him, their friendship had deepened, but she had mistaken what she felt for something that wasn't true. Her world shifted when she was in Michael's arms. And she
knew in her heart he felt the same.

Michael promised to speak to Chad and find them if he learned anything at all. Her locket on it's blue ribbon now rested against his chest to keep him safe. Her father always said it would protect her, her mother would protect her, now it protected Michael. She didn't worry because of it. 
Night came and with it a devastating loss to all of Heathfield and Ballicastle, Kimber sent a note to her, calling her to the chapel. Callie Kincaid had died in childbirth. She was shocked and wept, wept for the loss and for the daughter born to grow up without her mother. She'd wiped the tears from her face as Teri entered and paid her respects. Whispered words between her and Kimber and soon she was off to Heathfield, changing into breeches and tucking a few essentials into a bag she'd take.

Readying her new steed, Golden Devil...she soon caught up with Teri and Kimber, grinning to them. "God, nothing like adventure!"

Date: 06-17-01
Poster: LdyDemonia
Post # 28

Dem knew that Kimber and Brandy had left to follow their loves, she quietly stood in her room packing a few things, she just needed to get away, the pain of loosing Callie, just hurt too much to stay, a few days, she needed a few days to start the slow healing process and then she promised herslef she would be here if Ryan ever needed her.

She carried the small pack down to the stables and mounted Sir Ambrose, the pack was tied on and she took off, leaving Heathfield, Balli and for the moment the pain behind, she would return  soon and then hopefully everyone would be safe, returned to the arms of love they all deserve, tears streaked down her cheeks as she galloped away.

She was still blushing as she rode up to the stables, how could she have forgotten that her sister, Trin, was using their cabin..of course she told Dem she could stay, but she knew she was interrupting a quiet get away with her husband, not that Trin would have told her that, instead she stayed the one,
night, poured her heart out like she use to do when they were younger and this morning she had headed home to Heathfield

She was feeling a bit better as she handed the reins over to the stable hand and untied her pack, moving quickly to the castle and her chambers, she was actually thrilled to be back, unpacking and changing she went in search of  Kimber, she could a least tell her somewhat of what happen.

Date: 06-17-01
Poster: RowenaEdanswood
Post # 29

One of the castle guards, a trusted soul to both families of Heathfield and Balli, sought Rowena to inform her of all the goings-on. She had already heard of Callie's death and had to remind herself to send condolences to Ryan. It was when the guard mentioned the Douglas family trouble that Ro clutched the man's arm and bid him to tell all.

By the time he stopped, Ro could feel her hands trembling to the point of unable to even clasp her fingers together. Though she did not know Nick or Keifer very well, the thought of injury to them made her stomach lurch with fright. And Malcolm! She knew something had been upsetting him for weeks, though she never pressed the issue for fear of prying.

"Damnation, I should have done something," she muttered under her breath.

"Pardon, miss?" the guard queried.

"Tis nothing, thank you for informing me of this news."

Rowena traveled both castles in hopes of finding Brandy or Kimber only to find that they, along with Teri were no where to be found. Deep within her heart she knew they followed the men. Part of her felt a jab of jealousy at not being able to help, but then she soon realized that her job was to keep some sanity (if that would ever be possible) back home.

Date: 06-17-01
Poster: Brandy Winston
Post # 30

Events seem come and go, quickly spinning the hours away. Was it only two days ago that she'd ventured into the garden to find Kimber? Attempting to tease her into forgetting her worries about Thomas at least for a few moments, they'd both ended up muddied and laughing.


There he was, looking down at the two of them, that wonderful smile on his face, dimpling at her. How many times had she seen that smile? Heard the deep warm laughter that teased her and made her laugh? She'd intended to pull him down into the mud with them, instead he'd brought her to her feet. Words were said, she knew. Yet if asked, she'd never remember, all she remembered was that kiss.

If a soul could be bared, hers was in that kiss. Suddenly she knew the difference between caring for a friend and loving someone...


Date: 06-17-01
Poster: MalcolmADouglas
Post # 31

He soon discovered two of his brothers had followed him. He wasn't angry but instead knew it befitting and the more to fight a common enemy, all the better. Commands were given silently as they made their way to the back of the Nichols' holding. The horses dismounted as with that silent code of hand they
watched the guards, waiting until three were left that had taken a break, two had gone off to the woods to relieve themselves and Mal left them to Thomas and Keifer to take care of while he did a sneak attack on the other who lingered there waiting.

There was a silent slice of his knife across his throat as the guard took his last breath never knowing exactly what had happened to him for Mal was that quick. He didn't like killing but if it had to be kill or get killed he would do so swiftly and without pain. He dragged him off to the woods and exchanged clothing now looking very much the part of one of Nichols' guards. He moved into the man's position adjusting the helmet they wore as to see
even less of his features and if spoken to in the passing of other guards he just grumbled a greeting in few words as possible as he waited for his brothers, hoping to see them show up as the other two guards before they were noted missing.

Malcolm Alexander Douglas
"To desire is to want, to want is to need, to neither want nor desire leaves a happier man."

Date: 06-17-01
Poster: Thomas Douglas
Post # 32

The order given, Thomas followed one of the two guards into the woods so quite were his steps that even his brothers would be surprised with his accomplishments. He chose the larger of the two guards considering he was bigger then Keifer.

Large calloused hands took hold of the mans head and there was a sickening snap as the head was twisted in one quick motion. The dead man crumpled at his feet, though Thomas was quick to remove tunic which would be replaced with the guards.

The body was dragged further into the woods and hidden beneath a bush. The guards helm was then placed over his head to conceal his features, with a grunted chuckle he adjusted his trousers as if he was a man just returning from a much needed pi** break.

When he spotted Malcolm he gave the signal that he was now in place, Keifer would not be far behind, or so he hoped.

Thomas Keegan Douglas
"Neutrals never dominate events. They always sink. Blood alone moves the wheels of history."

Date: 06-21-01
Poster: KristianWinston
Post # 33

By the gods, I'm going to kill her when I find her... she'd better be all right.

Those who knew Kristian Winston were aware of his formidable temper, but those who did not were not likely to remain steeped in ignorance for long. He'd gone in search of his effusive young cousin, only to be stonewalled by her lady's maid. It didn't take a genius to realize the girl was temporizing, and doing so with little success. The best lies were simple, and she'd already turned it into a morass of twists and turns down deceit's path. Finally
losing patience, Kristian grabbed the girl's shoulders and gave her a small shake, the dark eyes blazing with fury as he gritted out, "Tell me where she is... and none of your lies, either."

The maid gasped out something about Kimber and riding off with a group of people, including Lady Mary, her eyes wide and frightened. Kristian's expression blackened and he released her with a sharp nod. She wasted no time in scurrying away, not wishing to remain within the reach of one so ired. He in turn pivoted, stalking to the stables, where an abrupt command saw steed saddled and ready while he buckled swordbelt around his waist and sighed, looking up at the sky before mounting up. Accepting the reins from the young groom, Kristian glanced down at the boy and said, "If I'm not back by nightfall, take word to the Queen that something is amiss with Lady C...Brandy, and Lady Kimber. Tell her also that I've gone after the two..." The boy nodded and released the steed as Kristian nudged his heels against the glossy flanks.

Riding out into the fields, recent rains had left him a fairly easy trail to follow - numerous hoofprints led away from the castle. With a nod, he set off at a swift pace, praying Brandy hadn't gotten in over her head... and that he wasn't too late.

Once I find you, cousin... and I know you're safe... we're going to have a very, very long talk.

Kristian Winston
In the meantime, let me be that I am,
and seek not to alter me.

