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Quinn Cousins

Date: 01-15-10
Ciarán Quinn
Post # 1


Jaxon Quinn the elder was the brother most remembered in Heathfield for the horses he raised and his bravery in the face of the forces of the Usurper Rath.   But there were three brothers. The eldest brother was Brian, who fell early in the war against Rath.  He left a beret widow and no children.  There was Jaxon, whose tale has been told elsewhere.  And there was Michael, the youngest.   He had been traveling, earning coins at various jobs and seeing the world, only to return just as Rath took over the realm.

Learning the fate of Brian and not knowing where Jaxon had gone, he fled onto one of the last ships leaving the port.  One of his trades had been as a sailor before so for a time he remained on the ship but when they landed in London, the ship was seized.  Those who were English citizens were set free.  Michael was one of the unlucky ones.  He was convicted with others and put on a ship bound for Barbados.  He didn't understand his crimes until he spoke with others aboard the ship.  Most were kidnapped citizens of Ireland, who were being sent to the island as indentured servants.  They and the convicts on board were cheap labor for those willing to pay for them, though some had gone willingly.  Michael was convicted only because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The young man's luck changed when he was assigned to a man who treated both his servants and the convicts who worked for him fairly.  While female servants on many plantations were mistreated and misused, and the males brutalized, David Churchill and his wife treated them with kindness. Michael was put to work in the warehouse where Master Churchill taught him how to keep the books since the young man could read and write.  Michael actually dreamed of the day when his sentence would be over and he could start a new life on the island.  A fire changed his life again.

It was set by one of the other convicts, a man who hated everything about the English and didn't care that Master Churchill had never been unkind. Michael tried to help Master Churchill put out the blaze but the man who set it attacked the master.  David yelled for Michael to get his wife and children out while a black slave tried to help his master fight off the convict.  Michael left them reluctantly  and managed to get David's wife, and his four children, to safety but sadly David, the slave and the convict died in the fire.  Mistress Churchill told the magistrate that Michael's name was Michael Murphy and he was a free man who had been hired by her husband to help with the business.  Because her eldest son was underage, Madame Churchill was able to give Michael one of the warehouses as a reward.  In return, Michael continued to run the business until the boy was of age.

A free man, Michael reclaimed the name of Quinn after the magistrate spoke with him and told him he knew the truth and felt Michael had earned his freedom.  He eventually married the eldest daughter of David Churchill, and together they raised four children, two sons and two daughters. The eldest was David Patrick after David Churchill, the next two were the girls, Mary Anne and Martha Fiona, and the third was Michael Murphy.  He and his brother-in-law continued to be successful.

The younger Michael was a quiet, thoughtful lad, a loner prone to wander the wilder parts of the island.  With his brother being heir, and having no desire to be a merchant, farmer or priest, Michael set out to explore.  In time, he found himself in North America. There he joined several expeditions into the unknown land.  He made friends with a Cherokee brave in what would someday be known as Kentucky and was adopted into the tribe.  A shy lass with big brown eyes and a winsome smile won his heart.  Her name was Turtle Dove but to him, she was simply his Dove. Her father had been Cherokee but her mother was a French woman who had left all she knew to follow her husband into the wilderness.   Not wishing for his children to grow up uneducated, Michael moved them to a small English village near the coast.  To his great relief, his wife and children were accepted and became part of the village.

He and Dove were happy and had two boys.  The eldest was named Liam David and like his father, he was a quiet, thoughtful lad with a quick smile who found it easy to make friends.  The younger was named Ciarán Riordan and he was opposite of both father and brother.  Both were good lads though, and their parents were proud of them.  Dove became pregnant again six years after Ciarán was born but the pregnancy was plagued with problems and in bringing Oisin or Fawn into the world, Dove lost her life.  The elder Michael turned to his work as a smith to keep his sanity, as well as making sure his three children were raised right.  His only mistake may have been in allowing his sons to look to their mother's people for training in the way of the warrior but even then, his pride in his sons was undeniable and he taught them how to use swords as well.

The two boys hunted and trapped, making money from the furs and meat.  When they grew old enough to travel alone, they often went to Willamsburg to trade in the furs.  Evan Hunt, Liam's best friend started to join them.  The three young men soon discovered the seamier side of the town, finding trouble as often as possible though they always made sure to return home with plenty of coin and always with a present for their father and Fawn, her favorite being candies from a shop in the town.

After one such journey that they returned to find their father dead as were many of the villagers, including Evan's family, the village burned and Fawn gone, rescued by British soldiers.  Because she had been injured, they had taken her with them.  They still had the gold of which they used to try to track down Fawn.  It was when they followed the trail to Philadelphia only to find it was another dead end that they finally gave up.  Their money was getting low and the three knew they'd have to earn more.  That was when they took their first job.  It was an easy one, serving as guards and escort for a man delivering papers from Philadelphia to Virginia.  Other jobs followed.  Sometimes they would serve as soldiers, sometimes bounty hunters, and then there were the jobs that were on the other side of the law.

It sometime preyed on their conscience but they were quick and efficient and all too soon found it easy to forget, Ciarán especially.   Perhaps they became a little too confident, a bit cocky  but  they were earning a good living.  Liam sometimes worried on how easy it was for  his brother to do what was necessary but Ciarán laughed it off, teasing him out of his worry.  Liam watched Ciarán closely and when he felt that the younger Quinn was becoming too hard he suggested a change of scenery.  They decided to go to Barbados, for their cousins still lived there both Quinns and Churchills. Perhaps they would be able to help them find their sister or at least put feelers out. Any jobs taken along the way to keep them going.


The Deal


The three, Liam, Evan and Ciarán had traveled far and wide by this point. From Philadelphia they traveled to New Jersey to board a ship in Delaware City taking them to Barbados a few weeks later. It was not a promising prospect here either as rain continued relentlessly, keeping ones heads bent against the downpour. At least they were away from the bitter cold that had a hold on the Colonies. The brim hat worn at least diverted it from his face. The roads were bleak, dingy and dark as was the town itself. The kind that had your hand on the hilt of your weapon, beneath your cloak, often. You didn't stop nor directly look at anyone passing, the calls of certain women ignored as well. Not something wise to partake of in unknown territory. A tavern was found whose lights seemed a touch brighter or it was the night had grown darker, either way Liam gave Ciarán and Evan a look as he diverted his steps in that direction. Once inside a table was sought that ended up being next to a man who introduced himself as Richard Churchill and invited them to his table. Their luck was good so far.

Richard studied the three men in front of him, then smiled slightly as names were given. "I know of you through Dale Quinn, your cousin." They had contacted him when they had first arrived, knowing his name from their father who had kept in touch.  Evan was included as family. "And I've need of your talents, if you're willing." He glanced around but no one was paying attention. A paper was slid over to Liam and then he ordered a round of drinks. The paper was a map, marking a certain house in the town. He waited until the barmaid left to continue. "This is the home of Leonard Hampton. He's interested in the position of mayor as I am. However, if he becomes mayor, both the Churchill and Quinn families will suffer. He has contracts with certain men, who are written on that paper, and if I can get those contracts, I can convince the governor he's not the best choice."

Evan slid into his seat alongside the Quinns, keeping his silence as they met Richard, his own greeting a simple nod in the older man's direction. The way he was grouped  in with the brothers didn't faze him, in fact he appreciated Richard's turn of phrase. As far as he was concerned, the Quinn's family was his family now. And his only  family at that. A slight smile was given the barmaid as he took his drink, moistening his throat with the drink until the map was slid their way. Arching his neck to get a better look at the diagram. His own glance exchanged with Liam
and Ciarán, he cleared his throat slightly. A slight lean forward as he kept his voice pitched low to ask Richard, "how will we recognize the correct papers?" The man could have dozens of parchments, contracts and the like, and if the rival was as tricky as Richard suggested he would have made certain to disguise them.

Liam drew over the sheet with one hand as well opening it that none other then his brother and Evan could see. So Richard knew their profession. There was a rough edge to his voice as he added. "You've not heard from our father in about four years, he was murdered in a raid along with many others. Our younger sister missing." He wasn't sure that news had reached this island. He took in the information as he studied the map and the house marked on it. "Politics, do determine what families succeed and what ones fall." More muttered under his breath as he took a drag from the fag held between the fingers of his other hand. The hazy gray to ease away from his lips on the exhale. "I'm willing," dark eyes slipping over his brothers as well the
  piece of paper discreetly their way so Ciarán and Evan could view it easily but not others about. A grin half tipped as now Evan would not have to crane his neck at that odd angle.  Leaving Richard to answer Evan's question in point.

That he knew of their profession might have something to do with Ciar but he hadn't written to Dale for a few years. "Aye, and we do want to help family, don't we?" This was a chance to cause a bit of chaos too, and Ciarán was always up for a bit of trouble. He waited for Richard's answer, taking his first drink of what proved to be a good ale.

Evan tensed at the mention of the raid and went silent. Cup brought to his lips for another swallow he listened to the others' answers.

"He'll have them put away in a special place. A servant who is in my employ said that those papers are marked with a seal in the shape of a trident, and tied with a blue ribbon. He keeps them marked in that way so he can grab them quickly. Supposedly a secret room, though the servant's repeating what she was told." He smiled slightly. "And of course, you'll be compensated. Family or not, it's only fair. His wife and three younger children are away,   visiting family elsewhere. He has four men who serve as guards. Two on for several hours, two off. Most times the two off are around, but they tend to sneak off for a drink or two. Only others should be servants, and his oldest daughter." He sat back, hands on the table. "And of course, I'll furnish whatever you need."

The fag was crushed out in the ashtray after a last drag while he listened. A drink of Kilbeggan taken before he'd speak up again. "Two guards on duty, two off that may or may not be around and if they are around they most likely will be drunk. The wife and children gone leaving Hampton basically home alone. Are there any servant's entry, any late night visitors that come to the back door of the kitchen or such that you know of? Any balconies, trellises.." all information could be made use of to gain them entry with as little complications as possible.

Evan nodded slightly, lowering his mug after another swallow. A trident-shaped seal.... sounded like some Nautical Nonsense to him, but that theory was kept to himself. Likely Richard already knew what those papers contained, or else he wouldn't have to gone to such lengths to get them. As usual Liam was a step ahead in the thought process and he couldn't resist a smile at the barrage of questions he sent Richard's way. Evan wouldn't add any further questions for now but would listen for the answers and help strategy later. Rather he lifted a finger towards the bar to signal a request for another ale. The brothers already knew that he could out-drink most two to one without feeling much effect.

"And do you have any idea how many servants there are?" He tapped the map, then looked up. "It's not far from the town. Will they sound an alarm?" He wanted to know how much fighting they'd have to do if so.

"If you go to the back, past the kitchen entry, there's another. The servants use that. My lass has the night watch at that door. And I'll let her know there will be three of you. The doors can all be locked from the hallway and except for the elderly butler, and a few lads, they're all women. The field servants live in houses far enough away that they'll be no problem. The master bedroom has a balcony and there are trellises in several spots. Now, his eldest daughter will be there but she's likely locked in her room. She is uh... a handful for her father.  Her bedroom is at the back of the house. Depending on the time of night, he'll either be in his study downstairs, or the one connected to his bedroom upstairs. Front left I believe. Belle can tell you exactly where before you lock her in her room." He had made sure he had as much information as possible.

"So the secret room is on the second floor?" Probably near the master bedroom. Turning the map so Richard could point out approximately where it was. That would help. At least they had established an in and would dress as servants delivering produce or the like. "We'll need rope, grappling hooks and enough coin if we need to purchase anything else to get this job done. We will also need a place to stay that is not at an Inn announcing that newcomers are in town when the shyte hits the fan on this. Hopefully you know of an abandoned cabin owned by yourself or someone else trusted. We'll also need three horses with the usual equipment and a lad to keep them ready down behind this house in the alleyway. The way it is laid out he should be able to keep them undercover between these two buildings and not be noticed." Which he pointed out on the map. Close enough they could get to this point once the deed was done and ride off to a hiding place.

Bit by bit, the information offered was filed away somewhere beneath the tousled brown locks of his hair. Another wry smile was kept to himself as he wondered just how Richard had the acquaintance of Belle, the servant girl at the Hampton's. Another question best left unasked. Instead he went with a more business-related question, once Liam had finished  speaking. "Is there any indication of where the secret room might be, or if Hampton keeps a key for it separately?"

"Key or hidden panel?" Glancing from Evan to Richard.

"She hasn't been able to find out much more. He's pretty careful about it but she says it's a panel. She's gone into the room to clean and hasn't found a door that's locked. There's a cabin just a mile to the east of town. Road follows the outskirts. If you can't make it there, depending on the weather, I'll have Dale at the Blackside Inn. Back room. He can let you in, make it seem like you were in there playing cards. Now, there is one you're going to have to watch out for. Captain of the guard by the name of Picard. He's suspicious of any newcomers, and makes it his business to know names. Likely he knows yours already. He usually speaks to the captains of the ships that make port. I can have the equipment for you tomorrow, as well as make arrangement for the horses. The cabin you can claim tonight."

He noticed there were more coming in and some of the men glancing their way. Maybe because Richard, a known figure in town, was talking to some strangers not seen before. Liam's voice went up an octave so he was sure to be heard. "Sae say yea, we can git these steeds tonight so we can continue our journey?" Like he and his were anxious to be on their way.

That was good news. If Belle had gone into the room before, they'd be able to ask her exactly where it was when they arrived. Nodding to the answer he leaned back in his chair slightly,  then glanced about when Liam did. Yes.... disguises seemed to be a good idea for this venture if the Captain and locals were as nosy as they seemed. His second ale had arrived by now and he made quick work of decreasing its volume.

Ciarán glanced over his shoulder, eyeing the men with an almost hostile air before he looked back at the others. He hid a grin by taking a drink. What he didn't see was them sitting and murmuring among themselves. Instead, he put down his tankard and leaned back.

"Yes, tonight. You can accompany me to the stable and we'll see to them." Richard tossed coins onto the table as he stood. "You'll find the trip across the island doesn't take long, especially if the rain lets up." Being this was the rainy season though, it wasn't likely. "Shall we?" He nodded to the men who had come in, knowing them by name.

Liam kicked back what was left of his whiskey as he stood. He didn't like the feel he was getting around some of the ones that recently entered. "Aye, that would bae grand o' yea as we'd like tae look em over," like they were concluding a business deal of selling horses. Nothing uncommon for strangers passing through. His hat was slid back on and dipped to cover part of his face, leaving the rest in shadow. The collar of his cloak turned up as naturally he would be preparing himself against the rain that would be encountered outside. He was right on Richard's heels. They could talk more once far enough away and certain no one followed them.

"Aye," he spoke up, playing along as if agreeing with Liam. "They'll have to be of strong build to carry us the distance we plan." Hopefully the nosy neighbors would take that to mean that they were going far away, for quite awhile, and spread the word. Gossip had an almost magical power amongst townspeople such as these. They'd believe what they had been told. Finishing off his drink he stood as well, turning up his own collar and hunching his shoulders as if cold - and to make his build seem smaller. Head ducked as he passed the strangers on his way to the door.

He stood with a grunt in answer, since his brother and Evan had said all there was to say. The hat he wore was fixed as well as his collar, just like the others. Rain was rain, whether here or in the colonies and it was falling heavily. He was the last of the four to leave, grumbling a little as they went outside.

Wait until Ciarán finds out he would end up taking care of the oldest daughter if she proved a problem! Liam had that already worked out.

Now that could prove to be fun!



Date: 01-16-10
Poster: Liam David Quinn
Post # 2

The Heist

The rain was still falling though it had slowed enough that they could follow the road. That being muddy, there would be less chance of their tracks being followed. The house was a typical one for the island with high windows and surrounded by flowering bushes. There were lights, likely from oil lamps, or candles in what would be the kitchen, and in two rooms upstairs. Lanterns hung on either side of the doors and were lit, their flame sputtering in spite of the protective glass. Ciar was wrapped in a cloak of oilskin, wearing a Tricorn hat to cover his hair. He would put a mask on once they came to a stop.

Terrance, a lad of around sixteen was to meet them down the back street behind the targeted house. He lived in the vicinity and knew all the streets like the back of his hand. It was a night a dog should not be out in as he too was wrapped up well in a cloak of oilskin, his hat different than his brother's being more round but still with a brim the water collected in and ran off down the side. His head bent to the dour weather but eyes alert as well all his senses. They had all the equipment they needed, each under their cloaks from small grappling hooks in escaping from a second or third floor to ropes if they needed to tie anyone up. Ether soaked cloths that were wrapped up well in a piece of oil skin cloth in case one needed to put another out quickly and quietly; such as the guards. One plus with this kind of weather, no one else was around to notice the threesome.

"Does it ever stop raining here?" Evan muttered to nobody in particular, riding with hunched shoulders between the other two. The constant pitter-patter of rain against the hood of his oilskin was dampening (pun intended) his mood. All his supplies were slung over his shoulder in a bag, which was carried beneath his oilskin, giving him almost a hunchbacked appearance. An extra disguise he supposed. His own brimmed cap was tugged tightly over his head to throw shadows over his features. As they rode he was following along the map they'd been shown, in his mind of course, since the rain would have soaked the parchment.

Ciar was wondering the same though he didn't voice it. At least it wasn't snow and the rain wasn't cold. He motioned toward the alley, turning his horse to enter it. Narrow but it was open at both ends so they could leave a different way then they had come in. The city guard was avoiding the rain as much as possible which was an asset at this point. He dismounted and flashed Liam and Evan a grin. Adrenaline was starting to pick up and he was ready to go.

There were bumps and bulges under his cloak in places that would not have such. Luckily they were not in any fashion show or more, freak side show. At least they had reached their destination that herald the beginning of tonight's adventure. Dismounting as the lad came from the shadows, lingering there a few moments to make sure these were the three he was to help out. Then again who else would be on this back street on this kind of night? "I'll be waiting right here for your return, just off in those shadows there," which Terrance indicated and would lead the horses away until their return. Once the lad was gone, Liam looked between his brothers, pointedly upon Ciarán, "if there is a lass about, she's yours to take care of." He'd not see the grin for the rain and night shadows. It was there and surely he would know that nonetheless. "We'll go to hand signals if silent communication is needed," having taken the crate of vegetables from the back of his horse as part of the ruse to carry under an arm. They knew the routine as he started off carefully towards the back of the house where the servant's door was located.

"Mine?" He looked at Liam then shrugged. "Aye, I can take care of a lass as easily as a lad." Grabbing another crate, he lowered his head slightly, shadowing his face. The door that had been indicated led to the storeroom.

Belle was there waiting. She was a comely enough woman, with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes. She opened the door and studied the three. "So, take the supplies in there." Motioning with her hand toward one door. And then she lowered her voice. "Most of the servants are in their rooms for the night. Cook's in the kitchen, drinking herself into a stupor. Whatca need from me?"

A whimsical smile touched off as dark eyes took in the sight of Belle, pretty thing. Liam wasn't blind to such a sight although he knew to separate himself. Women brought on problems more often than not. Didn't know a single one, relatives not included, that didn't bring a man to his doom. Well, maybe not doom for that was a strong word to use in his thoughts, complications was better. Head was dipped that she might not get much of a look of his face. They were to trust her so trust her he would. "Need to know where the master is in the house, any others of importance and where we can find the secret room." Setting the crate down on a table once through the door indicated.

Evan's smile was charming as it beamed towards Belle, though it was a teasing, fleeting thing as he too ducked his head to hide his face. The sort of gesture that kept him mysterious while also drawing others more trustfully towards him. The strange thing was, all this was done unconsciously, for he was the sort who wore his good looks naturally and without self-consciousness. It certainly worked in their line of business though. Evan tucked his decoy package of 'deliveries' beneath his arm and followed the other two inside, eyes immediately flicking around to study the place as Liam asked the questions.

"Master Hampton is in his study upstairs, going over the books. The secret room entrance is in there too. When he's going to go into it, he locks the study door. His daughter, Elsa, is upstairs in her room. Likely sulking. She wasn't allowed to go with her mother. I know her door isn't locked. Her father removed it because she climbed down the trellis when she wanted to go out."

Ciarán kept his head down as he watched the lass. "Did you lock the doors to the servants' rooms or will we need to? Quickest way up there? And where are the guards?"

"You'll need to but it's easy to do. Five doors with outside bolts. It was done before Master Hampton bought the house and he never removed them. My room is beside this one. The back stairs lead right up to Elsa's room. The Master's room is two doors down from hers. The guards are out in one of the sheds, dicing and drinking. The other two are in town."

Evan just chuckled as the lass shared that bit about Elsa. "Smart girl" he murmured to himself. At the news about the servants' locks he exchanged a glance with the brothers, quirking a brow. He could easily and quickly steal over to the servants quarters and lock them in, quietly so they wouldn't notice the bolts closing outside their doors. That would help prevent any 'hero acts' on their part.

"Well, Belle, we can lock you in your room or I can use you as a hostage, with a fearful look in your eyes in how we found his room upstairs and got in, case there are any questions later." As with any heist, one could make changes to the foundation rules made if it would have things work out better. So left it to debate, a quick one, between Belle and his brothers.

"If you lock me in my room, that will be enough." She smiled as she continued. "Master Hampton is not one to suspect women of being devious, especially not servants. Once you've left and been gone a while, I'll start pounding on the door." She shrugged slightly. "Eventually the two will come back from drinking." She made a motion. "It's well known that the Master has gold that he keeps on hand. But he feels no one will dare to try to take it because of his supposed friends." She gave a toss of her head, almost in disdain, "friends no one has even seen come to this house."

Evan had done a brief tour of the immediate room, just looking around at windows and doors and now returned to the others. It seemed like they had the basics sorted out and so he asked, "Shall we, lads?" The sooner the better, the shorter the time they were here, the better.

Ciarán watched the lass as she spoke, then nodded when he heard Evan. He made a half bow to the young woman and motioned for her to precede them. She was locked in her room first, then he started down one side of the hall, locking two of the doors. Evan or Liam could get the other three. Removing the hat briefly, he tied on a mask, put the hat back on and grinned at his brothers. "Ready."

Evan stepped softly across the wooden floors, so as not to make a creak to alert anybody. Starting at the other end of the hall, he bolted the other servants' doors then stepped over to join the two. His own face except for the eyes was hidden by a mask, and his hair tucked up under his hat to hide even the color. He smirked across at Cia
rán though the lad wouldn't be able to see his expression. "Don't enjoy your task with the girl too much."

Stealth of step was inbred in the three as he bolted another door, moving as Evan and his brother moved. It would be hand signals from here as needed. Pausing only a moment to draw a mask over his head of a cap with holes for the eyes and his hat on top. By this time they were to the back steps and here too he moved near the edge to keep from any creaking. Hand signal to his brother once they reached the second floor landing and out into the hall, the door to Elsa's room indicated as he continued down to the door of the study. Waiting a fraction as he listened and for Evan to catch up with him.

He just gave Evan a one-finger salute for his comment before he was to the door. And after a moment, when his brothers reached the study door, he opened it to peer in. The girl was laying across her bed, reading. From the condition of her room, she had not been happy about being left behind. Pillows and clothes were everywhere.

Evan was last in line to allow Cia
rán to go ahead, and once Ciarán opened the girl's door he slipped past to join Liam down the hall. And he just smirked to himself at the special salute, well used to it by now. Once with Liam he held up a hand as a signal to wait a moment, watching and listening down the hall for that first telltale shriek from Elsa. If Hampton heard her scream first, before they barged in, it might give them the advantage of his fear from the start. So he stood ready, silent, with his shoulder almost against the study door.

He glanced over his shoulder, seeing where his brothers were before he was charging through the door and grabbing for the girl. She let out an ear piercing scream as she just avoiding his hands, falling off the bed and scrambling to her feet. He cursed under his breath and made a wild dive for her, grabbing her as she screamed again. Pressing her back against him, he whispered harshly into her ear. "Shhh, petite. I would not like to break your pretty neck." Using a heavy French accent to disguise his voice, he looked toward the door, then eased her over so he could peek through.

Liam made a low comment, under his breath, one only Evan would hear, "I think he has to work for this lass," certainly by the sounds of it. On a look, one, two, three without needing to count out loud.. he crashed the door into the office. The timing was perfect as Leonard had sprung to his feet and advanced on the door for hearing the screams of his daughter. Door and face connected sending the man flying backwards and flat on his back. Evan moving with him fast to grab him up either side dazed and confused while Liam pulled his knife to pressed against his neck as they pushed him against the wall behind. "Secret room. Open it or your daughter dies." Not really but he was convincing in a harsh tone rasped by his ear.

Evan just grinned at the shriek, right on time, signaling their cue. Hunching his shoulders, he followed in swiftly after Liam, grabbing up Leonard and propelling him with Liam's help against the wall. Evan had a menacing scowl in his eyes, the only part of his face visible, but to Hampton the look meant business. For now he let Liam do the talking and see where it got them, but he'd jump in if the man needed some convincing. For now he was the brute force preventing Hampton from fleeing with an iron grip.

Leonard Hampton was a man who had once been a powerful soldier. He had prided himself on his strength but that was before marriage, children and an excellent cook. He still was strong but prone to shortness of breath. He had been sitting at his desk, checking his records when he heard Elsa scream. It was unlike the screams of rage from earlier. This was one of terror. Of course, by the time he reached the door, he was met with a slam to his face. Stunned by the blow as they stood him up against the wall, he stuttered out an incoherent answer, then shook his head. "What room? There's no secret room."

Ciar grinned when he saw Liam and Evan enter the office, then he let out a curse when the wench wiggled free. She started to toss anything she could get hold of at him. "Stop!" He hissed, finally tackling her. "Minx! Do you want your father harmed? Just do as I say." He never dropped the accent as he spoke. "And you'll have a bit of revenge, wee?" When the girl stopped struggling and looked at him, suddenly interested, he nodded. "I'm going to stand up now. You wait and when I say, you yell out as if I am .... molesting you."

The knife was pressed in more against his neck. One iron grip while Evan held his other side tight as he twisted the knife enough to nick his throat. A trickle of blood running down as he growled the words out this time around, "all I have to do is call out and she's dead. The secret door, where you keep documents?"

"Each moment you spend lying is another moment your daughter must spend with our associate. And he's not a gentle sort." Evan spoke close to the man's other ear in a harsh mutter.

"There's no room, I've told you." He winced as he felt the felt the point of the blade cut into his throat. "You cannot harm my daughter for what doesn't exist."

"The thing is..." Evan was vigilant to keep that unbreakable grip on Leonard's arm, "our friend in your daughter's room thinks there is a secret room. And he's been instructed to... use his own special methods until hearing otherwise from us." His voice still that low rasp, and his tone practical for all that his words were threatening.

That's when he yelled out, "kill her!" All the while looking along the woodwork, mantle, book cases, for any oddity that might be the lever they would need. "Take over," giving Evan the look without using his name as he could rough Hampton up while he went in search of the lever. Retracting his knife as he was sure his good friend had one on him. He was over to run his hand along the wall, fingers searching for any niche near the bookcase first.



Date: 01-16-10
Poster: Liam David Quinn
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Evan was more than capable of handling the older, somewhat flabby gentleman on his own and he shifted to hold him against the wall with one hand flat to his chest. His other hand flicked out a knife in the blink of an eye, which was then held to Leonard's throat. "We're not playing around, friend." Evan said matter-of-factually. "If your daughter is valuable to you, those documents are twice as important to us. So it's your choice, the papers or your daughter's life." A quick glance over his shoulder. "And you better decide quick."

When he heard Liam called out, he grinned and leaned close to the girl, wrapping an arm around her slim waist. "Now, ma petite." He whispered, then grinned as the girl cried out, "Papa! Papa, pleeeeease help me! He's hurting me!"  She put the right inflection to her voice, sounding wonderfully pathetic.

Hampton was visibly shaken, his skin pale. "No, there's no room. What papers? I have money. I'll pay you to leave us alone." He was trembling as he watched Liam.

Just as he denied the existence of the room one more time, Liam's fingers tripped over a small latch that had the wall shift a crack inward to the secret room. He can imagine how the daughter was going to feel when she found out her father was willing to sacrifice her life for these documents. "You can hold off killing her, room found." Carefully called out with a thump to the wall to open it further in. A candle was lit that sat on the ledge just inside for that purpose. "Tie him to the bureau," this suggested over his shoulder to Evan as he might need his help in locating the papers. He started with the man's desk. It was said they would be in easy reach.

Evan glanced over his shoulder at the telltale creaking of the secret door swinging open. A mocking brow was arched at Leonard as he murmured, "You are not a very convincing liar. Makes one wonder how you got so far in politics." He was rather disgusted with Leonard for so blatantly choosing some papers over the life of his child. He was more inclined now to agree that this man was not fit for governor. He rather harshly gave Leonard a shove, enough to push him against the tall bureau and then he pushed him again to sit him down. Quick fingers tied both man's wrists tightly to the leg of the heavy desk before he gagged him. Evan would keep an eye on him to make sure there were no shenanigans, but for now he went to join his brother in the secret room. "Trident seal, blue ribbon," he reminded Liam as he began searching around too, opening drawers.

"Elsa, Elsa. Are you all right?" He called out, ignoring the men before he was gagged. If she had yelled again, he would have caved in without another word. He was sweating, his hands aching from the ties.

Ciar grinned and gave the girl a kiss to her cheek. "Very well, done. Now, answer your father, and then I am going to tie you to your bedpost. We'll use your lovely silk scarves so as to not injure your delicate skin."  He also planned to gag her.  The girl was going to tell her friends that three handsome and dashing bandits had invaded her house and one had kissed her! She'd spin a pretty tale for certain. She was going to tell her friends that the man who held her had steely blue eyes, even though she wasn't sure what color they were.

He knocked everything not needed out of his way as papers and documents flew about the room. The desk drawers turned out and dumped onto the floor. Finally he opened a drawer in the cabinet right behind the desk to discover the documents they were looking for there. They were quickly stuffed into the empty satchel under his cloak and left arm. A bunch of them with the seal they were told of and blue ribbons. Once done he was swiftly out from the room with an up nod to Evan as he passed heading out into the hall. Both Hampton and his daughter were tied up at this point and the better they were out fast the way they came in than linger any longer.

