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Heathfield Port

Date:  03-28-09
Poster: Pierre Lafayette
Post # 1

Andre's Return

Pierre was down at the pier, crate boxes stacked like a seat as he relaxed back. Too nice a night not to take advantage of it as a fine cigar was enjoyed. The hint of cherry in the drifting smoke. He was watching a ship coming in that was near the mouth of the port a good distance away. Attire in basic blacks with a charcoal grey slicker over all. Boots had marks, residue of hiking through some fields where the earth had become soggy.

Damaris emerged from a nearby tavern. The Four Winds, the sign had read, but alas, the air within was stagnant and stale and so the woman stepped out for a breath of fresh air. Once outside, she inhaled deeply, raking a hand through hair that was tousled by the wind, her green eyes adjusting to the sudden change in light, looking to either side, searching surrounding that weren't quite so uncommon to her. In fact, as she turned right, she knew exactly where she was going, the beauty donning black like the shadows that were stretching wider around her.

The Italian's heart beat just a little faster being in heretofore unknown surroundings. Even though the weather was fair, a long trench coat still covered the finely tailored dress she wore under it. There were no outward signs of nervousness, she'd learned long ago to mask them. Heeled shoes made a soft rhythm on the worn dock planks as she neared the water's edge. She could see a man's figure ahead, sparked with moonlight. The slight breeze was thick with aromas from distant lands and somewhere in the distance, a sea bird screamed. "Excuse me... " she inquired quietly, an Italian accent ringing her words.

There were a few taverns down the way where shouts would be heard then quieted down. He was keeping a distracted eye on them as well the ship. He noticed a woman stepping out from one and then another making her way down along the wooden planks of the docks. He made a ring from the smoke which grew larger as he made a few smaller ones shoot through it before all was whisked away by the sea breeze. Sitting up he leaned to crush out the cigar under the heel of his boot before gaining is feet. "Qui?" Studying the woman as she drew closer.

"Excuse me.." she inquired quietly, an Italian accent ringing her words. She came to a stop, hands thrust into pockets, staring the man up and down far longer that deemed polite. Finally, a tiny smile crept to what were quite stunning features. "Might you know where I could hire a competent captain?"

Her father's ship. For her, it was home. She'd spent many of her formidable years aboard it and now, it was hers, as was Standing on the pier, she looked out across the water to where the vessel waited, the corners of her mouth curling upward ever so slightly with a faint smile, whispering to no one in particular, "Thank you, Father." Only the sounds of voices elsewhere silenced her, fingertips tucking a few errant tendrils behind an ear as she turned toward them, squinting to better see.

"Yes?" Ah, there it was. The Question. "There are ones about but I do not know if any are taking on passengers. Most are for cargo with tight schedules. There are the regular ships that come in that take on passengers."

Andre had been gone quite a while but the time away he spent setting up accounts for their business. Was it a year already? Time seemed to fly and now that he was near home, he was finally getting anxious. He stood at the rail of one of their ships, loaded with samples of various cargo he picked up. Non perishable. The ship dipped and lifted with the roll of the sea, quiet, much like the night. He was watching the lights of the various taverns grow brighter. Various ones milling about the pier as well, although they couldn't be made out for the distance as of yet.

"Passengers?" That made her chuckle, an oddly pretty sound. "Sir, I am the owner of my own vessel. I guess you could say I'm looking for a captain in need of a ship."

Mike had been enjoying the kiss of Lady Luck tonight and was making his way along the docks, his pocket full of coins. Of course, he had left a few disgruntled players behind. In spite of his seemingly oblivious appearance, he was well aware who or what was around him. Knowing Pierre might be around, even at this time of night, he made his way toward the business. Hmmm. Seemed to be a lot of the Ladies out tonight.

Hands rubbed together, warming her hands. She has always been cold, never really knowing why she was this way. Perhaps it was just her blood, cold and sluggish. Lips perked up slightly with that thought. Closing her eyes as the fresh sea air made her nose tingle. Wanting to giggle, she ended up just rubbing the tip with a finger. There was so much to see and do! She didn't know where to start off first. This was her first trip abroad, and alone. But she had no others to travel with. The rest of the girls at the schools were far behind her now. Sweeping down the dock, hands clasped behind her back. She let her bright blue gaze danced over sailors and folks. Oh this was exciting!

"Oui, you are owner but not a captain then? All of the captains I know have their own ships." Glancing beyond the one to catch sight of another. Though they didn't seem to be together. "Pleasant evening." Politely given with a slight dip of his head. About the same time Mike arrived. "Michael, was there a ruckus or three down the other end of the port?" Wondering if they were squelched by the port masters. Though Adam Callihan had someone filling in for him but he knew Adrian Frasier would be right in the fight if needed.

She cant her head at his regard, offering him a smile in return. "Indeed." A pleasant evening it definitely was despite the somber circumstances. A death in the family was never something to celebrate, that is, unless you knew the man involved and the fact that he would want you to. And so she had, sharing a drink with a stranger and toasting a man who had given her not just the best of two worlds, but the freedom to continue living as such.

"Aye, there was a lad who took exception to another lad soliciting the doxy he was interested in. Then another accused a second of cheating at cards, and the third decided to take on the city watch." He chuckled. "The port masters have their hands full tonight." He wiggled his eyebrows. "Docks are busy tonight, aye?"

Rather delicate hands had come out of coat pockets, palms smoothing over the waterproof fabric idly, belying her nervousness. It seems she'd been dismissed. Dark eyes danced slowly between the two men in front of her. Ah well, thought silently, I'll just have to ask elsewhere.

"Was Adrian in there slugging it out?" Obviously Pierre would have liked to be there instead of waiting where he was. There was a reason. His comrade and partner was due in. Then to the ladies both, "I am Pierre Lafayette and this is Michael Cunningham. You are new to our port?" He had not seen either of them before and now noticing yet another lass wandering. "Good evening."

Close enough to hear the noise traveling out from the few taverns. Though Marlana's seemed to be more the family type and the few groups of sailors behaving themselves loitering outside  having a smoke. He had taken up his spyglass to make out some of the figures. He finally caught sight of Pierre, hard not to recognize his friend even from a good distance. The captain sounded the horn which rang out into the night as they entered traffic space, more to warn any smaller vessels that might be out, fishing or whatnot.

There came a squeak, yes a small one. Someone noticed her? A hand shot up to press to her pounding heart as if to still it. But there came a cant of her head in greeting. "Good evening, sir." Such a small voice, still youthful and  fragile to the world. Blues darted to the faces of the others. "Good evening to all." Large blue eyes just got larger from the sound of the horn. Did they really do that? She was told to keep her mouth shut during her sea voyage, snug with a kind old lady. If she was up top, no one would answer her many questions. Of course not many even gave the mite of girl a look.

Maybe not all was lost. The Italian brought herself to bear elegantly and introduced herself, "I am Nova Giannini Pierson Keyes...but I don't expect anyone to remember all that nonsense. Nova will do nicely, Mr. Lafayette... Mr. Cunningham. A pleasure meeting you both."

"A pleasure to meet you mademoiselle Keyes." Far easier to pick up the last being her surname. Smile was winsome that followed, one that lit up golden brown eyes. "Nova," giving a wink as they were more use to less formalities, though these ladies were strangers to him. "You will call me Pierre, oui?"

Green eyes seemed to bore through the darkness like the Northern Lights, a slow but steady stride carrying her closer to where they all seemed to be convening, her silence prevailing as she didn't want to rudely interrupt the current conversation. And so she bid her time well, listening closely to all that was being said...and not.

"Ladies." He nodded slightly and took to leaning against one of the crates that lined the dock. he crossed his arms over his chest, a brow lifting as he looked at Pierre.

Had she forgotten her finishing schooling already? Names were given out. Yes....She had one too. "Norah Copper." There her glance was to the sea again. "Why did they blow that horn?" Perhaps someone would tell her. Or she would be passed over in her questions. That she was use to.

He was about to ask both the other two as one at least spoke up. "A pleasure, Norah Cooper. They blow the horn for entering traffic area, closer quarters and some go out fishing. Smaller boats might not be seen and run over accidentally, if they were not paying attention. Some fall asleep when no fish bite."

It was difficult for anyone to intrude upon a conversation when the Italian was involved. She had quite an impenetrable times. "" the raven-haired woman agreed. "A shame I can't call you captain as well."

"I am a merchant, an acquirer of goods, shipping, though we have hired captains." To explain some of what the did, least the above board. The privateer part need not be mentioned and the other had become so profitable that little was done of the other, lest it be for sport, the challenge and a duty for another code of ethics.

A glance was given to Pierre. "Oh that would frightening, alone in a boat and be crushed." Hands dropped to her side as she took farther steps to the edge of the docks. Looking down to the dark waters below.

"I'm sure he won't mind you calling him Captain, though." He snickered, near under his breath. They were somewhat off the usual path here.

She cut to the chase and made ready to take her leave, since a lady never overstays her welcome. "Sirs...I intend to pay said captain a large sum of money to sail my ship to the tropics. And perhaps even farther."

Then to Norah, "oui and the waters are still very frigid. Hypothermia would set in if not crushed."

Despite having all the time in the world, Damaris was antsy, something about the sea and night combined calling to a part of her not many cared to understand and so explanations ceased. But, that didn't stop her from heading for less traveled territory. Before she did, though, while passing Pierre, she turned, walking backwards for a time with her hands tucked into pockets as she called out, "The name's Damaris." She turned on a heel then and headed straight toward the end of the docks where she could better look out on the water. With no surname offered, there was an air of mystery left in her wake, one that anyone was welcome to explore should their curiosity ever become that great.

"I'm sure you've the determination to find a captain willing to take on sailing your ship. I wish you luck and safe traveling, Nova." There was not much he could do for her in that area.

A step back from the dock edge and she shook softly. Scary these dangers of the sea. And yet men still sails. The lighter side to the dark she thought. Freckled nose wrinkled up in thought. Oh no, she would not like to fall into the  waters. Ruin her nice skirt and she couldn't swim. Arms wrapped around her waist before she turned to watch the others. A few curls of brown blew across her face.

The ship was laden and slow in motion. Though the horn was sounded, they were slow enough for anyone to get out of their way. Setting anchor out a ways, a dinghy was made ready. Tomorrow they would utilize one of the slips and have the cargo unloaded.

"I thank you for you time, then...and the pleasant introductions." She gave both men a slight bow of her head and stepped back, allowing the tide of remaining femininity to swirl in.

"A pleasure, Damaris," studying the more elusive lass and a smile to quirk with her walking backwards like that. Did she see the small group of sailors nearly upon her? She would when she turned.


Date:  03-28-09
Poster: Pierre Lafayette
Post # 2

She turned to make her exit, she wore a worried expression. This endeavor may be tougher than she realized.

She did, and she weaved through them with the stealth of a thief, perhaps making one wonder.

He looked toward the ship that anchored beyond. "Is that an expected cargo, Pierre?" He nodded toward the vessel.

Oh, he made note of the way she could slip through the small group of sailors. Didn't stop them from giving her a few whistles. Comments he couldn't make out but probably the standard.

Well. the other female ran off, with other slipping off too. A lady was never left alone with gentlemen. How she heard the whispers in her head. Well, she wasn't at school anymore! Lifting her chin, she turned back to the ship that horn made her shiver each time it blew.

"Aye, Andre should be aboard. It has been too long. Though the work he has done will make us even richer." If he knew Andre, he would have gotten a few other enterprises to check into as well.  "Are you all right, Norah?" He noted that Damaris may have gone off but she didn't leave. She was about for some reason, not like the first wanting a captain for her ship.

The wolf whistles and cat calls hadn't gone unheard, but she ignored them in much the way a lady would, though she could hardly be construed as such with wandering the docks alone and all. But that was because she was comfortable there, just as much as she was aboard a ship, hence why she wasn't going around asking for help. Why would she when she could help herself and in more ways than one, no less? With a soft, almost content sigh, she struck a lean against an establishment wall, apparently waiting for something or someone.

A duffel bag was swung over a shoulder, one covered by a slicker as well his clothing. Andre was down into the dinghy which started its journey with a few of the other crew members who would take shore leave, alternating with the others. Always keeping a skeleton crew on board to safeguard the merchandise. A few good with the flintlock and sword. He only hired the best especially on a journey that took as long as this one had.

"Me?" Wide eyes looked back to Pierre. "Yes and no. Thoughts of cold water and horns will come to me tonight." Pulling her cloak around her more, she looked back to the ship. "What you learn when you do ask a questions. Is that why a lady should only be seen and not heard?"

"You're a wee slip of a lass to be about this late." Mike peered at the girl who wasn't much older than the children his sister watched over. "You're in a place that isn't really for ladies unescorted."

"I am seventeen, sir. Soon to be weeks?" Crossing her arms over her stomach, she turned to Mike. "I think I can handle myself." Such a lie. But she could try to look tough, which wasn't working for the poor girl.

"Not as I see it. Not in these lands either. The women here train to be warriors that wish to." Quieting as Mike had picked up the conversation with her. "Luckily we are here, oui?" Grin shot his friend's way. Some might teasingly argue it for they were trustworthy in that area. There was a time, but that was long ago. There was far more appreciation for a woman that took the bull by the horns, taking charge of her own life than waiting on others or a man to do it. The one looking for a captain probably had other things in mind than just him sailing her ship to some tropical lands. If he wanted to go to the tropics, he'd head to King Peter's island fortress.

"Oh, aye." He chuckled softly, then lifted a brow at the lass. "All of seventeen. Not likely to see eighteen if you're not more careful, in three weeks or not." He looked toward the dinghy making its way in.

"Oh...." Well that tough not working look was dropped. "Women here are warriors?" That was shocking. But she did some a place of dances, seasons of pretty lasses to be married off and just bare a child. A frown took to her lips and  scowled at Mike. She hadn't really thought of her own life. Sucking in her breath, she wanted to shoot something back at him. All that came out in a ting voice was. "I have a dagger and will use it."

The dinghy finally reached the dock, duffel bag was thrown onto the wooden slats first before Andre leaped up and out by use of the ropes. The dinghy sat lower than the regular ships. Grabbing it up to swing back over a shoulder, grin spreading, and a certain swagger to his gait as he headed straight for his comrade.

After awhile, a burst of laughter could be heard, feminine and the kind that came from the heart. It was followed by a startled squeal as yet another stranger grabbed Damaris into an embrace and swung her around the way a brother might a younger sister, one he hadn't seen in a very long while. "Bloody hell, put me down!" She was laughing still, shoving at him playfully, the man, taller than her by nearly half a foot, teetering back on his heels, a hand covering his gut as if she had wounded him. It coaxed a smirk to the surface, one that seemed well-placed on her pretty face. "Shut up and look..." she pointed out to the sea, toward the ship that sat there in promise.

He pointed toward the sailors that had avoided the two men. "So do they and so will they." And that was all he had to say on that as Andree approached Pierre.

He had been listening to the words being exchanged between Mike and Norah. He knew Mike was only doing it for her welfare, not to be disagreeable. He didn't need to add or that would come off as them badgering her instead. "Andre!" Grin spread complete as he was the short distance to greet one like a brother in a quick hug. "You have been gone too long, oui, but you are back. I have some potcheen here for a drink. We can do the updating details tomorrow or the next."

After those words, was she inching closer to Pierre. She was. Oh dear, perhaps she should have kept to her room. But she had slept most of the day. Teeth nibbled on her lower lip nervously. Fingers wrapped inside of her cloak as she looked over to the two sailors in question. But Pierre just walked off. Oh dear. She wanted to just run and hide back under her covers. Tears gathered to spill. Norah was innocent of the world. Sheltered for far to long. It wasn't her fault, blame the nuns of her school. Oh why did she had to take on this trip!

"Andre, welcome home." He grinned at the man. "Looks like the voyage agreed with you." He wasn't always a grouch. Only when he wasn't sure how to deal with a wee girl.

He hugged him back, then a clap to Mike's shoulder in their way of tradition. At least they were not the cheek kissing French. "Oui, it has been too long but I bring great stories and adventures to be had in the near future." Adventure usually meant something daring, something dangerous and something well rewarded if they survived.

He didn't go that far, only met up with Andre in the last leg of his approach. "This young mademoiselle is Norah." Which had him wondering then, "are you lost or have a destination? Are you alone or just alone presently?"

No she wouldn't cry. Crying was for younger girls. Blinking to keep from her tears, her name heard. Head shot up, a confused look on her face for the briefest of moments. "Oh, I am alone. Off to see the world." Another lie, she just seemed to let them come so easy.

Tones became hushed as the duo discussed things that didn't need to be shared with any passersby, their expressions serious as plots were procured and plans for continuing the family business were set in proverbial stone, the smiles shared between the two, sly and too similar to be unrelated.

He clapped the man's shoulder in return, chuckling. "Good, and if you've a mind to share some, I'd be glad to listen." But it was possible he wanted to speak to Pierre privately tonight and Mike was amiable to being told another time would suit.

"Oui? A pleasure to meet you Norah." Smile was genuine while running fingers through windswept hair before catching sight of the bottle of potcheen. "No other lands have such and we ran out." Grin turning back on Mike. "There will be time soon, oui?" He would not be aware of him wishing to speak to Pierre but certainly if he knew, he would leave the two to business.

"It would be best you stay at the Thistle this night, up in the commons," where it was safer and she would not be subjected to the mindset of too many at the docks. He offered the bottle of potcheen to Andre. Then with a slight lift of his chin in the direction of another lass and a man she was talking to. "Mademoiselle Damaris, she seems adept, use to being in the port."

She might as well practice her tongue tonight. A small bow of her head and she smiled back to him. "Salutations ŕ vous, monsieur aimable." Delicate finger came to brush some hair from her face and tuck behind a ear. A look over give over her shoulder. Thistle? "Where is the Thistle?"

Bidding the man adieu, Damaris made her way back to the more populated area of the docks. She was alone again with her mind on many things, but that didn't stop her from hearing her name mentioned as she came upon them, her brow arching ever so slightly in silent question.

He took the bottle then a good drink of it to follow, lowered as he swiped over his mouth with the back of his other hand. Blue eyes tipped in the direction indicated in note of the woman and male with her. A slight dip of his head to show he heard. The woman close at this point. "A pleasure to meet you Damaris, I am Andre."

"The pleasure is mine," she murmured, offering him her hand in greeting, eyes like emeralds studying him closely but carefully discreet.

Norah not only got a smile but a wink for speaking their native tongue, though they pretty much stuck to English here. Made things go a lot smoother, certainly the accent remained. A step away he took up the woman's hand. This might be the docks and a more rowdy bunch on the norm but something told him she was more than a female sailor type. Calloused finger pads slid easily under her palm as he lifted her hand to a chaste touch of his lips, barely there upon cooler skin for the sea air, before lifted away. Hand lowered before released. "You are far from home but at home," a slight sweep of his hand to indicate the port on a whole. All the while, from the lift of her hand, chaste kiss, lowered and released to words following, eye contact was kept.

A blush to the wink. Well if she didn't practice, she would forget. Things always did slip her mind. Dropping that crystal blue gaze to the wood below her, she took two steps backwards and stopped. The shadows seemed to jump at her now. Oh why did the man just have to make her nervous as a cat around sleeping dogs?

He was listening, also observing, the tip of a smile off to one side the only indication of possible thoughts. "Have you wiped that certain crew's men free of their money tonight, Mike?"

She nodded. "Mais oui, your assumption is correct." That went for the spoken and the unheard. That smile from earlier returned, the curve of it kissed by the devil himself as she searched his eyes, drawing her own conclusions from what was seen.

Devil may care type of glint in blue eyes greeted her back. There for a moment then upon Mike for the comment made to him by Pierre. "You have gotten better then with the cards?"

Mike had been listening but with Pierre's question, a devious smile curled his lips. "Aye, I have." He gave Andre a hurt look, though it was obviously fake. "Better? I would say so." He jingled the coins in his pocket for emphasis.

"Don't jingle them too loud down here, it's like a dinner bell to some." A good laugh to follow for those words were certainly true. Spying the bottle Andre still held, he swept it away for a drink, then offered it to Mike. He would offer it to the ladies, but 1. they were drinking from the same bottle and that might be offensive. 2. The homemade whiskey distilled Ireland tradition was extremely strong.

She looked over to Mike and her brow raised up slightly at him. Card shark, she heard that before, whispered among the men aboard her ship. Norah could grasp so much now, how money did she have on her? But a bottle was held out and her wide blues were on his face. "Spirits?" Hmmm. Steeping forward, she reached out and then looked to Damaris. "Did you want a drink first?"

"I figure if it'll be any, it will be those ones spoiling for a fight They'd only lose it to drink or in some other game, so I saved them that temptation." He snatched the bottle from the girl when she took it. "Not for you, wee one."


Date:  03-28-09
Poster: Pierre Lafayette
Post # 3

Well before she could grab the bottle, it was taken away. "Humph....I think I can handle a small drink. Only one of course." Narrowing of eyes showed her displeasure of the man. "You shouldn't be greedy with something passed to all." A small nod.

Damaris laughed a little at the display, seeing the bottle disappear from the young woman's hands in the blink of an eye. "I do believe I'll pass." She eyed the gentlemen involved. "I had my fill a short while ago and I like to keep my wits about me down here." She was far from stupid. Though she could handle herself with the best and the worst this life had to offer, she didn't feel the need to tempt the fates, not when they'd currently been so kind.

So maybe Mike would do it on purpose, "you are looking for a fight?" Sometimes one was needed to work out any frustrations or just excess energy. He smothered a laugh when Mike grabbed the bottle. Probably best for the lass!

"It wasn't passed to all. It was passed to me." He tapped her on the nose. "And you'd be on your arse with a sniff of this. It's pure Potcheen." He winked at Damaris to let her know he wouldn't have kept the bottle from her. "Aye, and it's made from potcheen only not as pure. You can build yourself up from there." Or try the Pure there. Where it was safe.

"Some would call that drink dragon's breath or the fiery pits of hell to burn down to your very soul. They have a punch, tasty I'm told, made for the ladies at the Thistle Tavern and Inn."

Her nose wrinkled up and she touched it after the tap. "Oh pigheaded man." What she wasn't use to making up things. "Surely a small sip wouldn't do me too much harm." But they could be carrying a giggling little monkey over their shoulder to the Thistle. Yes let her have a small sip. Ha!

He just shook his head, took a drink and handed it back off to Pierre. It was his bottle after all. As far as Andre's question, he gave him a grin.

He was laughing at this point, the wee one could hiss and sputter, much like the threat of a wet kitten. There was actually a appreciation for one that had such spunk too. Humor there as well. "Where are you from Norah?" Wondering how she got here and if it took her a while.

She smiled at Mike's wink, chewing on her bottom lip, remembering well what it was like to be the girl's age even though it seemed centuries ago. She felt for her, she really did. It was hard to scratch and claw your way out of  the protective shells so many women found themselves cocooned in, having to scratch and claw their way through the fibers to find their own way in life. Luckily she had a father that knew better.

Meow. Arms crossed and she did try not to pout, even if there was a slight pout to that lower lip. Darling was what most would call her, with her bright blues, sweet smile and slightly angelic looks. A breath was sucked in and let out slowly. One must never loose their tempers, the head mistress always spoke to the girls. "I am from Misthrust, Kingdom of Altus."

"You have friends here with you Damaris." More a statement than question for that brief notice of the way she was speaking to the male. Though they had parted, he doubted he had gone far.

Most of the women here had freedom that few others had. But it was easy to tell a kitten still wet behind the ears. He just grinned at Norah and then looked down to where another game might be held, his expression thoughtful.

"I have not heard of it so it must be very far away." They knew their neighbors and the world was quite big even for those that made a life of sailing. "Are you going where the wind takes you or have a destination in mind?" She will find there was no cost to her at the Thistle, another reason it was suggested for other taverns run by citizens had to charge. The Thistle was set up by the Crown.

She looked at Andre, nodding. "Family, though he's retired for the night." She was referring to her brother, whom none of them would recognize by name as he was a stranger among them, too. "He had someone waiting on him, I suppose." She chuckled, knowing Dante well.

"Yes, it is...." She had to think of how many days. On foot she traveled and the weeks on ship. "It would be a three month journey from here." A small nod. "Where the wind takes me, I guess."

"Oui, and would the someone smell like a sailor or like a field of flowers." It could go either way but in truth, sounded like the latter would fit. "You have sleeping arrangements for the night I can assume?"

"At least tonight the wind will take you to a safe place. A comfortable clean bed and food cooked by one of the best. Hazel has men in line wishing her hand for her ability as a cook," which was all in good humor and a compliment to the older woman. Though in truth, word had it around that she only had eyes for Alex, the tender there.

She grinned, again tucking a lock of hair behind an ear, the same tendrils that got tossed across her eyes each time the breeze blew. "With his penchant for the exotic, I'm thinking night-blossoming jasmine." Shifting her weight  from one hip to the other, her stance changed somewhat, adding, "I do. Though I'm not certain what condition I'll find it in as of yet." She was speaking of the manor she'd learned of, one that existed well on the outskirts of town, upon a cliff no less, one that overlooked the sea, that latter part coming as no surprise to her as it was her father's. Or had been.

There came a small chuckle and she nodded. "Well, that does sound nice. Very nice. But my things are at another inn and I have paid for my room there." Oh dear what if they were stolen by now! The place was shady and seemed to be full of unpleasant persons. A hand pressed to her cheek in such a thought.

Which reminded him of the Egyptian families here, wondering if they still were. That thought could wait. "Then he is a man that prefers a fine wine over port." The latter had a tip of his head as it gained his curiosity. "Would it be board a ship?" Or possibly they had gotten a room at one of the more rowdy taverns. "There is one, that is above the rest run by a capable woman." Pausing to recall the name as it had been some time, "the Blue Marlin," glancing to Mike and Pierre if he needed correction.

Which reminded him of something though Andre had not gotten to meet the one as he was beginning his journey. "The young woman I hired as a secretary, didn't last long." Maybe because she was young.

"Aye, that's the name. Marlana runs it and doesn't put up with nonsense from the sailors or anyone else who goes there." He grinned as he recalled her facing down a man or two. Even without the backing of her bouncer.

"I actually have two choices, and one of them is indeed aboard a ship, but I thought I would check out the manor first." She was still torn about what to do with it, whether to sell it or to just keep it in the family for the future, though what the future could hold that wouldn't keep her on a ship, she couldn't fathom. "I've never seen it before," she added, just in case he was confused or just curious.

"You gave it a try, that is all one can expect." To Pierre, which had a slow grin rising, "so you have kept all the paperwork? Now you will have help." Rather pleased he had remembered the name correctly too. Back to Damaris as it would seem she had a dilemma on her hands. She was not from these lands nor her family so would put that manor outside the lands, which would mean she'd have to travel this late at night to see it. "My bet would be on the ship for tonight, oui?"

"Oui, best as I do." Which he would find them all in order even if he'd let that trickling idea linger that they might not be.

Norah rubbed her cold hands again. It was starting to get to her now. So they were tucked away back under her cloak. Turning away from the others, she went to watching the ships shift like a small dance in the water. Up and down.

She shrugged, looking out to where the giant rocked gently on the waves. "I'm a night owl, but...perhaps." She cast him a sidelong glance, her smile soft as he seemed quite interested in her well being.

Something struck her then and she tuned to Pierre. "Would you hire me? I can help and I am good with numbers." Never could hurt to ask.

Which made him shift uncomfortably. Norah was even younger than the last that didn't work out. "We have decided not to hire one," as two hadn't worked out and they could keep the records. Some records being very confidential.

There was a nod. "Alright." And she looked from over her shoulder back to the dancing ships.

"If you find your quarters uncomfortable for the night, I would suggest the Thistle." As was suggested to Norah. It was also getting late and after the long trip he was starting to feel the wear of the night. Still, there was a ghost of a smile that reached blue eyes nonetheless. "There are many night owls down here at the port," though he would not be one of them this evening.

"There are at that." He chuckled and straightened, stretching out a kink or two.

He could tell Andre was tired and there were still some things to discuss once to the shipping building which housed their flats. "We will see you up to the Thistle, Norah, have some hot tea and a slice of warm pie if you're hungry then get a good night's rest."

She laughed a little, "So, I gathered." There were five of them there for starters, not counting the stragglers and passersby. And when the Thistle was mentioned, she merely nodded. "Thank you. I'll definitely keep it in mind." She kept many things in mind lately. And suddenly it seemed the group would be dispersing, all of them going their own separate ways...well, at least she was. But not before adding, "Perhaps the wind will blow us across the same path again." It was more a statement than a question, as if she had the gift of second sight that allowed her to see such things. Or maybe she just meant to run into him again.

She shook her head. "No, I cannot go with you. I have to get my things." She waved her hand off to the night and then sighed. "Thank you for the offer, sir Pierre." There was a nod and she turned back to the others. "A good evening  to all." The young girl turned to the dark and its shadows. A small lift of her chin. She could find her Inn and then this Thistle. The little kitten was trying to roar. Chin lifted more and she started back down the docks.

"I wish you well, Norah. That your feet find the destination best for you." Words were sincere but he was not her keeper nor in a position to try and become one. "Most of all, stay safe. A good evening be yours as well."

"Good night, Norah." He watched her a moment then looked at Pierre, offering a grin.

"Perhaps it will. I would not find that disagreeable," slow smile for the way he put it but certainly he had enjoyed their brief meeting. "A good night's rest and I bid you safe travels even if our paths don't cross again." Although he was here, pretty much rooted except for his adventures but always coming back.