Shakespeare, Much Ado about Nothing, Act I, sc iii

Date: 06-21-01
Poster: Nick Douglas
Post # 34

Role-play with the characters of
MaryAMcAndrews, NickDouglas, ThomasDouglas, TeriMacKenzie,
BrandyWinston, MalcolmADouglas and

She had slowed her steed seeing one come from the bushes, she actually cursed under her breath when the covering blew off from her head, trying to grab it. Seeing it was Nick, she stopped the horse completely as she dismounted. "Nick, at least one of your family finally can help me."

Nick stood from that bow, reaching up but the woman knew what she was about, dismounting on her own.  Nick just stepped back, a quick glance around his what was he going to do with the Queen?  Couldn't very well tie her up to a tree!

"I thought maybe you would be with your father as your brothers did get the word too?"

Thomas was cool as a cucumber, assuming the role of the guard he left dead in the woods, beneath his helm he wore a grim sort of smile.

"My brothers?"  That had his heart speeding up. A step forward and he gripped the reins to her mount, and with his other hand, he reached out to take hold of the royal one's elbow.  If his brothers were near, all hell was about to break loose...and Nick didn't want to miss any of it.

"Yes, Trev was summoned by Nichols to come here. There is something wrong as I saw Malcolm fly out like hell on fire so I followed too."

"You shouldn't have come."  The Ladies always felt they needed to be near and yet, it was just another cause for distraction.  He smiled down to her though, not wishing to insult his King's mother ... good God no!  He tied up her mount there by his own, then with a swipe of hand, lead her through the thick growth of foliage back to his watching point

That chin was held high as one could tell she had not been use to riding by the way she walked, still a grace was held to it. "I no longer wish to fade away in some room and not live while I'm alive."

Nick glanced back, his gaze lowering over her then up as he grinned. "Doubtful, M'Lady, that you will ever fade away."  Then his finger came to his lips to hush her, a nod of head toward the manor house that had been guarded heavily since Teri had been stolen away.  "It looks as if he prepares to face an army, rather than a few Douglas kin."  That brought that smile spreading, the man should be concerned when it came to facing the Douglas clan.

Teri was still mounted across the way in the cover of the woods watching Nick move away with the Queen, she did glance to Kimber and Brandy wondering what they were thinking.

He released the Queen to squat there near his pack, and from it, he pulled yards of brown coarse material, handing one back to the Queen.  "Slip this on"  He stood then and shook his out.  The plain, brown garment of the call to serve...thanks to Thomas, he had his disguise.

She fell to silence with his indication and followed him as such. A nod was given as she did take a good look at the holding, causing a frown to mar her features. "This is not good, Nick."  Her words were barely a whisper.

He looked out toward the holding again, a nod of agreement.  "Where Nichols is concerned, My Liege, there is never anything good."   A quick look back to her then he slipped the robe over his head.

Teri noted they had disappeared as she became as anxious as her shifting steed. Heels dug in a she started across the field in the direction they had gone. Still she lingered back.

Mary took the garment offered as she shook it out, giving it a good look over.

Golden devil's hooves stomped, she was in fact having trouble controlling the new steed. Muttering softly, she held tight to the reins, letting Teri take the lead, a glance to Kimber, she nodded and urged the horse on. Unfortunately the beast still had a mind of it's own and was soon taking off towards a heavily wooded area. Laying low, she prayed and just held tight to him.

Mary followed suit and slipped the monk's garment over her head now too, adjusting it and cinching the rope around her waist.

Now the trick would be...presenting himself as the monk he hoped to appear.  Did he have one humble or modest bone in his body?

Malcolm gave a silent nod to Thomas recognizing him and then saw Keifer emerge dressed now as the other guard. He took up the post the other had abandoned hoping that the lapse of time was small enough to not have been noticed. Nichols was not known for hiring those with brains.

Nick gave the roped sash a tug, tying it tight, then reached a hand back to the Queen.  "Now...the way I see it, there will be no cause to refuse a monk..."  His gaze swept over her, hopeful they wouldn't see those telltale features of hers beneath the cowl.  "...or two shelter from the heat of late afternoon."  A motion of head and he stepped from the cover of trees.

Mary bound her hair up good, taking it back from her face and made sure the hood fell over her face near covering it completely. "You can say I am an alter boy?"

His sword hidden beneath the rough fabric, he nodded, his own features fairly hidden from view due to the hood.  " Pray we need not explain anything, just be admitted in." 

That grim smile still touched his lips as cornflower blues looked this way and that. It was not the type of look that would draw ones attention, merely that of a dutiful guard doing his job.

Good he didn't know Teri and her gaggle-of-geese friends were close by as well.  The man would have been so distracted, he wouldn't have been able to think properly.  Even now he worried over the Queen's safety...this would bring Chad and all the McAndrews down upon him if anything went wrong.

She had a dagger strapped at her side under that robe as she walked a man as best she could, the ride of the horse did help in this respect as she walked like she'd just gotten off one.

She was torn between her feelings, she was desperate to know if Thomas was alright yet it was obvious the horse she'd given Brandy had now taken off with her. Nudging her own, she went after Brandy.  "Brandy!"  She called out, as if that would stop her.

The two 'men' of the cloth made the back gate. Three?  Barkley only had three guards there? Blues searched out the area...usually there were four or five at this one gate...his gaze shot to the surrounding trees.  Where were his brothers, dammit.  Did he have even one at his side, instead of the Queen, he'd not blink an eye.  That cowl turned to look down to his companion.  "Ready?"

((To Be Continued...))

Date: 06-21-01
Poster: Nick Douglas
Post # 35

Role-play with the characters of
MaryAMcAndrews, NickDouglas, ThomasDouglas, TeriMacKenzie BrandyWinston,
MalcolmADouglas and


Mary nodded as hands were folded in front of her in a tight clasp, turning her knuckles white.
Teri had slowed the steed again keeping to the large overgrown foliage to keep cover. Her heart was pounding watching Nick and she found her throat dry too, she was scared for him and for getting caught, well, as scared as she got, more just apprehensive.

Kimber's call was only met with a bellow that would have scared animals from sleep.  "HELP!"

He now moved with the other guards filing in as the change of guards was now occurring, they had to really be on guard now and best not really join the others. He had been asked by one that must have been buddies with the one he killed but mumbled something about cards, a bet and getting that which was owed him and nodded towards Thomas and Keifer. The other guard chuckled and seemed to understand.

She was hugging the beast now, cursing in it's ear.  "If you don't stop, you'll die here, I swear I'll throttle you."  Like that was going to help, Golden Devil just raced through the thick forest rounding in fact in circles. Her hand slid to the reins and pulled tight. The beast actually slowed, pausing to look at
her as if to ask what was she doing on his back.

As they neared, all the other guards who would be protecting their Lordship were noted. Nick glanced up toward the sun...the guards were changing...this could either work to his advantage...or be his undoing.  He turned, his hand lifting to press back the hood just a bit so he could see better and squinted off toward the distance with that scream.  "What now?"  A muttered curse that luckily none of the guards would hear. Not very becoming for a monk
those words used.  His gaze lowered as did his hand, dropping the hood back over his forehead and he motioned them on with a hand.

She moved closer to Nick as he could see the widening of her eyes, did he hear that scream too?

He muttered a grunt as if understanding what the two (Malcolm and the guard) were talking about, as he was approached by another of Nichols' men, Thomas spoke in a low tone, something about eating some nasty fowl and was headed for the outhouse. Thomas figured it was best to have at least one of them still on the outside.

Five of the guards that had exchanged places were now rushing off in the direction of the scream as they were called back out in their stead until they return.

Nick noticed the one guard separate from the rest.  Eyes narrowed and he began the mental countdown at a time they'd was the best he could do.

