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King's Field

Date: 06-06-09
Poster: King Peter O'Neill
Post # 1

The Testing of Eion

Of course Peter had heard about the tryout of one Eion Quinn. He also had been made privy to the history of that particular family. Maurice had sent a request to have the horsemen here to test out the one and so being here, he made his way to the kingsfield. Or more, back to the kingsfield to watch. He had worked out with some still there before the field was cleared, he taking up a bench as he waited on the others that would be coming.

Gabriel had made his way here, swinging by the manor to see Melantha a few minutes to set up a time for later. Certainly she knew about her brother's try out? If not she knew now. Intending to watch but if he was needed, he was there. A respectful bow to Peter before taking up a seat near his king.

Segan knew of the appointed time, though he and his brothers had separated after the noon hour. Finally he made his way here knowing he would find them both or at least Eion. Not knowing the men on the bench or the others about, he took a stance not far from them to observe first.

Trevor headed up with Vincent, wondering if that was only his stomach that was still growling. Lass was insolent, that much became clear and certainly had a knack for raising hackles than anyone wanting to help her out. Time would tell but unless a direct order, she was not his concern and he certainly was not her mate or even matie. Once there he was over to where Peter and Gabriel sat, greeting Peter respectfully with a salute before glancing to the castle that was a backdrop for his particular field. Wondering if Karl was coming down or consumed by castle matters. He noticed the other standing along the sidelines. Instincts kicking in as to who it might be, Eion had brothers. "You're welcome to join us." Taking up seat after giving the invitation. Bench was long enough.

Eion approached the field with more than a little trepidation. Though he had slept well enough, he had been awaken a few times with different concerns. Was he healed enough? Would they turn him away and tell him they'd test him when he was fully healed? Or would they not find a place for him at all? By the time he reached the king's field, he was calm again. Whatever happened, happened. It couldn't be worse than before. He had lost his sword when he was taken prisoner, so borrowed one from Segan. As he realized he'd have quite an audience, he paused briefly, squared his shoulders and moved to where most sat on a bench. "I'm Eion Quinn." His voice was steady and those who didn't know him might not realize he had grown nervous again, and then pushed it aside. He couldn't afford to be that way now. He was acutely aware of his brother there and glanced his way, giving him a half smile before looking to see which of these men were the ones he was to face.

Vincent hadn't taken a seat, but he stood not far from Peter and Trevor. He watched as one new face approached but realizing he wasn't the man he waited for, looked back out again. When Eion finally arrived, Vincent nodded slowly to himself. There was a fire within, that was good. Somewhat subdued but potential, definitely potential. One glance to Trevor and he searched out the field, seeing Lazare in a trot across from the other side. His shoulders shook slightly with his suppressed laugh. Figured. Then he stepped forward. "Eion Quinn? Vincent de Beauvais." He offered the man a dip of head and shoulders, just a faint bow of sorts.

Lazare was soon with the others, bending to support himself with hands on his knees as if he were out of breath. Was the wind ever ... winded? He grinned, cutting a side glance over to Vincent and Trevor before he straightened and offered Peter a salute by way of fisted hand to chest. Then he looked to the man Vincent addressed. "Lazare. Carno."

Conor remained in the shelter of trees. He watched from there. In the shade and out of view.

With the invitation and the arrival of his brother, he proceeded to join the others, taking a seat. "I am Segan Quinn, here in support of my brother." They had trained together, as he too was warrior honed, but that he left out. He had not chosen this course at the at the present time like his brother. It was possible he might in the future.

Trevor stood next addressing Eion. "Trevor Cairns, good to meet you both," including the brother who took a seat. "This is King Peter O'Neill of Innis Daingneach and one of his knights, Sir Gabriel Vaughn." Taking Eion's hand to shake and giving him a moment to greet the others.

Peter stood from the bench after looking toward the castle and back again. "Well met Eion and of you Segan. I wish you luck and one bit of advice. Be prepared to respond as you would naturally, use all your senses for that which seems to be and that which is can very well be at odds with each other. Trust your instincts, trust in your ability and you will do the best that you are. Even the best continues to learn." He indicated the field. "Try your sword with Sir Vincent first." Being the one highest in station present, he would take charge in running the testing.

