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Date: 01-09-09
Poster: Broch Cunningham
Post # 1

Out to Dinner Sicilian Style

Things were going well at the Bistro, the place smelled of all the fine Italian, Sicilian to be exact, cuisine. Tony was at the bar to the right of the door where  Franko was stationed. Sammy was in the back barking out orders to the two other chefs under him. The swinging doors straight across from where the door was. The dining area off to the left. Serafina and Francesca were waiting the tables. Sal was down in the basement getting more wines for the bar and going over their stock. There was one bouncer just inside the door down from Franko, watching. With the Sibio brothers his job was a fairly easy one. Franko taking on greeting those coming in.

Broch had talked with his brother to find a suitable time in taking the ladies out to dinner. He sent word to Gaelle if she was free this evening, that he would be picking her up.

Brigid fussed over her attire, donning a deep blue gown of crush velvet trimmed in white Irish lace. A scoop neckline and back with puffs at her shoulders tied off in white satin ribbons that laced down  to pinch the seam together leaving areas of skin to show along her arm, tying off at the wrist in a ruffle. A long woolen gray cloak worn as she waited anxiously, nervously, at the door of Clearview manor where she stayed. Hair was done up by Melantha in soft curls leaving the length in the back to fall freely.

She was a little nervous, she'd admit, though why she'd never know. Her schedule, now, twice as busy! But she wouldn't dare complain about staying so busy since the birth of the babies. Yes, babies. She had enough time to break away tonight and promised over and over that she wouldn't be out too terribly late. She opted for a deep green dress, darker than emeralds, and trimmed in deep gold; including the sleeves that came out in points over the back of  her hands. With her hair twisted up delicately (though a few strands were left to spiral down along her cheeks), she set out once Broch arrived. She smelled nice too! Something floral, but not too strong, with the delicate undertones of something warm; vanilla.

Michael was as nervous as a youngster about to meet a pretty lass behind the barn! He sat on the edge of the seat of the carriage, looking out the window and tried to not fiddle with the collar of his shirt. He was dressed in a dark blue suit, his boots polished, slacks neatly pressed, and he had even shaved. Hair was neatly combed and pulled back with a bit of rawhide. He looked over at Broch and grinned. "Why don't you look nervous?"

"Aye?" Grinning as if there was a wonder he didn't seem nervous. They first stopped at Clearview as he would wait inside while Mike collected Brigid then they would head to NorthStar Dairy to pick up Gaelle before heading for the Bistro from there. He had thought about wearing the clan kilt but it was far too chilly out to chance freezing his.. yeah, those. Instead he wore a wool tweed doublet in browns, solid brown pants and dress boots beneath of a well tooled leather. Ruffle shirt beneath the dark brown vest only seen in a glimpse where the doublet was left open. Black woolen cloak over all. Pulling up in front of the first manor, he reached over to swing the coach door open, pretending to boot Michael out, "bae quick about it lad," teasing him as he would.

He had obtained the suit on one of his trips to England. The trousers fitted nicely, not too tight or too loose, the jacket was short waisted. As he climbed out of the coach, he grinned at Broch. "Patience, brother." He moved quickly to the door though and knocked. There was no tie but a pin held the collar shut. In his hand was a box with a corsage for Brigid.

The butler was standing there quite amused that Brigid was waiting by the door for the Cunningham man she had a date with to show up. Most women would make the man wait or act indifferent. He kept his expression schooled as he stepped beyond the lass to open the door, expecting the Cunningham man which proved to be correct. He gave a nod of his head as he stepped back opening the door more. Brigid burst into a big smile seeing him there. The flowers took her by surprise, hoping she could wear it on her wrist than trying to pin it on herself, probably draw blood if attempted. "Thank you," to the butler in passing as she stepped outside so that he need not let too much cold air into the warm manor.

He had picked white roses and carnations, not knowing what she would wear, with a bit of gold ribbon and baby's breath. It was for her wrist,and would be held in place by another ribbon, this one white. He grinned as he looked at her, absolutely stunned. "You look gorgeous." He'd help her with the corsage once they were inside the carriage. Offering his arm, he led her outside with a nod to the butler.

She became more nervous as time ticked by. She even considered changing dresses. She gave one last look over her selection, but decided to stick with the one she wore. Now, it was all floor pacing, though quietly. She didn't want to disturb the family too much.

Once his brother and Brigid were into the carriage they headed for NorthStar Dairy, a set of dapple grays made quick work of the journey. The carriage barely stopped as he was out and up to the door. A knock given of the old brass knocker. He too had some flowers but it was a petite nosegay of baby yellow roses, tipped in red. He got those because he liked how they looked. Plain and simple. Baby's breath added gave them a lacy look along with some tiny ferns. They were tied off in a red satin bow.

She wasn't too far from the door when she heard the knock. She didn't want to seem like she was rushing, and yet, she didn't want Broch have to stand out in the cold and knock over and over on the door. There was a few seconds, though, before it creaked open and she peeked through the small split before she opened the door the rest of the way. She smiled brightly and spoke in a quiet tone. Nearly whispering. "You made it. You look really--oh, are those for me?" She peered at the flowers as she stepped further outside. She would invite him in, but she knew there were two waiting. Or, there was supposed to be two more with them! "Devon had her babies," she explained as she shut the door to keep the cold air from filtering in. "I don't want them to get sick." Babies, she said.

A hand was up about to knock again as the door opened. Lowering as he grinned and offered them over. "It bae mae unless yea w'ere expect'in anot'er?" A twinkle set to burnished green eyes as he leaned in with a step looking left then right even with the door closed to see if anyone was about before a large hand captured hers to draw her nearer with him, like he was sneaking her off. The flowers given to her. "Yea look beautiful," words low and meant as the moonlight played off her hair and features, "yea smell divine," taking in that scent this close as well. A slight cast of a glance to the awaiting carriage. That's when it sunk in as he was guiding her to the there and within, "babies?" She could tell them on their way.

She was distracted by the flowers, nearly, and she accepted them without pause. Eyes down, at first, she looked up when he went all sneaky and her brow arched. "They already know I'm leaving, was I not supposed to tell it that way so this could have looked like a kidnapping of some sort? Though, I'm not a kid. And," she was nervous, hence the babbling. She shut up when he was in close and she swallowed, blushed. "Thank you." Pause. Then they were moving for the carriage. And soon enough, inside. "Two. She had twins. A boy and a girl."

They would find Brigid snuggled close to Michael with a dreamy smile on her face. Sitting up a fraction once Broch was back with Gaelle. She was wearing a scent called Tabu, heady yet not overpowering. "Evening, Gaelle, you look fantastic tonight." Eyes widening a touch, "Devon had her baby, babies, how wonderful!"

"I will 'ave tae send t'em somet'ing in congratulations. Two, t'at's wonderful fir t'em." Or so he suspected. Seeing her within and taking the opposite seat of Michael and Brigid before starting off to the Bistro.

The cuddling had Michael smiling and he kept his arm around her shoulders as Broch returned with Gaelle. "Twins? Well, make sure to pass along my congratulations." He chuckled as he continued. "So your work has doubled?"

"Yes, Allan was a nervous wreck, but he held up so well. I've heard stories of men passing out when their wives give birth." She quietly laughed and beamed a smile towards Brigid and Michael. "Evening you two, you look quite wonderful, Brigid." She touched her fingers along the flowers she held, glancing down to them. "Oh yes, it has definitely doubled. And I will tell them."

A tap to the side of the carriage had it starting for the Bistro. It was a nice ride and they could talk a bit until they reached it. Michael hopped out one door, leaving Broch to take the other. He turned to help Brigid down. Once Broch and Gaelle were following, Michael and Brigid led the way inside.

They were there all too soon having been quite comfortable next to Michael. Content she realized. She was out, taking his hand in guidance as she looked up over the place. "Mmmm, it smells good right out here." Heading up with him and within at this point where the scents were much stronger and enticing. Her stomach felt like it growled.

He was out, helping Gaelle in turn before they were in his brother's and Brigid's wake heading into the Bistro. "I bae find'in mae appetite.." practically announcing it as he was assaulted with such overwhelming aromas of a good kind. He was taking a deep breath in, "delicious appetizer," like thick enough to eat.

She kept close to Broch's side, sort of sneaking another look over him. She realized she never finished her compliment earlier. "You look quite handsome tonight," she whispered when she ducked in a tad closer. Very quick though, she inserted a little more distance between them as she flowed in the wake of the couple ahead. "The food does smell ..yum." Was all she could say!

Franko was talking to patrons who were leaving when the door opened. He smiled as he waited for the couples to enter fully. A young woman saw to their cloaks before he stepped up. "Welcome to the Bistro tonight. Broch, Michael, it is good to see you again. If you will follow me to a table... " He picked one that was one of the nicer ones, with a bit of privacy given by a screen of plants. He offered them menus. "Your waitress will be with you shortly. Enjoy your meal." Bowing, he made his way back to his post near the door.

"Aye, bae almost as guid as yea smell." Giving a quick wink as they were just behind his brother and Brigid, his cloak removed to hand off to the lass then Gaelle's in turn as he helped her out then handed over to the lass. He was back near her side with a hand resting lightly against the small of her back in escort as they were led to a table. He would draw a chair out for her to be seated, claiming the one next to hers but would wait for Brigid to be seated as well before taking his up. He appreciated the nicer setting, "guid tae bae see'in yea again, Franko. Yea never disappoint wit' yea entree." It had taken the Sibio brothers a little bit more time to understand him but then they were even for when they started talking in Italian.

"Order whatever you'd like." He said low before they were inside and he was helping Brigid out of her cloak. He handed both her and his cloaks to the lass. Following Franko, he touched his hand lightly to her back and, like his brother with Gaelle, made sure to see Brigid seated. "Franko, always a pleasure." He smiled at his brother as he sat. Now came the fun part. Trying to decide.

She bit down on her tongue when she realized what she was going to say wouldn't sound at all proper; to his remark, of course. "Brigid, which one of us do you think will choke on our food first, due to something someone will say, sometime over the course of the evening?" A whispered tease! She made a little motion to the brothers then straightened, appearing rather innocent when she was led to one of the chairs. She waited a second, but settled down, tilting a smile up to Broch. "Thank you." Another smile flashed to Franko, then. Warm.

Tony gave them a nod as they passed for the distance between, setting out a bottle of Zardetto onto a tray for Serafina to bring them, compliments of Brothers.

Her smile wasn't going anywhere for a while as it was so overwhelming in a good way. The smell alone, how the place looked and such service of a kind she'd not had in a restaurant before. The tuxedos fitted the Brothers. "Evening," quietly to Franko, her smile saying more than words as she was soon seated next to Michael. The menu taken up to see what appealed to her, something she couldn't slosh on her gown either! Looking up with Gaelle's question it only took her a moment. "You would probably be first, Michael second, myself third and Broch last."

