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Other Lands

Date: 11-26-10
Poster: Maurice McDonough
Post # 21

He gave his leg a pat. "There's always a knee, Fae, to raise you to greater heights." And along those lines...good that Maurice hadn't commented on his thoughts, for a rise could be quite easily had with these fair females. He found himself smiling to Gem's retort. "Would you prefer dainty then? " Doubtful. That rumble of a chuckle vibrated up before he was looking to the opening of the door again. Well, life seemed to be coming back to the place even without a grand opening.

Lean was taken against the bar, smile so easy to stay on lips as she looked between the small gathering. "My coins are on Gem to win." Not that she was bias. Much. "Knee up? I guess that would save on getting step ladders. Gem. You should try it out." Rotten imp. Loved to tease her friend. Fingers found her glass even as eyes found the new person. Nod of greeting.

She opened her mouth to retort to "dainty", but then that rumble came from him, and she found herself having her thoughts rather scattered. It was entirely unfair, the way guys could rumble. Really it was. She floundered for a  suitably effective response for a moment, and then gave it up as the imp sabotaged her. She squinted at the woman. "Fae, you know I avoid laps like the plague. They tend to be very dangerous places." The gent coming in then pulled her attention for a few moments of assessing scan, before she retreated to the dubious safety of taking a long swallow of her whiskey.

He gave an upnod to the fellow in furs. "Not much to offer in this place presently but you're welcome to a tumbler of Tullamore Dew."

Patrick Maitland had been a fixture in these lands for too long, evidence was he merely glanced the once at the man, offered him a nod of greeting, then went back to the conversation nearest him. Maurice was tending to the fellow well enough as it were. "Come now, Gem. I really didn't take you as a lass that shied away from danger. Alas. I must have been mistaken." He didn't look at her as he spoke, best he didn't. He grinned to Fae in the process.

"Depending on what heights you wish to reach of course." Innocently said. Well done Fae. Five seconds within the walls and you were acting the same as old. Tugged the glass towards herself and let the scent of the contents fill her senses.

Gloved hand rose to pluck the wide brimmed hat from his head, and laid it on the table in front of him. Eyes regarded the females at first, lingering for a moment longer to be comfortable, then to the men, a simple nod given to the man who addressed him, and with a voice like rough sandpaper, he spoke. "Just looking for a place to rest a moment."

Patrick was in fine form tending to the two lasses easily. So he kind of pulled back and watched with amusement. "Aye, rest in ease here then." Pouring some of the whiskey to refill his glass then to be taken up and kicked back.

Feeling those red eyes on her, she sent a squinted, "Touch me not" look over that fellow's way, before blinking up at Patrick for his words. "....I don't shy..! I am not so wimpy! But there are some things more dangerous than others, ye ken?" Her Elven accent suddenly a bit more apparent than usual, her normal control of it fading for a moment and then resumed. "Ahem. I mean..there is no sense in running full tilt towards something that can flay the very heart from a girl with arms wide open, now is there?" Her eyes moved to each of them, seeking their agreement, stopping on Maurice last.

Her quick retort, the defensive spark to her words only had the large man smiling all the more. Quite the bite, this wee one. "Now there's a question." He stroked his chin, but that didn't hide the uptilt of his lips. "Guess the answer depends on whether you're wanting my honest opinion, or just an agreement for comfort's sake." Once more a faint wink was offered to her, he'd not press her to the point of utter discomfort. Not their first time meeting at least. "Listen to the advice of your friend here, lass. She'll tell you true." A dip of head indicated Fae before he looked to the silent Maurice. Wasn't like the McDonough to shrink to the background. The noble was more a front stage sort, taking the audience by storm.

Fae who was used to people giving her longer then normal stares hardly noted it at all. If it didn't come with a weapon, it was judged none threatening. Not a word from the imp. Silence. But the smile said more then a good dozen words. Glass was lifted and she took a sip of the liquid inside. Not bad. Watch nose wrinkle up. Long time since she drank something like that.

His eyes tracked from one to another again, but then just rested on Fae. No movement, just a constant stare, then after a few moments, a slight quirk of a smile, as if something passed that he had found amusing.

"Hah." That was to both Patrick and to Fae, though her eyes lingered on Patrick for that answer of his, her curiosity as to his honest answer hard for her to hide. She shook her head at herself, there, for being just plain silly, though, and let it pass. "Fae would be more likely to run me into trouble than out of it, aye lass?" Laughing softly, recalling several incidences of trouble from their past. She sent an enquiring look to Maurice, there, because she felt he was being silent for some reason that was not usual. She hoped she had not offended him at some point.

Oh, he understood as ice blue eyes (holding a warmth contrary to their coloring) turned back on Gem. He was enjoying her accent too and debated letting his rise from the more refined English. Maurice probably knew a man that knew Fae back in the old days too, just like he knew two that Gem knew.

Had she walked in seaweed or something? Was fresh from the ship, was all salty and sort of wind blown. As usual. "Darling, you are casting slander on my good name." It could happen. If nobody that had ever met her. Came back to the tavern. Yes Gem. Listen to Fae. Only good things would ever happen. If you thought trouble came hand in hand with good, that was.

"Ah, well then, I hold to my previous statement about listening to her advice." He tilted his glass in a semi-toast-like-gesture to first Gem, then to Fae, and followed that with a long swallow. He turned his empty glass over and set it that way on the bar counter before easing up from the stool. "Having just returned from an extended absence, there are things I should see to I suppose. Much to my present regret since I've found much more interesting matters to attend to here. " His voice lowered next, mostly to himself, but with the height of man came the difficulty of being soft spoken. "Pity really."

Seemed to him, their advice to one another would get them into a fine bit of trouble. Something he would bet they both craved, of the right kind. Another kind, not at all. He felt they knew the difference between the two. Oh, he was amused, the twinkle in his eyes, the slighter creasing to the sides, told of this. Fae, Fae, Fae, where had he heard that name before? Told in a good light as well. There was only one Fae from this northern tavern.


His gloved hand reached out, taking up his hat, and placing it back upon his head, fixing the brim a moment, then standing. He turned back to the door, and walked to the entrance. That grating low voice of his sounding one last time. "Tell your family I will be seeing them soon Fae, Pendragon." The door opened and he made his exit as quiet as he had come in, but for the chime of that spur on his boot.

The thief smiled at Maurice after noting the humor in his eyes, relieved that he seemed alright. Amethysts moved back to Patrick as he stood and spoke, a flash of regret in her gaze quickly hidden with a smile and a nod of gracious politeness. "It was lovely to meet you, Patrick. Sweet dreams and light laughter to you, sir."

It was getting that kind of late and a list to make up to go over in fixing up this place. Coin for coin was the agreement but some things, would be gotten by way of the black market. There were kegs of German ales to be had for instance. "Ladies, it has been a pleasure, one I hope to repeat another time but time this day has its demands to be met." Then it dawned on him as he turned a questioning look upon Fae, "do you remember a fellow by the name of Brian MacMillan?" That was where he believed he heard of the one.

Seems the intrigue of the tavern never ceased, even in its current state of disuse. He looked to the man as he left, then an assessing gaze grazed over Fae with what was said.

So, too, did Gem dart a look at the departing man, and then to Fae, her silver brows furrowed, " know him? Do you need help, lass? You know I am yours for it."

One brow was going up. Why! God damn it. Couldn't she had one drink with something odd happening. Gave a shrug of her shoulders at Patrick and Gem. "I have no idea. None at all." Squeal....Blink. Cough. "Was that a mouse..." Cough. Oh you silly imp. Grins and looks at Maurice. "Aye I know of him. Not seen him in forever."

"Huh. I will look into things as best I can, then, Fae." Her eyes turned to Maurice. "Be safe and well, to you, sir, and it was also a pleasure to meet you."

He moved a step closer to Gem, even as she offered her assistance to her friend. "Well, Pendragon is the name it seems." Patrick repeated the name with what could have almost been amusement. He had lived too long, seen too much, to take any foreboding comment not explained, too seriously. Maurice had paused to drop names again, which brought on the smile that he had managed to control with the previous mention of Pendragon. Now there was Maurice afterall!

"That is probably because he is kept busy being head of the royal guard in Heathfield. Come around sometime, maybe he'll be out and about." Quick wink followed the flash of a smile as he was. "Far as the fellow, if you know not of him, most likely he'll not be able to find you or your family."

She turned her eyes up to Patrick as he stepped nearer to her, taking that opportunity as he looked over at Maurice, to study his features.

She was busted. He slanted a look down to her and offered her a nod for that moment of eye contact. "Good day to you Gem." He responded, then looked to Fae. "And to you Fae. Until next we meet. Which will, I hope..." Once more a smiling gaze dipped to Gem. "Be sooner than later."

Busted! Oh, Gods. She promptly flushed that rose color again, but lifted her chin in tacit denial of its existence, as he caught her gaze. A rather pleased smile tilted her lips, though, as he looked back at her, at the finish of his sentence. "As do I."

Twisted around to stare behind the bar, was being far to good and not even mentioning the blush over her friends features. Wiggled her empty glass at Maurice. "Is the second one as free as the first?"

So he would leave without being stabbed...but that didn't mean his fingers didn't tingle with the need to grab. Ah well, there was always tomorrow for stabbies. Yes, he was delaying his departure even as the need to attend things at the warehouse yelled to him. He cleared his throat, then started to the door with a final..." Ladies."

Ice mumbled something on Patrick about even with him being reclusive for some time, he hadn't lost his touch or charm. Chuckle was mixed in with it too as he waited. No real hurry. "Aye, have at it, Fae." Having left the bottle on the bar.

He shot an arm around Maurice, laughing whole heartedly with that private comment. "The day I do, is that day I will pray for death." And out the door they'd go.

No stabbies, indeed, for this fine day. Amethyst gaze followed them out, though if it traced the outlines of Patrick more than Maurice, there was none but Fae to notice it, aye?

Which had him squint an eye, "should I then?" Except there was more to tell in possibly the why which he might divulge as they headed out.

Yes. Yes she did. Notice everything and miss the lot. "Don't think I didn't see that dear." Who needed eyes in the back of her head? Was watching Gem with a chuckle. "Getting that weak knee'd feeling?" Tease.

"I don't know what you are talking about, Fae." A little hand fluttered before her, as she lifted up her glass to finish the whiskey.

"No?" Lash fluttering look at Gem as she took up the whisky. "They said to have it right?"

"Yes, they did. It would be entirely remiss of us not to drink it." Holding her glass out for more.

Date: 11-28-10
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 22

Adventure to the Northern Tavern
 (MT- continued from Thistle Tavern post #15)


Rory was ahead by a few paces as he reined in the stallion in front of the tavern. "Seems it is no longer dead since we have been here." An aside to the others that were pulling in near him. He dismounted after that initial notation, booted feed hitting solid ground with a crunch for the cold. Winter was on its way! He saw to tying the reins off on the hitching post.

She was looking all around for there was a lot to see and take in as she rode alongside the others. The time seemed to go by quickly too. A lot shorter than she had expected. With a glance to the others she dismounted after bringing her horse to a halt just down from Rory's. "So this is the place," more mussed under her breath.

Not dead at all!  Tykir slid from his mount as he rubbed his hands together.  He tossed his reins, his horse was a trained one.  Or a dumb one.  Hard to tell.  It wouldn't go anywhere if it thought it was tied.

"Aye, it is. From what I was told, almost every family had someone who came here."  She wasn't at all nervous about those here, instead she slid from her horse and grinned.  "It was really dirty inside." The two at the stairs got a smile from the lass as she moved by then headed up the steps.

"It seems there are some improvements," things fixed up even on the porch as he ascended the steps, "evening to you," hell with warnings about speaking to strangers. Cordial dip of his head in passing the man and woman as he continued onward, pushing the front door open wide to accommodate all his friends. Windows were still clean he had soaped down good and squeegee.

What are we waiting for?"  Where was Fawn? He took a moment to step around his horse and look for the girl.  Then he gave a shrug.  Must have decided it was too scary to venture to.  Molly was already on the way in and so was Rory!  "Come on, Ellyn." He called and took off after them, wings pressed as tight as he could to his back.

"I think we lost Fawn." Maybe she decided she was not so adventurous after all. She stepped around from her horse after tying the reins. She didn't trust him to stay nor assume he was dumb. That would be testing her luck. She was coming, heading up the steps and a smile to those there on the porch as she passed them, following Rory and Tykir's lead.

He rushed in through that open door that Rory was holding and came to a skidding halt.  Holy Mother of a Moss Eating Goat!  He hadn't expected this!

She had never been here before as she was quick inside so the others could come in. "Looks pretty clean to me," even shinny in places as she twirled around in a skip and hop for how spacious it was. "One could dance in here!"

She waited to go through the door, grinning her thanks for Rory and nearly ran into Tykir and whoever else might have stopped. "What?"  Peeking. It did look good and she grinned as Ellyn did a dance step though she truly hoped they weren't going to dance.  Potcheen?  Time to try that again and see if she keeps from choking.

Once they were in, he was up from his lean against the door in keeping it open and headed in with the others. "I've the bottle of potcheen," which he took out from under his cloak's inner pocket.

He watched Ellyn take off in her twirly flight, a grin starting, but it came full view when Rory revealed that bottle.  "Get some glasses and we'll make good use of it for sure and certain!"

"Hey, those broken tables and chairs are replaced," this was noticed as the biggest thing needing fixing, well, that he knew of. "So this Ice and Patrick fellow fixed this all up?" Making his way to the bar where he collected a few clean glasses. As Tykir picked out the table he was back over with the glasses and bottle.

They were in the big leagues now, folks.  The Medieval Tavern...potcheen...there was nothing that could stop them now.  Look, there was even a table empty for the four of them.  You'd think they had reservations! Tykir shrugged. "Don't know, just know I mentioned it to Charlie.  Who knows who actually saw this place opened up again." He looked around the room, searching for any that looked like they may be responsible.  One looked as likely as another to the dark-winged lad, so he just pulled around a chair for one of the girls to sit and waited.  "Smells funny in here though, don't you think?"

She had moved about the place, getting in a good idea of its layout before she seemed to be light on her feet again around Tykir as he pulled out a chair and down she went to claim it. "Thank you," bit of a smile up his way as he might be able to tell how much she was enjoying this by the brightness of green eyes.

"Still is amazing.  Though I guess they didn't find someone else to tend."   She glanced around, curious, then nodded.  "Aye, it does.  What is that?" She pulled out a chair and sat and looked at the others.

Didn't know what Gem was talking about.  Seemed pretty tame to him as he sat, legs stretching out under the table.  "Haven't ever smelled it before, can't tell you." He grinned to Molly, waiting for the potcheen to pour.

"Well, yes it does," with a wrinkle of her nose now that she was taking a moment to notice, especially since he mentioned it. "You're a big help," as she swatted him but her hand came short from actually making contact on purpose.

"Maybe that is the scent of clean this place hasn't had in so long, it makes it seem like an odd funny one?" Grinning as dimples dipped with that smile and he was settling into a chair and pouring the glasses full, a bit fuller than Alex poured theirs.

Tykir knew he had Rory as a friend for a reason.  He collected his glass and offered up a toast.  "To the next generation...ours."

She grinned right back at Rory, then picked up one of the glasses and held it up in Tykir's direction. "And to as many adventures as we can fit in."

"Aye, be they McAndrews, Frasier, McDonough or any other of our lands as many new surnames have come," lifting up his drink, "slainte," then down the hatch it all went. So he was not really use to taking down that much and had his eyes water a little. That passed as he let out a breath a dragon would be proud of.

She eyed the drink with suspicion and a breath drawn in and released as she took it up. "To adventure and good memories to be made from them." Hopefully, before she lifted the glass a little higher but no way in hell's fury was she going to kick back the whole deal. She had heard of this potent brew. A sip even had her eyes water which she squeezed closed until the sensation passed a few moments later.

Oh yeah, she was going to be careful with this drink.  She didn't take a big drink, but a sip and still the powerful brew had her eyes watering and her throat burning.  Still, it was a touch easier than the very first time. "Good, huh?"  She looked at Ellyn with the question and grinned.  And laughed when she heard her own voice. 

Potcheen was definitely an acquired taste, but the lads were getting better at it.  Half the glass went down without a flinch, then he attempted the remainder immediately following with only the clearing of his throat as the aftermath.  Sooooooo, what was happening here?  He passed his gaze over the others, pausing every so often to try to figure them out.

"Yes, actually. Once you get past the burn. Yet the fire is smooth." Oh yes, she could get use to this in moderation. She took another sip, tentative and found it to go down a little easier. Yes, her own voice sounded a tad bit lower and sultry. Which had her laughing too.

