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Thistle Tavern

Date: 02-21-12
Poster: Trevor Cairns
Post # 1

The Mystery Continues

Trevor had left word in the Knight's hall were he could be found this night in case anyone was looking for him or better.. that his comrades seek him out. It was a change of pace and pacing he was about the room as he'd eaten a good meal and had this energy about him to burn off.

Lazare stood in the doorway, his arm raised and his body weight resting against it as he watched Trevor pace, and pace, and pace some more around the room. "Bet you do a damn quick half mile there, My Brother." Lazare chuckled, dropping his arm and starting in. Fact was, Trevor was a pretty darn quick one when it came to moving and they all knew it as tried and true. "Life is a conscious continuity..." He offered his arm to Trevor as he neared.

While Lazare and Trevor were inside the tavern already, Dana was just making his way across the square toward the Thistle. It was a cold night of course but another clear one, so far. He was up the steps and paused to look over his shoulder. Clouds were moving in so likely it wouldn't remain clear for long. He pushed open the door and saw the two inside. With a grin, he entered. "Good evening, Brothers. Lovely night for a walk."

Lazare didn't have to wait all that long for a response. He still paced but a grin was growing as he replied in half stride, "within the movement of change," A hand lifted to comb his fingers through his hair, "spring is coming earlier this year, but then you should know that Lazare." Hand was down to grip Lazare's arm, his other hand crossing over to grip his hand in a warrior's greeting. Something strong and solid and also just as quick.

It was with Lazare's arrival that Alex put out the plainly wrapped box on the bar counter. "This is for you. Found it here when I came up from the wine cellar earlier." He eyed the box, then with a shake of his head got out the bottle of potcheen to pour the first round for the King's men. The box had Lazare's name on it, plain and simple, nothing fancy. Inside was a hand made windsock of the king's insignia. There was one sheet of paper with the words written:

I really don't know what to do
All that I want is to be with you
I think about you, night and day
But I just don't know what to say
I wish that I could find the strength
To tell you just how I feel
I get so lost looking in your eyes
Just the sight of you makes my stomach flip
Just the sound of your voice
Makes my heartbeat skip
I wish you knew what you do to me
And how you really make me feel
But I just can't find the words
To describe my love for you, is real
I just wish that you really knew
Because maybe only then
Maybe then I'd be the girl
Who belongs to the one and only you
(poem by Jac)

Brows lifted as Alex addressed Lazare. The box set out was looked over curiously as he was over to greet Dana in the same manner he had Lazare. "Seems the mystery continues.." more mussed as their comrade seemed to think it a practical joke. "Not I.." voiced in case he even had such an inkling of a thought he was doing a pratical joke.

The greeting shared, in words and in action, before Lazare turned to see Dana's entry. " like walking." Lazare grinned, giving his water-brother-in-arms an uplift of chin and then looking to Alex with lifted brows. "Life Vimeure" Was all he managed to say, and the name was actually more a fading sound than an actual greeting. He looked at the box, to Alex, to the box and crossed over to it, opening it to find the gift and the words within. He read the poem over again, set it aside and brought out the specially made item. "Alright, now I'm beyond curious. Which one of you ..." Still holding the windsock airborne, he turned to look to Dana and Trevor, giving the object in his hand a little shake with his question. Surely, this was their doing. Or Vincent's! Could Vincent be the culprit? It wasn't like him to pull this sort of stunt, but it wasn't like him to be a home body, all wrapped up in his females...and he was that now, so this could be him now.

He chuckled as Lazare was distracted by the box and walked across the room as he opened the box and read the poem. Lazare's reaction had a brow lifting, but he shook his head as he reached for the potcheen left for him. "So it does," he answered Trevor first, then shook his head as he turned to Lazare. "I swear, 'tis not I?"

"Fine eye for detail though." Lazare noted as he turned the windsock to study the insignia perfectly replicated. The crest of Heathfield was one thing, that of the King and his Four was quite another. Lazare turned a narrowed gaze back at his comrades. "Darn good eye. Didn't miss a thing." He laughed once, then stopped. "It's Vincent, isn't it. Has to be." A snap of fingers. "Or Garath! I bet it is Garath." His chin lifted and he let out a softly spoken. "Aaaaaah, it could be Randall. Wouldn't put it past him. Yes...could be." All the time thinking this had to be an amusement for one of the men he was closest to, because he had no comings or goings with any of the ladies around that may know what the King's Insignia looked like.

He had collected his drink and finally sat down at the bar just down from Lazare and package. He actually was trying to see what the paper had to say but it was not viewable from where he sat. "Another love poem or one that says you're full of wind that can keep the windsock airborne?" Time for teasing! "Ask Vincent when he comes in..." now that would be something to witness!

Lazare snorted out a laugh. "I just may..." this to Trevor. "Not."

"Vincent?" He looked thoughtful then shrugged. "I guess it could be any of those three but what if it truly is a lady?" He grinned over his glass at Lazare. "Chicken. So, how do we find out?" Offering to help, because after all they were brothers.

"Laugh all you want but I'll be laughing more when you ask him." Like Lazare would really go through with it. It would be interesting in how Vincent would respond. He was actually hoping Lazare would!

Thing was, Lazare rather liked hair on his head without having it seared off by an offended Dragon. Thank you. No. "Probably not, Vincent." He mimicked Trevor's earlier motion by raking his fingers through his still thick head of hair that he intended to keep. Then he folded up the windsock and placed it back in the box. "Perhaps I should send the gifts back...wait...can't do that." He didn't know where they had come from. "Okay, my brothers-in-arm should be stepping up here with some good advice."

Certainly as he piped up and quoted him from last time when Trevor thought they should find out who it was, "I thought it didn't matter who is sending the gifts and writing you notes that leave no clues..."

"I'm not sure what kind of advice to give you." His lips twitched as he tried to act serious. "I've never had to worry about secret admirers. The ladies are all very open with me." He did grin, then pointed to the box. "Perhaps compare writing?" He looked at Trevor and chuckled. "It is becoming too much of a mystery, non?"

"None of that non crap, Dana." Lazare grumbled over the use of that French tongue as he snatched up the note and looked at it again. "It doesn't matter except, I fear I may offend someone for not sending my due thanks." He drew his gaze up from the wording over to Trevor with a 'so-there' grin and twitch of brow. "Dang it, okay, I'm curious as heck."

"You have a lady you're hiding on us Dana?" Whipping attention from Lazare to him with a grin. All was fair to pick on them both.

He just laughed again, taking a drink before lowering the glass to look at Trevor. "I said ladies, Trevor. Not just one, and not at the moment." He did nod though. They were all curious but it had taken Lazare the longest to admit it.

Attention shifted to Dana, Lazare dropped his gaze to the poem again. Still reading over the poem, Lazare spoke. "What do you suggest, Trevor?"

"Put out a public announcement that you want to know who your secret admirer is?" Yes, he was grinning saying that!

Up came his gaze instantly with THAT suggestion. Then Lazare saw that grin and wagged a finger at his comrade. "That wouldn't work, would it."

"It could, or it could scare her off." Dana looked at Trevor. "The direct route?" This was interesting because it was going to prove to be very difficult. Unless the lady wished to be caught. "She gives no hints?"

"We are the King's Men...the Four Horsemen!" He flicked a hand at the box, jostling it a bit with the contact. "We do not have time for hints!" And what were they doing now? All busy like. Standing in the Thistle. Sharing a drink. And a mystery of feminine design. Oh so busy indeed.

They were busy when needed and counted. Otherwise it was good for them to have time off and be busy trying to figure out a mystery. Trevor gave a roll of his shoulders as he really was trying to help but really didn't know what to do in such a situation either. "She has left," using she but who knew! "gifts for you in the knights hall and now here. You could hire some lads to stake out the places we know she may leave something. Then again, she hired one to bring the gift to those places," so already negated the idea he was proposing.

"And that may embarrass her, I would not wish to do that." Lazare was shaking his head, back and forth, back and forth, trying to figure out how ... best to figure this out

"Examine the box, and gift carefully. If the letter is perfumed, perhaps you have smelled it before. There may be a hair left, and then we have a color. Or!" He seemed pleased with himself. "Hire one of the detectives." Lazare might be serious about it, but the other two could have fun too. And who knew, maybe one of those suggestions would work.

Lazare pulled a stool around, hiking a hip to the seat of it. He motioned to Alex to bring out something to eat, anything, that might ease his mind by way of his belly. "Hire one of the detectives to..." A side look to Dana and Lazare had to chuckle low. "French Bastid. I truly hate you, you do know this." As sure as the sun was green and the trees grew pumpkins, he loathed his comrade. "So, I am to get no help from the likes of you two?"


Date: 02-21-12
Poster: Trevor Cairns
Post # 2

"Anything tried on your part to contact would be left open for pranks or embarrassment such as saying.. meet me at the top of the light tower this coming Saturday afternoon. Then again you could give something like that try," he could see all kinds of ends results with that one! Up to and including a crowd to witness anyone taking him on. "A private investigator, and Joseph McDonough has a few for hire, would be less caustic."

"But far less dramatic...really, you both mention the detectives...about something like...this?" He waved a hand toward the box again. He didn't wish to embarrass the female if she didn't wish to be known, but he sure would like to find out, even if he didn't approach her on it, who was being so thoughtful and ... well ... yes, thoughtful.

He grinned wide and nodded. "Aye, I do and the feeling is mutual." He looked at Trevor , then back to Lazare. "It may come to that if it drives you crazy enough. And of course, you have all the help we can give. Perhaps we should speak to Vincent as well?" He leaned back against the bar. "It will be hard to find one who doesn't wish to be found."

"Or..." which he paused dramatically as he looked from Dana back to Lazare.. and waited until he had his attention.

"Vincent?" He looked between Dana and Trevor. "oh god no." But Trevor had his attention when and if he wished to continue...please...with a better option than pulling Vincent into the mix.

Once he had Lazare's attention he continued, " more aware of those around you each day. Certainly there are plenty but see which lass gives you more than a quick look but one of those lingering ones. Tune into that area of the mystical as we all possess that which is not of the norm and let that area tell you ... this is the one." Which a grin followed as he added a bit more.. "or just wait until she slips or decides to let you know."

This was sounding more and more like a chore. He had to pay attention now? Be more aware? Use his talents to search out a secret admirer? "I will do this, neither of you two do..." Aha! Now there was a good idea! However, that may take quite a bit of time. "I will do this." He finished with a nod. "So you both no longer need to be distracted..." Yes, all for them. For his brothers and their well being.

"You don't wish our help now? Not even to keep watch." Of course, Dana would watch, regardless. It would be interesting -- should he be around Lazare when he was around women.

He only started chuckling. Lazare asked for advice, they gave their best and now he would do it on his own. Where he needed to anyway. "One never knows, the information you seek, because you seek and wish it, may well end up in your lap in a very unexpected way but perfectly."

"Especially not ... you." Lazare shot out a hand and poked Dana in the chest. The man was metal and the females ...magnets. He would muddle up the mixture.

Dana made an oof noise and rubbed at his chest, but was laughing. It was obvious the interest was not in him but in Lazare. However, he shrugged. "As you wish, Brother. But we are here if you need us." He lifted his glass in a salute to Lazare.

"Despise, I dispose you both. No ... Loathe, it is loathing that I feel, deep, heated loooooaaathing." But Lazare was laughing, and bringing up his drink. "Loathing." And he pressed the rim of his glass to his smiling lips.

"Keep it heated and Vincent will appear!" Which had him laugh outright as he looked to the door as if that very inferno would show up.

"And we did offer to help, mon ami." He chuckled but he too looked at the door. One never knew with the Dragon.

"Well, I detest him as well. With or without his presence!" His chuckle continued but he sure as heck turned to look toward that door just as Cairns did, just to make sure. So all three were looking in that direction and when it became apparent to Lazare, he laughed anew.

Tada! Look who wandered in, but not from the direction they were looking, but from the back offices. He knew the Three were here, just as they knew he must be close ... enough. After all, they were all looking in the same direction toward the door. "Looking for someone? Or did I just miss someone's departure?" For all his seemingly good mood, the Dragon's shirt front was pulled from his waistband, his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The man had been deep in paperwork at his desk and, with his brothers-in-arms within, finished what he could and then forced himself to break. It was time to return home as well, might as well get at least one drink in with his comrades. It was always only one drink.

"Looking for Lazare's secret admirer. We felt if we looked long enough at the door, she would appear," would Vincent believe that as dark eyes turned upon their comrade coupled with a grin.

Holy....! Yes, he knew Vincent was somewhere about but not right in the Thistle. Startled, Dana turned and looked to see the very man they had been talking about. He cleared his throat with Trevor's explanation then nodded. It sounded good to him, yes indeed. Besides, if he answered, he might start laughing.

"How long have you been staring?" Vincent crossed to the bar and accepted the glass set out for him by Alex and offered the tender a nod of thanks before resting his gaze for a moment on the box, then to Lazare then his own dark study took in the door.