"Pierre, always good to see you. Andre, welcome home. Damaris, safe journey to you." He decided to not push his luck with another game tonight. Best to take his winnings and go home.

"Good night," Was softly called before hurried steps were taken to get back to her Inn. Even a few looks over her shoulder.

She simply smiled, something knowing about it, one that lingered as she started backing away in much the same way as she did earlier in the evening. "It was a pleasure meeting you, gentlemen. All of you." She winked then before spinning around and taking off into the night, headed in the direction where she knew her brother had a horse waiting for her.

Which watching Norah had him smile before a glance given Mike, "you're welcome to join us in a nightcap at the warehouse." As he referred to the building. "Good night Damaris, may the winds blow kindly for you as well."

"Mmm, maybe one." Giving a nod as he decided to join them.

He scooped up the duffel back to sling back over his shoulder. Bone weary at this point, a night cap would do nicely before his bed. Sleep would be dreamless this one, out like a light...


Date: 06-19-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 4

Where Not to Wander for Some

Segan was wandering the dock, bottle in hand just looking like he wanted to get into a fight, or card game. Either one was good with him this night. Or Both. Too quiet a one as he waited on  his brother to show.

Miri had no idea why she was at the bustling port. She was told to stay away at night but she was curious, and had no one to take her so she slipped off from the Deli and made her way down on her own. She was donning a pair of Malachi's breeches, and tucked her shortened chemise into it before wrapping a large red wrap around the middle to look like a belt they wore back in the old country.  As she came out on the docks, she stared in amazement at the people streaming in and out of the buildings still. It was like they never slept.

Taking up a lean against one of the pier posts as he lifted the bottle of the Pure. It was then just as the potent liquid touched tongue and gum that he heard a lot of whistling. Lowering it away as he blinked in that direction. Such wasn't done over the usual port doxy. No, there was a lass a group of about five sailors were starting to circle, giving her a definite look over. "Hey baby, come wit' papa taenig't," and other such comments like, "w'at yea got under t'ere," pointing at the chemise and red sash.

He had fallen asleep after the large meal prepared and had nearly forgotten he was supposed to meet up with Segan.  As he made his way toward the docks, he still looked sleepy-eyed.  With the training at the King's field, working on the estate and all the food he had been consuming, he was finally putting on weight and muscle again.  He caught sight of Segan and headed in his direction.

Miriam didn't even realize what they were staring at as she turned around in her spot to see a circle forming around her. She snorts softly as she flashes almost an panicked smile before giving a shake of her head as she pretended not to know English. She mutters low and a bit strained as she backs up right into someone before turning around to try to weasel through a small space between the men, "A choleryeh ahf dir! Yutzi."

One had gotten in front of her, walking backwards, "c'mon sugarplum pie, let me taste yir sweet lips," another had gotten behind her as he laughed hearing her speak another language, "Methinks s'e say's aye, s'e bae 'n love." The other three were making it so she couldn't escape as well keeping an eye out for any guard or worse, the portmasters. None were around at the moment but there was Segan starting to fume. "Eion," slight chin up before he finished off what was in that bottle, tipped back before he headed straight for the one walking backwards to trip him up. It was a sin to waist the pure and the bottle was used on the other one that lunged at him for laying out his buddy, who was rolling away to gain his feet again.

He muttered a curse under his breath when he spotted what was going on.  His injuries had just healed up nicely from the fight with his brothers.  While Segan went for the two, one of the others was turning attention away from the lass and thought to make the fight three to one.  He grabbed the third by the shoulder, spun him around. Face to meet knuckles. There was a loud crack and the man went down, far too easily.  "Bluidy glass jaw."  He growled turning to head for one of the two left.

Miriam let out a gasps as she was backed up, before the two men stepped up from no where and began to trip, punch and smashing things into the strangers. Damn, she knew this was a bad idea and everyone in the family would be disappointed to know that she had even dared to come down here especially at night. She took another step backwards to duck behind a crate as the circle had broken open, and she curled herself up into a ball as she peered out the side as the two knights in not so shiny armor came to her rescue. As a crack from the jaw was heard, she winces and ducks back behind the crate more as the guy dropped down near causing her to yelp again.

Segan wasn't a knight at all, a privateer getting his land legs as his family settled in. He was still to meet with Andre Bovee to set up some work using his ship, the Anaconda, which was in the port presently. The one that looked like a sleek, huge, sea serpent. The one sailor was out for the count as the bottle cracked against the side of his head, the other he'd trip was up landed a good punch to his arm in a wild swing. Hand caught in his with the hit as he backed the man up and right off the end of the pier into the ocean below. He got tackled at that point and was rolling, swinging hands hitting more than he was getting hit, while the other two contended with Eion.

The girl was at least forgotten while the sailors turned their attention to the two brothers.  Eion ducked one hit, turned and near ran into another.   Being who he was however, and a bullheaded Irishman at that, he let out a roar of anger.  He hefted one of the smaller crates and threw it at the first of the two, then when he went down turned to the one who threw the punch.  "Jist yae an' me, boyo." His accent just a touch heavier before he was charging the second.  Both he and the sailor went crashing into the water below, and he came up swinging.

As she watched the two fight, she continued to hide until she two people fell into the inky black water below. As they splashed, she squeals again as she decided to move from her hiding spot. Finally, she stood up as she stared in disbelief at the water before looking to the two on land. She decided to help out so she grabbed the tiniest crates and began to toss them at both sides. One smashed into the sailor in the water, and ended up cracking open as the wasn't as strong as the heavier crates. And she took up an empty chicken crate, and tossed it into the street but accidentally hit a brother.

"Lass, you need lessons in crate throwing," having just trussed the one up good as the last was yelling for his comrades and starting on the run down the pier, away from there the road led down and guards starting to appear for their patrol. She had clipped him accidentally, leaving a welt starting to form on his one cheekbone. Nothing major at all for Segan who was use to a lot worse. There was blood smeared on his face but it was another's mostly. Bruising would be the lot of it really. He watched the man run off before blue eyes were back on the woman he made the comment to. "Are you all right? What has you down this way alone, unescorted?"

It would take Eion a few moment to make his way back to his brother, being he had to drag the man out of the water.  He left him laying on the ground below the pier, then found his way back up and made his way to where his brother was standing with the lass.

She had already began to unwrap the large red scarf around her waist. She took it in her hand and offered it up to his head before turning to attend to the sopping wet one. She tried to form words but she was a bit flustered with embarrassed.  Finally, she spoke as she ran her hand through her hair nervously. "I did not know it was this bad?" Her accent made her English sound choppy, but it was good. It almost sounded like she had a touch of Spanish, but since she had been pretty much surrounded by hebrew/yiddish speaking people it had just intensified since their arrival in Heathfield. "I owe you gentlemen, drinks and... oh, you both saved me. I do not know what would've happened. Yes! Let me get you drinks."

"So you do know English." flash of a smile was an attempt to try and ease her mind. He had enjoyed the fight though it may have upset her. "One never knows how it will be but the chances are great down here as oppose to the Commons and beyond," giving a look towards the road leading up to the more familiar. The guards were looking their way by this time as two of them took off after the ones running. "All is fine now, Sirs, they tried to harass this lass some but she is doing all right." Which they looked to the woman and being she wasn't screaming or trying to break away from the men with her, they figured she was fine though made remarks about coming down here alone, to come with one of the guards next time if she needed to be here. Segan waited for them to pass as they continued onward in the direction of their two comrades. "I could use a drink but I happen to have another bottle of the potcheen over by that pier post." indicating where he had been. "Do you drink potcheen?"

"There's one down there."  Eion pointed toward the steps, figuring they'd do something if the man was in danger from high tide. He looked at the lass but didn't comment.  The guards did just fine.   He was going to need some of the potcheen to keep from getting cold but ladies first.  If she drank it.

She shook her head. "No, and I... I think I should be going back. I appreciate your kindness this evening, and I'm sorry about the injuries and well, the everything." With that, she took off in a run. She was sure a guard would follow to make sure she made it home.

One of the guards that had lingered behind was there to see her back up to the commons. "Well," not really knowing what to say except he let out a good laugh. Hand was up to rub at his chin. "Got the fight I was looking for but I think Conor is going to be put out he missed it." Heading to get that bottle of potcheen so they could share it on their way back. It was getting that kind of late.

"More than likely."  On Connor as he followed Segan.  "Seems to be a lot of lasses who test limits around here." He chuckled softly.  "I can wonder on why there are still so many about." He also wondered if their sisters had been down this way, even if warned not to.



Date: 06-21-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 5

Time at the Port

Segan could be once more found at the port. A game of cards with a few sailors on a carte as the group huddled, six in all, the cards in his favor. No trickery, just the luck of the Irish. Of course there were gumblings as certain ones didn't like to loose and they were losing.

Every fiber of his being practically crawled with aversion. There was a constant, noticeable twitch along the line of his jaw as his teeth clenched and released. Still, here he was...near the salt water, near those ships that loomed along the port, pitching and swaying with the water. Just the thought of it was enough to cause a man's gut to clench. His hands were stuffed in his front pockets, his head dipped just enough to keep his eyes forward, but hopefully not draw too much attention. He searched, each face he passed, without any real show of interest, but interested he couldn't help but be since he sought out a familiar face amongst those bodies. In unison a shout of disbelief echoed from a gathering of men just off to the side, grouped around a singled out crate, and there...bringing forth Conor's smile of recognition, was his brother. He wove his way through others strolling the walkway on over to the card players. From the muttered cursing, and outright threats of feigned bodily harm, Conor guessed Segan was doing pretty darn good tonight.

The discontent man drew up a flintlock over the loss as Segan was up, coins collected and toppling the crate in the man's direction. The flintlock went off, taking a comrade's tricorn off, sent it flying and ruined with a hole in it. Segan tried not to laugh as the man's buddy lunged at him taking him to the ground. The other three collecting what coins spilled of their own and ended up fighting over the few one was quicker to grab. Segan moved off, a step at a time while missing any swinging fists. After the other night, he didn't need any more bruises. It was then he spotted his one brother, perhaps a bit surprised considering where he ventured, sea and ships he was near allergic to as he approached from the fighting circle of the other five. "See what a card game gets you down here..?" Though he was a number of coins richer.

Mother of Pete! So it wasn't all feigned! Conor's initial reaction was to take a single side step out of the fray, starting to chuckle as the men rolled, punched, cursed. Another couple of steps to the side kept him out of the action although, he was thiiiiiiiiis close to joining in out of sheer scufflelust. He shot a look to Segan, his grin growing. "This...and a pocket full of gold?" His voice held his amusement and he was quick to return his attention to the fight lest it sneak up on them. "I can't think of a better way to spend the evening unless you add good whiskey to the mix."

It was easy to find a fight down here, but good whiskey? He drew out a bottle of the pure,  teeth sinking into the cork as it was pulled free and spit out to the side. A drink taken,  deserving, before passing it off to his brother. "I am finding it is easy to find a fight down here. Some better worth the throwing of a fist than others." The five had slugged it out, collected any coins dropped and were on their way. There were enough groups about to find another game, and another, and another, for as long as one wished. There were also the pubs. Far cry from the Thistle, some looking holed up for the wood over areas where windows use to be.

Conor accepted the bottle, turning it up and eyeing the men as they stumbled and staggered away. Just one swallow for now, and Conor handed it back to Segan. He swiped the back of his hand along his mouth then turned to look back the way he had come. "Might be the only good thing about this particular area." He fought back the smile and slanted a glance Segan's way.

The wispy fog and confusing shadows of night did not usually admit arriving vessels, most of which preferred to navigate the docks by daylight. But there was nothing that couldn't be accomplished with strong words and a little bit of silver. And so it was that the small boat, more of a derelict fishing canoe than anything pulled up into the bay bearing a certain small passenger. "Alright here, Steve," she said to her 'captain', the bent older gentleman who had rowed her across the way and still wondered how he'd been finagled into doing so. Obediently he pulled up the oars, as the little canoe bobbed into place alongside one of the smaller docks. Grabbing up her rucksack Karina stood, balancing until she could hop up onto the wooden planking, reaching down again only to give Steve another coin and her thanks. Tugging her cap snugly onto her head by its brim the scrappy lass set out towards dry land.

That scrappy lass just happened to be coming ashore right close like to where two particular brothers stood. One of them actually did a double take as his eyes passed over her, then shot back. Looked like there was something else 'good' about this particular area. He elbowed a nudge toward Segan then trotted off toward the capped lass. He'd know that covered head anywhere. He came up alongside her, not intimidating or threatening, just slowing to walk
beside her as well as the others with a single word of greeting. "Nessa."

It wasn't only one to do a double take as he mumbled, "Karina," followed by "warrior Queen, seafaring nymph,"added. Brows had lifted as a dipping glance took in her form, more in checking that she was hail. Certainly seemed like it.

Oomph. That bag of hers was considerably heavier than when she'd departed but that was all to the good. She hunched under its weight as she made her way off the dock, that is until she saw a figure approaching at which point she slowed. Glancing around for potential adversaries or allies should the person have evil intents. But in the end it turned out to be... squint... and her face broke into its trademarked lopsided grin. "Hullo, yas!" She called out to Conor and Segan both, as the latter made his way over as well.

There was more than one reason to come to the docks and Eion had just visited one of those places. He leaned against one of the wooden pilings that kept the dock in place, let a cigarillo and watched his two brothers.

Too bad Conor didn't see Eion at the present, or else he may have saved himself the upcoming reprimand. "Want me to carry that for you? Looks heavy." He started to reach for the bag, assuming the lass would hand it over without hesitation.

In actuality though she had no intention of letting Conor (or anybody) carry that bag for her. "What, don't think I can handle it?" She jibed with an arched brow, adjusting the bag against her back, eliciting a dull clunk from somewhere within its canvas depths.

Segan had not picked up on him and lord only knew how long he'd been there, leaning, smoking. Maybe it was the brand that caught his notice after a while as the scent drifted his way with the change of breeze. He would have offered but Conor was quick to do so, so in that he remained quiet except for the comment, "nice to have you back, seems you prospered wherever the time away took you." He had gotten the note a week ago. He nudged Conor, teasing both, "she's afraid you'll make off with her gold."

Prospered? Her grin returned, quick and sly this time as she nodded towards Segan, "Ye could say that.." And then the comment about stealing gold. Ehehehe. Her smile froze and she just let out an echoing laugh. "Aye, don't be gettin' any ideas!"

The sound had Conor pausing a step, looking down with a lift of brow to the bulge of bag. "Not that you can't, Lass. Just that I can better." Beneath his smiling lips he ran his tongue over his teeth, fighting back a more audible form of his amusement. He had to look away from her when she bit back her laughed response about not getting any ideas. If Segan kept broadcasting that she might be hefting gold in her bag, Conor wouldn't bet getting any ideas about stealing it, but more about how to keep someone else from doing it. As he looked away, he caught sight of familiar features lit behind the glow of cigarillo. He threw up a hand to mark Eion and offer his initial greeting.

"Eion! Where are you hiding out??" Almost bellowed as he turned trying to figure out where that particular scent of cigarillo was coming from. He had to be close. Well, seemed Conor spotted Eion a few seconds before he had. He was into his cups, the bottle of potcheen still dangling form one hand. Grinning too as sight focused in on the eldest.

Following the direction of Conor's glance, Karina glanced through the evening funk to see Eion standing not far off and she lifted a hand to wave as well. Then a curious glance was sent between the two before her. "What're you lot up to, down here at this hour? No good I take it."

He couldn't hear them from where he was until Segan raised his voice and the other two waved. His answer was halted though as a robe-clad lass came out of one of the taverns, ran up to him, and handed him something then ran off again. He looked at his hand and tucked the item away then pushed to a stand.

"Came to meet you and bring you back safely, Miss." He laughed, looking down to her before moving away toward the eldest.

Whipping a glance back to Karina, a few bruises showing for the time here last evening and a lass to be rescued. "Never any good down here. Where have you been?"

They were here for nothing of the sort, but it all sounded good to Conor. And really, did she actually want to know? Doubtful. Conor coughed into a fisted hand, nodding to the departing scarcely robed lass. "Forget something, Brother?"

"Ha. Sure ya were," she replied to Conor with sarcasm dripping from her tones, though in a good humor as she was, it was accompanied by a smirk. When Conor turned to address the other brother, attention shifted to Segan. "Here and there," she answered with deliberate vagueness, then took a second to take in his features, specifically the discolored bruises barely visible in the shadows. "What happened to you?"

"My cigars." He patted his pocket as he stepped a tad closer. "Where are you heading?" It was obvious where he had been.

"Bit o' a fight, Six to two," glancing to Eion with a grin. Conor had missed the episode two nights ago. "He and I fought over a lass," far from the truth but more to get Eion going. "What was her name?" Like he forgot but Eion would remember in this bantering he was trying to get started.

Conor grinned, dipping his head with a smile, then looking up to the oldest of the Quinn brothers. "Sure'nuff." His gaze dipped to that patted pocket, but Connor shook his head, then quirked a nod to the side. "If I had my druthers, I'd druther be heading the hell away from this sea salt thick air, but I was bored as shit at the manor, and knew I'd find at least Segan down here, somewhere...Segan or trouble." He laughed. "Either or both would be fine with me." He heard Segan even though he was talking, and shut up real quick, staring now at Eion.

A very faint hint of perfume mixed with the smells of the docks if anyone stood near. "Like hell it was over a lass. It was because she didn't have enough sense to stay away from the docks and stood out like a sore thumb." He  blew smoke in Segan's direction. "I didn't catch it.  Five sailors surrounding her and so Segan waded in. I had to cover his back, aye?" He shrugged slightly. "And ended up in the water because of it." Knowing how Conor would feel about that.

Being he blew smoke in his face he stepped close and snatched one of those cigarillos from his pocket before stepping back out of reach. He ran the weed under his nose before breaking off the tip with his teeth. Spitting it aside before clenching the end between perfect white teeth. "I hope you got a good deal on these."

His expression screwed up with that last bit, being on the water was bad it...he would prefer to be tossed into the pits of hell than that stick-to-the-skin sea water.

Karina took in the verbal sparring between brothers with a wide smirk on her face, glancing back and forth between them as if watching a swordplay match. A shake of the head and she shifted her aqua gaze up to the oldest brother. "Sounds like a grand brawl or at the very least, a good story."

"Got them at the tobacco store in the commons. I'd say it was a pretty good deal. I wanted to try them first before I bought more." He looked at Karina and shrugged. "It was good enough. Didn't get us thrown into jail." Which was a plus as far as Eion was concerned.

Segan only shrugged his shoulders as if passing off the good deed like some knight in shining armor pounding the beat to rescue the damsel in distress. Even if the one was out of her element and surrounded by horny, drooling, crass spoken, desperate for a lay - sailors. He had the fight he had been itching for so in a odd sense, the lass had provided him with the means that evening. Though, by the time all was said and done, she had run off up to the commons.

"Ah, then not so good after all," she answered Eion with another grin. Shifting the large lumpy sack on her back again the mop-headed lass glanced between the three of them, finally landing on Conor. "You must've had some rippin' black business, to bring you down here," she commented, having picked up early on Conor's desperate hatred towards all things marine.

Which was why he was certain the girl didn't have all her oars in the water. She had run off like a herd of banshees were on her tail. Or was that flock? Then again, she was female. He gave a mental shrug, then offered Conor one of the cigarillos.

Lass was up the creek without a paddle! An amused grin filtered as he glanced between Conor and Karina. Taking the moment to light up the cigarillo. This one had a nice vanilla taste and scent.

Conor shook his head to the offer, but smiled his thanks before looking to Karina. "Told you why I was here, Lass." He eyed her bulging bag again, this time wondering why she lingered with so heavy a burden if she didn't wish for someone to help her with it.

Oh. Right, he had. Maybe she was more tired than she'd realized. A pause before she wrinkled up her nose and gave Conor a sour look. "I was just makin conversation." And with that, and another heft of her bag she made to start off towards town. Indeed no reason to hang about here with thirty pounds of booty on her back.

Nudge her hard enough and Conor might make her fall over. The cigarillo was tucked back in with the others.

Except she was on the move and he was shadowing her walk, a step behind and pretending to be lugging a sack full of booty three times what she lugged.

As she started off into the crowd, Conor pitched toward Eion with a laugh. "Four syllable word, just for me." He watched making sure no one moved in too close for comfort to the petite miss. He couldn't control his chuckle at Segan's antics and shook his head. That would only get his brother a good kick to the shins if he was caught.

Karina was striking off proudly, making a distinct effort to not hunch her back but instead walk with an assured, totally-in-control air. Til that telltale chuckle came from behind her. A glance back over her shoulder to see Segan mimicking her. Panting slightly from the weight on her back, she paused, just eyeing the middle sibling. Then with another dull clinking clunk she tossed her bag to the ground. Suddenly nimble she took off, diving straight in for a tackle of the seafarer!

"I heard that. Impressive." He smiled at his brother then watched Segan. A few others were laughing as well. "C'mon, we might need rescue him."

The chuckle didn't come from him but his hands were cupped to help lift some of those bulges in an attempt to make her sack of booty lighter. Her near crashed into her, arms out in a wild turn to keep from taking her, sack and himself down with him. "No sudden moves!" Like it was her fault.

"Shit!" Conor had just deciphered Eion's words when the lass actually dove for Segan, leaving her bag unattended with all these ne'er to wells all about! He darted forward, rushing to pull the clawing ship cat from his sibling. Where to grab, though? He started in a couple of times, only to jerk back for fear of snatching at her and getting a hand full of female that would only get him in more trouble than good. Heck, Segan was a big lad, he could fare for himself. Conor grinned, stepping back then to watch.

If she didn't like physical contact.. too late.. his arms wrapped around her as his balance for the sudden stop had him taking her down with him instead. Rolling along the slope heading for the water's edge.

While Conor rescued Segan, he lifted the bag without a by your leave, and offered it to Conor. Did he want to guard it?

"Then no mocking me, ya blockhead!" She countered, beating upon Segan's back with her fists. She wasn't really looking to draw blood... it was more the scuffle of a younger sister seeking revenge against the ever-teasing big brother ... till he wrapped her in that killing bear hug, that is, and started to translocate them both. "Ack! Wait! No, ya eejit..." A useless glance over her shoulder towards her bag, luckily Eion had it in hand so it wasn't left  unattended. Then it was back to kicking and whacking at Segan. "Let go of me, ya..." And then she noticed how quickly they were rolling towards the water... time to start beating Segan about the head in one last attempt to free herself!



Date: 06-21-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 6

While they tumbled away, Conor accepted the rather weighty bag from Eion without even looking in that brother's direction. He continued to enjoy the show instead, wrapping the strap around his shoulder.

"Doesn't seem to be the usual for a lass, does it?" He glanced at Conor then at the bag.

He was trying not to hurt her as his weight would end up on top and shifting which kept them moving until the water's edge was met. The lapping of waves pulling, sand sinking away as he finally stopped the momentum and with a beating no less. "STOP OR I'LL KISS YOU HERE ON THE SPOT." He had enough bruises and felt that would be the best threat he could offer against her. Using his fists against the sinking sand in an effort to roll away and up. Shaking free the feel of the fists that had landed against bruises from the other night.

A glance around his shoulder to the bag had him shrugging that shoulder. "Can't say as I ever gave much thought to a lass' satchel." As if this was nothing more than a purse he protected for the spunky female. Slowly he looked up to Eion then pulled his attention toward the spot where that threat came from.

She could feel the substrate shifting beneath her, every time she rolled back onto it, from street to shifting sand. She could hear the lapping of the waves so nearby until abruptly, they stopped, with her pinned beneath the Quinn  lad - and with that entirely unexpected threat hanging in the air. Eyeing him where he hovered above her, Karina was actually struck speechless for half a second or maybe she was just breathless from the scuffle. She made a quick recovery though, shoving him away with one shoulder and so 'helping' him to get up and off her. Then she jumped to her feet herself, brushing the damp sand from her pants. "I'd have really gotten ya if you'd tried any of that," she stated authoritatively no matter how her heart was drumming and thumping like a possessed war drum.

"Lasses carry girlie things. That's more'n a satchel, Conor." He laughed then looked toward the shadowed area. Some of the sailors were making comments and urging Segan to kiss her good.

One particular Quinn brother was rather interested in the outcome of that urging from the onlookers. A sidelong look passed to Eion then back to where the two lay one atop the other, even as his brother fought to stand.

He was up with barely her help in shoving and dusting himself off of the debris. He didn't pay any attention to the shouts to kiss her like he threatened. "I consider myself your friend so I'd not be kissing one who is a'fear o' a mon kiss'in 'er." His accent lapsing into a natural brogue for the topic at hand. Hand lifting to run through sodden hair in slicking it back from his face. "Are you all right?" So the real concern came out nonetheless. The other sailors that had gathered got a warning look from him, most turned away as the fun was not to be had but a couple lingered with an indecisive look to get into a brawl with him and his brothers most likely.

"Worse off than afore I met ye, but otherwise fine," she returned, still sulking, especially at that comment from him. Not really sure why it irked her, but so it did. And so she turned her scowl onto the few still gathered round.

Conor noticed the crowd beginning to disperse, and that a few still hesitated. "Ain't none of that for you, you sea pickled vermin." He growled. If a fight was to be had, he'd have it now, thank you very much.

"What're you lot lookin at?" She turned to go reclaim her bag, not liking to have it out of hand for so long. But on second thought, she turned back around and used both hands to give Segan a good hard shove - the aim being to topple him backwards, into the gently lapping waters of the sea behind him.

If Conor was itching for a fight, he could go to it! Eion held his hand out for the bag since it seemed the lass was still occupied. After all, he had missed the one the other night.

That came unexpected but he had those reflexes. The shove came with an automatic grabbing, this time her upper arms just above the elbows as he started faltering back for the sudden shoving, taking her with him. Unless she had extremely good balance and could counter the momentum, they would end up in the water together, he releasing her as they went down.

Oh, aye, and Conor had already shrugged free of Karina's bag and was handing it back to Eion even as he started forward toward the couple of lingering spectators.

He chuckled when he heard the splash, but he needed to keep an eye on Conor. Just in case he needed to cover the younger's back.

Karina might just earn herself a kiss yet, and Conor...his brawl.

And Eion a peek into that bag since the girl was very protective of it.

She'd expected that! and tried to pull her hands back quickly enough to avoid it, but Segan was quicker. Her elbows were seized and she was dragged forward, no matter how she dragged her heels in the sand to avoid that outcome. A yelp of protest was the prelude to the splash, and iiiiinnn they went. It wasn't deep water either so she fell hard. But scrappy as she indeed was, Karina surfaced quickly and by now she was laughing again. Or more like, snickering  as she proceeded to splash the crap out of him.

Releasing, as that too would come from reflexes to break his fall and not end up on top of her again as he'd twist naturally otherwise.

It was the splash that tore his attention away from the men and back toward the water, only to win him a solid blow to the jaw for his lack of attention. He blinked past the stars for just a moment, frowning from the shock of the blow and the sight at the water, then turned full on to the next blow to his midsection which doubled him over. But that was the last good shot those two got in, for he plowed forward then, fists and Irish temper, all that was needed this night to take on the duo.

Soaked complete, but he loved the water unlike his youngest brother. He was splashing her back, using his hand to cup with the swing of an arm that made use of the water's natural lapping. "I think those sailors are eyeing that bag of booty you were lugging," just as another splash went her way, hands then swiping at his face for the ones sent his way, probably about even before he stopped as it seemed his brother had gotten into a fight. Eion's head in the sack and Segan now splashing his way from the water to head up and help his brother.

He was the picture of innocence by the time they looked his way!

Karina, too loved the water like a puppy loved to romp in the grass and she embraced the splashing fight wholeheartedly. That is till Segan made that comment about her bag. "...What?" As Segan moved away she glanced up, taking in what had transpired in only a few seconds. Conor brawling, specifically and Eion standing there with her bag. The eldest was just lucky she hadn't caught him looking inside it. Karina sloshed out of the water, shaking the wet hair from her eyes with a mutter, something along the lines of Men. Picking her way wide of the fight towards Eion.

He did take a step closer in case anyone else decided to help the other two. Conor shouldn't have a problem with them otherwise.

Sure, Conor used his face to stop a fist or two, but for the most part, his own elbows and fists and forearms and forehead managed to wear the two of them down until one was attempting to flee in a stagger and the other, had collapsed at Conor's knees...aye...he was on his knees at the present, breathing hard and glancing about to make sure none others had decided to join in. Any who watched started to move away, just another fight over and done with, while Conor struggled to his feet again. A pass of hand smoothed back his hair from his face.

He was on the run, feet squishing water in his boots until he pulled to a halt near Eion. "Ah, only two." Like the effort had been wasted. Turning a glance to see Karina was on her way up with no hindrance.

No hindrance except for the impediment of her waterlogged boots and the sliding sand beneath them. That is till the one fleeing from Conor knocked into her on his way out, throwing her back a step and causing her to glare at his back, "Swag-bellied mammet..." And then that look shifted over to Conor, "Really, is throwing punches your way of breathin or something?" The boy did seem to like to fight.

"Aye." He glanced at Segan then back. "He did good." And just had to add. "Used his head." He was over to offer a hand but looked like Conor didn't need it.

He dabbed at the corner of his mouth, grinning over to Eion with an uplift of chin by way of thanks for that unnecessary hand. The blood on the side of his finger was smeared off to his pants and then he allowed a look in Karina's direction. "No more so than your shrew-tempered tongue, Karina. So you answer your own question, aye?" It was true, give Conor a reason to fight, and he'd take it. But, he still needed a reason! Wasn't like they were hard to come by though, at least for this quick tempered man. He touched a fingertip to the split at his jaw and grimaced, or...was that smile? Hard to tell at this point.