The company was good.  The potcheen was good. But where was the adventure that so many talked about while here?  No vamps? No weres? Not even a ... wait, who was that?  Bah, nope, not  even that.  The laughter from the girls caught his attention and he looked from one to the other.

They were having a moment in a smaller adventure.

There wasn't much to see at the moment other than watching the two ladies with them. Who could complain there with their looks? He certainly would not. He topped off all their drinks. Which had his and Tykir's full and the ladies what little bit they had consumed.

"Our voices sound different."  She grinned as she near purred out the words, then cleared her throat. "Guess we're lucky though. Could sound higher and shriller."  And would hurt everyone else's ears!

"I wonder if theirs got higher being ours got lower." Slanting a glance to the guys with them.

Tykir laughed.  "Rather nice though, your voices."  Who would have ever thought Molly and Ellyn could sound so ... grown up.  Nope, he's hadn't gotten higher but there was a bit more of a deeper tone to it much to his surprise.

"Nope, not higher." The lads sounded good though!  She placed her elbow on the table, chin coming to rest on the knuckles of her upraised hand.  "Did you get to ask your Da about coming here, Rory? Or have you been in Heathfield all this time?"

Well, there was only one way his voice would get higher and it wasn't from potcheen. Actually the stuff coated his throat enough he could sing, not badly at all either. Maybe he took after his uncle Seamus. "Here, to this tavern or to Heathfield lands?" As focus turned on Molly's inquiry.

Whoah-ho! Two glasses of whiskey were taking a rather interesting effect on the dark-winged prince.  And Rory had refilled his glass so there was more getting ready to be consumed.  Yes.  Tykir could get to like this tavern very much.  He blinked slow, looking now between Rory and Molly.

Wait, as the question sunk in more. "Didn't ask him about coming here, more that he knows I was headed for Heathfield lands to make new friends. Learn from my older brother already there and to have adventures." Which could cover a lot of territory. The tapping distracted him as it was the first heard in here,  he glanced that way while waiting.

"And what friends were to be made!" Tykir managed to get out past the unwillingness of his tongue to cooperate.

"Ohh.  Which brothers are you talking about then when you talk about your brothers?"   She paused to think on her words , then grinned at Tykir.  "That too!"

"My oldest brother Rick. I've two brothers, being one of triplets, that are in the lands too but I hardly have seen hide nor hairy arse of them." Grinning with the last which brought out those McAndrews dimples.The woman got a dip of his chin with a returned smile. She seemed distant as he studied her a fleeting moment then back with a glance to Tykir.

Hairy arse?   She tried not to laugh and failed then looked at Ellyn.  "Has any of your family been here before, Ellyn?  I mean, here to this tavern?"


What was he looking at Tykir for?  The prince was buzzing about now and finding it hard to focus for long on any one thing.  He scooted to sit up, which caused him to blink and he reached for that glass.  "Ellyn's a Frasier...My guess would be yes.  Yes?" He smiled to Ellyn, then to Molly and that smile seemed plastered to his face.

"Yes. There is a great story of how my uncle Danny met Shiloh from this place. A love that wouldn't be denied in spite of the time differences. He thought for sure she'd refuse when he asked her to marry but she didn't, in fact she was willing to leave behind all the modern conveniences of her time to be with him." Which she paused here as she leaned as if telling a secret, "and she never regretted it." It was quite the romantic story and there were a few of them just as there had been disasters for some too.



Date: 11-28-10
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 23

Was Tykir's tongue becoming just a wee bit slurred? Were his eyes just a slight shade of glossy? Certainly he was having a good time but if the lad took to flight, he'd probably crash into a tree. "How you feeling Tykir?" as he refreshed their drinks.

"Aw, happy stories like that are nice to hear any time."  She looked over at Tykir, blinking a bit.  Not because he looked different but because what she was seeing was a bit of an aura around the winged youth.   But she felt great!

More? Gotta have a McAndrews for a friend, folks.  "Feeling mighty good, Rorrrry."  And the smile remained, even from when he talked to the girls.  "How bout you?"

That had her cause to turn focus on Tykir as well. Slow smile emerging for he looked so.. happy.. for lack of another word. "You come and drink here often, Tykir? I really enjoy that one. Each have a good story. Uncle Patrick's is sad but I'm sure he will find someone one day. He has the looks. But it takes more than looks and he has personality." All the rest closer Frasier relatives were happy.

Hmmm? His gaze touched and then rested on Ellyn.  "You know I don't, Ellyn.  Place just reopened." He attempted to wag a finger at her, feeling quite sure of himself. But sure it looked more like a circular motion then an up and down one when it was finished.

"I'm doing just fine. One day I will catc.. catc.. catch," sounding more like a catch in his voice or sort of hiccup followed by a bellowed laugh. Good, loud, strong one. "I feel good!"

Tykir held his glass but smacked a hand down on the table top. "Yes!" He did too!

"Catch hold of Sean who makes this brew and give me compliments."

Four teens!  "I'm feeling good too.  And the potcheen isn't burning so much when it goes down."  She looked at Ellyn to say something comforting but forgot what she wanted to say.  Instead she just giggled when Tykir made her jump, or maybe it was at the hiccup from Rory.

She almost, but not luckily, spilled the potcheen down the front of her attire with that slap to the table. That jerk of her spine reminiscent  from when a child and an elder wanted her attention from daydreaming. "Ho.." was all she managed to get out, not even a whole word.

"You are all staying at the Thistle tonight," he wasn't sure if his ass would be grass and one of the grups the lawn mower bringing them all back sloshed.

"Ho ho?"  She was blinking at Ellyn then at Rory.  "Why?"  Maybe that was all she could get out.

"That is where I am already staying." She felt warm inside but nothing more being she was nursing what she had even with Rory topping it off.

Yes, why? Cause...well...he was looking at Ellyn and Molly and Rory's suggestion was taking on a whole new meaning which he was finding rather appealing.

Which if he had realized his own wording, or undercurrent, then he'd be mighty proud of himself even if he got smacked for it.

Did he miss the explanation?  He squinted to Rory and repeated.  "Why?"  Did he forget to ask in the first place?  He needed more drink and the took up the glass that Rory had refilled once again.

She didn't get it!  Luckily for her.  Instead she took another drink, this one longer.

Tykir had never voiced his thoughts and he wasn't a mind reader, "huh?" as he was feeling quite mellowed out when the question came from what seemed out of nowhere. "Oh," as he managed to connect to a possible relationship to what had been said. "I think it is a good idea. Sleep off the effect of drink we are consuming tonight." Yes, he was all right, he got all of that out. "Imagine crashing into Karl going down a hall in the castle with fire on your breath."

That was almost enough to sober the teen!  Way to bust his buzz!  "Rather not." He slurred out, though if he didn't show on the field tomorrow, the Black Griffon would probably be wondering why and come looking for him.  Castle or Tavern or Field or Stable.  Better he  not be snuggled up against one of these lasses when he was found although, and again he found he was slowly passing a gaze over the girls seated at the table with them, might be worth the hell that would follow to be in heaven for a night.

"Exactly," as his point drove home on the mark. "So we stay at the Thistle and can go visit the village and lighthouse along the shore tomorrow." Good as an excuse as any.

She was wondering why Tykir was looking at them that way. Watching him as she noticed the effect of the drink, wondering at the same time the comfortable feel she was feeling too.

Sure to be a lecture to follow.  She looked at the glass, deciding that she better or stop or she'd be falling off the horse. Ty got a smile when she looked up then she looked at Rory.  "I never visited a lighthouse before." Distracted easily!

"It's one of the places on my list too." The lighthouse sounded like fun and she heard a teen took care of it. Another to add to their group once met.

 Now that just sucked rotten eggs! He wouldn't be able to do all those things come the next day.  He'd be on the field in the morning, in his studies by midday, seeing to his duties by afternoon...Yes, this just sucked. Tykir blinked slowly, looking to the sound of slamming on the counter before returning his gaze to the group.

"What's the matter Ty?" He was starting to look a little green around the gills. The slamming brought blue eyes back to the woman he had noticed earlier. Well, well, looked like she got herself a friend now.

Wasn't looking green! He was sure of it.  Was still feeling right as right could be.  Just knew he would miss out on the travels come the morning and repeat his previous thoughts... that just sucked. McAndrews?  He hadn't heard that name offered, he would have recognized it.  But when he heard it, even in his whiskey haze, he searched out the source.  Cause, maybe, just maybe, one of Rory's kin were in the house!

Both arms were resting on the table now,  and her chin was resting on them.  She was watching Rory and Tykir, waiting for his answer. They'd wait for another day if he couldn't go with them!

Wasn't anyone he knew. The clan was big. Came from an even bigger clan. "Think we should try moving?" See if that were any challenge.

"Moving?"  Ohhellandhighwaters.  "Like...going?"  He was feeling good sitting, but even as he looked around he knew his balance would be very off.

She had managed to finish her drink, one, with a couple topping offs but that was earlier. Luckily they had their horses to hang onto for the ride back. She edged to the corner of her seat in the first effort.

"Guess we gotta if we want to go home."  She sat up first and when the room didn't move like she was expecting it too, she nodded. "Aye, time t' go home."

Tykir stood slowly, holding the back of his chair as he swaaaayed just a little.  Wings that usually were so neatly tucked to his back, were loose not so much although they'd never be fully extended inside.  Even ... feeling like he did .. .those muscles remained in good control.  Sorta.  "Feeling okay?" He said to the group, as if he was the most sober of the lot.

She was easing up near the same time as the others, all almost in unison. That wasn't so bad. Her legs worked even if she couldn't really feel them. She headed for the door in a concentrated effort.

Hey wait.  She wasn't up yet.  One. Two. Three and she found her feet.  A moment to get her bearings before she was following after. When the woman called out, she turned and smiled. "Thank you, we will."  And promptly, bumped into a chair when she turned back around. "Who put that there?"  She was good, Tykir! Yep!

He was amused but then he probably had more practice with the brew and a larger frame. He was up giving both Molly and Ellyn a hand but the latter didn't seem to need much. A swift smile went the lass' way wishing them to be careful. "Aye and a guid nig't tae yea," oh, there came the real accent set free.

Tykir followed along behind the others.  He had their backs!  Or he was using each chair he passed to touch down lightly and stabilize his balance.  As he reached the door, he turned and threw up a hand.  "Good night, Tavern!" and he pointed a finger, real cool like in his whiskey induced bravado, to the woman wishing them well.  They'd need it!  He didn't spin around to exit, he took a few steps backwards toward the door and turned, real, real slow to make his way out.

Her smile came as quickly to the woman and waved, "good night to you too." and almost went over a chair but had come around just in time and bumped into Molly instead. Little bump. The man too, with the woman, got the smile and rest of the fleeting wave before she was out into the night's air. That sobered her up some. It might take a few tries to get on the horse especially in the long dress.

He held the door giving the man an upnod in thanks, seeing the other three though before he was out, leaving the door to close behind him.

Where was his horse even! Where was his ... oh ... there it was.  It would definitely be an interesting journey home

The bump had her giggling again, then she was following after Ellyn.  And concentrating as she headed out the door.  "Good night!  Thank you Rrrrorrry." Rolling her r's because it was fun!  And when did the horse get so big?!  She watched the others for a moment before heading down the steps, using the rail to keep her steady.

Heave ho, he got hold of Molly and lifted her up onto her horse. He was that kind of tall and  it came in handy right now. Might have her head spin when airborne so quick and then Ellyn was to follow as she was struggling to get on her steed. The winged one, he left to do his own being there was that pride thing and all.

The dark-winged prince put the wrong foot in the stirrup and started to mount, but caught it just in time to switch off feet.  Although, laying his head on the broad rump of that horse all of a sudden seemed like a pretty good idea.

The stirrup wasn't easy to reach either.  And then she was up in the air with a squeak of surprise.  Once on the horse, she hugged her neck. "You keep me on your back, okay, Stella." Wait.  "Star."  When the horse seemed to nod, she yelp again then giggled and sat up.   A wave was given to those peeking out.

A squeak in surprise escaped as Rory helped her up. The motion making her a little dizzy as she leaned down against the horse's main. "Take me home," mumbled under her breath as she held on tight and hope the horse understood. Seemed so as it started off after the others. She would be sleeping fast in her bed tonight as they headed out. Thanking Rory for his help.

But he was mounted, and facing forward, and ready to ride.  Good thing the horse knew the way home.  Well trained after all and not dumb
. Home again, home again, jiggity jog.

So Tykir was going to ride backwards, he could see where he's been that way as he mounted up with a chuckle. Or not as Tykir managed himself around. Rory, being probably the most sober, but that was a certainty, would lag behind and make sure none fell off.



Date: 11-29-10
Poster: Athalia Edan
Post # 24

Snow was a rare thing in Paris so when it fell, it made the city magical.  Children laughed and played, throwing snowballs or catching snowflakes on their tongues, and if there was enough, making snowmen.  Even at the colleges the students were caught up in the moment and to ones like Lia and Ger who came from a land where snow fell often, it brought back memories, and perhaps a touch more homesickness.   Ger waited for Lia and walked her home, knowing she would likely be missing everything about winter back home.

They had found cider for their festival and still had some left, sitting it outside on the breezeway roof to keep it cold though tonight Ger heated it along with leftover soup.  They ate quietly, then Ger went off to his evening class.  He wasn't certain if he'd be late, not only because of the snow but because his friends might want to stop at one of the taverns.   She teased him about getting lost before he headed off then settled in to study and then to do some mending.  Finally, as the small clock they had brought from home chimed ten, she made her way into the bedroom. She didn't light the lantern right away or close the curtains but sat at her desk and watched the snow fall.  Finally as the windows began to frost over, she pulled the heavy curtains closed and lit the lantern.  Her journal was removed from the desk and once again she put pen to paper.


Dear Journal,

I'm learning more about the class differences here but I've discovered there are some who don't care.  Chrestien invited me to his home for a soirée which is nothing more than a fancy evening party.  It turned out that his grandmother, whom everyone calls the Duchess.  She is an elegant woman, still handsome, with silver gray hair.  Chrestien introduced me in front of everyone with a flurry of titles and I must have looked at him as if he were insane.  The Duchess called me over once everyone had arrived and we withdrew to a niche where we had some privacy.  I told her quite frankly that I was not nobility but the daughter of Roma who raised horses and she was delighted!   She said, "My dear, no matter how snooty some of these so called nobles are, they all came from simple stock in the beginning.  My own ancestor was little more than a barbarian who made money stealing cattle."  We became fast friends after that and I visit her often, even without Chrestien.  That night I wore a gown that one of my friends from school had lent me and jewelry given to me by a would-be courtier.   I let my hair hang loose, though I pulled it back on one side with a jeweled comb.  A few days later, as I was walking home, I saw a young woman wearing her hair the same way instead of in the mass of curls that are in style.

Yesterday,  the Duchess invited me to tea.  We were sitting near a window that looked out over the estate.  Even with the gray of winter and the leafless trees, it was beautiful.   She was telling me its history when her butler entered with a card.   One of her many nieces had arrived and wished to speak to her.  It was funny to see the elderly lady roll her eyes but she told the butler to allow her to join us.  "Trouble making, lazy ...  " She grumbled then smiled at me. "She wants her share of the family fortune, you see, but I'm leaving it all to my grandchildren."  She picked up her cup and took a drink.  I recognized the niece when she came in.  Clarette, her name was, not much older than Ger. A man accompanied her, all dressed in black. When she saw me sitting there, she looked as if she had sucked on a sour candy.  I heard the Duchess chuckle, and sipped my tea, looking down so I wouldn't laugh too.

Clarette curtseyed and put on the most false smile I've every seen.    She informed the Duchess that she had come to speak to her alone but her Aunt put her in her place, saying she had interrupted her tea, and she could speak now or save it.  She ignored the man as she told Clarette to sit and asked her if she would have tea.  Clarette refused, which seem to surprise the Duchess  for she had said that the young woman loved her sweets and the tea cakes the Duchess had were wonderful.   She then said what she had to say involved me and that surprised both of us.   When the Duchess recovered, her attitude toward Clarette changed and I could tell she was angry.  The man stepped forward after Clarette motioned to him.  He told the Duchess everything I had, that I was a student, nothing more than a peasant and a few other things.  For a moment the Duchess stared and then she started to laugh.  I've seen a few
angry people, but the Duchess was one I wouldn't want to face.  When Clarette left, she was in tears.  The Duchess smiled and sat again, and we continued our conversation as if nothing happened.  I decided then and there I wanted to be exactly like her, even if I wasn't a Duchess.

