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Vassallo Family

Date: 02-08-11
Poster: Achez Vassallo
Post # 1


Anthea sat upon the porch, the desk having been carried by her brother so she could sit with comfort as she conducted the intetview, knowing she would not share with others what was the family secret.  The quill was held within the ink well, and paper ready for when they arrived.  She was happy to do this, and it showed with the glow of happiness within the depths of silver hues.

Achez, being himself, waited patiently for his brother to wander past before making his way toward the place that they both had been asked to join.

He really didn't wish to do this, and it showed at the boredom that etched his features, not even laugh lines to show as he approached Anthea without a smile to be seen. "Don't see why the bloody blazes we need to do this." Came the mumbled voice as he plopped on a seat near his sister.  But.."Your well enough after your fever to be out in the cold like this?"


At that time, Achaz shifted upon the balls of his feet and followed "E" towards the meeting place. A slight quirk of his brows while listening to "E" speak. "Not sure?" Then remained quiet for the answer from Anthea.

"So people can know you both.  Know those that I call brother.  You both are very special to me, and wish to share that to the world.  And, don't worry, our family secret, that demon we call father, our secret curse will not be printed."  She was not that stupid.


Erastos ignored the words of Yusef, he had good reason to hate the man, as he knew Achaz and their younger brother did.  "Well then, if Achaz starts talking first.. I will" Grin with one ankle to rest with comfort on the opposite


"None know of him, Achaz.. none have asked of anything.  All they know is that we share different mothers. " She replied softly with a smile for her oldest brother.  She dearly loved Achaz, and knew he guarded his life and its privacy.."None know of Yusef.  HIs deal with Hades, or that we hold powers..  " Shrug and then she dipped the quill and applied ink to paper.. "First.. What is your first name.. " Looking to Erastos so his bratty arse could answer

"You know Erastos, I am surprised." hands held up at shoulder level "You are not with someone." a bit of laughter escaped his lips.


"I am new here.. don't you think that takes awhile.  Plus, the curse forbids us to take love.. or have you forgotten your wife and son, Cetan and her death.. hell " He shut up knowing he went to far and slowly gazed to Anthea.." Sorry sister" Clearing his voice.." My full name is Erastos Achilles Vassallo"


Hearing the words spoken by Erastos, his gaze narrowed and sharply turning his head towards Erastos, gaze focused upon him. "I forget not. I forget not our childhood." his jaws tightening while his jaw muscles were clearly visible. Then focusing back upon the question from Anthea. "Achaz James Vassallo." nodding slowly towards Anthea.

Anthea quickly placed the quill within the ink well, moving from around the desk to lean against it and trying to de-fuss the tension.  "I love you both, but Erastos, when you let Achaz humor to make us forget, if only a second, effect you.. then Yusef as won.  I cannot even imagine what you endured with the death of your fiance', or the marks on your back.." Slowly she turned to her oldest brother with a smile.."And I cannot ever know what it would feel to have a family and it taken from you.. but I know this.. you both saved me, saved me from a life you both endured.. and we must endure and pray one day this curse ends.. ne?  Yes?" With a smile she moved back to sit.."Where were you both born?"


Erastos shook his head, knowing it was not right.. but also knowing he did not want to find one like a snap "My apologies Achaz, that was cruel of me.. you know how much your son meant to me." With a smile he turned to Anthea.." Hmmmm.. born?  Let me see?" Wink.. " Greece?"  Playing with Anthea.

A slight nod given towards Erastos. "There is no need to apologize to me." shrugging slightly "Anthea, I think the time of when first brought about to the light it was a place called Kalamata."

"Ahhh, Kalamata, I have heard of that." She smiled softly and then turned to Erastos.."You were born here too?" Applying all to paper as she heard the answers and then to speak softly.."And your parents?"  Not wishing to indulge on their mother's pain, only names. 


"Yes, Anthea.. myself and my brothers and small sister myrina were all born in Kalamata, near the Spartan ruins." Grin, but then shaking his head..  Italy was his choice of homes, before Heathfield, a place where no nightmares lingered.  "Our mother and step father were good parents, but died early.." And why, he would not answer, but looked to Achaz, they had to tell Anthea soon of her own mother's death.

Glancing slowly towards Erastos.. "Maybe something to drink would ease you a bit?" a slight chuckle escaped his lips before shifting his gaze back towards Anthea while listening to Erastos.

"That could be it, brother." Erastos lifted with a bow to his sister.."Anything for you?"

"Perhaps a cup of tea?" Replied with a smile as she waited for answer.

"Anthea." pondering a moment "You ask of parents, yes?" a slight cant of the head given "What do you mean by parents?"

"Your mother and your step father.. they are your parents, Achaz.  I do not see Yusef as a father to me, or you." Spoken softly with silver hues to train on him. 

"You asked, parents. Did you not?" quirking his brow as he canted his head slightly.

She quirked a brow.."Yes, Achaz.. I did..  I believe I do speak same language as you do"

"Achaz, don't be an ass..  Barnabas was our father.. Yusef a fool who will die by one of us" With that he moved to the entrance of the house.

"Then let us begin with parents and nothing less. We can discuss others that have influenced our lives as we progress with your questions Anthea." nodding slightly towards Anthea.

"Achaz, know this.. I will not print anything of Yusef, but if you wish to speak of such, you know I will respect you and listen" She smiled warmly with quill ready to scribe what she would put in paper.

Achaz Vassallo:
Glancing towards Erastos "Anthea asked about parents and we shall speak to open ourselves to gain more strength to fight what we know is getting stronger day by day."

"Achaz, its not anyone's business of our curse, of Yusef, or even Hades..  so speak what you wish.. but I will not sprout our curse to the world like an open book"

"Anthea, I worry not of what you know and I know our lives are just that." nodding slowly towards her and Erastos. "Our lives to fight as we have lost so many because of" taking a slow breath and releasing "our lives."

"I do not speak of me.. I know enough to know he has killed many I have loved, and why I chose never to express love, marry, or even have children.  I speak of others.. it is not time for anyone to know, we have only arrived here and would not be fair..." Smile.. "But if you wish to speak to me of it, you know I am here to listen."


"For the love of Christ, Achaz.. give her the name of mother and father.. Delia is our mother, Anthea.. Barnabas was our step father, but we carry his name and call him father"

Achaz Vassallo:
"Anthea..." his voice faded as Erastos spoke, just shaking his head slowly as he lowered it slightly before looking up "As Erastos speaks, the name of our mother and the one who gave us a new life and beginning with a name that would not be known to those who follow us."

Erastos handed his brother the cup of brandy, and then leaned against's Anthea's desk as he sipped his own with a shake of his head.  Achaz always the philosopher.. "Barnabas was our father, Achaz.. he did not only give us a name, he gave us a life.. and a father.   I know you never want to forget Yusef for what he did to your family, but Christ, don't compare him to being a father.. my father was Barnbas"  He held firm to this, and that would never change.

Was?  Anthea looked slowly to Erastos and then to Achaz.  "Your father and mother are dead?  Or only your father?" Softly spoken and sorry to hear about this.  She remembered when her grandparents died, how it had hurt.  And Shawn too when he was taken so horribly.

His gaze shifting from the cup within the grasp of his hand up towards Anthea "Our mother is dead.. and so is our step father." taking the cup within his hand he placed it upon the small table/desk and stepped back.

"I am so sorry, Achaz..  so sorry for your loss.  It is bad enough when a parent is gone from your life, but when they die" She bowed her head, nibbling on her bottom lip with the question in her mind if it was Yusef, a question she did not wish to ask.. and soon to worry about her own mother Eros.

Erastos gazed to Achaz.  Anthea needed to know that her mother had died that same day Achaz had saved her, so many years before.  "Yes, Anthea.." Turning to look to her.." I know you wish to ask it, and I will answer it.. they were both killed by Yusef..  both taken from us when we were young, and my sister Myrina only a babe.  How they died, I do not know.. " Achaz might now, but Erastos was never told.

As soon as Erastos began to speak Achaz knew exactly why, the step away from the table and lowering of the cup- there was more to follow.

"Achaz?" She noticed his action, and took in the silence that was only natural to their eldest brother.  She had not known him long, but knew even now something was troubling him.

Erastos lifted from his lean against the desk, turned slightly and strode to stare out into the horizon leaving Achaz to answer what Anthea wished.  How would it effect her when Achaz did tell..  like it had effected him.  He still missed his parents.

"Anthea" folding his hands very slowly across his midsection "We came here to be asked questions pertaining to myself and Erastos." nodding slowly while seeing the movements of Erastos from his eyes, knowing that the day would come for him to speak to the both of them.

"Yes, of course.." She cleared her throat and bowed her head to keep silver hues trained on the parchment paper before her.  She hated being hidden from truths, but one day he would feel it was her right to know more then she did.."Anyway..  what do you both do for occupations, for jobs? " 

 Scratching his head slightly with a grin "Does rubbing head of younger brothers and sisters count?"

"No you goof?  Though whapping the head of one brothe rmight be my new trade?"  Soft chuckle.

Erastos was angry.  How long would Achaz wait to tell Anthea..  but for now.."Or whapping of a sister for doing foolish things?" Twitch of a grin and turning .. "I deal in trade, Anthea.  I buy items from the island of Jamacia, as well as the New World, and sell them abroad." Which had made him a pretty penny.

A slow shake of the head given to Erastos "My aren't we modest?" a slight chuckle escaped his lips "Anthea." waving his finger slightly "Do not let his words belittle him." licking his lips slightly "My brother here bring into the ports and takes from the lands of France my crops. As I have many lands that have dairy cattle to produce cheese of different sorts upon the businesses. As well as the lands that bear the grapes that produce the wines that are thrived upon within the lands and are brought here." a slow nod given "Yes, he is very modest. But my only question to you is this." crossing his arms about his chest "What made you decide to take upon a fever?"

She smiled warmly, glad to see they worked as one with business and had to wonder if her other two brothers were the same, but kept that silent for now.  "So let me get this right.." Avoiding Achaz's question of her sickness, as well as his gaze.  Gah, she didn't want anyone else knowing of this.  "You have farm lands in France, which carry milks for cheeses and such, as well as grapes for wine, and Erastos takes them all over?  Goodness, that means you have ships?"

Erastos held up three fingers.. "Three little sister.  Three ships to carry items abroad and bring money back to the family." He was not modest, just hated speaking of himself as was his norm.  But for now, he could not help but grin as Anthea did fidget with Achaz inquiry.

"And there are the lands which produce corn." A slow nod given.  "Anthea." glancing towards Erastos "We have come a long way to ask for help from the lands of Heathfield to provide us a new life, only asking nothing more then a welcome." shaking his head a bit "I do not ask for the land, but a small area to grow corn, vegetables and to allow two cows to produce the milk I need to make cheese and for drinking." now did he move back towards the table "That is all. I can take care of the rest."

"Achaz.. I have only seen the Queen and King once, the queen spoke so sweetly, and so warmly to me..  I know she will be here for us, I feel it. She is a good and gentle queen..and one that loves not only the lands, but her people as well.  I have met and grown to admire many within these lands, Achaz.. that will not show pity, but help us if we ask.  I know we will have a good life on these lands, Achaz.. and if you only pen a missive to Queen Lahoneee that you wish land for such.. I am sure she will help.. I have already ask for bigger home, but you can do that too...  this land is filled with safety.  Safe is what I feel, and know we all shall feel this.. " She smiled but added.."When we finally confront Yuself and Hades it will be far away from these lands.. I will not bring them here.. I know they cannot, but I don't want that either." With a smile she wrote the words that would be allowed in the paper and softly added..."I hate to bring this up.. but if you wish, when we have our larger homes.. we could make a place to bring those you loved here to lay in rest?" Then.."Anyway.. next question.. what lands do you love that you have seen.. how many?"

"Anthea, we know this.. but what I believe my brother is saying.. our brother..  we do not come here as paupers."  With a wink he gave a shrug with a long tug taken of the brandy.."I love Italy, but have been to many places with the trade.. even out ran a pirate ship"  And privately had to smile.. he was a privateer for Italy, or had been.

"Hmmm" he pondered a moment  "I have seen the lake frozen here. The snow upon the mountains and upon the sides of the river. I like what I have seen from this point." Now for the first he slowly took a seat while crossing his ankle over his bent knee.. relaxed a bit "I have spoken to only two others outside of family." Clearing his throat "I would have to say that there is nothing better then the lands where I can take care of family. Be it here or back in France." Shaking his head slowly.

"I have heard there is another land that borders Heathfield, Ballicastle I believe it is..  one day we can visit there too if you like? Both learn of something new?" Spoken to both her brothers with a smile.  She had never lived with them, but knew silently that Achaz had sent money to Shawn for her care in Scotland.

"I agree brother.. these lands will be a good place to finally have some peace.  But, we still have Yusef off these lands, and two brothers and a sister to bring here."  The last of his brandy was taken and then a salute.  "I am off to the port..  and Anthea..  we are a family now, all together, so don't look so." With a wink he jumped from the porch and headed to the tavern near the docks.

Shifting his weight slightly he leaned forward within the chair as he heard Anthea's words and then out of the corner of his eyes he seen "E" dash off, not really attentative to the words he spoke just knowing he dashed off. "Where is he goiiii.." his words trailed off because he knew there were two ships to arrive with produce and goods. "Is there a day we can set for this journey to the lands you speak?"

"Of course, Achaz.. perhaps find out a good place to visit, and you, my brother, need to send missive to our queen, and she is a good queen.  She and her husband I know are good people, and will aide us in lands and bigger home.." smile came bright as she placed the quill within the inkpot and rose from her seat to walk toward her brother with a smile.  "You will be happy here, I know it.." Leaning down she placed a kiss upon his cheek.  "I am so glad you are..  they will love it here, I know it..  It is a land for new beginnings, Achaz.. and for your other sister to find a life without fear." She offered her slender hand to him." Come.. I will make you a good Greek dinner and then we enjoy the hearth.. or you go and join Erastos?" Grin and then she was turning as Jeremy rushed upon the porch from playing.  She hugged Achaz, and then dashed into the house.  "Seems a young boy is hungry too.. c'mon?" She smiled and rushed after Jeremy with the dog to wait for Achaz.



Date: 02-10-11
Poster: Broch Cunningham
Post # 2

Addressing Manor Matters

His steps as light as possible on the snow, using the make shift snow shoes, to keep him from falling through the thick white powder. Glancing about while he continued to stride towards the frozen lake.