"de Beauvais..." Great! Just lovely, divine, perfect, great! "So glad you could join us."

"Not that long, I think we should longer if Lazare is up to staring at least a half hour," giving a firm nod but he was trying really not to laugh. "What do you think he should do to find out?" So maybe Lazare would not ask Vincent, Trevor would.

Great, lovely, divine, perfect all over again Trevor! Thanks a lot! Lazare brought his glass up for another drink, braced for any reply from Vincent.

"He's got the nose, follow it. Surely her scent is on the gifts, how difficult would it be to simply ... sniff her out?" Vincent shrugged a shoulder, stretching his arm out in front of Lazare to snag the box and bring it closer so he could look within it. "No note this time, Carno?" Oh wait, there was a paper. Vincent didn't even ask if it was too personal to read, he just lifted it to read it over. "Rather...interesting."

He was grinning as he watched, and then he spoke up. "Lazare didn't share it this time." Hey, hadn't he said about the perfume? Or did Vincent mean something different?

Well, when Vincent just read the personal note, Trevor could no longer contain the laugh and for withholding this long, it came out in a bellow.

Perfume could be shared, the female's scent was all her own. Each of them knew it, it was time Lazare learned as well. And they weren't even associated with the very Air that carried that scent to a male. Vincent looked to Trevor as the man bellowed out, and he chuckled to himself, that rumbling, deep seated sound of amusement. Then he looked to Lazare. "If you truly wish to find her, there are none of us here doubtful you will do so, Carno."

Words of wisdom from the Dragon himself. He finished his drink and placed the glass on the bar with a shake of his head to Alex. "There is your beginning, Lazare. Now it's up to you to follow through to the end."

He thought about apologizing for the laugh, but then decided not. It was a well earned one. So Lazare decided he wanted to find out who this lass was after all. After all his protesting, that is what amused Trevor most. "Aye, I think if he really wants to find out, he can accomplish it." But Lazare would actually have to apply himself on this one.

"Aye, and I said I would, as I could, as I'm allowed, and as the Lady wishes it." Lazare finished his drink and pulled over his plate. Even the laughter at his expense didn't decrease his hunger and he would satiate that as well as he would his curiosity about the gift giver. "Darn good poem there, don't you think?" He said, and then started his meal.

Vincent had started tucking in his shirt bottom, a smile lingering in his eyes even if it didn't show any where else on his features. "God be with you, My Brother, when and if you do ever find her. Because then... then... your real trials shall begin." Vincent finished off his drink and then went to work on his shirt sleeves. "And while you all contemplate this Lady of Mystery, I have a flesh and blood female awaiting my return home. Of whom, I do not wish to keep waiting longer."

"There are two sides to the coin, and personally, I'd rather be on the side with the trials that involve a woman in my life." He had his share of trials and it seemed they would continue as the one who he recently had interest in may well not be the one for him.

Dana just smiled, more to himself then anyone else. He saluted Vincent with a touch of two fingers to his forehead. "Good night, Brother and give your ladies my greetings." If he had time to do so. He turned to look at Lazare, then reached for the poem, just to see if he would be stopped.

"Good night, Vincent." Lazare lifted a hand grasping a chunk of bread to wave off the departing warrior. "Do give the Lady Julia my best wishes. For I am sure her trials have yet to abate." Okay, so that last part was more a mutter to himself lest de Beauvais should really hear. When Dana took up the poem, Lazare nodded. Go ahead. Read it. It really could make a man rather proud to receive such a note as that!

When he was finished, he offered it to Trevor. "The lady sounds to be quite taken with you, Lazare." Didn't sound like a crazed woman, so far.

Vincent pounded a fist to his chest and added a "...within the movement of change." And then he was gone.

Lazare glanced over to Dana with a nod. "She has a way with the written word, at least. Whether taken or not." He would finish up his meal, take his gifts and go. Starting this approaching new day, he would have to be more aware, keep his senses more attuned...and hopefully not offend a kind lady who wished to remain anonymous thus far.

"It is time for me to get back as well," his mind was starting to wander places he might regret later. He was up to salute all three of his brothers. He took the poem just so he knew and nodded as he read the lines. "Seems there is one who admires you my brother.." which now he was serious! He could even be envious. But.. Trevor was not one to be envious.

"Well, I wish you luck, Lazare." He didn't clap the man on the back because he was eating but the Frenchman was sincere. If Lazare could find the woman and not have her find out, it would be perfect.

Lazare was all about ... perfect.


Date: 02-22-12
Poster: Lancely Caster
Post # 3

Knights of Innis

Lancely was in a corner seat at the Thistle going over schematics of a new invention. Although It was not invented yet. He was tossing ideas on paper and scratching out most of them. There was a bottle of potcheen on hand and a few more glasses, his being half full and forgotten at the moment.

Amory had been busy with this and that, duties and patrols, and of course training. Today, after being on the field all morning, was his to do what he wanted. He had gone into town, done a little browsing, bought some clothes and finally headed for the Thistle. It had been too long since he was here. After he entered, and saw Lancely busy at work, he headed for the bar. He'd greet him when Lancely noticed him. Never do to interrupt someone hard at work.

Not exactly Cole's idea of an entrance. The front door opened wide, slamming against the wood behind it as the Innis knight entered. Not that he meant to shove it hard it enough to swing so wide, but it was cold as, what did they say here? A witch's tit and Cole did not do cold...all too well. When the door swung back his way, he caught it and shut out the chill with as much force, heading straight for the fire first. "Does this place ever thaw out at all so that your breath does not ice solid under your nostrils?" He stopped but inches from the fire, jerking his cloak open and allowing the warmth to slam him against the front of his body.

There was a quick lift of smoky green eyes that set off an immediate smile seeing who was coming in. He gestured to the extra glasses, "please join me." Maybe they could add some thoughts to his project at hand. One was for improvements on the first Gauntlet. "Spring is on the way, usually comes just in time before everyone goes crazy.." or at least feels like they are. "Something warm to eat such as the Irish stew followed by the pure will warm you up fast enough." Which was true and he had already eaten.

Well, then, he'd order some of the stew himself and wait for it to be delivered. "I'll join you in a moment." Cole had a smile appearing. The man should be glad he hadn't grown up in Luneburg. "We still have March to deal with though.' Said on purpose, just to get Cole going again. It did seem as if spring would be early. "What are you working on, Lancely?" It sounded like Cole needed a trip back to Innis.

February, March, April ... one month bled into the next and they all ... were cold! He looked around his shoulder toward the bar and met Alex's eye, giving the man an uplift of chin in agreement. He'd have the stew and the Pure and anything else the man had back here that might add warmth to this Heathfield arctic. Once that silent order was placed, he snatched his cloak back around him, curling the warmth beneath it and started over to Caster. He didn't use his hands, since they were holding his cloak closed tight, but his foot to pull out a chair and dropped into it. "Only just another gadget of torture for our sorry hides." Cole answered Randall's question, since he had gotten a glimpse of the work under Lancely's quill as he passed.

"Aye. Certainly. Keep you on your toes too." Grinning wide as he sat back and finally collected his glass of the pure. What was left was kicked back and then he sat up enough to pour another. "I'm stuck on coming up with a new contraption, so improving on the old first. I may suggest a regime of tests in various fields, to go from one to the next so that in any situation a man could go from using a sword, to knife, to lance, to bow or his fists if necessary."

"I don't mind the water gauntlet in the heat of summer." He chuckled, then looked at Lancely. "That sounds harder then what you first created." He accepted a tray from Alex and carried it over, with both his and Cole's meals on it. He was going there anyway and could give the serving girls a break. Setting it down carefully, he then reached for a glass and filled it. Hmmm. Maybe he could get a job working here when he got older.

Cole shivered. "Geeze, Randall, don't even mention the water gauntlet this time of year, not even in the same sentence with the heat of summer." He sliced a smile the man's way for delivering his meal and was careful to move the bowl of stew from the tray to directly in front of him. He dipped his head, drawing in the steaming aroma of the thick meal, then dipped a spoon in to begin. "If any one can create such a test of a man's skill, I have not a doubt that it will be you, Lancely."

"Water would freeze before it ever got to drench you, Cole." Which he shot him a grin and let them look over what he had done so far. "We may get to go to Innis soon." He, for one, had never been there as he had been recruited here in these lands. He had gotten that idea tonight so he could hopefully arrange it in a way it would test and teach any new skill needed or make them batter at any in particular.

Amory just laughed as he took up his own bowl, then placed the tray out of the way. A plate of brown bread was also there for them and that he put in the middle of the table. "Lucky you." He meant it too as he looked over at Lancely. "Just a rest kind of visit or something more serious?" They'd have to excuse him for a moment while he took his first bite of the hot, delicious stew. If that didn't warm Cole up, nothing would!

Granted it was difficult to warm Cole up once his very blood had turned to slush. That's what it felt like to him anyway. But the stew was working, and was delicious, and the Lachian was rather enjoying it, spoonful after spoonful. With his chin dipped to eat, he looked between the men talking, not taking a turn to speak, just to eat, and hopefully get warm.

"Probably not rest but not sure if anything in particular. Maybe you can come with us..." it was a thought and possibly he could get leave to go being they all served together anyway. "I hear it is hottest there when it is coldest here and not quite as hot there when we stew here. Although it is warm to hot all year round." So he had set his projects aside but he had gotten more of an idea that certain objects had to be hit or else something would happen to remind them to get better.

"It's possible if I'm not needed here and with Collins' wife soon to have a baby." He shook his head slightly. "And I haven't heard of any trouble here or in Luneburg." Being a knight in peaceful lands wasn't always the most exciting, but war wasn't all that wonderful either, was it?

"Exactly." Cole muttered between bites. His kind of weather. He wagged an empty spoon to Randall. "I, for one, am not complaining with the chance for peace." Kildare was not far behind them, and Cole still woke some nights with a start from images of those dog-like creatures diving toward him.

"Kildare is still pretty wet and wild in some areas. It will take time and don't be surprised if we are called to help." He would not doubt it and it made for a change of pace but he was more for peace. Sometimes one had to fight to get peace. "There are some rumors that those Innis ones we trade with are having trouble with the Mongols and Huns."

"I wouldn't be surprised at all." He answered after chewing a bit and swallowing. But then, he stopped to stare at Lancely. "Seriously? Is it possible they'll take boats and attack Innis, or is King Peter considering helping those being attacked?" The number of the enemy could be overwhelming.

Brows lifted, forehead furrowed. "I had heard those rumors too, but for all we know, they are only rumors right now, Caster."

"Aye, but rumors usually have a truth at the basis of them. It would be more likely King Peter would help them. Those tribes are land lovers, they don't want an island, which would take ships to get to and one that is far more fortified than they could get to." He was back to refilling his drink and any of theirs needing it.

"That's true but if they hear the riches that Innis holds, they may want to attack, plunder and leave. So it may be to Peter's advantage to help." He shook his head. "Ugh. I sound like a prophet of gloom and doom." He wasn't about to say more unless his two companions did.

"Some one has to be." An elbow bumped Randall's way but didn't make contact. "It was more that the lands that hold interest for Innis were under attack. At least that's what I've heard. And by helping those lands, we are assuring our assets. If needs be, our swords are ready should Peter decide we should set off."

"Aye, that's the gist of it. If any of those lands were overrun then that would halt some of our trading." Besides he knew that Peter was the type to help a fellow comrade. "We may be sent to investigate, see how much a threat they are and how many they are up against." So there might well be a reason they were heading for Innis soon. Then again, it could all be speculation.

He chuckled, then nodded slowly. "Not to mention that those lands may never be the same as they were, but until you know for sure, there's no point in second guessing." Hordes of Huns and motley Mongols. Even scouting them out would be dangerous. "Isn't Peter in Innis at the moment?" He had finished his stew and a slice of brown bread and was full. Now for more potcheen, since Lancely had refilled his glass.

"Who knows" Cole looked up from his hunched position over his bowl, glancing to both men. "Peter sent us here. He could be in Innis. He could be holed away with the von Rundstedt." With that, Cole even turned to gaze behind him toward the door, then to the entrance from the back entrances, shooting off a conspiratorial smile to both men before resuming to soak up the very last of his stew with a chunk of bread.

Which had him chuckling as he watched Cole glance from the entry to the back hall. "One never knows where the King will show up..." although he was in the lands presently and probably holed up with Rundstedt. "So what have you two been doing with yourselves lately?" But then he remembered something else. "There is also another rumor there is going to be a Ball held in Kildare and possibly the king, possibly his men, us, may be attending."

Amory was contemplating a piece of one of Hazel's pies when Cole looked behind them then to the entrances. He laughed but looked too, just to be on the safe side. Then he faced Lancely again. "The usual. Training and then hiding from the bad weather." He curled his fingers around his glass, pausing to look at Lancely. "You and Cole may be attending?"