She caught only the sound of Brandy's yell, but not the word. Still, there was Thomas, she looked towards Teri and turned her horse in that direction, knowing Brandy she'd make it just fine to the holding. Though God help them all if she did, she had no idea what plan Brandy had come up with. Hearing Teri, she urged him forward. In a hushed voice to Teri when she caught up with her.  "Brandy disappeared into the woods."

Teri saw the dust kicked up by those on horses now coming from the holding. She nudged her own steed in the direction of Kimber and Brandy now. They were spotted.  "Hurry!"

A hand found the Queen's back and, were she able to catch his features, he would have warned her to silence.  As it was though, he just slipped away from her toward the one heading to ... the outhouse?

Mal was one of those who emerged back out as he gave a slight nod to Nick, he would know before his voice was gruff.  "Let the holy people in otherwise we will have back luck."

A glance to...ah hell...Malcolm?  He knew that voice, and now that face, his steps paused and he shifted his gaze toward the Queen.  "Let the ‘lad' enter, I need to see to some personal business."   He grunted then and rubbed his stomach, then with a nod to the outhouse, headed in that direction ...  though the guards would not know that his business included one of theirs.

Mal took over the lad in robes ushering ‘him' in.

For appearance sake he moved towards the outhouse, any that knew him would not mistake that walk of his if they payed attention. Damn Thomas what now? He looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching, he really didn't have to go but hades if anyone saw that his intentions were not the outhouse he was screwed
shall we say

Out of view from the manor gates, he moved up right behind the guard.  Walk?  Who was paying attention to the guard's walk?  Just looked as if he had the need to make quick use of that pot.  The robed one stepped right up to the guard and, before words could be exchanged, he patted the fellow on the shoulder, then a fist found the jaw...and a stubborn jaw at that.  "Thomas!" 

Teri knew then that Brandy and Kimber were not trained at all and even with trying to hurry them those guards soon came down on them, surrounding them now, all she whispered was... "Don't panic, just do whatever they say."

Kimber's heart stopped, she looked at the guards and steeled herself to do just as Teri said. She kept telling herself that if she did, she'd soon see Thomas.

Soon the guards had Teri and Kimber as one did managed to get away into the woods. A look between them as much as said "two in the hand was better than one in the bush"!

The monk looked alittle on the large size he noted before his head snapped back from the blow.

"Dammit, Thomas!"  As if that was Thomas' fault.

Thomas stumbled back a few steps as a string of foul curses flew from his lips.  "If you needed to go that bad you could have just said....."  He stopped in mid-sentence hearing Nick's voice.  "I knew you were no monk, though the disguise looks nice on you."

The reins of their horses were taken up as they were led back under threats if they even tried to get away they would be instantly dead.

"Try to kill me, did you?" She grumbled as she dismounted. Totally ignoring her, the beast ambled towards a creek and started quenching his thirst. She just stood there in complete amazement, staring after him, her hands on her hips.  "This is not over, Devil."

Words were exchanged as one of the guards recognized Teri.  "Our lord will be pleased." Sneered between his teeth as they approached the back of the holding making them dismount as their hands were tied behind their backs. "Don't say anything about one getting away." The one guard did warn the others.

The rumble of horses' hooves saved his brother another belt to the jaw with those words.  He turned, a squint toward the sound, and there the group of riders, two surrounded by Nichols' colors, could be seen...and seen within the bunch, was Teri.

The one guard had Teri by her arm as he was hauling her across the courtyard to the back entrance, calling over his shoulder.  "Bring that other one in too, I'm sure Lord Nichols will make use of her also."

Another curse, Nick just was never meant for God's service,  and he set off in a run toward the back gate.  He forced himself to slow as he made the gate and as he passed Malcolm, he growled.  "They've got Teri..."  And he strode right by the Queen, on his way toward the manor house.  That was where the guards would take the ladies...and Teri would be quite the prize where Nichols was concerned. 

She would have struggled but knew better for it could get Kimber killed, she only hoped Brandy would get help.

Make use of her? Her brain was working furiously, they needed to get out of these ties around their hands. Maybe Brandy would come, she hadn't gotten a chance to tell Brandy how to make that gift of hers behave. There had been no chance to.

He followed his brothers gaze, the calm now replaced with anger. They had Kimber dammit!   He was not far behind, slow in his movements as not cause any disruption. What was she doing here to begin with? Well he would surely beat her black and blue when they got out of this.

Every lady in Balli and Heathfield should be bound and gagged from this day forth...he'd see to that though ... after he saw to Nichols.

((To Be Continued...))

Date: 06-23-01
Poster: Nick Douglas
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Mal couldn't do anything about Teri and Kimber just yet but he was able to get the Queen Mother inside and to the kitchen. Hardly anyone was around there.  He didn't wish to end up in the kitchen baby sitting the queen, so instead he did whisper enough so she would recognize who it was and took the back door that would lead out to the main hall.

Thomas stepped up to the job, taking hold of Kimber's arm.  "I will take care of this one, perhaps we can have some sport with the lass before turning her over...."  The words made his stomach turn but they had to be said, he only prayed she would recognize his voice before her panic set in.

Thomas! That was her Thomas!  She didn't look at him, afraid she would give him away.

Thomas cursed his luck, he managed to get a hold of Kimber but Teri was taken in another direction, the look given to Kimber said it all. He was angry and she knew it, but it would have to wait as he pulled her away from the others, he needed to find a safe place for her.

Kimber remained very silent, oh lord she was in trouble but features held concern for Teri.

A guard...a legitimate guard, was passed in the hall and Nick paused, his gaze on Thomas and Kimber. "Where is your Lordship? I wish to thank him for allowing us shelter."

"His Lordship is ... busy in the East salon."   Was the Guard's reply, looking the monk over with a skeptical eye.

Nick nodded to this information and started in that direction.  "I'll wait outside in the hall then."  Like hell he would, but what the guard didn't know...wouldn't hurt him.

"I should leave you here, you know."  All she got in return was a neigh. None too surprised at either, she muttered to him.  "Come on, got to find our way out this mess you've gotten me into."  It was easier to take the reins and walk then to ride him.  Devil was not making it easy and he had no intention of doing so, he had a mind of his own. Thinking the woman could lead him!  He snorted at her.  "Oh that is it, never get a sugar cube from
me, I swear."  She pulled at his reins and he just stood there stubbornly. Time to try a new tactic, very softly, calmly.  "Look, we've got to get out of here, people are in trouble, understand? Kimber? Remember her? You like her, I know you do. And I've got to make sure that Michael is safe even if he kills me."  Of course she figured on making him laugh enough to forget his anger. Either that or kissing him, that was much more preferable. So lost
in her thoughts she didn't realize that Devil was moving and she was just strolling by his side.

Teri was hauled off alone at this point to the manor and up to the large oaken doors where the knock came in code.  The guard inside opened it knowing it was one of importance, the kind to stop anything in progress.

Long and determined strides carried him through the halls, he had come with his father here on several occasions back before the war, and as with anything that required location, he remembered well. One corridor after another was taken until he saw the grouping of guards heading toward the same door as he.  His
stomach clenched tight, seeing Teri there among them.

It was then that the guard proudly displayed Teri, making her go to her knees, all bound up as a prize for Nichols.

Nick cut the corner before the door could be closed, a nod to the guard there as if Nick, as the monk, had every right to be in the room at the same time.  He pressed inward just as Teri was brought to her knees.  His jaw tensed, that gritting of teeth that boded ill, now wasn't the time to lose his cool...but with
some things...such couldn't be helped.

She was seething and quietly dissected the guard in a slow painful death in her mind. She wouldn't look at Nichols for she would like to boil him before any torture was done. Not a word as that gaze of moss green was focused to the floor.

Nick lifted his gaze to find his father standing just off to the side of Nichols. The man was unharmed ... at least that was working to their favor.  Within the shelter of hood, he saw that the man was also ... unarmed.