"Aye, and you fulfill my prediction after all," she answered, referring back to her comment of him being about 'black business' down here. That glare of hers broke into a smirk, glancing back to the other brothers before asking more solicitously of Conor, "Alright here?"

He had a feeling that if he became a knight, fights might be a thing of the past. Moving closer, he held the bag out to Karina.

"Aw, he's just making up for not being in a bigger fight two nights ago here." Grinning Karina's way before giving Conor a thud to his shoulder.

Conor shrugged to Karina. Crap, that shoulder would be hurting come morning! And to add to it, there came that thud to the very shoulder! The youngest Quinn grunted softly, but nodded none-the-less. "I'm not one who doesn't make up for missed opportunities." He muttered low.

"Ah, I see, so. Had ta prove his.. salt, as it were?" She quipped with a return grin to Segan, then nodded in thanks to Eion, shouldering the heavy bag again herself.

Were they talking about him as if he wasn't here? He passed his gaze back and forth between Segan and Karina.

Yes, yes they were, till Karina shifted that oceanic gaze back to Conor with a broad smirk. "Nor should ya."

His eyes had already diverted to Segan when she started to speak, but with her words they snapped back to her. They narrowed for a moment, not sure if she was being sarcastic, as was her way, or if she was serious, especially with that smirk she was offering him. "Do you ever not have to have the last word?"

He half squinted an eye as he looked his brother over. "I hope in the least they went back worse looking." He'd been itching for a ruckus just like he'd been two nights ago and took advantage of the first opportunity. So it was half rescuing a lass not use to being down here and one that had a terrible aim too as he got hit with a crate she tried to hit one of the others with.

"I always have the last word," she replied, probably just as he'd expected her to. It was coupled with another grin, flashing her teeth before she shifted her rucksack onto both shoulders. A surveying glance took in the brothers -  one soaking wet, the other bleeding, the eldest... well, unscathed, at least for now. "Guess you've all earned yourselves a drink at least."

He was over to lean down, grabbing up the good size length of the cigarillo he'd been smoking, started to smoke, when Karina lunged into him. Lucky it had gone out and none the worse as he broke off the very tip to light again. "Someday, someone is going to kiss away that last word of yours and leave you speechless," which had him grin her way as the smoke curled from his lips then into rings that drifted away.

Conor did look a mess, and the injuries burned and stung and throbbed, but he was feeling just fine indeed. To Karina's response, he nodded, so she wouldn't need to chirp up again. Except, he rather liked what she had to say this time. Segan was set on getting the woman kissed, which only caused Conor the slightest shake of head. "Aye, well, I'm off to find that drink she mentioned with her previous last words." Because, he knew without a doubt, she'd have a retort for Segan which Conor knew he didn't want to have to listen to.

That drew her eyes back to Segan but quick, though her response had a second's delay. "You're obsessed with kissing nearly as much as he's obsessed with fighting," with a jerk of her chin in Conor's direction, "You all need ta take up woodcarving or something."

"Drink sounds good to me." He hadn't had one in a while. He just smirked when he heard her comment and clapped a hand to Conor's other shoulder. "Potcheen?"

"Threats of such," grinning, "and that's only tonight." As he'd been obsessed with fighting last time he was down here. "That drink sounds best," having him pause as he started walking backwards, "does this woodcarving come from experience that you're suggesting?"

Conor just waved away her 'last words'. "Aye, the Thistle is far enough from the sting of this salt air up my nostrils."

"Thistle it is." Looked like it would be a loooong walk back.

Conor needed a long walk back, in the night air, to clear his head. "When you're done flapping your lips, Segan...see the lass back, will ya?" Conor was already on his way, along with Eion, to begin that trek that would last them a goodly amount of time into the wee hours of morning. Ahhhh, but at the end of it...they would be back at the Thistle and with a bottle of pure for their efforts.

Flapping lips? Which had him turn on his brother giving him a shove. Seems he was angling it at him to do so.

That just hurried him along, thank you, granted, a stumbling step, but a shoved momentum only made it hurry his pace.

"Doesn't hurt ta keep the hands busy when your mind is too busy itself," she replied to Segan, lightly though the words themselves smacked of wisdom. Conor's words caught her ears, and she took a jogging step forward to catch up to Conor. "See the lass back, what do ya mean? I'm keen for a drink meself," she pointed out.

His hands were busy. See! He was helping Conor along, better that than making a retort about Roman hands and Russian fingers. Though he doubted he could get her to blush, she'd just pass it off with a sassy remark.

He slanted a look to Karina as she jostled up to him. "Which lass did think I meant? It wasn't the one that brought Eion his ... smokes." So it seemed they were all traveling together. Better for Karina, actually, considering that bag still caught a few eyes of strangers as they passed.

"Good, cause I dunno if I'd much want her company, though I doubt you'd say nay," she teased with a smirk. And so they settled into a comfortable walking pace, but as they neared the edge of the docks district Karina cast an eye towards a nondescript shop squashed between two others, with just a dim candle visibly lit behind the grimy curtain. "I'll catch you lot up at the Thistle," she told the brothers just before veering off in that direction.

Eion didn't say a word, just glanced at the girl as she left them to walk alone.

"Be careful," knowing well she'd not let them stop her. He might watch that she made it to the shop she was headed for.

Yes, and Conor lifted a brow as she moved from their company toward the shop. He growled it away then continued on. "I hear a bottle calling even from here....and I'm ever listening to that beck and call."

She just lifted a hand to wave as she bore herself and that rucksack off down that alleyway.

Once she was in the door of the place he continued on for there was a bottle with his name on it too. He had marked the building and would probably find out more about it on the morrow. Finally, alone, he turned a question he'd been holding off to his brother Eion. "So, what was in that bag? A dead sailor?" Grinning with the thought.

He cut a glance toward Segan and shrugged. "Clothes. Coins, some jewelry. Swag I think the term is for it." He smiled slightly. "Nothing illegal I saw unless she's robbing people outright."

"Then it would probably be petty theft for swag amounts to that." Shaking his head as he wondered just how much danger she put herself in for this swag.

He gave a non-committal reply, more like a grunt. Right now, potcheen was on his mind and the need for a drink strong.



Date: 06-23-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
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Feel Like Dancing?

Segan was giving orders to his men that lugged the large crates down from Bovee shipping in a horse driven wagon then unloaded them as he crossed off the various ones they were to take down the coast to the Ballicastle port. Day was hot, sun beating down but at least there was a cool breeze coming in off the ocean. Sea birds chattering as they flew around, larger ones amongst smaller landing on the rocks near the ocean's edge where waves lightly crashed against stone sending a spray. Segan wore a loose fitting poet's shirt, sleeves rolled up and left undone down the front, baggy pants that were cinched at the ankles, so they didn't catch on anything which in his line of work could be fatal, and tucked into shorter ankle boots.

The dancer was hardly looking to stay inside on a day as beautiful as this one, and with potentials around every corner, Sia took a day off. She locked up her shack of a family business, and skipped along in cow skin slippers and metal bangles. Her chipper prance created a constant jingle from the many bracelets and belts she adorned. It was her usual attire to dress so fanciful, though still deprived. The ocean blue skirt around her hips lunged out like wild waves, splitting around her thighs in long slits that revealed her talented legs. The tanned gold of her stomach remained uncovered, instead her breasts were tightly held in a top of the same fabric, with hardly a sleeve to speak of, it left most of her limbs free to flow. The relaxation in her youthful expression demonstrated precisely how casual she was today. Emerald orbs stuck out from the ivory of her face, glancing this way and that between the moving bodies of the rest of the area. Amongst the browns of the ground, and buildings, her large quaff of bright fiery hair stuck out like a flame in the woods, matted in every direction and framing her face. It was to the ocean's shore that she gravitated, reminding her of her homeland. Anyone close by could see her skillfully slinking her way through the working men to finally touch her toes to the white warm sand in the distance.

Though there were many sounds at the pier and from the marketplace up another tier, there was not usually such a jingle sound that he managed to pick up on. Yet hard to pick out in a varied crowd of men and women about the port and pier area this bonnie afternoon. A shiny day as those of Eire would say. Shiny was probably more accurate with the glaring spikes of light that hit various parts of metal on the ships as they gently dipped and lifted. Writing implement used to cross off four more crates as he ushered his men to continue on down with them to load on the Anaconda. Segan was going to make sure this first assignment went smoothly. He stood at the base of the dock leading out to his ship, watching them get loaded then back around land wise as another wagon pulled up and more of the crates were being unloaded and soon to be checked off the list before taken out to the ship. One that was no longer anchored out in the harbor but in a slip to make things far easier than using a barge.

The constant clanking and thudding, and shouting of the men at work had her ears almost hurting. It should be something she was used to, having an Inn just down shore, but in truth she always tuned it out. Humming to herself tunes remembered from her homeland. What was the preferred trade of the day, she wondered to herself, eyeing the heavy crates as they were unloaded and reloaded over and over again. She kept her distance, eyes wide in the opposite direction of the sun. In the distance she might've sparkled. Those many jewels dangling from her hips and wrists and ankles catching the mid-day's sun like the wide open sea. But her goal remained. To walk upon the beach and maybe even indulge in the murky water. She was climbing her way off the corner of the farthest dock, looking much like a lost jungle cat as she leapt down and padded her way to the water's edge. Life was grand. Things were plain. And once she got her fill, she'd make the trek back home and go back to her nothingness.

Now that Karina was a little more assured that she'd not be recognized, the docks district had become one of her favorite haunts. That was usually the case in each town she inhabited and Heathfield, with its colorful sailorfolk and exciting shipworks. The bite of salt was in the air, and the call of the gulls, the gently flapping sails of moored vessels beckoning to adventures just around the next cove. Karina loved it, that sense of tantalizing possibilities. Her hands were casually jammed into her pockets, an easy grin upon her face as she wandered beneath the shade of her brimmed cap. She paused at a group of bawdy men who seemed to have gathered for lack of anything better to do - more specifically, to drink and laugh and sing. Well it's no, nay, never... They were singing, a shanty so familiar to Karina that she joined in, No nay never no more! Will I play the wild rover, no nay never....Karina was jostled then by the bustling crowd but wasn't too bothered by it, instead just allowed herself to be carried in their flow down towards the shore.

It was ocean water here, on the constant move so didn't have time to ever get murky. Churning, foamy, down right dangerous at times during high winds and storms, but never murky. Eyes on his men that were unloading from the wagon, were distracted by gleams not of the norm. A gleaming person standing there as he stared a moment to make certain it was a person. That didn't last as he heard singing and from the gleam focused turned on the small group. Had him smiling which slowly faded as he squinted, was that??

She was almost disappointed when she became distracted by the louder tune sung by many more-or-less tone-deaf men. She was curious. It was a familiar thing to hear, and not necessarily intending on joining, Sia regressed from her designated destination and back-tracked up the poles of the dock, climbing to her feet and straightening out the flaps of her flowing skirt. She jumped up on her toes, stretching her eyes across the crowd to investigate the goings on like a playful child. But she managed to notice she wasn't the only one looking. Which made her even more intent to discover just what all the fun was about. She kept herself on the outskirts of the growing crowd, just sparkling in the sunlight.

The rowdy singers had shifted by now to a different tune... Well when first I set to sea, twas then I saw the mermaid.... And where Karina had been about to turn away, now she fought her way back to the group and filled her lungs to join in the singing loudly, for it was a song she loved. "Come live with me in the sea said she, down on the ocean floor..." The men glanced to her but just exchanged grins, for small and scrappy as she was, Karina was the sort that could fit in just about anywhere - even with this rough crowd - and they all sang together as one of them whipped out a fipple flute to accompany. "..But then one day she swam away, so I sang to the clams and the whales..."

Segan handed off the board with the list on it to his second in command that returned from the Hollows Wood Inn down the way. A few words exchanged as he was quick on the move, circling around the crowd to come up behind one particular half pint as he bellowed out, in tune amazingly, "so I sang to the clams and the whales." Echoing her last and almost, almost, harmonizing.

Karina decided to join in the growing musicale, fishing around in her pockets for some sort of percussion instrument - aha! And out came a couple of spoons, which she held loosely together and beat in time against her palm. Caught up in the music and the rhythm she was beating, Karina turned her head quickly towards the voice that bellowed (almost) harmoniously in her ear, blinking aqua hues at him before those eyes crinkled in a grin of recognition.

It was almost amazing what you could find on a seemingly boring day. Seeing the makeshift band begin, Sia felt her senses tingling. That usual compulsion to jump in and twirl away overcame her, and she looped past the already rocking bodies of the crowd to stick herself near the singers themselves. It hardly mattered to her what tune was being sung, or even if it was in the right key. It was instead the enrichment of those gathered that she adored, seeing the once mundane faces brighten and come together in a knowing pleasure so simple and pure. She felt her hips circling already, the balls of her feet lifting one after the other with ever pop of each hip. Her hands were soon to follow, snaking in the air at her sides til' her fingers were racking through the fire of her wild hair. The sly emerald of her eyes was bright, glancing around at those who had noticed her ostentatious attire. Most simply assumed she was there for hire, and encouraged her impromptu performance. She kept her pace as the band grew louder with each new instrument, her fingers twisting like enchanted strings, almost hypnotizing.

Her grin was met with a growing one of his as a wink was tossed in. A fiddler had joined the crowd as well one with spoons to add in rhythm beating them against his knee as his foot was propped up on a crate. Ragamuffin children came running to add to the dancing or clapping, taking a reprieve from trying to earn a coin by helping some lady at the port with her bags or lugging sacks for an older man and so forth. Starting up another, "I'll sing you a song, a good song of the sea with a way, hey, blow the man down and trust that you'll join in the chorus with me. Give me some time to blow the man down." This was an easier one for the younger scrappers to join in with.

As Graham moved down the street, he shoves his hands into his pockets as his shoulder leaned into one of the walls of a shop. He picked a good day to hang out at the port it seemed. As the music poured out amongst the people, he couldn't help but grin to himself and tap his toe to the beat. He had no rhythm really, nor did he have a singing voice but he enjoyed himself anyway. Besides, his eyes were too busy looking at all the pretty faces in the crowd.

Lifting her voice she joined Segan to sing the next tune, an old favorite with this crowd and they seamlessly continued the musical frenzy they'd whipped up for themselves. Shifting herself a bit so Segan could squeeze into the massed circle, "There was an ole skipper I don't know his name, with a way, hey blow the man down!" Karina was all but beaming as the crowd grew, and the primal rhythm seemed to beat in all their pulses. She loved impromptu gatherings like these, especially when she was a part of them! Watching with some admiration as the silver-gleaming girl did her exotic dancing, and letting out a laugh at the antics of some of the kids. By now a ruddy color stained her cheeks and seemed to make her clear eyes shine brighter.

Sia was quick to entice the attention of men and women alike. But the ones she most enjoyed were the children, taking hold of a young girls hand and twirling her in small circles before releasing her again and shaking hips with her. Sia kept her hands clapping to the beat of the tune, a rhythm of chimes made from all the bangles attached to her clothes and limbs. The squares of her skirt flared out around her swimming legs, her dance growing quicker and slower, her smile bright towards all that surrounded her in this joyous celebration.

The crowd continued in low to high voices, some in tune and some not, some with laughter edging the words, "His ship lay be-calmed in the tropical sea with a way, hey, blow the man down. He whistled all day but in vain for a breeze give me some time to blow the man down." He noticed one that looked familiar as he waved to the obvious Frasier man. Not being too certain if he had met the one in particular for there had been quite a few to meet, of which he met a few already. He nudged Karina lightly as he indicated the lass dancing in a sparkling way for the jewelry worn. "Can you.." was that sounding like a challenge?

His chin dipped in a slight nod as his hand rose slightly to gesture to the man who he had met at the shop one day. Usually, most of the meat processed in Heathfield was Graham's doing. He sort've had a lot of work to do, but he
shoved it off on his apprentices today because he needed some fresh air. He stood up straight from his lean, and tried to inch his way close to those singing and dancing.

Karina had made room which he kept some of it open for the Fraiser man. As he drew closer he recognized him. "Ham is it not?" The nickname had stuck. "This is Karina," introducing the half pint teen in scrappy clothing having her fit in down here. He had still to investigate the shop he saw her going to a few nights ago. "I don't know the dancer's name." One twirling close to where they stood. Music was kept up even if the singing had lulled out at this point.

Karina joined in to sing that final line, pausing the spoons she held til a new tune picked up, this beat markedly more swinging - not quite an air, still a lively tune. "Well I took a stroll on the old long walk, of a day i-ay-i-ay 
 ...." Karina lifted a brow at his nudge, glancing to the dancing girl with a slow smirk forming on her lips, but that was when Segan mentioned her name by name of introduction. Turning her attention to the Frasier she bobbed her head in greeting, causing the copper curls spilling from beneath her rough cap to bob as well. "Fine day tae ye," she offered with a good-natured grin that sparkled upon her face. Aye, with all this music she was in a fine mood indeed!

Well then, the singing started up again!

She was moving up from the children and plucking clapping patrons out of the crowd to dance with. They were are all generally rocking to the tune, but when you were picked as her partner, you were gonna dance! She had her hands outstretched, holding the hand of a less youthful man, and gently turned him and his giant grin. She released him back into the crowd, plucking a heavily garbed woman out to spin as well before letting her dance with the man beside her. She was encouraging them all at the same time to move those hips! Her own kept swaying as if unable to stop, the pads of her slippers tapping faintly amongst the jingles of her bells. Her wrists twisted around the flames of her head once again, eyes glancing this way and that. She struggled to see anything but the smiles and hear the tunes. To convince her out of her trance now would be quite the challenge.

"Aye," He replies as he rubs his chin while shoving his hands back into his pocket. "Ham is my name, and the ham is my game," He snorted out again as he laughs at his own joke. As he laughs about his own funny, he winks at the half-pint before speaking, "You too, little one." Ham then decided to look over his shoulder at the woman swirling in silver. He was impressed by her getting people to dance. It wasn't an easy feat!

The portmaster was around this day seeing to his duties. Sometimes they were calm like this day provided as he headed up along the pier where the singing was drawing the attention of many, sailors and landlubbers alike. Port didn't only consist of sailors, oh no, but plenty of those making a living not even of the sea, just providing those that sailed the ocean blue. Billow sleeved shirt with the front left partially open. The back marked in the signs of sweat for the heat of the day and his job. Hair tied back out of his way into a tail at the nape of his neck. Dark eyes picked out his cousin then the other captain he met briefly last week after he was hired on by Andre. Those of a rougher nature took notice who was about and would be on their best behavior, knowing the port master's reputation.

Her knees bent, taking her down into a crouch as her hips continued to move back and forth and her hands snaked up to the sky then back down to her sides. She leapt up on a strong beat, and quickly swirled around with a wide grin, the skin of her face had turned bright red with exasperation, but it was worth it. The sunlight caught every swinging pop of the many bangles that hung upon her, her eyes nearly lightening an entire shade. Her hair swung wildly to each side, a pillow of strawberry touching her smile and flying back with every side-step.

Karina's keen eyes caught all those glints of gold and silver upon the dancer, oh yes... and her mouth watered, thinking how easy it would've been to make one or two of those shinies disappear into her own pocket. But she held back, for some reason, instead just enjoying the singing and homegrown music, "And I ask you friend what's a fella ta do, cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue...." She let out a laugh at some of the less graceful of those that had begun to dance, at the gypsy woman's urging.

He hailed Adrian with a salute from one captain to another respectfully. Being the man was still a distance away that was all that was done and focus back on the crowd singing and those dancing.

He came to a halt a distance away as he took up a lean against one of the pier posts. Not interrupting or have certain ones too uptight they felt the need to leave. He would watch, keen dark eyes that never gave way to his thoughts or exactly what had his attention more than the whole. A cigarillo taken from a pocket of his shirt, was lit before the match was tossed with a flick of his wrist.

She let out her own melodic laughter at those that began dancing around her. It was certainly one hell of a get together. But the gypsy was hardly adorned in luxury. In fact, those shinies were merely things she's constructed in the back room of her father's blacksmith shop. Why else would she allow herself to be so vulnerable amongst people who were quite desperate for coin in their pocket. So steal away, they were quite replaceable. This was hardly on her mind though, as her stomach swam like waves, rolling into the hips that swirled now larger circles. Her chest heaved up and around, while her arms outstretched and lifted and lowered rhythmically.

Segan could dance and best do some practice being they were to escort their sisters to a ball in another land this very night. He moved out into that area that became the designated one and into a jig, more following the fiddler's tune. Fancy footwork that had paid off in warrior techniques on the field when he trained with Eion when teens.


From behind the fire of her hair, emerald hues met with the newly arrived dancer, seeing the man use a more masculine pattern but still, to see a gentleman of his age in such vigor was intriguing and Sia danced closer, meeting his gaze with hers briefly before smiling to the crowd again.

Karina grinned broadly, clapping her hands now in lieu of the spoons and just watching Segan and the others. Well well well...looks like the man could dance. Somehow she wasn't surprised. But as for herself, her feet might've itched to try but she'd never had much opportunity to do so! So instead of making a fool of herself she just tapped her toes and sang loudly with the rest.

He was only in his twenties still so not over the hill but he'd seen ones in their forties keep up with him in dancing up a storm. Especially the Gypsy pack behind the one McDonough ranch where his brother was now employed. Sure he went to check out the place! As he came around he grabbed Karina's hand long enough to draw her into the fray, that is if she wanted to dance or more prompting her to. A smile sparked upon the lass already dancing as he continued on gathering some of the children to try and imitate this steps in the quick pace jig.

He squinted an eye at the noon day sun gauging approximately the hour. Shifting up from his lean as what was left of the cigarillo was flicked away into the lapping waves not far from where he stood. He was over to clap a hand to Graham's shoulder, "I'll be up later to your shop for some meat," which would include socializing. A dip of his head to the others as his hand fell away and he on his way heading up to the upper area of the port town where the main marketplace was.

"No - wait - I can't - aieeee!" Karina's protests were lost in her own squeal of laughter as she was pulled into the fray (though she didn't pull back too hard). And so up she came to join Segan and now his pack of little mimicers, and Karina was amongst them, watching closely to learn the steps Segan led. And she wasn't a bad study, either - in fact she was a quick learner, and was soon jigging along with them, albeit with constant laughter and observant eyes to avoid trampling his feet or one of the chitlins. A little boy, no more than six perhaps was bouncing around the outskirts and Karina grabbed his hand, smiling widely as she danced with the little one.

Without breakfast in her stomach the dancing was unfortunately short lived. She felt her muscles ache for sustenance and had to tap out early. To the crowd and other dancers she bowed graciously and grinned all around before clapping her hands to the tune and slinking through the joyous crowd. It wasn't a clean break. Some less clear-minded men had the right idea to follow her out, quickly fumbling over sentences of obvious intent. To those observing her, the displeasure in her expression gave hint to what she explained to those around her. They departed, chuckling still regardless of the loss, and Sia managed to escape towards the less entrapped buildings. She held a hand to the bare skin of her stomach, glancing around for somewhere to purchase food. Oh wait, you need money for that. She sighed, her pools of emerald rolling back with frustration. Despite all the fun she'd had, there was no coin to remember it by. Penniless, the dancer contemplated leaving the beach without fulfilling her previous expectation, in order to quiet her belly.

Heel to toe, toe to heel and around we go. One pass in front of the other then the opposite while keeping to the beat of the fiddler. Fast, slow or somewhere between, moving to one side then the other. Giving the sparkling dancer a wave as she seemed to be parting. Noticing then Adrian had gone on and Ham far too quiet. He was in need of catching his breath and far better to end now or be worn out before they ever reached the dance this evening. His sisters wondering why he wasn't dancing. Stepping back into the outer ring to watch though he took note to notice his men were done with loading all the crates. Which of course he would not know but if the dancing lass happened to head up into the commons and the Thistle tavern, she'd find there was no cost for food nor drink. Alex tended the place, older gentleman. He needed to go get the signed off list up to Andre before they set sail next morning. Leaving the others to their dancing, he headed up to the uppermost area of the port where the finer places were located. Bovee Shipping being one of those.



Date: 06-24-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 8

The SnakePit, Heathfield Port

Segan had left the dance early for a few reasons, ones that mingled together and after a long day of them, if he hadn't, he would have exploded. So he found himself a place as voile as his mood. The look on his face had even the cruelest of the group that frequented this dive down at the port, to move away, giving him room. Giving him their favored place at the bar. He sat there drinking, recounting the fact all the craziness left after washing off his skin when he got outside from the dance. Whatever that stuff was that had coated his body had him acting differently. A lot of it a blur from that point on until the washing of it off. So he sat comfortably drinking the night away. Eion possibly knew of this place he might head to for some card games mentioned. Perhaps it was the fact that Segan had come here dressed as a Satyr still that helped to have even the worst of the bunch give him that room.

Having deposited Karina at the Thistle and tucked Concessa away, he and Eion went in search of Segan.

The fact that Gran would likely pounce on Concessa to hear everything was a plus when they took her back. He washed off the dust, and refused to go anywhere without grabbing another shirt and changing those itchy britches. No more wreath either. It didn't take him long and he and Conor were heading for the SnakePit. He hadn't asked Conor any questions yet.

All of Conor's things had been moved from the manor, so he borrowed a pair of Eion's pants, a shirt, and some boots to head out after Segan. Even if Eion had asked questions, Conor may not have known the answers, so it was just as well. They entered this place, squinting into the dark, smokey interior, in search of that mythical creature that may or may not have changed back into a man. would seem. Conor had to grin thinking of the attention his brother must have gained entering this particular establishment dressed as that Satyr.

He was sure it was all connected somehow. He glanced at those staying away from Segan and bit back a comment, until he came up beside Segan. "Nice outfit." And that was all he had to say on that as he motioned the tender over. The glasses were dirty, the whiskey was probably rotgut but Eion had likely drank worse. He waited until the tender moved away before speaking again. "So who wants to tell me what's going on?"

Conor pulled out a chair and sat, not saying a word. That was, until the tender wandered over at Eion's gesture. "Whiskey for me, aye?" What was going on? "Segan is dressed as a goat, in a tavern called The SnakePit, we're about to have some whiskey...what else are you missing, Eion?"

Thankfully, they had cleared a path for him. Though on the norm one would think they'd make jokes, poke fun, make kissing noises but it was the look in Segan's eyes that stopped them all. In spite of the very fact of his pretty face which he loathed at times, he looked the part. They were most of all a very superstitious lot and Segan looked like he could be a real one. Some still make crossing motions before departing. Weren't as many here by the time his brother's arrived. Eion's comment brought him back to the present, a bit glassy eyed too at this point but he could still hold his own so he felt. "I think those here like it too." Sarcastically, which had him smile, lifting him from the more sour mood.

"So I see." He nodded at the tender when he brought the drinks and motioned for him to leave the bottle. One glass offered to Conor. "So, is there something going on that I've missed?" And if Conor gave him another answer like before, he was going to ping him on the head with one of the stale peanuts from the counter.

Conor glanced around, noting any giving his brother a particular favorable eyeing. "That's not comforting, Segan." He muttered, looking again to Eion as he accepted his glass. Too late. "Tell me what you don't know, Brother, and we'll catch you up." He brought the glass up, swallowed, and nearly choked as the less than desirable liquid hit the back of his throat.

He knew they would be looking for a reason in his abrupt departure. Which made it harder when you weren't sure yourself. A combination of things he hadn't sorted out. "Ever get to feel like you couldn't breathe in a certain place after a while, not having to do with anyone there in particular or the place itself? Needing more than just air by stepping outside which usually only draws someone out there to find out why anyway?"

And with that choke, he sent a peanut flying Conor's way then he looked at Segan.

Conor narrowed his gaze on Segan. Was that a trick question? Since Eion had asked earlier, Conor remained quiet, waiting to see why his brother had chosen to state exactly what had happened to him earlier. That peanut hit him dead center between his brows, and he didn't even see it coming since he was looking at Segan!

"Aye, I have. Did this happen at the dance, or elsewhere?" He tapped his glass lightly, eyes narrowing slightly in thought and he barely kept from grinning.  Bullseye!

"I think it was all the dust on me that finally did me in. I remember it as a blur mostly. Playing the flute, legs moving until every muscle in my body hurt and still I kept dancing, bringing everyone I could around me into the frenzy, like feeding this dancing monster." So whatever got to that point of bothering him over the whole of the day hit that climax in such a dance.

"And you have no idea what brought you to that point in the first place?" He glanced at Conor then looked back.

Conor finished his glass and leaned forward to take up the bottle and add more, not saying anything while Segan explained what had happened at the dance. With Eion's glance, Conor's brows shot up in defense. What? He didn't do anything..did he? He set the bottle down and looked again to Segan. He was well into his fountain fifth and really wasn't sure that he hadn't.

He wasn't used to Conor being this quiet!

"Women. They drove me crazy today. Worse than they ever had. And.." he almost said more but took a long drink of the rotgut whiskey he'd gotten use to at this point. Couldn't taste it anyway.

"And ... " He felt like he was trying to make a stubborn mule move forward when it didn't want to pull the cart. He'd refrain from commenting on women for now.

"..... I forget." Except he was teasing Eion as that would rankle for the mule he was being. "On the contradiction of fighting with the idea I want one. I'm thinking the passes I got should cure that and if it is something far more dire, I'll drown myself in the sea."