That bit of news Cole hadn't been privy to and it halted his bread half way from bowl to destination, his mouth still hanging open to accept it. He brought it back to his bowl and released it to drop into the well. "Now there's a change of pace. Huns. Mongol hordes. Possible skirmishes. And ... a ball. Kildare? At the castle then?" Cole licked his fingers clean of any stew that may have dribbled when he had paused that motion. He was finished eating though. Appetite, gone. As much as he'd prefer swords to swords, sweat of training to perspiration of practice, he knew that Peter expected the knights to 'perform' certain other duties which presented Innis in its best light. And that always meant that Cole would have to play ... nice. New hat. Toss the warrior. Stuff on the gallant.

"Aye, Kildare but not at the castle. At one of the manors, members of the Callihan family." He gave a slight shrug, "just stands to reason if Peter is invited he will have us accompany him." Sounding like misery loved company. Or more like a King didn't go anywhere without some of his men in the least. Lancely liked Balls or at least the chance to dance with a pretty lady.

"If Peter is invited, I wonder if that means Karl is as well." Which would mean the four would be expected to go, or at least three of them. He wouldn't have to put on another hat likely. Which caused him to suppress a grin and take a drink. A nice long one.

"I am ever at his beck and call." His final words drifted not making eye contact with his comrades, but rather just taking up his glass to drink.

"Aye, heads of the sister castles and so stands to reason being Leoric and Gaidan are the Queen's sons." He was back to his comrades and the discussion they were having. "I hope we can go in our knightly attire." That he had on hand.

He nodded to Lancely. "There's a good chance you will, considering you'll be representing Innis." He leaned back in his chair and grinned. "And you'll have to dance as well." He knew how much Cole like to socialize. Probably as much as Vincent had.

Sarcasm in place, probably more! The discussion continued until it grew late. Then the knights headed out. Tomorrow was another day, with another round of training. And another day closer to the possibility of Spring. Bring it!


Date: 02-26-12
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 4

Night Out

Segan cleaned up nicely, perhaps there was an off chance reason but he had on a pristine shirt under a tan vest and tucked into dark brown pants. Even his boots were semi new, broken in but definitely a better pair than the usual he wore. Thick woolen overcloak kept him from the bite of cold as certainly winter still had its hold. What better place to meet up with others, be they family or friends as he sat at the bar having a glass of potcheen while he waited to see what the night might bring.

Could it be that they were once more...home? Conor had remained at the manor house until he could stand their grandmother's homecoming administrations no longer. God love her. But Conor really couldn't take another bite of pie, much less another whole piece and he actually did need to go. No. Really. Thank you. He would come back for breakfast. Yes. He'd tell Segan if he came across him. He was glad to be home, absolutely. And was all too glad to spend these past hours with his family. But the time had come and with an apologetic nod to Eion, Conor Quinn had tucked tail, snatched his coat, and eased from the house while it was the busiest. Not unlike his brother, he was dressed for an evening in public. Cream linen shirt beneath the thickly knitted forest green button up sweater. Warmth during these final days of winter was a must, so his dark brown wool coat kept that chill at bay along with his scarf and gloves. A slap of hand to wood, a twist of wrist to latch, and he entered the tavern, stuffed with Mary Quinn's cooking, but ready for a drink.

Ciaran had been busy doing exactly what he enjoyed the most, drinking and playing cards, and now that he had left the docks, his feet refused to go back home. He didn't need to hear from Fawn or Fifi what a mess he was. He opened the door to the Thistle and paused in the doorway to stare, right after Conor had entered in fact. "Well, yer no ghosts, so I guess ya made it back alive. Good to see ya both. All's well in Eire?" And he weaved his way to the bar for more of the pure.

Conor was draping his scarf to a hook when Ciaran entered and nodded a greeting his cousin's way. "Good to see you, Ciaran. And aye, as well as can be expected since they are minus our presence." With a soft laugh to himself, he followed to the bar.

Well, not once but twice the door would open. Segan was around in his seat with the first blast of cold air. "Aye, we're very much alive.. and I see you are barely there.." chuckling as he raised his glass in toast to Ciaran and a knowing grin to his brother. He had escaped too. His excuse was to see to his ship.

That excuse of Segan's had produced quite the clucking from Mary Quinn about the importance of seeing to your responsibilities and all how fine Segan was for his devotion to duty and what a grand sea captain he was. Look at him! If Mary Quinn could only see him now. Conor grinned back to his sibling and thanked Alex with a point of acknowledgement in the man's direction, then took up the drink set on the counter for him.

"Good." Ciaran nodded as he reached the bar, not exactly the best of ideas. He put both hands on a stool to steady himself. When Alex offered coffee, he shook his head. "Not drunk enuff for tha' I'm thinkin'. Potcheen if you would." And when the man complied, he thanked him, then got his backside onto the stool. "So, how's Brady and family?"

"Doing well, 'cept for Michael. But then, he might be doing better than all of us." Conor brought up his glass and tossed back his first of many tonight at the Thistle. The youngest of Jaxon's sons studied Ciaran with a smile well hidden. The man was having a fine night of it, then again, he might be having one hellova' night, and was making it all the better. Either way, Ciaran was feeling no pain right now. As he slid his glass still in his grip toward Alex, the tender filled it for him and left the bottle on the counter for future use.

It was a mix of both good and bad. Good because he had been playing cards and enjoying himself with mates of less then sterling reputation, and bad because he had to go home and face the formidable Fiona, whose nickname belied her fierce temper. She had become a right proper harridan when it came to the family. Made her a dangerous and loud foe, one that Ciar had faced far too many times of late. She disapproved of just about everything where he was concerned from his too long hair, to his unshined boots. Not to mention the company he kept of late when he wasn't working with his brother. "Maybe so." He brought his glass up in a salute in the general direction of Conor. "Welcome back." Had he said that before? No matter. He'd still drink to it.

Segan had been busy eating a slice of Hazel's apple pie while cousin and brother conversed. He near choked on the comment about Michael and almost said something but it came out garbled so he gave up the ghost right there. He chuckled instead. He finally spoke up after he swallowed that delicious bit down followed by some of the pure. "I'm going to see about visiting the Alterians and that sub bubble they built and see about getting that cargo that sunk from me ship. It is quite valuable and I'm sure the word is out but any looters kept at bay by either the ghost of me ship and the too cold waters to immerse in."

Conor was enjoying the hell out of Ciaran's current state of sobriety but Segan's comment brought his head snapping in his brother's direction. Just the mention of the Alterians was enough to snag his attention, but the why of the mention really got him. "For true, Segan? You'd trust that thing to go so deep beneath the surface?"

"Why the hell would you want to do that? " Ciaran turned on the stool to look at Segan, but he turned to face and had his back to his cousin. He blinked, then turned sloooowly. "Even with a bauble, the water is damned rough. And what's it made of? Glass'd shatter and there you'd be, looking like a fish." He even made a fish face to emphasize his words.

"Because there are precious gems and ores at the bottom of the sea and I'll not be losing it to looters. There are also bandit pirates about although it seems they are not along the shore right..." distracted to his cousin had him stop before finishing what he was going to say. That face, well, he burst out laughing. "Keep doing that and your face will stay that way. You'll scare all the lasses and fish in the sea!" He continued then to answer him. "I'm not sure what it is made of, why I'm going to go see them. I heard it works no matter and those Alterians are ahead of most with inventions."

Connor coughed out a laugh, bringing up his glass to tilt it in Ciaran's direction. "That was really good actually." The reasoning was good, yes, but the face? That was really good. "I'd go with you, Segan, if you'd be letting me." Conor would sure like to see this bubble thing.

"I'm thinking it's a right dangerous thing but you'll do what you need, right?" Yeah, that was it. He looked at Conor and blinked. "You lookin' to go under the water too?" Wow! That trip had certainly changed Conor. "You're a brave man, Conor. Both o' ya are." Another salute and down went the rest of the glass. He just blinked, blinked again, and went head first off the stool with a thud.

"Not under.." Conor started to explain, but when Ciaran pitched from his perch, Conor jumped up but not in time to keep the man from hitting hard. "Shit!" He reached back and slammed his glass down on the counter, lowering to squat next to their cousin. "Is this the safer place for you, Man, before I go to hauling up your drunken ass?"

"Of course I want you to come, Regan Callihan may come with us too." He obviously had been speaking to her of recent. "I'm assuming you don't want to come with us Ciar?" Brows lifted a fraction but then Ciar pitched forward face down. "He will put that fish face permanently on now!" But he was down taking a glass of water with him. Once turned over he slapped up his cheeks then just dumped the water on his face to bring him out of it!

Conor pitched back to escape that slosh of water, landing on his hands to keep from bumping his own arse on the floorboards. "Didn't take all that." He was laughing, looking from Ciar to Segan as he rolled to his feet. "Regan Callihan? The sea captain? Why her?"

"I dink I broke me dose." He was answering Conor when all of a sudden he was turned over and then his cheeks where stinging followed by a flood! "Help, I'm drownin'! High tide made it all the way to the Thistle!" He coughed and sputtered as he sat up. "Wha' the hell you do that for?! I didn't need a bath yet!" He was just going to stay there, sitting in the water, his nose bleeding. "Hand me me glass, Conor."

"I brought you back from the recesses of you mind.." or drunken stupor but he didn't add that. "Let me take a look at that nose," which he really wasn't asking as he placed both hands, either side of it and could tell, yeah, he broke it so he snapped it back in place. Didn't ask, just did it. Better that way and the pain would snap just as fast and gone like a blinding light he'd be better off for. "Now you'll still be pretty for the lasses..."

"Jeeeezus, Segan" Conor had just turned around with a cloth napkin from Alex and Ciar's glass when the middle Quinn played doctor without consent. "You'll be needing this more now, Cousin." Conor muttered to himself mostly, leaning forward to hand over the cloth and the pure.

Ciaran let out a howl of pain, seeing stars. He would have jumped up but his legs were wobbling and the room was spinning. "Thanks, Conor, bot' of ya." He reached for the right napkin holding it up to his nose. "Bluidy hell, that hurt." His whole face throbbed, so he just sat there and grumbled.

Luckily he pinched his nose in such a way when he set it straight.. it would cease to bleed soon. "Aye, how we take care of them on me ship." It was one of those things if you knew how, you did it right then and there. "So, what had you," pausing to figure out how to say drunken stupor in a nice way, "in your cups before you got here?" He'd been on his haunches hunkered down and finally stood while offering a hand.

Was Segan avoiding Conor's question? The youngest Quinn hadn't had so much to drink that he hadn't noticed, even with all the commotion of diving off stools and splashing water and nose rearranging, that Segan hadn't answered. That fact made him all the more curious. He backed the few steps to avoid any possible mishap with Ciaran returning to his feet with Segan's help, and reached around for his own glass. He didn't take his eyes from Segan though. Soon enough he'd ask again. Because, hell, now especially, he wanted an answer.

Ciaran waved off Segan's hand, frowning. "I was playin' cards all day." Avoiding the other reason. "An I'll just be sittin' here until the room stops going 'round." After he finished this glass of potcheen, of course. He was gonna sit and stew a while.

He had missed one of Conor's question because he was focused on fixing Ciar's nose et al. "Have it your way," as his hand moved back to rest at his side. It didn't stay there long as he reached for glass of potcheen that was soon followed by a drink.

That's okay, it was coming again. If Ciaran wanted a sure bet, he could bet on that! The one Quinn was planted, the other was potcheened, and so that meant this one could press again. "You mentioned Regan Callihan. She's the Callihan female that has a ship, right? Or is she the tattoo lass? Why would she be going with us?" And there, you had it.

He swiped his lips with the back of his hand as he set the glass back to the counter to be topped off. "Aye, the very one. She and I had a nice conversation a few nights ago and being a captain she understands what it is to have your valuable cargo at the bottom of the sea." He gave a slight rolling shrug of his shoulders as he added, "I wouldn't mind having her around, you don't mind?" He didn't voice all his thoughts on the matter. "If Ciar here wasn't so drunk, we could go out to see some sights."


Conor dropped his gaze to Ciar, then lifted it back to Segan. "We can always leave his ass here." It was Conor's turn to shrug, but not in an attempt to smooth out a conversation. "Well, that makes all the sense in the world then, Segan. She understands." Sure enough, invite her along. But the truth was in Segan's last statement of not minding having her along. "Guess the question really is... if you don't there then." Conor chuckled softly, scratching at the back of his neck. "If you want, we'll head on out of here. We can always clean Ciaran up, prop him between us and drag him along." Listen to Conor talk about their cousin as if he wasn't sitting right there.

He was over to slide a punch to his arm. "You think I would be making the moves on her while on such a mission with the Alterians there." He was sure at least one of them would be coming to protect their project and see that it was used correctly. "And aye, we can leave him here. I've the itch to get out tonight." He reached for his glass to kick back its contents then out came his flask to fill up that he'd be taking with him.

