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Date: 12-03-09
Poster: Eion Quinn
Post # 61

Eion's Invention

Lancely was in the Spar Hall this night. The water gauntlet covered up for the duration of the winter while the other would continue to be used throughout all seasons. He had changed the timing as per usual and now he sat at a table near the hearth with his drafting papers spread out before him to tinker with some ideas of a new gadget. So far nothing had come to mind but he wasn't one to give up. Eventually something would.

Eion had asked after Lancely in the barracks and was directed to the spar hall. He was expecting to find the knight practicing but instead found him at a table. He removed his cloak and shook it out at the door, then moved to the hearth where he hung it. He didn't want to have water drip on the papers Lancely was studying. In his hand he carried a waterproof roll, one that had his own idea in it. "Evening, Lancely. Would you mind an interruption? I could use your help."

Up in the commons, the wainwright was at work in his warehouse. One part a showcase where he kept the carriages, horse drawn sleighs and wagons, the other part was where he worked on the latest project. The light shown from the windows out into the night and the door cracked open an inch to spill its light through. It was cozy warm inside and Raphael always felt a bit of air, no matter how cold was always best for a person's health. It was also an invitation to anyone out and about to come on in.

He was doodling by this point that had nothing to do with some new gadget. Mostly lines that looked good together as he looked up from what might be considered a creative mental block. "I don't mind at all. In fact I welcome one before I rip up this sheet I've been trying to come up with some new challenging design. Since I created and built the two gauntlets, others push to see if I can come up with yet another gadget to test their skills." Which had a wry grin to appear, "like the gauntlet isn't enough."

That had him laughing out right and shaking his head. "I can't believe they can't find it challenging enough. Maybe one for winter?" He opened the roll and brought out the papers. "I've been watching the snow fall and thinking how hard it makes travel and came up with an idea. If we build a large drum, made it good and heavy, and put it on an axle so it could be pulled behind a horse, or in the second drawing, two drums, and two horses, or oxen, the snow could be flattened. It would make travel easier and still allow the use of sleighs or wagons. I've even figured out that we could make a type of bar to clean the snow from the drums." He unrolled the papers and handed them to Lancely so he could look them over. "I'm not sure how to set them up so they can be hitched to the horses though, and not sure the type of wood to use. Hard wood of course. But something that can be easily replaced."

"I think it's more to get back at me. Make me wrack my brains for new ideas. I'll come up with something. Winter, they have the snow runs that make it challenging enough." Although his interest piqued as Eion brought out the rolled up paper with the invention on it. He pushed his papers aside as he was keenly looking over what Eion had come up with as it was rolled out for his perusal. "It will save men a lot of hours, days, if something like this is built. Maybe make a few and I think the double ones first to clear the Commons and most used roads. Single drums for smaller byways." Mussing out loud. "The Crown will be very appreciative of this as it is their men they usually send to do the bulk of the work," smoky green eyes lifting up from the parchment with a wry grin to ghost, "us." Meaning him, the knights, the knights in training, the squires, the warriors, the whole lot of them. "We should head up to Raphael's place. He's got the wood and the means to make something like this a reality and in a short amount of time." Being Raphael was a wainwright and a good one at that. "I'm sure we can figure a way. Like a spool, spindle through the middle and the harness fashioned from there like a turkey wish bone. That way the drum will roll freely and if slatted will help the traction to keep in under control while moving it."

"The slating was another question I had. If the wood is treated that snow might not stick so bad. Might even use a piece like a plow to scrap it." He re-rolled the papers and slid them into the roll again. Best to keep them protected since the weather could change so quickly." He chuckled as he grabbed his cloak again. "I hadn't really thought about who gets to do the work. Just wanted to do something that might help."

"Any invention that saves time and manual labor is a good invention. Although it is good for one to get in a certain amount of work, too much sets the whole of the community back." All the while talking, he put away his papers into the desk and grabbed his cloak and knitted cap and a scarf to wrap around his neck last. "Raphael would be the best one to put something like this together and he will know what to have Rhett make." So there would end up a few people involved and all getting to be a part of something grand with Eion the inventor of it. A hand came to squeeze Eion's shoulder as they headed out. He was quite proud of his friend and made them a lot more alike than anyone else he knew. Snow was coming down steadily as they stepped out. "Was it snowing when you got here too?" There was about four inches on the ground and if it kept up like this all night there would end up a lot more.

"It might make it faster as well, and if there are only oxen available, that won't be a problem." He had a scarf that Gran had given him but only the hood of the cloak. "Aye, it was. Another reason I was considering this. If all the predictions are right, we may have need of these." And so might the other realms. He didn't care about being the creator. To be honest, it felt good to think of something that might actually be of use.

"It looks like it would be twice the height of a Clysdale pulling it. Double wide, then two to pull. All other traffic will need to be off the street at the time." He was mussing to himself as was his way when going over a project such as this. "It would need to be heavier than only the wood it would be made from. Steel bolts over iron so they don't rust. Although iron balls could be placed inside to give it that weight." By this time they were making their way through the commons. The lights from the various stores spilling out onto the layers of white making them sparkle a variety of colors, as well that which was steadily falling. He could hear the Valdez family practicing some play for the upcoming holiday, those passing by greeted whether known or not as they reached the outskirts of the Commons, just at the edge was Raphael's warehouse before the road wound down to the port. An area much alive at this time of night. One could hear the sounds of the ships and sailors alike patronizing the bars or hanging out down along the pier for some kind of action or another.

"It'll be noisy which would be a good thing." Frighten animals out of the way. They might have to have someone ride ahead to clear the roads but it could all be worked out. As they approached Raphael's warehouse, he pointed toward the light that seeped from the slightly opened door. "Looks like Raphael is there working. Hopefully he's not too busy."

Raphael appeared at the door just as Eion and Lancely arrived, opening it wider, "come in out of the cold. I will enjoy having company this late. Was there something you had in mind Eion?" Somehow Raphael knew but maybe not exactly the reason the men had come for Eion could have come alone. There was a horse drawn sleigh newly made and what a beauty she was in a deep wine red edged in silver and Celtic motifs painted along the sides. It took him the moment noticing the tube usually one brought larger parchments in rolled up. Like blue prints. He should know. "It is more than a social or buying visit?" Stepping in as they would smell the rich aroma of coffee brewing and of course he had some bottles of potcheen to add a splash as well some pastries for a snack.