The day brought chill and more snow to fall like feathers from the heavens above.  She was lost in her own thoughts, moving with ease along the path leading to the lake.  Its beauty glisten by the sunlight.  The snow to fall with ease upon the ice already harden to bring joy to skaters.  Even now she could see some twirling about on the ice in their happiness.  Anthea wore the cloak over her body, gloves to cover her slender fingers, and the kid boots to move along the snow with ease.  Hair of midnight cascaded down her back, and dark rings covered her lower lids in proof she had not slept well at all.

Within the distance he could hear the laughter of the children, knowing that he was walking well within the correct direction. The light breeze that caught each flake of snow that came floating down, pushing them to the right, in a dancing effect brushed lightly upon his jacket. He continued to make his way towards the lake, with a piece of material clasped within one gloved hand .

Hermes, the Irish wolf pup, followed at Anthea's heels.  Jeremey was at his new job, and Erastos, perhaps sleeping off another night of having too much fun.  She worried about him at times, so much that it consumed her, but more did she worry about them all.  When would this all end so they could live in peace?  She knew naught, she only knew that another worry added to her family, and it was over powering all else.  Silver hues glanced to the heavens as the snow fell.  The white blanket to decorate the earth's floor, and the sprinkle of snow to look like sugar upon the pine.  She enjoyed the cold, the beauty of it.  It was like power to her.  "It is water?  It is you Poseidon.." Praying softly to the heavens even as the children's laughter caught her attention and brought her to wave to those she knew, even to those she did not.  With gentle strides over the snow, she soon found perch upon a fallen log to enjoy the scene of ice skating before her.

Reaching the edge of the frozen waters edge, he slowly removed the shoes he crafted to keep himself from falling through the snow and placed them, one by one, behind him to make a seat. Glancing to the children enjoying the mirrored images of themselves upon the frozen water, he slowly took a seat upon the shoes and while reaching into the pocket of his heavy furred jacket, he removed a piece of charcoal and then began to draw lightly upon the material he had been carrying.  Every few seconds glancing upward to take in the vision of what would be placed upon the material.

Anthea had to smile as silver hues took in her silent brother.  He was so different then Erastos, so serious and quiet.  So down to earth and matter of fact.  Had he turned this way because he had to become mother and father to their siblings?  Had he become such due to his wife and child?  So much to have to take on, even a saint would argue such.  Children took note of Achaz too, of his motion with the charcoal and their curiosity got the better of them.  Slowly did a group of them skate slowly toward the towering Greek.  Anthea stayed silent, moving from the log to creep slowly to her brother's side.

The moment he lifted his gaze, he seen the crowd of children as they began to cluster about him.   They remaining on the frozen lake, him upon the edge where the snow thicken. A slight grin tugged at the corner of his lips before he leaped forward with a "BOO!"

Anthea smiled as the children watched her brother.  She to smile to so many familiar little faces.  She was curious too, and thus did she move closer to see what he was doing.  And then the boo had Anthea to fall on her arse, and the children to scream with laughter as they dashed away leaving only one, a small little girl to look up... up.. to the tall Greek.  "Ye a ghost?"  Anthea stayed perched in the snow, her silver hues to drift to her brother in wonder how he would answer such an innocent question, from such a small child.  "Well, are you?" Came her own reply.

Achaz pondered a moment with the question from the little one and then hearing Anthea's question as well "A ghost?" Shaking his head slightly to the little one "No, I am not a ghost.  But I am sure when I finish with what I have in my hand, you will take home and never forget the day you came here to enjoy the day given to you by someone that you will only hear about." With those words he turned what he had started to draw for the little one to see.  There upon the material was the outline of the lake and the beginning of the trees within the distance "As I continue, you shall be the only one to know who was here and you will remember that you also seen the same that will be upon the material.  You will be the one with others who will be unknown." Not sure if the child understood, but he explained how he could.

At times he reminded her of a ghost.  So silent, so hidden, and barely was he around.  Could she try to get more of his life from him, without Erastos to interfere?  She had to try, she had to try and know him better then she already did.  Silence reigned as the small children tilted her head and smiled.  A smile that melted Anthea's heart. Two front teeth missing, but her smile to bring joy to any around her.  "I understand, Sir.  Ye gonna draw mae a picture."  With a wave she moved back to her brother waiting for her.  A boy Anthea knew from snow ball fights and making of snow men.   But then, like a light bulb she turned her head and studied a brother that was more then she knew.  More then her rescuer so many years ago.. their provider now.  "It was you.." She eased to her feet, moving fingers to dust off the sprinkle of snow on her bum.."The charcoal portrait that was on the wall of my chamber in Scotland, it was you.  Not only was it of Greece, but where I was born and raised..  but how did you get it to Scotland?" She had remembered that tiny picture.  It brought her to smile when she felt the days would darken her soul forever.  It had been like a light her first morning there, when she was scared and alone.. "You are my guardian angel." Her elder brother.

Watching the young child move about to the older one, he was about to continue his work before hearing Anthea speaking again "Anthea, you are well and did not hurt yourself falling over?" A grin tugged at his lips as he caught the questions and remarks but was not about to answer until she responded.

"I am clumsy at times.. but always survive" Her own words came in humor, her own heart to skip a beat as the young girl fell, but soon was laughing as her brother held the child with the skating to continue.  "I am fine, Achaz.. should see me on the mule, falling is my nature." But silently she thought of the horse.  She would never fall from a horse again.  "I am well, I promise.


Catching the child fall within the corners of his eyes, shifting his weight slightly as to get up and assist but then noticed the older one there to lift the little one back upon her feet as all would do. Then shifting his gaze to Anthea as he relaxed back down upon the snow shoes. "That is good. Not so good that you take many of tumbles, but that you are well."" A slow nod given.

"Your so hidden Achaz.  In the good that you do, in the sorrow you have suffered.  Private and Silent.." Soft was the smile that spread along her lips.."You are a ghost."

"Perhaps to some, for many reasons, I am a ghost. But for others, I am nothing more then another person that walks upon the grounds doing this and that." Leaning back slightly to stretch and then returned to take the material and continued to stroke the charcoal about it "You asked how did the picture get from one place to another?" Canting his head slightly while the light strokes of charcoal continued to create the image of the lake scene.

"I will get answers from you, Achaz.  I will ask the same questions so many times, you will grow tired and answer me." Silver hues searched about until she found a small log, moving to sit down with her study to continue upon Achaz and no others.  But the voices were heard, even a laugh or two as the children woosh'd by in their speed skating.  "Achaz.. tell me about your wife and child?" Whispered softly, knowing she was treading on thin ice.. forgive the pun

Broch was talking to Alex and discovered that one Achaz Vassallo wished a residence or lands. Being he knew Anthea, he would take this upon himself to see to and so discovered by asking around, once he left the tavern, that he was seen headed for the lake. So, that's where Broch headed, looking much like an oversize bear in the fur cloak. A mountain of a man or so the feel gave off, for he was not as big or tall as some in the land

Watching the children play every now and then as he glanced up to to another view of the scenery "My wife and child?" Pondering for a moment as the charcoal came to a rest "They once lived." Shifting his gaze slightly towards Anthea before returning his gaze towards the trees that outlined the frozen lake that brought many of laughter to the children enjoying it.

"Achaz.. you have to speak of them one day.  To ignore it and speak only that they lived will fester inside until you blow.. don't you know this?" Spoken softly as silver hues lifted from her brother's features to gaze to the area.  How was she to open him up?  She knew naught, and couldn't ask Erastos for he was as hard to read as this one.  "Fine.. keep your secrets, but I will find out.. you will open up, and you will stop this bloody nonsense."  Then came a familiar figure in her sight, one that she fondly called olympus for his enormous size.  The man was a mountain.

The smile spread that reached burnished green eyes as he drew closer. "Lady Ant'ea, it bae a great pleasure tae see yea again. The man with her, was then addressed, "would yea bae 'er brot'er t'e, Ac'az?"

A slight shrug of the shoulder given to Anthea before taking the charcoal and resuming "Perhaps one day there might be words spoken other then what has alread been said." Hearing a voice from behind he slowly turned his gaze and head in the direction of the one speaking "That would be me. And you are?" A slight quirk of the brows since there weren't but maybe five others that knew him or of him.

Anthea smiled brightly, for Broch had always been nice to her, and if stories were true, carried her to bed when she had passed out.  Flush on that thought, with head bowed as he addressed her brother.  "Achaz this is my friend, Broch" She interjected with a smile of pride to Broch, for he already knew this man was her brother.  Again she remained silent so they could finish introductions without her to interference.

"I bae Broc' Cunning'am o' t'e family 'ere, 'ead o' me clan and represent'in t'e Crown tae see about yea needs as a citizen. Yea bae look'in fir residence o' a shop?" Being the exact need was sketchy.  Anthea would be flushing more to know he tucked her in and even placed a chaste kiss to her forehead like one would a young child. In a way she was such that night and he was no longer the kind of man that would take advantage of her. In another life, one long gone now, that would have been different.

And if she knew this, of how sweetly he had done so, she would have approached him long ago with a hug, well, best hug she could with his size. 

Hearing the words spoken, he lowered the material that had the image of the lake scene, unfortunately it was viewable as he slowly took to his feet in a fluid motion "I am sure it is an honor for your presence. And for you to make your way here to speak, that makes it that much more convincing. Now you asked. "His hands then went out to his sides with his palms skyward "What would it be that this citizen might need?" Intertwining his fingers and clasping his hands together "I have asked for a few things and I await the response. But I do thank you for making the trek across the lands, unless you have the authority to grant what I have requested?

Anthea moved quickly toward the fallen picture. Silence always her guide as she lowered at the knees to retrieve the tiny charcoal picture he had made the for the small child.  She looked up and shook her head, his Greek head was thick at times.. "Achaz.. he is representing our Queen.. you can tell him what you wish, and he will aide you, as I was aided by a representative..  Lahoneee and her husband are to busy to jump to all, especially these matters." She aided in translation and with a smile rose to her feet, with rose oil to linger around her slender form as she moved toward the ice to offer the portrait to the child.

"Aye, I bae 'onored iffin yea bae 'onored. T'ere bae some t'at would question it bae'in an 'onor," the way spoken was in a humorous way as by the way in lifting tones just so. "Aye, I 'ave t'e aut'ority, it bae w'y I bae 'ere." Motioning to Anthea as she was explaining too. Did anyone think that the Queen should traverse the lands tracking down citizens directly. The king would have her head! She had representatives who did such for her. The McDonough family, MacShire, Douglas, Frasier and now Broch offering his services to help out.


Hearing Anthea but his focus remained focused upon Broch "Very well then, I simply asked for only 20 acres for the grapes, 20 acres for the corn and 10 acres for the dairy cows.  I will bring the cows and the necessary items to begin my crops. I wish land, as well as a larger home for my family if this could be arranged?  I will repay for everything that is given as I have three ships.  Two which are docked here in Heathfield, and one that even now sails to Spain to pick up my two brothers and another sister and will bring back a shipment of wines and various types of cheese. I was farmer and maker of wine.  My needs are simple, and desire to be what I was in France.  As for yourself, representing the crown, I do thank you for taking the time to bring yourself to seek the desires of this mere citizen and wish to thank the crown for allowing my and my family the comfort of the lands to call our new home." With that he offered a slight nod that of a bow.

Smile was offered to the young girl, a kiss to her brow as she took the portrait. "Tell Ghoth thhankies"  Anthea had to smile at her wording, but would do just that.  "When he is finished, I promise.." And with that, the little girl took off like a shot to show off her gift, and Anthea to stay perched upon her knees in the snow.  To be that young again? She shook her head in wonder as she liftd to her feet once more to watch the men converse.


"Aye, I t'ink t'at can bae arranged. I will see w'at farms bae available. T'ar bae Ravana farm lands 'ere about an a McAndrews vineyard 'n anot'er part. A dairy near Ballicastle lands, sae it would be 'n an area w'ere yea bae no' o' top o' anot'er." Which was understandable and then service the people as a whole better. "T'e Crown does not sell t'e land but tenant it out with a tit'in tae bae paid accord'in tae w'at yea make. It bae a modest amount and w'at helps tae run t'e tavern, orp'anage, the castle itself." In a nutshell.


Nodding slightly to Broch "I do understand but it is not a farm I seek, but land to develop into the farm I seek to create. I can bring unto the land a fair price to import such items to assist in the cost of the properties that you speak. I only ask for the land of fifty acres and larger place for when the rest of my family does arrive within the next fourteen days. That is all. "Again, a nod given in that of a bow.

Ballicastle lands?  She wanted to see those lands, had told Achaz that perhaps they could do that together with the other siblings.  She did not speak, only to listen as she thought of these lands and how much peace it had given Anthea when she first arrived.  Where she had been scared, now she felt at peace.  Where she was shy, she was slowly opening up.. "Achaz.. just look to the lands they offer, and pick.. we can go from there.  And perhaps if there is land near the ocean, we can be there.. so I can seek Poseidon?" Soft was the smile as she moved slowly to take his arm in a gentle squeeze.. "You are so use to perfection.. just look to what is available.. and you will see."  With a kiss to his cheek she moved slowly to perch upon the stump.  Velvet of her  green gown peaked from the darken cloak, and fingers to finally lift the hood to shield her hair from the falling snow.


"Aye, I t'ink t'ere bae such. I will consult Alex and t'e maps along wit' the approval o' t'e crown and get back tae yea very soon." He would probably present a couple places, if there be ones in Ballicastle too or here in these lands. "Yea bae wis'in lands by t'e sea? 'ave yea seen muc' o' t'e lands, Ant'ea?" Addressing Achaz then Anthea for her comments.

"I love the ocean, Broch.. and if we could have what my brother desires near the ocean.. I would be forever grateful to the crown."  Broch was so kind to spend the afternoon on this matter, and her smile brighten to show how thankful she was to the Giant.  "And no, not much of the land a'tall.. "

"Very well. You do just that and I will continue to send my vessels from the port to transport my crops from France." Offer a slight bow "It, again as I am sure, was an honor. But I must take care of business matters and ensure that my family is taken care of, regardless." With that he reached down and picked up the make shift snows shoes that he had worn and made his way towards the trail Anthea arrived upon.

"Aye, it bae understandable," giving a slight dip of his head to accent his words. "I bae will'in tae s'ow yea some o' t'e lands 'n t'e meantime, iffin t'ere bae time t'at matc' up, Ant'ea o' sig'ts yea 'ave not seen."

"Achaz, you need rest.. sleep some before you fall from exhaustion" She knew he was a business man, but that did not stop her from worrying.  She had just found him again!  "Broch I would very much like that.. truly I would" She felt like the children skating, so exciting she was.

"Sae, I will bea 'n touc' soon. Yea stay warm and not too muc' potc'een," giving her a wink and such a grin tucked within the trimmed beard. "I bae look'in forward tae s'owing yea about."

