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Thistle Tavern

Date: 08-10-10
Poster: Bradley Harrington
Post # 61

Surprise Visit
Oisin had decided to actually venture out for the first time since arriving to Heathfield. She had mostly kept to herself, though she welcomed her brothers and Fi when they came to check on her, but she'd indeed been homesick and missing her family and simply trying to acquaint herself with the new life and such things after such a travel. Having explored the markets, she now seated herself at the bar in Alex's company for a bit of supper and a drink, hoping to catch her brothers or possible new faces now that she was feeling more herself.

Ciaran had arrived early but not too early that they couldn't break fast together. Brad couldn't get over how good Hazel's cooking was and made sure to compliment her personally before they set out to explore. Being Ciaran was here much longer he knew of many places. The commons and port area and before they knew it, the day had passed into evening and time to get some dinner at the Thistle, albeit late but they plan was to then head for the Quinn manor once done and a nice little surprise for Fawn. Her surprise would come sooner as the two made their way up the steps, across the porch and within. "I see where there is a variety of goods and services offered in these lands." Just as his stomach rumbled. "We're here just in time!"

The port area especially since he was there most often. He had planned to make the manor in time for a meal, but that would wait. "Aye, there is at that. How does it compare to London?" He paused and laughed at the rumble. "I'm the one whose stomach usually announces meal time. And it's not too late to enjoy a good meal." He opened the door so that Brad could enter first.

Fawn was quite content in her meal, watching Alex go on about his duties without much bothering him when she heard the door open and the voice of her brother as he entered. A bright smile as she turned to find Ciaran and lifted her free hand to wave, but it stopped mid way to see Bradley in his company. She looked rather confused by seeing Bradley there with him and tilted her head, lowering her hand.

"London?" which had a chuckle under his breath, "that would be comparing apples and oranges," he was eyeing the one at the bar as it tickled his instincts and there she was! Fawn. Smile came as he spoke up, "didn't expect me huh?" At least he was not bedraggled like last evening. Time to wash up and don better clothes. Although her reaction would say she was not pleased seeing him here.

He grinned then turned that same one on Fawn. "Evening, Fawn. And uh ... surprise?" She looked confused but then again, she wasn't expecting Brad. He headed over to the bar to give her a hug.

Fawn wasn't sure what to think with Bradley being there. Her initial reaction was concern. "Are they alright? My parents?" She couldn't imagine what would bring him away from his own home this far, unless perhaps he had bad news to relay. Attention snapped to Ciar just as confused at the surprise comment and leaned up to give him a hug. "You knew he was here?" Yes, she was utterly confused.

He wouldn't look the part of up and up had he been here as the bearer of bad news. "I arrived last night and we were suppose to get to the manor at a good hour when dinner was served but in showing me around town, the time ran away with us." Which was the truth and hopefully got Ciaran off the hook. "I was hoping to surprise you," as with a glance to Alex he got the good size box all tied up that was for her. "This is from Martha, err, your mother. She wanted to make sure I got this package to you right away." He had no idea what was in it. "The good news is, that if you're willing, they wish to come here to see you. They may even stay. I know my aunt has not been the same since you have gone and she knows it is your rightful place to be here. Politics are not sitting well with John either." That was all he'd say on it but Fawn had been in England long enough to know that one day you could be king of the hill, top of the line noble and the next a pauper, all due to politics.

"Aye, I knew." He added, though Brad explained it. "I believe Madame Harrington is worried about you, sweetheart." He planted a kiss to the top of her head. It was a little harder to call Madame Harrington Fawn's mother! He leaned against the bar after asking Alex for a tankard of ale.

She glanced towards the box that was presented, but didn't reach for it just yet. Instead, she turned her attention back to Bradley with a small smile to the kiss on her head. "They are considering staying?" She wasn't quite sure how to feel about that. She loved the couple that raised her and called them her mother and father from her heart, but this was sort of her chance to spread her wings. Her mother loved to dote and set her up for fancy things that she really had little care for. Aside from seeing her mother pleased that she attended such events. "Of course I want them to visit!" The idea of seeing them again was pleasing, and they would finally have the chance to meet her brothers.

"My soul." Fiona murmured to herself immediately after bursting through the door. The pleasantly plump lady was looking across to the bar, where Bradley Harrington himself sat at his ease. She stared at him in disbelief before her dark eyes narrowed in her round face. "Mr Harrington. What are you doing here?" She had beneath her arms several bags from her latest shopping foray. Like Oisin's reaction there was a pinch of concern about her eyes, wondering what Bradley's presence here could mean. But moreover she was looking at him with suspicion.

He wasn't sitting long! He was right up from his seat as Miss Prissy Fifi came into the room. Here was the aristocrat they knew best. Stiff upper lip, stiff line to his shoulders and back. "Miss Fiona, I see you are in good health." Even his words were stiff. "Not that it is any of your business but I came in representation of Martha and John to deliver a message. They are coming soon once I write back to them." There was that. "I see the change has not changed you any." And wasn't there just a twitch at the corner of his lips.

He was in the middle of taking a drink when Fifi came in and stood as well. So far, Mary Quinn and Fifi had been cautious with one another but then again, they hadn't been at the manor long! He stood for a moment to greet the woman then sat again. Brad got a quick glance but there was no hiding his amusement so he turned and studied the menu, just to keep himself out of trouble.

Brow quirked sharply with a glare to Bradley. "It is her business! She's just as much family as my brothers are and my parents left me in her good care. Where do you not see that as her business?" With a huff, she turned on her seat to face the bar, looking at the unopened box, then her half eaten bowl of stew, which she pushed away having lost her appetite all of a sudden.

"None of my business?" She bristled like a disturbed porcupine. Crossing the room to the bar, she set her bags down and laid a reassuring hand on Oisin's shoulder. Oddly enough, it calmed her some when Oisin got offended on her behalf. "I was merely surprised to see you here, sitting before us all without any notice." A slight frown at that omission of the usual formalities. Then her expression cleared at the news he brought. "They are coming for a visit?" A quick glance exchanged with Oisin, wondering what she thought about that. The girl certainly didn't seem overjoyed...

He had them both bristling. He was quite proud of himself! The gleam was in blue eyes as he addressed Alex with what he'd like from the menu. The turkey pie and some of the potato furls. A tankard of ale, German like he had last evening and a slice of pie. He had a rumbling stomach to see to. "If you will excuse me." Well, that was just a formality as he got his tankard and moved to a table across from the bar. Giving the two their space to huddle.

He had ordered the Mullagatawny Soup and Colcannon Bake, and also a slice of pie. When Brad moved to a table, he smiled at the two and followed! Things were bound to get interesting and he didn't want to miss a thing.

Fawn spotted that proud gleam in Bradley's eyes and it just irritated her all the more! Right off her stool she slid as he turned to excuse himself and stomped her heel on his foot. "Your arrogance is rather unbecoming, Lord  Harrington." And just like that, she sat back on her stool with rigid posture, folding her arms across her chest. A slanted glance given to Fi. "Yes, it would seem so. Possibly to take up residence here." She was truly at a loss how to feel about the latter of that, though she most certainly wanted to see her parents during their visit.

Luckily he had well made boots as she stomped on one. "And your tantrum is very unbecoming a lady that Martha was suppose to have raised." So once that was done he took up a seat as the meals were being delivered. His concentration there as meals were all important especially cooked by the one here at this Thistle.

Fiona was rather shocked when her little Oisin stomped on Bradley's foot like a petulant child! Shocked... and yes proud... though she swallowed a laugh that had risen to her throat and gave Fiona a mildly reproving look. Her full frown she reserved for Bradley. "And I see you have not changed much either." Pity, that. She smoothed Oisin's hair off her shoulder then ordered a Colcannon bake for herself,along with a lemonade.

Guess what Liam got to walk in on. Had dark brows rising over equally dark eyes as steps slowed to a stop. "Brad," surprise edged but not unwelcome. Those steps continued, "evening Fawn, Fiona, Brad, Ciaran," noting their plates and realizing he could do with another meal. "I petitioned the crown for a place of our own and was granted one." So he only had to go and see it. Being he ate at the Manor, he only ordered up a bowl of the Irish stew and butter lavished brown bread to go with it. He'd wait to collect his plate and tankard of ale before  joining his brother and Brad. He preferred eating at a table.

Here was the smirk as he didn't need to respond to her comment back being it was a repeat of his to start. "Now, if I could find a woman that could cook like Hazel, I'd consider marriage!" This spoken to Ciaran, then a pause with Liam's arrival. "Evening Liam, good to see you again." Then he dug in without aplomb.

Fawn was just staring at the box and mumbling under her breath. Surely things that would make Fi blush if she spoke them aloud. She glanced to Liam, then back to the bar. After a moment, she reached for the box to open it up and see what was contained within.

"Oisin ... " He chided softly though with a hint of a smile. It seemed their Fawn had a bit of a temper! And he was glad to see it. Meant she'd stand up for herself. "Liam. Where is the place?" He hoped it was in walking distance.

Ciar must have wanted evil looks, too.

As Fawn moved the tissue paper aside, she'd see dainty undergarments, corsets and a letter lying atop them. The letter showed Martha's concern that she didn't have enough clean underwear, something about if she ended up in the hospital with dingy undergarments seen. It also went on about how much she missed her, worried on her behalf and Oisin might notice where the ink got splattered by a teardrop. It also told on how good of her nephew to travel to the lands to see firsthand that she was safe (in spite of the letters written) and that they would come if they were welcome to.  Wouldn't you know that Brad had taken that moment of opportunity to head over to the bar to have his tankard refilled. "Well, look there, a letter," and much more!

Evil looks didn't bother Ciar much. He glanced over at the bar when he heard Brad but his food held his interest more than a box!

Fiona was looking through the box of gifts with approval. "Your mother is a wise woman," she told Oisin with a firm nod. Fifi too was constantly haranguing Oisin about proper garments and having clean ones beneath. She scowled when Bradley came over and began peering into that box of delicates, how improper! "Have some decency Mister Harrington."

Leaning up to peek just inside to see the contents, the box was immediately covered with the lid and Fawn's cheeks flushed red. Noticeable despite the nice tan of her skin. Having both Brad and Fi comment on the contents of the box was a bit more than she could deal with right now. The box picked up just as quickly as she slid off her seat, she shoved past Brad and Fiona, leaving the tavern altogether.

Even he took a look over as the box was open then cleared his throat. Luckily the tray with his soup was there and so he headed over with his grub. Tray set as a chair was pulled out and settling in.

Evan was on his way in just as Oisin was charging out. "Whoa there! Nearly knocked me off my feet," he chuckled, reaching out to gently steady Oisin with a hand to her shoulder. Then he took a closer look at her face and his brows tugged together. "Are you alright?" His head tilted, hazel eyes peering into hers. "What's wrong, little Fawn?"

"How was I to know what was in it," with a scowl right back at Fiona. "Sheesh, women, get all in a knot over undies." His tankard filled and he was off back to the man table. "Now, why did she go and run off?" Women were bewildering.

And Fifi just frowned at Bradley as if it were all his fault. A snort of derision at his ignorance when he wondered aloud why Oisin had run off. Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, then she thanked Alex when her meal was set on the bar. She would go out in a moment and check on Oisin but now she knew that sometimes, the girl just needed some time to herself to vent steam.

"Likely she was embarrassed?" He offered then chuckled and looked at Liam. "Where is the place?" Repeating, in case he didn't catch Liam's answer or his brother didn't hear!

She hadn't planned on being caught by anyone. She was frustrated to the point of tears, but tried not to let them fall. Caught by Evan, she looked down at the planks of the porch. "Nothing." She wasn't really sure to say how completely embarrassed she was, irritated at Bradley and then the whole idea of her parents not coming for a visit, but possibly for residence. Her free hand swiped her cheeks dry. "I'm going for a walk."

"C'mon, what is it?" His voice was gentle. "If Liam and Ciaran were teasing you, I'll punch both their lights out," he vowed.... hoping to lure a smile out of her. But she seemed completely overwhelmed by something and that concerned him. "I won't stop you if you need to be by yourself. But if you want some company, my ale can wait." He would make the offer sincerely.

No smile was given and she couldn't bring herself to look at him. She simply nodded to the latter of what he said in regards to needing time to herself and turned to leave without further word, clutching the box to herself.

"I'm told it's just down from Clearview on the other side of Willow Lake. He was keeping an eye on the door where Fawn had retreated and knew Evan was out there with her. "I guess things are still a bit rough for her." Probably her age? Or that she was a woman? Liam wasn't sure except he knew nothing of what was going on presently. Call him Schultz.

Leaving Evan standing on the porch, looking after her with a perplexed frown. He had come up tonight in the grandest of moods, having spent some time with Mariah, every moment golden and more wonderful than the next. But now he was too worried about Fawn to go inside and enjoy his evening. Caught between letting her go and pursuing the matter, he made his decision after just a few moments and jogged off the porch to fall into step beside Oisin. Not a word spoken, he just walked along with hands sliding casually into his pockets.


"I think it is just my presence. If it had been my friend Captain Smith, he could do no wrong in Fifi's eyes where I can do no right in either of theirs." Words were low but to reassure the brothers this seemed to be an ongoing thing.

Ciar nodded then looked at Brad, a brow lifting. "Was it like this the whole time you were with them?" It couldn't have been easy for any of them if that was the case.

She was unaware that Evan had followed her despite saying he would give her time, until he was right next to her. She hadn't made it very far before noticing he was there, and stopped her hasty retreat. "You should join my brothers and Bradley. Liam claims to have found a house. I'm sure they're drinking over it now."

"Yes. Seems the distance hasn't changed anything. I end up with smart remarks right back, moods flare, sparks shoot. Especially after the time I ran into them at the museum." Of course he hadn't realized that was because women were flocking around him, more like gnats to him that he politely got rid of. Politely, due to politics.

Meanwhile Fiona was enjoying her meal with gusto... well, as much gusto as politeness allowed. Every once in awhile shooting glances out the window, wondering where Oisin had gone, but her meal was too delicious to abandon....

Evan blinked at her words of finding a house, but that was for another time. He shrugged slightly. "Sorry, can't do that. See, I've already seen that you're upset and now I won't be able to enjoy my drink for worrying about you." He spoke matter of factly, still trying to get her to smile."You don't have to talk to me. You don't even have to look at me. Pretend I'm invisible." And he began strolling off again, looking ever so nonchalant but then glancing over his shoulder to see if she was coming. Wait... had she said Bradley? That registered a second later, but something else he would ask about at another time.

Now she felt even worse. Should have taken another door. Evan should have been able to go enjoy his good mood and time with the brothers. No lift of her gaze until he started to walk away, she just looked at him with a tilt of her head. Sigh. She wasn't going to talk to him about how she felt. Those sorts of things were saved for her journal more often than not. Maybe she could turn him around to go back to the inn. "Evan, I'll be fine. I'm going back to the manor. Will you tell my brothers and Fiona? Please?"

Well, it wasn't too far from the docks then. He nodded at Liam then looked at Bradley. "Well, I'm sure it's a number of things. She seems a bit nervous about her adopted parents coming here. What are they like?"



Date: 08-10-10
Poster: Bradley Harrington
Post # 62

That stopped Evan in his tracks. He turned back around to look at her, the concern filtering into clear view on his features. He would have relented.. but there was something else. "Actually... there's something I've been wanting to talk to you about, anyway." Was there a faint hint of sheepishness about his features? That and something darker. "Walk with me to the manor, then. Please?" He held out his arm in beckoning.

Yes, he had said before but Liam hadn't been here.

"That can be the pits," although he noticed Fiona had that English air about her of properness. He just avoided any confrontation. "How is Captain Smith and how long will you be staying?" Wondering why he hadn't come with his friend. "If you're still here when we move into the manor, you're welcome to stay there too as well Martha and John if they come." He was assured it was plenty big.

She had a feeling that no matter what, she would be walking at least part of the way back to the manor with Evan whether she wanted to or not. Not that she really minded his company, but at the moment she just wanted away from everything. A soft sigh puffed her cheeks slightly, she nodded and moved to take the offered arm to walk with him.

"Martha and John are two of the nicest people you could meet. They both have a big heart and Martha never had any children of her own so adopting Oisin was a big event in her life, finally someone to pour all her love into aside her husband who was doing the same. It added quite a lot to their lives and I think that is the reason they consider coming here. They know she has a life of her own but to be around, see her now and then, would make a world of a difference to them." He stopped then with a shake of his head, "I will pass on living under the same roof for I wish it not to cave in if I was there. I will find a small cabin or cottage if the Crown will let me. Things got heated in Boston, it was better for Adam to sail in a different direction so we were not connected in any of it. I was told to go into hiding for a while and with John and Martha suggesting I come here, it all seemed to be best." Although he could wonder on that but here he was and probably for a while. "Adam knows I'm heading here." So it was always possible he could show up too.

"If your aunt and uncle stay, they may wish to find a place of their own as well." He pushed back from the table after finishing his tankard and headed back over to have it refilled. "How is your meal, Miss Fifi?" He offered the woman a smile with his question.

Without the questions, or satisfying them, he set to eating his meal before it got cold.

"Aye, I can understand that," more mussed under his breath as he stole a glance Fiona's way as his brother headed over. "They could at least stay there until they found a place of their own if they chose to stay." The offer out there and no need of an answer to it as he too dug into his meal before it got cold.

Evan took her arm with ease. He'd always been comfortable around his best friends' little sister but now things had changed some to make him a bit awkward. "Fawn, I should've told you this sooner but I - well, I'm not sure why I didn't but here goes." He took a deep breath before his tongue could ramble too much. "When we were in Hunt's Landing, Jacob found something in the ruins. Something about your family, and about mine." There was just no easy way of saying this, was there? At least enough time had passed to allow him to say it plainly. "You remember hearing of the Indian raids, before we were all born? My father disappeared along with your mother, and several other people. They were all believed dead and it was a miracle when some returned, remember?" He glanced down to Oisin, knowing she would probably remember those often-told stories of their hometown. "Well... it turns out, during that time my mother and your father... well." He cleared his throat, reluctant to spell it out to little Fawn. But she would catch his drift when he looked down at her and finished solemnly. "Turns out I'm your brother by blood, Fawn. Your half brother."

Fiona glanced up to offer Ciaran a prim smile when he approached. "Quite good, thank you." She pushed away a completely empty plate and folded her hands in her lap. By now she was growing anxious and glanced again over her shoulder towards the window. "Do you think she is alright?"

That's when Liam spoke up as he brought over his empty plate and needed a refill on his ale. "Aye, Evan was out there. I heard them talking so he is probably trying to soothe her." If he knew Evan, he had a soft spot for the ladies, especially certain ones.

Fiona was visibly relieved. "Oh, good." Evan had worked his charms on the governess as well! At least so far as she trusted him. And was glad to hear that he was keeping Oisin safe on her walk, at least.

Fawn walked along quietly with him, looking towards where they were going while listening to what he had to say. The occasional nod as she recalled what he was referring to. "I remember." Tentatively spoken. When he made his point and stated what he was getting at, it took a moment to sink in. The moment passed, she stopped and looked at him as she released his arm. More news. At least this was good news. She smiled softly, almost timid. "Well, you had to get your handsome good looks from somewhere."

It was best he not get too near Fiona so he took up his dishes and brought them directly to the serving window. Once done he headed out the garden door to have a smoke. The tint of  cinnamon would be picked up with the light breeze that carried some of it inside.

He smiled again then looked at Liam when he joined them. Oops! Forgot to bring over his dirty dishes. So he took care of that.

He stopped too, and looked down at her, a bit surprised by her reaction. But relieved too. "You're not upset?" He had been a wreck when he found out... more because of that feeling of betrayal, his mother being unfaithful to the man he would always consider his father. But now, he could understand a bit better why it had all happened. At the very least he had accepted it. His grin flashed out of nowhere in answer to her more timid smile. "Who are you calling handsome? Hope you're not being sarcastic." He tugged on a piece of her hair, a more affectionate gesture and not sharp enough to hurt. "I'm glad you're not upset. And glad I finally told you. Liam has been harping on me about it since we found you."

A curious tilt of her head, she shrugged. "There's nothing to be upset about, really." Well, there was, but why? "I couldn't have chosen a better half brother by hand. Besides, you've been part of our clan as long as you've know the brothers." Which was true. Even if they'd not known he was blood, he'd always been family. As long as she could remember. The timid smile remained. "Of course I'm not being sarcastic. You've seen my brothers." Knowing they were all handsome and charming when they wanted to be.

"The manor, you will be moving in with us too of course." He wanted to make sure Fiona didn't wonder on it all. "Room will be right next to Fawn's." Which once they got to see it all, they could have their pick first. He would not have any ladies complaining under his roof.

"Well, I think I'm going to head back to the manor and get some sleep. I have to be at the docks early in the morning." He was considering finding a job that was more steady then the one he had. And less dangerous.

Fifi looked over at Liam with a blink, genuinely surprised by that offer freely given. And it even softened her enough to bring a genuine smile to her full features. "Of course. Thank you." She dipped her head towards Liam then towards Ciaran when he stood to leave. "Have a lovely evening. And be safe," she added pointedly at his mention of the docks, an area she had avoided like the plague.

"I'll head back with you. Maybe we can pass the place on the way." Might take a little detour. "Can we escort you back, Fiona?" Maybe they would run into Fawn and Evan on the way.

That was touching to hear, that she'd considered him family already. And she was a wiser person than he, to accept it all with such grace. Not much left to say, but he wrapped Fawn up in a bear hug, the sort he had to be careful not to crush ribs with. "I always thought of you as a sister, too."

"Yes, that would be lovely, thank you." She was anxious to make sure that Oisin was alright for herself, even if the girl was physically safe with Evan. She gave her thanks to Alex and stood to gather up all her shopping.

Pulled into the hug, she grunted softly and giggled, holding her box off to the side. Her free arm wrapped around his neck to attempt to return the hug. "That's because I pester you like a sister." She was good at that.

"Let me carry your bags, Fifi." He offered, then called out. "Good night, Bradley."

He offered his arm in escort, bend of elbow and the smile that reached dark eyes. He would take any bag to carry in his other hand and if a few, Ciaran could take some too.

He came in as the others were leaving, "good night. Thanks for the time in showing me around today Ciaran. I will stop by to meet your cousins and the Grandmother." Which he got to hear a lot on. "Liam, Fiona," with an astute bow of his head in proper form before back to the brothers, "please give my good night to Oisin when you see her and hopefully she is no longer upset." Wasn't his fault what was packed in the box and he had no clue she would be sensitive about it. At least he asked after her. He promptly headed for the hall that would lead to the steps taking him upstairs to his room.

There were plenty of bags for everyone to take a few! Fifi did love her shopping. She blessed Ciaran with a smile of thanks, then Liam when he offered his arm. She would take it and turn towards the door... nodding coolly to Bradley along the way.

"And you're real good at it," he agreed with a grin. Planting a smooch to the crown of her head before he let her go. "Now, it's your turn, if you want. What chased you out of the tavern looking so gloomy, earlier?"

"Good night Bradley. Catch you soon." Being he got the drift the man would be staying a while. "We'll convey your good nights to Fawn." Parting words as Brad headed one way and they headed outside. At least the night was warm with a gentle breeze. The bugs not as bad for so many days of unrelenting heat. Killed most of them off.

"I enjoyed it." He had gotten to see a few places he'd nearly forgotten about. "And I know they're looking forward to it." He exchanged a look with Liam over Fifi's head, half smiling. Women!

The grin flashed back until he mentioned her mood earlier, she frowned again thinking about it. "Bradley's here. I thought perhaps something had happened to my parents since his arrival was unannounced. It seems they want to visit, possibly to stay and take up residence." It made her sound like she didn't love her parents. She did! But she wasn't sure she wanted them living so close. "And...I don't know. Fiona and Bradley embarrassed me and I figured it was just easier to leave."

"Ahh." Evan nodded, falling into step to take up an easy strolling pace towards the manor. He didn't know much about Bradley but had come to sense that it was a bit tense between Oisin and him, for whatever reasons. "You want to see them, your parents.." It felt strange to call these strangers her parents, when he had known her real parents so well. "But you're not sure you want them to stay here when you've found a place of your own?" He guessed.

Yeah, there was a lot of tension between herself and Bradley. He was pompous and arrogant. At least, that was how Fawn viewed him. Listening to Evan, she nodded. "I love my parents and I want to see them, but I'm not sure I want them living so close. I mean, part of me thinks it would be nice. But....I don't know. I can imagine my mother wanting me to return to her care and roof to dote on me."

He nodded to that again, thoughtfully. "I bet they just want to see you with their own eyes, make certain that you are truly safe and happy." That was how he would feel, at least, he thought. "Maybe once they see that you're settled here and doing fine, they will be able to return to their own lives as well?" He didn't know these people well enough to say for sure.

She shrugged lightly. "I don't know for sure. I'd be happy to see them though, and I'm sure Fiona would as well. And I don't wish my mother to be unhappy. If being close is what makes her smile, then that's all I want for her."

"I think that is them up ahead," but it meant not swinging by the other place. There was always tomorrow and better to see than at night anyway.

"Well, one day at a time, huh?" He gave her a one-armed hug as they walked. "Invite them to come and visit, let them see you and see where you live... and see how they react to your new life too. And go from there." It seemed to be really the only thing she could do. "I'll be looking forward to meeting them too. I have to thank them for taking such good care of you all those years."

"Looks like it." He let out a shrill whistle to catch their attention then he laughed. Hopefully he didn't wake anyone up.

On Liam's arm, she peered ahead and was relieved to see Oisin there, lifting a hand to wave if and when the girl looked back at them.

He woke up the dogs, or some of them as they started barking. Only gained his brother a chuckle from him.


She returned the one armed hug with a small smile. Didn't fix her issue with Bradley, though. Fiona she expected to fuss over her. That's what Fiona did. That and shop. Bradley though? Meh. Hearing the whistle, she looked back over her shoulder and waved back to them, slowing to a stop.

If fussing and shopping were wrong... Fiona didn't want to be right. When Oisin stopped, Fifi broke off from the brothers to bustle over and smooth Fi's hair. "Are you alright, darling?" Pausing to give Evan a pretty smile. "Good evening, Mister Hunt."

A flirty smile. Ahem.

A laugh burst forth as Fiona went running of first chance. A glance to Ciaran before he was catching up with Evan and Fawn too. "Almost home, well, temporary one." Giving a wink as he fell in step.

"Aye, and I heard you were looking into a more permanent one?" Evan flashed a grin to Liam and Ciar when they caught up, letting Fawn converse with the concerned Fifi. Who was given a slightly awkward grin in return to her smile.  "Whereabouts is the new place? I'd like to see it."

Fawn smirked at the doting and took Fi's hand in her own to keep it from continuing. "I'm fine, Madam, really." Her attention turned to Liam. "And you're the only one I have not received a hug from."

"Between Willow Lake and Clearview. I think the land goes to right to the shore of the lake." Which was a good plot of land this old abandoned manor was on. "We can go check it out tomorrow in the daylight." Which he was up quick to sweep Fawn into a hug. Big brother one with even the package in his hand. "I didn't really get a chance." At least a comfortable one.

"What time are you planning on going?" He'd skip work to see it. Covering a yawn, he kept walking but turned backward so he could see everyone.

Fifi allowed her hand to be taken, studying the girl for a moment before giving a satisfied nod. Oisin did seem to be calmer than earlier, even smiling and teasing her brothers. All good. Though she had a feeling Oisin might want to talk more later on the issue of her parents coming to live here. Fiona herself had mixed feelings about that. While she loved Martha and John, there was this feeling that if they were to come here... she would go back to being just the governess, the servant, bound to their lives once more. Perhaps Oisin felt similar.

Boy, was Fiona going to get an earful when Fawn told her about Evan.

She returned the hug squishingly! And smiled. "I know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to rush out like that." Well..she did, but yeah.

"Well, always better late than never." Smile flashed enhancing his dark handsome looks. "I think I'll let you and Fiona pick out what rooms you want first in this mansion we been given. Still to give the ok on it too." Keeping his arm about her shoulders loosely as they continued walking. He was getting tired.

Seemed everyone was getting tired. Walking along with Liam, she smiled up to him. "I want the one with the most windows." Free hand took Fi's just to keep her close. Lots of sunlight in her room if it could be managed.

He shrugged and turned around, staying slightly ahead of the others. He headed on up into the manor and to bed. Very tired.

The Quinn manor reached as they all got sort of tired, talked out for the night and all headed in to their beds.



Date: 08-11-10
Poster: Bradley Harrington
Post # 63


Brad was pacing the short distance in front of the hearth. Glass of potcheen in hand as he tapped a fingernail against the glass in a way it accented his steps. Such didn't bother most but it would bother some in that repetitive way. He looked his usual proper self, collar up and a vest over the fancy shirt. Tailor pants and the heels of his boots to click against the polished floor.

A new moon made for a dark night, punctuated only by the stars that managed to peek through a heavy cloud cover. It had passed the busiest time of evening at the Tavern, and the place was quiet. Only a few were lingering at tables over coffee or dessert, and Bradley of course. The barmaid kept herself busy nonetheless, sweeping the floor in the areas not being used, which would make her job easier when the time came to close down for the night. She herself was quiet this night and seemed preoccupied with thoughts which were kept to herself. Dark hair was pinned partway back, the rest tumbling in waves past the shoulders of her dark blue gown.

He felt like a caged animal even if there were no bars to surround him. Nothing to hold him back from going anywhere in the world, except obligation. Obligation to John and Martha. There was also the incident in Boston, so he could not go near that city. Penns woods might be a consideration and join the revolutionaries there. So his mind was speeding over such thoughts but all in good time. That was what had him pacing, the invisible cage was made of time constraints. He forced himself to stop, turn, and watch the waitress at her chores.

Several days of debating, and Finally he decided to give it a try. The young man entered the Tavern. His attire was simple, a dark black mandarin robe over the robe was a broad pointed shouldered cape with gold dragons on both shoulders, and two more on the cape itself. His head was shaved except for the back that was grow into a tight braid, with a rounded headdress matching the color of the cape. He looked about trembling before he pressed on to the bar front.

Maggie did not notice that Bradley's steady pacing had stopped, not until she glanced up at the sound of the door. A smile of welcome surfaced to her lips as she paused in her sweeping. "Good eve, and welcome to the Thistle. All drinks and food are free, courtesy of the Royal Family. And I believe there are some leftover corned beef and cabbage, and Colcannon if you're hungry." Her demeanor pleasant, and when the stranger arrived at the bar he'd be greeted  by Alex as well, the elder bar tender and owner of this place. Blue eyes moved idly to Bradley, caught him watching her, and regarded him curiously.

"Pip pip, jolly good eve to you Sir." Following suit in how Maggie reacted to strangers wandering in. When in Rome and all that balderdash. He was over to get his glass refilled and took the bottle offered so he could replenish it at will. He was back over to the hearth taking a seat on the couch. Maybe he would sit for more than five minutes. Maybe not.

"Thank you for your hospitable, offer, and warm welcome, It is well appreciated, and My companion whose still outside, and I are grateful...grateful to you both for a warm welcome. I am curious though. I probably can't stay long, but I am in need, but can't find the friends the family knew before, do you by chance know if the kingdom of Telarus still exists? If not do some of former residents reside here?"