"What passes?" He was lost on that one.  He leaned back, considering something. Looks, exchanging of words. "Does this have something to do with that lass?"

Conor was remaining silent, just drinking and looking between his brothers.

"The passes I told you about I got from Andre." Certainly Eion heard him at the dance? Eyes narrowing then in just the way the next came out. "Which one? There were three today. There was one the other day." That was since being here, there were the others before they even got here.

"The one who seems to get great pleasure out of getting a rise out of the two of you. The one that had the swag in her satchel." He motioned vaguely in the direction of the dock. "The one who likes to dress like a lad." Did that ring a bell yet?

"She is no help. Aye. I liked her fine until all this business," which in speaking on her in particular he realized how it was sort of pitting them against each other, nothing outstanding but certainly undercurrents. He took another drink with that
revelation. He would be lucky if he didn't get sick this night but maybe the Fae drink was still coursing in his veins.

"And what happened to change your mind?" He pointed at Segan and then at Conor. "Both o' yae pay her too much mind. She's still a lass and though I know she might be married and have bairns at her age elsewhere, the fact remains she's causing conflict. Even if neither of you see it."


Conor had remained silent for a reason.  Anger had a way of either expressing itself verbally or physically, at least for Conor.   He stayed quiet as his brothers spoke because he didn't want to lash out in either of those ways just now.  Conor raised his glass but decided it was probably better not to add more of those flames to this particular fire.  He had enough whiskey in his system for that already.  The glass was set aside.  "Hold on, maybe it's the liquor, but I'm not sure what we're supposed to be seeing.  Segan likes the girl just fine." He nodded to his brother.  "What has that got to do with me?  She sure as Hell's Demons doesn't want a  thing to do with me."  He shot Segan another look.  "No matter what you might accuse her of.  So, what?  Why are we dragging Karina into this?"  Defensive?  Ho-yes-indeed!  On his behalf.  On Segan's behalf.  On Karina's behalf.

"There we have a difference of opinion. I feel she is using me to make you jealous for certainly it seems that way. You are in her face every turn to get her riled up. Why else than you liking her more than just a older brother? I feel of late like I'm in some kind of competition over her, you think she likes me and it bothers you. What if she did? It wouldn't matter to you unless you were looking at her in that way. No matter she is not even developed yet, that thing someone sent her to be worn revealed the possibilities in a couple years. All three of us would have been up in arms if Concessa wore something that revealing to a public place, no matter the theme and she is a couple years older. I'm not going into competition with any of my brothers, ever. If I happen to notice the same one as one of you, you can have them. I will step out of the picture. No woman is worth that between brothers." He was still riled but at least some of the mess was becoming clearer in how he felt about things and what was really bothering him. "Her following me when I tried to lose myself in the crowd was for that very reason. I didn't want to be the pawn, her anchor as she watched you while holding on to me in a sense. It is not her wanting me at all Conor, it is to make you jealous, to have you react if there is any spark for her within you. Now maybe if there was none at all, which isn't the case, she might consider me next. No way, it's not going to happen and if I had noticed her initially in an even wandering thought, I don't play second best. Ever. I find myself wanting to meet some real women, not little girls that don't act their age but as an older woman that knows what she is doing in this." That was the way it felt and his brother Eion could look at it more clearly than either of them who were involved.. sunk into it. He kicked back another drink. The tickets he had would not be used tonight for his state of inebriation.

Well, whatever Eion was about to add didn't need to be said. He listened to Segan then looked at Conor. "The chit isn't even as old as Concessa and she's like this. How will she be when she really does become a woman?"  He shook his head.  "I see nothing in her that is attractive but then I'm sour on most women."   He stood and tossed some coins onto the counter, "but what I see of her makes me think life would not be a pleasant thing with her."

Chit?  Did Eion just call Karina a Chit?  Eion stood so Conor stood, so that he wouldn't be at a height disadvantage.   "You go on and on Segan, saying one thing, then denying that same thing.  Proclaiming you won't be second best? Either you like her or you don't, Brother.  I never said I wasn't attracted to her.  I can't say that.  I've just said she's attracted to you."  He allowed a look about the room, but he really didn't care who heard.  Even if none of the other patrons really did.  "And that dress she wore? I had it sent to her to enjoy the evening because I felt bad you had embarrassed her the way you did with what you said in front of the Thistle.  Developed or not, it was fitted for her size.  It didn't reveal anything.  Concessa is my sister...she is not.  I would never attempt to compete with you, Segan.  Especially with a lass.  I learned my lesson a long time ago in that.  But I will stand my ground on this..."  He nearly fumed, his heart pounding in his chest, his temples throbbing. "Karina didn't do any of this...we did." He pointed to Eion.  "She isn't a chit."  Then he nodded to Segan.  "And she respects you, Segan. Ignoring her will hurt her and while I won't let her come between us, I can't allow you to hurt her because you believe you have been ... what ... used?  Good Lord, Segan, I think I know you better than that you'd treat a lass with disrespect because she is young and a maybe bit foolish in her attentions."  He was braced, for whatever might come his way.  "We handle this between us.  And respect Karina enough not to be made to look a ..." Again he glanced to Eion.  "Chit ... because we are asses."  He moved around the table, coming to stand in front of Segan.  "I doubt this will be the last time the same lass catches our eyes.  We have good tastes."  A grin twitched but Conor was still on guard.  "But I love you, Segan.  I respect you and I will never consciously do anything to jeopardize that."  He waited...

"You're blind. It's not me and I lost any possible interest beyond friend when it became clear it is you she wants, why the butting heads between you two. My part in it is done. I wont be used to make you jealous game that is developing. You want her, you go tell her, she is waiting for that. That is what she would have said outside the Thistle and why she ran when I made it clear she has a crush on you. Had she not.. she would have kicked me and told me so, instead she was mortified that I put the truth out there in the open for you to hear when she felt you didn't like her. There is a lot on, you don't like me from both of your sides. Now, I hate to throw out any friendship that could have been but it will happen if I am made some unwitting pawn in this." That part bothered him a lot. "So you sent her gown to wear?" That said a lot right there too. "I am out of this triangle from any angle that this situation has thrown me into. I made amends for being rude when I tried to avoid association and she tracked me down through the crowd anyway. It is why I brought her into the dance so she wasn't left out." Pausing with a slow smile. "Aye, I can hope we have good taste in women. There are others like the Indian lass and more to meet for me. I love you too brother, both of you, no matter how often we butt heads but let it not be too often over a woman or in a way to jeopardize that love we share. Besides, Grams would have all ours on a platter if she found out!" Being Conor had his interest in Karina, the others were fair game now. He was growing to like this new prospect. Seeing both of them had stood, a bit belatedly, he followed suit and promptly fell, collapsing unconscious. He had been fine while on the stool, stationary. One Satyr down for the night. Let alone his brothers having to drag him out of the SnakePit looking like that.

He just shook his head and moved toward Segan.  Though he felt nothing was solved and he was sure the chit would continue to be trouble, his brothers were grown up now.  "Help me with this great lump, Conor." Segan would have a hangover for sure come morning

Conor just stared down at the downed Quinn until Eion spoke.  He glanced up and over to his oldest brother, then nodded, stepping up to take the top half of him.  He squatted, slipping his arms under Segan's arms to heft him up.  What he said next to Segan, Eion wouldn't hear from his position at the Satyr's bared feet.  "Stay the hell away from Kuwan."  All Eion would see was his smile...Segan was out for the count.  Made Conor wish he would have chanced a swing.  It would have seemed that Conor knocked the man out with one punch! Sweet!



Date: 07-07-09
Poster: Adrian Frasier
Post # 9

Back to the Norm

With their father settled in and the spring come and gone, Faelan set sail to start some new runs. There was the Zoo he needed to contact and see what they needed, if such a safari would be subsidized and a good pocket of money to make if it was a more dangerous affair. James had come in with him being their father was fully capable seeing to Montrose for short terms. Unfortunately his brother headed straight for Whispering Pines while Faelan hung around the port to see who was about. A bottle of potcheen in hand as he set to walking the Pier. It was an excellent night.

Morgan had a contract to honor. He had left Montrose a week earlier and taken care of the delivery then ended his association with that certain company. Things had changed to the point that it seemed ill advised to deal with the
English for a time, even if he trusted the man in charge. The Naiad had docked earlier in the day and so he was able to see his brother's ship as she docked. He finished his log then headed out to see if he could find Faelan. It didn't take long as he walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, Capt'n, I bae knowin' whare ya cin fin' a goo' time wi' lots o' pretty ladies and plenty o' rotgut. Course, ya migh' git a disead an' maybe som' poisonin', bu' wha' th' hell, aye?" Grinning as he put on the accent. He knew Faelan would know him as soon as he neared.

Adrian was in a lean against one of the pier posts, a cigarillo clutched between the white of teeth. Arms folded over his chest with sleeves rolled up for the work he'd been doing earlier. Hair tied back in a neat tail which was usual when working. Harder for someone to grab especially an unruly soused doxy he usually threw over a shoulder and deposited where the one called home. He watched two he knew catch up with the other as the cig was plucked from betwixt his teeth to allow the smoke to be carried away. Nothing said though he was distracted a moment to some voices rising at the Snake Pit.

Faelan had trigger reflexes as he was around, dipping in the turn as a hand came back into a fist but was pulled or would have been a very hard gut punch. He knew the voice but that was for his brother trying to sneak up on him. Straightening in the next second, "now t'at sounds a very promis'in nig't long over due." He had pretty much behaved in Montrose, well, place was too wild to take that kind of chance when it could be gotten elsewhere and the women far cleaner here. A hand came up to briefly grip Morgan's shoulder. "James came in with me but headed for Whispering Pines. Have you heard from Regan?"

He laughed as he still stepped back, reflexes of course, then he grinned. "Aye, it does and no I haven't." He motioned in the general direction of the ported ships. "Her lady is here though, so she's somewhere about. Now sure how long she's been in port, but I know she had a short run to tend too." He shrugged slightly since it was likely Faelan knew of the run too. "James worried about the condition of the grounds?"

A certain imp wasn't far from her two brothers though she'd not be able to explain how she knew they were about. If anything, she'd claim it was just luck. She dismissed her first mate and gunner's mate and told them to go enjoy their evening rather than follow her about and slipped up to her brothers. Not saying a word, she just stood close, and waited, counting to herself.

The brothers might not be able to see the blond coming up silently behind them, but he had. The cigarillo was flicked out into the lapping waters as he shoved up from his lean. Dark eyes discriminating as he took a bold look over her. It dawned on him who she was after a moment though they had not formally met. He'd see her from a distance off and on in passing while seeing to his duties. Until now the paths had not crossed. A twitch at the edge of his lips the only hint of his thoughts. They weren't far from him but he'd wait until he was noticed though focus was beyond the lads to the rose amongst the thorns.

"So she is as he glanced out and in doing so noticed Adrian. "Evening Adrian,"called out as the man shifted from his lean and facing them but seemed to be looking beyond. Naturally that had him looking over his shoulder in the same direction. A grin sprouted to life as in the next moment he had his sister up into his arms in a swing around. Got a few looks of passerbys, not that he cared.

He turned as well, and lifted a hand in greeting, then laughed when it seemed she had found them. After she had her feet back on the ground, he held open his arms for his own hug.

The man looking her way got a grin before she was suddenly being swung around. A squeal escaped then laughter and she hugged Faelan tightly. "There you are. I've been here a week!" Teasing of course. She was glad they had caught up with one another but she hadn't taken any more cargo for that reason. "Is James with you?" Deirdre was in Heathfield already and back to work.

"Aye, but off to Whispering Pines to make sure all is well there. He got word Feather left but had come back with Wolf." Having released Regan to Morgan before stepping back to introduce Adrian. "Regan, this is the Westside Portmaster, Adrian Frasier. He works with our brother Adam." He was certain she had heard about him and possibly knew him to see.

Adrian was wearing his usual, ecru hued poets shirt tucked into durable brown pants and boots. The front was left open enough that one could tell he had hair on his chest. "It is a pleasure to meet you finally, Regan. You've a fine ship a sailing as your brothers."

"You're looking good, Regan." He planted a kiss on the top of her head then stepped back so she could meet Adrian. He glanced at Faelan and gave him a grin. They could visit the Garden later.

She nodded then turned for that hug from Morg and then she was being introduced. Turning a bright smile on Adrian, she offered her hand. Something she might not have done before. "Pleasure to meet you, Adrian. Adam's mentioned you often." She had been to visit that particular brother not so long ago, "and thank you. I'm quite pleased with the Dream."

He stepped away too with a look given Morgan. Regan would have their hides if she saw those looks. At least this man was to their standards, at the top of them. Not a word, almost held his breath.

Adrian saw those looks but chose to ignore them. There was a lady at hand even if she sailed the seven seas. Since she offered her hand he stepped close to take it up being he had no plans to shake it. Roughen fingers curled beneath the palm in lifting it up to meet the touch of his lips in a chaste kiss. Barely to fingertips with a tickle of scruff before lowered in releasing. Lingering this close as he could really see her eyes, then back a step to return her personal space. Dark eyes steadfast to what any and all reactions to his respectful greeting. Treating her as a lady in spite of where they were.

She was fully recovered from her ordeal in spite of a rare nightmare. Eyes the color of cornflowers watched Adrian, her eyes meeting his, and a smile curled her lips. "Had I known you were so charming, Adrian, I would have asked to be introduced to you sooner." She knew her brothers were watching and Adrian might catch a glimpse of that devilishness that sometimes got Regan into trouble. She might be wearing her usual clothing of pants, boots, poet's shirt and vest, but Regan could be a lady.

He was nudging Morgan discreetly and had to look away before he gave himself away. Aside Regan kicking him in the shins, Adrian could take him to task and he did .. not.. want to ever fight Adrian after seeing him in action a number of times in a few hole in the wall taverns with the meanest varmints it could collect.

"Had I known you were far prettier closer up, I would have barged my way through your crew and anyone else in the way to meet you." And the charm of his smile showed. One look, only one look, passed upon the brothers briefly. He was keeping within propriety even if the lass was their sister. If she had not been, he would bet the two of them would by vying for her attention.

Morgan bit back a chuckled but luckily there was an indignant screech nearby and a woman was taking a lad to task for not coming home for supper. Of course there were accompanying hoots and hollers, sailors encouraging the lad's mother to keep him in line. His grin was only because he was amused at the display, right?

In spite of the tan from days in the sun, Regan blushed. Compliments were rare, always a surprise, and this time, very much appreciated. "Again, thank you." She motioned toward her brothers. "So, have you and Adam ever had to deal
with these two scalawags, or do they behave when they're in port?" She was teasing them, having been with them for some of their portside adventures, even if they did make her stay on the ship!

He well noticed the blush. Enjoyed it much as a smile slowly lifted while dark eyes held hers. Finally easing off with a slight dip of his head. "Only the truth," this time too low for her brothers to hear. Smile shot wide as attention shifted to them. "Aye, I found t'em a bit o'er t'ere 'eads a nig't we first got introduced. A grand time 'o it we 'ad t'en we mopped up t'e floor wit' 'he brutes." How they met. Adrian could tell who were the good guys and who were not, most of the time. "That's when Adam showed up and introduced me to them."

Morgan laughed when he heard the last though he had wondered if Adrian was whispering something to their sister. No matter. They liked Adrian and knew he was a gentleman. "Aye, and a few more times as well. Adam be keeping up his end of it all? " He flashed a wink to Regan then looked back to Adrian, waiting for his answer.

Regan smiled, showing a dimple for the compliment, knowing her blush would only deepen. "Thank you." She whispered then she cut a look toward her brothers and laughed. "They were getting the worse of it, eh? Must have been in their cups then. Unless it were five to one?" They used to brag so terribly when they were sailing together but it had all been in fun.

Faelan strained to hear but to no avail. Though the grin showed as he half suspected Regan would catch him doing so. The bottle of potcheen he still held was lifted for a good drink, swiping a hand over his mouth with the other as it was offered at the same time to Morgan. He watched as a few of his crew headed into the Blue Marlin while a few others headed into the Snake Pit. They could go where they wanted but obviously the first group wanted a good meal and relaxing time while the second group wanted a different kind of a good time and probably pay dearly tomorrow if they ate the food there in the Snake pit.

"Adam holds his own and I do believe I am giving your brothers fodder for teasing." Smile reached his eyes as the prospect didn't seem to daunt him any in retracting any attention for she held his presently. He continued to enjoy the blush and how it enhanced her fair skin, making her eyes brighter and her hair seem even more blond. Laughing with her as focus shifted to the brothers along with hers. "That night, aye but they've improved since then." Knowing darn well the two could fight well and they all helped each other out. Just Adrian had been fighting longer and more often in the way of it. "I've seen Faelan miss and clock his brother as in another time, Morgan miss the one in breaking a chair over his back only to hit Faelan." Talking about them with  their sister as if they weren't there and loud enough at this point for them to hear. "I think we were all in our cups." Which had a laugh to follow.

"Aye, I've done that more than once." He chuckled then glanced where Faelan had. It seemed his crew had joined up with his brother's which had him grin again. After all, if the two crews got along, they'd work well together. "Most of the time when we're in a fightin' mood we're in our cups." He gave Adrian a look. "Though you didn't hear that." In all seriousness, if they could avoid a fight while in Heathfield, they would! He accepted the bottle from Faelan, took a long drink and then handed it back.

"Aye, and I remember a few times where you'd both be fighting, and I'd be watching, dressed as a lad, and occasionally helping out with a bottle to the head." She shook her head and sighed, dramatically. "See, you be needing my help and you go off and fight without me." She avoided the rougher taverns, even here in Heathfield. There was no point in her seeking out trouble. The laughter in her eyes, in spite of her serious expression would show she wasn't really serious. And when she did have to deal with anyone, she took along her biggest crew members! In spite of being determined to prove herself, Regan was no fool and didn't take chances.

He had to agree that most of their fights came after drinking enough and with those who'd been drinking too. None of them in this port a fight to stay alive or to the death kind. Though there had been enough of those in other lands and ports. A knowing glance exchanged with his brother as brows then lifted with Regan's admission. "And.. little sister, don't you think we didn't know exactly who that lad was but let him have her fun?" She may have noticed that they had readily defended the lad before she got hurt when after hitting one over the head with a bottle, another one or two came after her. "Aye, he heard it Morgan," taking the bottle to take another drink.

It wasn't like Adrian didn't drink though not a lot when on the job as in getting intoxicated. "So, you're a fighting lass, Regan." See the grin growing as dark eyes turned on her. He gave a slight uplift of his chin to the Snake Pit, "ever been in there?" Being he noticed some of her crew heading in after some of Morgan's who had followed some of Faelan's crew members in. The Snake Pit was considered one of the roughest in this port but it was not the only one, there were at least three others on his side of the port and a few on Adam's side as well. Sometimes such a fight broke out that he headed over there to help or Adam headed over to his side to help.

Morg cut Faelan a look, biting back a laugh. Poor Regan, though he looked confused. "Didn't she go with us when we went to those places?" And hadn't they made her dress like a lad though, there were a couple times she did think she was sneaking. He did have another question for Adrian though. "Have you been noticing any new ships about lately? New ones from England?" Curious if trade with that particular kingdom was increasing or decreasing.

Regan stuck her tongue out at her brothers, then laughed. "Aye, in spite of my brothers' protective natures, I be a fighting lass. Though some of me crew are as protective. I think James had a talk with them." Blue eyes swept to the Snake Pit and she shook her head. "No, I avoid the rougher taverns most times. I don't need to bring down more trouble on me crew or Adam." She gave a slight shrug and grinned. "I'd have to leave in the middle of the fight and what fun is that?"



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"Aye, from the first trip we told her to stay put but we planted lad's clothing where we knew she'd find them if she set her mind to going. That way she could blend in at least or our fighting would have started earlier. After those few times we just had her go with us. Save the worry some captain liking lads might grab her before she got to where we were." He was grinning while he spoke to Morgan as if Regan were not there! "James wasn't the only one. I think between the three of us we instilled a fear for many years to come."

He was chuckling listening to the teasing and bantering between the siblings. He was watching the brothers' reaction to the next bit as he stepped closer to Regan. "Well, it seems some of your men like to go in there, so I'm thinking that if you'd like an idea of what that place is like just in case you have to rescue their hairy hides, I'll take you in. Granted that after a couple years as port master, I've earned a reputation that a place in the midst of a brawl might completely stop when I walk in. Takes the fun out of it and not as many fights to get into anymore. Now," sliding his arm around her shoulders as he tucked her in close. "If we go in like we're an item then if you have to go in there at any time, they'll be leaving you alone by sheer association and what they will leap to conclusions on." Which he also knew would spread rumors around the port which he would warn her on as well. "There would also be rumors if you can handle them..."

No illusions at all. "Aye, there was that. Too many of those types and best to keep an eye on her that way." He chuckled, nodding. "Near wet their pants some o' them." And now a brow was lifting. Well, now, it would be interesting to hear those rumors once they began. "Aye, especially if the wharf crones get hold of that one." He hadn't heard much of the two lately but that could be a good thing!


"No fun at all for you." She decided to ignore her brothers though it was nigh impossible to do so. Oh, she might have a talk with them later but for now, her attention was suddenly on Adrian. And there came the accursed blush once more. "Aye, I can handle rumors easily enough. They be only words, nothing more." She even snuggled in closer when she saw Morgan's look, an impish look appearing in spite of the blush. "The question is, can me brothers?"

"It wouldn't be happening if we didn't trust Adrian," on a more serious tone. "I've no desire to spend time in there when I've something to see to." Nudging Morgan in the side, this was a great opportunity for Regan far as he saw it, being with a man even if not really with him, would do her reputation good. He'd not repeat some of the rumors on their sister, got into a few fights with ones even speaking them, "Morgan can accompany me to see if there's any word on what the zoo may need and if Andre has any work for us, short runs while we're here."

Even he had heard some of those rumors. Not knowing if they were believable or not and certainly didn't allow the ones to continue spreading them on a upstanding family like the Callihans. This would lay those rumors to rest even if later on they found out they were not an item after all, it would not bring those rumors back up. There could only be better rumors for Regan in his view of it and that look he gave the brothers as much as said so. "It seems your brothers have other affairs to attend to," as he left his arm loosely about her shoulders to have it comfortable enough for them to start that walk across the way to the Snake Pit.

"Aye, that's a grand idea. I'm looking forward to going after the animals. Maybe to some exotic places, aye?" He winked at Regan then, showing his agreement with Faelan's words on Adrian. "We should keep busy while we're in port, or rather, in Heathfield, short runs will keep the lads happy and in coin." He clapped a hand to Faelan's shoulder. "And sailing together would be welcome, with the three of us again."

Well now, that was a bit of a surprise but she had heard the rumors, even if they thought she hadn't. She tipped her head up to look at Adrian and nodded. "Aye, so they do." Her heart was pounding as they made their way to the tavern, but she kept her chin lifted and that cocky attitude so no one would think her afraid, or flustered being in the company of such a handsome man.

The place was dank, the walls almost black in color as was the decor of a long ago wrecked ship. It looked like a pit and the owner had this thing about snakes as they were many around that had been stuffed that he owned. Hence the name. Though they were put up out of the way up higher along the walls and beams in display. If someone didn't like snakes it would be rough being in this hell hole, then again that became the very challenge amongst those considering themselves tough. Low lanterns burned giving off just enough light by the bar and certain areas but far too many spots rested in shadow. There were men from many a ship that had gotten thrown out of the other taverns hiding away in this place. The tender, looking as rough as any ole sea dog, whose real name was Martin went by Snake. Adrian knew his real name where most didn't. Something he found out along the way and an ace to keep up his sleeve. The tables were slabs of wood, thick and with many marks dug into them. A work of graffiti art if one took notice.
Many of the seats were barrels or crates, some a slab of wood over blocks. None of the glasses looked clean and who knew if the wooden and tin tankards were any better. One relied on the drink killing any germs if they cared at all about such things. Most didn't. Not in this place. The noise was at a good level, there were remarks made back and forth between sailors of different crews. Things said would certainly see to some fights soon. That was until Adrian stepped in where he could be seen, Regan in the curve of his arm. The noise to silence was near deafening as all turned a look. It was Bradley, an oversize trouble maker that called out. "You'll be having Dolly, Rosie, Lil, Trixy and Stacy in tears," which had Adrian's dark eyes shifting immediately to Brad, "and I can see you sill have a problem with diarrhea of the mouth which even a right hook hasn't cured yet. Eventually your jaw wont mend.." obviously Adrian and Brad had many a scramble that left Brad unconscious and still had not learned his lesson. Some never did.

Regan had seen some bars that were similar to the Snake Pit in her 'adventures' with her brothers but the fact that this one was in Heathfield made it all the more interesting. She was dressed in a fashion that couldn't really be called feminine, yet it didn't hide the fact that she was very female, and of course that blonde hair stood out even in the darkness. Blue eyes took it all in, from the stuffed snakes to the shadowed areas to the tender himself. She turned those eyes on Brad, disdain obvious in her gaze. Her own men shifted so she could see they were there in support if needed, but she gave them the slightest shake of her head. There was a reason she was here, and not for a fight, at least not tonight. From Brad, she shifted her gaze up to Adrian and a hint of a smile appeared. She could see why he made such a good Harbor Master. No wonder Adam praised him so highly.

He and Adam got along great and into many a fight together as a team in the beginning until they made it clear who reigned here at the port. Luckily it was the port masters but then they were chosen for a few different skills. Brady noticed too many eyes on him as well the real threat on his jaw. One that had felt Adrian's punch too many times to count but he still went back to agitate, everyone actually, just not all had a punch like the port master. He decided it was best to take his leave grumbling and mumbling things that sounded like threats as he shoved his way through some of the other sailors to make use of a side door.
Arm had slid down from around Regan's shoulders to angle down her back as he escorted her over to the bar. "A clean glass, Snake, for the lady and a bit of that imported sherry I know you have hidden below the bar." The man put out a tankard for Adrian and managed to procure a clean glass and the sherry, finest drink he had in the place and didn't share on the norm. He also refused Adrian's coin because Adrian had saved his place and hide a few times over. The rest went back to their own business but there was a lot of talking that was low, speculation perhaps, on how close Adrian kept the woman to him. He swore he heard something about ice melting and possibly Regan heard it as well, giving her a wink as his hand and arm fell away that he could bring out the stool for her to sit upon easier. Straddling the one next to hers that was close to have his knee against hers.

She didn't bother hiding the laughter as Brad decided to make his escape. Though she was sure he'd not forget. Though it might be another time he and Adrian faced off. Moving to the bar, she brushed her hair back off her shoulders and gave Snake her brightest smile. No sign of the Ice Queen tonight. She accepted the drink with her thanks after settling on the stool, then she leaned toward Adrian, her voice low. "Well, now the rumors begin, aye?" And the truth was, it didn't bother her in the least.

To make it worse, he leaned in close, close enough he could be kissing her for all they knew. Lips were grazing against her cheek as he spoke low, "aye, they've already begun. Your brothers will be proud." She would see the laughter in his eyes, the glint that delved in brown before straightening away as their drinks were delivered. He picked his up, "to a warm summer." Which they were already having but could have another meaning to those within earshot. He drank down a good portion for he had a thirst to quench and the ale wasn't so bad, least Snake gave him the better brew.

Luckily the lighting in the tavern made it hard to tell she was blushing, though Adrian would surely notice. She had to laugh as well, picking up the glass of sherry. "And to all that comes with it." Adding in a bit more before she took a sip, since sherry wasn't to be gulped after all. She was surprised at how good it was and nodded her approval in Snake's direction. It was funny how well behaved the sailors were being, at least for now. Some of the conversation was becoming as lively as before but no one was being too rowdy.

A couple of the sailors started up some songs getting others to join in as they drank. This might end up being one of Snake's better nights. He had two men working for him as well. With Brady gone at least one instigator was out of the picture. For now. He could come back later once Adrian was gone. "Once you're done with your drink, we can go enjoy a walk along the pier." Which was a saying usually used for something else and he said it loud enough that others would hear, not overly that they might wonder, knowing it would be passed on. "Leave these ole boys to their whiskey and rye." Though most had ale for it was cheaper. He drank the last of his ale, setting the tankard aside as he half turn to watch these ole boys that were behaving like Sunday School was in session in comparison.

Regan wasn't an innocent in knowing of things and him saying that had a glint come into her eyes. She understood the meaning well enough but just lowered her eyes to hide the amusement there. She was pleased more than she could say and would thank him once they were away from prying ears. "Aye, it's a lovely night for such a walk." And she even kept her tone demure when she said it, something some might find appealing. She finished the sherry and slid from the stool, smile dimpling again as she looked at Adrian. "Shall we?" There was a wave to her men to let them know to behave themselves as much as was possible now that she was leaving.

Although this was a ruse to help her out for rumors could be nasty things, there was something to the edge of her voice and in her eyes that had him with a mental double take. His features hard to read by any of the others but she might notice the intensity in his eyes of a different kind. "We shall," lowered as his hand came to splay against the small of her back in guidance. "Have at it boys," more in they could relax and have a normal time of it now even if it included a few punches shared. Once outside it seemed even brighter out in comparison for the moon up above and the sprinkling of stars that could be seen where the moonlight waned.