Gabriel stood as he was introduced. "Good luck to you Eion. Well met. And of you Segan." Taking his seat once more afterwards.

Vincent nodded hearing the King of Innis and without a word, slipped his sword free of its sheath with a muffled whiss then started to the field. He didn't use the empowered sword. No, but the one that Vincent used often on this particular field.

He greeted each man with the respect that was due to them, including Gabriel. With a look toward his brother, he took the borrowed sword and followed Sir Vincent onto the field. Adding a little prayer that he'd not disgrace the family name or have his Gran boxing his ears, he took a stand on the field and waited.

de Beauvais rolled his right shoulder, bringing his sword around in front of him. "Nothing much, Eion. Just basic moves for now. We realize you have healing yet to do." Vincent would never push a knight farther than he could endure. What was the good in that? But the King's Man would that limit. A twitch of a grin showed for a split second at the corner of his lips and then, his sword sliced through the air, up and around and down. Swift. Strong. Sure.

The Black Griffon moved to stand beside the man who had taken refuge in the trees. His gaze out on the field even though he offered the fellow a few words. "A perfect day." He said no more, though he did look down then to the man and offer him a single nod. His arms crossed over his chest and he returned his watch to the two men on the field. One whose skill he was sure of, the other whose skill he was curious about.

Conor didn't step from his shadowed viewing place, but he eased up as his brother moved out onto the field. He had all confidence in his oldest sibling but these men looked to know what they were doing and then some. It was the large, dark shape beside him that caused him to jump and tense himself. He wasn't the only one in the cover of trees! Who the hell?

Segan said a few silent prayers for his brother that he would do himself honor and the family. It had him tense seeing the assured skill of the one he faced. These men were nothing of the likes they had been trained with. Something about them he couldn't put this finger on. Yet. Suspecting he would realize as the moments ticked forward.

"Yes sir." He nodded as he answered, watching the King's Man closely. He caught a slight movement before that sword was barely blocked. He pushed the blade away, and took two steps away, then darted back in, swinging his sword in and toward the man, feinting with a quick movement upward. The sword then swung around for the Knight's side.

Conor grimaced with that first impact, almost feeling the vibration in his own bones. "When's the last that one was on a crusade?" Oh, he smiled, rather big at that, but he didn't look to the formidable man standing next to him.

Karl didn't answer, he just smiled. He would address that question later if the young man was serious for an answer. But since he caught the smile from the corner of his eye, heard the humor in his tone, Karl didn't believe he really wanted an answer.


With a twist and a soft grunt, Vincent reflected the blow, catching Eion's blade against his and provided a shoving slide to free them. "Don't be too quick to rush in on the offensive. Protect yourself, let your opponent wear himself out if you can. If you are out skilled, if you are not able..." The whole time he spoke, he brought his sword around to ring metal against metal in a parry of blows that Eion deflected. As he finished speaking, the force with which he pressed his attack actually caused sparks to shoot out from their blades with each contact made. Vincent de Beauvais was careful, watching the man closely as Vincent drove him back, measuring the strength as Eion battled and returned the strikes.

There were few women allowed during such a practice, herself and those in the knighthood. The waning sunlight played off of honey golden hair as Honeee moved along the lower castle wall, dipping in and out of sight for the shape of the stone wall, the length of her hair streaming down her back. The breeze playing with it in waves before disappearing again as she descended stairs that would take her down and around to the field.

Peter watched, aware of another and yet another with the glint of gold caught from the corner of his eyes. That could mean only one thing. Karl was around, closer than he picked up on. Had him looking towards the cropping of trees not far down the one side of the king's field. Place where they did maneuvers in a forest setup in their training. Not all battles were fought in open fields and one best know how to fight around trees, tangling roots, uneven ground and a brook that ran through. He was back to watching Vincent with Eion, leaving them this last round before the next.

Eion just flashed Vincent a quick grin, not because he was being cocky but because the man was pushing, and it felt good to be working out like this. What he was afraid he had forgotten was coming back even with being driven back.  He moved to the side suddenly, hoping to catch his opponent by surprise and move behind him. In all honesty, with the skill he was seeing and himself being as rusty as he was, he didn't think he'd fool Vincent at all.