"Broch, wait please?" She moved with speed to stop him before he left, knowing his larger strides would carry him away before she could catch him. "I was told what you did for me. How you carried me to sleep when the potcheen took advantage of me. Thank you.. " Softly spoken with a smile, and not adding more to delay him from his departure.

Well, he had only take a step or two and with her rush had her right into his arms or crashing up against him. Not that he would mind as he dipped his chin so green eyes could crash with hers this close. Something about him spoke of strength, not just of body but of mind and perseverance. He had a long story behind him that gave him those very qualities. Hardships, heartbreaks but the will to survive and mold him. He was also given a second chance and that was the vital reckoning. "Ye bae welcome," words lowered in a rough tone that still had the quality to ease through. "Yea bae lig't as a feat'er." Giving a wink as eyes held a few moments longer but might feel like a lot more, no words spoken, just his eyes to hold then he was continuing on his way. There were other matters awaiting his attention.

Anthea held the flush to her features with his words. For she was tiny, but to be described as a feather, it did bring her to smile bright. "Perhaps a feather, but one that stunk of potcheen?" Soft was the smile as the humor did flow and then, well.. "Broch I will walk with you until I must part ways." A wave was given to the children, feeling dwarfed by this man, but enjoying his company as she had since arrving.


Date: 03-11-11
Poster: Achaz Vassallo
Post # 3

Achaz was sitting at the desk with the crossed ivory tusks from an elephant that was given to him as a gift during his last adventure to the Congo, central Africa. The walls were lined with books shelves that displayed not only the books of the many voyages he had taken, but also the many trinkets he had collected on the journeys through his travels. There were lion skins, leopard skins, and other types lining the walls. There was an open luggage container that held his clothing resting upon a small table. Behind him upon the wall was a painted picture of his wife and new born son. The light from the morning sun shown through small windows, no larger then a child's body to pass through, brought enough to provide for the mornings task. While sitting on the chair gazing up towards the tiny window that brought light upon the picture of his, well was, family pondering what actions to take once the subject entered for the conversation to take place before his departure.

The younger Vassallo brother was sitting with ease at the leather chair near the table of spirits.  Holding a tumbler of whiskey, he sat silent waiting for Myrina to arrive.  Dark eyes studied his brother briefly before looking up to the portrait of Achaz's wife and child long before their deaths.  Perhaps their accident and his own fiance', Cetan, had only been accidents.  Curses?  He shook his head and took a gulp of the whiskey, getting ready for the fits he knew their baby sister would make.  "Here comes the hellion.."Salute offered to Achaz for the coming confrontation.

Myrina gazed to Anna for guidance, the woman had grown close to this young woman, as she was with Anthea for years now.  "Wish me luck?"  The older woman kissed her brow and pushed her gently toward the steps that would lead her to basement, to Achaz and his world.  She moved slowly with her gaze to study all that was her brother, and the country he loved so much.  "Achaz.." She called out softly as she approached his office door, and knocking on it gently to gain permission for entrance.  She knew this was not silly.  It was her fault the back stable doors had been left open, and her fault Jeremy had almost been kidnapped, but still..  "Gah, make me wait?!" she was Myrina.

He brought his finger up slowly towards Erastos "There will be no name calling today." A slight chuckle because he wanted to call more then just that moments before Myrina entered. "Come, Myrina, have a seat." His head canted slight as he motioned to a chair that was placed at an angle but yet in front of his desk as not to create a direct counseling and questioning feeling. "You have been well, I take it? Sango nini? Afande awa." Again motioning to the chair. 

The grin was snuffed by the drinking of whiskey, and dark eyes that peered over the rim to see just how she would enter.  Hopefully she finally realized she had gone too far?  Oh hell, Achaz was switching to lingala, or so he thought.  This did not bode well for  Valentina..  "Achaz.. " He slowly placed the cup aside, ready to stand in if need be?

Myrina heard the words and knew they meant to sit where he indicated.   Slowly she moved to said chair, but when she lowered down into it, she held her head high.  Shivers always came to his offices and private domain, the man had enough animal skin to make his own teepee.  "Teepee isn't it, Eras?" Trying so hard to delay their words, Gah!  But all vanished as she gazed to the new born eyes of her dead nephew.  How she missed him.

"Myrina, I am a bit concerned." Leaning back within the chair, his gaze shifted to Erastos as he crossed his hands upon his midsection and stretched out his right leg under the desk. "You may proceed forward if you wish." Glancing back to Myrina. "Please do tell how." pausing a moment "There is a missing horse, Jeremy was taken and Anthea hurt saving him?" Canting his head. "Mpo nanini?" Before the chance for Myrina to answer, Achaz spoke to Erastos. "I will take what you just drank." Now waited for the reply from Myrina. "Dites a moi."

Erastos shook his head negatively, he only wanted Achaz to watch his temper with their hellion sister.  "How is Anthea and Jeremy?" Question to Myrina and Myrina alone.  Achaz then would have the floor when she answered his question for he felt this important.  But, the man did rise to his full height to pour Achaz a tumbler of whiskey, knowing they would both need it before the day was through.  With a cant of his head to his older brother, he turned to Myrina, with Achaz's drink placed on the wooden desk.  "I hate to step on your authority big brother, but Myrina has been caring for Jeremy" A little boost to her ego perhaps?

Myrina could only smile as she heard Erastos almost come to her rescue, but knowing not fully.  He had tore into her this morning, and now it was Achaz turn before he leaves.  " I will tell you, if you answer me this..  " She pointed to where his items lay to be packed. "Your leaving again?" Softly uttered as she reached over to take his whiskey and down a huge gulp of it.  She was going to need this before this meeting was done!  "Anthea is well, Erastos.." She gasped to the burning down her throat.." She sleeps now with no infection to the wound, and all healing nicely.  She is, in fact, eating now I do believe.  And.. we have a lot to thank her guard for her recovery, he brought her back from the abyss.. Jeremy.. he is doing well.  Took a trip to the stables this morning, and was taught some things, but is now eating and smiling. So he is recovered.  Neither shall fully recover from this, but none of us will .. will we?" With a wink to Erastos she turned to Achaz, her finger still pointing at the luggage.

He furrowed his brows as he listened to the question and answer, all at the same time he leaned forward and rested his elbows on the surface of the desk top. "I am not here to be answering questions from you. Myrina, I have family  injured because of negligence, and everything is fine?" Shaking his head "I do not think so, and wonder how you think that everything is so well?" Shifting his gaze momentarily to Erastos "Merci." Shifting his gaze back to Myrina.

He smiled to the youngest of them all, she was right, none would.   But for now, he stayed quiet leaving Achaz to deal with this one as he often did and Erastos to watch with whiskey in hand.

"I did not say everything fine, I said their wounds are fine.  They are smiling again, and for this I am happy.  Was I wrong to do what I did, perhaps.  But Dareios was wrong for taking my stallion from me, grounding me from the stables?"  Now she knew she was sounding selfish.  "I am not selfish either.  I am moved from Italy, then to Spain, and then here?  I want a place to roam free, to find out what I wish to be.. and that is not a bloody wife to some bloody oaf of a man.. I want to be me.. the one that shoots arrows from a standing position on her horse.  To riding like the wind, please don't take that from me.. " She took a breath and still face Achaz eye to eye.."I opened the back doors to the stables, and always I would lock it, and not locking it.. Achaz that will live with me forever.. can't we move on from this?" Hopeful tone that would have brought Anna to giggle if she heard it.."I am not selfish, it was an accident!" That was a good one!

"Perhaps, you were wrong to do what you did?  You think perhaps? A place to roam free? Do you hear what you speak?" Shakes his head and takes to his feet quickly as he pushed the chair he was sitting in backwards with his legs.  "Myrina, an accident? How about I accidentally send you back to another place that is not like the place you have before you? We have family injured because you did what you did." Shifting his weight he moved around the side of the desk, his focus upon Myrina, his gaze narrowed. "Tell me, how are you going to rectify what has happened?"

It was about time one of them quit treating Myrina like a crystal vase.  She needed to have a reality check.  Perhaps?  Even that single word brought Erastos to cringe, and another swallow taking of the whiskey.  Myrina needed her arse whipped.  But for now.. this would do.

She kept eye contact on Achaz as he moved like a lion around the table and toward her.  She swallowed slowly, letting her nails tap on the arm of the chair as the anger in Achaz's eyes was evident.  "I can't rectify this.  Anthea will always have a scar, Jeremy will not forget.. the dead guards never forgotten.. what, shall I play babysitter to all" She leaned up with hands pressed to the arm of the chair.."I made a damn mistake.. must I live with this for years.. tell me what to do, and it will be done" She fired right back!

Slowly lowering himself to take a seat on the edge of the desk. "Then tell me, since you can't rectify what you cause, what do you think needs to happen?" Canting his head slightly "You must live with this for years? I have been living with many things for years, and so we all should be living with what has happened for our life time, not years!" Glances towards Erastos. "I need double of what you drink before I do something I would rather not." Turning his hand skyward in a 
' Si Vous Plaise'  manner before glancing back to Myrina. "Myrina, if you speak anything that you know not what you can do. I will give you something to do."

"Kick her ass, she needs it." He jumped from the seat and moved to the table, pouring Achaz a good amount of whiskey, as well as Erastos to gain more too.  Myrina was spoiled and a brat, she needed a good hand across her arse and then locked away in her chambers.  Would that be cruel?  Hell yeah, but she deserved something to shake her out of this attitude.  "Here you go, and with that.. I am out of here.  Good luck.." But he did love her, and Myrina received a brotherly kiss on the top of her blonde head before taking his leave with a wave.

"Shut the hell up, Erastos.  Achaz should speak to you about all the women you bed.. your thing is going to fall off!" Humpf! And then she was sitting back with arms crossed below her breasts, and nibbling the inside of her jaw even as she felt the brotherly kiss and heard the door shut behind her rogue of a brother.  She was fed up with this.  Dareios would not speak to her, she was not allowed to see Anthea yet, and Jeremy, well, the little boy had enough to think about.  "What the hell you want me to do, Achaz.. drop to my knees and pray for the next several weeks for my wrongs.. or perhaps beat myself until I am bloody for what I did.  I will not keep my mouth shut, I don't know what you want me to say!" Si Vous Plaise..  If you please?  "Stop praying to God, when you don't mean it" Grumbled and pouting like a small girl instead of the nineteen year old she is!

He was just about ready to respond but had to take a moment based on how she replied. He took a deep breath and moved from the corner of the desk, stepping behind her as she spoke with a wave to Erastos. "It is not about Erastos for the reason we are here, so keep comments for a later time." Crossing his arms about his chest as he stood behind Myrina. " I can give you the things that can rectify what you have done." Pausing a moment " You will assist in sealing off the back door as I know have to call the help of carpenters. Also help the fishing village with whatever they wish done. And, Apollo, your stallion, is being guarded by one guard that simple job is to keep you from riding him."

She jumped up and spun around with a look of pure hurt.  "You can't keep him away from me..  at least let me brush him, Achaz don't do this, Apollo is my best friend, please" She was almost pleading.."I will help close off the back door to the stables.. I will help fishing village with any work they need.. hell, I will even muck out the nasty poo from the stalls.. just don't cut him off from me completely.. please brother" Tone was soft, eyes were pleading.

"Myrina." Shaking his head slowly. "You have given me no other choice." Pondering a moment "Unless you can think of anything else that will keep you at bay while I take my trip back to Central Africa?" Grunts slightly "Do not think your eyes will cause a change of mind within my eyes."

"I am not trying to change your mind, I am pleading, honest pleading." She stomped her foot with fist curled at her side.  "He will be lonely without my visits!" Now the temper was letting loose.  In all intense and purposes, Myrina was a spoiled shrew, but very protective of her family.  Even this lunk headed brother of hers.. "I won't ride him, I swear to you.. I swear to God.. I will keep daily logs of what I am doing, and give to Dareios while you are gone." Nod of her head was seen, with plans already forming in her sneaky mind.  She would still visit the lands, but not on Apollo.  Grin.."See, all settled?"

Shaking his head slowly "I will allow you time to see Apollo." Nodding slowly "But you shall report every two hours daily to Erastos or Dareios. Understood?" Moving back to his chair where he slowly lowered himself and took a seat.. all the while glancing to the painted picture, of his once family, behind him.

"I understand, brother.. I am truly sorry" Spoken quietly as she turned to move away from a brother still mourning his family. "Achaz?" Spoken softly with her hand on the door to his office.  "Did you ever consider their death was only a mere accident? " With that she moved from his office and ran all the way to the stables.


Date: 03-21-11
Poster: Anthea Drakos
Post # 4

The area around the construction of Poseidon's temple was glorious, but then again all of Heathfield was beautiful and Anthea thought The Queen so lucky to have lived here so long.  Fingers curled around Achaz's arm as they strolled down the path leading toward the temple, with fox gloves lining the path, but not to bloom for another year.   She spoke nay a word as they strolled within the Temple, and then she released her brother's arm moving toward the small pool of water where she could sit.  Not a pool to swim in, but one to show the talent Anna had by making iron into everlasting lotus flowers that sit within the pool now.

Achaz moved with his sister, looking around as well and knowing he would have to leave soon.  With his larger fingers covering hers he looked down and smiled at how healthy she looked again.  "You are well?  Jeremy?" Inside the temple he found one pillar to lean against, folding arms across his chest.

"Jeremy is doing well too.  He was taught that if he has nothing else to defend himself, and if he knows he will not be hurt.. to literally use his head to ram into his opponents stomach, even his forehead can be used to break a nose.  So the tiny, slip of a boy has been practicing on bales of hay when not working" How proud she sounded of a boy she saved from hell so many weeks before, a twelve year old that was more a son then anything to the Greek woman.  "He is becoming close with Myrina, but do not fear he will take off as Myrina does."  She turned slightly with a smile to the one brother she had known the longest.."I am well, I promise.  My angel took care of me, and brought me from the abyss." With a sisterly kiss blown she lifted from the pool to move to where Poseidon stood guard.  "Remember one thing Achaz.. it was I that was beaten silly when I saved Jeremy, and still went back to those nasty docks when Erastos had a feeling Lord Pirate was there.. but I am safe, as Myrina is, and hopefully she will learn as I did.. to always do insane antics, only brings those you love to not trust you.  She will learn, give her time"

"Enough talk of Myrina." He brought his hand up brushed it across and down the backside of his head gathering the length of his hair within his hands before releasing. "You are well and so is Jeremy and he is learning, which is very good." Of course, his listening wasn't all that great, but he did catch -Lord Pirate-. "Erastos had a feeling?" canting his head slightly - Achaz not being a person of feelings or comfort hugs, but he did understand and love
his family- regardless of how he was deemed.

