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Gato de la Nave Tavern

Date: 10-21-04
Poster: Neale Frasier
Post # 1

The Ship's C'ats
Neale, Patrick and Robert Frasier

There was an eerie light along the docks.  The glow of street lamps, the flicker of lanterns from within the establishments, the peek and hide of the moon as the clouds slid across it.  Neale Frasier watched those who passed, the occasional tendril of smoke from the confines of his pipe, the escape of the same from the corner of his lips.  The flat of his foot rested to the pole where he stood.  A lean?  Neale Frasier?  But this was not the Duke of Falkirk, here at the docks.  This ... was the Captain of Flame's Fury.  A black, wool coat had been donned against the chill so close to the water, shielding the immaculate attire beneath.  Some things didn't change according to title.  At the moment, nothing seemed to hold his attention for long ... he was ... a seaman with time on his hands.

It was more than the eerie glow but whispered words of seduction as certain ones passed in hope they had a spare coin for a favor. Patrick passed off their offers but sometimes spared a coin anyway. He had other matters on his mind to be waylaid even if tempted. Green eyes were tempered by the night in darkness held as he headed to where the Fury was docked. He knew his brother would be about and sought his company. Someone had to worry on the oldest! Why he was such a thorn in his side. Cloak donned for the crisp air of autumn as the ankle length brushed against his boots in the determined stride that took him down along the pier before rounding on the majestic silhouette of his brother's ship against the moonlight backdrop. "Good night to be out." Called to his brother as he approached.

Another long pull of the tobacco, the exhale was tilted to the side and the pipe lowered.  "So it seems, for here you are."  He smiled, dropping his foot from where he had it propped on the post.

Good for all three perhaps.  Rob had been meeting with a prospective client and was now making his way along the docks. He had turned in that direction just to see Neale's ship. It had been a while. Familiar figures ahead had him slowing slightly in his approach.  How convenient!

He was up along the rail as a fragrant cigar was pulled from an inner pocket of his cloak. The flare of the match struck along the bottom of his boot before setting the cigar to life. Grayish smoke lifted to trail about his head as teeth clenched in hold as he grinned around it, even spoke through his teeth. "Well, I'll be, a ship rat coming to make a home on the Fury."

Neale pitched forward, looking around the thorn there at his side to catch a glimpse of family.  Neale motioned the other Frasier over. It was a fine night for a family gathering.  But then, when wasn't it in Neale's opinion?

"Not likely."  He chuckled as he approached his brothers.  The chill of the evening was kept at bay by a heavy cloak. "Taking in the night air, both of you?"

The sight of a beautiful lady, graceful lines and gentle movements, could always draw a man.  The Fury was no different in her allure.  "It is a fine night for it, so I'm told."  Greens touched on Patrick before returning to Robert.  "There's no reason not to enjoy the evening inside a tavern, though, Brothers, if you wouldn't mind my buying the first round."  He grinned, turning just enough to tap the bowl of his pipe against the support of that pole, the contents disappearing into the darkness of sea...and shadow.

One of the more seedy taverns along the boardwalk burst into shouting after a window was smashed. It split the quiet of the night as fighting commenced. One started and then others getting in on the fun. A woman's high pitched voice then pierced as a man tried to grab her and another flattened him out with a good right hook. "And the sights." Uplift of his chin to the commotion that was started up.

"I don't mind at all." He looked over his shoulder at the fight and grinned, watching a moment. "So I see.  Amusing enough as long as it doesn't involve us."

"And so the evening continues..."  The pipe was tucked away to an inside pocket of his coat, watching the ruckus just down the way from them. A hand fell on Patrick's shoulder as the eldest Frasier started down the street.  "I know just the place."

He followed behind the two, glancing over his shoulder once more at the fight.  Grin appearing then he hurried to catch up.

"I'm game." He was in a mood for some drinking as with the grasp of Neale's hand on his shoulder he was moving too. Smoke trailed as the cigar was moved to one side of his mouth as they walked along. The smoke would not get in his eyes that way but it was angled from where he positioned himself to land in Robert's.

For the most part, the tavern seemed quiet enough.  Several of the tables nearer the walls had already been claimed by other patrons, those preferring their solitude or just the company they had arrived with.  The lanterns were turned down so that the glow illuminated just enough, the fire in the large stone hearth added a reddish orange blend of light and warmth.  Bar maids leaned near the bar.  The hour was still young, but they were ready for when the traffic of patrons finally arrived.  Two pushed up from their lazy stances as the three men entered. 

