WALSH OF                    CASTLEHALE
Kilkenny County

Arms  -   Argent a chevron Gules between three broad arrowheads (pheons) Sable.
Crest  -   A swan pierced with an arrow.
Motto -  "Transfixus sed non mortuus" (Pierced but not dead).

Walsh, Breathnach, Walshe, Welsh, Welch, Brannagh, Brannick. The Gaelic name Breathnach means ‘British’ or ‘Welsh’, and the name Walsh is a semi-translation of this meaning. The name arrived in Ireland with the Anglo-Norman invasion at the end of the 12th century, and was established in a number of different locations throughout the country. Today, Walsh is the fourth most numerous surname in Ireland, and is the most numerous in Co. Mayo in the western province of Connacht.

Joseph Farrell Walsh

Castlehale stood on the northern edge of the mountain land, anciently known as the Walsh Mountains, with a wide outlook across the central plain of County Kilkenny. Howell, son of Philip, is said to have completed the first construction of Castle Hale in the thirteenth century. It was situated in the Barony of Kells in the southern portion of the Parish of Kilmaganny. Castlehale stood as a residence for the family of Walsh for close to 400 years. It (Castle Hoyle) is said to have been a square castle flanked by four towers.

Zion Walsh was King even if his origins came from the Welshmen who accompanied the Normans to Ireland centuries before. He prided himself in the building of ships and his nephew Joseph continued this mastery. It was Joseph who came across Collin McAndrews in his wanderings and invited him to his home. Zion had lost his own son a year prior and adopted Collin in a way that helped filled that void. He saw a lot in Collin that had been in Brian, the inner battles fought and not fitting in with others so well at times. 

Storm Cloud

Collin for his height, blond hair and blue eyes stood out amongst those there of dark hair eyes and shorter stature. Except Joseph had the Irish blue eyes and was over six feet but with near black curling hair. Joseph's father had been killed in that same battle. Battle of Tears it had been written in their history for so many lives lost in the defending of Ireland and inner clan wars. Joseph and Collin become as brothers in the years he spent with his clan, fighting side by side until the one he was nearly killed.

<<Taken from the play between Collin and Joseph>>

Time waiting was like watching a pot boil as Collin paced along the short end of the dock. Eventually that had to cease as a few sailors gathered with low whistles under their breaths while they too were now curious about the two ships.

 "She's a beaut'." One gruff voice mumbled as the younger sailor next to him was nodding his head. "She sure is. I'd like tae bae scalin' 'er rigs." So comments were made as more gathered and implications more lewd added in comparison of the ship to a woman.

 Collin finally stood still, then again there was not really room to move around at his point. Hands on his hips while blue eyes were trained on the two ships. They had set anchor and the sails pulled up and secured along the masts.  Two dinghies were lowered from the Brigantine and one from the Hermaphrodite. They converged and headed for the docks. The very one that Collin stood waiting on as it had slips for incoming smaller boats such as the dinghies. As they neared, Collin spotted Joseph in the lead with the other two slightly behind. Another scanned proved that Zion was not with them. A sudden disappointment coiled deep but then passed off as a smile emerged. He and Joseph had gained a good rapport during his stay Kilkenny.

 Once the dinghies drew close enough Collin ushered the sailors to give way as they moved back to their ships and duties or headed for the taverns. Collin moved to where the first dinghy pulled into a slip as he held out a hand to help Joseph up.

"Yer a sight for sore eyes." First comment out of Joseph's mouth before clasping Collin's shoulders and then pulled him into a bear hug before releasing him to step back. "Yea put the weight back on yea tae." Noted with satisfaction that his friend had recuperated fully and was hale. Grin came infectiously with the next comment. "I'll bet yea are woo'in all the lassies in these lands." Which drew blue eyes to take in a better sight of these lands they had landed in. They knew by Collin's return missive that he was a shipwright here so that was why Barrett's Bay Port was chosen to bring the ship. The sailors that came in with Joseph secured the dinghies and the dozen or so headed up to shore to explore. Two remained behind but stood on the docks a distance down talking between themselves.


 Collin met his embrace just as fiercely before released. Not needing to comment on his health, for it was obvious, he skipped right on to the next. "I still leave that up to me brothers." A roll of his shoulders had them squaring as such comments always hit that nerve. Presently, for different reasons and Joseph knew well he never chased the ladies even while in Kilkenny, why his friend took to teasing about it for there was plenty that had eyed them both while out socially. What was foremost on his mind came next. "Zion, how is he doing?" A touch of foreboding and concern could not be helped in his voice.

Blue eyes were taking in all as a hand drew over the curve of jaw and chin. "Clean," was Joseph's first comment as he would notice small details as such. "Buildings bae in guid condition." More mumbled to himself as his hand fell away with Collin's inquiry and attention torn back there. "Zion, in general bae good but some matters with neighbor'in clans, been keep'in him busy." Which Collin would know what he meant and if Zion needed to stay instead of making this trip, they warranted him being there for that upscale. "He didn't want me to wait up bring'in the ship tae yea."