Conor rubbed at his arm, still grinning as he watched Segan fill his 'travel tankard'. "So moves are forthcoming? Just not then, not in front of the Alterians?" He had started over to where he had hung his outerwear.

"Possibly. Not sure at this point as it's too early and I can't even be sure she looks at me as possibly more than a good friend." Friends they were but she had a few friends. He was still toying with the idea of crashing the Ball she mentioned. She might not recognize him all duded up. That reaction would be worth seeing. Then again, would she be in pants and a captain's hat? "Are you coming Ciaran?" Taking up his cloak to don as he asked.

"No, you two just run along and have fun." He pushed himself to his feet and turned to ask Alex for a key. Not going home tonight after all.

"Aye, good friends." Sure. Right. Got it. A man's famous last words. Conor turned to look around his shoulder to Ciaran. "I'll send word to Fiona. So she won't worry about you." A laugh, which he was quick to swallow, and then Conor made use of that front door.

Hey, wait a minute... Fiona? Uh.... "Hold on, I'm comin'." He was sober enough now, though he still looked like a bear, smelled like a brewery and had clothes on that were wrinkled and wet.


Date: 05-06-12
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 5

Three Brothers

Spring sucked. There were balls, and training, and dance lessons, and training, and protocol, and training, and foreign diplomacy, and training. There were languages to master, and training, and fittings, and training, and history, and training. The best part of all that was that Tykir knew the hidden passages with his eyes closed, and nights like tonight? He made good use of them! He didn't go far though, not yet. He was at the Thistle, with a glass of pure, rethinking everything he had learned from balls to training to dance lessons to training to protocol to training and etc, etc, etc.

Rory was grinning from ear to ear, a lass on each arm that he escorted to the marketplace and then leaving them there, much to their chagrin, before he headed for the Thistle and some drinking time with some of his buddies or brothers, whichever happened first. There was a nice warm breeze that held the scent of field flowers on it. If only he could find himself a steady lass, not just the ornaments on his arms type. Door was already open and guess who was inside! "Tykir! How are ye lad?" That grin bringing dimples as he headed straight for the bar and potcheen.

Tykir looked up and into the mirror, although he recognized that voice immediately. He grinned, twisting on his seat to lift a hand to Rory. "Doing well, despite my best efforts not to." Alex had set the glass out for Rory, and refilled Tykir's. The night...had begun in earnest.

Unfortunately, with his lack of education, Bannon's time was also spent on education. He didn't have to master all that Tykir did but what he was learning was enough, with all the training. A knight of Heathfield had to be well-rounded after all, but he wasn't a prince, thank the gods! And he was allowed some time off. So, he caught up with two of his friends when he entered the Thistle not long after Rory, only he came in through the garden door and not the front. "Ahh, just the right company for the nigh

"Zimmer!" Tykir shouted out, lifting his drink in greeting.

"Zimmer Zip.." grinning as he lifted his glass in a toast. Now there was three of them. "How goes?"

"It would go better if someone would explain to me why I need to learn to dance." Luckily, he didn't have to deal with fittings or diplomacy or those princely things. "I know why everyone says I need to but ... Zip?" He looked at Rory and laughed. "Have you been drinking already?"

"Ah, dancing. It's not bad if it's not with your brothers!" Grinning, "preferring a lass to dance with." And so they did once he got older but when younger it was with his brothers as they were handy over females. Of course he had been drinking already and he poured Zimmer Zip a dram too. "Here yea go, tae your dancing, may it be under the moonlight with a fetching lass."

"Or better yet, under the sheets, with a tempting one." He flickered a gaze to Alex as his glass was lifted, and he shrugged off an apology. He was with a McAndrews...the dang stuff seemed to rub off!

He just laughed and lifted his glass then blinked at Tykir. "Listen to you, Tykir. The Queen would be washing your mouth out with soap if she heard you." He wouldn't mind dancing with a pretty lass, not at all.

"Have you?" Lifting his brows wondering if Tykir was as good as his words. Chuckling down a laugh with Bannon's reprimand too.

Tykir couldn't help but cringe with Bannon's words. "We were drinking to Zimmer, as I recall." He made sure to clarify. Another glance shot Alex's way, all he needed was for his mother to hear about that toast, or that possibility. But the tender, wise as he was, was just about doing his business and looking as if he paid the lads no never mind. "She picks the worst tasting lye there is." He muttered under his breath, cracking a grin for his friends before lifting his glass to drink.

Although Tykir didn't answer his question, he smirked before taking the next shot down. He refreshed his glass and theirs too if needed.

This didn't have to do anything with Tykir, it had to do with Bannon. Right? They were drinking to him finding a pretty lass to That smirk was met with a subtle but visible dance of brows and Tykir sucked down some more of the pure. A gentleman never told, ever. Whether he had or had not, did or did not, with whom or with himself! neither of them would hear it from Tykir's lips.

"Tsk, Rory." Bannon looked over his glass, then lowered it. "Don't you know a gentleman never talks about a lady that way?" He offered his glass over so Rory could fill it easily. "And they always are polite, and never rude and blahblahblahblah." He paused. "How does Sir Vincent get away with it?"

Tykir shrugged. "He's de Beauvais." That was all the explanation needed. "And cut me some slack, Man." Again that quick look to Alex. "I didn't say anything negative about any female, just that ...well..." Dancing beneath the sheets could be a negative suggestion, but only if the lass wasn't exactly comely! "that if you were going to be dancing beneath the moonlight, dancing beneath the sheets..." There just was no fixing it. Yup. You know the saying. And it usually applied to Tykir. Fix it, fix it, make it worse.

"Tykir, you aren't exactly a boy anymore. I'm sure your mother understands." He had to frown though and add. "Wouldn't she? I mean, does your mother get upset with you now that you're older?"

He gave a shrug of his shoulders, "I wasn't asking who." Snickering then before taking another shot. What.. was Bannon reading Tykir's mind? Now who was he talking about being polite? "He don't get away with it anymore. His ass would be..." and he didn't need to finish that statement!

He was just rambling about the lessons. They were getting on his last nerve, especially being indoors with the squires when he wanted to be outside, doing knightly things. He chuckled at Rory, then shrugged.

"monkey grass..." Tykir added with a nod of confirmation to Rory's initial statement. "Some things are best ... not shared ... with our mothers." Well, a lot of things were best left unknown by their parents, even though, for the majority of them their deeds were found out.

"Aye... I don't think I need to talk to me mutter on it.."

Tykir burst out laughing with Rory's statement. "Aye, true? I can see the lovely Danielle McAndrews now...discussing McAndrews follies with her sons." He motioned his hand opened and closed, as if someone was talking. "Yes, indeed, not going to happen."

"Aye, I prefer not being deaf the rest o' me life.." being he'd have his ears boxed into next year. Now his father would be one to get some advice from in how to stay single a long time but have all you want.

They both had him laughing. "All right, that was a dumb question, I admit." And down went another shot. "Who do you dread more finding out? Your father or mother, Rory?" He was just interested in the whole family thing being he had none. "And when are we going to do something that doesn't involve ... behaving?"

Or his uncles...ah, to have such uncles! What? He started to answer, then had to pause. First thought was his mother! Definitely! But then the thought of the King, knowing that...well, he wasn't so sure. Maybe worst of all wouldn't be either of them...but Rina! Tykir preferred the question following much better. "No time like the present."

"Not my father at all and I think me mutter would expect it." She was not blind to the charm of a McAndrews man and their effect on women. "When have we really done things that included behaving?"

"On the field. Every day." He chuckled. "Well, except when we're distracted by the lasses training."

"Ah yes, the Order of Athena." Tykir brought both his hands over his heart and thumped it there as if that organ threatened to break free. Another swallow of pure and Tykir nodded the glass Bannon's way. "What do you think the Dragon might say if you were caught doing the 'jiggy'?" Now that was the question of the evening, thank you, and it came from Tykir's own lips!

"Well, there is that and with the dragon breathing down your neck or the wind up your arse.. earth shattering beneath your feet.. and what was that other one?" One would behave for a change.

Please don't repeat it, Alex. "Water..." Tykir offered.

"Aye, they're much nicer to look at then the Kingsmen. Or the other knights." He grinned at Tykir before he took a drink and nearly choked on the pure when he heard Tykir. "Uh.... be careful, Zimmer?"

"French douche then..." and he started laughing. Luckily there were no ladies present.

Tykir hooted out a laugh. "Right. Exactly what I thought." Whoah! Tykir's mouth dropped open with Rory's addition to the conversation which compared Dana De Vimeure to a French...douche? Holy-place-your-ass-in-a-sling-for-eternity!

Bannon grinned then looked at Rory, yeah, he and Tykir could have been bookends, except he closed his mouth almost as soon as he realized Tykir was doing the same.

"You know, their offices are right back...there." He gave a motion of head toward the back corridor. For all they knew, one or a couple or ALL of them could be finishing up some of their paperwork from the day. GoodLordForbid!

Now there was something to think about. "Do they all have that uncanny sense ?" He knew too well how Vincent could catch one unaware. But the others.... he wasn't so sure about. "Maybe we should change the subject again."

Which had Rory bouncing a blue eye look that way, dimples dipping, he'd face the devil himself this night. He was in that kind of mood. "Aye, but none have emerged so in the least they didn't hear."

"Lucky for us!" Tykir snorted out a laugh. "Alex! Where's the best place to go to misbehave." As if these three needed advice. The question had Tykir grinning because he knew what that question would produce...absolutely nothing the kindly tender.

Was there movement that he needed to duck and run? Right now he was blissfully unaware as he chucked back another dram or two of the pure.

Well yes, the more they consumed, the more blissfully unaware they could become. Which made them all the more dangerously in line for trouble, which, didn't matter for the moment, because they were blissfully unaware!

And the less likely they were to go wandering off looking for trouble. Which may be why Alex was making sure a full bottle stayed within reach.

He was glancing to the door every so often for one never knew when the love of their life might walk through. Other than that he was content to drink. Half humming a song under his breath.

Really? Is that where one looked for the love of their life? Well, it might do good for Tykir to know that, considering...yea, he didn't know that! "So, there's this joke..." Tykir started, blinking as he tipped and looked into his glass. "There were three brothers...and they walked into a bar..." Then he shrugged, bringing the drink up to his smiling lips. That's all there was to the joke, at least, all that he found amusing.

He gave Tykir a squinted eyed look before kicking back the next shot. Hell, he was drunk already as the minutes ticked by and there wasn't anything forthcoming. "Aye, they did .. did they?"

He had been looking at the window but turned to look at his two friends, then laughed when he heard Tykir. He thought it was funny too. Only because, there wasn't more to it!

"Probably stumbled, more like, but...aye." Crooked, half-assed grin Rory's way and down the pipe went some more pure.

"Stumbled, near fell flat on their faces and got up for more." Wasn't that how it worked. Likely what the three would be doing on their return to the palace tonight.

...or wherever their afterparty steps took them.

"Aye and then three pretty young lasses came in to join in their drinking," they were adding to the non joke.

That smile faded and Tykir looked to the door again. "Where?" Oh! It was part of the joke! Or ... lack it! Tykir reached his hand with glass out for a refill.

"There, can't yea see 'em?" Trying to keep back the grin but those dimples gave it away.

"That wasn't much of a joke," Bannon decided after a moment. He did look toward the door though, just to make sure there weren't any lasses there.

"Not funny, Rory" Tykir grumbled, because, dang, if he didn't look again, just to make sure!

Which had him outright laugh as they both looked and Tykir even looked again. "Ye never know..." giving a firm nod before another shot was kicked back. Pretty soon those shots were going to kick him back.

Tykir looked back to Bannon with a slight nod, then once again returned his gaze to Rory. "True, you never never know when you're going to be..." Tykir dove from his chair over to Rory, catching the larger McAndrews at the chest with his forearm and slamming him backwards so they would both be falling. "floored!" He finished with the grunt of contact when body smacked against body and they were both plummeting.

Whoot! He was jumping right in there, helping the Prince take their friend down to the floor. And Alex wouldn't mind. Wasn't this a tradition among the men of the Thistle. And he'd likely land on both of them, so he'd not get that impact that the other two were getting.

Which had that shot in hand in Tykir's face as he was jumped, not that he did it on purpose and the chair went with them for his long legs were tangled in the rungs. They disentangled once he hit the floor and his arms went around Tykir, "I never knew you cared..." laughing like a loon as he started rolling and rolling and rolling around and that had Bannon somewhere in the middle of the entanglement.

Tykir was sputtering and spitting, not able to see a thing right away from the whiskey in his face, but that didn't keep him from laughing too, as they rolled and bumped into this chair or that table leg. He threw a couple of insignificant punches, just for fun and then scrambled off of this rolling train, swiping his hand over his face, while he squatted on the floor.