Malcolm hurried the queen-monk-lad with him as he caught his brother entering. He wouldn't let the queen from his side and if one monk could enter so could the other with the guard, so it was caught again before it could close after Nick-monk and he brought the other in as if he had brought them here.

Barkley Nichols stepped closer, bending toward Teri and one finger curled under her chin and lifted her face.  "Miss me, did you?  You should have let me know you planned to visit, Teri."  He straightened away, and then looked to Trevellyn.  "One of  Nick's friends."

Nick turned back toward the door.  Malcolm...just the slightest of nods to his brother then he looked back to Nichols as the man began to speak.

Oh how she wanted to spit in his eye but all he got was that glare and silence.

As much as Thomas hated to do this he gave Kimber's arm a rough tug, leading her towards the doors. A slap on the back was given to a guard that had spotted them.  "I would hate to distress our Lord with the screams of such a delicate flower...."  The guard chuckled, mumbling something about taking a turn when he was finished with her. It took everything he had not to run the guard through right then and there, but he laughed as he marched Kimber outside.

She stumbled at the tug, she had to bite down hard on her lip to not tell Thomas what she thought of him at this precise moment.  She would play this part well, with one swift kick to Thomas leg she looked to him with such anger, an act of course.

Muscles tensed at the kick, she wasn't making this easy on him, there were still guards about and he stopped towering over her, his hand gripping her chin.  "M'lady, this can go two ways, suggest you calm that temper of yours or this will not go pleasantly.

Fingers curled in a tight fist at the grip, if only she could reach for the whip that she had tied to her thigh, God how could she let Thomas know it was there.

He gave her a wicked grin, releasing her from his grip only to pull her along once again till they were finally outside.

If he continued to tug her along, she would surely have one arm bigger then the other.

She would be lucky then, he was about ready to throttle the woman.

"Nick's?" The Duke looked to the lady there on her knees, a frown growing on his brow. "Then surely, Barkley, she shouldn't be treated with such disrespect."  The older Douglas pushed past the man and reached a hand down to help the Lady to her feet.   His fingers then plucked at the bindings around her wrists, a glance up daring any of the guards to deny him this.  "Come, Lady, and join us in a glass of wine."  The Duke's gaze swept over the two monks, then the guards in the room again, passing and returning to one guard in particular.  This had the Duke frowning all the more...what the bloody hell was going on? 

At least she wasn't gagged this time as mixed emotions and one being of relief was given Trev. 

The monk took a step forward, his hand lifting to swat the hood from his head.  "Your Grace, seems your devoted friend, Lord Nichols, cares not for the women close to any Douglas." 

Two men spun with the words,  The Duke as well as Lord Nichols.

Barkley immediately belted out his order.  "You!  Seize that man!"  His command shot to the guard with the other monk.

Mary then stepped forward, as she did become brave and the hood was lowered exposing who she was. "Lord Nichols, what is the meaning of all of this?"

The Duke couldn't believe his ears...and surely...not his eyes!  Malcolm and Nick..both here...and Danielle above ... and MARY!  Mary!? What was SHE doing here? In fact...that last came out in a gasped ..."Mary?"

Keifer had used his skills at climbing many mistress's window, and up he went, to quickly gain access to the top window, jumping in ready for what would begin.

Mal didn't respond at all except to place his hand on the hilt of his sword, ready.

The man actually had the nerve to bow to the Queen.  "My Dear Woman, how lovely you have decided to grace my humble presence with your own"  He looked up to her with a smile, though that monk's attire gave away which side she represented, and it wasn't Barkley's.

"Shall I explain for you, Nichols, or are you up to the task?" Nick jerked that bothersome robe from his body, tossing it aside.

(To Be Continued...)

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Role-play with the characters of
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((and may God have mercy on my soul!))

"You should give it up Nichols and come clean." Of course the man had NEVER listened to reason.

Brandy was ambling along, lost in her thoughts and not paying any attention to where she was going. Devil could have been leading her deeper into the woods or leading her out. "Michael will be alright, has my locket you know. My mother will keep him safe. You don't suppose Teri and Kimber waited for me do you? No, perhaps not."  Was she really carrying on a conversation with Devil? It certainly seemed so.

Kimber knew she was in trouble, serious trouble, but she also knew Terri needed them all.

Finally outside and at a relative distance, Thomas let go of her arm, pacing back and forth.  "What is hades are you doing here lass? Don't you know how dangerous it was to come here?..." His voice was still calm, and that wasn't a good sign.

Kimber loosened those curled fingers, now to fumble with her gown, oh he was mad, and she did not know how to answer him.

A guard yelled into the room hearing noises, but lucky for Keifer he was behind a door, and sent the guard to hell by a simple slit of his blade to the guards throat.

"It would seem, My Queen, that what is happening is I've many an uninvited guest into my home."  His gaze swept over Nick first, then to the guard who had not answered to his command and stood near the once monk-now queen.

Malcolm saw to the guarding of the door so as not to allow any of Nichols real guards in.

As it was, they were only talking...voices lowered in threat...but still..only talking.

He was in a pickle now, he could not return without Kimber with him and he refused to bring her back.  All he could do now was remain outside. He would be able to surprise any guards from behind when the others made their way out.

By this time Mike had arrived and was surveying the area waiting on his brother and troops.

"Thomas you go, I shall climb that tree?"  She motioned to the tall tree with a cant of her head.

"No, it is too late for that now. Just stick close to me alright?"

That familiar nod of her blonde head was given, it was best she listened to him from now on out.

Martin had slipped down the secret passage, meaning to make an entrance into the salon through the opening behind the tapestry, but when voices were heard, he lingered, a low growl growing as he realized that the Douglas men had managed to gain entry, even with Nichols' and his own guards on duty to guard the place. He took a step back, then turned, remounting those stairs to the room where he had left the only means to his escape, Danielle Douglas.  If he could manage to get her out, he could possible even gain a few more coins in ransom. With this plan forming, he made haste up those dark stairs behind the walls and toward that room.  There was another way out through the walls which lead directly to the carriage house.

"Lord Nichols, you have the nerve to say your sovereign is unwelcome in your home?"

She finally noticed they'd been walking and they were no closer to the opening from what they were before.

Nothing upstairs as Keifer walked slowly towards the staircase, making sure not a sign was given as he began his way down each step.

Brandy could see, it was dark of course so that was of no help to her at all.  "Devil, I hope we'll be gone from here soon"

Trev had seen to the loosening of Teri's binding as she now had access to her dagger which they had not found to remove.

Thomas kept his gaze trained on the doors for any exits, with Kimber safe now he motioned for her to move further back into the woods.

Kimber needed not another glance to know what he wanted, letting her steps guide her way he had indicated.

Barkley bowed again, though his gaze had returned to Nick.  "No, My Gracious Lady, by no means did I mean you...but this one...and that..." Almost the sound of a spoiled child as he indicated Nick and Malcolm with the nod of head.  At least with the Queen amongst them, neither of the Douglas lads would attempt anything...lethal.

The scrape of metal against metal as Nick pulled his sword free of scabbard.  "Father...has his Lordship by chance told you a story...which took place some...ten or so years ago?"  His sword was lifted slowly and the point directed toward Barkley's throat.  Just far enough away that no contact was made, just the threat of the possibility.

One final step off the stairway, he heard voices and moved further along, making sure none heard him.

Malcolm removed his helm then as it was now obvious who he was as the helm was tossed aside and his sword ready to be drawn.

The waiting was grating on his nerves, if only he knew what was going on inside. Everything still appeared to be quiet, there were no guards rushing - no sounds of fighting. 

Kimber knew there she was in trouble by Thomas, as she stood still not uttering one word.