"You know whom I speak of.. and you know I would find out that he was close. " She looked up to the trident held so high and smiled.  "I know you all wish to protect me, but I need to know when danger is near.. as you need to know and our family.   Keeping one thing from the rest, or from one..  how does that bring us as a family?" Silver hues viewed the nooks and dents of his building, judging where best to put blooms when she would pray.

Cant of the head was given "Anthea." shaking his head slightly "You speak only of something that was given a inner presence, nothing to face." His jaws clenching slightly."There are other things that trouble myself then a feeling." rubbing slight upon his chin "I have Myrina, Erastos and the rest of the family to occupy my mind then something that is a feeling. I do hope you understand." His watchful eye upon her while thinking of the Lord Pirate.  He could wait.  He had other things on his mind, such as their baby brother. 

Anthea did not turn to her brother, she knew he would never cease to protect her even to keep her hidden from the truth.  But the truth often had ways to find their prey, and her brothers were not thinking of this.  "I went there Achaz.  I stood on the puked lined roads of the docks so far from these lands.  I prayed and held weapons to kill the man we both know is living there, to wait his time to strike again.  I have quietly eased into Dareios office and read the reports of how cruel this man is.  I came hair lengths of him, I know it.. until I was caught and brought home. " She pushed from Poseidon moving to the entrance.."Feelings are not always wrong.. try it sometime" Then she was moving from the temple, bringing gentle strides to walk along the bushes that held only the green of the fox glove plants.

He did listen to her words and a moment of pondering "Anthea, you may be right about feeling that you are close to something." leaning back and crossing his arms about his mid section and he leaned back against a single pillar of the finest artwork that he has known be almost come alive "But there is no need to follow something base on feeling." canting his head slight and then glancing down towards her injury "Unless we can come together as a family and fight what we know is there. Out there seeking to destroy all of us!" uncrossing his arms while at the same time pushing himself away from the pillar "We have nothing. I do think you know whom I speak?"

"Why the guards?  Why a guard to stay on me, to stay on Jeremy, even on Myrina which you need one to handle her good.  What of the guards I see on our property, even in the stables."  She was no simpleton, and that thought brought Anthea to shake her darken head.  "Achaz, I know whom you speak of.  But the foe we face now is not our father, not the mystic powers he has claimed.  I worry naught of that, I worry of a mere mortal.. a man that bleeds and dies like we would.. but holds no limits to his perversion and depravity.  I know who we face"  She turned slightly to view the area in which held her spell bound and smiled.  "We are safe here, it is when we are abroad.. such as you" Turning to her brother with concern evident within her features. "You leave for Africa again, and that worries me."

A slight grunt "You ask, why the guards?" simply put "I rather have my family protected." shaking his head slightly "I know we stay within the lands of what is called Heithfield. " nodding slowly, "Yes I do leave once again to the lands of Africa. But worry not, I shall return before the moon sets five times. And Dareios shall be with me."

"Achaz, we are dealing with mortals.  A mere man that can walk upon any lands as the nobility he is.  But in the darkness of his insanity, he is a killer whose face we do not know. " She decided to drop the subject, moving with grace down the pebbled path that would lead them back to the gardens and within the manor.  "I know Dareios goes with you this time, please be careful, both of you."


Date: 03-21-11
Poster: Myrina Valentina
Post # 5

At the Thistle

The slender figure of nineteen, was hanging on a lower limb of a huge oak tree.  Her boots even now planted on the side of the tree.  Boots used to climb as slender fingers squeezed the limb to use as leverage. With one final tug, she eased on the lower limb while looking up, to see how far she could go.  Hair of blonde was tied back by a french braid, red ribbons snaking through those tresses that matched the red cotton shirt covering her upper torso.  A shirt that looked more a tiny gown, then a shirt made for a man.  The ends flowed well past slender hips clothed by black pants.  Boots held some dirt, but kept the dirt from said pants which were tucked inside the foot wear.  She wore leather gloves to cover her fingers, but nothing else did she wear to resemble winter clothing.  Myrina thought it warm enough to dress as she was.

Charlie was meandering along towards the tavern, it was almost spring. Time to see what happened while she was working the farm ..

Just a girl sitting in the tree, with her legs swinging to and fro. She was old enough to know better, but enjoyed not only sneaking out, but sitting with nature.

Ok ..trees did not have legs, she wandered beneath the tree looking up" how is the weather up there ?" like she didn't know ..  

And that scared the heck out of her. Causing her to press against the limb with her legs tucked up, and green eyes peering down.  "Is this your tree?" Waving with a smile.

Charlie chuckled at the fearful expression looking down at her " nope is not my tree ... perhaps it is your ?" uhuh, she was ripe for mischief as always ..

"Well, ummm..  mine for tonight?  Only to sit and think, not to cut down or anything."  She eased down, with her fingers to hold the limb, and then she to jump to her feet.  "Myrina Vassallo, nice to meet you" Hand held out with
a smile still.

Charlie smiled holding out her hand in response" CharlieOne Time pleasure to meet you " and did she grin, like a Cheshire cat ...

"Charlie?  As in knowing Hercules, Charlie?" She grasp hold of her hand and shook it, happy to meet another person on these lands. And a night owl too!

Laughing at the description" indeed I am guilty do you know Hercules ...?" certain that there was a new relative for her friend ..

"My sister is Anthea.." Releasing the grip of her hand, and slowly removing the gloves to put in the pocket of her pants.

"Ahh yes Anthea ...I hope that she is well " she grinned, studying the girl .".I would guess that you are a bit more spirited then your sister ?" not that Anthea could not let loose ..

"My sister is well, and yes very spirited" She lowered her voice and looked around.  "I am suppose to be in bed sleeping.  "  Snort!

Charlie laughed softly nodding her head " well looks to me like you are being a tree spite ..."pulling up a piece of ground to sit down,Settling comfortably.

"Tree spite?  What is that?"  She eased down to sit Indian style, and looked to the woman with a question in her gaze.  "Like a fairy?"

"hmm the being that lives in the trees .. ancient legends and all that ...if you are going to wander it might be wise to get a mule like your sister " she drawled, though little happened at the lake, her vardo not that far away truth be told ..

"I have a horse Apollo.. my brother Achaz has grounded me from him, as well as my brother Dareios.  Sooo, I cannot have access to the stables" Sticks one foot up.. "Thus walking"  Sitting again she had ask.. " And what do the beings
do?" She did not know much of ancient things, only a little the past several weeks.

"The dryiad ...lures men to her ..but she can never go far from her tree or she will die ... " she replied, understanding that the brothers meant well, but restrictions seldom worked well ..

"Why does she do that?  Due to wanting to live or wanting to love?  Romance?"  She did not take much to romance, but any legend was fun to hear, as well to learn to tell another.  And she agreed with Charlie, but her brother was a 
hard headed ox!

Charlie nodded her head " for love ..or to feel human which they are not ..never met one myself " she teased ..

"Goodness, that is sad.  I mean, trees are beautiful don't get me wrong.." Soft sigh.." But to never feel touch of another, well not to be able to move..  I would crave winds often, wouldn't you?" Twitch of a grin.

Charlie nodded her head " I prefer the thunderstorms, nature is most impressive then " she agreed, amused that the girl just wandered about ..but then Charlie did too ..

"My brother spoke of thunder storms being called thunder beings by his dead fiance'..  thunder by any name is just ..  " Shrug with a knowledge she spoke too much.."I love thunderstorms too"

Charlie hummed, " there are thunder birds, and other denizen ..but not exactly stories to tell in the dark " though sometimes Charlie did ...

"I won't be afraid, Charlie.  I love legends, for as my tutor often said in class..  All legends must come from some sort of fact.  Don't you agree?" Question with a smile.

Charlie nodded her head :" very true, here the native have many legends, told because they did not have words for what they saw " ...

Native?  "Natives of Heathefield..?"  She knew Native Americans, but just thought Charlie meant natives of the lands.  " I have heard, from lands I have been..  humans use to only talk with sign, is that true?"

Well some what, hand speaking is done when you can see each other but don't want to make noise ..they speak as well as we do .." thinking of several that had been fun to torment ...

"Ohh.. sorry if I were to give you a sign from my bed room window, that I was escaping, you could wait and then off we go?" She was grinning but knew how this would be used.."Can you imagine how one would have to be so silent to use sign, war or danger..  would be a good thing to do "Nod went that blonde head thinking.

That had her chuckling, " well you didn't hear me, and I was walking normally " mused lightly though it was meant to make her think ..

"Woah your right." She slapped her knee and shook her head.. "I didn't even hear you come near the tree.. is that hard to learn?"

Charlie shook her head" it is easy enough hard soles on your shoes " her feet were clad in leather mocs," and you learn to step lightly"

"I like your boots.." She eased those green eyes to the boots in which Charlie was speaking.  "Better then my boots.." Then a snap.."Can I buy a pair like those, so I can walk quietly?"  Nod nod.  Anything to help her run amuck was always a good thing!

"Check at the market place, I believe that you might be able to buy some ..try walking in the under snaps and crackles with the wrong landing of your foot, takes time but eventually even a deer wont hear you stepping near"

"Damn Charlie, you are like the shadows.  Never making a sound." Shaking her head in amazement.."That is most impressive."

Charlie just grinned, she walked softly and yelled a lot .."hmm you need to be cautious ..there are animals here ..bear and the like ... making noise is wise then " she laughed ..

"Ohh ... Bears?  Real bears?  Like the ones we seen in the cages?" Which had her speaking softly.."I hated seeing them in cages, but don't want to see them live and personal either"  Ayep, time to learn how to walk like Charlie!

Charlie shook her head the girl was something else, " yes free bears, and other creatures that live here, but for the most part they don't want to meet you or me " though it happened sometimes ...


"The trainer, of the bear I seen caged in Venice.  " She shivered at the thought.."He had gashes along his left cheek, told me it was from the bear"  She seriously had laughed at the man and told him to let the creature go.."I thought it funny.. he caged that pretty bear, well he should wear scars to remember it" Nod nod.

Charlie nodded her head " indeed, no dancing bears here, you need to learn where they are at this time of year is not yet spring and they are awake looking for easy meal .."

"I forgot about that.  Sleeping all winter, and some have babies too, don't they?" Suddenly the blonde was looking around cautiously.

Charlie nodded " hmm they are the worst ones, very protective of their babies " she agreed, glancing around them, the moon offering plenty to see if one looked or knew what to look for, " nothing but a deer ... or something " she mused..

"I don't want to be dinner to some baby bears..  " Shaking her head and scooting closer to Charlie.."So, what other legends?" Trying to change the subject with a glance about.  Suddenly wanting to be back at the manor!


Date: 03-27-11
Poster: Anthea Drakos
Post # 6

Taming of the Shrew

The day had grown into late afternoon, and Anthea was aiding the maids with cleaning the small dining room for dinner.  The brothers were all gone, so this evening only four would grace the small table, and perhaps speak of the day.  The small Greek loved to help the servants, and even accepted all as dear friends to Anthea.  The butler she had grown to adore, and in turn the old man thought of Anthea and Myrina has his daughters.  She whistled softly as she moved about setting the table, with a wink to Flora as she helped. Flora had changed a lot since Anthea had hired her.  She was like a shell of the once lively girl she had been.  Did marriage life not agree with her?  Did Bruno hurt her?  She did not wish to pry, but her behavior of late confused the Greek to the point of distraction.     Bruno was a fine enough looking gentleman, but something about him brought Anthea to shiver, and her ward, Jeremy, to feel unease with the man's presence.  She would have to speak with Myrina, she did not wish her sister around that man.

The sister was throwing a temper tantrum.  So angry that Erastos had ordered her to stay on the grounds, and in the house, unless escorted.  Two days now she had not been able to leave the house at all, and her rage brought her to lock herself in her room.  Hair of blonde was almost out of the braid Anthea had fixed.  Gown of lavender wool was ripped in places where she had thrown furniture out her window, even used broken shards to destroy other items in the room.  She needed her freedom, and the brothers had Anthea now to make sure she stays put. 

Crash!  Anthea cringed as the noise broke through the silence of her thoughts.  "Flora, please finish up.." She quickly finished cleaning the side board before moving from the dining room and gracefully to stride down the hallway to the stairs.  "Ignore it.." She mumbled to herself as she thought of words advised to her.  "It is a once a year temper tantrum."  She threw up her hands at the noise that small woman was making upstairs.   And then..  Wham!.. Anthea had to wonder what furniture was destroyed now.  With a smile gifted to the servants she did pass, Anthea made her way up the stairs and turning left to move toward Myrina's rooms.  "I have had it.." It took much to annoy the Greek, but this day, Myrina had cross the line.  "Sir, please kick the door down?"  Addressing the newest guard that looked to the tiny Greek confused.  "My God man, you do it or I will!"

Myrina had just thrown a portrait of Rome against the mirror of her vanity.  She did not cease in her tantrum until she heard Anthea's voice and ceased all throwing, her arm holding still with a bottle of perfume to throw against the wall.  She did not move, only listened as she spoke with her arm to slowly lower in pure fear.  Kick her door down?  She wouldn't?  Would she?  "Anthea no!" She dropped the bottle of perfume in her haste to rush to the door before it was kicked down.  "I am opening it!"  Finally at the door she unlocked and yanked it open.

The man was just about to move in position to kick the door in, when the youngest of the Vassallo family open the door.  "Thank you for your service."  Anthea ignored her sister and strolled in past Myrina looking to the room that held the look of a battle field.  "Close the door, Myrina." There was no kindness in her words, only a firm resolve to settle this once and for all.

Myrina quickly shut the door in the guards face.  They had their words, and she was glad he would not be coming back. She needed no guard! "I am sorry." She turned slowly and brought her voice to sound almost meek in nature.  She did not move close to Anthea, she wouldn't, not now.  She was angry with Myrina, and she could not blame her.  But she had to understand why she was so angry.  Didn't she?  She needed her freedom.  She had be restricted from Apollo her black stallion, and now to stay in the house.  How could she get to know others, walk the lands, enjoy her freedom if she was to be treated like a prisoner.   "I really am.."

Anthea heard the words but ignored them.  How could anyone do this much damage and then only apologizes?  The small Greek was baffled at such behavior.  She had temper tantrums, but nothing likes.  Silver hues looked to the open window almost dreading what she would find out there.  "Are you insane?"  She did not beat around the bush, the words came with no emotion as she moved to gaze out the window.  "Your bed is the only thing you did not destroy." Down below was a mess, that even now she could see servants cleaning.  "Stop.." The yell caught two footman to look up.  "You will have help, and soon."  Turning she glared to Myrina.."And can you guess who is going to help them?"