As I was leaving, she kissed my cheeks then smiled and spoke. "Remember this, my dear, one might be consider noble and another low class, but judge them by how they act.  That way you will see true nobility."  She had her coach bring me home which caused great excitement.   Today at school, Chrestien told me Grandmother was so pleased to have me visit and that she called me a breath of fresh air.  It made me feel good and I had to promise to visit her again.  How could I not?  I enjoy her company as much as she enjoys mine.  But now it grows late, and I'm tired.  Time for bed. Good night, Journal, until again.



Date: 12-06-10
Poster: Athalia Edan
Post # 25

The beginning of Advent also marked a break from classes for the students of the colleges in Paris.  Most would be gone until after the beginning of the New Year.  Some returned to their homes in other parts of France, others, like Ger and Lia, remained, the journey home to long or costly.   There would be parties to attend and celebrations for the next twenty-four days.  Alain had invited the siblings to his home for Christmas Eve and Chrestien for Christmas Day.   Lia let Ger decide and he accepted both invitations.   Lia still felt the tinge of homesickness though when she thought of the time of year.  To make matters worse, rumors of war had began. 

After a day spent in the company of her brother, Lia was, for once, feeling content instead of missing home.  When she sat at the table and opened her journal, she decorated the page with a little drawing of mistletoe before she began to write.


Dear Journal,

Now you are decorated for the holiday.  Again, there is a study in contrast here.  France is a Christian nation and there is much celebration for the birth of the Christ Child.  It is amazing to see the devotion, though the Huguenots are a touch more somber.  Perhaps it is because they are disliked.  Sad that people can't stop judging.  Ger and I had a wonderful day together.  We rented a wagon and went out into the countryside where we found a fir tree in a wooded area.  We didn't cut it down but planted it in a large pot that we had found and when the holiday is over, we're going to plant it again.  The Duchess has said we must do so on her estate where she can look out and see it so she always remembers us.  Ger charmed her when she met him and now he too, is welcome at the Estate anytime.

All of the lads are full of talk of the rumors of war.   The Duchess is not happy with such rumors.  She said it is the common people who suffer, and she fears not only for Chrestien but for all of his friends.  Alain is the only son of his parents and they are already talking about sending him away. His mother lost two of her brothers and has no wish to lose her son, though Alain would fight for France.   The Duchess said that her grandsons, including Chrestien would  automatically be given commissions, but I can tell she does not wish for them to go to war.  And she has told us that Ger might very well be conscripted into their army.   But nothing is certain and I refuse to worry until we are sure war will come.

The tree smells wonderful in our apartment, mixed with the smell of the baking from below.  We have collected all sorts of wonderful little wooden ornaments and ribbons for it and started to decorate it today.   Ger gave me two early presents.  One is a beautiful carved angel for the top of the tree though he had to hollow it out.   And a puppy.   She is Great Pyrenees and will be quite large when she is grown.  Ger said she will protect me when we return home and I travel about birthing babies.  She'll even be able to pull a sled or a small cart, and if we make sure she's around Madame Kennard's children, she'll be excellent with little ones.   She's white with touches of gray and I called her Neige which is French for Snow.  Ger laughed at the name but the pup likes it. She's answering to it already and she and the cat are sleeping together in front of the hearth right now.  I will join them after supper in my chair, and if Ger stays in, we can sit together and talk for a time.  Or I join the two on the rug and read a book while they sleep.

Ger went out for a while but he's back and he's brought supper.  Fish stew, one of his favorites, though I think he favors the daughter of the vendor.  So, once more, Journal, until again.



Date: 12-13-10
Poster: Athalia Edan
Post # 26

As the days of December began to pass and grow colder,  Lia and Ger spent more and more time indoors except when they took Neige, the Great Pyrenees puppy for walks.  The city was livelier than usual as preparation began for the holidays.   New clothes were handed out to the poor by the nobles, the Royals passed out food briefly here and there, and for a time all the rumors were forgotten.  Those students who remained in the city even  behaved themselves, with few fights breaking out even in the taverns. 

Lia visited the Duchess several times, and was given permission to take books home to read.  It was late one night when she found herself staring at the fire instead of reading that she decided to pick up quill and put her thoughts in her journal.


Dear Journal,

My mind is drifting tonight, distracted by a letter from Mama that has brought memories of home.  There should be snow now, at least in the mountains.   If it's been especially cold, the Crystal Gold Lake and all the other smaller lakes should be iced over, maybe heavily enough for ice skating.  When the full moon rises, it will make the entire lands seem magical and everyone will be preparing for the holidays.  The Thistle will be full of good smells while Hazel bakes and bakes in addition to her normal cooking.  Everyone who has gone ice skating, or caroling or even tobogganing will stop there for hot chocolate or cider and cookies.  And they'll be preparing baskets for the poorer folk.   Decorations will pop up and someone will find a pine tree and it will take up a corner of the Thistle.

Mama and Papa will help decorate the McDonough homes and our vardos, even with us not there.   Mama sounded sad in the letter and I think she misses Ger and I as much as we miss her, Papa and our brothers.  She sent gifts that we put under the tree and said that our gifts had reached them.  Ger even seemed homesick when he left for Alain's.  Perhaps next year, we'll be able to go home for the holiday.  Or maybe by then, it won't matter so much.

I also received a letter from Carisa.  She said things are going pretty well there, and she's still seeing Riley when she can.  He has his own ship now.   Cargo is constantly moving between the realms though that will slow as the winter storms move in.  It's good to hear from her.  I'll write her as soon as I finish here. 

I haven't seen Chrestien  for several days now.  Chrestien is with the Duchess, who is ill and it worries me that he's not sent word about her.  I may walk to the Estate tomorrow and visit if I can.  I'm still too scattered to write and so I will another time.  Until again.



Date: 12-27-10
Poster: Athalia Edan
Post # 27

The holiday was over though there was still New Year's eve to look forward to.  There were to be fireworks over the palace and plans to have an outdoor picnic made.   Of course, they would have to be bundled up but it would still be fun and the picnic simple. Cheeses, bread, fruit and of course, wine.  Lia and Ger had decided to use the week after Christmas to visit friends and to do little else.  No parties, no balls, just visits. 

They had just returned and Ger placed a kiss to the top of his little sister's head. He had caught a cold and was off to bed early taking the hot toddy Lia had made with him.  Lia curled up with a book in her room, sharing the front of the hearth of the little fireplace with Neige and the Kennard's large cat, which Lia had taken to calling Tabby since he politely refused to answer to any other name.  Finally she need to stretch and left the bedroom to make a cup of tea.  While it was steeping, she checked on Ger.  He was fast asleep, the empty mug on his table beside the bed.   She took it out to the kitchen, cleaned up a bit, and added honey to her tea.  Then she returned to her bedroom.   She moved to her desk instead of the bed and opened her journal. 


Dear Journal,

The holidays are slowly coming to a close and in another week, school will resume and we'll be back to work.  Ger is asleep with a touch of a cold I fear.  He had a hot toddy so that might actually ward it off.  

We spent the evening with Alain's family as planned and went with them to Notre Dame for midnight mass. It is an amazing building, and it was lit with a thousand candles.  Though I didn't understand a word of Latin, I enjoyed it and the hymns sang.  Afterwards, we went to Alain and Marcelle's home and had a feast.  They had so much food and it was great fun.  We exchanged presents and then went home to sleep.  Neige woke us early and Ger and I exchange our own presents.  He bought me a necklace even though he had given me Neige earlier.  After, we donned our best clothes and rode the coach with Chrestien to the Estate.   The day was spent with his family and the Duchess.  She was delighted with her shawl, and Chrestien's sisters and mother loved the beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings I had made them.  I had a dagger for Chrestien and Ger made wooden toys for his brothers who are much younger.  We didn't return until late evening and then Ger and I sat up talking for hours, mostly about our celebrations in Heathfield. 

This morning we woke to find Neige had nearly knocked down the tree.  She was hiding in a corner, her tail tucked between her legs.  After we fixed it, we took a walk along the river and it began to snow!  She was confused about those great white flakes and kept trying to catch them.  It was fun watching the children and we talked once again about home while Neige played.  Finally, we returned home. It wasn't much later when Ger began to sneeze.  We still went to visit the family of one his friends.   By the time we returned home, he was quite miserable and I made him the toddy.  I hope no one else catches it, especially me.  I think today we will stay in, and I'll fuss over him like mother used to do.  I have echinacea for tea so perhaps it won't last long.

I have to say I'm looking forward to school starting again.  I hope it goes as well as the first semester but we'll have to wait to see.  Now it's time for me to sleep.  Good night, and until again.



Date: 01-23-11
Poster: Athalia Edan
Post # 28

It was well after the New Year that Athalia wrote in her journal again.  But it wasn't from her room in the small apartment. That had been left, stripped of her and Ger's possessions.  The bakery below was quiet, its ovens cold, the home behind empty.  Even the writer had left his tiny apartment, fleeing a city that was soon to be under siege.

The Estates of not only the Duchess, but many of the nobles were quiet as well, with only a few servants left behind to take care of it though all of the more valuable possessions were with the families.  The Duchess and her daughter-in-law and grandchildren had fled to the estate in  Marseille and had insisted the two siblings as well as other refugees join them there.  From there, the Duchess made inquires and saw to a ship and the two were on their way back home, several years sooner than they had expected.


Dear Journal,

I am no longer in the cozy little flat in Paris but on cozy cabin on a ship owned by Bovee Shipping.   To say I am stunned in probably an understatement.  But Gerlach and I are on our way home not two weeks after the new year began.  Alain and his family may join us in our homeland,  as his father is determined not to lose a son to a war for a king he does not care for.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

We celebrated the new year just as I said.  We had perfect spot to watch the fireworks, right outside the gardens of the palace.  Blankets sheltered our bottoms from the cold ground and we brought extra to wrap around ourselves.   There were cheeses and breads to snack on and wine to drink.  The crowd watching was quite jolly and well behaved and there were no fights at all.  We kissed and hugged at midnight and then we all went off to our individual homes.  I was quite happy to be snuggled into my warm bed with Neige and Tabby both keeping my feet warm.  Once we woke, we dressed up and went off to dinner with the Duchess.  She had a party that day which included many of our friends.  It lasted until early the next morning and for the first time, Ger and I slept there.  The next day we went out into the city, meeting with others and it seemed the city was filled with as much joy as Christmas Day.  On the 7th of January, we went with Alain's family to Epiphany service and finally it seemed things settled.

But then came the news that Normandy was under siege and it was only a matter of time before the King of France declared war.  Paris was said to be the target of the invaders who were sometimes said to be the English, other times the Emperor, and Spain.  The Duchess began to see to the shipment of her possessions to Marseilles.  Madame Kennard, after much weeping and indecision, moved to the west to be with her brother and his family.  We could stay in the bakery as long as we wished, but after talking to Alain and then to Chrestien, the decision was made that we should return home.  It would be doubly dangerous for us to remain being foreigners than to stay.  Once again, it was mentioned that Ger could be forced into the army.    Alain and his family were fleeing to Flanders where his father had family.  They talked of coming to Heathfield once they were able for the parents were proud folk and did not like having to live as refugees.   Madame Kennard teased us as we left and said the same.  We told her she would be welcome but I don't know if she could ever bring herself to leave and chance never returning to her home.

As for Ger and I, we were moved, with all our belongings, including the furniture we had, to Marseilles.  In the few weeks we were there, the Duchess seemed to become frail.  Chrestien's mother said it was because of a broken heart for having to leave Paris.  In spite of the war, Marseilles was beautiful. The Duchess and I spent many hours sitting in the sun on the terrace, just talking and I spend much time with Chrestien.  The family lawyer found us passage on one of the ships that belonged to Bovee Shipping.  There were so many tears and promises made.  We would write, we would visit.  Perhaps they would come to see us in Heathfield.  Perhaps we would return when the war was over.  The Duchess gave me a cameo that was of her when she was my age.  Chrestien gave me medical books. They gave Ger a beauty of a horse.   Neige came with us of course, and to our surprise, Tabby as well, hidden in one of the crates.  Thank goodness a sailor heard his cries or he surely would have starved to death.  He earned his passage by being a mouser and has begun to slim down.

Travel was slow, especially through the Straits of Gibraltar.  There are pirates there, and though the Bovee ships are faster, they did not wish to be attacked.   The weather hasn't helped either. We were forced to anchor in Spain for several days until a storm passed but have begun to sail again.  Luckily, there is no ill-feeling between Spain and Heathfield so we had no trouble.  There was an odd incident though in that a blonde haired man came to the port a few times and just watched our ship.  He gave me an unpleasant feeling when he caught my eye but Ger stepped up and guided me away.  I have to admit I was glad to sail away.

The Captain says we will be home in a few days.   I wish we could have stayed longer in France and finished our schooling just as I wished war would not have happened, but perhaps Dr. Barrington will be able to teach me. Or maybe he'll start a school in Heathfield.  It would be nice to continue learning and I know there, I would be allowed to become a doctor.  My feelings are uncertain at this point. I do know I am not happy to be home.

It grows late, Journal. I am not certain I'll write again before we are home but it'll be a great surprise for our family.  The Captain has promised to help us see to storing our belongings since they are more suitable to a small flat than to a vardo.  I will borrow a horse from the Thistle while Ger will ride Valiant.  I'm sure Mama and Da will want to celebrate and there will be dancing and food, even though it's winter.  And so, sadly, our little adventure ends.   Until again, I remain.



Date: 03-27-11
Poster: Athalia Edan
Post # 29

Home.   How many times had she thought of Heathfield while away and now that she was back, it was as if nothing had changed.  Paris seemed like a dream, as if it had never happened, yet, she was changed by her experiences there.  The vardo seemed small and crowded, even though it was hers, especially with both dog and cat sharing it.   Neige was already quite large at five months and Tabby, well, Tabby was comfortable anywhere as long as he had a bed to curl up on.  At the moment, that bed was Neige.   

Athalia had taken a position at the herbal shop at the hospital while she waited to speak with Dr. Harrington about his teaching her.  Or perhaps it would be the new doctor that had come back to Heathfield while Lia was gone.  She needed to speak to one of them soon though or surely lose her courage.  She smiled as she picked up the cup of tea that had been cooling on the table and looked at the paper in front of her.  She hadn't written, just doodled on the top of the paper but she picked up her quill to try again.


Dear Journal,

My poor patient mother has had to listen to me complain that nothing had changed in the time I've been away but it's not true at all.    It's winter but spring will be here soon and the days are growing longer.  The solstice was a few days ago and it had been warm enough to celebrate but today it's cold and there was snow this morning.  I rode Kaya, my sweet Cob mare,  to the hospital where I work for Sara Devonshire in the Herbal Shop.  She's glad for my  help and promises to put in a good word for me with the Doctors.  I like working for her.  Mama has suggested that I look into finding a cottage for myself and Ger.   She was laughing at my huge puppy and said there's not enough room for her in a vardo.   And Ger needs a place to paint so he stops driving Adol crazy.  He'll be working at the McDonoughs again too, but I can imagine he's as stir crazy as I am.   She surprised me and laughed at my expression then patted my hands and told me children grew up, things changed, and even the old ways though not forgotten, had to be adapted to fit.   So, tomorrow I start looking into that.  I'll still make my jewelry, and sell them but I hope I can find a place with a yard. I'll grow herbs too, and help Sara with that.  We'll be able to use the furniture that Madame sent with us.  How I miss Madame, Chrestien and the others.  I look forward to their letters, and am glad they are all well.  The war has changed things for them though and even they are short of food.   Chrestien said he scrounges for wood and hunts now.    If things get worse, they may have to come here until the war passes.  It could last for years.  Madame has said she'll not be forced out of her home, but even she may have to accept leaving or face starvation.  I worry for her.

Changes.  Carisa runs the bookshop by herself now, with her sister at the wool shop.  Angel still works for Sean. Riley has his own ship. Scott was knighted along with some others, and is still courting Dacey.  I saw Douglas a few days ago and he told me that his youngest brother is a squire now and that he was his father's partner.  He seems a bit lost or thoughtful, so I think I'll find an amethyst and make him a pendant to help clarify his thoughts or maybe tiger's eye instead.  It's been too long and I keep eyeing the stones in my cases, itching to do some work. I know part of it is I'm restless.  I want spring to arrive, like everyone else and then summer though I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.  Wandering might be out of the question.  I'm still not sure how I feel and feel like I returned too soon.  I wanted to stay in Paris a little longer.  

Ugh. I refuse to get morose and grumpy.  I'm going to add more wood to my little stove now and get some sleep. Tomorrow, I'll go to the shop and work for a little while and then see if I can talk to Laird McDonough about a cottage.  Or maybe instead I'll ride Kaya and take Neige running and have a look around.   Good night, journal, until again.