It was a bit of a relief to be out of the tavern as it did hold the smell of stale ale and other nastier things. She tipped her head back to look up at the moon and she smiled again. "I love summer nights when the moon is nearly full and the air so clear and clean with none of the haze." She looked at him again, tipping her head slightly. She had taken note of the look and found it didn't start her heart pounding in fear. It seemed she was finally over that. At least in men who were of an extremely different ilk than the unholy three.

"Aye, I be liking this season better than the dead of winter. I tend to feel like a caged lion and need an outburst of something." Not always something he could put his finger on but there were a lot more fights that had his involvement. His hand falling away as they reached the walk and railing along the edge where he took up a lean. There was a barge coming in loaded down with goods as the fog horn was sounded cutting through the other sounds. Most sounds came from the various taverns where some lingered outside or a small fight broke out. He watched one such and determined he'd not need to interfere. "When do you set sail again? Any destinations lined up?" Dark eyes drawing from the scene to the pretty blond at his side.

She took up a lean beside him, then nodded. "I've felt the same if I'm not able to sail. It's odd because I didn't think it would be so strong a feeling but that can always change I guess." She watched the barge then shook her head. "None for certain. If me brothers find some jobs for us, then I'll take up with them, otherwise, I'll likely strike out for the Caribbean for a time. I've a few contacts there who always need goods. I might talk to Xander McDonough too. See if he has need of an extra ship. Might be better to have a steady run with things so unsettled in Kildare." Then she could sail along the coast and take supplies there if needed.

"Get one or both of your brothers to go with you. Not so much that you're female but I'd be giving the same advice to either of your brothers tempting to strike it out on their own. Things have gotten worse along the waterways," he had his sources, "and honestly, it is worse for a female than male if captured." There were worse things than dying. There was something else he had wondered on but never asked her brothers. Something that if it should be asked should be with the source. "What happened that such rumors were about on yea? If you don't mind telling me that is." Referring to the rescuing of them from the hands of Doom, Westmoorland and Stirling.

She looked at him a moment, brow furrowing. "Do you mean in general or in Kildare?" She looked away again, nodding. "Aye, it is worse. You were there when we were rescued, and you know that they had us prisoner. I don't imagine you heard much more after that, about all that happened?" She hadn't talked about it to anyone other than her family but wasn't sure if one of her brothers might have said something, though she doubted they had.

"Aye, but what happened was the only thing that set the course? As far as I knew you were untouched, we had gotten there in time." It could have been other things too or a long history of things for all he knew. "Of all the ones to encounter, either, let alone both and another new one at the time." He started to frown as this conversation would bring up a bad time or, maybe she could address it finally? He was watching her intently to notice anything upsetting and would draw away from it quickly.

It was one of those nights that one such as himself, needed to get out. The port a draw for a fight or something less hostile as he headed there to see what fate would bring. He had been down to his ship earlier and swung by that pier it was docked at for cargo to be loaded early next morning. A skeleton crew left aboard of those who had no need to go ashore or wished for the second shift. Segan wasn't sure what he wanted to do so took a moment, bottle of potcheen in hand to lean against one of the pier posts. A drink taken before lighting up a cigarillo to enjoy.



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It was a fine night for a gal like Lily to be out and about. The moon was nearly full, the whiskey and ale was flowing and she was in a lovely mood. The gown she wore was satin in red and black stripes and it called attention to a tiny waist and a bosom that threatened to overflow. She sashayed along the docks as if she owned them and lo and behold, there was a fine looking man leaning there. One she had her eye on before. She moved up to his side, leaning against him as eyes of green turned to look up. "Got another of those, luv?" Motioning to the cigarillo. "Or would you prefer your female company not to smoke 'em?"
Not that he had asked for female company and about to say something as he did the usual, but there was something about her that had him halt, almost had him cough on the bit of smoke near caught in his lungs. It had just been lit so he plucked it from his lips to flip around offering it her way. Least it held the scent of vanilla. Maybe it was the fact she wore satin, that had him so pause for most did not about the pier. And well, what near overflowed the top certainly caught his eye, hence the cough. "Do you happen to know a bloke by the name of Eion?" Wondering if she was from the same place.


"You saw how Morgan and Faelan are with me. I was sheltered, protected all my life. When we were captured, there was no protecting, nothing they could do. Blackbeard wanted to take me right there, in front of my brothers and the entire crew. When he kissed me, I bit his lip and somehow in all of the madness that followed, managed to slash his face. The only thing that saved me then was the younger one wanted to know why Blackbeard had first rights. Things are a bit of a blur but when it was over, I hated how I had felt, how vulnerable. I never wanted anyone to make me feel like that again. So I shut down my feelings and refused to let a man touch me." She shrugged slightly. "But I can't live that way forever, and they never really got any farther than that."

He listened intently, nodding here and there minutely. He also noticed a certain doxy down along the pier, took a squint to make out which one and Segan there that she was approaching. Only a glint in dark eyes would hint to any of his thoughts but most of them were on what Regan was telling him. "I am not surprise by any of it. What you should realize is what he or they wanted, didn't happen and luck it was. It was not to be your fate. You know now why I suggest if you go to the Caribbean, to go with one or both of your brothers sailing their ships." Which for her to speak on it at all show she was probably adjusted but certainly a lesson learned or word of the wise in precautions.


"Oh aye, I know him. We calls him the Rock." She took the cigarillo and placed it between lips as red as the dress she wore. "Now, there be several reasons fer that." She batted her lashes as she pursed her lips and blew out a  stream of smoke. "He favors a lass in The Salty Kitten."

The small scrapper often frequented the Docks District around this time of the night. There were usually plenty of 'business opportunities' and, that failing, one could always be sure of some entertainment at one of the seedy local water holes. Tonight though, she was just wandering, enjoying the beauty of the harbor and the freshness of the night air, even amidst the fetid alleys and less-than-savory characters who roamed free. She paid them little heed,
ambling slowly with hands in the pockets of her baggy pants and cap tugged low over her brow. Karina saw some figures in the shadowy mist up ahead and steps slowed a bit.

"The Rock?" That had him cracking up but at the same time trying not to show it. He didn't want to ruin his brother's image in front of his harem. "Several reasons for being known amongst the fair gender as the rock, pray tell. My curiosity is piqued."

"Well, one reason is he hardly never, ever cracks a smile. The other is ... " She stood on tiptoe so she could whisper in his ear, her breath tickling against his skin. Oddly enough, Lil favored an expensive perfume. One she used carefully to add just a subtle hint of scent. She stepped back and boldly looked him over. "Does it run in the family?" She knew he was Eion's brother by the eyes.

"Aye, I understand that, Adrian. What they had planned for the three of us ... still makes me shudder. But I'd like to see them hang before they get another chance. And though I know the Dream is fast, I'm not sure I want to try to outrun any of them."


"If it is any consolation, I have ears and eyes in many ports. If they show themselves I will know and in turn the rest of my family and yours. The last word was a man by his description buying a ship of one needing money badly becoming in debt when the man had been doing so well. It was wondered if this buyer had forced him into such a position. He disappeared with the ship. Caribbean mentioned but it could be on any desolate island." Noting another and by the way the clothing fitted on a lank frame. "Karina, evening." She was closer to he and Regan, between them and Faelan and Lil. Yes, Adrian knew who she was.

A hand came to rest against satin as he leaned in for she was much smaller than he. Tiny thing to be living down here at this port as she did to make a living. The warmth of her breath did more than tickle as he closed his eyes a moment to drink in her touch and scent. Next moment she was gone as he straightened, blue eyes alive with something else stirred. "I would say that is left a mystery to find out." Certainly he would not speak for his brothers and he wasn't one about to brag about size even if the majority of men did so. It wasn't his style unless in a teasing conversation. "And if not, it is not how big one is or as the rock," which he had a very hard time keeping a straight face saying that part, "but how good they are with what they have."

"Heard tales on them that had them as far north as Sweden and as far south as the west African coast. Blackbeard is sporting a grand scar now and likely no beard will cover it." She turned her head then and nodded at the lass. "Evening, Karina."

"Hullo," Karina greeted Adrian with a nod, turquoise hues flicking first up to the Portmaster and then over to Regan. Which brought a smile of recognition to her lips. "Regan, wasn't it? Evenin'." Hearing them in the midst of conversation she just wandered up the rest of the way to join them. Yeeeaaaah Karina would've much rather be talking with Regan and Adrian rather than the other group rightaboutnow.

She hadn't gone too far and was still in her lean. Another puff was taken before the cigarillo was offered back. "Oh, I hear he plays a mean hand of poker." She laughed softly. "And as far as the other, well, let's just say, his reputation is growin'." She gave him a coy look, lashes shading her eyes. "A mystery, luv? I happen to enjoy a good ... mystery meself."

"How are you this evening, Karina?" He had eased into a lean, enjoying the night and company. There was a hint of a grin as he glanced down the pier. Lil knew how to work her beat and if that was what Segan needed, she was one of the best around. Clean. Considering. Though it seemed more a hobby with her and Dolly he noticed. They had funds saved or some kind of inheritance. Speculation but the two only went after certain ones and rarely. That alone had him curious. There and back to his present company.

"Just fine, and yourself?" Karina was somewhat less relaxed than Adrian when addressing the man. There was a big difference of power between them after all. Briefly her gaze followed Adrian's, and after a brief squint she recognized a familiar figure... standing quite close to someone she didn't recognize, but whose career shall we say, she could identify quite well. Hmph. Not exactly a pleasant sight to her eyes, but then it was the way of the world and lord
knew, a girl had to make money somehow. Though that was one route Karina had never gone herself and, if she could help it never would.

"Aye, Regan." She grinned at the lass, studying her a moment. "Are you enjoying the night?" She was curious what the lass was doing in such a rough area but wouldn't ask. A familiar voice had her looking toward the Snake Pit as two of her crew wove their way from the tavern, singing a very bawdy song loudly and off-key.

Curiosity gave way to not wanting to hear about how good his brother was in bed or such attributes. He took the cigarillo back and a drag to follow. "Does this come from first hand knowledge or some of your friends?" Hard to read expression in what might be expected of that answer or what he was looking for.

"It's nice enough out," she affirmed to Regan, her own gaze wandering to the drunken pair tottering all-too-musically from the Snake Pit. A broad smirk was given the older woman. "Some o' your lot?"

"I wonder if your brothers Morgan and Faelan have gone in there at this point." The two would be around somewhere down here again at this point. They were only going to go see Andre.

"Aye. Hopefully they'll find their way to the ship with no trouble." At least they were headed in the right direction. "I wouldn't doubt it." Cornflower blue eyes turned to Adrian again and she grinned. "Unless they're looking for a game tonight." If they drank enough, it would be a fight and Adrian likely going off to deal with it.

She held up a slender finger, meaning one. "One o' my friends, luv. She met him before I did. The others are scared of him. He has a dangerous look in his eyes." Oddly enough, she wouldn't attempt to encroach on her friends.

At least Eion stuck to one than a multitude, there was still the Garden for the three of them. But here, the woman was a pearl amongst baubles. "What's your name?" Drawing a step closer as the smoke eased from between his lips when he took the cigarillo out to flip around in offering. He had a sense of humor as words lowered to caress near her ear this time around. "If me brother be known as the Rock, perhaps I'll be the Jack Rabbit." Just because he could, finding it humorous.

"Lil LaBlanc." The surname said with a twitch of full lips that might have one thinking perhaps there was a private joke, and indeed there was. She took the cigarillo but paused to give him another look. "And why would you be known as that?"

"If a game it is, I'd put my money on the other team..." Karina commented, observing the sodden demeanor of the gentlemen in question. Didn't make for the best judgement in a game of cards, or any other sort really.

"Oh, I wasn't talking about those two. They like their drink, but they're not so lucky in cards." She chuckled. "I was talking about my brothers. Now those two like to drink, gamble and wench."

With the two brothers together, they would not need him. "A game they will find or, otherwise." Giving a glance down the way as he was sure Regan knew her brothers were not indifferent to women.

Though perhaps not as much as she teased them. Especially when the Garden was available. Those where the times when they absolutely forbade her to leave the Fianna.

He cleared his throat as the obvious joke went over her head. Or that he was not all that familiar with their lingo nor they of his. "Nothing at all, just a joke gone flat." Taking a step back that had him against the rail of the pier's one side. "Interesting name Lil La Blanc." Here he was holding a conversation with a Doxy, that was probably unusual but certainly that which strained at the top of her dress was worth watching every breath it took in her talking.

"Well, it's really Lily but seems everyone shortens it to Lil." She had to lean a bit to offer the cigarillo back. "And everyone needs a last name, aye?" She watched him a moment more, head tipping. "And though I'm not French, I liked it when a French lad called me Lady Blanc." She paused to see if he knew what it meant.

He had a good idea what it meant but not positive. Might say he was not all that learned where the evening ladies were concern. Not whet behind the ears in that area either, just never had much exposure to them. Obviously his older brother had and certainly he should then. "Would you like me to call you Lil or the Lady Blanc." He noticed she had not asked his name but figured she had no need of knowing it.

"Do you spent a lot of time down here, Karina?" She turned to the lass again after glancing toward the Snake Pit. She knew some of her brothers' crew were in there as well, and it seemed a few voices were raised.

Faelan was singing as he came up from an alley on the one side of the Snake pit. He had been in there but mostly to see if his sister was still in there with Adrian. He lost his brother somewhere between the tenth and eleventh tankard as they probably hit every tavern the port had open this night. A few games, coins in his pocket as they both had won those or most of them to make a profit. Out on the walkway he found a lamp post to lean against while his song faded as he squinted in the direction of the voices.  He would wait here for Morgan.

"Huh?" She'd been glancing 'round again, down the Pier and then idly towards the sounds of the Snake Pit. Eyes returned up to Regan finally to answer. "Oh. Aye, a fair amount o' time I s'pose." She realized it wasn't exactly the usual haunt for most girls her age, so she added, "I like the... view." A little lamely, as the mingled sounds of drunken singing and a brewing bar fight met their ears.

"Lil is just fine, luv." Oh, she'd ask later but first she had to be certain he was interested in ... exposure. Besides, like Adrian, she had her ways of knowing who was who, and as a few more doxies wandered by, she slipped close and slid her arm through his.

His brother had said to him about playing cards, not necessarily needing everything but he certainly could use some time kissing and not get in trouble for it or slapped. As she came closer he dipped his head while words came low near her ear. Drawing them in a way to touch against skin in guiding silken strands away.

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...On second thought... not such a nice view after all. Karina pressed her lips together then turned back towards Adrian and Regan. "So, anything excitin' happen 'round here lately?" Likely she'd heard of it already, but couldn't hurt to gather tidbits of gossip where she could.

"A fair amount of time meaning you practically live down here, visit other parts," giving Karina a wink. Never knew, Adrian might be watching out that she remained untouched and safe, best as one could.

"The view... " She nodded, her expression carefully guarded. "Well, if you find yourself ... in need of a refuge. My slip is just down the way a bit. You just tell them that Captain Regan said you were welcome aboard." Gods  knew what kind of trouble she could get into. But she grinned at Adrian for his words.

Both hands lifted as he ran his fingers through his hair in taming it back. Yes, he caught sight of his sister, Adrian and company. He was a few sheets to the wind, comfortably so but at least he could look presentable as he shifted up from his lean. Dragon blood was probably what saved him from downright soused and passed out. Such was the tooth that hung from a chain around his neck. Slight swagger was not a drunken walk as he headed over to his sister, coming up from behind. Arms sliding around her waist as he gave her a hug. "Pretty nasty place wasn't it?"

"Really?" Karina turned to Regan with clear surprise, but her expression cracked into a smile at the woman's offer. "Thank ya. I'd like to at least come visit your ship some time, if I could." What a thrill that would be. Glancing back to Adrian, she just eyed him a second then relaxed (somewhat) with a faint smirk and slight shrug. "However ya want to call it."

That whisper had her eyes set to sparkling and she dropped her eyes again, then lifted them in a slow, thoughtful study. The tip of her tongue slid over her lips before she leaned in to whisper back.

"Oh aye, you'd be welcome so long as we're not about to leave. Crew tends to get pretty... " And that eased into a squeak of surprise but she was hugged attacked. "Aye, it was at that but everyone was pretty well behaved except for one lug who decided to leave after Adrian spoke to him. Been enjoyin' yourself, Faelan and where's Morg?"

"Agreed," words low but not such a whisper as he straightened. A finger lightly tracing along her cheek as he guided some blond strands to tuck behind her ear. The touch to linger there easing along the shell before dropped away. "I know of a place unless you have a place? Though I would like to say hello to my friends before wandering off for the night." He had noticed a few of them collected up along the pier, having not made it that far when meeting Lil. He wondered if she socialized or would feel awkward? He would soon find out.

Karina had blinked slightly when that man came up behind Regan, but clearly she recognized him. The petite teen offered her nod of greeting, crossing her slender arms atop the loose fabric of her tunic.  Already resolving to go visit Regan's ship when she could. She wasn't about to pass up an invitation like that!

"Whichever you prefer, luv, is fine. I've a nice place just off from the docks." More private and it was comfortable and clean. If Adrian got curious enough, he might find she had a small cottage away from the docks as well.

Dark blond hair offset violet blue eyes that lifted to capture upon Karina. Smile was swift with a certain amount of charm. "Hello there little lady, I'm Faelan." She seemed young and very modest in the way she tried to cover up her chest. He wasn't quite sure he saw any mounds there but then he wasn't really looking. Presently. Of course such would eventually draw a man's eye if there were any.

Morgan was feeling no pain himself as he made his way from another tavern. He was sporting bleeding knuckles but no other sign of damage. Well, if one didn't count the torn shirt. A squint of gray eyes and he was heading for the small group he saw.

"Aye, been enjoying the night and Morgan is too, I think a lady made off with him that first tried to drag me along."

Considering both her skinny frame and oversized clothes, she looked more boy than lass and Faelan wouldn't be able to detect many womanly curves at all. She certainly wasn't in that ball gown from the Midsummer Night's Ball anymore. It was just her face that marked her as a girl and in fact, at times made her seem older than her sixteen years, with its high cheekbones, slightly snub nose and wide-sight, deep turquoise eyes. Which now lifted to meet Faelan where he stood and she offered her own smile of greeting, briefly flashing white teeth. "Karina." She offered her own name by way of introduction. This must be one of Regan's brothers then, for she recognized the name and they did share a physical similarity.

If he got curious enough he might see about spending some time. Unless she didn't find his looks appealing. Ah, but those thoughts had a certain smile as he watched the two approach. "Evening Lil, Segan and there you are Faelan and now Morgan. Hail, hail, the gangs all here!"

"I'll bae havin' yae kin she did nae drag me off. Nasty lass tried to pock me pickets. Erm... pick me pockets." Morgan unfortunately hadn't been bitten like his brother and so was quite happily drunk. He hugged Regan then found a likely place to lean. "Evenin' Adrian, everyone." Not going to try to go through all the names, no sir.

Ah, but it was the eyes that he sought, unusual ones drew him to seek more at times in getting to know the person. "Lil Lady Karina, pleasure is mine," having his arms abandon their hold of his sister in a longer hug, or just lingering one that sometimes happened. Laughing at hearing his brother. "There was something off on that one. She probably got your pickets, did you check inside your pants?"

And that must be the other brother, railing soddenly against pickpockets. Yes, how... terrible. Cough. A nod of greeting to Morgan as well, hands sliding down to settle again in her pockets.

"Good evenin' to you as well, Adrian. Good to see you this night." There were very few who didn't know Adrian. He had a good reputation among the ladies who worked there for not allowing violence against them.  And yes, she thought him a very handsome man.

By that time he was there with Lil at his side. "Evening everyone..." barely out when he started laughing hearing Morgan. "This is Lil," introducing her as he would anyone else. Seemed Adrian knew her. "Have you met the others? Faelan, Morgan, Regan and Karina?"

Morgan blinked, then pulled at the waist of his pants, belt and all, and peered down. "Everythin' bae t'ere." Nodding as he looked up again. "Lost me bottle though. Had t' use it t' subdue a man." Aye, that was where it disappeared to!

And look, there was Segan. Glancing to him and his companion, she just offered a nod of greeting before Morgan's actions drew laughter from her lips.

Then on a thought as he addressed both Faelan and Morgan. "On a nice day, here at the docks, at one and half past the hour, I'll race your ships out in the stretch of water two hundred yards from the cliffs."

"No, I haven't. Pleasure to meet you all." She gave them her very best smile, and tried not to laugh at Morgan. She had seen both brothers in their cups a few times.

"Morg!" She laughed and swatted her brother then she cut a look toward Segan. "Bet mine will beat the three of you." She gave a toss of her head then smiled at Lil and tried not to stare at all that cleavage. "Evening, Lil. Well met." She was rightly proud of her sleek little ship, even if it wasn't as large as her brothers' ships.

"I'm up for it, maybe Regan will show off her little cedar ship to rule the day. A few more might be interested." Giving a thud of a fist lightly to Morgan's shoulder for actually looking. "I'm surprised you could find it in the dark but there is something to be said of one's dingaling."

"You'll have me ship in that race as well." So there would be a few more interested. He had raced in regattas before and had a lot of fun.

"Now that sounds like somethin' to watch." Karina grinned, anticipating a fine seat atop the cliffs for the occasion.

And that had her smacking her palm to her forehead. "Do you see what I have to put up with?" She looked at Adrian and grinned. "Sounds like we're building up an event, aye?"

"Watch? You can come on me ship or any of the others." Best way for a race is to be on one of the ships. "I'll see about organizing it then." Better than haphazard if there were enough interested as it became clear there were.

In a flash she forgot about her feelings towards Segan's new 'friend' there... now she gaped up at the sailor, features slowly suffusing with light. "Really?"  You'd have thought they'd given her a puppy all over again from the looks of it!

"You'll have the whole of the docks watching you start." She'd be among them, even if it was in the light of the day.

"Aye, you'll get to bomb the other ships that get too close with water filled balloons," which were intestines filled with water but they broke on impact. All the ships would be supplied.

He was still laughing and rubbing his shoulder but he was listening. "Dae we use cannons tae fire 'em?"

Now that drew a grin forward. She gave a quick nod, causing the bits of coppery curls which stuck out from beneath her cap to bob lightly. "I wouldn't mind doin' that, I s'pose!"

"I'll be sure to get some bull intestines for those." He didn't see why not long as they could fire them without breaking them when the gun powder went off. "I got an idea, small catapults." Wait! He was giving away his ideas.

"Wee catapults, Morgan." She flashed a grin to Lil. "Will you be rooting for Segan or for me since I'm likely to be the only lass there." Hey!

Yes, clearly they WERE siblings!

Hey Hey!

"I'll be rooting for you all." Though she might place bets on one or two.

"If you want, you're welcome to come aboard my ship or any of the others, Lil." He wasn't leaving her out, just wasn't sure doing so would be on her calendar of events.

Which ... surprised her greatly. "I just might take you up on that, Segan." A dimple showed when she smiled and she might surprise him by being dressed in clothes suited for sailing and not the docks.

And just like that, Karina decided to resume her wanderings elsewhere. Tipping a nod to the group at large she bade her simple farewell. "Should be on me way, g'night."

She gave Faelan a look then grinned and turned to Karina. "Good night to you as well. Stay safe."

"A good night Kar, and a good night to you all." They had places to go yet. Starting off with Lil on his arm as he'd let her lead the way, following her lead in this.

"And to you both." She lifted a hand as Segan and Lil started off.

"Good night Karina. Segan, Lil," which it was getting that kind of late. "Can I see you back Regan or will your brothers be seeing to that?"

"G'night." She waved then slid her arm through Segan's, her voice low as she spoke. And they headed off to that little hideaway.

And they'd let Regan know what jobs they had lined up. Once they could think again.

He offered his arm as he came up close, smile hinting that seemed to reach his eyes where she was concerned. "You know I'm going to beat you in that race?" The gauntlet he just laid at her feet had that hinted smile go fully complete.

"Oh really?" She slipped her arm through his even as she looked up at him and laughed. "I suppose I'll just have to see about that. Shall we bet on the results?" She was more than willing to take up that gauntlet!

"Of course, take some time to think on your bet." There would be a lot of betting going on and he would contribute to acquiring a prize for the one that won or even a second and third prize.



Date: 07-08-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 13

Sweltering Night at the Docks

Segan was barking orders to his men this sweltering night over the cargo being loaded and where it should be stored. The temperature didn't seem to drop at all as night fell leaving some tempers on edge. Though his overall mood had improved. An edge gone that had been building up over the weeks. He sent word to the Manor after still not showing up in two days where he was and may well be gone for a few more with the jobs he'd taken on. Short runs but they would take time and he still planned to explore the Ballicastle Port. He was attired atypical for him, loose fitting poets shirt with sleeves rolled up, tucked somewhat, being left open down the front, into brown durable pants. Boots of a lightweight leather better for working the docks in.

Eion had received the message from Segan and passed it along to the rest of the family before heading down to the docks. He had been at the training field most of the day, practicing on the Beast and the water gauntlet. He was pleased with his efforts though he hadn't managed to make it to the end on either. Heading for Segan's ship, he paused at the bottom of the gangplank and yelled up. "Cap'n Quinn, permission to come aboard." Because of the heat, he had discarded his shirt for a vest. Pants were a dark blue but comfortable, and were tucked into riding boots.

Segan had finally gone over to the barrel filled with rain water to dunk his head briefly. Even underwater he recognized that voice that came in a muted blurbing sound as he lifted up. Water ran down drenched hair to staining the light shirt darker where it soaked in spreading through the material. Where there was no material it ran down unhindered against heated skin to cool with the salty sea breeze that was the only redemption to an otherwise insufferable night. This was a night there would be water fights more than fists though in some of the hell holes, it would make things worse until they were doused like fighting dogs in the street. "Permission granted!" Plank was down as a few of his men took their leave to get more of the crates still needing to be loaded. A last minute job that came in he grabbed up from Pierre.

He waited for the men to come down then headed up the plank and onto the deck. "Bluidy hot tonight." Making a statement as he joined his now soaked brother. "Heading out tonight or tomorrow morning?" He had hoped for a breeze but it wasn't doing much good. "And if so, mind a passenger?" He had the day off if he wished. And if Segan was headed out to sea soon, he would take it.

"Aye, first light. Why we are getting everything on the ship tonight. Pierre got this last minute deal and the other ships were already loaded, luckily I wasn't. Said he owes me a favor." Which had a slow grin, better a favored owed him. Knowing the two it would come back at a time in a most profitable way. "Only down to Ballicastle, they've got warriors there that would probably do you well in meeting." Being they were all for one and one for all allied lands. Sister castles they called them. "The port is pretty large there too, large as here and much to see. I've not taken the time to yet."

"Saw some of Ballicastle at the race last month but not much. Bit dark to really look around." He placed one booted foot on a low barrel, and rested his arms on his leg as he looked out over the port. "Going to be a lot of fights tonight, I'm thinking." Some voices were raised and a crowd gathering. Sounded like two women. "And not just the men it seems." He looked at Segan and finally grinned. "Hopefully it'll be a touch cooler on the ocean."

It was true. A sweltering night like this didn't encourage peace on earth and good will towards your fellow man... but it was exactly the climate that an enterprising lass like Karina could use to her advantage. In her usual garb of a loose tunic, pants and boots, her hair stuffed up out of sight into her cap, she looked like just some other tagalong boy or wannabe sailing recruit. Chin tucked close to her chest for further anonymity, Karina hovered on the outskirts of a gathering crowd inside one of the many shabby Dockside taverns. A fight was brewing, it crackled in the air and the crowd's drunken (and short) attention was on the brawlers in question. Her shoulder bumped into a broader gentleman as she passed by. Quick as a flash, before he could even turn to look her hand slipped into her own pocket. "Sorry," she offered in a lowered voice when the man did glance over his shoulder. He eyed her a second then just grunted, and Karina took that opportunity to push her way through the mass towards the door.

He came up beside his brother to take a lean. In their slip they could see quite a bit of the port, the streets winding up to the upper levels as it was down the side of what once were cliffs now tamed into built up hills. One of the spotlights was the fountain they had Chinese lantern floating in all three tiers of it, lighting it up nicely in that upper square. He didn't really need to keep tabs on his men for they were working extra hard to get done so they had a few hours to spend wherever they wanted this evening. They would sleep while the ones on shore leave did all the work in getting them to Ballicastle. "Falkirk is a bit of a way up from the port." From his understanding and the map he's seen. Had it in his quarters if needed. There were two women fighting and the men urging them on making remarks in a way that kept them going at it. "Meow," he made in reference to the cat fight.

"Aye, it is. Still, it all reminds me of Ireland." He chuckled as he nodded and leaned slightly forward. "They'll be making bets soon. See." He motioned toward some talking among themselves, then their attention went to the women. "Somethin' how money is gained and lost so quickly here." Not just by gambling. He liked the view from the ship, not only of the port but of the city.


Karina had been thinking herself home free, and already had a foot out the door when an outraged cry behind her rose above even the shouts of the crowd. Uh-oh... Sure enough, the broad man was shoving his way through the others towards the door, his face contorted in rage. Karina started to lunge forward but it was too late, the man had grabbed her by the scruff of her vest.
"Thief!" He barked furiously, which was when Karina drove her elbow into his gut.  Taking advantage of his shocked pain, Karina wriggled free of her vest and took off sprinting. Perhaps she'd discouraged the man enough but it didn't seem likely, from the look on his face and the fatness of the wallet now inside her pocket.

There was a great sight of the castle lit up, many of the windows and towers, way up on the Cliffs. Like a dragon that watched over all. The thought brought a chill for knowing in a way it did. The wards, the troops of warriors, regiments of knights. Then there were the others of a like in ability that were of the gods of old and their stories. "Maybe why I feel it has become home. Like we are still in Eire."

