Protector - Guardian of Desh

House of al-Dawla, Followers of Amun-Ra
24 years * Dark Hair and Eyes
Warrior * Single

Father: Rashidi - Warrior. Mother: Amisi - Noble birth. Born: Alexandria, Egypt. Relocated to Ballicastle - Heathfield

Isaac was the oldest born of six to Rashidi and Amisi al-Dawla. A happy home and family until the wars started when he was seventeen. He was trained as a warrior and protector under the guidance of his father starting at the age of five. Most of his younger years were spent in the arena, learning and practicing not only weaponry but mental discipline. These were years taken for granted and now ones to look back upon in remembrance of a time that was golden.

The attack came unexpectedly for their kinship with the al-Azhar family. Scimitars clashed, fires were started, the screams of women and men alike finding death that faithful night still rang in his ears, still raged in his heart. He too fought although not the older hone warrior as most, he was taken down. He was not to die that night, however as the gods had mercy on the young warrior. It came in the form of a passing merchant, one of means and title in his lands. He was a foreigner when he came upon the attack of this family while returning from a business meeting late one evening.

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Isaac Gahlib

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