Hooves thundered in the distance drawing closer by the minute, behind them were another fifty men who had soon taken up the gauntlet in wake of the others as word did spread in Ballicastle.

She heard that! The sound of what sounded like an army moving towards them, Devil was leading her out! She kept silent, letting him lead the way. She'd only get them lost, it was well known she had a difficult time finding her own bedroom at Heathfield.

"We've been speaking of old times, Nick...back before the war.  What story is this now?"  He looked from his son to Barkley's back.

Mike watched and drew his sword as he gave a sharp heel to his steed sending him out at a gallop to meet up with his brother. He had not found Thomas yet but had noticed the holding had been invaded by the Douglas men.

Looking back to Kimber he forced a smile for her, motioning her once again to keep moving, the further away she was the better.

Oh Kimber knew that was not a sincere smile, but not a word was uttered as she continued her steps further into the woods.

Father.  His father was in there, he could hear his voice as his fingers curled about the sheath of his own sword.

Barkley chuckled, despite the predicament he found himself in.  "A boy's dream world, Your Grace, I'm sure" That smile he had presented to the Duke when he turned, changed to a scowl as he faced the brothers again.  But then, the fool man had not realized the Queen would see the change as well.

Malcolm secured the door closed as he stepped up just off to the side of his brother, ready, his hand grasped to the handle, would only take a moment to unsheathed the sword.

Damn!  He could not get in as he turned the knob and shoved against it with the side of one arm. 

"Kimber?"  Devil had in fact led her straight to her friend, laughing softly, she hugged her tightly, oblivious to Thomas' presence.  "You're alright, I knew you would be."

She held onto Brandy with dear life, not able to let go, she had made just a mess of things.

What in Hades?! Damn there was another of those nosy creatures, he lifted a hand calling for silence, it was bad enough the guards knew Kimber was out here but should they learn another lass was out here there would be nothing that would stop them from wanting to join in the supposed sporting.

Darks quickly darted to Thomas, what would they do?  Now Brandy was here, and before she let her dearest friend get hurt, she would fight like any man.

That didn't stop her from talking, she only lowered her voice and grinned.  "Did you have an adventure? Where is Teri? Let's find her, now that you saved Thomas." Flashing a smile to Thomas.  "I'm so glad you're alright."

"Shhh Brandy." The words were whispered so softly, as darks glanced quickly where her and Thomas had just come from.

"I cant afford the two of you being captured so stay close but by gods cease with the chattering."

Shut up she did, oh she was in trouble when they returned home, might as well be a good girl now.

Well that stilled her lips, but she made a mental note to yell at Thomas later. After all the danger they'd put themselves in just to find him.

She couldn't help it, she had to whisper this to Brandy.  "Where is Michael?"

Nick took a step closer, the sword now more of a threat as it touched the thin layer of skin where Nichols' pulse throbbed.  "Tell of this 'boy's dream' then, Nichols...let's see if it matches up."
Then Keifer knocked on the door, the secret code of the Douglas' brothers as young boys.

Nick pulled his gaze from Nichols with that knock on the door, though only for that quick moment, then his attention was back on the man.  With his father close to Teri, Mal by the Queen, Nick could concentrate on Nichols.

A brow lifted in surprise as he heard that knock of old and stepped back, never turning his back as he lifted the latch to let Keifer in.

Keifer walked in, feeling like he owned the place, but he remained silent, keeping his fingers curled about the sheath, ready for anything.

"I must say, I know not of what you speak." There was a crack in his voice, that sword was just...too close.

The tip of blade pressed against the skin, denting yet not penetrating.  "Then allow me...The young wife and mother, Tara Douglas, flees her castle with her youngest children when the threat of battle progressed closer to Tyremoor.  A power hungry young Lord had sent out a watch on the castle.  After all, if the Duke lost his sanity, he'd lose his holding and all that belonged with it."  Nick's elbow lifted as if the strike would soon come, just a push and that blade would slide cleanly through the man's throat.  "So...this power hungry bastard planned to take that which would have the Duke loved and thereby...go insane with grief.  His wife...his children...possibly even see his sons on the battlefield disposed of?"  Nick actually grinned to the man, though the expression void of the amusement which should be seen.  "How am I doing so far, Nichols?"

Storm blues darkened as the memories of his lovely mother's death hit him like a rock.

Brows so knotted in hatred at this point as the glare on Nichols could kill him alone.

A guard then slipped out to check the progress of Thomas and the lass, as he moved closer Thomas inched back a few steps, placing his hand on Brandy's head he shoved her down, then quickly snagged Kimber, pressing her tightly to him as he kissed her lips. 

Her nose scrunched up, she'd been about to yell. It was a fine time for Thomas to decide to kiss Kimber, she thought. Her yell died in her throat when she heard the guard come.

The guard let out a chuckle.  "Feisty wench I see, you have yet to lay her in the grass?" 

Thomas' gaze averted from the guard since he didn't wish the man to see his face.  "What can I say?  I like to take my time...."

It took all she had not to grab him and kiss him again, but she played her part and wiped at her mouth with the back of one palm. "You disgust me."  God she hated doing this. How she longed to tell him this was what she wanted, to feel him kiss her, to know he was alive, but she had to play the part, so she began to punch at him, trying to move out of his reach.

With a shake of his head and another laugh the guard moved on.

"I shall take that as a compliment..."  He flashed a dashing grin, the guard was out of sight now and turning to Brandy he frowned, women!  "Forgive me, but it had to be done."

Oh lord she could not find her tongue, she shook that blonde head trying to clear her senses. 

Brandy rose, brushing leaves and wood from her breeches. Grinning to Thomas. "You're forgiven, forgive you too for not thanking us for saving ye"  And she was once more hugging Kimber.  "I haven't seen Michael yet, I'm going to find him. I heard horses pass by, thought it might be him and he'd gotten an army." She started for the clearing, looking back over her shoulder, whispering.  "You coming?"

Ok, Kimber at least had the sense to keep quiet, perhaps it was Brandy that deserved the beating and not Kimber. "Would you hush, or is it your intention to see me ran through? You are not going anywhere, Brandy."

"Brandy, you must stay here please" She could not bare to lose yet another friend, so much to tell her.

Well this was just fine, Thomas was going to be surly! She was quite tempted to torment him, but would save it for later. Turning back to them, she nodded. Only agreeing because Kimber had been through enough.

Good, she was going to behave, he would have hated to tie her to a tree though the thought did bring a smile to his face.

Whispering to Kimber, her voice lowered enough so Thomas wouldn't hear her.  "What do you think he's thinking? I don't think I like that smile at all, his scowl was much nicer."

"Brandy, I am in so much trouble." She whispered that quickly, but she seem to have a twinkle in those darks.

Thomas moved back a few steps till he reached the women. "Brandy, is your horse nearby?"

Brandy's horse!  Yes!  Beast could fight his way out of anything!

Brandy pointed past his shoulder, the beast was nibbling on some grass, ignoring them all.

As Nick spoke, Barkley just lifted his chin, his breath held in an attempt not to move against that pressing point of blade.

It was taking all he had not to strike a blow himself, but he stood and listened to all.

Soon the arrows were flying keeping the guards on watch along the walls, cowering for protection as rope ladders were brought up with other arrows. The troops worked fast climbing, some falling to their deaths as more came.

The Duke dropped his hand from where it had come to rest on Teri's arm to move closer to his son and the man he once called friend.  "Nick...where did you hear this?"

Teri passed her dagger to Trev at that point.

Mike was by Chad's side as they awaited their men to have the doors opened so they could storm in with the rest of the troops. 

Nick's gaze and that sword's point remained on Nichols while he spoke to his father.  "From many a dying man, Your Grace, and ... your very own children.  Keifer?" For Keifer had been in the carriage when it had taken that deadly plunge down the ravine.