Evan returned the nod and followed, pausing briefly for one last comment to Leonard, tied up and sweating on the floor. "Honesty is a virtue, friend, and well may you learn that." Swift steps carried the Hunchback of Barbados out into the hallway. A swift knock on Elsa's door would signal to Ciaran that they'd found the documents and it was time to depart. Hopefully Terrance was dependable and would still be waiting with the horses. And he rather hoped it had stopped bloody raining.

Ciar blew the lass a kiss as he went out the door and he grinned at his brothers. "Find them?" He kept his voice down as he joined them. They were hurrying past the doors of the servants and he gave a sharp knock to Belle's door before they were out. Evan hadn't gotten his wish yet, but once they reached their destination, they would have dry clothes.

"Aye," patting his side as they hurried out heading for the back street. It was still pouring out which would muffle any yells for help from Leonard. Terrance was out with the horses soon as he'd seen the three emerge from the brush and trees that served as a barrier to the street. Liam gave him a few extra coins before mounting up and waiting those few minutes as brother and best friend mounted up. Lad would be happy to get in out of this downpour.

Evan gave a sigh as he stepped out into the eternal rain, pulling the hood of his oilskin back over his head. A quick pat to Terrance's shoulder with a, "good lad." Deftly he swung himself up into the saddle and as soon as the two were ready, he set heels to the horse's flanks and off they went. The clatter of the hooves on the ground would be masked by the downpour.

He didn't say anything, just clapped a hand to the boy's shoulder before mounting his horse. Any prints would be hidden in the mud too. He grinned at Liam, before turning to head to head away from the manor. Belle would wait for a half hour at least before she began pounding on the doors. The two guards would be due then.

It wasn't too far nor too hard to find the back door of the tavern they were guided to by Richard when this whole deal was set up. A covered stable to put the horses in. Dismounting and paying the lad there a few coins to see to the three before heading across the alleyway and up to their destination. He gave the coded knock of three times with a pause then two more.

It was Dale Quinn who opened the door, ushering them in and glancing around. The lad in the stable would dry the horses, feed them and make sure they were rested. "Dry clothes there, towels for your hair. The serving maids have been bringing drinks every so often, and I made plenty of noise so they thought there were more than myself here. We'll be meeting with Richard later." He grinned. "Hungry?" And motioned to the food at the table.

Evan was glad the journey was short, yet he still felt like a half-drowned cat by the time they reached the tavern. Handing his horse off to the boy he then went with the others to the door and was relieved to hear the promise of dry clothes - and food! He flashed a grin. "Our thanks," and went immediately to the table to grab up some bread to munch on.

He was out of his cloak and the satchel, well protected from the rain, was slid off his shoulder and placed on the table. "He'll be wanting those." To Dale on Richard as his hat was removed and hung with his oil skin cloak before taking the towel offered to dry up his hair. Left it in a even more wild array of curls. Some strands snaking down the back of his neck still. Dale promptly hid the satchel away in case anyone came. "Starving," such adventures always worked up his appetite. He was over to stuff his face and wash it down with the mulled wine. Later he would get into the whiskey as they were to be playing some cards in case they were raided.

"I am too." He grinned as he joined the others. They could enjoy the food, a game of cards or two and then rest. No one would be the wiser and Richard would have the proof he wanted, though Hampton might back out of it without a threat.

Evan juggled the food in one hand and the rest with the other: peeling off his wet layers and hanging them up to dry, then grabbing a towel to rub down his hair. Which then hung in scraggly, damp strands over his eyes. He seemed to perpetually need a hair cut. His pack was set on the ground and he grabbed up a mug of ale as well, stuffing his mouth with as much as it could hold in the form of bread and cheese.

Nice fire in the hearth helped to chase away the wet chill the rains had plagued. Liam got himself situated at the table with a plate of food and a goblet of the mulled wine he'd already been drinking down to warm up his insides. "I swear, I wanted to cut the man's throat when he wouldn't give in and his daughter screaming like that." Worse case he ever came across and it irked him a lot. They weren't to kill the man or lass so that was the only reason he lived. Liam didn't take on cases where he had to kill women or children for his code of ethics.

Evan agreed with Liam with an emphatic nod, the frown on his face showing his own disturbance over the matter. He had to chew and swallow before answering though. "He deserves whatever he gets." Though he was curious over the contents of the papers.

"Probably nothing'." He answered as he chewed. "How often do you see men like that get punished, eh?" He settled in the chair, stretching out his legs. "His daughter enjoyed the yelling. Might be sorry now." He gave a half grin before looking at Liam. "And why did you have me handle her?" He wondered if his brother was afraid he would have gotten out of hand with Hampton.

"Because you've got all the charm?" He guessed, reaching out to roughly tousle Ciaran's hair with a broad smirk. Though he did wonder just why Liam had been insistent on that. He had his own theories. Hazel glance moved over to Liam as he took a huge bite of bread then a swig of ale to wash it down.

"Not often enough but tonight he will. At lest the likes of him will not be in any kind of power and the daughter will have an edge over him now." So a partial justice would be served. "How did the lass react?" This addressed to Ciaran as certainly they got to hear her very convincing screams. "Did you at least steal a kiss if she was comely?" He didn't really get a good look of her.

"Bah, no charm at all. Maybe she liked the accent." He grinned at Dale then looked back to Liam. "Fair enough but young. She'll be a handful for any lad who finally marries her. And you didn't answer my question. Why me?" He motioned toward Evan. "He's better wi' the lasses then me." Warmly up nicely, he just hoped his hair would dry quickly.

Which comment had Evan punching Ciaran lightly in the arm, but he was grinning.


He gave a roll of a shoulder then laughed as Evan punched Ciar in the arm. "Because you are the one that gets women to scream so well. Usually your name." He was really busting him but who better than his brother?

"Oh nice." He tossed a roll at Liam then chuckled. "Don't answer then. She was throwing things at me when I first tried to grab her. And I had to tackle her." He had to laugh as he told them. It probably was quite a sight to see.

"Ah, tackling a lass is in your expertise too. I remember a few that you tackled to the ground and rolled around with." Not adding it was when they were young and had been pig wrestling in the mud. Sue Ann flung mud in Ciaran's face saying he looked the back end of a mule and so Ciar tackled her into the mud. Something like that but the way said made it sound so different than it was.

"And I remember a few who were able to tackle him right back." Evan grinned again, biting into an apple now and chewing appreciatively. Then he started laughing as he pictured the Hampton daughter being tackled by Ciaran. "I doubt she protested too much, Ciar. Your ugly mug was covered up after all."

"It was probably the accent, mon ami." He grinned then snickered. "Hell, near lost m'pants when that one lass attacked me for telling her the freckles on her face meant she liked to eat pie." He frowned slightly, trying not to show that he was close to laughing. "I don't know why that insulted her. Except she was as round as a berry."

"So you were Frenching in her ear? That's your secret," now Ciaran knew why he picked him to tackle the lass. Oh, he was grinning as dark eyes flashed with the withheld laughter.

"No, I was not. She couldn't be more than sixteen." He yawned, the combination of food and warmth making him sleepy. "Think we can head out, show ourselves now and then get some sleep?"

He too was getting tired as it was that time of night and no one the wiser it seemed. No one crashed their little poker party. He was up leaving the satchel to reach Richard's hands via Dale. They could trust their cousin after all. "Time to get some sleep, if Richard needs us he knows where we are and if not, we'll be on our way soon." That was the plan, they never stayed too long in one place. They had Fawn to find. A clasp of Dale's shoulder, "if you hear anything on our sister, find us." Favor back as the clasp was released and he was over to get into his slicker and hat.

Evan was growing quieter as the hour grew later as well, tiredness creeping up on him as the warmth and food settled into him. He rose when the others did, grasping Dale's hand in a shake. A nod and smile was given the Quinn cousin and when the hand was released, he went to retrieve his gear. "I hope we've given Richard all he needs to finish that lout." Referring to Hampton of course.

He nodded at Dale, Liam having spoke for them all on Fawn. A quick clasp of their cousin's shoulder in farewell. As tired as he was, he still managed to stagger a bit as they left the inn, making it look they had been doing some drinking as well. Dale had grinned and nodded at Evan's comment, then hid the satchel beneath his cloak. Word had not yet reached the town on the attack so it was still quiet. With a wave, Dale headed in the opposite direction of the three while they took a round about route. They could sleep well knowing they had done a good job and not shed more than a drop of blood.



Date:  01-20-10
Poster: Ciaran Quinn
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Blackside Tavern

It was the fourth day after their little excursion and they hadn't left the cabin except if necessary for that time. Finally, after hearing from Dale that all was well, and Richard had convinced Hampton to withdraw, Ciar was trying to convince his brothers they needed a game of cards, a drink, anything to get them out of this place. He was about ready to climb the walls. "Dale said nothing's going on. They've figures whoever it was is gone and Hampton won't implicate Richard. What can it hurt?"

"Your pretty head, for one, if we're caught," Evan answered Ciaran but his tone was mild. In fact he was taking a backseat from this discussion for the time being, at least by all appearances. He was seated comfortably, his long legs stretched out and half-sprawled in the chair. Some papers were in his hand and he was leafing through them, glancing up to the other two only occasionally. Personally, he was starting to go a bit mad cooped up in here as well, but it seemed just a tad foolish to go traipsing into town so soon after the event. He'd have much rather preferred to simply leave the rainy island far behind for good, but it seemed they were here for a bit longer yet.

Liam was going crazy being kept within four walls far too long. He was like a bear, growling all the time, which was not his normal self. Everyone had their idiosyncrasies and this was one of his. "Cards. Drink. Women. I think I could use a woman tonight if any descent ones can be found." Of the kind that was love and leave them, no strings attached for the coins turned into their hands. "Well, I hope there is at least a game going on. Shall we go to the same Inn as before?" The second one where they played cards in the backroom. "I need a fight, a good all out boxing match." See what putting him inside a cabin did! "You're faces may be pretty to some but I'm tired of only seeing them." Which had him split a grin.

Evan frowned briefly but kept his comments to himself. "Well," he rose decisively, setting his papers aside as he did so. "I think one or the both of you is gonna kill each other, or maybe me, if we don't get out.  So I guess we should." He was reaching for his coat which had been gathering dust these past few days of disuse.

"I think that is a wise decision on your part Evan." Like maybe otherwise he would start using him as a boxing bag to practice on! He was off to get his slicker, brim hat and making sure he had his dagger stashed away on his person. "Hop to it Ciaran, you're daydreaming when it can be reality." He was at the door by that time to hold it open. His horse were already saddled for he was going to at least take a ride this night, now he had a destination.

"You don't really want to go?" He was surprised to hear that from Evan. "Fine, then we'll enjoy the drink and women." He said it even as Evan stood and grinned. "Knew you couldn't resist." He was over to gather his own gear, getting ready quickly and following Liam out. He'd have to saddle his horse but if necessary, he'd catch up.

"'Course I want to go. I just know who's gonna be saving your sorry arses when you get into trouble." He smirked broadly and followed the other two out, hat pulled over his hair as he headed to his horse. The saddle was checked and adjusted and soon enough he was swinging up onto the horse's back. Once the others were mounted up, he set heels to horseflesh and took off first, at the fastest pace the forest would allow. Evan hadn't said as much about it but apparently he'd been going nuts cooped up too... from the way he rode wildly and laughed all the while!

"Most likely me. I've the right hook and the dagger in my boot and the flintlock tucked in my back belt." Grinning again as he was out to help Ciaran saddle up his horse. "We all go together and leave together. I don't trust this town except for Dale and Richard. Bad feel about it. We should leave tomorrow morning, head for another country to see if there is any trail to pick up." Which he knew what trail he meant.

He laughed when he heard Evan then nodded. Liam was right. "Aye, but where will we head? We haven't heard any more other than they may have gone to a few places when they left." He was glad to mount up and followed after Evan like the hounds of hell were after him. Liam could answer later!

He was upon his steed right after helping Ciaran and taking off like a bat out of hell behind the two. Taking up the rear guard but he was gaining on them too. "Move your arses, you ride old hags." Which could imply something else to get them riled up. "Like Ciaran's last flame.." rawwrrrr... they would need to remember to slow down when they reached the outskirts of town. Otherwise they would be announcing their arrival when better to go incognito.

Evan roared with laughter at that, having the freedom to do so, still sheltered by the forests. Soon enough though they'd draw closer to town, and he slowed his horse, leaning back into a jaunty trot. Then finally a more sedate walk as they began across the dirt-packed streets. "No rain," Evan sighed gratefully, taking a deep breath of night air. He liked this place much better when it was dry.

"ShutupLiam!" He was laughing but his horse was insulted! He speeded up until they drew close to town, then slowed the horse so he could cool down by the time they reached the tavern.. "Aye, even a few stars in the sky." He could hear the crowd at the tavern already and it helped his mood a thousandfold.

They would be lucky not to get into a fight here for being cooped up. Nerves were on edge and quick to temper more than normal. He too had slowed down by the time they reached town. Head bent in a way to obscure his face as he headed for the Blackside Inn. There were a number of horses outside that indicated a large crowd. Once dismounted and his horse tied off, he headed inside to the main taproom, see if there was a game in the back they could get into after a drink or two.

Evan was already getting mentally prepared for a fight. While on a much more even keel himself, he'd be right there at his blood brothers' backs should they get into trouble - as promised. Tying off his horse securely, he headed inside after the two. His coat tugged off first, for the warmth of the crowd inside made it burdensome. Hanging that up on a peg, he took a moment to glance around, get a feel for the place and for the crowd tonight.

Ciarán rubbed his hands together as they entered the tavern, a grin appearing, his eyes appearing almost feverishly bright. First place he headed was the bar, grinning as he caught a pretty serving lass around the waist, spun her once and headed her in the right direction. Then he took a lean there and waited for his brothers. "First round is on me."

That was a good way for him to lose his slicker if it should start raining again. Never knew, they could tumble out of the Inn later into a downpour. He eyed his brother looking like some demon coming out of his hellhole and laughed. More like a bark it was suddenly there. He kept the slicker on as he went to the bar to order three tankards of ale and a bottle of Kilbeggan, which they had.  "Find us a table," called over his shoulder to either of his brothers. The three of them were getting eyed. Some by thugs sizing them up for money, some by ones that had ego problems and some by women that hung at the bar like they were fresh meat. Poses taken while the man they were with were trying to get their attention back. One, who had already wandered away from the one she was enticing, slithered up against Evan's side, lashes batting, lips pouting and the show of cleavage that would put the grand canyon to shame. Liam just grinned as he waited for their fare to be delivered. Paid for by Ciaran.

"Why hello there darlin'." Evan seemed not to hear Liam, or at least he pretended not to. Leaning casually against the bar, he gave the woman a flashing grin. His eyes dipped down along her form only briefly before returning to her face. "What's a pretty girl like ye doin' here wit' such a bunch of rascals?" His smile was beaming, bringing light to his handsome features even if his hair did hang shaggy and long into his hazel eyes.

Briefly? Her cleavage was like a black hole to suck him into oblivion.

Briefly THAT time. Didn't mean his eyes wouldn't keep returning to take in the glories of the... Grand Canyon!

"Table right." He gave one of the lasses a wink then wandered over to a decent enough one. He was still laughing as he took a seat until he took note of the thugs and just stared back at them until they looked away. Never mess with a crazy man ... or at least one who looked slightly crazy. "Careful there, Evan. Might scare her with your flattery."

Once the three tankards were in hand and the bottle tucked under his arm, he bumped into Evan on his way over to the table. "I think there's enough there for all three of us," low by his ear and he could sense the laughter behind the words. Of course as soon as Ciaran sat, he had that one he winked at on his lap. One that had a way of shifting her bottom after sitting to further gain his attention. Liam slid the tankards to the table as he was around to claim one of the chairs butted up against the wall. That way no one could get behind him and he was situated to see all angles of the room. The shot glasses were procured from his pocket, carrying them safely over that way. The bottle of whiskey open as they were lined up and got the passing of the bottle to fill each in a row. Setting it aside he claimed one to kick back.

Evan just grinned at Ciaran and then drove his elbow into Liam's side as he passed. "Maybe but I'm not sharin'," he muttered back, then turned his smile back onto the lass. "Don't mind me brothers, they're only jealous that I'm talkin' to the prettiest girl in the room." Of course his charmed tongue would win the girl over. He lingered there at the bar with her a few moments longer, then gestured to the table where his brothers sat, beckoning her to join them. Soon he was walking over with his arm lightly about the female's waist, and he'd pull a chair out for her to sit before grabbing a chair for himself. Arranging both chairs so that they would be sitting close enough to brush knees, of course.

Liam wasn't going to be cheated out of company either. Another buxom lass had escaped unwanted attentions to join the ones at the table. She placed slender hands on his shoulders and leaned to speak low in his ears. "Mind if I join the party, darlin'?" Ciarán grinned as he rested his chin on the shoulder of the dark-skinned beauty on his lap. "I can't think of much better, except for a game of cards?" And maybe stealing off with the lass later. The thugs were watching them again but would wait until the brothers were well into their cups before trying anything.

He turned his head nearly catching his nose between cleavage. She had moved in far closer then he expected. "You smell good," muttered under his breath as he tipped his head back at a better angle to see her face. She was at least as pretty as she was endowed. Smile grew instantly. "By all means, please do." There was an empty seat next to him nudged out and to do so had him turn that exposed his lap. Guess where she dropped. Of course right onto his lap as her arms remained looped about his shoulders. "Good you know how to get comfortable." What drink? What food? Wait, Ciar mentioned a poker game. "We should find out if they have one going tonight." He filled his shot glass of the Kilbeggan and offered it up for her to take while he reached around to gain the tankard and took a good drink from it.

Evan's lass was just as lovely, but also a bit more curvaceous and heavy-set... wisely she did not choose to squash herself into Evan's lap, but sat in the chair he gave her instead. Though she half-leaned against him, an arm about his shoulders and one leg crossed over his. Evan granted her a grin before looking back to his brothers. "I'm in for some cards." A deep swig taken from his tankard first to whet his thirst. Then he'd fill up a shot of the Kilbeggan.

"Aye, we should. Keep, three more glasses and another bottle." When the lass came over, he asked if there was a game and she nodded, saying one would be starting soon in the same room they had been in the other night. He added an extra coin to her tip then filled the glasses for the three women. "To drink, women and cards and not necessarily in that order!" And down went a shot of the whiskey.

"Aye, aye," lifting his glass with an excellent view before kicking it back as the lass did the same. No names needed. Best not to know names. Lovely worked and other such adjectives. "Shall we adjourn to the back room, get all setup?" Although he would not be having her on his lap during a game nor behind him. He showed his cards to no one! He knew the ploys of bar flies giving away to one of the regulars if the new guy in town had a good hand or not. Liam tended to bluff very well and when they thought he was, they'd find he had the winning cards.

Evan's lass laughed a sultry laugh, making Evan grin as he lifted his glass in agreement. "Cheers." Down the hatch went the shot of whiskey, empty glass set back down on the table. "Aye, let's go." Rising from his chair, the tankard went in one hand while the other arm looped about the buxom woman's shoulders. Crooning something in her ear which went unheard by the others, but made her giggle. Without further ado he headed for the back, knowing where the back room was after their latest escapade.

Neither would Ciar show his cards off, though he wasn't ready to give up the lass as of yet. He stood, placing her on her feet, then followed Evan, arm around the woman's waist. He saluted the men who kept watching them, knowing they were looking for a fight. Nothing to cause one, just a cheery sort of greeting!  Well, maybe it was a touch taunting.

Date:  01-20-10
Poster: Ciaran Quinn
Post # 5

He was up as the lass purposely slid down against his body to entice. She had all the right moves as he cleared his throat. Tankard in one hand with an arm around her shoulder as she collected the two shot glasses and the bottle of Kilbeggan. "You are going to be my distraction tonight," that was for certain and a challenge in its own way of a pleasurable kind. Kind he wouldn't mind losing a few coins due to. He started off in the direction of the back room, door was left ajar and one could see a maid in there setting up the tables for the games and another for food and drink so they didn't need to be coming out into the main tap room.

There were two others in there already, waiting for more. If need be, there'd be a table put together to make a large one. Ciar headed for one of the chairs, plopping his backside into it. He pulled the lass into his lap again, grinning at her. "You can keep me company while we wait, but I'll need you to be sitting over there once we start." The woman neared purred out a laugh. "There is fine. I'll fetch you drink and food, so long as I have time with you later." He didn't answer her out loud but whispered something in her ear.

"Ever played poker darlin'?" Evan's young lady played dumb and shook her head coquettishly. After another drink Evan launched into a brief explanation of the game, the rules and how it was played. She toyed with the long locks of his hair as he spoke and there was the occasionally pause here and there for him to murmur in her ear and vice versa. Plenty of chuckling as well, in his own little world until more came to join them and the game got underway.

There would be a price for time with them later but this was an established place their cousin frequented. He would have warned them of anything they needed to know far as the ladies were concerned. The lass that was with him settled on his lap going by the same as her friend. All three were friends. "HA!" Burst out hearing Evan in a good laugh, "she could probably poker you under the table." That didn't come out exactly right but in a way it was befitting. Except the lass on his lap was doing some wondrous things to his ear, distracting him from his blood brother and brother alike. He growled something low in response.

They may not make it through the game at this rate! Ciar's attention was on the lass on his lap and not on the door, which suddenly burst open as the group of thugs from the common room came in. The serving maids let out a squeal or scream and the tender looked up from his work. The tender spoke to a lad who ran errands for him, sending that boy running out the door. "Yae bae steppin' where yae're no wanted." One of the men growled out. "Dose lasses nae bae fer th' likes of yae." Ciar was up that quick, placing the lass on his lap onto the chair. "You might want to get out of the way," he said then one of them charged him, both of them crashing into and over the table.

Evan opened his mouth to reply none-too-kindly to the thugs, but as these things tended to go, the action started before he could get a word out! He moved his own lass out of the way, pushing her and the other ladies safely into a corner before turning to catch one of the thugs squarely with a fist to the nose. The man clutched his face then went to grapple Evan, who happened to be taller and stronger than this one at least. Evan threw him to the side to nurse his wound and turned to meet the next assailant.

Ciar wasn't the only one distracted to the sweet attentions of the ladies with them. Although the term 'lady' would be debatable. Liam near dropped the lass on his lap as he shot up. If it weren't for a quick strong grasp of her arm that kept her from spilling onto the floor, swinging her around behind him as the men that burst through. Ones with unfounded accusations for an Inn's women were the Inn's. Liam was use to such charges as he cooly stepped aside at the last second, sending an elbow to the back of the man's head as he passed instead. He landed on his face but not for long. He was one of the bigger ones, bigger than he or his brothers and a face only a mother could love. One could tell he was in a lot of fights just for his size to make up for lack of looks. Probably threatened the women to be with him. Like now. A lot of profanities came from the lass that had been keeping Liam company as she didn't like her prospect of the night being changed on her. She slammed her heel into the back of the thug's leg which only infuriated the man more as he was getting up. The one coming at him, that had been behind the big ugly one, met with a right hook to his jaw, spinning him around and out cold but there were more coming in behind these. Seemed every male that had been out in the main room were helping out the first few in. All wanted a piece of the newcomers.

Ciar had wrestled with the native youths when he was a lad and had learned a few tricks. He wrapped his arms around his attacker, rolled him to his back and slammed his forehead to meet the man's nose with a nasty crunch. He was up again in time to meet another, fists flying in time to smack him right in the eye. He didn't have the finesse of his brother, but he was quick and he plowed another in the stomach and doubled him over. It was getting crowded with punches flying and the women screaming and shouting out. Someone crashed a plate onto the head of a man who was coming for him and he grinned at the serving lass before another was plowing him over. Outside, people were flocking toward the tavern and the city guard were tromping that way, led by Captain Picard himself.

If Liam had the style and Ciaran had the quickness, Evan's specialty was pure brute strength. Which seemed to come from nowhere for the young man was fairly lean. It helped him in fights like these, to take his opponents by surprise. For example, another man came charging at him and Evan simply caught him by the shoulders and threw him sideways, sending him sprawling into the bar with a shatter of glass and yelp from the barkeep. Another was quick to take the man's place and as Evan drove his knee up into the man's stomach, he was also glancing around and grimacing. It was almost too crowded to fight effectively now and more were flooding in. This could turn into a stampede if they weren't lucky and that would put even the innocents in danger. Evan tried to catch his friends' eyes but it was so chaotic, he didn't have the chance to say anything. He'd missed something in his peripheral vision, something which turned out to be a fist aimed straight for his nose. He managed to duck just in time though the fist still connected with his jaw with a sickening thud. Feeling the flood of blood to that spot, Evan let his jaw go slack even as he fisted the culprit in the head.

Liam was an excellent fighter being a boxer but no one was good against a mob set on pounding them into the ground. As he slammed a fist at a precise angle into the next man's ribs, another grabbed him from behind with his arm around his neck and into his windpipe. The one he got stumbled off to the side as another jumped in his place sending a fist into Liam's face mostly cutting his lip for the ring worn. A third one clipped him from the side getting the bridge of his brow and hurting his hand in the process. Using the man behind him as leverage, he quick picked up his legs with a shove kicking into the man in front of him before he could land another punch, sending he and his oppressor backwards onto the floor. The move had the man letting go to try and break his fall and Liam landing on top, back to front, knocking the wind out of him. It was then that they swarmed in, some diving in, that Liam rolled from the man and quick to crawl between legs as they were sucked in like a human whirlpool on top of the other man. Only the first one down knew Liam escaped but the others had not and the one on the floor would be lucky he lived through the impact. Through the maze of legs he quickly moved coming upon the side door that had been opened. Hoping his brothers had escaped or could and get to the door as well.

He had lost sight of his brothers and with a slam with his elbow knocked out his attacker. A few of the men weren't worried about the brothers but were going after the troublemakers while others were just throwing punches at anyone. Maybe it was instinctive, but Ciar stayed down too, crawling under a table then he started through legs, causing one lass to squeal when he brushed by her. He grinned at her and was nearly flattened by a man flying into the wall beside her. While he was making his way to the side door, the guard was streaming in through the front door, using cudgels and their guns to break up the fight.

As Liam went out, he would find a pair of highly polished boots in front of him, belonging to none other than the Captain of the guard himself.

The guard started coming in and that was definitely their belated cue to get the hell out of here. Evan craned his neck but couldn't see either of the Quinns. He could only hope they'd gotten out and weren't being stomped into the floor somewhere. The only thing he could do was start making his way to the door. Shoving and pushing, he barreled his way through the crowd... mostly with brute force, an occasional punch here or there to convince them to get out of his way. He barely dodged a well-aimed cudgel wielded by one of the guardsmen and kicked the man in the knee as his thanks. He was making his way to the side door but the going was tough and slow, even now with the door a few feet away. Where were his brothers?

Noticing the polish boots near under his nose, Liam scrambled to his feet, saluting the Captain which he quickly recognized the hat and stance, also some badges on his lapel. "Evening Captain, seems a fight broke out there inside that swarmed over everyone." Stating the obvious as he stepped aside so the man could do his job. It was a good ploy except for the fact his lip and brow were bleeding. Blood on his knuckles a dead giveaway. Liam was hoping it was too dark to notice and more the fact of the fight still raging inside. Shouts going out as some of them turned on the guards already in there. A frantic glance was given back through the door as he stood there hoping to catch sight of his brothers. If the Captain and his men went directly in, he was bolting to where they had their horses and hoped the two were already there waiting for him. If he tried bolting now, he knew it would only be worse for him should the ploy not work and certainly it would not work if he ran.

"So it does." The Captain wasn't moving from his spot it seemed. A shout went up as soldiers from the garrison were heading for the tavern. The city guard was good but during rainy seasons fights often got out of hand. A few of the men inside were trying to escape out the windows and doors. It seemed he had men waiting outside with him and motioned them over. "Gentlemen, you're under arrest." No explanation, just those words. He'd let his men and the soldiers deal with the rest.

Ciar bumped into Evan as he stood and he grinned at his brother then they were nearly pushed out the door. He stopped dead when he saw Liam there and that Captain.

Evan knew that look in Ciaran's eye and he grabbed hold of Ciar's jacket, to make sure he wouldn't try to get any last hits in. Also it was practical so that they wouldn't lose each other in the press of the crowd. "Have you seen - " He started and then followed Ciaran's glance. Oh good, Liam wasn't still inside but not good - he recognized the Captain of the Guard instantly. They were all alike, with their spotless uniforms and air of self-assurance. Those words were sort of ominous but Evan didn't even entertain the thought of running. With all these soldiers they'd be caught quickly, and running would be as good as an admittance of guilt. So instead he started forward, dropping his grip on Ciaran as they approached. A look given to Liam and then he tried to grin at the Captain, though with his swollen jaw it was a lopsided one. "Gonna arrest the whole tavern, Sir?" He was playing it like he assumed they were being arrested for the fight but inside, he was growing leery. Could he somehow know that it had been they at the Hampton's?

"Under..." starting to blurt out in repeating, coming more from surprise but honestly this was better than the alternative of those inside deciding to finish the job that was started before they could get out of town. He snapped his mouth shut instead. Not saying a word more here or really get in trouble for what he might say. It happened more often than not. Instead he was going over bribes and how to get out of the situation in case this was not a 'charity' to save their necks. No, man didn't look like a charitable type. He knew best not to say anything and give them an excuse for beating them themselves, they were above the law here for they were the law. Liam had dealt with their type before, too many times. The fact that Evan spoke up, although relieved that his brothers got out from that mess, he tried to cover up his words instead. "What he means is best be about it." Right.