After she put away the ink and quill and made sure the ink on the pages was dry, Lia blew out the lantern over her small desk.  She folded it up out of the way and stood to look out the window.   See that snow fell, though light, made her sigh softly.  Winter seemed determined to hold on.  "Patience,  Lia."  She told herself before checking the fire in the stove then she crawled into her, giggling as Neige and Tabby joined her. At least they would stay warm through the night and hopefully the vardo wouldn't be too cold come morning. She yawned and snuggled into the down blankets, soon falling asleep.   In spite of everything, it was good to be home.

Date: 03-31-11
Poster: Davin Byrne
Post # 30

Ah yes! The Medieval Tavern.

Which it turned out that he gave Myrina a ride up. Made things easier and no sweat on his part. Had her tucked in against him, her back to his chest and arms either side that she'd not slip off. Once there along with the others, he was quickly down then a helping hand to help her down as well. At least he smelled good tonight.. not of burnt wood or fish and crab.

She rode in comfort, and knew she would be safe. "Thank you, Davin.." The smile was gifted to him as she accepted his aide as she eased from his horse. And he did smell good, but to Myrina, so did crab. Yum! "Your horse is beautiful.." Looking to the beast with a smile, and hoping she still smelled of jasmine, and not the running about she did at the lake earlier. Anthea was going to kill her! Her whole family were going to lock her up and throw away the key. But for now, she was going to have fun.. she deserved it. Patting Davin's hand, she smiled once more and turned to view where they were at.

Dorian had seen to a horse for Molly when she mentioned she wanted to become part of the Order of Athena. The well-trained paint was part Arabian and though it was hard for Molly to get used to a saddle, instead of bareback, she was managing. "Still looks quiet."

Tykir, Molly and Bannon where not far behind. Infarct, Tykir was already starting to the front porch. The place might be abandoned or it might be teaming with people. It was hit and miss with this certain establishment.

"His name is Thor," nice black stallion with a bluish white mark that looked like a hammer on his forehead. She was up close and personal for a second in helping her down before he quickly stepped back and waited on the others. So far there were no talking spiders.

"Thor.. I know of him. Norse God of thunder, or was it war?" She brought her gaze to linger on the horse, before turning to study the owner. It was so great to do this tonight. "Come on.." She took Davin's hand and pulled him to the stairs, but was she moving or standing still. "Hurry..."

Bannon brought up the rear as they rode up to the building. A quick glance around and he was heading up the steps not far behind Tykir. He made a sound like a cricket for everyone's benefit. That might wake the spiders.

No! No waking up spider! Shiver! Knowing their luck they would see the mother of all spiders.

Which had him burst out in a laugh as she decided he was being too slow and helped him on his way. He was quick about it too, taking the steps in three at a time bound. Ended up pull her up the last of them.

"No fair?' She laughed as Davin took the lead and she was aided up the last step with a grin. "Now, what is this place? A tavern? An inn? Is it dangerous, or not?" And off came the questions for all to answer if they wished?

"Depends on who is inside. This place is notorious for danger...when it's hopping."

"Danger?" She took a slow swallow and then looked about their surroundings.

So the yell of FEE FI FO FUM" and a crashing from within did what for the young ones?

"It is the armpit of the vortex as some would say. A dangerous place for some and one never knew what kind of sights or sounds they would find here." Barely out as the banshee called. He had the door opened and held for all.

Molly was up and heading for the door when she heard that. And she was grabbing both Tykir and Bannon by the arms. "I'm not English!"

Tykir dove at Molly, that's what! Catching her in the crook of his arm and shoving her so that they were in and to the side of the door. His body in front of hers.

Squeaked out though she was laughing, and left go of the two, smiling at them sheepishly. and then she was inside and being protected! Holyhades! Whoops, sorry about that! She was all smiling and Tykir was in battle mode!

Vortex of hell. That is what h
er brother had called it. Well not like Davin had said, but she liked vortex of hell, had a nice ring to it. "What do you.. "She was close behind Davin, and didn't finish her sentence as Tykir and Molly barged inside! "Oh spit.." Mumbled.

Nothing like a banshee, or the like, just a leather clad grey haired devil with her feet propped up on the bar,  "welcome to my parlor," she intoned with a smile ...

Oh crap! Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly. She was no fly, and perhaps now was looking for spider webs.

"Crapit, Charlie!" Tykir choked out, but started to laugh as he looked around to see the woman was the only one inside. He cut a look back at Molly with a sheepish grin then started to the lady at the bar.

"Charlie? " As in Charlie of the Lake. "Charlie!" She smiled bright. And secretly saying a BIG thank you to God!

"Here's a fly for your pleasure," waggling his brows as he slipped an arm around Myrina and brought her up to the infamous one.

"Wow!" She was laughing now but her heart had been in her throat.

"Buzzzzz.." She crunched her tiny nose with a wink given to Davin. He was making her feel safe, and stayed snug against that arm holding her. "Do flies buzz, Davin.. or hummmmmmmm" Chuckle.

Bannon just chuckled as he studied the lady. Charlie? "Evening, Charlie, ma'am." Adding the ma'am because he didn't really know her.

Charlie tipped her head " you were expecting some one else?" she laughed,waving them to come in.

"Charlie.. " She chuckled with a hip check to Davin.."Do you know Charlie?" Didn't want to introduce him and he already did!

She didn't mind being protected. It COULD have been a giant or banshee, right? She was on Tykir's heels but not so close that she'd step on him if he stopped quick.

"Evening to you all ..young Lord," an incline of her head, that was about as formal as she got, "Charlie One Time at your service," grinned wickedly at them all ...

He was expecting several some ones, many someones actually. "No one's better." He started around the bar to go on the hunt for whatever he could find to aid in their grand adventure.

Charlie had her almost giggling. Turning her gaze to see where Bannon, Tykir and Molly had gotten off too. Waving madly with her free arm to Charlie.
"Myrina dear, did you find any quiet boots ?" meaning mocs of course, arching a brow, "what are you looking for Tykir?"

"Aye, I know of her," giving Charlie a wink as he took up a lean against the bar and got the flask of potcheen out. "Charlie is an icon in a few places."

They weren't far. With no real tender, and no one to yell, hopefully, she climbed up and sat on the bar, looking thoughtful. "I don't see the attraction sitting here."

"Mostly in quiet conversations that none want to be know except by a few trouble makers," waggling her brows.

"She scared the life out of me, almost out of a tree.." Smiling as she eased on the closest stool. "Only my brother's boots for now, but when I can.. moccasins.." Nod went that blonde head.

"Excuse me for a few minutes," which he was up and around the bar heading down the hall to see what he could find.

He found a stool and planted his arse right there, giving Charlie a grin. "So you're the one and only."

As Davin looked down the hall, Myrina was looking up the stairs. She studied how many rooms she could see from here, even if any noise came from there. Perhaps something to find out up there.

"Darn right she is." Tykir said, his voice muffled as he rummaged about.

The ghosts of much naughtiness were up there.

She eased from the stool. Looking back to Molly with a wink, before booted feet moved her toward the staircase that would lead her up one step at a time.. slowly. Naughtiness? Oh heck. Ghost do the dirty? Gah! Will plug her ears!

He had heard Charlie but thought to stand with drink in hand of proof of what he was looking for. As it was he just jostled about. "Anything." He finally answered, coming up with two bottles fisted in his hand. These he clunked down on the bar and turned in search of some glasses now. "Moll, see if you can get those open." He was snatching down glasses, only the ones that looked clean, and tucking them against his side. One. Two. Three. Four. He glanced to Charlie, did she need a clean glass?

"Thankfully so yesh," bobbling her head," though sadly I am much more settled then I once was," but still as good as she ever was. Chuckling at Molly. "I recommend the railing of the staircase, you can get a lot of speed coming down " and hopefully landing on a hot male from HF, which she did ... Charlie was good, she had a glass,but it was any ones guess what was in it ..

Waving to her friends below, Myrina soon vanished to the upper floor. Her boots she eased over each creak, even moving away from a piece of wood that looked weak. Sense of hearing took hold, and with her eyes closed she listened to anything, perhaps find an empty room to be nosey in.

Maybe if they died in the middle of doing it. She leaned over the bar to watch Tykir, grinning at him when he stood. "Okay." She grabbed up one of the bottles and set to work on it. Giving a grin of triumphant when the first one opened. Then she set to work on the second.

Tykir glanced up to Myrina disappearing above. Really, there was no telling who or what was hiding away up there.

The fifth door down, Myrina softly rapped on the door. With no answer, she turned the knob and eased inside, leaving door wide open. And, Gross! "Egads!" Someone had liver for dinner, and the room had a scent of blood about it so whomever ate it raw. Turning she rushed out the door and leaned over the railing.. "Someone was here.. but their taste," pretending to vomit.

Charlie twisted looking up, "what makes you think there was something wrong with their taste buds? This place caters to umm many species that eat raw anything." She grinned, of course anything was possible.

He was listening as the lass went exploring then frowned until she reappeared and pretended to vomit. "Not there now though?"

He was back out with a variety of bottles. Some liquors and some wines. "Help yourselves," as he set them on the counter then crouched down to find some clean glasses on the shelves below.

"No, shall I touch the food and see how warm it is?" Spoken from Sherlock Myrina! And Ewwww Charlie.. wait.."People eat bloody, raw food a lot here?"

"Got them, Davin." He had the glasses...he had bottles too but the more, the better. Tykir looked up to Myrina, a bit of concern marring his brow. He had forgotten she wasn't born in Heathfield. Didn't know of Rhydin and the 'sorts' that frequented here.

"Well of course they do, Bess use to have a few zombies about to clean up the dead bodies you know," huh, another legend to be born...

She took a sniff of the drink inside and placed it aside, then checked the second one. "Zombies?"

Satisfied nothing was here now, she turned about to shut the door with a click before returning to her friends. "Zombies?" Lift of her brow in confusion.."What is zombie?" Ditto Molly!

Charlie nodded her head, "hmm and vampires and fairies, of both kinds, and um Dark elves,they like raw meat too ..and um ..lots of folks," she knew quite a few in her day ... vampires.

Oh, she knew what they were. Just was hoping there weren't any more around!

"Got more then!" He also found a deck of cards which he hefted himself up to sit on the bar and deal out hands. Just something to pass the time as he drank.

She knew what fairies were, but the other creatures. She was utterly confused.

"They are the undead that eat living flesh ..only way to kill em is off with their heads," giving her finger a motion at her throat ..

Was Charlie going to give credence to Tykir's reaction when they entered?

Lids widened. Mouth hung open. Dead? The dead did not die? Now Myrina was looking around slowly looking for the bogey man. Swallow. Lifting her fingers to touch the slender throat with thoughts of ....shiver. Alright now she wanted to be buddies with a spider!

But of course, he had been born in the region ..he knew the stories that were told...

"I thought you had to burn them?" Likely he was getting different ones confused?

Burn? And burn? These undead seem like a powerful bunch and she suddenly was pulling her hat, wanting to hide her face.

"Back when this place was hopping, Myrinavalentina." He didn't say her name like that to be funny, anymore, it was her name to him. "There were so many different kinds that frequented here." He looked to Bannon. "Burn? Thought that was a witch..." Obviously, this lot didn't know how to defend themselves from the darker side of creation.

"Hmm I suppose you could ...gets rid of the undead body, but a hand cut off still moves .." winking at Davin ..

Poor Myrina Valentina would be jumping at shadows now.

Jumping at all that goes bump in the night. Magic was one thing, but undead? She knew the cross fought off demons, so Myrina quickly pulled her cross out to hold it tightly.

Charlie nodded her head,  hmm I think she is still around too, just hasn't visited here in ages," she mused ..adding she hoped more fuel to the fire so to speak ...

She heard of witches. So that didn't really scare her.

Wow. This was interesting. "Did they live upstairs?" She picked up some of the cards and looked them over. Not that she knew how to play!

"Well upstairs, in the closet, such a great place too ..under the porch."

Tykir was also, unconsciously, scooping up a hand of cards, his gaze lowering to what was displayed there.

She? Who the bloody hell was Charlie talking about. Molly. Molly was a good place to hide. So she moved to sit near her, speaking not word. Porch? Myrina looked to the floor quickly.

"Who is she?" Did he miss something?

"Aye, burning at the stake." He scratched at his chin thoughtfully.

She took up a handful of cards. Keeping her mind on this.."They say in the colonies.. they drown those they feel are witches. But they are not, so they cannot free themselves." Studying her hand closely.

Hey! How did Bannon know all this kill-the-undead-stuff? Was that part of the training that Tykir wasn't aware of? Some sort of brotherhood secret stuff?

"Which one,? there are several I know was Gabriel ..erm .. knowing their names is not really a good thing em power over you," uh uh, Charlie could spin a yarn ...

Nah. Scary stories in the sewers. Why do you think he was so good at hiding?

"Like the angel Gabriel?"

Charlie nodded her head, "hmm but no angel was that one," still not bad as witches go ...

"Doubtful." Tykir snorted, comparing the archangel to anyone in this place was a big leap.

Well that was soooo refreshing!

"But who is she? The one that you said might be still around?" She glanced at Davin who had gotten quiet. What were they doing with the cards?

Myrina was placing her hand in order. Spades, then clubs, and finally hearts. She held no diamonds.

Charlie shrugged her shoulders "I don't know her name .." if she had known any names they were forgotten,with times passing...

Looked to Charlie. And then slowly to Molly. Who was she? That had Myrina looking upstairs and glad she was here now.

He was taking it all in as he shuffled up the cards to turn them over in War, an easy game that didn't take much to think on. "My cousin married a Gabriel.." somehow thinking that was not the same one Charlie was talking about.

She didn't know that was the game, thus did she place the hand face down. Awaiting her turn. What was so bad about this place? Why had her family made such a big deal about her staying away? She didn't care. She was having fun. "It is a nice name.." She loved Michael, but Gabriel was nice too.. speaking of angels that is.

"This place has a wonderful history..sometimes the old ones come back ...then it gets lively," she grinned sipping her drink, watching them with their cards ...

"He's a knight though." With wings. "Gabriel, who married a Quinn." Like Davin had said.

Tykir stacked up his cards face down in front of him, listening to Charlie.

"Michael or Gabriel?" Turning to Bannon with a smile, before addressing Charlie in curiosity.."What are these old ones like?"

"Who are the Old ones?" Glancing up to Charlie from the cards, "are you one of the old ones." Figuring it had nothing to do with age.

"Well look around Heathfield..most of the folks my age use to come here for entertainment, even a few Knights well before they were knights. I am ..." she knew age was relative to the conversation ...

"Ohhh sorry... " Apologetic smile went to Davin. Tonight she was taking a lot in, and then turned to Charlie once again. "Really?" She smiled and waited for more. She loved learning.

"Karl?" He was an old one. Did he come here too? He couldn't imagine Karl here ... frolicking. Ha! Vincent? Did de Beauvais frequent this place?

The king? Wow, she kept her attention to Charlie listening.

"Indeed, though not as wild as others .. Your blessed mother too," and that was a fun time for Charlie ...

"Did the queen? What about ..." Who had she met.. snaps, whom her sister met. "King Leoric? Perhaps the women too? I mean, did any fight the undead and win?" She answered that one.

Molly was just listening now. She knew Lorcan and Dorian had been here. And all of the women at one time from the Mercantile. She looked at Tykir and grinned. His mother too?

"Ah handsome Leoric, and his brother too ... if you see them in Heathfield, they came here at some time ..."

He just waved a hand. It was common knowledge that his mother and Charlie used to have their adventures. "How about Andrew? Did you ever hang out with Andrew here?"

Andrew? Prince right? She thought but would not ask. She waited for Charlie to answer Tykir as she listened. All knew Heathfield better then she, so she would learn in silence.

He knew Andrew had come to the MT, that most of them had, that was the very thing that had spurred Tykir on to see it reopened. He wanted to know what Andrew was like when he came here.

"He came here ..but towards the end of this place, he had other tasks to do and was not about as much," still a force to be reckoned with ...

Darntootin'! Andrew was the Prince of da'bombs! "And Gem? Was she one of the old ones? Or one of the newer ones?" She wasn't their age, but, was she really as old as his mother? Or even as old as Andrew?

"There were nights it was standing room only or if you were lucky and had a nice shape, there was a lap to occupy," bobbling her head, or a handsome man to lean against.


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Tykir laughed see? That's what he wanted this place to be like again! They had come several times when it was buzzing with activity. But...there were other times, like tonight, when all was quiet. Maybe they should have stopped at one of those other taverns they passed on the way. But then, they wouldn't be getting all this information from Charlie!