Once Gaelle was seated, he took the one next to hers, leaving Brigid to his left, then his brother, then Gaelle and back to him again. It was about then the gifted wine arrived, cold in a bucket of ice until the lass popped the cork. A puff of what looked like smoke wafting up before she poured a little in each of the men's glasses. He took his up, swirled it to take in its bouquet before tasting just a small bit then nodded. It was good.

He watched Fina pour the wine then did a near imitation of Broch though he laughed when he realized it. A sip and he nodded his agreement. "I think you'll like this." He looked at Brigid again. It was hard for him to keep his eyes off her.

"That.. that sounds about right," she remarked to Brigid after thinking that over a second. She had her menu in hand, her gaze lowering to it, though she did peek up and to her side when Broch tested the wine. Her head tipped in a subtle way and a smile hooked up the corners of her mouth. She stared back down at the menu, humming a thoughtful sound.

Serafina was pleased the wine suited as she was around to pour each of the glasses before setting it back in the bucket. Quiet and quick before she was heading back to help Sammy out with the plates and setting meals to a cart that could be wheeled out.

He had pretty much made up his mind what he was going to have once Serafina returned. So while everyone else made up their mind, he glanced around. One thing he liked about the Bistro. Even if crowded, it was a comfortable place to be.

Francesca was over to take their orders. She smiled at the couples as she approached their table. "Good evening, ladies, gentlemen Are you ready to order or do you need a little more time?"

He lifted his glass in toast, "tae a guid year a'ead." Taking a drink once their glasses were lifted then set aside as he would defer to the ladies in ordering first. It was at this time he slipped a small wrapped up box next to Gaelle's plate. "And a 'appy birt'day tae yea."

She must have reached a decision, too. She folded her menu and set it aside for now. Her hands lowered beneath the table to rest them against her lap. She glanced to the others, then reached for her glass just in time for the toast. She took a sip, set the glass down, then spoke quietly. "I think--" Wait. Broch made her thoughts totally shift tracks. She looked down at the box, then up to him, blinking. "Small lobster." The way she was staring at him seemed like she'd called him that, but it was.. her order! "You.. you didn't have to, you know that. Thank you, Broch." She didn't lean over to kiss him, though it was hard not to! Instead, she gave his hand a squeeze.

She'd certainly wait though dark eyes were dancing with laughter. Small lobster was taken note of though.

"Aye, bout I did fir I wanted tae." Giving a wink as well the growing smile that brought about a dimple to one side. Giving her hand a squeeze before his order followed hers. "Calamari Marinara over spaghetti as well the veal Marsala and a seafood combo." He well indeed had brought his appetite tonight. "Add 'n anot'er bottle o' t'at wine." Michael would find that he'd cover the cost of the meal tonight.

She was tongue tied just listening to Broch put in his order. The man must have three stomachs. Now that thought had a little laugh slip free before ending in a cough as if clearing her throat to add in her order, "I would like the Gnocchi Sorrentina," because she had no idea what it was and was feeling adventurous.

"I'll have the Chicken Breast Cacciatore as well as Shrimp in the Basket." He didn't eat quite as much as Broch and if Brigid found she didn't like what she ordered, he'd share with her.

She waited until everyone placed their orders before she took up the box. Her curiosity was nearly killing her. She unwrapped it slowly, then opened it up. Her breath hitched when she saw what was inside. And her free hand flew to her mouth in surprise. Something like her response on Christmas! Even with the misty eyes. "If you keep this up, you're really going to make me cry." She murmured to Broch. She lifted the bracelet out for a better look. She touched the charms, that matched the pendant she wore tonight, even, perfectly. "There's five of them. Five uhm.. cla--uhm." She didn't try to say the word, she knew she'd butcher it. Or that was her fear. She leaned Broch's way suddenly to kiss his cheek! "Thank you, very much," she added.

"Very good." Franny smiled again as she took the menus. There was a dessert menu for later if they were still hungry. "I'll place your order, and bring your salads." There was fresh bread and butter on the tables already. She was gone before Gaelle opened her gift so she didn't need to feel embarrassed by the kiss.

"If it bae guid tears t'en cry away, we got a table clot' 'ere tae use," obviously teasing her as he took up the glass of wine again. "'appy birt'day." Then taking a drink. He certainly was pleased she liked what he picked out.

She laughed brightly, peering over at him before she put the bracelet on. "Thank you, again. Though I will not use the table cloth. I don't think the people that work here would like that too much."


Date: 01-09-09
Poster: Broch Cunningham
Post # 2

Luckily she wasn't a finicky eater, not after near starving for a few years of her life while on the run. "Happy Birthday, Gaelle and many more." Raising her glass in the toast as well before taking a drink. She could get use to the more expensive wine.

"Claddag'", filing in the word she was uncertain of.

"I'm sure they'd make allowances." He grinned at Gaelle, lifting his glass as well. "Happy birthday, Gaelle."

She lifted her glass with the others, nearly blushing. Then, she took a drink, a deeper one than the others. She tipped a smile over in Broch's direction when he filled in the word she couldn't quite remember.

It wasn't too long, normal time, before Serafina was wheeling the cart out and setting their meals in front of them. She had to move the centerpiece and water glasses aside to place the three hot plates of food in front of Broch alone. She didn't say anything but was holding back the grin, somewhat. Two baskets of sliced garlic buttered bread were also set, one between each couple before she was assured everything was in its proper place then left the cart out of the way for the empty plates later. She was off to help Tony out at the bar to see to any drinks needing delivery.

"Yea bae very welcome," smile grew as he watched her a moment then was distracted as the food was brought. "Smells real guid." He was hungry enough to eat it all. Smile kept upon Serafina as he leaned back that she could place the plates and waited until all had theirs. "Guid friends, guid food, let's eat!" Which he proceeded to dig in, starting with the pasta. He was one that ate all of one dish before proceeding to the next. Some sampled around, although he took a slice of the garlic bread with the pasta taking turns with that.

She thanked the woman as her plate was set but had to pause and near stare at Broch. One of those things that just took one by surprise, not negatively, but all that food and how he dug right in with few words.

She eyed her lobster, then the plates gathered in front of Broch. She looked amused. She couldn't remember what everyone had ordered, but she did check to see if Broch had shrimp. She may steal, if he did! For now, she began digging into the lobster.

"Thank you, Fina." He smiled at her then chuckled. "Sounds like a good idea to me." He was surprised his stomach wasn't growling loud for how hungry he suddenly was. Winking at Brigid and Gaelle, he started to dig in too. Mike had the shrimp but both lasses were welcome to have some. There was plenty.

The seafood platter had lobster, crab, shrimp and scallops if Gaelle or Brigid wanted to sample some. There were no objections. He could fit it all but that didn't mean he needed to. Usually he ate fast but the food was so good he slowed down some, enjoying it completely over consuming because he was hungry. Single focus at the moment and it was on his food and drink. A bit of the wine here and there to wash everything down. It went perfectly.

She blinked when Michael winked, catching herself with a touch of rose to grace her cheeks that she'd been near staring. She took the distraction of stealing a shrimp from his plate, dipping it in the sauce provided then eating it in small bites. If Broch was eating slow, she was a snail in comparison. He and Michael could probably finish off three plates to her one. Once the shrimp was done she started in on her main meal, adding a small slice of the garlic bread. If they all ate it, none of them would smell it on another's breath.

She tipped a smile towards Mike and Brigid, in between bites, fighting back a laugh when she saw the blush filling Brigid's cheeks. She took Brigid's lead, too. When she leaned to steal from Michael, Gaelle turned to play thief with Broch. She swiped up a piece of shrimp then lifted it to her mouth to bite!

Tony place another bottle of the Zardetto chilled in a small bucket to the serving area where Serafina was over to bring it to the table in place of the empty one which she took away. Quiet and quick as to not disturb the couples with their meal.

Eyes followed that motion but he said nothing, continuing to finish off the Calamari Marinara before starting on the veal. He was obviously saving the seafood for last.

"How's your food?" He asked softly as he looked at Brigid after glancing at his brother and Gaelle. There was a hint of laughter in his eyes, maybe from the way Broch watched her.

She was amused by the tracking eyes and her shoulders even trembled with silent laughter. She continued picking away at the lobster, sometimes pausing to dip one of the pieces before tucking it into her mouth.

She waited to swallow before speaking up, a dab of her cloth napkin to her lips prior as well. "It is delicious. All the things said have been on the mark in accuracy. The food, the atmosphere and the service." Eyes were bright and a glint surfacing when seeing the laughing in his eyes, drawing hers towards Broch and Gaelle in turn. A wink Gaelle's way before she continued eating her meal.

Franko spoke quietly to the young man who played the violin who then made his way to the table where the two couples sat. "For your birthday." He smiled at Gaelle before launching into a lovely, slow song. When it was over, he moved away after a slight bow. He began again playing as he walked.

The few customers at the bar were seen to, exchanging places as Sal took over and Tony over to the table where Broch and Michael were entertaining two ladies this evening. A few words to Broch on something before the charmed smile turned on the ladies, "samo di grazia con due bellissimo gabinetti per signore stanotte , si. I hope you are enjoying your meal." Switching to English for the last. Giving an approving nod to their hired violinist.

"Mm, perfe--" She trailed off, blinking up at the man that started to play.. for her? The violin no less. Her eyes widened faintly and she watched him as he played. "Thank you," she murmured when he walked away.

When Tony mentioned something, he as well mentioned something back before Tony spoke to them all. "You can compliment your brother Sammy on the meals, they are excellent as well the wine. Thank you." Being Tony had given them the first bottle this evening.

"Good, I'm glad you like it all." He spoke before Tony came over then lifted his glass. "Sammy is always an excellent cook."

She wasn't sure what he said in Italian but it sounded real nice. Just the tones in the way they flowed. "Everything is delicious and your restaurant beautiful, the service excellent." Except she watched Gaelle in how she reacted to the violin player. A glint rising in violet blue eyes. Such a nice addition.

"Sammy will be pleased to hear these words and there will be less breaking of dishes tonight." Half teasing, half not as an elongated dimple added to his smile. Giving a slight nod of his head before he continued onward to speak to a few others having their meals here this evening. Once around he headed for the kitchen, disappearing behind the swinging doors.

Her head tipped to the side, she was trying to understand the Italian. Never mind that she was curious to the exchange between Broch and Tony. She slanted Broch a dark glance, squinting, even as she ate.

Noticing the squinting, "yea bae gett'in a tear stuck 'n yea eye, Gaelle?" Teasing her as usual before he leaned a little closer in case she didn't understand Italian. "Tony bae say'in 'ow t'eir Bistro bae graced wit' two beautiful ladies tonig't."

Hearing Broch she slanted a glance to the retreating Tony then back. "That was kind of him," probably the rose upon her cheeks was still there for the wine at this point. Which she took another drink of before setting it away and working on finishing her meal.

She almost teased him right back! But his translation of what Tony had said caught her off guard, clearly. She blushed. "Oh? He did? How nice of him." She didn't know what else to say! She was almost finished with her lobster, almost!

He had finished his veal and was working on the seafood platter at this point. "Aye, 'e bae speak'in t'e trut'," turning a smile upon Gaelle then to Brigid as he spoke.