Myrina Valentina Vassallo had the good sense to smile.  Not a fake smile, or one she used on her brother's to get her way, but a genuine smile in hopes she would not stay angry.  "I am.."

"You will help with the mess outside, as well as YOU will clean this room and put all garbage in the hall.  When that is done, the footmen will aide you in items larger then you, and you will clean after that.  This room will be clean, with only your bed to be seen.. and NO mess."  Anthea moved slowly from the window, looking to the empty shelves broken on the floor, as well as ripped bed hangings.  "You will sew your bed curtains and use them, no new ones.  And where in the bloody hell are your clothes?" 

She blinked in shock!  She had always had her broken items replaced, and new one's bought.  "You cannot be serious.."  And clothes? Well, she winced with her finger to point out the window.  She had thrown all her clothing outside, knowing maids would gather them up to clean them.  Though she did help at times, she didn't think her new sister would make her now.    She had the grace to look about and see, finally, what a mess she had made. 

"Oh I am deadly serious.  The people that work for us, do not get paid to clean up after your vicious fits." Anthea moved to sit on the bed, bouncing even to make sure it was not on there verge of being destroyed.  Oh lucky day for Myrina, it was sound.  "You will go with Betty, and you will clean all your own clothing.  You will wash, dry, and press your own clothing, and you will go with the maid to put on the gown of a servant, and perhaps see how it feels to be looked down upon." Anthea pulled the rope next to Myrina's bed, and smiled knowing a maid would arrive soon.  "When the maid arrives, you will go with her.. and you will let her find you the outfit of a maid, and you will stay in that until you clean your clothes."  Lifting from the bed, she moved cautiously over shards of glass and wood on her way to the door, but then she stopped right next to Myrina. 

"I do not think of servants below us, I just do not think at times.  I am truly sorry"  She had brought this on, she knew.  But she missed her freedom, and was glad she could still sneak out with none the wiser.  She had enjoyed her talk with Charlie, and could not wait to do it again.  With her night guard quitting, it would be much more easier then it had been the night before.

"Then start using your brains.  We live in dangerous times now, Myrina and you know this.  Our brothers are out and about to solve all and they must come home and deal with you and your antics?  Yes, I went to the docks, and yes, I got caught.. but do you see me going again? " She threw her hands in the air, for she didn't know if she would ever do such silliness again.. "Myrina.. please.  Just stay indoors during the evenings. That is all I ask.." She left seeing Charlie, there was just too much right now.  "They work too hard to constantly have to clean up your messes.. goodness.." She kissed her sister's cheek.  "I do love you, but stop this.. and clean up the mess." Then she was gone.   She had to hurry and find another night guard, for she knew Myrina would be out again, and soon!

She heard the door shut behind her, but did not move.  She looked to the damage with the realization, she had to clean this up.  All of it.   It was so much. Outside there was a small hill of clothing building, and she had to clean that too?  With a groan she pushed herself and was soon picking up glass carefully.  This was tedious, but so to was the night guards which she had none now.  Grinning, she was already forming a plan of escape for this evening.  Myrina was Myrina!


Date: 03-28-11
Poster: Myrina Valentina
Post # 7


Today she had decided to come here to eat the food her sister always raved about, and perhaps to meet some of the staff Anthea kept talking about.  Hair of blonde was left to hang down her back, with a single ribbon of gold to hold back her bangs leaving strands to frame her features, and bring out the green in her gaze.  Her usual male attire was left home, while a woolen gown of turquoise adorned her frame, with a golden ribbon
 tied around her tiny waist.  A pair of black boots kept her feet in comfort for the walk she had made here.  It was nothing fancy, but she had taken her families advice and dressed like a woman and not a hellion, though she missed her pants.

Charlie moved over the porch pushing open the door, tired from working the fields, hard labor that she enjoyed oddly enough, not expecting to see any one this early .."Evening ." not exactly recognizing the tree spite in a dress.

Turning on the bar stool, she waved a fork to Charlie not able to speak with her mouth full.  It was good to see a friendly face!

She arched a brow, smiling " well seems that you do own a dress " she mused making her way to the bar, ordering a cider.

Chewing slowly, she then swallowed with a nod of her blonde head.  "Unfortunately I do."  She would not comment, most of her clothes had been thrown out her window by her own hands.

Settling on the bar stool, still wearing the usual leathers and knee boots that were her trade mark. " ah well I have a few in the vardo some where ... " not that she wore dresses, unless forced too.

"We can still climb trees if you want.  Or wait... go exploring?" She added that before another fork full of stew was engulfed.

"I have expended my energy for the day child ...I have plowing cold fields since sun up this morning .." she mused, taking the tankard with a nod of her head to Alex.

"Oh goodness, I can imagine your tired.." She did not think helping with the gardens at home equaled to Charlie's hard work.  With the food finished, Myrina smiled her thanks to Alex before watching the man take the empty bowl away.

Charlie nodded her head " hmm it is difficult to do both interests to be certain .." she agreed. " how have you been Myrina ?" as ked as she sipped the cold cider.

"I have been well.  Cleaning my chambers, and helping with other things.. and now here to take a breather" Nod of her head as Alex handed her a glass of cider.  "And you, besides all your work, have you been able to enjoy some free

Charlie nodded her head, "I have had time to enjoy the people I love yes .." she had been visiting since she stopped plowing "I came here last night, and now " she mused.

"I am glad you can do such..  " She smiled with a sip taken of her drink.  She knew some, but not enough to visit, perhaps in time.  " Sorry to have missed you last night, but glad to see you now" Smile.

Charlie nodded her head "I saw your sister last night, and a few others that I know as well ... " there were not many that Charlie did not know in this place.

"That is nice, to be able to visit.."  She was new, but had been new before and knew in time she would make friends, but for now.."It would seem I have chose a time when none are about, besides you" Warm smile.

That made Charlie grin,"I am always the odd one out at odd times " she laughed, " What else did you have planned for your evening ?" aside expending energy that Charlie had none of.

"I don't know.. I am not allowed to have my stallion, so perhaps walk the lands and explore, until I must return home.  Or sit here and see who comes?  Or.. I might even go to the commons and see what is there." She gave a shrug, there was a lot to do, it was just if she would do them or not.

Charlie nodded her head " I did that when I first came here.. though it didn't take long to meet people and be in the thick of things " Charlie tended to make mischief when she could, enjoying the laughter.

"I met some, and a girl I found out is the princess who was nice.  Rina was her name, and do hope to see her again." She took another sip and smiled at how easy she could speak with Charlie.

Charlie nodded she had heard the name before.  "The younger generation take pride in being princess and the like, the older ones say nothing of what they are " she mused.

"And I met a knight, that I interviewed for Anthea." Nod went with her statement.. "Ohh and Rina's brother, and another girl as well..  Just a matter of making it here when others do I suppose"   She smiled at Charlie's words.."I
suppose they have reason to be, what I have seen of these lands, they are beautiful"

" That they are is good place to be young or old " she chuckled.

That brought Myrina to grin.. "Or young to grow old..  I mean, I am young, and would like to grow old here. "  She shook her head, she often made no sense.

Charlie smiled "I believe I have done that myself ..I came here erm ...13 years or so ago ..and have never gone far from the lands " though she did have a reputation in another realm.

"It must be nice to have the same home all that time. " She smiled and knew that is what she wanted. "Perhaps in thirteen years I can say the same" Wink.

Charlie grinned, "I have a mountain home that my family secured a long time ago, and a vardo with Kenneth my gypsy"

"I know my brothers wish that, and why we came" She shrugged.."I would assume.. that is to be with my sister"  Vardo?  She turned with a smile.."Vardo?"

"A vardo is a gypsy wagon, that we use as our home when I am in the area, which is more often then not any more .. it allows us to move about the different areas and not harm the land that provides for us "

"Oh Charlie that sounds .." She felt her eyes widen.."like so much fun.  To travel and see things, and meet people..  You are indeed a lucky woman, and so is your gypsy".

Charlie cocked her head "I am like a gypsy, more nattive then gypsy, but I live as they do .." hard to describe what she was, with out scaring people.

"Well, either or, you are a very nice woman and I am glad to have met you"Bright smile showed the sincerity in her words.  "Perhaps I should buy a wagon and travel about?"  Had its possibilities.

Charlie smirked at that, it was not easy as it sounded " ah well then you would have to learn to cook on  small fire, and have no heat in the wagon unless it was another body, have to tend the wagon daily and the horse that pulls it, and carry food that the animals will not want and tear up your wagon to get .." it was not easy was a family event ..they took care of each other and the wagons.

"Oh.." Cook on a small fire, she could barely cook the way it was.  Another body, well that might be her cat, but didn't see Whiskers giving her much heat.  And Apollo her stallion, she could see him hauling a wagon, though he had never done it before.  "Perhaps I should try out sleeping on my brother's land first, and then see if I like it?" Twitch of a grin.

She inclined her head " or stay with one of the natives and sleep in furs for a night in a teepee ..I have done it, makes one aware of their own fragile life when a skin is all that protects you from the night" chuckling, because she still camped out often.

"Sleep in furs?  Like a bed?" She was lost to her words, but would ask questions. " I have camped out once, but we had a tent, warm blankets, and a small fire.  And I was only ten at the time"  She envied Charlie.  She would love to
live like that.. free spirited.

Nodding her head " they are called sleeping furs, and they are huge, " lifting her tankard, "Camping is one thing, gentlemen's way of roughing it " she mused.

"I have heard that before." She took one final sip before placing the cup aside.."But am sure we women, as you have proved, can endure it as well as any man" Nod with a smile.

She nodded agreement " yes it can be done ..but it is not for all " she replied, " you have many advantages with your family and home "

"Yes, but at times solitude is nice to have." She turned her gaze to her lap, brushing off some lint.."Camping out might bring some peace from my family.. whom I love, but still would be nice"

"suggest it to your sister ..I am sure she would be game and the property is large enough to not see the house " though it gave comfort that it was there sometimes.

"I shall do so" Wouldn't hurt to try anyway.  She just wanted to have some Myrina time, which her family could not comprehend if you spelled it on their forehead. 

They understood her need, and had learned with their own lives that it was difficult at the best of times ... " you will learn what there is to know eventually "

"I must search it out, yes?  Meet new people, and enjoy my youth" Charlie was indeed a good person to speak with, and gain advice from.

Charlie shrugged her shoulders,"I would say, talk to your sister as you speak to me, ..she knows what it is like to need an ear .." For a time Charlie had listened to her as well ..and the secret desires that came into every ones heart at some time or another.

Myrina smiled.. "It is hard sometimes to speak with her, but I will do so.  Camping out under the stars migh be fun" And she had this funny feeling, Anthea would still come to Charlie a lot for advice.

Most likely that is what friends were for, to bounce ideas off of .." she might enjoy it, and it is an experience best shared .. there is much to learn about roughing it "

"Roughing it?  I like that term.. perhaps even learn to cook over a fire?" She smiled bright.  This might be a lot of fun, and then she could learn how to live without the fancy trappings of her home.

Charlie would love to be a bird on that night, to watch the fiasco, " use it wisely many do not know another way of life ..nice homes and the like .." best to not offend those who lived that way.  "What else have you learned today or since I have seen you last ?"

Delsey had come to the mainland for supplies.  His place among the people had yet to be decided and so, his was the way of doing the odds and ends, seeing to what the others didn't have time for.  The Thistle was a familiar place and since he had not been able to eat his evening meal, he decided on a short stop, to ease the grumbling of his stomach. 

Charlie sipped her cider, amused and gaining her second wind of the evening.

He entered the tavern with purpose and though there were two others within, he went straight to the bar where the kind man always could be found.  Delsey didn't bother taking off his coat, he didn't plan to stay long.

"Good evening " said to Delsey, studying his clothes and origins seen in his features, smiling because she suspected that he was new to the area, but not the people.

"I have learned.. not to piss off my sister?" Twitch of a grin.."I learned how to press a gown, ohhh and I also learned when to keep my mouth shut"  Turning with a wave to the man even as she accepted another drink from Alex. 

Charlie nodded her head discretion the better lesson leaned any day.

Warm smile to her new found friend, and then to sip.  Perhaps she should just sneak out and camp out alone,  it made sense to Myrina anyway.


He had overheard the conversation and once he had spoken to Alex, he turned to the ladies.  "It is the reason man has two mouth.   I am Delsey, of the Bear.  From the island..." He made a motion of hand that indicated the
direction to him but probably not to them.  "I have found, man also has a curse, and they both cannot work at the same time.  Either the ears, or the mouth function.  But never together.  We must chose which."  There, they had it. 
Delsey had spoken and now, his food had arrived.  Not much.  Bread. A chunk of cheese.  Steaming water in a cup. 


Myrina glanced to Charlie, perhaps a little confused, but not so rude to say so.  "Nice to meet you, Delsey.. I am Myrina, and this is Charlie."

Charlie tipped her head smiling," well met Delsey of the Great Bear " she mused,knowing well the people of the Bear, "I am Charlie One Time, born under the  Bear " so too speak,"I know the place you speak of, and yes, talking and work are often not good together " mused softly.

She chose to remain silent. He seemed as if he was of the same people that Charlie hailed from.


"It is a great pleasure, MyrinaandthisisCharlie and Charlie One Time."  Even as he spoke, he had fished out the herbs and was crushing them between his fingers into the water. 


She blinked, but then smiled.."No no..  I am Myrina..  That " Pointing to Charlie.." Is Charlie"  Smiling warmly and then to motion for some tea from Alex.

Close but not the same, still she knew customs that were the same, "No brother ... she is Myrina ....I am Charlie One time .." chuckling as Myrina did the same thing.

Wink to Charlie and a warm smile. She could remember how she had butchered the Spanish language when she lived there.  All people learn.


Perhaps he should have been embarrassed, but he just nodded breaking off a piece of bread.  "You were speaking of pissing on your sister, I did not mean to interrupt."  Of course, the man had no clue what pissing or pissed off meant.  But he did know of sisters and how important they were. 


"No no.." She bit her inner jaw nay to laugh, and smiled when the need ended. "Pissing off my sister, is another way of saying.. I made her very angry"

Charlie smirked, the man heard in the literal sense, which amused her " you are related to Yas and Mat, and Patwin? she asked.

Myrina smiled as Charlie spoke of others she did not know. So she opted to listen and enjoy the tea her sister raved about.


Ahhhh.  He'd have to remember that.  "It is not good to anger your sister."  He would know!   He looked to Charlie then with a gentle nod. "They are my clan brothers, yes." 


He was so right.  Not good at all.


He took a sip of his tea, motioning again with his hand (which he did often when he didn't wish to speak) for the ladies to continue with their conversation. 