Maggie glanced again over to Bradley, this time wondering if he had any better information than she. The waitress had to shake her dark head at the stranger apologetically. "I'm sorry to say I do not recognize the word, nor do I know if any of those lands reside here. But perhaps if you told me the names of some of your friends?... Most who live here come by this tavern and meet me at some point." A smile tipping.

He had no clue at all being recently arrived and not all that knowing of the lands, he could offer one bit, "if you are hungry, the cook here is excellent," indicating a menu left on each of the tables.

Bradley looked like he could use some distraction this evening... aye, and so could she for that matter. Maggie collected the plates from the last few people sitting together at a table, dropping them off at the kitchen window then crossing back over to the hearth. There she would take up a seat in an armchair opposite where Bradley sat. Stretching out her legs and then her arms with a soft sigh. "Ahh, I forgot I haven't sat for hours," she offered Brad a soft smile. "I never did ask where in England you hail from. If I may." There were times she almost missed England... parts of it. Certainly she had done a lot of growing up there, for better and for worse.

"I only know of the royals a Julia, and Alec, and someone named Marie.., But that is all... I was hoping I'd find some here, I could use help, from friends of the family."

"I'm afraid I can't help you on this Telarus and these members but if there is something I can help you with?" He'd put that out as he could feel that bit of desperation in the man's tone of voice. It sounded like the ones were long gone and his search for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Then to answer Maggie. "I was born in Nottingham but my parents moved to Canterbury when I was young." It was also where he hooked up with Adam Smith.

It was late and Ciar wouldn't be staying long but he had decided to make a stop at the Thistle for a drink. All in all, it had been a satisfying, if somewhat busy day. One he was glad was over. As he entered the tavern, he took note of Brad and Maggie, and a stranger. A lift of his hand was given since the stranger was talking before he headed for the bar.

"I'm grateful for your Offer sir, but I am afraid even though I wish I couldn't, I must decline, I couldn't ask you to leave your home land to help another, as much as we need help, most people become disoriented or homesick, but mostly uncomfortable in the surroundings were we dwell."

Maggie gave the stranger a sympathetic glance, a slight shake of her head. "I'm sorry we cannot be of more help..." Then attention went to the door and a familiar face. "Fair eve Ciaran," she called out before turning back to Bradley. Pausing to allow him to speak with the unknown man for a moment.

He had already left his homeland and his second homeland that was gradually becoming his lands or so in his mind. "I see," not that he really 'saw' in the true sense of the word but by the man's tone, it sounded like a undertaking of a dire kind, one that unless knowing of it, involved already, would be a cultural shock.

"I have visited neither place, though I always wanted to see the great cathedral at Canterbury... it is said to be so breathtaking, it might make anyone believe in a higher power." She offered a dreamy smile at that.

"Jolly good eve Ciaran," one that was becoming his friend in a land two were not. Well, they weren't in the colonies either. At least he had not run into either of the ladies today. "If we are ever both in England, I will be honored to show it to you, Maggie."

"Hmmm, I am still grateful thought, if you do see someone from Telarus or someone... There's a place known as the hidden city, that is desperate for aid, the situation has grown beyond critical, and it has resulted to seeking outside help. I am afraid it has become a last attempt to try, and save it what Past regent worked Hard to build.

"Evening, Maggie, Brad." He smiled cordially then turned to Alex to greet him and request a glass of the pure tonight. After receiving the drink, he headed over to join the others. "May I?"

Which elicited a slight laugh. "I doubt I will ever return there, but I thank you for the offer nonetheless." It wasn't as if she would simply waltz in and pay a visit to her former employers. Though part of her would LOVE to see the look upon the Lord and Lady's faces if she did so... she was stirred from that thought when Ciaran came over, and she nodded. They were seated on chairs around the comfortable hearth seating area. "Of course." Then she looked back over to the stranger, brows creasing in concern for all those people. "I am not sure what help I can offer, but I do have some old clothes perhaps you could take for your people, and I'm certain we could pack some food off for you as well...."

He was listening to the man, "Hidden City you say, what is your name by the by?" Realizing there had been no introductions, or he had missed it? "I'm Bradley Harrington, recently arrived from England." Then in response to Maggie, "I might have to whisk you off for a rendezvous to England to see the cathedral then whisk you back again."

"I've been renamed, but it so long, but my Birth name is Norbu Borderlain II.. From the heart of the Hidden city."

He settled into a chair and looked at the man a moment. "Ciarán Quinn."

"It would have to be a very fast whisking, for us not to be missed here," she told Bradley with a brief smile. Though the idea was tempting, certainly to one with an imagination like hers. "And I'm Maggie Callahan," she added her own name to the introductions.

"Well in the meet Norbu, if any from this Telarus lands come around I will mention your name and place and if they know you. If not, I still wish you the best in dealing with this dire situation you have mentioned."


"Oh now, they wouldn't know me, they would know my Cousin though, Lord Jaul Min Tian, it was he who suggested them."

Orlaith stalled on the porch steps as there were quite a few inside, as seen through the tavern windows. She had been practicing late and as usual, playing with fire. So there was a quick fixing of hair, getting it out of her face and off her neck, and smoothing over of the lightweight attire. More like a riding outfit as it suited for the kind of practicing she did. Once done she was on her way in, smirky smile that spoke of mischief and complimented the spark in unusual blue eyes. "Good evening," long time since she'd been here but she felt like a nice change of pace and Hazel made the best pies. Which took her straight to the bar to order up some of blueberry crumble and one of Alex's punches.

He took a drink of the potcheen, a slight frown appearing but anything he may have said was stalled as a woman entered. "Evening." He greeted as she made her way to the bar.

"Aye, and my offer still stands," she told the stranger with a brief warm smile. Then eyes moved to the door when an unfamiliar woman stepped in. "Fair eve..." Her usual speech stalled out when the woman went straight over to the bar and seemed to know Alex well.

"Jaul Min Tian," repeating the name as it was not common to remember. Distracted to the redhead coming in as he gave an upnod, "good evening to you too." Then back to Maggie, "I may have to whisk you away on the dreamscape to have you there and back again without incident," this with a grin her way as he lifted his glass in salute.

He looked at Bradley and grinned as if to remind him about his comment about the women of the land then he leaned back, stretching out his legs. Felt good to relax.

She had been here a while, probably longer than any in this room but then she had been a recluse to the practice fields and exploring. Diving into other personal interests that  dealt with herbs, ancient worlds, other callings. Thanking Alex for the punch as she was around into a lean, "you must be Maggie." Being almost everyone knew Alex hired on a woman named Maggie. "I'm Orlaith, I work for Andrew MacNeil." That might place her.

"Thank you again for your hospitality, but it's time I return back home, It was great meeting you."

"Good night and fair winds wherever they take you." Most likely back to his Hidden City.

"Good luck with everything," she would then bid the man farewell before looking back to Bradley. A smile curving her lips as she nodded her own head in salute, lacking a glass. "Here's to dreaming." Then turning to the redhead when she was named, giving a surprised smile. "Aye, that's me. And yes... I have heard your name as well." She would not mention exactly how. "A pleasure to meet you Orlaith."

"Aye to that..." He slipped from the Bar and was off from the new place, back to another:

"Good night, sir." He stood as the woman introduced herself. "Ciarán Quinn. A pleasure, Orlaith." And then he sat again.

"My pleasure. We redheads need to stick together with all this about fire of our hair and spirit," which was probably right on the mark, at least with her but she'd not give the males an inch.

Maggie was even more of a redhead these days thanks to the summer sun that bleached her otherwise dark locks, especially the ones at the crown of her head. She laughed softly. "Aye, indeed."

He too rose to his feet, even if she was addressing Maggie. "A pleasure to meet you Orlaith, I am Brad. So it is true about redheads. I don't think I could handle one let alone two. Although I may whisk one away on a midnight fantasy run."

"Nice to meet you Ciaran Quinn," which she gave him one of her bold once overs with that quirky smile, leaving the one to wonder what her thoughts were exactly. Perhaps she stalled just a smidgen here and there too before a smile flashed Brad's way, another good looker. One could become immune to them here in these lands. "You as well Brad." Lifting her glass to all three before taking her first drink of the potent punch.

Was Bradley talking about her with that midnight fantasy comment? A comment that bordered on the scandalous juuuust enough to have her eyeing him in that amused way. A curve of her lips the only answer for now as she rose briefly to fetch herself a drink from the bar as well, a nice cold cider that she was soon bringing back over to the others. "Are you often busy working then, Orlaith?" She was curious since she had never seen the woman about here before.

Who else! Of course it was all connected with the outrageous idea of whisking her away to England. Being it was pretty much stated it would be impossible physically, he was left with the other option. If that was too much, they could realistically pour over a picture book of the cathedral in the Library!

"Always, need to keep on my toes so that my fellow males can't best me." She had a feeling Maggie might understand that kind of competitive nature. "What other time I have, I delve in any of my other interests." There was no ring on her finger so no male had managed to win her heart. "I decided it was about time I came back here." As the slice of pie was being delivered. "The lands had a way of calling to me back a few years and I've been here since." Way said, she was quite pleased with that.

That made Maggie laugh lightly. "Of course," giving Orlaith a conspiratorial smile. She could well understand that feeling, though Maggie sparred with her tongue rather than a sword.  Using her tongue to speak.... that is!

He liked sparring tongues, if only he knew!

Ciar covered a yawn and stood, stretching as he did. He was falling asleep, in spite of the lovely and lively company. "I fear it's time for me to find my way back to the manor. Good night Maggie, Brad. It was a pleasure to meet you Orlaith."

There was always a bowl of peanuts on the bar, in shells, so she picked up one and tossed it at Ciaran, well almost. Being he came alive it was palmed and she sat to dig into her pie so she could be on her way soon.

"I'll take the walk with you," might do him good besides wanting to talk with Ciar on a few things. Like, if he was to stay he needed something to occupy his time and be productive. "I will see you in the morning, Maggie, if not sooner," giving her that kind of wink as per their conversation. Never knew, he might appear in her dreams and whisk her off.

He likely wouldn't have noticed! He waited for Bradley then headed on out.

"Good night Ciaran, and Bradley," she smiled at them both, then gave Bradley a teasing glance to his comment. He wishes!

Maggie got that certain kind of smirk back and something wicked in darkening blue eyes. So swift she could miss it as he grabbed up the bottle of potcheen and headed out with Ciaran. Maybe they could get into a card game down at the docks he spoke on before.

"Good night to you both," giving a wave as she had finished her pie. "I'll have to come by here again. Perhaps you'll get to meet Darragh and Aaric." Unless she had already me them but the two practiced as much as she and had other parallel interests.

"I have met neither, so I shall look forward to it." She rose when Orlaith made to exit. "Have a pleasant night, and safe journey wherever you're headed." Her sweeping would be finished then, once the tavern was empty.

"Out to the fields in the darkest part of the forest to experiment," and so she was out the door with that last to leave Maggie.



Date: 08-12-10
Poster: Ruarc MacKay
Post # 64

Return of the MacKay Chieftan

Ruarc had been away to Ireland on a mission that took him a long time in getting back. There were reasons and he had to go undercover. Eimear was still missing and still he couldn't find anything out to her whereabouts. One bit was good news, there was no hint that she had been killed or succumbed to some malady. He could not remain any longer or he'd be found out and the Fir Bholg would have a feather in their cap if they could kill the present chieftain. One of his brothers would return in his stead and perhaps there was something Trevet had learned while in the Hollow Hills that could help them. An evening prior he ported and went straight away to their manor but tonight the walls were too confining and he decided on visiting the tavern. A place he spent many a night when he first arrived in the lands. He was at the bar enjoying a steak and kidney pie, chicken cutlets and fried potatoes. In spite of everything, it didn't affect his appetite. Conversation with Alex was in spurts as he ate for it had been too long a time gone.

Yviene had spent quite some time traveling and only now returned to Heathfield. Not that she'd ever been a resident, but she'd been there a few times on visit from the Empire and now came for an extended stay. Hariyar was left standing near the porch of the tavern to rest from the long journey and soon after ensuring his comfort by loosening his tack, the Fae Edhel pushed the door open and stepped in quietly. Normally when she visited the tavern seemed busy with several bodies. Tonight it was quiet with but two. A nod given to Alex when pearl like eyes found him, silent steps carried her to the bar with a soft smile. "Elven wine, please." Trio octaves spoke in their normal soft volume, she looked to the man seated there with a nod. "Good eve."

Ruarc had not met the newest waitress and it seemed Rosie was the waitress of the evening. Not that he would know different. Ruarc was aware of another's presence once she stepped in through the door and so paused in his consumption of his evening meal. Turning on the stool enough to face the one that greeted to find not the usual face. Although he had seen many Fae, this was not a race he had seen before. It had him curious but manners held him back from asking. Presently. "Good evening. Have you eaten yet? If not the food is excellent if you are hungry. I am Ruarc MacKay recently return to these lands." Just in case she was someone that had been around and just he was not aware of it.

There was a pull, a draw, to the Thistle tonight, one strong enough that Adara did not resist. She had ridden from the manor and dismounted outside the tavern, taking note of the other horse there. "Behave now, Tika," whispered to the mare before she was moving up the steps in a swish of silk and petticoats. As she stepped inside the open door, blue eyes moved immediately to the man at the bar and she smiled. Bare feet were silent as she moved there to wait for his notice and she smiled at the Fae lass.

Moon blessed features were snow white and framed with a fall of silver hair decorated with beads of various designs. "The food here is quite excellent." Digits totaling four reached for the glass of wine with a nod of thanks to Alex and turned back to Ruarc. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. MacKay. I am Yviene Sadara." Pupil-lacking eyes turned to the woman who entered with a nod to her as well in greeting.

He caught sight of Adara soon as she stepped inside. Had hoped she would be one of the ones to show tonight. "A pleasure to meet you Yviene, I welcome the company too. This is Adara," the very large man rose as he spoke, taking Adara up into a big bear hug or so would be in essence for his size. One, two, trice, around as he stepped away from bar and Yviene so he didn't swing Adara into them, landing her on her feet a moment or three later. "Have you missed me as I've missed you and me crew of siblings too?"

Her laugh was light and full of joy as he swung her, arms around his neck until he finally placed her on her feet. Well, she wasn't quite ready to release him yet! "I've missed you more than I can say, and so has the entire family." She gave him an impish smile, touched with heat. "Including Hazel."

"Maybe why my meal was extra good tonight," Hazel had heaped his plate once she realized who it was for. He would be invading her kitchen later with no ands ifs or buts about it later. Hard to go up against the Chieftain especially one as big and dominant as Ruarc the Lion. Except a lion's cub at heart for certain ladies. Adara was one such. "Have you eaten yet?" Disengaging from the hug as he spoke.

"More than likely. Have you news?" She nodded, as she stayed against his side. "Aye, I did." Not much, but she never did when he was away. Of course, she didn't tell him that. "Just need to drink in the sight of you for now."  It had been so very long.

He shook his head gravely at that point, not saying too much, "only that no news is sometimes good news." Which he hoped she understood. He would talk more on it later. "Trevet needs to be put into a trance to bring out what he learned in the Hollow hills. Mikhail may go next and probably get further than I could for my presence is easier discovered than his would be."

After a few months of travel, mayhem, and enough monsters to last her a lifetime... Finna's wanderings brought her back to Heathfield. She was relieved to see familiar streets and friendly faces, and the prospect of a hot meal and a real bed tonight made her walk faster. Just as well that she had made it as far as Heathfield today, for she had run completely out of coin, and the hour wasn't right to sing for money on the street. That lumpy leather pack was on her back as she stepped through the door and let the warmth and nice smells wash over her. A gown of leaf green was punctuated by a darker green belt at her hips, arms bare beneath her well-worn brown cloak. A few hasty braids held some of the downy blonde hair out of her eyes as she glanced around with the beginnings of a smile.

Adara was speaking to Alex on a drink as the newcomer made her way in. Yviene was also quiet but perhaps she had a long day. "Good evening," straightening to his full height. Not that he was immensely tall but just imposing as that air about him. "I am Ruarc MacKay, Adara Giles and Yviene Sadara. Come have a drink and something to eat with us."

"I'm Finna Campbell," her voice had that lilt of the Isles similar to Ruarc's own, "and I appreciate the warm welcome." Her smile was bright as she closed the screen door behind her and stepped further inside. Moving over to whatever table they occupied, she shared that smile with each of them. At first glance she seemed quite young, a woman grown yes, but there was that sense of dreaminess about her pale blue eyes too. After a moment the girl Rosie came over to get her order; she'd barely glanced at the menu but gave it readily. "I'll have a cold cider please, and a big bowl of Irish stew and bread on the side. Oh, and could I have some extra butter for the bread please? Thank you." The harp bag was set at her feet carefully.

Yviene must have been more tired than she thought. Pearl like eyes turned down into her glass, then to the current company with a flit of short tapered ears, picking up on the introductions in delayed reaction.

"A pleasure to meet you, Finna and Yviene." She was quite happy and so as soon as she received her drink, she moved to Ruarc's side again. A month could seem like a year, a year could feel like forever.

"Indeed a pleasure, Finna. Does that bag contain what I think it does? Musical instrument?" Not to be taken wrong like she was carting around a dead body or the like. Yviene got a smile as she seemed to come from wherever her thoughts had taken her. Dipping glance given Adara as she came near again. More said in silent eye contact than words could express. "Have yea all traveled far this night? Or in life for that matter?" He felt like he had.

"No, it is my pet goat, she is asleep right now." She blinked at them innocently before quickly cracking into another smile. "Aye, that's my harp, her name is Clairah." Certainly Finna seemed a quirky thing, but then many Bards were, many artists for that matter. "I have traveled far and farther still. I think I've more dust in my throat than there remains on the roads - ahh, thank ye," that said to Rosie when her cider arrived, and she took a long quenching sip.

The Fae Edhel was content to sit and observe quietly with her drink, but turned attention to Ruarc. "My words could easily mimic the lovely bard's sentiment."

"Now if you had said sheep then for sure I'd know you'd be a Scots." Which had the deep rumble of his laugh. "Now a harp with a name is a special friend indeed. "I know how that feels, the deserts would be jealous."

"But I am a Scotswoman," she replied with a lift of her feathery blonde brows. "And don't ye think I'm sick of sheep, being such?" Laughter in her eyes as she set down her glass and looked at Ruarc. "Whereabouts on the Old Isle are ye from?"

"Aye, I was wondering on such, lost many a night o' sleep over it." Which had the grin right back at her. "Northern Tier of Eire that was once part of Scotland." He went by the old times than newer times as there was that rift, "Dal Riata," if she knew of it, back in the times of old and Scotland and Eire were not so separated. He noticed that Adara was getting tired, "Shall I see you home Adara?" As they had not a chance to talk since his return.

"Aye, I'm far more weary than I realized."  Sleep didn't often come easy for the Rom for her worry over Ruarc.  "Good night to you both."  She smiled pleasantly at both women.

"I bid you both a good night, a pleasure meeting you and I can hope our paths cross again. Perhaps Clairah will sing for us next time..."

"If you ask nicely, I'm sure she will." A smile offered to Ruarc and Adara both before digging into her meal.

With his farewells he headed out the door, one arm wrapped around Adara's shoulders as he commented back, "I always ask a lady nicely.." grin in place before out the door.



Date: 08-13-10
Poster: Brogan Frasier
Post # 65


She certainly hadn't meant to bring up ill memories. Ears fluttered and pinned downward just a bit as she cut into the bird. "My lands no longer exist." If she felt something for that, it neither surface in her voices nor her expression.

She didn't have to look or sound sad for Thane to understand how that must make her feel. At least, he knew how he would feel if Kildare were suddenly to... vanish. Or be destroyed. Horrible thought. That frown was back as he murmured simply, "I'm sorry."

There wasn't much could be said to something like that, and she wouldn't permit things to dwell in such a matter. a bite taken, she cut into meal once more and smirked. "You're shorter than the Knights I am familiar with." Simply something to change the topic and maybe lighten the air some.

Thane blinked and looked at her in genuine surprise. He stood rather tall at six feet three inches.... at least, tall for a human. Now he was at a loss for a reply, so he merely looked back down to his plate and cut off some more fowl before digging in.

She hadn't meant anything serious by it. Decided to just leave the comment alone though and go on about eating. Despite her positions in the past, she was horrible with casual conversation.

That made two of them then. Munch, munch.

Perhaps it was good that Brogan stepped into the tavern at this point. He was still attired suited up but the surcoat was gone leaving a vest of a red satin material, black back over a white ruffled shirt. He looked the part of Gentleman, that noble way he stood. Black tailored pants and dress boots beneath. "Good evening," greeting both of whom he had not met but as the saying went, a friend was only a stranger away. The moment pause in greeting both before he continued to the bar and a bit o' the pure for him tonight would be set out.

Both Yviene and Thane were seated at the bar having evening meals. Hearing the door open, tapered ears flitted, she glanced over her shoulder with a nod to the man who entered. "Good evening." Quiet choir of voices greeted before taking a small bite of the fowl she'd ordered.

The Knight also glanced over his shoulder, nodding his greeting to the noble looking chap who walked through the door. "Good evening." My they were just like a flock of ravens with these echoes, weren't they.

He was down a few stools from them as he took up a lean turning towards the two. "I am Brogan Frasier, proprietor of the Casino in the commons. I don't believe I have met either of you." As he could be wrong for he met so many in the course of one night in the casino when it was busy.

She turned her attention to Brogan with a subtle nod. "Yviene Sadara. A pleasure to meet you." Spoken between bites of her meal.

"Indeed it is my pleasure meeting you Yviene. As unique a name as you are lovely." Unique looking too but certainly lovely. He didn't get too flattering as certainly the light compliment was fine in social circles even if the one with her was her man.

"Sir Thane Roberts of Kildare." He introduced himself as he had done with Yviene, nodding towards the other gentleman, but he was in the middle of eating as well.

"Thank you." To Brogan in regards to the compliment with a small, rather shy smile. "Sir Roberts was telling me of the lands." Sort of.

"Well met, Sir Thane. I know Leoric and Gaidan well from over the course of many years. The lands of Kildare have come a long way since the two reclaimed their heritage. I hope that it continues for all involved." Then back to Yviene, "of which lands. Those of Kildare or those of here?" Being Thane was here and yet he was from Kildare. The look between was inclusive of either responding.

That piqued his curiosity. "How do you know King Leoric and Lord Gaidan?" Not that he doubted the man's word, but he was indeed curious. A glance slid to Yviene, "Both, though I fear I offered scant details for either." There was the faintest quirk of a smile on his lips, as he acknowledged his own downfalls. He was not the best conversationalist in the world.

"Both." Offered quietly as she finished what she could eat of the meal with a glance to Thane. The plate was pushed away and exchanged for a grasp of her glass to sip from. "You are from these lands?"

"They are twin sons born of the Queen here. I've been here many years and counting and they use to live here." The answer simple and straightforward. It was possible Sir Thane was unaware of the Twins' mother. "Aye, from here for many years with a short trip to France for about a year a few years back. I know these lands over knowing those of Kildare."

It rather surprised Thane that Leoric and Gaidan might have frequented Brogan's casino back in the day... but it amused him too. As did Brogan's explanation, but he didn't point out that he knew the twins well himself, not just yet. Instead going back to his meal while the other two spoke.

David made his way to the Thistle after finishing up a meal at Sibio's. He was dressed casually for once, in a short sleeved shirt of deep blue linen worn tucked into black cotton pants. Highly polished riding boots were also worn. His hair was pulled back with a strip of rawhide. The meal had been with a client and afterward, he had stopped at the office to change. It was still too hot for him to stay dressed in a suit. Whistling, he made his way up the steps and inside.

He may not have had the Casino running at the time when they lived here. He would also suspect the knight knew his king well or should. Leaving them to finish their meal as he really didn't like interrupting them either. Although it looked like they were nearly done. Distracted as one came in and such a grin to follow. "David, come meet Sir Thane of Kildare and Yviene of .. well I'm not sure yet."

"Evening, Brogan." He was over to greet his brother with a clap to his shoulder. "Well met, Sir Thane, Yviene. As he said, I'm David."

Yviene blinked out of her momentary daze with a slow blink and looked to the man who'd just entered, offering a nod. "Good eve, sir." Then looked to Brogan. "The Empire of Tides." Announcing where she was from.

Whereas the two cousins were well dressed, Adrian looked like he just got out of a brawl. He had and to cool off he needed time away from the port. Tunic had a tear in it, a cut along his one jaw but if anyone asked, he would say .. you should see the other guy. It was true, man could barely see out of one eye after the fight and last he would be fighting in these lands as his captain found out and took him in hand. Such could cost them their trade here but the West Harbor Port Master was fair. He didn't expect to see so many here as he stalled at the threshold and did a quick tying back of his longer dark hair. That should be some improvement. "Good eve tae yea all." Giving a cordial nod as he headed for the bar and some potcheen would be greatly appreciated that Alex was setting out for him.

Thane could only assume that Brogan had met the then-princes at his Casino. But then again he didn't ask any further. His meal was nearly done as he scooped up some rice onto his fork. Pausing to glance up and to the door, nodding first to David and then to Adrian in greeting. "Sir Thane Roberts."

David was met with the same kind of clasp to his shoulder. "Lady Yviene from the Empire of Tides. Lands I do not know of. I'd be interested in hearing about them sometime," as he wasn't going to impose on her at the moment if she wished not. "Good evening Adrian, rough night," which was more a statement than question.

Turned on her seat so she could see them all, she nodded to the newest entrant. "Good evening." Quad digits waved in greeting to the two recent entrants while sipping her drink.

Collecting his drink as he turned into a lean while raising his glass in salute, "here's to you Sir Thane and to my cousins as well the lady. Slainte," kicking his drink back pronto before he was filling it up again. Brogan got one of those side tipped smirks as he hit the nail on the head. Nothing needed to be said. His cousin knew how rough the port area could get.

"Evening, Adrian." He smiled as he looked Adrian over. Rough night indeed though he was sure Adrian had done just fine. An ale was requested from Alex as he finally decided on a drink.

"Slainte?" A term she'd never heard before. Tapered ears picked up a bit, she looked to Adrian curiously.

Which he had a warm smile her way, "it means, good friends, good health and good luck." Lifting his glass again with the repeated, "slainte, an Irish blessing." Even if he was Scottish!

"An enchanting blessing." A small smile was offered for the enlightenment to what the word meant.

A faint smile quirked his lips as Adrian spoke of the Irish blessing. His meal finished, he pushed his plate away and then went back to his ale, sipping away gradually. Now that the pressure was off him to make conversation alone...

"A h-uile la sona dhuibh's gun la idir dona dhuibh! May all your days be happy ones!" He translated the toast before taking a long drink of the ale.

She was quiet intrigued by whatever it was the cousins were speaking. An interesting and quite lovely language.

He mostly knew cussing in Gaelic so he kept his mouth shut being there was a lady present. But he could add to the toasts and a way of getting in more of the potcheen, "Here's to being single, drinking doubles and seeing triples." Which was followed by another drink.

David and Adrian were in fine spirits as he chuckled between them both then added. "Drink, said the Irish preacher, is the greatest curse of the country. It makes you quarrel with your neighbors. It makes you shoot at your landlord and it makes you miss him."

Yviene listened in quiet amusement while sipping her drink. Quite the toasts they had.

Thane might have chuckled at that but it was very subtle, behind his tankard of ale. Studying the three men, they seemed more than just friends, there was a family resemblance there too. "Are you all related then?" He interposed in his deep quiet tones.

With each toast, a drink followed. "Aye, we are. Brogan and I are brothers and Adrian is our cousin, as are the rest of the Frasiers in these lands."

"There are quite a few of us, makes the holidays even bigger.."

So he added a limerick, "a dieting girleen named Flynn, reduced until she was thin. She's no more, I'm afraid, for she sipped lemonade and slipped through the straw and fell in." Which he knocked back another shot of the potcheen. This was getting much finer.

"Ah." Thane nodded to that, then fell silent for the limerick. These lads were in a fine mood tonight it seemed, and he'd just be the witness with his tamer drink of ale.

He blinked and looked at Adrian and laughed. He had chosen ale as well tonight and it looked like it was a perfect choice.

Which he countered with another limerick, "a ghost in the town of Macroom, one night found a ghoul in his room. They argued all night as to who has the right to frightened the wits out of whom."  Which he kicked back another shot and refilled his glass.

"Aye, but thir was a young girl o' Tralee, whose knowledge of French was oui, oui. Still gloriously praised, nightly glasses are raised to honor her memory in Paree.." which he then chuckled, "slainte," and another dram was consumed.

Thane slid a glance over to Yviene at this point, arching a dark brow subtly. He wondered what she thought of all this. Welcome to Heathfield...!

"Slainte," which made all the jokes, limericks and toasts a chore compared to that one. Another dram was kicked back.

She was entertained!

"Slàinte gu soírraidh!" He held up the tankard and downed what was left of the ale. Enough drink for him tonight. He had a full day tomorrow.

"Well, time for me to head back to the port and share a few with Adam Callihan," as he had gotten involved in this ruckus too being it was borderline. Taking the bottle up, and a clasp to each of his cousins' shoulders, "guid night to yea all, a pleasure in the meet Yviene and Thane." Then headed back out into the night.

"Good night, Adrian. Always good to see you." He didn't see enough of any of his cousins. Then again, he and Brogan were both so busy, he rarely saw him.

A nod given to Adrian. "A pleasure to meet you as well."

"Good night Adrian, take a night off and come to the Casino an evening." Which was also a way of getting together whether they gambled or not. Returning the clasp before his cousin was out the door.

Thane finished off his ale and rose from his own stool. "I will be saying goodnight as well." He reached down beneath the bar to retrieve his sword belt, buckling it around his waist. The distinct empowered sword gleamed in its hilt, but he didn't say a word about it. "It was a pleasure to meet you all." A deep formal bow of his head.

"As it was to meet you, Sir Thane. Good night." He inclined his head.

A small wave given to Thane. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Sir Roberts. Thank you for the company."

Another slight nod and he was heading out the door.

"Are you staying a while, Yviene?" As he finished off the last of his drink. At least for tonight.

Unfortunately, it seemed to be that time of night. He straightened and waited for Yviene's answer before giving his good nights.

A nod given to Brogan. "That I am. Are you?" Her own drink finished off, she turned to set the empty glass on the bar.

Which had him chuckle, "aye, got into this habit you see." Giving her a wink. "Then I shall have the pleasure of running into you again and plying you with questions of this Empire you come from." Lucky her it was not tonight. "Care to come for a few hands at the Casino, David?" Which would be for the fun of it more than gambling.

A nod given him. "Then I bid you good night." Spoken to both.

"Aye, I think I can manage a few." He grinned, then turned to Yviene. "It was a pleasure to meet you. Rest well."

"And to you." A nod, she slid from her stool and picked up her cloak.

"Fair night and sleep sweet," which were his parting words as he headed out into the night with David, they might even go down to the port and see what happened first.



Date: 08-14-10
Poster: Matoskah McDonough
Post # 66


Mat was going over in his head the scene he got to witness in the Commons. There was a lot of emotional pull this way and that between the two and to him, he didn't feel they had resolved anything at all. Up the stairs in silent steps for the moccasins worn, he continued right into the tavern distracted with his thoughts. That was until he realized he had arrived at the bar and the expectant look upon Alex's face. "Potcheen. Bottle." Direct and to the point, even he could use a few stiff drinks after the episode. Alex set out the glass, poured it and left the bottle. Mat was attired in his usual way for a warm evening. No shirt, only the crisscrossing of leather straps that held the quiver of arrows and bow. A flat leather pouch that now held the two scarves he was to deliver to Kuwan and Kali.