Which at that point he drew out the documentation that legally gave Collin ownership of the Hermaphrodite. "She bae The Dragonfly now. Couldn't bring her tae sea without being Christened." Such would be bad luck. "We picked what yea had called her." So if it was in jest on Collin's part then the name was stuck as such. Joseph felt it was befitting for the reason stated that time ago. "The Dragonfly Goddess bae all gussied up now." Which was one of the parts that had been installed when the war broke out and not polished and painted until months after Collin had gone home.

 The news on Zion held a visible relief as shoulders relaxed but the dip of his brows showed the concern on the uprisings. "Once I learn how to handle her well, I'll be coming to your shores." A promise in his words as he took the document. One could not describe the feeling that spiraled through him; awe, excitement, pride and others combined as he took a look over the legalities. The most prominent was the ship's name and his linked as owner complete, lock, stock and barrel. A low whistle came under his breath as he folded the document away into a pocket. One to put in a secured place and the copy included to keep on the ship. "I'll take you up for a bite to eat at the Thistle. After we're done there, I would like to see the ship." Which was more appropriate for Joseph and his status to eat at the Thistle. Collin would hold back his anxiousness on the ship to at least see to his friend's comfort first. "How have you been doing? Get married to that green eyed lass that was always trailing you?" So he could dish some back as he stepped away so that they could head up to the tavern.

Joe let out a good hearty laugh as he shook his head. "Pretty as a sunrise that one but she clung like an octopus. I'll bae having none of that in a lass." One liked to breathe and octopus was more than just a lot of clinging arms, they sucked one dry at the same time. "She ran off with one o' the others she had on the side. One of those that led a few on as if they were the only one. Crafty that one bae, ended up in a huge fight between four mons she offered promises tae. I bae nae one o' 'em. Status was what she bae after." Which had him coming to some changes. "Zion bae announcing me heir o' the year date of me cousin's death." Joseph missed his cousin deeply and that ceremony was double fold in emotion. Heart wrenching and elated at the same time for the honor bestowed. Now he was in training on how to be a good ruler. One of the reasons he was chosen to come here to learn of other kingdoms and what better one to start with but the one Collin was from? "I'll bae asking yea no be spreadin' that around. I need nae lassies after me fer me status." Teasing more with the last but it was a new position he struggled with for a few reasons and best be kept between them. Skipping from there. "I'll be introducing yea tae these two." Indicating the two men that waited down a distance respectfully.

"She ran off with another?" Dark blond brows lifted with a shake of his head. "I'll be dam, she was a good actress then. She followed you everywhere she possibly could. I was waiting to find her in the bath house next. Food she sent, all those invitations to make you dinner. Gifts. Poems of love and words of her own as such. Four others? She was one very busy fortune husband hunter." A low whistle as Joe was right, the woman was crafty! Enough to make a man real paranoid of women. A wave of his hand, he didn't want to hear anymore on the one. Done and done, gone and gone, best for his friend. He eyed the two as they were approached. "Evening." As certainly that time was approached at this point. The sun lowering to the horizon. The two men bow their heads to Collin. The one with a cap on, taking it off to press to his chest as he did while the other squared his shoulders proudly.

 Joseph noticed the sign of respect by Zach to take his cap off. A twitch of a smile held that contained amusement. There was hope for the ship's cook afterall. Or maybe it was the man that stood next to him as he took a look at Collin in another light. There was something about his friend that commanded respect. "May I bae presentin' to yea, Horace McNicholas, the mon tae captain the ship over and will remain to train yea, and this bae Zach Malliard, he goes by Duck for his excellent preparation of duckling. Which he will bae having a feast made of such in celebration on the ship tomorrow evenin' in yea honor." Collin would find out later the nickname given the captain being Warhorse. Man was loyal yet surly, took his duties seriously, reliable and knowledgeable. Big burly man but next to Collin he was not as much so, Joseph noticed. Zion had commissioned the one for this task for those very qualities which Collin would find out later too when the two had time for a more in-depth conversation.

Collin turned a blue eye scrutiny on each and found neither wanting as he shook their hands in turn. "I look forward to working with you both." He was assured by the captain he would be given an account of each sailor hired that would be staying for at least a year on The Dragonfly. Ship's logs would be gone over with him and all such necessary information. "I would suggest you two take your reprieve in the Dockside Tavern run by JD. Let her know I sent you and who you are." Which he pointed out to them for it wasn't far from where they had made their way up from the dock to the boardwalk. "Horace, Duck, if you'll not be staying on the ship I suggest the Thistle for a room. There is also no cost there." The two were well mannered enough to fit in with the crowd that came to the Thistle. A short discussion followed before Horace and Duck headed for the recommended tavern and Collin escorted Joseph to the Thistle. "I will be setting up a room for you in the castle. We have a set of suites for me and me brothers to use so there is plenty of room." A statement than a question for he would be sure Joe got what was due his status but even more for their friendship.

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