"Gem has been here as long as I have or longer, there are other realms I have not ventured to yet," like her dance card was full already ...

"Who else came here ? Did the McAndrews, or McDonoughs, or uh ... MacShires." There were lots of other names but she couldn't think of them. Well, she knew Shaun's parents had.

She smiled as the words filled her senses. Moving one card to place in the center.

"Other Realms, do we get there?" Would she share that with these adventurous teens?

This was more interesting than those other places. He leaned forward when Tykir asked his question.

"Oh indeed, Ice ..Joe, and all their siblings, the best looking men in the tavern that is for sure," Charlie had lots of fun with them all, and spent a few hours in the water trough for her mischief ...

Hours in a trough? That had to make for some rather wrinkled fingers.

Charlie paused at the question. "Well ardent you here?" This was another realm, different from home...

She snickered at Charlie's words.

It was so worth going over the shoulder of her friends, many who were in the drink as well as she had been ...

"Oh." That was a trouble-seekers' deflation. While they talked, he had been drinking, though he hadn't played any cards out yet.

She saw that look, smiling. "You were born with the ability Tykir, when the time is right, you will walk the timelines as others before you have done," and the adventure would explode literally before him ...

She was playing with the cards as she listened, looking up when Tykir spoke and then she looked at Charlie. Timelines? Wow! That was better than shadow walking!

"So, I'm thinking, I want to move those know, of that it's right." A quirk of a grin for Charlie.

While they spoke, she listened, but so did she begin to fan her cards out, only to stack them up again.

Charlie grinned, "When the moment is right, it will happen one can do it for you .." she learned the hard way, but it was worth the lessons ... "There use to be a dragon ..that sat on the tavern waiting for people to come out," to breathe his fire, or make friends ...

So tonight was more a mental adventure with Charlie giving them a history lesson on ones many of them knew. He swiped a card from Molly's hand when she wasn't looking.

Now dragons? Well truth be told, that might be nice to see. "Were there a lot of dragons?"

So de Beauvais had come here! No...wait...she said friends...

Hey! No fair!

In every thing she said, there was a key, to get them to the next realm, and adventure, "Hmm a few ..some large and some small ..there use to be one, who offered flash cards of those that she liked, and Sappy ..he liked showing off his neutering scar .." nodding her head ..

He was waiting to see of she noticed or if she was too engrossed in the stories being told.

Tykir was just taking another drink when Charlie shared that last part. He coughed, blinking over at her.

Small ones would be nice, but large ones... "Did they fly? The big ones?"

Of course himself, de Beauvais came here, always looking at the ladies, manned a chair like at the Thistle, Charlie helped bail him out more then once.

Blinkblinkblink. Neutering scar? She patted Tykir on the back hen looked down at her cards, eyes narrowing. "Hey, where'd it go?" Maybe the naughty ghosts took it.

"Besides the crew of Heathfield, who were the major players here, Charlie?" He set his glass down. If they had some real names, maybe they could do some searching and find out where those people went to now.

"Indeed they did ... though one liked to do belly flops.. made a mess of the yard," she grinned.

That had her laughing.

"There was a Tygresss. and A bear ..who spoke and drank like a human."

Now it was her turn to blink!

Names! He wanted names...he looked over the bar counter to Charlie...waiting, hopefully...for names.

"Well let me see, when I first came here there was Marshall Dillion T. Jones."

Dillon T Jones. Noted.

"He was wonderful ..." and a blow hard with a marshmallow heart, "Patrick ..came too, ...Paige Nevin."

Bending one knee, she perched the bottom of her chin on it as she listened.

First names would not do him any good...but a Paige Nevin, that worked!

He knew Patrick, that was the kicker. "Cianan hates you ..a nasty Drow ..but still amusing at times ..." she continued ...

Wrapping her arms around that single leg, she still was able to mess around with her deck as Charlie spoke.

A chuckle erupted listening to Charlie. Next time Molly looked away he added two cards to her spread.

"Did bad guys come here or only good ones? Or mediocre? " She was looking around for the card too so Davin could do that right now. Blink. "His name is Cianan hates you?"


"I haven't seen the others in a long time ..but they go to the Crystal Inn sometimes ..I have seen it open on my way home," yep, she saw lots of things. Was any wonder her hair was grey ...

Crystal Inn! Gem! She just offered them a gem of information!

Charlie laughed softly " what is in good or bad, this was a neutral place, some were pissy all the time ..others controlled themselves ...


"Patch use to come here, he was so loved," the giant Frankenstein kind of guy was actually a gentleman when you got past the parts that did not match ...

Patch seem like a nice name.

"Sure am glad you were here tonight, Charlie." And he meant that. Although the place was quiet except for the immediate company, with Charlie's information, they had leads to go on for nights outside of Heathfield.

She had to agree. "Thank you, Charlie.." turning a smile the ladies way.

"My pleasure of course." Charlie tended to appear and disappear like magic, or could be found in the oddest places when least expected ...

"Aye, thank you, Charlie." She looked back at her cards and blinked then picked them up to look under them. "So, none of them were bad guys? And no fights or anything?" Feh.

While he was listening, he was also watching Davin and Molly and trying not to laugh.

"Oh almost every night there was a fight, or cat fight," bobbling her head with a fond smile, "taking odds was always fun."

"You bet on fights?" This place must have been rowdy at one time!

If Molly ever realized what Davin was doing with the cards, there could be a fight here tonight!

"As I said, bad or good is relative friend Jessup is a Naga, and he would just as soon bite you to death then shake your hand ..I so enjoyed his pissy nature."

"Naga? Another creature?" She was getting use to it now.

Charlie nodded her head. "Indeed ..part serpent part human ... my auntie loved this place too."

"What's a Naga? Are there fairies here?" She was watching the cards closely now, expecting them to move while she watched. "Oh, that's a Naga."

Snake? Ok, glad this Jessup wasn't here!

"I love this place." For all its cobwebs and stale smells now. Tykir loved this place. And longed to be a part of the hubbub that had once taken place here.

"Your aunt?" And she had to smile, Davin and Molly were making her almost laugh.. coughing to end the feeling.

He was quite charming actually, though only Charlie thought so, it gained her a friend for life .. "Fay of course .. many, FaeofChaos ..a wonderful lady .." nodding her head ..

She knew what Chaos meant, but would not ask further. "Nice name too, Charlie.. Fae that is"

"If all your family came here, it's part of your history, Tykir." He smiled at his friend.

Setting her drink on the bar, she dropped her feet to the floor rising from her stool " but it time that I must go, to find my gypsy lover," uhuh she knew where he was, and she was going straight there too. "Be safe and be wise my young friends ...all is not what it seemed." Myrina would eventually meet Charlie's auntie...her reaction would be worth the shock ...

He slipped away another card so that she was back to where she had started. Once again when her attention was diverted. All the while he was listening to Charlie as well working on his flask of potcheen.

He looked to Bannon with a nod, although, the way he saw it, it was part of their history...only part of his hearing about it.

"Be safe, Charlie.. and thank you again.." Another night Charlie had given her a tub of information! Great!

Right when she looked up at Charlie. "Night, Charlie." Gypsy lover? Ooooh boy.

Good lord, the woman just said Lover in front of the girls! Tykir grinned to her. "Looking forward to the next time we stumble across you, Charlie."

Squeak! "Who's messing with my cards?!"

That had Myrina giggling, but she did not give anything away. Only to turn to Charlie with kisses blown.

Perhaps it was the color of cheeks or whatever she saw, one never knew what she was capable of, "perhaps one day you will meet Kenneth ... at the gypsy fire where he will dance," waggling her brow, made Charlie drool at the thought.

Tykir laughed to himself, nodding to Charlie. Perhaps one day ... a lot of things!

Poor Charlie! She looked suddenly sick. Perhaps she missed her Gypsy that much!

Waving and catching blown kisses, which she put in her pocket .." bye bye," laughing as she went ...

Snaps a salute as Charlie departed.

Charlie always missed Kenneth, like the forest missed the sunshine that gave it energy, Kenneth was her sunshine ...


Over Tykir's head ...

And she was gone, with out sound on the porch, except her laughter ....

"She's something." Tykir muttered, watching as she departed. "I could sit all night listening to her stories."

"Me too." She was watching the cards like a kitten watching shadows.

"Me too.. She taught me about what vardo is.. as well as tree sprites, and that bears come out this time of year hungry" Nod nod.

Well, that kitten knew a little bit about shadows now didn't she.

Yes, she did.

"I like that woman, up front and outgoing.." grinning with a passing look over them all then folded up his cards. Molly might catch him if he tried anymore now that Charlie was gone.

Warm smile as Davin spoke of the woman they were all speaking of, giving a nod of agreement.

Holyhaironadog, how much had Tykir drank? He had been listening to Charlie and not even paying attention to how many times he had tipped that bottle to his glass.

Oh. Now the cards weren't moving. She huffed and picked up her glass again. And it was empty too. Hmmmm.

Hello! Was Tykir drinking Molly's too? No wonder he was feeling just a bit ... too good for words.

Again she picked up the stack of cards. Fanning them out before her to view what she had.

Bannon would help him into the castle but sneaking him in might be tough. Then again, he had managed it first time.

"Tykir, I think you picked up my glass a couple times." She was watching him because he had more than any of them it seemed!

Silly grin. "Maybe I did..." He took up the bottle, squinting from one eye to pour more to her glass. "I'll remedy that." Whoops, did he just spill a little over the rim?

He leaned enough to put a good dram or two of the potcheen in her glass. "There.."

No wonder it was spilling over!

She just blinked then laughed. "You both want me to drink as much as the last time, don't you?" And found a rag to soak up the drink.

"Why not? We're in Rhydin..." Isn't that how it was done in Rhydin?

Fingers spread her deck out on the surface, fanning them out. And then dipping her forefinger on the last card, the bottom, to flip it over easily bringing the others to follow suite. She turned her attention to Molly with a chuckle.

"And you,'re not joining us?"

She looked around, she was here. So she was confused.. "Join you? I am here with you, oh the drinks.. I was upstairs when all were poured." Chuckle.

"Is it?" How it's done in Rhydin. He downed what was in his glass, choking a little on it. Too fast!

Both forefingers were holding the bottom of each end, each card to be flipped. Back and forth they turned upside down, and right side up. Noticing Bannon had her laughing. When in Rome!

She wasn't going to gulp! Sip!

Tykir slid her a glass. Would peer pressure get her? Was he pressuring her or did he really believe when in ... yes... Rome.

So Myrina had a glass or two to choose from with potcheen straight from the flask.

"Thank you.." Bow of her head as she took the offered glass. Yum!

There were probably a few extra glasses poured, at least, until Tykir narrowed his gaze to bring his gaze into focus.

But yum was not the sound this girl made when she finally drank. Cough. Gasp. Wow! "Nooooot.." Swallowing with a grin.."Not like brandy, but good." Spoken to all four.

"Gets better the more you drink." He saluted her with his glass before downing a good portion.

"Really?" Spoken as she eyed the liquid like a foreign object. "Then down the hatch.." She had never drank anything before. Brandy in tea did not equal to knowing what brandy tasted like!

Brows arched with the laughter that escaped. He nodded to Myrina and scratched at the back of his ear. "Not at all like brandy..." She'd not be drinking potcheen all night.

She was going to start stacking the glass that Tykir had emptied! And that Davin, and Myrina and herself had emptied as well.

Listen, Moll. Tykir could handle his whiskey. He had wings. Whatever the hell that meant!

"A toast to adventures far and wide, but always going home to Heathfield" Gulp! Gasp.. "Here is to the Queen and King.." Cough. Sputter. "And here is to friends!" Shouted.

The whiskey went down into them?

"Aye..." He lifted his glass, realized it wasn't full enough, so just set it aside and brought up the bottle.

Looking to Tykir, then slowly to Bannon, Molly and then Davin. The whole bottle? Then looked to her glass with a snicker.

There really wasn't much left in that bottle either, actually.

That is good news for Bannon. On the off chance he has to help Tykir sneak back in!

A swallow, if even. The teens had taken care of it in short order. Or maybe it wasn't short. How long had they been here?

Myrina was going to throw up! "Here, here." And then she saw what Tykir was doing and giggled. "Careful, Tykir." And an aside went to Davin. "How you feelin'?" He had to go back to the lighthouse?

Quite awhile!

Oh, Bannon will have to.

A few hours at least.

"Aye, to a warm fire, family and friends.." giving a nod as he drank straight from his flask.

He would. That's why he wasn't drinking as much tonight.

She gulped down the last of the liquor with Davin's toast. And then, well. Room seem like it was spinning, for only a moment.

Another toast. Holylizardlickers...yes, Tykir reached and reclaimed his glass. He had to toast with something.

Luckily she was not riding on her own, she'd never make it excepting hanging onto the tail of the horse.

Oooo that might be fun. Braid Thor's tail!

Tykir might have to make sure Molly got home too. Although, it might just be the other way around.

Was there any left in there for him to drink? He was laughing though he knew they weren't going to feel well tomorrow.

Molly would help! She just wasn't ready for another round of hide from the sun! And may never be. And she had enough still in her glass.

She didn't even worry about tomorrow, she was having a blast now. Not saying she might think differently come morning! Pffft!


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Shit. Period. Cold, hard, white at the edges shit. That's what Tykir would feel like. And sure as the ends had points, there would be those around who tortured him all the more because of it.


Just wait, Myrina. Drink some more. She'd see!

He might have to get a wagon to put them all in and haul them home.

Those were ones Bannon couldn't stop either. Because they were the ones in charge!

She has never gotten drunk before. She drank some more, feeling no pain. "There once was a man from Nantucket..." She didn't know the rest, Achaz always shut up when she was around! Wagon? Ack, Hermes was still at stable near the Thistle!

Tykir slapped a hand to counter and moved away. Pushed away but managed to keep his fingers steadying his steps as he made his way around.

"And what happened to his man.. Myrina?"

Why was it always so funny to watch someone walking when they were drunk? Perk! She looked at Myrina, curious.

As he walked past a chair, he grabbed it at the back and tugged it along until he got to the next one. His other hand snagged that one and he walked to another. The first two were carefully stacked on the third and he looked for the next closest chair.

She watched Tykir, and then slowly to Davin knowing she was not that bad. "I don't know, never was allowed to listen to the rest.." She gave a shrug.."Perhaps spoken in different language?" Smile to Davin and then placing the cup aside. Didn't want to embarrass herself on the way home.."But I know.. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I drank some liquor, and so did youuuuuuuuu." Silly grin, she wasn't that drunk, only feeling silly.

What was Tykir doing? She looked at Myrina and laughed then went back to watching all the chair moving.

He wasn't placing them back to back, but sideways to upside down, to seat to legs, four chairs, five...he climbed on a table to stand...six.

"Is it a puzzle to him?" Spoken to any that was listening, she noted Tykir too and he was making her feel dizzy so she quickly looked away.

It started to lean, to wobble, but stayed in that tower of chairs.

"I think so." Arms back, she attempted to lean, slipped, and caught herself and watched with fascination.

Fingers kicked her hat back. Bringing her features out of the shadows, and her smile to be seen. What a night! "Woah.." She witnessed Molly almost fall, and then impressed how quickly she ended that!

Anyone who entered the tavern next would find as many chairs as Tykir could manage, piled on up there.

Did he need someone to hand him more chairs? Bannon could do that. "You making a trap, Tykir?"

Yes, that's why he was snapping his fingers now...He had leaned and taken up the last chair near but this one he sat on the table and climbed up on that for his snapping order.

Shaking her head with a chuckle. King Tut over there!

The snapping had Bannon laugh but he was over to give the Dark Prince as many chairs as he could handle... one at a time.

His head tilted he worked through how to, where to, place the next chair. Erm...that's King Tyk to you!


"It's the Tower of Rhydin!" Laughing as she watched. "Think he can reach the ceiling?"

He thanked Bannon with a grin and, though he swayed on his perch, he managed to place two more chairs on.

"Shall we chant to give him support?" Spoken to Molly with a grin.

Several tables were now void of their chairs. Tykir looked it up and down before he swept his arm under the back of the seat on the table and hopped down. "To the rafters, Man!" He called to Bannon and Tykir moved away from his stack, spreading his wings and shooting upward. Precarious as it was to just stand on solid ground, the dark prince probably should not be on those narrow beams. Still, he landed, one chair in hand and leaned on over, over, over until he had another chair balanced on the less-than-stable tower.

He gave a squinted eye look Tykir's way. "Something to exercise your wings on?" To keep him from toppling over.

"Sure. Tykir. Tykir. Tykir." Laughing as she did. At least it wasn't a tongue twister.