Charlie nodded her head " they are my friends and yes they are good men " and a lot of fun when they were being rowdy.." You are new to the area ?" asked, but only to filter through rumors and the like heard at odd times.

She turned her gaze to Charlie as she spoke about those she called friends.  Enjoying the words between the two, perhaps to learn more of others then those she had already met.


"I have recently arrived from the colonies. When Mat returned."  Again a nod.   "You two were born on these lands?" 

"No, I was born in Greece, but lived most my life in Italy" Bright smile... "But I love Heathfield so far..and glad I live here now."

"No I come from another place ...I am here because my love lives here " she replied.

Again, someone who was born in grease.  It must be a birthing practice of certain people.  He didn't know of this Italy but he liked the way it sounded.  "There is much that can draw us to a land, but love ... now that will bind you to it."  He wasn't a man who smiled much, but the dark eyes, usually so intense with thoughts, softened with Charlie's confession.

Charlie inclined her head " you speak true.. I ..we have been together a long time, with out him, I would not stay here long " she agreed, Kenneth was her sunrise and sunset.

How could one not smile listening to Charlie.  She was happy for her, and glad she had one like this gypsy. "I am glad you came here, Charlie.."  She had to think of her sister, and smiled.

Charlie winked, she was happy too "  I have followed Kenneth, his wagon is my wagon .. " and their life together made for interesting times.

"I am happy for you Charlie.." Nod went the girl's blonde head, turning then to enjoy her tea.


"You do not like these lands then, Charlie?"  Sip of tea, bite of cheese. 

"I do like these lands Delsey of the Bear, and the people in it are my friends of longs years, Kenneth however gives me a home in his heart, and that defies all else "

She did not know the kind of love Charlie held, but loving her family was just as important.  Thoughts she opted to keep to herself.


"I can understand that."  And he did.  Was there ever a better place to reside than in the heart of those we hold dear?  No building could ever provide such warmth and security. 

Charlie loved many of the people of the land, but only one knew her soul, and held her heart like the fragile jewel it was, setting her tankard down, she rose from her seat, "I fear I am more tired then I believed, " she said, smiling.

Date: 03-28-11
Poster: Myrina Valentina 
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"It was good to see you, Charlie..  I hope we can roam the lands together soon?" Hopeful tone.

"It is a late hour."  Was all he said, dipping his head to Charlie. 


Delsey was correct.  She should be going soon as well, before she was caught.

To Myrina" talk to your sister ..and learn from her, " a look to Delsey " fair well in your journey Brother of the Bear .. I shall see you both another day ?" she mused, aiming herself for the door.

"I will talk to Anthea, and try to learn from her.. I promise" Kiss blown with a smile.

Charlie was laughing as she went to the door, " never too late an hour to climb into warmed furs Brother ...Night " she mused, and stepped out the door.

Charlie's parting comment raised dark brows, but he couldn't help but agree.


With Charlie gone the tavern had grown quiet, bringing Myrina to think about her antics of late.  Turning in her stool she gazed to the door, pondering on leaving, or going elsewhere, or perhaps even to return home.

Delsey wasn't without some social skills.  "This It tally you speak of, do the lands resemble this place?" 

"Italy?  In some places it does, where the vineyards lay and the lands rich for farming.  Heathfield, I believe, is a heaven itself.. " She smiled to Delsey.." Does is resemble where you use to live?"


He nodded slowly, thinking on her question as he did.  "They are similar.  This land holds promise, however.  It is good here."  There was a slight tilt of head as he studied this young woman.  "It holds promise for you."  No, it wasn't a question. 


She thought of his question for a moment.."I believe it does, at least my family believes it does"  It held a future, which she did not have before.

Later in the afternoon she finished her gathering of herbs then headed into the mainland to see out a few things in the shops. She would also speak to Alex for he had some salve made by the druid prince for her as well. She came in like a spring breeze, even her scent was of flowers as she headed straight for the bar. Half way there she halted realizing who was here. "Good evening," politely given but there was a glint in dark eyes as she continued on her mission getting the salve from Alex. She also took out some freshly baked rabbit pies from the basket she carried to set out for anyone who wanted them.


Hearing the words brought Myrina to turn and then to smile.  She held the same skin color as Delsey, which Myrina thought was a beautiful bronze.   "Good evening, I am Myrina.." Politely added, but quickly to not intrude on the woman's mission.


"Good evening Myrina," turning as she tucked away the cannister inside the basket, "I am Kuwan."


What a beautiful name. "So nice to meet you, and might I add.. your name is beautiful."


"Kuwan, I did not know you would be coming to the main lands, we could have come together."  He watched his clan sister as she spoke with Alex, pulling off another bite of bread.  "It means butterfly."  He added for Myrina but then he added the food to his mouth. 


There was a slight flush to her cheeks but that could have been for the quick steps that brought her here. "Thank you," not really knowing what else to say. Tearing her gaze from the young woman to Delsey, "I did not know before that I would be. If I had known you were coming I would have joined you in the trip and showed you a few of the shops."

Butterfly? She smiled at the meaning.  "Then I was right, a very beautiful name.." Added quickly as the woman's attention turned to Delsey.

"You are new here, Myrina?" Being she had not seen her before might be a good guess.

"I have been here a few weeks.. but only recently been venturing out of my home" Turning her attention to Kuwan with a smile.


"There are many to meet. Many your age." She was guessing but Myrina looked young.


"I am so looking forward to that, Kuwan.  I have met some of my age, Rina I hope to see again, she made me laugh" Spoken with a smile at the memory of that night. 


Her age?  Delsey looked the young woman over to get a better feel for her age. 


Seeing Delsey look at the young woman that way she quipped, "you can't buy her for ten buffalo skins here. Mat and Yas already tried that when they first arrived."


Blink.  Blink.. And blink again.   She spoke no comment, only viewed Kuwan to perhaps get a better meaning of buying?  "Buffalo?"


"She is worth more?"  How could a woman be worth more than ten? 


She was utterly lost.  So kept quiet.


Not that he was looking her over for that, but still, she was worth more than ten buffalo?  "It is the color of her hair."  Was all he added, surely that was the reason. 


Her hair? She again turned to Kuwan, and it was so obvious Myrina was lost, but still kept quiet.


She only shook her head. Men. They were all the same. That was what she had learned in the past year. "It was only a random number, not real value."


He mouthed the word 'oh', and nodded.   Although, like Myrina, at the moment, Delsey was a bit lost as to the customs here. 


"What is a buffalo?" For either that wish to answer.


The tall, very tall, blond hair, blue eyed and dimples stuck his head in from the back hall to check and see who was here. Noise traveled and he thought heard a few. Seeing as there were a few, he stepped on in.  "Evening everyone." Although dressed down there was a regal air to the crown prince of Ballicastle even for most who did not know him, might well pick it up. There was also quite a few of them that one or another of his brothers probably had been met.

Shocked, Delsey attention snapped right back to the lass. 


She turned to the greeting and smiled "Good evening.." Responded softly.  What?  There was no buffalo in Italy. And Myrina might run when the description was made.


For the moment, any discussion of buffalo ceased as Delsey looked to the large man entering. 


If there was ever a contrast, there he was as one so light came in from nowhere or so it seemed. "Good evening," politely returned as she collected a glass of the punch from Alex, trying the black cherry this time.

"I thought I heard a few in here. Chadrick McAndrews, or Chad or Rick," dimples dipping with the quick smile as both were there and gone in a flash. He was over to collect a tumbler of the potcheen from Alex.

"Nice to meet you, Rick.." She liked that name.  "I am Myrina.. " Not wishing to introduce the others and they know him already, she left introductions for the others to make of themselves.


"Delsey of the Bear, and Kuwanyauma also of the Bear."  He presented to the man. 


"Nice to meet you Rick," being that seemed the chosen name to use, "I am Kuwan," which was also a shortened version of her name.


Myrina lifted the cup of tea and enjoyed a small sip.

"Lia, it is you." See how fast a big man could move! He was across the way and lifting her up into his arms in a nice spin about before setting her to her feet again and didn't he just kiss her right on the mouth in that welcome home. Strong arm would keep her from falling and once all done in those quick few moments, she was on her own again.

Delsey finished off his bread, and his cheese, and lastly his tea and thanked the man behind the bar with a nod.  He didn't miss that greeting though...and he dipped his head to hide the fact he had enjoyed the show of it.  "I will be returning, Kuwan, if you would wish to join me."  If not, Delsey did not fear the woman could find her own way, when she so chose to do it. 


Myrina couldn't help but grin at the scene being played, but also had the good grace to turn with another sip of tea to be enjoyed.


She watched openly, wishing for a moment the scene of Kali and Patwin to greet. Would they in such a manner although she suspected it was not the same circumstances. It was a flightful fancy to see and such thoughts it evoked until drawn from them with the question. "I will return with you being you are going. I can get these back to the medicine woman." Collecting her basket as she quickly finished off her punch. It might hit her on the way home for it was more powerful than she realized to drink it down so fast. She collected one of the rabbit pies to give to Del that he could enjoy on the way.

Myrina was next to hold his attention.  "Myrina, do not piss on your sister overly much.  I am sure if you anger her, it is because she cares for you"  He just butchered that in a major way, but there was pride there on his features, thinking he had just used the young woman's words perfectly to make his point.

"I will try, Delsey." She did not comment on the butchering of the phrase, for the man had spoken words she was thinking herself.   She had apologizes to make when she returned, she knew this.  "Nice to meet you both" Addressed to both Kuwan and Delsey.."Be safe on your journey home."


She squeaked as she was suddenly lifted and spun and gave Rick a hug before he put her down.  The kiss was a surprise but given in return before they stepped back.  And two she didn't know were leaving.  She lifted a hand in a farewell before looking way up at Rick.

And because it was Kuwan's rabbit pie, there was no doubt that he would enjoy!  He slipped from his stool, nodding off a farewell to everyone in the room.  "I have a box of nails and some other metal necessities to bring back as well, Kuwan."


So they were not to arrive empty handed back at the Village. "Good evening, may the spirits watch over you," spoken as she was on her way out. She also got a better look at the colorful outfit worn by the other.

He continued to the door and held it open for her.  Then stepped out after her, closing it again in their wake. 


"That was Kuwan and Delsey of the Bear Tribe." Which he wondered if she had been gone that long a time. Time was something he didn't take good track of unless it involved a battle. Which reminded him to give Alex the papers of a battle scenario he'd come up with and how to utilize a defense that became an offense move.  Alex usually looked them over and left any notes in the margin. Rick admired the man and his opinion.


She sat upon the stool enjoying the tea and leaving the two to their conversation.


Next he introduced Myrina, "and this is the lady Myrina. Myrina, this is the lady Athalia."


"A pleasure to meet you, Athalia." Smiled warmly with her gaze to linger on the woman's clothing. "I love your clothing, very beautiful"

"Kuwan I think I remember.   Delsey isn't familiar to me."  She was around to give Alex a hug though. The man had known her since she was a small girl.  Then she smiled at the lass being introduced. "Well met, Myrina.  It's a pleasure to meet you."  She laughed and inclined her head. "Thank you. I tend to like bright colors, and my mother obliges." 

"They bring out your hair and eyes.." Spoken with the warmest of tones, so glad to meet more from this land.

She grinned as she caught a glimpse of the papers.  "You'll never change, Rick." Not that it was a bad thing.  He had saved a few lives with his stratagies.  "There's a trick to that you know."  Attention back to Myrina.  "If you wear the colors you love, you'll sparkle."

"Truly?" She smiled brightly, knowing now she would wear more purples and golds.  She trusted this woman's words, for her clothing was like the wildflowers that bloom in the spring.. "I shall try to do that then"


"Then I hope you like me just the way I am.." grinning brought the dimples and a quick wink from the prince. He let the ladies talk as he shared a few words with Alex.  


Hearing Rick's words to Athalia brought Myrina to smile.  All she had seen on these lands was kindness and love.  Yes, she was glad she followed her brothers here.

"Of course I do, and hopefully no one will ever insist you change, dear Rick."  She had to reach a bit but she brushed her fingers along his jaw.  "And that you'll tell them to dance off a bridge if they do."  She had known Rick for a long time too,  and teasing came naturally. 

She had finished the tea, but with Alex busy speaking with Rick, she merely placed the cup on the bar for Alex to take when he could.

"So, you are one of the newcomers here as well?"  She accepted a glass of peach flavored potcheen punch and took a sip after asking, blues back on Myrina. "Have you been here long?"

"Yes, I have only been here a few weeks.  Myself and my brothers joined my sister here, and I have loved all I have seen thus far.  Especially the lake, simply beautiful" Turning attention to Athalia with a smile. 


Which had him laugh, a rich sound that filled the room for the moment.  "As in take a long walk off a short dock." Which he liked the teasing. "If you have some time, join me in a walk up to the castle and see some of our friends there. They are going to be tickled to see you again. You have to tell me all about your trip," leaning down with a few lowered words for her ears only, "and why you took it." There was the friend's concern.


She turned her attention away as Rick began to speak to Athalia.  Leaving them to their conversation with her own gaze to study the cut of her empty glass of tea.

"Some of our friends are at the castle?  Why are they hiding there?"  She chuckled, then gave him an impish look. "I went to school, sweet prince.  But war interfered and here I am again.   Though I'm working at the hospital, well, more the herbal shop than the hospital."  She gave him a bump with her hip. "Have you seen the castle, Myrina?  You should visit the library, and the museum there."

"I have yet to see the castle, but cannot wait to view all you have spoken of.  I have never seen a castle before, well outside yes, inside never" Eyes seem to widen at the prospect of viewing one.

"Well, both library and the museum are open to everyone, during certain hours of course.  The gardens are too I believe but don't quote me on that."  She gave a dramatic sigh and motioned toward Rick.   "Thoughtful again, though it's good to know some things never change   Then again, some things never stop changing."  And so life went.

A smile of thanks coiled about her lips. She would have to find out, and take a tour when it was allowed.  She enjoyed museums, and could not wait to visit the one here.

"I'm not sure who runs it anymore.  Abigail Fraiser used to run the library and I think she still does.  And there's a zoo here.  It was just beginning when I left so I'm anxious to see it."  She pursed her lips thoughtfully.  "The lake should be filled with peepers soon, and there are the Celtic Gardens, and of course, once the snow is off the mountains, you might catch a glimpse of the wild horses, and you should definitely see the light house."

"A zoo?  Truly?"  Her brother often resided in Africa, so she loved to see animals from there. "Horses? Wild horses?  Oh Athalia I adore horses" Her tone held excitement, so did her eyes.  "Light house?  I believe there is one close to my home.  Thank you so much, I cannot wait to see it all.  My brother often does business in Africa, so Lions and such I enjoy seeing."