"Certainly does," as he had to laugh as Raphael reached the door as they did to open it right up. He was quick to step within and far enough to allow Eion as well so Raphael could then close it off to the cold or like he had it an inch or so left open. He gave a low whistle seeing the sleigh and was right over to inspect it from all sides. Crouching down to take a look at the crafting of the steel beneath. "Do you get Rhett to do the rungs and hardware?"

He nearly jumped when Raphael opened the door then he grinned and followed Lancely inside. He was also over to inspect the sleigh. "Work of art, Raphael." He would bet that there'd be a few ladies in England who would envy the owner of such. The question had him looking at the man. "Aye, I've an idea working and am getting all the help I can on making it."  He grinned again, "and wouldn't mind a cup of that brew.  Smells good."

"Indeed I do, he's the best around. I hear he much like his father before him. A fine craftsman when it comes to steel. Each piece I make the specifications are given for individuality which I find Rhett crafts them exactly as given and needed to fit perfectly. He's also reasonably priced and since I get all my hardware from him, at even a more discounted price." Which brought down the cost he needed to price any of his carriages and wagons at. "She is well made and will last a long time for the one who buys this sleigh." He was working on another finishing it up as now that the weather was getting to such needs, people would be coming in. He had a few others in the back that were not quite as elaborate as this one. "Now, what it is that really brings you here then, aside my good looks?" Tipped grin and eyes full of humor turned on the two. "What do you wish to make?" Getting them both mugs of the coffee as he spoke and handed off by the last question.

"It's for sale?" He looked at Raphael and grinned. "How much? " And while he asked he removed the papers from the roll. "We'll need somewhere to put these down and no, not your looks, but your mind, I'm afraid. We'll leave the lasses to talk on your looks."

"Aye it is for sale," and he showed him the book with a running price it would go for and a mark down price which he would sell it to him for. "Come back tomorrow and check them all out before buying," although he felt this one would be the one he would buy. Eion had taste. He directed him over to one of his work tables, moving aside the blueprints for a number of unique upcoming carriages and wagons. "Now, explain it to me as you see this invention to work." Which he would then assimilate then formulate into a working contraption. "You will need a name for it. Eion leveler?" Could be anything but the rather boyish, goofy grin sported in a lopsided way.

"I'll do that. One thing I didn't note at the manor." He grinned and shook his head. "I'd rather not be leveled by it. It's to roll down the snow, compact it so that sleighs can be drawn over it easier and horses travel without having to make a path. Wagons could use the roads easier as well, though they'd likely still make ruts but then again there's likely to be ice under. This part here, in the back." He pointed to the bar he had drawn, "would be to keep the drums clear of any build up of snow. But I don't know the kind of wood to use. Lancely suggested steel bolts, maybe weigh them down more with iron balls. And then they need to be set up so horses or oxen can pull them."

"You have my help in making it." Knowing if all three of them worked on it they could have it done in a week or two, just in time for all the heavier snow. He started wandering around to look over all that Raphael had made, here too was another that used his hands in such skills of which he could admire his work.

"I've a storage of woods that will do well for this project and a good varnish will help to keep the wood from rotting unless you want to go with cedar?" They could use different ones for different parts. "This drum looks about ten feet round." Going over the plans as he had them sketched out. "Hardware would need be made of steel if they are to last more than a few years." Giving a nod as he was soaking in this design. "It's basically two very large wheels with slats of wood across tightly laced to help with traction. Iron balls inside of a certain weight, say five hundred pounds, will keep the roller on the ground and heavy enough to pack it down as it is rolled over. You will need a team of Clysdales for this. Basic rolling pin with a U harness and straight piece between the horses."

"Aye, I figured the bigger horses would work best. Not only because they have the pulling power but because of their height." He tapped the picture of the drums. "Metal frames for the drums or wood?" He chuckled. "It'll make some noise when it moves." The first time folks heard it they might well think an army was moving across the road.

"Bands of steel to make a skeleton over which the wood slats will be placed. I will figure out all the measurements. We can begin tomorrow or when you have free time." This would be a project he would work on with the two as they could be here and when not, he would continue making the horse drawn sleighs.


"After the morning practice, I'm available pretty much any time." Coming from somewhere in the back as Lancely had wandered that far in checking out the buggies and wagons Raphael had.

"Tomorrow will be good. I should be free most days after training as well." He paused and looked at his two friends, a slight frown showing. "Uh ... except for Tuesday. Have either you ever played Santa?"

Eion might hear the laugh coming from the back before Lancely made his way back to the front, "jolly old soul, did you get cornered into playing the one man all kids love?"

"Can't say that I have. Use to be Kris Kringle." Grin slowly spreading. "You are doing that thing for the orphanage?"

"Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Santa Claus. Whichever you choose?" He grunted out a yes answer. "Aye, and I've never done such a daft thing in me life. The laugh alone has me baffled."

"It's a belly laugh, makes one jolly. HO HO HO," demonstrating as a hand went to his stomach where he rolled it up from. He gave a shrug of a shoulder. "I like the giving of a gift idea if there is someone you have an idea of a gift for but to feel pressured to give and get gifts galore, no." He usually became scarce around certain holidays although had a small offering to those he called friend.

"I've missed a few." He smiled slightly. "Though there was never any real pressure. Family thought it just important to be together. And you know you're both welcome to join the clan for dinner. Gran's happiest when the house is over-flowin'. No need to bring anything but yourselves either."

"I might do that, I've no family here and most of my buddies in arms have found a lass to spend it with. Serious matters and I would be welcome but feeling the third wheel."

"You do have some single ladies in your household that might like some single men around so they don't feel like being the third wheel either. Gabriel will be there being he is seeing Melantha so, I would enjoy coming over even if for a short time. Enjoy a meal with in a family gathering." It was more of the holiday spirit, "like Lancely, I've no family here."

His smile became a grin and he nodded. "Good. Gran makes plenty so there's no problem there." He looked distant for a moment as he thought of someone else but he would see that there'd be a Christmas celebration there as well, even if he'd arrive late. Then again, it was likely there'd be one even if he wasn't determined to make it. "As far as the children, I'll try not to scare them with my laugh." He smirked slightly. "I've been making a horrid sound every time one of my sisters tells me to practice."

"I can see it now, HA... HA... HA!," done in a more sinister sounding way, "and the tears start and they run for their lives. The parents troubled over poor little Johnny and Suzie." Teasing Eion because he could. It was getting late however as he headed for the door. "I need to get some sleep as dawn comes before the light."

He chuckled, shaking his head. "No, it's more like this." And he honked three times like a goose then he nodded. "Aye, it does come quickly. Though I need to head for the manor." He would have to tell Gran he'd be busy for a good portion of each day so she wouldn't come looking. Of course, they might still find her delivering baskets of food while they're working.