She was laughing as well. "Tykir .. Tykir... " Then heard Davin and forgot about that! Tykir had wings. Myrina still could not look. Wings or not. She cut her gaze away quickly to study behind the bar.

Oh hell. He forgot about that. Brows went up as he watched the chairs wobble, then he picked up another and grinned up into the darkness. "Here it comes!" And gave it a toss straight up. Not the brightest move but he could dive out of the way. Maybe.

"He's on the rafters." Telling Davin and Myrina as if they couldn't see that.

Not the brightest move? It was a perfect toss! Although Tykir almost missed it!

It was the possible miss that made it not so bright!

"Wings or not, that is scary.." Looking first to Molly, then slowly to Davin before sneaking a peak to the tower.

"It's gonna make a biiiig bang if it topples." She studied the tower too. "We might be too close."

He grabbed at it, felt it slip from his fingers and finally grabbed hold with his other hand. Straw...camel's back...Tykir held onto one of the vertical rafters to lean again, feeling his fingers slipping on the old wood, but managing to place that next chair, feet to seat. Wobble. Teeter. Sway. And that wasn't just the tower of chairs.

"Too close?" Up went that brow as she watched now. Making sure it did not fall on them!

"Another one?" He picked up another chair and waited, eyeing the wobble. Both wobbles.

She pulled a cowboy, and jumped on the bar, scooting herself over in a glide and landing on the other side. Wiping her hands together, she smiled proudly at her western move!

"I don't know, Bannon...what do you more?" He couldn't see the whole of it to gauge.

"It's close. I'm not sure it would take another. What do the rest of you think?" He moved to take a look from another angle.

She looked up, not really knowing if another needed to be added or not. But tried to help..."What do you both think?" Looking to Molly and Davin.

"If I put the legs on the back, it might balance out that left-sided lean." But was it also leaning forward?

"One more would touch the ceiling I think." She wasn't real good at judging distances. And she looked at Davin to see what he thought about the legs.

"It's kind of leaning this way." Pointing in the direction of the door.

Listening to Molly she tilted her head a bit more back. "More.." Or not.

There was possible eleven chairs there...would they go for an even dozen?

Ah, what the hell. "Here it comes, Tykir!" Hopefully he was ready because .... toss!

Lids shut tight. Cringe. Perhaps waiting for a crash?

"I want to see one of you sit on that top seat!" DARE.

"The door?" Tykir nodded. WRONG move! Whoah! Now that was an interesting feeling. His entire body just ... Fuuuu! Chair up, arm out, fingers slip, wings spread. Boots slide. But he landed with a grunt, backside to rafter, and leaning forward just enough to have that chair in place. He heard Davin's dare. Really? Tykir had an unfair advantage, but he'd use it.

"Ooooo good one, Davin.." Nodding in agreement and waiting. Watching too! She wouldn't, but then again she didn't have bloomin' wings!

Oooo! She covered her mouth. Maybe Davin should cover his ears. Eyes went wide when she heard the dare. And then Tykir nearly fell. Chair in place! "Whoa!"

There was the possibility that the wind from his wings might topple the tower there was the danger of it.

Bannon wasn't drunk enough to try sitting on the top chair! Nor did he have wings. He near froze, and put his arms out then cleared his throat as he lowered them again. Right. Going to catch him if he falls. He'd just slide... that way.

Wait. If chairs fell, would they flood toward the trio? She turned her gaze to the floor, and then the height of the tower. Moving back a bit more!

Oh, she was going over that way. Behind the post. Well, not too far away, just in case.

She could see it now. Myrina how did you get that gash on your head while sleeping. Wellllll, you see. Nope, she was staying out of the line of fire!

Wings tucked neatly to his back and Tykir, feeling as invincible as the whiskey made him, inched forward from his perch on the rafter. He spun, stomach to wood beam and then with the strength in his arms started to lower to the seat of that top chair.

"God's bones, he is doing it." Spoken to Davin since he made the dare. Holy horse terds, the prince was really doing it. Shaking her head she looked away. It looked too scary!

"Huh.. huh.. huh.. huh.. huh.. huh.." he started up a steady chant to urge Tykir on successfully. Grin shot Myrina's way with a nod before he was back into his chant.

It was close so he wouldn't have to come down far, but the fellow was tipsy and so were the chairs. He cut a look over his shoulder and down to where he needed to plant himself.

How could Myrina look away? Molly couldn't!

She could only laugh, sneaking a peak but shaking her head. She was not a chicken, she just knew this did not bode well. "By Zeus' bolt!"

Slowly. Gently. Carefully. There! He let go of the wood and found purchase - backside to wood. Because of his weight, one chair slipped, but didn't shoot out, only causing the tall masterpiece to sway dangerously close to falling. Tykir only gripped the edge of the chair seat until the motion stopped. Which, actually lasted a little longer than what the chairs actually moved as his vision continued to whirl.

Myrina was a chicken? Bac...bac..baaaaaac! "Whooo yooo!" Shouted for the dare accomplished. Then shutting her eyes again. To high up for her!

Hoooooly .... He held his breath as the tower began to sway then let out a whoot. Hey, Tykir had made it onto the top chair! And without using his wings!

He started applauding then slapping a hand on the bar to give it more noise.

Bravado was many a man's downfall. And in this case, it was literal, this downfall! Tykir grinned, shot his hands out with a show of tada and then...right smack dab in the middle the chairs started slipping out and the whole of that stack started crumbling, seats flying in any direction with the pressure from above. Crashing down to the floor and Tykir still held tight to his wooden perch as he plummeted. He held his breath, and held on tight. The top of the heap, including the dark prince, pitched forward and fell in that direction.

"Oh my God!" She didn't know what to do as the chairs began to fall like dominos. Even stopped herself from vaulting over the bar. What could she do that Bannon could not? Oh yes. Move arms to cover her head. Duck and cover!

She was starting to yell too but then ... the whole shebang started to move and slip and slide and oh, that made a lot of noise! She yelped and watched then as soon as it stopped went charging over the pile of chairs. And they kept slipping and sliding!

"Whooo!" Dumb. Drunk. Daredevil!

He was up to catch the prince if needed.

His chair finally slammed to the floor and Tykir tucked and rolled, holding on to the seat still as two of the legs broke. Thank all that was Holy that neither of those legs were his!

OHSHIT! There was no where to run except go charging out the door and that's where Bannon went, even followed by a couple. When no more came through the door, he went charging back in, tripping and falling, and crashing, finally landing on the floor. And there was a barrage of what had to be cursing in his home tongue. Which way had Tykir fallen?

She could only gawk at the Prince. He had rode that seat like a wave! She shook her head and prayed silently to blessed Saints that Tykir did not get hurt or worse. Then she gazed to the others, jumping over the bar in hopes none were hurt. Leaning tower of Tykir!

He was laughing as he lay on the floor amidst the rubble of his creation. Chairs were strewn everywhere and in the middle, now sprawled on the floor, his chair tossed to the side, was the dark prince. Thanks, Davin, that was one hellova ride!

Molly was laughing as she tried to run. It was nearly impossible. They should see about going on the water beastie when the weather was warm enough. She stopped and looked back at the others, arms out to the side, palms up. Where? Oh! There!

He tossed chairs aside as he made his way to the prince. "Now that was grand challenge." Something he could be proud of in his book. A hand offered to help him up.

"Ummm.. " Looking to all the chairs, with most broken and had to giggle. "Who is going to pay for all of that?" And then the woman turned into a giggle box.

"He is!" She pointed to Tykir and started to giggle too. Dear lord what a mess. If anyone had been upstairs sleeping, they weren't now!

While they looked after the Prince, Myrina began to pile splinters into a pile. Thinking the owner had good firewood for next year? Molly had her giggling again!

Not them! This was the Medieval Tavern. No one paid for anything, but it always got fixed up. He slapped his palm to Davin's lower arm and gave a jerk, pulling himself up. "You missed out, Man." He gave Davin's shoulder a pound and looked at Myrina cleaning. "Leave it." He laughed. "This place has seen far worse. You should have seen it the first time we came here."

Bannon crawled up, and draped himself over a chair, arms resting on one of the legs, his chin on his hands. "You are insane." He growled then laughed. Oh, that had been grand.

And, if anyone found out who broke those chairs, Tykir would probably be paying for it...with his hide! So...secret was theirs!

As Tykir spoke, she dropped the wood she held in her grasp. Wiping palms on her shirt with a smile. "I suppose it gets pretty rowdy in here then." She did not try to find a chair to sit on. Myrina was content to plop on her arse on the floor.

"Worse than this. My brother said a dragon burned half it down once. Few days later, it was all fixed. Maybe there's a spell on it." She picked up a piece of wood and looked at it then at Tykir. Not a word from her!

He pointed a finger Bannon's way. Next to his baby brother, Tykir was the youngest prince of Heathfield. He had a lot of pent up - proving - to do.

And apparently, he couldn't resist a dare!

"Dragon burned it down?" What she would have given to see that! "This must be a magical place then.." She wanted to see more of Rhydin!

Never! Solarina was his sister! He'd be in those dungeons soon too, thanks to her!

Well, ja, that was true. The dungeons had to be milder than this!

"On this, aye, I've no wings to save me arse.." seeing Tykir steady to his feet, "but I manage in and out of ledges, rocks and caves before the tide comes in.."

"Or it has wealthy benefactors." He added, scooting a broken chair aside with his leg so he could get past. Hey now, Tykir didn't snatch out wings with this...would have ruined the ride.

"The porch and part of the front." She tossed the wood over her shoulders, wincing a little when it clattered to the floor.

She turned to Davin with a smile. "When is best to explore the caves." Moving legs to sit Indian style.."You know, so I don't drown?" She turned her head as Molly spoke. Wondering what it was like to see that. Bet many ran with their arses on fire! Just a tiny bit.

Yes, drowning might ruin the fun.

"I heard there was a Minotaur that came around and all the barflies wanted to get under his kilt."

He grinned as he stood and grabbed a few of the chairs that found their way out the door. Hmm. Charlie must not have closed it tight. "Euw."

"Minotaur.." Myrina knew that one! "Did he talk too?"

"Aye, so it is said. Some from our lands met him, made friends even." He'd been around long enough to pick up quite a few stories. All this while heading out with the rest of them.

She jumped up with a chuckle. "To think one of Greek mythology, and he talked too. My sister will .. never mind she won't know" Twitch of a grin!

"There is another one that hangs out at allied lands, does the joust." He couldn't remember his name offhand.

Tykir wasn't too drunk to realize that Myrina might have just given away a secret of her own if she shared that information with her sister. "Is he the one that rides the bear?"

"Aye, ever see or meet him?" Attention diverting to Tykir.

"One of bull and man?" Spoken to Davin. Rushing to keep up. She wanted to meet that one.

She had to scramble over the chairs, giggling when she saw a mouse family watching them. She nearly lost her balance but caught herself and laughed. This had been fun! Oh yeah, that one! Rina had said about him. She was last out apparently and shut the door behind.

Rides a bear? Too much to take in. And yes! Can't let any of this slip to her family! She waited for Molly with a smile. So glad she was around to enjoy tonight!

"No, just heard of him the last I went to joust there." He had to try three times to grab the dangling reins of his horse. Should have gone with the leather strip in the middle the first try!

"Someone is going to get a big surprise." He chuckled as he glanced over his shoulder then caught up. "Now that was fun." They were going to find more trouble as it got warmer... and that was going to be great!

First he would help Molly up onto her steed then he'd help Myrina up onto his before mounting up behind her.

"I can see it now.." She lowered her voice with a giggle.. "Who did that? I don't know. You?" Almost skipping with a wave to a man that was staring at the young group, and then to turn and walk the opposite direction.

Was it a big man? Bear coat? Beard?

She thanked Davin and giggled as she watched Tykir. Only reason she was on her horse already was because of the lighthouse keeper.

She settled on the horse. Smiling to all as she waited and then turned when Davin found his perch. "Thank you.." Turning she scritched Thor's fur, where she could reach. "You can drop me off at the Thistle, I need to pick up my dog." Spoken softly, as to not shout that she almost forgot about her sister's dog.

He had it. And he mounted soon enough, though he had to hop, hop a couple of times before he managed to hoist himself up.

"I loved tonight, thank you all" Spoken to each one. Tykir was right!

"Make sure your clothes aren't torn before you go in, Tykir." That was always a big giveaway!

"Best stay together," so he could keep an eye on the other two if they fell of their horse on the ride back. Myrina would not get past his arms as he started Thor forward.

Shitzki. He hadn't thought of that. He nodded to Bannon. "Good thinking." Though he'd probably not even remember to do that once they traveled all the way home.


Date: 07-27-11
Poster: Broch Cunningham
Post # 33

Later On... from Other Lands

Once outside, the thorn between the roses spoke up. "How did yea arrive taenight, Gaelle?" He would get to other things shortly.

There was a mare standing near; brown with white tail and mane. She made a light motion to the horse. "By her." The grin was a light thing. She waited to see if Laura was catching up. "I should have said by foot." She muttered playfully!

Laura was right there. She had been admiring the castle but coming to visit at night made it hard to see if there had been any damage.

"How have you two been?" Asking sister and brother with a curious look dividing between them.

"Well then," giving a quick wink as he took up the reins of her mare. "Yea bae riding with mae sae yea kin talk." Only a breath's pause. "If yea bae want'in o' need'in tae." No pressure and this way Laura could lend any comfort or advice too. Easier two astride for the roads were only allowing two abreast then three. If she didn't protest, he would tie the reins of her mare to the back of his saddle and leave her to follow. Standing there first to see her reaction to the idea.

She widened her eyes a touch, purely out of surprise. There was a tiny smile and something of a rather sheepish looking nod. "I really do not have a single complaint about that." She didn't want to seem overly eager, or to give any wrong impressions. Though truly? Closeness was something she needed. Just that alone would be comforting. "Though I'm afraid I might talk so much that you two might go deaf." Her brows furrowed a touch."..and thank you," she added.

"Aye?" Like he was opening Pandora's box. "Yea bae giv'in Laura competition." Teasing for Laura was usually quiet. To a degree.

"We have been well, and I spend many days with children who can out talk any adult." She stuck her tongue out at Broch too. "Am not." Especially around her brothers.

"Oh yes, you are a teacher, aren't you?" She asked Laura. It had been so long and she might have had that little memory mixed up with another. She glanced at the horse, then at Broch. She wasn't sure..if he wanted her to sit in front of him or behind! "Really. It's.. not just one thing. More like.. a collection of things. I do admire the Hills, I do, but there always seems to be something bad going on, for one. And I'm still struggling with the break up with .. well.. Akirian.. He called me to his house earlier to tell me he was going to start seeing someone I thought was a sister. I don't understand why he had to do that. We haven't spoken in months. There's that.. and constantly hearing people bickering and threatening to kill each other and.. It's.. taxing."

First he would see to helping Laura up upon her mare. Next came Gaelle with a quick lift, he was strong, before he tied off the mare then swung up into the saddle behind her. All this while they conversed. Of course it butted Gaelle in against his chest as arms went around as he took up the reins. She would have the comfort of arms about her in the least while she talked. "The first we came upon yea thar, it was in the midst of blood and gore." Not getting into reactions and other things going down on the outskirts. Laura would be right near, abreast so the three could converse as he let the stallion head back home, knowing the way. "Is that what had yea tae tears earlier?" Leaving it open up right there and to the point.

"Yes, I am." She smiled then quietly thanked Broch for helping her onto the horse. And now she would be quiet unless she had something to say!

"I think it's a mix of everything.. All of it combined. When I saw you and Laura..." This was going to sound so silly! "Just seeing everyone happy, it was like seeing a light in the middle of darkness. I didn't feel the coldness anymore. Just warmth. I have never been the reclusive sort. I have always loved being around people. Over the past couple of months, I have been the opposite. I have stayed away from everyone, just.. wandering through nature. It's time to change that." She made that decision earlier. There was a nod, and a smile that slanted up over her shoulder to him. She leaned around a bit to smile at Laura too! Then nestled back against Broch.

"Sae, yea saying yea became a bear and hibernated from life, from others?" The easy pace of the horse was a comfortable one as he kept them in a canter than anything faster. "Did yea make friends o' those of the Hills?"

"Pretty much. And I nearly did! Though I kept my animal friends at a safe distance. I didn't want to be eaten if they were to get hungry." She twisted up a grin, a teasing one. "I did see a huge tortoise. It was curious of me. I believe I could have ridden the thing if I had wanted. Laura have you considered that? Bringing animals to show to your students? Though I do not know what you teach..exactly." A tortoise in the class room? why not?

She smiled back at Gaelle, though she was troubled at the story. Laughing, she nodded. "We've had animals there and people who teach about nature." Druids in fact. "And I had the classroom pets at the manor when the storm hit. I would say I'm more head teacher for Heathfield. And was for the other realms until they got settled in." Now she didn't travel so much.

