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The Sea Wolf - Expanding Horizons

Date:  06-13-08
Poster: Lorcan O'Comhnaill
Post # 1

Changes for the Sea Wolf

"The falcons are truly breathtaking to be able to drop like a rock from the sky and then control it with such grace. Few things can compare to watching that." She opened her mouth to speak further and then stopped herself as she remembered something. She merely smiled to Alex as he set a mug of hot tea before her.

"Well, I'm not certain as to how Miss MacKay plans on exhibiting the raptors, but I trust that she'll manage something suitable," he responded. "She seems rather bright, and most eager to get started."

The Sea Wolf had ported as Lorcan was on a mission this evening. Planing to spend some time in these lands he had visited a couple times before. He took his time looking over the port before heading for the Thistle where he knew he could get a room and as he was told, the food excellent. No cost either but that was no problem for him either way. Wide brim hat worn with the signs of sea spray as well the slicker over a poet's shirt of wheat and brown pants. Taking the steps in a bound of two he was across the porch making his way within. Bronze eyes naturally scrutinized those present with a cordial expression. "Evening," tracing a glance between the two politely before the bar was reached and his choices made known. He'd have the house whiskey.

"Do you think she'll have exhibitions? Educational showings of any sort?" Morgan would be most interested in attending those if only to fulfill her own curiosity.

"We've only met the one time, and haven't had the opportunity to discuss what kind of plans and ideas that she has for exhibiting the animals that will be under her charge, but I'll be sure to ask her about those things when next I see her," Calum replied to Morgan, and then a cordial nod and greeting were offered to the gentleman that had entered the Thistle, and had come to join them at the bar. "Good evening to you, as well."

Turning slightly, she offered a polite smile and a wave of greeting to the unfamiliar face. "Hello, how are you?"

The politeness of those here had a smile to tuck with in the sparse beard. "I'm am well, thank you for asking." Then addressing them both as he turned into a lean, glass in hand to face them. "Lorcan O'Domhnaill's the name, recently arrived to these lands." Removing his hat with his free hand to set aside on the bar. He debated putting it on the seat of a stool but had made that mistake before and took some time to get it back into shape instead of the crushed look.

Lifting her mug of tea to him, she replied, "You are most welcome, Lorcan. I am Morgan and this is Calum. We are both quite recent in these lands as well."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mr. O'Domhnaill," Calum responded. "I am Calum Creighton, also recently arrived to Heathfield, and this is Miss Morgan Murray, a local merchant."

"A pleasure to meet you both, Morgan, Calum. Are you content then in your stay here?" He had reasons for asking and who better than those recently arrived to add to those a while here.

"Satisfied enough to have signed citizenship papers," he replied with a small, cordial smile.

Adam made his way up the steps and into the Thistle, humming under his breath. The day had been long, but rewarding, and now it was time for a little relaxing. "Evening, folks." He nodded toward the three there, giving them an easy smile.

"Yes, I would say that I am quite content with Heathfield. Are you considering settling here, yourself?" Her gaze traveled to the door once more and she repeated her smile and wave in greeting to the stranger. "Good evening."

"Aye, indeed I am. Something which I have talked over with my partners." Quite involved and good reasons for such a consideration, if workable for all and accepted. "I was given the names of the portmasters, Adam Callihan and Adrian Frasier to speak with. Would you happen to know either?" When he went to check both were out and their assistants in their place. He would wait until he could speak directly with either although both had been very helpful.

This seemed to be a night for renewing recent acquaintances, and making new ones. "Good evening to you," Calum offered amiably to Adam. "I am Calum Creighton, the charming young lady is Miss Morgan Murray. This gentleman is Mr. Lorcan O'Domhnaill."

"Evening," realizing another came in and so was politely greeted. Glass still in hand untouched until now. He was pleasantly surprised with the smooth burn and shot a look Alex's way with an approving nod.

Hearing his name, he turned to face the others. "Pleased to meet you all. I'm Adam Callihan." He chuckled as he picked up the glass waiting for him. "One of the very men you're to meet with, Lorcan."

At that moment, Alex delivered the bowl of stew that Calum had ordered, along with a glass of water. "I hope that you don't mind," he said quietly aside to Morgan. "I would not ordinarily eat in front of a lady without inviting her to join me, but I haven't had a thing to eat all day."

Arching a brow, her lips twitched with a repressed smile. Oh, if Aislinn were here, she would have something to say about the extent of Morgan's charm. She raised her mug once more and decided that new introductions required potcheen, not tea. She finished the herbal brew with a quick swig and slid it towards Alex with a wink. "Something a bit stronger, please." "Oh, please Calum, eat if you are hungry. There is never a need to rest on formality with me." She gave an easy smile to him.

He had eased into a lean but was right back up as he set his glass aside and took the few measured steps in distance to offer his hand to Adam. "That was quick, well met Adam, if I may be on first name basis?"

"First names are fine with me." He took Lorcan's hand in a firm grip, giving a nod. "It was one of those happy coincidences." After releasing, he leaned back against the bar. "What can I do for you?" He looked at Calum and Morgan, his grin growing. "And it's nice to meet the two of you as well."

