Plains Drifter
Six Foot Two.  Dark Hair and Eyes. Twenty-eight. Single.

An average man who went by Jay if you got an introduction. One that had wandered far and wide earning the moinker of Plains Drifter. Medium looks, build and height of about six foot two, he usually went unnoticed. Dark hair, dark eyes. Not old, not young, somewhere in his later twenties. He looks younger than he is. Clothing well worn and of the usual. Brown tunic over heavier pants that showed the wear and tear of his travels. Ones that were mended carefully over and over. A pack was strapped over his chest to rest at his right hip. His meager belongings were all held there. He kept it on him not even leaving it in his room. Only thing that -shone- above the drab was the sword that hung at his left hip and the twin daggers whose hilts matched. He would say a friend gave them to him.

Originally from Aberdeen now one of the Private Investigators of Heathfield under Joseph McDonough. Associates, Mercy LaCorte and Clark Davis.

No claims are made on the pictures of the actor used, it is just for reference only on how this fictional character would look.


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