"Aye, it could be." He looked back toward Segan and offered him a smile. "I'm finding it easier to accept things I don't understand. Gabriel and I have done some talking about how things are. It's been eye-opening. He said it seems the land wakes something inside those who come here. Even if it's just some peace."

"Melantha is pretty taken with him so he may well end up a brother in law." Luckily they got along with the man. "I would like to sit down and talk with him, maybe the four of us, get Conor too." Which had him wondering, "where has that boyo gotten off to? I know I haven't been around as both of you have abandoned me with all the ladies at the manor, but I've not seen hide nor hair nor any word."

Running with all the fleetness of foot she could muster, Karina chanced a glance over her shoulder. Yep, the man might be a bigger sort but he was lumbering after her with all the swiftness of his fury. But where to go? Without much though she steered her flight towards the slips and the silhouettes of ships they held. Regan's words the evening prior flashed through her mind. Perhaps she'd be able to find the Lady Captain's ship and slip aboard before her chaser was any the wiser? It was worth a shot, and she could hope that she might lose him in the maze of alleys surrounding the docks anyway. To that end, she rounded a sudden corner, boots almost skidding on the damp cobblestones. The man behind her let out a loud yell, which included a colorful string of threats and obscenities.

"It's not like I abandoned you on purpose." He chuckled as he answered and patted his vest pockets, looking for his cigarillos. "I have to be there though I have been at the manor for the evening meal every night. He's been busy with the saddles he's making and chores for Gran." He paused as he heard something else over the fight in the street.

There was another development, some man chasing a lad that probably stole from him. It was a common sight and the lad if caught got off lightly if the goods were returned and just a good shaking. Threats to turn him in to the authorities. Where the Portmaster would be called in and the one brought up before the barrister if it got that far. A lot of them they tried to reform by doing social work, like at the orphanage.

Karina swooped around another corner, making her jig-jagging way closer and closer to the ships. With a glance over her shoulder she wasn't looking forward for a moment, and careened into a barrel of trash standing in the street. It  knocked the barrel and her down with a crash, but no real damage and she was soon scrambling upright again. She had to peel a piece of lettuce from her face but she was satisfied to hear her pursuer let out a yelp a moment later,  tripped up by the pile of trash she'd left behind her. Karina's breath was coming quickly from her lungs now but adrenaline lent her energy that would last for now.

That one looks a bit familiar." He squinted as he watched the race. "That looks like Black Jack McIntry doin' the chasing." He wasn't certain of course, and wouldn't be until the man came closer. "Lad's not going to make it through the ... wait a minute... I think we know that 'lad'."


Segan leaned a bit further to get a better look. "I do think you're right. He is one of the suppliers working for Bovee." Amongst many as he yelled out. "C'mon Jack, you can catch a lad! Or are you only good at blackjack?" They had played cards with him, lost a few and won a few but the man was good. He wasn't sure if the lad would make it or not but he'd be in a whole lot of trouble if he didn't. If he was smart, he'd throw the wallet out and head in the opposite direction. Give McIntry a choice, he'd dive for his money.

Karina glanced over her shoulder again, and had a brief moment of frustrated awe that the larger gentleman was still running. Not just running but actually gaining on her. He must really want that wallet.. but so did Karina, and she wasn't about to give it up without a fight. Suddenly a shout met her ears and it didn't belong to the man chasing her... in fact it sounded downright familiar. She squinted over towards the sound but that moment of distraction would cost her. Either she simply tripped or a piece of cobblestone leapt out to catch her boot... either way, she suddenly went down. Tumbling in a clumsy somersault onto the street.

It was about then Eion's words sunk, about knowing the lad. Segan hadn't really looked as he was now, focus shifting to catch up with the one. This was almost as good as watching the races. "Hell and damnation, it is her," cursing under his breath as he shoved up from the rail and headed down from the ship and in their direction.

Which gave Jack all the few seconds necessary to catch up, and he wasn't happy.
"Give it to me, you filthy little thief!" And just to make sure his quarry was subdued, he gave the 'lad' on the ground a swift kick to the ribs. In a  rush the breath in her lungs was expelled and she doubled up in pain, but as tough as she was it would take more than that. Blinking past the spots that danced before her eyes, she squirmed to shift herself so her pockets were  inaccessible. "Don't - have it - " she managed to wheeze out, even as ole Jack's boot came in again to try to convince her otherwise.

"That's what I thought." He growled a curse under his breath as he followed Segan down. That dangerous look in his eyes had people scattering to get out of the way of the brothers. He was over to Jack, grabbing his arm and jerking him back before he got another kick in, then he was reaching for Karina and hauling her up by her collar.

The look Segan had was as deadly as his brother's, beast on the prowl with the straight line of his lips, the square set of his jaw and the darkening look from under his brows. While Eion got Karina out of the way, he was backing up Black Jack. "The lad don't have it. You might check where you were at and see if it is there." Though if it were there, it would be long gone. The 1% chance someone would return it to him. "You know you shouldn't be carrying any amount of money were a slick hand can dip and retrieve without you even knowing." Man should know better when at the port. He was backing him up, in his face and keeping him from getting to the lad again.

Oh crap, it was the Quinn brothers, two of them at least. She wasn't sure if she was saved or in even more trouble than before. Both seemed possible actually. She was easy to haul up and hung limp in Eion's grasp, still hunched and catching her breath.

Jack, meanwhile was just as surprised by the newcomers and was suddenly moving backwards at the taller (and leaner) man's urging. "But I felt him bump me and then - just like that it was gone!" He growled with another angry gesture towards the capped 'boy'. "He must have it, now let me deal with him.. out of my way!" The broad-shouldered (and admittedly paunch-gutted) man made to shove past Segan then, intent on getting to the thief.

"Jack, don't be a bluidy fool." Eion turned to look at the man, his eyes narrowing. "Or do you really think you can get to him through me?" He lifted Karina high enough so he was eye to eye with her and when he spoke, his voice was  low but he knew she'd hear him well enough. "If you're smart, you'll keep quiet." He didn't have to look to know Segan was taking care of Black Jack.

There was no shoving away from Segan as he hooked his arm under Jack's in a way the man would be airborne and in a flip-over onto his back. It would come as a surprise as he used the man's weight against him. His foot pressed against his larynx. "Now, stay put and me brother will check the lad. If he has your wallet it will be returned and we will deal with him. Understand?" Like the man could talk much right now.



Date: 07-08-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
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"Move on folks. Fun's over." He spoke to the crowd then looked back at Karina. "Give me the wallet. Now."

Lifted up by the fabric of her tunic (which gave a perilous tiny rrrrip sound as its seams began to give way) she just met Eion's eyes with a measure of defiance.

Jack had been knocked to the ground and gurgled with pain beneath Segan's foot, and gave a frantic nod of understanding.


Karina glanced between Jack, then back to Eion. Give him the wallet? Like hell if she would do that in front of her victim, after having just said she didn't have it... her mind was trying to work fast to come up with another way out, which resulted in a silence of hesitation and no movement towards her pockets.

"Karina ... " He brought her closer, nose to nose after making sure he had a good grip on her clothes. "I can shake it out of you, or you can hand it over to me. Either way, give me the wallet." Black Jack wasn't watching them.

He wasn't pressing too hard but hard enough and Jack knew if he tried to get away at this moment, worse would happen. He'd seen Segan fight, the man could move, far too fast for the likes of Jack. The understanding was if the lad, who was not identified, had the wallet, they would punish the one. He baited, "see, we've been looking for this one for a bit now and is due." So Jack would be happy to get his money and feeling the lad would be taken care of worse than he'd do anyway.


"Which is it?" Eion's patience was fast coming to an end, and it could be heard in his voice.

Karina knew they knew she had it, there was no way to play it off there. But her lips tightened still, for if she gave it over what if this Black Jack fellow decided to press charges? She'd come to like it here.. but then Eion was shaking her and her tunic's sleeves were nearly about to rip off, and she knew she had no choice. Slowly, and looking mutinously at Eion all the while she reached toward her pocket. Pulled out the fat wallet, and tossed it onto the ground. Her eyes fell to watch its decent onto the damp street. It seemed to fall in slow motion, marking her fate. So now they knew. It was all over, she'd have to move on again. The thought didn't please her at all.

It was a sweltering night down at the port. The crime rate up and more looking for trouble who weren't looking to cool off. Dolly was on a mission as she walked the well known beat. Clad in a black robe with gold thread embroidery. Stylized mop of red curls was fashionably framing porcelain doll-like features. Eyes that were large and a soulful brown. Perfect plump lips of a deep wine red. A belt encircled her small waist keeping the robe on that was hard to tell if she even wore anything beneath. Her smile sweet, her look sultry as she gave the whistling boys a what not. "You had your chance, Stan. Hello Joe, you don't stay down here too long. Get back to that pretty little wife of yours." Giving him a sassy wink in reminding him such goods he should stay away from. Not for him. If he was smart. She continued on noticing there was another commotion up ahead as she skirted the crowd to come around bringing the scene to her sight. Interesting. A smirk laid lazily upon the fullness of her lips as she decided to watch how this played out.

Segan's foot left the man's throat and the sailor who was about to dive for that wallet and run got a murderous look that had him actually faltering back a few steps instead. He was over to sweep it up in hand and back to Jack who was gaining his feet. He slipped it into his shirt pocket with a pat and half dusting him off. "See to your business and we'll see to this one." Jack knew them well enough too so preferred to be on good terms than bad. "As my brother said, show's over." Sounding finale as the ones started to disperse.

He turned that icy gaze on the man as he tucked Karina easily under his arm. She wasn't going anywhere yet. "What the hell were you thinking?" He started for the ship, the 'lad' captive.

Indeed, Jack might still be angry but was smart enough to just take his wallet back without further provocation. "I hope they make you bleed," he growled one last curse towards Karina before frowning once more at Segan and being off on his way.

Close, more like knee as in taking her over his knee if Eion didn't get to it first. If he had to, that would make two of his threats he had to carry out. Still, two out of three ain't bad. The last one was not going to happen. He turned around on a heel though he caught sight of the beauty. Near had him falter a step in a stare for he'd not seen her before, or had he? Took a blink but he'd have none of that presently as he headed for his ship, catching up with his brother.

"Put me down." Was Karina's only response, through gritted teeth as Eion manhandled her beneath his arm. The pressure made pain flash through her bruised ribs. "Put me down," she repeated again with a ginger squirm,"Yer hurting me."

He ignored her protests as he made his way up the gangplank though he had given a nod to the one Segan had spotted. A large box became a seat and he turned her over his knee. "You don't need to be stealing, Karina. There's plenty  here who would give you work." Whack! "Folks who would care enough to see you stay out of trouble." Whack! And he was done talking as he whacked her a few more times, then he placed her on her feet, and waited.

The sultry smirk only deepened as well the glint in dark eyes as she watched the rather handsome brother. Too bad she had her solo already. Indeed, why she alerted Lil to the one. She tossed him a wink before she was watching the other brother. Catching a few words spoken by her ear as one of the sailors made his way over with propositions on his tongue and the show of a coin. She directed him to a few others that weren't busy presently along with a few words that had him on his way quickly than start an argument.

It all happened so fast that Karina didn't have time to squirm, much less protest the impromptu spanking that left her shaking in anger and shame. Placed upon her feet, she stood with hunched shoulders, arms lifting to cross protectively over her bruised chest. Strangely enough it was not the first time she'd been spanked. And while she was awfully old for that now, it put her in such a state of humiliation so reminiscent of childhood that she didn't say a word. Or meet their eyes. Even though she would've liked to throttle Eion for doing so.

He let out a held breath in retrospect. He was actually grateful to his brother he didn't have to be doing the spanking. "How are your ribs?" Her arse could take it but the ribs, he wasn't sure how good a kick Jack got in.

There was a reason he had done so. He wanted her to think about it next time she was tempted to steal. No matter how decent Heathfield was, a prison was a prison and he couldn't imagine Karina behind bars. He stood and headed back down the plank while he cooled off a bit more and made his way to Dolly. He'd be back up in a moment.

They hurt like hell, what did Segan think? Every inhale hurt in fact, but she wouldn't give them the satisfaction of admitting as much. "I'll live." She muttered tightly to Segan, just standing there. And feeling the nice little life she'd started to build here slip away.

There were a few others that gravitated to her and each was dealt with swiftly and efficiently one way or another that didn't have them getting agitated for turning them down. Heels met their mark against wood as she slowed when Eion came down. "Here I thought I'd have to ask permission to board of your handsome brother." Sultry teasing tone with a glance up the brother's way even if her interest laid elsewhere and the one knew it. From a silken pocket she withdrew the small carton of cigarillos he forgot but more was the envelope slipped under it as both were offered. Something he would really appreciate and why she came out this night. She didn't need to anymore and as it was had to use a lot of convincing to keep away from trouble.

"Let me wrap them up." Crocking a finger but he'd let her come on her own free will unlike what she just went through and a situation forced on her, deserving one. There was a small storage room, big enough for a few to get inside that had shelves with various first aid products that were kept in stock. Including binding strips with metal bows with teeth to keep them locked in place once done.

"Since you had him near tripping over his feet when he spotted you, I'm sure he'd allow it." He took the cigarillos and envelope and tucked them both away, wrapping one arm around her waist and drawing her close. "Thank you. Segan's sailing at the dawn to Ballicastle and I'm going with him. I can come to your place for a while after I talk to the lad." He gave a hint of a smile, knowing more than likely Dolly had seen the lass around the docks before.

Karina held back for just a moment, before slow and reluctant steps carried her after Segan into that store room. Might as well. But she hung back near the door, arms still crossed gingerly before she found speech. "I could've gotten away." Was there just a hint of the sullen about her tone? "You two didn't have to come runnin', I would've deal with it myself."

She ran tapered fingers along the edge of his shirt as she folded in effortlessly against him. Like she was the perfect mold to fit making a whole. "I will see you then," finding that a treat especially this night. Hot and sweaty was appealing in that way. "Good luck with the lad," maybe she had seen the one before as it brought a certain smirk again but the look in her eyes was of something far different and for Eion only. "I know some others down the Ballicastle port if your brother is interested." She would give him reliable names. "Sooner you're done, the sooner the night begins." Sassy wink with the trail of fingertips along his arm as she curled away and started off down the pier. Symphony in motion on heels and definitely giving him that show.

Luckily he was not out where he could see that walk as he addressed Karina as he took down the rolled up strips. "How much can you take off and still be covered?" Having the idea he may well have to bind her ribs over the tunic she wore.

The fact that they were being seen this way would give her protection in that few wanted to have a run in with this brother or the other. He watched her walk away, glanced at a few men watching her as well.  He waited until he was sure they saw him looking at them and watched them enter the tavern then headed back up the gangplank. It took a minute to figure out where they were but he just leaned and waited. He wouldn't look at the envelope until he was in a different place.

The door was open!

He needed to cool down a bit more after watching that walk!

She advanced one more step, just looking at Segan somewhat darkly for a moment. "I have on a shift under this." She finally muttered in answer, the same tense tone, as tightly wound as a spring. The tunic she wore now over the shift was long sleeved and she took hold of its hems to begin to tug it up and over her head. A process somewhat slower than usual, as she grimaced when her arms lifted and her ribs protested.

He knew it had to hurt as he helped her with the tunic. Seemed he knew how too as he didn't fumble. If she showed any curves or breasts he was not looking at her in that way. Purposely. He had burned it into his mind that she was as a little sister and never really had sexual parts which left her without sexual appeal. First he would carefully touch against her ribs on the side, the right then the left to find out how bad and where.

The shift she wore underneath was just as worn and stained with age as the tunic, a dingy off-white sleeveless thing that hung loose on her frame. The swell of her breasts was nothing prodigious, not surprising considering her natural thin-ness but they were definitely there. Their visibility in the shift versus the thicker tunic made her not a little self-conscious. She held herself stiff as Segan went about the examination. Her face was set immobile till his fingers roamed to the lower half of her right side, and features creased into a grimace. "Ach.." The pain seemed to be mostly concentrated on those lower two ribs. Definitely badly bruised, perhaps one with a small hairline fracture but it was hard to say. Either way it was nothing life-threatening.

"Ah hell Kar," as he took in her attire. She would be lucky if she didn't get infections a woman would find very uncomfortable. He stepped away filling the door as he called out, "Whiskers, get that trunk we found with women's clothing in it." Surely there would be something suitable in there as he had seen some of it when first opened. A young woman's gear including riding britches and frilly blouses, slips and petticoats which he didn't touch but one member of his crew was literally drooling over them until Whiskers whacked him upside the head, nearly knocking him out while grumbling obscenities. "Aye, aye," as the man moved off to retrieve the trunk. "I'm going to bring in a trunk, take what you like and even some more you can take with you but first get on some cleaner underwear before I wrap up the rib." Whiskers was back sliding the trunk in through the door. He lit the lantern hanging there as it was starting to get dark and he'd need to step out and close the door to give her some privacy in changing.



Date: 07-08-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 15

She just frowned at him in return, a little confused by his oath. What was wrong with her shift? It wasn't gaping open with rips at least (no thanks to Eion!). The frown deepened to a scowl as she caught that about women's clothing. "Don't need no girly clothing, and I don't need your charity, Segan.." As the trunk was already being delivered to the door.

He looked at Segan as he came out then shook his head when he heard Karina. He leaned his head back against the wall and stared up at the moon.

"They ain't charity," as he was about to close the door only to swing it back open, kicking the trunk out of his way. "They don't belong to anyone anymore and looking for a home." Like she could adopt them. "Fine, look like a dirty urchin working the streets for that is what you are. Though there are jobs around, like one needing a secretary that had a flat and paid well but they'd not hire one looking the way you do right now." Which was true. Seemed to him she didn't want to change her lot in life as he took care, no matter his anger, in carefully wrapping the binding about her ribs. "Hope they are only bruised, for they are not broken. And if a fracture, you'd have been better off with a clean break to be wrapped up to mend." Strange as it was, that was how it worked as he worked in the metal bow after he was done, it was tight but not so tight she couldn't breathe.


"A secretary." She just stared at Segan dryly. The idea of herself as a secretary was so preposterous she nearly laughed, but that would've just hurt. Once changed into the least frilly shift she could find, she sat still as he wound the wrapping around her torso. "They'll mend fine." She oughta know, wasn't the first time she'd gotten a swift kick to the ribs. She winced again as she had to lean slightly to let him finish the job, but once done the tightness of the bindings almost felt better. More security for the bruised flesh in a way. "Segan.." She started, with a glance towards the door. She'd become such friends with the sailor that she felt she could speak plain to him at least. And he was clearly upset.

"Aye, one needed down here at the port in a certain office." Not the hoity toity noble kind of secretary but one savvy to the port and its ways would work best but presently, and the men picky, it would be a shot in the dark. But she wasn't interested anyway so the topic ceased. Brows lifted as he stepped back. The binding had gone well and about to say she could tighten it as needed when she said his name in the form of a question. "What?"

She just regarded him a moment, lips pressed tight before releasing a short sigh. "It's just what I do, alright? It's.. the only thing I know how to do actually." She glanced down to pick at the bandaging a bit, just a cover to avert her gaze. "You talk of being a secretary, of doing somethin' else but like you said... nobody would take me."

"Have you ever been in prison, Karina?" He asked from his lean beside the door. "Because even here in Heathfield they have one. And though it's nothing like other places, it still means a loss of freedom." He took a deep breath. "And that's the path you're on. You don't want to continue that way."

"Not as you are now, no." He eased into a lean against the door's frame on the one side. Arms crossing over his chest before asking some pointed questions. "Do you want your life to remain the way it is now or do you want it to change? Have you ever wished upon a star of something else?" Except Eion was asking questions as well as he advanced on the door. Karina wouldn't be able to escape at the moment if she wanted to!

Reaching for her discarded tunic, she went about the laborious process of pulling it over her head. She'd been about to say more, but Eion's words caught her ears and once the shirt was over her head, she glanced that way. "I know." She said that just barely audible, in response to his words of not wanting to go to prison. No, she didn't want that and yes, she knew that was exactly where she might be going. Back to Segan, she listened but burst out soon after he'd finished. "Course I have! Who with my sort of life hasn't? But wishing don't make a thing happen. It's easy to say, easy to talk about changing but it's not that easy."

"Can you sort papers? Can you read and write? Can you run letters where needed and watch for deliveries, be trusted not to steal from someone you work for, protect their goods instead knowing you will be paid well?" He knew it  wasn't easy, "aye, it will not be easy but it might not be as hard as you think either. You've a good heart, so I believe and that counts." She wasn't rotten to the core, she had compassion when she was willing to show it. "Change depends on how much the person wants it. Once you decide you want change, then usually the means presents itself to help you in that direction. Like it was waiting for you to make a determined decision first."

Karina couldn't help but shake her head a little bitterly. Segan had a sunny view on it indeed, but she wasn't convinced. "I can't read nor write. Maybe I could run documents here and there if I wanted. But who says I want to?" Her eyes shifted between the two of them, both blocking the door and any exit she might've tried to make. "It's not gonna just fall into my lap, Segan no matter what ya say."

He knew Bovee needed to hire such help but it seemed that could be crossed out. The ideal it would keep her here at the port working an area she knew best, though in a different way. "You tell me what you think you can do that would suit you best, that you think you can learn?"

"I dunno, I've never done anything else," and hey... why did she suddenly feel like she was being lured into a change that she still hadn't actually said she wanted to make? Feeling a little caged her eyes moved between brothers again. "I - just 'cause I happened to get caught this one time don't mean I'm not good at what I do. I am." A bit of defensive pride there.

"Something that will keep you out of prison, lass." He had a haunted look in his eyes that disappeared as he continued. "You're bright. You learn quick. but it's your choice." He gave a slight shrug. "Eventually you're going to be wanting more." He gave a shake of his head and stepped back. No longer blocking the door.

Maybe because if she continued, they might not be able to rescue her next time and find her washed up on the shore, another drowned victim. "It's living a low life pick pocket thief but if that is all you can be, then who am I to try and change you? I'm not your keeper." He had noticed her eyeing the space between them as he was up to step out of the shed. "You can stay in the cabin boy's cabin tonight if you'd like or head for wherever it is you stay at night, or the Thistle." He knew she had a couple of different places she went to but tonight she was wrapped up.

"I'll think about it." That's all she would say for now, and even that came after a moment of hesitation like pulling teeth. Now that the doorway was open, she started out and towards the gangplank. She did pause there to glance back to both of them. "And.. thanks. For the help." Grudgingly, but it was a genuine sentiment. With that she straightened her cap and turned to start down toward the dock.

"See you in a day or two," possibly three. Noticing she didn't take up the invitation to stay on his ship. He was back to the rail as he pulled out a cigarillo and debating to call for a bottle of potcheen, though it seemed Whiskers, named for a face that was so hairy on the older sea dog, came by to offer him one which he took up. "You're welcome," called out belatedly but sincere nonetheless.

He watched her a moment then straightened. Still a few hours until dawn and he clapped a hand to Segan's shoulder. "I've some business to tend to, and a message to send off to the castle." Pleasant business, and he wanted to make sure they knew he hadn't deserted and was headed to Ballicastle to meet some of his brothers-in-arms there. "I'll be back before dawn." He paused, then called out as well. "Aye, welcome." If she was still around, she'd hear.

At the top of the gangplank though, she hesitated. The streets didn't seem so welcome tonight after all that had happened. What if that Black Jack fellow was still out and about? She'd never admit she was scared but there was something to be said for self-preservation. "Well, maybe would be better to... lay low." She said, turning back to Segan. Something suspiciously closer to shyness crept in as she followed that with, "you don't mind if I stay?" He'd seemed almost angry with her but if his offer still stood, she'd take it.

"Aye, make me envious on top o' it all," returning the clasp to his brother's shoulder in a momentarily tight grip. They needed to talk possibly, he had noticed him being slipped more than his cigarillos which he seemed to leave on purpose? Once was one thing but twice or more? There was something more here than superficial. Then back to Karina as he realized she returned and not taken off. "Aye, being I don't have a cabin boy, the bed is empty and you can lock the door between that cabin and mine." Being they were connected on the inside too in case the captain needed the lad immediately to get or run something for him. Which, Segan didn't need.

The envelope would be part of the message going to the castle. He gave Segan a slight smile, Karina an approving nod for staying, and started for the gangplank. What he needed waited a short distance from here, and there was a lad who could be trusted with the delivery no matter what time of day or night. He lit one of the cigarillos as he disappeared into the mist that had rolled in while they had been on the ship.

With Eion departing, she turned back toward Segan. Tired and achy and feeling undeniably chastened. There was a sense of having let the brothers down, which she tried to tell herself was ridiculous because she didn't have any real connection to them anyway. Right? "Um.. so which is it?.." She'd never been aboard his ship before, after all.

There was a cabin for Eion to use which he may well sleep in once here if he kept up all night with business to attend to. He could understand and would be doing the same in his shoes. Maybe he caught that look in her eyes, recognizing it as he was over to slip an arm around her shoulders, gently, she could dip away if a bit of TLC was too much for her. It would just mean he'd not try it again. "I'll take you up, maybe some tea with herbs to ease the pain tonight will be just right." Which he glanced to whiskers who was hanging around in case Segan needed anything, anytime, it was the main part of his job. He would lead her to the aft where his captain quarters were and the adjacent cabin boy's room. His was spacious where the other was a descent size all considering.

Karina stiffened when that arm slipped around her shoulders, but mainly it was due to surprise... and not being used to such a gesture. Still, it wasn't unpleasant. Comforting even, and after a moment she relaxed, not shrugging away from the embrace as he led her in the right direction. The suggestion of tea came as something of a surprise too. "Oh, you don't have to... You've already done so much for me tonight," that added with a hint of her usual playful smirk. The brothers might even have saved her life tonight, who knew how deep Black Jack's rage could run... but she wouldn't air that grave thought aloud.

"I don't have to but if I don't, you'll be keeping me awake all night with your moans." Which he realized didn't quite sound right but had him laughing instead as he added. "In pain." Not something pleasant like the other would imply. "Besides, it's being done and Whiskers will be insulted if you don't drink his concoction for pain and sleep." One that would make her drowsy and let the motion of water beneath help in the lulling. They climbed the steps as he was over to the left of the doubled up doors to the single one to unlock it. Swinging the door open as he took one of the lit oil lamps to hand her. His had a view from a number of windows that opened up in the back. Of course his arm had fallen away to see to the lamp and leaving her to get some sleep. "I'm next door if you need me just knock on the door inside." She would not have to leave her room.

She blinked at first when he quickly amended his statement, not getting it right away... then she realized why he'd corrected himself and her lips lifted in a soft smirk again. "Well.. alright." She accepted the offer without further protest, not having it in her to argue much more tonight. She peered into the room once they arrived then took the lamp. A glance up to him as she pushed away one stray curl from her eyes, back up into the cap. She nodded  her understanding. "Thanks, Segan." She really and truly meant it this time.

"You're welcome." He wasn't heartless by any stretch of the imagination and though deserved, she'd gone through a lot tonight. He leaned in to touch a kiss to the crown of her head amongst those curls before he was around on a heel to unlock his doors and head inside, taking one of the lamps from outside just for that purpose with him. Whiskers managed to appear before Karina got inside offering her the mug of tea he prepared. For an old geezer, quiet most of the time, there was a wizen look in old eyes. He had also become very protective of Segan since the man's father died.

She just sort of stared after Segan once he'd planted that soft kiss on her head. Far different from the one Conor had given her some days ago... but no less surprising. One like she imagined a father or a brother might give. It started a peculiar warm feeling deep in her gut. That, along with the special tea that was given her would help lull her off to sleep tonight. She nodded her thanks to Whiskers, who seemed a gentle sort of soul. Taking her tea inside the cabin and letting the door close quietly behind her.



Date: 07-12-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
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Long Night at the Docks

The Anaconda had docked as the sun set a couple hours before. Eion had some business to take care of that Segan had a good suspicion would involve Dolly and not just what would be normally assumed of Dolly. They had been paid double for taking on the emergency run which had the men deciding to go celebrate. Whiskers stayed on ship with a few of the other older crew members to set up a decent card game inviting some others they knew at the port older like themselves. They had lost the luster for fighting unless needed. Bones broke far too easier than when young and old breaks hurt  just watching others fight. The run went quick enough being they didn't stay overly long in Ballicastle. Segan got to visit the marketplace and some of the shops around while Eion went to the castle to meet up with some of the warriors there. He got a music jewelry box for Grandmama that had a ballerina that danced around when it was opened up. He also got an ancient looking broach to put in it, something that would keep the ends of her shawl together when the weather started getting cooler without having to hold it closed all the time. He got various silk scarves and opal necklaces for his sisters. Those all stayed on his ship in his cabin for now as he wasn't planning on heading back to the Manor tonight. He would tomorrow. Besides, he got a job to bring goods back up this way for the Hollow's Wood Inn which his men were unloading from the ship while he took a walk along the pier, leaving a trail of vanilla scented smoke from the cigarillo he was enjoying.

Only one thing would bring Conor Quinn even smelling distance to the sea, and that was family. After a week of leather work, his fingers, his arms, his back ... his entire body ached with a familiar, welcomed discomfort. One that spoke of a job well done. Conor knew where the Anaconda found berth and made his way in that direction. For all his dislike of the port and the salt that hung in the air to cling to skin and clothes, he seemed to stroll with an easy stride, his shirt sleeves rolled up mid arm, his shirt loosened at the neck, the tails even pulled from his pants. No tight seams or tucked cloth to impede movement, should said movement be required. Sure as a dung beetle preferred a cattle field, there he was. The captain of the Anaconda, finding his leisure on the dock with his smoke. Conor smiled, walking in that direction.