"Thank you." The small, warm grin accompanied his thanks, and then he began to stir the contents of the bowl with a spoon, allowing the stew to cool a bit before digging in. Caught just as he took that first spoonful of stew into his mouth, Calum's features suffused slightly with color. A sheepish grin formed around the spoon, and a polite nod was given to Adam.

"I and a few others with me have decided that Reefers Bay is not the place to stay to do business." He didn't need to go into detail but rather the overall. "We have acquired an island that we renovated, rebuilt, called Devil's Fork. We're in the process of deciding on another name. It's somewhat secluded to depend on port trading there alone. We don't have enough ships but more the time. We have known about these lands here for a while and if we became a part, citizens, we could either sell goods through someone here already set up or if none are setup, then set up such a place." That had not been worked out in particulars but first steps should be taken.

She offered a wink to Adam as she let that first swig of potcheen swirl through her mouth and warm her from the inside out. Sighing softly, she settled her chin in her hand, listening idly to the chit chat between Lorcan & Adam.

He winked back before his attention was fully on Lorcan. "There's Bovee's shipping, Benzaiten Imports to name two." He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I take it you have everything worked out as far as what you want to do?"

"Fond of that stuff, are you?" Calum inquired of Morgan, noting the look of mild contentment on her face almost immediately after sampling the potcheen.

Brows rose towards her hairline as she turned her attention towards Calum and then glancing down at her cup with a soft chuckle. "Not really.....that is to say, not so much anymore. But it does remind me of some good times during my misspent youth. Good friends lost...." Her voice trailed for a moment before her eyes met his once more. "I suppose that men of science don't drink much?" Her smile teasing.

"Not when they're in the company of things that might eat them, no." A quick wink was given along with the reply. "Misspent youth, you say?"

Smiling impishly, she raised a brow in a sardonic manner. "Oh, I used to drink in the company of things that wanted to eat me up, but it was consensual. Yes, I was what one could call 'young and stupid' in my heyday and I lived at the whim of the fates, letting it bounce me around from town to town, tavern to tavern with my cousin in tow."

That next mouthful of stew was almost spat out after Morgan's rather candid admission, and Calum coughed several times in order to clear his throat. "Ahem, is that so?"

With a soft laugh, she patted Calum on the back as he righted himself. "Are you alright? Maybe you should take smaller bites?" She smiled sweetly, face the picture of innocence.

"We have tossed around ideas but there would need be a lot of steps taken first to decide any of those. We might open a place to sell certain things another doesn't have or set up continual  inventory with one such as Xander. First we have to be accepted. I was told you could help me with this." He had talked to one some time ago but he realized it was probably one that could not really help.

"Yes, that must have been it," he answered as Morgan patted him on the back. "I don't know what else that it could have been."

"Was that too much?" Her face, however, was far from apologetic, a wide grin lighting her features. "Sometimes I can be a bit...blunt. Aislinn is forever chiding me about my loose tongue."


The Sea Wolf

Date: 06-13-08
Poster: Lorcan O'Domhnaill
Post # 2

"No, not at all," Calum responded, and there was a merry little gleam in his eyes. "I've spent too much time in the company of my studies, and not nearly enough in that of people. Your candor is... refreshing."

"Aye, I can. There are some men here that you should meet with first. Draven MacShire, or Maurice McDonough. They have all the information on becoming citizens. There will be questions asked of course. Your crew do the same? Do you have family?" He was taking notes after borrowing paper, quill and ink from Alex.

He chuckled to himself hearing Morgan, sounded like his youth to present day. This was probably the first step in making a few concrete ones. Of course it might not stop him from visiting certain taverns still. He was listening, adding names to memory. "I have a sister, rest are like family. Would they wish to meet with us all or me as a spokesman?"

Waggling her brows at him, her smile grew devilish. "Oh I could be much more....'refreshing' than that. You let me know any time you need to be refreshed."

Why did he feel like he was back in the Dark Continent, being sized up and eyed by a hungry leopardess?! His features again softly colored over, and he had to clear his throat even though there was no stew to choke in this time.  "Uhmm, thank you, Morgan. I'll... keep that in mind."

"I'd say you first. They could probably tell you more than I can on that part. Alex here knows both men. He could tell whichever one shows first, or I can send a note on to both men or one, and let them get in touch with you."

Laughter spilling from her lips, she took pity on him. "I'm sorry Calum, I was jesting. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, I don't know when to shut my mouth."

A soft chuckle escaped him and he gave a small, dismissive wave of his hand. "It really is more me than you, Morgan. There's no need for an apology. There are worse things than the attention and playfulness of a young lady, if I recall correctly."

He tapped the paper thoughtfully. "Likely Maurice. He has several islands also." He looked at Alex who nodded slightly.

"Mac is with me and the Lady Captain Solitaire is to join us soon. She had a few runs that took her longer than us." Mac was probably on land already not really being one for the sea unless necessary. He was probably checking out every port tavern they had and lending the barkeep a hand if any fights broke out. Sometimes Lorcan wondered if Mac had a hand in getting them started somehow but usually with ones that could use a good beating now and then. "We had a tavern with a merchant's store as part but we sold it back to the one we bought it from. If possible we would like to set up something like that."