Pfffft. Feathers! In the face! Bannon was laughing, even when one of those punches managed to hit his shoulder but it was all in fun. "Letmeoutathis!" He fell onto his back and laughed, then turned his head to look at Tykir. "I swallowed a feather."

"Downy.." as if calling Tykir that as he got up and such fell from his shirt. He was brushing the rest off, "you're molting.."

"Good!" The dark prince shouted, probably louder than he needed to. Didn't mean to, just happened. After all, Bannon did jump in there! "It's spring!" Tykir snarked at Rory as he fluttered his wings and tucked them back in tightly to his back. "and they itch like hell." He also shared as he rolled to his feet, but stood where he was for just a moment for the room to quit tilting and swaying.

"Good?" He laughed then coughed. Out puffed a small feather and that had the young knight laughing even harder. He wasn't even trying to get up yet.

Holyfluffyfeatherchoker! Bannon wasn't kidding! "Dang, Zimmer!" Two steps forward, one step back, two forward again and Tykir was making his way to the bar. He snatched up the bottle and pulled it close to his side. "I'm...going for a walk." Who knew what trouble he could find, or in his condition, what trouble might find him!

"Wait, I'll go with." He used a chair then a table to get himself to his feet. "Comin' Rory?" No trouble without the knight at his side! Bannon lifted a hand to Alex, taking a sidestep before walking somewhat straight for the door.

Always better with at least two, preferably three, after all...three brothers walked into a bar.

"Want company?" He was getting his second wind.. he was a McAndrews. Collecting a bottle of the pure from Alex. "Aye, I'mma coming..." and he was with the bottle tucked under his arm.


Date: 05-13-12
Poster: Trevor Cairns
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It was, a perfect spring night, one that held the scent of blooming flowers, of peepers calling out, and one that brought at least one of the Horsemen out to enjoy drinking at the Thistle. After a quiet conversation with Alex, this particular Horseman sat in one of the wingback chairs, thinking. It was a perfect night for that as well.

Trevor had seen his son to bed with a story before he headed out to take a long walk. One that had him through woods and dale awash in twilight for the rising full moon. He had been distracted of late not that the reason could really be pin pointed. Aware of his surroundings and yet not. Or so it would seem to anyone he passed once he wandered his way through the commons. Many greeted him with respect of those that recognized him. Most in the commons recognized him although there were a number of unknown influx from the port. Some of those were keeping the guards on duty on their toes, sending some back down to the port area and ship. One in particular was giving the guard a hard time as Trevor happened upon him as he did. A few words, coupled with the intense look in his eyes and the man decided to head back to the port without delay. The guard saluted him as he nodded then turned on a heel and headed up to the Thistle. His concentration mostly back than where it had been. He was straight to the bar knowing Dana was here as he collected some of the pure then was over to take up a wingback near his comrade. Settling in, he said nothing as nothing needed to be said to greet one such on another level.

Dana watched as Trevor came in and headed to the bar. He turned his head back to the hearth before Trevor joined him, though he was smiling. "You are a restless spirit tonight, Brother." It wasn't just a guess, but that deep connection the four shared. It was less at times, more at other times. Tonight it just was a thought. "Is it the season, mon ami?" He motioned toward the window though little could be seen save for the lights from the streets and homes. "Or just restlessness?" Trevor had at one time been the least settled but with the birth of his son, he had become as solid as the proverbial rock.

He took a drink of the pure, leaving it to sear a warming path down his throat before responding. "Restless is a good word but it would seem you share the same ailment. Perhaps then it is the season. One of birth and renewal, one of restless feelings of something unfinished." Or was it more? That thought trickled but he passed it off, "what has you in thought this evening?"

Dana nodded with a chuckle, agreeing with his friend's statement. "Spring always brings such thoughts, while Autumn makes me gloomy." He took a drink before answering the question. "I, I am wondering if I am becoming too soft. Too much sitting around, in spite of the training we go through. Quiet, peace.. both are good things, but sometimes a little excitement is a good thing." And to clarify, he added, "not that I would wish anything different. It is restlessness, and it will pass." Or so he hoped.

"If you mention such to Karl, I'm sure he will find enough for you to do that will not have you a moment's quiet to even think such thoughts." Words came with a slow grin with the idea that maybe it would be mentioned to Karl out of concern. "Autumn has its unique scents, that of harvest, the dying leaves, pumpkin and spice, apple pies." Part of autumn was appreciated. "Winter follows biting its heels but spring will come again and a renewed awakening." Summer was the season he liked the best, perhaps because there was more freedom in being outdoors.

"I would not wish to interrupt the King's contentment with life, Trevor." Dana laughed and shook his head. "It is good to see him have peace at last, no?" He smiled and nodded. "Yes, it all continues in a circle, and will continue long after we are gone." He studied Trevor a moment again, then smiled. "Have you heard if Lazare has received any more mysterious gifts or letters?" He stretched out his legs, crossing ankle over ankle, then took a longer drink of wine. Was he becoming that settled, that he resorted to gossip! Mon Dieu!

"Aye? I think the King would be concern with any matter that deals with his personal men." Which had his laugh to intermingle before taking another drink of the pure. There was the devil's own glint in dark eyes Dana should be wary of. Now the question had him shaking his head. "Nothing of late that I know of. Perhaps they ceased or he managed to find out who it was." Anything on Lazare was not really gossip as his welfare was their concern too.

"I swear, Cairns, if the King says one word to me, I'll have your hide." He shook a finger at Trevor in warning, which may very well encourage the man more. "He didn't seem to be bothered by the attention, and since he hasn't mentioned it, likely all is well." He smiled again. "It was good for him." Always good to know one was admired. Another drink, and another question. "How is young Trevor?" He would have to visit Trevor's estate soon and see the lad himself.

"You tempt me to tell him now." He wanted to threaten him. Dana wanted to dare the devil himself. "Well, it's not like we have had a chance to chat on the subject." Dana was jumping all over the place as he eyed him with that thought. "He is doing well and I think will be ready to come to the practice field to watch the others and use some of the dummies to practice on." That was the start.

Yes he was, his thoughts were not staying in one place tonight, and perhaps that was part of the restlessness as well. Plus, he didn't want Trevor dwelling on telling Karl anything. "It will be good to see him. I'm sure he'll take after his father." He saluted Trevor with his glass. Even if the lad didn't inherit Trevor's elemental ability, he surely would inherit his ability with blade and bow.

Fat chance there being that very fact Dana was scattered that had his comrade worried on his mental state of mind and that if he wasn't focused like he should be then it would be his duty to mention it to the King and the other two. Dana's ship was sunk! "They grow up fast. It would have been good if he had a mother in those years, in the years to come as well." He gave a slight shrug of his shoulder as wishes were just that, neither here nor there but the reality of it was that Tre was motherless in spite of the kindly cook and the nanny he had for a while. He was too old for a nanny now.

He was perfectly focused when he needed to be. It was late evening, and he had been drinking for some time. Easy to be distracted and allow one's thoughts to jump around. "Aye, but you are still young, Trevor. It could still happen. And you have done an exemplary job of raising your son. Though I think you know that." He finished the last of his drink and set the glass aside. "Look at Vincent. He is as happy as he's ever been." With females on all sides!

Ah, but it came across far more than that. "I am doing my best." As well keeping to his duties too which had time required of him. His son would learn and understand in time as well. "Vincent, gives hope to anyone that anything can happen." Which had him chuckling as he eased up from his seat. "Time for me to get back for dawn comes even earlier and I'll need to be awake and focused on the field." One drink was enough for him as he headed over to the bar to set away the empty glass. "If you're going back to the castle, I'll walk part of the way with you."

"I am. It is passed time and as you say, dawn comes early." He followed Trevor to the bar and bade Alex good night. He was certain both he and Trevor would be awake and focused. "And I would certainly appreciate the company." They could talk more on the way, if either were so inclined.

He bade Alex a good eve as well before heading out with comrade and friend. They would talk until the point their company parted as he headed back to his manor.. and a son to break fast with before the day begun.


Date: 05-15-12
Poster: Matoskah
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Brotherly Chat

Days on the Island had been busy and now that Spring was fully here, and the planting finished, Yas decided it would be a good time to visit their father. After the day was over, he made his way to the Thistle, promising to return to the Manor more often. He still couldn't believe time had passed so quickly. He sat at the bar, talking some to Alex, but mostly lost in his own thoughts. A glass sat on the counter, occasionally brought up for a sip.

With not only his return but Patwin's, he watched his brother improve each day. Yas had been a shadow of himself and it freed his heart of that worry. Spring seemed to only enhance things going well for all of them. Although there were spaces in his life that could still possibly be fulfilled, they didn't matter much this day. No, hunting, rituals and so on were foremost on his father but it was not lack of interest that kept him away, mostly days filled with things to do he hadn't gotten around to it. He would. Presently he was shadowing his brother as he hunted him down by scent and a deeper tie they shared being twins. "Father is well?" Yas would hear his brother's voice just off to his right. Maybe it was on purpose knowing his brother was lost in his thoughts.

He just smiled and turned his head to study his twin. "He is well, as is Maggie and the little one." He gave Mat a half smile. "She is adorable and will have us both wrapped around her finger, Mat, so be warned." He picked up his drink, pausing to add. "They were asking about you but they know how busy we've been trying to see to the Clan."

He took up the seat next to his brother, indicating he'd have some of the potcheen as well with a nod of his head to Alex. He had forgotten about the little one. It was one of those things one had to adjust to being old enough to have children of their own and having a little step sister. "I will see myself to the toy shop before I go visit." Mat would be the type to bypass the huge doll houses and such to choose a hand sewn rag tag doll or baby animal type. "Did you reassure them I will be stopping by?" Best to know as his drink was set and he kicked it back near as soon as it touched the counter. Alex left the bottle.

"Of course. They'll be patient." He grinned at the thought of Mat in the toy shop. He could come out of there with a few things for himself! "Our tribe is growing as well." Several of the married women were with child. "How did you spend your day?"

"I spent it finding a new ritual area that is secluded. It is near a small cave and will suit me well. I've been clearing what needs to be cleared and making a pit." He would probably come out with toys for the for some of the little ones of their village. Certainly they were growing into a small village.

Which was a good thing considering the fate of their people had they stayed in their own home. They still had some arriving here and there and not just of the Bear. Their old enemies, the Snake Clan had joined the British but in time, they too, would be betrayed. But that was beyond their concern now. "Ah, that is a good thing then, Mat. You will keep the island safe." He grinned then took a long drink of potcheen.

"You will join me in some of them?" The greater ones that needed more power than one alone. Such as to bring rain when there was none for far too long. He had noticed his brother had moved away from the shaman ways.

Yas had moved away from many things since they had lost their blood brothers. "I would be honored to do so." He bowed his head slightly as he placed his hand over his heart. He leaned one elbow on the bar and frowned slightly. "Has Kuwan gone wandering again? Or am I merely not in the right place at the right time?" Delsey was hard to keep track of too at times. Though the island was large enough to keep everyone busy in different areas.

Mat let out a breath that had been long held. He grinned hearing those words as a hand reached out to grip his brother's shoulder. Nothing said, nothing needed to be for it was all there in action. "I've been feasting on her rabbit pies, so she is not far away. I'm sure she's just been busy coming and going like we all have been. She has a place of worship all her own too." Which not much got by Mat when it came to rituals and who did them!

"Ah, I see." He didn't really feel it was his place to keep track of everyone. It was a habit he couldn't break. "Good." He placed his hand over Mat's briefly then reached for the bottle to refill his glass and offered more to Mat. "As long as we have no surprise storms, we should have a good harvest. Now, all that's left to do is hunt and do as we wish." He still went to the docks occasionally to held out Adam or Adrian if they needed it.

"We need to hunt soon. Not only for the meat but for the pelts so all have warm wraps come this winter. I wonder if there are any buffalo in the forests far north of here." It was a thought as the buffalo offered the warmest wraps.

"I have never heard if they are or not." He rubbed at his chin thoughtfully. Elk, deer, bear ... all these could be found on the lands where they were able to hunt but he had never considered buffalo being to the north. "Only one way to find out, I think. We will have to go there." They could make up a small hunting party if need be.

"Or ask the Rangers, they would know." He knew they scouted all the way to every border of these lands and the sister lands. He was getting hungry again as he ordered some of the special soup they made here along with the brown bread. Something that was readily available too so he didn't have to wait more than it took them to fill a bowl and have it out before him. Five minutes later it was there and he started on his meal with the right amount of gusto.

"We would have to describe it to them." He chuckled, then shrugged. "They may have a different name for it... like shaggy, horned steer." Or an Elven name he couldn't pronounce. While Mat ate, he enjoyed the potcheen and the nice buzz he was starting to get.

"I thought buffalo was their name for it," they had a different name for the buffalo in their native language. He paused long enough to eye his brother then chuckled to himself before finishing up his soup.