"Just din have it diving off a desk into a bucket o' water." Giving a chuckle but otherwise he was letting them converse more. Whatever had bothered Gaelle to bring her to tears, she would tell or not but he noticed she was better in their company and that would be good enough for him in the long run if she preferred letting any other matters that had upset her go.

"..anyway. That's why I cried? I guess I briefly released all of the tension and frustration. Or just.. seeing friendly faces twisted the sadness around so quickly that my mind went into some emotional.. overload. They were good tears, in their own way. I hope that makes sense..." She'd not really had a good breakdown in a while! Thankfully, the small outburst of tears didn't last so very long at all. Thankfully, her mood was much more pleasant that it had been in a while now.

"There's nothing wrong with tears though it does sound like they were needed." She looked at her brother then back to Gaelle. "It's hard to deal with setbacks sometimes, but you're strong and probably stronger for it." And she sounded like a teacher! Good lords!

"I think I have told Broch before. I have to get back to what I used to be. But you're right Laura. I don't even need to do that. Why go back when I can go forward? I will be stronger. And I will refuse to let all of ..those things really bother me again." She nodded sharply, like punctuating that statement! And yes, she did sound like a teacher!

She was a teacher! Which had Broch grin with pride her way. "Aye, guid tears. Better than the other." There was that too. "W'ar yea be staying tae night?" Wondering if they needed to take her elsewhere, or, "yea bae staying at the Thistle or our home?" She had probably never been to the Cunningham manor.

No, she had never been to the manor. She tilted her head as she considered the options. "I would hate to intrude upon your home, Broch. I would not mind staying in the Thistle. Ah, I can still remember the room I stayed in before." She laughed suddenly. "I wonder if it still looks the same?" She was curious about that!

"You wouldn't be intruding at all. It's a big manor, Gaelle with plenty of rooms." Almost too big considering it was just the four of them, and not always that. And she didn't want to sound like a teacher when she was talking to adults.

"It could be a mistake. You know I may not want to leave," she warned Laura, grinning.

"Let Logan startle you a few times and you may not want to come back." She warned in turn, laughing.

"Startle me?" She widened her eyes at that, then started laughing. She tried to imagine the man jumping out from closets, hollering at the top of his lungs. "I am surprised you don't have grey hair, Laura!"

Which had him laughing too. "Aye, swing into your bedroom through the open window thinking there bae no one there and land on the bed with yea in it." Oh yes, to be a fly on the wall with that one.

"Bounces you right out of bed." And yes, he had done it to Laura. On purpose!

"I might faint!" She probably would, too. She was a fainter, and most that knew her, knew that! She leaned back against Broch, snickering. "If you do not think it would be trouble, then I will chance Logan scaring me to death. I don't think I have even seen the manor."

"Aye, maybe Laura will show yea around." Although the manor was his as high lord of the Cunningham family, the woman that ruled it was Laura. Until she married or he did, but if he did, she was staying! So the woman best get along with Laura. The ride was easy and pleasant as they finally turned off the main road of their lands heading in the direction of the manor.

Pfffht. Laura was going to be the old maid school teacher so Broch best be sure he wanted her around. Conversation was nice and light too. Made the rest of the night enjoyable.

"I promise I won't be in the way." Though, if the manor was as large as they said.. then.. she probably wouldn't even have to try to stay out of the way! She watched the manor as they approached, eyes wide.

He didn't draw up to the front but headed behind where the stables were... and the back door to the kitchen. The heart of the home. "How about a wee bit o' tea with enhancement?" Meaning potcheen. Drawing the stallion to a stop before he was down then helping her down. Once Gaelle was steady on her feet, he would help Laura down as well.

She had to think about that for a second. Mostly because she was lost on the enhancement part at first. Then it dawned on her. She grinned a touch, not answering until she was free from the horse's back. "That sounds rather nice, thank you." Her gaze was back on the manor, admiring the structure openly.

Of course she would show Gaelle around. "I'm thinking there's some pie left over too." Or fresh ones made, since Cook knew the three men could each devour a whole one on their own. Though Michael wouldn't be back for a few more days.

"Oh, I haven't had pie in so long." There went the eyes; wide, round!

Dip of his chin came with a grin as he stepped around and ahead of the two to see to the door. It wasn't locked. The handyman was there fixing a cupboard while the horse was otherwise quiet. He excused himself, taking his equipment and disappeared to a room he kept there. He was also a watchman and would check the grounds periodically. There was a kettle kept on the stove.

And Laura would be happy to serve as hostess.


Date: 09-14-11
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 34

Night at the MT

Rory was hyped up tonight. The scent of fall in the air, cool and crisp to the senses only heightened the mood. One might say he was pacing the porch of the MT but he'd deny it as the aroma of vanilla wafted in small layers from the cigarillo pressed between his lips, adding to the autumn scents of the night.

It was a perfect night to be out wandering and that's exactly what Bannon was doing. Somehow, he had found his way to that tavern up north and noticed a familiar figure on the porch. He let out a whistle as he headed that way. And looked around to see if any or Rory's mirror images were around.

Well, lookie, lookie. Tykir had left the castle with the good intentions of, well, behaving. Whatever the heck that meant. Considering the source. But with the sight of one particular McAndrews on the porch of one particular tavern pretty much shot that all to Hades and beyond. He hadn't asked any of his friends along because he wasn't even sure he could find them...and they were! Just where he needed them. The whistle jerked his gaze to he right, catching sight of Bannon as well. It was just destined to be. Trouble was a constant, familiar and welcomed companion for any of these teens.

The place was too quiet. Dead in fact. He let out a shrill whistle seeing Bannon first then Tykir. The cig was pinched away from his lips between forefinger and thumb sending with a flick into one of the many puddles on the street left over by a recent rain. "Hey, how goes the night for you both?" Waiting for them as he moved to loom at the top of the steps. Yep, he was getting taller every day.

How the hell could Rory get any taller!? That's what Tykir would like to flipp'n know!

Know what would be cool? Being a ninja. Then you could do ninja things and ninja stuff all while being ninja quiet. These thoughts entertained the brunette as she made her way towards an old, familiar haunt that she'd not been to in ages. She was eyeing the roof top as she edged closer, squinting her eyes in a curious way. Then the wall, a window, then the roof top again. She made some kind of low noise in her throat, came to a stop near the porch, then simply asked, "wonder if I could run up a wall..." Had she been drinking? Probably!

He'd be hitting his head against the tops of doorways soon! Ah, just what he was in the mood for. Trouble times three. Four if you counted the drunkish one. "Well enough. Good to see you both out." And he paused to answer the question. "Never know until you try."

Hey, Gaelle-Gaelle-la-Gaelle-Thorpe! Tykir eased on around her, a light tug of her dark hair in the passing. "Getting better all the time, McAndrews. How goes yours?" He paused to look back at the woman, just to see if she'd try it, but feeling she probably wouldn't, his gaze didn't linger for long.

Arms went out from his side as he retorted to Gaelle's comment, "you can try me." What a grin too that followed, brightening up blue eyes to a devilish sparkle. He'd have a few good bumps on his head once he reached that height, learning to duck very quickly before it became habit.

"I don't know if I'd m--" She cut off suddenly, not because of the tug to her hair from Tykir that earned a quick grin, but because of the words that came from Rory. She teetered from heel to toe, turning a wide eyed stare in his direction. "... Wait what?" So easy to get confused! She cleared her throat, started forward to move up the steps. She was suddenly a little thirsty, so it was probably best if she headed on inside! ...Before she got into trouble. She did hear Bannon by the way. Just.. she was distracted. She grinned at him too, and waved on her way by.

Trouble was a good time! "I'm the wall," certainly tall enough but he was only teasing her as his arms lowered to his sides. "Got a bottle of the potent.." of course, did they doubt that? Really! The twinkle in blue eyes had not faded a bit that turned back on Gaelle. "Nice to see you again, Gaelle."

Way too funny. He was still chuckling as he headed up the step and around the tower that was Rory, to take a lean against the railing. It had been a long day. And a good night to be out and away from the castle. "What about yourself, Rory?" Yes, they saw one another every day during training but it didn't hurt to ask.

Just when you thought it was safe to make trouble, well there was a braying from a mule from hell, and his rider just chuckled .. As they came into sight of the tavern, one never knew what devil might appear right ...

"Doing good, need to find things to do." There would always be things to do in Ballicastle but that was how he felt at the moment - as if there was not enough. Chin lifted in the direction of the braying mule. "Here comes more trouble." He was taking out the bottle the while, uncorked it and offered it over to Gaelle for a taste.

Oh, Rory had the good stuff? This stalled her from really getting inside. In fact, she sort of.. back tracked to where he was standing. "You're a wall," she repeated low, snickering under her breath then cracking another smile. "It's good to see you too, Rory. All of you, in fact!" Did she.. just.. hear a mule? She blinked and slanted a look in that direction.

The mule picked his pace, Charlie just swaying with the easy motion. "Well lookie here," winking at Rory. "You say this like it is a bad thing?" another wink for Tykir and Bannon, a smile to Gaelle ...

Rory should have been keeping busy with the training he was getting with his brothers. He grinned at Charlie and waved, quite happy to be in the company he was in. "Evening, Charlie and to you Gaelle." Since she was staying put after all and he hadn't said anything before.

"Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!" Loud. In fact, the woman's name echoed through the streets. It had been so very long since Gaelle had seen her. She waited for her ears to stop ringing before she continued her hello. "How're you?" She took the bottle from Rory with a wild grin and.. swallowed a bit down.

Charlie twisted on the mule looking behind her, grinning "I am right as rain, and you Gaelle?" glad to see every one ...

"The same. The same." In repeat. She offered a friendly wink to her.

Once she had her swallow, bottle was back in hand for him to take a good long one then offer it to both Bannon and Tykir. Whoever got it first. "Hello Miss Charlie!" Grin.

Mom's friend, yeah, so, Tykir cleared his throat and lifted a hand in a wave of greeting to Charlie. For a moment he eyed the bottle in Gaelle's grip then looked back out to the epitome of Trouble. "Evening, Mz. Charlie."

She couldn't stay long, just passing through really, but it was nice to see the familiar faces, they were missed in her travels. "How are you Tykir?" Waggling her brows. Charlie was friend to many, she lost count years ago ...

"Oooh, Charlie, I have met someone that knows you. We've become really close friends. And she thinks very highly of you. Swift. Remember her?" ...Sadly, she did not have a last name to offer. Everyone seemed to simply know the woman as 'Swift'.

Many, with one his mom, so ... uh huh. "Quite well, better than well actually. Good to see you."

So they would have to behave until Charlie left. If Tykir wasn't going to take the bottle, Bannon would and did!

Hello! He was looking at Charlie!

"Yes I remember Swift, she is a terrible shot with her arrow," grinning, recalling a lot of people that had been shot in the butt cheek by her friend. "Hmm you look very well." Why would they behave, surely they forget who started trouble in the past ... The very well said to Tykir of course ..

Yep, he was. Which was why Bannon wasn't waiting for a turn. But he would offer it to Tykir after he had a good drink.

Gaelle broke into a fit of laughter. "I believe Swift mentioned something about arrows to me. I don't think that has changed much, either. I can't say that I am a good shot with those things. I'm.. not sure, honestly." Another curious moment. Earlier it was about ninjas, now it was about bows. She peeked at Rory. "Would you let me try to shoot an apple off of your head?" Innocent eyed stare!

So Tykir had just accepted the bottle, brought it to his lips, when the question was asked of Rory. A smile started and a laugh followed, but that was soon enough washed away with a swallow of Rory's good stuff. Since he was drinking at present, he just twitched off a wink to Charlie, knowing she WAS the T in Trouble and the r.o.u.b.l.e as well. Still, one had to be cautious, because, well, he had spent too many days sharpening blades and polishing shields of late.

Charlie looked at Rory, he looked so much like his dad, and brothers and uncles, and well the whole clan, so handsome too ...she noticed sometimes ...

Such a disarming grin with the one word answer. "No." He might be crazy at times but he was not that crazy. "A real wall would do for such practice." All serious before he broke out in a laugh. A good belly one.

"Tykir? Bannon? Apple? Head?" She didn't care who would let her do it. Well, she was just really wanting to see if anyone was really brave enough! She wasn't going to ask Charlie because she just couldn't try something like that with her. And out of everyone that would probably say yes? She figured Charlie would be that person.

Brave = crazed.

Brave = pierced!

Considering how bad Swift was with an arrow, she might, then again who knew. The mule shifted under her, easy going as the rider ...

"Nooo. I like my head just the way it is." No piercing for him thank you!

"Charlie, why does Swift get all swoony around trolls and goblins and anything green skinned?" Gaelle was all over the place tonight.

Charlie blinked, "it is the elf in her .. I think," though she never asked, just enjoyed the woman's insanity, that and she was not one of those that gushed over Charlie's friends ...

Well, that was a very interesting question posed by Gaelle even if he had no clue to who this woman was. But, if she was a friend of Charlie's, then most likely she'd be a friend of theirs.

"Or used to. She may not now. I think she's seeing someone or something." She drifted into quiet, just to give the others a chance to talk. Meanwhile, she was searching out for that bottle that was floating around somewhere. Who had it?!

Trolls, goblins, green skins? Interesting. He'd just settled into listening, Tykir had it last!

Charlie inclined her head "I recall something like that .." like Charlie, Swift tended to have long affairs when she started them ..Charlie tipped her head, smiling. "I can't stay this evening, gotta catch a gypsy.. you all have fun tonight," she mused, winking as she shifted, the Mule turned walking slowly, "hey to your mama, Tykir, and Rory hey to family.. Night Gaelle.. Bannon," she called ...

"That's the plan, Charlie! Safe mule riding." And...gypsy riding too if such was the case.

"Say hello to Ken for us!" Slight smirk for the thoughts that wandered a moment before chased off.

"It was good seeing you! Have a good night, Charlie." She grinned to her as she snuck around Tykir and.. took the bottle. "Teehee." Mouse like. Then she drank.

The Mule kicked up his heels, then cantered off, Charlie chuckling as she disappeared ...  Oh she would relay it all to Kenneth, they talked a lot of family ad friends ...

Yes, and Tykir still had it ... had ... the key word, now minus the still.

"Good night, Charlie." He waved as she left then watched Gaelle snitch the bottle away. Just about everyone enjoyed the Pure.

He couldn't hog it all! After her drink, she passed the bottle to Bannon. Her nose twitched. Stuff was so strong!

That was the whole idea! "Here's the thing, we drink some more of this and we all try to walk up that wall." Tykir chuckled, turning the conversation away from Gaelle with a bow, and an arrow, after drinking potcheen, and any further discussion of apples!


Date: 09-14-11
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 35

"My thanks." He saluted her with the bottle then took a long drink from the same and passed it back to Rory. Good thinking, Tykir!

"Sounds like a good plan." Bows, arrows and apples were quickly forgotten!

"Rory goes first." Tykir chuckled under his breath, scratching at the back of his ear.

"I'm last." Making that clear before any attempts were made.

"Well then back to the drinking," wondering where his bottle had gone. Which had it now. Well. Lookie. He got out another one.

She blinked at Rory. It was like he had a never-ending supply! "What else you got stashed away?" That was probably a bad question to ask.

Holy stasholi! Now THAT really had Tykir crack out a laugh.

Did Rory have a magic cloak?

It looked that way! She laughed when Tykir laughed, squinting at him before peering over at Bannon.

Indeed it was and he has a retort on the tip of his tongue about her finding out. Instead he said nothing or else he'd get himself in trouble! Wait. He wanted trouble. "Something to find out in the still of the night." Giving her a wink. Something that then wouldn't be still.

Blink. Stare. At Rory. Wide eyed again. She actually blushed that time. But because she was trying to be cute, she cleared her throat then nudged.. ah.. Bannon! Right towards Rory. "I choose you!" To find out, obviously. She cracked up laughing and ducked behind Tykir to hide.

Out went the wings and back behind him. She was perfectly cocooned and hidden for now. Not that Rory or Bannon didn't know where she was! "Considering it's ... still night ... she could be finding out any time now."

Blink. Again. She got all distracted. "Oooh feathers!" Wait. "I don't want to find out!" She said, laughing.

"Hey now!" He pretended to stumble toward Rory but then sat again. "Not me, thanks." Euw.

Bannon had one of his own. Why would he need to find out? Let alone.. want to! He only grinned as she hid behind Tykir! That's right, Tykir had one too. Gaelle was in luck, one every which way she turned!