Pursing her lips with mock admonishment, she arched a brow. "Enough of this young lady nonsense. You make me feel like I'm back in the schoolroom. Honestly, you can't be that much older than me, if at all."

"That still doesn't mean that you're not a young lady, but all right, your point is taken." The last bits of his stew were polished off, and he turned on the stool to more fully face Morgan again. "From this point forward, you shall be... the soap hag." A waggle of his brows punctuated the jest.

"I'd say that's possible." He grinned at Lorcan. "I'll send this on to Maurice. Is there any place he can contact you? You can let him know who will be joining you, any questions he has. When you come to port, you will deal with either myself or Adrian Frasier. We'll assign you a permanent berth for your ships."

"I plan to stay right here until I can find out." Most of the others were on his ship or coming in with Solitaire. I have the Sea Wolf anchored out from the slips presently. If you want her moved that can be easily done. I've noticed there are a few areas down from the main stretched without any buildings. I'm willing to build a place suited if that can be approved and speed things up." With getting out at Reefers they needed another place to stay as Coral Reef was not an option for this kind of business and traffic anymore.

With a straight face, she nodded slowly, considering her new title. "Fair enough....I've certainly been called worse. Besides, that gives me fair license to dress in rags and scare the children," said with a bright smile. She truly did have a strange sense of humor.

"Not by anyone with a shred of common sense, I'll warrant," Calum responded. "And given that most children have an aversion to baths, the Soap Hag might become the most fearsome beastie this side of the Bogeyman."

"Oooh, I could become a legend for the ages! Now that is certainly a worthy aspiration for those slow moments in life."

"That would be perfect." He knew exactly where Lorcan meant. "You could have your own docks as well. Load right from there." He grinned again. "That would put you on my side of the docks."

"You know, it would be great fun to have a haunted house at the zoo around Samhain."

"Muddy children everywhere would quail helplessly at the mere mention of your name," Calum replied with exaggerated graveness and mock solemnity.

"Well, I have always wanted to inspire something in others.....if all I can manage is fear, I'll take what I can get." Chortling to herself, she worked on her potcheen, the gears in her mind turning out images of an old woman brandishing soap at dirty children and beggars.

"If it is approved it will work perfectly. As I said we only have a few ships and the place we renovated from the ground up is prospering quick so there is a lot of goods that can be brought in by Bovee Shipping if I'm correct. Merchants here plus our own. From raw ores, silks, spices, exotic oils to weapons. I am told these lands have sister lands that trade can be extended to."

"It sounds good to me." He leaned an elbow against the bar, "and yes, there are. They would welcome the trade."

"Somehow, I doubt that fear is the only thing that you managed to inspire in others," Calum responded sardonically.

"I hear there is one of the sister castles that is newly setting up port and trade too. This may work well for both and the lands as a whole." There were a lot of advantages for him and his partners as well anyone that got involved.

"True. There's also annoyance, anger and outright murderous intentions."

"Kildare. They're rebuilding their trade from almost the ground up. People constantly moving into there. My family is from there. From the Duchy of Montrose. I've two brothers and a sister who also have ships."

"What of that misspent youth, I suppose," he ventured, going along with her assertion. The wry, merry gleam was eloquent in his gaze as he took part in her play.

"Though the latter is usually reserved for my cousin....and it's usually well deserved." Her smile was sheepish, the faintest tinge of pink coloring her cheeks.

"Yes, that's the one. I'll need to make some notes or better, study a map and it'll all stay straightened out in my head. Is there anything I should know that you can impart that might help me out in all of this?"

"You have a cousin? That lives here?" His affectation was one of muted terror, albeit playfully rendered and portrayed.

"Yes, Aislinn. She is a citizen of Heathfield, though she is currently undergoing some tutelage from a citizen of Telarus and so has been spending her days and nights there."

Marsali stuck her head in to see if her brother was here. She had explored the marketplace and had bought various items, a few bags full. Luckily with handles so easier to carry. She decided not to stay on the ship after all and the idea of a real bed with a real mattress far more enticing. Hair that had been tidied back was wind swept with strands framing her face as dark eyes set upon her brother. Easy not to miss as she came in fully. She even put on a skirt of bronze silk and lacy blouse that slipped over one shoulder to expose. "Good evening." Smile was pleasant as she was over to set the bags by her brother, butting them up against the bar out of the way.

"Don't worry, she's not anything like me, your nightmares are laid to rest." Her smile was self deprecating, eyes twinkling with mirth.

"Why, I have no idea as to that which you refer," Calum replied primly, making a little show of adjusting his clothes as if in mild indignation.

Pyper came from the garden door, having been out exploring again, and came in to get a drink and see who was out and about. The elf went up to the bar to order some cider from Alex, then moved to one of the empty stools, pulling one foot up to rest her chin on her knee from time to time as she watched, listened, and took everything in.

Snickering softly, she shook her head. "No need for embarrassment, that's the usual reaction. Most people come out feeling sorry for her for being stuck in with me since childhood."

"I'd recommend looking over the back issues of the Gazette. That'll give you names. I can give you the names of each of the rulers of the lands." He paused to incline his head to the lass that had entered. "Evening, miss."