Fooled? Probably no. Impressed. Indeed he was. For a man who was still less than 80% of his life's force, Vincent appreciated the thought and effort. As Eion careened to one side, Vincent spun to the other, his sword stretched out toward the spectators to indicate Trevor. One fluid motion, that outstretched sword then back around to catch Eion one last time with final contact. As he did, he dipped his head to him. "Thank you." He offered, sliding a foot back to step away from the man, even as Trevor was making his way on the field.

"Hold on Trevor," Peter stood with a few words exchanged with the man. "I spoke on surprise of which there are a few kinds, we shall hold yours and Lazare's for last." Slight turn to his quiet knight, "Sir Gabriel, please take a couple rounds with Eion for your particular skill." Which would not give any of it away to Eion.

Lazare laughed low and mentally crossed himself on behalf of the Quinn man.

Trevor was about to take Vincent's place when Peter halted him. Giving nod with a glance to Gabriel and was there just a touch of a smile to the edges of his lips? Hard to tell as he folded his arms over his chest to watch instead.

Nary a twig snapped nor leaf to stir upon the ground as Honeee came up along side the formable figure of her husband. A slight dip of her head with a quiet, "hello" to the young man standing to his other side. Ocean blue eyes lifting a moment to those she was always drawn to before out over the field and better view of the man being tested. Not a word otherwise.



Date: 06-06-09
Poster: King Peter O'Neill
Post # 2

Gabriel gave a heads up in surprise but was quick to his feet. He had not expected to be called considering the expertise of those here already. The three kingsmen alone and even above them, one of the kings. "Yes, Sire," knowing exactly what he meant but his serious expression gave nothing away. His physical appearance gave nothing away. There was a passing glance upon Lazare and almost a knowing smile to show. Fleeting as he was back to the serious expression as he first unbuckled the sheathed empowered sword to exchange it for his other, normal everyday one. Still finely crafted and only fair. From there he was out to the field in the spot Vincent had been. Sleek smooth motion of hand drew out the sword as it had its own song in the freedom of sheathing. He was poised, sword at a slight angle tipped over his left shoulder, feet slightly apart. Stance of a well honed swordsman.

Segan sat up as the next was to test his brother. He noticed that it wasn't a grueling workout inasmuch to see what skills his brother had. He was proud that what Eion did possess was shinning through in spite of his recent ordeal.

Vincent had started off the field but when he saw who would take Trevor's place, he backstepped. He didn't turn to Eion, he only spoke low. "Remember what I said about outskilled? Watch your balance." There were no words of advice that might prepare the man, and though Vincent had not used more than what the sword would provide, Peter would not have sent Gabriel to the field if the King didn't believe the Quinn man needed to know there was more...out there. He dipped his head in respect to Vaughn as he passed him, turned a final look back to Eion, then continued off the field.

Karl collected his wife to his side, pleased she was able to make it. Together they stood, as they did in life, and watched.

Peter knew that Vincent had held far off from his true skills, as it should be. Surprises should come gradual. First Gabriel who's more a one man ability then on to Lazare and Trevor whose skills were widespread over an army than only one on one. Each would be reserved in this but it was more to give Eion a good idea of what these lands held.

He thumped his fist to his chest, over his heart, in a salute to Sir Vincent as the man moved away. Swiping sweat from his brow, he saw the switch being made and then heard Vincent. A lift of a brow and he was watching as Sir Gabriel moved forward and took up a stance. He was frowning slightly as he cut a glance toward Segan and then, toward the trees though he wasn't certain why he had done so. "Sir Gabriel." He inclined his head slightly as he took his place opposite, sword held at the ready. He was more than a little curious at what exactly was going on.

"Eion," being there was not a title go to with his name, though cordially spoken. He was quick on his feet, moving forward as he cut a parry with his sword that would have Eion retaliate. One he could easily meet after how he saw him respond with Vincent. He knew what Peter wanted of him more so than the display of his swordsmanship, of that he possessed though better an aerial archer. He cut in and cut back, still moving in a way Eion would have to go on the offense. Perhaps this time to test that part of his skills.