It was the kind of night, a number in a row, that one was sticky and hot wherever they went. At least with the constant flow of waves it brought what seemed a cooler breeze in off the ocean. Segan was watching the various ones around, especially a certain height that would dart on the run. Had him almost take a start but instead the cigarillo was plucked from his lips to exhale the smoke. False alarm. It was then he spotted a familiar form like a fish out of water and the tails of his shirt like fins in the way the breeze had them stick out and the very fact his brother was down here. "I do believe you have grown fins little brother." Flicking what was left of the cig out into the lapping waves as he started up a quick step in his brother's direction. Once reached he'd have him in a clan bear hug lasting a few seconds. He was clad in the beige poets shirt, rolled up at the sleeves, left open and untucked, brown pants and the lightweight boots on his feet.

Conor returned the embrace with a thump to Segan's back. When released, he took a step away. "I do believe that herb you were smoking had more to it than just tobacco and vanilla." He laughed. The day would never come that Conor Quinn grew fins. That would mean he'd have to adapt to the water. No thank you. "You haven't come to see me, so...I am forced to swallow my pride and my dislike and trudge down into this pit of saltwater hell."

"No. I haven't. That will be amended. I'm going to see if Melantha will let me buy Big Red from her, one of the riding horses, not racing. I've been borrowing him so I'm going to need a saddle. I can't be expecting her to sell me that as well and I'd rather one custom made so as comfortable as it can get. I've wandered the lands past Heathfield. Proved to be interesting even if the place was somewhat odd." A grin spread on a thought as he took out the nicely made silver cigarillo holder. "I was given this by one I've met recently and the cigs might well have more in them than tobacco and vanilla."

Eion was whistling as he made his way toward the slip where the Anaconda was berthed. This time his cigarillos were neatly tucked into his vest pocket. He was wearing a shirt of blue beneath the dark vest, the top few laces undone, his shirt untucked because it was more comfortable. He kept a few clothes at Dolly's.  He glanced at the SnakePit as he passed, hearing the usual raised voices though not yet at the level that signified a fight. Spotting two familiar figures, he headed toward his brothers. "Evenin', brothers mine. Conor, good to see you venture out this lovely night."

Well now, wasn't Eion in a damnfine mood! He turned to look at that brother fully, casting an assessing gaze down and back up. "I'm usually out and about just that I choose that my out and aboutness not involve brine saturated surroundings." He grinned. "It's good to see you, Eion."

"He has made the exception for tonight for he knew you would be here." Like it had nothing to do with finding him. "Eion took the trip with me down to Ballicastle. I wish you had some sailing in you Conor, for we'd have even a better time getting to know the port and some of its ladies. Dolly gave Eion a list." Though Eion had not seemed to care and they didn't stay for him to get involved but he spotted a few that were on the list. He was a sucker for a pretty face.

That him chuckling and he gave a shake of his head. "The list wasn't for me." He grinned at Segan. "Was for you. I did what I wanted to there." He looked back at Conor. "You wouldn't need to sail. Ride there." And with that he pulled the pack of cigarillos from his pocket, offering one to Conor first before taking one for himself. "Segan's right. There are some lovely ladies there."

Conor chuckled. "Save your wishing, Segan, for something that might actually come true. I'll take my visits to Ballicastle by way of horseback, if I've a need to visit." He slanted a look Eion's way again as the man nearly said what he was saying, at about the same time. "Who is Dolly? And..." He was then looking between brothers, since the disputed list was now for Segan instead of Eion. "what kind of list?" He shook his head slightly with the offer of a smoke, but his smile was his thanks for asking.

"I'll let Eion do the explaining o' t'at being 'e is t'e one t'at met Dolly w'o 'n turn 'ad Lil come me way for a bit o' sport." Though that was all it was so far. Just a bit. "We can all ride there if you wish. Soon as I get me t'at big ole 'orse and saddle." Though not really, they could go any time they wanted even before he bough the horse and saddle from his siblings. He had noticed he'd been a bit sore after the last time out for not having ridden distance in a while.

"Dolly is a woman from here, whom I spend time with. She gave me a list of lasses in Ballicastle who might enjoy a visit from a strapping lad like yourselves, and who are ... safe." He grinned at Conor. "While away from the pleasures the Garden might offer." Simple enough answer though the time that Eion spent with her wasn't always in pursuit of pleasure.  Dolly played a mean hand of poker.

Conor didn't even notice that Segan had slipped into thick brogue. When drunk, and speaking with a drunk, it all makes perfect sense. When Irish, and speaking with an Irishman, there's no need to even think twice. It was Eion's addition to the comments that had both of Conor's brows arching upward. "Well now, there's much to be said for having ... contacts." A laugh rumbled free and he shook his head. "Would that I have the time to join in the pursuit of such a list, but business is good, and even this night I've received another order for a custom made saddle. The ladies of Ballicastle will need make due with you and Segan."

"Unfortunately I had not the time to pursue much in that area." A bit of flirting, sucking face, holding, teasing but that was it. "I still want to make use of those passes to the Garden. All work and nothing else, Conor, your saddles will suffer," or more the man behind making the saddles. "It wont be much longer when I'll be given longer runs and more dangerous ones." More as a heads up so they knew.

"Again, not me." He said firmly, though he might join them in the trip to the Garden. Since Segan had the tickets. He grinned at Conor. "So how many saddle orders do you have so far?" It was good that his business was picking up.

Conor reached out to rap Segan on the arm. "Never said nothing else, just...that Ballicastle is a ways further for me to have to travel for that ...something...considering my deadlines." He stuffed his hands in his pockets, stepping back to adopt a lean against an obliging wooden post at pierside. "Finished up one this week for Neale Frasier from Falkirk I think it is. Nice man. Duke or some sort title by his signature on the order. Two other orders following that, some harnesses, saddles, bridles and the like. And Segan here...for his big ole horse." He jerked his head in Segan's direction as he spoke his brother's name. "All going well with your training?" He had heard rumors of a visit to the barracks, but wasn't sure he could trust the source. Still, the tale rang true. Too true! And he had laughed to himself at different times throughout the day imagining the whole scene going down. Segan's trips would need to be mentioned to their Grandmother, but the 'more dangerous' parts, they may wish to exclude.

"It goes well. I believe I'm nearly back to my full strength." He chuckled as he added, "though the King's men more often than not make sure I have my fill of dirt. Did you hear of Gran's visit to the barracks?" He hadn't heard anything from those King's men as of yet, but he was sure their Grandmother would visit again. "And when do those runs start, Segan?" Yes, leaving out the dangerous part would be a good idea.

"It's his brother that runs the races our horses are doing well in." Not the best but far from the worse. "I'll bring that big ole horse around once I convince Melantha to sell him to me. "Aye, that I can understand, why go that far for a romp, turn of the hay." Even with him taking runs there he'd not found the time to do much else, though the last, something for the womenfolk. Whiskers came by handing off a bottle of potcheen as he passed with some of his buddies heading for the Blue Marlin before it closed.

"Good man!" Conor called after Whiskers, shooting up a hand in a wave of additional gratitude. "I heard a bit, Eion. Had a fellow come up to McDonough's ranch, a friend of the laird there I believe, that was telling some of the men about it. No names given. But damn if I couldn't imagine who it was they were speaking of." He chuckled low, looking from Segan to Eion, then back to Segan. "So, when do you think you'll be heading out on those longer voyages?" Somewhat repeating Eion, just to make sure the middle brother heard. Conor was already practicing not saying 'more dangerous'.

"Could be as early as next week. First one is to the Caribbean. Which has me going through some uncharted waters. I'm going to check some coordinates on some of those maps I have and see where they lead or if they're bogus while I'm in the vicinity." Segan was looking for trouble wasn't he!  Teeth sunk into the cork of the bottle with a spit to the side before he was tipping it up for a long drink then offering it in the direction of his brothers. Whoever reached for it first.

"They were talking about Gran. She decided to make sure I had a good breakfast and brought enough to feed the whole barracks." His grin faded though when he heard Segan. "Who has you doing that?" He had faith in his brother's abilities as a Captain but some things heard had him concerned. He'd have to be the one to break the news if  God forbid, anything happened to Segan.

Conor reached and claimed the bottle next, lifting it for a drink and then handing it off to the side for Eion. He didn't say anything, just waited for Eion's question to be answered.

"Bovee, they import and export all over the world. My crew has had the itch to do something longer than a day's run down the coast and back up again." He had the itch as well and they still didn't know any of his adventures. He never really got the time to tell them about some of them. If he made it through those, he'd make it through anything human borne, including those pirates mentioned.


He gave a slow nod, waiting for Conor to finish with the potcheen. "You'll have time to tell Gran, Aunt Chandra and the lasses, aye?" He could even make the trip to the lighthouse to tell Davin if he wanted, but Eion was going to make sure Segan told Gran and their sisters himself. "Otherwise, they'll have your hide when you get back." Not that he expected Segan to have to stop what he was doing and run to the manor each time, but the first to prepare them all.

Especially with this sort of trip. Conor nodded, still holding the bottle out to Eion, but added a lean forward so his brother could reach it easier. "I don't envy you those trips." Was he talking about the journey at sea? Or having to explain to Gram and the sisters that he would be gone for some time? Considering this was Conor making the statement, probably both.

"Aye, I'll be telling them once I know the time and certain. Wont have them worrying o'er nothing." Giving a grunted laugh as he indicated the Snake Pit across the way. "Maybe get in a card game," or fight, not actually saying that part. "Kind of night, wouldn't you say?" He was itching in that way as well get in a few drinks. Another drink from the bottle before passing it off to his brothers. Whoever grabbed it first again as he started across the way. The noise growing louder the closer they got as the pit hole was in full swing. He knew Grandmama would have his hide if he didn't say anything at all, more than the others though she would probably grill him. Go through the usual like she had some control over the fact his way of life brought him over dangerous seas and places. There could be as much danger right here in the Snake Pit.

After he finally took the bottle, and a drink, he handed it back off to Segan then he chuckled. "Today, I don't envy him either." He'd let Conor grab the bottle again as he started after Segan. "Is there a reason you've decided it's that kind of night, Segan?" He wondered if the trips were because his brother was becoming restless also.

If a life was in danger, it was in danger, no matter the location. Conor followed along behind his brothers, casting a look right then left with a study that appeared for the most part casual. That was about it for the younger of the three.

"Not any more reason than a feeling." Certainly Eion understood the nights one got antsy, the itch to be doing something even if there was no idea what would satisfy that something and not necessarily a wench either. He talked about heading to that area of the port. "I might end up," pausing to give them a look and a grin, "singing." By that time he reached the door of the darkened place, seemed to have the whole front in shadow like a foreboding or forewarning. About to open up the door when it flew open as two came bursting through, fists flying as good as the curses. Luckily he was fast enough to step aside.

The fact that he was planning to sing, should be a warning there. Or might sing. He just smiled and shook his head as he swiped the bottle from Conor. A drink was taken, then the bottle lowered while he watched the two fighting.  He let out a laugh when they crashed into some crates though the merchant nearby didn't find it funny.

"Looks like we'll find whatever we need in here." Waiting to make sure the door cleared as a few crowded it to watch the fight. The two about equal as they rolled, punches flying as the men at the door started placing bets.

Conor didn't even sidestep to avoid the fight, but he was prepared to give a shove if they managed to roll his way. They did not. He rolled a shoulder and looked to his brothers before weaving his way through the gathering crowd to make his way inside.



Date: 07-12-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
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With Conor barging his way in, he took the easier route behind him! Bottle tipped for a good drink before passing it off to Eion behind him. Eion had it even easier as he shoved a few aside in that bottleneck.

Eion had it easier yet. Since his brothers were shoving the crowd out of the way, Eion just followed in their wake, and took a good drink from the bottle. Nearly gone, but he offered it back to Conor once they reached the bar.


Karina exited the Anaconda the same way she had got onto it... sneakily! Although there was no need to skulk about like a stowaway anymore, nevertheless she wasn't certain who else might be hanging around the Docks... and her bruised ribs still ached with a memory she had no desire to repeat. And so she danced from shadow to shadow, making her way down the ship's gangplank and then, along a circuitous route of corners and back alleys that would eventually bring her to the Snake Pit. She figured that's where Eion and Segan would go to slake their post-journey thirst. And with them there, at least there wasn't as big a concern about Black Jack being there as well.

What did he want with this? He took the bottle, holding it up to catch the light of the tavern lanterns and found there was just a swallow left. Fat lot of good that would do him, but he wouldn't waste it! And tipped the bottle to finish it off and placed it empty on the bar. "We'll need a couple more of these, and three glasses." Placing the order he turned to look about the room, searching out a table that would work for them. Otherwise, they'd be spending their evening at the bar counter. Didn't matter really, as long as his glass was never devoid of whiskey. Payment was tossed to the wood as the bottles were set there and then Conor caught up the bottles between his fingers. "Where to?"

That's when Brady piped up over the crowd, loud mouth that he was. "There's the pretty Satyr with his men folk." Man never learned when to shut his trap. Segan had a murderous look in his eyes as he turned, pinning Brady beneath the look, words growled under his breath. "I'll be with you in a moment, find a table." He didn't care where but Brady was going to find out that Segan didn't take to such mouths. "Aye, pretty Satyr that will kick your ass." Pushing his way through, some parting as they wanted to see this. No one really liked Brady at all, Segan descending on the man who barely stood from his stool. "Remember this next time before mouthing off," right hook was all it took. The man had a glass jaw as he heard tell by Adrian, as he went crumbling to the floor. Segan shook his head before back around to find out where his brothers went. If anyone recognized the Satyr from a few weeks ago, they'd not be saying a word on it. One of the bouncers dragged the man out the side door, dunked him the trough before leaving him there on the ground and getting back inside.

First off, Segan didn't order Conor around. Next, the youngest brother wasn't going anywhere far from the middle sibling, not after seeing that look in Segan's eyes. "And he has the hooves to kick it with, that pretty Satyr." Conor laughed as he looked to Eion. He whistled under his breath as Segan took the man out with one swing. His grin still in place, he started edging his way toward a table, one of the only ones available.


Eion had paused as well, turning to watch as Segan took care of Brady. Now wasn't that a lovely sight? Even better was watching the man being dragged off. He chuckled and shrugged at Conor, then followed after. Didn't need to push his way through since folks were starting to know who the brothers were. "Nice view.." he decided after pulling out a chair and placing the back against the wall. Tavern like this, it was best to be watching all the time.

Which was just about when Karina came up to the establishment from a side alley, just in time to see a somewhat bedraggled man with a slack jaw being tossed into the trough. "I feel yer pain, mate," she muttered with a smirk to herself, remembering all the times Segan had taught her the same lesson. But the Sailor was nowhere in sight. The place was packed, she could tell that much from the muted roar of noise emanating from behind closed doors.

Shadows had shadows down on the lower tier of the port area where the piers jutted out like fingers over the ocean waters that were rolling constantly in and out. A sound that drew many a man to the sea, lulling him there. Pierre wore dark clothing from head to booted feet, charcoal grays and blacks were his attire for the night, especially down here. He watched a few minutes of a group passing by before crossing the way to make his way to the Snake Pit as if on instinct alone he'd find the one he was looking for. Almost everyone down at this port knew Pierre and turned aside going in a different direction unless he called them friend. Then they would be joining up if wanting some action. This night there was a new crew in from a ship that came from England, so he found out. There was also the matter of a voucher tucked away in an inner pocket of the slicker he wore. As if on cue, it started to rain. Sweeping kind that had him pull up the collar as his steps quickened the last bit of the way. Entering the crowded tavern.

Since Eion was facing out, Conor didn't feel the need to do so. He placed the bottles on the table, then the glasses and slid his chair a bit to the side so that Eion could watch Conor's back. Both corks were released and three glasses filled before he sat. And, believe it or not, actually relaxed.

Eion was facing out, Conor with his back to the crowd, so he ended up with the in between side view. Which was fine with him as he would see how many of the sailors crowded in here he knew. Two over the other side were recognized from his own crew. Only an up nod but he knew if a fight broke out, they would have backup. The area around the door seemed to be the most crowded part of all.

"Thanks, Conor." He picked up one of the glasses, then took a drink of the whiskey. Could be worse but it wasn't as good at the potcheen served at the Thistle. He leaned back, watching the crowd. Most still seemed to be outside watching the fight though the guard would soon be arriving he was sure.

Most moved out of his way as he caught sight of the brothers. One in particular. He collected an age old whiskey from the tender's special stock, bottled in plain glass so others didn't find out. Pierre got one of these before heading over to their table. Holding up the bottle, "It is Snake's finest, oui." Pulling out a chair opposite Segan being that was the one left to take. "You give this one a try, it is black dijnn. Almost as good as the potcheen but different." His French accent evident as he poured some in his glass then reached to set it to the middle of the table in reach of the others.

Karina was lingering outside still, standing on her toes to try to see past the dingy windows to the crowd inside when rain began to fall. Glancing up to the sky, she took that as her cue to step around to the tavern door. After stomping the mud and debris off from her black boots, she headed into the tavern. And was instantly hit by a wall of sweaty, rowdy humanity. The place was packed and the air, accordingly foul. Her nose wrinkled as she sought to push her way further in with her short and shrimp-like frame.

Segan half stood in all due respect and just as quickly back down. Pierre was too quick to need say he was welcome to join them. "Eion, Conor, this is Pierre Lafayette of Bovee shipping." Taking the bottle as he kicked back what was in his glass so he could try a spot of this black dijnn. He was trying to recall where he heard the name too. Somewhere in his adventures, recalling at least silk and thick sweet smelling smoke in a shadowy place not far from the sound of the ocean. Like here if it weren't crowded. Karina would get a good whiff of male, many unwashed excluding the four at the table. Ah, there was his cabin boy or so he could let ones believed, "Kar," over here. Jerk of a hand to alert the lad if lad she wanted to go by.

Low profile. That's what her body's stance said, shoulders hunched; the collar of her beaten coachman's coat was turned up, gloved hands shoved into the pockets. Mohawked head fell into an observant incline as she approached the backwater bar, smoke from the smoldering cigarette between her lips exhaled through nostrils as unique footing made more noise than she would've liked. The goggles the Captain wore, one lens cracked down the middle, shifted up to her forehead. Steps slowed to a halt as blue-nearing-white eyes observed the establishment from the outside. Finally giving a smoke filled sigh as the door was pushed open and she entered, the coat she wore shifted so that high collar was raised to obscure her a bit further as she shuffled amidst the dregs gathered. Head tilted down as if it would help obscure the curved, black horns above her brow.

He tossed back the rest of what was in his glass, then nodded to Pierre. "Pleasure." Indeed it was a pleasure. To meet the man and to share in the better stock of whiskey than what they were drinking. He poured himself a glass and then sat back, arm stretched to rest his hand around the glass but he didn't lift it yet.

He didn't have much left in his glass so it was finished quickly and he put a splash of this new stuff in after Conor was through. "Pleasure to meet you, Pierre." Studying the man a full moment before he heard Segan and looked for the lass, a bit of a frown showing.  This was not the best place for her to be.

Now the overly superstitious men would believe a real Satyr just walked in if they caught a good sight of her. Most were too busy being rowdy, making bets, a few card games and the sport of insults being flung back and forth.

Yes, perhaps it would be wise to assume her male facade for now lest she be recognized from the other night... and thus she kept that cap snugly on her head, curls all tucked up beneath, though in this press of bodies and heat she was itching to bare her scalp to what little air there was in here. Over the din she caught wind of her name, or rather nickname from a familiar voice. She couldn't quite see Segan nor either of the other Quinn boys, not over the heads of the taller folks surrounding her, and so she craned her neck and just pushed and wriggled her way in the direction of his voice.

"You have asked on certain ships from certain countries, oui?" His words lowering as eyes caught those of Segan's after alerting the slight frame 'lad' to join them. "There is one that came in tonight but have anchored out from the piers. All is still quiet but certain ones are on alert." There were warships about from Innis disguised as regular. Armed and ready if needed after what happened up the coast.

What intrigue was this? Conor looked between his brother and Lafayette. Seemed the men were talking business, the likes of ships and the sea and those were two words that would most times turn Conor's stomach. This time, it turned his head to allow them to speak in private between them, his gaze moving over the bodies of the patrons newly arrived and those firmly established already.

Hand slipping into the inner pocket of the slicker as he took out the envelope. Hand flattened it against the table before sliding it up Segan's way. "Three jobs, you can take your pick. Just let me know. There is a voucher to turn into the Barrister." Each of the jobs would be worth a certain amount. Another like he did with a run down the coast. One to Eire and one to the Caribbean. Dates, cargo and times listed.

Satyrs could be quite cruel at times, but were generally good natured. The look on the horned woman's face was anything but. Annoyed, it looked like the starts of a sneer were tugging at the corners of her lips and it wouldn't quite finish up. A cigarette hung from between them, that should've been retired a good time ago. Hooves made heavy clanks on the floorboards as she crossed the room, great care taken to skirt around the drunks and revelers before coming to stop at the bar. "Whiskey." Came the words, on a hoarse and raspy voice; a seeming struggle to get the words to raise further than a whisper, and then a bit more so it could be heard over the static of the bar.

He reached over to drag an empty chair to their table, one the ended up between him and Eion as he set a glass and poured some of this black dijnn into the lad's glass. Setting the bottle down as he listened to Pierre then was up with enough of a lean to capture that envelope under the tips of his fingers and drag the rest of his way while lowering back into his seat. "I will look it over." Tucking it away into his pants pocket being his shirt didn't have any. He was more concerned on the English ship reported.

"Phew!" Karina finally squeezed between two hulking forms of men that were too drunk to even notice, coming to standing in front of the Quinn's table with laughter in her impish face. "Fah, this place is packed closer than a can o' sardines - Oh." And with that somewhat taken aback exclamation, she fell instantly silent as she noticed Conor sitting there with them.

Conor had been facing the wrong direction and her voice was what snatched his gaze back around. He looked to the chair now placed between Eion and Segan, the glass filled, then slowly drew his attention to the right again. Out into the crowd. No reason to greet her, was there? She had made it clear to him she didn't wish to have to acknowledge his existence.

The man at the bar, tender of a stocky build, boxer at tone time that went by Snake. He eyed the woman but got her the glass and whiskey charging the usual coin. Too shadowy and dim in the place to even tell if the glass was clean or not. Most likely only if one asked for a clean glass did they get one. The woman might notice the shadows of stuffed snakes he had as his decor, hanging from the rafters and small shelves high up on the walls. The man had a snake fetish.

Eion was listening more to the conversations around them though mention of the English ship had him frowning even more. He finished the drink, placed his glass on the table and this time filled it. He would nurse it for now. Blue eyes shifted from Conor to Karina then he lifted the glass to drink.

The Tiefling was far from picky; only lifting and giving the glass a look in order to see if it was adequately filled. And she seemed to take a long moment to debate that, before motioning for him to leave the bottle. Her left hand leaving her pocket to leave enough payment to cover it, and probably a few coins more. She was never very good at math on the fly. The bottle was snagged in one hand, and the glass in another. Horned and mohawked head tossed back to finish off the contents of the glass, never losing that cigarette, before depositing it onto the counter. She just took the bottle with her as she turned away, vibrant blues glancing back and forth over the interior for seating.

Karina was just eyeing Conor like she'd never seen him before, or perhaps as if he had sprouted horns upon his head like that hooved woman over there. That blank look continued until Conor purposefully looked away from her.

There was a slight scowl as Karina and Conor eyed each other like a matador about to wave the red flag in front of the bull. "I didn't know you chanced this one, Kar."

Well that stung just a bit and her lips began to tug down into a frown. Then Segan spoke and she dragged her eyes back to the sailor. "Huh? Oh, aye.. this is where I err.. had that run-in the other night." Segan would know what she was talking about, and she mentioned the incident with a halfhearted smirk. Seeing that Segan had pulled over a chair for her, she sat down though her buoyant sea-induced mood had been somewhat flattened.



Date: 07-12-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
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He brought his glass up, drinking of the contents sloooowly. A frown puckered his brow briefly and when Segan spoke to her, a deep inhale filled his lungs, and he looked back to everyone gathered at his table.

Snake was easy to please when one left a few extra coins. Bottle was left and coins collected not saying a word about her appearance. He had a face that had been beaten up many a time, nose almost flat and a scar running down the one side, looking like a snake. Though no patch over his eye, one was a cloudy looking blue but it seemed he could still see out of it.

Eion finished his drink, and slammed the glass down. He gave Karina a long look then stood. "I need some air. Pierre, I hope we meet again. Segan, Conor, I'll talk to you later. Lass." He eased on out passed Segan, then made his way through the crowded tavern and out. Pausing outside to take out a cigarillo.

Conor glanced up to Eion as he stood, then tossed back the remainder of his drink, standing himself. "Gut pain." He used as his excuse, pressing a fisted hand to his midsection. "Mister Lafayette, an honor to meet you. Segan."  He nodded to his brother and moved the chair from behind him. "Karina." To her another nod, then he stepped away to follow in Eion's wake. He did a double take when he looked to the bar in the process, not sure he saw what he thought he saw, but did see! A twitch of a smile that way. Interesting. And he was out of the door of the tavern.

And, it seemed Eion hated her too... again. This time she was at a complete loss as to what exactly she had done. And not a little bit hurt by the long stare the eldest brother had given her. Thus, it was a bewildered stare she gave Eion's retreating form before glancing back to Segan. Just waiting for the third Quinn to walk out on her, as Conor too made good his exit. "...What did I do this time?" She asked Segan with a mumbled laugh, though it lacked any sort
of real amusement.


Eion might notice a captain dressed like he'd been stuffed along with something up his arse. The sailor with him too clean and proper. "Excuse me, oui?" Having noticed Eion to leave, he would join him outside and have a smoke while at it. Certainly he could have one of the cigarillos he favored in here but it would not be enjoyed as it would in fresh air. "I will speak with you soon," giving a nod to Segan but a glance lingering on the lad, oh, he recognized her, before he made his way through the crowd and slipped out the front door. It seemed he headed out near at the same time as Conor. "One needs to breathe after in the snake pit, oui?" That was as good an excuse to step outside. At least it had stopped raining and the air held that cleansing tint to it.

Oh, he didn't need to see a bluidy Englishman tonight. And luckily he hadn't seen the horned woman. That just might be a bit too much for him.  He let out a low growl as he stepped on outside and to the side, certain Conor had followed him out.  Eyes narrowed, he never stopped watching the Englishman.

He shook his head. "Have your drink. Maybe things will clear up in time." He'd not leave her in here alone though he nodded to Pierre as he headed outside.

"I doubt it," she mumbled on an undertone. "Hasn't seemed to help things much so far." Karina wouldn't meet his eyes though, instead she stared down into her untouched tankard and absently kicked the leg of the table with her toe, over and over. It was such a wild ride of emotions lately with them, swinging from happy ups and then
... back down again. This time though she couldn't figure out what she'd done wrong.

Good bartender, she thought for a moment, thinking back on others who were quick to throw her out. They always paid for it in property damage on her way out the door. And there we go, open chairs. She moved through the crowd, before they were stolen away for another table. She didn't really seem to mind that others were occupying the table as she flared out her coachman's coat so it wouldn't be caught under her as she sat, for a brief moment bringing that long and leather black tail beneath that was hidden beneath before relaxing back, one oddly shaped leg crossing over the knee of the other as she sat with her profile to the young woman, and man already sitting there; taking a swig from the bottle in hand.

"Hey." He managed a rather sheepish grin to Eion when that brother stopped just outside the door. "Think I'll head back to the ranch. I've got a full day tomorrow." The air was still thick though with salt. Conor couldn't help but notice that. He turned as Pierre spoke. "Deep breaths." He replied to the Frenchman.

At times it seemed like everything she touched involving the Quinns just resulted in a lot of pain and misunderstanding for all of them. Maybe it was time to be moving on. But all that was kept to herself as she picked up her tankard and took an un-tasting sip.

He studied Conor for a long moment then nodded. "I might stop there after training. See how things are coming along." Eyes turned to Pierre and he nodded. "Aye, it gets a little tense in there." He wasn't sure what was going on but he meant to find out.  Though not here and now.

Maybe he was the one needing deep breaths! Hopefully the woman was use to one initially staring in surprise. More on Segan's part for a ball he went to attired not much different though male of this female. First he thought it was a costume. Then realized they looked very real and became uncertain. "Eve'in tae yea." The thicker Irish brogue coming through.

"I've never really been fond of sea air...and recently, found my dislike of snakes." A nod finished off his statement to Pierre then he looked back to Eion.

And that brought a blink of surprise. "Didn't know you have a dislike of them." He never thought of them himself but then he hadn't had any run-ins with them.

The sudden arrival of that strange.. make that VERY strange woman - was she even a woman? - pulled Karina from her reverie with a startled glance of aqua eyes. "Hullo..." Uncertainly offered.

The Englishman captain stood for a long moment watching the Snake Pit but seemed very reluctant to go into the place. Probably because of the smell leaking out that could be picked up even outside, much like one walking by an alley that had very ripe stuffed garbage cans on a hot day.