Rick was leaning there grinning, Lia was still as talkative as ever and that was something that had not change. He was enjoying listening to the two.

Aye, and the woman who takes care of it comes from a family who follow the old ways so the animals are seen without cages. Even the birds have a special enclosure.  She had plans to expand it  too." Don't forget fast.  She could talk fast and still be understood. 

"Those are the best zoos, in my opinion.  I once seen a bear caged, dancing bear they called him.  I am glad to see animals that are free" Her mind was going a thousand miles a minute, trying to take it all in, and deciding which to see first.

"They couldn't allow something like that here."  She laughed softly as she motioned in the direction of the castle. "Not with the Queen we have."  And the crown paid for it all.  She looked at Rick and narrowed her eyes playfully.

"My sister told me how beautiful the Queen is, so I believe it." She smiled and then turned to request another drink, when Alex had the time of course.

"Just what are you grinning at, sir?"  A light poke was applied to his side before she was taking another drink of the potcheen.  It was only a small glass though. She didn't intend to stay out late.  Well, not terribly late.  "She is and is the heart of the Kingdom."

"My sister was always afraid of royalty, but the queen, and her son, helped Anthea to see they are people like us." And she smiled, for she believed each word Athalia spoke of.  Glad she had come to a land with a queen that had showed such patience and kindness to her sister. "Charlie told me of camping, cannot wait to camp under the stars here."

"Which son?   Oh, Charlie.  I haven't seen her yet, but I'm sure I will." After all, Kenneth worked on the McDonough ranch.  She finished her drink and placed the glass on the counter. "Some of the vardo have canvas sides and can be opened up at night once the weather is warm.  She glanced at the cuckoo clock thoughtfully.  She should have just enough time to visit the castle, and head back to her vardo to sleep.

"Prince Leoric.." Answered with a smile and then silent as she listened to her speak of Charlie.  "She taught me today the meaning of vardo, so am glad of that or I would be asking you yet another question" Twitch of a grin.  "Perhaps I shall find out more of those, to sleep out in the night with" She too thought the hour late, and should arrive home in time to sneak in when all were sleeping. "I should take my leave now, before my family send the dogs after me?" Warm smile.


"I'm enjoying myself and not wishing to interrupt." All her finger would have felt was solid muscle in that poke.

"It was really nice to meet you, Athalia.. and you too Rick.  " Spoken as she jumped from the stool.."I hope to see you both soon, and perhaps enjoy an outing or talking" She couldn't help it, she moved to kiss first Athalia's cheek and then a kiss blown to the tall man.  "Until next we meet." With a wave the woman was rushing out the door like Cinderella.  Had to be home before the hour struck two.!



Date: 03-31-11
Poster: Myrina Valentina
Post # 9

Who do I address this to?  Dear Journal?  Dear who? 

Anthea bought me this journal in hopes I will scribe my thoughts and dreams within these pages.  It is a good idea, and nothing less then what I do when I pray to my father each night.  Perhaps I shall name it Papa, and then I can speak to him as if he was alive and by my side.


I have been sneaking out a lot.  Yes I know it is silly of me, perhaps even downright dangerous, but I need to have the freedom I am so use too.  A freedom I have taken due to my brothers wishing to hide me away.

Thru my own merits, I have met people.  Some near my age, some closer to my sister and brothers age.  I have enjoyed the time I have spent with each one, even to find out new creatures and that magic truly exist.

A buffalo.  I know now what they are.  Molly explained it to me, and I came home to raided my brother's Erastos closet.  Cetan had lived in the colonies, so I knew I would find anything to resemble what Kuwan had spoken.  A buffalo.  I am afraid to say, thievery is now my trade, for I took the small portrait from Erastos.   The animal looks so majestic, standing in the plains with the grass blending into the brown of his fur.  I hope he does not mind I have taken ownership of it.

Celtic Gardens.  Molly had told me about them, and how it stayed warm there all year round.  Of fairies that live there, not only in books.  She gave me directions, and I wish to venture that way soon to see the blooms, witness the magic, and breathe in the air of what sounds like paradise to me.

Tykir told me of how our queen held two champions.  Peter, the King of Innis, and Karl, the King of Heathfield, and her beloved husband.  I do not know what a champion is, and did not wish to ask and feel stupid.  But I can have my own opinion. A champion to our beautiful queen, was King Karl, for he stole her heart. 

I have heard about so much of these lands, and lands beyond.  Of the rich history and legends that dance along this land for all to know if they so desire.  And I desire, Papa..  I wish to see the museum, and the library.  Climb the mountains and watch the wild horses fly by.

I love this country, papa.  I believe more then I ever loved Italy.

Vostra figlia, 

Myrina Valentina Vassallo

Date: 04-01-11
Poster: Myrina Valentina
Post # 10


  I had fun tonight, but broke a promise I made to Anthea.  She trusts me.  And I deceived her.  She changed Achaz mind so I can at least care for Apollo, and I went to Rhydin.

  I went to the one place all wish myself and Anthea to stay away.  A place that held chilled memories for my Greek sister.

  But I had to go.  I had to spend time with Davin, Molly, Tykir, and Sir Bannon.  I know nothing would have happen to me.  I know that for a fact.  Sir Bannon is a knight.  Davin a man, whose strength held me tonight.  And Tykir is prince of Heathfield.  All would have defended myself and Molly if the Pirate Lord had come across our small group.

  I was safe.  Even with Molly.  I see it in the woman.   Even myself.  I believe we could have all taken any enemies and lead them a merry chase.

  It was fun.  It was freedom.  I will not regret it, how can I regret a free spirit.

  I will keep this from Anthea and pray she does not find out.  I will keep from all my family, to never breathe this to another soul, not even Anthea's ward Jeremy.  He hated Rhydin as much as Anthea.   I have lied to two people I love.  Anthea my sister.  Jeremy like a brother. 

I pray you forgive me papa.  That you do not judge me from heaven, but understand.  Dareios often speaks of you, of how much I am like you.  Never to see danger, but march forward.  Never to walk on coals without them scorching my feet.  And, always looking a challenge in the eye and running after it.  I am proud if you held these traits, papa.

For now, I need to sleep.  Morning comes early and we have done a lot to begin our vineyards, as well as building the fencing for my brother's dairy cows.  I don't see what interest my siblings to both, when all I wish is to find adventure and excitement.  But I know, it will not support me in coming years. 

Vostra figlia,

Myrina Valentina Vassallo

Date: 04-01-11
Poster: Anthea Drakos
Post # 11

It was the bewitching hour.  A time of night when monsters of her youth were told might come out.  A time when she use to be so fast asleep, but now was darting between trees to make her escape from any guards to see this youngest Vassallo. She was almost home!  As the last guard moved from the side of her home, she quickly glanced left and right before darting to the servants entrance, Hermes moving by her side.  "If I get caught, it will be due to you.." Placing her finger to lips she gazed down to the dog with a grin.  One more guard.  They had to get by just one more guard.  And the pup was actually being pretty quiet!

Anthea could not sleep, and she could not understand why.  It was no nightmares that took her from sleep, or something that troubles most for their lack of sleep, she just could not sleep.  Carefully she eased from bed, grabbing hold of her robe as she lifted from the massive structure.  No amount of will power would bring the sand man, and she finally surrendered to the fact sleep would have to wait.  What could she do?  It was too soon to begin on the paper.  Read?  She didn't feel like it.  With a  grunt, she gave a shrug of shoulders and tip toe'd from the bed to quietly take hold of the candle holder, moving to the hearth that still held some flame, and used a small lighting stick to bring life from the hearth to the tip of the purple candle. 

"Ssssssh." She made the sound to Hermes as her back was held to the side of the house.  Easing over she looked to her right and seen the back of the guard.  She had about ten minutes before he would turn to walk to the gardens.  She had about five minutes to move the five feet to the servant's entrance.  One.  Two.  Three.  She was moving quietly, and trying to be so quiet, praying Hermes would as well.  With the key out, she unlocked the door, ushered Hermes in, and quickly moved in as well.  Locking the door and then dropping to her knees until she heard the guard make his round again. She had time to think about the night. Davin had been gracious to take her back, and she thought Thor a lovely horse, but she missed Apollo.  How she wished he could have been with them, and how she wished she could have showed him off.  But a deal had been a deal.  The horse for her freedom. 

The deal had been no attempts to see Rhydin again!  A deal Anthea would never had thought her sister would have broken.  A promise made, and a promise broken.  What would the sister do when she found out?  What could she do?  Hadn't she broken the same promise.  With candle lit, and held to lighten her steps, Anthea moved with a final gaze to the bed.  Sleep would be so lovely, and the lump looked tempting, but she would find sleep later.  Easing the door open, she slipped quietly from her rooms only to ease the door shut with no noise made.  She would hate to wake up anyone.

This sister knew it was a bad thing if Anthea found out.  So she wouldn't!  "Ok, now you go lay on your pillow, and I crawl out of here."  With a wink she watched as Hermes did just that.  He found his bed near the dying hearth, and was soon fast asleep.  The pup had slept the entire time Myrina had left with the kids.  But was glad to be home.  For even animals knew where home was.  "Good night.." She whispered to the Irish wolfhound.  Whispered might she add, while doing the low crawl on the kitchen floors that would lead her to the main hall downstairs.  She just needed to get to her brother's office, and then she would be home free!

First she would check on Jeremy.  He had work come morning, she knew this, but would be quiet. The boy had become as close to her as any in her life, almost a son was the twelve year old to the young woman.  And that brought her to smile bright, and her olive visage almost glow with delight.  She had found so many to come into her life of late.  Those she loved, and would die without a second thought if it meant to save them.  Door was opened slowly, a smile to brighten as she seen the lump on the bed stay still in slumber.  "It is only I..." Spoken to Angaidh, Jeremy's guard who slept at the foot of the young boy's bed.  "I am sorry.. go back to sleep." 

Slowly the kitchen doors were open, studying the area cautiously for guards.  Spit!  They had hired to many of them, and not one could keep up with her.  With a grin, she rushed from the kitchen doors to the basement doors.  A door that led to her brother Achaz private domain.  Slipping inside, she eased the door shut behind her before rushing down the stairs to where she had hidden her night clothes.  She had done it again and had to grin to herself.  Down here she was safe from the guards, because they only came down her once a night, and that time had come and pass.  "You would kill me.." Spoken to her brother's empty office.  It was like a tomb here, but he liked it this way.  Quickly changing, she stashed her clothing behind the large statue of Zeus.  And then eased herself from his office.  She had to look to the area, which always would stay lit with the candle left to burn.   It was a place of fears.  Animal heads, portraits of his dead family.  "A bloody shrine.." Well at least she was getting Achaz to slowly rid himself of the dead animals!

With Jeremy's chamber doors shut, she turned then to move toward Myrina's chambers.  How much would she win in a bet if she lay odds she was not there?  Most likely a bloody fortune!  And guards?  Anthea was trying to hard to find a guard that could keep up with Myrina, but all had failed.  "Aggravating.." Mumbled the tiny Greek as she opened her sister's chamber doors and looked to the bed.  A lump?  Hmmm.  Now with the other two rooms she knew there were lumps, but here..  "Myrina.." Shaking her head she moved into the darkness of the chamber, only to realize she was right.  Myrina was not in bed. 

The gig was up.  But she didn't know that.  She eased from the basement area just in time to see a guard and smile.  "Greetings."  She waved happily to the curious guard, and hoped like hell she did not smell like potcheen!

Anthea rushed out the doors.  Leaving them open as she moved toward the stairs to gather her a snack.  She knew Myrina was sneaking out.  And had done it herself quite a lot when in Scotland.  But these times were different, and Myrina knew it.  Danger circled their family like vultures, and the youngest Vasallo thought she invincible!  "Something amiss, Mistress Drakos?" The guard questioned Anthea has she moved from the steps.  "I am fine.. ." A smile reassured the guard, while she was trying to not worry.  This was Heathfield!  She could sneak out and be fine.

She had the luck God gave a one legged arse kicker!  Anthea!  With hand to lift, and blowing into her palm, she figured she smelled ok and moved out of the shadows where her sister had just finished conversing with a guard.  "Very late" Yawn. Yawn.  "Believe I will go back to bed.."

"Where have you been?" Anthea was not buying it.  And no she didn't smell anything particular, but give her time.  Grabbing Myrina's arm, she hauled her into the Lavender Salon, not but a few feet away.  "Are you daft?" Pulling Myrina into the room first, she then entered with the door to shut behind her.  "Erastos will be home soon, and you will have more freedom taken away. " Looking away she could have kicked the wall, no brandy for a night trying to reason with this girl.

Rhydin?  She had the good grace to look guilty, for a mere second before a shrug was seen.  "I have done it with all the brothers, and I was in Heathfield.  No worries.." The lie came so easily, so too did the stab in her gut.  She hated to do this to Anthea, she truly did.  But how could she refuse such a grand adventure as she experienced tonight?  She couldn't.  "I will slow down when Achaz is home, but Anthea please.. you said once you understood."

"Sweetheart I do understand.." Moving to sit with Myrina on the settee.  "But this is very late don't you think?  My God, in two hours some will leave for work, some will leave for work in the fields.. and you will be sleeping your.." Then the smell hit her.." You have been drinking too?"  Yes, she needed to find her a guard!

"Yes I have, but not as much as Tykir.  You should have seen him put it away.  And I was with Molly, the one I met with Rina at the Thistle?  Oh and Sir Bannon was with us, and made me laugh.  Oh and Anthea, I met the man that takes care of the lighthouse.. Davin."  She did not mention where they had been, or whose horse had taken her there and back again.  She wasn't that drunk to blow it!  "But you cannot tell anyone, please?"

"Myrina you know I won't tell anyone." She smiled as her arms engulfed Myrina in a tight hug.  "And with so many, I imagine you had fun.." And that would be all she would ask about the evening.  She had been safe, that is all that mattered.

Safe yes.  Smart?  Perhaps not. She had broken a promise and went to Rhydin. But truth be told, she would do it again.  Now was time for any saints that listen to high spirited people to listen.  Don't let anyone find out!

Date: 04-01-11
Poster: Erastos Vassallo
Post # 12

Erastos in Rhydin

It was late afternoon when Erastos was finished helping with the unloading of food and beverage.  Some of his best customers were those that lived on the shadow side of life.  Since he intended to captain the Flying Cetan himself on this voyage, he had his first mate, Mr. Jones, accompany him while they inspected the ship from stern to stern.  When he was satisfied that it was sea-worthy, Erastos gave orders to ready the ship.