Eion had often gone on the attack immediately but at those times, it was not so much one on one as cut, slash and keep moving. He realized what Gabriel was doing and moved in, delivering his own series of blows though not as wildly as he might fight on the field. This was an attempt to keep Gabriel moving, keep him defending. Though he didn't have the strength to push him back physically, he was attempting to do so with his skill.

He was doing exactly what Gabriel wanted him to do, set him up to do. The element of surprise which Peter spoke on came in a spread of black wings, good twenty-two feet across. The red patches on the shoulders flared like fire with the sunset, something Vincent would appreciate and the next, something Lazare would appreciate. Tips arched upwards as he parried the sword back and fort as needed, sometimes a blow was met with the strength of a two hand grip, sometimes one. The wings seemed to act independently behind him as if Gabriel was not aware of what Eion would be witnessing. The curving draw down that would gain him lift would be a good gust wall that would push forward down on Eion as it pushed Gabriel up into the air. Pitched him up so fast for the push, he rolled with it, body tucking wings as well until he landed behind the man, the wings disappearing once his feet hit solid ground again, sword at the ready. He didn't pursue the advantage however, for it was the surprise that Peter wanted him to demonstrate. The time with Lazare, it had been by accident though brought on by his use of wind against him. Since then he had worked with this new skill to perfect it. Though, he didn't hook his arm with Eion and take him for a flight either. That could be done with an enemy and drop him from above like seagulls did with clams.

Eion would not be the only one surprised as Segan shot to his feet, eyes wide and almost speechless until he managed out, "he has wings. A man with wings." He had seen some very odd creatures on his adventures and some of them were winged but not a man like Gabriel for up until now he seemed like any other.

Conor's surprise was so that he thrust forward, running from the cover of trees toward the field on his way to Eion's defense. He skidded to a halt, backing away, remembering that this was not an assault, but a test of skill, and Eion's life was not truly in danger. He continued backing away, away, away, until he stood on the sidelines with the rest of the spectators and Segan. His impulsive act caused him a bit of embarrassment, quite a bit, but the deed was done, he could only stand and wait now for the outcome of his actions and Eion's fate.

Wait until they find out this is the man seeing their sister Melantha!

It was when those wings appeared that he suddenly understood the need for balance. He nearly stumbled in surprise when those wings appeared but quickly caught himself and, didn't back away from the man. He held his own until Gabriel leapt into the air. Using the force of the wind, he hit the ground, rolled and came up quickly, sword held up and ready though it took a second or two to see where the man was. He just stared for a long moment, even though the wings were gone. It registered that he held yelled out a few curse words in his mother tongue but he wasn't in the least bit concerned with that. Oh, that'll go over well!

He sheathed his sword, swinging it down and into its scabbard in one fluid motion. How the man did would not be his judgment but that of the kings watching him. He had become aware of the other when in the air. He had been impressed with the roll, going with the thrust of air than trying to fight it and end up flat on his back. A few steps towards Eion once he realized he was behind him when he turned. "It was my honor to be part of your testing. I would ask a boon that I might speak with you privately another time convenient." Eion was the oldest brother and it would be proper.

Segan relaxed once the initial surprise passed. A hand coming to Conor's shoulder as he'd been quick to run out of his hiding to save his brother. There was pride in that, hopefully saw it for what it was, blood as thick as the centuries.

Honeee had come to deliver a message. A personal one as the young lad that had been standing with them raced off. "I will see you later in our quarters." Not a question. Not a demand. It was an invitation. With that she slipped from his side. The light passing of fingertips along his arm before she was gone. What she got to witness, impressed her but soon it would be for the men alone.

Karl leaned down to kiss his wife, a touch of lips to her forehead. "I will not be long."

He wasn't sure he trusted himself to speak at the moment but he give a quick nod, saluting Gabriel as he had Sir Vincent. He glanced toward the benches, saw Conor there with Segan, and gave them a quick nod. He was going to be doing some major drinking when this was all done.