"Kind and true." He gave both women a half smile. His meal nearly finished, he looked at Broch and laughed. "Great minds."

Well, wine or not, she had a full blush with the continued compliments. She didn't know what to say to all that, so said nothing. Just smiled. Her one plate of food finally finished as she sat back to enjoy her wine.

She finished, finally, and gently nudged the plate from her. And just because, she reached to steal another piece of shrimp from Broch. She bit into it, then finished it off before lifting her wine for a healthy swallow.

At this point, Tony came out from the kitchen with Serafina and Sammy as well. Sammy had on his chef hat and apron, carrying a silver tray with a small whole cake that would easily cut into four pieces. Cannoli cake, yellow sponge with two layers of sweetened and flavored ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and butter cream frosting. There was one candle in the middle that was lit after he set it in front of Gaelle. "Felice compleanno signora." Which Tony, Sal, who now joined them, along with Franko and Serafina echoed.

She didn't mean to stare too long at the small gathering that suddenly arrived at the table, with cake. She tilted her head to the side for the Italian and wasn't sure exactly what it meant, but felt that it deserved a thanks; if not that, then the cake certainly did! "Thank you, all of you." Red cheeks, yes. She stared down at the candle, then peered around the table at the others. Her gaze paused on Broch longer than the rest.

"'appy birt'day," cluing her in hopefully on what was said. "Yea bae a year old t'is day." Teasing her as he indicated the lone candle. "We may 'ave tae limit yea wine."

"Happy birthday, Gaelle and many more to come." He smiled at her reaction and the fact that she was eyeing Broch.

"Many happy ones." Smile charmed Tony's features as the group of them took their leave once more. There was a cake knife on the side of the tray and Serafina had left dishes for the slices to be put on.

Limit her wine? "Oh, Broch, why would you do a thing like that?" She took the cue from the others, though paused to say, "I thought I got to make a wish or something!" She must have made it rather quickly because she tilted in to blow out the candle before it melted all over the cake.

"Many, many more." She started laughing hearing Broch, taking a glimpse of the Sibio brothers and Serafina as they took their leave. "That was really nice," that more muttered under her breath.

"Sae yea make it tae yea second birt'day, o' course." Like matter of fact and keeping a straight face. "Din blow t'e icing off t'e cake wit' yea wish.." She had given it a good gust of a breath.

She started laughing. "I didn't blow that hard." Teasing him, and wrinkling her nose! She took it on herself to cut the cake, hopefully everyone was finished with their meal.

"I think she got some of it in me eye." He rubbed at his eye as he spoke.

"Well.." She started at Michael, then stopped, then started again. "Well, Brigid's here. She can lick it out." Gross?!

He had finished his in the meantime, leaving just enough room for the piece of cake. Brows lifting with a look between his brother and Brigid then laughing hearing Gaelle.

"Lick," that was as far as she got before her cheeks were heating up, peering up and over at Michael to see if there really was any icing in his eye. There wasn't! She swatted at his arm. "Maybe I would be tempted, but.."

"I can put some there if you'd like." He gave her a devilish look but kept whatever he was thinking to himself.

Maybe she should have a limit on that wine. She spoke before she really thought and her expression twisted into an odd one. Brigid's reaction had her snickering, mostly what she said last. She passed plates around then settled down again. Then laughed again hearing Michael. She murmured, off-side, trying to be helpful to the man. "If you're going to go sticking icing on you, I'd pick a better place than my eyeball if I were you."

He couldn't let that one pass! "Aye, and iffin yea w'ere Mic'ael, w'ere would ye place ic'in tae bae licked off?" Curiosity and teasing combined.

The remark and the question to follow had her eyes on Gaelle to see what she'd say to that!

He looked at Gaelle as well, laughing out right.

She stared at Broch. Then stared him over, up and down. Then, just as her mouth opened, she realized the other two were staring at her. She cleared her throat, then, very calmly, "Well. I don't know about him, but I could think of a place or two on you that would be nice to lick.. clean.. " The last two words came slow. She decided now was a good time to focus on her cake!

"Aye, two? W'ere bae t'e first o' t'e two t'en the second?" Oh yes, he was prodding her as full focus had turned her way and a shifting of his body. It was hard to keep from outright laughing as his brother started. Had to keep his shoulders squared so they didn't tremble with the unreleased mirth.

She leaned a little closer to Michael with words in a whisper, "he likes to sink his teeth in.." humor in her eyes but she was watching the two with a glance up to the laughing Michael, had one slip from her as well.

She tried to pretend her total focus was on that slice of cake! But, when Broch squared to face her, and he asked that, she lifted her eyes to him and pursed her lips. She appeared rather thoughtful. "Uhm.." Again, with the blushing. She couldn't help it! She reached out though and touched the tip of her index finger against his grinning mouth. "Here and.." She pulled her hand away, then twitched up a sudden grin. "The other place is a secret." Just to get him wondering. She probably hadn't even thought of where that second place could be!

"Aye, he does at that." He grinned at her in return, then decided to sample the cake, though he paused before he did. "Would lips work with you too?"

Which had a kiss to the tip of her finger in that brief second. "Guid c'oice and t'e second bae tae mouch a secret yea cannae touc' in public?" He could be a devil when he wanted to be.

Mike had her blushing with a quick tracing glance to his lips before a quick dip of her head and then focused on her piece of cake. She toyed at it with the fork then little bits broke off to consume. She was really trying not to listen to the other conversation, well, certainly heard it but best not to focus there as she was blushing enough already.

He watched her a moment then smiled and took a bite of the cake. Ahhh, heavenly. He looked over at Broch and nearly laughed again.

It was a good thing she hadn't taken a bite of her cake or even a sip of her wine right then. She would either have choked on it, or sprayed it all over the place. "Broch Ian Cunningham!" She stammered, blushing beet red. She had to struggle for her composure, which was not an easy thing to do. "Maybe," she somewhat answered after a long pause where she simply stared wide eyed.

"Aye, t'at bae almost mae w'ole name. Broc' Ian Touc'able Cunning'am tae yea t'is nig't." Giving her a wink for the wide eyed look. Finger dipping in the frosting which he smeared on his lip where she had indicated before leaning in. Lips to meet with the icing shared and the kiss would melt it right there, smearing hers more by the time his lifted, not leaving it to be too long for where they were. It would probably still get all over the kingdom!

Which was why she was so surprised! She didn't really get a chance to glance around to see if anyone was watching. But there was a side of her that .. really didn't care. She leaned towards him, rather than away and even if it was a rather brief kiss, she made sure there wasn't a touch of icing left on his mouth before they broke apart. She licked her lips when she straightened, trying to hide the fact that she was doing it. "Touchable," she repeated, late.


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Poster: Broch Cunningham
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A snicker followed but for all she looked, she was making due progress on her cake. Hard to not look Gaelle and Broch's way other than a few peeks that could not be resisted.

"Aye, now eat yea cake.." laughter in his eyes as he indicated her untouched piece like she had been holding them up! His fork taken up but didn't he pass his tongue over his lips first taking in the taste of her still before digging into the cake.

She became curious on something as both Gaelle and Broch were distracted to each other. Leaning in closer to Michael with soft whispered words. "Does your brother ever get serious, like real serious?" Michael would know of any of them she was certain.

"I am! I am! It's your fault for.. distracting me." She somewhat started the whole mess though. Sort of. She started eating her cake. She already knew how the icing tasted, but not the rest, not until her first bite. She made her expression twist into a dreamy one.

"T'is bae real guid," the flavors melting on his tongue to entice with each bite. A creamy bit of heaven to really enjoy.

"Aye, he has." He looked at her and smiled slightly. "Only been recently he's been like this. Bit before he met Gaelle."

"It's really good," she agreed with Broch. She fell kind of quiet, all of a sudden. Maybe she was trying to eavesdrop on Michael and Brigid!

She gave a quick dip of a nod, not pursuing the topic and possibly being overheard as well. Wouldn't do to talk about someone as if they were not here. Enough of her curiosity met. A soft smile would greet Gaelle when she looked her way, all quiet again and enjoying the last of her cake.

He still wondered on that himself and glanced his brother's way, thoughtful.

She reached her limit in that last bite. Pulling a face, she set her fork down then reached for her wine for a long drink.

Maybe too long, too serious and Gaelle was delightful to tease. All in a good way that seemed to be there naturally. He noticed looks his way even if he didn't look back their way, working on his cake until the last crumb was consumed. Then he sat back with the wine in hand. "Would yea ladies bae lik'in a walk up tae t'e enclosed balcony 'ere t'at has a fantastic view o' t'e port at nig't?" A nice way not to need up and leave but give a chance to enjoy a little more time here. Obviously that was what Tony told him about.

She had finally finished off her cake. Delicious it was as well. Violet blue eyes lifting to Broch then skipping over to Michael. "I would like that," it sounded wonderful and she too content to be going out into the cold directly after their meal.

"I'd love to." She was just thankful that the night wouldn't be ending just yet. She picked up her wine glass to carry with her, then slowly stood.

"Good." He stood and was over to hold out a hand to Brigid. "Shall we?"

She was up to place her hand in his. Nice too not having gloves between but the warmth of skin. "Yes," smile coming readily as she stepped away from her chair and closer to him.

He was up to see to her seat in drawing it back before taking up his wine glass as well. A bend of his arm offered of the opposite as he would then lead the way as it wasn't far from where they had their somewhat secluded area. Passing out between small dividers and down a short hall that had steps leading up. The hall continuing back to an unknown area to him. Possibly where they accessed the upstairs and the flats there. From what he understood, the family lived within the large establishment. Three floors. The steps led to a long hall that had glass windows from ceiling to floor for about twelve feet. The wall behind held paintings of scenes from Italy and the like ending with an oaken door down the end that was closed and probably locked. The scene looked out over the tops of houses then clear to a good view of the port. With a full moon it played blue-white over snow covered streets, houses and trees alike. Lights from the various shops could been seen in a soft yellowish wash over snow, ships in the port had lanterns lit as the moonlight washed over crescent waves in glimpse as they rose and sank. The moon dominated the sky in such a clear night at this point.

She kept close to Broch's side during the whole walk; but not so close that she could present a tripping hazard for them both. Her arm was tucked carefully into his, her glass held in her other hand. She was growing rather thoughtful, about a few things, but at the moment she shoved those thoughts aside in favor of the view. "I've had the most wonderful night, by the way. Thank you, very much." She said that, quietly, through a hinted smile before she turned her attention away, to the scenery.

He smiled as he placed her hand on his arm, following Broch and Gaelle as they went up the stairs. He admired the artwork quietly, pointing out one or two of the paintings that caught his eye. Once they were looking at the port, he studied the scene below before looking at her. "You look beautiful in the moonlight, Brigid."

"Aye, I've 'ad as wonderful a nig't as well." It went both ways and he enjoyed taking her out for her birthday. Hoping to make it a special one for her. "It bae very beautiful from 'ere." Words quiet.