"Anything on the pirate?"  Mr. Jones questioned as he followed the Captain down the plank that would lead off the ship.

"Not a bloody thing.  Not even a trail of his depravity."  The Captain was tired of all this.  Fingers combed through his hair as he looked at the area surrounding.. the Rhydin Docks.  "He is sick, why can't we find anything living or dead to give us some hint of where he is?" The Greek had transformed from a clean faced Vassallo, to the bearded Italian that had been a privateer for the same country.

"We have been here only a few days, Captain.  Give it time.."  Mr. Jones turned to make his way up the plank.  "None are untouchable.."

Erastos turned and brought strides to carry him deeper into the crowd, viewing that which is Rhydin.  He had been to many places.  Had called many shores home.  But these docks, they held the death and decay of more then anything he had seen.  Creatures that flew in the night, letting the shadows be their guide.  To the winged creatures that would devour anything that looked at them wrong. 

The man held his right hand on the hilt of his sword.  Dark eyes to watch everything that crossed along them.  His ears stayed tune to the surroundings, to the conversations from a wench wishing more money for her time, to a flower girl begging one to buy her flowers.  "How much?" The man crouched near the child and her mother.  Both he noticed had seen better days.  "How much you got?"   And so it begin.  His travels on the Rhydin docks, and how a child could be taught so easily to use one for money.

He was just passing a man with two heads, when he caught a familiar head to the corner of his sight "Weasel!" Turning, he watched as the bastard took flight thru the crowd.  Boots moved quickly along the cobbled stone.  Skipping to the right to mess one large bear, to jumping over an elf tying his shoes.  Weasel.  That son of a .....

Weasel looked over his shoulder in pure fear.  He had doubled crossed the captain, and he knew the man would kill him if he was caught.  The weasel was not so gracious in his escape.  He shoved one man away, bringing that man to turn and throw a punch to another.  Erastos was running into this group fight.  Ducking from one blow, and spinning, he slammed his left fist into a Troll's head.  Using enough strength to have the creature stumble slightly.  He was still running, only to flip once with his body to land in a crouch as a use limb was aimed at him.  Jumping up, he spun to elbow his next opponent in the throat.  "Weasel, ye son of a bitch.."

The man in question had the good grace to cringe when the limb almost took off the captain's head.  But then cursed because it didn't.  The tiny man was gaining the lead thru the docks.  Turning around once to see Erastos had freed himself from the fight and was gaining ground again.

Weasel had a good reason to be afraid.  He had turned on Erastos Vassallo, the Captain.  He had sold information to the Pirate Lord of his family, and was even half responsible for the wound Anthea had suffered from.  Christ!  He was running out of air and needed to escape somehow.

"Myrina!"  Weasel shouted with a point to the warehouse.  But he did not turn in that direction, the weasel was still running thru the crowd.

But Erastos stopped dead in his tracks.  Myrina?  Turning slowly, he saw the blonde that looked like his sister.  Well, from the back.  "What the..."  Could this day get any worse?  Erastos called her name several times.  And when she did not listen, the man growled.

"Excuse me?" The blonde turned and Erastos stopped dead in his tracks.  Christ!  "Ye want a taste of little Bessie?  A bit of the slap and tickle?"  Wrapping his arm around the saucy morsel, he shook his head.  "Well Bessie my sweet. " The whisper from this man brought his tone to lower .."I am busy at the moment.  But save those sweet lips for another time"  Removing his hold from the lass, he moved back as if he was looking to her arse, which he was.  "Have you heard of the Pirate Lord." She was prostitute.  All knew the pirate craved the play in bed, and the shiver of reaction from the wench gave him the answer before she spoke.  "That one bae sick."  With that she huffed and moved off.

So he was here.  And so was Weasel.  Interesting.  Erastos rubbed his mustache with the tip of his forefinger.  Time to find out if Mickey had died or not.  And if he did, no prayers of thanksgiving would come from this Vassallo, only a grin that Mickey's trip to hell was a good one.

Date: 04-03-11
Poster: Anthea Drakos
Post # 13

At times silence can guide your steps.  The heart to lead the way to an area that you would not have entered otherwise.  It was that time for Anthea.  A time to visit the attic and the memories Achaz had salvaged for her, from so many years before.  A time when laughter and love filled her young soul, and Greece was her blanket of stars each night.

Silver hues gazed upward to the rope, fingers to slowly reach up and pull the stairs down from the ceiling itself.  She had to finally do this, finally see that which was her childhood.  "Go on.." With a breath she moved up the stairs leaving Anna to direct Jeremy downstairs to help clean up.

The small window in the attic gave enough light for Anthea to direct her strides where the items would be held.  The two boxes held her attention, almost as if they held voices and were calling to her.  And she gladly answered the call.  What would she find?  How would she feel?  It had been so long since last she seen her family, her homeland.  Could she endure memories to come again?  Not only good memories of a time never forgotten, but the nightmares as well.

Lowering her form into a crouch, she adjusted the dark pink of her gown, making sure the wool did not block her path to open both wooden boxes.  Knees soon found perch on the wooden floor, clicking the lock open and cautiously opening the lid to the first box.  And what held her gaze first almost brought her to fall back.  She had forgotten.  How could she have forgotten?  Poseidon.

The first item she found was a painting of the God Poseidon.  The bottom had been burnt, the black edges bringing her to remember the smell, the image, the fire.  Gently she pulled the portrait from the safety of its home, tugging until she could view that which had been in the main room of her home in Greece.  She could see her mother standing within the area that was held in the center of her home so long ago.  A home she missed, loved, and would never forget.

She slowly sat back, knees drawn up beneath the wool of her gown, arms to hug them as she viewed the portrait still held within her gaze.  How could she have forgotten how much her grandfather had loved the ancient God.  For whatever reason, he had been important to her grandfather's life.  "Poseidon.."

A grandfather dead for so long now, she almost forgot what he looked like.  A man that would have fought to save her mother, of this she knew.  A father figure that held such love and devotion for her grandmother, she had died not long after the fever had taken Abrax Drakos.

So long it had been since she thought of him.  His laughter and sweet smile.  His love and devotion to family.  He had been a good man. A man that had taken a bastard grandchild, and loved her as if she was his own.  "I miss you.."

The ring.  Would the ring be here?  Placing the portrait on the ground, she lifted to her knees again to rummage through the items. Would she find it?  Had it been salvaged from the fire?  A fire that took her home like a typhoon could wipe away lands.

She ignored the shadows coming closer to where she knelt.  Ignored the dust that was flying about, as well as decorating the dark purple of her gown.  She wanted to find the ring.  A ring that had been important to Abrax, and given to her with a tale of where it had come from.

She had to find the ring, needed it.  A simple band of gold and onyx, but still something that had been given to her before his death.  She could remember it like it was yesterday.

"Come here sweetheart."  Abrax was so frail, his hand barely able to move, but it lifted up to motion Anthea to him.

The eleven year old Greek moved slowly to where her grandfather lay.  She knew the time was coming close, and this brought the girl to finally come face to face with mortality.  Anthea had been wrong, he was not larger then life.

"I want you to have this" Abrax held the gold and onyx ring in his grasp.  Trying so hard to hold it out to his grand daughter.  "My father told me it once belonged to Alexander the Great.  Always keep it close, never forget who once wore it."  And then he smiled, one of those smiles where Anthea did not know if he was telling the truth or not.

He had laughed some with Anthea that day, but late into the night Abrax had passed away.

Anthea had mourned him so deeply.  But had forgotten about him and family when she was whisked away to Scotland.  She had forgotten about happy endings.. until now.

"I am so sorry.." Whispered into the shadows as she held the item she prayed would be found.  A simple ring to some, but to Anthea... it was part of her history, and perhaps aide to the danger surrounding her family.

Date: 04-07-11
Poster: Myrina Valentina
Post # 14

What was time to some?  Was it the short period between birth and death?  Or perhaps the time in which you watch your youth slowly vanish.  It was neither for the blonde and Apollo.  Time was sixty minutes, an hour, a period in which she could feel like she was flying again.

Fingers held tightly within the coarse hair of Apollo's mane.  Her lower body was leaning forward, her hair flying about as if she held wings and was soaring across the country side.   She was given a short time to enjoy.  A time she yearned.

She loved Apollo.  Had loved him since the day Dareios had bought him.  The horse had been young, and Myrina only four years younger then she is now.  The two were close.  None able to ride the steed without Myrina near, and other horses did not compare to the speed in which the stallion moved across the lands.

Time was like an hour glass.  The sands never to break strides in their dropping of time.  And Myrina would not take from that time.  She would enjoy the hour and ride across the lands with Apollo to fly by the passing  scenery.  The scenery that flew by so fast, she kept the glow within her green eyes at the beauty such speed held.  Speed that she craved, desired, a movement in time in which she was in control.  To direct Apollo to the left, over to the right, or to jump a fallen log with the ease of a dancer.

Time not seeing her new found friends was missed, but time with Apollo had been missed as well.  Restricted from the animal due to her foolishness with the stable door.  Only able to care for the animal for the stupidity of ripping her rooms apart with Anthea's temper to fly.  And, finally, a trip up north still held secret, and a trip she wanted so badly to take again.

Apollo was directed to sprint through some high trees, smiling brightly as the mighty tree almost was going to be their deaths, and then the mighty steed to dart to the right and continue at the break neck speed.  Myrina was an adrenaline junky, she loved this stuff.  She was one that wanted to be the person to find the next big discovery. 

Myrina Valentina Vassallo wanted to be remembered for something great.  Some grand adventure.  Some golden find.  Anything, she just didn't know what yet.

"Jump!"  The two trees were seen in the distant. Almost laying like a huge cross, with the middle to be the point of the jump  Myrina did not close her eyes, nor did she try to gauge the distant and height, she held complete trust in her friend.  

And she was right to do so. 

With the grace God had given this majestic steed, they were soaring into the heavens, Myrina's body to sit up and hold her arms out.  She craved the freedom of riding like a wild woman along the lands, she craved the feel of the wind gliding along her features.  


This was heaven to Myrina.  Heaven that brought her knees to tighten as the ground came closer to view, and soon fingers to hold the mane as front hooves dug into the dirt to find their way back to the manor once more.

Time.  Hour.  But why did it only feel mere seconds. 

Time was not thought upon as she approached the stables.  An hour forgotten as green eyes studied the familiar figure of the maid's husband.  Lightly petting Apollo's side, she gave the silent command and the horse and woman stood still. 

"Good day to you, Sir.  May I help you?"  Myrina did not move from the horse's back.  She did not even attempt to bring Apollo within the stables. 

"I am only waiting for my wife."  The man tipped his head in a nod.  The silent greeting to the blonde.  "Nice horse."

Myrina moved from Apollo's back as one of the guards approached.  "Take him to the stables please?"  Soft smile was given to Timmons, knowing Anthea was busy within the manor library.  "I will be fine." 

The guard hesitated only brief minutes before guiding the black stallion back to the stables.

"I will let her know you are here"  Turning to view the taller man, tilting her head a bit to view him eye to eye.  She also wish to remember his face, to remember his scent.  She did not trust him.

"No no.. that is fine. She must be working late."  The man tipped his head again.  "Thank you"

Without another word, Myrina turned from the sight of the stranger toward the entrance of the manor.  She did not say goodbye, nor did she wish him well.  He reminded her none she had ever met, perhaps that was the distrust?

As she approached the door she took off for a run.  Seeing the Scotswoman had her anxious to tell anyone about her hour in the sun.  She would do more within the manor, and the grounds.  Perhaps the more she did, the more she could gain more time to fly along the lands?  She lived for that kind of stuff!

Date: 05-11-11
Poster: Anthea Drakos
Post # 15

One candle held light in this tomb of an office. One flicker of light to bring to life any that be within. A man sat in the shadows, the turmoil of the last few years grew heavy on his mind, but still he held true to his family name, and the final end to this curse. Both his older brothers were off to Africa. To a land filled with warring tribes and torture beyond anyone's belief, and his brothers were in the thick of it all. He knew how it felt to be as one with natives. He remembered the pain that danced along his face when war had came to the Shawnee. He had been a warrior. A man to wear the deerskin of a warrior. A shirt earned by defeating the tribe that took his Cetan's life. He could think of her now without the pain. He could now look to her face in life, and not wonder what her face had looked in death.

"Erastos?" Anthea had grown worried for her brother. He had not let himself been seen, nor had he ate with the family. He had hid away in their brother's office like a theif in the night. Leaving all else in the capable hands of herself, Anna, and Ji. "You have barely been seen of late, brother dear.." Smile came easily for this brother, and strides to bring her bare feet to where her brother took comfort.

The soft voice of his sister brought dark eyes to peer into the door and watch Anthea has she smiled. "I have wanted some privacy, sister. " He held out his hand and knew she would take it.."One hurdle is complete, but you know we have another."

Anthea squeezed his hand tightly, flowing to her knees to smile to the brother that knew her as well as she knew herself. "Leave him to Achaz. He has more reason to hate our father than any of us do." She released his hand and smiled warmly.."He remembers it all, Erastos.. while we remember naught but what has been told to us. " And memories their older brother held she would never wish to bare that burden.

"I have received only one missive, Anthea. .. " Could Anthea endure the rumor of what their baby brother was enduring in Africa? He would find out now.."There are rumors of torture being held to one white man with dark eyes. His screams are heard throughout the valley, but our brothers cannot find him." Elbows found perch on the arms of the chair, fingers to steeple in the air as he studied her closely. "Whether it is true or not, there is a possibility he might be found dead."

Anthea jumped from the ground, the white of her nightgown fluttered as she moved quickly from Erastos' side. She had yet to meet her baby brother. Only stories from Myrina whom loved and adored this brother. A brother that could feel such torture that his screams brought African's to run in fear. "Don't speak like this.."

"Speak like what? Like one that knows what could happen instead of a fairy tale version of it?" His form lifted from the chair, larger strides moved to take his sister by her arms and shake her gently.."He was like you and Myrina. Always running here, riding there never listening. Don't think I have not been told about your silly trip to Rhydin many weeks ago, or weeks past when I caught you there myself." One brother might be dead. A sister had almost found that kiss, and now this sister. "When one says to do something, it is meant not as a joke, but to bloody well listen and stay put."

Anthea had never seen Erastos in such a state. Closing her eyes as he ranted and raved, and tears to sneak past closed lids at the prospect the youngest boy might be dead. "I'm sorry.." Words spoken from the very depths of her soul.

"Be ready for the worse. If a body comes home, then a burial we will have. Greek style." Erastos removed his grasp from Anthea. "And if only ashes arrive, then I leave that to you and your God Posiedon." Erastos moved from Achaz office, leaving his sister in the dark with not another word spoken.

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