Love is a Burning thing and it makes a Fiery Ring, bound by Wild Desire,

I fell into a Ring of Fire

I fell into a Burning Ring of Fire.

I went Down, Down, Down and the Flames went higher 
and It Burns, Burns, Burns.

The Ring Of Fire. The Ring Of Fire.

The taste of Love is Sweet when Hearts like Ours meet. I fell for you like a Child. Oh, but the Fire went Wild.

I fell into a Burning Ring of Fire.

I went Down, Down, Down and the Flames went higher 
and It Burns, Burns, Burns.

The Ring Of Fire. The Ring Of Fire!

-Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash-

 Hugh MacNeils -- Alterian

      Love comes in all forms and thus far it was the Love for his People that burned within his Soul. Hugh MacNeils was another of the Alterians that were transported to this new realm of existence. He too took his time in emerging from the shelter of Genesis Manor. There were reasons. There was so much to learn. He was not one to rush into things for so much needed to be settle within his being first. So much Burned in those stoked Fires.

      The lands that were eventually named Alteria had sustained tremendous damage during the Dark Wars that continued over a decade with the finale of sacrifice to change its very fibers. Most of the lands were consumed by fires of the like not seen upon the planes of other parallel universes. White hot to fiery red they would flux in their consumption. It was on the Final day of Change that Hugh was willing to sacrifice his own life so that Alteria could do what was needed by using her gift to save their world. Nearly there to the center, alongside Ailbhe and Alteria, when a ring of fire flared to consume Alteria and he intercepted it to take his life instead. It was not he that died that day when it should have been.

      The heat was tremendous that consumed as he fell deep into its fire but Hugh didn't burn to a cinder as so many other Alterians before him. It was that very trigger in that split second of changing fibers of their world, as Alteria and Ailbhe reached their goal, that he was saved caught between the Fires and Change. There was something about his very life force that instead he became as the Fire Elemental itself. 

A Soul that burned so deeply it could be manifested. He laid naked when the fire finally fluxed and their world changed like a new dawn washing away all the cinder and dust in one sweep. His hair, his clothing, all gone along with his aging. His hair grew back even thicker and clothing wasn't necessarily needed for the temperate climate that became steadfast. New life was born that would see a 1000 years of harmony. Utopia.

      It was after this time of their People becoming as One, that the balance was upset again. This time it was permanent as their universe deteriorated into non existence. They ended up in a parallel universe and the lands that were known as Heathfield. Their race was given sanctuary there and a new life to begin anew. Emotions had changed back as well as the aging process from where it was left off. The gift of life to continue traded for the Utopia they had come to know. It was to the library he spent a good year to lean not only of the customs but all he could on nature. He was drawn to the Earth as well too its burning core much as a mirror of himself. He spent over a year in the mountains, soul seeking and learning before he tested out society and those of this realm.

      Years had passed since they settled into this new world and more of their people emerging from Genesis Manor to finally explore, to learn and to grow. For some it was easier than others and as time passed Hugh noticed that Fianait was not managing well at all. There was an edged to her that was even abrasive for the gentle mannered Alterians on the norm. She was not only struggling but fighting like a caged animal wanting to be free when there were no bars to hold her back. It was not of the norm. Hugh had watched long enough to note it was not a passing matter.

      There were only two left alive that remembered the years before Alteria became a Utopia. They were Ailbhe and himself. They had kept the memories while the others lost them to fit into this new world. Hugh wondered if some subconscious of this time before is what held Fia ... Ana.

Hugh's Story and the Story of Alteria

-Photo is of the actor Christian Bale. No claims made. It is used only in reference how this fictional character would appear.-

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