Fingers laced with his as she too noticed the artwork then the impressive view through the windows. Took her breath away and even more with his words. He wanted to see that blush again and certainly it was there as she looked up his way. He was much taller than she. "Thank you. You look very handsome as well," words kept quiet between them as they gave Gaelle and Broch their space, coveting theirs together.

"I've had one surprise after another tonight, you don't have any more hidden in your sleeve, do you?" She was teasing. Quietly so. She even turned to somewhat face him and her free hand swept over one of his arms, as if she might have been doing some sort of pat down; a search. Her eyes glittered in amusement and her hand settled on his arm, low near his wrist before it fell away. She turned to see the scenery again. "It's peaceful. I mean, up here. I don't know how it would be if we were outside." She watched the moon, briefly.

Oh, he couldn't resist the reply as it came low, "t'e rest bae 'idden 'n t'at secret place." The focus on the scene before them as he spoke followed by the dip of burnished green eyes down her way. "It bae scenes like t'is t'at remind yea t'ere bae more tae life." Then again he had firsthand experiences of what that more was. "We would still enjoy it outside but it would bae a lot colder, we'd 'ave tae huddle." That wasn't such a bad idea either.

He smiled as he touched her cheek briefly. "Thank you for agreeing to dinner, Brigid. I can't remember when I've enjoyed myself more."

Many of the patrons had left by this time, as the restaurant was closed to anyone else coming in. They were cleaning up but not in a way to hurry the few remaining ones that lingered at their tables talking or the couples that had made use of the balcony. It was becoming a point of interest for the Bistro aside the fine Sicilian cuisine.

"I've really enjoyed this evening, Michael. It has been simply wonderful." She never had such a night and it made a deep impression on her. He made a good impression on her. He might notice it in her smile and the softening of her eyes. "Thank you." Quietly as she still looked upon him instead of the wonderful scene before them. He became more wonderful to look upon.

"I'll show you a secret place." There she went, again, speaking before thinking on what she was going to say. She pursed her lips, realizing she probably just set herself up for.. something. Her throat cleared gently and she turned her attention from the moon, to him. "We'd have to huddle? I see no problem with that." She smiled up to him then briefly leaned in to brush her cheek against his chest.

She always set herself up for something! "Aye?" Lift of a brow and just the edges of his lips curling in the suppressed grin. "Bae it land, sea o' body?" A hand lifting to lightly touch against the back of her head, softness of her hair as her cheek came in contact with his chest.

He watched her face before he leaned down, hesitating as his eyes met hers. A question there before he brushed her lips with his own. If she pulled back, he'd know he'd overstepped his bounds.

She didn't pull back, as one mesmerized, she stepped closer as her head tipped back when his lips met hers. Warmth filled her to feel their firmness yet a giving warmth in meeting his kiss. Her free hand coming up to rest lightly against his chest. There was only him and her there in this suspended moment of time.

"I'm pretty sure you have a decent guess," she murmured low, very low. She realized that she really liked where she was standing, how she was standing. She stepped in closer though, until she was pressed against him; not too firmly. She gave one more brush of her cheek along his chest then lifted her eyes.

He deepened the kiss then, pulling her closer to him, holding her as if she were something precious and in that moment, she truly was. The feeling that swept through him nearly stunned him and when the kiss ended, he opened his eyes to look into hers.

"Aye, body o' land, body o' sea, body.." leaning in as she stepped in closer, hand sliding to support the back of her head against the onslaught of his lips. Heated kiss with the hint of a suppressed intensity behind it all considering they were in public even if Michael and Brigid were doing the same. Seemed to be the right moment.

She melted into the kiss as her hand upon his chest had fingers curling into the material of his jacket in holding on. Knees seemed to take the brunt in weakening or some other force that had her leaning in against him even after their lips parted. She was catching her breath. It was her first kiss but she'd not say so at this moment, maybe in time. It was a little embarrassing but then her life had been lived in turmoil up until within this past year. Her other hand around his waist as she rested her head against his chest, not saying a word, not trusting she had a voice to begin with.

Somehow she didn't laugh at what he said. Humorous as it was, she was too distracted to think on his comment too much. He always had the ability to take her breath away. A tingling warmth spread throughout her and this along kicked a deeper response from her end. She returned the heat, the warmth and.. an added touch of a tease. She nipped suddenly, gently, at his lower lip and the action even surprised herself. She didn't want to end it too soon and didn't seem to mind if they were in public!

He smiled as she laid her head against his chest, running his hand carefully over her hair. He didn't want to mess it up. His other arm held her there, feeling protective, and he rested his cheek against the crown of her head. He glanced over at Broch but saw his brother had his own distraction and he smiled. This had not quite been what he had expected but he liked it.

Oh, nipping, licking, secret places, all rolled into one as lips parted to consume and the taste of her tongue against his stolen. A bit of a tease as well before lips parted. It was getting late and there was tomorrow, the next day and so on. It wasn't like the last he would see her or so hoped. "I bae best gett'in yea 'ome or I mig't bae want'in more." Which wasn't a bad thing but not the right timing nor place. The kiss in itself appropriate and certainly enjoyed. She would find he had engulfed her into his arms. Warmth and strength there. A glance over to his brother with Brigid had him smiling, kind of one to himself before fading back to the norm. He still needed to talk to all his siblings before he felt he could continue moving forward with his life.

A soft sigh was released under her breath with her eyes closed. She felt not only comfortable and warm in his arms but protected too. Like with her bothers but far different at the same time. It surprised her but on the same token, welcomed. She finally lifted her head, eyes lifting up his way as well before glancing over to Broch and Gaelle. Smile came softly at the sight. Not one to linger as it was back on Michael.

She didn't quite reply to him. His words had her cheeks filling with heat; another blush to add onto the others she'd shown tonight. She snuggled against him when his arms went around her. And hers slid around his waist in a tight hold. She had her cheek against his chest and she could see Brigid and Michael from her position. But all she gave them was a quick look, matched with a smile.

Whenever Broch was ready. He sighed softly, as he lifted his head. "I think it's time to leave." He had to smile again. "Will your brothers come looking for me?" Not that he was really worried. He just wanted her to be sure of  her feelings, just as he wanted to be sure of his own. They had plenty of time.

"I think you should smuggle me home with you." Out of the blue, so very, very quietly! It was a tease, mind you.

"Aye?" The hint of laughter in his eyes, "yea bae tempt'in mae again." It was a thought to enjoy. Certainly. He hugged her good before easing, leaving one arm about her. "Even guid t'ings must come tae an end even if we wis' t'em not." Words lowered as he headed towards brother and Brigid then beyond as he started for the stairs leading them down into the Bistro again.

"I would need tell them. For the dinner, no, for the kiss," pausing here as Broch and Gaelle passed them by, sharing a smile more with Gaelle then back upon Michael. "Possibly to find out your intentions. If they are still holding to strict customs." She wasn't going to tell them that part, least at this point. She was sure her brothers had kissed many a lass both.

She smiled in reply, and thought over his words. She hated that phrase, it always made her paranoid that everything good in her life would just up and end very soon! It frightened her, no less. She gave him a squeeze and as they passed Brigid and Michael, she smiled to them.

"My intentions are, as they say, honorable." He released her but only long enough to offer his arm again. "Otherwise, they might chase me right out of Heathfield." He winked at her, then motioned after his brother and Gaelle. "Shall we?" However much they'd like the evening to continue ... it still had to end eventually.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow." Lines from some play as her hand came to his arm. She would keep the memory of this night to cherish, bring up lots of times in those moments she could reflect. It would be one to bring a smile no matter where fate took them from here. "I would like to snuggle up in the carriage with you." If she wasn't careful she might fall asleep in his arms too. She wasn't use to staying up this late.

Hand squeezed gently against her upper arm where it rested for his arm being around her. Stairs descended and soon collecting their cloaks before he would step aside to pay the bill, leaving the brothers and waitress' that served them a generous tip. Of course the moment to collect their flowers from their table as well, one that had been cleared off but their items untouched.

"I think I would like very much to snuggle with you as well." He grinned at her as they headed down the stairs. He helped her with her cloak and waited patiently for Broch. He was near floating tonight. Odd feeling for him.

She's almost forgotten her flowers and when they were in her hands again, she stared down at them with a tiny smile curving her mouth. Her cloak on, she waited to be led out.

At least her bracelet was on her wrist, the box not needed it was wrapped in. Once in he would draw her in against his side, the trip long enough to enjoy this way before they got to either of the manors. In fact the driver would be taking the longer way there, giving them time to extend the night just a little bit longer.

Franko smiled at the foursome as they made ready to leave. "Thank you for coming this evening. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and will come again soon." The bill taken care of, he held the door open for them.

He wasn't the only one floating, good meal, wonderful place and mostly the man that brought her here tonight. She would snuggle in against his side, content there taking in his scent all the way home.

She smiled to Franko as she was led out, tucked against Broch's side. She didn't mind this. And in fact, she was sure she'd snuggle close to him once they were in the carriage and on the way.

"A grand nig't Franko," giving the other brothers a wave before they were all in the carriage and on their way.

Once they were in the carriage, he slid an arm around Brigid's shoulders so they could cuddle. If she fell asleep, he would wake her when they reached the manor. He and Broch might be talking on the way home.


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Dinner at Sibio Bistro

It was a usual busy night for the Bistro. Sammy hollering from the kitchen at times to keep the other chefs working correctly as well lads fetching this and that. Tony manned the small bar, chuckling under his breath as he placed a few choice wines on Franny's serving platter. Serafina was out taking orders and would be over shortly for drinks of her customers. There was a table set aside for the McAndrews and their guest as reserved. Franko was well aware of those that would be coming in shortly as he manned the door in greeting those arriving.

Paige was to meet them at the Thistle where Jon waited all duded up for a change. Oh, he got a lot of teasing for it too as he wore a suit jacket of dark blue, pants of the same linen material, dress shirt and a silver silk vest. His brother would be here any moment as well the lady Paige. A surrey borrowed set out front with a lad old enough to be the driver sat in wait. A pair of dapple greys under his command.

She realized the era was different, and dressed accordingly; gold silk dress to mid calf, laced up the front, she could almost pass for innocent, if one didn't know her. Or she didn't speak, ever, which was never going to happen. "You're going to choke if you pull at the collar much more." No sympathy for the poor man, she was such a sweet little thing.

Jon wouldn't have long to wait for his brother. Joe had dressed up as well, taking some ribbing from the men who worked for him. Suit of black with subtle pinstripes, a vest of royal blue and a pristine white dress shirt. He heard Paige and chuckled, then bowed. "Paige, you look lovely, and right on time too." He looked at Jon and just grinned. He'd tease him later about being dressed up.

Which had Jon grinning as he loosened the tie. "I wont tell if you wont.." like making a deal. "You look splendid in gold." And she did as he was down the steps as she arrived. "We're all dressed up, how about we go out for dinner?" Like none of this was planned. Dimples said it all with the widening smile while he opened up the carriage door. "Oh, here is Joe, he can come too, what do you say?" Twinkle in blue eyes evident with the remark. "He's all dressed up too!" Like a surprise.