"That is what the white man called it in our homeland." He shrugged again. "Bison, buffalo. I don't know what those who live here would call it." Was there one in the zoo? He'd have to go look. And yes, he was starting to get drunk.

He gave a shrug as he thought they all used the same name for it that spoke English. "We will see soon enough." For it was something they would look into. It wasn't going to take much as he gave a nod to first check the zoo. See if they had one.

"It's been long since we've had the meat." And the thought of it had him near drooling. He emptied his glass and set it aside. He didn't need to be so drunk he couldn't walk or not be able to think. Who knew what mischief that would cause.

He drank the last of his but at least he had eaten something too. That would curb him getting drunk. He was up from his seat, thanking Alex before addressing his brother. "Maybe we should start home and check on Kuwan." Just to make certain the woman was all right. He was sure Kali would have said something to them otherwise.

He stood and nodded. "All right." It never hurt to check though he was sure she was fine. She could even be visiting the Quinn Grandmother. A lift of his hand to Alex, and he started toward the door, more or less in a straight line. "Some of the children claim they have found blue stones on the island. We'll have to check and see if that's so." They could use such stones to trade for things needed. He opened the door for Mat, and leaned against it as he waited for his twin to step through.

"What kind of blue stone? Was it solid, was it clear?" He was by his brother's side so if he swayed too far he'd be brought back into line. He stepped through as Yas held the door then waited for him just beyond. The night was warm with the hint of dew already forming. The sounds of the night were as music to his ears.

"Solid. Turquoise if we're lucky." He paused to take in the sounds of the night, the scent of the air. His head would be clear by the time they reached the ferry to the island, and on the way, they had plans to discuss.


Date: 05-23-12
Poster: Douglas Shawnesey
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Out for a Pint

The Thistle garden was a good place to be after a day that was too hot and filled with work. Douglas sat on the steps of the porch, a drink in hand though he seemed to have forgotten it. Stars sparkled against a dark sky, occasionally dimmed by the passing of a wispy cloud. The fountain was working again, and the air was filled with the scent of the first budding roses and other flowers. He finally lifted the glass for a drink, then smiled to himself. The three ships given to him were bringing in a decent profit, the crews were efficient, and he even managed to go along a time or two.

Rhett did most of the forging early morning and late evening when it was coolest. Still, he had to douse himself in the lake before heading to the Thistle. A much earned drink was in order. Hair dripped onto his shirt that had spots stuck to wet skin as if still sweating. Catching sight of his brother on the garden steps while fingers ran through wet hair, he paused dead in his steps. A gin surfaced as his hand fell away to wipe the dampness against the cloth of his britches at his hip. "Well, now, that is a sight for sore eyes. I would think you had a lass by now to spend such a starry night with." He was over to give a brotherly grip to his brother's shoulder.

He jumped slightly then squinted at Rhett, a half smile appearing. "Now what would make you think that? I know Ma would like it if that was true, but it isn't. I don't have time to meet any let alone spent time with one." He returned the grip of shoulder with one of his own, then waved his glass at Rhett. "What about you?"

"Or you don't want to?" Brows lifted with that certain type of grin but he held his hand up for him brother to wait a minute. That drink was calling him as he headed inside to see to it and was back out, drink in hand as he took up the seat next to Doug. Settling in first before addressing any such questions. "Seems love came and went and there doesn't seem to be anything out there right now for me." Came with a sort of shrug for it wasn't something he had any control over.

"Some don't seem to stick around." He stretched out his legs down over the steps, elbows resting on the top step. "Least you had it happen." He turned his head to look at Rhett and made a face. "I never could talk to the lasses without getting tongue-tied so I stopped trying. They go for the good-looking lads in any case, and I'm pretty average." He grinned and shrugged. "Course, don't let Ma or Da hear you saying anything like that, or you'll get a lecture.

Which had him eying his brother. "You think I'm any better looking than you?" Which was followed by a chuckle. "It took one to seduce me, not the other way around." But he wasn't complaining either for certainly it was a day to remember. Field of flowers too. Not something he could ever have planned. "I don't think they are focused on me, you're the heir.." which had him grin more.

"You got noticed, didn't you?" He grinned then shrugged. "When you're a normal fellow with dark hair and eyes standing around blonde hair and blue eyed friends of yours, who happen to have muscles and golden tongues, little hard to be noticed." He shrugged slightly. "If I don't have any children, you'll inherit if I pass first. Way it is." He took a drink and chuckled. "But we're both still young, not dottering old men!"

Which had him squint an eye his brother's way before a good hearty laugh followed, "you've been hanging around the McAndrews then. Let me ask you this, have you even noticed any lasses that you might consider.. that caught your eye?" That kind of hmmmmm to it as he watched his brother carefully while taking his first drink of the potcheen.

"Aye, and Yas too. Met him when he was hanging around the docks. Same age as me. As far as lasses, nope, not a one." He scratched at his chin, and realized he needed to shave. Ah well. Tomorrow. "Are there lasses in Heathfield?" He gave Rhett a devilish kind of look. "Or have they all been whisked away by some dashing scoundrel with promises of marriage and riches?

"They're here, certainly." He was trying to think! He'd been too busy to think too much about it and probably only get depressed if he did. Love lost and all that. Or maybe he should find someone! Cure him of the past. "Hopefully if they are from around here it is not with empty promises.." that he would not tolerate in thought or connection with anyone like that.

"How would they know until they get where they're going?" He grinned, then sat up, resting his elbows on his knees. "Have you heard how Shaun is doing? I haven't really been around much it seems." He did return home, but it was late at night when everyone was asleep and he left again before dawn most days. Just seemed to happen that way.

"He's doing well enough from last I heard. He's really into swinging that sword I made for him. He'll probably have a lass before either of us! What about Regan Callihan or is she too old for you?" At least that was someone connected to the sea.

"She's only a year older, and no, I'm not interested." He finished his drink and shook his head. "From what I hear about her, she doesn't seem like the type to settle down." He reached over and punched Rhett in the shoulder, not hard enough to hurt. "Quit trying to match me up."

It didn't hurt in fact it has him laugh as a hand came up to rub where Doug punched him. "Getting a little violent there, brother. What's wrong with fixing you up? You're the oldest." Lips were pressed into that familiar grin of his. "Aye, she probably wouldn't notice you.. babe in arms and all that, let alone all those captains that hang around her. No wonder she doesn't want to settle... can't have them all if tied down to one." That grin was growing.

"No, she wouldn't." He chuckled and eyed Rhett a moment. "Are you spying on the woman? I'm thinking it's the life at sea she doesn't want to give up. If it catches a man and stays in their blood, why wouldn't it do the same to a woman. Be harder for her not to stay home if she has a baby." He shrugged slightly. "Besides, she's not really my type." Did he know what his type was? Nope! But if he met her, he'd know.

"I would say that you've noticed her enough to know all that you do.." implication set and going! "She could find herself a man connected with the sea and that would work well for her then.." grinning.

"I've never seen her, Rhett. I don't know all that much about her." Douglas laughed, shaking his head. "Only what I hear from others. And third person information is not all that reliable as is. Besides, she'd likely give Ma a heart attack." Off seeking treasure or finding pirates. Whatever she did. He finished his drink and looked at the glass, then reached for the bottle he had sitting off to the side. After he topped his glass off, he offered to do the same with Rhett's.

"Third person? Not even second hand information?" Giving a tsking sound without laughing but certain it had that edge to it. "Don't sell Ma so short, she took care of that tavern up north." Which took a lot of guts in his opinion. "She had vampires after her.." so much for pirates! He kicked back his topped off drink and topped them both off again.

"I'm not selling her short." He answered after he downed a good portion of the Pure. "She just might not want someone around to give our sisters ideas. They do enough of that on their own." He gave a little shudder. "Only thing worse then that would be vampire pirates." And he started to laugh. Not really funny but he could blame the drinking.

"Well, that is selling her short. Who knows if she would give them ideas they don't already have?" Chuckling as he straightened up some in his seat. "Who else do you know?"

"No one really, that isn't taken." He shrugged and stretched out his legs again. Sitting on the wooden steps was hard on the backside. "I know of people. Most of me friends are busy with their own lives." He shrugged, "Or in training."

His shoulders shook some as he tried to contain the laugh. "You know a lot of taken women?" Such implications and the glint in his eyes said it all. "What of the Frasier lass, Ellyn," although her surname was not Frasier, she was considered one regardless.

Rhett was like a blasted terrier. Once he got the scent, he didn't stop digging. "I don't know a lot of females. Period." He gave Rhett a look then thought a moment. "I know she's training to become on of the Order of Athena. But that's all I know. Few others there too." The ones already in the Order weren't bad but he didn't know their ages!

It was why he made an excellent knight even if he was not active for his forging of swords instead. "So the real question is, do you want to know any females or do you purposely avoid them so you can say, I don't know any hence not getting involved." So maybe the drink had some effect on him here too. "So, she is not interesting enough to know.." pretty much by his own words. Oh, he'd come up with a few more.

He just stared at his brother then shook her head. "I didn't say she wasn't interesting. I said I know a little about her, and I know a little about some others. I don't do this often, you know. Mostly I work in the warehouse, even though Da tells me I should get out more." He shrugged. "Maybe I do avoid them. Never really thought about it except when someone asks me if I'm interested in someone." And it was mostly family that did that. "Why haven't you sought any out, yourself?"

His shoulders were shaking a mite more again but he managed to keep a straight face the while. "So that is the problem, you hide away from women in that warehouse of yours.." giving a nod as tried and convicted! "See, if you got out more often, that is if you want to meet a lass, you'd know more about them." He really didn't want to have this turn on himself, "I had someone but they had to move on." Reminding him that at least he had not hid his head in the sand where women were concern.

Seashelle walked into the tavern with a mischievous smile playing on her lips. Her long brown curly hair fell down her shoulders and hazel eyes skimmed the tavern with a mix of curiosity and charm. Her white dress with gold trim brought out the red in her flushed cheeks and she passed by the two gentlemen to get a drink. The scent of sunflowers trailed behind her and once she had gotten an refreshment she walked back to the gentlemen. "Pardon my rude intrusion but can you tell me where I am? My transportation. . ." she smiled delicately and took a sip of water. "Well, I'll be here awhile."

Holy Moses, Rhett was to his feet as the lass passed them then back. A swipe of his hand over the durable, sleeveless, cotton tunic, his clothing all in shades of brown, dispelled the crumbs. Homemade bread was served with the meal he had earlier. "Welcome Miss," ah, blue eyes in study of the one as he realized she wasn't anyone he knew. "You are in the Thistle Tavern located in Heathfield. I'm Rhett and this is my brother Douglas," nudge, nudge, sweeping glance his brother's way for here was an opportunity for him!

"But you still need to move on, it sounds like." He blinked then stood when the lass walked inside then came back out. "You're in Heathfield, miss." He cut a glare toward Rhett then smiled slightly. "This is the Thistle Tavern, well, you're in the gardens." Rhett was in brown, Douglas was in black from his boots to the vest he wore, except for the pale blue shirt.

"Heathfield," she breathed and her eyes strayed about the Tavern. Holding a hand out to Rhett she smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Douglas and Rhett. My name is Seashelle." Sea shell. Such an innocent name to go with her pure features. "Enjoying your meals I hope?"

He switched hands of his drink then decided to just set it aside to the table near their seats. Beautiful night out on the porch with a light breeze. One could hear all the frogs and katydids in the distance. He took her hand in his, fingers slipping beneath as it was lifted to the bend of his head. The touch of his lips upon her knuckles was light, chaste, before lowering her hand to release. "It is my pleasure, Seashelle." Pressed smile was quick, the kind that reached his eyes for a moment before shifting focus on this brother as if it was his turn. "Enjoying the evening, meals are excellent here too."

Rhett was the knight. Douglas was just a merchant. "That's an unusual name." He waited a moment, then followed suit, taking hold of her hand and placing a quick, light kiss there. "You're welcome to join us."

"Yes, it is a lovely night isn't it?" Her lower lip slid between white teeth at Douglas's comment, and she began to pretend to brush off her dress. "Some say unusual. I say memorable." She lifted her chin slightly. "Id love to join."

Pressed smile went full as he slightly waggled his brows at his brother. That silent communication as he took his seat and said nothing, leaving the two to converse while he topped off his drink.

He motioned to a chair then frowned briefly at Rhett. Once Seashelle was seated, he did the same. "You said you're stranded?" Well, more or less she did.

"Our wheel hit a rock." she grimaced slightly and folded her hands on her lap. "But, I'm not heading anywhere specific. And I love new places. Gives me an opportunity to paint."

He was the Quiet Man, and exhibited as the conversation existed between brother and new lass. Legs were stretched out and the Stetson he favored was removed to be set on the table aside the bottle of potcheen. He seemed purposely occupied elsewhere.

