Julia Ann von Traugott deBeauvias

          ....was petite and delicate looking. Much had to do with her imprisonment with her mother for a decade in the Claude Rundstedt dungeons in Luneberg, Germany. Those years ate at them physically but in spirit, she and her mother only grew stronger. They had hope through Niklas.

        At the tender of age of fourteen her way of life went from heaven to hell. That faithful day Lucas von Traugott spoke out against the heretic Claude in loyalty to his brother, the Black Griffon, she lost not only her beloved father but both her brothers. A decade later she and her mother were finally rescued by those very brothers, one they had believed dead.

        They were brought to Heathfield in a daring escape and it was here over a couple months time under adept healers care they regained their health. In the meantime their titles and lands were returned under her brother Aleric and Traugott clocks were once more being made.

        Slender, delicate form still had all the right curves for a height of 5' 6". Eyes of turquoise blue held a new light in them, one of hope and wonderment. There were years to be made up as life was given back to them to live.

Married to Vincent deBeauvias:  Kingsman, Four Horsemen

Marble Halls

I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls with vassals and serfs at my side,
and of all who assembled within those walls that I was the hope and the pride.

I had riches all too great to count and a high ancestral name.
But I also dreamt which pleased me most that you loved me still the same, that you loved me, you loved me still the same,
that you loved me, you loved me still the same.

I dreamt that suitors sought my hand, that knights upon bended knee and with vows no maidens heart could withstand,
they pledged their faith to me.

And I dreamt that one of that noble host came forth my hand to claim. But I also dreamt which charmed me most that you loved me still the same that you loved me you loved me still the same,
that you loved me you loved me still th
e same.  ~Enya

Traugott Clocks of Heathfield

Desaulniers' Tournament - Vincent and Julia

Bear Wrestling

Vincent led the lady back toward the crowd gathered around the roped in ring.  Shouts of excitement and the ever shifting mass of bodies provided the proof that the three had reached the attraction they sought.  Broad shoulder first, de Beauvais pressed a path through the tightly knit onlookers, gaining Julia a better view of the event.  Three men stood to the side of the makeshift arena and appeared to be waiting their turn against the furred and clawed adversary.  The one currently in battle couldn't be seen, for the massive brown back of the beast was to the crowd as it stood on hind legs.

Hand on Vincent's arm she was still trying to get glimpses as they moved towards all the excitement. A lean to one side then up on tip toes and down again as she kept pace while moving through the crowd. Soon, that was not the case as Vincent saw to a front row place. The size of the bear came unexpectedly as after all that pressing forth she took a step back, hand up to rest at her throat with the surprise. "My! He is quite big." Was that a man under him too? She peered to see better as brows lifted again. "Will the bear kill him?"

The edge of the crowd was where Garath halted, watching as Vincent and Julia edged in for a closer look.  When Julia's head could no longer be seen in the mix, Garath moved away from the gathering.  On their way back through the activities, he had noticed a booth of exotic herbs and uniquely designed bottles and drawered boxes.  With a special woman in mind, he stole this particular time to see exactly what might interest him. 

The bear was at the disadvantage to Vincent's way of thinking.  Though large of paw and long of claw, with the strength to down a man with a single blow, the creature had been muzzled and the natural weapons of defense were covered over with thick, leather glove-like coverings.  There was no hampering the strength however and soon the man was tossed from the crushing hold with a wayward swat.  Vincent watched with mild distraction, glancing down to Julia now and again to see how she was taking this scene.  He leaned to the side in order to answer her past the shouts and taunts.  "The bear is trained, Milady.  See that man over there?"  He motioned with his chin toward the burly man armed with a long, spear shaped staff and a whip.  "Those two know each other well."  The crowd surged back as the bear spun to face the semicircle around it.  Out of instinct, de Beauvais' arm stretched out in front of Julia to shift her back that step. 

Her hand remained planted to her chest just below her throat as fingers now splayed against the winter cloak. Eyes were wide but the more she watched the more silent she became while mesmerized. She was relieved to see precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the man. Still, for that very reason she now rooted for the bear for the disadvantage. The spark of excitement was in her blue eyes even if no words flew from her tongue...yet. It was when Vincent spoke it broke the spell as focus shifted to where he indicated. "Yes. A trainer." Whom was looked over with just the hint of appreciation, something very feral to witness there. A man and his bear. Next the surprise of movement had her attention torn back immediately as Vincent's arm shot out, so much so she took a step back with another to follow. "What's happening now?"