The nudge of the dagger was felt, and the Duke allowed it to slip into his palm, his gaze switching to Keifer then as his fingers closed around the weapon.

"All is true." Words hissed between clenched teeth.

A nod from Nick.  "He meant to see Mother, Keifer, Quintan and Danielle all done away with that one accident.  Is that not correct, M'Lord?"  Douglas blues narrowed on the man, the title fairly hissed from tightly gritted teeth.

Blues looked to the man, daring him to deny it now.

The outer heavy doors were opened that led into the courtyard as the clashing of swords was heard in battle as more of Nichols' men were running now to protect their holding. The commotion did grow loud and shouts could be heard along with the cries of the dying.

The man laughed, though more of a chuckle considering any louder may have seen that blade drawing blood.  "Your Grace, it seems your sons have done their research...Lord Nicholas even going so far as to kill many a man he thought involved.  Yet...I am still alive...if he thought me the one responsible, why would he not kill me first?"  His hand lifted and he attempted to swat aside the sword, the side of the blade only bit into his hand, the wide gash across his knuckles nearly severed the fingers from his hand.

The commotion was heard, but he wanted to see this man die. 

Mary did keep her eye on Trev, not knowing how he would respond. She did know of the love between him and his wife as strong as the bond that had been between her and Chadrick senior.

He could not help it, that grin came as he watched the blood from Barkley's very own fingers.

"You know you are a dead man Nichols." It was all he said through his own gritted teeth.

"And that slight, Lord Nichols, is about to be remedied."  Nick pulled back the sword, Queen present or not, and prepared to make that final blow to end it all.

(To Be Continued...)

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Role-play with the characters of
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BarkleyNichols, Martin,
ChadrikMcAndrews, MichaelMcAndrews


Nick bit back the need to strike, his arm jarring with the order to prevent that which was well underway. "Father!"  He shot a look from his father to Barkley, the man's smirk needing so desperately to be pounded off his face.

Keifer looked to his father at the yell that echoed the room.

"You will not do as you intend, Nick.  Barkley has been a trusted friend."  A bow offered toward the Queen, ever so brief, then he held out the dagger to Nick.  "You will give me that sword." 

By that time Nichols' guards were defeated as they were soon storming the halls checking every room, swords drawn and bloodied and the look in Chad's eyes was of a wild animal on the prey.

He knew his father would want his own revenge, but still his fingers tightened more upon the handle of his sword.

Martin had returned to the windowless room, catching up the woman who had come to her feet with the opening of that private door.  His hand clamped down around her mouth, her body pulled against him, and he began to drag her, kicking and squirming through that secret passage and down those narrow, dark stairs toward the carriage house.

Her friends were still in there, how hard it was not to disobey Thomas and storm back in, but no she would not, not another chance would be taken by her.

Her gaze moved between horse and Thomas.  "He's wild, Thomas. Just a warning to you." 

"Good, I want you to get yourself and Kimber out of here and now, most of the guards are inside now so something must be afoot, I will hear no arguments either."

"I will not leave you Thomas, and that is it." And she stomped that foot to make her point clear.

He expected her to ride him? Again? Gods, she was going to die, she just knew it! Hearing his order, she smiled sweetly, an angelic smile lifting her lips.  "Of course Thomas, whatever you say."

From his vantage point he could see the movements of a man and one struggling, he shot a look to both Kimber and Brandy.  "Go now!" Turning quickly on his heels he made a dash for the carriage house.
Darks glanced to Brandy, oh she knew her friend well, they would be going nowhere.

Walking to the beast, she mounted and waited for Kimber, surely there was halo over that head right now.

She watched Brandy closely, any plan her friend had, she would follow, and not Thomas.  "Brandy let us go now" She knew she had to go, she was still shaking from the guards that had touched her, dear lord Ryder and Thomas were going to take turns beating her.

"Alright, but you tell this beast where to go, he doesn't listen to me" She had forgotten that he actually did listen, when she'd talked softly to him.

She jumped upon Beast's back, knowing where ever Lightening was he would follow. "Brandy, just tell him Wind.. and he will go" She gave a hand to her friend.

"Wind?"  Even as she asked the question, the beast had taken off, instead of towards the holding though, he was speeding them towards Heathfield.

She chuckled as Lightening arrived following close behind them, but she yelled to him.  "Stay with Thomas!"  And off they went, Lightening standing still for Thomas.

A nod was given to Trev in support of what she knew he had to do and would watch justice served n the eyes of the lands and laws.

Nick studied his father a moment, fearful he wished only to hear more and not have Nick see to the justice deserving this man.  He handed over the sword with a nod of respect to his father's decision, whatever it would be, and with dagger in hand, he stepped back, motioning Teri to his side as he took up a place there by his brothers and the Queen.

Teri did move swiftly to Nick's side then. She had a smaller dagger tucked in her boot if needed.
It was soon discovered that Danielle was not in the holding as Chad instructed Mike to continue with leading the troops and he headed back out to find out where she had been taken.

The man's smirk just spread, thinking he was free and clear now.  Trevellyn would never believe such heinous words. He opened his mouth to speak.

He stood there, knowing his father would finally put his mother's spirit to rest with one thrust of his sword, but where was his elf of a sister?

Barkley opened his mouth to speak, but Trevellyn spoke for him.  "Said trust, My Lord, has been severed." And with that, the sweep of the warrior's thick and muscular arm, and severed indeed ... head from shoulders.  The decapitated man stood for just a moment, then the body crumpled to the floor with a thud.

The scene which he watched brought nothing to him, only sweet revenge.

The commotion outside had been heard and Nick waited for the guards to break down the door...for he knew not that Chad and his men had arrived.

It was then the doors behind them, even latched shut were burst open by the force of Mike and a few of his men, near taking it off its hinges.

The last of the stairs were managed, still fighting the woman who used nail and heels against her captor. He gave a kick to the door leading out and then, a quick look right and left and he started hauling her toward the carriage house.  "Pull that carriage around!"  He ordered, knowing that his own carriage would still be hitched and waiting.

Chad, on the other hand, was back out in the courtyard as one of his soldiers brought him his horse, mounting up again as he would scour every inch of these lands to find Danielle and if she was harmed they would all die that had been a part.

A nod, Nick just looked down to the body draining the blood of life all over the man's expensive oriental rugs.  He leaned toward Teri and pressed a kiss to the top of her head ... reprimands would come later.  He pushed past his father and squatted then, tugging his ring off of the man's finger.

Teri knew she was in trouble with Nick for later but, so many had come she could use that in her defense.

She nodded her approval to Trev as she now moved by his side, the comfort to touch by the hand that was placed on his arm.

He pulled his gaze from the man, the sword dropping to the floor at his feet, then Mary's touch and he looked down to her, a slow shake of head.  This was something that would remain with him for a while.

Storm blues watched a guard approach, sword ready to strike a blow to his father. "Father!"

The Duke's head snapped up then, and he shoved the Queen behind him, defenseless as he had dropped his sword.

He ran as fast as he could, taking a thrust in his upper chest before Keifer's own sword  made it mark thru the man's heart.

Before the man could strike, Keifer had taken the blow.  Just as Sean had.  "Keifer!" The Duke lunged forward to catch his son before he could fall to the floor. 

"Damn" He grinned to his brothers as he placed his palm on the wound, which seem to bleed forever.  "It would seem, I have not learned all."

He knew that voice all too well which only spurred him on.  Martin!  He was the cause of all that had happened to Thomas but this time, oh yes this time Thomas would make the man pay with his blood.

He fell into his fathers arm, not able to stop the grit of his teeth.  "Sean would be proud?"