"Ah, well, Heathfield has plenty of places for painting. Rhett's a blacksmith if you need a new band on the wheel." Douglas wasn't sure why Rhett was being quiet because he usually wasn't. He reached for his glass and took a long drink. "Don't know if Alex told you when you went inside, but the rooms here are free. As is food and drink. Horses can be stabled here too, and any servants if you have them. So, you wander like the Gypsies?"

It all went along with what they had been discussing, putting himself in the background of this picture so his brother had full opportunity. Quite simple. Although with the last he spoke up, "Aye I can fix your wheel." Short and to the point.

"Mmm..." She smiled gratefully at the information Douglas had just given her. "Yes, somewhat like that." She paused. Seeming rather hesitant to say. "Actually exactly like that. My father, he likes to sell his inventions. Different concoctions of different things." She placed her hand on the table and began to lightly tap her fingers.

Brows lifted somewhat as his comment-offer was ignored, becoming a shadow as he rose from his seat. "Excuse me brother." Taking the empty bottle of potcheen back inside as he'd be getting a cold tankard of ale instead.

"You must be the younger brother." She nodded to herself. "I'm almost certain of it. I have a younger brother. Brightest kid you'll ever know."

He wouldn't push if the information wasn't freely given.. He nodded at Rhett, watching him as he went inside. Though Seashelle made him laugh? "I'm not the younger. Rhett is. He's just more out-going then I am." He paused at that. Not tonight Rhett wasn't. "Normally."

He called out from inside, "you want a tankard too, Douglas?" He was conversing back with Alex then as he waited as the man drew the first tankard. A good lager was not just dumped into the vessel to hold it.

"Really?" She seemed very surprised at that and her eyes followed Rhett as he went to get another drink.

"Aye, if you would, Rhett." He leaned back in the chair and nodded. "Aye, he is. He's a blacksmith but he's been knighted too. Our younger brother is following his footsteps. I'm learning our father's business." He grinned as he spoke. He was proud of his siblings.

"Well, that's alright." She stood. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Douglas. I think I'm going to find myself a room." she smiled lightly and raised her voice so the eldest brother could hear her. "Take care of yourself Rhett!"

He was back out by that time to set the one tankard to the table next to his brother. "Aye, a good night to you Seashelle," giving a nod with the pressed smile as he took up his seat with his tankard in hand.

And he stood again. "As it was meeting you, Seashelle. Rest well." He inclined his head slightly, then sat again. He still couldn't believe she had thought he was younger then his brother. Didn't that just make his night?

He took a long drink of the ale, leaving a frosty upper lip as he rolled his head in the direction of his brother. "I did shower before coming here." Certainly that would have been the reason she took off so quickly otherwise.

"I didn't." He tried not to laugh but he couldn't hold it back. "It is late. I think I'll stay here tonight. Get started early in the morning with the last bit of cargo heading out, do the books, and go fishing for the rest of the day." Maybe swimming too. Especially if the day was as hot as today had been. He stood and looked at Rhett. "You may as well, too. I'll even pay for your room." They could break fast together, then head off to their respective work places.

"Aye, I think I will too. Maybe hang around with you down at the docks." He was enjoying his time with his brother, right down to all the teasing. Of course they could both pick on Shaun next time. He was up as he'd finish his tankard on the way. A good ending to a good night and now sleep would suit them best. "I'll pay for yours then.." meaning the room. Said with a grin too!


Date: 05-27-12
Poster: Keriann Frasier
Post # 9


Days were long or so it seemed since sunlight lasted far longer than previous months. Even with all the high windows opened of the castle museum, it didn't alleviate the heat. Hair had been pinned up leaving curling tendrils to become plastered against her neck. Fingers flicked leaving residue of marble dust in a shine there. Finally Keriann gave up. Those of family kept after that her she spent all her waking time with her sculptures and not any time for herself. It was either her art or her family, trying to balance both that left no time for herself. A glance given the window showed the darkness beyond and a cooler breeze finally that was welcome. Perhaps she would get a meal at the Thistle. Especially since she realized she had not supped, nor had lunch, and only a cup of coffee on the fly this morning. She couldn't remember if she had anything with it! She freshened up before grabbing a shawl she had kept there and headed out of the castle. The Thistle wasn't far and soon she was there, much cooler too than she had been all day. Once in she was almost babbling her greeting to Alex and mingled in there was an order for the Irish stew, brown bread, pork cutlets and blueberry crumble pie. She may have gotten a strange look but such would pass her by as she took up a stool there at the bar. Being there was no one else around. Least that she noticed of yet.

Least, not that had arrived as yet. But that soon enough changed as the Knight Defender of the Island pressed his palm flat to the wood of door and made his way within. Warm weather! At last! Just in time for them to return to the island. Blast but it seemed they had things turned all topsy-turvy. Island...winter. Heathfield...summer. But nooo! All that was behind him now. Even his bones seemed to rejoice with the return of warmth. "Greetings, Alex." He lifted his hand from the door with a wave to the tender, allowing it to slowly close behind him as he walked in that direction. Cole nodded a hello to the female as well. Amazing what a little warmth could do for a soul.

She liked the warmth, just not sweltering like the museum got this afternoon. Alex had just set the feast in front of her fit to fill up at last two people. The amount surprised her and she blinked first at the food then upon the man that came in. She could feel the heat rising as she muttered, "Idon'tusuallyeatthismuch." Tripping over an excuse she probably should not have excused herself for to start. She needed to get hold of herself. She could hear her sister's airy laugh at her blundering. Shoo! She smiled, something that transformed the pixy type face with large brown eyes, "hello sir, I'm Keriann, or Keri.." and then with another thought, "Frasier." Her food would wait although her stomach growled. LOUDLY. Much to her dismay as her smile weakened a mite.

An uplift of chin acknowledged the placement of a tankard on the counter and he settled in on a stool, bringing the beverage of choice on around and started it toward his mouth. The woman's ... explanation ... caused his brows to arch up and he dipped his gaze to the platter of food, then back up to her features. He swallowed down some of the ale, then set the tankard back to the counter top just as her stomach protested the fact that so much usually wouldn't be needed. "A pleasure, Keri." He made sure to use the name she seemed to prefer because of her correction. "Cole Lachian. And please, have at your meal. Before the beast in your belly lets out another roar of encouragement." He nodded toward the platter and brought his tankard up again. True, a gentleman perhaps should not have mentioned that sound. Key word...gentleman.

For the first in a long time, a smile came that lit up dark eyes. He had not made fun of her and that eased her whole excursion out. She had not expected to run into anyone this late, especially a male. "Thank you, Cole," slight dip of her chin as small laugh escaped on the mention of the beast. Certainly it was one tonight. Soon as he was back to his tankard, she was right in eating like one starved. She was half starved. There were small little sounds here and there of pure pleasure for the excellent cooked meal. She tried not to make them but she would forget herself during a delectable morsel when consumed.

Those sounds, no matter how softly cooed under her breath, drew Cole's notice. He shifted on his stool, bracing his forearm to the counter top and his side against the rim and just watched her eat. If it made her uncomfortable, the man next to her probably wouldn't even care. "Good, is it?" He slanted a look Alex's way, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips, then back to the woman. "Are you one of those Falkirk Frasiers? Or just...Frasier?"

She hadn't even noticed at first she got so into appeasing her hunger. She had a natural delicate way of eating but eating well and not pausing until the roar of the beast was quelled. It wasn't until the comment that the last morsel of the pork paused near parting lips and eyes snapped up. Such was frozen there for a second or two before the morsel eased in regardless, chewed and swallowed. Once done she addressed the question. "I am one of the Falkirk Frasiers. Although one of the many cousins to Neale Frasier. I stay at times and most of the time here at the Castle. You know of the Falkirk Frasiers then?" Not really surprised for many knew of them, just not as many knew her. "You are of these lands then.." which was assuming but probably a right assumption, for his question.

As she spoke, he drank, leaning as he was with a slight tilt to his head. "The Frasiers are well known, Keri." He added a nod, tilting his tankard and looking down into it to check the level, then back over to her. "I'm of Innis. Innis Daingneach. Although for most of the winter, we've been here."

"Innis," eyes lit up again, "the tropical Island I might get to see one day." Not adding why at this point for it was a secret. Or so it was led to believe to be a surprise on Peter and the others. "Most want to be there in the winter and even their winter is as warm as our spring and summer. Are you one of his knights that are stationed here? I have met Sir Lancely." Her piece of pie could wait now that the conversation got interesting.

His knights? How very interesting that mention of 'his' was. "If the He you speak of is our King, Peter O'Neill, then yes, I am as Lancely is. One of his." He didn't get into the exact title of Knight Defender, but that wasn't an intricate part of this conversation, now was it? "I hope that you may get to see Innis one day...soon, Keri." With a tip of tankard rim in her direction by way of a modified toast to that possibility, he then brought the pewter to his lips for another swallow.

She was so tempted to tell him why for how delightful the reason was. Her lips moved but no words came at first and she sidetracked instead. "Yes, King Peter O'Neill , I meant no disrespect," in the referral of using 'his'. "Hopefully it will be soon. I have heard such wonderful things of the isle." Her fork held toyed with a bit of pie as she went thoughtful a moment, "you have been there?" She wasn't really sure on that note but if he had then he could tell her first hand!

"There? Innis?" His gaze drifted down to the motion of the fork, lingering there a moment. He nodded almost unconsciously with the beginning of his reply. "I...usually serve there." Was his response, softly spoken before he realized he had drifted off in a mesmerized way with the movement of the utensil. He blinked, bringing his focus back to the woman. "What would keep you from traveling over?"

She felt a little embarrassed but added to clear it up. "I know that Lancely has never been there yet." Or so he had not the last she talked to him. When was that? Ages ago she realized. "I haven't been out much." She needed to change the subject, "tell me of Innis?" In his own words, she forgot about the pie as the fork was laid to rest on the plate and full attention was devoted to him in this hope. If he painted her a picture he would see that dreamy look that if one knew an artist was usually found for they went off on the words and ideas swarmed that wanted then to be expressed in some medium or another.

Innis. It wasn't the land of his birth, but it was the land he called home. "I'll tell you, Keri, but all the better that you travel over and experience it yourself." He twisted enough to hand his tankard over to Alex for a refill. If anyone would have asked him what he thought his evening might be like, this...definitely wouldn't have come to mind. Ah, the oddest of twists. "It is a land of color. From the brilliant blue of sea and sky to the lush green of foliage, and dotted with the vibrancy of yellow and red and ..." as he dotted the scenery, his fingers poofed in actions in the air in front of his face before reclaiming the tankard Alex brought over. "orange flowers. The dock side is busy, but clean. The air is fresh, and when it rains..." He drew in a breath as if he could, even now, draw in that scent. "When it rains, the entire island seems to come to life from the dancing leaves to the rippling waters. I am no man of words, explain Innis is like trying to grab hold of the colors of a rainbow in order to climb the thing." He had to shrug to that. He was no poet, but that didn't mean he couldn't appreciate the beauty, enjoy the splendor of this place he called home.

"Ah," and she was off and dreaming as only a dreamer could. Probably where the saying one had stars in their eyes came from. She hung on his every word and motion of hands. "If I could board a ship tonight and go there, to awake in this tropical paradise come morn, I would. To see such colors, such landscape. You have the words of a poet at heart even if you don't realize it." There was pause here as she soaked it all in and actually started to study the structure of his face. She had a keen eye for such. "Alas, I'm in the middle of an exceptional, high priority project." Which she sounded like some kind of spy or such intrigue. Her laughter was sweet that escaped. "I am a sculptress. I am in charge of the museum in the castle." Which was a prestigious appointment for the budding artist.

"A high priority project of clay?" Cole took another drink and that was followed by a chuckle. Sure enough, the way she worded it, her current assignment seemed to be of life and death. Was that not how a man who lived those very types of scenarios would initially misinterpret her comment? "I do hope you manage to survive your exceptional project so that you might, sooner than later, get the opportunity to get away for awhile."

Her correction was gentle, voice soft, "marble." Certainly was a world of difference as she added, "I have worked in clay as well but marble is the medium that lasts forever. At least until the end of days unless mankind destroys it on purpose." She was squirming in a way for she wanted to tell him, for whatever reason she could not even fathom. "If I get the project done in time, I'll be going back with you all for the invitation was granted.." and her words faded off here as she was close to giving away the secret. Although it was only one person's name given to keep it a secret from. It wasn't Cole.

Brows lifted. "With us?" Cole tilted his head first to the right, then to the left as he studied her. "Well then, it will be sooner than later."

"That may be, or soon afterwards." Her lips pressed in a thoughtful way. He didn't seem to press on what it might be or why. She might be busting inside but she kept her secret safe for certainly it wouldn't be one not really interested she'd tell. The bite of pie was finally lifted to slip between pleasantly shaped lips. She realized she was still watching him and finally dipped dark eyes away. Perhaps it was the fact she had not talked this much nor long to a stranger, and if honest, because that stranger was a male. Oddly, she felt comfortable around him.

