Jonathon James McAndrews
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Sixth in the line of ten sons born to Mary and Chadrick McAndrews senior of Ballicastle. Six foot five with steel blue eyes, sandy blond hair with a tendency to curl. 27 summers seen. Handsome in kind like all his brothers. Hard to tell them apart until one got to know them. Each had their own personality but there was an underlying quality they all shared, trustworthy and honest. Jon, like most of his brothers was a devil at times. Ideas would just come to mind to get them all in trouble or more, a challenge. Humor was the foundation of his pranks.

His older brother Chadrick was crowned king. Mary stepping down to allow her son to rule while she enjoyed a less rigorous life. Some of his brothers had married and a new generation was being born. Chadrick was one of them, taking Danielle Douglas as his Queen and wife. An heir born to them a year later and more on the way. A few of his brothers had found such happiness, Michael, Patrick and a couple others with serious interests. They were all gradually settling down.

He went through his own struggles from rogue, flitting between women, to wanderer then back home again to straighten out his life and do something with it. He found that life should more than an empty shell of situations and lovers that came like the rains then washed away to another day. The only nourishment gained was the knowledge the wanted to have more in his life eventually. He wanted someone special. It took him longer than the others but like a thief in the night he found himself in love with Atessa as they worked together visiting other lands as diplomats.

Sixth born son of ten. Father Chadrick McAndrews I (deceased) and mother Mary. Brothers: Chadrick II (40), Seamus (39), Liam (37), Joseph (36), Edward (35), Himself (34), Brian (33), Michael (32), Patrick (31) and Collin (30)

The Past

He caused enough trouble with women, no less, to leave the lands and travel abroad. He too, like some of his brothers, found that the answer laid within and so he came back to make those changes. He started up a lumber mill and got his brother Joe to mine the same mountain for raw ores. Precious stones were also found along with iron. In turn he got his brother Eddie when he returned to build a smelter to process the ores for the local blacksmiths and to sell what remained. They all started working together, helping each other were needed and in the process all benefited and became closer. Ballicastle on the whole benefited from the work done and managed by the princes.

Of course, the prankster he was still remained as when Joe returned he was withdrawn. So Jon got this idea to dress in their clothes with a bandit mask over his face so he would be mistaken for them as he went around kissing various ladies he waylaid. He became the notorious Kissing Bandit of the lands for a while. He mostly emulated Joe, the point driven home with his drinking problem was that he could not be certain it wasn't him that was going around kissing various women. Jon's mistake was when he caught Megan baking in the kitchen to waylay her for a dash and run kiss. When he was found out, having misplaced the cloth mask, his brothers beat him up good. Worse, they tied him up to the couch of the Thistle and painted his lips red.

He disappeared to his lumber mill for a while until things calmed down and the Kissing Bandit becoming more a faded memory. When he returned he met a few ladies of which one drew his interest enough to ask out. Unfortunately it was not to be as another wooed her too and he was one to step back instead of going into some competition over the Lady. Discouraged, he once more spent most of his time at the lumber mill working hard right alongside his men.


Ballicastle is the home of all the McAndrews, although some of the brothers moved out to build their own homes once married. Michael lived with his wife, Miranda, on the vineyard estates of Heathfield lands. Patrick built a manor home on the Meadow he had always loved once he married Megan. He started up a Kennel along with his brother Eddie. Chadrick and Danielle, king and queen, lived in the castle along with himself, Eddie, Liam, Joseph, Collin, Brian and Seamus. Those who wished would remain even after marriage, a few were in line for that commitment. 

Lumber Mill


A new day had dawned when he returned home and started up the lumber mill. Such was a commodity needed and would continue to grow. What wasn't sold within the lands of the four castles, was exported to other lands on demand. Besides being very profitable, the mill became his haven to escape to when life dealt its curves that it was better to disappear for a while. It was the perfect place while getting something done. There was a bridge that was constructed over a rumbling brook full of trout where his men could fish for their dinners. A lake close enough to go swimming in, and clean up, not far behind where the buildings were constructed to hold the cuts of wood. The cook hired he made sure could cook as well as himself so that all were fed well for the work was hard. Trees of various woods were found and marked, never cutting down too many in one place. What was taken was to thin out so the other trees grew better. Where it was not so dense, trees were planted. This way none of the mountains would ever become barren and the supply of wood ensured to be continual down the centuries without destroying the lands.



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