The Sea Wolf

Date: 06-13-08
Poster: Lorcan O'Domhnaill
Post # 3

"You look lovely," he was pleased she appeased him in this. First impressions and all and knowing his sister she'd come dress like one of the sailors. "Adam, this is my sister Marsali. Also meet Calum and Morgan," indicating the two others present before giving a nod to the other woman coming in. It was a very good thing he had not set his hat down for it would have been on the very one the lady claimed. The crushed hat look was not an in fashion.

"Is that why she's seeking therapy in a foreign locale?" he teased, the hint of a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. Yes, he had purposefully substituted the word therapy for the word tutelage.

She nodded back to everyone, catching each eye in turn. "Good evening, I'm Pyper." She then turned when Alex brought her cider and whispered a low thank you to him. "A bhui le"

"If by therapy you mean is she drinking herself into oblivion in another country in order to block out her traumatic past with me, then the answer is yes."

"Nice to meet you Adam as well Calum and Morgan," glancing their way for a moment but didn't wish to interrupt. "Pyper, well in the meet, I'm Marsali, my brother Lorcan and the others." Not feeling she knew them well enough to start introductions.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Marsali. Unusual name. Quite as lovely as the lady." He smiled at her then nodded at Pyper. "Evening, Pyper., and well met."

Hearing her name mentioned, she sheepishly glanced over and smiled to both Marsali and Pyper. "Good evening."

"Ah," he offered with a nod, and then he looked to Pyper, "Good evening. I'm Calum Creighton, and this is Morgan Murray." He then looked to Marsali and offered her a cordial smile and a polite nod as well. "And a pleasant good evening to you, miss."

She had to smile as she took a sip of the cider. Everyone was so polite here, it was refreshing.

He was chuckling hearing Morgan, lass was a sprite when it came to bantering. Silver tongue devil perhaps too, one usually applied to males but she had the gift of gab. There then back to the other, "good evening Pyper."

"You are a charmer as well the handsome devil," words low but she flashed a smile Adam's way and certainly took the moment in a swift perusal. Next she was finding out what was suited to drink in this establishment. Calum got a wink being she was talking to Alex she found out was the tender's name.

As Mar turned her attention to Alex, lowered words would be heard by Adam, "careful, she bites."

A faint blush and a blink were elicited by Marsali's quick wink, but he quickly regained his composure and offered her an amiable smile in return.

He chuckled and turned back to Lorcan. "I have three sisters. Could probably say the same about them. There's a map there." He motioned toward the far end of the bar. "Been updated since Kildare was re-taken. Paper has shops listed too, but it looks like your sister has found some of them."

She smiled at seeing the gentleman blush at the attention he had been given.

"Are you saying you have the bite marks to prove it?" Outright laughing with the thought as he was starting to relax, easing back into a lean against the bar before another shot of the whiskey was taken. "Indeed she has and probably more being sent knowing her." He'd given her a good amount of money to spend. It was the least he could do for her after so many years he thought her dead. Setting his glass aside he was over to take a look at the map. More, commit it to memory.

Suppressing a smile, she watched Calum with raised brows. "You do blush easily, sir."

His throat was cleared at Morgan's comment, and he affected a nonchalant demeanor. "I'm still becoming reacquainted with human companionship," he offered by way of excuse.

She wrinkled her nose and stuck out the tip of her tongue to her brother's back for his comment on her spending. Certainly she did when she got the chance and he well knew it wasn't often. She ordered some  kind of homemade whiskey with fruit flavoring, punch it was called and so settled in to watch the others interact and converse. Dark eyes above the brim of her glass in trying to be discreet about it.

"A few scars from when I was a lad." He chuckled again, then lifted his glass as Lorcan moved to the map.

With mock solemnity, she raised a hand, palm outward. "I shall endeavor not to take advantage of that knowledge, nor shall I randomly blurt things out just to see said blush. Well....I'll try, anyway." She gave him a cheeky smile, finishing off her glass of potcheen and deciding she needed another.

"I bought you a few things," leaving him wonder what they were and letting him be surprised. She noticed his hat on the bar as she tsk tsked under her tongue before grabbing it up to don. It was a little big on her but something she had always done, stole his hats when young.

"Your consideration is duly noted and appreciated," he replied, his glass of water lifted in a salute to her efforts on his behalf.

Hearing talk of bite scars and commerce, she turned to Adam, Marsali and Lorcan, chiming in on behalf of her business. "If any of you are in need of soaps or other body-cleaning sundries, please let me know."

"I could use to buy for a few others I know!" Quick glance to her brother's back before grinning Morgan's way. "Mac and Dorian too but I'd like to get Taire some nice smelling soaps and bath oils." Her brother could probably hear the clink of coins but she knew well he already had more than he could ever spend in a lifetime.

Finishing off his glass of water, Calum slipped off of his stool. "Well, I have notes and plans that are still in dire need of review. If you'll all excuse me? Morgan, it was lovely, as always, and it was a pleasure to have met the rest of you. Please enjoy the remainder of the evening."