"Neither of you may tell, but I plan on rambling it to anyone that will listen." They weren't off the hook, even if they both agreed. "He complimented me first, I think he gets to decide if you can come along." It was pick on Jon night, subject to change when she switched sides randomly.

"Well, if I don't allow it, he might sulk and that wouldn't do, would it?" He smiled then offered to help her into the carriage. "Do you think many will listen?" It would be a night to remember hopefully. He waited for Jon to follow Paige before he too, took a seat. "And Jon is right, gold suits you very well. Then again, so do the bright colors you favor." He had noticed, but it would be hard not to.

"I think he can come along, if he behaves.." about to help her within but Joe stepped up to the plate in seeing to it. "Paige has the ears of many, hundreds, thousands even. We best watch our step." Once they were within the surrey he followed suit, taking a seat and tapping on the side so the lad had them on their way to the Bistro. "You did say you like fine Italian cuisine?"

She took his hand for help up, settling as easily as if it was second nature, which it was. "I don't think I have anyone's ear, I simply speak loudly." For a little person she had good lungs. Joe got a single dimpled smile for the compliment, and Jon got stared at. Stare. "That's a trick question, yes?"

"Of course it is, they're all trick questions tonight." Giving off a wink as they made their way through the streets. It wasn't far to go and soon arriving at the Bistro. They could have walked for the distance but a finer way to arrive than wind blown as the wind came up from the sea and port.

He chuckled again then looked at Jon as he spoke before turning back to Paige. "It's going to be that kind of night I think." Not that he minded but it could get confusing. He glanced out the window, taking note of some of the folks who were out and about. "And it's a perfect night for a dinner out."

The window or two guys in suits? Wasn't a hard call for the keeper; her attention stayed inside on the company, plus it was better to keep an eye on them. "I don't know if I should drink a lot, or bypass it completely and keep my wits." The latter sounded less adventurous, and she did tend to like adventure.

"That would depend upon how much you like wine. They have the finest Italy offers. I think keeping ones wits is over rated and this would imply that one loses them when drinking, indulging, guzzling, getting soused, pickled and so forth. Here I thought my wits improved..." putting on the facade of a frown in comprehending such a thought as not drinking. Except the twinkle was still there in blue eyes to give him away. Arriving at the scene, well, front of the Bistro, Jon was out first and a hand offered to Paige in helping her down. "Sicilian cuisine if truth be told." Remembering the comment about Sicily and Italy.

"Depends on how you mean your wits improve." He gave Jon a look. "Your singing voice definitely improves. I'm not so sure about wits however." He smiled at Paige as he waited for her to step down. "And if you feel you're unable to travel back, we can see that you have a room in the Thistle. We'll both be staying there tonight as well." And in spite of that, the Thistle was quite safe.

"You give good piggy backs when soused." One hand reached to pat his arm consolingly before taking his hand for help down. "As long as it's good food I never much worried over sects, none of them would have wanted me anyway." Easily spoken truth without a hint of resentment. Skirts were shaken out, an imps grin to Joe. "If you're both staying there I'd be safer trying to stumble home." Clearly teasing.

"Indeed that I do," giving Joe a look right back over Paige's shoulder as she stepped out. Wicked one before slipping back to the norm. "So it is a deal, you get soused, you get a piggy back ride to the Thistle when that part of the night comes. No need to rush it. We haven't eaten yet. Haven't even gotten into the restaurant!" At this point he laughed finally, good rolling belly laugh as they headed up the steps, the driver taking the surrey to the nearby area to wait. "Although I cannot commit in giving a piggy back ride all the way to the northern tavern. Unless Joe and I take turns. Oh, it is very good food." Pausing the step before the door as usually it swung open, last he recalled.

"And if you get soused, Jon, I'll find some sturdy lads to drag your arse back to the Thistle while I escort Paige wherever she wishes to go." That sounded good to him. He gave a nod to himself as if it were all settled as they made their way to the restaurant.

"And if you get soused, I'll return the favor." Like now it became a challenge!

Franko was the reason the door opened and as the three approached, he wasn't lax in his duties. "Good evening, and welcome." He smiled as he motioned with his hand. "Your table is waiting." He would guide them to it once they were inside.

"What if you both get soused? Do I have to find someone to drag you both around? I doubt you'd like it if I tried." Pausing briefly, head tipped. "I take that back, you probably would." Amused huff, sending a dimpled smile to Franko, and actually waiting for one of the guys to lead.

Sammy was in the kitchen, shouting orders and keeping the chefs under him working correctly with the orders coming in and being sent out, the doors swinging with the constant motion, always moving in the busy bistro.

Joe was the elder here so he would be the one to lead and follow Franko. At the table, Paige would find a lovely bouquet of flowers from the two brothers, a mix of roses, mums and daisies. There was also a single red rose for her, compliments of the Sibio brothers. He waited to help her sit, standing behind a chair.

"Of course we would, or you could just use us as mattresses, roll us in together." Dimples returned with the flash of a smile as they escorted her behind Franko to her table. Everything was as it should be and he would take up the other seat aside her, putting her between the two tall men. He too would wait until she was seated before taking up his seat.

"If I'm rolling around with you two I'll need to drink." The wording was purposeful, so said the double dimpled smile. When Joe held the seat she slid in gracefully, leaning to inhale the flower scent, and likely try to suck up the color. That she was going to be sandwich between them seemed to amuse her. "See, this is why I tried to talk you into one at a time, I'm a dwarf now."

Tony was over once the McAndrews and their guest were seated at their table. A vintage Prosesecco di Conegliano. "I hope you will enjoy your meal," white cloth folder over one arm as he poured a small amount in Joe's glass, being he seemed to be the older one. Though hard to tell with so many of them. It would be his tasting to decide if the wine was up to his expectations.

Franko barely kept from chuckling as it seemed the lady knew the brothers well. He waited for the three to sit then bowed slightly as Tony took over and returned to his post at the door.

"There are some that would envy that situation." So he'd been told before. Seating himself as he took up one of the menus. "Paige, this is Antonio of the Sibio brothers. Franko showed us in and Sammy, well you can hear him in the background. He's the chef."

Probably on cue, but luckily it was in Italian and muffled by the doors and walls.

"A pleasure to meet you, Sammy." The Italian muttering caught her attention, tempting her to call back, but she behaved. Kind of. "I like my men one at a time, I'll let others do the envy." Dressed innocently in gold and her mouth gave her up yet again; still not shy and demure.

"Evening, Antonio." He watched him pour the wine, then brought it up and swirled it in the glass. He sniffed the aroma then nodded and tasted the wine. "Excellent. Thank you." He tried to pretend to not hear Sammy as he grinned at Paige's comment. "One at a time is better, I agree." Waggling his brows at her.

Franny was their waitress and made her way over to the table with a basket of breadsticks, warm from the oven as well as glasses of ice water. "Good evening. I'm Franny and will be serving you tonight. I'll return shortly to take your orders."

"Sammy, he is the one in the back, I am Tony," bringing a smile to the more stoic serious features of the Don Sibio. With the acceptance he saw personally to pouring their glasses then headed back to the bar to see to the other orders being waited upon.

"Nice to see you're still Joe under that suit, you are too prone to being shy. I have to work on that." Not an insult by any means, given with a beaming smile. Promptly wrinkling her nose in a grin at Tony. "Beg pardon, can I blame it on distracting company?" Sounded good to her.

"Sort of like that song about the dragon and virgins, instead of gulping them all down at once.." then set to deciding what he wanted to eat this night. "I'll have the Chicken breast Cacciatore with a side dish of baked Ziti, Sicilian style." No flies on him in getting his order in. He was hungry. "The usual salad, bread and so forth." Making it easy for the lass, obviously he liked food and was not real picky.

Well, she didn't have to wait long, did she? Franny smiled then looked at Paige and Joe.

"Dragon and virgins?" Well aware asking was likely to get one, or both, singing. Wine was taken up to sip while she looked over the menu. They both had the advantage of knowing the food already, she knew her Italian. "I'll have the fettuccine Alfredo, please." Smile tipped up to the girl.

"Si. And you?" She smiled at Joe once she had written Paige's order down.

"You want me to sing, I can tell," grinning Paige's way as he started right in. They might throw him out! "A dragon has come to our village today. We've asked him to leave, but he wont go away. Now he's talked to our king and they worked out a deal. No homes will he burn and no crops will he steal. Now there is but one catch, we dislike it a bunch. Twice a year he invites him a virgin to lunch. Well, we've no other choice, so the deal we'll respect. But we can't help but wonder and pause to reflect."

"I think I'll have the Shrimp Marinara over spaghetti and a side order of Gnocchi." He looked at Jon and started to laugh, shaking his head.

And in order to not interrupt, she merely nodded and collected the menus. There would be a dessert menu available if they wish to have dessert. Off she went to turn the order in.

Sammy was singing an old Sicilian love song in their native tongue between taking the new orders and setting each of his chefs to take care of certain ones as he saw to the main courses.

Joe got a look, clearly waiting for him to join in, seemed she was serious on not letting him get shy. "Do they have virgins shipped in from other towns?" More wine sipping, able to drink that better than the stronger stuff.

"That's the crux, they don't need to as they outfox the dragon... guess how!"

"They send him male virgins and he runs screaming?" He said guess!


What a mix. Tony and Jon. He laughed then looked at Jon. "Are you going to sing it out for her?" And now he was laughing out loud. And yes, he'd join in if Jon started to sing the answer.

So he continued with the song, but made sure not to bellow it out. That took restraint, "Do virgins taste better than those who are not? Are they salty, or sweeter, more juicy or what? Do you savor them slowly? Gulp them down on the spot? Do virgins taste better than those who are not? Now we'd like to be shed you, and many have tried. But no one can get through your thick scaly hide. We hope that some day, some brave knight will come by. 'Cause we can't wait around 'til you're too fat to fly."

Thankfully she wasn't sipping when that verse came out; snorting wine up one's nose was not very lady like. In fact, she set the glass down until they were done, just to be on the safe side.

Smart woman!

This part gave the answer and would be the last of it unless Joe wanted to sing the Dragon part. "Now you have such good taste in your women for sure, They always are pretty, they always are pure. But your notion of dining, it makes us all flinch, For your favorite entree is barbecued wench. Now we've found a solution, it works out so neat, if you insist on nothing but virgins to eat. No more will our number ever grow small, we'll simply make sure there's no virgins at all!"

That part wasn't as bad as the sweet and juicy! "That sounds like something the two of you would come up with." Trying an accusing glance between both, and failing to stomp the smile down.



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"If you like songs, I could serenade you all night. I stole Seamus' satchel of them." He was a kissing bandit many years ago and now could become the song bandit. Probably a lot safer than the other proved when he kissed a lass his brother Patrick was in love with.

He chuckled and shook his head. "Honestly we didn't. It just so happens that's Jon's favorite song." He would sing the Dragon's Retort another time but instead he gave Jon a disbelieving stare. "You stole Seamus' songs. He'll be after your hide for sure." Not really but it sounded right.