"They will think you're the holiday Goose instead." Which had him laughing as he saw them to the door. It seemed as if they would be going after all and he had to clean up before he could take his leave. "I look forward to working on this new invention with you both. Thank you for thinking of me to consider." Though it was logical, "Rhett too will be having a hand in it. I hope you don't mind this Eion for it being your idea. You will take all the credit of course."

"Good night, Raphael. We'll see you in the afternoon." Instead of having lunch at the barracks, he'd stop at the Thistle and bring lunch. And this time they'd drink the coffee! He stopped and looked at Raphael. "The idea may have been mine, but without the three of you, it wouldn't be happening. We'll all take credit." That seemed the right way to him. "And we'll help you clean up each day." He lifted his hand in farewell before stepping out. A lull in the snow allowed the moon to peek through the clouds and he actually stopped to take in all in.

"Fair enough," but he would make it clear to anyone who ask, just whose idea it was. "Take care getting back in this snow." One of the reasons he abandoned the treehouse for the colder months. He watched them leave as he stood at the door with it open a bit before gradually closing it off. It was a beautiful sight to watch the snow fall especially when lights about illuminated it. The clearing for the moment that allowed the moon to peek through sending its pale light to glisten over white. It was so peacefully quiet out there until voices broke the silence coming up from the port or from the Commons as the teens were gathering for their nightly fun and games.



Date: 12-08-09
Poster: Raphael O'Keeffe
Post # 62

Making the Invention a Reality

Inside the warehouse there was hammering going on in this very large area where two ten foot wheels had been attached to a metal frame. Frames holding everything in place yet areas open allowing one to work on the contraption; for certainly that is what ones thought that had come by to speculate in wonder but didn't disturb the men working. Earlier it had been Rhett to come by first bringing the steel parts and skeleton frame. Next Lancely showed up and they built the wheels and got them onto the metal frame. The slats he had sawed the day before, getting all the pieces of the puzzle made and ready to be put in place.

Family obligations had kept Eion away but as soon as he was able, he headed for the warehouse, dressed for work. He had talked earlier to Lancely and asked him to let Raphael know he'd be there later in the day since a patch was needed on the stable roof. And of course, Gran had insisted he warm up and eat dinner with them. He pushed opened the door and slipped inside, not letting much cold in. A low whistle escaped as he was over to examine what had been done so far.

Bare bones but it was impressive already. Raphael came around from tightening some bolts and fitting in the bottom slats to secure where the iron balls would be placed. They would be making this around those too. "Eion, what do you think? Does it look like how you'd envision it so far?" The wheels alone were impressive but that was his speciality in doing those up. Once he got started he was like a madman not being able to let it go. "You missed Rhett and Lancely by an hour, they finally left to get something to eat and see to a few things required of them." Which would be different respectively.

"Aye, it's just as I thought though seeing it actually come together is amazing." He chuckled softly. "Huge." He looked back at Raphael and nodded, then hefted a basket he was carrying to show him. "Me Gran fears you aren't getting your meals in so she sent some food for you. Baked chicken, boiled potatoes with butter and parsley, corn and an apple pie for you to eat at your leisure. I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier but that hole in the roof was unexpected.  We had thought all the repairs were done back in the fall but somehow missed that." He placed the basket on a nearby box and walked around the contraption. "You're a wonder at getting things from paper into production, Raphael."

"She's right at least on this night," taking the offered basket as he sniffed in the aroma. "Mmmmmmm, home cooking," muttered under his breath. "You've work ahead of you, "moving to set the basket on his drafting table before he was back. "I'll show you how to set in the slats to work up and around the drum then I can eat while you work." Grin. Taking one from the pile as he was over and waited him to join him before slipping the slat in place, tapping it with the hammer to slide it in tight then a couple of nails to secure it there down along the inside edge spaced just so.

He joined Raphael, watching him carefully before nodding. "Aye, that should be easy enough." Providing he didn't smack a thumb or some such. He ran his hand over the slat then grinned. "Go eat before it gets cold and I'll get started." And with that he was over to collect the first of the slats. It went smoother than expected as he focused almost solely on the work.

He might notice the first aid kit out ready, for there had been a few minor accidents. Something to be expected on such a job as this. Wasn't hard to convince him to take a much needed break as the growl of his stomach foretold he'd not eaten in many hours. "If you need help, just holler." Not that he'd have to really for he would not be that far away, just over to the drafting table. Once there he started in and only good sounds were coming from that area.

She had put plenty in there too, so there could be leftovers for later. And brown bread of course with a jar of her homemade blackberry jam. "I will." He just grinned when he heard the sounds and kept working. Once a slat was a bit stubborn but he got it in finally and went on to the next. He even whistled while he was working.

So in the next half hour he took his time eating, enjoying every morsel as Eion built on the slats working up the side of the barrel. There were crates to stand on but the idea was to turn the barrel once both sides were worked up to the height of the men. A rope to pull around the barrel to turn it enough to bring the unfinished area within reach.

He was making good progress on one side of the barrel, but of course, there was also the work finished earlier. For a while, there was only the sound of the hammer hitting nails, or the slide of wood, Finally though came a curse and Eion came around to find the first aid kit, shaking his hand. Luckily he had hit the left and not the right. Or he'd be working extra hard come morning, once on the field. He gave Raphael a sheepish grin. "I knew it would happen sooner or later. And when I wasn't being extra cautious."

"It happens to us all. No matter how long you've been doing it." Holding up his hand to show where he had cut himself earlier and now without the bandage to finish healing. He finished off the apple pie as the last bit, feeling well fed. "I'm definitely coming over for Christmas dinner," that was when he was invited. Christmas eve was usually reserved for family gathering, Christmas day for friends and all. He cleaned up his hands, there was food still left in the basket for there was enough for three people at least. Once he was sure his hands were clean he was over to help build up the other side, the balls were already set on the bottom of the area done earlier. "Once you get up to eye level, we'll be turning this monster."

"Nearly there." He put on a bit of salve, then wrapped his thumb to keep if from swelling too much. Once that was done, he was over to do the final two slats. Then he stepped back. "And you know, you're welcome to join us anytime. Gran tends to adopt anyone who comes once.." He motioned toward the barrel. "Whenever you're ready, m'friend."