Summer was still on the throne even if it showed a few bare patches and traces of the oncoming fall. There was a good deal of time to consider how slowly it would begin as she picked her way along the path. Neither important enough to worry over those who passed on the trail, nor as foolish to not look behind her. The skirts she wore were slit for riding but she was missing a horse and though she looked peaceful enough was regretting the circumstances that left her without. She had a few choice words that she'd use if she caught up with that addle headed trader again. The Tavern promised a place to rest her feet at least and moving up to the door she glanced in half expecting to find it filled with great barrel chested men and busty women celebrating the spirits they consumed.

He had a bronze chest if that counted, especially after the long summer months of relentless heat, and sun. Those here didn't pay him too much mind as his twin brother and friend dressed the same. That sensation that someone was behind him or approaching tracked up the back of his neck, having him turn so that he was in a lean against the bar and facing anyone that came through the door. There was someone there as he got a glimpse of a face or it was some ghostly banshee he heard about.

The door shut with enough sound to make her step away as if in guilt. When he turned she gave a nod and quick smile to the half naked man and the bar tender both. She had never considered herself a modest person but the heat in her cheeks made it hard to pass. "Evening." She said with a little more than was necessary and moved shedding the pack to rest on a table while she caught a spot by the bar. "Watered wine.." She requested.


When Bradley got upset, he ate. The food offered by vendors was not the kind to state a real appetite. He decided to chance the tavern as seeing a woman ahead of him had him to pause until he realized it was not the other. A breath released as he continued up the steps. Tilting a look to the side through the front windows assured him the coast was clear. Continuing in to the bar as he would see to a meal. The menus here and there about the room for anyone hungry to peruse. "Evening," to both, half realizing the native man was the one in the commons as presently his stomach needed some taming per the growl that followed. Cream of potato soup and roast venison it would be which was related to Alex who would relate it to Hazel and most likely Maggie would be serving it.

The Fae Edhel had spent most of the afternoon in her room and was now emerging. Dressed in a royal shade of blue, the dress flowed with a very simple elegance. Silver hair worn in a braid, decorated with beads draped loosely about her face. Each step silent as the pale elf descended the steps to join what seemed a gathering in the common room of the tavern.

"Good evening." As Alex would see to the woman's watered wine and he would move down a bit giving them both room. Especially since another joined them. The food sounded good and he requested the same of Alex being he was taking the order. "I am Matoskah." Short and to the point introduction.

The quiet place was filling as though a tap had been left on. Looking first to the door then as her wine was served, next up to the stairs. Amusement filled her face and she would hide the smile behind the glass. Thoughts and amusements were best kept to one's self until you know what company you were in. The introduction caught her a bit and she looked his way finding it rather difficult to not look down when he spoke. What she wanted to say was, aren't you cold? But she stuck with a far more noble line. "Well met Matoskah, I am Hannah."

Reaching the main floor, she approached the end of the bar with a glance of white eyes towards the others. None of which she recognized. Tapered ears flitted and attention turned to Alex. "Elven wine please." The trio of voices spoken quietly, keeping from interrupting the others as introductions seemed to begin.

At least he was dressed. Poets shirt of a light blue, black pants and boots. Slight smirk too when he noticed the woman looking down when addressed by Matoskah. Interesting name too. Different was the lass coming down from upstairs, of a race he'd not seen before but not overly surprise that he would stare. "I am Bradley, nice to meet you Matoskah," imitating how he pronounced it then the lass with a slight dip of his head, "Hannah," nice strong Celt name. It was the voice of the other that caught more of his surprise as it sounded like two or three speaking at the same time but in a harmony together. "I don't believe I caught your name." Had she even said it?

Oh as the introductions were racing through she turned to look up to the other woman. Admittedly she was waiting to learn her name as well. The three were as different as the lands they came from and Hannah found herself eager to question each but reserve enough perhaps to stop herself. Perhaps. To Brad she would give a wink. "I was pleased that it held few enough letters that I might make my mark without an x." reading was something she'd struck a time or two and letters were necessary though if you put too many in a row she was going to get lost.

With her drink ordered, her attention drifted to Bradley as he spoke his name. She hadn't given her name as she hadn't been part of the conversation. "Yviene." Each voice an octave apart at a tenor that was pleasing to the ears. She had heard the names of the other two and offered each a nod. "A pleasure to meet you all."

He wondered if the one held two others prisoner inside. One that captured the souls of others but she didn't seem evil. Dark eyes upon her as many more thoughts raced through his head. He was getting to observe at least two more in how they were different. "Yviene, does name have meaning?" That might tell him more.

Thankfully Matoskah didn't share that bit of frightening tale or Hannah might have tried to learn sign language to save her own voice. As it was the rich embroidery and bearing marked her as being of blood far more historic than her own station.

"As long as you can leave your mark..." giving a wink back before addressing the unusual lass, "Yviene," then motioning to Mat as he asked that particular question he would be interested in hearing the answer to.

She looked to the bare chested man who was on the opposite end of the flesh color spectrum from her own winter white complexion. "It means Light Spirit where I am from."

"This Light spirit is good omen, good spirit?" Which Light usually was but her skin was white and Whites referred to white skin as light. So it could just be in reference to her skin. Such logic!

Picking up her wine she'd swirl it once before thanking her own stars that it was watered. Keeping pace with this was going to take concentration and adding wine to the mix would do nothing but add trouble. She began to eye the meals that both men ordered and her fingers itched wondering about a distraction.

"Where are you from? Both of you." Looking between the two ladies in particular as he knew already where Mat was from. He was talking to one earlier that had said about a few natives from the Colonies were here. Colonies was where he was escaping from for a while but the fact some of the natives were here interested him.

"Indeed." She offered a subtle nod to the man. "It relates to my race of elf." She thanked Alex for her wine and took up the glass. Four digits; thumb and three fingers, handled the glass delicately. "I have come here from the Empire of Tides." Though that was not the land she was born to.

Shaken from a guilty thought she'd listen as the woman explained out where she'd come from. "I've not heard of such a place.. does it require travel across the seas?" She asked it as if that might in itself be a death sentence.

That eased him a great deal as seen in the relaxing line of his shoulders. "Does your race, is born with such voice that sounds like more?" He would get right to the point as Maggie appeared to collect the meals from the serving window and deliver them to the men that ordered. Too quick for any real action or reaction other than, "thank you."

"Thanks Maggie," giving her a wink as he had met her the first night arriving in these lands. He took to listening as he dug in for he was that kind of hungry.

Pupil lacking eyes turned to each as she answered, first to Hannah with a gentle shake of her head. "No. It is to the west of here, but nothing more than a shell of structures now." Then to Mat. "Yes, we are all born with the voice trio."

That further eased him as she was not some kind of soul snatching demon and your voice then added with hers theory. "I am sorry there is no more of your lands. I know what it is like to be far from what had been home but these are good lands if you wish to stay." It was his opinion freely given. They were to return to the Colonies and their tribe but to bring others back with them and populate Ashford Island that was vacant, filled with wild life of which many were rabbits.

"Be at ease sir Bradley. I think they have tied it down so that it may not run." The tease was in good nature and it came before she could help herself. Learning that it was at least close enough to move by land she would nod as if in understanding.

"Thank you." To Mat. It was tragic what happened, but it was what it was and she accepted it. The stool to her side was found, she eased onto the seat and settled herself there. "Hannah, where are you from?"

"Two knolls passing." She answered still considering the food and looking up at the regal woman with a quick smile. "It is close enough to the center of the lands that I can come and go without having to jump passage with a fierce bearded pirate or try to soar with the birds across the mountains."

He actually took a moment's break in inhaling his food. A chuckle rising that lit up blue eyes. "It has gotten away and fierce, scared a few lads with its roar." Humor was much appreciated tonight after the earlier ordeal. A genuine concern look turned on Yviene. "I am sorry and Matoskah is right, these lands are nice if you need a place." He was finding that out.

"You fear the sea or the winds?" A question of curiosity, she tilted her head slightly, regarding the woman.

A double take back to Hannah as Yviene posed that question her way, his consuming of his meal slowed down but he was going to leave the plate clean.

"Yes.. there was an old man that came through the village once in a great while to tell us stories of the great places he had seen." She paused and would take a sip of the wine. Considering it for just a moment more. "It seems every place he'd been to had a story that began with a lashing sea and daring pirates or upon a mountain side with rocks rolling and wind tearing through green pines. I can imagine that other things must be as equally frightening.. a haunted trail, or city of sprawling size." On considering it all she shuddered and then let out a musical laugh. "But that is not here or there when you have a fire and cozy tavern instead."


It was his turn to dig into his meal as others asked questions, some of which he would have asked and some of which he'd like to hear the answer to as well.

A nod given to Bradley. "I am considering it, though at a slight loss as to what I will occupy myself with." A guardian all her life and a ruler for several years, she was in a place of uncertainty with what she would do with herself.

"Worry not, I'm sure fate will drop it at your feet just when you think there is nothing fitting."

"Perhaps." She offered a small smile to Bradley.

"Are there others of your tribe?" Wondering if they were wandering too or worse. Maybe she was not alone in coming here?


"There are, but the other seven I am unknown to their whereabouts. I have only met one. He is solitary." Her glass lifted for a small drink.

"This word, solitary, meaning he is by himself and wishes it that way? Not be amongst others?" This was how he learned more each day. "At least there are others of your tribe alive." He feared for the welfare of his tribe. With all that was going on when they left, a punishment, to come back in three years, there might not be a tribe to return to.

"Yes. He and his dragon reside in a mountain side alone." A curious tilt of her head. "Your tribe disappears?"

"They are being driven back as more white men come to the lands of Penn's woods in the colonies. I have been gone more than three years. I know not what I will find when I return. When we return."

"I can find out for you," offered to Mat as he got news all the time on the colonies, especially Boston. "We can talk later on this if you are interested." There were things and issues that might offend others to be aired freely. Even here he had to be careful or be found out in his involvement.

Hearing that from Bradley, full attention shifted there with a nod. "I would be interested. We talk then tomorrow."

"His dragon." She looked up with a little shock and tried not to show the fear. "Damn mountains.. so filled with menace."


There was such a wondering spirit in the young fea. She could never stick to once place or another. So she had taken to the roads once more. Her inn was in the finishing stages. And she left it in the hands of the work's. The shimmering ball of light stopped as it came to rest on a roof of the tavern. Huffing, the blue skin fea wiped her brow. She had been flying most of the day. Wiping her brow, she waved her small hand to cool off. Silver blue hues looking at the city before her. Roof tops were perfect....Sliding! Giggling, she pushed off the roof and slide down the angled under her to fly over the edge. Not using her winds as she land to the ground. The moment she touched ground, she had changed into her human form. Shaking out her hair, now dark brown. She headed around the side to the front of the tavern. "Great goodness. This is not my town is it?" She spun around a few times. "Oh moonbeams." And a stomp of her foot given to the ground.

Ears pinned lower to Mat's words with an understanding nod. Then her attention turned to Hannah. "The dragon was a friendly beast. I had met with it several times."

"Did it not blow fire and have a wing span equal to a great many homes?" Her hands spread as if in imitation. "They are said to dine upon sheep and villagers if they are not fast enough."


"Of course the beast was capable of fire and was massive to cover the moon up close, but he was gentle and quite wise."

Turning over that thought she would fall silent for a moment. It took that long before she did look back to the woman. "Were you able to speak with it? As you sit here now and converse with us?" If such was the case she feared the tales she'd been told were perhaps twisted.

"Dragon?" Which also had him mirroring Hannah's words. "Ah, a friendly dragon. I have heard of such but they are rare."

A gentle nod was given. "I was. He was quite intelligent and knew many histories of many races and cultures." Just proved that not all dragons were wicked and cruel.

"It is too bad he didn't come here that we could meet such a dragon." He was being sincere too. Not all was as it seemed.



Date: 08-14-10
Poster: Matoskah McDonough
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Rose smoothed out her skirt. The color of a fading sun light touched with purple hemming. The same for her top. The bodice was cream and left plain to play on the colors of her dress. Up the stairs she went and opened the door to enter inside.

"The beast rarely leaves the side of his rider, whom prefers to keep to himself."

She smiled and it was a bit indulgent. There was nothing in her capable of saying that such a woman might be wrong. But the notion of a gentle dragon was more than she could place her finger upon. Then Brad spoke and she gasped and near choked on her drink. Shaking her head. "Donna wish such a thing. If he were to stroll up the path now and flick that tongue." the shudder that came up her back ended at the crimson colored hair and the small acorn shaped bells in her ears gave a tinkle with the shake.

Dragons was not a topic he knew about and so listened that he might piece it together. There were times like these, he hated coming off as an ignorant child. "Good evening," distracted to the woman coming in to greet her. That was safe than talking about a dragon. Of which he was clueless to what it was. He would ask the others of his tribe here with him if they knew.

"It wouldn't come to such a place. Perhaps the outskirts, but his concern of being attacked would keep him from the square."

"I wonder if there are others of this dragon's race that might be found." Bradley could see himself as a dragon rider. He flashed a grin Hannah's way for her response to his idea of a dragon coming here.

When the woman came in she would turn from the others and offered a smile. Her face had warmed a little and she nudged her glass back. It was time to move to water least her cheeks remain that blush of red. "I do have to walk on in the dark. Do not start such nightmares to haunt my steps." She shot in Brad's direction.

"The Dragon Mountains of the Empire are filled with them. They are not violent unless provoked, but they are not tame."

Sliver and blue hues turned to the man that spoke to her. "Oh good evening!" This place made her stop and look around. "Have I've been here before...." She dashed to the bar. Fist order was drink, then finding if she had been here before! "Water, please."

She could not help but notice the near naked man's quiet tone in this matter. "Do you wish to see a dragon Matoskah?"

Alex would see to her water as easily as he saw to more potent drinks. "You could stay the night instead of traveling in the dark alone. Never know what might jump out of the woods at you or even the moving shadows." He waggled his brow as he teased her.

Her mouth fell open and she would narrow her eyes at the notion of things behind every tree. "Such thoughts." But her eyes did look to the darkening windows.

She looked over to the the people chattering. "I've seen a dragon before. Two in fact." Boostful! Of couse, she was fae. Hehe.

The winter white Fae Edhel looked to the fae that had just entered, perking her ears a bit.

"It would still be a sight to see if I get the notion to travel while here." The look on Hannah's face had him laugh, a deep rich tone as it couldn't be helped. "You can stay the night. Night is not a good time to travel alone, especially a lady as yourself."

"I could take you to the Dragon Mountains if you like. To see the dragons yourself."

She found herself wistful, it was not probably that she would be eaten if there was a large enough group to go. "If you take the notion to go, then bring me along. This way I might hide behind you if he decides he is hungry."

She stared back at the other fae. Only for a few minutes then let out squeal. This was the first one she had met since she.....She ran over to the other. Almost danced around her. "Another! Really, truly. My eyes do not deceive me?" Where she came from. All fae were dead or left.

"I would like if it is not too much trouble," this right back to Yviene as the whole notion intrigued him. "Good evening," finally greeting the newcomer. "I am Bradley, this here is Matoskah, Hannah and Yviene."

When Matoskah grew quiet she spoke lightly to him. "Have you no interest in the greatest beast of legend and lore?"

Eyes of white lacking pupils watched the other fae dancing around where the Fae Edhel was seated at the end of the bar. "No. I am Fae." Not one voice, but a trio of them an octave apart spoke in quite tones to her.

"And Hannah here to offer up as a virgin for attracting them.." he was really pushing the envelope in teasing the lass.

Oh, the golden red ringlets had no challenge when it came to the blush on her face. Should she state that she would never be such a sacrifice.. then it would bring into question her virginity. Or to say she was no virgin and to have her reputation come under fire. She sat with her mouth parted and her eyes growing a little wider before she began to laugh and shook her head. "I.. I.." And decided it was better not to speak at all. Stuttering was just going to show the lack of worldly training.

She stopped and stares. "I've never met another fae before....I've...just found out what I am...."

Oddly wide eyes blinked slowly and tapered ears flitted within the fall of silver hair. "I am Yviene." An odd race of elf with white flesh and eyes, and rather than five digits, she only had four; missing the pinky on both hands, but it was just the way she was made.

"I know not of this dragon but I know of the great Spirit Bear." So he was more listening or felt he would be putting his foot in his mouth.


That just rang of a story. Though at times stories were more intimate than names alone. Nudging Brad to get his face out of the food she spoke lightly. Whispering softly. "Ask of this Spirit Bear." There, if Brad were to ask what offense could any take.

Hannah should be careful with her looks or he was going to break out in song about what Dragon's liked for lunch. "Aye, you'd need protection.." giving a curt nod but the laughter was in his eyes. Then the nudge came and he looked between Hannah and Mat. "This Spirit Bear is important?"

Of course Rose was in her human form at the moment. But felt shy enough not show it off before the other's. She was pure fairy. "Roselyn. I am Roselyn." She reached out and touch
ed on Yvienes ear. Boundaries? Had none. Her own sharply pointed ears poked out from her hair. Curled at the tip. "I'm in utter awe...Another...." Even if they were from different clans. She was still in shock.

It seemed most fairies didn't have boundaries. Yviene just watched. Her ear was decorated in thin silver hoops with short chains that attached to each in a draping sort of fashion, fluttered gently to the touch. Her right hand rose to wrap the quad amount of digits around the fae's wrist gently. "Roselyn. A very lovely name." The trio of voices complimented quietly and released the wrist.

"The Great White Spirit Bear is great magic, part of this world and part of the spirit world. He comes to ones that will be great one day and marks them. He can guide you through the darkness to the hunting grounds when you leave this world. He comes to help you win your battles and when there is great despair to bring hope."

Taking her hand back. She shook her head. "Thank you." And then in a flutter of skirt, she was running off to her water. Hand slammed to the bar counter. The other grabbed her mug and quickly the water was drank down till not a drop was left. She was thirsty.

Was it possible for those deep green eyes to grow wider still? Looking between the two ethereal beauties and then to the stories swapped by the men she thought it impossible. A snap from the fire made her jump and she bumped her hip rubbing it absently in distraction and not wishing to miss a thing. "Have you been visited by the Spirit Bear?" She asked and then looking over to the two women to ensure they were not doing something wonderful she could not miss.

Curiously, she watched the fae dash off for her water. A small shake of her head, she took another small drink from her glass and looked to the others. Her attention went to Mat though. "Your Great Spirit Bear has common with my race."

She asked for more water. Thankful to Alex. She now tried to get her mind into getting to know what the other spoke up. "Spirit Bear....Where?" Another spin was taken to look if there was spirit of a bear.

"No. But there is a man of lands near that has been visited and marked. I hope to meet him one day." Which was possible. Turning dark eyes upon Yviene, "it does not surprise me that he is of other races too for that proves he is greater than ones that only visit upon a few." Meaning only one tribe or race.

Wide eyes blinked slowly with a nod. "My kind travel between this realm and the realm of spirits. Fae Edhel translated to common is Spirit Elf."

He was listening, having finished his meal it was set back to the serving window. Learning more and more as the minutes ticked on.

"I am a Shaman of my tribe as is my twin brother. I have walked the spirit planes but rarely. There has been much to do since we arrived."

When he set the meal back she would pull the plate over and found a portion of a potato and some meat to work on as she listened. He'd done a good job with most but left a few bits here and there. The group gathered here held such fantastic stories that she decided she might be able to give her storyteller a run for his money once she made it home.

A nod given to Mat, though she wasn't sure what a Shaman was, but she pondered it for a moment, thinking it some sort of holy figure.

For the first time this evening, he smiled. The white of his teeth pronounced against bronze skin and almost seem to flash in such brilliance. Or maybe it was that he was pleased to hear of Edhel Fae and knowing the Great White Spirit Bear.

A look over to Yviene, she let her eyes go wide. Elf? Was she elf too? She was so lost now. Sitting down in a stool, she sipped her water. "Where am I?"

He hadn't left much. Brows shot up as she took his near finished plate. "You can have a meal of your own and smaller portion if you feel you cannot eat a full plate." At least Rose's question distracted him. "You are in the lands of Heathfield."

She was an elf! No wings for Yviene unless she took her owl or spirit form.

Had wings! "Heathfield. Have I been here before?" She looked back around the tavern. "I feel if I have."

The comment made her dip her head and she lifted a shoulder. Still picking at the plate she let the other questions cover for it. The talk and comfort made for a pleasing evening.

"I have no idea." Which was true, "I've only recently arrived. A week now." Had it been that long already? He needed a drink, after the confrontation earlier in the commons it felt like months.

Mat had no idea, he didn't frequent the tavern. Usually he was out in the wood trapping but presently they were making the move to take over the island. So he was making more canoes.

Turning over the bones she'd listen and looked up often enough to keep track though she fell quiet as she worked sorting the plate out. Nice neat piles of it all.

"Me either!" She just threw up her hands and giggled. Which had her covering her mouth after a few moment's. Feeling loopy from flying all day. Still she giggle, till she sucked in her breath and stopped. No, one more tinkering of a a giggle given. And then it stopped. She dropped her hands to her lap. "Oh my..."


Her antics had him chuckling, more like rolling laughter under his breath. She was contagious, "I'm sure you'll be all right whether you have been here or not. A certain good sign would be if you remember meeting anyone if you had been here before." He noticed, out of the corners of his eyes, Hannah playing with her food, or more precisely with the discarded remains of his meal.

When she noticed him noticing she would shift the plate a bit and picked up a napkin wiping her fingers. These were people of high blood and great callings. She had to remind herself to behave in a manner that would not embarrass her.

She looked at the faces around her. "I know no one here." Down fallen went her features. She didn't remember very much of late. She looked back to everyone. "So silent! Have you been enjoying this wonderful weather of summer! The sun heat will be missed." A small frown appeared on her lips.

"Do you read bones, Hannah?" That was about the only thing he could come up with!

"Well, you do now, Rose," having caught that much of her name when she was talking to Yviene.

At this rate she'd envy Matoskah's ability to go without a top. Her cheeks heated and she would force her eyes up to his. "I like to see a plate neatly cleaned and arranged so that it has no waste." That need to see everything used came from the practical simple background. There was nothing allowed to go to waste.

Giving a nod to the comment about summer. "Summer is still here and let us continue to enjoy it until it is no longer." Which might run a few months more to fall and at least not the coldest of weather.

"Well then, you did an excellent job and I discovered there are at least two dogs in this tavern, pets, that will enjoy those bones." Being she had not eaten them too!

"It is not proper to do such?" She asked lightly. Grateful that she could have it called instead of making a greater error.

"I do now don't I!" She was such a different girl then a few months before. But she gave into the fae blood inside her now. She looked over to Matt. "What is your name great Spirit man?"

"It is not improper, just not a custom I am use to. That doesn't make it wrong or right but different. I'm sure it will be appreciated in the kitchen." Adding in a wink as he collected his drink of potcheen to kick back.

"I am Matoskah, it means White Bear in my tribe. You now know my name and those of the others here." Which he indicated with a slight gesture of hand, "Yviene, Fae like you, Bradley and Hannah."



Date: 08-14-10
Poster: Matoskah McDonough
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Looking up at her name she realized the introductions were being made and her hand rose in greeting to the woman. Since she was a bit distracted by arranging things she had to try and catch up. Seeing him still at ease, shirtless, she finally did ask. "How do you keep from catching chill Matoskah?"

Yviene was brought out of her daze when she heard her name. Ears perked, she looked toward Mat and the others then finished her drink.

She pointed to Matoskah. "You're not white. Why are you named white bear? Your skin is pretty." She was off her stool and walked over to Mat. Leaning in to really look at his skin. "It's like gold dusted over a burned bown. So shinny!" She had a thing for shinnies as she called them.

"I am warm," which he moved closer and took her hand to touch against his skin long enough to verify his words. "I will not take this chill." Stepping back to address Rose next, "I am not white color, only that when I was born my mother felt the Great White Spirit Bear near and so named me White Bear. This way he was to be my totem. My guide on the spirit level or so my mother would wish for me." Leaning closer to Rose, he had the scent of woods, of clover and rich earth. "It is a good color."

Oh she flushed and her fingers burned a little at the touch. "I..see" Well that did sum it all up. Looking back at the rest she would nod lightly. "He wont get chill." She said and her smile was rather bemused.

He was amused as he drew closer to Yviene. "I will find you soon and set a good time to take this trip to see the dragons." Something that was a once in a lifetime deal and he would grasp the moment to make it happen. "I need to retire as the hour grows late." Then to all, "have a good night. It has been a pleasure sharing your company tonight."

She made the O with her lip's. "That is a better way of getting a name." She liked how he smelled too. She took another sniff. Herself was wild flowers and vanilla. Moving away, she looked over to Hannah. Only to start and play with the bell of her earring. "I like your bells. They sound pretty."
 Brad was given a huge happy wave. "Good eve, Brad! I hope to remember your face!!!"

She looked to Brad with a nod. "I am easily found being that I stay here for the time being. Have a good night." She dipped her head to him.

"Goodnight Brad." She said with an easy tone. With him safe in bed she let her eyes go to the windows. There would be less on the road to frighten her.

Which was more one of his customs, to sniff and he sniffed her back, leaning in some to do so. "you smell like butterflies that have been in the fields warmed by the sun and flowers."

One never knew with Brad, this could be a ploy and he sneak out the back. Follow Hannah and at the right moment rush out from the brush, or from behind a tree or the deepest of shadows. Maybe with a cloak over his head so his face was in shadow. Hannah might pee her pants! "I am staying here presently too," quirk of a smile before he was off heading for the hall leading to the stairs that would take him up to his room or one of the exits there.

She giggled and blushed at Mat. Pushing his arm softly. Then she was dancing. Really dancing her way over to her water. Feet dancing to a tune in her head. Sipping her water, she gave a sigh. "Ahhh."

She hissed slightly as if she knew what he was planning. Ordering another watered wine she would push the now neat plate away and eyed Matoskah's to ensure it was cleaned just right as well.

It was true and had him smiling as it seemed to please her. "Good night Bradley. We meet again soon." He would not forget the offer of help There was not a speck left on his plate. He had gotten the boneless venison.

She cleared her throat. "Do you think the kitchens are still open?" Even this late. She was starving now.

"They are, what is left over. I'm sure there would be plenty." Which there was a menu for her to take. He didn't figure that Rose could pack away too much. Probably a few spoonfuls.

To which she ordered when she was given a menu to look over. "Oh....ummm. Potato soup. Its not cooked with any kind of meats right?" Could pack away more then he thought!

She wiped her fingers on a napkin and looked at the two women. Well.. she didn't know if she should consider them that or if it was just a term for humans or.. oh it made her head spin. Leaning back against the bar she'd frown to herself trying to ensure that she didn't make too many mistakes.

"It is cooked with vegetables. Tiny carrots." Usually carrots were big so these must have been taken up early.

There was a slight shift as it seemed Hanna has some hesitance. Yviene's attention turned to her before she moved off her seat and towards where the woman sat. Steps were silent, but there was a subtle rustle from her skirts. "What troubles you?"

"Than I will take that!" She nodded and sat down. A swing of her legs. But she turned her body to Mat. "What is the Great Spirit Bear like? Grumpy? I met a bear once, he was trying to get to the honey in a hive and it was too high. Did you know that bears could be so rude sometimes. He wouldn't let me help till I think he figured he needed my help. Even the bees had a fit." A shake of her head. as she waited.

Even with her words soft, it had dark blue eyes (almost black) turn to witness Yviene moving to Hannah. He wondered too. There was something off or different there. He could be wrong and distracted back to Rose. "Soup is very good. I have not met him yet. I don't think he chats. It is more a spiritual meeting that has no words but much is spoken." He gave a nod to her other observance, "regular bears can get cranky and some, can get vicious if you come between a mother bear and her cub. She will try to kill you."

When approached she looked up and put on a smile. Shaking her head slightly and running through the terms she knew. "I don't understand M'Lady." Frowning a bit at that. "Is that the correct term to use?"

Ears flitted as the woman spoke and a small smile was offered. "Yviene. We are not in court, thus there is no need for formalities. What do you not understand?"
A nod given. "So he more for guiding. Guiding you where? Does he guide you when you die to your heaven?" Head tipped, brown strands went to drift into her face. "Can I ask him for help when I need it? Or does he just listen to your  people?"

"Yes, he guides us then if we are lucky and he guides us in life as we need him or if we can seek him through rituals." He gave a moment thought to the last question. "I think he will help anyone who asks, He helps those of Yviene's tribe."

"There are so many passing through. I do not want to offend. And it seems that I am capable of putting my foot in my mouth at regular intervals."

"I have been here on several occasions, and now on extended visit. I highly doubt you will offend so easily as you believe." She looked to Mat with a curious expression. "I am afraid we have no spirit bears. I and the other seven of my kind are the ones that travel to the spirit realm."

He must have misunderstood her before then. "There are many different kinds of spirits in the spirit realm so there are more than the Great White Spirit Bear to guide you. It is why we seek totems."

"I would like to meet this bear one day." She looked away and then looked to his shirtless chest. Mostly looking to see if he had tattoos. "Do I have a totem?"

"I don't know. You would have to seek your totem. You do this when meditating." Hoping that word described what she needed to do. He didn't have any tattoos on him, only a few woven leather straps around his biceps.

"You have been to court." her eyes growing wide again and leaning one hand on her chin she sighed dramatically. Trying to shake it off she'd listen to the conversation going on about them. It was about the spirit lands and such and nodding lightly she smiled some. Leaning to Yviene she whispered. "He wont catch cold.. even being naked as he is."

A nod was given. "I have been at the peak of court in the Empire. An Empress and High Guardian." Her ear twitched hearing the whisper, she looked to Mat curiously. "Naked?" The word repeated. The bare chest was of not bother to her, since the Kaldorei males often dress in similar fashion.

"....." She looked away and then to the counter. She was hoping for tattoos! She liked to look at them. They could be so different and hard to follow. "So I have to meditate to find my totem. Will he just come to me or will I have to wait?" She looked back to him. Then around see if her soup was coming yet. She was so hungry. Listen there was a small growl!

She waved a hand to his chest. "Bare and bronze and rather warm" She admitted her fingers still tingled from the heat he produced. Her cheeks colored and she looked up at the woman quickly. "You have seen, or have been.. I am confused."

Yviene didn't see the problem with the bare chest, but again, that was just because it was something she was accustomed to seeing. She looked back to Hannah. "I have been both."

She fell silent then and her hands clasped in her lap. Knowing that her lands were gone from the earlier stories it wasn't a topic she wanted to linger on. So she sought safe ground. "When you were in the spirit world. Did you see the protecting bear of Matoskah's tribe?"

Once her soup was brought out. She bowed her head and spoke softly. "Thank Thee Great Goddess, For the bounty before me. A gift of thy great abundance. Thank you for sustaining my life, I receive your gift of food in gratitude." She lifted her head then and picked up her spoon. Dipping it onto the soup and got to eating. Bouncing in her seat she was so pleased at the flavors.