"If you're going to serenade me shouldn't I be hanging out a second story window for you to climb up, and fall off, of? I'm not letting you climb my hair though."

"Your hair isn't long enough to climb," like taking the whole idea seriously that had a little flaw in it, the length of her hair. "Only if you throw rose petals down to us."

With the end of the song, Franny returned with the salads and then was off again. It wasn't too much later than she came back pushing a cart with their food. She carefully placed each order in front of Paige, then around to Joe and finally Jon. "I'm supposed to tell you that we liked the song." She said with a wink before she was off again.

Tony was keeping an eye on them and had set Franny's serving plate with another bottle of the wine.

"She said you climb and then fall off of the window." Clearing that up because he was a good brother like that. "You know, if you wanted to become a wandering bard, you might make good money, Jon."

"You do?" Surprised with the lass' words. "What did you say your name was again .. wait.." trying to catch her attention as she was heading off, "leave your number written on a napkin..." teasing of course which she would probably catch onto. Then back to Joe. "Aye, I climb, I fall ... on you!"

"Us? Do you two do anything alone, or are you like chicks that have to go to the washroom in pairs?" She was too dressed up for either of them to smack, hopefully. Her hair was too short, resting just below the small of her back in its normal untamed mass.

"No. If I'm going to serenade a lass, I'll do it without me brothers." He laughed. "Honestly, we do manage on our own most of the time."

Not too dressed up to put over his knee. "Here I thought you wanted a date with us both, at the same time, like the encounter. I can leave," starting to stand but then his food was being delivered. "Ah, after I eat then.." sitting back down and digging into his salad, washed down by the fine wine.

"What time should I expect you?" Poor Joe, put on the spot. Jon, while she might be small, got a dark hand to his arm, ready to yank him back if need be! "I may be smaller than you, but I can still kick your backside." She sounded like she meant it.

"You mean butt into it with those horns that show now and then..?" Grinning as he spoke up after swallowing the bit he had in his mouth. Came with a wink too.

Mock gasp, looking to Joe with wide eyes. "Are you going to let him get away with that?" Pitting one against the other was sure to fail, which did nothing to stop her from trying. Always an excellent hole digger, she needed to keep practicing.

"See..." waving a finger at Paige, "she didn't deny it!"

"I do me best singing at midnight." He paused to consider. "Is the time at your home the same as the time here?" He managed to look confused. "She has horns?" He leaned slightly as if he making an attempt to see then laughed.  "No, she didn't." And he finally started to eat his own meal. Another thing the brothers all had in common ... they enjoyed their food.

She leaned towards him so he could look; nothing but a bunch of dark wavy hair. "Yes, it's the same time, I think." She was Italian, eating and talking, though not with her mouthful, went hand in hand, along with pleased little sounds around each bite. Not even quiet while eating, what a shock.

There was something, though Jon was not really socially savvy for spending most of his time at the lumber mill. He was not totally blind and hid most by a seemingly outgoing personality. A thought, a glance before he was finishing up his salad and sitting back to enjoy the rest of his wine until he started on his dinner. Then a refill would be in order. Next he was digging into his main meal with relish. You'd not hear much from him unless directly addressed and he had to answer.

Quiet Jon was never a good thing, it gave him time to think. Slanted glance his way, sipping wine to wash down a bite. "You're up to no good."

Miri practically had to kidnap her beloved cousin to get out of the kitchen of the deli, and out into the streets. She had a knack for charming her family for doing whatever she wished since she was practically the 'baby' of the Cohen clan. She held onto Kizzie's arm as she lead her through the lamp lit streets towards the busiest spot in town. She hadn't sent note head that they were coming, and she hoped that they could fit them in. She donned a light blue gown with a ruffled white lace neckline for the occasion. Her brown curls hung loosely to frame her pixie face, and they enhanced the features there. She opened the door and led Kizzie inside.

Which had him with a heads up, taking the moment to let the bit be washed down. "I think I'm out of practice in getting into trouble." Would she believe that? Perhaps a hint of truth laced his words.

Tony had gotten the note and had Serafina set a table for four, though only two were coming. Perhaps they might meet some friends or a gentleman or two might ask to join them. He was around from the bar leaving it in the hands of Sal who finally was up from the cellar in seeing to more bottles of the wine. "You are the Cohen sisters?" Though that part was not so clear, they seemed like sisters.

She reached over to feel his forehead. "Is that possible? Maybe I need to get a pair of horns to butt into you, get you back on track." Glancing back for the waitress. "She didn't even scold you for asking for her number, hm."

Franko was there to open the door for the ladies and then as Tony took over, he was back in place, greeting those he knew and taking care of their payments as they left.

That had him grinning at Jon. They both worked too much during the warm months. "Is everything still going well? Tyg and ... " He had to think for a moment. "Nathaniel is it, with the walking tree stump?" It had been a long time since he had seen any of them. "She probably doesn't have a number?"

"Just tie a black scarf around me eyes with holes, that might revive me but then you may get kissed as well every other poor lass in the restaurant tonight."

Kizzie struggled against the pull on her arm, but then gave up as soon as she saw her cousins desperate look. She smiled slightly as she pretended to be angry for a moment before she decided to fuss over her dark green form fitting gown that she felt was entirely too much for this tiny outing but Miri insisted. She always got her way! She'd have to learn her secrets. As she enters through the door, she dips her head before lowly speaking with her eyes fluttering to adjust to the light "Shalom."

"Careful, I may kiss back." She had nothing black, but offered him her napkin if he wanted to make shift one. "Tyg will hound me for details, and Nathan is doing very well, though busy with his plant experiments."

"Well, there were some that had some years ago.." slowly grinning before he was back to his food as the conversation with Joe took over. Paige might not get the time to eat between them. He shook his head to the offer of the napkin, "has to be black," like there was a criteria for all this. "Besides, you're going to need it," dipping glance to her food before he was back again to his.

Paige was good at eating and talking, working in a bite after each question she asked. Thankful wink for being able to keep it, resting it along her crossed legs to save the gold silk. "I'll buy you a mask." Side murmur while waiting on Joe's next question or comment.

"Shalom, good evening, buona sera, you have brought your appetites tonight?" With a glide of a hand in the direction he would escort them, "your table is waiting."

It wasn't the whole of the conversation. Just his curiosity. "Maybe we should find black material so you have something to really tell her." He looked at Jon, wondering what would happen if he started that 'trend' again.

Miri flashed a big smile as she heard the pair being addressed as the Cohen sisters, "Sure. That is us." She said as she gestures Kizzie in front of herself before moving in line behind her as she stares around at the ornaments and  decorations. "You must've received my note. I was afraid I'd have to cancel. She took forever to get out of the deli," She teases with a glint of mischief in her eye as she speaks to him.

His brothers would kill him this time if he kissed another one of them had an interest in? Death wish it would be.

Nose wrinkling grin for the idea of black, the color lover in her twitched at the though. "Who said it has to be black? Why can't the kissing bandit be in purple?"

"Maybe scarlet red?" There was an idea, though at the time he also disguised himself as Joe, when he use to drink to the tune Joe couldn't remember if he had done it or not in one of his stupors when accused. At least Joe had cleaned up his act after that, so there was a lot of good it brought about.

"I remember when he was kissing everyone and running, he's always been the mischief maker, and then claims I'm the one with horns." Prim little sniff, lips twitching dangerously.

"That's 'cause I left mine as a present to you.." grinning but was quick to lean in with a kiss to her cheek and back. See.. he still had the skill of hit and run.

Her mouth fell open slightly as she blushed as she shook her head with enough fury to make the thick brown braid down her back flick over one shoulder. She immediately covered her face as if she were bashful before muttering low again, "Thank you."

It certainly had, and he'd know the difference now. "He had to keep up the bandit image." He laughed. "And the pranks go on and on." They still needed to get Seamus back for all his jokes! "Scarlet red, with a red silk lined cloak? And a wide brimmed hat with a red feather." Getting into the color thing.

"Still a chicken about it, too." For his hit and run routine. "Maybe I'll be the kissing bandit in red." Like no one would guess who the black women in red was. She gave the idea thought over a few bites of the main course.

"Si, a lady is expected to be late to keep those in wait guessing and in awe when they arrive." Seeing to each of their seats as he was trying not to laugh hearing the conversation at the McAndrews table across from theirs. They could actually get into conversation with each other if they wished. "Franny will be seeing to your table shortly."

They were suppose to get Eddie, who was as good as Seamus, to trap Seamus. They'd all be in deep if Seamus and Eddie teamed up against the rest of them. There was something he nearly forgot, had heard, which he addressed to Joe. "Collin got back with Lah." In case he hadn't heard. "Married." So it was completely getting back with her.

As soon as the two were settled, she was over with the menus and a basket of bread for the table. "Good evening, ladies. Would you like to start with a drink?"

She glanced between the two, content to let the names float around, even if she didn't know them. Both men had nice voices, it wasn't a hardship to sit between them and listen.

"Think how much mischief you could cause." He grinned at Paige. "You'd have to be quick." Like Jon had been. He couldn't remember if any of the lasses had tried to retaliate after or if they were too shocked. But then Jon had his attention. "Married again? That's grand. Collin is the youngest of our brothers. He and Lah had been married before, had two children, parted ways and it seems they're married again." He smiled when he saw the two young women.  "Evening Kizzie, Miriam. This is Paige Nevin, a good friend of ours and some of our other brothers." He wasn't sure which ones she knew to be honest.

Then he explained to Paige, "Collin is our youngest brother. A lot of wanderlust when he was first married to the Queen's daughter Lah. Took off, many years filled with turmoil involving some of our other brothers that almost got with her instead. She never did though and he finally grew up and came home, the two found they still loved each other which is good for their twins they had years ago." That was the story in a nutshell.

Miriam quickly spoke up for the two of them, "We'll both have some mulled cider." She smiled brightly up at Franny. "And I think we both want your Chicken Marsala. We heard it was good from our Bobe." She continued to smile as she  heard her name being said. She turned her gaze towards Paige before greeting her with a genuine grin. "Pleasure is ours! You have good company if you are friends with McAndrews."

He stepped aside so that they could greet each other.


She'd probably met most of them over the years, but with all the clans around these parts they got jumbled together. Warm smile to the two girls, head inclined lightly. "Good evening to you both." Jon's summery got a pleased smile. "Sounds like it worked out well then." And with two younger girls in the mix she turned more towards Joe and lowered her voice between them when she returned comment on the kissing bandit,  unwilling to corrupt innocent girls, if they were. "I never, ever, have been quick at kissing, nor do I ever plan to be. If I ever am please smack me." Hot blooded Italian, he should have expected that one.

He stood as he greeted the two ladies. "A pleasure to see you both again. I'm sure you will enjoy your meal as I'm finding the food to be as delicious as the last time I was here."

"Indeed," She agrees as she smiles politely at Paige. "I would greet you in our normal fashion, but I'll let the boys for it for me." She was Kissie Kizzie after all. She glances up to Franny as she too smiles in her direction, "Yes, if you please. I'll have what she is having."

