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Mystic Tattoos Parlor

Date: 04-23-09
Poster: Seanan O'Caiside
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The Return

Seanan had just finished up a customer and was cleaning up the back room. There were some who didn't think it was necessary but he felt better doing it that way. He had no complaints, his customers had very few problems and everyone seemed satisfied with the results. It had been some time since Deirdre had gone away and he was concerned that perhaps she wouldn't be back. He was certain that she'd notify him in any case. He was however, thinking about supper rather than anything, his stomach reminding him that the time was close.

Attired in a light moss green dress trimmed in white lace, Deirdre paused at the door. Fingers sweeping back the strands of mahogany red hair that had escaped the upsweep styling she learned how to set while in Kildare from a handmaid. One that accompanied her back to stay here at her brother's estate, Whispering Pines. Her father wanted her to have the comforts, least some, of a lady her station brought. Normally she would have fussed, pouted, possibly even hide for days if it weren't for the fact she had come to like the petite Amelia originally from France but of Irish blood mix. She also found she was not so opposed to having a handmaid fuss over her, help her dress, fix her hair, spray her with a light perfume. Seanan was a good one to try this new look on, well to her it seemed new, felt new, felt feminine. The door was opened with the chime of the bell overhead letting him know a customer had entered. Instead of going to find him, a few more steps were taken putting her in the middle of the room as she waited. Hands folding together loosely in front. Eyes trained on the doorway leading to the back. She was hoping he would be surprised, pleasantly so. Recalling how she first met him had a smile curling.

He heard the bell and picked up a clean rag, wiping his hands as he made his way out of the room and down the hall into the waiting area. Stopping at the door, his mouth dropped open as he realized it was Deirdre! He was dressed as usual in a poet's shirt, this one dark blue, black pants and boots that laced up the side. "Deirdre!" Two steps had him into the room, picking her up and giving her a hug. He would have spun her but he didn't want to mess her gown and hair too badly. Placing her on her feet, he looked her over. "You look ... beautiful. And you smell good too." Sniffing the air, he grinned. "Welcome home."

Brows slightly lifted as eyes traveled down as far as his stomach only to lift quickly again, a smile spreading wide. Even wider with his compliment, one she would have to relate to Amelia. She could envision her response, fluttering laughter and saying she told her so! Arms wound round his neck for the duration of the hug as he lifted her right up from the flooring. Little surprise as she could feel his strength before placed back on her feet. The thought had a blush rising to her cheeks. "Thank you," laughter following, "it is good to be back and seeing you again. I'm ready to start," which had her hesitate with a questioning look in green eyes, "provided you haven't replaced me? It took longer and we were waylaid by English ships that fired on Regan's ship, sank another of their own and fled." He might notice that lingering trace of fear just recalling the scene vividly in her mind when mentioning it.

"Of course I haven't." He chuckled at her question. "You can start anytime you like." He took hold of her hand with the look, offering comfort. "Is she all right? Are you?" He was frowning at the mention of the sinking. "Did any of the men survive?"

Fingers slipped to lace with his as there wasn't much to be missed in wide green eyes. "She is all right, everyone on our ships were fine. Seems there was a man on one of their three ships that alerted us to the ruse, having our ships turn immediately to help Regan as they were headed her way. They tried to cut her off, run her ashore but then the one fired on their own ship. It sank, only a handful survived, the other two ships fast getting away that if we tried, I'm sure none would have survived the cold waters. Miss McKenna and my brother James interrogated the captain of the sunken ship. He was following the orders of the lead ship who betrayed him. Seems he didn't like the whole bit of business to start." She didn't really know anything beyond that. "Have you gotten busier, new customers? I can start now or wait for tomorrow." Realizing it was getting late, though this was the soonest she could get here to let him know she was back. At least she had her own horse to ride in on.

"I've been getting more, but I try to schedule them instead of taking just walk ins." He grinned as he continued. "A few lasses have come in and I've told them they have to wait for you." He glanced at the sun then back. "I was about to go get something to eat. Would you like to join me? We can talk about what's gone on for the last few weeks."

"There were? You have?" Excitement lit green eyes, "oh, I can't wait but I'll have to wont I!" Laughing easily around him as she gave a sweeping glance over the place, not a whole lot of changes. Back again, "I'm hungry as I didn't get a chance to eat and get here before you closed. Let's head for the Thistle or that little cafe," whichever he'd like but the Thistle served fuller meals. She was looking forward to the conversation while they enjoyed their meal. A couple months of catching up and so pleased he had not replaced her in that time.

He did have flowers in the window. Had passed the florist shop and seen a bouquet he liked. Other than that, the shop was clean as always and no, no changes had been made. "The Thistle it is then." He held the door open for her and outside would offer his arm as they made their way through the commons.



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