Yviene didn't mind answering questions if people had them. It wasn't war or some such travesty that ruined the Empire. It was something far more simple. "No, I do not believe I have. Though the region of the realm I tend to travel to is the area where the other seven of myself and our council of Elders congregate for communication."

"Then it is possible that walking above us are the gods of all? Meeting and dicussing and working to guide from afar." She looked up and there was a moment's movement on her lips as she tried to reason through it then sighed and shook her head. "I did not pay close enough attention in mass."


"You have Great Goddess to call upon," which was not sounding much different than his Great Spirit Bear.

Seven...She looked over to Yviene "There is seven of yourself?" Blink, she looked over to Mat. "Aye. Dana. I follow her. She is my peoples goddess." More food was stuffed into her mouth then.

She watched the woman curiously. "Perhaps there are. I have met no god nor goddess. Such faith must come from within, not from without." Her attention turned to Rose. "Seven others of my kind. There are only ever eight of us in existence."

"If one dies, then it is expected that one have child or if one becomes with child then one of the other eight dies?"

Looking to Mat, she shook her head. "The Fae Edhel are born as animals. When one dies, another is born. We cannot create more of our kind. We are barren."

She dropped her spoon. Then picked it back up. "Born as animals? Has any of your kind tried before?"

A nod given to Rose. "Indeed. I was born an owl. We cannot bare children. Males lack seed and females lack eggs."

"This is very different." It sounded sad to him that none would experience the gift of a child born but then he was sure they were use to such of their kind and having a child born probably seemed strange to them.

"My mother had to mate with my father to let me be born. I was the first child born in four hundred years. But I never heard of being born as an ainmal..."

"So you do not have a mate. You need not one?" It was a little hard to understand but he was trying.

"I do not have a mate." She shook her head gently. "Just because we cannot bare children, does not mean we do not find ourselves in love when it finds us."

"This is good to know. Love is important." Which was all that he said on that matter of love.

The speaking of love, she stopped eating. Looking about ready to tear up. But she bit the inside of her cheek and kept on eating. She had to eat. Eating would keep her from crying.

Love was fickle, but she wouldn't mention anything more on the topic. Her single experience with the topic hadn't ended well. Her attention turned to Rose curiously.

"It is time for me to leave. Morning comes soon and I have work to do. I am pleased to have met you both and Hannah," although Hannah had stepped outside, possibly had taken her leave quickly and quietly.


A nod given to Mat. "A pleasure to meet you, White Bear." It was easier for her to pronounce than the single word that represented him.

She straighten her shoulders and looked over to him. "Thank you. And I do hope to see you soon! I will be staying here for the day I think!" She giggled and waved.

"Rooms are no coin, nor food and drink. It is the way of the Crown here." So she need not worry. There were other Fae in these lands she might come across. Different kinds or ones that were not but had wings. Many kinds he was finding out. It made life interesting. "I hope to see you both again," parting words as he took the side door and headed out into the night.

The ship had found Heathfield again - this time on purpose. The Pak had placed the ship at the harbor and walked across the gang plank onto the wooded boardwalk. The wrap was tight around his head, and the clothing was loose for the season. He only knew a few and there was only one place he knew in these lands. It was the Tavern. Adjusting his overcoat, the Pak moved inside and toward the counter.

Her eyes went wide when he spoke of not having to pay. She waved once more. Stopping when the new man came in. She did look him over and then went back to eating. Keeping her eye on the man. He was a stranger.

Yviene was seated at the bar and had requested another glass of Elven wine from Alex. Tapered ears fluttered when the door opened for another entrant and pearl like eyes turned to the man who entered. A nod given. "Good eve." The trio of voices greeted softly.

Date: 08-16-10
Poster: Bradley Harrington
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Meeting Others

Brad had taken a long walk around the area and ended up here again for his supper. This time it was lobster bisque and roast duckling. The place was quiet presently as he sat at a table near the window. He had his reasons. Other than that, he was enjoying his meal. A dark blue pinstripe vest was worn over a white poets shirt and dark blue tailored pants. Lastly the finely made tailored boots in black.

It wasn't quiet for long. The Fae had her own money when she came here. So she spent what else the day shopping. Walking up the stairs. Boxes and bags were piled high to where she couldn't see over them. But she could see down. Each step was careful as she came up them. The same fiery orange dress hung on her form, with its purple hemming. Of course now came the challenge of getting the door to open! Maybe if she wiggled her hand a little, reaching for the handle. Crash and burn. Her boxes fell and she stared at them like they offended her! "Fiddle stick, door brooms and mice...." Rose never cursed. Only a few times in her life she had.

A forkful of duck only made it half way up to his mouth as he caught sight of a moving mountain of boxes and whatnot. Fork went down as he got up and was over as quickly as humanly possible. He got the door but the one had not waited those few precious seconds that would have made the difference. "Rose, whatever did you get so much of? Is there anything left to be sold in the commons?" Teasing her as he set to picking up what he could of the packages after wedging the door open.

When Brad opened the door, she was leaning over stacking her boxes up like a fort to one side of the door. Leaning up, she giggled at him. "Why yes I was trying to!" And back to boxes she went to pick up. Only knocking heads with Brad and letting out a small yelp! "Oww..." Blink. She rubbed her head. "I'm so sorry!" Her face turned red now. Failed to mention she was klutz about 190% of the time.

He would probably have a bruise over his left eye but she might be worse for the collision. Brad had a very hard head. "Are you all right?" It seemed they had all the packages as he had straightened and moved out of her way by going inside and setting the packages he had on one of tables just within. A chuckle escaped seeing how red she got. "Don't worry I've had worse things happen." Not that he would get into that and most had been in the colonies.

Yviene had taken her leave of the tavern early to spend the day further exploring Heathfield. Now as sun set, she found her way back to the tavern after boarding Hariyar for the evening. Quad digits pushed the door of the building open quietly .... or thought she was. She almost added to the collision, but stopped short of running into them both. Tapered ears perked up a bit, pearl like eyes wide to look at them both. "I'm sorry." The trio of voices spoke quietly and a step back was taken.

"I'll be fine...." She shook her head and moved in with her arms full and set them down on the table. Turning, she looked over to Yviene and waved. Her hand holding a box. "Hi! Hi! Hi!" She was excited for no reason. But once her boxes were on the table. She stared at them. "I think I fly with all this...." The box was tapping on her chin in thought now. She looked to Brad and then Yviene.

He nearly ploughed over another as he started from the table, trying to avoid any more collisions with Rose. Hands were up in front of him, palms facing out, "it's all right no harm done." Probably would have been her flatten out on the floor being he was quite a bit taller than either of them. Quick smile as he side stepped both, hands down to his sides as he was back over to his table to claim his seat, "nice to see you again Yviene," then he was back to eating his meal before it got cold.

Slender fingers waved to Rose with a small smile. "Hello." Then to Brad, stepping opposite the direction he stepped in to give him room to pass. "Pleasure to see you as well." Her attention drifted momentarily to the boxes with a curious tilt of her ears. "You fly with all of that?" Seemed an arm load for carrying much less flying.

She ran over Brad as he sat down. Wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him temple. When she kissed him, she sent out a small healing waves over his body. Just to make sure he wasn't harmed later. "Thank you!" She bounced  away back to her boxes. "Oh yes, I will fly." A fist shook at the boxes. "Or ride a horse...."

That almost had him jab himself in the chin with his fork it came so unexpected. Luckily that collision was avoided too. Instead he chuckled with a slight shake of his head as she flitted off in the next moment. He was back to eating his supper, keeping an eye on the two as he did.

Maggie had been organizing some things in the back, but now she stepped out into the taproom at the sound of voices. It seemed a few more had gathered in her absence. The bouncy barmaid wasn't quite as bouncy tonight but hid it well with a ready smile. She was clothed in a dress of dove gray, such a delicate shade it was almost lavender, setting off her naturally fair complexion. Dark hair streaked red where the sun struck it was pulled back
loosely. The apron that showed she was 'on-duty' was tied about her waist as she glanced between each. Brad she gave a nod of recognition before turning to the others, strangers, with a smile. "Good evening and welcome. Could I get anybody a drink or meal this evening?"

"A horse with packs might be a wiser idea." Just a suggestion, of course. Quiet steps carried her towards the bar with a nod to the newly arrived barmaid. "Elven wine, please." Cloak of silver velvet was unclasped and pulled away,  laid over the back of one of the stools. Left beneath was a sand colored dress of simple elegance and design.

Taking the napkin up as he wiped off his mouth before a, "good evening Maggie this is Rose and Yviene," indicating each so all had each other's name. Then he was back to the lobster bisque which was his favorite.

A nod and smile at the introductions. "I'm Maggie," though Brad had already called her by name. Alex would pour out the Elven wine before handing off the glass to Maggie, which she in turn brought over to Yviene. "There you are."

Yviene offered a small smile to Maggie with a nod. "A pleasure to meet you, Maggie. And thank you." The glass was reached for and lifted for a small drink.

He took a moment to sit back and drink some of his dinner wine. The prefect compliment to both the roast duckling and the lobster bisque.

"Mhm." Replied to Yviene in response to her thanks. Gaze wandered to the other woman who hadn't spoken up yet, but Maggie supposed she would make herself known if she needed anything. So the waitress took up a perch at the end of the bar on one of the stools to polish some glasses dry for Alex.

Madame Fiona was on her own this evening. Oisin had seemed rather upset upon returning from a day at the markets, but Fifi couldn't get much out of her other than that it involved Mr Harrington. Again. The good lady didn't know what to do with either of those two, honestly. She tried to comfort the girl but ended up venturing to the tavern on her own. The pleasantly plump young woman was garbed in a thin silk garment of rose pink that threw high color up into her already-pink cheeks. The heat was still palpable this time of evening and she dabbed her brow lightly with a lace handkerchief as she stepped inside.

As the commons grew quiet, the sound of an aria, sung in Italian, could be heard as Brigidia left the theater. Though she rarely sang them on stage, she loved to test herself, seeing if she could reach the high notes without sounding sour or off key. Tonight she had picked a gown of lightweight red silk, the sleeves short and worn off the shoulder, with a shawl of black, embroidered in red flowers, with brilliant green leaves and accents of gold. The fringe swayed in counterpoint to her hips as she walked. A few of the children who were still outside ran up to her and walked beside her, while those who still were outside, fell silent. The impromptu performances of the Valdez family were always appreciated.


With all that was going on, he had missed the important one coming in from outside. He near choked on the last of his lobster bisque but quickly covered it over with a thud of a fisted hand to his chest as he coughed. Next the wine would be finished off rather quickly. Too late to run although the thought was extremely tempting. "Evening Lady Fiona," all polite and proper as he was up with his empty plate and over to the bar to gain himself a stiffer drink, potcheen, glass and bottle collected before returning to his table.

Yviene blinked form her daze as others began to enter the tavern. Her attention turned to the well rounded woman soon known as Fiona and gave a nod in greeting. "Good eve." The songs being sung beyond the walls held attention with a flit of her ears within the fall of silver hair, picking up the silence of the children as well.

Maggie blinked at Bradley when he glanced to the door and promptly choked on his soup. Those sharp blue eyes of hers missed little. Still, she made no comment, merely fetching Bradley's potcheen for him with a quirked brow. "Good evening, milady," said to Fiona then she was listening to the faint sound of singing from outside.

Fiona was glancing around the tavern but her dark eyes soon landed upon Bradley. Those eyes narrowed somewhat when he seemed to choke at the sight of her. Chin raised as she lifted the hems of her skirts delicately from the ground to sweep across the room to the bar. "Good evening Alex, could I have a cool lemonade, please? Thank you." And with that done, she turned her face to look pointedly at Bradley for a moment. The silence stretching into the uncomfortable for him at least, before she spoke. "Are you as thick as a goat or is that merely a trick of your appearance?"

The song was lively, and, if any knew the language, a touch bawdy. The female lead was after all, a nymph. As she neared the Thistle, she put out her hand, singing to a teenaged lad who was sweet, polite and sometimes shy. Though he was blushing furiously, he was grinning widely. She was truly enjoying herself and it showed.

He wasn't looking at her! Nope. He was looking at Maggie. But the comment was way out of place for a proper lady as he rose. "And when you start practicing what you preach, then I may converse with you. No proper lady, that is for certain." Taking up the bottle, leaving the glass he headed outside for at least there was a sweet voice to be heard over the other. He took up a lean there against the rail and a long drink of the potcheen as he watched the one approach.

For once Fiona would speak without the garnishes of polite niceties. Which she could do, without Oisin to overhear. Fi's lips pursed when he walked away, but was she about to just let him go without an earful? Definitely not. She would let him vent his steam for a few moments though, while she enjoyed a refreshing sip of lemonade.

Yviene watched the exchange in silence. When it was done she turned to the bar with her glass and sipped the sweet flavor.

The boxes had been moved to her room for now. Which she was up there. Bare feet that never seemed to get dirty took her back down. She had changed of course to a charming gown of rose-pink. Scattered with suns and moons with a deeper pink color. Sashed with ivory around her waist. Her blue hues looked surprised to see so many where in here now. But as soon as she heard the song, she was pressing her face to a window to see who was singing. A giggle, she ran outside to jump up and down. Hands balled in her skirt as she well danced on the porch. No real steps involved. There never was.

Placing a kiss to the lad's cheek, much to the delight of his comrades, she made her way up the steps where she gave the man leaning there a saucy wink. Turning, she finished the song, singing out one note that lasted for a what seemed an impossibly long time. She bowed to her audience and then motioned to the little dancer, encouraging them to applaud for her as well. Laughing, she leaned against the rail as well, laughing as she spoke to some of the people who then wandered off. "It is a lovely night, si?" She asked the drinking man. "A perfect night for a song." Her accent was heavy but her Common was so much better than it had been.

"Please, another song for your voice is like the song birds to soothe the soul when a vicious storm is near." He was using metaphors as they seemed appropriate. The bottle tucked by his side. "Si," picking up on her accent easily but certainly not with the heaviness she had being a natural. "Sing something encouraging as everyone needs to be encouraged."

Three fingers covered her mouth as she giggled. Then took to a flourished curtsy to the crowd. Clapping, she went up to the woman. No boundaries, just saying here. Fair warning. Taking Brigidia' and hands with her own and kissed both cheeks. "Wonderful, more, please more!"

The kiss just made her laugh. Tipping her head, she looked thoughtful. "Something encouraging, hmmm." She took a deep breath and began to sing again. This time it was a folk song from her homeland, and though she sang in Spanish, it was obvious that it was a song that sang of much joy, and of the strength that such joy brought. She could sing in several languages and would if requested to do so. Her expressive hands were never still, sometimes
reaching to the sky, other times being clasped together.

The song started up and she was dancing back around. Using the railing as a bar as her one leg went up in the air partly and back down. But how she dance. how she seems to float and sway to the words of the song. Humming under her breath with the song. A pink ball of energy muhahaha....

It was in the midst of the song that Fiona would drift outside and onto the porch, her glass of lemonade having been finished and left at the bar. When the woman had finished singing, Fifi smiled and clapped her hands lightly, then turned to Bradley. "Mr Harrington, may I have a word?" She was prepared to be more civil this time.

He was up and out of Rose's way before she collided with him again, or danced over his head and shoulders! The chuckle in mirth came easily as he took a lean on the opposite railing side out of harm's way. Ah.. here it came. It was his turn to narrow his eyes on Fiona. Was that just a trap to get him aside and go off on him out of nowhere? Well, he could appease all she probably had to say by one statement. "I am staying away from Oisin so you need not worry about me upsetting her anymore." That was all she was worried on.

"That is exactly why I am worried." Fiona would say no more in present company, but she gave Bradley a long hard look. Then held out her arm, waiting for him to take it so they could walk elsewhere to speak further.

What was this new angle? A frown marred his features a moment before a brighter look upon Brigidia, "I would love to gain your name before I see to a matter then perhaps hear more of your singing in a short bit." He didn't plan to be long in the conversation especially if he had someone waiting on his return even if newly met. "I am Bradley." Remembering to give his name. "This is Fiona, the bright sprite is Rose and the endearing Elf is Yviene."

Yes, Yviene had been sitting and listening quietly from her place at the bar.

"I am Brigidia of the Valdez family. It is a pleasure to meet you, Bradley, and each of you lovely ladies." She smiled and motioned toward the inside of the tavern. "I may be here. I go to have a little wine to quench my thirst."

"Then that is good to do," understandably for she had been singing a while it seemed. Bradley turned to Fiona with a slight gesture of hand that they need only to go down the further end of the porch. No need of any formal escort as the muscle clenched along the noble line of his jaw. He led the way, long purposeful strides had the distance eaten up in moments as he rested a hand on one of the chair's back for her to sit if she wished.

She blinked and looked over to Brigidia and Fiona. Had she forgotten to give her name again. A hand cupped her palm. "My manners are fading away. Roselyn. Or Rose." A small giggle and she hurried inside to the bar. Bumping into it the bar a little hard that she winced. Grabbing a stool, she bounced in her seat and waited on Alex or someone else to notice to her. Yup. Just bouncing for now.

Maggie had watched the sprite bounce inside and bounce herself right into the bar, with some amusement. A dark brow arching as she offered the winged girl a smile. "Can I get you something?"

Another smile, and she headed on inside, skirts with the natural movement of her hips. A warm smile was given to those within before she leaned to speak to Alex.

Fiona dipped her head to the singer when they were introduced, a smile dimpling her full cheeks briefly before she turned back to Bradley. A bit surprised when he did not take them very far, but she accepted his choice without comment. Instead turning to face him fully before speaking. "Oisin told me you two quarreled earlier. Now, she did not say over what, and quite honestly I do not care to know. It is probably the same weary tune you both have been singing for months. He did this, she said that. I used to believe Oisin was the most headstrong person on earth, but now I am not so sure. Stubborn as mules, the both of you."

"I would not say it was a quarrel, for I have no desire to quarrel with her nor you. Let's just say we can't see eye to eye on.. well.. anything. I will admit to being stubborn but I had tried to come to some form of ..." well hell, he wasn't sure what to call it. "Some peaceful grounds between us, I even gave her yellow posies as such a symbol, she gave them away to some woman vendor instead. I tried, it didn't work. I'll not beat a dead horse and I don't like upsetting her every which way I turn, or you, so the solution is not the one tried so then it leaves staying away as much as possible."

"YesIwouldlikeawaterandbreadwithhoney.Andfriuts.Doyouhavefruits.Iwouldreallylikesomefruit." Yes that was all said in one quick breath. She even looked to Maggie with her eyes huge on the woman. Feed her more sugar. Someone got into candy or something.

"Um.... of course. Just a moment." Maggie's lips were twitching as she turned away, going over to the kitchen window to lean in and speak with Hazel a moment. Laughing softly before returning a moment later, with a platter laden with bread and a crock of honey, some strawberries and blackberries as well. This was set before the Fae before the waitress took a quick step back, having a feeling that the girl might attack the plate on sight.

"Quarrel, disagreement, knocking heads," Fifi said impatiently, "Call it what you will. Posies mean little when offered with sharp words, do you understand my meaning?" She held up a hand to forestall any protests he might offer. It really didn't matter how it had happened, she was trying to make a point here. "You both have a bad habit of failing to hear anything else when you've decided to be angry. This makes it difficult to get past the anger, yes? Now, I know that you told Oisin that you would stay away from her now on, but if you believe this would make her happy, you are wrong. She was angry over whatever occurred between you, aye, but she was also upset." Dark eyes bored into Bradley's pointedly. "Aye, and I don't believe the thought of staying away makes you any happier. So do not bury all of the possibilities away, nor give into your anger at the first tiny slight. Take a deep breath first sometimes, for goodness' sake." Fiona brushed off her skirts lightly before folding her hands. "She is still a child, Mr. Harrington, for all that she looks a young lady. A woman in some ways, but not all. Remember that."

She pulled a chocolate from her pocket and popped into her mouth. So when she smiled her thanks to Maggie, she still had the chocolate in her teeth. Looking at the plate, she was fairly calm as she built her slices of bread with strawberries, blackberries and then topped with honey. Taking a big bite, she chewed with a happy look on her features.

She was not getting any protests from him, only a grim line set to his lips. He let her go on.. and on.. it seemed. Her boring eyes had little effect but she could bore all she wanted. The last was probably very true and he was not good with those of Oisin's age apparently. "I will take what you have to say into consideration in dealing with this matter," choosing his words carefully so he didn't set her off and what would come of it. He even added a slight tip of a smile. "Shall we go in and join the others?" Not keeping her out and dare she catch a chill and it be his fault then she got sick. That was the way he saw things to happen when it came to Fiona and Oisin.

Fifi resisted the urge to roll his eyes when he offered no more than that. Though she hadn't really expected anything different. So she took her own advice and took a breath. "Good. I plan to say much the same to Oisin. Perhaps you two can find some peace yet." At his offer to go inside, she shook her head. "No, thank you, I'll be getting back to the manor now. Good evening, Mr Harrington."

He highly doubted that but miracles had happened before. He didn't voice his doubts but gave a nod, showing he heard her and headed inside, "good night Lady Fiona." He would not detain her!

Rose suddenly was walking away with her plate and up to her room. To fall into a sugar coma.

Fifi dipped her head in a nod, gathered her skirts and off she would go. Time to have a bit of a stern heart-to-heart with her young charge.

"Have you soothed your throat for at least one more happy song, Brigidia?" He would collect his glass to drink any more of the potcheen from.

She had ordered a glass of Crianza from Alex, moving to a wing backed chair to drink. When Brad spoke, she looked up and smiled. "Si, one more song." She stood and placed the nearly empty glass on the table beside her chair. "I sing one more Spanish song for you." It was one that could be danced to ... a Gypsy song. She even kept time by clapping her hands, in a Flamenco beat.

Maggie had gone back to work quietly polishing glasses, but when Brigidia began to sing again, she looked up for a moment. A smile surfacing to her lips as she listened, foot tapping lightly where it dangled.

"Perfect," filling his glass he had collected on the way to the bar where he took up a lean, back along the edge so he faced her and could watch her dance. He helped by tapping his foot to the beat.

The skirt of her gown wasn't exactly made for the Flamenco, but she could still tap out the steps, lifting her gown enough to show off her ankles and the pretty heeled shoes she wore. Finally finishing with a flourish, she held the pose a moment then laughed. "That is the song that you wished, Bradley?"

He set his empty glass aside to applaud her. "It was perfect, both song and dance, thank you. I shall have to come by and watch you and your family perform." He had noticed them out on the street for the entertainment of the masses and draw ones to see their shows in the theater.

"We try to make it an enjoyable experience." She hesitated a bit on the word experience but laughed it off. The glass was picked up and the last of the wine finished. "And now, I should go. We practice tomorrow, and my brother, Raul, is one who likes us to be as perfect as possible."

"If you don't have an escort back to your theater, I would be honored to escort you there. It is the least I can do for obliging me with your songs tonight." If she accepted he would offer her the bend of his arm and do it properly.

Maggie smiled and had clapped lightly when Brigidia finished singing. Nodding towards the woman, "Thank you for the songs. I have been meaning to come see a show at your family's theatre. Have a pleasant evening," then added when it seemed Bradley was going too, "both of you."

"Oh, I shall return soon but a good night in case the tap room is closed." Which on second thought he would take the bottle with him so he had it later to enjoy in his room.

"Oh si, you must come also, Maggie. My brothers will make the ladies swoon." She giggled but there was no doubt she was proud of her entire family. "And si, I would be thankful for the escort, Bradley. Good night, Maggie." She slipped her hand though the offered arm, resting her hand at the crook of his elbow.

The night wasn't getting any younger so he headed out in escort of Brigidia and would ask what kinds of plays her family did, which she liked best and so on until they reached the theater's doors, leaving her then safely with her family.



Date: 08-17-10
Poster: Liam Quinn
Post # 70

Talk on a New Abode

Despite the fact that great holes opened up in the stairs to swallow her each time she tried to descend Hannah did finally make her way down into the main portion of the Tavern and with a scowl at the spelling issues she had, the young woman was in a near good mood. The sleep had been sound and she found the company of the last evening gone but it was not overly upsetting.


Liam was inside having a late meal with his brother. "I would like you to come with me tomorrow to check out the manor. I have the key. If we like it, we can move right in, I only need to let Laird McDonough know our final decision. There is access to Willow Lake too I'm told. He was devouring chicken cutlets and parsley potatoes. It was then he noticed the woman coming in that he set aside his fork, used the napkin to wipe off his mouth, then rose. "Evening ma'am."

Seeing the two she gave a dip and half smile answering to the one that spoke up first. "Good eve sir. And as well to you." She said to the next. When she moved to the bar it was to request some watered wine. She did peek just once to make sure they both had shirts on. In the three days since she'd come her education in anatomy both in female and male had expanded as well as the number of different species in this land. The young woman was certain that the gods had created a great deal more variety than had ever passed through the small village where she had come to age.

"Aye, a good eve it is. I am Liam and this is my brother Ciaran," if he was still with them. Which he gave a glance to his brother finally.

For Ciarán it was the beef steak with fried potatoes and a tankard of ale. He was about to answer Liam when the lass came in and he stood. "Evening to you , miss." He was wearing a shirt, as well as an opened vest that matched his black pants. Riding boots came up to just below his knee. Once she was greeted, he sat again to finish his meal. "Aye, I'll go with you. I think we better get Fiona out of Clearview as soon as possible. I can't see Aunt Mary and
her remaining civil for long."

He was attired much like his brother, brown vest, off maze poets shirt, brown pants and boots. Derby hat sat on the table that he usually wore, made him look the proper gentleman. Considering he was a boxer, street fighter. "I think you're right on that score. Fiona is a head strong lass that likes to be the boss, bossy lass and Mary is the Boss." He had just avoided her so far as that was the best course. "We can put her in charge of the household, that will keep her busy once we move."

Evan decided to swing by the tavern for a late drink. He was in a fine mood, as he had seemed to be lately, whistling as he jogged up the porch steps and pushed open the screen door. A quick glance around had a grin on his face when he saw his brothers. A finger held up to hush Liam and the woman also present, as he snuck up behind Ciaran to give him a fierce noogie. Why? Because he was the youngest and that's how the world works.

It was a good thing Ciar was nearly done eating because no one came in between him and his food. Except he'd share if asked. He let out a bit of a growl and tried to smack Evan's hand away but his mood was good enough that he was also laughing. "Stop it, Evan, or I'll take a bite out o' your hand!"

"Wouldn't surprise me, the way you eat." Evan relented though, pulling out a chair and tossing himself down to straddle it backwards, giving the two a grin. "Been into any trouble tonight?"

He grinned in return, smoothing down his hair before he started on his meal again. A pause came with the question. "Nope, not tonight," since he had been playing cards most of the evening. "What about you?"

"Oh, just the usual." A wink and another grin before he was up to stroll over to the bar, leaning in to greet Alex, and order himself a potcheen to start. Adding on an order of chicken and leek pie, on second thought. He was always hungry and Hazel's cooking only made it more enticing.

The woman seemed to have been scared off by Evan, "see, you scare them away," laughing as he gave Ciar an noogie. He was right not to try it on Liam for he'd gotten him with his left hook a few times. "I've been keeping clean," down into his seat again as he finished up his food like a starved man. They all had good appetites. Except when Evan was being a love sick pup.

Luckily Evan was happy in love lately.... so his appetite was ever present!

He finished his meal and leaned back, patting his stomach. "Going to start gaining weight between eating here and at the manor. Speaking of which ... " He looked at Liam again, "might as well repeat what you said to me for Evan." Though he wasn't sure about putting Fiona in charge of the household.  Ah, well, that would be Liam's decision.

"Are you still seeing.. ah.. what'shername?" Of course Liam knew the lady's name, he just did that purposely on Evan. "I think you are seeing a phantom as she is never with you. Maybe she is a Banshee?" Teasing as was usual for him until the serious comment. "Aye, there is a good size manor that is empty on the other side of Willow lake, which puts it between there and Clearview, so we're not too far, but far enough. I've the key and we're going to go take a look at it tomorrow. If it suits then we shall move in, get Fiona out from under Mary's foot. I think, if we stay there much longer it might be literally."

"Mariah." Evan answered stubbornly, "and she's no phantom, she's just busy." A little defensive? Partly, but he also wished they could spend more time together as well. Though he relished every moment they had already. Brightening when Liam mentioned a manor, and he grinned at the name of Willow Lake. "Aye, that sounds perfect. I'd like to take a look at it with you." Then letting out a laugh, "else dear Mary might be chasing Fiona away with one of her broomsticks."

"I hope the bedrooms all have views of the lake." He chuckled as he picked up his tray and carried it over to the bar, getting a refill of his ale. "Or we'll be fighting over that." He joined his brothers again, sprawling in the chair. "And rooms for the Harringtons." Added with a mutter.

More like that iron skillet she likes to whip up her eggs in the morning in." Biggest one he ever saw but it did a fine job of cooking eggs. "Aye, we can claim the bedrooms with a view!" Hopefully there were not a lot of trees in the way, then again, winter would give them the view. "We should come up with a name for it too. Something of new beginnings or family related."

Stepping back down to the Tavern she checked once to ensure she would be able to stay more then a moment and smiled briefly at the two she'd been so briefly introduced to wondering if she'd managed to give her name before she ran off the last time.


"Will the Harringtons want to live with us too, do you think?" Evan was a bit startled by that, though maybe he shouldn't have been. Oisin would be living in the manor, after all... it was natural that her adoptive parents would want to be there too. He thanked Alex when his meal arrived, carrying the plate back over to their table. Looking up long enough to nod towards the stairs, "Good evening, miss." Before he began digging in.

She had just run off, maybe one of those days that nature was not so nice? "Good eve Miss, once again. This is my brother Evan," which he had introduced Ciaran earlier. Then to answer Evan, "I'm not sure Fawn would feel comfortable if they lived in the same house. I think it might be wiser they stay here or a small cottage near if they plan to stay a while. I think she feels her new found freedom would be threatened or they might lay claim and try to take her away from us." He wasn't quite sure but that covered any concerns in his book. "I don't think Bradley would want to stay under the same roof." Even he got to hear about the confrontations.

"A pleasure Evan." She answered then to Liam and Ciaran she would address quickly. "I am Hannah, though I do not know if it came through in my frequent testing of the stairs." The smile came brief but quick. "And they are quite sound I assure you

"It had not then, the test failed," but she got a smile and quick wink. "Nice to meet you Hannah. Are you new here?" Being he was fairly new still, or newly back having only been here briefly before they were off to the colonies.

"We have some time to think of it." He looked at Evan and shrugged. "Brad said they're good people. But that the Mrs. is a bit lost without Fawn." He smiled at Hannah then looked at his brothers again. "Though if they wish to stay while they decide if they going to remain here, I'm not going to be the one to tell them no."

"Yes, I've been but a few days. I came in for a meal and met a near naked man and a Fae who'd been to court and supped with a Queen, then met another man who warned me of the frightening things that go bump in the night." She laughed and would shake her head. "He was polite enough to show me the way to secure a room while I explore the lands."

"I'm not either. I have a feeling that they might want to stay, but you're right, I don't think Fawn would like that." Just a hunch he had. Evan nodded at the introductions then began shoveling into his dinner.

Which had Liam stop and blink hearing Hannah. A laugh followed, "and does the naked man, the supping Fae and bump in the night man .. have names?"