He leaned slightly to look at Marsali under the hat and chuckled. "That seems to be a favored pastime of younger sisters." He leaned back and relaxed some after having Alex refill his glass. "Good night, Calum. It was a pleasure to meet you as well."

She nodded at the one leaving. "Pleasure ta have met ye Calum. Be safe."

She nodded to Calum and merrily waved him off as he left for the evening. Now she could get down to business with Marsali. "Do you have any favorite scents? Or are these to be gifts? I also offer handmade essential oils, bath oils and salts as well as gentle soaps for sensitive skin and/or children and a line of soaps for men that are not scented with anything floral or girly." A teasing smile lit her face at the last comment, sipping from her refreshed potcheen.

She smiled up at him from under the brim, her eyes barely seen but she could see. "I think they look much better worn by younger sisters." Her smile easing to just a curl, "how many do you have?" Then back to Morgan as she had to think on it. "Do you have lavender, honeysuckle and lilac? Most will be gifts but I like the last two mentioned."

"I do have lavender and lilac, the latter being one of my favorite scents. However, I have not had a chance to make any honeysuckle oil yet as I just moved here this past winter and my plant is not mature enough to harvest yet."

The last had her glancing to her brother's back and such a wicked grin but she'd not get him girly smelling stuff for he wouldn't use them.

"Three. Alannah, Regan and Deirdre." He fell quiet while he listened to the two women talk.

"Do you have a soft rose scent too?" Not overpowering she could use instead of the honeysuckle for Taire.

Glancing to Adam, her smile warmed. "Oh, I didn't realize that you were Regan and Deirdre's brother. Please tell them I send greetings." She nodded to Marsali, her glance conspiratorial. "I cannot abide the overpowering scent of roses either, so I make a very lightly scented one lest it give me a headache."

"Don't get any ideas unless it's for Mac," said as he finished memorizing the map. Turning then he was back over to join them, smile ghosted a moment before settling into a lean and claiming his drink. "Then again Dorian might appreciate such scents," the half Elf coming to mind with a chuckle.

"I will, Morgan." He smiled in return, then looked at Lorcan. "Another of your crew?" Meaning Dorian.

"My partners are Mac, Solitaire and Dorian as we gradually met and had a lot in common. Gawain is with us along with Bull, Lindsay and Bethany. And of course my sister. Gawain also has a younger brother, Danny." Who might well join them or stay at Devil's Fork.

"What other ones do you have of interest. Any to soothe the senses, drain the stress," glancing to her brother as she was being more serious for a change before back to Morgan. She noticed Pyper was a very quiet one.

The elf was indeed a quiet one, learning about this new place and learning about people by watching. She took another sip of her cider as she watched and listened.


The Sea Wolf

Date: 06-13-08
Poster: Lorcan O'Domhnaill
Post # 4

"Let's see....for that, I would recommend bath salts or oils for aromatherapy. I have lemon balm and lavender, the mixture of which can be very soothing. Sandalwood is also good for a general stress reliever, but I can certainly
work with you to create a custom scent in any mixture you desire."

"Maybe a sandalwood sea salt for the bath and matching oil he can get one of his lady friends to apply." Only a quick glance her brother's way and back with a touch of a wicked smile. "Do you have a massage parlor too?" Never knew so she would ask.

Chuckling softly, she shook her head. "I do not have one, though that would be a good idea. I was thinking of that, or a bath house attached to my shop."

"Marsali," a bit of a warning growl, one that sounded far too natural for him too even if he knew she was teasing him. He would get her back good if she continued.

"Does one of your brother's 'lady friends' have something troubling her? Please tell her to stop by for a cup of tea and we can work on an oil that will be to her liking."

"Oh don't try and tell me there aren't a number of ladies," and perhaps not ladies, "that wouldn't jump at the chance to give you a massage." Wrinkling her nose his way but she wouldn't push it beyond that for he might start to actually get annoyed and then it wouldn't be good teasing anymore.

Biting back a comment, she smiled to herself watching their banter back and forth. It made her heart ache for the company of her cousin, who she hadn't seen in almost a month.

Which had her laughing back Morgan's way. She was no help. "More his lady friends would like to get.." ok, if she continued that would have him getting annoyed. "Ah well, you know."

Clucking her tongue, she gave an impish smile. "Too bad you've already missed my Beltaine specials, I had some nice gift baskets of oils put together with chocolates from the neighboring bakery."

Eyes narrowed as Mar ran at the mouth but luckily contained it finally. "There are no more lady friends, I gave them up." When he got too busy at Devil's Fork.

He had a smile as he listened but he was keeping his mouth shut. Seemed like a good idea.

Dark eyes lit up, "there is a chocolate shop here?" She had missed that one but had found the bakery. Part of the packages for Lorcan was some of his favorites. She was going to be in heaven here. Soaking in scented bath oils and eating chocolate. She might stay even if they didn't!

Catching Lorcan's comment, she gave him a discreet once over, shrugging to herself. 'What a waste' she thought. "Well, I got the chocolates from the bakery - my shop is right next door. I asked them to box some chocolates together for me for the Beltaine May baskets. I will also be collaborating with them for the Summer Solstice."

Well, that didn't mean he couldn't find more once he was all settled in this rather large moving of interests. The thought had him chuckle for it was the first for it to rise to a conscious thought.