Picard turned on the man with the insolent tongue. Two of his men grabbing his arms as he whacked him across the chest with his club. Lifting it to press the end into his cheek. "You better learn respect for authority, boy,or you'll lose those nice teeth of yours next time. Then try speaking." He pointed the club at Liam, "And the way you look shows you were quite involved, so keep quiet." He gave Ciarán a look and motioned to the men to come take charge of the three.

Ciarán jerked free, protesting he could walk on his own.  He wasn't going to run, just hated being held that way.  And he certainly wasn't going to desert his brothers.

The Captain snapped his fingers and made a sharp motion. One of the guards hit Ciarán aside of the head, hard enough to have bells ringing and no more protests. The men grabbed him again, half dragging him, and then they were 'escorted' to the city prison.



Date: 01-21-10
Poster: Evan Hunt
Post # 6

The Interview

Ow. The crack of the club against his chest forced the air from his lungs in a whoosh, having him double over in the guards' grip for a moment. He straightened just in time to see Ciaran beaten about the head. He had to physically bite his tongue to prevent the string of obscenities that tried to break free. Glancing to Liam, his eyes were furious but it seemed they had no choice. These boys meant business. So he marched stiffly along in silence all the way to the prison. They'd probably been in worse scrapes before but he couldn't remember one in the immediate past.

No. Pircard was not the charitable kind and he now wondered exactly his interest in them. He might just hate strangers but Dale would have warned them, or Richard. There was something beneath all this and it had Liam's mind working overtime. He was not interested in the others, he was interested in them. He knew it was best to go without incident and find out what this was all about rather than Picard having to make a painful example of him too. He met Evan's look silently as much as saying now was not the time no matter how furious they all were. That was obvious, only his run-ins with the guarda before had him wise to be wise about it. The first time he punched out the Captain who was only after the purse he won but he was then beaten by the man's minions useing their clubs. A few such incidences and he learned it was wiser, silence for now, they would get out of this. He got out of all the others. Evan knew him well enough to comprehend his look most of the way even if not in words. He looked away before any of the
guards really noticed. He was being helped in walking although not dragged, at least they were not handcuffed and shoved to the ground, kicked, then yanked up only to have the scenario repeated a few yards down the line.

Picard had a ulterior motive to be sure but he gave no sign of it. Satisfied that the three, especially Ciar would give him no more trouble, he led the way to the prison, puffing up like a vain popinjay as a few of the town's folk peered out of their windows. By the time they reached the prison and were being led inside, Ciar wasn't seeing stars. He stayed quiet and didn't bother pulling away. They weren't taken to cells but into a room where they were made to sit in three wooden chairs facing a desk and another chair.

"The three of you are under suspicion of robbery as well as the lesser charge of fighting in public." He held up his hand to stop any protests. "Not a word if  you value not only your freedom but that of your family's. There is someone who wishes to speak to you and afterward, your fate will be decided." There would be no real trial not here.

Evan was shoved onto the chair by his guard and he sat there hunched, glad at least that the three of them wouldn't be separated. His glance swung between each of his brothers before turning back to Picard. There was a frown upon his face but he didn't utter a word, noting Picard's threat. The fact that the man mentioned their family was disturbing to say the least. Did he know exactly who they were, down to their names and histories? That could mean an entirely different heap of trouble.

They were all rough handled as the guard that had a grip on Liam's arm, shoved him towards the seat after entering the room. A room and not a cell. Clue number one. Clue number two was not so much the desk but the other chair they faced next to it. Whatever was to come down, was going to right now. Picard's words supported that thought. He too gave a quick glance to his brothers before waiting on this person to speak with them. Something was off in that Picard's charges included the robbery, which meant he had to know something but those charges would have landed them in jail if not dead. The fighting was not it at all, nor was the robbery. He wasn't sure how their family fitted into this unless they had something against Dale? He was their only family here aside themselves. Not a word but his mind was going a mile a minute as he impatiently waited.

Ciar sat forward, elbows resting on his knees, his hands clasped with the fingers loosely intertwined. His head was pounding from being hit but he was going to behave now. He didn't like how they were being handled but then again, they had been in a fight. He was just hoping that the man didn't know anything and was just clutching at straws.

The Captain went to a door off to the side and spoke to someone there. A tall blonde haired man of about 30 years entered, his clothing expensive and well made, his walk one of a soldier. He sat down on the more comfortable chair and studied the three men. "Your names, gentlemen, and please, honest answers." His accent was one of an English nobleman.

Evan sat up a bit straighter as their would-be interrogator walked into the room. Oh he could have made so many remarks about the man's fancy-shmancy appearance... but his ribs still throbbed from the club and he held his tongue. Shaking the hair from his eyes, Evan gave the stranger a cool stare then glanced briefly to his blood-brothers. If only they could communicate, but Evan wasn't going to say a word until one of the others did. It was  something of a habit he'd taken on over the years living and working with the Quinns. They were his family now but he was not technically a part of their impressive clan. Thusly he never made decisions that could impact the group at large. He simply felt it wasn't his place. Conversely, though he'd give his life for either of them, no questions asked.

He knew enough not to slouch in his chair but he didn't lean forward like his brother. He had a reason. Liam sat straight but not rigid, not wishing to give any reason to get beat on. He was hurting already from the fight. There was dried blood where it had run down on his face and splattered on his slicker. Luckily that was a dark color. A brow lifted as the one that entered was not what he expected. He had the air of a nobleman, one could smell that right as soon as he entered but the walk said something more. English. He could spat but he gave no indication. He had a strong feeling the man already knew his and his brothers' names, so it was a test.  Otherwise it would not matter anyway if they didn't know them at all. He only hoped it didn't get Dale in trouble, his only hesitancy. He went with his gut feeling on this. He didn't look at his brothers as he spoke up, "Liam David Quinn." Was all he said but dark eyes could have bore a hole in the Englishman.

There was a slight smirk as Liam answered, and the man glanced at Captain Picard before pinning his gaze on Ciar. Finally the Englishman looked at Evan. "And you?"

The youngest brother sat up straight, meeting the man's eyes as he answered, "Ciarán Riordan Quinn." He didn't say anything more since that had been all that was asked.

The smirk had grown wider with the second answer though Picard had given him what he had learned from his sources. "Captain, your men need not hover. I'm sure these ... gentlemen will refrain from causing any problems."

Evan spoke last, but his answer was his unspoken assent that he'd go with the brothers on this. Even if none of them had any idea what lay ahead. "Evan Conrad Hunt." His hazel gaze was hard and distrustful upon the man. At least he had no family left that could be targeted for his actions. A cruel sort of blessing, that.

That was the usual way of it, not knowing what was in store the next day, the next hour or even the next minute. Life had been that way for them since that faithful day that changed everything. He watched.  Listened. But he didn't add anything more until asked. He was very aware of Picard and his men taking their leave, that could be another trap. He remained where he was to see what more was said. Certainly there was more, this he was sure of.

The Englishman didn't say a word more until the Captain and his men had left. He watched the three a moment more then motioned toward a table near the wall. "The Captain has palatable drinks if any you are of a mind to have something." He waited another moment to see if they helped themselves before speaking. "And now to business. Your family, the Quinns and Churchills, are popular among most of the people of this island. Of course, they have their enemies. Now, there seems to be a," he paused for a moment, then smiled though it never reached his eyes, "rumor shall we say, that there could be under dealings that be less than savory. I have a proposal to keep those from becoming known."

Ciar watched the men leave then turned back to the Englishman. He shook his head at the offer of a drink, not trusting his legs yet. "Don't deal with anyone who doesn't give his name." Liam would talk more, Ciar was sure but he got his two cents in.

This inspector, or whatever he was, might have been calm, smiling, generous with the offer of drinks... but Evan didn't trust him as far as he could throw him. Not even a little. It was these sorts that were the most dangerous, he'd learned. He didn't budge when the drinks were offered and sat still, slightly hunched over his aching midsection. His jaw was throbbing too and probably taking on lovely shades of blue and purple. He shot Ciaran a warning look, for even if the other solders had left the room, who knew what this man might do. Then he went back to picking over the Englishman's words in his head. A proposal? He smelled blackmail and he didn't like it.

His interest in drinking was left at the pub. Better to keep his full wits about him as whatever he consumed this night had worn off. He leaned slightly forward as he started to go on about their family. There was just a twitch to the corner of his lips with Ciaran's remark. Since he got that in, he would get one in. "These unsavory dealings are for or against our relatives?" He needed to be more clear. He wouldn't do a lot of talking, better this lordship did. Evan was probably right in his gut instincts this was going to be blackmail although of what kind and for why remained to be seen.

"You may address me as Lord Dunbury. I wouldn't be speaking to you if it was something that would be good for you family, now would I?" He looked at Liam as he spoke since he seemed to be in charge. He'd not ignore the others of course. They might even have something worthwhile to say.

Ciarán's lip curled slightly but he looked at Evan and Liam and shrugged slightly. He'd go along with what they decided of course though what he'd like to do is punch the noble for his condescending attitude. He kept flexing his hands as he listening, not really noticing that he was doing so.

Evan still didn't say a word. Instead he waited in silence, eyeing the so-called Lord Dunbury. And clearly waiting for him to go on with a few more details. He was starting to feel trapped in this room and not because of its size. They were wholly at the power of this man, at least in this moment and that was something which bothered him to no end.

"Lord Dunbury, not to be disrespectful but I never heard of you. What interest do you have in my family, distant as it is here and why isn't Dale here if this is a matter affecting him as well?" Only glance he gave was towards Evan, one that he'd read as get up, stretch your legs, get a drink, scout and see if the road was clear to get out of here if needed. It was quick, skimming over his brother before locked on Dung. Mental nickname he just gave him.

"Because Dale is merely a merchant. Though I have no doubt he'd be able to hold his own in a brawl or tavern row, I need men of a certain ... mien ... shall we say? Ones who are able to think quickly, act quickly and do exactly what is required of them." His voice held a hint of impatience. This was obviously a man who was used to having others jump when he said jump.

Ciar lowered his head, rubbing where he had been hit but he was using the motion and his hair to hide his grin at his brother's questions. When he looked back up, his expression was serious again. Ye gods, he wanted to get another drink but he didn't want to stand.

Evan caught that glance from Liam and one brow quirked just slightly, but other than that his expression didn't change. He waited a moment longer, watching Dungberry before pushing to his feet. Almost every muscle burned and likely it'd just be worse tomorrow. Hand briefly pressed to his chest as he took a step to the table. Still keeping his body mostly turned towards the English lord so he could have no suspicion of Evan's motives. Evan poured himself a bit of ale into his glass. He'd take only a sip to slake his thirst and fake the rest. It wouldn't be smart to get his brain muddled at a time like this. After a couple 'sips' he wandered over to glance out the window, just a casual flick before he was back to watching and listening to Dungberry.

"So that is your need with us, our skills for hire. My question to you then is what is your personal interest in this?" There had to be a personal interest to motivate him. Normally he wouldn't ask but this was not under normal circumstances. Pausing with a wry grin to surface. First one he'd see tonight, "and answer honestly, please." Repeating his words to them earlier. Now his brother would have an inkling of how he got out of situations before with the law. He was working Dingleberry, the nickname altered again as he noticed his impatience as if he had such dangling off his arse stuck to a hair. Even with those thoughts, he kept a straight face. Liam kept his eyes locked with the man to keep him from overly noticing Evan.

There was a hint of a smile again, this time one that actually showed amusement. "My personal interest, is in the task I have set for you. You do this for me, and along with payment, I'll make sure that none of these rumors come to light. And while they may be just rumors, I'm certain you'd not wish to take that chance especially in light of events that have occurred within the past week." He fell silent again, waiting as if he had all the time in the world

Ciar was liking this less and less. He glanced at Evan, then looked back to his brother and the English lord. "What in the bluidy hell do you want us to do?" His patience was wearing thin and his fists clenched again.

So he had a personal interest or liking for the family. They could check with Dale before leaving. He would get to the point in a pointed question. The one this whole night was leading to for its answer. Being Ciaran asked the first question he was about to, he asked the second that went along with it. "If we agree to take it, how much does it pay?" First, they would need to agree to take on a task and wouldn't if it crossed moral lines. See how much he was willing to pay, would also show how much it meant to him.

Evan allowed his eyes to roam back to the window only when he was certain Dunglebury was distracted by Liam's questioning. Letting the brothers ask the questions, he took note of what was going on outside the window. If Picard was still around and if any of the guards still loitered. Who knew what the outcome of this meeting would be, but a quick escape might still be necessary. A couple steps taken back towards the table, he awaited the Lord's answer with interest. Yes indeed, this man could talk in circles but what exactly was he after?



Date: 01-21-10
Poster: Evan Hunt
Post # 7

There were guards outside, being they were in the prison building though these rooms were on the first floor. Lord Dunbury leaned forward slightly as he spoke. "One hundred pounds each with the cost of ship's passage, and 25 pounds for expenses. The twenty five I'll give to you," he looked pointedly at Liam, "when you leave."

Ciar glanced at his brothers. One hundred pound each was nothing to sneeze at. He kept quiet though in case his brother wanted to negotiate.

"So the task is, for us to leave?" He was certain that wasn't the task but he had not offered what it would be for the price. He was up from his chair. "We're leaving so pay up.." shooting a glance Evan's way as he had checked outside through the window. He was to the notion this man talked in circles too.

"I won't accept a pound till I know what it's for." Evan spoke for the first time since uttering his name, and his voice was even in tone but hard as granite. He shot Liam a glance, warning him that it wasn't clear outside; guards still swarmed like bees around a hive. His eyes moved back to the Englishman then, waiting still for some clear explanation of what would be expected of them.

"Sit down." He said it in a tone that made clear he'd expect no arguments. "I didn't make myself clear purposely but let me now explain that this is not open to negotiation." His voice raised slightly and a board creaked outside the door, letting them know the guards were still out there. "You will receive payment but here's what you will do. There's a man that I want you to find for me. He's caused me no end of problems and I want to deal with him. I want him brought here, to me, alive, or I will ruin both sides of your family and I will see to it that none of you are able to openly enter English lands anywhere. The man was last seen in England but he fled. You can decide where you wish to start and how but I expect him brought back here before six months are up. If not, I will see to it that your families are destroyed and not one of them will escape."  Dunbury was very serious and he wanted the men to understand that.

Liam had picked up the look from Evan, also heard the board creak. He had slowed before actually reaching the door as it was more a point the man procrastinated. Dingleberry may not have liked it but then Liam didn't like his procrastination either. Turning on a heel he was over to get a drink, finally, from that which was offered earlier, pointedly ignoring the command to sit down. He kicked back a shot of whiskey before setting the glass, his back to the English lord until he was good and ready. He turned, with another glass of the whiskey poured and took a lean there, lazy, comfortable, defiant kind. "We," including the three of them, "don't go on goose hunts without knowing all details needed before deciding to. You give us that, then maybe you have a deal. You don't give us that, you don't have a deal and we can continue to bicker back and forth until the cows come in." What families to destroy? His was already destroyed and a sister missing. Dunbury's words painting him a hypocrite and spoilt child, not a man. Do this to protect their family or he would destroy them.

Evan hadn't moved at the command to sit down, and once Liam rose to join him at the table, he wasn't going anywhere. He stood staunchly next to Liam instead, almost a challenge to the aggravating Englishman. Evan hadn't said a word since his refusal to accept so much as a pound without further explanation, and though he kept his silence now he'd stand by that statement. This Dingleberry needed to quit skirting back and forth with his words and get to the heart of the matter. There were few things that annoyed Evan more. A glance was given to Ciaran who'd been surprisingly quiet the last few minutes, having a feeling that he was growing just as impatient with this entire situation as they were.

If the Englishman was angered by their words, or the fact that neither sat, he said or showed nothing. All he needed to do was call out and the soldiers would come in and make them sit but it wasn't necessary. "Very well." He smiled slightly. "The man's name, by a quirk of fate, is also Quinn. One Eion Quinn. I have no reason to believe he's related however, that wasn't my concern. He's a mercenary, born in Ireland. I don't know much about him, other than he was well traveled. He had been in a prison and was among the missing when a riot happened. The last that was heard of him was he was moving away from the prison with others, though the source is not the most reliable.  I can tell you he's a tall man, blue eyed, dark hair. His nose is broken and he doesn't usually have much to say." He tapped his finger on the arm of the chair as he spoke. "And again, I want to make clear, I want him brought here alive. I would also prefer unharmed but what I know of him might make that impossible

Ciarán didn't stand but yes, he was growing ever more impatient. He also knew the soldiers were outside of the door and didn't want to give them an excuse to use their clubs on him again. As the Englishman finished, he looked at his brother and Evan.

Liam knew they would never get out of here unless they gave the man what he wanted. Although he didn't have to give it easily or willingly. He'd pull him over the coals first for he knew the man wanted it pretty badly for the amount he was willing to pay. So the man they needed to find had the same surname. Lord Dingleberry saying not related but most likely he was related back in the line of their ancestors. One that was a mercenary too, that usually ran in a bloodline. Took a certain kind of attitude most didn't have. Their first objective was to get out of this hell hole by whatever it took. So agreeing at this point worked best in their interest. He didn't look at his best friend nor his brother when he stated. "We'll do it," for him to assume all three of them like that would tell them he had a plan and to go along with it. Wasn't like him to speak for them but Dipshit wouldn't know that. "Under the terms you laid out," meaning payment as Dunbury laid out already. He kicked back the whiskey before pushing up from his lean. "I'm ready to start." See, being forced into this situation it defaulted giving his word back to doing what was best even if that meant double crossing. Once out of here, Dunbury, Picard and his troops would have no claim nor the skill to fight them when not caged.

Another man by the name of Quinn, now that just seemed like a little more than coincidence. Though a glance to the other two didn't reveal any glint of recognition at the name... so perhaps this Eion Quinn was a distant relation. Either way they didn't have much of a choice except to agree to Dungleberry Dipshit's terms and be on their way. Like Liam, Evan was thinking that once they were freed they could always decide to disappear into the woodwork again. His eyes moved to Liam when he spoke for them all, but he only nodded and gave a simple "Aye" of agreement, to show the Englishman that they were all in agreement. He set his own glass down on the table and pushed up slowly.

They had agreed finally and Lord Dunbury studied Liam a long moment. "Very well, gentlemen, but I want it understood, I will not hesitate to do what I said. Six months, and if I haven't at least heard from you, I will see Dale Quinn hung. After that, one a month. I will not spare the young, the old, or the women. While they'll not be hung, there are other alternatives." He stood and moved to the door, opening it. "Captain Picard, I'd like you to see these men to where their belongings are, and then escort them to the docks. They will pick their destination." He handed Picard papers and a bag of coins. "Gentlemen." And with that he left.

Ciar hid a smile again as he stood, shrugging. He didn't feel the need to agree at all and waited for his brothers. At least he didn't feel like he was going to fall over and the dizziness had withdrawn to a dull throbbing headache.  He had a hell of a lump on his head too and there had been some blood on his fingers but he'd be fine once they were free.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The English Dingleberry was full of shit and obviously had Pecker by the balls. Probably liked handling them from what he knew of this type of lordship pompous asswipe. They would work out a plan, maybe even find this Eion Quinn to discover the real story. Get together a small army of other mercenaries and raid this flea bitten town. The rigid line of his shoulders relaxed as the one left. "The air just cleared, let's get out of here." So Pecker was waiting for them, he'd have no resistance or reason to get rough at this point.

First order of business was definitely getting out of this stuffy oppressive room. Evan allowed his features to crinkle into a scowl once Dunbury had turned his back to leave. He turned his face to spit in the dirt, blinking when a glob of blood came out with it. A ginger rub of his swollen jaw and he rolled his shoulders. Bah. Guards and their clubs. He cut a glance to Ciaran as they filed out together. He refrained from putting a hand on the lad's shoulder just in case Picard decided to get frisky again, but he muttered to the younger Quinn beneath his breath, "How's the head?" It had looked like a hard hit from that guard and Ciar had been pretty quiet since -  enough to alert his friend who knew him well!

"Hurts some but once we're outside, it'll clear." He gave Evan a half smile. "Least the ground isn't moving on me any more. " Of course that would end when he was on the ship and likely, he'd end up seasick again. He took a deep breath once they were outside.

Picard was glad to be done with the three but assigned soldiers to accompany them to whatever location they had their gear.  He left  not wanting to waste another minute on them. The soldiers were obviously uncomfortable with the situation. They both knew Dale Quinn, even played cards with him.  They decided, since they'd not been told otherwise, that once they were at the docks, the men were on their own.

"How are you both?" They had both taken worthy-of-concern hits wherein Liam was use to them. His brother was conscious and had been for those hours spent in that room so that had been a good sign. "We can get cleaned up once we get our stuff." Least wash up some before they were escorted to the docks. Keeping his words low between them, "so where do you want to head first?" Wondering if even Dunbury had any idea where this Eion Quinn could be found. None had been given so that was probably part of the assignment, to find him. They would need to make plans for they couldn't even find their sister yet. Needle in a haystack. Once they were out of  company of the soldiers they could talk more freely and make plans.

"I'll mend." Evan answered Liam with a strained sort of half-grin. He was walking slightly hunched still over his aching ribs. To Liam's question of where to go first, he gave a slight shrug and then a significant glance to their guards. Who knew if the guards were under orders to report anything they heard said between the brothers, and there was no reason to make it easier for the Englishman to track them. They could talk later once on their own. He glanced around as they walked, assuming they were going back to their cabin to fetch their things.

"Aye, fine." He wasn't going to repeat though he did give Liam another half smile. He would be glad to see the last of this place for certain. "I don't know either at this point. Might be something to talk about." The Englishman had mentioned England, which they'd been avoiding, and Ireland. He could have gone anywhere as a merc, and might still be doing the same. "Sooner we're on a ship the better." Even if he had to hang over the side part of the voyage!

Being neither gave him an answer, once the escort was gone he looked between three departing ships and opted for the one in the middle. "We'll take that ship, the Quadrant." So the name read. Pot luck in seeing where it landed them as long they got out of this part of Barbados. He was over to the ticket man to purchase three fares. Back over to his brothers as he gave them each one. "It's sailing in twenty minutes, best get on it now and claim a cabin. It's a first come first serve." So he was sure they would have the worse ones at this point. Ciar might have to hang out a porthole the whole trip. The tickets were marked with Rhydin on them, not a place he ever heard of.

Evan had grabbed his gear too, all of which fit in a large canvas bag which he carried hung from one hand rather than slung over a shoulder. Once at the docks, he took the ticket from Liam, read the name and gave a shrug as well. At this point, they had no clue where this Eion might be, so one destination was just as good as the next. He headed on board the ship with the others.

Ciar's cloak had been left behind at the tavern but he had another one with his gear at the cabin. Once they had it in hand, he pulled that one on though it wasn't waterproof. He also had a winter weight one. At least his hat hadn't been lost and now rested on his head. He took the ticket and read the name. "Odd sounding name, isn't it?" He shrugged and started for the gangplank, hefting his bag over his shoulder, even if it made him a little off balanced.

Liam had his knapsack slung over a shoulder as he border with his brothers. None of the three had gotten time to talk during the trip by sea. They were beset by storms, one after another, leaving Ciaran half unconscious with sickness. Rolling. Tossing. Whipped around a few times and even traveling almost vertical at times. Times where if one dared to look out the window, all they saw was water, not necessarily beneath them as a wave higher than the ship came at them. His stomach held no food for a few days, more in that he lost his appetite. The cook couldn't even cook under those conditions. Some of the ships crew met a watery grave along with a few passengers during the worse of it. Finally the waters calmed as the warmer temperature went to downright bitter cold. Even the sun, when it decided to shine, held a cold cast frosted by the release of their breaths.

Rhydin was reached, a port that was classified low life at its best. The three were wise to stick together in this unknown land especially after what they had went through. It took himself and Evan to support Ciaran off the ship until he could find his land legs again and keep his stomach from spilling long enough to stand on his own. It was decided not to gain a place to stay down at the port nor even in this metropolis center of a very strange mixture of inhabitants. Not only humans and creatures alike but time wise it was unstable, a nexus one called it at the port. One minute carriages were being pulled by horse and then next some shiny metal beast flew by faster than a bird and with a sharp sound repeating itself as Liam near stepped in its way. Much like a goose scolding. On the outskirts of the city it became a little more stable and so a descent Inn was found with three rooms vacant at a descent price. In fact they were given a better price as they booked it for the week with the possibility of longer.
Second day there they started venturing out, each exploring and bringing back what they got to see and hear in comparing notes. Liam found a place where they held boxing matches in the basement of a warehouse. The purse was a good sum and he signed up. Winning two so far as the underdog but they were soon learning he was more skilled than he appeared. So another match had been set up with their top man, Hercules, one they were sure the cocky boxer by the name of Scrapper would bite the dust under. He had talked to his brothers about being there for this match, he'd been placing bets in names already so he won three fold. He had a good suspicion that when he put Hercules down, his supporters were going to get rough and try to use brute force to steal back the purse and any winnings they felt should be theirs.

Date: 01-22-10 
Poster: Liam David Quinn
Post # 8

Coordinating Plans
Rhydin Cafe


Liam was a bit miffed, bummed out some but not overly. He left word to his brothers to meet him here after they were done exploring. Strange new world. Exploring could take months, not that they had that kind of time. It was getting late and he hoped neither of them had been consumed by one of those metal beasts. He'd seen some devoured just before the beast took off. There was a plate with various filled donuts on the table covered over by a cloth. Three mugs and a large carafe of coffee. A very good blend of it. Smooth with a hint of hazelnut. He was drinking some as he stared out the window in hopes of seeing his brothers' faces soon.

Ciar had been exploring a different part of Rhydin. This one had none of the overly bright lights or noise of what he learned was called the modern area. Modern? It seemed more like a nightmare. He had found some surprises though and was pleased with himself as he made his way to where he was to meet Liam and Evan. A wrong turn had him headed the wrong way briefly but once he was on the right track, he was nearing the cafe. He was hoping for a bit of warmth to chase away the chill. Moving inside, he stepped away from the door and waited for his eyes to adjust to the light before heading for Liam.

Evan had spent most of the day bewildered and on his guard. This was a very strange place they had found themselves in, and by the end of the day he decided he didn't like it any better than he had Barbados. Weird beasts and strange contraptions abounded, and Evan had nearly been crushed when he attempted to save a woman from being whisked away by one of those large, cranking metal monsters. And on top of that, no word or sign of anybody named Eion Quinn. Evan was still a tad jumpy as he stepped into the tavern. Coat tossed off onto a peg, he stepped over to join the two already present.

This section he had them come to was more like they were use to. Horses pulled carts and carriages as well ridden by the towns people. It was also across the way from this cafe where the warehouse was with the basement converted into a boxing ring. Presently it was only him in the cafe. It stayed open because a crowd usually came in around three am from the factory when it left out that shift. "Ciaran, Evan, come join me," he was in a booth with a wide seat either side. "Coffee and donuts and some conversation. I think we need to finally hash out what transpired in Barbados. Now that we are a few days away from the trip by sea and have our bearings." Eyeing Ciaran mostly with the last as he'd been green around the gills for days.

He still wasn't eating like he normally did though the sugary doughnuts were just want he wanted. The coffee would warm him up. He slid into the seat opposite Liam and to the side so Evan had room. Not so pale anymore, though he had lost weight. "Ugh, don't remind me of that. I was sure I'd be feedin' the fishes before we reached shore." Some of it might had been because of the blow to his head from the soldiers, but at this point, who knew.

Evan jumped a bit as Liam's voice rang out. His brow was furrowed as he joined them at the table and he looked close to muttering to himself. Throwing himself down on the booth he reached out for a doughnut and stuffed it into his mouth without a word. Taking one of the coffees he took a big gulp to wash it down.

Expression kind of froze as he watched Evan, like a zombie or something. A laugh burst forth after a deadpan look his way lasting a good ticking off of a minute. "What have you run into today? I think before we continue our exploration we need to get our stories straight. Easier to talk here than at the Inn where the walls are paper thin and who knows who is listening in from the next room." Deciding to offer up the first bit to see if they agreed on it. "I think we should use our first names but go by the surname of Murphy. Or we can use different first names to thwart Lord Dumbbell." It was close and nicer than this mental nickname for the man.

He just stared at Evan before he too burst into laughter. It faded when Liam spoke, until he called the Englishman by that nickname, then he laughed again. "Aye, Murphy is fine. I don't think we'll need to change our first names." He was in good spirits in spite of the oddities seen, or maybe because of them. And now that he wasn't laughing, he looked at Evan again. "Are you alright?"

His scowl only deepened at the laughter. "Don't like this town." He muttered in response, grabbing another doughnut and stuffing it into his mouth. Another swig of coffee was taken, which only partially washed down the food before he burst out, "have you noticed you can't say a nice word here without folks lookin' at you strange? And all of the beasts! Humans mixed with birds and bears and I don't even know what - and folks always getting carried off by those thumpin' big monsters and nobody even blinks!" Just had to get it off his chest!  He put his mug down with a thunk and reached for yet another doughnut. The boy could eat when he was upset, that was always a telltale sign. He released his breath in a harrumph and got back down to business.  "Aye, Murphy sounds fine."

"This town we're in now or do you mean the tavern that collects quite the crowd?" Which would be rough considering he found out that was the best place to find out about others. If one had the patience to wait it out. Take it as an adventure. He half sat up as he reached over to place a comforting grip on Evan's shoulder. A little squeeze that they were here for him before released as he sat back down. "A little tidbit, the boxing match was postponed a few days for one of the heads wanting to get in more money, sweeten the pot as it seems some of the regulars starting favoring me as the underdog." More in having beaten two of their regular boxers already. Why he was a little bummed. "I will let you know when I know, for I will need you both there, place some bets on me too." Shooting a quick grin before getting back to the why they were even here in this god forsaken crack-up weird place. "I'm told the metal beasts are a construction made in a time yet to come that they drive, a means of transportation that replaces the horses. They feed them with gas instead of grass." So he had learned that much. "They are even more paranoid than our times in a different way. As we are paranoid for our very lives, they are paranoid of everything and losing any sanity they have left. They have far too many gadgets that do everything for them so their minds suffer." That was about the best way he could put it. "You can see the outward signs on most of them that are affected by this condition."