Peter was glad Karl was here for this man would become one of his in what area he chose. Eion had done well as now he would be aware of gifts beyond the norm. "Sir Lazare, if you would be kind enough to go a round with Eion. Swords or hand to hand, that which inspires you." Knowing that any of the kingsmen would only show enough to make the other aware of their particular element. It may turn out that Eion had abilities not of the norm and if so, this was the best place to hone and nurture them.

Gabriel saluted him in turn, "I will be by the manor within a day or two." That was all that needed to be said as he evacuated the field so another could step forward.

No sword then? "Absolutely." Lazare unstrapped his sword, and placed it aside. He left his daggers next to it, but kept his two short swords. Each hand gave the shorter blade in it a spin and he walked across the field. Spin of right held sword. Spin of left held sword. A push of wind against the chest of his opponent to check his stance. "It's all smooth sailing after Vaughn, Quinn." Lazare laughed, noting the footing the man had gained to prepare himself for this confrontation. Eion was definitely ready. Lazare as well. A final twirl of blades and he lunged in, both swords coming down in a crossed arch before him to make contact with Eion's single blade.

"Is it?" He managed a brief smile in return, "Sir Lazare." He was ready though, again it had been a long time since he had fought against a man using two swords. That man had been his friend, Henry. He hadn't moved as quickly as Lazare however, and he brought his sword up just as his two blades made contact. He turned, twisting his blade and moved backward away from Lazare as soon as he faced him again. "Smooth sailing on rapids?" Panted out.

A swirl of wind circled around them, cocooning them in the vortex of it. A cooling, refreshing bath of breeze for the most part. Eion was hot, pressing exhaustion's limits, and Lazare knew it. A mini wind funnel was in order but from where it came....? A stomp of extended foot straight ahead of him and that down-pound of crossed blades, once, twice and then Lazare pitched to the side, swirling like the wind itself to carve toward the man's left ribs.

Conor remained where he was, muttering words that no one would hear, thank the stars.

That wind was welcomed but no less surprising then the wings though he wasn't certain if it came from Lazare or another source. He blocked the first blow, the second and twisted to catch the third and felt the blades slip along his, as he overextended himself. Flinching, he waited for the burning that signaled the cutting of skin but he wouldn't stop even if cut and tried to use Lazare's momentum to move himself away.

Segan gave a low whistle under his breath followed by a few words only Conor would hear standing so close. "I think those stories were short of the truth," and they had been thought to be embellished.

The man's reflexes were good and Eion managed to move away from Lazare's slicing blow. The few inches he failed to gain, Lazare pulled back slightly from his mark. "There are always..." The right sword circled around Lazare's shoulder and started down. "rocks along the way..." Left following close behind on the other side, a windmill's motion of dual blades. "...unfortunately." The Quinn man's defenses were excellent, even with his weakened state. He moved them in a circle so he could look to the sidelines, a slow nod of approval toward the two other King's Men standing there, perhaps even for another unseen observer.

Peter motioned to Trevor to advance on the field as Lazare had tested, without overtaxing, the man. It was in his favor that he had lasted this long, stamina was important even if they were holding back.

He nodded as he stepped back, watching the whirl of those blades. The man was unbelievably fast. He eyed Trevor briefly, holding up a single finger. "I'd like ... a bit of water if you don't mind." Not a lot. He didn't need to make himself sick. And if permission was given, he'd head to the water barrel, giving both his brothers a look.



Date: 06-06-09
Poster: King Peter O'Neill
Post # 3

Too bad Dana wasn't here to oblige him!

Trevor took off the vest he wore over the pristine shirt. All weapons were taken off and set on the bench. He took the time to roll up his sleeves so his forearms could be seen. The shirt as well opened up down the front. He heard the man's request as he took his time knowing Peter would of course give him time to rest.


"Of course," as one of the lads that helped out went to get him a large ladle of water and brought over carefully. He would give him as many as he wanted. "Take your time. If you really don't feel up to it, I'm sure you have demonstrated enough to be judged upon." Which had Peter looking beyond the gathering to the edge of the woods again. He knew Trevor would not be offended either if the man was tired.