"A man without a family would be wise to accept any such adoptions by one who can cook as good as your Grans can. You can tell her I said so." He finished up the other side he'd been working on before and only needed a few more slats in place. He was back around as he hurled the one end of the thick rope over the top with a, "heads up and catch," before tossing the rest of the length under the barrel to the other side. He would make sure the knots were hooked in place so they had a good grip. "Take hold, and on the count of three, pull with me." it would take them both to heave the barrel weighed down with the iron balls inside to where the unfinished area would be reachable.

"I certainly will." He knew she'd be pleased to hear it. Moving forward again, he caught the rope as it came over, then wiped his hands on his pants to make sure they were dry. He made sure he had a good hold on the rope before giving his friend a nod and waited for the count.

"One, two, three, ... heave!" And he heaved as the barrel first rebelled but as Eion's pull was added, it started to move and once in motion was easier to bring the few feet around required. Put the hole of about ten slats needed in reach. They didn't want to pull it too far... and it moved in place for being up on the frame.


At least when it was being pulled by the Clydesdales, it would move easily enough for their strength and Raphael's work on the frame. He nodded with satisfaction then stepped over to grab another of the slats. Raphael might find that he had company if he intended to work late tonight.

"We've another to make of this size and two smaller ones." Then they would see if they needed any more as the winter progressed. Giving a grin over his shoulder to Eion as he helped put in the last of the slats then nailed them in place. "This one will be tried out first and anything needing to be tweaked will be on the next ones and fixed on this, if fixable." Most things could be altered or fixed but he was pretty sure there would not be any complications for it was a straightforward design. Which, in his opinion, were the best kind.

"Aye, I know." He patted the barrel as the last slat was put in. "But we'll test it out right after this one is finished, aye?" He might sound a bit anxious with that question, but seeing something work after putting on paper was a great feeling!

"Aye, that we will. I figure tomorrow at some point we can. Need to seal all the cracks then varnish the whole thing which will take time to dry. Sixteen hours or so." Which he was over to get the tubes of putty and back, the soft clay like stuff to work into the cracks and wipe down in so it didn't show.

"I saw some of the lads out cleaning the roads already." This would take a lot off them though there'd still be a need for smaller paths and the like to be shoveled clear. He watched what Raphael was doing before taking another and working it into the other side.

He would go quiet for some time to pass as he searched out every crevice to fill it closed and secure it. It would keep the snow from getting inside. There would be small vents in the wheel sides to keep the air and pressure the same. So the barrel could breathe.

So would Eion it seemed since he wanted to make sure the wheel was as it should be. Of course, he'd smile slightly from time to time, the one sign that showed he was please with the progress.

They would need to wait an hour or two until the filler had hardened. He would fix them some coffee in the meantime that they could enjoy. "How did you come up with this idea?" Mug in hand as he went into a lean against the drafting table and struck up conversation.

"Well, it was some time ago, but never had the time to really think on it." He settled on the floor, back against a post while they enjoyed the coffee and the talk. "I was watching some children play in the snow, and one lad took a barrel and started to roll it down a hill to flatten the snow so they could slide down it on some boards. The more I thought about it, the more the idea started to grow."

"Just needed a bigger barrel, makes sense. So the lad was the real inventor." Chuckling as sometimes the simplest things had been done all along to think of it on a larger scale. "we use to roll down to flatten out an area if  there was no barrel or even a few runs of boards would gradually make it slicker." As he was off reminiscing of a time that seemed a few life times ago.

"Aye, he was." He chuckled and nodded. "We did the same the rare times we got snow. Cold and rain but snow is rare in Ireland. And any rate, the barrel got bigger in me mind, until I could envision it and put it on paper. I had to redo it when I came here." And he didn't really go into why, "but I didn't forget any of it."

"Bigger but worked out more intricately so it could be pulled by horses or oxen." Finishing the one mug of coffee, he set it away before he was over to check on the filler. All was hard enough. "Time to put on coats of varnish." There would be at least four coats and they would have to wait for each one to dry. A long process but all in good time. He got out the buckets giving him a brush as he took up another and would work on the other side. "Rhett put together the whole skeleton and Lancely helped me make the sides and get them up then fashioning the slats." So Eion would know he had not done all this by himself until he got here but how much the other two had done. Rhett did a lot at his smithy but had to put the pieces together here where he made a stand to support it while it was worked on.

"Good, though I knew Lancely was planning on coming here. Rhett does some amazing work." He took the bucket and brush and set to work. It was actually a pleasant way to spend the evening.

So he worked and would bring up idle conversation to help pass the time, biggest thing was not to put so much it dripped. "So you trained young to use a sword and your brother too? I had since I was old enough to pick one up and able to swing it."

"Our father trained us as much as he could, and though he could handle a sword well, when we were older, we each trained under a Laird who lived near our village. Our youngest brother joined us as well in time. I found it suited me and stayed with it. Segan went to sea and Conor became apprentice to a saddle maker. So, we each found our niche. I think I like what I'm doing now best though." He laughed. "I mean, training for Heathfield. Not varnishing, though I don't mind it at all."

"This is a good place to be, ancient magic flows through the whole of it. From the Druid Prince to far back in time to the core of creation and magical powers distributed. The training serves well in discipline but your next step will be to train your mind to even more wondrous knowledge and skills that can be accomplished." Raphael just rambled on being he could and didn't think twice on it because he felt the Sidhe near. "For those who are blinded by something far reaching and greater doesn't null its existence as you know." Like Eion knew and accepted all those areas of which would be inherited to him.

"That feeling wasn't something I welcomed when I first came here. Though I've seen examples of it elsewhere. I tended to brush them off. I didn't think I could stay but the King told me of his own experiences and now I'm not so leery." He shook his head. "I find it hard to believe I was ready to leave to avoid it."

He was surprised as he came around to stare at Eion a moment. "Your whole body aura screams of Sidhe. Like you should know this." Looking at him in another light. Then a chuckle followed. "You've kicked and fought a lot of things in your life and a lot of them within you. You're still fighting, many of which you should embrace and allow to enlighten your mind and soul." Eion should consider the source this was coming from.

"Aye, Gran has always said we've the blood of the Sidhe in our veins." He chuckled at Raphael's expression. "And aye, I probably will leave this life kicking and fighting." He paused, brush in hand. "How do you start accepting when for most of your life, you've lived with skepticism, Raphael? Slowly is what I'm doing. It's not easy for one like me."