Nick too rushed forward, dropping to a knee there by Keifer, a glance up to Malcolm as Keifer went down. 

"Hell and damnation!"   Mal was there kneeling by his brother's side along with his father, orders shouted to get a healer.

"Aye, lad...aye...Sean would have done nothing less."  For Sean had done just as Keifer had..but Trevellyn refused to allow another son to die in order to save his own back. "Malcolm, Nicholas..we'll need get the lad some help!"

He shook his head trying to clear his sight, damn he hated pity.

"I am a healer." He did move in now to check the wound that Keifer was dealt.  "It is severe and we should see about getting him out of here."

Martin stuffed the woman in, then climbed in right behind her.  The shout for speed was made and the carriage lurched forward, nearly knocking the woman to the floor.  Martin was working against the bumping, jarring ride to tie her hands and feet...not an easy task considering the confining quarters and the fact she kicked like a bloody mule.

Still had his humor, even now in front of his father.  "A wench perhaps Da?"  He then chuckled, damn but that hurt.

Mike knew he could do enough now as a Druid cant was spun in Gaelic and some of the soldiers were quick to make a makeshift stretcher they soon brought back as Mike laid his hand on the wound, the light glow of something beyond human the only indication of his skill.

The Duke actually chuckled with his son's comment.  Regardless of the  presence of ladies close.  "Always the cure, Keifer."  He had stood and stepped back to allow Michael access, though his gaze was on his son.

"Aye Da" Chuckled again.

"There was a farmhouse I saw just down the way...we should get out of here."  With the dead lord sprawled on the floor...there was much to see to.  "We can see Keifer at least there safely, and then go from there."

"Finished Da?"  Of course he spoke of the vengeance they all had wanted, he could barely hear his brothers, but he knew he needed to get up, so he did attempt it rising to use the wall as leverage.

"Aye, is finished."  His gaze shot to his other two sons.    "Danielle...Danielle is above!"  Which ever could go and see to the lass...he was not leaving Keifer's side at this moment.

Damn, the carriage was on the move but Thomas was quick on his feet picking up speed as an arm stretched out to grab hold of the crossbar, with a firm grip he jump upwards, slipping once his feet dragged upon the ground and with all his might he pulled up once more maneuvering himself along the side of the carriage. That massive hand of his grabbed at the door and swinging it open.

A kick to the sides of his mount had Chadrick going after the carriage on Thomas' heels.

Was that a rather large rut or had someone just jerked the carriage?

With the look of a demon his cornflower blues met with those of his long  time enemy.

((To Be Continued...))

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Role-play with the characters of
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MalcolmADouglas, KeiferDouglas,
TrevellynDouglas, Martin,
ChadrikMcAndrews, MichaelMcAndrews, Shannyn O'Donell,

The farmhouse was lit by lanterns, most of the family was abed, except she and her mother. They were working on a quilt as they usually did late into the night. Her father's and brother's usually retired early, they needed to be up in the hours before dawn.

"I have closed the wound enough to move him but you will need to be very careful, it is very deep and critical at this point. I hope he has the will to live"...Mike got up now stepping aside as the men carefully placed Keifer on the stretcher.

"Elf" ....No he would not act the weak one, he grabbed the sword that lay on the ground, gritting his teeth at the pain, but his sister needed all of them.

Even if he didn't remember the Douglas...he would recognize his own handiwork there on the man's face. 

Thomas grabbed hold of Martins collar pulling him with on quick motion from the carriage, it was not his intention to fall with the man, but klutz that Thomas was the two men landed hard on the ground, rolling away as the carriage continued on.

Eyes wide, he was yanked from the safety of the carriage, not even having the time to draw his sword or dagger.  His body landing at an odd angle as they both flew from the bumping carriage.

"Michael, take care of my family" ... damn he hated this, but he knew they would finish it.

"Danielle is not in the holding, Chad and I looked."

"Damn" ....hissed thru clenched teeth, he had to help, and that massive form did try to rise from the stretcher.

He growled as he saw Thomas fall from the carriage with the other and the carriage itself was on a wild path that he knew would take it over a cliff.

The man's booted foot found his son's shoulder and he pressed him down... " She doesn't need you bleeding all over her...Nick or Malcolm can fetch her.  The danger is past"... or so he thought.

It took him only a moment to regain his senses, hauling the man up to his feet, the fingers of both hands curled around his collar tightly..." Look what I have caught, you should have remained in the hole you dug for yourself, but you were always a greedy little pig eh Martin?"

"Blast it Da" ...he fell back, but he felt like a lump of horse dung, he could not help.

Chad spurred his feet in deeper as his steed was running like a demon himself in a race for him to catch up with the reins of the horses, they were well dragged beneath the carriage as he had to leap from his own horse onto one of them, hands gripping into its mane.

He lashed out, a fist to Douglas jaw in an attempt to free himself, to gain access to his weapons, any weapon.

The fist did little good at this point, the only thing Thomas felt was rage as he brought the man closer to him, with a sneer Thomas butted the bridge of Martins nose before dropping the man to the ground. His eyes never left Martin as he leaned down and reached into his boot for the dagger.

Mal had turned in near a run to the outside of the holding finding then what was commencing between his brother Thomas and Chadrick going after the runaway carriage. He couldn't help Chad but he was hanging back from Thomas in case he was needed

The man's eyes went wide, then the impact of hardhead to his nose, a howl and he rolled, now pressed to the ground. He attempted to scramble from the man's hold, but he was a  Devil with a purpose, and there was no escaping.

He then started to shouts of encouragement and challenge to Thomas and insults to  Martin... " I see you still fight like a girl Martin."

The carriage rocked back and forth, the horses sped out into the field. Her hands grasped whatever was within reach, steeling herself as the carriage teetered back and forth.

"Stop" ... He hissed to the men carrying his stretcher as he laid there watching the scene, it was safe now, but he had to watch his own brother execute his own revenge.

The tip of his dagger was pressed just below Martins left eye as Thomas held him down, the palm of his hand pressing against his adams apple..." This is for the little boy you murdered Martin"....And the motion was swift as the dagger ran down the side of the mans face... "Doesn't feel good does it

Nick had rushed above in search of Danielle...and not finding her, began kicking open   every door along the way.

If Chad had to choke the horse to stop him, he near did with the clench of those large strong hands, the horse did falter and stumbled but it did have the carriage stopping not far from the edge.

He choked and sputtered with the pressure against his windpipe, eyes still wide as he anticipated his end.  The searing pain of sharp blade drew out a yowl from the  man, he bit back his need to beg for mercy... " You shall wear the mark of my talents your entire life."...  such was the growl that managed
past the tight hold to his throat.

And just to be sure he unhitched them from the carriage as he swung a leg around dismounting, the was to the carriage's side throwing the door open.

It took a minute for her to realize the carriage had stopped. She backed herself into a  corner of the seat's cushion, she was prepared to slam her feet against the chest of any man who opened that door. Her feet went flying before she heard his voice, hitting him in the chest. No, it couldn't be, her eyes

The fury was still in his eyes and the adrenaline was flowing high but the crack in his voice told of the emotions he was dealing with as he saw who it was there in the carriage... Danielle.

Thomas was a man possessed now, how long he waited for this moment. He was oblivious to the sounds of his brother behind, there in that moment the only thing he saw was Martin..." Oh yes, this I know"....The sinister grin formed on his lips as the dagger moved to the other side, the slash to this cheek wasn't as quick as the other, Thomas was now taking his time.

His head turned with the next slice, a whimper of sorts from the pain.  "And that lad?"...  His face was still turned..." That lad will never know you've sought to avenge him. "... As he turned to look up to Thomas, he was grinning, the stream of blood from the gashes leaking into his hair and into the grass beneath him.