She frowned and smoothed her hand down the simple dress before taking a seat near the fire. It may have been warm outside but she was always just a little cool. "Well.. the Fae she was a beautiful woman with pale skin and her voice was as three.. the naked man was Matoskah.." She paused and rolled it in her head trying to ensure she said it just right. "And though he was barely dressed his skin burned to the touch." Rattling on now she would smile and couldn't very well stop. "And the last was Bradley."

"Matoskah, one of the young braves. Son of a respected man and family here, McDonough." Nodding, as he had met the one. "Ah, Bradley, be he Harrington?" A man they had been speaking on who helped out their long lost sister.  Who was lost no more.

"From Boston?" She asked. It was true that she'd seen more that night in the way of surreal than she could admit. "I believe it is the same. He is also recently arrived here."

"Aye, Boston." Evan piped in, from around a mouthful of chicken pie. He was cutting off the last few bites with a fork but paused long enough to drink his potcheen down. He glanced up to the woman named Hannah, somewhat amused by her description of those she'd met.

Ciar was growing tired and this time, he'd not be heading for the docks to find a game. He downed the last of his ale and stood. "Going back to Clearview. M'tired."  He almost sounded like a small lad!

Her hand pushed back through the wild curly mane of red and gold. A small ribbon tied it back out of her face and she would smile to Ciaran. "Sleep well. Are you also of Boston?"

"Yes, he's from Boston. So the one and the same." He shook his head with the last, "no, we're not from Boston although we have been there. I will head back with you," the last to Ciaran as it was that kind of late now and he was tired. He might have stayed longer but this way he'd have company back too and they could talk more on a few things. "it was nice to meet you Hannah, maybe we'll see you again. Evan, good night, unless you're coming too?" He knew Evan tended to wander off by himself but it was nice when they all got to talk.

"Nope, I'll come along." He shoveled in the last of his meal, then pushed back from his chair to stand. Having the decency to swallow before turning to smile at Hannah. "Pleasure to meet ya, have a pleasant evening."

"Goodnight." She said lifting her hand to them all. "Sleep well."

"Nice to meet you, Hannah." He lifted a hand as he headed for the door.

"And you."

He got a bottle of the potcheen for them to share on the way back, lots to talk about and a good drink to flow, never hurt. With his thanks to Alex and compliments on the meal to Hazel, he was then on his way. A few cigarillos to share as well and talk on the warehouse where he was setting up a boxing ring, all that it would entail. Things were getting there.



Date: 08-20-10
Poster: Meekel Silvertone
Post # 71

Yviene had spent a quiet day out near Crystal Gold lake, being one with nature...or something along those lines. Having just returned shortly ago, Alex was kind enough to greet her with her normal evening meal of nectar and a plate of sliced fruits. Seated at the end of the bar , her usual seat, she was dressed in a dress of very pale lilac, almost gray, with fitted sleeves and corset waistline. Silver hair left down, decorated with beads. Conversation with Alex was always pleasant.

Meekel was back from a hunt to the northern most borders that ran along Ballicastle all the way over to Kildare. There was something strange, something different in the air in certain areas but nothing to show for their scouting thus far. Just a stir and they planned to go back to run the line again. Tonight he was relaxing and it had been a while since he came to the Thistle. Garbed in dark greens and earth browns, he blended in well to his environment. Here too, he moved as quietly and quickly as the light breeze about the lands this night. Only the stir of taller grass or small bits of debris to move in his passing.

Finna had decided to linger in Heathfield for a time, needing some rest and some serenity after her more recent travels. It was nice to be safe, dry and uninjured for more than two days put together. The Bard had found the people of  Heathfield both generous and with a good taste for music, a very important combination for someone like Finna. She had enjoyed seeing the sights, today wandering around a few of the smaller lakes, finding solace in the shade of  their willows. The downy-haired young lass came down the stairs with her harp beneath her arm, planning to have a meal before beginning the evening's entertainments. A smile was offered to Yviene when Finna went to the bar, perching on a stool a couple seats down from the woman. "Fair eve."

Short tapered ears that made slight parts in the fall of silver hair flittered subtly when the door of the tavern opened, and attention of pearl like eyes turned to the entrant. A small nod was given to the woman, sure to finish what was in her mouth before speaking. "Kyr aelaelol." Trio voice greeted warmly, all three octaves in tune with one another and spoken in sync. "Quite a lovely night." Quad digits reached for the slices of fruit, plucking up a wedge of apple to politely bite from.

Her interest was instantly captured by the woman's unusual, musical voice. Dreamy blue eyes lighting up as she gave Yviene full attention. "That is amazing, your voice. Is it a trick of magic, are you a conjurer? Or can that be your natural tone?" She caught herself with a laugh. "My apologies, assaulting you with questions before we are even introduced. I am Finna, and this is Clairah," she gestured to her harp. The girl might have an almost abrupt curiosity, but her smile was guileless and friendly as can be.

Finna was barely in when the wisp of wind brought Meekel in her wake. There was a scent in the air he recognized and the one was there upon a seat. His voice held a very musical quality, as unique as Yviene's with her threesome. Unique even for an Elf for the ability to control octaves like a weapon if needed. "Nae saian lumme', vendui." Having neared the bar with a slight bow of his head. He wore none of his weapons save an Elven made hunting knife sheathed to his belt. Realizing he had used the Elven tongue, "good evening." Mostly to Finna, "I am Meekel."

Ears perked at the excitement that seemed to come from the woman. Her focus remained on the woman, though hard to tell with lack of pupils. Everything about her was either white or silver, right down to her winter complexion. "It is my natural voice." The trio spoke quietly, barely more than a whisper. A gentle shake of her head. "No need to apologize, Finna. I am Yviene." Quad digits offered a small wave, then one ear ducked towards the door before looking to see the familiar face walk in. Not well known, but known well enough. "Kyr aelaelol." Greeted Meekel with a nod. "Sai jhyl." Responded to his greeting.

Finna turned 'round on her stool when the door opened, perking yet again when another Elven came in, with a lovely voice of his own. The bard gave a sigh. "Ahh, to have an elf's voice... my singing is a mere shadow of even your roughest speaking voice." Then she was smiling warmly at Meekel. "Vendui." She was not fluent in the Elven tongue, but had met enough through her travels to know a few smatterings of speech. "And I'm Finna," She added belatedly!

Blue eyes turned on Finna, capturing here there. Pleasant look even if he was not actually smiling. Smiles didn't come as often. "It is a pleasure to meet you Finna. I'm sure your voice is as the song birds that grace each new day with their song, singing its praises and welcome as well giving it new life."

Yviene's dialect was a bit different than most other elves, but close enough that it could be managed. Her plate pushed in the direction of the others. "Alex always tends to over feed me. Please, help yourselves if you wish." A selection of various sliced fruits lay on the plate in a lovely display, though had a few holes from what she'd already taken.

"Spoken poetically, but alas, I can at best hope to mimic the morning birds. They are experts in the business of song, after all. Oh, thank you!" There was a quick smile as she reached for a slice of melon to nibble on. Finna was the sort to be always smiling, whether the gesture was a beaming grin or merely a soft curve of her lips. Light and contentment seemed to glow in her lavender-blue eyes and youthful features. A melon wouldn't suffice for long, so Finna reached for a menu then. "Hazel is such a grand cook, or else the writer of this menu was genius. I have the strongest urge to simply order everything!"

Meekel was holding a slice already. He was that quick that the motion would go undetected unless by another Elf. "How are things in your lands since I saw you last, Yviene?" Which was the usual start of a conversation of one that was a friend but had not been seen in a while.

A nod of agreement given to Finna. "She is a wonderful cook." Then attention turned to Meekel, ears fell just slightly. "I'm afraid the Empire is no longer. Just a lovely shell of white marble paths and structures haunted by the past." Fondly spoken, rather than tragically so.

His usual noncommittal pleasant expression fell as hers fell. "I am sorry to hear this. If you should wish to talk sometime, I will listen." Leaving the offer go at that for it had to be complicated as well. Though her tone had him wonder as he asked, "this is a good thing that happened?"

Finna was just as likely to chatter to herself or to her harp, if nobody was engaging in conversation, but she was able to keep her quiet as well. When the other two seemed to be familiar and began speaking, she wouldn't invade but instead leaned over the bar to place her order with Alex. "I'll have the clam chowder, please, and then the Welsh rarebit, did you know that is one of my favorites? And so rarely found on menus... aye, and an ale to wash it down,
thank you." A big smile for the tender.

Yviene shook her head gently. "T'was bound to happen with five of 8 royals beneath corrupting influence and only three wise enough to see it coming." It was simply one of those facts of court-life things and Yviene easily dismissed it as the fault of those five royals and their tender ways of thought to be corrupted. "And how are you this eve, Meekel? I've not seen you in quite some time."

"Then it came to pass what was logical, although it is a shame the marble halls will only echo the wind." Then moving onto more pleasant conversation. "I am doing well as is my son. He is the head ranger and I go with them a good amount of the times. We secure the forests that are countless acres unoccupied up to the borders of our lands with the wild life preserve beyond."

"Sounds of quite the adventure. My congratulations to your son." A nod given, she picked up her mug and took a small drink.

Finna was holding her tongue, with some effort, but she was watching the two in that big-eyed curious way she sometimes had....and didn't realize how odd it looked.

Yviene looked to Finna, noting the look. "Have you something to add?" The inquiry made with a sense of her own curiosity, thought it was somewhat difficult to pick up on with such subtle expressions.

Which had focus turned upon Finna as Yviene picked up on something warranting a question.

And then they were both looking at her. Finna blinked and smiled, a quick sheepish expression. "Ah, sorry... I was merely wondering where you each hail from. I have met several elves along the road, all with their own features and backgrounds, it is ever so fascinating."

"I hail originally from the Empire of Tides, but now am thoughtful to seek residence here in Heathfield or perhaps one of the surrounding areas."

It was unusual for Nadya to be in the city, even on her days of rest. It was usually under protest. But she had a few days to herself and some leathers to need replaced. White blonde hair was gathered at the crown of her head and allowed to fall free. She was enjoying some sweets from the candy shop as she made her way into the Thistle. Taffy was going to make it hard to talk.

Which had Meekel do a double take Yviene's way and the first smile to show this evening although he didn't say anything on the news presently. He addressed the question posed him by Finna. "I am of the Silver Elves, cousins to the Sylvan Elves of these lands. I have gone abroad for a time in my life to seek my fortune." He learned heartbreak instead. That was in the past. "I have always resided in these lands otherwise even when in hiding of our whole nation." During the time of Rath had started it. "Where do you originally hail from?" Focus that had been intent upon her broke for a moment with a glance to the windows and door. Sweeping kind as another was sensed coming their way.

"The Empire of Tides... I have not heard of it," she said thoughtfully. Time for a trip to the library! She was a voracious reader, often composing songs from old history books and volumes of poetry. Bringing to life that which had been dead and crumbling for years or even centuries. Then she turned towards Meekel with a softer smile. "I am from Scotland, originally." And she left it there. Her food arrived just then, the soup to start and she eagerly took up her spoon. When another came through the door, Finna bobbed a nod of greeting but her mouth was full by then.

Her attention drifted between Meekel and Finna with a small smile as she settled in her seat. Flit of ears, she too glanced towards the door, then back to the woman, awaiting to hear of her origins. If she sought for tales of the Empire, she'd do better to ask, as there wasn't much text on the lands. Those who once populated had preferred it that way. "You travel far from home. I hope your travels have been safe and what you enjoy."

Soon as the lass stepped within, "good evening Nade, please come and meet Yviene and Finna."

She lifted a hand in greeting to Meekel and the two women, trying not to grin. The candy was delicious but it was going to take a few seconds more for her speak. "Well met, Yviene and Finna." Her accent was less heavy than when she had first arrived in Heathfield but it was still very noticeable.

"Well met," the Bard sang out in greeting, before turning back to Yviene with a soft smile and nod. "Oh aye, I have traveled far and farther still, but I cannot say my life has lacked for adventure."

"Shaer taer." She greeted Nade then looked to Finna a nod. "Do you travel by foot?" Curious still. It wasn't really often she took such a part in conversation. Her social skills lacked most of the time.

"Aye, by foot most of the time. It is not often that I need to travel any great distance at one time. I am more like an autumn leaf, drifting from town to town, wherever the winds might take me." A warmer smile which said that this lifestyle suited her quite nicely. "Though this is a lovely town. If I were the sort to settle in any one place, I might consider here."

"You have a very warm spirit about you. I am sure you bring much joy and many smiles to those you cross paths with." Spoken so surely.

"This is a much needed rest after the weeks scouting the northern borders." This a comment made to Nade as he saw to getting some of the potcheen he favored.

"Aye, it is." She didn't know what else to do so she held out the bag of taffy to the others. "It is very good.."

That made Finna just beam. Blessing Yviene with a modest but radiant smile. "Thank you. That is my only wish, to bring joy to as many folks as I can, whether they be old or young, man or woman, skinny or - well, you get the idea," a little laugh before Nade's motion caught the corner of her eye. "Oh, thank you, perhaps I shall have one for dessert." She was finishing up her chowder and still had the rabbit coming!

He was about to raise his first glass but he set it aside as she offered out the bag. Being polite aside being curious he took the few steps needed to get closer. A glance in the bag first before taking one of the pieces of taffy. He never had this particular kind of sweet as he moved back then popped it in his mouth.

A warm smile given Finna, she then leaned to look in the offered bag with perking of tapered ears. "What is it?" Curious, she'd never seen or smelled anything like that before. Tentatively she selected one of the candies and looked a at it.

"It's called taffy. As I said, it's very good but it's ... well, it makes it hard to talk when you eat." She gave a little shrug and laughed.

Nearly flat bridge of her nose crinkled up as she sniffed at the candy then very politely and subtly licked it before biting into just a small bit of it. Exploratory! It was...different and very sweet. "Thank you."

He was finding that it was sticking to his teeth and a rather comical look followed but there was a pleased look as it gradually softened as he continued to chew. The potcheen would have to wait.

And yes, there was a hint of mischief in her eyes when she spoke. "The candy shop has many interesting candies. I've had the rock candy and choc-o-lates, and now the taffy."

Finna couldn't help but giggle to herself at the look on their faces, Meekel and Yviene that is. Clearly they had never tried taffy before and yes, it was an experience. "I prefer chocolate, myself. The richer and gooey-er.... the better." Not surprising, since chocolate was a hard thing to find along the road or to carry when traveling.

Yviene didn't like the feeling of things stuck to her teeth. The remains of the candy were set on the edge of her plate with a soft laugh to Meekel's expression. "It's very interesting. How do you make candy of rocks?" That sounded very strange to her. Tended to melt and make a horrible mess!

Taffy lasted longer than the usual bit of candy but once he was done, the tumbler was taking up and the shot kicked back. It had a nice warming effect on his throat which he liked.

Her chowder was finished down to the bottom, and Alex placed the rarebit down before Finna, whose eyes widened like a child on Christmas morning. She took a moment just to suck in the aroma with her nostrils before breaking the flaky crust with her fork. It was steaming hot, and she blew on it gently before taking that first glorious bite. Eyes closed in near ecstasy as she chewed.

She was smiling as she watched though she looked at Yviene. "It looks like crystals and it's very sweet too. I think if you try to bite down, you might break your teeth so it's better if you just let it melt in your mouth."

Naturally wide eyes blinked slowly, trying to envision that sort of candy. Guess you had to see it to understand because she was picturing geode crystals instead of what rock candy actually looked like. "Hm..." Hummed softly.

Meekel's ears perked as there was a distant tone only he could hear. Well, anyone Elf would too. "A good night to you all. I shall be around." And he was heading out as quickly as he had come in earlier.

She was used to the abrupt departures apparently and turned to Alex to order a light supper before she took her rest.  Biding both women said good night as they too left the common room, she prepared to enjoy the food, and the quiet before she made her way up the stairs.



Date: 08-25-10
Poster: Keriann Frasier
Post # 72

Returning Home

Keriann was back after many, far too many, months away to Scotland. She arrived a week ago with her twins who were presently in the care of Hannah at Falkirk. After matters of a quiet divorce were seen to, she came to Heathfield to seek out her old job, if it was available. She found that her sister was going to take it over but once she was back, easily stepped down but wished to work with her and Rosemary, being an artist as well. Now they would seek to find a manor nearby big enough the four of them could stay in, that included the twins of which a nanny would be hired for both were working. A cook as well and possibly a handyman. Nannies were good and it would stay her brothers having anything to say about the care of the little ones and being able to keep her career. After a long day of looking at a number of houses, Keri came to the Thistle as her sister had other interests to see to this evening. It had been a long time since she had a good meal cooked like only Hazel could. It had been enjoyed and now she settled with a glass of punch, raspberry in particular. She was simply attired in a warm melon frock with off the shoulder sleeves. Hair had been tied up in the same color satin ribbon as strands had worked themselves loose to escape, sliding down to tickle along her neck and shoulders.

Yviene had spent a great deal of her recent time out amongst the nature of Heathfield rather than her room there at the tavern. With cooler weather in approach, she figured she might as well get all the time she could outside. She decided tonight, however, that she would enjoy a mug of Elven wine and an actual bed, and possibly some good company. Once Hariyar was stabled and settled, she made the walk from the stables to the tavern. Steps silence upon the
ground climbed to the porch and quietly the door was pushed open. Draped in silver-ish colored velvet, the hood was pushed away from a head of silver hair decorated in fine beads. Pearl like eyes washed over the interior to spot the other woman and offered her a nod. "Good evening." The trio of octaves greeted warmly as she approached the bar.

It wasn't so much that she heard the other, she had not, but the movement of Alex to see to someone coming in, was what alerted her. She turned on her stool with a big warm smile and couldn't help her eyes going just a bit wider. She had never seen one who looked like this lady. "Hello there, I'm Keriann or Keri. You are new here or have I've been gone that long?" She had been gone a year, at least, it seemed like eons.

Tapered ears perked a bit to the woman's observation, she offered a nod. "My name is Yviene. It is a pleasure to meet you, Keriann. I have only recently arrived here in Heathfield." A nod given to Alex, she requested the glass of Elven wine and returned her attention to the woman. "You are only just returning? Is this home?"

After their long mission to Australia, Morgan could have taken some time off, but, like his brother, Faelan, and sister, Regan, he couldn't stand to be on land for long. He had sailed to the Caribbean to deliver cargo and check on investments and had returned again this night. After cleaning up on his ship, he had a meal at the Blue Marlin then headed for the Thistle.

"Then I welcome you to the lands." Speaking of home had her smile widen, if that were possible, maybe the fact that her eyes lit up. "Yes, I have come home and my heart is at peace again. My twin sister is here as well. You are from foreign lands or so would be to me. I've not met one as unique as yourself and would do well in sculpture." Which was a compliment coming from Keri.

"Well then, welcome home." Cloak was unclasped and laid over the back of the stool she intended to occupy. Thanks given to Alex for the drink, it was picked up but not yet taken from. "That is very kind of you. You are quite studious to your surroundings." A compliment in return for her keen eye.

He smiled as he headed inside, not surprised to find two lovely ladies in conversation. He had dressed casually, in a buccaneer's shirt of red, black pants and boots neatly folded over at the knee. Long sun bleached hair was pulled back neatly with a bit of rawhide. "Good evening, ladies. Evening, Alex. A glass of the pure, if you would." It was good to be back though he'd wait until morning to ride to the manor. Of course, he could visit Adam beforehand.

"Are you visiting then or will you stay?" Focus had turned completely on the unique woman in her own impish way. The arrival of the other broke the spell in a sense as her smile remained that reached her eyes. He looked familiar too. Drifting glance went from head to toe and didn't she see the swashbuckler carved out in marble in her thoughts. "Hello, a good evening to you also. I'm Keriann Frasier and this is Yviene." Almost saying unique Yviene in a complimentary way.

"I hope to be staying if I can find my niche." Which could prove more difficult than she'd expected it to be. Though time would find her right place. As another entered her attention drifted to him with a light nod. "Good evening, Sir." She would have given forth introductions, but Keriann had been kind enough to do so for her, so another nod was given.

He wore a sword at his hip, a peace knot in place, so her observation of him was on the mark! "Captain Morgan Callihan, at your service." He added a bow as he introduced himself. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." By then, Alex had delivered his drink, so he saluted them both and took a drink.

"Luckily my niche was still available." With the stepping aside of her sister but she was given a position in the museum too. She had yet to surprise Abigail. Which had her thoughts wander there a few moment before she was back. The captain drawing her attention from the wandering. "A pleasure Captain Callihan, I believe I met your brother Faelan a year ago when I was last here." That was if the one was his brother. She mumbled something about him making a dashing sculpture or painting, picturing her sister loving such a capture.

"A pleasure, Captain Callihan." Drink brought up for a small drink, listening to the conversation between the two quietly.

"More than likely. Especially if it was in the winter. We don't sail as much then, mostly between here and Kildare." Would he mind posing? She'd have to ask but he'd likely not turn her down.

"Would you consider posing for me, us, my sister paints while I sculpt in marble, stone and wood. Or maybe long enough I can get in sketches needed." She was already working it out in her imagination. A drink finally taken as she was considering all this. It was going to be good to be able to work again, something else she had missed for there wasn't the circumstances in Scotland conductive to sculpting.

Rhett had a finished Cromwell sword in hand, dull edge and in need of polishing. Instead of sitting alone at the Smithy, he headed here for one never knew who might show. Brown Stetson worn covered up the shock of spike curly hair beneath which made him look younger, the hat made him look older than his eighteen years. Poet's shirt of blue worn enhanced the color of his eyes. Sleeves rolled up exposing the muscular arms of a blacksmith. Black pants and boots finished his attire. Pressed smile already there as he stepped in from outside. "Good evening," making his way over to a vacant table across form the bar where he set the sword, encased  in its scabbard at present, then diverted his steps to the bar to get some of the pure.

"Posing?" He rubbed his chin as he considered. "When would you want me to? I'll be making short trips for the next month or two." They'd be making sure supplies were transported to Kildare for the winter though they were becoming more and more self-sufficient. He'd be ribbed about it more than likely, but he didn't mind. "Evening, Rhett. Good to see you again."

She had met Rhett as well back when. "Evening Rhett, good to see you again." Warm smile his way too before giving Morgan an answer. "Whenever is convenient for you. You can leave word at the museum or just show up. I will be appreciative of whatever time you can spare."

"Good evening Morgan. How did your trip go?" He had heard they sailed to Australia and certainly it would have been an interesting trip, "good evening Keriann, nice to have you back." Something kept him from asking on her husband. "Miss, good evening," blue eyes turning upon the one he had not met as he collected his drink.

"It went extremely well." He grinned at the blacksmith. "There are some new additions to the zoo that I think people will find amazing. Rhett, this is Yviene. Yviene, Rhett."

"Nice to meet you ma'am, Yviene," pressed smile had a way of shinning in his eyes as he took his drink with the bottle over to the table to set, kicked back the first. Turning the chair just so that he could work while facing them and be part of the conversation, if it went that way, too. A cloth was gotten out along with a polishing compound before he slid out the sword to lay across his lap. A glob onto the cloth from the canister before he was working it into the steel. Tedious work but he had a way that one might even say was lovingly, slow precise circular motion.

He was curious of course, and made his way over to have a look at the sword. Letting out a low whistle, he nodded his approval. "Nice. A commission?"

"Actually this is one to sell. When I'm not doing the ones for the lands, or commissioned, I try to keep up my inventory for ones needing a sword today when they arrive at my smithy." Pressed smile went Morgan's way before his own curiosity got to him, "tell me of your trip to Australia?"

He looked at the two women and smiled. "You're welcome to join us." He looked back at Rhett and then pulled out a chair, turning it around and straddling it, arms resting on the back. "Well, it was bigger than we expected, a lot of untamed land and the natives there a bit unsure of strangers though can't really blame them. We traveled desert, forest, and lands a lot like here. We saw the sacred mountain of the Aborigines, and brought back the strangest animals you ever did see. Kaylea MacKay is setting it up right now."

She was certainly going to join them, especially with the invitation as she quickly made her way over so she didn't miss a word. Punch in hand as she slipped into a chair on the other side of Morgan. Besides, Yviene had quietly taken her leave, leaving Keri by herself. "I wish I could have gone on such and adventure and recorded it all in pictures." Wistful, certainly.

Pressed smile came as Keriann joined them but focus was just as quickly back on Morgan as he spoke. "Did you get to meet the Aborigines?" Now that would be an interesting story all by itself. "Did you get to visit Ayres Rock?"

He smiled at Keriann then nodded at Rhett. "That's the sacred mountain I was talking about. We had guides that were Aborigines, but first we had to get them to trust us. I nearly got my head handed to me through a misunderstanding

She sat quietly. Listening. Sipping her punch in a quiet way, not slurping it. Enthralled to hear Morgan's adventure.

Which had Rhett eyeing him, "you're not going to leave us hanging?" That quick glance to Keriann as he finished up the first coat of polish and put the sword back into his scabbard, the cloth and polish away as he waited for Morgan to go on, giving him the expected prompt. "How did you nearly get your head handed to you?"

Morgan took a drink, then laughed. "Of course I wouldn't leave you hanging. The natives are a spiritual people and strong in their beliefs. They have one they call the Dreamtime. Well, I was curious and asking questions and our guide was interpreting. He didn't understand the question I asked and when the chief answered, I suddenly found myself surrounded by spears. Faelan and Regan were kept from coming near me while one of the elders was sent for. I  sweated off ten pounds until she finally came. And she spoke English, with a British accent. So, she straightened things out. I think the only time I was more scared was when we were captured by the unholy trinity." He smiled at Keriann. "I think you'd spend years there and not be able to capture it all, Keriann. It's amazing."

"Aye, that can happen. Luckily the Elder spoke English and understood what you meant or you may have been turned into another strange animal." Implying that was where the strange things came from! He rose from his seat as it had been a very long drawn out day, "I would like to hear more if you're going to be around the next few days at least. I'll catch up with you. Are you staying at the port in your ship? Or the Callihan manor?"

"I'll be heading down to see Adam in the morning then make a trip to the manor. Not sure if I'll stay a day or two there but then I'll be back to me ship. Have to make sure the crew stays out of trouble." He hadn't actually considered the magic part but it was possible!

"Stop by the smithy and we'll go have a few ales together." Pressed smile was in place again, sword within its scabbard in hand. "Good night to you both," or he'd be passing out on the spot if he lingered any longer. In fact he was on his way out, not lingering in adieus. He was sure he'd catch up with Morgan.

"Good night Rhett, say hello to the rest of your family for me when you see them." She was zoning too, ideas would grab her thoughts and then realize she had missed parts of the conversation.

"I'll do that. G'night, Rhett." He finished the potcheen and turned to Keriann. "I'll stop into the museum in a few days if that's where you'll be, or here. " He smiled again. "I'm thinking it's about that time for me as well."

"Yes, for me too," which had the lilt of light laughter to follow as her drink was finished. One would do. She was up too with it in hand. "That sounds great and a real pleasure to meet you Morgan. I shall see you soon. A very pleasant good night and .. welcome home." Seemed it was a homecoming for both of them. Different stories, his far more exciting and interesting than hers. She had a key in hand and wouldn't keep in waiting, her glass returned to the bar with a smile his way upon turning, then headed for the corridor and steps beyond.

"Thank you and good night." He obtained a key from Alex, after finishing the last of his potcheen. Waiting a few moments so it didn't seem like he was following her, he too, headed up the steps to his room.



Date: 08-29-10
Poster: Keriann Frasier
Post # 73

Origami Frogs and Men

It was quiet in the Thistle and Keriann was still staying in one of the rooms as she tossed around her present situation and decisions to be made. To find a cottage or house near the castle so they could walk if needed during the winter months was the priority. She needed to interview nannies too. The latter would afford them both more independence and freedom in her mind. So she sat at a table idly, absently, folding pieces of paper into origami frogs. There were already six with number seven being added. Once made, a press of her forefinger against the back and it leaped forward to join the others.

It wouldn't be quiet for long, not with Evan Hunt intent on a drink or three. Even without his brothers he was adept at finding trouble, and that coupled with his incendiary temper could spell trouble. And often did. He'd gotten into a scuffle with another bloke over a game of cards; the bloke had accused him of cheating, something he could not ignore, and Evan had lunged right across the table at him, scattering cards and winnings everywhere. Of course, big-shouldered Evan had cowed the bloke after just a few punches exchanged, and that murderous look that sometimes came into his eye. The bloke had apologized, whimpering, and Evan himself had pulled the man up with a slap to his back and breezy 'No worries.' His temper had deflated the moment his pride was soothed. And so it was that they came stumbling up to the tavern together, both feeling good enough to be singing and laughing as they went, despite their bruises and disarrayed clothing. Loudly enough to herald their passage down the lane.

Singing and laughter brought Keri back with a blink as her hands stilled on creasing a more colorful sheet into a swan shape. Dark brown eyes seemed to round a touch larger that lifted to the door's entry and waited, shifting momentarily to the window and back but she could hardly see anything for the darkness beyond and her distance inside from the window.

She might not be able to see anything, but she'd certainly be able to hear the clumping of four boots as the two men fumbled their way up onto the porch. Singing was replaced with cursing as they tripped, then more laughter. It seemed the bloke would not be joining Evan for a drink, but wanted to get home to his wife and children. "Oh hell! I thought you were a worthless bachelor like me," Evan's tongue slurred some. He jokingly threatened to punch Jake (for that was the bloke's name) again if he didn't come in just for one drink, but eventually relented, and Jake went off back down the street with a shout and wave of farewell. Evan shook his head, smirking, then turned towards the door. Pushing the screen aside to step in, his foot caught on the threshold, long arms flailing a moment before he found his balance. "Bloody hell, who put that there..." he muttered to himself peevishly before looking up. And saw a  rather startled young woman looking at him. Oops. "Uh, sorry, Miss, sorry." A sheepish grin flashed. Even half drunk he still had that natural charm.

Keriann rose as she watched the one enter, though only one what had seemed like a small crowd of people for all the singing and laughing as well the stomps on the steps. She wore a pale yellow gown that complimented her complexion, dark eyes and hair. Hair that was pulled up but showed the signs of a long day in managing strands to escape. It gave her a more natural, untamed look. A hand shot up to cover her mouth to still the laughter which rose to dance in her eyes instead as her hand lowered. A slight cough as she valiantly tried to keep a normal voice but laughter stole into her words. "Nothing to be sorry about Sir," glancing from him to the door and back. "Is there not more in your group? The stampede of elephants perhaps?" He might notice the twitch of her lips as she said it best straight forward as she could muster.

He probably looked like an overgrown bumbling fool, with his height and strong build, and the long strands of brown hair that flapped over his face - though it was an admittedly handsome face, slightly stubble and tanned. At least he was aware that he had stumbled in here like an idiot and was humble enough to be grinning about it. Stepping gingerly over the threshold, he let the screen door swing shut behind him and pushed the shaggy hair from his eyes. Evan wore simple garb, dark brown slacks and a deep blue shirt, half untucked from his pants and a crooked brown vest worn unbuttoned atop that. A blink was offered at her question, taking a moment to understand it, then he burst out laughing. the type of laughter that shook the roof timbers. "Uh, no, no elephants though I bet we sounded like one."