"There is a saying that you should question the angels. In a way you should question such inherited abilities by blood and learn more of them before accepting. Many come with clauses that you're better off not trading anything over for. I would offer the suggestion that you take a week in the least and find a secluded place. One of the cabins up in the mountains and this time of year is the best time, hardly anyone comes around. Take the time, sit on a ledge and just watch the sky. Empty your mind and then let the thoughts to surface when you open up those gates again.  You might be amazed what comes to mind more clearly. Seek the advice of the ancients and let them guide you from within. Your brother should do it as well."

"Segan or both brothers?" He wondered if it would possible to do so though with the holidays coming up. But after the New Year's, he would attempt to do so. He wasn't sure he could open his mind in that way but would try.

"It's familial, so both, the sisters too but I think Segan is headed for more direct butting heads with it. He's attracted the Fae already. Ever wonder why the two of you attract ladies? Your younger brother too." Giving a shrug he was back to finish the last few slats with the sealer so they could dry. He would make sure the top was back on the bucket tightly enough to keep it from hardening. The brush would be cleaned in a solution until ready for the next coat so it didn't harden the bristles.

"I don't attract them." That came out a bit gruffer than he meant but it couldn't be helped. "Segan has butted heads with everything since he was a lad."  And he looked at him again after finishing the slats. "How do you mean he's attracting the Fae already?"

"You attract them, you just don't acknowledge them then would be the point." Flash of a smile that always came off in a boyish manner like there was nothing wrong with that fact of attraction. "It's how you handle it that matters, it can be a real pain in the ass otherwise. Gets you into all kinds of trouble for some unknowingly want that power they feel in you, to control it." He went thoughtful with the next with a far away look. "There are Fae in these lands that keep themselves hidden but some of them are drawn to men like yourselves and lead them into their magical lands without them knowing any different."

He frowned, not liking the sound of that one bit. "And that has happened to Segan? Or might it happen to me?" It seemed to him all the more reason to avoid unknown females.

"The feel is around you and around him more prominently than the others probably because you are more in contact with him. There is no harm to him nor will there be to you. In these lands the Fae are good, anything else would not survive. The light is too strong for them here. Some have tried and were either converted, left or withered and died in protest."

"Until they died? Sounds like they have Quinn blood in them being so stubborn." He joked but it sounded serious. "You've given me much to think about, Raphael." More to everything else on his mind. "Thank you."

"Might be what is needed. It is said ones will cross your path as you need them but to pay heed is left up to you." He surveyed the work before suggesting, "we've at least two hours before the next coat can be put on, so how about a trip to the tavern and some more coffee or drink of the pure. If you plan to stay up to see this done that we might have it out by tomorrow's eve.."

"Aye, I do. I've been given some time off to see this one completed. and more coffee and maybe a bite to eat would be welcome." He clapped a hand to Raphael's shoulder. "Again, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this."

"No need, I know you are and I am equally so to have this opportunity," so enough said on such as he grabbed up the basket of food. "We should make use of this then." Instead of it going to waste or putting Hazel out this late at night. Better to not be in the smell of the sealer too long either. Made one see things sometimes. Cold air was welcome as he grabbed his overcloak and was out, Eion to join him.



Date: 12-23-09
Poster: Eion Quinn
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Testing The Roller

Karina had gone on one of her late-night forays, which lately were more like wandering walks than prowls. Amergin trotted at her side, free of his leash since it was all but deserted. For good reason too, it was freezing out! But Karina was bundled up well with a jaunty wool hat which swaddled her curls lopsidedly, the scarf Segan had given her and a dark blue long coat buttoned over her dress and the pants beneath. It was frigid out, sure, but absolutely beautiful too with the recent ice glittering in the moonlight. She was enjoying it at a slow pace, eyes tilted up towards the stars as she meandered.

Rhett had been helping Raphael finish off the harness and making sure every link was strong for the Clydesdale horses he was off to fetch. A note had been sent to the others involved that the contraption would going to make its debut tonight. Lancely, Eion and even Eion's brother Segan to see his brother's accomplishment. His invention put to the test. They had yet a name to be given it and that was be Eion's honor to do. Presently he was leading the horses from the stables located behind the Thistle, out the side street and heading for the commons.

Raphael was busy removing the frame they had in place while working on the extremely large contraption. As soon as Rhett got there, the one side of the warehouse would be opened up for the horses to pull it through. After this night, it would be kept in a cleared area behind the warehouse that had been designated to store them.

Eion had left the barracks as soon as he received the note. He had been trying to come up with a name for the invention but the best he could come up with was the Roller. Not the most imaginative name, but the most accurate.  Helping where he could with the frame, he found himself somewhat nervous about the debut. A new fall of snow had added inches to what was on the ground already so this would be a perfect test night.

The soft clip-clops of horse hooves in the snow drew Karina out of her daydream. Curious gaze turned in the direction of the sounds as she squinted in the dim light.

Most likely it would become known as the Quinn Roller. New fall of snow had him trudging through in a slower pace. He was bundled up, scarf over nose and mouth, hood up of his cloak and even so, the empowered sword sheathed at his side beneath the length of wool. Woolen clothes beneath, pants, sweater socks under lined boots. The teens were out and paused in their snow wars to watch the one with the very large massive horses. They also caught sight of Karina as balls of white were soon sailing her way, leaving the one with the horses alone.

He caught sight of Rhett on his way, for the horses he was recognized mostly. The fall of snow was getting heavier as he opened up the one side of his warehouse, letting the pour of light help as a beacon.

"Ach!" Unaware just who stood with the horses across the square, she ducked as the snowballs flew her way. A scowl as she brushed the snow off her jacket then hands went to hips as she shouted in the direction of her assailants. "Oy you lot! Just 'cause I'm wearin' skirts doesn't mean I can't still whoop yer arses!" She did reach down though to grab Amergin by the scruff before he could charge off. She didn't want to think about what those boys might do as a gang to the pup even if he was getting bigger by the day.

Moving forward, he watched the horses as they approached. His biggest worry was the rollers were too heavy but the sight of the horses calmed that worry some. They were fine examples of Clydesdales and the snow didn't seem to bother them in the least. "Good night for a trial run, aye?" He looked over at Raphael and allowed a grin to show.

That's when one in the group yelled out. "Hey Stewart, there's your girlfriend," and a lot of snickering from the others with"yeah go get her, Stewart." One of the tom boy girls yelled out, "Steward has a crush on you," in a sing song fashion as Stewart yell out, "I do not," but didn't have the conviction behind them as he started throwing balls at her and the gang was now split in throwing balls at each other. All Rhett got sight of was bunch of teens in their usual throwing of snowballs. All in good fun although it could be overwhelming for some. He could barely see any distance but the growing light as the warehouse was opened up made it easier to make a beeline there. Crossing through one of the small parks at the edge of the commons to do so. "Here they are, Raphael. Eion." Grinning to both as he led them in so they could be harnessed. Something he was seeing to once his gloves were off and leather could be tightened better under bellies and around broad shoulders. One of those thicker kinds that were usually used on these particular horses.