As the crowd cringed back, one man stepped forward, coming to stand right beside Julia.  His words were spoken as Vincent's had been before ... a slight lean toward her and the tone of instruction.  "The beast always seeks more of a challenge, My Lady."  The bear was chained at length and couldn't reach the crowd, still it circled until the next combatant could enter the arena and the other dragged from the straw.  "Makes you wonder, does it not?  Who is truly in control?  The beast?  Or the gentleman?"  Alexandre smiled.  A dapper grin which could and did often cause a lady's heart to flutter beneath her breasts.  He didn't bother looking to de Beauvais.  Did the man even exist beyond this lovely little morsel of femininity?  "Though, I can assure you, My Lady, history has proven that the gentleman ends up with the upper hand."

Already the next man had joined the grizzly, locked in a growling embrace from both.  Vincent had started to explain, but looked past Julia to the familiar visage of Alexandre Wickline.  Though that dark gaze narrowed, he said nothing.  Nor did he act more than to lower his arm away to his side.  Wickline's actions were civil, though Vincent caught the message purposefully enmeshed with that response.  Vincent, at least at this moment, would be the same. He turned his gaze back to the bear although his attention remained, completely centered, on Julia. 

Cringe was accurate for that was exactly what happened when the man to step aside of her was none other than Alexandre. Her heart was in her throat still instead of fluttering beneath her breasts so she was safe from his dapper grin. More accurately she was gun shy of such men not having grown in society as he probably assumed. "Do you speak on these things to show your own prowess with the bear next?" Why else would he? She would try and be socially polite and bear with this insufferable man being so confronted. "It does make one wonder if it were not for the safety precautions who would rue the day, man or beast?" As Vincent's arm lowered she felt more vulnerable as a wolf came to mind for some reason on Alexandre. Julia instinctively stepped closer to the king's man as if to ward off the other. She knew not these games and was at a loss to the complexity of them even if she could feel the undercurrent played in anything Alexandre said. The man put her on guard in many ways.

A tongue well trained it would seemed.  Could make a man begin to imagine how well ... trained ... she really was.  de Beauvais seemed to enjoy her company.  No doubt she was a handful in more ways than one.  "Ah, but in a civilized society, Sweet Plum, the bear will always, always ... be contained.  Such is the way of it, see?"  His opened palm extended to the bear, who had smothered the man he fought too long and had been prodded by the trainer to relent and release.  "and a beast unwilling to comply...is no longer abided." 

There was much Julia did not know, and all of it seemed to ooze through Vincent's veins like acid as Alexandre spoke with multiple meanings.  Julia need not feel vulnerable.  As long as Vincent was beside her, no matter his stance, she would receive no harm.  Wickline's final comment tore the attention he forced upon the match over to the baron's man.  Had Desaulniers not been so well respected by Vincent, the field of honor would be void one contestant. Whether it be he...or Wickline...one of them would not have lived through this night.  The touch of his hand found the small of Julia's back, when she had enough, of both the show and the showoff, he would escort her on to other sights.

"Then it is civilized society that is unfair to the bear, is it not? For safety reasons and of course to tip the confrontation in favor of the gentleman so he looks good as if he really won. Civilized ways, of course." A ruse in itself, she was catching on in a way. Sweet Plum? Registered with a blink but Julia said nothing, best it was ignored. The visual was not all that appealing if it was meant as some kind of endearment, such not even rightfully his for all his civilized talk. "A beast forced to compliance that would not be otherwise." The truth of it as she saw it now. The excitement of the bear wrestling diminished instantly when one viewed it in a different light, the correct one. With the touch of his hand, attention was gratefully switched to Vincent. "I do believe you mentioned another event to show me." Whether he had something in particular in mind or not didn't really matter for he was escorting her to see all the attractions they could. She was ready to move on for a few reasons. The man Alexandre Wickline, there on the top of that list.