Luckily she was immune to handsome. Her brothers, her cousins, a man she married that only abandoned her. Looks no longer meant much but the person. She would do well to be wiser in her future choices. He was cute in a sense in spite of being obviously drunk enough to stumble and stagger. She also realized he was not one she had ever met before and probably came during her year plus absence. At least he had a sense of humor so that was in his favor. "It had sounded like a horde was coming in but alas it was but one. We?" So there was another as 'we' would imply but with a glance again, there was not another at his side, nor hiding behind him. "Your invisible friend?" Was he to that state of intoxication? This seemed to amuse her even more.

Another blink and he cast a bewildered glance over his shoulder. "No, my mate Jake, he was just..." And he realized she was pulling his leg. Hazel orbs eyed Keriann, slightly narrowed as a smile slowly spread. Overflowing into another burst of laughter. "Alright, I deserved that, not giving enough details. Haven't even named myself like a gentleman should. I'm Evan, Evan Hunt."His sleeves had come unrolled some and he worked on pushing them back up. "And that other bloke was Jake, and I don't know his last name, but we got into a bit of a row over cards. Settled soon enough though. He gave me this," a gesture towards his split lip, "but I gave him a black eye so we called it even." Another grin offered as he made his way to the bar, intent on a meal before getting another drink.

She stepped away from her origami frog covered table with only one half made swan and dipped a curtsy. She was a slip of a lass as some might say but had a natural elegant grace in the way she moved. "A pleasure to meet you Evan Hunt. It seems you have had the adventure already this night at the price of a split lip but leaving the other much worse. A tough way to make a new friend and I'm duly advised in advanced." The amusement still there to linger in dark eyes that she should imply they got into a fist fight. Instead, she lifted a hand his way in a much more tame way, "Keriann Frasier, the humble proprietor of the castle Museum."

"I don't always make friends that way." A pause just long enough to make her wonder before he finished, "Sometimes I kick 'em in the stomach instead." He was very clearly kidding.... or was he? Might have been hard to tell actually, but it was all good natured. He might be a temperamental man but didn't seem a violent one. He flashed her a grin and then stepped forward when she gave her hand. Lifting it in his thick calloused fingers to brush a kiss to her knuckles, a touch surprisingly gentle. "Keriann Frasier, nice to meet you. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting the museum yet but I've been meaning to." Her hand released, he lifted a menu instead, eyes running over it hungrily. Maybe he'd just get one of everything? Instead he had the sense to order just the roast pork with potatoes on the side, and some bread to go with it.

"At least you didn't make them eat worms..." leaving the thought to linger as a young boy's initiation in making friends. And that was implied to be worse than a kick in the stomach. It was quickly noticed that he brush a kiss over her knuckles than a manly shake, "a gentleman bred too, Mister Hunt. You're an honor to your family." Although she had not heard of any Hunt family so far. "You've the appetite of a man after a long day of making friends," humorously still as he stepped away and she to take up her seat again. She would finish the swan as nimble fingers worked their magic over the special paper. She almost mentioned on her identical twin sister but decided more would be the fun not to and if she were there instead when he showed. Two with one stone's throw.

It had been a long day but one that was worth it. Training was something Darragh enjoyed, whether it was with the others of the Force of Five, or with the knights on the field. He had been practicing alone in that certain meadow and just now was making his way into the Thistle for a late supper. Of course, if there were any around for conversation, he'd be happy for that as well. And there were two inside. "Good evenin' to you both."

"No, not in a couple years anyway," he answered to the comment of eating worms, with a broad smirk. One which faded when she went on to mention family, a shadow passing his features so briefly she probably didn't even notice. Then the smile was back. "Aye, I've had friends say I could eat a horse, all the way down to the hooves if I could chew 'em." Now he just had to wait for his meal. A sound at the door had him turning to the stranger with a nod of greeting and amiable smile. "Evenin'." He was in a friendly sort of mood tonight, lucky for them all!

She rose once again as another male with a sense of authority about him entered. "Good eve Sir." Although Darragh was probably here when she was last, she had never met him. Amused smile gifted upon Evan the moment for his appetite comment then back to the other. "I am Keriann Frasier," it honestly felt good to use her maiden name again, a step away from the past. With each step she moved into the future. She collected up the frogs and swan to bring over to Alex, setting them at the end of the table. They would be given to any of the children that came in with their parents.

"Pleasure in the meet, Keriann. I'm Darragh O'Connor." He grinned at the appetite of the man then picked up the menu. Of course, he was paying attention too. "You worked in the castle when I first came here, I believe."

"And I'm Evan Hunt." He rose from his bar stool and offered his hand to shake, a good strong jovial sort of handshake. "A pleasure. Those are pretty," he commented to the assortment of origami creatures that Keriann set on the bar. He reached out to tap one of the frogs, and grinned when it hopped a few inches. "I remember those. Used to  try to make 'em as a kid. Are they hard to make?" As a carpenter of sorts Evan was interested in how things worked, and how things were put together, though he worked with the wood before it was made into paper, himself.

"O'Connor, was given the honor of working with the esteem Druid Prince, I believe." Her smile swept fuller. "That is whom I am, proprietor of the Museum that has returned from an ill path taken." Quickly moving on from that thought, "you probably have met my cousin Abigail Frasier who runs the library," one had to pass the library to get to the museum above. The brilliance of her smile turned back upon Evan, "thank you. Something to keep my hands busy and myself out of trouble." Implying that she had that kind of spirit that needed to be rein in at times or .. who knew what might happen. "Easy enough to learn for one with deft fingers." Dark eyes almost a challenge that he had, in the least, deft fingers.


"Pleased to meet you, Evan." He shook the man's hand, then nodded agreement. "Interesting too." Eyes held a twinkle as he watched Keriann and Evan a moment before he was back to the menu.

He saw that challenge and met it with a lift of his eyebrows. Shifting on the barstool, one elbow on the bar to look at her more fully. "I'll have you know I'm a woodworker, Miss, I'm pretty sure I could rig a paper frog. If I had a good teacher." Throwing that challenge right back in her face! Going back to her earlier comment, "You need to keep yourself out of trouble? Hmm... guess I can see that, actually." A wink tipped, he nodded to Darragh with a quick grin and then his food arrived.

He chuckled then ordered the roast duck along with the mashed potatoes, gravy and noodles. "Aye, I've met Abigail. Welcome back then." He looked at her thoughtfully. "It's your work that graces the zoo, isn't it?"

"Mmmm," to the comment of keeping out of trouble as with a twinkle in her eye and a foot on the runner of a stool, she was up to lean over, quick as a wink to retrieve three sheets of paper kept beneath the bartop. She set one in front of each of them the third to have them follow. There was the sly catch of her eyes beneath the length of dark lashes off to the side in passing each as the paper was set, challenge there. "Watch and learn, try as you can. Proof is in the pudding as well the crease of paper." She started by folding the paper in half diagonally. Then to Darragh's last, "aye, it is my work that graces the zoo, an honor given me and something I can now continue that I'm back."

He did love a challenge! And that sly look of hers was amusing to say the least. At first glance she had seemed quiet and sweet, even shy, and while she might be all those things... clearly she was something more too. He liked that in a person. So he wiped his hands on a napkin then grabbed up his paper with enthusiasm, carefully folding it in half so both edges kissed perfectly. "You were gone for a time?" He asked Keriann curiously, hazel eyes flicking to hers in passing.

"They're excellent, very realistic and I've noticed the children love them." He looked at the paper, then grinned. "Ah, a lesson." And he neatly folded the paper in half as Evan did the same. Now, what man could resist a challenge from a pretty lass, even if the thing they were making turned out to look a little odd? He waited for her answer and for the next fold.

This was a perfect square she had given them and that first fold was diagonally. She then opened it up and folded it backwards across the intersection of the two diagonal lines. She opened the paper up again and pushed in the sides.

Evan was a clever man and good with his hands, but he HAD been drinking tonight.... even if the food was slowly absorbing some of the alcohol. So he had to concentrate as Keri did those folds in quick succession. He followed along well enough with his own paper. She was given a curious look when she didn't answer his question, but having a past of his own, he certainly wouldn't push. Instead he made a joke, pulling a skeptical face. "This looks nothing like a frog to me..."

He hadn't been drinking and found it difficult! The folding wasn't so bad but pushing the sides in had to be redone. He laughed and looked at Evan. "Nor to me, but I supposed we have to be patient." Or Keri did.

It formed a triangle (with two folded sides between the bottom triangle). She then folded the outside corner up to the top point. It was followed by the other corner being folded up. She then folded the new corner in, towards the center line. A slip of a look was given the two with the natural curl to the corners of her lips. She only confirmed his words, "aye, I was gone for a time, over a year to be precise, now I am back." He might catch the quick shadow that passed behind dark eyes for that split second of eye contact. Pain he might recognize even if of another kind. "It wont until it is done, pay attention." Teasing in the way given their way and moving past the other talk. The other new corner followed the other in opposite. She then folded the top corners back out, until the edge was even with the edge underneath. Same was done for the other side. The paper then over into the center. The outer corners back out so that they were even with the outside edges. She folded the frog in half then turned the frog over so the legs were facing away then folded those in half and tucked under to be done.

He heard her words and did note that quick shadow that passed through her eyes. He had his own demons too, which she might sense in that briefest moment of eye contact, and so he didn't ask any more details. Merely offered a quick smile and a nod, and then he was kept busy trying to follow and mimic her work. Folding, unfolding, scratching his head, then trying again. Eyes flicking back and forth from her perfect frog to his slightly more sloppy work. The last few steps were tricky, but a few seconds later, he got them and gave it an experimental tap. He let out a triumphant laugh as his paper amphibian went hopping across the table. "Not the handsomest frog in the world, but he's got legs!"

Darragh would be practicing this if he could remember the folds. He pretended not to see anything else but the paper as he worked on the folds. His looked a bit more lopsided than Evan's but it did do a bit of a hop, and he chuckled. "Well, not too bad for a beginner I suppose."

"I'm impressed with both of you. Agile fingers and minds." Watching the end results of their two frogs, "each unique as those in the world are unique. From one hop to a few," giving a wink. She took the moment to finish off her drink as she was getting tired. Tomorrow she would choose one of the available cottages then they would have to get it ready, get furniture and move in. It would take time and probably their brothers would help along with a few of the cousins. The whole ordeal held a weary look as one traveling a long path, constantly pushing forward and looking to when they might be able to take a needed rest.

"Like I said, it's all about the teacher, and you're a good one. You'd be a good mam." Inadvertently sticking his foot in it! But he just assumed that she was childless, considering her young age and the lack of a wedding ring. Luckily he was busy again polishing off his big meal, and ordered a potcheen to wash it down with after.

"You might have people requesting lessons." He grinned at her and then his meal was brought out. He'd enjoy it, finish his drink and finally head back to the castle and bed.

She would let the remark slide with only a smile. "Perhaps I will consider giving such lessons in the museum." It would be a way to draw people in and a showing off of this art of paper folding. The frog was simple compared to some of them but they were attractive to the eye. A challenge in their own right. "It has been my pleasure to meet both of you. I hope that our paths will cross again and another pleasant night spent." It had been pleasurable to her but that could be tempered by one that appreciated the more simpler things in life, a smile or a sparring of words in challenge.

Evan woke up again when Keriann rose to make her farewells, resurfacing from his empty plate with a ready grin. Chewing and swallowing hastily so as not to speak rudely through a full mouth. "Goodnight, miss Frasier, it was a pleasure. I bet lots of people would like those lessons, kids and parents and grannies alike." A lot of folk liked crafts such as origami, helped to keep their hands busy. Speaking of which... Evan really needed to find a steady job. He'd been taking odd jobs around town, doing repairs on several buildings and homes, but his real passion was carving. His bobbing nod had his overgrown hair flopping every which way. "Would you like an escort wherever you call home? I'd be happy to take you." It wouldn't do to let a lady walk home alone in the dark.

"I'm sure we will being you'll be working at the museum again." He stood as he spoke. "Goodnight, Keriann, Evan. It was good to meet you both. Rest well this night." He would wait until they left to eat, glad Evan had made the offer so Keriann would not have to walk alone. Heathfield was safe enough, but it was a matter of what was right!

"Gallantry lives in the hearts of men still, such is refreshing to know." Which she truly meant, "I have but the steps to make as I stay here these past nights until a cottage is chosen. I do thank you, Evan." Which she would remember the gesture. There was an elegant curtsey to follow, sliding one foot behind the other in the dip and back up just as easily. Her head to lower a moment in all due respect of the two before lifted. Each held her gaze for the moment in passing then she was on her way to the hall that would bring her to the stairs leading up.

"Then I shall trust you can make it up the stairs without encountering any hooligans along the way. We'll watch just to be sure, though." Evan grinned as he sat back down on his stool, and he would do just that, watching Keriann as she made her way up then vanished from sight down the hall. His plate was pushed away, his potcheen picked up to linger over a few moments longer. Attention turning now to Darragh. "You look like you could be a fighting man," he guessed. Not that the man was in full armor, but he had that soldierly look and build about him.

He smiled at Keri as she left then set to eating. He'd have to wait a moment to answer Evan because his mouth was full but answer he would. "I am. I serve under the Crown Prince as one of his special forces. And train with those who use the king's field. You look like you might be handy with a blade yourself."

Well she was back for a visit! Mostly to shop! She liked the crafts she found here for her Inn. The Fae, took a breath as she landed on the roof top. The moment her feet touched the roof, she had changed to her human form. A hand covered her lip as bubble of giggle spilled from her lips. Turning to the side to make a finger press to her lips. "Shhhh. Vadlin." The owl floated over her head, circling. "Must not wake others up. Go hunt." And she turned. Bare feet thumping softly before she jumped and landed to the ground. A fix of her brown strands, she hurried to the other side of the tavern. Up the stairs and inside. Biting her lower lip from having a giggle fit. The barefoot creature made her way over to the bar. Rocking back and forth on her heels while she spoke to Alex about a room for the night. "Thank you." Sliver-blue hues looked to the two men. "Good eve..." Toes of her left foot came to itch her bare calf under the simple white dress.

"Good evening," he called out cheerfully when another woman walked in, but got distracted by Darragh's words. He offered a grin that was half sheepish and half mischievous. "Aye, I know which end is the pointy end, at least. Thought of going for a solider myself, at one time," Evan added between sips, "but I wanted to be more of a free agent, y'know."

"Evening, Miss. I'm Darragh O'Connor and this is Evan Hunt." He turned back to Evan and laughed. "Better than some then. I understand that. I was until I came here, then I finally settled in for the duration." He liked working with Andrew and the others.

"Water." She needed a drink before heading up to the room. Why not stick around for a while longer? She seemed to frigidity with her dress till her water came over. Grabbing it up, she stopped and looked over to Evan and  Darragh. "I'm Roselyn." A small bow of her head. Straighten and took a big drink of water! Flying was a lot of work!

"Well, it's a worthy cause, and you're a better man than I am, I'm sure." He said it cheerfully enough, and raised his glass towards Darragh in salute. "Roselyn, a pleasure."

"Well met, Roselyn." He finished up the meal and his drink and stood reluctantly. "I should be off though. Need to be up at dawn."

"It is nice to meet you both." A grin sent to Evan and then Darragh. She gave a small giggle. Then covered her mouth. She really need to control that giggle.

"And you." He spoke to Roselyn, then pushed back from the bar as well. "And I better make my way home while I can still walk sorta straight." Crooked grin. His brothers would probably be wondering where he was, too, if they weren't off making trouble themselves.

She looked around. Then shook her head. Always the late one. A nod to Alex. Who was even given a goodnight. And she made her way to the stairs. "Till we meet again, sirs." And off she was to bed.

"I'll walk with you until our paths part then." He bowed slightly to the lass as she left. Then motioned to the door.

And off they would go, Evan lighting a cigarillo along the way to the Quinn manor.



Date: 09-01-10
Poster: Joshua McDonough
Post # 74


Fawn had spent most of the day out, hiding from Fiona and her sudden fever for decorating the new Quinn house. The woman was going to drive her mad! with talk of mauve and purple and egg-shell and other sorts of colors and fabrics and what nots and such things. Shhh...don't tell Fiona. She'd probably be rather upset with Fawn for such things. Fall was coming, it was seen in the beginning changing colors of the trees and Fawn had been out collecting wild flowers before they were gone for the year. A little longer without her chaperone wouldn't hurt anyone, so she came to the Thistle to bring flowers to Alex and Hazel. Currently she was filling a few little vases to set out and about on the tables and mantle with little bouquets. Dressed the lady today, a power blue dress with empire waist that fit her youthful face, her hair pulled away and pinned, lacking curls.

Josh hadn't been away from the ranch in far too long. With his father home and things quieted down, he had a pouch full of carvings he'd done to leave with Alex to give out to little ones or sell. He was all cleaned up but ended up with chaps on for that last bronco ride and a few more coins in his pocket for staying on the longest. Stetson dipped down in the front gave him an older look. He had a birthday coming up and would be eighteen. Although he considered himself a man already except for one area. Soft plaid shirt was in mostly muted greens tucked into the heavier pants, boots as well even if the shorter ones. He came in like a gust of wind, smiling from ear to ear, "Ayello, Alex," calling a little louder, "Hazel," so she'd hear him and would recognize his voice. Half way across the room with that momentum when he caught sight of one unknown and a vision at that. Had he whistled under his breath as he slid to a halt? Someone had. "Hello..."

She was currently speaking with Alex about her hopes for the coming fall and winter, things she hoped to see and do when the door opened. The greeting of the stranger catching her attention, she looked over her shoulder as she 'fluffed' flowers in the current vase and smiled. "Hello." Waving a small daisy at him before turning her attention back to the flower arrangement.

He stood there staring with this big lopsided grin on his face. "Hello." Realizing he sounded like an echo. Mental kick in the pants before dragging himself out of that daze, "I'm Joshua McDonough. You can call me Josh if you like." Remembering to continue his way the bar and set the pouch on the bartop. "Potcheen," which he didn't always drink but he was old enough and it made him sound older. He also remembered to take off his hat at this point, quick grab with one hand to set it on the counter out of the way. Like his dad, he had a lot of dark curls that made his eyes look even greener.

She laughed quietly when he greeted her again while setting the flowers in the glass. When he gave his name, she looked back to him. "Nice to meet you, Josh. I'm Oisin Quinn, but you can call me Fawn." She much preferred that name over Oisin because that's what her brothers called her. A brief look over his attire as she slid down from her stool, picking up two small vases in each hand. "Are you a cowboy?" Her attention to him as she started around the common room, placing vases here and there.

He was hitting six feet four, tall and lanky with a muscular build for all the work he did on the ranch. It was best he didn't look her way for certainly he would be staring. So he talked as he took out the carvings for Alex to see. There was a variety ranging from small woodland critters: squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, porcupines, bear cubs, fawns, raccoons and even a hedge hog. Each was life like right down to minute details. The birds feathers looked almost individual: Robins, chickadees, blue jays, owls, and a few birds of prey. Alex wanted a variety to put in the windows along the sills. If they sold, Josh would get the monies of course. "Sort of. My father has the cattle ranch with me uncle Maurice. I was roping cattle today as they will need to be branded again. Rory has himself a few wild horses left and we were ridin' em. I stayed on the longest so I got the winnings." Finally turning after noting the approving nod from Alex as he was looking the carvings over.

The four vases placed on various tables, she came back for the other four to put out. There was still a large basket of flowers set at the end of the bar that she would take home. "Sounds like fun." She smiled after he explained what he did. Though she wasn't overly keen on the idea of branding animals, but something had to mark them, she supposed. The last two vases were set out on the mantle, she returned to the bar and caught sight of the carvings. She couldn't help but want a closer look and ventured closer, but well out of personal bubble space. "Those are wonderful." One of the birds picked up, she looked it over, taking in all the detail that went into it.

She just had to come closer. It wasn't often he got to meet someone around his age. One that was pretty too. Very pretty as he was noticing. Staring, without realizing it. "How did you get the name Fawn?" It sounded Native to him as he had two Native cousins with both a white man name and a Native name. Trying to ease into a relaxing pose, not how he was really feeling as he started to notice with her close. Worse, his forearm was a slight bit off and he went a quick dip, missing the bar's edge, before catching himself. It came off a slight jerk before he got it right and his heart beating fast feeling like a clumsy fool.

"My brothers call me that." Though in truth, she wasn't really sure how she got the name. She'd have to ask her brothers. She was busy picking up various carvings, looking them over when he slipped. She almost dropped the one in her hand with a start and set it down, reaching out for him when it looked like he was going to fall. "Are you alright?" Curious expression, she blinked at him with a tilt of her head. "Perhaps you should resist the potcheen for a while?" Maybe he'd had too much to drink!


"Aye," he could feel the heat starting around his neck and inching upwards. The line of cold sweat breaking out along his brow he hoped didn't shine in the light. Tamara teased him about that. "The bar wasn't as close as I thought and I've not a drop to drink yet." Totally honest and feeling like he was tripping over his words when in reality they came out just fine. He was going to have to start watching his father and uncle around ladies. They were both noted for their smooth charm, especially Maurice. An idea came to mind and nothing stopping it from there to his mouth in what they might say, "with you so near, I was momentarily blinded by your beauty." Since it was based on the truth, it came out easily. And luckily his forearm was on solid wood edge of the bar.

Ciar had wandered up onto the porch of the Thistle a few minutes after Joshua but when he saw his sister talking to someone close to her own age, he didn't head inside.  Instead, he leaned against the rail, staying out of sight of  the door, lit up a cigarillo, and enjoyed it for a few moments.

She just smiled to him and nodded, retreating her hand from the attempt to help him. The compliment was rather unexpected. Her mother and Fiona always spoke on how she looked, but she'd never really heard a male compliment her. She smirked some and shook her head. "You must be seeing things." The carving she'd had in hand was picked up and offered back to him to return to the group of is other creations. "They're really very lovely. You're very talented."

"Oh no, you are really.." sucking in a breath, "really, pretty." Maybe that would be more comfortable. His hand folded over hers to capture the small bird within it. "Keep this one, from me as a new friend made." Surprisingly she was pretty enough and certainly her eyes that his were captured there. Holding her hand until he realized how long and eased his from hers.

It was one thing to hear those who took care of you compliment you, but to hear it from someone you didn't know and of the opposite gender, she might have blushed this time around. Maybe her light tan would hide it though. When he grabbed her hand to keep her holding the bird, she looked at his hand then met his eyes. Nice eyes. "Thank you." Spoken quietly. When his hand drew back, she pulled hers back as well at a loss for words.

Luckily she was for he was at a loss too. One of those strange moments of silence. He shifted slightly around to take up the glass and kick back the dram of the pure. Made his eyes burn. No pro at drinking was Josh at this point. Maurice had been bugging Joe about taking him up to Gulliver's Travels.

Well, that was long enough.  The cigarillo was tossed and he turned and headed inside.  Not quite as scruffy as he had been the other night, he was still dressed casually.  But then again, he very rarely dressed up.  "There you are, Fawn.  Fiona's been worrying about you.  Evening."  He nodded to Joshua as he approached the bar and accepted a glass of the Pure from Alex.


She cleared her throat softly, looking at the figurine until she heard her brother enter and greet them. Thank the gods. Though in her head as the awkward silence ended. An impish grin to Ciar, she shrugged. "I'm sure she has. I couldn't listen to her try to explain the difference between eggplant and violet though." She loved that woman to death, but Fawn could only take so much.

That sobered up Josh real fast as a male came in that obviously knew Fawn. "Evening Sir," sounding real proper in spite of his attire and youth. He was poured more of the potcheen but didn't drink it presently. Instead he packed the carvings in the box that Alex set out for him. He would probably have Maggie arrange them in the windows.

Liam had been run ragged today and wondered on his sanity for putting Fiona in charge. Although, he knew she was getting things done. He and the others had a day full of getting this and that, running to the Thistle then to MacGraths before they were off to the linen shop. All rooms had their beds and there had been no sign of the black snake in the pantry yet. It was probably hiding with all the ruckus and would show itself during a more quiet, more opportune, moment. Fiona.. hopefully she liked snakes. Liam finally escaped after their first meal in-home and near caught on Ciaran's heels as he headed up the steps to the porch. Sniff, sniff, yes, Ciar was here. Grinning as he was making his way within in the next moment. "Good evening," bigger smile as they were all escaping!

Evan also had fled from the hurricane that was Fifi setting up house. The new manor had been turned upside down, and the halls already rang with the sounds of Fiona bossing around the new servants she'd hired. Evan had snuck away earlier this afternoon on the premise of running some errand, and instead had gone for a nice long swim at the lake. His hair was still dripping wet when he arrived at the wool shop, and asked Mariah if she'd like to come with him on a stroll up to the Thistle. Now they were wandering along the road at any easy pace, but Evan was in no rush to get to the tavern, enjoying these few moments alone with her.

Mar had scolded Evan for not coming to get her earlier that she could have gone swimming with him. Tossing a towel around his head with a wink before she quickly freshened up then closed up the shop to come along. She stayed close, greeting ones she knew and introducing Evan. She had grown up here and so she knew many even without having gotten out a lot socially before. The scent of changes in the earth was in the air, Fall was on its way with that crisp scent after so many dog days of summer. She was enjoying the time together as they didn't get a whole lot of it.

"She's not easy to work with." He chuckled then shrugged. "But she seems happy enough. Ciarán Quinn." Introducing himself though he didn't mention the relationship with Fawn. Lad should be smart enough to figure it out.

Fawn was just quiet and smiled as Liam came walking in and smiled brightly to him. "Liam!" Seemed all her brothers were escaping the decorating path of Fiona!

He had straightened up and a step away from the bar as he extended his hand. "Well met, Ciaran Quinn. I'm Joshua McDonough, Joseph's son." Which he figured he might know of his father if he had not directly met him. "Good evening," to the other as once Ciar and he shook hands, he offered his hand to the other figuring he already caught his name.



Date: 09-01-10
Poster: Joshua McDonough
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He gave Liam a grin as he came close and pointed to him. "This is our brother, Liam. Pleasure to meet you, Joshua."  Lad had a good grip. He glanced at Fawn and winked then took a long drink of the potcheen.

"Evening," to the young man as he scooped Fawn up into his arms. Didn't lose his derby hat either! Around he went, her feet off the ground and slightly above him for few spinning moments, then down she came safely back upon her own two feet. Once released he reached over to give Josh's hand a good solid shake. "Nice to meet you Joshua, I'm Liam Quinn. I see you have met our sister." Giving his sister one of those sly looks being the lad was about her age.

Evan had that towel looped loosely around his neck now. He was enjoying all the introductions, for he still didn't know many people around town, and Mariah proved to be a good social contact.. among other things! With night falling, they were mostly left to themselves now as they walked, and he ventured to reach out and brush her fingertips with his own. A grin immediately splitting his lips as he twined her fingers in his. "And I wouldn't be surprised if those brand new servants ran away screaming within the week." He'd been telling Mariah about Fiona's rampage at the manor.

"I'm tempted to come by but stay at a distance to watch." Sweeping a smile up at him as their fingers entwined. Had her coming closer while set in that easy comfortable pace that came naturally. "I would like to get in some swimming before it is too cold." Came with a slight natural pout of her bottom lip as she had missed swimming as much as she had wanted. Things at the shop kept pulling away at her time. She was determined to get in a few days.

Fiona would be horrified at Fawn's lack of manners to introduce her brothers. Scooped up, she wrapped her arms around Liam with a giggle and kissed his cheek. "Josh is a cowboy of sorts, and quite the crafty carver." Showing her brothers the carving of the bird, and caught that look from Liam. Eyes narrowed, she all but stuck her nose up in the air, tempted to call him Fiona or Madam.

He met that grip well and could tell that Liam worked with his hands too. Easing back to give them all room as he watched the glances between them but eyes would stray back to Fawn. He knew when to be quiet and best observe.

Which only had him laugh, not that anyone else would know except maybe Ciar. "McDonough ranch, cattle, rawhide. I may be coming up your way to see about buying rawhide to be made into gloves. Real professional ones for the boxing ring. You'd be welcome to come, learn how to box." And fight, but he didn't need to add that. He was certain the young man would know what he meant and if he didn't, then god bless him and may he be lucky never needing to fight.

"If you do, make sure you stay well behind the bushes, and bring something to use as a shield just in case." He winked. "Though I bet Fiona would love you, how could she not?" That warm eye contact was an unspoken compliment as he held her gaze, then grinned and looked away, up towards the stars. "Gonna be a nice clear night. Do you know any of the constellations? I have plenty of good star stories... I'll have to tell you sometime." Then getting back to her  earlier comment, "Lots of time still for swimming. How about tomorrow? I'll probably need a break from the manor by oh, say, nine o'clock in the morning."

She was slightly swinging their clasped hands. "The Orion Nebula is over there," raising their hands in the general direction even if she could have used her free hand. "There is the north start, the big and little dippers. The various Zodiac signs which she didn't get into in particular. The last had her stopped with a brightening smile. "You're on, I'll pack a brunch for us with plenty of coffee." Continuing onward as she got back to a comment. "I would like to hear these star stories. About how many do you have?" Eyeing him in that way showing a challenging twinkle to them set by the street lamps.

He looked up again when she lifted both their hands to point, which made him smile. "Oh, well then, sounds like you know more than me and now I feel foolish." He pretended to be pouty, but he was only joking. He managed to maintain the expression a moment longer. "No, no, I'm sure my stories are pathetic compared to all you know.... " Sigh.

They had all gotten quiet but he didn't mind. Instead he leaned to look at the carving Fawn held. "You do good work, Joshua." He grinned at the lad then pushed off the bar to have a look. Maybe he'd buy some for the manor.

Which she dropped his hand as she moved to stand in front of him, halting his movements forward. Hands on her hips as well a twinkle to remain in blue eyes, "now Evan, don't give me that sass or pout, nor the better stories than thou when all I said was I barely knew the few stars and such. Tease me with holding back on your stories too, I've a mind to take a willow branch to your hide."

He stopped in his tracks, facing her and folding his arms across his chest in mimicry of her posture. But his lips were twitching with suppressed laughter. "Is that a threat or a promise?" The grin came then as he quickly ducked to avoid the swat which was sure to follow. Then he was laughing as he caught up both her hands in his own. "I shall tell you as many stories as you want to hear, stories of heroes and maidens, though none of them as fair as you."

It was quiet but he was use to quiet. Enjoyed it in fact as he could watch Fawn at appropriate moments. Kept him from tripping over his words too or being disapproved of. "Thanks, I really enjoy  whittlin', err, carving." Either or, "me Pa says I got the talent from me uncle Maurice." He moved the box he had packed up with all the other ones so they were in easy access of Ciar. Sneaking another glance Fawn's way as she had gotten awfully quiet and wondering what she was doing.

Fawn had returned to her seat near her basket of flowers and drink, tucking the small avian trinket away in the stems and petals. A glance was cut to her brothers as Josh spoke up and a look stolen to him before turning her attention to her glass, and lifting it for a drink.

Liam was resting his feet and mind as he was in a lean against the bar, glass of potcheen in hand he was imbibing while listening.

"It is a very threatening promise!" Which she accented with a slight stomp of her foot. It was getting really hard not to bust up laughing. Soon as he ducked she was after him.. chasing with swats but was quickly caught up. "I would love to hear as many stories as you are willing to tell. They better be good too." Peeking a glance from the corners of her eyes up at him to see how he took that bit of sass right back.

He nodded then looked over the carvings, selecting a fawn, a couple of the birds and a falcon for himself. "How much do I owe you?"