Chad had to take a step back with the impact of her foot but it was caught in that large strong hand before he leaned in taking her out and into his arms.

"How stupid you are, Martin. He will know I have avenged him, would you care to know how?"...  The dagger was now moving to his ear slowly.

He heard that comment, and knew that Thomas would make him met the devil himself.

Martin snorted out a laugh, the pain from the slashes throbbed and burned.  He grit his teeth against the touch of blade to his ear, the action causing the gashes in his cheeks to pull, opening them wider still.

He removed his hand from Martins throat just long enough to send a balled fist to his already broken nose.

He lost sight of Thomas with the sparks before his slip into oblivion would be such a pleasant retreat.

He was becoming a bit concern on how his brother was drawing out the killing of this man, his words did reflect this..." Thomas, you cant change the past but you should just end the scum's life be the better man."

"Aye Thom, send him to the devil"... Yes he was still there, for he would not leave until this man was dead.

The beast howled for death, as much as he wished to continue with the torture Thomas realized suddenly he would be no better then Martin and men like him. Lifting the dagger away from his ear he placed the tip as the mans throat and with hard push in it sank.

He blinked, then his eyes rolled back in his head...he was slipping away into that painless void of never-never land, there was a gurgle of surprise, then the blood seeped around the blade and out, pooling in his mouth and then dribbling out of the corners.  His eyes had opened wide with the final thrust, seeing the face before him...death's assistant, the only man who would see him on to face the Devil himself.

"It is finished"... With that said, he finally dropped back on the stretcher, passed out at last.

"Rounded up the men, seeing to their needs and wounds, some had died in battle and a memorial would be given in honor."

He was practically tearing the rooms apart, as if she'd be in the dresser drawers!  He was  a mad man in his search until he passed a window and glanced out.  A few steps  back and he smacked a hand to the wooden frame...there she Chad's arms!  He spun, and that long-legged run had him back down to where Teri "better" be.

In his fevered state, the nickname for his sister was heard, as the men rushed him to the  nearby farmhouse..." elf. "

He sat back on his heels, his head hung low. His next words were spoken softly..." I hope you might find peace now".....He had held tight to the memory of that small child and yet already his features were beginning to fade, was that a smile and a nod Thomas saw before that face finally disappeared?

Teri was fast on Nick's heels:: Nick!! ::and he nearly knocked her out in the collision.

There was a nod given between his brothers..." We should see to Keif's safety now Thomas."

"Teri!" ...And he snatched her up to him in that tight hold, the first he had been able to  since seeing her captured by the guards.

Not a word was said as he lifted from the ground, one last look was given to Martin and Thomas couldn't resist giving the dead man at least one kick to his head before he turned around and stalked past his brother.

The Duke had accompanied his son's stretcher, lingering to watch another dispatched to hell.  He nodded to himself, his sons had fought well this day...and justice had been served.  He had turned then to Keifer, thankfully missing that kick to the head.

She held onto him tight at that point, squeezing her eyes shut.

Stood by Trev's side there if he needed her. "We will send out healers and see to a room  to be prepared as soon as he can be moved more"

He nodded to Mary... " Aye, we shall see him to that farmhouse now though."...  A glance around his arm... "Nicholas!"  ...What was keeping the man, Danielle was with where was Nicholas?

He heard his name bellowed by his father.  Another kiss pressed to her forehead and he spun her around, making through the corridors and out.  There were many bodies  strewn about.  Chad and Michael had been...busy. 

"You will show us where this cottage is."...A nod toward the Lady Teri...  "And you will accompany us."

At least he had kissed her instead of a throttle as she was spun around and  marched out by him now.

For now, the frenzy of battle was still surging through his blood...throttling would be private.

After Chad and Mike were done, Nichols no longer had formation left of guards. A nodnod was given between the two, she could help here.

" will hold tight until we see you to this place."... The man would be wise to listen to the Duke's command.  But more than that, Trevellyn refused to lose another son to the likes of Barkley Nichols.

Oh even in a passed out state, he could hear his father, so he nodded an agreement with his father:: Elf ::he did not know if she was safe.

Nick moved up to Keifer's side, a glance down to the wound which Michael had sealed::  "The Elf is safe enough, Keifer...our Liege Lord has seen to that."  ...A grin actually tugged the corners of his lips as he looked out over the field toward the carriage and those two..." Though, knowing Danielle, I'm not so
sure Chad could claim the same."....He chuckled then... " To the farmhouse...and let's hope they have a lovely lass or two for our dear brother, Keifer." ...A quick glance to his father and he cleared his throat...." heal him of course. "

Nicks voiced was heard, she was safe, and he was able to just sleep now, but that deep chuckle was heard.

Chad would take Danielle back to Ballicastle and see to her safety there, knowing that is what Trev would want and one of the guards dispatched to let him know.

Coughs a bit.

Thomas followed along in silence, a few paces back from the others.

He paused as Nick took up the side of Keifer, turning now in search of one.  As the entourage passed, he lifted a hand to pat Malcolm's shoulder, then when Thomas passed, a nod and a grip of his son's hand...." Duty and honor, all things."...He gave that hand a squeeze, then released, patting the man on the shoulder as well before he leaned to the side in search of Mary.

He paused by his father then, his command would always be adhered to.

And damn if he didn't start singing the most vulgar tune he knew..."There once was a lassie from Cornwall." ...And it continued with a grin.

She and her mother both heard the sounds of the men outside and oddly a man singing. At this time of the night? She looked at her mother, the silent question laying between them. Both bit back a chuckle as the words soon became clearer.

"See to Keifer...I've a Queen to see escorted home."

A nod bringing about that half crocked smile knowing they had earned their father's approval.

All that was given was a nod to the words spoken from father to son. He would remain  strong in the eyes of his brothers, his own grief would be let out in the privacy of his own room.

Had held back but soon appeared from the crowd taking Keifer to the farmhouse close by.

The Duke approached her slowly, a respectful bow offered to her, then he straightened to search out her sons... " If I may, Mary."... Aye, the Queen's name was used as it was whenever they were together...for they had been friends a long, long time... " I would see you home now."

Bluer than blue eyes did met Trev's, a search in concern for her long time friend, maybe something more in that moment was expressed there..."I would like that Trev, there is much we need to talk about."

With Keifer's singing he knew then his brother was going to make it.

Nick looked to Teri with his brother's colorful renditions, just a shake of head was the best he could offer..that and a..." Keifer, good you became a pirate and not a bard."..A grunted chuckle and he looked toward the cottage. 

He nodded slowly..." That there is, Mary...that there is.".. He offered his arm to her.

"Join me Nick, you surely know this one"... And the hand that was not laid on his wound started  to tap on the stretcher.

Teri grunted back at Nick, as it seemed to be the fare and she decided to try it out herself now as she kept pace with him.

Indeed  he did, and with the adrenaline just now slowing, he did join in!  Word for word  along with his injured brother.  A wink to Teri with that grunt and the words to the song as they continued.

And he continued..." Who thought I was awful tall..when she took a good look..she noticed  I wasn't very small." ...Give the guy a break he is delirious.

Now they were much closer, smiling to her mother's nod, she laid aside her part of the Quilt and rose to move to the door. Opening it, she found several men and a lady approaching.

A smile finally lightened up her features as her hand was placed upon his arm. "Always the gentleman Trevellyn, always."

He smiled down to her, if she only knew...his thoughts were not always so gentlemanly.

His own voice picked up adding to his brothers and colorful were the extra words he added.

As his brothers sang and those all around walked on his steps slowed till finally he was several feet behind. Pulling his cross from beneath the tunic he wore his fingers caressed the metal as he placed a kiss upon it.

Thomas Keegan Douglas
"Neutrals never dominate events. They always sink. Blood alone moves the wheels of history."

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