"Only means a few more days. I spent most of my time exploring the old town, talking to a few folks here. Some were looking forward to that match too." He looked out the window briefly then back. "They use those things for speed too but I don't know if it's worth losing your sanity over. As far as the people, I didn't really notice. Ones I talked to were willing enough, most of the others avoided me." He had found a game too, and had won some coin as well avoided a bit of trouble. But he need not share that for now.

"They're making me lose my sanity," he grumbled as he finished off his coffee and reached for the carafe to pour himself another. Clearly grumpy, but knowing Evan it was a mood that would swiftly pass. A slight twitch of his shoulders given as he'd rather not discuss this nightmarish place. "You hear anything about the Quinn man we're seekin'? I didn't hear a word."

He hadn't seen him in one like this in some time; not even the bad weathered trip by sea. It was possible the loss of everything had finally caught up with him. Now to get down to some serious talking again. "I don't trust Dumbbell as far as I can spit. I think you both agree with me on this one. So, I'm offering up a plan that can be changed with your input or along the way at any point as things change. I think we should find this Eion Quinn if we can but the thing the Lordship doesn't know is where we can disappear to never to be found again. The Colonies alone offer a wide expanse but even here on this continent, there are many worlds out there to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west. I think we should find out if this man is kin or not to us first and foremost, then maybe warn him that this English Lord set a price on his head to drag him back to England. If he is Irish like the man said, England is not a place he would want to be. If we can't find him, we disappear although we will need to get word to Dale on this bribery and that his life might be in danger."

Ciar stretched out his legs beneath the table and slouched some as he listened. "So, we either find that Quinn or we find a place to hide. Sounds good enough to me though it wasn't just Dale he threatened. You think he was the one full of gas?" He smirked slightly then studied Liam. "Or do we just let those on the island deal as they can and continue looking for Fawn?"

"I don't think Dunbury was bluffing." Evan frowned as he glanced between the two of them. "Or even if he was, do you want to risk the safety of all those on the island by us just disappearing without a word?" He let the question hang in the air for a moment before grabbing YET another doughnut and going on. "I say we play along with the Englishman for now. Send him word that we are searching, at least until we hear from Dale or someone else in Barbados to know what Dunbury is up to there."

"We always continue looking for Fawn." That was a given no matter what jobs they took on or where their feet ended up. "He might not be bluffing but certainly if he was that threatening, Dale and anyone else on that island would already know of his ways. It's not something that just happened after our showing up. Lord Dingleberry is just a small pimple on the ass of life. Bothersome, but still a pimple." He had not even realized he used his mental nickname for the man because he was such an annoyance. "We shall play along, try and find this man. Maybe he will know the why someone in England is after him and shine a light on the real situation."

"Then, that's what we'll do." He chuckled at the nickname his brother used then he covered a yawn with his hand and looked sheepishly at his brothers. "Sorry, I think I'm still recovering."

"I don't know if I'll ever recover from this place. C'mon then, let's head to bed." Rising, he clapped a hand to Ciaran's shoulder as they prepared to head back to their rooms.

"I think it is time for us to head back," finishing off his coffee as he took the last couple doughnuts in the cloth to take back with him. He would eat them there. "That tavern is the hubbub of the lands so we'll just have to be patient, watch and listen. Gain information that might even help us in finding Fawn." Up and out from the booth as he left some coins in a tip. They all had some money that was given them to start with. Liam had near a thousand pounds stashed away for the boxing and betting. He would take care of his brothers. They wouldn't be talking much as it had started snowing heavily outside so it would be just getting back and into their beds for much needed sleep.



Date: 01-25-10
Poster: Liam David Quinn
Post # 9

Boxing Match: Hercules vs The Scrapper

No one would know snow fell heavily outside the warehouse, inches accumulating under darken skies. The lights from street lamps had flakes glistening like diamonds falling from heaven. Few people were out tonight that weren't already in the basement of this warehouse owned by D & R Brothers Inc. Mostly hay and feed for animals all packaged and crated. Many to be exported by ship or over the borders to the Outlanders, as they were referred to. Down in the bowels of the warehouse it had been cleared to set up a boxing ring of what was considered regulation size. Derry and Roth had a liking for the thrill of boxing. One of the more dangerous sports and that in itself held the appeal. Over the years they had weeded out boxers they set up as their own. If someone came along that stood out, they would do their best to recruit them. Incentives that would be hard to pass up.


The best of their boxers was one called Hercules and he strove, by all kinds of devious means unbeknownst to the Brothers, to keep his position and title. He was paid very well and a had become a symbol in the community. It would be hard to tell which was headier to the oversize man in achieving. It was becoming noticed that some very good boxers disappeared. At first it was assumed they continued on their way when they had not beaten Hercules. Good enough they would have been taken on to train and a likelihood they might actually be a real contender for Hercules. Hercules had a good amount of money and had a few paid-for-friends that did his dirty work for him. So far they went undetected even when one of the boxers, from two month's ago, body washed up on shore down at the port. The port was a distance away and everyone knew bad things happened there. They brothers didn't know that bad things were happening here under their nose. This night's match had been first postponed to the present and Hercules had gotten a few more men hired up to see to the one called the Scrapper after the match.


Too many of the crowd were starting to favor the efficient and quieter man. He came in, he fought hard and well and had taken down Harry first then Stone Face who were not quite as good as Hercules which was why they survived under the Brother's lineup. Derry and Roth decided to skip over the next two boxers they had and go right to the top. That alone was a sign they were watching the Scrapper with a keen eye and would be offering him a position. This part was unknown to Liam as he got ready for the match in a small room he was given. Harry had actually come in and wished him well, in fact mumbled something about laying out that egotistical bastard for him. That thought had lingered as the man took his leave and the sound of the crowd gathering out in the basement was growing. The layers of smoke thickening while the transferring of money in bets had many shouting in getting everyone interested.

Hercules was in the room that was set aside for him, laughing and boasting as was his usual way. He was bigger than the kid he was about to face and had no doubt he could take him down. He hadn't even bothered to watch the fights the Scrapper had been in. Like a king holding court, he sat among the men and a few woman who constantly fed his ego. And why not, he paid them well enough. He even planned to take the upstart out in two rounds and then he'd see that the Scrapper went the route of the others. Up river.

Ciarán had watched his brother fight before but the atmosphere was nothing like here. Not only were there ones from the old city but a few from the new. He checked under his cloak for his knives, then flashed Evan a quick grin.  This was more like it! And there was bound to be another fight after. "Is this better than fighting off the metal beasties?" And as an afterthought, "how's your head?"

Excitement thrummed through the crowd one could almost feel it in their bones, and it helped rouse Evan from his mood (and lingering hangover). Having dropped Liam off in his room the other two had gone to gauge the temper of the crowd. There was plenty of loud conversation, laughter, and tankards of drink circulating through the place but Evan didn't engage in conversation with anyone... not even the pretty girls! All the better to stay anonymous. "Much better than that," he answered Ciaran, sort of grumbling as he glanced around the place. Ciaran's question though brought his eyes back to the lad and he smirked a bit. "Still not as big as yours." A joke between them as his dour expression vanished for a quick grin. Already the place was packed with a sweaty crowd and Evan had heard the 'Scrapper's name a few times. Many seemed eager to see his opponent, the famous Hercules, get pummeled... though it was clear Hercules' prowess was legendary and some doubted his winning streak would ever be broken.

Liam liked going to the end of the fourth round before taking the other boxer out for the count. The reason being the crowd had gotten enough for the violence of hits so they didn't feel they were cheated when the match didn't end too quickly.  Not too many rounds to wear himself out that if there was trouble afterwards he was already physically shot. Too many times that held true for the stranger that seemed to clean up the ring and the money.  There were exceptions to this rule and he knew he'd need to take out Hercules in the second or third round. The first was more a dance and exchange of punches. There were no gloves worn, it was bare fists. There were no real set number of rounds, it was until one man couldn't get up. Although were some rules, not many, one was not to actively try and kill the other but pretty much anything goes. It was still more street fighting than regulated. Hercules was called up first being the champion as a good portion of the crowd rose in cheers. Once he was in the ring and his showing off done, he was directed to a corner. Next the challenger was called out as the announcer promoted his skills as a newcomer. There were various reactions, as was typical, from the crowd; jeers and cheers mingled. Liam entered the ring with little aplomb. He was the unknown. The few instructions given and the two asked to politely acknowledge each other before they would begin. Liam gave a nod as dark eyes locked on the man taller than him by a few inches. The taller they were, the harder they would fall but fall they had, even bigger and taller than Hercules he so titled himself after the demigod.

Hercules moved into the ring with all the confidence of a man who had won nearly ever fight fought. He touched hands with some he passed, kissed a few women on the cheek or lips and raised his hands as he stood in the center. He sized Liam up as he was announced, then grinned at his cronies, letting him know that this would be another easy win. And he'd make sure the Scrapper remembered who was the best.

Ciar had bet a good bit of coin on his brother and was looking forward to collecting his winnings. He blinked when he saw Hercules, giving a shake of his head. "This is going to be quite a show, Evan." He nudged Evan with his elbow and pointed toward a pretty lass. "That one keeps eyeing you. And you still got the biggest head, hangover or not. I can't catch up with your ego." In spite of his seemingly careless attitude, Ciar was watching the crowd, especially taking note of the ones who had followed Hercules out of the room and were seated close to the ring.

Evan had placed several bets here and there on The Scrapper, to the surprise of some and the glee of others, all of whom believed they'd be winning big on Evan's foolishness. Too bad they didn't know Liam the way he did. Evan eyed Hercules as he entered the ring, noting his size but refusing to be impressed. "He looks like a puffed-up toad," he smirked, but was soon distracted by Ciaran's claim. Lifting his eyes he cast about the crowd until spotting the pretty lass Ciaran had mentioned. A lovely blonde who received a polite nod of greeting, paired with a bright grin from Evan. Too busy looking at her he almost didn't catch Ciaran's jibe and gave the younger man a light shove.

It was a different Liam with his shirt off. He was well proportioned and very muscular. There was another strength about him that only another fighter could smell, larger or not than himself. There was an intensity in dark eyes that held fast to stare down an opponent. Silent dark look one felt like they were being hunted by something far more ancient and deadly. He wore loose fitted pants tied off, feet bared in the sawdust and dirt beneath them. Toes dug in as if he derived strength from the ground up. The Bell went off with a loud DING as all eyes were plastered to the ring and the two fighters within. Liam was swift on his feet as he slowly circled this Hercules. Fists were kept close in a way they would shoot to block or launch a punch. He knew not to let this man land any well placed shots. All his senses were alive in a way that anyone watching him could feel it like an electrical current in the air. He would wait for the man to throw punches that he would dodge enough, wear him out some first. The crowd would want physical contact so would only put up with so many swings of Hercules missing the other. All kinds of comments would be yelled out about pussy footing and worse.

Hercules was a man with very little fat on his body though perhaps he was starting to show some around his middle. He offered Liam a cold smile, showing that one tooth was missing. Keeping his eyes on Liam's, the grin changed to a snarl, one that would disappear as soon as that bell rang. He feigned a punch, then led in with his left, aiming for Liam's face. Below the belt would come next, even if he missed. He knew the crowd would want blood and he meant to give it to them before he knocked the man out in the second round.

Ciar laughed as he took a step from the push then he turned his attention to the ring. The crowd was starting their calls even before the bell was rung and when it was, they became louder. He was caught up in the action, shouting out for his brother and pretty much ignoring if any gave him dirty looks or tried to outshout him. Though it seemed like he wasn't aware, he was, and knew how close Hercules' men were. They wouldn't stop anyone from shouting but
they'd likely take note who was.

Evan took a somewhat different approach. While he watched the action avidly, he didn't shout and holler as Ciaran did. He joined in the clapping when Liam dodged a particularly hard shot but otherwise didn't draw attention to himself. That way, if he needed to come to Ciaran's OR Liam's aid later he would seem to come out of nowhere, unexpected by Hercules' cronies.

A man next to Evan jostled him with an elbow and gave Evan a bloodthirsty grin. "I think the bear is playin' with his food," said the wiry old man, clearly referring to Hercules as the bear.

Evan just smirked some, a private sort of smile to himself as he nodded agreement to the man. All the while knowing that it was the other way around. Liam was as good an entertainer as he was a fighter, and always seemed to know how to conduct the fight to the crowd's maximum satisfaction.

A few punches missed the quick moving man but then a few that should have been solid, skimmed instead. The one that shot off Liam's shoulder was followed by a quick well placed jab into Hercules' ribs before he was out of his personal space that would allow the man to get a better shot in. Sweat was starting to coat his skin that would make it harder on both's part to land solid hits unless they were absolutely accurate. As he moved back, Hercules charged, shoving at Liam to get him to the ground. It had him looking like he lost balance to go down but he was playing along. Hercules would dive as Liam angled his body just so, boxed his ears as he came down while he hooked his legs to send Hercules back over his head and onto his back as he jumped up, turning with a slam of his foot into his right shoulder blade, enough to separate the bone and make it hard for his right punch to land any good hits. All this in a blur of a moment before he stepped back. If it had been Hercules, he would have gone in to try and finish him off instead of giving the other the respect of a good fight.

When he charged, Hercules let out a roar that near shook the rafters, and within seconds found himself on his back. He had missed shots that he shouldn't have because his opponent was faster than expected, his ears were ringing and he was starting to see red. Not from blood but from anger. He was back up, shaking his head to clear it. A step into Liam and he gave him a sliding blow to his head, followed by a left to his ribs. Now that he had landed a blow he was feeling a little better but this man was more skilled then expected.

Ciar let out a shot when Liam took Hercules down, grabbing Evan's arm and pointing. He let out another shout as the giant got up, then winced when he got a good hit in. "C'mon! You can take 'im!" He yelled out, much to the delight of the lass near them who was rewarded with a bright grin.

There was a universal intake of breath and chorus of groans when Liam unexpectedly struck a series of hard blows to the bigger man. There was cheering when Hercules got up again, but some of the cheers were for the Scrapper and for the first blows of the night. There was a palpable heat in the crowded basement, both from the mass of bodies present there and from their bloodthirsty attitudes. Evan watched just as closely as Ciaran did, grimacing when Liam got a nice wallop to the head. "I'm gonna get closer," he shouted to Ciaran over the din, and started the laborious process of pushing his way through the crowd in order to stand closer to the ring itself.

He had taken worse but it opened up the cut barely healed over his eye from a week ago. Blood was flowing making it look worse than it was. This was where one of his lesser known skills was used. He hook his head to clear it then sped around coming up into a roundhouse kick to the man's stomach. His lower leg snapping out in contact then back in so fast it would never be grabbed. The impact should put Hercules into the ropes behind him if not on the ground. Problem was, the DING sounded ending the round as soon as his kick landed. It didn't feel like the usual amount of time. He was over to his corner to splash water on his face to clear his head the rest of the way. A drink of water to wash his mouth out as he spitted out blood into the second bucket.



Date: 01-25-10
Poster: Liam David Quinn
Post # 10

The sight of blood was enough to cause Hercules to grin and it made him overly confident though he didn't expect what happened next. He felt the impact into his chest and grunted loudly. A moment later his arms were hanging over the ropes, and he was almost slouching. Shaking his head, he rubbed his chest as he stood, then spit. "Pansy kick." As if the insult made up for the blow. He wouldn't admit it bloody well hurt. He was over to his corner where
his cronies talked him up, while he took a drink of water and whiskey.

Closer? Good idea though he decided to take a stand a short distance away. He was doing less watching of the fight and more watching of the crowd, having a feeling there were going to be a lot of unhappy people around. "Doing good, Scrapper!" He didn't use his brother's name.  Let him keep that mystery about him.

Head wounds tended to bleed profusely so Evan wasn't overly concerned, nonetheless, he made his way through the crowd till he reached Liam's corner. A towel pulled from his vest and shoved through the ropes for Liam to use to mop up the cut. Blood in the eyes wasn't good for fighting either. He shoved his hand in his pockets then so fewer people might notice the exchange. "Aye Scrapper. He knows your mettle now, keep him scared."  Said that only loud enough so Liam would hear it before he was stepping back and clapping along with the rest as they awaited the next bell.

He took the towel to mop over his face, pressing the cloth into the cut to stop the bleeding enough it would not be a nuisance. Barely done and the bell went off. He was up tossing the towel aside with the red stain against white as he came out into the ring refreshed. This time he was the aggressor, moving quickly inside Hercules personal space to administer a barrage of punches, most cutting into the man's ribs while he took account of scars and old bruised areas where the skin remained darker. He would suffer some hits back but he got in one shot to Hercules' right eye to have it swelling up fast with a nice cut above. Half way through the first round, Roth Higgins had wheeled in his brother and partner, Derry. Two men in their fifties that had sons in the crowd betting and watching. There were a few more of their secret service men, or so such hired that worked for them and brought in here tonight.

Hercules expected the man to step up his attacks. They usually did. He kept his hands up, trying to avoid as many of the blows as he could but the smaller man was quick. He felt a cut re-open as he threw a few wild punches, then that one caught him right in the eye. It would make it harder for him to see and he tried grabbing the man into a headlock. Maybe he could get a few blows into that pretty face.

The crowd was getting louder now as there was more to this fight then any other. It could go either way but when Liam landed that blow to the eye, Ciar let out a war whoop that would have done their family back home proud. He even caused a few blokes to step back from him!

Evan couldn't help but snicker as he heard Ciaran's whoop over the noises of the others between them. He felt like cheering himself but restricted himself to some non-specific shouts every once in awhile. He was watching the fight with interest but also looked around occasionally, sizing up the men who were clearly Hercules' entourage. There was a shift in the crowd when Liam began to show his true skills, lots of muttering, some angry, some excited. And some looking like they were starting to regret their bets.

Roth and Derry spoke low in conversation as they watched from the back. Their presence would get Hercules' henchmen nervous and more if they knew of the secret service men they had hired that mingled in the crowd. They were dressed as ordinary working men from the docks of which many were that came here. There was blood on both men at this point. The sweat more profuse as Liam's mind set on one thing only, that ancient call of survival that lent strength when it seemed all was lost. The two went at it again, only leaving more blood on each other, more cuts to bleed, bruises forming. Liam's handsome face was not taking the brunt of it like Hercules would hope, although he got in a good head shot right into the man's left ear that should have a sharp pain shoot through the man's head. He would know and feel it but the crowd would not see any damage. The DING sounded of the bell already as Liam headed back for his corner for more of the water and towel to wipe his face with.

Hercules roared like a wounded bull as he waded into the fight. Blows falling on both men though the ones hitting him were doing more damage. He was becoming more and more infuriated. He let out another roar when the bell rang, shaking his head as he made his way back to the corner. Blood and sweat mingled to run down and obscure his vision as he took the water and dumped it over his head. His swollen eye didn't do anything for his appearance except make him look less dangerous.

Hercules was beginning to look like a bloat fish, no wonder he had to pay the women to be around him!

He calmed a bit as the fight became more intense, with no more war whoops or taunts. He knew it was nearing the end of the fight, could almost sense it and this would be when the crowd would get ugly if they were of a mind to take their losing out of Liam's hide. He glanced around for Evan, then gave Liam a thumbs up, then he started to study some of the angrier patrons.

Meanwhile the lovely blonde from earlier had sniffed Evan out and sidled up to his side, attempting to engage him in conversation. Evan gave her a somewhat distracted smile but his usually-deadly charms were disengaged at the moment, as he concentrated on the fight. But the girl wouldn't be dissuaded and continued her attentions, running a hand along his arm, purring queries into his ear. Evan didn't put his usual effort into it but he didn't exactly discourage her either... hey, he was still a guy. So between glancing at her, and glancing up into the ring he didn't catch Ciaran's eye.

Evan was going to earn the nickname of Casanova! DING went the bell. Liam knew it was now or never to take Hercules down. He wanted it more a knock out then wear out as the favor would be in Hercules corner. He thought of his lost little sister and somehow that fueled him in a way that few had to grip onto and use the power of emotion it elicit. Dark eyes were seeing red and not from any blood oozing into them. No playing around and that could be seen by anyone watching the Scrapper in the height of his glory. He moved fast and precise. The shoulder first hit harder that he somewhat separated before. The rib with the small scar was hit right over it that ones could hear the crack close enough to the ring. He knew Hercules would retaliate by slamming his head into his so in that moment that he had the opportunity he stepped back instead of staying (as would be expected) to land punches to the man's kidneys. As Hercules' head snapped down, it was met with a forceful upper right cut into his jaw. A hit that had the man's teeth snap and crack, sweat flew off his hair and face in a spray as it straightened the man up with the force. Liam stepped back two paces and waited to see the result of his measured hits.

Hercules managed to dance forward, still seeming ready to continue and he was! Until those blows began, faster than the big man could stop. He was in a lot of pain from the first two hits and so angry now he couldn't even hear the roar of the crowd. As he tried to slam his head into his opponent's, that next blow landed. Once he straightened, he stood there for a long time. The crowd fell silent as they watched and then ... Hercules' eyes rolled up into his head and he fell face forward with a poof of dust and sand to rise up as his body hit the platform. Those watching just stared in amazement then the warehouse erupted with shouts. Even those who had bet for Hercules were yelling for Liam though they'd be cursing him later. Especially those whose wives were expected their paychecks.

Ciar was actually wincing for the big man as Liam landed blow after blow. He blinked in confusion when Liam stepped back and Hercules just stood there! But when he fell face forward, Ciar let out another whoop. He grabbed a woman near him by the waist and spun her around, having her laughing as he released her. Now he sought out Evan. They'd have some good coin but they would need to back up their brother once he left the warehouse.

Abandoning the neutral persona, Evan started hollering along with everyone else! It had been an excellent fight and Liam left unscathed in comparison to the felled giant. The blonde next to him suddenly gave him a celebratory kiss, then spun off, leaving him with a rather satisfied grin. That was enough of that though, as he started moving around and collecting on his bets. He went quickly, wanting to meet Ciaran and then Liam at the door as soon as he could to avoid any trouble.

The intimidating man standing near Roth was spoken to, not that anyone could hear as the man nodded then disappeared. Roth then wheeled out his brother through another door as the man delegating the fight moved over to Liam to raise his arm, announcing him the winner and handing him the hefty pouch. One that contained 1500 pounds. This was a lot bigger match than any of the others. It was a mixed crowd in the response, hard to say who had the edge, the new Scrapper whose name was being shouted or the long time king of the ring, Hercules. The question of a rematch already taunted as Liam thanked them all in his quiet way then moved out of the ring with a guard escorting him quickly to his room. He notice Evan followed him to the door as a means of protection too. A house guard and the one that escorted him then stationed to keep anyone from following the man within. Any there that had a notion of robbing Liam, or attempting it, knew it would have to be once he left the building.
On orders the house guard then stepped within to exchange a few words with Liam and a key. A means to thwart anyone with ideas by using a locked side door he could gain from his room. It could be a setup, but Liam didn't think so as he asked the guard to find the two men with him which he precisely described to have them come to his room. The guard motioned to another guard and which men were pointed out, so both Ciaran and Evan would have a man approaching them and pointing to where the other guard was to the room Liam was in. In the meantime, the crowd was getting more unruly as a few other fights broke out over the winner and the loser, ones to either side that had been exchanging words, fighting words. Hercules was removed by the one delegating the match along with two of his helpers. He would be brought to his room and a doctor to see to him in bringing him around. Hercules' men didn't stay around, no, they had already left the building to station themselves in a shadowed alley that most likely Liam would be taking for they had watched the route he'd taken after the last match.

By the time Ciar had collected his bets, the man sent to find him, had. With his pockets filled and his mood good, Ciar followed the guard to the door. He was sure if Evan was around, he'd be joining them. Once he stepped inside, he was over to carefully clap a hand to his brother's shoulder. "I've never seen the like, Liam. You did an amazing job. We're going to have to be careful though. Lot of unhappy people out there." And now that he could check his brother's face, he grimaced. "You look like you've been in three fights."

Evan finished up his final 'transaction' and then followed the guard into the back. He glanced around once more but didn't see any of Hercules' henchmen still around... not surprising. Then he ducked into Liam's room and once the door shut behind him, stepped up to his blood-brothers, grinning broadly. "Good show Liam! That ugly giant won't forget you any time soon," if only he knew that his words were prophetic! But his tone was light. He became more serious as he went on. "Hercules' toadies are already gone, probably waiting outside to give you their regards." He poured some water on a fresh towel then tossed it towards Liam so he could clean himself up some before they went.

"Just some cuts and bruises," knowing well he would mend in a week or two. "No broken bones nor nose. I get to keep my looks for another match." Although it would hurt to grin for the reopened split in his lip. That too was bleeding. "I can hear, even disgruntled they got a match they could only dream of happening." He knew Hercules' reputation. Pulling his jacket on and putting the money well hidden on his person. "You'll need to guard well the coins you won tonight as well possibly your lives. I think the owners of this warehouse and ring decided there is something afoot," as he showed the key mostly in Evan's direction for his words. "Another way out, could be a trap but I suspect not. I do suspect they figured there would be some disgruntled." Which was an understatement. With those words he started them off through a back hall that led to door on the other side of the warehouse from where the usual entry was. The key unlocked it which he left inside on a ledge like the man asked. Once they were outside, it would lock behind them. They still needed to go down the usual alleyway as he pulled down his cap and flipped up the collar of his cloak. They could hear the various groups lingering out in the snowy night just around the corner where the main doors were. Most of the regular folk had already headed home.

Ciarán became more solemn with Liam's words. "Aye, I've taken care of that." He had hidden his money as well. He adjusted his cloak, then gave a nod. He was ready as he could be. Outside, his eyes were moving constantly, watching the shadows, and even above to the roof of the buildings. He knew well enough how this could go. There were a few still yelling at one another, but so far no one was swinging fists. Of course, that could change with the drop of a hat.

Evan had his money well hidden too, not in an inner pocket or beneath his shirt, but somewhere only the ladies might find IF he got that lucky. He doubted that was the sort of attention he'd get tonight though. He nodded to Liam's words, pulled on his coat and headed out into the night with them. It was bitter cold but he kept his hands out of his pockets, swinging freely just in case he needed a quick fist. The moment they were out he was on his guard, flanking Liam's other side to keep him between himself and Ciaran.

Date: 01-25-10
Poster: Liam David Quinn
Post # 11


Liam had come into the boxing match alone so it was assumed he would leave alone as he did last match. Although some had the sense to know that if he could take down Hercules, there was not one amongst them that could take down the Scrapper. Not one, not even five but maybe eight or more would survive a taking him down. Even that was questionable so they grumbled amongst themselves for the money they lost. They would soon grow tired of waiting, figuring the man got some sense and would stay in the place the night or steal away later on. Whichever, they would be late getting home if they lingered much longer and wives would be doubly upset. Hood up, head bent against the snow storm, Liam glanced to his brothers as the three were quickly moving off much like any of the others, moving into the street where tracks followed behind groups. Groups behind them that had finally started home. Blending in until the alley was reached that would take them to the edge of town where they stayed.

Ciar was quiet as they walked, watching some of those who were standing around from the shadow of the brim of his hat. He glanced at his brothers then quickly resumed his studying of the way ahead. His nerves were on edge, nearly tingling with that strange sensation one gets of being watched when in certain situations. His hand dropped to the hilt of his hunting knife, more out of habit than anything else.

Evan was walking with a carefree gait by all appearances, but his brow was lightly crinkled as he allowed his eyes to roam this way and that. No trouble yet, but having stepped outside expecting to walk into a fight, that almost made it worse. He was feeling the tension too and as they walked with long strides down that alley, he was ready for anything.


A few minutes after they turned down the alley, so had four men. There was three of them, Liam could take on four himself so he was not overly worried. Still he kept a good pace with his brothers for avoided fights were always the best fights. Except when one needed that physical release. There were times. The real trouble didn't show itself until they were about three quarters through the alleyway that intersected with a larger street. One that would eventually lead to where they stayed. Five more stepped out into that area to block them off from reaching the main street, coming in far enough that any guards, if they were out on a night like this, wouldn't see them from the main street. One had a club, the others had knives. The glint of steel picked up by stray light. Liam came to a halt, seizing them up as he gave one warning, "best be out of our way." Which the big stub nosed one, named Owen, laughed at as the five started to circle in on them, the ones behind of course would be catching up to help their buddies. "We're not only going to get all your coins, we're going to get a piece of you and your company." Owen taunted not knowing who the two were with the Scrapper.

Now he understood the reason for the feelings. He kept pace with Liam and Evan, stopping when Liam did. He tipped his head slightly, a half smile showing at the sight of knives. Might have them thinking he was a touch crazy. "Now that's not very nice. After all, he won fair and square. Pounded the mighty Hercules right into the ground, didn't he?" While he spoke, he moved his cloak back so he could reach his knives with little trouble.

Evan kept silent as the jeers were exchanged, knowing that even the cleverest retorts wouldn't dissuade these men from beating them into a bloody pulp. Or trying to. If Evan had anything to say about it, they'd be the ones getting bloody tonight. He just stood there, shoulder to shoulder with the others and eyes narrowed as he looked at the five ahead, then glanced briefly over his shoulder to the ones coming up. His hand slid beneath his cloak to take hold of the knife hidden there.

Most of them were holding back because they were afraid. It took Owen to charge forward before any of them got the nerve. He came in swinging his club for Liam's head which Liam easily ducked and spun around him while landing a well placed elbow shot into the back of his spine. The kind that had the one bend backwards in a yell of pain. Three from behind went after Evan while the other one with two from Owen's group went after Ciaran, leaving the three biggest of the small mob go after Liam. Owen's two buddies stuck with his friend as he slashed a knife that put a new parting in the front of Liam's cloak but no skin did it touch or even the underclothing as the man got a right hook in a fisted knuckle kiss. It knocked the man back a few steps as well his hat to fly off. Owen's other buddy came charging Liam which he promptly ducked down in a barrel roll to have the man go flying into the first buddy instead.