His eyebrows shot up as his hands gently twisted her own around. "What, do you doubt my abilities?" He used their joined hands to subtly draw her closer, until their knees lightly brushed, and she was close enough to have his heart skipping a beat. Voice dropping to a murmur, "I shall tell you tales of joy and sorrow, love lost.. and found."

Well, when he started twisting and moving around, she took him into a dance, right there on the sidewalk. Well, mostly, as they would end up dancing in the street too for the room needed. They were bobbing knees, thunk, thunk. "Sweep me up and down from the joyous heights to the pits of Hades." With a bit of a gleam in her eyes as she leaned close, her word brushing against his ear. "Long as you tell them good."

He had never priced them before as he looked over what was requested. With a piece of paper and writing implement handy, he quickly jotted down a price. One that was probably well under what they were really worth. But... it was his first big sale!

Ciar read it over, smiled and gave him more than what he asked for. Not going to cheat the lad. "You can give these to Fiona, Fawn." He set them on the bar near Fawn as he leaned and kissed her cheek, then gave her a hug. "I need to see a man tonight before I get some sleep." Down to the docks and he didn't say where he was staying. He had some collecting to do come dawn. "Liam, I'll be at the manor later in the day."

"If you're heading down to the docks, count me in." Liam was in such a mood the two might find themselves a good game or a good ruckus. He finished off his drink as the tumbler was set aside, taking the bottle as it would not go to waste this night. "Good night Fawn. Grand meeting you Josh, come by the warehouse and see what you can do in a ring." Giving the lad a pat on the shoulder and his sister a kiss to her forehead before the night was about to start looking up as he headed out with Ciar. He might avoid the manor for a couple of days. Just send a voucher for Fiona to get all she wanted and be out of her way.

Evan was a bit taken aback when he was swept into that dance. He'd never been much of a dancer with his big clumsy feet, but he went along with it anyway, mostly because it meant he got to hold her close. Soon it was him twirling her around, and he leaned in too, just about to steal a kiss when a sound from the nearby tavern porch caught his attention. And there were his brothers, coming out of the Thistle and down the lane towards them. "Oh, hello." He grinned but kept his arms around Mariah, more loosely, unless she decided to wriggle away.

Fawn blinked from her daze and waved. "Good night." It was time that she return to the manor, lest Fiona come looking for her.

"G'night, Joshua. It was a pleasure." He might look for a game after he talked to the man. "Evening Evan, Mariah. Nice night for dancing." He grinned at the two and kept going.

He would have Liam as his backup if needed. Probably go faster too, this talk. Then they could get into some serious card playing and drinking. He gave a wave to Evan and Mariah as they passed. "Evening."

She liked being held close and such the tease. The near kiss that was missed as the brothers came from the tavern. She was smiling nonetheless as she enjoyed just being out and bantering as they were. "Good evening Ciaran, Liam. Good to see you both again."

He watched the brothers leave, leaving Oisin behind as he looked at her in a quizzical way. "Do you need an escort home or are you staying here?" Although, in all fairness, the brothers were not heading home by words exchanged.

"I'm going home. The company would be nice." She offered a small smile and picked up her basket, readying to leave.

His smile literally beamed as he was quickly up from his lean, drink forgotten as he offered her the bend of his arm. He had some practice escorting his little sister. "Then I shall be honored. Night Alex, night Hazel," the latter a touch louder so he would be heard all the way into the kitchen.

Waving to Alex, she took the offered arm with a smile and followed his lead out the door.


Date: 09-06-10
Poster: Shaun Shawnesey
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Coming of Age

Shaun has been missing for a few days. Although he had the presence of mind to leave his parents a note to reassure them he would be all right. He was eighteen and needed to find his place in the world. He may not contact them right away, but he would keep in touch. He was not rebelling nor heartless, he needed to detach some of his dependency. He knew his father would understand as well his brothers, it was more his mother that would take it the hardest being the second youngest. The mountains and woods were his first destination as he occupied one of the vacant cabins. Eventually he came down as he needed supplies and if truth be told, he was no island unto himself. He got the best meal he had in three weeks here at the Thistle and couldn't stop the compliments to Hazel as he ate like one starved for days.

Doug had been off himself, on one of their father's ships. Faith, to see if he could stand sailing. He liked it but winter was coming and he knew trips were less frequent. Still, it was an alternative to what he had been doing. It was good that Rhett, Sr. understood that wanderlust since his sons seemed to have it. He had checked in with his parents then headed for the Thistle to see if any of his friends were around. Instead, he was pleased to see Shaun there.

The remains on his plate attested to him having had the Irish stuffed roast pork and parsley potatoes along with a tankard of ale. "Douglas," turning as he had caught his brother's image in the mirror first. Looking beyond next and back. "Rhett is not about? Probably making his swords. I should buy one from him soon, as well a good hunting knife." His was an old one. He didn't have a whole lot of money and so would work and save for them instead of getting it from his parents who had plenty. There was something about earning an item by yourself that made it more valuable.

"Shaun." He was across the room and clapped a hand to his brother's shoulder. "Da said you were taking some time to yourself. All's well?" He settled on a stool beside his brother, thanking Alex for the tankard that was placed there for himself. "Either working on the swords, or off with his lass. He'll likely be pleased to have you buy from him. I haven't been home a full day meself, so haven't seen him as of yet."

He rose enough from his seat to meet that clasp with one of his own to Doug's shoulder. "Aye, all is well. I've been up in a cabin on the Northern Tier that has a fantastic view of the valley below containing the lake. The river runs wild after a good rain. I tested my skills in canoeing and found they do not lack." Which he paused here, "I still have not figured out what I can do. Rhett has his skill as you do yours. I thought about seeing how I am with a sword."

"My skills are nothing more than being able to keep books and know how to put things away." He shrugged and laughed. "Though I do like to sail. I'm hoping I can talk to Da about being on the crew of one of his ships, at least during the summers. You did well with Da when he taught us so that might be the way to go for you."

"Aye, I'll have to see about it." But not right now. First he was going to explore, hunt and probably get on one of his father's ships and sail too. "Maybe I can join you on a ship before winter sets in?"

"Aye, I'm sure you could. Never know, we might get into a bit of an adventure before winter." He laughed then motioned to the plate that was being cleared away. "Did you eat your fill?" He knew there were times when a lad was growing that he just never go full and Shaun was at that age.

"I ate my full and could have eaten more, the food here is that good. I had heard that Hazel could cook but never knew just how true it was until now." He just had never eaten here, only been here a few rare occasions throughout his life. As kids for an ice cream soda or hot chocolate depending on the weather. Their mother could cook and loved cooking so they ate at home. "If I ate more, I'd explode." He knew his limit and even stretched it some. "How far do Da's ships go?" Meaning to other lands as he realized he didn't really know.

He lowered his voice because he didn't want Hazel to hear him, though she would have expected the boys to be loyal. "Almost as good as Ma." Then he looked thoughtful. "I think they go just about all over. The colonies for sure. We sailed to England for cargo this time. Africa may be next." He grinned again as he continued. "I'm not positive about that one, but I think that's what I heard. Be interesting to see the sights there."

"Africa and the colonies would be a long trip. Maybe one to England. Better yet, Ireland or Scotland. I wouldn't mind seeing where are roots are in Ireland and possible family still living there." His tankard was replaced with a tumbler of potcheen although Alex didn't leave the bottle for his age. This way he could monitor the consumption although he was served it. Shaun didn't even realize it. He'd had potcheen before having found his father's stash, or was it Doug's? Made him cough and his eyes water the first time or two but he had been determined. "Lot of snakes and vicious critters from spiders to tigers in Africa.." giving his brother a glance as the glint in his eyes showed the tease more than the serious sounding words.

"Well, we'll just get you to make a face at 'em and they'll all take off running." He gave Shaun a lazy smile. "You know, like that one you use to terrify Maureen with?" He laughed, stepping away. That'll scare them all bad. Won't even see their dust."

"It was easy to terrify Mo and you all did too. She is still easy to terrify but I think one day she is going to get even with us all." Just a hunch. He reached out grabbing hold of Doug's shirt to haul him back on his stool. He had a long reach, strong hands, he'd grown a lot in the past year. Not only height but muscle. "So, is it true that Rhett got himself a lass that keeps his time and have you the same and holding out on us?" Certainly he had become interested in girls even if he had not gotten with any. Of course there were the ones behind the barn out back or down at the lake when a group gathered. Some taking off in the woods for a smooch if not more and of course the others would come and harass too so rarely was it anything more.

"Yes, it's true, Rhett has a lass that he spends time with.  A lot of time.  And no, they don't seem interested in me.  Then again, I was never a talker like some." Now he didn't say if he was talking about Rhett, Shaun or even Rick McAndrews.  "Besides, I wouldn't get to go traveling if I did have a lass. I'd feel bad leaving her when I really didn't need to."

"Now how am I to learn from big brother if he doesn't know the ropes around women?" Press of lips held back the fuller smile coming off more as a smirk. "You want me to pretend I'm the girlie? You can practice on me."

"I guess you'll have to ask Rhett?"  He shrugged again, then laughed.  "No, I don't want to practice on you. I could just see it now.  You pretending to be a girl, me trying to be serious and someone walking in on us.  It be all  over the realm before you could spit."

He was up, taking small steps up on his toes as much as his boots allowed. One hand flopped back and forth at his side as he affected a swaying walk, nearly tripping over his own feet a few times. "Oh my," stopping near his brother with a higher pitch voice that any woman would probably strangle herself if it was hers. "What a strapping lad you are, do you have a name. Talk to me boy," hands then going to his hips as he got more demanding, more sass to his words. He did not look at Alex while doing this.

Douglas just stared at him, then started to laugh.  He cleared his throat and, still snickering, answered.  "Aye, I have a name.  It's Douglas."  He started to crack up again.  "I can't do this." And he wasn't looking at Alex either!  "There's no way I can imagine you're a lass."

"Sheeeeeesh.. you'd scare a lass away laughing at her like that, Dougie boy. You just don't want a girl, you are asexual." Yes, he was digging to find out the real reason. Was there something wrong with his brother or was he really that shy, that bumbling? He batted his eyes with the last, "I have the prettiest eyes," like that would fly! "Well, then, there has to be some other way."

"I wouldn't laugh at a lass like that!  And I'm not asexual.  I'm serious when I say they don't notice me.  And really, when do I have that much time to be off meeting lasses?"  Though the lasses in England did like sailors.

"If they notice Rhett, I'm sure they notice you. Maybe you just don't know how to tell when one is noticing." He scratched at his cheek in an idle fashion as he gave Doug a squinted eye look over. "You have time now. If a lass comes in, go for it. You can at least hide out on one of Da's ships if you fall flat. I'd have to head back up into the mountains but I'll never learn how to attract lasses that way. Rhett wouldn't be any help 'cause he's got one already and probably wont be flirting with others even to show us how he does it."

He stared at Shaun again, then shook his head.  "Are you serious?"  He laughed again, looking thoughtful. "Last time I flirted with a lass, she flirted back, said she'd meet me and never showed.  Probably still laughing about that one."

He lifted a hand, "hold that thought," and quickly disappeared outside.

Maggie had been working up in the attic this afternoon, but as the dinner hour grew nearer she returned to her room to wash up a bit. Now fresh and clean in a deep green dress with a wide boat neck cut and elbow-length sleeves, she stepped out from the back staff hallway, tying a clean white apron around her slim waist. Dark hair was collected in a loose bun at the nape of her neck, loose enough to let several reddish strands fall in a curtain around her face. Blazing blue eyes swept the common room to see how busy it was, a smile forming when she recognized at least one person there. "Hello Douglas, it's good to see you again. Been quite awhile hasn't it?"

The younger brother had gone outside, so at the moment, Douglas was alone with his potcheen.  He stood as Maggie greeted him, a warm smile in place.  "Evening, Maggie.  Good to see you as well.  And it has.  I think nearly the whole summer.  I went with one of my da's ships to England..  Figured I should know all the ropes about the business."

"England, how lovely." She smiled easily, even if her memories of that country were mixed. "How was the sail over? Did you enjoy learning more about the business?" She was already beginning to flit around busily as she spoke, collecting leftover plates and cups from tables.

"It was nice enough but I mostly saw London.  Busy place." He rubbed his neck as he considered his answer.  "I guess so.  It wasn't a chore or anything.  But to be honest, I was more interested in the sailing.   Nothing like gliding over the waves with dolphins playing chase. Even didn't mind the storm we got caught in."

"That sounds exciting." She shot him a smile as she passed by on her way to the kitchen window to drop off the dishes. "Was the ship rocking, water spilling all over its decks? I always imagined that would be just thrilling."

Who was peering in the side door but Trouble as he was giving Douglas the thumbs up as he continued to carry on a conversation with the lass. He didn't know her and by the looks, she was his brother's age. Older maybe but older would be good for Douglas. Maybe by five years or more as he needed to learn the ropes then he could teach him.

He was going to strangle Shaun but he just smiled at Maggie.  "It was, and aye to both.  Luckily we didn't have anyone wash overboard but it came close.  We were just on the edge of it and the Captain said it could have been one of those large tropical storms that happen this time of year.   Saw a few waterspouts too but they were a distance away."  He motioned for Shaun to get inside!

He formed his hands like in prayer then moved them in a smooth sweep to the right, then the left as his body followed suit as if Doug were dancing with the lass and a kissy face to tie up the act.  If Maggie happened to look his way he would straighten up real fast as if nothing happened at all.

"My goodness! Thank goodness, you were lucky then." A brow quirked curiously as Douglas motioned to somebody behind her, and she glanced over her shoulder, only to see a younger man hastily straighten up. Guiltily, more like. Now both brows were arching in amusement. "Let me guess, another of your brothers?" She hadn't met this one before but he had a similar look to Douglas and Rhett.

He didn't laugh outright but smirked at Shaun, then nodded.  "Aye, this is our brother, Shaun.  Shaun, this is Maggie.  She works here at the Thistle."  After speaking the obvious, he decide a drink of his potcheen would be a good idea.

She'd get to see a quick pressed smile that reached blue eyes. A smile that was much like the brother in between. "Good evening Miss," coming right on in and towards the two. Stopping within a couple feet with a curt bow to follow. Only Douglas knew the devil he really was. "It is my pleasure to meet you Maggie. I see you and my brother are well acquainted. There is much to be said for my brother and proudly so..."

"Shaun, nice to meet you." The younger brother got a warm smile as well, an easy friendly smile that seemed natural on her lips. "If you'll both excuse me a moment, I'll be right back."

As Maggie moved away, her back to them, he waggled his brows at his brother, bringing on the pressed smile with it. It would be quick just in case she turned around.

"Of course." He nodded then leaned to swat at Shaun. "Behave yourself." But this was Shaun and Doug didn't want him to change.

"Hey, I'm not moving in on your territory," as he got swatted and just a little louder than it should have been if the words were true.

"Sorry about that," the barmaid apologized as she popped out again from the back. Taking up a lean against the counter where they were sitting. "Now. Can I get you gentlemen anything at the moment? It's corned beef and Colcannon tonight."

"I'll have some of the Colcannon," as he took up a seat if he was going to be drinking and eating. "Any pie left too?" He would be getting a tankard of ale to wash it all down. "So, do you have a beau, lovely Thistle waitress?" He didn't look at his brother either!

"The Corned Beef sounds good to me." Hadn't Shaun just eaten? He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Shaun. He was asking for it!

She got that question a lot. Still halfway leaning against the counter with one hip, she put her hand on her other hip. Eyeing Shaun with a spark or two in those blues. "Why, do you think I have a beau?"

He had worked up an appetite. Easy for one of his age to do, active body and mind. He paused with that question and answered it honestly. "Aye, I be thinking that you probably do 'cause you're so pretty. A man would be blind not to see but on the other hand I'm hoping you're picky and haven't found the right one for yourself yet." With eyes captured to hers and held a moment before pointedly looking at his brother. The message to Maggie as he covered it up, "right, Doug?" NOW he was asking for it!

Yes, yes, he was. "Oh aye, Maggie is very pretty. " He grinned at her, having not seen that look but he knew exactly what Shaun was doing. "And I'm sure every man that comes in here would agree."

Her smile dimpled her cheeks at the compliment, but as he went on, she got a knowing look about her face. There was a long pause when Shaun finished, as she glanced between the two of them. Then she couldn't hold it back anymore, she began laughing lightly. A slight shake of her head, she knew exactly what they were up to. "I suppose you two like to fish with dynamite. To answer your question, no, I have no beau. I suppose I am picky," that was given with a  wink as she went over to the kitchen window to pass on their orders. "There's apple and cherry pie left, which would you like Shaun?"


"See!" Slapping a hand to the bartop. "I knew it. Pretty and wise too!" As if confirming to his brother Maggie would be a good choice for him. Hard part would be to nudge Doug and he knew in his heart it would be like trying to budge a mountain. "Apple for me tonight and thank you Maggie." He would have to work on his brother. Wait, that would be he'd not have him to pal around with. He just met an impasse.



Date: 09-06-10
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"He just laughed again though Maggie's words caused him to pause. They did do that in a sense. All three of them before Rhett fell. He glanced at Shaun before another drink was taken. Wait, his glass was near empty.

It wouldn't be empty for long. Maggie whisked it off to Alex for a refill, bringing it back to set down before Doug with nothing but another smile. Shaun got a smirk though, trouble-maker as he was. Then she was off to wipe down a table while she waited for their orders to come up.

"Thank you, Maggie." He leaned toward Shaun. "Efficient too." He couldn't resist adding it.

Trouble maker but with a good heart, not a vicious bone in his body even if he got his brothers wanting to strangle him at times. That was what the youngest brother's job was. Also kept them from forgetting he was around. Maggie got a wide smile just before she took off to take care of one of the tables. He elbowed his brother's side. Sharp pointy thing it was too.. no matter how much muscle he had put on his body. Words were finally real low. "She would be a real good one..." certainly he didn't have to spell it out.

Oisin had been out shopping for small things to finish up her room and a gift for Fiona because she'd been working so hard and everything. She wasn't bogged down with items, just a simple bag and nothing more. Before heading home, she decided she wanted to stop for a bit of something to drink and see who was out and about. Through the door with a pale moss colored cloak to bare off the chill of the evening, she smiled to Alex and the others as she approached the bar.


She might not be able to hear exactly what they were saying, but their body language was clear enough. Over at the table, she rolled her eyes lightly, a smirk kept to herself playing on her lips. Such attention from men rarely phased her, for it was mostly harmless. A glance up at the door and she smiled in greeting. "Evening, Oisin."

"Good evening, Miss Maggie. How are you?" The toy version of a top hat tipped to the right atop soft curls was unpinned at set on the counter with her bag.

And here was another! Blue eyes turned on the lass coming in beneath darker brows in contrast. Shaun had an Elfish look about him too and probably just as mischievous. "Good evening Miss," hesitating with a quick glance to Maggie and back, "Oisin," hoping he pronounced it correctly. "I'm Shaun and this is my brother Douglas."

He let out an Oof noise then rubbed his side. "I'm sure she would be, but she would have to be the one to decide, Shaun. How things work." Well, maybe that wasn't totally the truth. He turned on the stool and smiled at the lass. "Nice to meet you, Oisin."

"I'm well, how's your family?" She liked the Quinn lads but hadn't seen them around in a short while. Eyes shifting to Shaun when he was quick to introduce both himself and his brother. "That's Trouble and More Trouble," she added her own version of an introduction, giving Oisin a little smirk. Then the Colcannon and corned beef came up, she crossed to the kitchen to retrieve the dishes, then brought them over to set before the lads. "Enjoy."


"Aye, Doug here is more trouble than any lass can handle." So he would throw out a challenge if Doug was right and they did the choosing, not the man. That didn't seem quite right to him. Women love challenges he heard.

Attention turned to the two men with a nod of her head and smile. "Pleasure to meet you Shaun, and Douglas. You all can call me Fawn." Returning attention to Maggie, she nodded. "They are all doing well. They've been rather busy with preparing the house for winter, and furnishing it. May I have a glass of cider, please, Miss Maggie?" Looking back to Shaun, she smiled a bit more. "Sounds like a challenge. Or perhaps attempt to scare the women away." teasing.

"Oh, that's right, you've a new house. Your friend Mr Harrington is looking for a manor for himself, as well. I'm supposed to help decorate it when he chooses." She smiled brightly, of course oblivious to the tension between Fawn and Bradley. "Of course," she added, going over to get a cider from Alex then bringing it back to where Oisin sat.

Thoughts soured at the mention of Bradley. Why would he take up residence there? "Hm...well sounds like an interesting project. Good luck with that." A somewhat tight smile was offered before it softened with delivery of her drink. "Thank you."

He was noticing how prefect Fawn's face was and about to say something but there was this conversation between the two that was calm but had an undercurrent to it. He had no clue why but certainly it had sparks that had his mouth open then close. A moment later he finally said something, "Doug thinks he scares lasses off.." then he dug right into his food as one starved.

Fawn had a very deceitful face for being the trouble maker she was, but that was okay. Made it harder for people to hold a grudge against her. She looked to Shaun, then to Doug and smiled. "I doubt he scares them off at all."

She nodded to Oisin and smiled gently. Those sharp eyes of Maggie's missed little, and she did notice that slight change in Fawn when Bradley was mentioned, but she was hardly about to bring it up. It was none of her business. She tended to agree with Fawn about Doug, glancing to him with a mischievous smile. "Are you more terrifying than you appear, Douglas?"

Doug kept his face forward for a moment, closing his eyes when he heard Shaun. Sometimes he wondered why he had been cursed. When the two spoke to him, he turned slightly. "Oh aye, I'm a real monster inside. Send lasses off screaming." He was starting to lose his appetite!

She smiled to Maggie, then to Douglas with a quiet laugh. "I don't see it. Show me." She wanted to see the monster, though she had a feeling there wasn't one. Brotherly love and all that. She could imagine how her brothers would tease her.

He wasn't saying a word for a change, he did enough damage and had not lost his appetite. In fact his plate was finished as he stole a bite from his brother's plate being he wasn't eating it as he should. One could wonder where he put it. He'd been accused of having a hollow leg.

And because Shaun had inhaled his supper, she wasted no time bringing Shaun his apple pie before he ate Doug's whole meal!

Show her? He looked at her a moment then started to laugh. "I confess, it's a tall tale." He could just imagine the talking to he'd get if he pretended to be a monster and it got back to their mother. "Mostly invented to keep certain people from trying to match me up."

"Shame." She frowned subtly, though it wasn't serious or real. "I was hoping to go home and tell my governess of such tales." She couldn't help but smile then.

"Ahh, but if he truly were a monster, he couldn't very well show us here and give himself away." She passed Doug a wink. The man seemed slightly uncomfortable and she hoped to assuage that. "How about you Douglas, would you like any pie or dessert?"

"He has many tales of many lands, just ask him." Sticking in this two cents there to keep the two ladies in attention over his brother while he wolfed down the pie.

She just laughed quietly and nodded. "This is true, Miss Maggie. We certainly couldn't' have that." Looking over to Shaun, she shook her head. "I think I've rattled him enough for one evening. Perhaps another time."

He grinned, then shook his head. "I'm about full now, but thank you for the offer." If he could have hit Shaun without them seeing, he would have!

He was done with his pie as blue eyes whipped to Fawn, pinning her there under an intense blue gaze. "You can rattle me anytime." Pressed smile was growing wider.

She felt the weight of that gaze before Shaun spoke a word and looked over to him with a small grin. "Is that so? I shall have to consider my best options in doing so. Perhaps pry some information from your brother."

Maggie only hid a grin at Shaun's words. Fawn seemed sweet and a bit innocent, but Maggie certainly knew what the rogue meant when he said 'rattle'!

Fawn had Doug smiling as he finished his meal. He glanced at Shaun thoughtfully. "I just might at that."

"Aye, take all your best shots and take them close.." Dark brows lifting a fraction on the dare she even get that kind of close to him.

She just offered her sweetest of smiles to Shaun with a nod to Douglas without saying a word. The smile really worked for her!

She had a beguiling smile, he'd give her that and the fact she didn't respond to his more risque suggestion said a lot too. He realized his tankard was empty and switched to a tumbler of the pure. "So, where do you live Miss Fawn?"

Wordless smiles were fun like that. She sipped her drink and looked back to Shaun. "My kin and I reside in a house near Willow Lake. Though I'm not sure that's the name of it, as we've not officially decided yet. Are you and your brother a native resident of Heathfield?"

Maggie would just let them converse for now and listen in from a distance for her own entertainment. She kept herself busy with cleaning off tables until somebody needed her.

"I know of that one. Some say the tower rooms especially are haunted." Giving a slight shrug of a shoulder, "lot of homes are said to be haunted though especially if no one has lived in them since the dark times." Giving a nod to the last, "aye, all our lives. Our father married the fetching barmaid of the notorious tavern up north of these lands, named Maggie O'Brian. Married her and brought her here to live. We're the result.." giving one of those press smile grins.

Well, that caught her interest! Glancing up to Shaun with a surprised smile. "Apparently it is a popular name for barmaids.."

"Really?" She seemed quite interested in the prospect of the house being haunted and her expression filled with mischief. Poor Fiona. She was the most fun to pick on. Her brothers would probably just try to hunt down said ghost rather than be spooked by it. "Well, how lucky is Heathfield then that he did."

"It seems so." He grinned at Maggie. "And a good one too."

At least Douglas was smiling again! The grin was returned with a warm smile. "My true name is Margaret, but I may smack you if you ever call me that."

"Aye, Maggie O'Brian was the fairest lass in all the lands, many came to win her notice and her affection but she fell in love with the quiet man who had no clue she was interested in him. That is my Da. Their romance was followed by many as it coursed over a year and many the man hoping she would turn her affections from Rhett but she didn't waver at all. She had to nudge him, much like Doug here will need to be nudged."

"Margaret is such a lovely name though." A smile given to the woman, she meant it genuinely. Looking towards Shaun again as she listened and shook her head. He sounded like Fiona! Only with a much deeper voice.

"Are you going to become a matchmaker, Shaun?" He turned to look at his brother, "because if so, I'd rather you not practice on me."

Poor Doug. Sounded like he was constantly harped upon by his younger brother Shaun!

Shaun would be beaten on later.

"He might have to compete with my governess for that position." Being matchmaker, that is.

"Lovely perhaps, but far too prim and proper for me." She replied to Oisin with a little grin.

"Only for you brother.." big growing grin again. Wasn't he just special!

"That's a nice story though, about your parents," she added, turning towards Shaun with that comment.

Her smile returned to Maggie with a nod. "I can understand that." She preferred Fawn over Oisin most of the time.

He reached over to swat Shaun upside the head. "Funny." He stood and smiled at the ladies. "Time for me to be off. I need to make sure me room hasn't been taken over." Sometimes he stayed at the warehouse but it would be home tonight.

"It was nice to meet you, Douglas. Be safe." She tipped a nod to him before finishing off her drink and set down the empty glass.

"Aye, good to meet you. Try not to scare anybody on your way home." A reference to their earlier joke of him being a monster in disguise. She meant it lightly though and gave a wink.

"I'll do me best not to." He winked back. "Though if I come on a lone traveler, it will be hard not to jump out at him and growl."

That thought made her giggle. "Well, if you do, make sure you get away quickly before he can see your face."

Fawn giggled as well. "If we hear screams in the night, we'll know why."

"It's a true one." One he had liked hearing about. There was real love in the world and kept him to believe in spite of so many that fell apart after being so in love it came as a shock. He was up as he would head out with his brother. "It was nice meeting both of you ladies. And you are both very pretty." In case they thought he was only joking or something so doubt came out. Then he went silent for a change.

Of course, if it was one of his siblings, well, all bets were off. "Good night to you both." He grinned widely. "I'll make sure I do, and aye, you'll know it's me. I'll make sure they scream loud enough to be heard from the sea to the borders." And he headed for the door.

"Nice to meet you as well, Shaun." An impish grin to the compliment, she glanced to Maggie and giggled quietly.

She just gave a lazy grin, then lifted her hand farewell. "Take care, lads." Once they had gone out the door, she turned to Fawn with a smirk. "I told you there were Trouble."

Pressed smile given between the two before he was around and heading for the door. "Should I walk three yards behind you so you have room to scare someone..." trailing off as he followed his brother out the door.

Fawn gave a subtle shrug. "Seems most of the male gender are trouble. At least those two are fun."



Date: 09-12-10
Poster: Bradley Harrington
Post # 78

Pleasant Conversation

Brad was relaxing on the couch with a glass of the potcheen. A low fire consisting of peat burned in the hearth giving off warmth as well that Irish homeland scent. It was a chillier night as the beginning of fall brought with it. Chilly mornings and evenings with the bulk of the day warm. Time of year to easily get colds or worse in how the temperature flux. A vest of deep blue was worn over a poet shirt of pale gray, black pants and boots making up the rest of his attire.

Dia was being careful because of the cooler weather. It wouldn't do for her to catch a cold when she need to perform. She was dressed in a gown of heavier cotton, dyed bittersweet, with black lace accenting the sleeves and scooped neckline, as well as the waist. She wore a Spanish shawl of black shot through with threads of gold and in her hair, a small comb of jet was used to keep her hair from her face. As she entered the tavern, she gave Alex a brilliant smile and closed the door. "It is a good night for the hot tea, please, Alex with just a touch of whiskey and honey." For her throat of course!

He almost dozed, that was until he heard a female's voice. Startle, he all but jumped to his feet and in those few seconds realized it wasn't a certain one that would probably have him crossing swords verbally with. "Brigidia, it is good to see you again. The weather is getting cooler," eyeing her attire in that way to see her all bundled up.

Well, not too bundled up. As soon as she removed the shawl, it could be seen that her sleeves stopped at her elbow. She loved to dress up however and rarely missed a chance to do so. "Si, it is though I suppose we are lucky. The summer was lovely and very warm. My brother took time to paint different areas of Heathfield. He may speak to the Frasier sisters to see if he can display them. How have you been, Bradley?" Her smile showed off a dimple as she continued. "It is good to see you again as well."

He indicated the couch and chairs near where he stood, "please come and join me, there is plenty of room." All the while going over the information she gave him. "You have a brother that is an artist as well an actor?" His smile dashed handsomely next, "it is good to see you again too." Pleased the conversation would go nicely, perhaps even interesting.

"Thank you. I would be most pleased to join you." She knew her tea would be delivered along with whatever cookies were available from the kitchen. Settling into the chair, she nodded. "Each of us has our own talent, as well as acting. Raul writes, Demian paints the scenery as well as other things, Veronica dances, Pedro is a musician, Dalila does the makeup, and I sing. It makes for lively discussions sometimes." She laughed, "and loud ones if there is the ... argument."

"So it would be Demian that will exhibit his work at the art gallery. I have not met him nor Raul. How many brothers and sisters do you have?" Curious being he knew there were a few of them but not really how many, or how many sisters compared to brothers. Well, she mentioned a few, "there are six of you then?"

"Si, six. Three boys and three girls. I even mention them in order." She laughed then thanked Maggie as she brought over the tea and cookies. "Do you have brothers or sisters?" She added sugar to her tea as she waited for his answer though she did add. "Please, help yourself to the cookies."