Being comfortable around this particular Knight Defender was ...odd. Maybe it was because he didn't press, didn't demand, didn't nose in to find out things that really weren't any of his concern. He remained casually uninterested in an interested sort of way. "Well good then." He lifted his drink to her, a nod by way of tilting tankard. "It sounds as if you are due a holiday."

She worked on eating that slice of pie. Not a drop fell she managed it in such a precise delicate way. Blueberry stained if it did! The last bit slipped past her lips again as dark eyes lifted and slanted his way. A smile started with the fork still pressed between then pulled away to set on the empty plate. Once swallowed, "I probably am due a holiday," being he put it that way it had her reflect in introspect. This would be good for her. She settled back in her seat as she once more studied him, "do you ever go on holiday?"

Now that question caught him by surprise. He huffed out a laugh, probably no more than a breath of amusement, and so soft that she may not have even heard it. "Me?" How interesting the inside of his tankard suddenly became. He had lowered his gaze there and seemed to be searching for something other than just the bottom he saw. "I, well, sure, everyone does, some time." He didn't look up to her. Cole Lachian had never taken a holiday. Ever. Daurenia. Innis. His life was his sword. What would he even consider holiday worthy? After all, he had lived on tropical isles his entire life. He flickered a look up and over to her from under his brow. "Mayhaps, whenever you may find your way across to the island, our paths may cross there." What else could he say? Trapped in a tongue tangle that he wasn't quite able to wriggle out of, he attempted to change the subject.

She had thought maybe he found her boring but finally there was a spark of spirit shown even if only in that easing of his breath or the study of his tankard. She was really studying the man with a keen interest, for he was one that held secrets; that much was just given away to her. He would find her smiling when he finally lost interest in the bottom of his tankard as if it held all the answers he ever needed there. "Yes, at least some time or even only one time. One time to know if such is worth the time spent from duty and obligations. Perhaps I might find you on the same ship when I journey there. I have yet to find out if my stomach will withstand the trip." There was a fleeting touch of fingers against his forearm for whatever reason she felt the need to do so. Not a sexual or even come-on type. Perhaps a reassuring one. Fleeting in case such repulsed him, of which she'd find out.

Cole's gaze dipped for a moment to where her fingers touched on his arm, then lifted back up to her. "If your stomach is not sea strong, Keri, not find me." One corner of his lips tilted up in a half smile then he nodded off toward the plate that had only just moments before been full. "Although, from what I've been witness to, stomach strength is not an issue."

Which had her laugh, "I believe I'll not be in contact with anyone if such is the case. Except my cabin." Where she'd remain the duration. The last had her looking towards that very plate, she had eaten a meal fit for a man's appetite. "I'll go a day before I get hungry again." More mussed as focus returned his way. "Do you know when you'll be leaving to Innis?" She had good reason for her question.

Cole fought back a wider grin. "Really, a day?" But he didn't continue with his amusement over how much she had eaten, considering her petite frame. "A week, maybe two. We await word from the King is all."

"That soon?" She worried her brow before quickly rising. "I should get back to work then." And he thought his days were never done. She didn't wish to seem rude nor that she hadn't enjoyed his company. She had. Surprisingly. "I really enjoyed meeting you." Which still didn't stop her feeling like she was running away from him, or at least leaving that impression. "The museum, have you seen it? If not, you're welcome to accompany me." There, that was better, or so she felt for it let on she enjoyed his company and it was really true about getting back to work. If he had seen the museum or had no interest, he could pass on her offer. Or, if he wanted to see it, he could accompany her. Simple.

She shot to her feet and Cole swiveled on his stool to watch her. Was anything ever really simple? "I have not and while I appreciate the offer." He shook his head to the negative. "I will leave you to your exceptionally, high priority project, Keri." Twitch, twitch of lips. "Such things are better executed without distractions."

She almost pouted when he turned down the offer. That surprised her. Perhaps having company was on her mind. Regardless. "Have a good evening," collecting her tray with the empty plates to set off to the kitchen window just down from the bar. Save Alex a trip or even any of the kitchen maids. The smile was just as fleeting his way upon turning before she was hurrying out the door. She wanted that holiday she realized.

"And...." He watched as she hurried on out, especially since he had watched her the entire time she had made ready to depart. "You..." He spoke that last to himself since she was already beyond the closing of door. Cole turned to look at Alex. "The women here...sure do come and go quickly. Or maybe it's just me." He shrugged at that, then slid his tankard toward Alex. "How about one more before I seek out Lancely, and that damnable contraption I am inclined to play guinea pig with."


Date: 08-07-12
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 10

Looking for Trouble

It had been a perfect summer's day, that is after training and all those other things one needed to learn. As soon as he could escape, Charles had headed for the lake. Fishing, swimming and lazing around. Now he was finishing a slice of Hazel's apple crumb pie after a bowl of Irish stew and slices of brown bread. Of course, he was also enjoying potcheen with his meal.

Rory groaned as he turned on the couch set in front of the fireplace. One that was burning peat just for the scent that filled the tavern. He ended up on the floor which startled him awake and up to his feet in a split second. Hand running through disheveled hair as he noted Charles there. "Charles! There you are, you missed going on the water gauntlet." Which had wore him out going on it a few times after regular practice was done.

"Hello sleepy head." He had been watching Rory in the mirror behind the bar and was trying not to laugh. "I headed out to the lake instead. Surprised you didn't see me sneaking off." He hadn't really been sneaking, just didn't care to try the beastie today. "How did you do?"

He gave a roll of his shoulders before heading to the bar and some of the potcheen that Alex was setting out. "Didn't do too badly, I could only get about half way through but we more goofing off than in any real competition. Ended up laughing so hard at Marcus that I fell off the platform and it all just went downhill from there. A kelp flinging contest and feather flinging. I had seen you sneak off but decided I wanted to try the water gauntlet." Shooting him a grin at the end only confirmed he was pleased with the time spent.

"Sounds like you had fun." He finished the last bite of pie and pushed the plate aside. Picking up his glass, he glanced at the door and back. "Did Bryan join you?" It seemed he hadn't seen the Third much lately, though Charles was more often then not, off in his own little world.

"No." Which had him glancing to the door too. "I don't know where he's been holding himself out." Sometimes it seemed that way, for as close as they were one or another of them would take off for a while on their own with little said and even less contact. "Ever since he got that boat ride that night." Which they had parted when Bryan needed to see a man about a ride to an island.

"Yeah, I hope everything is all right." Though more then likely they'd know if it wasn't. Just like twins, only a three-fold bond. "Though I'm sure he'd let us know if something was up." Maybe not. Everyone needed time alone.

"Can't sense anything off or wrong, just distance." A dimple grin rose next, "maybe we should hunt him down. Maybe he's shacked up with someone.. catch him at an inappropriate moment."

He blinked then laughed and shook his head. "I don't know. He wouldn't like that definitely, and he'd want revenge. I guess we could tell him Rick sent us after him." Which had him wonder if Rick or Treve had noticed Bryan had been missing a lot. Hmmm.

Which only had him grinning more, "and our uncles would be proud of us that we did.. especially if we can find him in an inappropriate moment. The revenge is all part of it but we can keep a step ahead of him." Which he finally picked up his glass to kick back the double dram.

"So, where do we start?" He picked up the bottle left for them and refilled his glass, then offered to fill Rory's again. "We know he went on a boat." Ship? One of those.

"Aye, we can ask around down at the docks and then see if he returned." Who knew what information they might find out. He held out his glass to be refilled and as soon was it was, it was kicked back.

Charles grinned and nodded. "Remember the name of the boat?" He down what was left of his own drink, then placed the glass on the counter. They might be singing by the time they reach the docks! But plenty of people sang after a night out, right? He was ready to go right now.

"I was seeing streaking lights that night.. " shaking his head with a laugh. "Did you see the name of the ship, err, fishing boat." There was a difference to some. They could take the rest of the bottle with them and surely they would be singing and having a grand ol time even if they didn't discover anything pertinent to their brother tonight.

No. I guess we have to ask around." He picked up the bottle and headed for the door. Who knew what trouble they'd get into!


Date: 09-04-12
Poster: Trevor Cairns
Post # 11

Late Summer 

It was late summer and one of the first nights that hinted on autumn, days to come. Nights were cooler than they had been, refreshing mostly for Trevor. Some of the leaves were turning but there was a moment's brisk breeze that brought down quite a few leaves to shower him on his way here to the tavern. Little Trev was all tucked away, although not so little anymore. He still enjoyed a more man to man talk with his father along with stories of him and his comrades; they replaced the traditional childhood stories. He had a glass of potcheen in hand, and the fire poker in the other as he pushed at the few peat bricks burning in the fireplace.

Dana yawned as he made his way into the tavern. He wasn't really tired so he was uncertain why that particular reaction happened. Didn't really matter of course. He was were he had planned to be and knew Trevor was close. "Life is a conscious continuity ... " He greeted his friend with a smile as he made his way to the bar. He'd join Trevor in a moment.

"...within the movement of change," came automatically without even looking Dana's way at the moment. Only once he was finished stirring the embers and the poker set to the side in a lean against the stone, he turned as dark eyes held that usual scrutiny. Of course he knew one of them was close and a good idea of who it was. "All is well my friend.." more a statement than a question but in a way he could add to it.

"Indeed." He thanked Alex for the glass of potcheen handed to him. Not Dana's usual choice but a good one for tonight. "With you as well?" He glanced around the tavern as he joined Trevor. "And quiet as well, mon ami." It seemed those who had rooms had gone to them this night.

"..with me as well," with a slight nod as certainly he was healthy as was his son and those around them for that matter. "Aye, a quiet night which I have no complaints on but if a rowdy crowd were to come in, I still would not mind it either."

"Your day went well then?" He picked one of the wingback chairs and sat with a contented sigh. Stretching out his legs, he studied his friend. "And how is young Trevor?" He knew the lad was growing taller, looking more and more like his father every day.

"My day goes.." which there was a low chuckle to follow on that thought. "Days seem to pass too quickly anymore." He had been in a comfortable stance, feet slightly apart and his clothing tailored and neat as usual. Curling hair tamed back and at least he still had a good head of hair unlike some. "I am having Rhett make a sword suitable to his age but the blade will be dull until he learns how to wield it correctly. I plan to bring him to the practice once I gain the sword."

"Will he become a page in the palace?" Some youngsters did though they could skip that process and become squires when they were of age. He took a drink and glanced at the window. Days did pass quickly and Autumn would turn into Winter all too soon.

"If it is requested of him. I'll take one step at a time otherwise," he was not going to put in for his son to become a page unless there was a need. "He needs to learn more how to use the sword, not just by my training and mostly, how to get along with others. To develop that kind of kinship with his peers and with those above him."

"True. And becoming a page will take him away too soon, oui?" He wasn't sure how he'd feel about a son, or daughter for that matter, having to leave home at an early age. "I almost fear to say it, but it has been peaceful. Both Lazare and Vincent would agree I am certain." He chuckled. "Well, Vincent would agree except when he is at home."

"Perhaps my son will one day marry one of Vincent's daughters.." now there was a thought to stop one and wonder for a brief moment. "Usually it is peaceful before the storm and the more peaceful it seems the greater the storm."

"Anything is possible. If Vincent allows." He grinned then looked at the fire. "I have not heard if Lazare received any more gifts. I hope you are mistaken, my friend. Life holds too many surprises as is." He looked back at Trevor. "Perhaps the young prince also?" He grinned. "They would be brother in laws." He started laughing. "Ah, see what we get into when nothing is happening?"

"It seems quiet on that front including Lazare being about. Makes me wonder if he discovered who it was and seeing them in secret." Which had Trevor chuckle as the glass idly pressed between both hands was shifted to one as he made his way over to the wing backs to take up a seat there. Settling in and stretching out his legs before taking a drink of the potent brew.

"It is possible though he doesn't seem to have that contentment upon him. Beyond his usual." He rubbed his hand over his chin, then as he lowered his hand, yawned again. "I hope if the storm you spoke of comes, it is before winter." Though like his brothers, the weather did not bother de Vimeure overly much. "We have not been to Luneburg in some time but last I heard, all is well there." He lifted his glass. "May the year end as quietly as it is now." Though that was still a few months off.

"I will drink to that and add that only good things come our way and if they be not good then may we conquer them." Lifting his glass before kicking back what was left. Once down he was up. "I do think it is time for me to head back for dawn is not that far away and I shall see you on the king's field."

"Good night to you then Trevor. I will see you at dawn." He remained where he was. His drink would be finished in a leisurely manner before he returned to the castle. The few moments of solitude would clear his mind as he walked back to the castle.

Of which Trevor had a much longer walk and so the reason behind his heading out at this time, the hour already growing late. He left his glass upon the counter as he shared a few words with Alex then was on his way.


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