He stepped to the side to avoid the smoke, smirking slightly at the younger Frasier.  The tavern was studied as he followed the two inside.  Then it was on to a quick study of the patrons.  Not too bad a place.

Of course there was a lot of cleavage to show, of the two bar maids abandoning their leans, that had Patrick wondering if that was their only qualification needed here. He was grinning however as the cigar was spent enough to crush out in an ashtray to a table near the door where they entered. "Perfect." Mumbled under his breath as one was already sashaying their way with the widest of grins, still her attributes lower than her chin would draw the eye first.

"Two whiskeys, Chloe ..."  Neale began as the maid approached...

"Aye, Captain, for the gents and a coffee for you?"  She didn't pause when she reached them, just circled on around all three.  They could look but she could too!

Patrick would pose briefly too with a wink given her. So this was Chloe. He eyed his brother as that grin only got wider. Information stored away for an opportune time to be placed well.

When she came back around, Neale was smiling.  "...and a coffee for me, yes."  Chloe twitched off a flirtatious wink of proposition in Patrick's direction but she was nodding. "Aye, Captain...I'll be seeing to your every need... You..."  Once more the other two promising companions were eyed.  "and yours.  Take a seat, Lovie..."  A turn, a glance over her shoulder to Robert, and the woman was on her way.  Neale turned to look back to his brothers.  "Nearer the fire?"

Rob  watched Chloe circle, a half grin appearing now. Patrick was in his element here and that made the grin turn into a full blown one.  He watched Chloe walk away, hand over his heart after she glanced at him.  "Hmmm?"  Back to Neale.  "Fire be fine."

The gathering of serving maids at the bar swarmed around the one who had taken their orders, words spoken low between them all ... with a look every so often in the direction of the three.

He was watching that nice rounded backside as the woman moved away. "Warmer the better." Although that might not need the fire in the hearth here by the looks of it. A hand fell to Robert's shoulder as he noted he was checking out the same view before it was away as he passed heading for one of the tables near the hearth. He pulled out a seat before his cloak was shrugged off and hung over its back then settling down into a comfortable sprawl.

Fire it would be then.  By the fire, a table claimed the corner ... and that was the one Patrick chose.  Neale shrugged from his own longcoat, a smoothing of hand over the black wool as he folded it over his arm, then just as Patrick had, draped it over the back of a chair.  Not even the one he meant to sit in.

The lasses at the bar were noted as he did the same as his brothers.  Cloak removed, placed over the chair and he sat, stretching out his legs.  Both hands rose to rake through his hair before coming to rest on the table.

Chloe wouldn't waste any time in returning to service these particular men.  A tray was balanced next to her shoulder with a bottle, two glasses and a steaming cup of coffee.  The view only got better as she leaned to place the items on the table.  "Can I be getting you anything else at the moment?"  A look to Neale first, for the offer was genuinely all business for him, but the look she passed over the other two was far from businesslike.  It was downright dripping with desire.  Neale cleared his throat, reaching for his coffee cup as he stretched out a leg.  "Chloe...I'm well suited for now."

Hands were up to lace behind his head as forest green eyes trailed the movements of Chloe in her approached. Far better than watching the fight down at the docks. He could wonder how his brother found this place but in that same thought he knew there would be some kind of business reason. The look only brought that sly grin to spread. "I'm fine for now." Lazy cat look that could imply that could change at any moment's notice.

A moment's notice would be all she needed.  The tip of her tongue teased the corner of her lip, and she nodded.  "Don't be shy in the asking, now, aye?"

"As am I." He winked at Chloe and turned his attention to the whiskey. Two glasses poured, one pushed over to Patrick.

That was directed to the man pouring the whiskey too ... She nodded, knowing not to overstay her welcome lest she not be ... welcomed back ... and she used her figure and her experience to her advantage as she strolled away.

As the glass was pushed his way, hands fell from their rest as he sat up more to a lean. Forearm braced along the edge of the table as the other hand was put to use claiming that glass. "Not a shy bone in my body." Dark Frasier green-eyed look her way came to dip down appreciatively before turned upon his brothers.

"Not a shy one, but plenty of bones to be aching if you dared a tumble with that one."  NOT that Neale knew from experience, but word traveled quick between seamen when the open blue was all that held their time.   Chloe was not known as a gentle lass ... mainly the reason she always approached first.  There was a pecking order...and Chloe always had first peck at any new roosters.

