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Heathfield Castle

Date: 02-20-2015
Poster: Lahoneee
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Mist of Time

Hope was lost in tears shed, turning into a mist that encompassed the lands. It wasn't so much a state of sleep but a mindset for the citizens of the empire known as Heathfield continued with their daily lives. What was different was time. Years passed as if yesterday since the King's disappearance and Honeee not accepting the inevitable.

She stood countless nights in repetition by her chamber window overlooking a good portion of her lands. Winter seemed endless as a memorizing snowfall drifted mixed with the unearthly haze. This mist extended from the borders of Heathfield, to Tyremoor, Ballicastle, Luneburg, Kildare, Innis Daingneach, Ashford Island, McDonough Shell Islands and even the Wild Lands between Kildare and Luneburg. All fell under this spell woven by a distraught queen.

It would have continued indefinitely if not for one particular citizen not affected by time like most. Timmy Lear, whose mind was permanently as a child's in a grown man's body, decided to visit his pretty lady that lived in the castle. Emmie had passed a time ago, he wasn't sure how long other than she was gone and he lived alone. A few times he still tried to find her thinking she was only lost. There were families that checked in on him for Honeee had made sure there would be. He could do simple tasks and provide food and warmth for himself but prepared food was brought regularly as well to be certain he ate properly. Clothes and other such needed items were left. It was why Timmy thought Emmie was still around, just hiding as a hide and seek game.

It was the knock on her chamber door that startled Honeee from her reprieve into the past. Happier days where she was loved and cherished by one particular man: Karl. Somewhere in the fog at the back of her mind she knew she could not continue living in the past this way, that she had to let him go for he was gone after so many years. A few years ago there was a failed attempt by the remaining kingsmen to find the Griffon but to no avail. The glow in their connected rings shimmered then dulled again and remained so.

Swiping a hand over her cheek then straightening out her smock dress, hair, then turning she addressed the guard stationed outside her door.


The door swung open as the middle aged man stepped within bowing as he did. A handsome man if one were to notice but then Honeee hadn't notice such things in some time. Awareness was of a good man, skilled, well trained, that did his job as expected. That was what she noticed about him although his face was presently flushed.

"My Queen," taking in a breath before getting right to it. "There is a man here to see you. He has.." taking a spaced breath, "brought flowers."

If Honeee had been distracted she was pulled from that distraction that seemed to plague her a lot in the past few years. Melancholy some would say.

"Flowers? What man?"

Sean was at a loss for words for a few seconds that seemed like an eternity at the moment.

"Hundreds of flowers, My Queen. He calls himself Timmy. He is waiting down in the foyer."

It took only a moment to comprehend his words, to picture Timmy standing down in the foyer holding hundreds of flowers. The image broke through the Mist that had encompassed her mind and of which in turn spread over the empire as a result. For a lingering moment she stood perfectly still before she was in motion, as ice breaking free upon water and gaining momentum. Hand slid to hold the folds of her smock, lifting enough as she rushed right past the guard leaving him stumbling to catch up and escort his queen down to the foyer.


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