"If you really want to be decadent, you should get some chocolates, a bottle of wine and find the natural hot springs here. You can soak to your heart's content."

"Oooo, natural hot springs," for all her reservations earlier on the talks, now she couldn't wait. She had found Heaven. "I will have to check them out, thank you for the information." She was getting tired at this point as she picked up three of the carry bags. "The one there is for you Lorcan, enjoy. I will catch you tomorrow morning to break fast with." She had gained a key from Alex as told earlier she could.

She had to smile to herself as she listened, but also was quiet. She still wasn't as good with English yet, little things getting past her, so she wasn't sure she was completely understanding the conversation.

He eyed the bags then the one left for him with a natural curiosity. Marsali knew him well and was good about sending him some nice surprises in spite of all her teasing. "Thank you and we definitely shall break fast together. I'm sure Mac is already upstairs as well as Dorian. I will write a note to be delivered to," hesitating as he looked to Adam," Maurice was it? Also, are there any independent shippers in the lands?"

"I shall have to find your shop, Morgan," bright smile her way before going to tip toe to plant a quick kiss to her brother's cheek. Once down and a few steps away, "nice meeting you all. I hope to again." Then she was on her way heading upstairs to unpack and settle in.

"Good night, Marsali, and welcome to Heathfield." It didn't matter if they were staying or remained as visitors.

"Good eve, Marsali. It was lovely to meet you. Please drop by my shop any time for a chat or some tea."

"Good night Marsali, sleep sweet." Knowing she would in a real bed.

Still slowly nursing her second glass of potcheen, she spun herself on her stool until her back was leaning against the bartop, her elbows resting on top of the glossy wood. One foot was curled toward her, heel hooked on the rim of the seat while the other was curled up on topmost rung. Without noticing, she started to hum softly.

Blue eyes turned back to Lorcan and he grinned. "My brothers and sister, Regan, for a start. Joseph Walsh." He looked thoughtful. "Darren McCullen."

He was nodding, "once things get organized I'll contact them to possibly set up some business." They might be more willing to sail the distance to Devil's fork where waters were not all that tame. Most larger businesses avoided them because they had no need with so many contacts and contracts. Of course he would pay better for those.

He was writing as Lorcan spoke, offering the paper over to him. "Maurice McDonough is the one, yes. He can set you up, get you moving quickly."

He took the paper, giving it a glance before folding it up to slip into a shirt pocket. "I want to thank you for all your help." He was appreciative of it too. "If you have any need of help and I'm around, consider it yours." A lot more meaning than the words for there were times things got rough. He was use to rough.

"I'll mention you to my siblings. We're moving my father and eldest sister back to Montrose, so they happen to be home." The smile reappeared and he nodded. "I will. I'll be gone a few days but if you're down in the dock area, you're always welcome to give a hand." He'd not only give Adrian a heads up but his assistants.

Her humming progressed to singing under her breath, not feeling the late hour at all. Fingers were tapping against the bar in time to her song. Fishing her braid from between the bar and her back, which was causing discomfort, she let loose the binding and combed out the titian locks with her fingers, wondering what Ais was up to.

A lingering glance was given Morgan a moment, something about the subtle motions before mentally shaking off the thoughts they elicit. Instead he focused on Adam and back to business. "It will be a while once admitted as citizens and all approved what we have in mind," also alternatives ideas too. Most would come out in the talk with the man whose name he gave him, "before we are ready. I'm sure they will be back by then or in port. I could always leave word with you for your siblings if any of them are interested?"

Here and there, she would hold a several strands up for close inspection. She decided to find someone who could trim her hair for her, just a few inches off the bottom.

"That will work. From what I understand, they're going to try to come home at least once a month." He didn't go into details but with their father ailing, it was something they all felt necessary.

Along that vein and remembering her conversation with Marsali, maybe Morgan needed a day of pampering herself. The majority of her time was devoted to her business, but with all this "alone time" forced upon her, maybe she should take some time for herself on the odd day. Mayhap a visit to the hot springs was not out of order, with a good book.

He finished his drink and pushed off the bar. "I should be heading back." This was the time of night when the fights were heaviest., though they could break out at any time. "Lorcan, it's been a pleasure. Ladies, the same. Good night to you."

Glancing up with a smile, she wiggled her fingers in a wave to Adam. "Good night Adam, it was a pleasure to meet you."

"It was a pleasure meeting you Morgan, I'm sure my sister will buy plenty." There were a few of them so all would get used if she did. "I should get some sleep too and see what tomorrow brings. Thank you for all your help Adam," which gave him a good feel in this decision. He went to get his hat but realized Mar had taken it with her as he took up the bag left instead. Key gotten and he was heading upstairs.

"Sleep well Lorcan. I hope you enjoy your stay at the Thistle." She smiled to him as well before finishing the last of her potcheen.

"Let me know how things go." He called after Lorcan before heading out.


The Sea Wolf

Date: 09-09-08
Poster: Lorcan O'Domhnaill
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The Decision

Lorcan was told to meet Pierre here this evening, having arrived with two of his partners to see about signing some papers being the enterprise embarked upon would be beneficial to all concerned. Tankards ordered as well a tray of food that he brought it over to a table. They may as well eat and drink while waiting.