"When did you find this place Neale?" Instead of why although the one in his thoughts was more appealing to know than the actual one asked. Neale would tell them if he wished and only if he wished. "A good ache never hurt a Frasier man." Better than other aches.

Of course it was.  He looked at Patrick with a grin, turning slightly from him to watch Chloe walk away.  "Kind of ache that one prefers."


Date: 10-21-04
Poster: Neale Frasier
Post # 2

Neale just chuckled under his breath with a shake of head.  "Garret introduced me." To the place?  To ... Chloe?  Did it matter?  Neale stuck to the how ... and not the when.  His brothers were the very type of cocks (as in roosters mind you!) that the ladies here would enjoy.  The very reason Neale had decided to share with them ... what Garret had shared with him.

Which had a hand lifting to scratch at the stubble along his jaw. So he didn't shave today it wasn't like he had a female to impress. "Garret." Now that alone said a lot and dripped with intrigue. Garret would only chose a place for one reason and it wasn't Chloe's attributes but the patrons those very attributes might draw to this place. "Interesting." Sliding glance to where Chloe joined the other barmaids as one could tell they were clucking even if low.

These women came in contact with many ... and Garret did have a way of gaining information from them.  The Ship's Cat was a quiet establishment, considering its location, so why not make the most of it even when not on a mission?

Patrick was going for the scruffy look that so many ladies loved.  He nodded agreement and took a drink of the whiskey.  Didn't need to look to know they were being watched but he did glance at Patrick then Neale.  Why not indeed? The sights were nice enough, for the most part. Especially when Chloe sashayed around.

Chloe.  Connie.  Claire.  Claudette.  Cyndi.  Celia.  All the ship's 'C'ats.  As more of the dock's inhabitants began to wander in, the women began to move ... and so the night began.

Never knew what they might get to see as the door opened and some other males came in. Sailors by the look of them but he didn't recognize them. Looked foreign and when they spoke it only confirmed their appearance. Hooded look would go discreetly as if not noticing what seemed to be four together.

He seemed to take little notice of those entering though that would be a lie.  It was easy to pretend to be more interested in the whiskey then the patrons.

It was Connie that was next in line as she brought over a bowl of peanuts. She had been eyeing Robert like a hungry wolf over a bone thrown. It was her turn this evening and the bone chosen. She like the quiet ones for they groaned the loudest when bedded. She slipped near his arm to slide that bowl and the spill of her breasts as she dipped made one wonder how they didn't slip out completely. Large mounds one could dive in and never be found again. Tiny waist too and the waves of dark curling hair that had one lock that seem to be left to spiral down like an arrow to that valley. Smile was pouty and eyes were grey that slid over Robert's features taking a good look while he probably was taking a good look.

All the eldest Frasier continued to do ... was drink his coffee. ...and watch his brothers.

Rob hadn't expected another lass so soon but with Connie's approach, he turned his head just enough that he got a good view of those 'mounds'.  Nearly nose to skin. He grinned and looked up at her, those Frasier greens filled with devilish intent. Then again, Neale was there so maybe he should behave. Temptation was too great and he gave a pinch to her shapely rear.

Payment was placed on the table.  Payment that far overpaid for just a bottle of whiskey and a cup of coffee.  The Frasiers weren't in Heathfield's Thistle.  What you paid for in The Ship's Cat ... were coins well spent. It was Neale's treat tonight...he meant for both of his brothers to enjoy themselves.

Patrick was amused watching Robert as more of his whiskey was taken down. He was keeping track of those four men without a glance there as they took up one of the tables out of the way of others in a more secluded area. Accent sounded Germanic, it was hard to define exactly. Connie spoke more with those expressive eyes that had lowered down down down the front of Robert to one spot before lifting. It was then that pouty smile became flirtatious. She counted the seconds she was allowed to linger enough to offer promises of pleasure before sliding a glance over Neale and retreating.

He had to turn to watch her walk away of course, and shook his head.  "It's hard to decide which lass has the more enticing walk."  Muttered under his breath before he turned back to his whiskey. Patrick got a what? look but he was near to grinning.  Neale certainly knew how to treat his brothers.

The four men seemed to huddle, words still low between them before one got up. A good size man with a barrel chest. He eyed the barmaids that seemed to keep clear of them in almost a leer before he wandered to the hearth to warm his hands. A pretense for when he started back he made certain to bump into Neale in a way that could unsettle a man from his seat as he continued to step away.