Even though it would never show, Vincent was pleased with Julia's retort.  With that dark study trained on Alexandre, he directed Julia around him to begin them through the crowd again.  He lingered, just a moment, and his words to the other man were spoken in a deep, growl that none but Wickline himself would hear.  A twitch of dark brow on the king's man finished the ... comment ... and he escorted Julia back through the press of people eager to catch the wrestling match underway.

"Pompous arse."  Wickline sneered through grinding teeth to the retreating back of de Beauvais.  "As it was with one, it shall be with the other.  Your hours are numbered, de Beauvais.  First the tournament.  But most importantly .... the prize."

Locked Doors

Desaulniers left little room for ill feelings with the special planning that went into the menagerie of affairs set up for the enjoyment of all his guests.  Vincent accompanied Julia from one event to the next, but never without the feeling that Wickline was near;  watching, waiting, scheming.  Garath was seen, on occasion, scouting out the various stalls.  Never too far, but leaving de Beauvais to escort the lady through the festivities that made up this grand evening. 

Although Julia had enjoyed the events to follow, there was a shadow left to hang over her after that confrontation. She was not a boisterous or even prattling female by nature as she became even more quiet. Thoughtful quiet. She did her best to dispel that dark mood but could not quite manage it totally. It hung like a sheer veil around her. She refused to look over her shoulder by instinct for how the man could appeared so unexpectedly. A few times already and so near. It was unsettling. She knew she was safe from him with Vincent so close and relied on that to not show any fear. A fear that went deeper from a time past when imprisoned that had her reacting to Alexandre thusly. There was that quality about the man that was the same as the other long ago. She too caught a few glimpses of Garath and that had her relaxing even more even if still wary and on guard. She noticed that it was getting late as all the walking coupled with the excitement, both good and bad, were starting to take their toll. Vincent was the type of man that would notice the zip she had was now being zapped.

The draining of his companion's energy was the reason he had chosen the route he had, working their way back toward the beginning of the thoroughfare and there, to return to the keep.  Even now, Garath was not far behind, stopping as he traveled to speak with this noble or that as Vincent led Julia up the stairs to the entrance.  No sanctuary would be found from the frivolities within the hall, however.  The party continued.  Jesters and acrobats danced about the inside of the huge grand entrance.  Bards tucked away in corners with a gathering to witness their various talents.  A drone of voices echoing around and around.  "We can linger..."  Vincent offered, although what Julia inadvertently offered by way of her aura of energy, if she said yes, de Beauvais knew she pushed herself.  An uplift of chin greeted a few of the men who called out a greeting to them.  The others that  shouted out a comment were acknowledged with that dark gaze, nothing more.  Vincent's response was not at all unexpected.  Most knew him well enough.  De Beauvais knew many who pressed and frolicked here tonight.  It didn't mean he preferred to be around them.

She seemed to regain some energy once they started back. One might even suspect it was because they were heading back, away from the fair and what happened there. The peculiar antics of some of the jesters emulating kings, queens and courtly procedures humorously had Julia stopping in the hall as she forgot all for the few minutes and laughter even sprang free. It didn't last long as it was the tail end of their skit and they were literally tumbling along to entertain the guests individually. Distracted back to Vincent with his question she smiled up to him. Something that had not been seen since the incident at the bear area. "Perhaps a night cap, some warmed brandy for me before ending the eve?" It would help to settle her nerves completely even if Vincent would not partake there were probably ones for him to speak with such as Garath who was close behind.

He nodded the once to her request and, with a light touch to the back of her shoulder to keep her rooted in place, alone he started through the crowd to the far end of the hall where a bar had been established for this evening only. While he waited for Julia's request to be prepared, his gaze scanned the room.  The intensity of dark study paused on theTraugott woman from the distance and remained there until the drink was placed by his elbow on the counter. A nod of thanks, and once he returned, his free hand indicated the stairs which led above.  He would escort her to the safety of her room and, there, she could enjoy the warmth and calming balm of this drink.  Vincent glanced around his shoulder, only to catch Garath's eye, and continued to lead Julia away from the evening's pull.