Mack tipped his Stetson to the tender known as Alex. Something about him that gained immediate respect as he helped Lorcan with taking up the tankards while he saw to the tray of food. He always had an appetite ready as he set the tankards down then took up some of the bread, cheese and meat to roll together as he settled into a chair. One near the wall as he leaned back so it butted up against it. He was checking out the place between bites followed by a swig of the ale.

Dorian would have helped with the drinks and food but his two companions took care of that. He followed them over to the table after greeting Alex and took a seat, one that allowed him to watch the doors. The food was good, and so was the ale. What little he had seen of the land was impressive, but as always he withheld judgement. It was too soon to decide anything.

Pierre was running behind schedule but was soon through the door, a folder under his arm as he spotted Lorcan with two others right off. "Good evening," heading straight for their table to set the folder. "I see you have made yourselves comfortable, oui, it is good. You can always stay here if needed until the construction of the port tavern is completed." Something they already went over and obviously had been approved. It also went with them becoming citizens as he looked from Lorcan to the other two, which would have been discussed and accepted or rejected, hence this meeting.

He was about to sit down, chuckling to see how quickly Mack made himself comfortable when Pierre came in. If he was running behind he'd not even realize it. That would mean they probably were as well. "Good evening Pierre, meet Mack and Dorian, two of my partners. All has been discussed with them and those of the tavern we had owned, sold now, that wished to come here as well. All know that they need to become citizens of the lands and have agreed." Finally taking his seat so he could get some of the food before Mack ate it all.

Not often would he show due respect but here as well he offered it as the front legs of his chair came in a thud against the flooring as he rose. A hand extended, "pleasure be meeting you Pierre. I'm in agreement with my partners in staking a claim in these lands." Reefers Bay had become as unstable as well the other ones near and a place not fit to live if one wanted any kind of a descent life. More for the ladies that had come to join up with them and those they looked after.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Pierre." He stood and waited until Mack was finished before offering his hand as well. "I guess best thing to say is I agree with my partners." He was still a little uncertain but there was a good reason for it.

"Oui, it is my pleasure as well," taking Mack's hand to shake then Dorian's in turn before taking up a seat where he set his folder. "These are the official papers that need to be signed and a list of those coming will need also. All is here in what we talked about. To build a tavern pub on the undeveloped area in the east harbor. I will see that the harbor masters meet you so you can establish a rapport, keep things going smoothly. Adam Callihan and Adrian Frasier." Which he may have mentioned their names already but didn't hurt to repeat them for Mack and Dorian's information. "I will put you in contact with Jon McAndrews for the lumber and construction as with winter on its way, they are pretty much done with cutting wood and his men can use the extra work."

He'd finished the one sandwich by the time Pierre sat down. Wiped off his hands first as he took up the papers offered. He was a quick reader and all was in ordered as they spoke on. Plus the one on the exchange of goods with Bovee shipping. He leafed through one page to the next before handing them off to Mack to look over. "We will get all the requested signatures as agreed of those that decided to come with us." Their enemy had disappeared and not shown up for over a year. That wasn't the reason for change, the area called for it as well a better life for his sister and the other women they cared about. Themselves, they were use to living a rugged life.

"Is there much trouble in the dock area?" Not that trouble would be a problem for Dorian but it would be good to know the nature of the area.

The handshake was met in kind before he was seated again. Tilted back like before as he listened. Once the papers were handed his way he started reading them over as Dorian asked questions. One he'd like to know the answer to as well. He wasn't a speed reader like Lorcan but took it nice and slow, like he had all the time in the world.

He was picking at the cheese while he listened. His younger sister would like these lands, that much he was certain of but he didn't think he'd want her living at the docks.

"If any trouble comes in it is taken care of quickly and efficiently by the harbor masters. If guards are needed there are troops that patrol the lands including the dock area. It is mainly the lower part that sees any, where your tavern will be but it wont be coming from the lands' citizens but some that come in. Depending on the kind of disturbance, they can be banned from the port. There has been occasion where a captain who couldn't control his crew has been."

He was nodding hearing the answer as golden bronze eyes shifted between Mack and Dorian to note their response. All had to be in agreement with this move. One he felt was for the best and they still had his Coral Reef Island that would be separate for any other kinds of dealings. Moving here would replace Reefers bay location and tavern there while giving the women a safer haven.

"Are there ships that patrol the harbor?" He had a reason for asking. "Reefer's Bay was starting to have trouble with groups stealing aboard the ships and taking over the cargo." Not that it happened to any of theirs.

He'd never seen Dorian ask so many questions although gave a nod Lorcan's way to show he was listening as eyes lifted from the papers he was finishing reading. Slow but sure was the way he'd always been. Once done he set them in reach of Dorian before taking up some of the cheese and bread to work on, as well his ale.

"Oui, there are more there than seen out along the coast patrolling them within our water rights. Beyond that it is wide open but you'll not have such in the ports here." They were on the watch in giving out exact statistics for some asking too many questions on such but they were unknowns. "I suggest you speak with the others at the port and the ones that run our ships, oui?" That way Dorian could have a better idea than just him saying it was so.