Ciar pulled off his hat and tossed it at one man, his cloak going at the other and over his head. By the time one had finished ducking, and the other was stumbling about trying to get the cloak off his head, Ciar was facing the other with hunting knives in either hand. The grin had faded to be replaced with a near expressionless look. He dodged two swings from the man's knife, then cut his arm with one of his own. The second man came in from behind, grabbing the younger Quinn by the arm. A quick slash had that one releasing him but then the third was coming for him. He was a bit slower than his friends but that didn't keep him from trying to tackle Ciar who sidestepped and was actually surprised when that one plowed into his first attacker. He would have laughed if there were time.

The running footsteps from behind were the only indication of what happened next, and Evan spun around just barely in time to meet his first of three attackers. Luckily, he'd swung his elbow up and it met with the first man's throat, causing him to grunt and gasp and go to a knee, clutching a near-crushed windpipe. Now Evan was facing two attackers at once and he held his knife in his left, his right hand curled into a fist that caught one of the men in the stomach. Not a killing blow but enough to get him out of the way for a few moments as Evan faced off with the other, who also had a knife. A quick slash missed his opponent's chest; the other man's blade sliced into his shirt but Evan managed to jump back before it caused any real damage.

One left the attack on Ciaran to grab Liam from the behind as he turned to face off the other two larger males. They had designated themselves to put down Liam for their size. Both were around six foot six inches." Except it wasn't really in their favor as they had hoped. After all, Liam had taken down Hercules who was that height and a far better fighter. As the man pinned his arms., he used him for leverage as the other came charging in and ran into a snap kick to his groin. That put that one out, doubled over and rolling in the snow holding his nuts. It caused the man holding him to stumble backwards as Owen swung his club, missing the straight impact but catching a glancing shot, enough to have Liam see stars when there were none out tonight. Just as he was falling backwards onto the other man and trying to keep a hold of consciousness, a dozen more men showed up, five down the alley and seven in from the street they were just up from.

Ciar could see Liam was in trouble but he though the man who crashed into the other also managed to knock himself out on a barrel, the other two were circling him. He managed to keep them back by dodging and weaving. He hissed once as the larger of the two sliced his favorite shirt and kicked out, connecting with his abdomen. The second charged in, causing Ciar to lose one of his knives as he tackled him. They both went down and Ciar got the man back off him with a quick slice. By then those extra men were coming into the alley. He cursed as he backed up against a wall and glanced at Liam again, trying to figure out how he could get to him but the men came at him again.

The man he'd punched in the stomach was back while Evan was avoiding the other's knife, a wildly swung fist connecting with Evan's temple from out of nowhere. A couple of rapid blinks to banish the daze and he rewarded the man with a fist to the jaw. This one had no knife but he was a strong, almost feral fighter and Evan was kept busy. A couple blows landed but the ones Evan landed were fiercer, and the man fell back a step, staggering from a hit to his already-sore stomach. Evan kicked him in the ribcage stoutly to finish him off at least for this moment and the man fell back onto the snowy cobblestones. He chanced a glance over his shoulder and his stomach twisted when he saw Liam sagging and his head bleeding again. Evan would have cursed but there was no time because he'd momentarily lost track of the third man with the knife - who now showed up with a vengeance, catching Evan with a slash across his side, from his back to his hip. Evan felt the bite of the blade with searing pain but swirled to meet his attacker, charging forward for a nasty swipe to the man's arm. Still sparring this one he noted the others coming out of the corner of his eye - many of them, far too many for them to take on his own. He swore aloud, casting the quickest of glances to Ciaran and then Liam but all he could do was keep fighting for his life against the one with the mean blade.

The one heading the other group was quick to grab Owen by the shoulder and yank him back. "Best you boys get yourselves home for Roth and Derry will be wanting to speak to you in the morning." Owen let out a spew of curses, not having counted the men with Morris and swung his club at him in a deadly blow, except it was stopped by a gunshot from a flintlock held by the man next to Morris. Owen took two steps and stumbled, club falling to the ground with him following it. Red splattered on white. The rest of Owen's men, stopped what they were doing and ran off, those that could. A few were incapable of running. "Scrapper, you and your boys get home and get some rest, Roth and Derrry would like to talk to you tomorrow, they've a proposition of a kind that can make you wealthy if you take it." Morris' men were over to get the rest of Owen's men to their feet and to a physician if requiring it. Owen's body was dragged off as well before Morris turned back on the three. "Do any of you have need of a physician? I'll have one sent to where you're staying."

Liam had shook off the edges of unconscious to bring himself back like he had so many times before. Vision was a little blurry at first but he could see. What happened next went in a fast pace, first he thought he had brought his brothers to their doom along with himself. Although he was cocky enough to believe the three of them would get out of this fight alive even if beaten up pretty good. Next he knew Owen was being pulled off from coming at him again and tried to turn on the one changing his drive. Next he was dead. Liam had made it to his feet as the others that could stand, ran off. Realizing then these were Roth and Derrry's men. A hand lifted as the back was pressed up against his lip trying to stop the blood. "I'm all right," but now worried on his brothers as he turned a keen assessing eye their way.

One of the two men spit at Ciar before he and the other ran off. The younger Quinn was breathing hard, hand pressed to his side but he just shook his head at the man's question, answering tersely. "I'm fine." He was around to collect his cloak, hat and the knife he had dropped, pulling the cloak on a little too quickly. "Thanks." He was over to check Liam, shaking his head. "That lip ain't never gonna heal." What he wanted right now was to get out of there. At least he hadn't lost one coin of his winnings.

Evan and his attacker had both made cuts into each other, neither giving ground and who knew what might have happened if the tides had not suddenly turned. Resigning himself to a hard fight to the finish, Evan glanced up, waiting to see which of the new men would charge them next.... and then a shot rang out, the ringleader fell and suddenly the others were scurrying away like rats in the dark. Evan blinked a couple of times to absorb what happened. And then a rush of gratitude as he realized those new men were on their side. Still holding his bloodied knife in one hand, his other hand pressed against the gash in his side as he moved closer to his blood-brothers, first thought in mind being to check on them. "Both of you alright?" At first glance they seemed to be which was a relief.

There were some people that liked Liam and this was the result of that. Good thing he had such a personality and made friends with the right ones. The elder, Derry, had gotten himself in a predicament getting into the warehouse one day, wheel got stuck in a loose grid when Liam came upon him and helped him out. Just did it, no hesitation and no prejudice of his condition. The two shared some tales over coffee before Liam had to meet his first match. It was one of the reasons he was being watched in how he did and progressed so quickly. "Thank you for the offer and I'll be by to see Roth and Derry soon as I can." He would need to heal some and cool down which was understandable.

Morris nodded his head as he looked between them, didn't matter if he believed them or not and just that edge he knew they were hurt but not the kind that whined for a bruise or some blood. "Have a good night then," as he turned, two men left behind with him as they headed up the alleyway that would take them back to the warehouse and report the evening to Roth and Derry. There was a dead body for it but enough witnesses that it was a defensive measure that was taken. One less bit of garbage to worry on in the days to come. Liam would find by the time he saw the brothers, they had sent Hercules and his cronies on their way.

Ciar didn't trust anyone but his brothers to take care of any wounds. He offered Evan a grin though in spite of the cut across his chest. "About as good as you." The cut wasn't deep and would just add to the scars he had already.  "Good night." He watched the men walked away then looked at Liam. "I think things got shaken up quite a bit tonight, and not just with your taking Hercules down. Let's get back to the room so we can tend our wounds, have a drink,
and brag a bit." The last was a tease. By the time they cleaned up, bandaged up and settled down, they'd be ready to sleep.

He returned the grin at that. Blood was dripping between his fingers into the snow, but they were not far from their Inn, and he'd make it there alright before feeling the blood loss. He wasn't about to let some physician from Crazytown here take care of him. If his side needed stitching, he'd do it himself or get one of the other two to help. Evan wiped his blade off on his shirt, which would be ruined anyway with his own blood, then tucked the knife away and laid his hand briefly on Liam's shoulder. "We're lucky you made friends in the right places." Without Roth and Derry's men showing up... who knows what might have happened. A nod of agreement to Ciaran as he was more than ready to get out of the cold.

"The luck of the Scrapper is still holding even with a split lip." Which was nothing compared to what could happen or the other wounds they suffered. He had enough bruises for the night after the fight with Hercules. "I may consider getting a lip guard." A wry look given his brothers, "this amount of money doesn't come easily." Which was an understatement. "I want to take a look at your side soon as we get in, Evan, and hopefully we have a few bottles of the Kilbeggan left for it will come in handy for all of us." He knew how to stitch for he'd done it on himself and would tease Evan about making it into a zipper for convenience or a leaving a flower pattern that the scar would heal in. He may be beaten up this night a few times over, but he hadn't lost his bit of humor yet. He kept them talking as they headed for the Inn they stayed at and subsequently their rooms.

Date: 01-28-10
Poster: Liam David Quinn
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Rhydin Harbor

Night was cold but he was dressed against it as he headed down to the harbor to find a few games of craps. Poker, twenty-one, didn't really matter. He left a note where his brothers could find it to let them know where he could be found if they wanted. The horse left in the Inn's stables as he was on foot this evening. There was a rowdy group of men on the steps of a warehouse, one closed for the evening, the concrete used to bounce the dice against. Liam was amongst them.

The entire day had been cold but that hadn't kept Ciarán inside. He had been doing some looking around, talking to a few folks before he finally returned to the Inn. Once he checked the rooms, he warmed up with a meal and some ale before he headed out to see if he could locate Liam. He knew where most of the games were held so it didn't take too long. Not interrupting, he leaned against the nearest wall and watched.

Evan greeted Ciaran with a hand to the shoulder, coming up alongside him where he stood against the wall. Giving the younger man a slight smile, he glanced then to Liam, watching for a moment as well. Evan had been scouting around, as usual, but as usual there wasn't much useful information to be gained concerning either Fawn or Eion Quinn. A tad discouraging but these things did take time.  He'd found the note once returning to the Inn and a chat with the Innkeeper had revealed Ciaran had been by, and headed out as well.

He finally threw the winning combo of dice to win back some of what he had lost. At least he hadn't cleaned them dry as that was not his intention tonight. They made a few bucks and would go home happier, he expended some of his mood by diverting his thoughts to the game. He caught sight of his brothers as he clapped a few of the boys on the shoulders and parted from the group to head their way. "Anything new?"

They had been searching for Fawn for several years so they weren't easily discouraged though at times Ciar wondered if they'd ever even hear something hopeful. That never lasted though. He grinned at Evan then turned to Liam as he approached. "Nothing. There are quite a few lands beyond Rhydin but I wonder if we should backtrack." It was just a suggestion but he had been going over some alternatives.

Evan nodded his greeting to Liam when he came to join them, then turned his attention over to Ciaran. Light furrowing of his brow as he asked, "Backtrack?" Ciaran couldn't mean Barbados, so Evan wasn't sure exactly where Ciaran was thinking of backtracking to.

Life kept bouncing them around in this ongoing quest. "If backtracking means going back to Barbados, not on your life. Lord Dingleberry can snuff it up for all I care and will be lucky we send word." So he stated what was probably on Evan's mind too.

Evan couldn't help but letting out a chortle, almost a snort of laughter at that.

"Okay, so not back to Barbados, but think of what he said. The man was in England and he's not. He's from Ireland. He's a Merc. He might be back there." He shrugged though Evan had him grinning again. "Like I said, it's a just a thought. We don't have any idea if he even came to this place."

"I think you've got something there." Evan cut a glance to Ciaran with a nod. "The more I'm here the less I'm thinking our man is here. Seems more likely that he's somewhere in the Isles." Meaning the British Isles, of course, which could mean England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland.

"He might be back there or he might be back in Ireland. He could be in the Colonies right now or in this hell hole fate chose to land us. He could walk into that hubbub nexus tavern tonight.  Never know. Not sure backtracking is the answer. I think we need to try staying in one place more than a couple of weeks. Or at least a couple of weeks." Most times they were getting out of a row by the skin of their teeth. Or maybe Liam was still in this brooding mood that had taken hold of him making him a bit more contrary. He pulled out the bottle of Kilbeggan as he offered it over.

"So, we sit here with our ... " He paused to look at the men who were glancing their way and shook his head as he lowered his voice. "We sit here and wait. And if nothing happens?" He knew there was no point in arguing with Liam when he got like this but he was going to anyway. "How long do we stay?" The city made him feel closed in, trapped.

Evan had that frown of thought in his brow again but he was quiet for a moment. Taking the Kilbeggan, he took a long pull, then passed it off to Ciaran. Crossing his arms he dipped his head in a posture of neutral listening. Though in truth, he was with Ciaran on this one. This city had gotten beneath his skin from the start and time had only slightly lessened the restless discomfort it provoked. But beyond selfish reasons... he just wasn't certain that there was anything for them here.

"Two more weeks. We get nothing to go on," keeping his words low as well for the few that had gotten too much of an interest. Liam stared the one down who finally gave and went back to their game of craps. "We can catch a ship if you want a ride like the last one for this time of year," wasn't the best time to sail as they found out. "Or, we can head north, east, west or south from here."

"Demmit, Liam. You know I'm not looking forward to another ship ride and if truth be told, I doubt if his lordship will do what he threatened." He took a drink of the Kilbeggan and then nodded. "Two weeks and I'll do me best to stay out of trouble but it's not easy in this place." There were more temptations than he had seen anywhere they'd been.

"We'll go on horseback." Wasn't often that Evan spoke so firmly but he would for this. He wasn't going to watch Ciar nearly die of seasickness, or be bent over the railing himself for days if it wasn't needed. "We have the horses now so there's no reason to take a ship. And I'll agree to two weeks, Liam, if you really think there still might be something here we've missed." He was frowning even as he spoke because he wasn't going to like staying here. But if that's what they compromised on so be it. His voice was kept low and even to discourage any eavesdroppers hanging around.

"Aye, so ye've finally come around to realize that. Doesn't make any sense, his threats, his contradictions but there is something behind all of it that he was willing to press the matter with us where he had no calling to bothering us at all." Taking the bottle as he hesitated tipping it, "maybe I'll get yea into a few boxing matches." Gleam in dark eyes sharpened as he lifted the bottle for a longer drink, letting the burn warm him as it went down. The bottle lowered and offered to Evan again on the downswing while the back of his hand was swiped over his mouth. "I'm much more at home on the back of a horse than a ship under me." He couldn't be sure they would find anything of use but one thing he knew is that they never stayed more than two weeks in any place since leaving the Colonies. Even there they were restless after the raid to find Fawn. Maybe they needed to stop in one place long enough? Couldn't hurt and he wasn't surprised they were having this conversation for it had been two weeks since they got here.

"I wasn't really paying much attention to his reasoning. I just wanted to get out of there with our skins intact." He chuckled. "And besides watching you argue with him was funny. I'm no boxer either." He crossed his arms over his chest and this time he frowned. "You feel awful strong about finding something here, Liam. And you've been brooding too. So are you going to share or keep us in the dark?"

Evan chuckled some at Liam's suggestion of boxing and Ciaran's reply, reaching out to take the bottle offered. A measured swig was taken from it, though it would have been easy to imbibe a huge gulp. Easy and tempting even, but tonight wasn't the night for it. So he passed it off to Ciar after the swig and then glanced back to Liam. That was a pointed question and from the way he watched his brother, it was clear he was just as curious for the answer.

"No offense but I'm not ready to share that which I'm not sure of," or at least how to put it into words. Or maybe not liking to admit it to himself and that would be doing it if he spoke it out loud. "I'm hoping it is just the season which winter always tended to have that affect on me." Maybe if they got him drunk enough it might all come out or maybe the right circumstances. It wasn't now. He may well get worse before he got better. They were going to have to be curious a bit longer.

"I've seen your dark moods and this is one of the worse." He took a drink from the bottle then handed it back to Liam. "But we both know how bluidy stubborn you can be, so I guess we don't have a choice." He rubbed at the back of his neck then looked up at the sky. "So what do we do now? It's late." He was only talking about tonight. He'd deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.

Liam's moods were contagious so it better not linger too long, or they'd see more repeat performances of Evan under the influence. Shifting against the wall where he leaned, he uncrossed his arms to slide his hands into his pockets, trying not to look as disquieted as he felt. Two more weeks here. He'd assumed since they'd been here a fortnight already that they'd be moving on soon and the thought had comforted him. The prospect of another two weeks was NOT appealing.

"No worse than any of yours Ciaran. Grouchy ole Bear." Which had a quick grin show sweeping away the other mood beneath it. A reflection on the place where they had stopped and the child thinking of him as her bear. Taking the bottle he was quick to tip it back, the smile gone in that instant. Lowered in offering to Evan again. "I think we should concentrate on hanging out at that hubbub, nexus, vortex, spider infested, beast crawling place." Which he gave a quick glance over the harbor and the lights that shown off the waters, far calmer in this cove than where the ocean crashed against rock out further. "I think we should head back and get some rest. Maybe think about where you want to head from here when the two weeks are up, or we might spend another week here making that decision." Which had his grin to return again.

"If it's another week on top of the two I am leaving." Evan spoke up rather stoutly as he took the bottle from Liam. To hell with it, he took a nice long swig and swallowed on a sigh. He'd need it if they were going back to that place Liam had specified.

"If it's another week, you'll be locking me up for being insane." He pushed off the wall and shook his head again. "So we'll concentrate on that insane place though why anyone from our time would want to step foot in there makes no sense to me." He might look for work come morning. Nothing long term, just something to keep him out of trouble. Or maybe get him into some. "And quit calling me Bear." As if that was going to stop his brothers.

"Maybe for once we'll get a break instead. Find this bloke or find something that can finally lead us to our sister. I swear, I fear at times she might not even remember or recognize us by the time we do." Which was one of the things eating at him just as much as never finding her. "Maybe they wont but maybe we'll gain some information on where to go. He was up and starting on the way back, "maybe stop at the cafe." Thinking on the line of more of those doughnuts and coffee.

A short distance out from the main docks came the clicks and whirrs from a pod of dolphins - their splashing frequent and playful as they breached in succession. To anyone who noticed they looked sleek and shadowed by the moonlight.

Liam paused hearing a sound of a like he had not in some time. Dark eyes adjusted to the low light the area offered as he could distinguish where the waters were disturbed and those clicking sounds. "Hey, look over there," certainly a nice diversion from heavier thoughts.

"She'll remember you." Evan said in simple reassurance to both of them. It was something he believed truly. Pushing off from the wall he followed Liam's gaze and his lips quirked upward at the sight. Certainly a nice touch in this otherwise (in his opinion) dank and depressing city.

"You can stop there. I'm for bed." The thought that Fawn might not remember them was suddenly depressing Ciarán now. "Eh, it's fish." He shoved his hands in his pockets, stubbornly looking down the streets. Liam had his dark moods but so did Ciar.

Dorsal fin. Dorsal fin. The silhouette of a woman. Dorsal fin. A few sharp clicks followed by a series of questioning whistles. Silence.  And then, a moment later soft laughter, like water from a rusty tap. "Shhh, they'll hear us."

Blink, blink. Had he just seen... nah. He must be tired too. He turned his gaze away from the dolphins and caught Ciar's scowl. "You two can ruckus. Think I'll find a nice quiet pub somewhere for a nightcap." There were times when he needed solitude and this was one of them.

There were several people coming down the street. Drums beating the air. And Addy was dancing, almost so slow and primal how her hips and body moved. But the light show, the shadow's and glimmer's of light that touched her flesh from the light show that was happening as the people had chains whipping in the air. Crossing, pinwheeling in the air. They never stopped from circling around the body of dancer's. Yup trying to pull people in.

"They're mammals, not fish and they're intelligent." Nudging his brother's shoulder with his. "I might get into a good ruckus with you both. Just don't aim for me lip." One that had been split too many times of late for the fights that found them. Fights in the boxing ring as well others. "Another night, if I weren't so tired," he might well had gone down to see what transpired in the waters. They were being surrounded but the group of craps players were up with some heading down to where a mermaid might well be while the others started whistling at the dancer coming down the street. She could expect lewd remarks from them too.

And she was use to it as her body bent back, flame crossing before her bend back in pinwheel touching almost against her flesh as it spun and was brought up almost behind her head. Not that she care, she was doing what she loved. And that was the fire dance. Slowly rising back up, the fire wheel spinning down her back and unlocked with a twist of her wrist. Coming behind her and making the flow of wing's whispering in the air.

A hand came to grasp against Evan's shoulder, "I'm on my way to such a place." Which he darted ahead, even took a turn about to watch the fire dancer but then he was on his way for he could loiter no longer.

He seemed to be shaking his head again, and with a shrug to Evan, he started down the street to follow Liam. Though he hadn't decided if he was going to find a drink or go straight on to the inn.

No mermaids here thankyouverymuch. Cyre had secured a hold on a rope hanging from a nearby ship, wrapping it twice around her wrist and bobbing rhythmically with the tide. Two dolphins emerged nearby and questioned her with a few more clicks. She cautioned her friends again though this time silently with a finger to her lips.

Evan was caught up in watching the dancers, most particularly the one in the center but Liam's hand on his shoulder brought him back. A nod as he headed with the other two away from the docks. He'd separate off before they got to their Inn and slip off to find a pub, possibly not returning until the wee hours and none too sober. But that's what they got for keeping him here another two weeks... get used to it.



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Rhydin Tavern

Liam wasn't in the mood for those loud metal beasts nor the smell of that future nexus. He had scouted around the streets of Rhydin Metropolis and discovered there were a number of other taverns, pubs and Inns all waiting to be explored. Not needing to ride for one being close to where they rented their rooms, he headed there in the company of his brothers. "Horace is the tender's name, rugged old sailor whose sailing days are over. He's got tattoos everywhere, probably over his whole body not that I'd want so see no matter how fine the artwork is. I'll leave that to the ladies that can endure his rounded belly, bald pate and pepper gray beard to  make up for none on his head. Or as he said, was the hair that fell off his head and rooted along his jaw. Rum will probably forever permeate his skin but he's a right jolly sort and full of tales. Tales of the sea and long ago heroes. Many unbelievable they are so vivid and larger than life but the telling of them entertaining knowing they are based in some truth." Filling in his brothers as they headed up one street, turned down another, then up half a block where the old sign swung outside.

"When did you find it and why didn't share it before?" He had been avoiding the other because of the same reasons. And the smell that the metal beasts, though fascinating, gave him a headache. He brushed his hair back from his eyes as he studied the building. Now this was more like home! "How's the drink?"

Liam's description of the old sailor-turned-Innkeeper had Evan smirking, though his usual easy laughter didn't make an appearance. Still being here meant that he was still out of sorts, though he hadn't said a word about it, knowing that Liam was determined to finish out the two weeks. Hands in pockets as they walked along, his eyes moved around their surrounds quickly, watching for the unexpected danger that seemed to pop out of corners left and right here. Coming to a stop before the tavern door he was happy to see that it had a more familiar appearance, at least.

"Didn't find it until the other day on my late night walk. Drink and food is good here, the man has a cook. After our last conversation I decided to appease my brothers some, as I could, while being here." He felt like he shouldered a lot, even down to making things the best under the circumstances for his friend and brother alike. There was a slight shrug of a shoulder. "If the other is a hubbub of information, I don't see why this one might just as well if not better being it is not doused in future times which may well hold off any from ours to go there to start." A fisted hand came in a nudge against Evan's shoulder, no words, but a statement that this was better being in their own time. A c'mon cut me a break. Laughing next as he shot ahead going up the steps to the porch then to the door. No serving window here, all was inside where it had a rustic appeal and clean. Small buckets of peanuts on the tables and bar, shells crunched on the floor mingled with sawdust and hay. A large hearth to one end of the room had a roaring fire going that kept the whole place toasty warm.

He rubbed his hands together at mention of the food and drink, then chuckled. "You're too good to us, Liam, but you don't need to coddle me. Even if Evan needs comforting." He smirked at Evan, ready to dance out of the way though once he was inside, the grin grew. "Now, this is more like it. Evenin' keep!" He greeted the man. "Three pints of your best ale, if you would sir." He'd pay for the first round. "Got me a part time job for while we're here." And if he returned in the future.

The bop to his shoulder had him glancing to Liam with a quick smile, half sheepish. He knew he was being a grump but just couldn't help it. He answered to Ciaran's smarmy comment, "I don't need comforting, I just need a drink." A swat to cuff Ciar's neck but the touch was light as he stepped inside. Ahhh.... indeed it was a comfort, the ambiance in here and it helped him to relax a little bit straightaway. A nod given in greeting to the tender, along with a curious gaze after all Liam had told them about the man... then he'd find them a table somewhere midway to the hearth. "What sort of job?" He asked Ciar.

"And a bottle of Kilbeggan," here there was service as Horace had a few barmaids that in a few minutes one came over with the tray, three pints and a bottle of Kilbeggan. Her smile was sweet, the peasant style blouse offering the three a good view; the brothers having settled at the table before her arrival. "Aye, what part time job," his was going well, doing some fights and training some good fighters for Roth and Derry to take over once he was on his way. Where to and when, still hung out there in the unknown. He paid for the bottle of Kilbeggan as he set coins on the tray to cover that, leaving his brother with the treat of the pints.

"Accompanying a man while he collects payments. Me and another." He gave a roll of his shoulders in a shrug. It's not every day, but when I do it, it's good money." His grin reappeared. "I just have to stand there and look intimidating so no one steals his money." He had a good enough scowl for it at least. "Thank you, lass." He added a few more coins for a tip along with a wink then he looked at his brothers. "Easy work except we walk all over Old Town. And it gives me a bit of something to do other than hang out on the corners." And end up in a fight or two.

Evan found a smile for the barmaid, watching her for a moment when she bent over to deliver their tray, and he added on his own request for some bread and cheese for them to snack on while they talked. He'd eat it even if they didn't want it. A few coins given to pay for it, and a couple extra to tip the lass, he winked briefly at the girl then reached for the Kilbeggan. Pouring himself a shot he spoke up, "I've found a job too." The beverage poured, he took a swig then set down the glass to continue, "I found a carpenter who needed help with some of the more old-style handiwork that he can't do with all his machines. Apparently they don't know how to do simple repairs on their own anymore... anyway, I helped him fix up an old cabinet and he gave me a job." Evan had always been handy with carpentry and woodworking though it wasn't a skill he'd used often in their recent endeavors. It felt good to work with his hands again though, and helped take his mind off other matters.

"Steal his money or more likely not beat him up. Tax collectors or loan collectors?" Considering the last spoken on, "what is the Old Town like?" Being he had been investigating this part of the metropolis while Evan wandered other parts. This way the three covered more territory and chance of finding any information needed. Still anything relevant to their cause seemed to avoid them. "Carpentry, good to see you using your skills Evan, while here." Same for him with the boxing, it was while they were here. Places were always temporary as they never stayed long enough.

"Loans, though I checked them out. They're not sharks and don't overcharge. Don't threaten those that can't pay unless they're so far behind they have to take the item to get back their costs. Willing to work with them too." He looked thoughtful. "It's not too bad. Real mix too of cultures and people but they pretty much get along. Few trouble makers here and there like any city. Parts of it remind me of Williamsburg. Other parts are primitive. I saw wattle and mud huts in another section. They don't like the modern folks at all there." He scratched at his chin. "None of those bright lights or metal monsters anywhere. I didn't investigate any inns or taverns." He paused as the serving maid brought the food. "I'm content to stay in this part as much as possible."

Evan nodded to Liam, taking another swig of ale before their food was put on the table. Reaching out to grab a hunk of bread, he was content to just munch, drink and listen while the brothers talked. Like they he didn't have much to contribute in the way of information. All queries were met with blank looks or dead ends.

Thumping her boots against a post of the tavern porch, knocking off snow from her boots. A good shake of one foot to get the rest off. Her body turned to head to the door and head on inside. A smile forming under the brightly  colored scarf wrapped several times around her neck. The knit hat on her head was pulled off. Shaking out the pink strand's, pulling the scarf down from her mouth to take a breath of the tavern air. The teen's blues went to scanning the room. Didn't see any of her people here, so they haven't hit this place up yet. Gloves were stuffed in her pockets of her long jacket as well as her hat. "Brrrr.." Rubbing her hand's together, she was quick over to the hearth to get warmed.

"Bless them then for that is a rarity. They probably get swamped for loans and probably many they have to repossess the item." Least of what he knew how things went when a person had a kind heart, they got taken advantage of. The mention of Williamsburg brought a slight frown, it seemed a lifetime ago since they were there, when life was good and their family alive. It also reminded him, which seemed to be a daily thing, that Fawn was still missing, out there in who knew what condition if alive. He still wanted to believe she was alive until he learned differently, stuck to that notion stubbornly. He reached for some of the bread and cheese being the barmaid had brought enough. Horace, the old sailor retired to tender was keeping an eye on their drinks, checking that they were kept up with.

Ciarán thought of Fawn often enough. It had bothered him that they hadn't taken her along that day, even though they had promised to in the future. He knew it was foolish to think that way but he couldn't help that what if. He nodded at the lass who entered then reached for a piece of the cheese. "So, we've each found something to keep us busy. I did learn of some Quinns that live here but they never heard of the one we're looking for."

With the door opening it sent a rush of cold air to be swallowed up by the heat given off in the hearth. Liam glanced in that direction to notice the young girl with a slight nod of his head before he stuffed his mouth with bread and cheese, washing it down with the ale. A tumbler filled with the Kilbeggan followed in a kicking back of the more fiery brew.

Evan had his own ghosts to haunt him, though the thought of Fawn helped keep him going too... that hope that somehow she had survived when so many others had not. A glance to the door when the cold wind lifted his hair, he gave his own nod and brief smile to the lass then took another gulp of ale. Liam had been right, the drink and food was good here. "Yours is a big clan, doesn't surprise me that there's some Quinns even here." Though the fact that they hadn't heard Eion's name was too bad.