He was looking out into the falling snow with a wave to Rhett and Eion as they approached then stepping out of the way as Rhett led the horses in. "Eion, you get the honor of running your invention." There was a buckboard seat over the metal Y that would fit two in running the snow Roller. "Have you given it a name? Oh, I have some news. If these work out, the Crown is funding them all with a bonus for you for the invention."

"If you're so smart, Billy, why're you still hangin' round with Stewart?" She yelled back, distractedly hushing Amergin who'd begun yipping. She dodged another snowball, caught between laughing and indignation at their claims. It might've angered her many months ago but now it just seemed like silly kid stuff. So she just snickered and hollered back, "Stewart only dreams of bein' so lucky!" Causing a wave of laughter and jibing from the ragtag group. Karina
reached down to pack up a snowball, throwing it expertly in their direction for good measure.

Segan came out of nowhere this snowy night up alongside Karina with a snicker as he had caught the taunting. "Looks like someone has a crush." Which usually marked the end days of hanging with the teens in gangs. "Hey, there's Rhett and Eion, Raphael too," pointing to the warehouse that wasn't far from them. He had gotten the message and wondered what his brother had been up to. Words then low, "Stewart probably does dream of being so lucky." Like the words came from experience. He too was bundled up properly befitting the cold snowy night.

And that grin grew as he moved closer and patted one of the horses. He looked at Raphael, then shook his head. "Only thing I can come up with is the Roller or Snow Roller." He paused to take in the last bit of information. "They will, well, then, let's hope it works, gentlemen." He climbed up onto the seat of the monster once Rhett was finished with the horses.

A roll of her large eyes towards Segan, a smirk her greeting to the Quinn. "He used to just punch me. I think I liked him better then." And then she passed the sentiment on with a light punch to Segan's arm at the 'dream'  comment. "Ugh, don't be gross...." Though her gaze wandered across the commons when Segan mentioned the others. Arms folding across her chest for warmth as Amergin reared up to put his snowy paws on Segan's legs. "What're they up to?" Oh geez, had they heard her hollering like a stray cat?

He was finished as once Eion was in place he was alongside the one Clydesdale to encourage them. "Aoh, lads, pull," and the heaving strain of the two brought the roller forwards. Rhett quickly moved out of the way, "they're all yours Eion. I think the name Eion's Snow Roller is a good one." Direct and also included the inventor's name. They could go with Quinn but there were a few Quinns. Once they were out of the warehouse and onto the street, he would be following behind at a safe distance.

"I think that is a good one, Eion's Snow Roller." So it would catch on the more it was said and what he would present to the Crown on Eion's behalf. He closed up the side of the warehouse once the horses and Roller were through so that warmth was kept, or resumed to heat up in the warehouse. He was outside of course, heavier cloak on though he was one of the ones resilient to cold and heat for his ancient hold of things.

There was a brake so it wouldn't get away from them and run the poor horses over. It would take some experimenting and likely a smaller roller would be used on the mountain roads. "It's a mouthful for sure." Not entirely sure he liked the name. The rollers rumbled and everything turned smoothly, thanks to the work of Rhett and Raphael. He was careful to keep a slow, steady pace and hoped the dogs that decided the contraption was worth barking at stayed  back. As they moved through the street, the snow packed down and the blades kept the rollers clear of snow. "Bluidy hell." He muttered under his breath. "It works."

"Aye, that's about right. Boys punching the girl they like first, then it becomes.." grinning as she lightly punched him, "probably has you kissing him in those dreams," really teasing her but still all in good fun. Though his words were probably true for poor Stewart. He was about to say more as even the snowballs stopped flying and the group slowly came to the side of the street with wide eyes. "Holy.. beejebus, look at that thing!" Dogs were barking at it but keeping back. The kids about all did the same as if entranced by the huge beast.

"Ugh!" A shudder at the mental image. "He's a kid for cryin' out loud..." She trailed off though as the mechanical sounds echoed through the square, and the strange wooden monster appeared. She stared just like the rest even as a hand shot down to grab Amergin and prevent him from 'exploring'. "...What in hell is that thing?"

Rhett cupped his mouth. "Wooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh," in exclamation as it was working like they wanted it to, it was designed to. Something that took them a good week to build with the help of all four, Eion, Raphael, Lancely and himself. Lumber donated by Jon McAndrews and the ore to make the steel, donated by his brother Eddie. He was making his way through the street in the wake of the Roller. Considering it flattened the snow down it was the easiest route.

Raphael took to flight. Wings coming from the special splits down the back of cloak and clothing beneath. That might startle some of the kids about but he no longer care. Wing span of a good 24 feet was made up mostly black feathers with blue and white markings in a pleasing pattern. The whoosh of wings displaced the falling snow as if a fan had been placed as he was above Eion at this point from a birds eye view.

People were peeking out their windows and doors and some even came outside to watch the progress of the Roller as it came down the street. The horses pranced a bit, tossing their heads as if they were showing off, the bells on their harnesses adding to the cacophony of noise. He looked up at Raphael and grinned then came to a stop near Segan and Karina. "How does the road look behind us?" He really couldn't tell what it was doing but with Rhett's yell, he figured it was good.

"Mmmm, he's a kid, one growing up just like you were last summer." She had grown up in a short time pretty much how Stewart would too. Billy would probably be the next. "Looks like a roller of sort, look how it is leaves a flat path of snow behind it. Great way to clear the streets in the winter. Wagons could be used." Which usually they became immobile until all was clear. "Faster means too than shoveling." By that time Eion was near. "So this is what you've been working on? You should be very proud. Congratulations brother." Genuine affection and pride in his voice.

"......" Karina was too busy gaping upward at the huge bird who now soared overheard to reply to either Quinn. She'd never seen Raphael do that before... and had never seen a bird that HUGE for that matter. She snapped out of it after a few seconds, giving her head a shake as if to clear it before looking to Eion. "You made that thing? Not bad...."

Rhett came upon them and nudged Karina with a side bump, one not too hard but enough to gain her attention. He noticed her mouth hanging open and her look above, over the Roller and grinned. "Gabriel does that too.  Some kind of ancient past that gives them wings for a tattoo on their backs. Rises from it." Which was even more amazing to watch if one got to see it happen when they had no shirt on. "Congratulations Eion, your invention is a success." Adding to Segan's words as certainly the one brother could be proud of the other and certainly his friends were proud too even if they had a hand in it, it would not have happened if Eion hadn't thought of it.