Garath knew immediately the king's man's intent and weaved his way through the crowd to bid Lady Traugott goodnight.  "I do hope you have enjoyed your evening. My Lady."  He stood at the bottom of the stairway, arm resting on the banister as they, Vincent and Julia, halted their ascent a few steps up.

She too watched the others milling about as hands folded to rest in front of her. So many people, so many faces she still didn't recognize. She could wonder where they all came from and what their lives were like. The thought barely there then discarded once Vincent made his return. A soft smile surfaced as she took the drink to cradle in both hands. "Thank you." Was more murmured as they started for the stairs that led up to their rooms. Steps paused as a smile warmed upon Garath, turning to face him respectfully. "It has been a most unusual, mostly entertaining and enlightening evening M'Lord Garath. I hope your evening has been as entertaining."

Garath smiled in return, removing a package he had tucked to his side beneath his left arm.  "I have made good use of my earnings following the tournament this morning...and tomorrow is another day."  He bowed briefly to her, not wishing to detain her from her drink or her bed.  The purchase he had made for a certain apothecary was one he would have spent both day's winnings on...had the need been there.  "I look forward to our time together come the morrow."  His attention drifted to Vincent, along with a nod of silence to bid the man good evening as well.

De Beauvais looked to the package, then waited for Garath to cease with the slew of words.  At last!  He drew in a deep breath, returned the gesture to Lyons, then turned to continue their journey above.

Luckily she missed Vincent's look or she might have actually laughed. She noted the package and wondered. A smile wandering in that Garath had someone to buy something for pleased her. He was not so set off by himself as some others. "I am sure the one will enjoy what you picked out." One thing she felt certain about was that this man would only buy something appropriate and not just anything to suffice a need in feeling they had to purchase something. "A tomorrow filled with more excitement.." She didn't know whether to smile or frown so her expression was caught somewhere in-between. A breath taken before the smile won out as she straightened physically in that resolve. "Yes, tomorrow will bring new things to see. I am pleased to be here." A dip of a curtsey given in all due respect before she continued on under Vincent's escort.

Even the corridors above were littered with people.  Leaning against walls.  Lingering in doorways.  Invitations and innuendoes.  Propositions and promises.  The further they moved away from the main areas though, the less crowded it became. The noise level lessened.  De Beauvais' muscles began to relax.  Another corridor taken and he led Julia to her door.  "Lock it from within."  As if he needed to say that. "Open it for no one but Lyons."

She had to stifle a gasp as part of a conversation was overheard between a man and a woman they passed. He had her pinned against the wall with a colorful suggestion she seemed not to mind at all. There was certainly no struggle from the woman to get away. In fact, as she could not help but glance their way briefly, natural instinct, she caught sight of the woman's hand moving to an intimate spot on the man. She quickly looked away and even hastened her steps until there was a distance made. Her cheeks had colored as she even drank some of the brandy while they moved to turn her concentration on the burn it caused in her throat. The snifter lowered by the time they reached her door and she to press it open as she halted half in and out. Eyes of turquoise to turn up to Vincent's own dark ones. "I fully plan to." The muscle along the delicate line of her jaw even tightened. "Lyons or yourself, none others." Not even the Queen of England would get her to open the door at this point if she was here.

"No one, Julia..."  He took a step forward, reaching above her head to grip the edge of the door and begin to pull it around.  "...but Lyons."  His gaze leveled on hers, enforcing his demand.  Vincent de Beauvais may be one of The Four...but he was still a man.  The heated energy of the evening called to him as it did to most. He was not, this night, in Heathfield.

She stepped back into the room, facing him as she went. His stressing of no one but Lyons brought a crease to her brows as they dipped. Surprised at his words, yes. Confused too. It was all there along with the concern as the door closed between them. He could hear the lock slipping into place.

Even one such as Alexandre Wickline could not quiet the siren's song of night. The flames which surged through de Beauvais' blood answered the evening's seductive demands.  The same searing allure which had once aided in the placement of his neck against the chill of executioner's blade.  An all consuming desire...a blinding need.  Prior to leaving Heathfield, The Black Griffon had asked after the Baron and those who would accompany that lord to Desaulniers'.  Vincent had assured the king that all that concerned Janney was behind him.  Handled. Over. 
Perhaps....just this once...Vincent de Beauvais... was wrong


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