"I have one brother and one sister that I've not actually seen in a while. My brother went off to seek his fortune on the sea and my sister is in a lady's finishing school, or should be out by now." As he thought on it. All of them had their own lives although they held affection for each other. He took one of the cookies as he was still standing, then seated himself now that she was seated. He was a gentleman in that way or breeding as some would say.


"It is good you have family but sad to be far apart.  We are all close and it has been a good thing since we traveled so far to get here.  Of course, I think Raul would like to see us all married off so he would worry less."  Not that her eldest brother would really worry less

"Your brother is trying to marry you off?" Which had a slight smirk. "I would think that he would wish you never to get married so you will always be acting. Unless, of course, you married another actor, then he would have another to join." There was a shadow to pass over blue eyes when it came to talking on his siblings. "I can hope they remain safe and that our lives will one day be closer again." Realizing  they may well end up in these lands along with his parents, uncle and aunt. Especially if he was found out to be involved with the revolution. That was why he had to be so careful.

"It is the joke.  He says he wishes to see us all married and happy with many children and we tell him that cannot be until he marries first.  I think he worries because some of my siblings are not very social.   But their hearts are in the theater so they work hard."  She reached over and patted his arm. "I am sure they will be safe, Bradley."

"I will bring them here if I feel their lives are in danger for they would be safe here." More mussed to himself but reassuring her at the same time. "There is the matter if you have little ones, they could join the theater then too? What of you? Are you unsocial too and wish never to marry, your heart completely married to the theater?"

She took a careful sip of her tea before answering.  "It is not so much a matter of being unsocial.  It is more, if it is to happen, it will.  But if I hide away in the theater, I will never know, si?  And I would not like to grow old and forever wonder if I missed a chance at love. Of course, there is time though were we still in Spain, I might be married by now."

"Unless one comes to the theater and finds you there? Certainly you must have many admirers as well your siblings?" Usually actors and actresses attracted such attention. He remembered well the shows given in England, grand affairs and all would fall in love with the leading lady or man according to their gender. Well, not counting the fops. "There is logic in getting out too, but it is not like you are hidden when you appear on stage or out in the street doing an act from a famous play."

"That is true but we have always been careful. Sometimes the one just wishes an affair and there is bragging to others.  And I have three protective brothers so it is not as easy for my sisters and myself unless we go off alone." And if the sisters were together, the man would still have to be careful.

Which had him clearing his throat, "you speak on the men not the women?" That would be something if in their tradition the shoe was on the other foot. "It sounds that if Raul wants you married off, he is preventing it at the same time too." Stealing a glance to the window in front for an odd sensation but only darkness was seen beyond.

She looked confused and tipped her head as she studied him. "Si, the men.  My brothers do not need the protection.  Things are very strict at home.  Here, we have only met gentlemen and the women have not been at us with claws for fear we take their men.  Some stories are not always to be believed."

"Unfortunately I cannot help you on knowing anything about how the women are here on what they consider their men. I'm fairly new. I can't say I've had anyone try to make any claim on myself." Wondering if he could or would even know the difference if any did. Did it matter? He suppose it could get things happening much like a Shakespearean play. "So you do not have a man nor any of your sisters?" That might say a lot on the brothers being too overly protective. "In your homelands, would the eldest brother pick your future husband for you?"

"Si, since our parents are not alive.  There were some arrangements made but things happen." She shrugged.  "We left our home and came here, and Raul wishes us to marry for love."  She smiled and leaned back in the chair. "No, not a teeny bit of interest I don't think, though we have met some that live here.  What of you, no lady?"

"I've not had time for a lady in that way." Not getting into other ways or when, where, that might apply. "As I mentioned, I'm quite new here. I'm gradually meeting others but I have been too busy to think along such lines. Presently I'm settling into a home and the lady Maggie who works here, said she would like to decorate it for me. This would be handy for then when my aunt Martha comes, she can settle right in not feeling she has to fix up the house for she knows a bachelor, English bred, has no idea how to fill up a house as it should be."

"Ah, she should speak to the young senorita, Angel, at the furniture store. She does the decorating there and can guide her to the people that make things. Or where to order."  She laughed softly, shaking her head. "I have seen houses that my uncles did on their own.  They were austere, manly but not a fright." 

"Angel," repeating the name. I will suggest the name or see her myself if Maggie is not able to do the decorating." It was one of those things that might not happen when only good intentions. "I probably would skip putting drapes up, have a table and chairs in the kitchen where I prefer to eat, none in the dining room. A bed, a dresser in any room occupied. What else does a house need?" Which he knew there was plenty more especially in the eyes of a woman.

"Oh, you must have a den or smoking room where you can retire with your friends to enjoy a cigar, and a library,  and a living room where you can hold the tete-a-tete comfortably.   And it is always best to have the drapes for privacy or to close when the chill of the winter wind rattles the panes.  There must be paintings and mirrors and all sorts of things to attract the eye."  She laughed again as she placed the cup on the small table.  "Yes, it would  be wise to have the help of a woman."

"I don't... hold... tete-a-tetes," his words spaced out as the idea was so out there that he started laughing afterwards. Caught himself quickly too. "I suppose if my aunt stays and my mother ends up coming, the two would be having plenty of them and forming a social circle here if they can." Which one part had his mind wandering, "if it was myself, I could smoke any place in the house I wanted." That was more mussed to himself in an amused way, "and have my ship captain friends over for cards, whiskey and cigars." He knew she was right, there were all those other things a house needed that would most likely have women within.

"You may have to find a club for privacy if your family moves in with you."  She smiled as she stood. "This has been a very nice night, Bradley, but I'm afraid it is time for me to return to the theater."  She had things to do come morning and didn't wish to oversleep.

He rose as she did, "do you need an escort down to the theater?" Not knowing if they had guards and one awaited her outside or one of her brothers.

"An escort would be very welcome, si."  The theater wasn't far but it was always nice to have company.  She picked up her shawl and placed it over her shoulders, then she bade Alex good night.

He reached out to help her with her shawl as well giving Alex a farewell. Offering her the bend of his arm as he would see her safely and quickly, considering he was duly warned about her over protective brothers, down to the theater.


Date: 09-13-10
Poster: Gabriel Vaughn
Post # 79

Innis Knights

It had been a while since Gabriel visited the tavern. Practicing on the field, practicing his airborne maneuvers, spending time with Melantha and spending time with Raphael as they watched for signs still of their need to go back in time. To a time that was before recorded history. A time where their presence would keep today as it is or it would be altered to one of the other possible paths. A theory not only hard to understand but even harder to explain. Hair was damp from the swim he took, having spent time at the lake while he could before coming here. Poets shirt of tan with a brown vest of a quilted patchwork and black pants. Empowered sword hung at his left hip as he spotted Alex first with a tipped grin. "Long time, I see you are well. Some things are best never to change," such as Alex in the thistle. Although there were a few more potted plants than he remembered and this woman's touch that had not been there before. He heard about the waitress they had taken on. Crossing the distance to claim the glass of potcheen set out as he took up a lean.

Having only just arrived from Innis this evening, Cole had taken his belongings to the barracks, notified those of authority of his presence, bathed, then headed to the Thistle. Though he was not the man to seek out engaging conversation for the sake of needing a reason to talk, and neither had he the desire for superficial company, but the Thistle promised good food, good drink, and certain nights a quiet comradery if a man was lucky enough. No boisterous shouting, howling at the moon as it could be sometimes in the barracks of men.

Aiden had been out riding, something that would likely end once the weather grew too cold. He had finally grown use to the change in seasons after all theses years in Heathfield but it didn't mean he liked winter any better than he had before. After a quick stop at the castle to clean up, he headed for the Thistle for a drink.

Cole strolled into the Thistle, coming to a pause at the door when he saw Gabriel within. He smiled. The stars seemed to be lining up for him tonight.

It didn't take but a moment or two before he was following Cole, though the man had stopped. "Well, look who blew in from Innis." Aiden grinned as he spoke. "Just in time for a drink."

Only a few words exchanged with Alex before there were others coming in and especially who those others were, had Gabriel with one of his rare smiles. "It seems we have only been meeting on the king's field of late than sharing a drink. Well, Cole, you have been away. How is Innis these days?" Probably still warm as the air here was starting to get chilly at night into the mornings. "I think I may put in to go when the cold winds blow here."

Veronica felt worlds better after a good night's sleep and a good supper. Fortunately the Costas woman and Alex had offered her a room the night before and it had done her worlds of good. Feeling refreshed she decided to sup within the tavern once more and so down the stairs she came, clad in a simple blue dress. She was never one for much adornment, finding it easier for her profession to peruse the natural way. Her dark hair cascaded down her shoulders and she would wait at the bottom of the stairs to take stock of the room before taking a place to order her supper.

Cole reached out an arm and wrapped it about Aiden's shoulder as they strode in together. "Blowing in is Gabriel's territory, though I do rather enjoy the idea of being just in time for a drink." He nodded toward Gabriel as they joined their comrade at the bar. "Innis is missing you, Gabriel." He laughed, his amusement fading as the woman came into view. His gaze passed over her the once with her natural appearance, then he looked to Alex with a nod.  A silent request for a drink.

"I would say, gliding in is more appropriate." Chuckling under his breath before dark eyes turned on the lady joining them. One he did not know but they he had been out of the social circles of late. "Good evening Miss," slight dip of his head cordially before he made introductions. "I am Sir Gabriel, these are my comrades, Sir Aiden and Sir Cole." There was a thought on Cole's comment about Innis missing him. A good test of his wings in endurance would be to fly that distance. Perhaps when one of the ships sailed as a precautionary measure in case he tired and dropped into the ocean below.

"Well, almost any time is good for a drink." He chuckled then turned that smile on Gabriel. "And look who else is out and about. Seems we all needed a bit of a break." He nodded at the woman, then turned his attention to Alex, and the need for his drink. "Miss." Turning back to the woman, he gave an acknowledgement of the introduction.

Veronica would smile to the men gathered. Her lack of finery usually somehow making them more and less comfortable with her. But she was a healer, and had been in battle too often tending soldiers too often to find large dresses and coifs useful. A smile was given to each of them. "Sir Cole, Gabriel, and Aiden. I am most pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Veronica Sayer. I am hoping to settle here in Heathfield. I am from Avalon by way of Devonshire."

Cole accepted the tankard Alex offered and dipped his head to the woman as his form of acknowledging the introduction Gabriel provided. He listened to the information provided and lifted his tankard to drink. His gaze rested on her, as if he perceived more than she provided in mere words. Perhaps it was the case. Perhaps ... not.

Veronica would make eye contact with Cole. She was both simple and complex.

"A pleasure to meet you Veronica Sayer. I hope that your wishes go smoothly and settled before the cold winds of winter blow. Devonshire is allies with us so certainly you are welcome." He may have been out of circulation but he didn't forget certain things learned as part of everyday existence within the lands especially being knights. Ones serving a king of a sister castle.

While she was virtually an open book, something within her ran deep, and there was far more than met the eye. And so she would smile to Alex and ask for a pot of hot water. When it was brought she would remove a small herb pouch and add a few dried herbs to it. And to Gabriel she looked as he addressed her. Her face was warm, yet with a slight guarding. To Gabriel she would give a small bow of her head. "Sir Gabriel, it is indeed a pleasure to meet someone who knows of the land that has been my home for so long. My former, but honored queen, sends her regards. She recommended that  I perhaps would enjoy time here in Heathfield. She is wise, and so I headed her advice good sir."

"It is always good to heed the advice of a good Queen." Which Victoria was considered amongst her friends here. Although he didn't know her was well as some of the others, like his king, like Lancely. "Do you have a means of occupation? Skill or such. Not that it is a need to be here but more conversation wise. We are knights under King Peter O'Neill of Innis Daingneach stationed here in Heathfield. Innis is one of the sister castles."

"I am a healer, midwife, and herbalist by trade. I was raised to be such, and know flowers and herbs as well as I know my own home. In Devonshire I was a healer to our knights. I have spent enough time in the field with ones such as yourselves that you need not mind yourselves overly much with me as manners go." Said with a smile and a nod. "Healers oft hear many things that would turn the blood of many a lady, and midwives as well, sir."

Cole placed his tankard on the counter, shifting slightly to rest his forearm on the polished surface as well. "And what makes you think we would even consider speaking of such things in your presence, Miss? You being new to the area, and only just coming from a friendly kingdom? Besides, there are midwives in these lands...and healers aplenty, for the likes of us not to blink in remorse for any words we may speak or actions we may take."

"Sir Cole, I meant no offense, but no need to be overly formal with me. Veronica will do, or Ronnie if you prefer. I only meant that you may speak as you please while I am here." She would sip her tea "And it is good for a kingdom to have healers aplenty." Said in a quiet voice, her face placid, as ever.

He gave Aiden a cuff to his shoulder to make sure he was still breathing. Far too quiet although that was not totally uncommon either. Veronica earned a quick smile with that, "this is good for I might offend without knowing but never would it be on purpose." Well, most cases. Woman would have to be really bad. "You may wish to speak with Doctor Barrington of the local hospital as I believe Sara Devonshire is of like within, he follows old and new ways for the betterment of all."

Aiden was enjoying his drink and had little to say at the moment. He looked at Gabriel with a bemused expression and rubbed his shoulder.

Gabriel's intervention prevented any further comment from the surly knight. He could blame his recent travels, only just arrived from the island as he was, for his attitude. But, unfortunately, this would not be completely true.

Her attention would focus once more on Gabriel with the look of...was that a kindred spirit? "If your Lady Queen grants me citizenship I shall, and even not if I am welcomed here I would like to meet this Sarah. I as well like the blend of the old and new ways. There is much to be remembered and much to be learned in my profession."

"In any profession." Cole muttered to himself, reaching over that one arm to take up his tankard again.

Veronica looked to Cole. "Sir I would not presume to tell another how to behave in their profession. What do I know of swords?" The truth was she knew enough, but she was no knight.

Now he looked confused and looked at Cole. Had he misunderstood what was said by his friend or had the woman?

"And what do I know of stitching up wounds and applying herbal remedies?" In truth, he knew enough, more than enough, considering he was a knight and had been forced to 'know'. He offered her a very brief, very slight cant of head. A truce. For now. He had come to enjoy his ale. And that he meant to do until such time as he must return to the barracks and find his bunk.

He gave a pointed look Cole's way with a dip of his head in agreement. "You're welcome to meet them once they are about." Obviously. Which now he settled into drinking, leaning a bit more comfortably as he took up his tumbler of the pure to kick back. Leaving Cole to the socializing at the moment.


"There is so much more to it than stitching and poultices. Prevention is key. Like with your ale for example...but alas I do not know you good sir knights well enough to make recommendations."

Cole snorted. "To know us not has not stilled your tongue thus far. Please...what of this ale?" He gave a look to Alex, feigning a look that the man may have tried to poison them all without them knowing. He tipped the tankard, sniffed the contents, and then set it back on the counter until he found the secret to his ale.

"Well I would imagine, sir Cole, that you have muster in the morning. To ease a headache and weariness I would recommend willow and milk thistle before bed, to ease your morning muster."

"When did you get back?" This was addressed to Cole, it could have been an hour ago or a number but not more than two days. "Good German ale from the looks of it." Slight twitch of his lips followed. "Would that be yellow or brown mustard, Cole?" Which he was keeping a straight face through this all. Purposely tweaking muster into mustard.

"I would begrudge no knight his drink, only to hope to ease the morning discomfort."

"Not late enough." Cole growled at the back of his throat in response to Gabriel's question. "Three, perhaps four hours at best." Was that a twitch at the corners of his lips. "You'll be knowing when you find it ankle deep in your boots some morning, if you don't suck down your willow and milk thistle." Aye, he could see it now. Consuming willow and thistle, and the comments that would come with that! "If you wish to ease my morning discomfort, Miss." No Veronica. No Ronnie. "Then manage to keep the likes of these two from the field so I need not gulp down mud and grass as well as what my stomach churns from my previous evening's ale."

Veronica would smirk and chuckle. If the men desired a morning hangover, so be it.

"I will be hoping it is brown then for that has a bit more substance to it otherwise it would be quicksand yellow and I'll never be heard from again. What was that? Mother's milk?"

"Its a capsule, sir Cole. No one would be the wiser. A fit knight is stronger for Her Grace's defense.. No mud or grass, just chew on a stick is all. It does wonders for pain. Surely a knight can be seen chewing on a stick?"

He chuckled as he listened, and took a long drink of the potcheen he had picked this eve. He nearly snorted when he heard Cole but managed just a cough instead. He grinned at Cole. "Are you that out of shape?"

"And for the churning stomach, perhaps some candied ginger? Would that affront your manhood to eat candy?"

"Ahhh, so we are not fit as knights in your eyes then. Most interesting, Collins. It seems we are not at that." Cole was on the verge of a chuckle, but he managed to keep it well contained. Poor Veronica.

"His grace." Which had him glancing to the door, never knew when Peter might show now that his knights were back. "Did the king returned with you on the ship, Cole?"

Cole looked to Gabriel, offering him a curt, firm nod of head. "He visits with von Rundstedt and the Queen the last I knew of."

Veronica worried not that the knights thought her tinctures womanly. They would seek a healer in secret when the pains came. That was good enough for her. Like she had said before, they need not mind their manners with her.

"I'm sure if a pretty lass such as yourself fed it to him, he'd eat it." No, he didn't look at Cole but poured another tumbler of the potcheen.

That caused the Lachian to snap a double take in Gabriel's direction.

Veronica gave a hearty laugh and smiled to Gabriel. "Well bedside manner is important. If the poor knight was in pain and felt better having a lady feed him his medicine, I would do it."

"I would hope so, it is your duty." As it would be Cole's duty to protect her if the need arose. Which he would, as they all would.

"Armed with a funnel and a bigger knight to hold him down..." and now he laughed as he had held it in far too long. Deep rumbling kind that welled up and was set free.

"Sir Cole, I would do it gladly and with a smile upon my face. It brings me joy to heal."

It was rare any of them drank enough to be hung over, especially considering the heritage of the three men. He looked at Gabriel, not bothering to hide his amusement. "Two, if the medicine tastes bitter."

She would grin to Aiden. "what use is bitter medicine?"

"We could tackle him down and let him be forced fed capsules of all kinds, bitter and sweet..."

"And sure that it would." Cole grumbled, and it would for sure take a bigger and better knight than Cole to have him sucking down any thistle milk concoction.

Veronica was grinning broadly. Alas, she felt more comfortable with men grumbling about their salts than giving many a curtsey. But she could do both, but this was more of what she was used to.


Rather than mutter any more about something he would never get involved with, he brought around his tankard, drank his ale and would take what may come morning. He had before, he would in the future as well.


Peter had not seen Aiden and Gabriel in a number of weeks. Cole was still rough around the edges but he felt there were changes within the man and time for him to be back with his comrades to let them develop. There had been enough pomp of late to last him a long time but when in Innis, there was no way around it at times. The tunic of bronze and golden colors was well stitched that kept it from being overly plain. Brown pants and boots lacing up to below his knees. The sword at his left hip he wore proudly for it was earned long before he became king of his lands. Long before he'd been reunited with his family. Although sheathed, one hand rest along the ornate hilt as he stood in the doorway, naturally filling it with a certain presence that held to the man. He didn't say anything, only watched as burnt sienna hued eyes turned over his men, resting on the woman a moment as he didn't recognize her. Lifted from there to the tender with a silent greeting by way of a dip of his head.



Date: 09-13-10
Poster: Gabriel Vaughn
Post # 80

Veronica did not know who the man was, but she knew nobility when she saw it. And so she would rise and wait for the others to address the man so she could give a proper greeting. Seeing his eyes glance at her she would smile. "I am Veronica Sayer, recently arrived from Devonshire."

It was bantering of something that was neither here nor there but certainly could be twisted to get in a good laugh. He set his glass aside as he straightened from the bar. Titles were not used here except for Sir or Sire, some habits were hard to break. "Sire, a good evening to you." About to introduce Veronica but the lass was quick as well perceptive.

When Veronica reacted, Cole's gaze shot to the door and with a smooth movement of a knight, his tankard found the counter and he straightened from his lean. Cole offered his liege a bow, fisted hand to his chest, but he said nothing, having just traveled from the Island with him.

His hand slid from the natural resting place as he continued on in, precise steps taking him to the bar and near his men but he turned to the woman first. "My pleasure to meet you Lady Veronica. I am Peter O'Neill of Innis Daingneach, I see you have met my knights. How is Queen Victoria? It has been some time since I have seen her grace."

"Good evening, Sire." Aiden straightened and did as Cole had, saluting the name with a fisted hand to his chest. "Welcome back."

"Her Majesty's Grace is well. I am here at her recommendation Your Grace. And your knights have been most engaging and welcoming."

He followed with the traditional salute. "Welcome back. There are those that waited for your return to show off on the king's field come morning." A few of the squires and younger knights.

Cole cleared his throat when she described them, but that would be more so for the other knights than the King to know.

Eye contact had fallen on Cole a moment but then it only took a moment when the lady spoke on them being engaging and welcoming. "I would expect no less of my knights and pleased to see they hold to those standards." Then back to Gabriel. "I believe King Karl shall be returning to the field and there will be some knighting soon." Which he was sure such a rumor would spread and encourage those very squires.

Veronica would smile and retake her seat to let his lordship engage in conversation with his men.

"I am pleased to hear on Queen Victoria, perhaps I will get to see her again in the near future. If you come with her recommendation then it is a very good one."

"He is well then, that is good to hear." Cole spoke those words, having not missed the look his way from the king. A flicker of a gaze touched on Veronica. Though he did not regret any of his words, regret wasn't his way and the King of Innis knew that about him, he allowed a momentary appreciation for her courtesy. Though ... she lied! Well, maybe not. Gabriel and Aiden had been welcoming and engaging. And she had said knights...not which ones.

Veronica would smile. "Aye, your lordship. Her Grace is a good Queen indeed. If I have the pleasure of her ear soon, I shall pass along that you would enjoy a visit."

Aiden hadn't said much at all.

"Perhaps accompanied by Lancely," muttered under his breath real low near Aiden. Aiden would remember.

Veronica had found him most engaging, and he was not unwelcoming. She chose then to accentuate the positive when things were neutral. This was her way.

"Aiden, Gabriel," drawing their attention. "You are both acquainted with the field far up from the Spar Hall and field behind it?" Which he only paused a moment before continuing, "I would you like you both to acquaint Cole with this field." Both would know the why of the field in which it was used and so link that with the way he wanted them to bring Cole there. "Tomorrow in the evening as I will come to see how you progress."

Brows lifted as he looked between Aiden and Gabriel. He offered Peter a nod by way of a modified bow. It would be as the King requested. The back of his hand slid the tankard closer to the opposite side of the bar for Alex to retrieve. "I believe I should seek out my bunk, then. It seems my day tomorrow shall be quite ... full." Not to mention, he had muster to manage first thing at daybreak.

Veronica smiled at Cole and simply placed a small leather pouch next to his arm. "Your mud and grass, sir knight."

"Of course, Sire." He hid a grin by finishing his glass of potcheen then placed it down on the bartop. "I think I'll join you on the walk back, Cole."

A bow of his head was given, this would prove to be interesting as a dark gaze turned on his comrade. Slight twitch as a smile. As Peter requested so it would be seen to. He looked forward to tomorrow already. "Much like your horse, Cole.." mud and grass. Yes, he was smirking even more.

Cole looked down at the pouch pulled from thin air. "The mud and grass come courtesy of the other knights, as I am forced to the ground in submission of their superior skills, Miss. I need no more beyond that." He knew what was actually in the small bag, and he closed his hand around it since it was offered by the lady and Peter was present. Where it went from there would be no one's knowing but Cole's. Cole pointed a forefinger in Gabriel's direction to indicate he heard, and the lines at the corners of his eyes creased with a smile that only showed there. "Good evening to you, Midwife." Cole offered to Veronica, and in this way provided his opinion on when he would be needing her services.

To Veronica it mattered little where the pouch went. She had offered the pouch and it had been received. Her duty as herbalist healer was complete. "Good Eve to you, sir knight."

"Good night, Sire." He saluted Peter again, and bowed to the woman. "Miss." Gabriel got a questioning look. Was he going to join them or stay for a while?

"Sir" said to Aiden with a smile.

"If you are all heading back, then I shall join you." Knowing they would probably head to the knight's hall first and then from there he would head to the Quinn manor for a visit. "A good night to you Veronica, may you sleep well," knowing the rooms here were of the finest for a tavern. He finished off his drink taking the bottle as that would help Cole with his little grass and mud bag.

The pouch was tucked into his back pocket and he started to the door.  He provided a deeper nod to Peter in passing, offering the King a goodnight in that way.

"I thank you Sir Gabriel, and may the moon smile upon your journey." Said as she touched her hand to the crescent moon tattooed upon her forehead.

"I will be joining you shortly in the Hall." First he would check out their office in the back and a few words with Alex when he was free. "I wont be long. Lady Veronica, I wish you well in your endeavors."

Which would give them a breather and he would try and find out why Peter wants Cole on that particular field.

Good thing Cole was oblivious to the significance of that field.

Veronica watched them depart and turned to his lordship. "Do you need privacy my lord?"

A slight smirk changed the more stoic look upon Peter's visage as he watched his knights discreetly a moment, his thoughts his own as he turned a moment upon Veronica. "I believe we have both been given privacy."


"I suppose my lord. I was wondering if you needed to speak with Alex a moment. I am more than happy to retreat to my rooms if need be. I am ever at your disposal. She would smile to him and pour herself another cup of the tea she had made herself. "Is there anything you wish to know of me, your grace? As I am new in your kingdom."

"I appreciate your concern but I will not need to speak to him presently." He would soon at an opportune time. "This is actually not my kingdom as I rule Innis Daingneach, a sister castle and in this instance, one on an island. It is King Karl and Queen Honeee who rule these lands. To the northwest is King Chadrick McAndrews and his wife Danielle of Ballicastle. Trevellyn Douglas to the northeast and above Tyremoor is Kildare, Queen Honeee's twin sons, Leoric and Gaidan. Their heritage after the death of their father and claimed when they were old enough. A fight in doing so and one that will go on for a time longer." Which was the way of it at times.

Fawn had been working to help Fiona get things arranged and settled, feeling bad that the woman had been doing most things alone. It'd been nice to spend time with her, but now it was time to relax. Dressed simply in a cream colored with her hair pulled back. Pushing through the door, humming quietly, she waved to Alex and offered a nod to the others. "Good evening."

"Such things are the way of the world, Your Grace. It is a shame that it is so, but we healers must be in the world, and not of it."

"One day there may be peace once mankind can learn to live with one another but as you know, that is not in our future at this rate. There is too much greed and too much need to oppress others than help them. So as warriors are needed, so will there be the need for healers." Cordial smile turned on the young lady, "good evening Miss, I am Peter and this is Veronica."

Veronica smiled to the woman and returned to Peter. "Your Grace, such a world should be the desire of a warrior. And a healer. In my training we had to learn malevolent herbs as well. But, as you say, this will not happen in our lifetimes. But we can work for such things. We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

She looked to both as introductions were given. "Pleasure to meet you both, Sir Peter and Miss Veronica. I'm Fawn." Waiting until after Veronica spoke. The title Grace didn't go unnoticed, but rather than interrupt, she turned to Alex, requesting a glass of cider.

Veronica would look to Fawn. "Ronnie works well enough for me, ladyship. I hold no place here."

"Ronnie, then. You can call me Fawn. The only place I hold here is a where I stand." Flashing a smile, she thanked Alex for her drink.

"Change begins with the individual. I've seen far too many bloodied battlefields," his voice trailing off as he didn't elucidate being there was a young lady with them presently too. He was sure Lady Veronica had seen enough if she attended knights and their wounds. "Fawn, you are of the Quinn family then?" He was informed of various citizens and those that came into the lands. A name like Fawn stood out.

"As the Buddha says, Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." Veronica had seen more than her fair share, and she knew she would see more. But to heal was her calling. She would go where she was needed.

"I am." She smiled proudly. So very happy to have her brothers back in her life. "You must be familiar with them. Hopefully not for the trouble they cause." Which was truth, but spoken in jest.

"I am somewhat familiar, mostly Eion as he has chosen a warrior's profession. I don't think your brothers have been here long enough to cause trouble and truth be told, I'd probably be right in there with them." Which had a twinkle to spark sienna eyes and a glimpse of another side of this particular king. His knights were also not here but one day they would find their king managed to catch them because he'd been there before. Takes one to know one as the saying goes. "So, how are you liking being in these lands Miss Fawn? Have you been to the avian gardens yet Vanessa Baltimore runs? I think you would enjoy the many birds she has."

Veronica would grow quiet once more as his lordship caught up with one of the realm. Her tea was topped off, a sip savored and swallowed as she simply observed.

Eion...she'd only seen him once or twice maybe. He was rather elusive. Snickering quietly, she shook her head. "They don't have to cause it. It follows them around." Which too was occasionally true. Perking up some, she shook her head. "No, I've not been by there. I've met the Lady though. She's very nice."

"Yes she is, very nice and a lucky young Quinn won her affections too. Your cousin," which he was sure she was aware of. Turning to Veronica, "do you like birds of all kinds? Including many of the parrot family? If so, then you should have Vanessa Baltimore show you her gardens sometime."

"They make a really nice couple." At least she thought so. Slipping up onto her stool, she picked up her mug and too a drink, listening now.

Veronica would turn to Peter and Fawn, "I appreciate the majesty of all life Your Grace. I do not think there is a living thing which is not full of the divine spark."

He studied her features discreetly a moment, something there but hard to tell with one that didn't show much, a habit picked up that saved his life more than once. "We all start out innocent, this spark of  divinity. It is life's challenges and choices we make that can change that part and certainly as one grows the more corruption leaks in, some more than others. Some as dark as a moonless night."

"I agree Your Grace, but even those that seem full of darkness can have the light rekindled in them. The divine mystery that some choose to call God, can bring light to any darkness."

"Tougher is that task than fighting a battle to the death." Which he gave credit to such men of god that brought his word to all they could.

"I feel that those of us that have the light within us, must light the candles of others. One candle can light a thousand others, and its own light is not diminished, nor its time shortened."

"Exactly. Perhaps you would be well suited in the church of these lands." A missionary as lands needed them too. Except he knew there were Druids, Elves and Pagans here too but so far none had clashed as there was a monk as well.

"If the church is respectful, Your Grace. I do believe that ones who have faith must be respectful of others with faith. Otherwise that faith is tarnished and hindered, and peace cannot reign. And if peace cannot reign in the church, where can it reign?"

Well, this was one of those topics that Fawn steered clear of. Finishing her drink, she slid from her stool with a waggle of fingers and slipped out the door.

"It makes things a lot easier instead of becoming a hypocrite otherwise." He had met a few of them over the course of his life." Duly noting the young lass took her leave rather quickly. Religion and politics were not the best topics in a public place though he didn't really mind, probably because he was secure in whom and what he was whether approved of or not. "I should see to any messages left in my office," and that talk with Alex which would follow.

"Of course your grace, and I would have to be accepted here as a citizen before I think of where I would fit."

"It is always good to have thoughts ahead but tempered with the knowledge that Fate plays the biggest hand." Just a thought to leave her with, as a dip of his head was given courteously. "Good night m'lady." Then without further adieu, he was on his way as he had a few things to do this night before sleep would find him.

A curtsey was given to him, and then a touch to the moon upon her forehead. "Blessings, your grace."



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