"No. I'm ... fine." Quinn pride or stubbornness? "Just some water. He drank twice then nodded his thanks to the lad before he as heading back to the field. "Sir Trevor." Waiting for him to take the field, he wondered what surprise would be sprung on him next. And if Dana had been here, Eion might very well have appreciated his contribution.


He took his time, limbering up his muscles like some kind of prize fighter before heading out to the field were he took a stance. "When you are ready, come at me with your sword as you would an enemy." Though he knew the man would hold back even if he got that far being Trevor was without a sword or other such weapon. He flexed his hands, arms out to either side of him as he waited.

Again, there was little hesitation once Sir Trevor spoke. He had gotten his second, or was it third or fourth wind, so he charged toward the man, sword upraised. Yes, he'd hold back. No matter how good the man opposite, Eion couldn't help it. He wasn't fighting for his life.

Except the ground beneath him started to shake, cracking and shifting as Trevor stood his ground. One might see what looked like roots going deep into the earth from his legs no matter the tremble so to keep a solid stance.

That was almost too much for Eion. He let out a curse as the ground moved beneath him, dancing around as he tried to keep his balance. His sword stayed in his hand even as he fell to one knee, his free hand going to the ground to try to brace himself. He was looking a wee bit green around the gills too.

"You can do it, Eion." There was a force behind his words as he didn't let up on the tremble of the earth but he didn't intensify it either. "When you get to that point of near defeat, the other side of you begs to take over. Let it take over, trust in it and you will find the footing you need." Of course there was another surprise if he made it to Trevor but it would not take from his performance if indeed he continued in spite of what looked to be on the brink of giving up.

He was kidding right? Eion looked up at him for a long moment then used his sword to help him to his feet. He glanced back toward the others then back to Trevor with a grim determination on his feet. Balance. Just find the right ... He managed to get close enough to lift his sword again and bring it down toward Trevor's head, in spite of the feeling he wasn't going to keep that water down after all.

The trembling stopped as a hand reached up to grab the sword's blade. A hand that had turned to solid stone and eased it from Eion's hand while with his other hand helped to steady him. "Persistence when one feels all strength is gone, is the mark of a good warrior." He was done as he looked towards the bleachers. The sword safely down as his hand turned back after moving from the blade to switch to its hilt. It was lucky they didn't go hand to hand, now that would have been cruel considering the man was still healing. Stubborn Irishman. Something Trevor could relate to.

Peter was impressed as he stood and saluted the man and all those who participated. They were well gifted but had control over their gifts, not controlled by them. "I think you would make an excellent addition to any part of the warrior circuit." Most probably thinking he was watching, judging, for his own purposes but he was not. "Wouldn't you say Karl, a good addition to your forces?" Not looking his comrade's way but having known he had been watching and calculating not far from them.

Karl stepped from the cover of trees. The merit of a man could not always be measured in his ability upon the field on a single day. Especially when the man had been, as Karl knew this one had been, weakened by circumstances.

That was the core that had kept Eion alive all those months in that prison. Will power, that reserve one needed to find and use to keep going when the body wanted to give up. He was grinning proudly but waited to see what this Karl had to say, Peter mentioned. Wait. Karl. Brows lifted. That had to be the very King of these lands.

Those long, confident strides carried him past his men to where Peter stood. "Good you said my forces, Comrade." There might be a tournament between the two had there been a question of where this man might serve. He bowed toward the Quinn man in appreciation of his attempts and in acknowledgment of what skill he already possessed. "If you'd like, Eion, seek out the healers at the castle. Enjoy the administrations of the massage therapies available. Both Peter and I appreciate you indulging us in this bit of ... testing for lack of a better word. You've done yourself and your family proud and, if you choose, you would honor Heathfield by joining her ranks of trained warriors."

Conor's mouth opened, closed, opened, closed. It was the flippin' king he had asked about crusades? Wasn't that just bluidy...grand! He dropped his face in his hands and let out a slew of disbelief which his palms luckily muffled.

Well, hell, had he known that he would have said otherwise just to get that tournament. They had been sitting too idly on such matters for a long time. Every single man under them would rally for such an occasion.  "Congratulations, Eion. You have just join the ranks of the best in these lands. If either of your brothers have such skills they can be tested as well to join." A castle never hurt having more skilled men within its walls.