"Do...I could use a pair of strong hands to help out a bit." He had started past Eion on his way but paused, smiling back to him. "Aye, found I don't particularly like swimming with them, or hunting the same frogs with them." Conor's fist thumped against Eion's upper arm and he began on his way again. The more distance he could put between himself and the snake pit the better. For more reasons than one.

"Evenin'." She parroted, her raspy voice nearly lost in the noise of the bar. If the words were lost, she raised her drinking hand in an impromptu toast as a greeting in itself. Her frame relaxing back against the chair. Finally, the smoldering, long expired cigarette was deposited onto the floor, and then the finger of her glove caught between teeth to be tugged free. The bottle switching palms, and the other hand being stripped. A sideways glance was given to the pair who had already been sitting there, slow and appraising before her view tipped up as her head went back for another long drink.

"I'm Segan and this is Kar," though a lass she was dressed as a lad and hard to tell any different with the cap on her head and baggy boy clothes. He took a glance to the door, wondering if his brothers were still outside or had gone. Hard to tell when one couldn't even really see in or out of the windows in this place. Then he turned a look on Kar which held for a moment or two. "I don't know what happened between you and my brother but if you consider him a friend, want to be a friend, I think you need to tell him that. The choice is yours."

"That would explain it." He chuckled and managed to clap a hand to Conor's shoulder before he left. Watching a moment, he finally pulled one of the cigarillos out of his pocket. As he lit it, he spoke to Pierre. "Do you recognize that one there?" Giving a minute nod to the English Captain.

With a sudden sense of claustrophobia Karina couldn't sit in the crowded, overheated and disgustingly fragrant place a moment longer. Not just because of their new companion at the table either. With a tip of the head back, she drained her beverage in one fell swoop. About to push away from the table, Segan's words brought her up short. "Which brother?" She asked with a hollow laugh. "Both of yours seem to hate me lately."

Oh ho! She could damn well tell! As much as men loved their woman, the Captain was keen to the little things that made a dame shine. "Cap'n Bethlem. S'gan. Kar." She acknowledged both names. Her accent, as one could guess from her appearance, was far from local but anyone who was well traveled wouldn't be able to distinguish it. It was foreign amongst foreign, mostly because it was from nowhere.

Well, what was he to say to that. "Then both." Rising being she had and about to be abandoned as well. This was not a good place to be in alone. He noticed the few of his crew that had been there earlier were gone too. "Well met Cap'n Bethlem." So she was a captain, he found that interesting. She may well be different looking, very different looking, but she spoke well enough and best not to judge a book by its cover. Or he would have been pretty boy and not thought he could hold his own, better than most. "Have a good evening." She might very well in here but it was time for him to find out what the hell was going on outside. Stepping away, the one bottle of whiskey still having a few drinks left was left there for her to enjoy but he took the bottle of dijnn with him. The crowd was not as thick for a few went outside to continue their fight being the one bouncer helped them in that decision. Segan was soon drinking in the fresher air like a balm as he emerged outside.

"Or ya' coul' tell 'im ta' rightly stuff e' up his ass n' give it a goo' twis'." Her own two cents. When it came to men, she tended to lean towards the solutions that least benefited them. She glanced up to the man leaving, a flick on kangaroo like ears and they pressed back against her skull. A passive nod given, a glance to the girl as she abandoned ship as well. Must've been the horns, she mused in silence, nursing the bottle of whiskey in her hand.

With a last glance to Captain Bethlem, Karina replied, "I tried that already. Turns out it don't work so well." A faint smirk, and she nodded her farewell then pushed her way through the crowd and followed Segan out. Which landed her right beside Eion, whom she looked up at uncertainly for a moment. "...Listen, Eion... if I did anything to bother you I'd rather ya just tell me plain 'cause I can't stand more'n one of ya freezing me out at a time."

Pierre must have been thinking Eion was openly studying the two Englishmen, though he looked toward the door when Segan came out. "Then stop freezing out Conor. I told you before when you go against my brothers, you go against me." Simple and sweet.

Color her ten shades of surprised. "Freeze him - " she began, but too flummoxed to go on she let out a laugh that was actually a little angry. "Ya don't even know half of what goes on with him. So I'd ask ya not to judge me for his behavior, but just leave it to ourselves to sort out. I'm not freezin' him out any more than he is me. Though I know I'm not your brother, not even close, so it's not alright when I do it." That did it, her hurt had flared into a much easier-to-handle irritation now and with that, she set off down the street, intent on leaving before any more words could be exchanged.

He came closer as he borrowed Eion's cigarillo to light his own. "Non, but they seem to have real cargo." The two had wandered down further and finally went into the Blue Marlin. He would find out more from Marlana as he had alerted the proprietor there. Not interjecting too much as he talked with the slip of a lass.

"Fine, but I don't need to stick around while the two of you do it and I won't." He watched her leave then looked at Pierre and nodded. "All right then. I think I should be off. I have training in the morning, and was away for a few days." He was wondering where Segan was.

He watched as she left, trying not to judge any of it but there was something he felt. "I don't think we'll see her again." More mussed under his breath as he wasn't really sure how he felt about that. Sure she could get under your skin but she did get under one's skin. Just when he at least found a comfortable niche where she was concern. One that didn't cause friction.

"Never know. She might sneak on board your ship again." He blew smoke out into the air. "I don't think she and Conor would ever get along." He finished the cig, dropping it to the ground and crushing it out. "You heading back to your ship tonight?"

"She needs some direction in a lot of ways. I could wish that she sought out Regan and learned from her. Someone she could look up to." He eyed Eion speculatively wondering what he thought on that idea. "Maybe she needs to be around some women, like Regan, than hanging out with men all the time?"

"I don't know. She never seemed that interested in being around other women." He gave a slight shrug. "They might be too girly for her. Or she's not comfortable around them."

"That's the whole point. She is not a lad and she's changing into a woman and could use some guidance. Maybe then she can learn how to act around men to not alienate them." Though it seemed a hopeless cause. "I would not say that Regan is girlie in that way. She doesn't come off tough as a male though she has strength, she is a woman too."

"I honestly couldn't say." He shook his head. "I'm no expect on women, let alone girls growing into them. All you can do is talk to someone and see. I need to get back to the barracks." He clapped a hand to his brother's shoulder. "I'll be at the manor working tomorrow in the early afternoon if you want to join me, then I'm going to head to the McDonough ranch later to give Conor a hand. Pierre, again, it was good to meet you."

"I'll head back with you, then continue on to the manor. I need to check in or I'll not have any ears left come a couple more days of not showing up." So he clapped a hand to Eion's shoulder as he would walk with him the distance then more. The 'more' giving him time to think of all that was going on. Why were Conor and Karina so like they were when around the other?

"Oui, I am glad to have met you Eion." Segan he would see very soon. Pierre lingered until the Englishmen were gone then headed up to his flat, not long after the brothers had gone.



Date: 08-19-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 19

Cargo Run

Vanessa had ventured once more into Heathfield. Her duties finished and Sariyelle off with her children, she had little to do. Away from the Thistle, she ventured towards the ports with her chaperone. She wasn't one to normally accept such, but ports could often be rough, so she agreed. Leaving her horse behind at a stable, she and the one man guard ventured along the way. Cloaked in a simple draping of midnight blue, she sought anything out that looked of  interest.

Even this port could be rough as groups of sailors on shore leave wandered about. Many knew the consequences of too much fighting but it never stopped many a sailor especially ones not of these lands. Segan was down by his ship which was in a slip as they unloaded cargo brought up from Ballicastle. No shirt, most didn't have one on down here with the heat that even the breeze coming in off the ocean couldn't alleviate. Hot and sticky, the way of dog days and certainly the lands were feeling this heat wave. One could hear the uprising of voices at the Snake Pit and this night he was glad not to be part of it. With the threats made by Grandmama after seeing him bruised up again a week ago, he was keeping from them. For now. Some of the stores were still open but mostly it was rowdy bars. All except the Blue Marlin which was run by the feisty Marlana Cherill. For a tiny bit of a thing, she put a few men down before her bouncers even got to them. Having seen one of the episodes he figured she was raised in rough parts before coming here. One crate lifted to brace against his shoulder as he helped his men out by carrying some of the cargo up to the waiting buckboard. They would be taken up to Bovee Shipping and stored in one of the warehouses there.

Vanessa was always up for an adventure. Of course, her definition of adventure was probably pretty mild compared to anyone who'd had a genuine adventure. She and the single guard walked along, window shopping and browsing, keeping a comfortable distance from those they passed. The noise was heard....hard to miss, but she kept to her own business and perusing the path. Perhaps she'd find something of interest in a shop not yet closed.

A whistled tune came under his breath as Pierre wandered the streets of the upper level of the port area where Bovee Shipping was located along with a few other businesses. He was seeing to the wagon when it came up, directing it to one of the warehouses assigned to this particular cargo. Directing Segan's men where to stack the crates and how (not over stacking them) before they were on their way back down for the next load. That should be the last of it as he surveyed the interior of the warehouse. One that would be coming up being loaded now and the one he just sent down.

Eion had left a certain establishment and was making his way along the docks. He was smoking a cigarillo as he walked, greeting a few here and there. He knew Segan should be in port and headed that way. The shirt he wore was open and untucked, but that was his only concession to the heat.

There were many outside more than inside being it was far cooler with somewhat of a sea breeze. The driver was signaled to take up the load as he spotted the other coming down from the upper street of the port. His men would see to the rest of it as he spotted a certain form amongst the others. He'd recognize his brother anywhere, even at night. A few words to one, putting him in charge before he was grabbing up his shirt, mostly so he didn't forget where he left it or it would be gone, donning it on his way. "Eion!" Grin already growing. He had a bottle of the potcheen with him too.

Vanessa continued on about her path of window shopping and observing. These ports seemed friendly than what she'd heard of the ports back home, which was a good thing. Now and then she stopped for a better look at something until a vaguely familiar name was called out and caught her attention. Vague because she'd only met Eion the one time at the Thistle, but committed to memory none the less. Her attention drawn to the direction of Segan's voice, but through the dark it was hard to tell.

He flagged the buckboard rambling up and past open iron gates that would be locked up to keep the vagabonds out. Or thieves if they dare. The huge lot of warehouses was patrolled. Had to be for the value of cargo stored. So he disappeared in alongside the wagon to see it unloaded properly.

Eion gave him a motion of hand before disappearing down an alley. A signal that he understood as his pace slowed and he wandered up further. A cigarillo taken from his shirt pocket to light, match flicked away as he noticed a woman with a chaperone. Smart lass. Fights did break out here and one night over a lass that came down without a chaperone. They weren't that far away as he continued walking, giving his brother the needed time. "Evening, nice night." Steps slowing as recognition set in, "Vanessa, is that you?"

When her name was spoken, she found the source of her own recognition to the male name spoken. A smile was given. "Nice to see you again, Segan." She and her chaperone neared where he'd slowed. She hadn't really thought she'd see anyone she recognized here, so this was a pleasant surprise.

"Looking for anything in particular?" Shift of blue eyes beyond them to take in the stores they had been passing. "The Import store is interesting but he might not be open this late." Smile swept then with a dimple to show, "nice to see you again and pleased you have a chaperone." Giving a respectful nod to the man who looked capable of his duty.

He was back out of the alley, patting his pocket as if he was making sure he hadn't forgotten his cigarillos again. Whistling a merry tune that was at odds with his usual expression, he headed toward Segan and the two he was talking with.

"No. Just wandering. I had some time free from my duties and thought I would explore further the place the Queen speaks so highly of." Smile returned to his own with a glance over her shoulder to the guard, who nodded in greeting. "A promise. The Master Minor wouldn't let me leave without a chaperone this evening." Smiling back to Segan, then to Eion as he approached. "Good eve, Eion."

The wagon unloaded was soon sent on its way as the one would drop it off at the stables in back of the main building before he would return to his ship. The second came in of the last which he oversaw until that one was done and the same on his way. Pierre would take inventory, walking the length of the warehouse, checking off the goods from a list before he would lock up, return the inventory to their office then take some time off. Whistle tune came under his breath as he had a fat envelope to deliver to Segan so headed down to find him.

"Segan." He clapped a hand to his brother's shoulder in a brief greeting, then nodded in Vanessa's direction. "Good evening, Miss Vanessa. Enjoying the sights?" Such as they were. The docks would be getting rowdier as the night went on. He heard a splash and glanced to see two men fighting at the edge of the water.

"I am." She still smiled. "Well, I was. It's gotten a bit darker since I arrived." Her attention followed to spot the two men fighting and just shook her head. "How are you both this evening?"

"Good promise to make." Swinging around in time as his shoulder was grasp to return the same to Eion's. Effortless and soon back around as he made a motion to the port down a way. "Now there is a sight that I will never grow tired of." Just the way the lights played off the cresting waves, moving with them in a perpetual dance. "I hear its only rival is the Celtic Garden when the Fae are having a night of it." Which they only showed up for some so he was curious if they would for him when he got there. He had his hideaway, which he'd not been to lately and needed to in adding more to his journal he finally started. "I'm doing well, just got back in from a short run of cargo down the coast to Ballicastle."

The whistled tune slowly ceased to become only his breath as he surveyed those ahead of him. Pierre was dressed in all black as was usual for him, though he didn't wear the thin knit hat that fitted over his hair tonight. It was too hot even for that. Coming up to the group next to Segan, "good evening," drawing the envelop from inside a pocket to offer over to the man. He knew what it would be along with a bonus. Cargo wasn't due in until day after tomorrow, now they could get it loaded onto one of the bigger ships headed for Europe.

Another to greet as his smile was back. "I see all is taken care of," meaning the unloading and the wagons back as well his men. Taking the envelope, he was not one to count it on the spot. More than trusted Pierre and Andre, they had become friends. "Pierre this is Vanessa and her escort," not knowing the man's name. "Vanessa this is Pierre Lafayette of Bovee Shipping. One of the partners." The scrimmage down near the water had escalated as friends of the one party joined in and friends of the second party followed suit. There was a lot of swinging fists, crude words exchanged, seemed someone was calling the other a thief. It brought the attention of a troop of guards, who were headed there in a fast pace. Once they were caught sight of, the two groups were dispersing, except for the original two still fighting.

She fell silent as it seemed business ensued and thought to excuse herself, but she at least wanted to give the gents she knew words of parting before doing so. Attention flitted to Pierre with a dip of her head. "Pleasure to meet Sir Lafayette. This is my Chaperone, Thomas Finely." Who dipped his head, but remained silent.

"Evening, Pierre." He greeted the man cordially then turned blue eyes on the man with Vanessa. "Mr. Finely." Again, an inclination of his head was given before his attention was on the fight. If nothing else, the whole group should be somewhat cooler. Seems it had started over a game of cards.

"A pleasure to meet you both," instinctively recognizing a lady for the way she conducted herself. "Sir Finely, well met." Finally smiling as it tipped off to the side as bronze eyes turned on Eion. "Good evening to you. I hear word you are doing very well on the king's field." Pierre had been around a long time and knew many not only at the port.

"Well enough, I'm told." He gave Pierre a half grin, "but you know what they say about being your own worst critic. I'm pushing myself though." He had to with the King's men watching. It was a matter of pride and the Quinns had their share.

She smiled some to the greeting before turning her attention to Eion. She remembered the kin speaking of such the night she'd met them at the Thistle and was interested in how it was going for them.

Karina had wandered down to the Port, not because she was feeling particularly fond of the ocean lately but because she figured she might find a bit of company down here, or at least some entertainment. The tavern had been all but deserted when she left her room and so, with that rascally husky pup ever at her heels, she took the long walk down to the coast. Thanks to Segan her clothes weren't tatters at least, but new and neat and the leather of her boots squeaked slightly as she walked. For once her hair wasn't tucked beneath her cap, because the poor thing was so dirty, stained and frankly, smelly from her recent journey that she'd left it to soak in a basin of hot water. So those amber curls were bouncing freely down to her neck as she traipsed along.

"Oui, and you should push yourself to become the best there is. It is how the others that gain admittance to the King's Field over the regular one, have that quality. Some have attitude, no?" Not that it wasn't earned but if he met at least one certain Horseman he would understand the statement.

Who else had hair that bounced like that as he caught sight of the wee lass in her teens. A hand lifted as he waved to make sure she saw the group and frankly, she would be safer amongst them. Though he recalled a certain night a month or two ago that had one particular man after her for stealing. That seemed like years ago for all that filled in those days since then. He was keeping an ear on the conversation too, though it seemed aimed Eion's way.

She listened quietly until Segan's motion caught her attention and she looked away to find the young woman she'd been introduced to a couple days ago. A smile given and nod, but she'd wait until Karina was closer, to greet her.

"Aye some do." He knew exactly who Pierre was talking about and his smile widened slightly. "Though I must admit, it's a bit humbling to face off with some of those others and consistently end up in the dirt." Though he was slowly starting to hold his own. He caught the lift of Segan's hand and glanced in the direction he seemed to be looking but couldn't see anyone yet.


"Time will come when it will only be little mouthfuls of dirt, oui?" Like that was an encouragement but he should be proud considering the kind of men he was up against. There were some women too but usually that was a choice. He caught sight of the young miss he had been made aware of by Andre. Seen her about but not in a while. "Evening," greeting her as she drew closer.

Glancing ahead, Karina caught that gesture from Segan and lifted her hand to wave back. After a bath, a good night's sleep and a couple days for the sharpness of memory to fade, she was feeling better. Her feet didn't drag against the cobblestone but carried her steadily along to the small group. With a roving flick of blue-green eyes she noticed that the faces were all familiar to her, some more so than others. Her eyes first landed upon Eion, whom she hadn't seen since her return, and offered him a slightly crooked smile. "Hiya, Eion."

She kept an ear on the conversation out of interest while watching Karina approach. She'd only met her briefly and she looked very different than their first introduction. A smile flashed to the other woman. "Nice to see you again, Miss Karina."

He studied the girl when he finally spotted her, then gave her a nod. "Evening, Karina. Welcome back." No questions asked. She looked well enough, and that was what mattered.


Karina cleaned up nicely! "Looking good Karina. Feel as good as you're looking then?" Teasing her and yet it was true, far cry from how she looked the other night. They had also talked some on what happened to her but he had not told anyone, not even his brothers. Mostly because he didn't get the chance. This was the first he really saw Eion in a while. Conor, he'd not seen in a week or more. "You have met Vanessa and her escort is Sir Finely. You have met Pierre?" Not knowing if she had him, but knew she had Andre, or was it the other way around?

Karina nodded to Vanessa with that same crooked grin, before she turned a smirk upon Segan to cover up an odd sort of embarrassment. "Feelin' good enough..." Gaze turned up to Pierre then and she gave another nod of greeting. "Dunno if we've actually met before, but I seen you around. I'm Karina." And she stuck out a hand to Pierre for a shake.



Date: 08-19-09
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 20

It was his turn to become quiet and listen to the conversation rather than joining in. Though he studied Vanessa briefly, she was not of the lands and more committing her face to memory. Drawn from his thoughts as he took Karina's hand in his. "Oui, it is good to meet you Karina." He was French so he'd not be shaking a lady's hand no matter how young she was. Instead, fingers slipped beneath its palm as it was drawn up to meet the slight bend of his had and a chaste kiss, barely touched, upon her fingertips. He straightened, taking the step back he had taken forward to accomplish the task and her hand released in the process. Because she was friends with Segan, they kept an eye out for her when she was here. Something she'd not know.

Vanessa was probably near the same age as Karina, perhaps a couple years older. It was nice to see someone near her own age though. Nothing out of the ordinary about Vanessa aside from her eyes. Molten gold held within glass, lacking pupils. "Did you get your beast to move?" Curious, remembering first seeing Karina trying to bribe her mule into moving.

Twice embarrassed in as many minutes! Though she'd not show it with more than a slight grin and the way she scratched the back of her neck, once her hand was released. "Well that was different... heh, aye, nice to meetcha." A little bit of ruddy color touching her cheeks as she turned back to Vanessa, and her question caused a smile to crack her features. "Nah, not an inch. I let him go though so he's probably wanderin' around the lake somewheres still."

He hid his amusement as Pierre greeted the girl by looking away and watching the guards trying to sort out the story of the two men. It didn't seem they were able to do so and the two were marched off to hoots and hollers from their mates. He half hid a yawn behind his hand as he turned back to the others.

"'Sides... I got more'n enough trouble with this'n here." That said with a light nudge of her toe to Amergin, who'd been sitting at her feet nicely but now took the opportunity to gnaw her bootstraps.

Segan was grinning, one of those kinds considered ear to ear with a twinkle in blue eyes. Vanessa's eyes were very different which he made note of but no comment upon presently. "Your hand has not been kissed like a lady's before?" A little surprise held to the tone as he asked it of Karina.

Vanessa took a step back to look down at the creature gnawing on her boot laces and smiled thoughtfully. "Well, at least he will go where you lead him, yes?" Looking back to Karina with a glance to Segan and the other two gents.

"Not been kissed at all by anybody 'cept Amergin," she answered Segan with a broad smirk. As if on cue the husky reared up on his back paws to reach Karina's hand and give it a lick. Then back to Vanessa, "Aye, he will now. Used to haveta keep him on the leash but now he'll stick with me wherever I go."

He reached down in a half crouched to pet the pup before he was up again. "I have Andre to meet this night so must be on my way. Le a été mon volonté ŕ rencontrer tous les deux mademoiselles." Giving a slight bow with the last. "A pleasant night and the wish our paths cross again sometime." Then to Segan, "Andre wishes to see you tomorrow," which meant he would most likely be there. "Eion, I will come to watch and see if rumors are true." Sweep of a smile before he was heading up towards the Shipping building.

"I will be there early then!" Calling after his friend before attention turned back to those remaining. Which had him to ask of Eion, "any more big chores set by Grams?"

Upon Pierre's leave, she smiled, dipping her head to him. "Bonsoir, monsieur." She removed a glove to reach down and pet the husky gently. "He's a good companion." Smiled to Karina as she stood up right, and pulled her glove back on.

Amergin 'kissed' Vanessa's hand too in greeting - he was a gentleman! Karina said her farewells to Pierre as he departed, watching the debonair sort of bloke be on his way before turning back to Vanessa. "He sure is, and I got Eion here to thank for him." A little grin sent up to the oldest Quinn brother.

"You speak French, Vanessa?" Maybe she knew what Pierre had said to the two ladies, the last word he knew.

"Good night, Pierre." This time he did grin. "I'll look forward to seeing you there." He looked back at Segan and nodded. "I'm still working on the stone wall she wanted built." Any sign of his ordeal was long gone now, except for thin silver scars at his wrists and on his back  The training and hard work had built him back up quickly. "In fact, I think I'll be heading back to the barracks myself. Dawn comes far too quickly." And five hours sleep was the least he could afford.

"Tell me when you are going next and I will go with you to help get it done." He'd been gone on runs, which those at the manor knew but he was due to check in and that would be a good way of it.

"Tomorrow, after I'm done on the Field." He had been going every afternoon. "Ladies, it was a pleasure."

"If you need extra help...." Karina piped up with a little shrug, as if it were merely a casual offer and not something she'd jump at given the chance. Building a wall was a hell of a lot better than long and lonely hours. "Night Eion," she added as he made to leave.

A smile to Segan. "I know some. I believe he wished us a good evening and hopes to meet again." She looked to Eion with a nod. "It was nice to see you again. Safe journeys."

"I will meet up with you tomorrow afternoon then. If you are about, Karina, you can come with us. I'm sure Grandmama would enjoy your company as she enjoys visitors." Then focus turned on Vanessa. "I'm sure it was very gentlemanly of him." Both Frenchman could put on the charm. He would do well to take notes when they did. "Night Eion, you'll do well sleeping at the barracks." Which he would be sleeping on his ship then go from there tomorrow, probably stay overnight then.

He nodded at Segan, cutting him a quick look before heading back down through the crowd. "Good night." Waving as he disappeared.

She was educated, but not traveled. Unfortunately, the book forms of most foreign languages were not the same as what was spoken in conversation. A light smile given and silence as Segan and Karina spoke of plans.

"Sure, if I'm not busy I guess." She'd be there.

Tentative plans as in if they happened. One never knew so he made few concrete ones. And those he made with ones that understood his life was not always his own. "How is life in Eldyn?" if he remembered correctly and pretty sure he did. "Do they have a port there?" Wondering if they did any trading.

Her attention had gone to drifting and brought back to Segan. "Busy. I usually tend to the Queen's children, but they were out this evening. Eldyn has two ports. The larger of the two is Starn."

"Starn, maybe I'll take me ship that way and see what there is to see." Might get in some trading or runs especially if he worked it in with what Bovee shipping had to offer and bringing in new business wouldn't hurt.

"I'm sure you'd find something. Eldyn gets a great deal of imports." That was how they survived while waiting for a new king to be crowned.

That mention of some other land had her curious as she looked back to Vanessa. "Eldyn, is that far? Do you live here or there?" Watch out because when her curiosity was piqued, the questions came a-flying. Amergin pranced in a circle around her feet, clearly growing bored and she reached down to rough up his fur a bit.

She smiled to Karina. "It's only a few hours travel from here by horse back. Eldyn is my home. You should come if you have a chance."

"Do you have a marketplace at the port too?" So he would get some idea, though if he went by ship, Karina would pass it up going with him. Least presently.

"What about by mule-back?" She joked with a little grin, before bobbing her head thoughtfully. "Aye, maybe I will sometime." A glance cut up to Segan, who was being awfully quiet, before returning to Vanessa. "So if you live there, what're you doing here?" She didn't mean to be nosy but hey.... she was a little nosy.

She nodded to Segan. "There is a small port at Starn. Not nearly as large as the one in town." Meaning the township near the castle. "Mule back might take a couple days." Jesting with Karina. "I enjoy coming here to explore and for the company I find here. If you come to Eldyn, send word of when you plan to be there and I will meet you somewhere." She was sure that Sariyelle would give her leave of duties for a few hours to spend time with someone near her own age.

He had almost asked the same but laughed with the way Karina was so blunt about it. "Though we are glad that you have come to visit. If you were to go by land, a horse will be lent to you. Some from here might be going." He had heard some had gone there, especially after delivering the message to Draven.

"Aye...might have to find me a horse instead then." A broad smirk and then she nodded, actually considering the trip. "Alright... maybe I will." Might make for a nice day trip at least. See the sights of the country on good old solid land. "Any day better'n the other?" She asked Vanessa, somewhat surprising herself by going so far as to actually make plans, even if loose plans.

"I might even take you if I can." As it wouldn't be good for her traveling alone and he had thought about going a few times even before this evening. Though, hesitant now, he might be a third wheel with the two girls.

That drew her eyes back up to Segan. "Really?" A little grin. "That'd be fun." Seemed like she didn't get to spend that much time with her sailor friend, so that would be an extra treat.

She smiled to them both. "Any day is a good one as far as I know. I can meet you at port if you travel that way." Speaking to them both and opening the invitation to Segan as well.

Which had him sliding a look Karina's way when 'by ship' was mentioned. Brows rose fractionally, curiously so. Would she balk?

She looked between the two of them. "Or horse back. If you chose that way, then I will meet you at the Green Ivy where you can stable your horses."

"Ah..." She caught Segan's sidelong glance and returned it only briefly, then reached up to scratch the back of her neck again. "Likely I'll meetcha at the Green Ivy, probably. That's an Inn?" Segan could go by ship if he wanted. Like hell if she was going to be traveling that way.

"My sister has a stable, racing horses. Even I have a racing horse as our uncle bought us each one. There are riding horses as well so I will see to two of those when we can go."

Phew. She didn't actually utter a sigh of relief but she did shoot Segan a grateful look. She realized he'd probably prefer going by sea but... she wasn't much in the mood for that just yet.

A nod given to Karina. "Yes, it's an inn located on the borders of the township's market. The stable is just behind." She looked to Segan then with a perked interest in the horses. "Sounds like a nice day. The lands are still in the midst of healing, but there is plenty to be seen."

It was getting late, "are you still staying at the Thistle, Karina?" If she was, he would escort her up for the groups of sailors were not thinning out and only getting more rowdy as the night progress. Would until they passed out. "Maybe you and Lady Sari will come to a race. There will be one on the twenty-fifth."

Karina nodded at Vanessa with another little grin before answering Segan, "Aye, o'course. Got nowhere else and it beats sleepin' in the alley." Yip! Amergin was getting tired too, and needy in his sleepiness. Karina bent to scoop up the pup and held him in a gentle hug against her chest.

Nodding to Segan. "I would like that, as I'm sure she would. She will have to see if she can escape her duties." It was getting late, and she had quite a ride ahead of her. Stepping back from the two, she dipped with a short though respectful curtsey. "Just send word of when you would like to visit if I do not see you before then. I will have Grady expecting your arrival at the inn."

"If you do, bet on me horse Fandango." Which he noticed it was that time of night. "I will see you back. It was nice seeing you again Vanessa and I hope to see you again. Which is the plan now, so aye." Smile widened with the dimple to show as he crouched down to pick up the pup to carry. Didn't seem like Amergin would last the trip.

"Alright, aye. I'll seeya soon then." Karina offered one of her megawatt grins, the rare and genuine sort that bathed her features in sunlight. Strange that she seemed to have made a friend that was female, and near her age. Which oddly enough wasn't the norm for her.

"I look forward to it." To Segan. "Safe journeys to you both." The brilliant smile was returned to Karina, she turned with her chaperone to take their leave.

Maybe he'd bring his sister Concessa with them as she was around their age too. With a last up nod, he started off to the Thistle, would be hard to wave and drop the pup!



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