Jon was better at explaining the situation than he was but they had nearly answered at the same time so Paige had it in stereo. He leaned slightly then laughed. "I will, I promise." And Jon had taken care of the greeting which had him laughing again.

"This is her normal fashion." As once more he leaned to place a kiss to each of Paige's cheeks this time before straightening back.



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Miriam couldn't help but crack up laughing as Jon leans in for the two girls to do their greeting for them. "Just like in ol' country," She says in a thick accent on purpose.

His lips had the most practice, like riding a bike? He hadn't kissed, or more stolen one, in six years? Wow, not a great thought to realize.

"Jon, that's twice." Sounded like a warning in her tone, and the smile was just short of dangerous.

"Blame those two on the lovely lady, that is how she greets everyone." Feigning innocent. Like Jon could even look innocent?

Kizzie turns towards Miriam to mutter low with a big grin, "A metsieh far a ganef." She waggles her brows before picking up a piece of bread to break.

"Your horns aren't as well hidden as mine, I'm not blaming them." Scolding him for trying.


She was laughing as she headed to turn in the order. Mulled Cider brought along with salads for the two young women. It was nice to have such a lively group here tonight.

"A meatball for Gandoff?" Was that what he heard? "Are you having spaghetti tonight?"

"What is a Gandoff?" She asks innocently as she hears the question. "No meatballs for someone we do not know."

While he was here, Tony saw to taking the finished bottle and replacing it with another before heading back to the bar.

"Third times the charm?" He grinned at Paige before he leaned back and enjoyed the wine.

"Just as well, he'd probably turn them into frog tails or eat them all himself." Continuing the teasing.

Despite all the talking she was doing a good job of cleaning up the fettuccine, no light bird eater was she. Wine came up empty, which had her giving Joe a hopeful look, glass tipped his way. "Third time is something." Hummed.

Third time for him he got decked by the sound of it!

He'd have to tempt fate to find out!

Last time he tempted fate, he got decked by two brothers, took them both to knock him out. He woke up tied to a chair with lip stick and makeup on him. He only eyed Paige for a moment with hard to read thoughts!

She gave him such an innocent smile, all dressed in gold silk, she couldn't look any more harmless if she tried.

No, she looked like rare sunshine in gold which had a slow smile rise before he was finishing off his meal.

A truly evil ray of sunshine, that made muted chicken noises at him before turning to see if Joe had the wine. Turning away helped cover the deep dimples, too.

He did and poured it into her glass as he gave Jon a look. He had been challenged!

There were challenges and then there were other kinds of challenges that might not be appropriate in spite of all the teasing. He felt this was one of those and not really a challenge in that way or he would see to it with a flourish.

She did well to not notice any looks, or pretend not to anyway. "Thank you." Murmured to Joe, amused, before leaning back to sip. "Now that you've followed through, and we've had dinner, I won't see you for another year?" Asking both, dimples still etched in deep.

The doors to the kitchen burst open as Sammy himself came carrying a tray with a delicate dessert of Tiramisn cheese cake, fresh cherries in a light syrup to drizzle over it all. He was to the table as it was set, motioning to Franny to see to the dishes in cutting it up. "Welcome as a guest this evening, this is on the house. I hope you all have enjoyed your meal," that was the best compliment to the chef. One that had the apron and hat on as head chef yet didn't take away from a muscular masculine body and face.

"I hope it doesn't take any of us that long. I happen to like our growing friendship. You know Charlie as well?" Now there was the gleam of mischief as they might conspire to tease that lady in a good way too.  Though Sammy had arrived with cheese cake no less. "I can only speak for myself, my meal was delicious!"

"It was a little slice of home." Even answering him in Italian, with a kiss of her fingers to boot. Jon was heard, and she'd answer once she finished complimenting the chef.

Tony was smiling to himself as he saw the two ladies out, each given a rose as they too had spoken on enjoying their meals. That he would relate to Sammy later on.

"Excellent as always, Sammy. " He smiled as he spoke. "Never been disappointed when we come here." And he looked at Paige. "Hopefully not. We've been lectured about working too much and staying hidden away in the mountains." And staying away meant there'd be plotting by their sister-in-laws!

Paige got one of his big grins. He recognized seeing her from the MT many years ago. It was slightly possible she might remember him. He wasn't liked at first for some actions misread, took that realization before they realized he wasn't really a smuck but a good guy.

She did recognize him, now that he came out of the kitchen! It made the smile grow wider, pleased he found a place to settle after all. "Tell them both they have to come back more, so I can visit here again." Let the chef beat the big brothers down, cheating shamelessly.

"Si, they will come back and will have to bring you again. You cannot live without some of our fine Sicilian cuisine, it would not be human." Giving her a wink of big brown eyes and a certain charm the brothers all had.

"It would be a sin." Agreeing nod with a mock sigh, scowling at both brothers. "It's decided, you have to come out of hiding much more often, or I'll be forced to hunt you down." They were terrified of the little woman in gold, right? She was imposing and stuff.

"That I cannot deny, we need a dose every so often or we shall indeed perish." Which he gave a mock scowl back Paige's way before followed by a flashing smile, dimples and all.

Absolutely terrified. See how they were cowering? "Especially of the cheesecake." Which happened to be Joe's favorite.

"I'll share mine with you if you promise to come back soon." Holding her cheesecake hostage. Jon needed a 'dose' so she gave him a pinch. It was a dose of something!

Imposing as a hissing, spitting wet kitten. Adorable if anything. "Aye, especially of the cheesecake, I could be bribed to do just about anything." Which he dug in once his slice was served. The pinch had him squirm but he didn't lose his mouthful.

"Promise." He gave her another grin, dimples and all. He agreed with Jon on that.

Before Joe got his slice she forked some up and offered it over, willing to feed him a bite since he promised! Praise for a good answer, she wasn't a fool.

And one he accepted quite happily. He even got a look of pure pleasure as he chewed. Then he dug into his own slice.

"You know what is said about a woman who feeds a man cheesecake..." making it sound mysterious. "He will be hers forever, devoted, waiting on her hand and foot."  Slow grin his brother's way. Waiting that moment.

He near choked and stared at Jon.

"You shouldn't have dug into yours so fast, I could have had you both." Finger snap for the 'miss'. "Besides, I can't picture either of you waiting on anyone hand and foot. Do I look like the sort to enjoy that?" Nose wrinkling up with a grin, finally getting in her own bite.

"Got to be fast or caught.." laughing out loud this time around. "Besides, you couldn't handle two of us so one will be enough, cheesecake man." Though it was his favorite too, he hadn't mentioned that. Yes, he was going to get Joe in the thick of it. "What kind of man do you like, Paige," actually serious as his tone changed to match. He was genuinely curious and showing another side of his real personality.

"Who says I can't? I'm Italian." Like that changed everything. His next question actually stumped her. Stumped silent! She mulled it over with another bite of cheesecake heaven, fingers tapping along her leg.

He waited nearby as he was enjoying listening to the rapport between the three. Good sense of humor they all possessed. Soon, quietly, he headed back to his domain to see to the meticulous cleaning of his kitchen, a ritual that went on every night after the meals were done.

He just shook his head, not saying a word, nope and worked on that slice of cheesecake until it was gone. Then he sat back to enjoy the wine and listen to Paige's answer. Though he did grin at Jon since he had stumped her!

"I think my answer would be too long." She offered Joe another bite of hers, fork offered up, since he finished his first.

He studied her for a long moment only to be followed by a slight dip of his head. Time to enjoy his wine as the evening wound down.

She finally scared them both?! "Truly, someone with a good sense of humor that can like me for who I am, all of me, not just parts of me, and I'm not an easy person to like." Sheepish grin with a lift of her shoulders. "If he can beat me in a spar that's a bonus." Something in her tone said that didn't happen often, wistful smile with thoughts of her sword.

Bite accepted and chewed as he considered. "That's not a bad start." He studied her though. "You seem to have plenty of friends. How can you say you're not easy to like?" That had him curious, though the spar part had him chuckling. "There's an Irish legend about a woman like that. Or was it beat her in a race?"

He set his empty glass aside as he spoke up on what she had to say. "That is how it should be. Loved as you are. I don't know you in that way to agree or disagree you would not be an easy person to like. I know, in  the least, I like you as a friend." Though the last had him pause with a laugh to follow. "So one be warned that possesses more an interest to hone up on their sparring skills.."

"Is this another song coming?" Amused glance between the two. "I do have a lot of friends." Agreeing nod to that. "I'm set in my ways, I've no desire to change into some romantic lass, I enjoy a good spar, running bad guys through, going on adventures, tasting life and all its colors." She warned them it was a long answer. "I'm all of that, and more, as a lover, which can be too intense, I suppose." Clearly still not shy!

"I think the older one gets and enough relationships that list gets longer. Knowing what you wish not, helps you to know what you do want. Bravo." And her being intense didn't surprise him either.

"There's nothing wrong with any of that." He laughed and looked at Jon. "I don't know if there is a song that would suit, and I like you as a friend as well. Anyone who'd want to change you to a romantic lass would be missing a lot I'm thinking. One should be accepted for who they are."

"I've always known, and rarely change." The smile went with easy truth. "I'm a bastard duchess by birth, and earned my title as Knight." More proud of the latter, clearly. "And you two? Jon likes anything in a skirt, or so he likes people to think."

"I only know sad love songs," which had him starting one, "He remembers the first time he met ‘er. He remembers the first thing she said. He remembers the first time he held her and the night that she came to his bed. He remembers her sweet way of singin’ Honey has somethin’ gone wrong? He remembers the fun and the teasin’ and the reason he wrote ‘er this song."

"He looks for reasons to sing, doesn't he?" Leaning a bit to murmur to Joe, amused.

"So I like people to think, otherwise I would have been married off a long time ago. Women are less interested in a skirt chasing man." Though he continued the song, "I'll give you a daisy a day, dear. I'll give you a daisy a day. I'll love you until the rivers run still and the four winds we know blow away. They would walk down the street in the evenin’ and for years I would see them go by and their love that was more than the clothes that they wore could be seen in the gleam of their eye." There was meaning in this song, underlying as it were that spoke on how a relationship should be in the long run. "As a kid they would take me for candy and I loved to go taggin’ along. We'd hold hands while we walked to the corner and the old man would sing ‘er his song. I'll give you a daisy a day, dear, I'll give you a daisy a day, I'll love you until the rivers run still and the four winds we know blow away."

"Aye, most of m'brothers are like that. I usually don't sing unless I'm drunk." He kept his voice low so he didn't interrupt. "Come to think of it, I'm probably the only one who doesn't."

"Maybe that's why I always think of you as shy. I was sure I scared the bejeebers out of you." Dimples popped out again, voice kept low so she could listen to the song.