"I worked on the design of it but Raphael, Rhett, and Lancely helped with the building." He chuckled. "I just followed along and did what they told me. They're thinking it should be called Eion's Snow Roller." He was watching as folks came closer to study the roller which was now still.

"Road looks how it is suppose to, all flattened." Strong wings had him hovering above then moving as he eased into a landing near where the others had gathered. Wings immediately disappeared down under clothing to the tattoo on his back. That really wasn't a tattoo but that is what it looked like if one got to see it. "Evening Karina." Lopsided smile her way for a moment.


A blink of wide sea-green eyes towards Rhett, surprised by the bump but she couldn't help the quick return grin. "Never seen a tattoo do that before... It's pretty impressive Eion," she jumped onto the bandwagon of praise for the eldest Quinn. She was looking at the contraption with inquisitive interest before Raphael's greeting had her attention. A little grin answered his, "Hey Raphael. Err... nice flight."

"I'll take you for a flight sometime," giving a wink as he too could fly others if needed or wanted. It was an interesting experience for some. Chuckling to himself over the one told on the Kingsman Lazare and his blood brother Gabriel. "I do think we will be commissioned to make another large one this size and two smaller ones for the side roads by the Crown. Shall we do the constructing or hire it out," this asked of Eion for it would be his choice. Although Rhett would end up doing all the steel work as he did for this one.

She had to laugh at the idea of that, half-nervous but half-excited since she'd seen him soaring above rather high. "Can't wait..."



Date: 12-23-09
Poster: Eion Quinn
Post # 64

"Thank you everyone. I should make a sweep of the commons." They'd have plenty of volunteer drivers. "Or do one of you want to?" He rubbed his chin thoughtfully at Raphael's question. "I'm willing to help as much as I can but I know you've your business to run, so if you'd rather hire it out, that's fine by me, Raphael."

"I think we should oversee it being we know what is needed by the prototype. Two others hired by the crown for the project will have the brunt of the work done by them. Rhett still gets to do his part." Giving a clap of a hand to Rhett's shoulder. "Very talented." All that needed to be said, his swords alone spoke of that talent.

Segan was already climbing up to take up a seat next to his brother. "I'll help you out on this," grinning from ear to ear. Reminded him of days gone by the two did many things together, especially things that were milestones in their lives.

Karina, meanwhile was right next to the contraption, half-bent and head tilted as she peered beneath the roller. "How do you make it so it doesn't get too much snow on it? Won't that get too heavy after awhile?"

Which brought his usual pressed smile and too cold for any sign of red along his neck which was covered by his scarf. "Thanks, Raphael," the praise went far with him. He would leave Eion to answer Karina's question.

"Then that's how we'll handle it." He grinned at Rhett and nodded. "Aye, Rhett. This wouldn't have worked at all without your help." He offered the reins to Segan then pointed to the back of the machine. "There are blades there, made of wood that scrape the snow off as the rollers go around. It keeps them clean." And the snow didn't clump.

"I need to get back. Have a good night." This time he didn't take to wing but was walking down the path made by the roller back to his warehouse. He would need to get some things set up. Notes to send off and possibly see about a stable being built behind the warehouse where it was designated to keep the rollers. That way the horses would be ready any time needed. With a last wave he faded into the growing wall of snow falling.

"Night, Raphael and thank you again." He was grateful for the man's help and wouldn't hesitate to say so. Same with Rhett.

"Ahh." She was nodding as she craned her neck enough to see those wooden blades. "Smart!" She waved to Raphael then grinned at the boys. "Well, I think you've done good. This is really gonna help when we get more snow." She had a feeling more, a LOT more was coming before winter was done with them.

He waved to the retreating Raphael, "see you tomorrow." He would be stopping by to find out all that was needed and time frames.

He added his farewell as he held the reins. "Whenever you are ready, Eion." They would fully test it out by clearing up the square and main roads this night. It should only take them a couple of hours or do as much as they wanted for this testing period. He was sure they would probably run it in the daytime, early morning when more light but at night too if that is when the snow fell and streets were clear.

Those who had any kind of inkling into the weather agreed with Karina. "Thank you, Karina. I hope so. It should do it a lot faster than having everyone out shoveling." There'd still be some to do of course, but this would be of great help. "Go ahead, Segan. We'll be working for a bit, so good night you two." He didn't think they'd want to just hang around the square. Even the teens had drifted off.

"Loads faster." She bobbed a nod of agreement to Eion then stepped back from the contraption as they made to start off again. A smile and little wave of farewell as they rumbled off. Though she hastily grabbed up the husky and tucked him under her arm lest he give chase to the big rolling monster. Holding the pup securely she turned to offer a crooked smile up to Rhett. Soo..."Guess you'll be heading home huh?"

"Have a good night you two," grinning as he waved to where Karina and Rhett stood alongside the road before tapping the reins on the Clydesdales backs and had the massive horses drawing the massive Roller into motion.

"It is late but if you will allow me to see you home? You are staying at the Avian Gardens?" They could probably follow in the Roller's wake and make it easier walking for them. He reached over to pet Amer as she held him.

She gave a slight shrug, smile half-hidden as she tucked her face sideways to watch Amer squirm happily at the attention. "Aye, I am but... if it's out of your way or anything you don't have to." She wasn't exactly the sort that required a male escort. Didn't mean she didn't want the company, though... even if she couldn't exactly get those words out.

He lifted a hand in farewell, then turned slightly to watch the rollers. Everything was going smoothly and though some might complain at the noise, they couldn't deny the results.

He wasn't much better at any of this. First time he had a crush on one, he scared the hell out of her without trying. It had been an awful experience for him if truth be told.  Made him rather shy around females. Although, he found outat that time he got along with all the other ladies, just not that one. That at least was a light in the whole dark situation. "I stay at the Smithy as my primary residence. One that use to be my Da's but all fixed up and bigger." He was quite thrilled with his place. The rest of the time he spent with his parents and siblings at Dunshire manor. "It's not far from the Avian Gardens," to reassure her as he ceased the petting of Amer and would take up an easy pace, one she could keep up with without the need to skip, hop, run with his normal gait.