Hand lifted to wiggle fingers at the men nodding to her. Even a smile crept onto her cupid lips. And flip side time, she turned the other side to warm it up. Fingers already starting to unbutton the many buttons down her jacket. A brown skirt peeking out from it.

Mariah had been adventurous in expanding her horizons. The other tavern had given her the creeps with the dark shadowed males that had occupied it. She was not one looking for a male nor drawn to such darkened souls. She didn't get quite that far when she averted her stallion to this other tavern in the hopes there were no strange contraptions either. So far, so good, as it was carts and horses in the streets and nothing else. Dismounting, she tied off the reins in a loop over the hitching post before continuing up the steps to the porch. There was a bit of relief that everyone wasn't outside in the bitter cold but had the smarts to be inside. No serving window either to cater and promote the idea the other place had. A slight smirk tipped as she pushed the door open to slip inside, trying not to leave in much of the cold air. Those within got a skipping glance as she headed for the bar and an order of wine to follow. Gloves peeled from her hands on the way were folded over to slip into a pocket of her cloak. The Irish style hat left on with wisps of blonde hair a bit windblown from the ride.

Conversation had slipped to an easy silence which suited Ciar just fine. He and his brothers had spent many a night in such companionable silence. As another lass entered, he glanced her way and nodded again then looked at Liam and Evan. Seemed it took time but the customers were slowly filing in.

Again the door opened and again Evan glanced over, only this time, he did a double-take. Having been about to nod politely, he instead stared at the beauty who walked across and to the bar. He watched her a few seconds longer before blinking out of it and taking a long, thoughtful sip of the ale. The silence was a comfortable one and Evan didn't mind it a bit.

Liam had only glanced but when he caught Evan staring at the latest arrival, he couldn't even tell one the color of her hair, he choked down a laugh. Covering it up as if he had swallowed wrong. He took the moment to turn enough to spy this last lass as brows lifted a moment. The first one as well, seemed a little familiar but he couldn't recall where. So much had gone on lately. "Evening ladies," smile ghosted with the cordial greeting.

Well, you know, one as herself could feel eyes upon her. Had that feel of the hairs prickling at the back of her neck. A hand lifted to run her fingers there with a glance into the mirror to see, two of the men looking in her direction. It seemed to amuse this tender which she found was watching her too. She made a slight face his way which had him burst out in a good hearty laugh at her expense. Except, she had to laugh then too. It was hearing the greeting that she turned, glass of wine in hand that had been delivered. "Good evening," sweet smile that seemed to curl her lips naturally reaching the rare color of green bronzed eyes.

"E'ein'." The voice was accented, almost like the Irish purr, but didn't have the tint to it Warmed, the jacket slipped from her shoulder's and over her arm. The girl making her way over to the bar, ordering a mug of warmed cider. Dark lashes fell to her cheeks as her hand dug around in the pockets of the thick skirt around her waist. Blue falling on the woman laughing, pink hair falling in her young face. A twitch of her lips and she looked away.

Evan quirked a brow at Liam's choking laughter/cough curiously, then hearing the girl laugh, his eyes were quickly moving back into her direction. That killer grin of his surfaced to his lips entirely of its own accord as he dipped his head in a nod. "Evening," he chimed in with his own greeting as his eyes continued to hold her gaze. He couldn't help it. She was more than pretty, she was one of the most striking lasses he'd ever seen and at the moment... the usually-smooth young man was tongue-tied!

"I am Liam, and these are my brothers," indicating each as their name was spoken, "Ciaran and Evan. You're welcome to join us." Good opportunity to learn of any news or information they were looking for. Laughter was in his eyes than anything spoken, tempted to clasp a hand on Evan's shoulder and say, 'down boy', but instead he remained amused. Evan always came alive around ladies. The invitation extended to both ladies.

She held that gaze, almost defiantly though edged with curiosity. The man had a way of making her feel like a mouse under the sights of a cat, or more, a tiger. It brought out that quality in her to challenge. "My name is Mariah, and I am pleased to meet you all. Liam, Ciaran and Evan," tearing the glance away from the one in being polite, to meet the glance of the others introduced. Being she had not really settled, she took Liam up on his invitation and headed for their table, taking a seat across from the three. A touch of a smile given the other woman as well.

He was surprised to see Evan's reaction. Well, not totally since he did react around lasses, but this was different! He wasn't saying a word about Evan though and instead smiled as the one lass spoke. She had a nice voice too. "Well met, Mariah." He watched as she joined them. "And you're welcome to a bite of cheese and bread if you want, both of you."

Paying for her warmed cider, the mug was brought to her lips for a small sip. Enjoying the apple spices on her tongue. She didn't get the drink to offend only when she found a place in the winter, so the single mug was treasured. The mug was stopped from her next drink and she glanced over to the table, watching the woman leave the bar and followed on behind her. Her jacket was placed of the back of the chair, and she dropped down, mug set down before her. "T'ank ye. I bea Adaline." Gaze lowered back to the table, and drink brought to her lips for another drink.



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It took him a few moments but he realized he was staring, and probably making her uncomfortable. Quickly he dropped that intense gaze and sipped his ale, trying to be nonchalant if only to avoid the teasing from his brothers. He was up to his feet when she came over, pulling out a chair for her, though he was nearly too late as she sat herself. A half-grin given her this time as he reclaimed his own chair and settled back in it.

Liam thought Evan's reaction was the same around almost any really pretty lass. Then again such matters tended to skip a more keen notice from him in this area. He half stood when the ladies came over, then back down immediately. "A pleasure to meet you both, Mariah and Adaline. Help yourself to some food." Being the tray held plenty, bread and cheeses.

"Adaline." He gave her a nod as well, then leaned back in his chair, tipping it back on two legs. He studied both lasses then looked at Liam and grinned. And if Evan forgot himself again, Ciar could kick him under the table.

"Thank you," as the one called Evan saw to her chair. A pleasant surprise which had her relax some and not feel like the mouse so much anymore. "Nice to meet you Adaline." Her glass set as she settled comfortably. "This is the first time I've been to this tavern and it's nice to be inside instead of staying out on the porch like the other place." The thought just rattled right off.

Evan nodded to her thanks, the small grin flickering onto his lips. A nod was given to Adaline as well, filing both names away to memory as he leaned back in his chair. Mariah's words drew his glance back in her direction. "Who on earth would want to stand on a porch instead of by a hearth on a night like this?" He wondered aloud.

Liam tended to watch more than say much. Although that depended too. Watching Evan, he decided he'd ask him the names of the two ladies a couple days from now and see if he remembered either. A ghosted smile came with that thought before covered up by the lift of his pint. A good draining of it to follow.


"All those people from the nexus that sit out on the porch of a tavern a little further north than this one. I would advise not going there. Strange place with metal monsters and where many talk into small metal boxes. The women don't wear much clothing or pants like men wear." Sure they were riding pants but there were loosely made compared to the blue material painted on the women of the future. Although, the men would probably like that.

"We did a few times." He couldn't help to remind Evan with a laugh. "Though this is much nicer. Are you both from Rhydin or just here for a visit?" Visit? Well, that could be the right word. "Oh, we've been there. Confusing place, isn't it? Much nicer here."

"Oh, baen the'e befo'e. Eh, I thought I knew st'ange people." Setting her mug down, her head tipping to the side. She never wore much when she worked. But getting to play with fire in the winter kept her warm. So she didn't mind it all that much. A hand reached out and took up a slice of cheese and bread. Taking a bit of both and chewed slowly.

Looking at Mariah as she spoke, Evan perked almost visibly when realizing that this girl was from their time... or at least, not from THIS time, just like them. He gave a quick nod of agreement, glancing to the others when they spoke before looking back to Mariah. "Awful there, isn't it? I'm glad we found this place."

Which he gave a glance to his brothers, women of their time, others, had been to that tavern although not while they had been there. "Aye, I agree that this place is far nicer. Warmer, clean air, good food and drink. Where do you both hail from?" Deciding to add some to the conversation.  Or on the tail end of his brother asking the same!

"I am from a place to the south, far south as you can go where it meets the ocean. It's called Heathfield and there are many families there." She was born and raised there herself so the only place she knew as home. A smile as pure as sunshine turned on Evan with the last, "very much so." Not adding why or the two particular men that had creeped her out last visit from that place.

"That can't get much stranger there." He agreed then perked. Heathfield? Why did that name sound familiar. He looked at Liam in question. Was it to him too?

That smile of Mariah's could melt a man just as easily as the sun melted butter. Evan grinned at her helplessly in return. If the name Heathfield caught his ears, well, he didn't notice for looking at her. "What brings you here, all the way from the coast?" He found his tongue to ask, recalling that the land she spoke of must be some distance from here.

It was to him, giving his brother a quick glance. One that said, don't let this opportunity pass by without some questions that there might be an answer to.

"I was told I didn't socialize enough and that I needed to get out." There was a touch of rose rising to her cheeks for the admittance. "So I was headed in another trip to the northern tavern when I came across this one on the way, having taken a route that was shorter. I'm glad I had." The last in a softer, almost mumbled, voice. Adaline would be wearing a costume that went with her profession, it was a bit different than what Mariah referred to.

He let out a laugh when she admitted that, though the sound was not unkind. Mainly because he'd been told as much by his brothers on occasion, when he got into one of his moods. His smile was warm when he answered simply, "I'm glad you did too."

"Everywhere and nowhere." She peeked out before going back to her food, better get some in her before her walk back to camp.

"Heathfield, you say, has a lot of families? Would there be one by the surname of Quinn perhaps?" Asked in an even tone with only a skipping glance over his brothers.

That question from Liam brought him back down to earth somewhat, as hazel eyes shot over to his brothers, suddenly keen.

Evan's smile was infectious that had hers lifting before distracted to the question aimed her way. "Oh, yes there is. A family that came back many years after the war that drove them out."

He had lowered his chair to all four legs as they spoke, taking his tankard up for another drink while Liam asked the question. It seemed they were going to have a bit of luck... well, maybe. They'd have to be certain. "There was a war way back? What happened? Why'd they leave?" And he was trying to think of a way to ask names without seeming too obvious, though he wasn't sure how.  And Liam better not say told you so, or both his brothers would beat him.

"That's about the same for us Adaline." A smile that touched dark eyes in a glint for a fleeting moment and darted to his brothers with the answer given to his question. He visibly perked. See.. he WAS right in waiting.  Had they left to parts unknown or even another country, they would have passed over this opportunity. Wasn't there a saying about he who waits?

Evan perked as well as he cast a pleased glance between the other two. Finally... a lead! Though he gave Liam a brief smirk... the man looked rather self-satisfied. Full of his own questions he'd not barrage the girl with them, but let her answer Ciaran's first.

"One of the king's men long ago turned on him when his first knight was away on castle matters. Otherwise he would not have had the nerve. He killed both the king and queen and intended the same on their twin daughters but they had been whisked away." She was putting it in a nut shell for not all was known to her in detail. "The usurp turned and warred against the two sister castles. They were not easily taken down and so it raged a decade and a half. The Royal stable master was a Quinn and he set all the fine royal stallions free so the usurp couldn't have them. He fled with his family back to Eire so the man could not have him, his wife and children falsely accused and murdered as many had been at the time."

He nearly laughed out loud at the way the three of them perked at the chance they may learn something and then Mariah was speaking of the war. "Sounds like he was a bit of a bully, that one. Is it the original Quinn who returned?"  He didn't know how long ago this was of course.

"No, he died in Ireland but his wife and their grandchildren came. They are in their twenties, not old in the least. I have met the eldest Quinn, a stern man to be sure but a good one I would bet my last coin."

Listening to Mariah's tale, Evan gave a thoughtful nod. He'd not heard of the story of Heathfield before, but it wasn't much different from the history of many places... greed and betrayal, the things which had destroyed villages and kingdoms alike. Exchanging another glance with his brothers, he looked back to Mariah and leaned forward slightly as he spoke. "I think I might have heard of this stern older brother before. His name began with an 'E', I think. Egan... Emer...." He trailed off.

"How has it been in your lands since this usurp was taken down?" Assuming parts by the way she told it. And his brothers could be certain that he would say.. I told you so .. later!

How constriction - nothing like the silk of flowing gowns. She exhaled a breath as the door was slid open- heel of boot meeting the floor before the remainder of five foot ten frame emerged from the cold. Black leather cradled the length of legs, leading up to a corset of soft blues which was hidden beneath the dark coat. White half curls were free, tumbling around either side of porcelain features- shifting in the movement and half-covering the crystal flakes which settled against the left side of neck, jaw, and cheek. Almond shaped gaze of liquid lavender trailing over the interior slowly for a moment before moving across the threshold- the door drifting closed behind her.

Something made her get up from the table, pulling her compass from her pocket and opened it, at the same time trying to put on her coat. Her blues looked over the men and lady. "I must lea'e, perhaps down the road and less strange times, we will met again." A nod, pink hair falling in her pretty features and she turned. Quickly making her way out the door and back into the night.

She unfastened her cloak to slip from her shoulders as she remained sitting, letting it fall over the back of the chair. Speaking up to answer their questions as she did so, "this happened long before I was born, my father came to the lands soon after the war ended and stayed. He married and had four children before his wife, my mother, up and left with no known reason." There was still a touch of bitterness and hurt to edge her words and paused as the other woman got up so fast and left, one couldn't even give her a proper farewell. It took her a few moments to remember the other question or attempt, "his name is Eion," the man had been close in recalling his name.

If Mariah was a sight to behold of beauty, another entered that was striking as well. Dark eyes had shifted there for a moment before greeting her as he had greeted the others when they showed, "good evening." Ghost of a smile that was at least sincere but not overbearing.

He blinked as the lass left then shook his head before Mariah's last words caught his attention. He nodded at the one who had entered then looked at his brothers. Some of the women they had met of late were downright striking. "I am sorry, Mariah. We lost our mother when we were young but she died after givin' birth to our sister." He looked down at his tankard, frowning slightly.

Horace, an old timer sailor that no longer sailed the seven seas and had taken over as tender here, waited on any order from the newest arrival.
 Liam only got to witness the tail end of Adaline rushing out. "Evan, didn't you wash?" Like it had been his fault, shooting a full scale grin his way.

Evan nodded to Adaline as she left rather abruptly, then glanced to the door when another entered, clad in clothing that he recognized as being from this time. Liam's comment earned his brother a sarcastic smirk though he'd gone quiet at all the talk of family and parents and such. That topic tended to silence him as he'd rather not talk about those things which were now missing from his own life. Like Ciar his brows were furrowed as he took a drink from his tankard.

Head pivoted slowly, watching the departure of the pink-stranded female. A single brow arching slightly before chin dipped and the girl moved further into the establishment. Might as well stay a while. Lavender gaze shifted to the group slowly as pale lips pursed. She unhooked the buttons of the long coat. "Bonsoir." A soft murmur from gentle accent. She slid the length of the coat down her shoulders, exposing the length of bare arms before tucking it over the back of a vacant chair away from the little gathering. Her eyes drifting over to the tender, corner of lips giving a mild twitching. "S'veet tea, se vous plais." Her eyes turned to the corner- observing the three men and the woman slowly. A soft smile offered in their direction and a bow of her head which sent white curls tumbling smoothly around her- they settled once more- reaching near the curve of hips.

She quieted for a few moments watching the brothers, assumed as such anyway. With Liam's teasing of Evan, soft laughter bubbled up though she tried to restrain it. It just happened too quickly. "Good evening," given the other woman in almost a cover up but certainly a bit late.

Though he did sniff the air and fake a sneeze. "I think it's the new cologne he's wearing." He didn't want to chase the lass off from their suddenly going somber. "Is Heathfield large?" And he smiled again. "And friendly to vagabonds?"

Mariah's subtle laugh brought his gaze up again, wondering what was funny, but realized that she must have caught Liam's quip. A sheepish grin banished the darkness from his features as he called out his own polite greeting to the new woman, "Evenin'."

In this tavern the order would be brought to the table by one of the bar maids. A lot warmer being inside as well. There was a good fire in the hearth down the one end of the room. Enough to keep the whole place warm. They sat half way up, between it and the bar, so they didn't swelter. "You are welcome to join us," half standing, as he did for Mariah and Adaline when first meeting, "I am Liam, and my brothers Ciaran and Evan. The lady Mariah," giving introductions as he regained his seat henceforth and left up to the woman to join them or keep her own company.



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The dusting of rose graced her cheeks as her soft laugh was caught and her gaze then caught with his a moment, almost apologetic but the amusement still glinted to be really remorse. Her smile, on the other hand, was once more bright.

It was as far from the fire as she could get where she was preparing to perch. Her head lifting slowly at the offer and introductions from the one called Liam. Looking to the tea on the table, then back to the group. Should she?  Head swiveled slightly- glancing to the door a moment before exhaling a whispered sigh. It couldn't hurt. She reached forward, tucking her coat over one arm as she took up her cup of tea and slowly made her way towards the group. "Merci..." She looked between each- her eyes gliding over their own before landing on the woman. She tipped her head as she set her tea down at a vacant seat. "Lye, iz ma'h name, eef you so please." She placed her coat on the back of the chair and eased down into the chair slowly- mildly uncomfortable.

Catching Ciaran's question, the smile settled to normal as focus turned his way. "It is large after the decades in repair passed. Peace has reigned since those dark days. There are four sister castles, two that had been originally, both Ballicastle and Tyremoor and later Innis Daingneach, an island fortress to the south tropical waters. When twins sons came of age, they regained the kingdom of their father and are in the process of restoring it to the kind of peace and freedom that Heathfield enjoys."


Meanwhile Ciar got a sucker punch to his shoulder for accusing him of using too much cologne! Or any at all, since that was a luxury Evan wouldn't bother with even if he could afford it. Seeing Mariah's light blush and apologetic glance, his smile expanded to warm and reassuring... and then he was trying to concentrate, catch up on the conversation at hand. It was good to know it was a peaceful place. "Eion, that's right." He said belatedly to Mariah's mention of the name... just as they expected, it was the right name! And he cast the quickest of grins to his brothers at that.

"Good evening to you," addressing the woman with a warm pleasant smile. "What would be your name." If she had spoken it, she would be remiss but she hadn't heard it. Assuming it would be as exotic as the woman herself.

"Well met, Lady Lye," he added as the woman decided to join them and he hastily stood to pull out her chair to sit. Re-seating himself soon after, gentlemanly habits died hard.

"Lye, Miss." Another soft murmur of accented vocals. She cleared her throat, looking between the four slowly. So much for keeping a distance! Attention wavered to the door and back. "A pleazur' to meet you all." She forced a small smile, tucking back loose strands of white and exposing the crystallized flakes on the left side of face- it would only be a glance before those disappeared from porcelain skin.

"A pleasure to meet you Lady Lye," voice echoing his brother's but just as sincere.

He half stood, biting back a sigh after letting out a grumbled Ow for the punch. The sigh was for the manners that had to be remembered because he was a lazy cuss. Rubbing his shoulder, he nodded at the newest addition. "Well met,  Lady Lye." He wanted to let out a whoop at the name mentioned but behaved. "Did many families leave and return?" He also wondered how many families the usurper had caused to die out completely.

"You are waiting for someone?" Having caught her glance to the door and perhaps the thought to follow that maybe she should not be sitting with three unknown males? It would not be the first time Liam got himself into such a situation, innocently. To have some jealous husband or boyfriend charging in with accusations that fell short of the mark other than they had huge insecurities.

"Nice to meet you Lye," smile remained warm as she tried to place her accent.

"... Non. Non..." Nose wrinkled slightly, giving a cherubic look to those features as she settled her eyes on Liam. ".. Tiz complicated, 'ah am but v'eary.." She offered a soft almost gentle laugh as she traced a hand along the leather at her knee. The amusement lit in the depths of those ringed lavender hues. "'ah am no lady, Lye v'ill suffice, oui?" Well, at least she was trying to chip the ice off a little.

"Many families perished or parts, more than escaped under his rule. Why it is referred to as the Dark days in the history of Heathfield. There are many places haunted by these unsettled souls. Some that continued to seek their lost loved ones." Not getting into the particular tales but let it go there.


"Then I will not have to fight for your honor of one coming in making assumptions." Slight smile that lit a spark to dance in dark eyes. "Seems life likes complicated for most than not." He could have empathy with that as well his brothers. Their life had definitely been complicated and compromised a lot in the past few months especially. "Lye," giving a nod to her last request but didn't get into the being a lady or not bit.

"It would not surprise me if those souls walked the land for decades, mourning for what they lost." Evan spoke on more of a murmur in response to Mariah's words, brows furrowing lightly again as he lifted his tankard. The ale was gone by now so he reached for the Kilbeggan instead.

He was lifting a piece of cheese when Mariah mentioned haunting and he paused to look at her. "Spirits?" Oh lovely. One of the things that Ciar had taken to heart from their mother's people were their belief in ghosts and spirits.

"You know this family Quinn? Shall I give your salutations to Eion when I return? Are you of the same family?" Now her questions came curiously after giving so much information, harmless in her mind but she was not worldly like some. Probably far too innocent presently that time will change the more she gets a taste of the world outside the one she has only ever known.

The softest tint of pink met the high point of cheekbones. Her honor? Her eyes pivoted on Liam sharply, a small shake of her head given. "Non, no worries... none to make such assumptions." Her eyes fell downcast, fingers curling around her cup and taking a slow sip before turning attention to Mariah. A small chill rolled through the room causing the fire to ripple. Her eyes fell closed, keeping herself calm- and sipping silently from the cup. "... mm."

Liam's comment about honor had her pivot a glance his way and stall in study. It was not often a man outside her lands bothered to fight for a lady's honor but took of it instead so she was told.

Ciar just blinked and gave Liam a look. He hadn't considered what to say to a question like that!

Cue awkward silence as Evan glanced to Ciar in turn and then Liam, trying to decide how to answer that.

Liam wasn't one that was ever comfortable with lying so in this instance he would hedge it with half truths. It was right of the lady to question and she had answered all theirs. "We are of the Murphy clan and it was said we might be related to the Quinn. We heard of some, of this family it seems to be the same in your lands. Is there a place we could stay if we head south and find out?" He would be having a powwow with his brothers later!

"Yes there is. A very clean place run by an elderly respected man by the name of Alex Flaherty." Not adding he was the very First Knight to the murdered king and still carried that burden to this day. Dedicated to the daughters returned for the rest of his years. "It is called the Thistle and is located in the Commons where there are many other shops and businesses. I met Eion there one night along with his brothers. He has sisters too. I'm sure he would welcome any long lost relatives or discover if you are related."

Her eyes lifted briefly at the small period of silence around the table- her eyes cast on each of the brothers a moment before she leaned back in her chair. Length of legs crossing in a lady-like manner beneath the table. Her cup set down on the table as arms folded over her stomach. Listening to them speak- after all.. it truly wasn't any of her business.

"Aye, well, that's the question." He'd have to tell his new employer he was leaving. "Big family?" That could be a problem though they were going to come clean with Eion. Or so he thought.

Catching that look in his brother's eyes, Evan was thrilled to realize that this meant they would finally be leaving this place. Not only that, but it sounded like this Heathfield was a place much more akin to their own homelands. He couldn't help the pleased smile that relaxed his features and brightened his eyes. Leaning back in his chair he took a long satisfying draught of the Kilbeggan.

For so long nothing had come their way in locating this man and now it was a few leaps ahead they had not totally prepared for. Hence the talk later to fine tune their next move. He sat back with the tumbler of Kilbeggan in hand, thoughtful expression as he'd leave his brothers to speak some! There were all in this situation. Dark eyes traveled over them before resting on Lye with a smile to touch, almost apologetic. Yeah, and if Evan expressed that later in their talk, he might accuse him in teasing that it was more maybe this lady was from there.  "Where are you from Lady Lye?" Oops, he forgot not to use the title!

Her eyes pivoted, locking on Liam's with an odd glimmer. Her head tilted to the side, and the smile which was offered in turn was only half there. She slid the seat back slowly. "...." She blinked abruptly from the question from Liam, and eased back in her seat. Thinking over the question and the current location of the Tavern. "Originally? None too far from here- a half days v'alk..." She slid her tongue across her lips slowly, fingers loosening on the table slowly. While slightly evasive it was truthful. Attention remained on Liam's face- if not politely. "My homelands are na too pleasant." And she would leave it at that.

"If you have lived not too far from here and closer to the other tavern, one with strange beasts, people and creatures, I imagine it has been a hard life. You would grow up street wise very fast or perish." Seemed a world different from what the lady Mariah had grown up in as by her words and by her looks. She could easily be prey by what lurks in Rhydin and the nexus.

"I 'ave seen things only you could imagine, ma' chere..." The smile faded with her words- hand clasping to the back of her neck and rubbing slowly as eyes trailed between the group. Lips pursed faintly. "Ze further from ze' north you are.. ze safer you v'ill be.." She slowly rose up from her seat. "Pardon moi, for juz' a moment.." She stepped away from them and towards the nearest window- brows lightly furrowed as she leaned against the pane.

It took her a few moments to answer Ciarán as she had taken a drink of her wine. Setting it away to the table as she turned her focus there in answering. "Aye, a good size family and some cousins. Many of the families are large where I live. They don't have to worry about being raided and lucky to get out alive, they have roots, enjoy peace in protection. The best way to know it is to experience it." She would be mortified to know Liam's thoughts about her inexperience even if he might be right.

"Sounds like a rare place. What about your family?" He grinned at her over his tankard. "I hope we're not being too nosey."

"The wastelands?" More mumbled under his breath and anything else didn't get said as she took her leave after answering. He'd seen a lot being a Merc for hire and all the countries they had traversed but then, who knew unless stories were exchanged? He also didn't wish to upset her of such thoughts while here in a place one came to get away from them and relax.

"Well," Evan spoke up and couldn't quite hide the happiness that spilled over into a lip-teasing grin, "I think we'll be experiencing it soon." They could be leaving for Heathfield as soon as tomorrow. Hallelujah! A glance to Ciaran at that rather pointed question, he tipped an apologetic smile to Mariah for his brother and waited to see if she would answer it.

He was asking for Evan's benefit!

Sure he was!

".... Oui.." Murmured from her place at the window. Her cheek pressed against the cool glass as a hand lifted- tracing a single line across the glass. It frosted ever so slightly beneath her touch. She glanced over her shoulder at Liam a moment. "Tiz' a bit more east... on ze boundaries..." She pursed her lips a moment and turned against the window- her back pressed to so she could watch them. "... Tiz not a place to visit." The tower stood tall- and she  knew her Mother was waiting- waiting patiently the way Death and Pain does. Her eyes fell half-lidded an almost sultry look on those porcelain features. "'ah am keeping you from your... conversation.." She nodded to Liam's brothers, and Mariah. "Do na let me keep you." Corner of lips twitched in what could have been the beginning of a smile.

She didn't have anything to be ashamed of, not really, only her mother and the hurt she felt for her father. "I have a sister and two brothers, a modest size family. My mother left a few years after the twins were born and I felt this odd obligation I should cover for her, cook, clean and mend. I did it for most of my growing years until recently my father thanked me from the bottom of his heart but told me sternly that I needed to make a life of my own and that my mother's leaving was not my fault nor his, none of us." Which surprised her that she actually spoke on it all, her cheeks gradually turning a distinct shade of rose. "My father has a sheep ranch and put me in charge of the Woolen Shoppe."

Eyes strayed back to Mariah's own as she spoke so plainly and genuinely, which brought a smile back to his lips. He saw her blush but it was not a cause for shame in his mind. The world would be a better place if more people spoke so candidly. "Your father sounds a good man," he spoke gently when she'd finished, not wanting to embarrass her further, "And it was good of you to take care of your family like that. I'm sure they'll always be grateful for it." Trying to ease her discomfort with a light tilt of his head and a growing smile.

"I do not plan to go northeast," figuring by her words it was a combination of the two. He was watching her closely getting the feeling there was much more to her and he would heed her warning. He glanced to his brothers and the lady Mariah, "I do believe they are quite capable on their own, you do not keep me." With a smirk as he could hold more than one and Mariah didn't need all three brothers shooting questions her way or duly take her leave from them.

"... If you so insist, Liam." She bowed her head a little, looking back behind her to the window- even from here the vague shadows which crept over the horizon brought a chill which had nothing to do with her own gifts rolled down her spine. "Mmm. Tiz good thinking, you are a verra' smart man, Liam." She released that small sigh of a laugh- gentle and bordering tinkling in its quiet. Her eyes resumed their place, watching Liam with a cant of her head.

"He is, a very wonderful man and someday I hope to meet one like him." Which sort of rolled out innocently as a young woman had a model to go by in qualities she should look for.



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Oh did he smile at that innocent comment, one that went straight at Evan. A HA look ever so subtle before washed away with a kick back of the Kilbeggan. The glass set as dark eyes were back upon Lye. "Sometimes I am capable of good thinking," more in amusement and poking fun at himself, he did enough on his brothers too. He gave a slight up nod of his chin to the window, "does it still snow outside?"

"I'm sure you will." He smiled at her then resumed drinking after a glance at Liam. He refilled the shot glass with Kilbeggan then downed it quickly, enjoying the burn.

Evan didn't catch Liam's pointed smile, he was too busy smiling at Mariah! And he gave a nod to the comment which flowed naturally from her tongue. "I hope you do." His sentiments echoing Ciaran's as he flashed another grin, straight white teeth showing briefly before he too reached for the Kilbeggan.

She was tired at this point and a good trip south to be back in time. She didn't stay out long in these northern lands or her father would be coming after her with a posse. She was up from her seat, her wine gone at this point. "I should be getting back. Take the main road south until you reach Heathfield lands, you'll go through Ballicastle on your way. Perhaps I shall see you there," which had her pause with a smile to light up her features. "Perhaps it will keep my visits there instead of coming this far." Giving them a wink then a smile upon Lye, "take care Lye, where your travels have you be."