When Lazare's lips parted to add to Karl's comment, Vincent shot out a sharp elbow to clip the man in the ribs. Instead of words, a grunted gulp escaped, much to de Beauvais' satisfaction.

"Congratulations brother, you did us proud. Grandmama will want a feast in your honor as it should be." The rewards were high for what he was put through.

"Congratulations, Eion. I will see you in a day or two." He would contact Melantha first to see when was actually suitable for she might wish to be present. "I bid you all a good night. The healers here are very gifted, you should take the offer up." Probably help him heal faster all way around, to complete the healing process. Without further adieu, bowing to the kings, he took his leave. Making use of those wings by the time he was near the end of the field.

Karl searched out the sidelines and found the eager sibling who had rushed out onto the field earlier. "And to answer your question? Quite some time. Vincent should be rather ripe by now." Alex and Karl spoke often, and most times, shared the amusing tales taking place at the Thistle. Conor's opinion of warriors happened to be one of them.

"My thanks to both of your Majesties." He wasn't totally sure how to address two at once. "I might just avail myself of the offer of the healers." He took a deep breath. "I would make one request, however. That I heal fully before I take to the field again. I'm not sure I'll stay on my feet so well next time." He wasn't sure what Gabriel meant about the healers but any could only do so much. All the congratulations had him nodding his thanks, and he was trying hard not to laugh at poor Conor. His brother seemed to find himself in the most awkward positions. He held out his hand toward Sir Trevor. "The sword please, Sir Trevor. It's my brother's and I should return it to." He was swaying some on his feet as he waited.

The man was making requests already?

Shut up, Carno.

They should test him by fire then!


Trevor already had it held out for the man. Only held it while he regained his composure and was addressed. "You did well." Giving him a nod of approval.

Karl looked back to Eion. "But of course, Eion. When you feel ready just let one of the men know." He reached out a hand to thump Peter on the shoulder in a solid show of respect from one brother-in-arms to another. "Good to see you. But now, there is a candle burning in a window up there..." He nodded toward the castle. "just for me. Please excuse me."

"Thank you, Sir Trevor." He allowed a hint of a smile to show as he took the sword that he hadn't seen for being so exhausted. "I hope to do better next time." The sword was offered back to Segan and then he bowed to Karl as he went to see to his ... candle.

The whole time the rest of the conversations were underway, Conor was keeping a wary eye on Vincent. He knew the warrior had heard the king's comment even if he didn't appear to be affected by it.

"Lucky man," grumbled good natured. "One day..." maybe he would have himself a queen but that would mean making the effort. "If you will excuse me. I have work still to be done." Correspondence to go over as the thump was returned and he heading to the castle and the suites he had there.

Lazare bowed to Karl and then to Peter as they took their leave.

"You can have that one brother. I have others and it seems to have done you justice. My gift."

de Beauvais offered his show of respect to both kings and met Karl's eye as Heathfield's passed him. To him he offered a very slight nod of understanding his gaze drifting to Conor for only a brief moment.

Trevor did the same as he turned to Lazare. "Perhaps we can find some leisurely pursuit to amuse us this night if you're not too tired." Considering Vincent would have the same waiting for him as the King did, unless he put himself in the dog house, one filled with bonnets.

Vincent had come to appreciate bonnets, thank you!

Another bow to Peter before he looked at Segan and nodded. "Thank you." Quiet but heartfelt. He watched as the others too began to leave the field. Show was over!

"Too tired?" He shot an arm around Trevor, starting to lead him from the field. "I just received my second ..." He laughed. "...wind!"

"As long as it doesn't come out the other end, I'm with you tonight for a good time." They would at least be drinking and perhaps some ladies to keep them company.  He collected his things, shirt adjusted, vest put back on as well his belt with the sheathed empowered sword before on their way.

Vincent actually smiled, pulling his attention from his comrades to rest on the castle. Yes. All he needed was there, he but needed to get there. "Life is a conscious continuity, Comrades." And he started from the field. Conor was safe...for now.

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