Which would be appreciated by the petite lass! As her own sign of agreement to the company she fell into step beside him, setting Amergin down so he could walk along too, now that the rolling fiend was far off. "Sounds nice. Living somewhere that used to be your Da's... it must be nice." A smile offered as she waded into the unfamiliar world of Casual Conversation, but she'd relax soon enough. "Maybe help you feel connected to him." A light shrug, only imagining what she was talking about.

"I admire me Da." Which was straightforward and the truth of it. His namesake and his father was a blacksmith by trade, taught him all he knew as Rhett advanced from there. "He was the best blacksmith and forger. He fashioned the hundred swords of Heathfield along with Druid Prince who found the special alloys and then empowered them all through the Master Sword." His words held the intensity of admiration of something that went beyond the norm. Maybe at some point he would show her what such a sword could do. He was surprising himself that conversation came easier than he would have thought. It had been a while since he talked with a lass like this. Easy stride as the snow kept falling and the Roller rambling a distance away that was now veiled by the snow coming down. Mostly only heard, especially this time of night.

"The Hundred Swords of Heathfield? I haven't heard that story... but that's a whole lot of swords." It had been plenty easy to get along with boys as she had lived with them her entire life, but this was a little different. "It sounds like he really loved what he did.... just as much as you seem to." Crooked smile was softened a bit as it flicked up towards him.

"Aye and only those of proven merit earn them. Are knighted with them," so he would tell her the story which would include that some of the alloys found were not even of this planet. He might even get into how his mother and father had met. Maggie O'Brian use to tend the infamous tavern to the north referred to as the MT, many years ago, over a decade. How all the men tried to woo her, tease her but she fell for the quiet man, his father. How he didn't even realize she was as attracted to him as he was to her but in time, as Maggie just about had to hit him over the head with the news, they eventually got married. How Dunshire had been shrouded by the Elves to protect it from ruin while Rath had ruled in the dark years seen by these lands. Rhett Senior lifted the veil to make it his home with his new bride. Lips pressed together with a slanted blue eyed look her way, hoping he wasn't boring her.

On the contrary, Karina was soaking it in like a hungry sponge. She loved a good story more than almost anything and her silence throughout was only an indication of her interest. Her eyes widened, danced with mirth or softened sympathetically at various points in the tale, all the while trained on Rhett as she forgot to be self-conscious for a moment or two. When he went silent she waited expectantly a moment then piped up, "What happened then? Did the dark ones ever return?" She remembered the story of a certain battle as well, the one where Rhett had stepped into the line of fire for his Prince, and the name Rath mentioned there too.

She would probably like the haunted house ones like Barrington Hospital but he would save that for another time. For as quiet as Rhett Junior was, there was a load of information stored away. He would finish that story by the time he reached the stoop of the Cottage that went with the Avian Gardens. "The queen was captured by the man for he decided he would force her to marry him to keep the Sylvan elves off his back. See, Rath murdered her father and mother and her mother was a Sylvan Princess. Well, Argyle MacNeil came to her rescue and killed Rath, putting her back on the throne." This was a whole other battle that had been fought before he had been born. The other was in Kildare which had a whole other story behind it too of the royal twins. "Andrew MacNeil's father. I'm not sure what happened to Argyle but he was not real faithful to the Queen, kept leaving and coming back until he didn't come back after their son was born. Too bad, for Andrew turned out to be a legend any father would have been proud of." He paused here as if he kept going it would take them hours and one story tended to lead into another. "Maybe we can get in some tobogganing soon." It might be obvious where he had been and what he'd been doing of late and would be continuing but still might find time.

Brows shot up when it came to the kidnapping and forced-marriage part, then relaxed at the rescue as she virtually lived through it all in her mind's eye. An amazed little laugh let out as she commented, "It almost doesn't sound real.... more like a story you'd read about." Wow, they were already home? That was certainly the fastest walk she could remember. Amergin was whining softly at the door and her own cheeks were rosy from the cold, but it didn't bother her much. A dip of her head and the mention of toboggans had her grinning a bit. "Sure. I tried it for the first time the other day... but I didn't get very far."

These were people she had met once she realized there were various stories behind them that made them even more real. He knew most of them for his family being here a long time, for him growing up here. "It's a lot of fun if you're not afraid of heights or speed. Ice skating is also and maybe there will be some races this year."

"It was fun... once I got used to the heights and speeds thing." Her grin expanding a bit as she remembered the madcap trip and her own laughing/shrieking throughout. "I've always wanted to try skating too.."

"You're sticking round then?" He remembered seeing her about then she was gone, then showed up, then was gone again. Although she had not noticed him in the beginning. He was quiet, most didn't. Lingering a few more minutes as he glanced up with a squint of an eye to the falling snow. Bigger, fatter flakes meant there would be an accumulation for the rate they were coming down.

She was content to linger although an increasingly insistent puppy had her reaching for the doorknob, opening the door enough to let the husky squirm inside. Pulling it mostly closed again to keep the warmth inside, at first his question earned a blank look. She hadn't realized he'd actually noticed her back in those months when she was here and there and everywhere. She lifted a shoulder in a shrug but a smile came to her lips as she answered thoughtfully, "Yeah, I think so." Simple words but Rhett might not realize just what a pledge that was for her. Might've been the first time she acknowledged the idea of 'sticking around' too, even to herself.

"Good." The pressed smile to follow as a spark glinted in blue eyes that held to hers. "I don't like losing friends once I make them." Not one of many words but certainly straight forward. No assumptions, no stipulations and no expectations nor predicting the future. One he at least had thanks to Leoric and Trevor. He also learned that fighting, being a warrior, killing and dying was not something to view through colored glasses. "I'll see you soon if fate allows." Which was more how much he was kept busy with things needed forged. "Good night, sleep well." Taking a step down from the stoop as he didn't wish to wake Vanessa either. Although the woman might be awake if she waited up until Karina got in.

And she wasn't one to gush or over-expand on a thought. And so her only answer was a smile that crept across her lips to shine brightly for just a second as she bobbed her head in a nod. "Aye... Good. Alright." Hand resting on the doorknob, she watched his retreat. Torn between just a silent wave or speaking up, oh hell, she just said it. "Thanks for walking me home." A tentative crooked smile as she called that out just as he reached the gate.

He was walking backwards and hopefully didn't trip this time, "thanks for letting me," pressed smile growing into a full grin with the show of perfect straight teeth. It lingered as the next step had him turning around and gradually being swallowed up by the falling snow into its veil.

Another nod which had her curls a-bobbing about her face. She waved once then dropped her hand once the snow had made him just a grayish shadow. The freezing cold registered and it was inside to thaw... and maybe chat with Vanessa if she was still awake.



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