".. It always snows when ..." A slight pause given. She cleared her throat- the flakes brushing the window were fat and heavy. "When tiz this... season..." She didn't look behind her, she knew it was snowing- the snow had oddly grown thicker and swooped down heavier since her arrival. Like a plague. "... Oui, it still snows.." Murmured softly under her breath- her sheepish look cast down to the floor.  "Oui. A pleasure, meeting you... Mariah. Travel safe and swift.."

He stood as Mariah prepared to leave. "It was good to meet you, Mariah. Thank you for answering our questions." He offered a boyish smile. "It's nice to know a little about where we're heading."


Evan stood from his seat when Mariah did, a polite gesture that he'd do for any lady even if his smile to Mariah was especially warm. "Travel safely. I hope we'll see you when our paths cross again." Doh, that sentence didn't make much sense did it? Evan's turn to look sheepish but the thought was genuine, and the grin still there, creeping at the corners of his lips.

"Yes it does. There is a wonder of snow when it first falls. It gives a peaceful feel like a blanket being pulled over you but is very cold in reality." He stood as Mariah was about to take her leave. "Safe travels, Mariah, I'm sure we shall see you again." Evan would make sure of it in the least! Another bit of fodder for teasing him later.

"... I suppose ze three of you shall be taking leave as well?" Her eyes lifted from the floor, up to Liam's face- drifting across his eyes before turning her glance over to the brothers.

"There are many wonders you shall discover if you truly come. Many have said the lands call to them," especially of the elemental and druid kinds but she didn't add that. Just a glance back to Lye, she knew a few elementals she had the honor of meeting. A subtle look as she passed Evan's seat, lashes lowered over bronzed green-blue eyes, presently more green than blue. The smile with a sultry touch she was unaware of but rode on a few thoughts not expressed. Next moment she was slipping out the door into a snow squall, her horse would be glad to get out of! She was bundled up, cloak fastened quickly and gloves on before swinging up into the saddle. She rode a lot. A soft click of her tongue and they were off.

He caught her gaze one last time and yep.... with that single glance from her, he was hopelessly smitten. The goofy smile on his face said as much at least to his brothers who knew him well. Evan would give half of a bow when she paused at the door, taking a brief step forward to look out the door and ensure that she'd gotten to her horse safely. He could see her ride off in the window and then she was gone. He turned to his brothers with eyes all alight with eagerness. "So when can we leave?"

He was doing his best not to laugh at Evan. He was going to get himself in trouble one of these days, especially if the lasses were giving looks like that! Once the lass was out, he sat, covering his eyes as he started to laugh.

One look at Evan and Liam was shaking his head. Until the next really pretty face... was his thought. Once Mariah was gone he added a thought. "Can you imagine if all the ladies of her lands are as pretty as she is?" This more directed at Evan, they might have to bury him.

The word elementals had her lifting her head a little bit, seemed the girl knew more then she'd thought. Her eyes drifted between the three brothers a moment, a weak smile settled on her lips. Maybe she could venture south.... She shook the thought from her mind and straightened up a bit against the window.

A blank look to Ciaran when he cracked up for seemingly no reason, but it did nothing to dampen his newfound good mood. "I doubt any could be as pretty as she."

"We'll be having to find a healer to ease the soreness his neck will be having." Oh yeah, he was laughing hard again.

They still hadn't answered his question. He started to ask it again and then slowly glanced between the two of them... realizing exactly what they were laughing at. The grin grew on his lips as he lifted a hand to rub the back of his neck sheepishly. "Can you blame me? I've never seen her equal...."

"Only his neck?" Voice lowered with the implication but had his deeper laugh to follow. Evan could expect getting ribbed as certainly he would of them had it been on the other foot. "Never know, certainly there is one, that's a good start." He was keeping it clean with another lady still present.  Well, shades of clean. It could be debated.

"Remember too, brother mine. She has brothers and a father who probably keep a close eye on her." He stretched out his legs as he spoke. "Oh aye, getting comfortable."

She cleared her throat. "... Tw'ill be 'ard for 'im to ride should he not calm himself." Well. She wasn't completely a lady- which she'd stated earlier. Her eyes turned innocently out to the window, watching the snow twirl down from the sky, the wind picking up and throwing the fat flakes here and there- the temperature outside was no doubt dropping.

Liam earned a fist to the shoulder for that one as he cut a glance to the other lady present. He just gave Ciaran a smirk and shrug as if to say, what does that matter?  And then he caught that unexpected comment from Lye... a somewhat taken aback glance was sent her way before he burst out laughing. Even as his cheeks gained a somewhat mortified color.

"There is no denying her beauty but another might tend to favor redheads or hair as dark as night or white as snow." Not to leave Lye out in her unusual shade for her youth. He was sure there was something to that.

Fingers lifted, fingering a curl of white... the corner of lips twitching slightly. She may have looked young-- but she was older then the three of the brothers combined. She glanced over her shoulder at Evan. "My apologies...  Evan, oui?" Making sure she had his name right. That smile lifted a little more- her nose wrinkling at Liam's comment about fancying those of other hair colors. She tilted her head slightly. "My lips tend to move faster z'en my mind." She looked over to Liam and Ciaran, and flashed a small almost innocent wink their way.

The comment by Lye had his laugh escape again. A hand going to grip Evan's shoulder. "Aye, to calm yourself, then again we could be jealous for it was you she looked upon when leaving."

"She didn't look at me any special way, she was only being polite." He wouldn't flatter himself that Mariah had given him any particular glances.. even if he hoped that it was true! "Aye," a nod and smile to the young woman to confirm his name, "And no need to apologize. I've heard much worse from these two before."

"From me?" He tried to look indignant but he was still chuckling. "Never!"

"Ciaran being the worse.." grinning.

"Aye, you. You're the worst of anyone." Grinning as he said nearly the same thing as Liam.

A soft laugh was released, arms loosely hugging her stomach as she returned her eyes to the window. "If you are tending to leave, you v'ill want to bundle v'armly.. a storm approaches.." She eased off from the window, a slow gait bringing her back towards the brothers. A natural, barely there sway of hips. "It v'ill be most unbearably cold.. 'til you reach ze south lands... I suspect." A small bob of her head, white tendrils sweeping forth.

"We are staying at an Inn down two streets," and had walked here as there had not been three horses aside the one Mariah rode. "You are use to the bitter cold and snow?" He was use to it but was not something he preferred, being cold. They were attired appropriately, though his lined cloak rested over the back of his chair. He wore a tunic over a woolen sweater and shirt beneath of whose sleeves could be seen. Heavy woolen pants and lined boots laced up. It was cumbersome to the boxer, use to being in only pants and sweating with the practice lessons he was given Henry earlier.

"....." There was a moment of silence from her, as she thought on what to say. Her eyes flickered, several rings of lavender in her eyes darkening in the thought. ".. Oui. 'ah have seen many v'inters... Despite the bitterness, it holds its own beauty and allure.." She tilted her head. "Some of ze best.. secrets are hidden in ze depths of ze snow." An almost knowing look. Those who kept secrets knew when secrets were being kept. Her brows furrowed a little as hands lowered on the thin material of her overcoat. Fingers brushed along the material a moment as her eyes fell closed. "Perhaps ze snow will ease in ze morning- one never knows..." She offered a shrug of a bare shoulder- a crystalline glint visible on her left jaw line. Just a flicker... nothing more.

Lye's words had him glancing out the window, noting the snowfall which had grown heavier since their arrival. They'd have a chilly walk back to the Inn, but no matter. He slung back the rest of his Kilbeggan and reached for his jacket, eager to get back and start preparations to leave.

"So the show of minute silver blue diamonds cast by a wintry moon is more than just beautiful." It was time to get back and that powwow to be held as they finally had a lot to talk about and to plan. He was up from his seat grabbing up his cloak to don on the way. A few coins were left as a tip to the barmaid when she cleaned up. The pints were finished but he'd be taking what was left in the bottle of Kilbeggan back with them. "It has been a pleasure Lye, I can hope that fate deems to cross our paths again. If not so blessed than let my wish of fulfilling dreams be yours in the future that is to come." Considering how fickle life really was, it was a heart full measure of good wishing.

She pulled her coat from the back of the chair- seeing as the brothers were taking leave it would suit her to do the same. She pulled the coat on slowly, one hand dipping into a pocket and setting some coins on the table top as well as she looked over the three- her eyes stopping fully on Liam. "'ah am sure all ze girls enjoy that rogue's tongue." She was smiling as she said it. Though she'd never heard such sweet words- life was tainted at best.. and short. She bowed her head to Ciaran and Evan.

He finished his drink and stood, lifting a hand to Horace and to the serving lass. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lye." He gave a slight bow before he was putting on his cloak. At least they weren't walking far.

"Ah, if only that were true," considering it was Evan that was the Casanova of the three, "and more literally." If one were going to wish, why not fully? Had a quick wink and certainly a smile to follow as he headed for the door to open, for her and his brothers.


"A pleasure meeting you all." She closed the distance on Liam- and leaned up. A sweeping brush of lips on his jaw line.. sending an odd cold chill to the skin. "Stay safe, oui?" She chuckled softly and backed away- a slow turn on the heel of her boot as she moved for the door. "Ah, and forgive me. I have oft' been told... I do not respect boundaries well." Once Liam opened the door, she slid out into the snowy night. Frowning as the wind buffeted from all sides. She glanced over her shoulder at Liam. ".. Perhaps.. not so wise to do such.." She flashed him an almost shy smile.


Catching the light brush of lips on his jaw line only had his grin shoot bigger. He had dimples then. "I shall remember you." What the brothers didn't know, was the Sidhe in their blood as the chill was absorb into warmth to follow. One day they might find out but that would mean being tested not in the usual way.

It was Evan's turn to grin devilishly as Liam received that kiss! A bowing nod of farewell given to Lye and then a broad smirk to Ciaran. Now they had ammunition for the eldest brother as well.

Snort. And why had Liam been sulking before? He didn't say much more as he went outside, shoving his hands into his pockets as he huddled against the wind. He bit back another laugh, afraid it would freeze in the cold.

He knew he would be brought to task but he didn't mind for he'd enjoyed it. It also dispelled the shadow he'd been wearing only his brothers had been questioning of late.

It seemed they were all in a better mood now that they had information to go back, and a plan on their horizon.

"... Mm. One last thing, brothers three." She tilted her head. "Oft times, secrets do na make friends- though if tiz for ze safety of another- tiz best kept. Non?" She took several steps into the wintry landscape- a thick flurry of snow blocking her from view. As the snow settled- she was gone. With her leaving... it seemed the snow began to lighten up a little.

Hood went up, gloves on as he headed out against the sweeping almost vertigo snow. "I hope Mariah gets home all right." That would be a horrid case to go to the lands to find she never made it back, frozen in the snow some place.

"Perhaps we should go to Heathfield tonight, follow her to make sure she got back safely." It was a hopeful suggestion that he didn't really expect them to agree with.

"Aye," but he didn't say more. Their whole situation was uncomfortable but the heart of the three would probably have them making the right decisions and secrets exposed to be resolved. But perhaps he was only talking to the snow that was falling as he noticed her melt right into the scenery. It was too cold to stick around or investigate as he hurried, huddled, catching up to his brothers. It would be a quicker step home than had brought them here.



Date: 01-31-10
Poster: Ciaran Quinn 
Post # 17

It was unusually cold, the snow so thick and blowing he could hardly see a foot in front of him. "I hope we don't pass it," they could hardly see the buildings they passed or where the street started from the side walks. The three were huddled together so they didn't get separated in the blizzard. That is exactly what it had turned into and had him wondering but right now was not the time, getting out this would take full concentration.

"Bluidy hell." He cursed as he stumbled over a stone that had been in the street, likely loosened by a passing wagon. Had him stumbling into one of his brothers though he wasn't sure which one. "Where did this come from?!" He was half afraid his words wouldn't be heard, the wind was that bad.   It wasn't that far from the tavern to the inn but in this they could easily take a wrong turn.

The white-haired young woman had said the snow would get worse, and her words were ringing all too true as they had to bend forward against the wind. It blew the snow around crazily, making visibility difficult and the footing worse. He let out a laugh as Ciaran bumped into him, hand lifting to steady his blood brother as they forged ahead together. "I don't know but we better keep a sharp eye out..." He'd heard tales of people freezing to death only steps from their homes in blizzards like this. It would be all too easy to get lost in this unfamiliar town, even if they knew the Inn they were staying in well.

"With a bit of luck and a prayer," mumbled under his breath. Lips were getting blue as he tugged up his scarf. It certainly felt like they should be there minutes ago. It was the stark Elk antlers on the sign he nearly got blown under when he did a fancy bit of stepping as he started sliding. "Here!" Tugging on his closest brother to divert their steps before they passed the Inn. The chill was trying to bite deep as he hurried to the small porch the steps led up to and the door beyond. He would open it and wait for both brothers to go through before getting in himself.

"Hell!" He grinned under his hood at Evan but then the wind took that smile away right quick. Slipping and sliding behind Liam, he hurried inside so the door wasn't held open for too long, then moved out of the way. "I can't feel me hands or feet!" They probably looked like three abominable snowmen.

Evan was blinking hard, trying to see ahead in the white torrent and he nearly slipped to his knees when Liam tugged on his coat. Blindly he followed after him and then realized - they were saved! He hastened into the Inn, shivering and stamping one foot at a time - not to get rid of the snow, but to get the feeling back into his toes. "Holy Christ, what a storm!"

They had a small tavern in the downstairs and he headed right in there to the hearth to warm up. Teeth chattering and so he wouldn't bother talking until it stopped. The tender had the bar maid over with a tray holding steaming mugs of coffee as it seemed there were a few in the room still getting over from being caught in this storm. He was quick to wrap his gloved hands around the mug and lift it to take a sip, it was very hot even if it was not, mostly seemed hotter for how cold they had been.

He felt worse now that he was inside but only because the feeling was starting to come back. And it made his fingers and toes hurt.  The lass received a grateful smile as he took the mug and then tried a careful drink. He didn't care if he burnt his tongue at this point! It just felt good going down.

"Ahh, you are an angel," Evan praised the barmaid who brought them hot drinks, though he barely looked at her except for a quick grin as he took his mug. Right now the hot coffee was his one and only love, as he brought the mug close to his face. A long whiff and a slow, savoring sip... feeling it burn all the way down his esophagus. Now that was more like it. He wasn't removing any layers yet though, still just soaking in the warmth of the room.

The others within the tavern gradually wandered off to their rooms. One could stay down there all night as the night tender took over. He got the rare stragglers that needed a drink or two, sometimes wanting something to eat of which they had left overs, nothing freshly made but at least something of substance. "Let's move to the table there." One not far from the hearth and pretty far from the bar in that they could talk in private on things.

"Think I'm going to ask for an extra blanket tonight." Grumbling still, he followed Liam to the table and put the mug down. He peeled off his gloves before sitting, studying his fingers. "I think they're near frostbitten."

He was over peeling off his gloves as well, fingers worked but they stung still. "You can always ask the barmaid, before she goes off duty, if she can suck on them for you, Ciaran," grinning as he took a seat, setting the mug of coffee and adding some of the Kilbeggan to it before setting it in reach of his brothers. "Wasn't cold enough to freeze that."

Evan let out a hearty burst of laughter at that... unable to imagine Ciaran uttering those words to the buxom barmaid. He was still snickering as he finally pulled off his scarf and gloves and pulled out a chair to throw himself down in. Taking the Kilbeggan, he'd add a healthy shot to his coffee before passing it on to Ciar.

Ciar might have been blushing but it would be impossible to tell since his nose and cheeks were bright red. In spite of having worn a scarf. "She'd likely slug me one if I did ask." He glared at Liam but with there was no heat behind the look. "My ears are still there, aren't they?"

He watched the barmaid helping the tender, "I don't know about that. She might enjoy it," especially on one like Ciaran, good looking and probably have him squirming. Tracing glance back with a grin, "still there and sticking out red like a clown's.."

"Shut up, Liam." His usual answer when he couldn't think of a come back. "Besides, I've seen her boyfriend. He looks like he could lift a horse and throw it." Better to look like a clown than to have them freeze right off!

Evan was chuckling at the banter between the two, nothing out of the ordinary, but it was nice that they were all in a good enough mood to josh around. Even despite the blizzard raging outside. He took another gulp of the hot coffee before chafing his bare hands together and looking between the two. "So.." A glance to the bar, but nobody was around to overhead. "Seems like there's no point waiting, now that we know where our man is."

"Well then, only solution is to get him to help." Finally laughing as the whole conversation was ridiculous and certainly funny to visualize. It was with Evan's 'so' that he started. "I told you so," hands up in a defensive manner as if he would ward off them throwing things his way. "You had it coming! Two days later and had we gone, we would not have met the very lovely and very pretty Mariah." Daring a look Evan's way for his reaction around her. Although to Liam, it was just another in a long line of Evan being around a pretty face. Still he remained single so there was no worry. "We have found one of which we seek. The next question is, how shall we go about it?"

Evan rolled his eyes but there was a grin he couldn't suppress creeping up his lips at the mention of that lassie's name. "Aye, alright, fine. You were right. But now that we have a lead, we should follow it straightaway, don't you think?" Trying to keep his tone nonchalant but he was clearly eager to leave... for multiple reasons.

He leaned over to thud his fist against Liam's shoulder for the "I told you so", then sat back up. "I think we should go in, throw a sack over his head and drag him off by force." He lifted the cup up for a drink and to hide his expression, trying to make it impossible for them to tell if he was serious or not.  And it looked like he stunned them both!

Evan shot a glance to Ciaran and then broke into a broad smirk. "Aye, that would be your style... all brawn, no brains." He was gonna get it for that and he leaned back, protecting his coffee mug with his hand.

He went with the punches, an expert at that with his boxing skills. "I see no reason to stay but I'll need to let Roth and Derry know I'm heading out." The respected men knew he would one day, just not when. "I think if we do that, we would not make it out of a place like this little lady described. We'd find ourselves shackled and in a dungeon before we knew what hit us." Which he paused for a heartbeat, "what if this bloke is related to us? He has siblings and what if they are as we are? I'd not let them take you on me, either of you, and not do something about it. I think we should go there to this Thistle, get comfortable, get to know these lands and meet this Eion and see what he is like, what his siblings are like."

He couldn't quite reach Evan with his hand so he kicked him under the table instead though not hard. He straightened up again and nodded. "Aye, that's a good idea. Did that name, Heathfield, sound familiar to you? I realized where I had." He lowered his mug, hands wrapping around it again. He was feeling pins and needles now. "From Da. Grandda came from there. Only mentioned it once or twice, but I remembered before we walked out into that storm."

Evan was nodding as Liam spoke. That was exactly what he'd been about to suggest. "Aye, I think that's our best bet. Befriend the man, try to get an idea of why Dingleberry wants him so bad... whether he's guilty or not."  Ow, he gave Ciar a look for that kick and then fell silent to listen. That was interesting. "If your Grandda was from there, it's not so farfetched that you are related to the man."

"Now that you mention it, yes, I do remember. It had been a long time ago but if that is so, the stronger the possibility we share the same Grandda. Which would make them family, which we don't turn in family unless they are really rotten eggs." Giving a nod to Evan's words for the rest of it. "Slow steps as we don't want to rush in and make big mistakes."

"Do we use the name Murphy or our real names?" He rubbed at his neck as he considered. "We told Mariah it was Murphy." He didn't know if the girl would be upset or not once she learned the truth.  "She might tell them we told her we were Murphy and not Quinn."

"I say we stick with Murphy for now." Ciar had a point, somebody close to Eion thought that they were Murphy and so it should remain. "No reason to earn mistrust starting off with a lie." "Or... what he may think is a lie," he clarified with a slight smirk.

"Aye, I think sticking with Murphy is a good way of it. Later, we can explain it was for precautionary measures. I think that would be understandable. Otherwise, no one will be the wiser if we leave or end up kidnapping Eion." They didn't know the way of it yet so best to look at it from as many angles as possible. Then realize it would end up being an angle they had not thought of anyway.

He nodded slowly. "Especially when we tell him why we're looking for him." He motioned toward the window. "I think we should wait and see if that's going to pass before we make any attempt to leave. And if we do have to kidnap him, we're going to have to cover our tracks right well." He shook his head. "Though I hope it doesn't come to that."

He was finally warmed up and getting extremely tired. "We prepare to leave tomorrow morning. Sleep good tonight. We have only a few loose ends to tie up that we can do together instead of meeting up once we are out of here. Stop at the warehouse first as it is closest, then where Ciaran started working and where you had, Evan." Even if they didn't stay long in Heathfield, once they left here they were not coming back. Least the feel he got on it.

Another glance to the window. "That one lady said it may clear up by morning," definitely a hopeful note in his tone! The sooner they got out of this place the better. A grin broke free to Liam's words, that was more like it. A firm nod of agreement. "Aye."

"Lye had said it would and I think she knew. That kiss she gave to my jaw, was cold. Not a normal cold from being outside and she'd been in the tavern a few hours with us. I think there is far more to her than meets the eye or a careful eye may have noticed the frozen crystals along her neck, the white hair and how the storm started when she arrived and worsen the longer she was there. The thought that ran through my mind was more pity, don't see how a man could ever be with her intimately, she'd freeze his..." the barmaid coming over at that precise moment as he coughed choking back the words, ".... off." He gave the woman a quick smile as he was up from his seat, coat, gloves, scarf and hat collected to carry upstairs with him. The barmaid having cleared the table and collected her tips, she probably wanted to get with that boyfriend of hers that Ciaran mentioned. "Now the other little lady seemed quite normal, well, maybe a little prettier than normal." Yes, Evan would continue getting teased over her and anyone else they came across that had him spinning on a heel to take that second look over. Though, he couldn't blame the ones he eyed, seemed he favored the same looks.

"Well, it wouldn't hurt to stay one more day." He was going to give Evan a hard time even if he wanted to leave as badly, though not because of some pretty lass. "We could pass the day playing cards." He ignored the part about the storm ending then laughed. "She had her eye on you, big brother. Lucky she didn't freeze your jaw." He gathered up his outerwear and grinned at the serving maid. "G'night, lass." And he lifted a hand to the tender. Hopefully he'd have a quiet night. With the way the windows were rattling, Ciar had a feeling even the rats would be hiding indoors.

He let out a laugh that was quickly smothered when the barmaid came over and nearly overheard some rather unsavory terms from Liam's lips. A quick gulp to finish off his coffee, and he rose too, though he only gave Liam a broad grin, refusing to mention Mariah but instead getting him back about Lye. "I think you just liked her because she's the first lass to kiss you when not three sheets to the wind." Only kidding, his grin was irresistible though he quickly moved out of the way of the boxer's swinging fists. He threw a glove at Ciaran for his suggestion of 'playing cards'. "You lot can play cards if you like, but I'm leaving tomorrow,  blizzard or no."

"Yeah, that was rather odd, I felt the cold at first before it was eaten away with warmth." Which he gave a shrug to, certainly too tired to even think it through. Not tonight.. maybe sometime in the future it might become clear in how he reacted. "Seven sheets to the wind.." Grinning as he clasped a hand to Evan's shoulder while correcting him, "and of late not at all until now. I've been too busy boxing, split lip and all." He had in truth worried that he had no appeal, been in one too many matches but his nose had never gotten broken. "Ciaran will be playing with himself tomorrow while we head south then." Which he purposely left out 'cards'.

Evan chortled and ruffled Liam's hair. "Aww, don't worry. I think you have a very pretty face, one that any lass would envy." A grin as he slapped a hand to Liam's shoulder in return, that phrase could be interpreted a few ways!

"Funny, Liam. You ought to perform in front of an audience with that material." He wasn't going to travel if it was snowing as bad as it had been. Endanger themselves and the horses? Foolish!

Which he gave a good shot to Evan's arm, one he would feel! "I'm not a pretty boy," he knocked a few out growing up, some losing their front teeth for saying such to him.

Evan grunted and rubbed his arm gingerly though the grin was still there. "C'mon Liam, you know I meant that in the nicest possible way...." And so on as they went up the stairs.

"You're not? With those big soulful brown eyes and that boyish grin." He had heard some lass say that before about his brother. And he ran up the stairs to avoid getting hit.

"If so, I'm surprised you haven't flirted with me!" A look shot to Ciar, "I save it all for you," like he was special. "Holy cow Ciaran, are you looking at your own brother in that way too?"

"Shut up, Liam!" He was laughing as he made his way to the door of his room. "You know I think you're so handsome that it breaks me heart!" And slam! He locked his door behind him.



Date: 02-04-10
Poster: Liam David Quinn
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Meeting of Cousins

The three had scattered during the days but as of Monday night, he let Evan and Ciaran know to meet here at the Thistle this Wednesday night. He was there already having enjoyed a good meal and now to relax with the brew of the lands. Liam was lounged out in front of the hearth, feet kicked up on an ottoman while he slouched back into the wingback. It was quiet, something he rarely got to enjoy.

Ciarán had spend most of his days at the docks, feeling things out, asking questions and learning some about the folks here. It was certainly different than that land to the north. He had gotten the note, touched base with Liam and Evan each morning before he set off, and now was heading for the tavern after taking a meal at the Blue Marlin. He was in a good mood after winning some coins, and connecting with some men who were a bit like himself. Heading up the steps and inside, he nodded at Alex then grinned when he saw his brother. "You look comfortable, Liam," he spoke as he headed for the bar and the glass waiting for him.

Evan had spent his days exploring the lands from one end to the other. He'd never admit why but his quest was, thus far, unsuccessful. Made him a bit downcast but nonetheless he was determined. He was the latest of the three to arrive, swathed in winter clothes and the latest fall of snow, which he divested at the coat rack by the door.  Hand lifting to wave at Liam, he grinned a bit to see his brother lounging so comfortably then went to join Ciaran at the bar. "How goes it?" That spoke to Ciar before he ordered an ale from Alex

With the door opening and cold air to whoosh in, he kicked up his feet from the ottoman to settle flat on the floor as he leaned forward for a better view. Slightly wicked grin tipped off to the side as dark eyes held the sight of brother and blood brother. "You two look a sight more content. How did your explorations go? I have found there is a store here you can get just about anything you need. There are opportunities of various levels from the more risky to plush, depending on what you want. Did you both eat?"

"Good, good." He grinned at Evan before picking up his drink and heading for the hearth. Didn't want to say much about what he learned in front of Alex. "Aye, I ate, at the Blue Marlin. Risky? " He offered Liam a grin before he took a seat in one of those comfortable chairs. "Don't feel so overwhelmed here." Though whether if was from the futuristic sights or the darkness that seemed to hang over that other city, he couldn't say.

"Went well enough I suppose." That sounded a little lackluster didn't it? He took his ale with a nod of thanks to Alex, then turned to make his way towards the hearth. "I found some nice districts, good areas where it seems like there'd be plenty of work." Evan seated himself in one of the kooshy armchairs, stretching out his long legs on the rug before him.

Eion had spent the day outside, first in training, then in driving the roller. He kept in mind that he wanted to be at the Thistle before it got too late however. After stopping at the manor to eat with his family, he headed for the tavern. There was a lot on his mind but he didn't let it distract him. That had caused him a few tumbles into the dirt during training and that was something he didn't plan on continuing. He glanced into the window before heading up the steps then he paused to look over his shoulder and decided to wait a moment or two.

Segan had spent the day getting things for Ysa. He had them sent to the manor first to be run by Grandmama in approval. It was a way in which he could help out and would probably go overboard until rein in. He wasn't far behind Eion as he quickened his steps to catch up. He had gotten late to the meal at home this evening but he had a good excuse. Mary had kept a plate warm for him and how he found out where his brother was headed. Grin flashed as he mounted the steps. "Good night to be out," it wasn't snowing for a change. Yet.

It had taken her days to get here, having to basically run away. Not that it was running away, just off exploring. She heard them talk of this place. And for her, a place to explore that she never bad! A chance in a million. No one would come here to visit. Saying it was to throw back in the day's. And from what she had seen from the back of the cart, it mighty was. Jumping from the back as it slowed, the pink hair covered with a hood, she let out a low whistle. Heading around the side, she shook hand's with the farmer who helped her out. "Nay, I would lo'e to eat withcha... Like I said, I meetin' a friend." A wink and she strolled from the wagon. Pack on her shoulder's, and bright look to her dark blue eye's. Waving as she got stares, it was the hood it had fallen and let the world know her pink color.

A booted foot nudged Evan's, "did you try the woolen mill?" Like he may have read his mind on something and of course started grinning. He had a bottle of the brew of the lands, called potcheen and finding it was as good as the Kilbeggan, he wouldn't quite admit it was better though it was. To do so would feel like a betrayal of their lands.

Ciar had discovered that drink as well and enjoyed it greatly. He stretched out his legs, crossing ankle over ankle and let out a sigh of relief. It had been a good day, but now that he had shed his cloak and the rest of his winter gear, it was even better. He looked at Liam and Evan and chuckled but kept his mouth shut. He had gotten into a few close calls down at the docks and though it wasn't quite a fight, it was enough. "What about you? What did you do all day?"

"Aye, it is. I'm to meet some fellows newly arrived here. And I'm close to strangling you." He growled. "Do you know the entire conversation at the dinner table was about babies?" He pulled the door open and motioned for him to go first. "Gemma even got up from the table as soon as she was done eating." Or course, the rest of their sisters, and Brigid, kept on about it. He was glad to escape!

Evan just gave Liam a blank look. "What for?" Yes he'd play dumb... even if his blood brother was probably smart enough to have guessed by now. Lifting the ale he took a long drink and settled back in his chair, allowing Ciaran's question to take over the conversation for now. Better than them teasing him about his long-lost lass

Finally stopping for a moment, she found that tavern would be the place for a room. And it was free. Which was mind blowing. Nothing in this world was free and food too. But the thoughts were warming. No sharing a bed with a cousin, a real bed to sleep on. She almost did a happy dance, well on the inside she was. The walk to the tavern was a slow one, of course she was skipping down the road. Pink pig tails bouncing.