Not only unsettle a man...but slosh the heated coffee in the mug too close to the rim.  Most knew Neale along the docks but these were seaman from a foreign port.  He didn't say a thing, just locked Frasier greens first with Patrick (the hothead) and then on Robert.  Even as the man moved away, two of the women joined him on either side...chatting to him about the only things men liked to hear women discuss.  They managed to escort him away...without any trouble whatsoever.

Patrick was up with a hand to immediately go to the dagger he wore at his hip but the man was around with his hands up, palms showing, to take a good look at their faces. Words in German were spoken sounding like some kind of an apology but the grin said different before he was around to slip an arm around each barmaid. The other three at his table had risen but no move was made as they eyed Patrick in particular until he sat down. Patrick shot a look to Neale that as much as said something was up that their attention was purposely gained.

He had tensed when the man bumped into Neale then watched grimly as the man gave the false apology.  He could see the three standing and watching the hot-headed Frasier without turning his head.  Eyes narrowed slightly before he looked at Patrick then Neale.  He'd follow the eldest's lead.

Patrick's reaction was expected and, though Neale's hand had slipped into the confines of his coat, he didn't move to stand or confront the man.  Neale sipped more of his coffee, a nod toward Patrick to take a seat again.

Dark brows furrowed but he took that seat. There was that deadly gleam in his eyes as he marked the man well too. Fingers flexed away from the hilt of his dagger to get rid of the sensation of burying it in the man's throat.

Whatever the reason Neale had become the target for the foreign seaman's clumsy attack, it would soon make itself known.  For now, the ladies of the tavern would see to that man ... and to the Frasiers as well.

It was Chloe that was back to barely pass a hand along Neale's shoulder while she leaned with the coffee pot to top off his mug. The wink she gave him all but said they were watching and the ones with that group would soon be having other ideas. Ample breasts displayed in that lean for a free viewing as she glanced to the two brothers with him before she was swaying those hips all the way back to the bar again.

The knuckles of Neale's hand passed in a hidden stroke along the sway of Chloe's side while she refilled his cup.  These women knew their business well and men banged up and bleeding weren't much of a prospect for bedding. They would keep the peace ... and make their quota for coins this night.

It would be easy to forget the men with the women making sure they were distracted. Rob watched Chloe over the rim of his glass then took a long drink. Claire was off to the side, waiting on another table and when she turned, she was adjusting the low neckline of her blouse.  Patrick was given the once over, slowly up and down, finally meeting those Frasier greens.  She gave him a sultry look before following Chloe to the bar, and leaning there to talk about the green-eyed trio.

It switched one heat to another in a blink of an eye. Those eyes drawn to where she adjusted that neckline and such sweet swells. Oh my! Patrick cleared his throat as green eyes trailed up to her face before giving Claire a wink.

Ah, heat.  Neale had sampled just a touch of it with Chloe so close.  He took another sip of his coffee then placed the mug on the table.  "Gentlemen..." He stood, Frasier greens passing over both brothers.  "Do excuse me." As much as he enjoyed the company of his kin, Neale Frasier needed some 'private time'.  The coins would remain on the table until two more of the ladies scooped them up.  Those very females would be the ones to escort the other Frasiers...elsewhere.

His drink was finished and if he stayed any longer, Patrick would be going over to that table and starting a fight. He knew that would not be good no matter how driven he could become and was learning to curb it by knowing when to take his leave. He stood as Neale did, a cue. Maybe Neale knew his hot tempered ..thorn in the side.. brother too well. "I will join you."

"No..."  Neale almost smiled, but instead he glanced to Chloe who nodded before she started toward the stairs which would lead above.  "I don't think so, Patrick...not tonight." 

He had stood as well, mostly because the odds would be against him if the men decided to push their luck.  He raised a brow at Neale until Claire came over to Patrick and linked her arm through his, giving him a not so coy look.

"Headache again?" There was the thorn-in-his-side remark in jest as he eyed Claire in turn as she linked her arm with his. He was ready and willing. It was Connie eyeing Robert as she was following Claire to Patrick and around to Robert to look to this brother expectantly. Patrick was around to be on his way with Claire and a clasp to Neale's shoulder in passing. "Just what I need."

With his brothers safely locked behind doors above, Neale wouldn't think about the foursome at that table again until daylight. But then, Chloe did have a special talent for keeping a man too occupied ... to think.


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