They would more worry if he became quiet, which he tried before. "Now he walks down the street in the evenin’ and he stops by the old candy store and I somehow believe he’s believin’, he’s holdin’ ‘er hand like before. For he feels all her love walkin’ with him and he smiles at the things she might say, then the old man walks up to the hilltop and gives her a daisy a day." A silent pause as the words of the song came lowered, almost hushed as he looked away towards one of the darkened windows. "I'll give you a daisy a day, dear. I'll give you a daisy a day. I'll love you until the rivers run still and the four winds we know blow away." Luckily, he was done. Poured himself another glass of wine and went quiet.

That was a sad song, pretty in its own way. His turn for a hit and run, though she bypassed the cheek area and tried to sneak a kiss in before he got the wine. No being sad after a fun evening!



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Which had him turn and crash noses.

"Well sung, Jon." And one of his favorites. He shook his head and continued. "Not so much shy as quiet. When I was drinking heavy, I tended to be short with people. I'm still cautious." And watching the two of them had him laughing.

And had her hand come up to protect her nose. "See? Fast kissing is bad, Joe!" As if this was the reason never to do it.

Fast he could be as the attempt was made. "If you attempt anything you should give it your best, no matter what is it or not do it at all." He was up, scooping her up into his arms and tipped her to the side. Lips seared over hers in a passion he kept buried inside. Oh, he had it, just rarely showed it. Kiss her well, kiss her complete that left both with a needed draw of a breath when done. Not all too soon, not overly long.

"You can't be short with me, you're nearly a foottttt..." Trailed off with a startled sound when she was scooped up. Didn't take her but a few beats to catch up, and she gave as good as she got, with passion she never kept buried anywhere, fingers raking the back of his neck and hair, a steady thrum in the back of her throat. If he was foolish enough to catch his breath she took the lead and kissed -him-, letting him hang on. She had given him warning!

He was no slouch and would return what was given, met and more. Nibbling suckle that explored the fullness of her lips thoroughly, sweet the nectar deliciously explored before lifted. Arm still enclosed as blue eyes met the dark depths of hers. "You do that well, indeed." Smile lifting as well dimples dipping as he eased from the hold. "Another glass of wine?" Lifting the bottle as he would pour her some more as well his glass and his brothers.

Whoa! He let out a low whistle and picked up his glass, drinking the wine down after holding it up in a salute to the two. Once Jon made the offer, he held his glass out.

She nuzzled her cheek along his jaw while she caught her breath, fingers loosing their hold on his hair. Didn't pull any out, thankfully! "You're not too bad, when you aren't in a hurry." Dulling her compliment down, couldn't dull the smile though. Her glass was out of reach so she gestured to it, refill offer accepted.

Good thing.. she didn't want to give him an inflated ego, but actually that would not happen. "I broke my six year streak of no kissing." Hoping that didn't show!

"You really should kiss more, it's a pity to waste such talent." There went the ego boosting.

"Soon as I get my scarlet mask," grinning as all drinks were filled and he lifting his, "here's to being single, drinking doubles and seeing triples." Down the hatch it went.

And glad he was that he hadn't been drinking when Jon said that. But there was a toast worth drinking to!

"If you're seeing three of me you've had way too much to drink." Toasting and drink though, without any wheezing!

"Then we can get our brother Seamus or Eddie here and share!" Grinning as the glass lowered and the bubbles had his nose twitch.

"Sláinte! Not seeing three yet."

"Oh nooo, out with two of you is enough, I'm not trying to keep up with four." The very idea was enough to have her draining her glass, shoulders hunching up with a shiver.

So Paige had her limits! Smart lass too. "I don't think I could handle two more of my brothers in sharing too." Laughing it off as glasses were refilled again.

"Who said I was willing to be shared?" Backing the conversation up a few steps. "I'm small, not a ball to be passed around." Remembering the sandwich hug and grinning over it.

"I don't see you being used as a ball, no. And no, we're not willing to share with them either." With those two, they'd end up in trouble.

"Aye, exactly my point. Though it brings back a memory of a lass that was only this high," which his hand was down to about two feet off the ground, "and she enjoyed being tossed between us, literally."

"Was she two?" Guessing. Joe was still sitting, so he got sat on, couldn't have him feeling left out, and he said he wouldn't use her as a ball.

"Our twin nieces liked it too." He chuckled. "Of course, they're grown up now and too old for tossin'." As Paige sat, he put an arm around her waist.

"No, I think some kind of dwarf, she would roll up into a ball so we could toss her."

"I get tossed around most nights I go to the Tavern. In the trough, bushes, mud puddles." Nose wrinkling grin, mulling over the why's of it again.

"Is that place anything like it use to be now that it has come back to life? I remember when Maggie O'Brian and Bailey use to tender it." Then again there weren't any modern nexus messing with it either. He and his brothers use to hang out there along with many others.

"Not like it was, no, but some nights are still fun, lacking the drama of which gay boy is dating which gay boy. Come to think of it, doesn't much matter what type of man I like, they're all little boys that like boys. I'm a lot of things, but a boy isn't one of them." Glancing down at her unimpressive chest. "Even if I don't have Rhydin jahoobies."

"Are they as thick as they used to be. The gay boys?" He had to pause then repeat. "Jahoobies. That's one I've not heard." He looked at Jon to see if he had.

"Of all the influxes, in my personal opinion, that ruined the place. Tainted it, made it a drama sandbox for little lost boys." He could take the modern, even learn from it but the other, no, that was the pits. The last had him laughing, "isn't what you got but how you use it," like said to males with little willies.

"That's a Tyg word." Grinning over her shoulder to Joe. "Anything more than a handful is a waste." Agreeing nod to Jon. "I have no desire to have them inflated larger than my head, it would make walking and sparring impossible."

"Aside being bad for your health unless you use them as lethal weapons to bludgeon your enemies with. Though a man might die with a smile on his face."

"I'll slice him gut to gullet, it's much more satisfying." Cheerful little violent streak she had.

"Here lies Joe Smoe, death by jahoobies. He died with a smile on his face even the undertaker couldn't wipe off."   Best he go quiet again!

Another glance back at Joe. "You're a Joe, is that how you want to go?"

He was laughing at the thought of that nice little note on a tombstone. "I heard tell they have surgery to inflate them. Would that be like a balloon, full of air and a pin would deflate them?" No, Jon was being funny! "No, I'd rather die an old man, content with my life than go out by jahoobies."

"There, see, jahoobies are not all they are cracked up to be."

"Chicken." She tried to make chicken sounds but was too busy laughing at the image of an undertaker wiping faces.

"Nor inflated..." watching Paige had him laughing with her, her expression priceless.

Her hands moved in some silent conversation, as Italians tended to do, nose twitching back up with one image or another. Eventually she tried to swat at Jon for starting it all!

Which only had him laughing harder that he didn't even pretend to move away from the swat. It was good to see her laughing for it meant she was having a good time.

"I'm picturing him having to cut off lips and glue them back on, Jon McAndrews!" Scolding and laughing didn't work well.

They had the folks in the Bistro laughing too and Joe had to wipe his eyes from laughing so hard, especially after Paige's last. "Upside down to take the smile away!"

"Or twisting his lips around so they made a frown?" That would be just as tricky.

"What if he put the wrong lips back on?" Mr. Potato Head morgue style.

"Would give him a new look. Aunt Matilda turns to sister Violet, look dear, he looks even better dead than he had been alive. His lips much fuller, amazing what they can do for you in the morgue."  Worse, he affected a higher voice as much he could for these two biddies having a conversation at a wake.

Please don't expect Joe to speak for a few moment. He was laughing much too hard. He could see the old dearies holding that conversation!

Faith enough that Joe wouldn't drop her, given he was huge next to her, she crossed her legs in a swish of silk. "Then she'd complain she missed out on years of good kissing!"

"Be a popular mortician, wouldn't he?" He managed to get that out.

"From jahoobies to face transplants, and people think *I'm* the strange one." One hand gesturing between the brothers, blaming them. "Are you wearing suspenders?" Out of the blue random, another good reason not to drink, they were bad influences!

"So kiss while you can and not worry about your jahoobies," like there was suppose to be a moral to all of this! Unfortunately it was also getting late and the place quiet though they had not been asked to leave but allowed to stay and enjoy themselves. Kitchen was quiet. Franko was still near the door and Tony by the bar and the waitress had cleared off their table in the interim leaving the bottle of wine though.  "Under the vest, how my pants are being kept up." Went with wearing a suit. "Oh," pause, "wait," pause, "are you asking Joe?" Being she was on his lap as if he just noticed.

Clearing tables was a good sign, enough to get her up on her feet and offering a hand down to Joe, which looked hysterical given their size difference. Her other hand was trying to pull up Jon's vest to peek. Good thing about being female, you didn't get slapped for sneaking peeks!

"Suspenders? Aye." That was a switch from the previous topic and had him hesitating for a moment. He watched her trying to peek under Jon's vest and chuckled.

They were there, under the vest, and keeping his pants up just like he said. Though they would not really fall down if the suspenders were snapped opened.

"Either or, actually." Everyone had fetishes, suspenders were hers, and she'd had enough wine to indulge herself! Happy little sigh, petting one strap briefly, and to redeem herself she snapped it before loosing him. Never happened!

He staggered a few steps back in a dramatic act, "I'm wounded, not sure I'll live." Hands over where she snapped the suspenders as if they could bring about his demise. "Make sure they make my lips bigger so Paige will look upon me and say, man, he could have kissed even better with those!"

"You kiss just fine, Mr. Bandit, but if he doesn't do a good job on you I'll run him through." Puffing up, very unimposing in gold silk.  Joe wasn't off the suspender hook, she was simply waiting for him to stand up, then a hand would sneak under his vest to do the same; pet then snap, with another happy little sigh, far too easy to amuse. "Two visits in a row you've gotten me drunk, McAndrews." That covered them both, and again the warning tone was there, just like it had been with 'two kisses', making it a flat out challenge to try again, thus making sure they'd be back sooner than later. She was good at playing dirty.

So he was over to sweep her up into his arms to carry. "Now you'll not have to worry as you will be seen to your destination." It would take a lot to get a McAndrews drunk though it had been accomplished on occasion.

He finally realized she had been holding a hand out and made a show of standing, as if she were really taller and helping him. He did tower some. "There, Jon, now you know you'll look good. " And Jon saved him from the snapping?


He ruined her snapping?! She tugged him to get him to lean back so she could snap. It was a law of suspenders. "At least you know the way to my house this time."

So he leaned as she was still holding onto Joe's suspender? If she let it go now... wow.

Maybe she'd tow Joe along by his suspender, get the old man moving.

That would do it!

Jon could lead them all out for the ride back. Conga line with a twist.

They'd make quite an impression, Jon carrying Paige who was holding on to Joe's suspenders.

And Franko would be holding the door for them so they wouldn't have to worry about that part of it.

Franko got a beaming smile, all dimples, on their way by. "Thank you, it was wonderful." Called back while carried off. Never a dull moment with the brothers.

"You're very welcome. Come back again." It certainly had made their evening lively.  And since they had made arrangements for the payment earlier, they didn't have to make any stops.

As well Tony to see them out and then they would be closing up the place for the night. A good one.

They would be singing too on the way home!

Yes, they would. Maybe The Scotsman!


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