"Aye, I will. There's a reason I ask." He grinned, looking boyish. "My sister is quite young and I want her to be safe as possible."

He interjected a question as well, "there are a few of us, will we all be able to stay here or is there a manor we might occupy or at least some of the women," glancing to Dorian as in point.

"Oui. One cannot predict the future but these are the safest lands I know of, especially for women and young girls that wont have to worry about leaving their home at night even to step outside. I can see about a manor for you to have that do not wish to live in the tavern itself but it will have many rooms. I believe you said, aside yourselves, there is a man that servers as tender and bouncer?"

"That would be Bull, but usually we are there as well to make sure there are no outbursts. I think that manor would do well for a few of the ladies like Dorian's sister, Lorcan's sister even the two waitresses if it can be one located near enough." They certainly would not be worse off than the situation the other had become and by the sound of it, a lot better off.

"So do I. Is there a school? Molly is young enough to still go." Or he'd find a tutor for her.

"Oui, the lands offer public schooling as well many still hold to private tutoring." He didn't mind answering any of the questions as it seemed Dorian was the one that had many.

Now that was not something he'd think of for he didn't have anyone that young to worry on that way. He was sating his hunger as he continued to listen. "Are there any stables that we might buy horses?"

"Shops that have books and tailors?" May as well find out the quality of living. If they were as backwards as Reefers was, a tailor was very hard to find. He had to go into another area or clothing made overseas.

Before he would have left Lorcan and Mack ask but now he had his sister to be responsible for. She was shyer then she should be but given the circumstances of how she was found, there was a reason for it. He nodded, pleased so far with what he was hearing.

"Oui, tailor, leather, soap, flowers, candy, a few stables, shipyard, farms, ranches, candles, carriages, even clocks. As well as many more." Those were off the top of his head. He wasn't sure what it was like where they had been as he had no reason to travel that way. "There are knights, guards and warriors here on land as well. A Crown that rules over the lands firm but kindly. There are also.." and here he paused looking between them. Best they be prepared in case it was a problem, "Druids, Elementals, Fae and others of like that use energies and powers of the earth and universe for the betterment and welfare of all."

He was right glad he added that part for what he was, if it came about those here would not be shocked. Something he usually hid on the ordinary but now would not have to really worry about it. "Druids," more mumbled under his breath as he gave a nod. He had an understanding of their outlook which was a lot like his. He had no problem there.

"Well, I won't have a problem here then." He gave a shake of his head, revealing ears that were slightly tapered.

Which had Pierre chuckle when he saw the ears on Dorian, "oui, there are a few here full blood and mixed. Too many kinds to count and still counting if one did."

Another thing that pleased him. He looked at Lorcan and gave a slight nod. His concerns were pretty much taken care of.

Once Dorian was done looking over the papers, he'd collect them to get all the signatures. "We will be arriving in about a weeks time if not sooner. All depends on if the ladies take their time," although they would put a bug in their ear. Since the decision was made over the past year when he first came here to talk with certain ones, then over time hooked up with Pierre, it was long overdue. "If a manor is available by that time, all the better than moving them in here only to move them out again." He was sure what was found would be suitable from the places he'd seen in these lands. Mansions compared to Reefer's area. He was up from his seat as he was done eating and drinking. The sooner they got back, the sooner they could pack and come back, papers all signed as well.

Like Lorcan, he was a fast reader. The language was clear and precise and everything in order. Standing, he offered the papers to Lorcan. He couldn't see any one having a problem with anything in them. Of course, there was Solitaire yet.

If anyone had a problem after they answered any questions for the answers they gained, then they could ask themselves once here or stay behind. No one had to go but better if the decision was made by all so they could continue to stick together. "Thank you for your time and efficiency in this matter," all parts of it as he addressed Pierre while taking the papers. "I appreciate it as well look forward to doing business with you and your partner." That was a big part of it as well.

He stood as well as they were getting ready to leave, he still had some matters to see to as well. "Oui, I look forward to doing business with you as well. I know that many found this place to have a draw, of a good kind, I hope that you and yours will as well." That about summed it up for him, that unexplainable quality that said far more. "I will see you in a week's time and will have a place for you to stay as the tavern is built. One that some can stay in that do not wish to stay at the tavern like your younger sister, Dorian." Which he was sure there might then be a few others with her where the tavern life would not be as suitable. "A safe trip and good night."

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Pierre. Thank you for answering my questions, and I look forward to seeing you again." He felt better about the move then he first had but then Dorian was always cautious.

He was up as well and into a stretch, it had been a long few days but will worth the time. "Thank you as well. Well met Pierre. I am sure I'll be seeing more of you." A hand coming down on Dorian's shoulder in reassurance or the fact he was reassured before heading out. The air here had a sweet scent to it and not from flowers, something else.

As Mack headed out, Lorcan gave a respectful two finger salute to his temple Alex's way before heading out the door in his friend's wake. He was sure Dorian would catch up.

He grinned at Mack then nodded his thanks toward Alex. There was a calmness felt here too and he was certain their coming here would benefit them all.


The Sea Wolf

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