"You are all terrible!" She wasn't serious, of course. "It's a good thing I don't have a boyfriend or I'd tell on you." She didn't have anyone to tell, really. Not that she'd tattle anyway. She snickered and gently tugged a feather before she tried to ease out from the wings.

It wouldn't be difficult to escape, it was all for fun anyway. Tykir grimaced with the tug, even though it didn't really cause any discomfort and looked around to where she stood. "And there's the mystery, why is that? I don't understand why you, Gaelle, do not..."

Well, that answered one question he might have had in the back of his mind somewhere. If she had a boyfriend. "None at all?" Realizing that surprised him too.

He agreed with Tykir and now they were all three looking at Galle, curious, each of them.

She opened her mouth to say something, then realized all three of them were staring at her. She blinked. "None that I'm.. aware of? I have friends that are men, but.. I'm not.. in a relationship." Just in case they were going to try the whole 'but were boys and we're your friends'!

Waiting for her to magically pull one out of her pocket and surprise them.. with an only kidding. That's right! She covered her arse with that addition. "I would have thought a guy would have snatched you up by now." He paused.. she might wonder. There on the tip of his tongue but it didn't fall off this time.

Well yes, she did wonder. She squinted at Rory, silently waiting for him to say whatever he was holding back. When he didn't? " who?" She had to ask!!

"Any decent guy.." but that was not what had been on the tip of his tongue. He almost.. almost.. asked how old she was. She didn't look old, didn't act old. Old was later 20's for him presently.

Tykir's mouth opened to speak to that one, but clamped back shut since the question was posed to Rory.

Now he'd be wondering what Tykir had been about to say.

She caught that! She was staring at Tykir then. Old? She might have been a touch too old for them, then. Mid twenties. And no, she didn't act like it. She'd probably always be a kid at heart. "...Tykir? Do you have an answer?" She swayed a little.

Actually, considering it was Tykir, he'd be wondering himself what he was about to say! Instead, he turned and eyed the wall, bottom to top to bottom again. "An answer?" He asked, slipping a glance her way, a smile in his gaze, before looking back at the wall. "Sure, I'm thinking you'll have to get a good run going, and try to leap the steps and then take that momentum up the wall..." Smiling, he slipped another look her way. Not at ALL what she meant, and he darn well knew it, but he wasn't who he was by stumbling into conversations best left to the ones more intimately involved in them.

Tykir had Bannon laughing. Good avoidance!

She blinked. Then cleared her throat. She wasn't going to press the issue. She wasn't that type. She had simply wondered if they knew something that she didn't. She was unsure at this point, but let the subject fade. She snickered along with Bannon, then peered at the wall. "I don't think I'm brave enough to try it. I keep imagining myself crashing right into the wall."

He started laughing and to stop the laughing, he started drinking. Reason number 2003 to do so.

"Bravery in a bottle, Gaelle. Hell, nothing like it in the world." He gave a sharp nod to Rory, who had produced the 'bravery' for the evening.

"Aww, you just want to see me smash into a wall and knock myself out." Teasing! She snickered.

"I think if you have enough potcheen in you, you can't be knocked out." Certainly it left her running into the wall still as he offered her over the bottle.

"And Rory's here if you do knock yourself out." He gave her a boyish grin as he spoke. Rory would help her, right?

"By no means!" Tykir even gasped to show how appalling such a suggestion was, but he couldn't help the smile that lingered.

She eyed Rory, then grinned wide and leaned to take the bottle. "Perhaps you are right...." Bannon had her words trailing off. She fluttered her lashes at him then blinked at Rory. Then stared at Tykir. Men! She grinned, then drank before handing the bottle back to Rory.

"Besides, Gaelle, Rory will try it first, if he goes splat, we'll all know to find another means of entertainment."

Which he took up and immediately had a drink! Up. Down. Swung over to Bannon this time.

"Okay, here I go." Without.. warning. She walked down the steps, off of the porch and out into the yard. She wasn't aiming straight for any wall. Didn't Tykir mention using the ..hiccup ...railing? Yeah, she was going to try that. So, she backed up a few more paces. "Here I go!"

That's right. Rory had been volunteered to try the wall. He accepted the bottle, used it to salute Rory and took a drink, then lowered the bottle to watch Gaelle. Should they do a drum roll?

He did? Dangdoodleflip, he didn't remember that! Tykir moved fast, stepping in the middle of the steps and holding out his arms. "Wait, Gaelle, Rory first!" Would that stop her? Could she even comprehend at this point?

He had volunteered to BE the wall for Gaelle only but it was passed up.

"What about the rule about ladies first and all that ho-hum?" She straighened up. Oh, Rory did do that, didn't he... "Hey! What if.. What if I run, run up Rory to his shoulders, then launch myself for the roof?" She had such great ideas.

Nope, nope. Bannon would say he had volunteered to be first.

That might actually work. "I would have to step away from under the porch roof then." Else she would have a problem!

How was that climbing a wall? And yes, Rory had been 'volunteered' to go first.

He was down on the second step, which would give access to the roof. "Why do you want to be on the roof?" For once she got to his shoulders, he would boost her up there.

She forgot all about scaling up the wall apparently! "Tykir, you have wings. It might be easier for yoooooou to do it. They can do that.. flappity-flap thing while you're running up the wall." Rory's question stalled her. She canted her head. "...I don't remember."

"We're back at the beginning...might as well run up the wall, if you plan to run up the McAndrews." Tykir grunted out a laugh, shaking his head and moving away since Rory had stepped in front of him. He knew HE could do it, he wanted to see the others try. That was a good part of the fun, wasn't it?

Tykir reminded her though! "Cause ninjas do it." What, was she five?

Tykir could fly!

"Maybe I shouldn't. If I do get up there, I wouldn't be able to get down." She lowered her shoulders, then grinned up at Rory.

He leaned down and gave her a kiss to her cheek. "Good choice," offering her the bottle again as he straightened up. "I need to get back too," being they would be up early to practice war maneuvers under his older brother.

"I probably shouldn't drink anymore. In fact, yeah.. I should probably get some rest." She was trying to be a good girl!

"Let us see you back.. or stay at the Thistle?" That would be back for them, although they stayed in the barracks up at the castle. Close enough.

"What? Wait!" They didn't even have an adventure and Rory was heading back? Rest? Huh?

Maybe they would have an adventure on the way back.

He shot a look to Bannon.

"The Thistle sounds good." She nodded.

He gave a shrug and pushed off the railing. "Thistle it is." They could always not go to training. What happened after would be an adventure.

Gaelle could show up in their place. That, in itself, would be an adventure!

If they thought Rory was tall, Rick was taller!

Tykir looked at each one of them, muttered under his breath and nodded. Who knew?

Rick? It was likely the Dragon they'd be facing! And off they went.


Date: 03-18-12
Poster: Liam Quinn
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Liam decided on an adventure that took he and his brother a long distance. By ship no less. They needed a break. They needed some sunshine. They got HOT which was welcome after the cold winds and snow of their lands. Time to discard the overcloak, the heavier wool attire to light weight material and sandals.

With the coming of night, the heat wasn't near that of the day. Though the earth still clung to the warmth, as did the gentle breeze that drift up from the direction of the Nile. It brought with it the light scent of the Lotus that grew wild upon the banks. Many imagined the area to be arid and sand for as far as the eye could see, but not so along this portion of the Niles banks. Lush foliage surrounded the ornate city, with its massive monuments in which homage was paid to the Gods and reigning head. In the midst of it all was the temple in which the seerer chose to live, that which honored the God Sobek. It would be at the base of the massive stairs that lead to the temples opening that she sat upon the bottom step. Gazing out over the flowing river several hundred yards away, as she worked upon a beaded necklace of turquoise and gold, to be used in her next offering. Now that the sun had set, the streets had come alive with those taking enjoyment of the cooler evening.

Of course Ciar would go along though he had a slightly less of an aversion to the sea then a certain cousin. He would at least go near it and even swim in it. But sailing.... ugh. So he was glad to finally reach land, curious why Liam had picked this land or if it had been random. The cooler night was at least cooler, but definitely not as cold as home was.

"I think we have found paradise and out of the thralls of Winter's cold." He was basking in what certainly felt hot to him even if the evening cooled down the temperature greatly. The lands seem to have a light all their own even with the twinkling stars above dotting the deeper blue of the sky. "C'mon," shooting a grin his brother's way before he started towards the bustle of life up from the piers into the streets of the lands. "Let's see what there is to see," having a feeling this might end up an educational trip as he noticed some buildings that were far more ornate than others.

Adorned in a simple swath of white cotton, gold chains about the waist sufficed as a belt to which all was held in place. About her neck a simple collar of gold, turquoise, and ruby hues. Feet were bare, little need had she for the use of sandals. Long ebon hair left to flow freely about shoulders, dark eyes spent more time watching those milling about than the task at hand; which was more automated and precise. Music could be heard wafting down the streets from the livelier establishments.

"I'm coming but how the hell are we going to talk to anyone? Do you know the language?" He wasn't as grouchy as he sounded, just concerned. Oh, he had heard some about the land but it was way different then home.

That's when he did a few hand motions, from good to bad. "This is the universal language if they don't speak English." No, he didn't know Egyptian but that would not stop Liam Quinn from visiting a foreign land. As they headed up the street, a group of ladies passed eyeing the two. How could they not when they stuck out from the rest? Neither was bad looking at all either. Liam turned walking backwards a few steps with a waggle of his brows to the ladies that only had covered giggles before turning back around and grinning at his brother. "See, they understood that."

In her observations of surroundings, she noticed the two moving amongst the crowd that stuck out like an ice burg in the Nile. Head tilted some as she watched their actions, and she even chuckled softly seeing the one man spin about. Obvious it was the actions of the man which set the group of women into fits of giggles as they hurried off.

They had learned sign language from their mother's people, so that would suffice. He snickered and shook his head. glancing over his shoulder to look at the women. Not for long of course. He didn't want to run into anyone. "Only you, Liam. Have to admit though, it's nice to get away." Leaving their poor half-brother to deal with what was back there. "Where to before you're getting us into trouble?" Like Ciaran never had done the same.

He noticed the one sitting off by herself that had been eyeing them. "I like their laughter which sounds musical to the ear." He stopped by a vendor selling flowers. No roses to be found but there was the Lotus. A flower was a flower was it not? The coins he had were accepted in exchange for one that was mostly white with a darker pink center. He took in the scent then ran it close under Ciaran's nose. "What kind of flower do you think this is?" He didn't wait for a reply as he gave his brother the look, then tuned on a heel and headed for the Egyptian lass sitting in a contemplative mood by herself. He gave a sweeping bow while offering her the flower. "For the Lady of the Nile," not that he felt she would understand him but his actions would speak for them.

A brow rose when one of the men approached her, and bearing a flower none the less. It had been some time since she heard the common tongue spoke, and it almost sounded foreign to her anymore. Fingers would cease in the action of adding beads to the thin gold wire. All set into the tray upon her lap, her hand would then reach out to accept the offered gift. If it had been from one of her people, it would have been given as a token to her God, more than the woman herself. "Thank you Sieheb." Came the soft velvety flow of her voice. Fingers to gently accept the stem. "You have traveled far." Surprise, surprise. Besides some of the lower dredges of her community, the Priestess could also speak the common tongue.

He rubbed at his nose, frowning. He felt as if the heavy perfume was going to make him sneeze, though that passed. "As if I know flowers," though Liam couldn't hear him. Lifting his eyes heavenward, he sighed though, he was also grinning. Leave it to Liam. He came up behind his brother, pausing a step below while he talked to the woman. And while Liam talked, Ciaran kept watch. Couldn't break some habits.

Color him surprised! Certainly. It was in the widening of dark eyes as just as dark brows rose. "I'm pleased!" That she accepted the gift or could speak their language would be for her to decide. "We have traveled far but such is not unusual for us when we get the itch. I am Liam David Quinn and this is my brother Ciaran, all the way from Heathfield lands." Not expecting her to have even heard of them but certainly they were a distance from such warmer climate as the Nile.

Now it was her turn to be colored surprised, and like he, it would outwardly show upon features and in her eyes. "A pleasure to meet you both." After a moment taken to recover her thoughts. "I am Taharka J'Atar, Priestess of Sobek." With introductions her head would nod forward and eyes to lower in an outward showing of respect. "Welcome to our lands Sieheb Liam, and Sieheb Ciaran. You have traveled a great distance and I do hope you find what you came seeking." Most had a pilgrimage of some sort, even if it wasn't the main agenda to begin with.

He was surprised when he heard the lass speak common and turned to look at her. A smile appeared and he inclined his head, not attempting her greeting. "An honor to meet you, Priestess of Sobek." He cut a look toward Liam, the smile not fading. Hell, he had no idea why they were here.

Where Ciaran didn't attempt, Liam would as he mimicked the motion of head and hands, nod forward, eyes down for the moment giving her back the due respect. That surprise, however, had him responding, "you recognize the name of the lands?" Asking in case he had read her wrong. Wouldn't be the first time. A few times it got him slapped even. "An honor to meet you Taharka," being careful to pronounce it correctly. "I hope to find whatever it is to find." Said rightly of one on an adventure which was not necessarily planned out but come what may and take the bull by the horns if necessary.

Eyes remained downcast, her mind reeling and she was working on maintaining control of her thoughts. A slight nod of her head before it slowly rose to be able to gaze upon the men. "Yes. My family once lived there." Talk about a small world, and it all seemed a dream that became surreal at the moment.

"Ah, then it must have been before we arrived." How long had they been there? He wasn't sure. "It was farther then I realized." As if that would have stopped him. "So, far it seems intriguing." She wasn't looking up so likely wouldn't see his smile.

"Aye, or our cousins." He had not heard of the J'Atar surname mentioned before since their cousins arrived first then spoke on various families when they had arrived to give them some footing. "I hope the parting was not in sorrow." Not being really sure what to say but a family that moved on could for a lot of reasons and not necessarily negative ones. Changing the subject to agree with his brother. "So far, aye, it is a grand place to be at the moment and in conversation with a beautiful lady. Tell me of this building here," having the feel it was an important one.

"It was long ago. My family sought refuge during the dark days of our land." The inquire of the temple would have her glance back and up at the towering building. Before the massive doors of stone stood two carved figures. The body that of a man, the head of a Nile crocodile. Upon his head set a crown of an Egyptian King, in his hands a rod and scepter. "This is the temple of Sobek, the God of the Nile. It's here people pay homage when they wish his favor when fishing, or to sail on a long trip. To offer gifts of thanks when their catch is bountiful, or forgiveness if they enacted against his good nature." Looking back to the men. "And it's the home to his Priest and Priestess."

"So, it's your home?" He looked up at the two statues. "It must have taken a long time to carve those and to build the temple." And many workers. He looked down at the woman again.

"It is a holy place then," which he would give respect even if this Sobek god was not his own god to worship. He would not be disrespectful to the grounds or those who worshiped him. "It is impressive." Which speaking of buildings they would need to find lodging as the hour grew late. "Where can we find lodging that would be suitable," suitable covered safe too if that were possible. "Are there any taverns where we might get a bit to eat and drink." Being she knew their language she would have heard of taverns and what they had in like here.

Looking to Ciaran with a nod. "Yes, I live here." To his next statement she'd smile. "It was here long before I ever existed, and has been work in progress since." Then to Liam. "Yes, in your ways of belief, it is a holy place." It was then she'd indicate a road that lead to the north. "Follow that road until you see a sign that has a picture of a camel upon it. That would be a suitable place to provide all you need, and extras if you seek it. They have the best Quaina in the area, and well maintained."

"Perhaps we'll see you again." Politely said, "And thank you." He paused and looked at Liam a brow lifting. Quaina?" Was that a drink, or something to eat?

He wasn't sure what a Quaina was but being it was well maintained it perk his curiosity to at least investigate. "You have been very helpful, perhaps fate will have our paths cross again. Until then, may your troubles be less, may your blessings be more and may nothing but happiness come through your door." He was Irish through and true. Dark eyes shifted to his brother as he gave a slight shrug of his shoulder.. the one that said 'beats me! We'll just have to find out.'

They'd find out soon enough what a Quaina was, she'd just smile as hands set back to the task of beading the small wire. the offered flower was settled upon her lap. "I wish you both safe passages and will ask Sobek to protect you during your visit to our humbled lands." Head again to bow forward and eyes lowered in respect.

That smile had him responding in kind. That kind of smile that lingered as he stepped back, giving a bow before turning to head in that direction, leaving the woman to her task.

Ciar smiled too and bowed, then took a step down to wait for Liam. He smiled again, just a touch at the look on Liam's face. Not surprised at all, oh no, and not really laughing. Just because he knew his brother was pleased.


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