Which had him blink at first before he burst out in laughter. Yes, it was funny. "Has Grandmama been hinting you should get married and give the Quinns an heir?" He was really glad he wasn't submerged in it as Eion had been. Giving him a sympathetic grip to his shoulder in passing as he headed in. Wondering then on who his brother was suppose to meet while catching sight of the three by the hearth while divesting of his winter outerwear.

He started laughing at the look and finally opened his mouth. "It's where the McCormick lass works. All you have to do is ask. Don't even have to say much other than you met her and can't remember where she said she worked, or lived." They were trusting folks here for the most part though, cautious to a point. He took a drink as pale green eyes shifted from his brothers to the door.

"Woolen products will keep you close to sheep," like they had joked about in teasing him over the lass. Wouldn't be the first time nor the last. He mumbled something about the one had to be around somewhere before fading off as others started piling in.

"She works at the woolen mill?" He'd gone by that a few times and not even known! He could have kicked himself. His expression went from surprise to brightness as he looked nearly ready to jump up and go there straight away. But he was stopped with a glance to the door as folks started coming in, one familiar, the others strangers to his eyes. Evan offered a nod of greeting nonetheless. Wait a second, he turned a sharp glance back to Ciar. "Have you already gone to see her?"

He followed Segan in, and the grin he gave him was not one that was filled with laughter. "No. She thinks we're all old enough to be married and giving her lots of great-grandchildren. Not just me." And that brought a dark shadow to his eyes as he removed his cloak and hung it up. He glanced toward the hearth as he crossed to the bar. "Evening Liam, gentlemen." He figured those were Liam's brothers.

"Holy," muttered under his breath as Evan got up as if to try and go there right this moment to check things out. The last had him looking to Ciar, wondering if he was attracted to the lass too. Oh, this could get interesting!

Reaching the tavern finally, she ran up the step's. Blowing on her finger's gloved finger's. It was darn cold here. Teeth chattering, she was inside before she could puff out another breath of air. Shaking for a few moments as the  heat was soaked up. Her nose wrinkled moving by the men folk. The fire dancer made it! To a free room and food. Which was right where she was heading to the bar. A big smile on her lip's. " 'Ello, mug of cider with a kick in it?"

"I might have," teasing a bit before he shook his head. "But, I figured you'd be wantin' to knock me into the ground if I did." He chuckled as he watched Evan. "I think the place is closed for the night though. It is late." And no there was no attraction there. Lass was pretty but so were plenty of others.

"No I wouldn't." But he was trying not to scowl. Evan wasn't usually the jealous type but for some reason, the thought of Ciar going to see her first irritated him. But he'd set the whole matter aside for now as they were greeted by one of the men at the door. A surprised glance to Liam when he was greeted by name.

"Evening," greeting the few men, "lass," directed to the one coming in behind them. A glance sliding to Eion before he was getting himself set up with a glass and potcheen.

The pink haired girl blinked when someone called her lass. A hand covered her mouth to giggle. Shaking her head, a slide glance was given to Segan. "Evenin', sirs."

If Ciaran and he got wicked enough they could have Evan doing pinwheels. The thought had him laughing suddenly before coughing over it.

"Come meet them." He muttered low to Segan before he was crossing the room, and oh yes, Gran would be saying as much to him once she had the change. "Mind if me brother and I join you?" He had glanced at the pink haired girl as he retreated from the bar and just shook his head.

He was interested in who the man was that had spoken to Liam but looked at Evan again. Maybe he would torment him a bit. Might be worth a few bruises.

Evan gave Liam a narrow-eyed glance, suspecting that the laughter had something to do with him. Yes he knew he'd been acting something of a fool about this girl but he thought he'd been hiding it fairly well. Apparently not. Still he said nothing to the laughter and instead sat up in his chair when the man spoke. "Not at all," as he gestured Eion towards the chairs standing vacant at the hearth. "Evan Murphy and I guess you've met me brother, Liam."

"Evening, Eion. These are my brothers Ciaran and Evan, I mentioned." Or had he? He was up from his seat in all politeness and a nod to Adelaine, "evening Addy." Shortening it.   It was more they knew Evan too well. It would wear off as it always had before.

All bundled up and rushing from one place to another, Vanessa was quite happy to arrive at the Thistle with Karina. It'd been a busy couple of days, what with getting settled with Ysa in the house and switching rooms around. Free hand pushed to the door once it was reached, and a quick rush inside so Karina could follow out of the cold. A delight to see so many gathered, there was a smile as she removed her hood, then began adjusting the blankets Ysa was  wrapped in.

"Please do, join us." There was a large tray of food to be share, things to pick at like cheese, bread, some fruits, some chicken pieces and other meats.

She blinked when her name was said. Who knew her here? Sipping her mulled cider, she turned to look around the room. Dark blue fell on the those at hearth, "Evenin, Liam...." Fingers wiggled at him. And back to watching, only the person at the door. Nose twitching before she sneezed all high pitch, another one sounding. Her nose did another wiggle. And she stepped from the bar.

True to her word Karina had been helping out with Ysa any way she could. The ragamuffin lass wasn't exactly an experienced mama, but, she could help out with things like dishes and even changing a couple of diapers. She'd also taken on a few more duties at the Aviary, something she was happy to do. She'd been practically running the place in Van's absence after all. Hastening in after Vanessa, the petite curly-headed lass looked around. Lots of strangers here tonight but she recognized a couple familiar faces. One of which made her send a sidelong knowing smirk to Van. She started tugging off her coat and scarf.

"Pleasure to meet you, Ciaran, Evan. That's my brother, Segan. He should be joining us .... " he trailed off as the door opened. "Or he might be occupied in a few moments. How are you finding Heathfield?" He sat in one of the  chairs, studying the three younger men.

As Eion headed over, he diverted his steps to greet Vanessa and Karina, "need any help? Need anything?" Motioning to the others at the hearth, "we've been invited to join them." He gave a brotherly swat to Karina's backside, "I muck the cages the other day for you." She probably came back later to find her chores done.

"Lass." He nodded at Adeline then looked at Liam. There was only one Eion he knew of and it seemed Liam had met him already. "Finding it to be a good experience after where we've been." He grinned at the man. "Way north of here."

Karina had been amused to see Segan hovering around Ysa and Vanessa even more lately, seeing to every conceivable need and even some inconceivable ones. "I noticed." She answered him with a smirk. Then a sudden fist snaked out to punch Segan in the shoulder. "That's for blabbing gossip 'bout me and... someone." Her voice dropped to say that.

Ysa was offered to Segan once she'd gotten the blankets arranged away from the infant's face, so that she could remove her coat and gloves. Glances passed back and forth between him and Karina with a smirk, then looked to the hearth and those gathered around. "How wonderful." To the mention of being invited to join.

Which had him laughing as he rubbed his shoulder. "Keep that up and I'm telling him on you, such a bully," but the teasing was evident with a wink added then the curious question. "How do you like Ysa?" Like how could anyone NOT like her.

Evan glanced over to nod to Adeline as well, recognizing her now with her unusual hair free from the hood. Evan's thoughts seemed otherwise occupied at the moment though... letting Ciar field Eion's question and merely giving a nod of agreement, as he sipped his ale.

"One of the many siblings?" With a slight chuckle. A topic they would get into later as they warmed up with each other more. He made note of the two ladies with the man Segan, dipping glance that swept then back to Eion.

Finger worked on the zig zag button's of her coat till they were all undone and she set down her cider and pack next to her chair. It was placed on back of her chair. Dropping down, she leaned over to undo the buckles of her boots  stopping to give a glance to Ciaran. "Eve." A few pink strand's fell in her face. The earthy brown skirt was fixed back around her ankle's. Grabbing her cider, it was sipped on and leaned back taken.

"I'm finding it to be thus far, all that Mariah hinted at." Looking towards Evan as he mentioned her name and just the faintest touch of a twitch to his lips.

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"Don't you dare!" Karina looked scandalized but she was smirking too. A shrug to Segan's question. "She's a baby. She cries and spits up and eats...." Karina glanced down to the little bundle in Segan's arms and admitted with a grin, "And I guess she's pretty cute. Sorta grows on you." And clearly she'd grown on Segan from the looks of it! Another little knowing smile to Van at that.

He easily cradled her in one arm with the other to pull back the blankets so he could see her face. The look on his probably memorable in the way it softened immediately.


"Aye, one of them. The only one here tonight." He added, dryly, "you'll get to meet the two with him in a minute as well." He wasn't about to raise his voice to do so. Taking a drink of the potcheen, he still noted the look to  Evan with the mention of Mariah. "Done any exploring?" The last was a general question to all three.

Evan immediately looked up at the mention of that name and shot an unamused stare at Liam.

Vanessa slanted a glance to Karina with a grin, then back to Segan, watching him with Ysa. "You know, if you keep looking at her like that, I might get a bit green." Jealous, but she was just teasing him. "Are you alright to hold her long enough that I can get some cider?"

"I can hold her if you want to go join your brother and his friends." She'd noticed Eion sitting over at the hearth with the three strangers.

"Mostly the stores, see what they had. Also what kinds of work was available. Seems there is a variety there, do you have any boxing rings?" Wondering if his skill there could be used.

Evan resisted the urge to grumble and instead sat up in his chair, gaze moving from the ladies near the door and back to Eion. "I'm sorry, I don't think I caught your name before?"

Leaning over, fingers plucked up some cheese to nibble on. "Boxin' rin'?" Liam was given a few once overs. "Ye don' look like a much of boxer."

With all those knowing looks being exchanged between the two, it was good his focus was trained on Ysa. The tease had blue eyes lifted and a grin to follow. "I look at you this way," giving his best ogling leering look with even his tongue to hang out in a pant. He was incorrigible and she encouraged him.

She swatted playfully at Segan. "Karina, would like some ale or something while I'm at the counter?"

"Ugh." That said to Segan's leer. "I'll get it myself." And with that Karina would move away from the lovebirds and head over to greet Alex. Ordering herself a hot chocolate, she took up a lean against the counter and peered over at the three men curiously. Couldn't deny they were good-looking, and brothers by the looks of it.

"Aye, I'm a boxer by profession." And a few other skills, or maybe they went hand in hand. Answering Addy.

"And what would you know about boxers?" Ciar's expression when he looked at the pink haired girl was anything but friendly.

Turning her gaze from Ciaran. She gave him a half grin. "I know a wee bit." Nibble on her cheese. "Are ya one too?" A dark brow rose at him.

"If you know so much, you tell me." He answered and turned back to the others. Eion hadn't answered either question.

He shot a grin Karina's way as now he could use that she was looking at other men to the one. He would be showing bruises for he never hit her back from her blows. Well, not really, he went with the punches. "Once you get settled, Karina, by the hearth, I can pass the little angel onto you."

Eion did grumble, or rather muttered under his breath before he spoke to Evan. "Eion Quinn. And yes, there is a ring, though it's not used as much as it could be." He studied Liam a moment. "That explained why you looked like you'd been in a fight. You know, I think you might get interest going in it."

Blink! Good thing Eion got talking to Liam right after he'd introduced himself. Evan recovered himself quickly though after the shock of realizing that they were talking to the man himself. A swift look passed to Liam but that was all before he went back to his ale.

Vanessa followed to the counter to get her mug of cider. "Only if Karina wants to take her. If not I'll take her when I get seated." She was quickly learning to handle more than just the baby. A smile to Alex, he brought her mug of Cider. Once that was in hand, then it would be a place to park herself for a while where she could get comfortable with Ysa if Karina didn't want her at the moment.

"Ye take to men or women of about the same size and weight. But sometimes you can fight another lower or higher then your class weight. But the whole name of the game is knock the hell of out them before you go crossed eyed and meet the mat yurself." She went crossed eyes before looking straight back at him.

"If you saw me box you wouldn't say that." But not one to toot his own horn, he would stick up for the fact looks could be deceiving and had served him well in the boxing ring too. In their time, it was not regimented as it would be in the future and came down more like street fighting where big huge guys were pitted against ones not as big. Liam was a good height over six foot and three but it was the wallop in his punch and the ability to land it at the precise moment that made the difference. "Well, if we stay longer than two weeks, we'll most likely be staying a while and I'll see about getting matches going."


She gave Segan a sharp glance, of course he was going to encourage her to socialize... and it wasn't like she would go sit by herself, with Vanessa intent on joining Segan and all the others. Inward sigh and she headed towards the hearth. "I can take her," she volunteered, giving herself something to do while the others conversed. Seating herself in one of the smaller chairs at the far side of the hearth, she set her mug down on a side table and held out her hands for Ysa.

She looked over to Liam. "Then one day. " Leaning back in her seat, she took another drink of her cider. Looking at the other face's. Nose wiggled again.

"That's my brother, Segan, holding the baby, that lass is Karina and the other, Vanessa. This is Liam, Ciaran and Evan Murphy." He paused. "And I don't know the girl at the bar."

Ysa was wide awake and taking in what she could, all bright eyed. Luckily she wasn't a fussy infant. She was usually content to watch unless she needed something. Hearing introduction, a smile was offered to the tavern's guests. "A pleasure to meet you." With a look over to Karina. "If you get tired of holding her, let me know."

She nodded. "don' know how long I'll be staying." She eyed the cold outside. "Don't have others to dance with in streets." Shifting in her chair, she waved over to the two ladies. "Adaline. Or Addy."

She waved Vanessa's concerns off, taking Ysa carefully when Segan handed her over. Settling the infant comfortably in one arm on her lap, Karina would never admit how much she liked spending time with the infant. Hearing herself introduced, Karina looked up to offer her lopsided smile and a quick nod of greeting. She tended to keep to herself around people she didn't know, but she was getting better about being more friendly at least.

He was about to ask when Eion volunteered the names. "I'm pleased to meet you both," gaining his feet as dark eyes traced over Vanessa's features then upon Karina to do the same as he spoke their names, "Vanessa, Karina."


As far as he was concerned, that conversation was done. "Nice to meet all of you."

"Nice to meet you, Adaline." Offering a wave back, then a smile to Liam. "And to you. Have you all traveled far?" Assuming they were kin since they were introduced with the same surname."

He was over and teasing Karina like he did with any of his younger sisters. Once Karina had Ysa settled in her arms, he was over to get his drink then back to finally meet these friends of Eion's. "Well met, Liam, Ciaran and Evan."

Looks back to Ciaran. Watching him. What nothing to say back to her. Smirking, she crossed one leg over the other. "All around and everywhere, miss."

With a nod to the unknown lass, "Miss, if you will tell me your name? I'm Segan," adding that in.

Evan rose to his feet as well, offering his big, white-toothed smile that was all the more charming in its genuine friendliness. A nod given as he repeated, "Well met Karina, Vanessa. And Segan," his smile remained for the brother of Eion as he offered a hand out to shake.

"....and Segan," as the man finally joined them. Kind of reminded him of Ciaran and Evan with himself.

"Adaline Knight. Poi dancer and roaming traveling spirit."

He stood for the ladies and offered his hand to Segan then sat again. "Aye, fairly far, though most recently from that odd land up north."

He would shake each of their hands, first Evan as his was offered first. A firm quick grip before onto the next then done. "We can hope that fine gentlemen like yourselves settled these lands as we have and others." Once done attention turned on the woman, "welcome Adaline, a pleasure to meet you."

A quizzical look given to Ciaran. "Land up north?" She hadn't traveled far up north, so wasn't sure what land he referred to. Cider was sipped from, watching them all chat.

Settle? They hadn't stayed anywhere more than two weeks. He just smiled and took a drink of the potcheen, deciding it was better to not say much. "Called Rhydin. Not one of my favorite places to have visited." That was an understatement!

He met the handshake in time before settling back into his chair. Exactly, if they stayed more than two weeks they might actually settle!

"Mm...I've never heard of it." Not that she could recall at least. Another small drink and look over to Karina and Ysabeau. Ysa was just watching, and drooling. Now and then she'd squeak and kick her legs out for whatever reason.

"Hey, I'm from there'. Sort of." A giggle and sip of her cider. More cheese was picked up and nibbled on. Setting her cup down, and popping the cheese in her mouth. She started to unbraid her pink pig tail. "Thank ye...Hopin' I can make some coin while I am here. Do you have many Poi dancer's?"

"If you'd like, I can see if there are some fights set up soon. I haven't had much time to look in on it but things are slowly settling." He may be avoiding the manor some until Gran stops fussing about babies.

Introductions settled and hands shaken, Evan settled back down in his chair, stretching out his long legs once more. Ale lifted for a long draught he chuckled a bit to himself at the noises coming from the infant. "You're better off never hearing of it, and better yet, never going there," he told Vanessa with a brief wry grin.

Karina was bouncing Ysa lightly in her lap, hands beneath the infant's armpits to hold her up with her tiny feet on Karina's legs. Of course, the baby was nowhere near walking yet, so her legs were like limp noodles beneath her. But she seemed to like the motion and Karina snickered at her squeaking chortles.

Attention turned to Even with a small grin. "I'll keep that in mind if I'm ever offered the chance to go there." Ysa was too busy kicking her legs while being bounced around. Not quite at the age yet where she recognized having hands and feet and legs. They were just there and moved around. More squeaks and squeals from the infant.

"No, there are no such dancers here. Unless they're down at the docks." He hadn't seen any there either. A drink was taken then he glanced at the infant and Karina then back to the men.

"Aye. Just tell whoever offers, no thank you, you'd rather stay sane." A brief wink from the handsome young man. His glance moved over to the small lass with the child, a quick smile at the noises before he looked back to Vanessa. "Yours?" He guessed, only because of the maternal way Vanessa kept looking over to check on the child.

"Oh...." A gleam came to her eyes. She was part Rom, so greed was just part of her world. Fingers finished out debraiding her strands. A glance over to the baby, with a small grin. "Cute child."

"What exactly is a Poi dancer and were you born with pink hair?" Wondering if it was natural and she was some kind of Fae.

Blink..she looked back to Evan and shook her head. "My niece. She's living with me." Though now that she'd had a couple of days to get settled, she was considering adopting Ysa officially. Hearing Addy, a smile was given to her. "Thank you."

She blinked and looked at her hair. "Nay, I dye it this way. It is just plain brown. But a poi dancer is one who dances with flames."

"Ahh." He sensed there was more to the story than that, but he wouldn't pry with such a new acquaintance. Instead he flashed another smile. "She'll break hearts in a few years, that's for certain."

"Not too soon, thank you Eion. I'm recovering from a big fight last week. At least I won," and they had basically won the street fight afterwards. All of them had more than the usual wounds. "I'd like to see it however."

"Hopefully more than just a few years." She smiled and then took another drink from her mug as she settled back in her seat.

Eion cleared his throat and stood, crossing to the bar to leave his glass. "Excuse me for a few moments." He then moved to the back hall and headed to speak to one of the guards stationed back there.


"Forget it Evan, you're too old to flirt with her but I'm sure she'd appreciate goofy faces and funny sounds like farting." Of course Liam would bust him every chance he got, otherwise Evan would be busting him.

"Wait till you get her all dressed. Then she strips out of her clothing and runs around naked as a jay bird. We have two that like to do that right now. Talk about some screaming from the mothers." Shakes head. "Little ones...."

"Don't be so sure," he answered Vanessa with another grin before glancing back to Liam. That got a laugh out of him. "Then maybe you'd better go over there, Liam," he shot right back!

"You strip down naked during the poi dance and run around like a jaybird?" Having only caught part of the conversation it was how it came off sounding.

Vanessa snickered to the exchange between the brothers and just shook her head, then looked at Segan and Addy somewhat wide eyed.

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Blinks. "Umm....No...." Blushes a bit.

She hadn't answered Liam previously, ignoring his answer apparently. But when he heard Segan, he was drinking and choked trying not to spit out his drink. So now he was laughing and choking both.


Evan reached over to thump Ciaran on the back, smirking broadly. "Breathe lad."

"I'm still trying to picture how a jaybird runs around. Would it be kind of tilted to the right or left crossing at an angle?"

Her blue gaze rolled and she looked around. "Men...."

"Bluidy... hell ... " He was laughing and wheezing and trying to talk! "My nose!" Potcheen up the nose was NOT a good thing.

Karina was busy with Ysa, but not too busy to overhear the conversation, and she shook her head, smirking widely. "Last thing Segan needs are more lads like him," she commented through the side of her lips to Vanessa. It seemed like Segan was getting along with these new men already... frighteningly well!

She busted out laughing at Ciaran. Wanted to point at him. But she was too nice, yeah way too nice for that.

"Here, let me help you." Evan took the drink right out of Ciar's hands and finished it off in a gulp. What a nice brother he was!

Aaargh! If they were inside and there weren't ladies present, he would have tackled Evan right then and there.

"Ahhh." He made sure to let out that satisfied noise as he set down the empty tankard that had previously been Ciaran's. And he just grinned at his younger brother, knowing Ciaran couldn't do much here inside the tavern.

Van smirked and looked at Karina. "More to pick on you?" Teasing with a little nudge to Karina before finishing off her cider and set the mug aside. "Alright, I'll take her so you can get your fill of hot chocolate." Hands held out to take Ysa.

"So, Eion, do you know if the Murphys were a relative clan of yours?"  Motioning to Ciaran to give the details of one that might be related to their grandfather, a Quinn. Something they wanted to find out to make sure if they were actually related or not.

Eion had left and how the hell was Ciar supposed to talk anyway! Well, he could but it was going to sound nasal.

He was more listening at this point, after a good long laugh. Attention was shared between Vanessa, Ysa and the new lads in town. The last question had him perk to hear the answer.

"Exactly." Karina grinned and stood, carrying Ysa over to where Van sat. She gave the infant a little bounce on her hip before handing her down to Vanessa. "Want another cider while I'm up?"

Finishing off her cider, she set the cup down and went back to picking her skirt. Picking off hay bits here and there.

Hands wrapped around the infant's sides and fingers opened up against her back to support her head, she smiled to Karina. "No, I think I'm alright for now. Thank you though."

He was back in time to hear the question, crossing back to the chair he had left after gaining another drink. He also brought one for Ciar.

Evan sat up a bit more too, glance sliding between his brothers before moving over to the other Quinns. The answer here could change things.

"You know you'll pick up his tape worms drinking after him like that Evan," trying to keep a straight face the while too.

He lifted a finger to tell Liam to wait, then punched Evan in the shoulder before he sat back in his chair.

She snorted from Liam's comment.

He shot Liam a look then grinned at Eion. "Thanks." Wait! He had to make up the story? "Uh, well, there was a Michael Quinn who came to Barbados as an indentured servant and he married a Murphy lass. He was our grandfather.
  Our Da said he came from a land called Heathfield but he didn't talk much about it. Da said it upset our grandmother when he did." Unlike his brothers, he could lie and easily.

Karina nodded and headed over to the bar with her own mug, asking Alex for a refill and chatting with the barkeep while he got her cocoa poured. She didn't see him as much now that she lived at the cottage, and he was always good for a yarn. A few minutes later she was walking back over, carefully cradling a brimming and steaming mug as she aimed for her seat. Listening to the young man speaking, she glanced to Segan and Eion curiously. Could it be their family was even bigger?

It was a little unnerving how well Ciaran could lie, actually. Evan watched Ciar's face as he spoke, not betraying his thoughts with any expression besides mild interest. Though his hazels were quickly moving back to Segan and Eion, gauging their reaction.

Vanessa was listening to the conversations around her, but kept occupied with Ysa. Lots of laughing seemed to wear her out, so Van was making her squeak and squeal and whatever other happy sounds came from her so she'd sleep well.

Gaze settled on Ciaran as he spoke about the family story. Fingers tapping along her thigh.

Even he couldn't lie so well, had mostly truths and hedged around lies. Lies caught while the truth served one far better even in sticky situations, as would come out here he had a feeling.

Eion looked at Ciaran as he spoke, smiling slightly at how he sounded after choking.  Then he became thoughtful. "Weren't there two brothers, Segan? Brian, killed in the war here and another? " And for the life of him, he couldn't remember that brother's name.

This has him sitting up while next to Vanessa to hear how this connection was made. Brow lifting as he studied each of the lads. "I believe so. Grandmother would know for certain. One that had gone off on his own and couldn't be located with the way that war separated many."

Vanessa was still listening and for the moment stopped the laugh-worthy antics on Ysa to look up to all the brothers in the room curiously. Ysa set on her lap with one hand to cradle her head, while looking between them all.

Perking, he looked at Segan then frowned slightly. They'd have to wait.

"So would Alex." He stood and moved over to that older gentlemen, leaning to ask him. He probably could have yelled it out but that wasn't Eion's way.

Of course, either way they wouldn't be connected with Evan. At least not by blood, but since he was playing the true brother of Ciar and Liam, he had to look interested. Which wasn't very difficult, since he had a stake in this conversation too.

"Michael Seamus Quinn was the brother's name," announcing it when he returned. "He disappeared during the war, so it was assumed he either fled or was killed during one of the fights."

She was looking at the flames. Watching them in their own kind of dance, still keeping her ear on what was going on in the background.

"Then it would seem we are distant relatives." It was getting late and he needed to talk with his brothers before taking the next step. "Would you be having some time tomorrow to show me that boxing ring?" Which was an interest but a better way to get Eion alone and not have a crowd with what would be divulged. "Me brothers, ye brothers," making it sound like a man thing get together.  Which, it would be but not for the usual reasons.

So it seemed, they were related. Evan was watching the other two, Liam especially as he suggested a get-together tomorrow. He wondered what the man was planning but figured he'd find out soon enough.

"So it does. You'll be needing to meet our grandmother than. Oh, and Alex said that you," he pointed to Ciaran, "resemble your grandfather very much."

Vanessa was getting tired and Ysa was just about asleep now that she was still and worn from the evening. Picking up some of her blankets, Van started to wrap her up with a look over to Karina. "I think it's about time for me and Ysa." Then offered a smile to Segan.

He blinked in surprise and looked at Liam and Evan. That was unexpected. "He was a handsome man then?" He was trying not to laugh as he asked. But then Vanessa was making ready to leave and he stood.

Karina was in a familiar posture of sleepiness, legs curled up beneath her on the chair, head against the back of the chair and eyes half-lidded as she idly listened. Van's voice roused her and she nodded willingly. "'Bout time for me too." She'd unwound her scarf, letting it hang loose around her neck but now began to wind it up snugly again.

She looked back to Ciaran. Her nose wrinkled up a bit. "Ego boost?"

"I'll be available after noon. I train every morning on the King's Field, so I can meet you here after I clean up and grab something to eat if that suits." He hadn't actually sat when he returned but he did finish his drink. "Can you be here, Segan?" Making sure he didn't have other plans.

"I would like to join you tomorrow." Glancing from Eion to the brothers as he rose to his feet. "I will see you back and maybe relax for a short bit," this to Vanessa if he was welcome. Something he usually did when she was not too tired. Or he was not too tired. "I may have to carry Karina back," giving a smirk as she was all that kind of half asleep.

Not too tired to nudge Segan in the ribs with her elbow for that. All in good nature though as she gave him a smirk and reached for her coat.

He looked at Adeline and shrugged then looked back to the others. That bit about the King's Field had him thinking. He might wander about in the morning and see if he could find it. Maybe watch Eion there.

Once Ysa was bundled up, she was passed off to Karina so that she could get her own coat on and bundle up for the walk back. "The company is always welcome." Smiling to Segan.

Evan knew where he'd be going tomorrow. The question was... whether he'd have the guts to actually go inside and talk to her. Might take him a few days actually for that.


Shut up! Anyway.. he rose to his feet as well, giving a nod and brief smile to the other Quinn men. "We'll see you then."

He nodded at Segan then downed the rest of his drink. "I should head back to the barracks." Away from the manor house and the women and their talk of babies! "Good night to you all. Segan and I will see the three of you tomorrow." He wasn't going to be the one to tell Gran about these long lost relatives!

Maybe Ciar would wander there too and go in and talk to her about Evan.

If he did it would be Ciaran's last day on earth.

Be like back when they were small. 'Me brother thinks your pretty. But he's shy. Wanna give him a kiss?' Though he wouldn't really do that.

Karina took Ysa while Vanessa got her own layers on. Holding the infant against her chest, she wouldn't mind carrying her for the walk home either. Or maybe she'd make Segan carry her since he enjoyed it so much!

Most likely he would as well, wander to see this king's field if they were allowed. Fighting was fighting to him. "Good night Segan, Vanessa and Karina." He too was standing by now as well.

"Good night, Eion." Giving him a wave and finished up the last of the buttons on her coat.

She shrugged back. "Good night. Safe travel." She nodded to Vanessa, Eion, and Karina, and Segan. "It was nice to meet you all."

"Nice to meet you Addy, and you gents." To the three brothers.

"Night Eion," she called out to the elder brother since he'd be going his separate way. Another crooked grin to the three men of farewell and then she was heading to the door.

"Good night, ladies," Evan called as they made ready to go. Pulling on his gloves, he'd wait for his friends to be ready for their departure.

Eion was making sure he wasn't asked to hold the baby. Another wave and he disappeared down the corridor.

He tousled Karina's hair with his hand as he helped Vanessa with her layers. He wouldn't mind carrying Ysa if needed. "I'm pleased to have met new relatives and it was nice meeting you Adeline."

"G'night to you all." He lifted a hand in farewell, then headed to the bar and placed his empty glass on the countertop. He was actually enjoying sleeping in a place where he didn't have to wake at every sound. Didn't have to, but still did.

She shook her head as the bantering going between the brothers. Standing, she grabbed up her jacket and bag. Heading over to the counter to get a room. And bring her empty cinder mug.  She sighed and made her way up the stairs. Money tomorrow. If she could find a good place to set up back. Head tipping to the side in her wait.  Grabbing a room key, she smiled to Alex. "T'ank ya."

And she swatted his hand as usual but it was light, without venom. She'd bump him purposely on her way to the door too. Another wave to those still left and out she'd go, Ysa in tow and Segan and Van likely to follow.

Time to head up the stairs. He accompanied his brothers, telling them about the game he had been in earlier and how much he had won.



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